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Amish Yoder Lineage --- Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

Descendants of YRC - Samuel Yoder (1745-1806) - The family of his son Michael - YRC8

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Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998, 2000, and 2003

These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been
assembled since 1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), (P O Box 594,
Goshen, IN 46527 for Subscription information). For content update,
write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email
at We apologize in advance for any
typographical errors in this work. Please help us correct and extend
any of the information in these records.

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YRC- Samuel Yoder b 1745 Pfaltz, Germany m 8/7/1767 Mary Gingerich
( -4/24/1803 Heese, GY at 8 o'clock) d 9/22/1806
Hunningbausca. lived Waldeckerland and Sanfhof, and Ramersberg
Bishop of the Amish Mennonite Church
YRC1- Jacob b 7/11/1769 G d 1839 G
YRC2- Anna b 5/14/1772 G m ______ Oswald d 1852 Ill.
YRC3- Lena (Helen) b 10/16/1774 G single d 10/22/1825 G
YRC4- Catharina (7/12/1777 G- 12/8/1846 between 4 snd 5 pm 69y
4m 26d SP) m 7/7/1805 G John Schlabach ( -10/15/1822 prob G)
(Catherine Yoder and her two children came to the United States
immigrating Nov. 14, 1831 on the JUNO landing in New York. Children's
names- John and Barbara.- Sharon Leichty <> '99)
YRC5- Mary b 1/31/1780 G m John Shettler d 1868 SP
YRC6- Barbara b 7/15/1783 G single d 2/16/1872 JJ
MP- to Mercer Co,PA 1846, to HO 1848, 1851 to JJ
YRC7- Christian b 3/.11/1786 single d 1800 G
+YRC8- Michael b 11/4/1788 G

YRC8- Michael Yoder m Magdalena Eash (2/19/1789 G-5/ /1869 HO)
d 9/18/1874 HO (cem stone says "1873") left GY 7/7/1825 to
Baltimore with sister Mary. to SP. bought Miller farm SW of
Walnut Grove OH bur Cem L-27
+YRC81- Jacob M b 7/1/1822 G
YRC82- John M b 8/25/1824 G single d 9/7/1879 HP
bur Cem L-14
YRC83- Catherina b 4/9/1828 SP single d 1897 HO Cem L-14
+YRC84- Daniel M b 4/26/1830 SP

YRC81- Jacob M Yoder m1 11/25/1849 Barbara D Schlabach (5/8/1830-
8/18/1860) m2 1/16/1862 Barbara M Gingerich (2/10/1832 -
4/15/1895) d 9/18/1894 bur HO Cem K-15
+YRC811- Daniel S b 10/26/1850 HO m 1/14/1875 Mattie M
Miller d 3/16/1935 (1922 per AAMG) HO Cem K-15
YRC812- Katie J b 1/11/1853 HO m 2/8/1872 Moses D Troyer
d 8/8/1918 res. Limon, Co
+YRC813- John S b 2/8/1855 HO m1 11/27/1879 Mary E Troyer
m2 Veronica Shetler (h2) ni d 5/13/1932 HO bur Cem K-15
+YRC814- Jacob J b 2/14/1857 HO m1 12/31/1878 Mary J Miller
m2 1/7/1904 Bertha Thompson d 8/1/1929 HO Cem O-14
+YRC815- Christian S b 3/30/1859 HO m1 1/23/1879 Mary B Helmuth
m2 10/31/1901 Catharina M Shettler m3 2/24/1916 Elizabeth Eash
d 1/29/1929 HO Cem K-15

YRC811- Daniel S Yoder (10/26/1850 HO-3/16/1935 HO) m 1/14/1875 HO
Mattie M Miller (ML22346) (3/3/1854 HO-5/28/1908 HO) both bur Cem
K-15 (Desc of Michael Yoder, DJH5198) (BHO80)
YRC8111- Susie (3/9/1876 O-12/23/1893) bur Cem K-15
YRC8112- Katie (8/24/1877 O-3/19/1952 bur Cem K-15
YRC8113- Barbara (10/3/1879 O-3/16/1976 Millersburg,IN) m 1/13/1910
Abner J Miller (8/26/1878-1/19/1933) Old Order Amish
YRC8114- Elisabeth (9/17/1881-9/20/1881) bur Cem K-15
YRC8115- Mattie (10/6/1882-10/26/1882) bur Cem K-15
YRC8116- Emma (9/25/1883-12/14/1921) bur Cem K-15
YRC8117- Jacob (7/8/1886-2/26/1959) m 12/28/1909 Katie J Miller
(8/19/1885-4/27/1971) bur Cem K-15, Old Order Amish
YRC8118- Mahala (8/27/1889-3/18/1925) m 1/7/1915 Eli J Miller
(4/15/1893-7/6/1964) Old Order Amish
YRC8119- Infant (6/18/1893- )
YRC811c- Daniel D (11/5/1895-12/28/1964) m 12/26/1922 Sarah H Zook
(12/27/1900-12/28/1964) Old Order Amish

YRC813- John S. Yoder (2/8/1855 HO-5/13/1932 HO bur Cem K-15)
m1 11/27/1879 Mary E Troyer (12/13/1861-1/27/1909) m2 2/4/1910
Fanny (Shettler) Troyer (h2) ni (5/30/1863-4/24/1941) O.O.Amish
(Desc. Michael Yoder 309, 1900-HO)
YRC8131- Jacob J.S. (4/14/1881-3/15/1968) m. 2/5/1903 Anna M.
Kauffman (10/28/1875-2/26/1965) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish
YRC8132- Mose J. (2/10/1883-12/21/1977) m. 12/23/1910 Mary H. Miller
(1/18/1888-7/21/1975) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY328)
YRC8133- Emanuel J. (5/22/1885-8/23/1960) m. 1/3/1911 Katie M. Beachy
(6/6/1888-4/9/1971) res. Baltic, O O.O.Amish (DMY347)
YRC8134- John (8/12/1887-8/17/1887)
YRC8135- Katie J. (8/20/1888-2/11/1917) m. 1/21/1915 w1 Daniel J. Schlabach
(11/21/1886-8/28/1968) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY398)
YRC8136- Abner (4/24/1891-5/12/1892)
YRC8137- Abraham J. (7/15/1893-4/27/1976) m. 2/14/1918
Mary Y. Miller (7/26/1897-3/_/1980 res O (SSN)) res. Sugarcreek,O
O.O. Amish (DMY403)
YRC8138- Daniel (7/15/1893-1/31/1894)
YRC8139- Ida J. (10/12/1895-8/9/1939) m. 12/18/1919 Eli M. Hershberger
(3/20/1897- ) res. Baltic, O O.O.Amish (DMY414)
YRC813a- Andrew (1/15/1899-2/8/1978) m. 12/25/1919 Susie M. Raber
(12/16/1898- ) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY434)
YRC813b- Mary Ann (10/29/1901- ) m1. 12/28/1922 Daniel D. Kurtz
(2/28/1898-1/14/1931) m2. 2/2/1933 Levi J.N. Miller (5/19/1887-2/5/1971)
res. Millersburg, O O.O.Amish (DMY460)

YRC814- Jacob J Yoder (2/14/1857 HO-8/1/1929 HO) m1 12/31/1878
Mary J Miller (ML223d7) (1/31/1860 HO-11/25/1902 HO) m2 1/7/1904
Bertha Thompson (3/27/1875-12/29/1959) Bur Cem O-14, Old Order
Amish (Desc. of Micahel Yoder)
YRC8141- Infant Daughter (11/21/1879-11/21/1879)
YRC8142- Daniel J (4/10/1885-10/19/1971) m 12/10/1907 Barbara M Miller
YRC8143- Noah J (4/19/1887-4/23/1976) m 3/3/1910 Sarah V Hershberger
YRC8144- Katie (10/10/1904-11/9/1976) m 11/29/1923 David V Schlabach
YRC8145- Amanda (9/27/1906-2/8/1908)
YRC8146- John J (5/1/1908-11/16/1974) m 11/28/1935 Lizzie E
Hershberger (12/11/1910- )
YRC8147- Christian J (1/18/1912- ) m 12/2/1937 Edna S Raber
(6/18/1915- )
YRC8148- Abe J R (10/20/1913- ) m 11/23/1939 Katie M Miller
(6/28/1917- )
YRC8149- Sarah (12/6/1916- )

YRC815- Christian J. Yoder (3/30/1859 HO- 1/29/1929 HO Cem K-15)
m1 1/23/1879 Mary B Helmuth (4/15/1860-9/8/1900) m2 10/31/1901
Catharina M Shettler (5/15/1875-2/12/1914) m3 2/24/1916 Elizabeth Eash
(7/20/1867-4/4/1937) res. Springfield, O O.O.Amish (Desc. of Michael Yoder,
YRC8151- Barbara C. (3/6/1880-7/21/1956) m. 1/16/1912 Eli S. Mast
(1/31/1887-11/11/1960) res. Sugarcreek,O O.O.Amish (DMY540)
YRC8152- Moses C. (4/4/1882-12/18/1964) m. 1/3/1905 Katie M. Miller
(11/30/1883-9/27/1941) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY553)
YRC8153- Lizzie C. (1/14/1884- 9/22/1951) m. 1/19/1905 Menno J. Mast
(3/14/1881-12/20/1953) res. Applecreek,O O.O.Amish (DMY599)
YRC8154- Gideon C. (4/5/1886-7/23/1962) m. 12/3/1909 Malinda B. Raber
(3/4/1889-3/6/1962) res. Millerburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY642)
YRC8155- Amanda C. (3/14/1888-12/25/1931) m. 1/12/1910 Christian B.
Miller (10/30/1889-5/16/1967) res. Charm,O O.O.Amish (DMY634)
YRC8156- Levi C. (2/27/1891-10/14/1923) m. 12/17/1914 Lovina M.
Beach (2/18/1891-1/23/1926) res. Sugarcreek,O O.O.Amish (DMY747)
YRC8157- Christian C. (6/20/1893-5/28/1977) m. 12/4/1917 Mattie A.
Raber (10/17/1893- ) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY763)
YRC8158- Mary C. (10/2/1896- ) m. 2/16/1918 Jacob D. Raber
(7/19/1893- ) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish (DMY764)
(2/15/1920 given as the death date for both in John Hopkins study-RK)
YRC8159- Susie C. (3/30/1899-8/2/1974) m. 12/19/1913
Dan E. Hershberger (7/20/1894- ) res. Millersburg, O
O.O.Amish (DMY772)
YRC815a- John C. (5/12/1903-12/12/1978) m1. 12/25/1923 Lydian Raber
(7/26/1902-5/13/1974) m2 6/5/1975 Mary (Troyer) Miller ( - )
res. Baltic,O O.O.Amish (DMY780)

YRC84- Daniel M Yoder (4/26/1830 Johnstown,PA-6/1/1910 HO)
m 1/18/1852 Berlin,OH Fanny Miller (ML22323) bur Cem O-2
(6/23/1833-10/20/1912) (DBH12681) (MHO60/70)
YRC841- Infant Daughter (2/27/1853-3/3/1853)
YRC842- Noah (9/21/1855-2/5/1863)
YRC843- Magdalena (10/10/1859- ) m 12/30/1886 Seth M
Hershberger (4/22/1863-7/13/1921) (DBH12681) res Sugar Creek,OH
+YRC844- Levi D (12/17/1861 Becks Mills,OH-1/26/1936)
m 11/18/1890 Elizabeth Yoder (YR2611326) (3/26/1869-1/24/1920)
(DBH12684) res Millersburg,OH, Amish Mennonite bur Cem O-2

YRC844- Levi D. Yoder (12/17/1861 Becks Mills,OH-1/26/1936)
m 11/18/1890 Elizabeth Yoder (YR2611326) (3/26/1869-1/24/1920)
(DBH12684; 1900-HO-mother living with Levi; Desc. of Michael Yoder 817)
res Millersburg,OH, Amish Mennonite bur Cem O-2
YRC8441- Fannie L. (10/16/1892 Charm,O-1/6/1928) m. 12/28/1911
w1 Jonathan A. Raber (10/11/1888- ) res. Baltic,O O.O.Mennonite
YRC8442- Mary L. (1/7/1896 Charm,O-7/21/1962) m. 12/4/1919
John Y. Schlabach (3/3/1895-3/3/1895) res. Millersburg,O Am.Menn.
YRC8443- Amanda (11/26/1897 Charm,O-11/4/1975) m. 1/11/1923
Charm,O Tobias M. Yoder (1/4/1902- ) res. Millersburg,O
O.O.Amish Menn. (DBH2682,DMY858)
YRC8444- Albert L. (10/6/1901 Charm,O- ) m. 12/29/1925 near Hope, O
Katie Ann Raber (4/5/1906- ) res. Millersburg,O O.O.Amish
YRC8445- Noah L. (4/3/1905 Charm,O- ) m. 12/30/1930 Charm,O
Saloma E. Miller (9/23/1909-6/16/1977) res. Baltic,O O.O.Amish
YRC8446- Levi L. (8/10/1912- ) m. 3/4/1937 Susie A. Raber
(6/10/1917- ) res. Baltic,O O.O.Amish (DMY886)

ALSATIAN YODERS-- see "ALSACE.DOC" for Old World records

YA1- Captain Joseph Yoder b 1789 Swiss/Fr Barbara Weiss (c1799
Swiss/Fr- 8/3/1877 SO) d 5/20/1874 SO both bur Am Men Cem
Wash. Twp, SO res. near Belfort, France. Came to US fall 1825,
settled SO Served in Calvary with Napoleons march of Moscow 1812
(1850 Cen says Swiss birthplace, 1860 says Fr)
+YA11- Joseph b 11/3/1818 Swiss/Fr
+YA12- Christopher b 10/10/1820 Swiss/Fr
+YA13- Peter b 10/8/1822 Fr
+YA14- Andrew b 10/16/1825 "on the ocean"
YA15- Eli b 1/29/1828 SO single
YA16- Daniel b 3/12/1831 SO m ("yes") d >1903
served in Civ.War, "had several sons, res. Upper Pen. MI"
(?1880 Paulding Co,OH?- Daniel age 49, Hannah J. age 19,
Andrew b. May 1880)
YA17- Phillip b 1/13/1834 SO m Rosa ______ d 1902 SO
res. Chicago for a time
YA18- Barbara b 7/ /1837 SO m _____ Niece no issue

YA11- Joseph Yoder m Leah ("Sarah")________ (c1/5/1828 OH-
7/13/1891 age 63y 6m 3d) d 7/4/1891 73y 4m 2d bur Am Men Cem,
YA111- Catherine b c1845 OH m ______ Klinger -5 children
YA112- Barbara b c1847 OH m Jacob Roth no issue
YA113- Joseph b c1850 OH d. 8/18/1876 age 35y 10m 20d SO
YA114- Leah ("Sarah") b c1856 OH m yes
YA115- Hannah b 9/ /1859 OH m yes
YA116- Elizabeth b m yes
(?AAMG- unk b 1845 OH parents b FR, m Christian Swartzentruber
res. WML80.)

YA12- Christopher Yoder m 10/29/1850 SO Florine Catpant (c1831 Fr- )
d 1900-1910 SO Became a Catholic (1910-Washington Twp, Stark Co.,
Florine age 78 living with son Louis age 40, d-il Myrtle age 23, and Granddaughter Pearl Ernez/Crisey (sp)
YA121- Mary b c1866 OH
YA122- Louis b c1870 OH m1 m2 Myrtle d >1953
res. Maximo, OH

YA13- Peter Yoder b. 10/8/1822 Fr m 7/1/1851 SO Selestia (Celestial)
Grissey (1824/1834 FR- ) d >1910 age 92
(1880-Smith, Mahoning Co., Oh.; 1900 Lexington, Stark Co, Oh;
+YA131- Philip b 4/11/1852 OH d. 1925 m 6/5/1873 SO
Josephine Leasure (per Jennifer Faulconer..Philip had 2 brothers
Joseph and Stine,and 2 sisters Josephine and Flora (Flora
had 4 sons and 1 dau))
YA132- Louisa b c1853 OH
YA133- Frank (see Frank under YA12) b 1855 OH
YA134- Florence b c1859 OH
YA135- Stine b. c1861 Oh
YA136- Mary b. c1864 Oh
YA137- Josephine b. C 1866
YA138- Josie (?Joseph?) b. c1869 (sic)
1880- Peter age 56 farmer, Clesta age 50, Frank 23 b. Oh, Stine age 19,
Mary age 16 b. Oh., Josephine age 14 b. Oh., Josie age 11 b. Oh.
1900- Peter b. 1821 Pa Gy Gy (sic) Lestie b. 1830 Fr Fr Fr, listed
Beside Joseph b. Mar 1872 Oh In Fr, Elizabeth Sep 1877 Gy Gy Gy,
William R. Nov 1896, Clifford b. Mar 1898, Paul H. b. Jan 1900
1910- Lexington Twp, Stark Co. Oh- Peter age 92 Gy Gy Gy,
Celestia 86 Fr Fr Fr, listed with Joseph P. age 36 (b. c1874)
YA131- Philip Yoder (4/11/1852 OH-1925) m 6/5/1873 SO Josephine Leasure
( - )
YA1311- Elizabeth
YA1312- Clara (1882-1882)
YA1313- Mary (3/5/1886-4/9/1948) m John F. Webb ( -1/-/1938)

YA1311- Elizabeth (aka "Catherine") Yoder (11/29/1873-1/9/1929)
later married ?1897 Patrick F. Malone (1873-8/14/1939)
(ref- Jennifer Faulconer.8/99)
-----Philip A. Yoder Jr. (1888-1927) from Dayton and married at
St. Joseph's Cemetery in Alliance, OH
-----Charles Yoder (12/18/1892-1/26/1975) m. Jink Fogle res. Alliance, Oh.

?YA133- Frank Yoder (b c1858 IN- 1924) m 8/20/1885 SO Mary Ecrement (1865-1946)
bur St Joe Catholic Cem, Wash Twp, Maximo, Oh, (1910 Census Stark Co)
YA1331- Hattie b. c1888 m. c 1908 George Stine (c1889- ) had daughter Thelma by 1910.
YA1332- Leo b Sep.23,1890 Stark Co, O (Registered for draft in WWI)
YA1333- Francis b. c1899 O
YA1334- Farrell E. (11/2/1902 O-3/3/1983 Los Angeles, Ca (90003 Zip))
(see: )
YA1335- Vincent J. (5/5/1905 O-8/24/1979 San Diego, Ca)
YA1336- Bernadine (c1908 O- )

YA138- Joseph Yoder (Mar 1872 Oh- ) m. Elizabeth ______
(Sep 1877- ) (1930,1920,1910,1900-Lexington Twp, Stark Co., Oh)
YA1381- William Russell b. Nov 1896, (per SSN b. 2 Nov 1896 d. 18 Jul 1965
Alliance, Oh)
YA1382- Clifford b. Mar 1898, (per SSN b. 4 Mar 1898 d. 8 Sep 1992 Alliance,Oh)
YA1383- Paul H. b. Jan 1900
YA1384- John A. b. c1907
YA1385- Frank H. b. c1908
YA1386- Howard N. b. c1914 Oh


YA14- Andrew Yoder b 10/16/1825 "on the ocean" d 8/18/1918
(8/5/1928 per Mishawaka Enterprise) m1 1849 Nancy Klingaman
( -1864 diptheria) "from Maximo, O. Related to Garfield, Cayahoga,
Oh. died in a diptheria epidemic. Went to help neighbors striken with
Diptheria, caught the disease and died in a single day")
m2 1868 Phoebe Ruppel Treadwell in 1853 moved from Louisville, OH
to St Joe Co, IN "by wagon. Settled on a farm in Sumption Prairie, clearing away
trees to provide space for crops" (Mishawaka Enterprise, Eisen's Newspaper
Index, St.Joe Co; Pierre Stephenson, Ocean Park, Wash- cht 4/99)
w1 +YA141- Joseph Klingaman b 1/8/1850 SO m1 Aug. 1876 Ella Bingham
( -7/14/1887) m2 Ida Klemp d 12/31/1928 South Bend, IN
YA142- Matilda Jane b 7/19/1851 SO single d 7/2/1934 at 114 East Marion
St., S. Bend, In at 6:40.-where she had lived with her sister Mary Ellen
+YA143- William Henry b 10/16/1853 SO m. 12/4/1884 Grace N.Webster
d 2/10/1945 south of South Bend, IN
YA144- Mary Ellen (Ella) b 7/6/1857 Sumption Prairie, St Joe Co, IN m Feb. 1882
John Charles Cleis ( -6/28/1942) d 7/21/1943 South Bend at 2:25pm
at 114 E. Marion, S. Bend, In, Methodist
YA145- Philip b 7/6/1857 d 4/-/1864 diptheria
YA146- Daniel b 1862 d 1864 diptheria (?1862 diptheria)
w2 YA147- Beryl (Alda B) b 9/13/1874 Elkhart,IN single
d 9/ /1924 South Bend,IN
YA148- Emmet b 4/1/1877 Elkhart, IN d 1877
YA149- Clyde R b 9/12/1879 m1 July 1906 Minnie Wood m2 1918 Mrs
Emma Koehler Weiss m3 Mrs Lulu Close 1945 d 3/12/1951 - one
son , South Bend

YA141- Joseph Klingaman Yoder (1/8/1850 SO- 12/31/1928 South Bend, IN) m1
Aug. 1876 Ella Bingham ( -7/14/1887) m2 Ida Klemp (3/_/1869
Gy- ) (1900, 1920-Indiana-St Joe Co, Portage Twp, 1723 Linden Ave, S. Bend)
YA1411- Eva (9/_/1881 I- )
YA1412- Genaettie (7/_/1891 I- )
YA1413- Nellie (5/_/1893 I- )(per St. Joe Co records b. 5/13/1893)
YA1414- Marie (7/_/1899 I- )

YA143- William Henry Yoder (10/16/1853 SO-2/10/1945 south of South Bend, I)
m 12/4/1884 Grace M.Webster (12/_/1862 I- ) (1900, 1920-Ind-St.Joe Co, Portage Twp)
YA1431- Charles M. (10/12/1885 I-2/_/1971 res I (SSN)) m. Jessie _____
(1887 I- )
YA1432- Jay A. (8/_/1887 I- ) m.
YA1433- William M. (4/19/1890 I- ) m.

YA2- Christian Joder (1790 (or 92) Montbeliard,Alsace
(or c1787 Morvilliers)-d. 1852 Basel-report reached Blotzheim Jul 14)
m 4/2/1816 (or 4/12) at St. Jacob's Mennonite Ch., Basel, Switzerland
Barbara Schott (11/17/1794 Blotzheim, Alsace- 2/8/1879 St Jacob,
bur 2/10/1879 Munchenstein-near Basel) moved from
Huttingen, FR to Basel around 1840. (Edith Joder data, Huckel data '96,
per research by Dale Nafzinger chts-'97)
+YA21- Nicholas b 5/10/1817 Montbeliard
YA22- Christian b 4/1/1818 Montbeliard "had planned to come
to US because of military conscription, got separated from
brother at border hoping to meet again in Basel, but never
showed up. Left Corgemont, Jura Bernois 1853-- lost trace"
(Per Huckel- m 8/21/1848 Bernwiller, Fr Barbara Kauffmann 1/9/1786- )
per Dale N- Christian died Maumee, Oh
YA23- Barbara b 3/14/1819 (Stayed in Switz?)
(? m. Jacob P. Smith (8/9/1823-11/10/1873 bur. Hickory Co., Mo.
Gerber Cem. "husband of Barbara Yoder")
YA23--- Jean (12/-/1822 Blotzheim,Fr-3/13/1824 Blotzheim,Fr)
+YA24- Joseph b 1/27/1825 (or 1/17/1825)
YA25- Anna b 12/22/1827 (or 11/24/1826 Blotzheim,Fr)
m 5/23/1853 Peter Wurgler (12/23/1825-1/26/1870) d. ?at Basel
+YA26- Johannes ("Fulton" John) Yoder (3/29/1829 Alsace, Fr-
1/22/1904 Fulton Co., ON) m. c1855 Allen Co., OH Veronica Miller
(8/24/1832 Vauclusotte, Alsace, Fr-11/19/1895 Daviess Co., IN bur. Odon Cem)
res in Allen Co, IN for a while-settled in Archibold, OH area
YA27- Catherine (1/17/1831(or 1/13/1831 Blotzheim,Fr)-6/28/1903) m
John Liechty (4/18/1825-5/8/1895) "came to America with three siblings"
(a son Peter born Allen Co, IN 10/3/1865 m Anna Richer) came to US 1858
+YA28- Isaac (12/15/1833 or 35(or 12/14-1835 Blotzheim)-3/18/1921
Daviess Co., IN) m. Rosine Graber (6/17/1824-1/31/1910)
YA29- Magdalena (8/15/1836 or 35 Hunttingen, Fr - 9/15/1917)
m1 8/8/1861 Allen Co, IN (w2) Christian R. Nafziger (1/6/1827-2/7/1907)
m2 3/4/1875 Nicolas Roth "one of 11, came to US about age 22"
res. Fulton Co, OH - to US 1858 (most desc. in Fulton Co., OH)
+YA2a- Jacob b 12/4 or 5/1838 Huningue, Fr or St. Louis,Fr -
to US 1858
YA2b- Mary (6/16/1841 Brachmonat-8/25/1898) m
Jacob Snyder (2/24/1837-11/6/1907) family lived close to Wauseon,OH
both bur. Rupp cem, Fulton Co, Oh.---came to US 1858

YA21- Nicholas (Niklaus) Yoder m 9 or 10/12/1843 Birsfelden ( a
district of Basel) Barbara Wuergler (4/11/1824 Pfeffingen
(near Basel)- ) d 8/8/1887 Huningue (or 4/15/1876).
Took over the family farm at Huningue after 1838, the "Rosenhof"
(Edith Joder data, Rachel Kreider notes, Dale Nofzinger Chts-'97)
YA211- Nicholas b 8/4/1844 Birsfelden -"took family farm"
YA212- Barbara b 9or10/3/1845 m1. Jacob P. Smith
(8/9/1823-11/10/1873 buried Gerber Cem., Hickory Co, Mo.
"husband of Barbara Yoder") (? m 2/14/1876 (w2) Adam
Hostetler Hickory Co, MO)
YA213- Christian b 12/5or15/1846 Allsschwil em. to US
YA214- Magdalena b 3/20/1848 Huningue em to US
YA215- Joseph b 10/3/1854 "at Schiffmuhle near Basel"
m 3/23/1886 Marguerite Moser Huningue d c1915
(Edith Joder's grandfather)
YA216- Catharina b m ___ Kaufmann, Riehen (near Basle)
YA217- Anna b m ___ Blind, St Louis, Alsace, near
YA218- Marie b m ___ Boegli, Villageneuf, Alsace,
near Huningue

YA22- Christian b 4/1/1818 Montbeliard "had planned to come
to US because of military conscription, got separated from
brother at border hoping to meet again in Basel, but never
showed up. Left Corgemont, Jura Bernois 1853-- lost trace"
(Per Huckel- m 8/21/1848 Bernwiller, Fr Barbara Kauffmann 1/9/1786- )
(per research by Dale Nafzinger chts-'97-m Barbara Goldschmidt)
Christian (4/1/1818- at Maumee,Oh) m. Barbara Goldschmidt
(c1815- 12/6/1888 age 73) Barbara is buried in Aeschliman Cem,
Fulton Co., OH.
YA221- Christian ( - )
YA222- Barbara (1847- ) m. Christian L. Rupp
YA223- Joseph (Apr 1848 in Elysas, France- ) m.
Maria Beaverson
YA224- Christian (1850-11/13/1900) died single?
YA225- Catherine (1851- ) buried at sea
YA226- John

YA223- Joseph Yoder (Apr 1848 in Elysas, France- )
m. Maria Beaverson b. Holland
(ref- Cheryl Cline <> 3/2000)
YA2231- Amos (8 May 1873 in Pettisville, Wauseon Co., Oh.-
in Sand Springs, Tulsa Co., Ok.) m. 3 Nov 1899 in Paulding,
Paulding Co., Oh. Gertrude Hanenkratt (8 Sep 1876 in Paulding,
Paulding Co., Oh.- )
Had child: OMA MARIE YODER Sex: F (1902-1981 )
m. 1927 WILLIS SAMUEL REAM (1906-1978)

YA24- Joseph Yoder (1/17/1825 -10/30/1911 Leo, IN)
m1 Katherine Roth (9/23/1827-9/25/1891 Leo, IN)
m2 Barbara (12/ /1851 IN- )
em. from Basel Switz c1845 to escape the draft
(per Dale Nafzinger Chts '97- Joseph bur. Yaggy Cem., Harlan,In)
YA241- Elizabeth (6/7/1850-6/7/1850)
+YA242- John R b 5/18/1851 WO m 9/20/1872 Fulton Co, OH
Anna Yoder (YA62) (10/4/1853 Fr-1/27/1927 Archibold,OH)
d 2/3/1907 Fulton Co, OH
+YA243- Daniel (4/6/1854-4/29/1924 Cedarville,IN) m. July 1874
Anna Biberstine (6/7/1854 Newville,IN-1/29/1925 Cedarville,IN)
+YA244- Joseph J. b 5/5/1855 m Catherine Schlatter
d 9/28/1929 Grabill, IN - 6 children
+YA245- Elias b 6/8/1857 m Elizabeth Schlatter (1859-1920)
d 9/3/1955
YA246- Anna b 1859 m 2/11/1879 Allen Co,I
Christian Schlatter (1858-19__) d 5/25/1894 Allen Co, IN
YA247- Lydia (5/10/1861-5/10/1861)
+YA248- Christian b 12/28/1863 Allen Co, IN
YA249- Mary (4/6/1865- ) m. Jacob Miller
YA24a- Katherine b 3/5/1868 m 12/1/1887 Joseph Newhouser
(9/24/1865 Allen Co,IN- 2/7/1905) d 4/11/1917 (or 8/11/1907)
+YA24b- Solomon b 1872 Allen Co, IN

YA242- John R. Yoder (5/18/1851 WO- d 2/3/1907 Archbold,
Fulton Co, O bur. Rupp Cem.) m 9/20/1872 Wauseon,
Fulton Co, O Anna Jane Yoder (YA62) (10/4/1853 Fr-1/27/1927
Archibold,O pneumonia) (1900-Fulton-German Twp,O,
Barbara Bradley data)
YA2421- Lydia (8/9/1873 Fulton Co,O-9/19/1850 bur Pettisville Cem) m.
John Lepp ( - )
YA2422- Anna (11/19/1874-6/25/1946 bur. Pettisville Cem) m. 3/19/1896
Jonas Yoder
YA2423- Sarah (6/16/1876 Fulton Co, O-6/16/1876 Fulton Co, O)
YA2424- Mary (twin) (4/25/1878-4/25/1878 Fulton Co., O)
YA2425- Emma (twin) (4/25/1878-1/14/1939) m. William Hoplinger
( - )
YA2426- Jonas- (3/17/1880 Fulton Co, O-infant)
YA2427- Kathryn (Kate) (4/28/1882-3/21/1973 bur Pettisville Cem) m.
12/4/1906 George F. Weber ( - ) Evan. menn.
YA2428- Joseph III (7/15/1883- ) policeman
YA2429- John Z. (10/5/1885 O-1932) m. 3/5/1907 Ella Rupp
( - ) res Tedrow, O, Menn.
YA242a- Adella (8/29/1885 Fulton Co, O bur. Pettisville, O)
YA242b- Christian (10/13/1886 Fulton Co, O, bur.Pettisville, O)
YA242c- Fanny (10/23/1887 Archbold, O-8/3/1969 Bryan, O cancer
bur. Fayette, O) m. 2/9/1911 Simon Henry Klopfenstein ( - )
YA242d- Joel (11/1/1889 Archbold, O-9/11/1959) m. 11/20/1918
Carrie Shoutie ( - ) res. Toledo,O
YA242e- Leah (11/7/1891 Fulton Co,O-2/4/1965) m. 10/19/1909
Ezra Burkholder ( - ) res Archbold,O
YA242f- Rosa (1/6/1894 O- ) res Elkhart, I m.
Lawrence M. Myers ( - )
YA2427- Noah A. (1/6/1896 Fulton Co,O-3/19/1909 Fulton Co,O )
YA2428- Elmer H. (1/1/1899 Fulton Co, O-10/22/1994 Bryan bur. Pettisville Cem. )
m1 Helen Farley ( - ) m2 1/2/1962 Ethel A. Young ( - )
m3 Jeanette Stockwell ( - )

YA243- Daniel Yoder (4/6/1854 (or 53 per gravestone)-4/29/1924
Cedarville,IN) m. 7/18/1874 Allen Co,I Anna Biberstine (6/7/1854
Newville,IN-1/29/1925 Cedarville,IN)
(Geiser-Huckel GEDCOM file on internet, Dale Nofzinger-12/98)
YA2421- Noah (5/9/1875 Leo,IN- ) m 7/2/1898 Adams Co,I
Cinda Sales (4/22/1878 Adams Co,IN- )
YA2422- David (2/4/1878 Berne,IN- ) m. 11/28/1906
Allen Co,I Arminda Ann Klopfenstein (1/9/1878 Leo,IN- )
YA2423- Rachel (5/18/1880 Linn Grove, IN- )
m. 7/10/1899 Adams Co,I Samuel Neusbaum (8/11/1878- )
YA2424- Mary (11/22/1883 Linn Grove,IN- )
m. 3/8/1904 Adams Co,I Frank Stucky (1882- )
YA2425- Sarah (4/6/1885 Linn Grove,IN- ) m. 12/24/1904
Adams Co,I Simon Egly (12/19/1885- )
YA2426- Joseph J. (8/12/1887 Linn Grove, IN- )
m. 6/15/1913 Allen Co,I Esther May Garman (3/17/1895- )
YA2427- Ella (8/22/1889 Linn Grove, IN- ) m. Perry Omo
YA2428- Lillie (2/17/1892 Linn Grove,IN- )
m. 1/22/1914 Allen Co.,I James Maxfield (1/18/1892- )
YA2429- Martha (5/19/1894 Linn Grove, IN- )
m. 6/15/1913 Allen Co,I Menno Klopfenstein

YA244- Joseph Yoder (5/5/1855 I-9/28/1929 Grabill,I) m
Catherine Schlatter (3/_/1857 I- ) (1900-Allen Co,I- Springfield)
(Dale Nofzinger-12/98)
YA2441- Simon (4/_/1881 I- ) m.
Mahilda Klopfenstein
YA2442- Leah (5/_/1882 I- ) m.
Joseph J. Conrad
YA2443- Jonas (11/_/1885 I- ) m.
Rose E. Klopfenstein
YA2444- David (6/_/1889 I- ) m.
Elsie M. Klopfenstein
YA2445- Lillie (1/_/1898 I- ) m.
Elmer J. Nafziger
YA2446- Ida (2/_/1900 I- ) m.
Clarence I. Nafziger

YA245- Eli Yoder (6/8/1857- 9/3/1955 Leo,I) m
Elizabeth Schlatter (11/_/1859 I- )
(Dale Nofzinger data-12/98)
YA2451- Caroline (9/_/1881 I- ) m.
Simon Beck
YA2452- Emma (11/_/1882 I- ) m.
Henry Stucky
YA2453- Solomon S. (3/_/1884 I- ) m.
Dora Garman
YA2454- Levi (11/_/1885 I- ) m1.
Leah Burkholder m2. Alma Houisen
YA2455- Eli E. (7/_/1887 I- ) m.
Hattie Metzler
YA2456- Albert (3/_/1889 I- ) m.
Edith Garman
YA2457- Noah A. (6/_/1892 I- ) m.
Mable DeLong
YA2458- Fanny (8/_/1895 I- ) single
YA2459- Irwin ( - ) m
Crystal Stuckey

YA248- Christian Yoder (12/28/1863 Allen Co, IN -8/1/1950)
m 1/7/1886 Elizabeth Neuhouser (7/9/1864 Allen Co, IN -3/9/1944)
both bur. Yaggy Cemetery, Grabill, IN (1900 Allen Co, Cedar Twp, I)
YA2481- Matilda b 7/14/1888 Allen Co, IN m 1/16/1913 Noah
Brandenberger (2/11/1886 Daviess Co,IN- 8/1/1962) d 8/23/1963
YA2482- Levi C. b 5/27/1899 Allen Co, IN-12/-/1981 I)
m 2/17/1924 Eva M. Yoder (12/15/1903 EI- )
YA2483- Bertha b 11/5/1902 Allen Co,IN m 3/15/1936 Fred C
Lantz (8/15/1900 EI- )
YA2484- Lucinda b 3/12/1904 Allen Co, IN d 10/24/1979
YA2485- Leonard b 4/4/1906 Allen Co, IN m 1/10/1932 Cleo
Pletcher (3/21/1911 Middlebury, IN- ) d 5/26/1974

YA246- Solomon Yoder (1/15/1872 Allen Co, IN- 11/3/1914)
m 1/21 or 25 /1892 Mary Newhouser (5/17/1870 Allen Co,IN - 1949)
YA2461- Jeannette b 1/9/1893 Allen Co,IN m 4/10/1917 Elmer Short
(3/16/1895 Fulton Co, OH- 4/14/1976) d Jan or Feb 1980
YA2462- Anna b 1/29/1894 Allen Co, IN m 1/24/1918 or
6/24/1918 Edward Beck (9/8/1893 Henry Co,IN- 6/6/1976)
d 8/3/1974
YA2463- Katy b 11/28/1898 Allen Co,IN m 4/30/1918 Joseph L
Short (8/28/1896 Fulton Co,OH- ) d 10/4/1979
YA2464- Martha b 8/29/1901 Allen Co, IN m 2/10/1921 Peter A
Liechty (11/19/1902 Allen Co,IN 1/22/1955) d Jun 1987 (Peter
was a grandson of YA27)
YA2465- William R b 5/30/1904 Allen Co,IN d 12/15/1909
YA2466- Wilma Mae b 5/30/1904 Allen Co,IN m 11/23/1933 Clarence
Graber (2/8/1897 Williams Co,OH- ) d 8/31/1980
YA2467- Pluma b 9/11/1906 Allen Co,IN m 4/4/1929 (or 1925)
Sylvan R Short (4/2/1906 Fulton Co,OH- 9/17/1956)
YA2468- Lawrence Clesson b 12/21/1907 Allen Co, IN m 3/8/1928
Evelyn Mae Martin (1/8/1909 Allen Co,IN- 4/13/1966)
d 4/26/1955

YA24b- Solomon Yoder (1/_/1872 Allen Co, I-11/3/1914 ) m 1/21 or 25 /1892
Mary Newhouser (5/17/1870 Allen Co,IN - 1949) (1900-Allen Co,I-Springfield)
YA24b1- Jeannette b 1/9/1893 Allen Co,IN m 4/10/1917 Elmer Short
(3/16/1895 Fulton Co, OH- 4/14/1976) d Jan or Feb 1980
YA24b2- Anna b 1/29/1894 Allen Co, IN m 1/24/1918 or
6/24/1918 Edward Beck (9/8/1893 Henry Co,IN- 6/6/1976)
d 8/3/1974
YA24b3- Katy b 11/28/1898 Allen Co,IN m 4/30/1918 Joseph L
Short (8/28/1896 Fulton Co,OH- ) d 10/4/1979
YA24b4- Martha b 8/29/1901 Allen Co, IN m 2/10/1921 Peter A
Liechty (11/19/1902 Allen Co,IN 1/22/1955) d Jun 1987 (Peter
was a grandson of YA27)
YA24b5- William R b 5/30/1904 Allen Co,IN d 12/15/1909
YA24b6- Wilma Mae b 5/30/1904 Allen Co,IN m 11/23/1933 Clarence
Graber (2/8/1897 Williams Co,OH- ) d 8/31/1980
YA24b7- Pluma b 9/11/1906 Allen Co,IN m 4/4/1929 (or 1925)
Sylvan R Short (4/2/1906 Fulton Co,OH- 9/17/1956)
YA24b8- Lawrence Clesson b 12/21/1907 Allen Co, IN m 3/8/1928
Evelyn Mae Martin (1/8/1909 Allen Co,IN- 4/13/1966)
d 4/26/1955

YA26- Johannes ("Fulton" John) Yoder (3/29/1829 Alsace, Fr-
1/22/1904 Fulton Co., ON) m. c1855 Allen Co., OH Veronica Miller
(8/24/1832 Vauclusotte, Alsace, Fr-11/19/1895 Daviess Co., IN bur. Odon Cem)
res in Allen Co, IN for a while-settled in Archibold, OH area
(per research by Dale Nafzinger chts-'97)
YA261- Catherine (3/7/1856 Allen Co,IN- ) single
+YA262- Jacob (1857- ) m. 12/15/1881 Allen Co, OH
Sarah Letherman ( - ) -had 10 children
YA263- Mary (1859 Allen Co,IN- ) m. Christian C. Liechty
YA264- Anna (9/3/1861Allen Co., IN- ) m. Henry Short (12/6/1858- )
YA265- Barbara (1862 Allen Co, IN- ) m. c1883 IN
John Stoll (1861 IN- )
YA266- Veronica (3/5/1865 Allen Co,IN- ) m 2/19/1889 IN
Amos J. Graber (10/21/1870 Allen Co- 12/18/1951 Montgomery, Daviess Co,IN)
YA267- Lydia (1868 Allen Co., IN- ) m. John Grieser
YA268- Susan (1871 Allen Co., IN- ) m. John L. Siegle
YA263- Peter (6/3/1875 Allen Co,In-10/12/1957) m. Anna Roth

YA262- Jacob (1857- ) m. 12/15/1881 Allen Co, OH
Sarah Letherman ( - ) -had 10 children
YA2621- Emma (1882- )
YA2622- Leah (1885- ) m. Menno Graber
YA2623- Daniel (1884- )
YA2624- Katie (10/24/1887 Montgomery, Daviess Co,In-
12/21/1963 Montgomery, Daviess Co,In) m. 12/--/1913 Jonas Wagler
( - )
YA2625- Samuel d. "juene"
YA2626- John L. (1/3/1894-1/--/1917(sic)) m. 1/22/1914 Mattie Wagler
( - ) - 9 children
YA2627- Jonas (1/3/1894-1/-/1959) m1. 1/--/1917 Caroline Wagler
( - ) (had 2 children) m2. 2/16/1922 Hannah Wagler (5 ch)
YA2628- Fanny (7/2/1896 Montgomery, Daviess Co,In- )
m1. John K. Wittmer m2. 1/18/1949 Montgomery Joseph Raber
YA2629- Hannah ( - )
YA262a- Sarah ( - )
YA262b- Esther d. "juene"
YA262c- Henry m. Katie Liechty - 6 ch
YA262d- Rose d. "juene"

YA28- Isaac Yoder (12/15/1833 or 35(or 12/14-1835 Blotzheim)-3/18/1921
Daviess Co., IN) m.4/8/1855 Rose Graber (6/17/1824 Mont-Prevoir, France-
7/31/1910 Plainview, Hale Co., Tx) d 5/3/1921 Montgomery, IN
em. 1853. resided Hale Co, TX; 1913 Meade Co, KS; 1916 Ford Co.,
and then Daviess Co, IN. (1920 Daviess Co, Ind, Daviess Co. Marriages)
Both bur. Stoll Cem, Daviess Co. (See data presented by Sharon Leichty below)
+YA281- Jacob (12/14/1855-1893) m 12/11/1876 Allen Co.,I
Anna Delagrange (1/6/1857 IN-1/-/1894 IN) both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA282- Mary (2/13/1857 Allen Co,I-1943) m.2/1/1877 Jacob Stoll
(1855-2/4/1935 Daviess Co,In) both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA283- Magdalena (5/11/1858 Allen Co, I-2/11/1898 Davies Co.)
m 10/25/1883 Davies Co,IN (w1) Hiram J Lichty
(7/1/1861 Allen Co,I-9/22/1934 Davies Co,I) both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA284- Catherine (2/15/1860 Allen Co, I-6/16/1939 Davies Co.,I) m 11/16/1882
Daviess Co, I John H. Riche (12/23/1859 Allen Co,I-12/30/1938 Daviess Co,I)
both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA285- Rosanna (1/28/1862 Allen Co,I-1938) m. 2/2/1882 Daviess Co,I
Noah Miller ( - )
YA286- John (4/16/1863 Allen Co,I-1877 Allen Co, I)
+YA287- Isaac Jr (10/23/1864-4/5/1948 Daviess Co,I bur. Stoll Cem) m 3/14/1889
or 1/30/1890 Davies Co,IN Mattie Stoll (12/29/1864 Allen Co,I-1/17/1930 Daviess Co,I)
2 ds and 1 gd in 1900
YA288- Fanny (6/19/1866 Allen Co,I- 2/22/1951 Daviess Co,I) m 1/7/1906 Davies
Co, IN (w2) Hiram J Lichty (7/1/1861 Allen Co,I-9/22/1934 Davies Co,I) both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA289- Anna (6/16/1868 Allen Co,I-1968) m. 12/9/1886
Peter Stoll (1866- )

YA281- Jacob Yoder (12/14/1855-1893) m Anna Delagrange
(1/6/1857 IN-1/-/1894 IN) (GEDCOM on the Internet #I72322,
Daviess Co. Marriage records, 1900 Census Daviess Co,I)
both bur. Stoll Cem., Daviess Co, I
YA2811- Victor (5/14/1878 Allen Co,IN-10/16/1950 Allen Co,IN)
m. 10/19/1902 Allen Co, IN Catherine Lengacher (12/23/1880 Grabill-
8/15/1950) (1920 Adams Co, I)
YA2812- Jacob (2/20/1880-8/4/1960 Aylmer, Ontario) m 12/27/1897
Daviess Co, I Mary Stoll (12/29/1866 Allen Co,I-10/24/1940 Daviess Co,I)
both bur. Stoll Cem.
YA2813- Isaac J. (4/23/1884 Montgomery, Daviess Co,IN-9/16/1975
Woodburn, Allen Co,IN) m.12/9/1903 Daviess Co, I Catherine Wagler
(9/27/1884- 7/13/1958) (Allen Co, I-1920)
YA2814- Peter (4/18/1889 Grabill, Allen Co,IN-12/7/1965 IN) m. 11/12/1912
Grabill Rosa Graber (3/29/1895-12/30/1947) (Allen Co, I-1920)
YA2815- Rosanna (3/28/1882 Daviess Co,I-8/23/1964 Daviess Co,I bur.
Stoll Cem) m. Samuel Stoll (2/6/1876 Daviess Co,I-9/2/1952 Daviess Co,I)
YA2816- Barbara (6/26/1888 IN-1958) m. 3/14/1914 Daviess Co,I
Aaron Swartzentruber (1883 Daviess Co,IN- )
YA2817- Henry ( - Daviess Co,I bur Stoll Cem. )

+YA286- Isaac Yoder Jr (10/23/1864-1948) m 3/14/1889 Davies Co,IN
Mattie Stoll (1864- ) 2 ds and 1 gd in 1900
YA2861- Daniel (1891-young)
YA2862- Noah (11/7/1892 Daviess Co.,IN- ) m.12/12/1912
Susanna Aschliman (4/30/1893- )
YA2863- Susanna (1893- young)
YA2864- Hannah (1894- )
YA2865- Amos (1/14/1896 LI-2/8/1972) m. 11/25/1917
Emma Graber (2/25/1897-3/3/1976)
YA2866- Louis (1899- ) m.
Mary Elizabeth McCrary ( - )
YA2867- Rosanna (1900- ) m.
Samuel Knepp ( - )
YA2868- John Henry (12/2/1912 Daviess Co, IN- ) m. 4/18/1937
Montgomery Co, IN Juliann Gingerich (12/2/1912- )
YA2869- Mary Ann (8/14/1905 Montgomery,IN- ) m. 1/17/1923
Wm. Wagler (9/24/1897- )

Descendants of Isaac Yoder- data presented by Sharon Leichty-10/2000-

YA28- ISAAC YODER was born December 14, 1832 in Blotzheim, Haut Rhin, France,
and died March 18, 1921 in Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN. m. April 08, 1855,
Allen Co., IN married ROSANNA ROSINE GRABER April 08, 1855 in Allen Co.,
IN, daughter of DANIEL GRABER and MARIA FREY. She was born June 17, 1824
in Neuvier, Dept. Doubs, France, and died July 31, 1910 in Hale Co., Plainview, TX.
(Lengacher-Steury Family History, by Joseph Stoll, page 67--
"20. Isaac Yoder left France as a young man to escape the
military draft, arriving in the U. S. penniless and in debt for his in
Barr Township, Daviess County when the 1870 census was taken...") Burial: Stoll
Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN; Immigration: 1853, To U.S. along with two friends to
escape the draft; 1870, Barr Twp., Daviess Co., IN-Census; Daviess Co., IN-
"one of the earliest Daviess County settlers."; 1910, Hale Co., TX ;
Bet. 1913 - 1914, Meade Co., KS; 1916, Ford Co., then Daviess Co., IN.
(ROSANNA ROSINE GRABER: -Burial: Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN
Had 9 children; Immigration: From France; Lived @: 1910, Hale Co., TX)
+YA281- JACOB , b. December 14, 1855; d. 1902, Daviess Co., IN.
YA282- MARY , b. February 13, 1857, IN; d. February 09, 1943, Daviess Co., IN.
She m. JACOB STOLL February 01, 1877 in Daviess Co. IN, son of PIERRE STOLL
and REBECCA SAUDER. He was born August 1855 in IN, and died
February 04, 1935 in Daviess Co. IN.Mary Buried Stoll Amish Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN-Unmarked
Grave ( 1900 Census Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co., IN # 13; 1910 Census Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co.,
IN; 1920 Census Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co., IN; JACOB STOLL:Burial: Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co.,
IN; Bet. 1900 - 1920, Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co., IN-on Census; Marriage: by: Jacob Graber.
YA283-. MAGDALENA , b. May 11, 1858, Allen Co., IN; d. February 11, 1898,
Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN. She married HIRAM J. LICHTY October 25, 1883
in Daviess Co., IN, son of JONATHAN LICHTY and HARRIETT SMITH. Born July 01, 1861
in Allen Co., IN, and died September 22, 1934 in Bogard Twp., Daviess Co., IN.
Hiram Leichty-Burial: Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN Cause of Death: Cancer of Liver
(res- Allen Co., IN, To Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN; 1909, To Plainview, TX
Medical Information: 73 years. Marriage by Jacob Graber
YA284- CATHERINE , b. February 15, 1860, Allen Co., IN; d. June 16, 1939, Daviess
Co., IN. She married JOHN H. RICHER November 16, 1882 in Daviess Co., IN, son of CHRISTIAN
RICHER and ANNA MILLER. He was born December 23, 1859, and died December 30, 1938
in Daviess Co., IN. For a number of years the John Richers cared for Mrs. Daniel Gingerich, an invalid
widow. They were not relatives, but performed this act of mercy out of the goodness of their hearts.
(CATHERINE YODER:Burial: Stoll Amish Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN, Parents immigrated from France
res-1900, Madison Twp., near Odon, IN; 1920, Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co., IN-on Census
Medical Information: 79 + years; married by Jacob Graber.
YA285- ROSANNA YODER, b. January 28, 1862; d. 1938; m. NOAH MILLER.
YA286-JOHN YODER, b. April 16, 1863, Allen Co., IN; d. Abt. 1877, Allen Co., IN.
+YA287- ISAAC YODER, JR., b. October 23, 1864, Daviess Co., IN; d. April 05, 1945, Daviess
Co., IN.
YA288- VERONICA FANNY was born June 19, 1866 in Allen Co. IN, and died February 22, 1951 in
Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN. She married HIRAM J. LICHTY January 07, 1906 in Daviess Co., IN, son
of JONATHAN LICHTY and HARRIETT SMITH. He was born July 01, 1861 in
Allen Co., IN, and died of cancer of the liver September 22, 1934 in Bogard Twp., Daviess Co.,
IN.(Washington Paper, Feb. 24, 1951-------FANNY LICHTY TAKEN BY DEATH- "Mrs. Fanny Lichty,
84 years old, R. R. 1, Montgomery, died at 4:30 p.m. yesterday at the home of her daughter, Mr(s). Katie
Yoder after an illness of seven weeks.She was born June 19, 1866 in Allen county, Indiana, the daughter
of Isaac and Rosie Graber Yoder and was married January, 1906 to Hiram Lichty who preceded her in
death. She was a member of the Amish church. Survivors are three daughters, Mrs. Katie Yoder, R. R.1,
Montgomery; Mrs. Anna Green, Liberal, Kan; and Mrs. Fanny Miller, R. R. 2, Odon. There are 20
grandchildren and thirty-three great-grandchildren. A sister, Mrs. Anna Stoll, of R.R. 1, Montgomery
also survives.Funeral services will be held at the residence of the daughter, Mrs. Katie Yoder at 1:00 p.m.
Sunday. Burial will be in the Stoll cemetery. Friends may call at the Yoder residence."
Both Bur: Stoll Cemetery, Daviess Co., IN; Amish Church (Res- Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN;
1909, Daviess Co., to Plainview, TX; 84 years old @ death.
YA289- ANNA YODER6, b. June 16, 1868, Allen Co., IN; d. 1968, Kismet, KS; m. PETER
STOLL, JR.; b. 1866, IN-prob. Allen Co., IN; d. Aft. 1907.; 1951, Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN
(1900 Census Van Buren Twp., Daviess Co., IN)

YA281- JACOB YODER born December 14, 1855, and died 1902 in Daviess
Co., IN. He married ANNA DELAGRANGE December 11, 1876 in Allen Co., IN.
She was born January 06, 1857 in IN, and died January 1894 in IN.
Burial: Stoll Amish Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN; m.December 11, 1876, Allen Co., IN
+YA2811- VICTOR YODER, b. May 14, 1878, Allen Co., IN; d. October 16, 1950, Allen Co., IN.
+YA2812- JACOB YODER, b. February 20, 1880, IN; d. August 04, 1960, Aylmer, ON.
YA2813-ROSANNA born March 28, 1882 in Daviess Co., IN died August 23, 1964 in Daviess Co., IN
She married SAMUEL STOLL December 18, 1902, son of DANIEL STOLL and MARY SCHÖNBECK
He was born February 06, 1876 in Daviess Co.,IN and died September 02, 1952 in Daviess Co., IN.
Both bur. Stoll Amish Cemetery, Daviess Co., IN (Res- 1900& 910, Bogard Twp., Daviess Co., IN)
YA2814-BARBARA born Abt. 1883 in IN. She married AARON SWARTZENTRUBER
Abt. 1915. He was born 1883 in Daviess Co., IN. Res. 1910 Census Bogard Twp., Daviess Co., IN;
+YA2815- ISAAC J. YODER, b. April 23, 1884, Davies Co., Montgomery, IN; d. September 16,
1975, Allen Co., Woodburn, IN.
+YA2816- PETER YODER, b. April 18, 1889, Allen Co., Grabill, IN; d. December 07, 1965, IN.

YA287- ISAAC YODER born October 23, 1864 in Daviess Co., IN, and died April 05, 1945
Daviess Co., IN. He married MAGDALENA STOLL March 10, 1888 in Daviess Co., IN
daughter of DANIEL STOLL and MARY SCHÖNBECK. She was born December 29, 1864 in
Daviess Co., IN, and died January 17, 1930 in Daviess Co., IN. both bur. Stoll Amish
Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN, Marriage by Joseph Wittmer
YA2871- DANIEL, b. March 18, 1891, IN42; d. January 26, 1892, IN.
+YA2872-NOAH , b. November 07, 1892, Daviess Co., IN; d. Bet. 1960 - 1969,
DefianceCo., IN.
YA2873- SUSANNA , b. December 07, 1894, IN43; d. December 21, 1894, IN43; m.
YA2874- HANNAH , b. 1894, IN.
+YA2875- AMOS I. , b. January 14, 1896, Lagrange, IN; d. February 08, 1972, Lagrange, IN.
YA2876- LOUIS , b. January 06, 1899, IN He married MARY ELIZABETH MCCRARY
November 10, 1928. She was born September 07, 1906.
YA2877-ROSANNA "ROSA" born December 06, 1900 in IN, and died February 08, 1970
in Daviess Co., IN. She married SAMUEL KNEPP, SR. Abt. 1919. He was born December 01,
1898, and died June 26, 1969 in Daviess Co., IN. Both Bur. Stoll Cemetery, Daviess Co., IN
YA2878- JOHN HENRY , b. December 02, 1902, Daviess Co., IN45; m. JULIANN
GINGERICH, April 18, 1937, Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN; b. December 02, 1912.
Marriage: April 18, 1937, Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN
YA2879-MARY ANN born August 14, 1905 in Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN, died August 14, 1991.
She married WILLIAM WAGLER January 17, 1923 in Daviess Co., IN. He was born September 24, 1897.

YA2811- VICTOR YODERwas born May 14, 1878 in Allen Co., IN, and died October 16, 1950
in Allen Co., IN. He married CATHERINE LENGACHER October 19, 1902 in Allen Co., IN. She was
born December 23, 1880 in Grabill, IN, and died August 15, 1950.
YA28111- MARY b. October 19, 1904, Allen Co., IN; d. IN; m. DAVID LEICHTY, August 04, 1935;
b. August 09, 1901, Daviess Co., IN51; d. November 25, 1972, IN. Res St. Joseph Co., IN
DAVID LEICHTY: Burial: Yaggy Cemetery, Mennonite Church; Farmer & carpentry

YA2812- JACOB was born February 20, 1880 in IN, and died August 04, 1960 in Aylmer, ON. He
married MARY A. STOLL December 28, 1896, daughter of DANIEL STOLL and MARY
SCHÖNBECK. She was born December 31, 1866 in Allen Co., IN, and died October
24, 1948 in Daviess Co., IN.Both buried Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co., (Res- Bet. 1866 - 1871, Allen Co.,
IN; 1871, To Daviess Co., IN at 5 years of age.)
YA28121- SAMUEL, b. October 12, 1898, Decatur Co., IN; d. November 28, 1975,
Daviess Co., Montgomery, IN; m. MARGARET GRABER, December 08, 1921, Daviess Co., IN
b. October 01, 1902, Daviess Co., IN; d. March 31, 1975, Daviess Co., IN. Both Bur.
Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN
YA28122-MARY ELLEN YODER, b. Abt. 1899.
YA28123-PETER YODER, b. December 03, 1904; m. MARTHA WAGLER, January 12, 1928
by David Plank August 03, 1905. Old Order Amish (Res- Kalona, IA) Bishop Amish Church
Daviess Co., IN Ordained Minister in 1931, Bishop in 1940

YA2815- ISAAC J. born April 23, 1884 in Davies Co., Montgomery, IN, and died September 16, 1975 in
Allen Co., Woodburn, IN. He married CATHERINE WAGLER. She was born September 27, 1884, and
died July 13, 1958.
YA28151- LIZZIE, b. November 20, 1913, Daviess Co., IN.
YA28152- JOHN, b. January 29, 1916, Daviess Co., IN.
YA28153- ROSA, b. March 15, 1918.

YA2816- PETER born April 18, 1889 in Allen Co., Grabill, IN, and died December 07, 1965 in IN.
He married ROSA GRABER November 12, 1912 in Grabill, IN. She was born March 29, 1895, and died
December 30, 1947.
YA28161- JOSEPH, b. March 19, 1913; m. ROSA CHUPP, July 18, 1940, Allen Co., Fort Wayne, IN; b.
November 22, 1915, Jasper Co. , Parr, IN. Shiloh Fellowship; Lived Sturgis, MI, Farmer

YA2872- NOAH born November 07, 1892 in Daviess Co., IN, and died Bet. 1960 - 1969 in DefianceCo.,
IN. He married SUSANNA ASCHLIMAN December 12, 1912, daughter of PETER ASCHLIMAN and
HANNAH GRABER. She was born April 30, 1893 in Daviess Co., IN.
YA28721- RALPH, b. October 22, 1913; m. BARBARA ELLEN KNEPP, November 02, 1935; b. July 22,
YA28722- ISAAC, b. February 14, 1915; d. November 27, 1938; m. NEVER MARRIED.
YA28723- PETER J., b. March 19, 1918; m. LEAH MILLER, May 10, 1941; b. January 13, 1922.
YA28724- AMOS D., b. March 09, 1920; m. ROSIE MAE MILLER, May 28, 1938; b. January 21,
YA28725- SAMUEL b. September 13, 1924, Daviess Co., IN; m. LEAH DELAGRANGE, March 15,
1942; b. October 31, 1923.
YA28726- MARY S., b. February 02, 192789; m. RAY HENRY MORHART, April 25, 1953;
b. February 21, 1927.
YA28727- HANNAH , b. April 12, 1932.
YA28728- DANIEL , b. June 14, 1930; m. BARBARA ANN SPINK, September 09, 1955;
b. March 15, 1932.

YA2875- AMOS I. YODER born January 14, 1896 in Lagrange, IN, and died February 08, 1972 in
Lagrange, IN. He married EMMA GRABER November 25, 1917 in Daviess Co.,
IN. She was born February 25, 1897 in Daviess Co., IN, and died March 03, 1976 in Lagrange Co., IN.
YA28751- NOAH E. b. December 06, 1918, Daviess Co., IN; d. February 11, 1920,
Daviess Co., IN. Burial: Stoll Cemetery-Daviess Co., IN
YA28752- DAVID , b. January 23, 1921; m. LILLIAN KNEPP, October 05, 1941;
b. September 28, 1919.
YA28753- JACOB , b. November 29, 192292; m. EMMA M. BARKMAN, October 22,
1946; b. March 25, 192892.
YA28754- CLETUS , b. August 11, 1924; m. SUSIE LAMBRIGHT, February 27, 1947; b.
April 17, 1927.
YA28755- JOSEPH , b. March 18, 1926; m. SARAH LAMBRIGHT, November 04, 1948; b. May 03,
YA28756- LENA b. March 07, 1928.
YA28757- WILLIAM , b. December 14, 1929.
YA28758- AMOS JR., b. November 20, 1931, Loogootee, IN; m. MAGGIE WAGLER, June 11, 1953; b. August 01, 1935, Grabill, in. Amish,Lived Grabill, in, Employed by Harlan Cabinets
YA28759- KATIE , b. November 25, 1933.
YA2875a- SIMON , b. November 24, 1935; m. ELSIE HERSCHBERGER, February 03,
1956; b. January 16, 1939.
YA2875b- JOHN b. June 09, 1938; m. LYDA MAE MILLER, February 26, 1959; b.
January 23, 1941.
YA2875c-FANNIE , b. April 19, 1941; m. H. A. L..

YA2a- Jacob Yoder m 12/16/1860 Allen Co,IN Susan Nofzinger (c1840
FR or GY- Ark) d 6/28/1914 em. 1858 to Fulton Co,OH,
1869 to Hickory Corner, MO, 1883 to near Stuttgart, Ark, 1912
to Pryor, Ark.(sic? Okla) (per Huckel data m. _____ Mosiman)
YA2a1- daughter died young
Barbara (7/13/1861-10/30/1871 bur. Gerber Cem, Hickory Co, Mo)
"daughter of Jacob and Susanna"
(4 adopted children- descendants as of 1970's believed to live in
Albany, OR and Pryor, OK)
YA2a-- Rudolph Sutter b 1863 Switz m. Lena Nofziger
YA2a-- Lizzie Kintzee b 1872 MO m. John B. Sprunger
YA2a-- John Rich m. Ellen Nofziger
YA2a-- Katie Rich never married
- - - - - - - - - - -
See YNL article in:
On the town of Yoder, Arkansas. From Pam Smith, , in Jan. 2006 :
"This is what I have that is in my family's Frownfelter history. I will pick up where your Yoder family is mentioned.

"In 1883, soon after August 20th of that year, Henry frownfelter made his final move. He and Jane and all of their children except George Howard9my ancestory) joined a wagon train and moved to Arkansas Co., AR. The majority of these families in the wagon train were Mennonites who had been in Ohio, then settled briefly in Hickory County. They then decided to move on to the Grand Prairie of Arkansas. One of the members of this group years later wrote her memories of this trip and in it she mentions that there was one Lutheran family that came with them. This was the Frownfelter family. The Mennonites had sent a family down the year before they had scouted the territory and had begun the process of homesteading a farm. The name came from the head of this Mennonite group, Jacob Yoder. Though the Frownfelters are not mentioned again in her memoirs, she did say that the "Lutheran family settled on South of their group".

"Henry and his grown sons did, indeed, settle south of Yoder and on the very same road some four or five miles away. The records at the courhouse at DeWitt, AR show that Henry Frownfelter bought his first land on 24 Dec. 1883 in the New Providence Community "on Hurricane Creek". But my father, Ed Frownfelter, could not recall ever hearing that his grandfather bought land in that area which is south of where they are known to have settled in the Turley area. Henry and all three of his grown sons that came with him to this couty in 1883 all homesteaded land in the same section --Section 19, Township 4S, Range 4W...."

"Chris, this is about all that I think would be of any interest to the Yoder family, unless someone knows they are exactly from this family to compare information about their Homesteaders Act or compare similar hardships of the families. The Yoder name is still on the road where this family settled and my family lived. I have seen the road with the sign. I hope this will help some Yoder family member somewhere."
- - - - - - - - - - -


YA3- Ancestry

-Bantz Yoder (de la Mare) -Christian Yoder, farmer
b d 1787 b <1724 Bavilliers
-?Christ Yoder (Morvillars) m Anna Hochstetler
b 1731 d 4/23/1778 -Jacques Yoder of Belfort
m2 1/1/1773 Lizabeth Nafzinger b1764 m1 Marianne Guesmann
-?Christ Yoder (weaver)` m2 Anneli Graber
b (de Danjoutin) d ?4/22/1819
m 1/2/1778 Elisabeth (Babi) Lehman

YA3- Christian Yoder b 8/6/1796 Charmois m 12/23/1822 Marie Yoder
(11/25/1790 Belfort - 4/9/1882) d 9/6/1850
YA31- Joseph b 1824 d 1826 Danjoutin, FR
YA32- Catherine b 1825 d 8 mo old "
+YA33- Christian J b 9/23(or2)/1827 Danjoutin, Fr
+YA34- Jonathan b 1830 OH m Anna Swartz

YA33- Christian J Yoder (9/23/1827 Danjoutin,Fr- 4/6/1909 bur Oak Grove
Cem, WO) m 5/4/1851 Catherine Becker (8/18/1829 "on a canal boat at
Canal Fulton"- 3/29/1901 ) (Per gravestone Christian b. 9/2/1827)
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA331- Daniel (12/23/1852 Smithville,WO- 9/5/1853 Paradise Cem,WO)
YA332- Mary (4/2/1854 Smithville, WO-11/13/1917) m 1/6/1876
Smithville,WO John K Hilly (2/2/1848 or 1/5/1848 Fr-1/9/1919)
+YA333- Andrew J (3/2/1856-9/21/1928) m 11/22/1877 WO Mary Schrock
(6/28/1856 WO-1945) bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
YA334- Anna L (7/19/1857 WO-11/28/1919 SO) m 11/27/1879 WO
Michael Maurer (12/14/1852 SO-5/2/1937 SO)
YA335- Catherine (2/18/1859 WO- 9/9/1914 West Liberty, LO)
m 1/8/1880 OH Eli Fisher (4/7/1847 LP-12/12/1905)
YA336- Christian (1/31/1861 WO-1/31/1861 WO)
YA337- Barbara (12/20/1861 WO- 6/13/1946) m 12/14/1882 WO
Joseph Schrock (8/6/1860 WO- )
+YA338- Henry B. (6/2/1864 WO-3/14/1927 WO Oak Grove Cem)
m1.Fanny C. Yoder (YR23b42) ( -11/27/1897 31y 10m 22d, bur
Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO m2 1900 OH Mary Elizabeth Frey
(6/22/1872 SO-7/26/1946 LO)
+ YA339- Amos (5/20/1865 WO- 5/12/1948) m 8/7/1887 WO
Amanda Smucker (1/31/1868 WO-10/11/1945 WO)
bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
+ YA33a- Jonathan C (1/31/1869 WO- 7/2/1917 WO) m3/7/1895 WO
Minnie E Grener (5/17/1878 WO-12/17/1963)bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
+YA33b- John B (3/18/1871 WO- 12/13/1937) m Alice Gillman
bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
+YA33c- Joseph M (5/10/1874 WO- 8/26/1945WO Oak Grove Cem)
m 11/1/1896 WO Lida L Kloppenstein (5/26/1878 WO-4/11/1965 WO)

+YA333- Andrew J. Yoder (3/2/1856 GWO-9/21/1928) m 11/22/1877 WO
Mary Schrock (6/28/1856 GWO-1945) bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA3331- Truman Frederick (8/13/1879 Mingo, Champaign Co, O-
8/15/1961) m. 10/14/1903 Anna Veora Klopfenstein (85/1876-5/20/1938)
YA3332- Melvina (1/31/1881 Mingo, Champaign Co., O-5/25/1907)
m. 12/22/1905 Alvin C. Ramseyer (1/17/1888-7/23/1948)
YA3333- Emmet Moses (52/7/1883 MWO-12/3/1976) m. 9/10/1912
Katherine Meyer (5/8/1884- )
YA3334- Christine (3/30/1888 MWO- ) m. 3/5/1914 Fred M. Wenger
YA3335- Kathryn Mae (4/11/1895 MWO-1/2/1949) m. 8/19/1922
Ora Liechty (4/6/1893-10/1/1975)

YA338- Henry B. Yoder (6/2/1864 WO-3/14/1927 WO Oak Grove Cem)
m1.Fanny C. Yoder (YR23b42) ( -11/27/1897 31y 10m 22d, bur
Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO m2 1900 OH Mary Elizabeth Frey
(6/22/1872 SO-7/26/1946 LO)
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA3381- Elma (1902-12/6/1936) m. Christ Hostetler (1900-12/-/1954)
YA3382- Rosella (8/27/1904 Smithville, O- ) m. Alva Row (1898- )
YA3383- Louella (7/23/1906 Smithville, O-2/5/1985) m. 3/5/1941
Ralph Foulk (3/4/1905-2/5/1986)
YA3384- Norma (7/16/1910 Smithville, O- ) m. 10/4/1936 J. Earl Byler
YA3385- Merle (3/4/1914 Smithville, WO-1/15/1970) m. Pauline Mae
Steele ( - )
YA3386- Lorene (8/21/1916 Wooster WO-8/23/1982) m. 1938
Milford Byler ( - )


YA339- Amos Yoder (5/20/1865 WO- 5/12/1948) m 8/7/1887 WO
Amanda Smucker (1/31/1868 WO-10/11/1945 WO)
bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO (per WO Birth Records)
YA3391- Henry L. b. 2/15/1888
YA3392- Sarah L. b. 10/8/1890
YA3393- Jay D. b. 7/12/1894
YA3394- Icie b. 7/28/1904
YA3395- Clark Winfield b. 8/29/1907

YA33a- Jonathan C . Yoder (1/31/1869 GWO- 7/2/1917 Smithville, WO)
m. 3/7/1895 WO Smithville, O Minnie E Grener (5/17/1878 Smithville, WO
-12/17/1963)bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO (per WO Birth Records)
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA33a1- William Glenn (Glenn William) (11/27/1895 GWO-4/23/1984)
m. 2/26/1920 Ruth Irene Breneman (1/23/1896-1/6/1981)
YA33a2- Grace Elizabeth (1/8/1902 Smithville, WO-9/25/1940) m. 8/6/1920
John Schaney (11/24/1896-9/14/1977)
YA33a3- Sarah Anna Geraldine (11/10/1905 Smithville,WO- )
m. 1/1/1931 Martin David Hill (10/24/1900-12/30/1984)
YA33a4- Gordon Simon (7/17/1909 Smithville, WO- ) m. 1928
Ila Hess (2/21/1910- )
YA33a5- Greta Christobel (1/1/1912 Smithville, WO- ) m. 5/8/1937
Carl Whitaker Mauer (6/20/1911-12/9/1986)
YA33a6- Gail May (4/14/1913 Smithville, WO- ) m. 6/2/1933
Earl Fults (5/12/1903-5/11/1963)
YA33a7- Genevieve Jewel (5/7/1915 Smithville, WO- ) m. 11/15/1941
Maynard Gillespie (5/2/1919-12/-/1981)

YA33b- John B. Yoder (3/18/1871 WO- 12/13/1937) m Alice Gillman
(9/17/1877-10/15/1970) bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO(per WO Birth Records)
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA33b1- Infant (2/16/1905 GWO-2/20/1905)
YA33b2- Christian Paul (11/27/1906 GWO- ) m1. Lenore Fisher
(11/3/1912-12/25/1975) m2. Velma Stutzman (11/3/1908- )
YA33b3- Ivan Raymond (1/14/1914 GWO-9/12/1982) m. 7/3/1940
Mary Bresson (10/12/1916- )

YA33c- Joseph M . Yoder (5/10/1874 GWO- 8/26/1945WO Oak Grove Cem)
m 11/1/1896 WO Lida L Kloppenstein (5/26/1878 Smithville, WO-4/11/1965
Smithville, WO)
(Christian J. Yoder Family Genealogy by Ruchard J. Yoder-1988)
YA33c1- Ruth (3/21/1899 Smithville, WO-7/21/1948) m. 3/2/1921 Paul
Hostetler (9/23/1898-7/21/1961)
YA33c2- Marion Dale (4/28/1905- ) m. 1/1/1939 Arlene Yoder (9/26/1908-
) (d/o Dan H. Yoder and Emma Hilty)
YA33c3- Irene Mae (1/22/1911 Smithville WO-9/18/1937) m.
Carl Franklin Smucker (3/12/1912- )
YA33c4- Virgil (8/16/1914 Smithville, WO-12/27/1972) m. 6/5/1938
Jayne Ruth Miller (8/22/1911- )

YA34- Jonathan Yoder (1830- ) m h 1 of Anna Swartz
(6/13/1836 St. Hippolyte,Fr-10/23/1884 WO Oak Grove Cem)
YA341- Mary (10/12/1857 WO1-1822) m
John C Yoder of Fulton Co,OH (5/25/1857- 1941 )
bur Oak Grove Menn Cem, WO
YA342- Fannie (11/22/1859 WO-7/10/1891 age 31y 8m 18d)
m Benjamin Yoder (1862-1914)
YA343- David S (3/29/1864 WO-4/29/1936 Oyster Point, Warwick Co, VA)
m 12/24/1889 WO Malinda (Linda) Smucker (5/18/1865 WO-7/13/1937 VA)
5 children


YA4 ancestry
son of Hans Joder and Kathrina Ruesser (Steffisburg, Bern, Switzerland)
FA1- Jost Joder (9/19/1675 Steffisburg- ) m1.
Magdalena Gerber ( - ) m2 Madeleine Reiss ( - )
FA13- Jean Joder (1714-1/26/1767) m. 11/11/1762 Frena Zimmermann
( -11/13/1770 Grand Charmont,F)
? "son of Hans Joder and Vreni Zimmerman"
FA131- Joseph Joder (1752-4/1/1825 Hirtzbach,F) m. 7/12/1778
Marie Stucky (12/10/1813 Staffelfelden,F- )

YA4- Jonathan Yoder b 3/11 or 26/1795 Alsace m1. Anne Marie Conrad
m2 Mary Schmucker (c1797- 1845 "heart attack at sea") d 4/28/1878
W of Berne, IN bur. Evangelical Mennonite Cem. Arrived NY
May 1845, Naturalized 2 Oct 1854
(see "France.doc"-- FA1314)
+YA41- Joseph b 3/31/1823
YA42- Mary b 1825 m 9/12/1846 WO Joseph Lesh d 1875
YA43- John b 1826 or 27 m 6/26/1853 Mary Ann Roth Adams Co, I
d in accident after being married one day..(no issue?) "John dug wells for a living
and his wife playfully threw his cap in the well. He went down
after it and the accumulated gas in the well killed him."
+YA44- Jacob b 3/26/1828 Altkirk, Alsace, FR
+YA45- Christian b 4/5/1838

YA41- Joseph Yoder (3/31/1823-6/21/1911) m Katherine Stuckey
(c1834 Fr-"? 6/8/1893 age 61 per Christlicher Bundesbote of
15 Jun 1893" ) came to US ahead of parents at age 18 with
brother Jacob. Had 9 or 10 children. Settled about 2 miles W of Berne,IN
(incomplete) (Beulah Kreutzman data, 1860,80,1900 census; Rhoda
Howard -2/97;Adams Co, In Marraiges)
YA411- Anna b c1855 IN
YA412- Jacob b c1856 IN
YA413- John b c1859 IN
+YA414- Christian (1861 IN -1938)
+YA415- Peter (10/26/1863-12/3/1928) m. 3/21/1886 Adams Co,I
Fanny Moser
YA416- Catherine (c1869 IN -1891)
YA417- Rachel (2/27/1872 IN- 10/15/1941) m 5/2/1901 John Bixler
(4/25/1870 Munsterburg Court, Canton Bern-11/16/1952 Berne, Adams Co,I)

YA414- Christian Yoder (3/_/1861 I- 1938) m.
Judith _____ (5/_/1861 I- ) (1900-Adams Co,I-Monroe Twp)
YA4141- Edgar (9/24/1894 I-6/_/1968 I )

YA415- Peter Yoder (10/26/1863 I-12/3/1928) m
Fanny ____ (2/_/1860 I- ) (1900-Adams Co,I-Hartford)
YA4151- Bertha (2/_/1887 I- )
YA4152- Henry (1/23/1890 I-8/_/1980)
YA4153- Lydia (4/_/1891 I- )
YA4154- Levi (8/_/1895 I- )
YA4155- Elmer (2/24/1898 I-5/_/1973 res I (SSN))

YA44- Jacob Yoder m 1861 Stryker,OH Katherine Stuckey (11/19/1842
Stryker- 3/21/1883 Berne,IN) d 11/4/1904 Berne, IN both bur.
Evangelical Mennonite Church
YA441- Mary b 6/2/1862 Berne, Adams Co, IN m 12/19/1901 Adams Co,I
Joseph J Rich d 7/19/1945
+YA442- John b 12/8/1863 Berne m 12/17/1891 Adams Co,I
Mary Schindler d 9/5/1940
YA443- David b 10/20/1865 Berne d 2/14/1866
YA444- Katy J b 1/24/1867 Berne m 3/9/1886 Adams Co, I
Joseph J. Rich 1/10/1900
+YA445- Joshua b 10/29/1868 Berne m 12/24/1896 Adams Co,I
Anna Rich d 7/2/1946
YA446- Enoch b 12/17/1870 m 10/21/1905 Adams Co,I
Aldine Fox d 2/22/1954
+YA447- Noah b 12/21/1872 Berne m 2/24/1894 Rose Meshberger
d 4/29/1918
YA448- Elizabeth b 10/22/1874 Berne m 1/24/1895 Adams Co,I
Noah Biberstine
YA449- Saloma b 9/17/1876 Berne d 6/1/1942
YA44a- Emma b 1/14/1879 Berne m 9/3/1898 Adams Co,I
Forest A Nichols d 10/11/1965
YA44b- Jacob J b 10/19/1880 Berne m 9/15/1906 Adams Co,I
Katy Moser d 11/9/1965
YA44c- Henry b 10/22/1882 d 4/19/1884
From Carl R. Yoder, Berne, Ind, Jan. 2001- Located at a
regional genealogical center in Alsace & translated by
Tim Lengerich "The year 1828 on the 27th day of March at ten o'clock
in the morning appeared before us, Jacques Maeder, mayor and civil
state officer of the community of LARGITZEN, county of Hirsingen,
state of Upper Rhine, John Joder, 32 years of age, a farmer by trade
and living in this town. He presented to us a male child born yesterday
at eight o'clock in the evening on the fam called Barthlyhutten which
eblongs to the community. The aforementioned John Joder and his
lawfully wedded wife names Anne-Marie Conrad, 26 years of age said
that they wanted the child named Jacques. This declaration and
presentation were made in the presence of two witnesses: Sebastian
Hofstetter, farmer, 30 years of age, and Joseph Kech,school teacher,
25 years of age, both of whomare members of this community. The
father as well as the two witnesses signed this document after it had
been read to them."


YA442- John Yoder (12/8/1863 Berne, I- 9/5/1940) m 1891
Mary Schindler (11/_/1862- ) (1900-Adams Co,I-Hartford;
1920-Adams Co,I)
YA4421- Raymond W. (2/27/1897 I-6/_/1965 I) m. Ida ____
(1899- ) (1920-Adams Co,I)
YA4422- Bessie I. (6/_/1899 I- )

YA445- Joshua Yoder (10/29/1868 Berne,I- 7/2/1946) m 12/24/1896 Anna Rich
(11/_/1874 I- ) (1900-Adams Co,I-Monroe; 1920 Adams Co,I)
YA4451- Tillie (5/_/1898 I- )
YA4452- Chaudy (11/_/1899 I- )
YA4453- Jesse (c1902- )
YA4454- Pearl (c1903- )
YA4455- Selma (c1904- )
YA4456- Joseph (c1906- )
YA4457- Albert (c1909- )
YA4458- Denver (c1919- )

YA447- Noah Yoder (12/21/1872 Berne,I- 4/29/1918) m ?2/18/1895
Rose Meshberger (3/_/1876 I- ) (1900-Adams Co,I-Wabash,
1920 Adams Co, I)
YA4471- Dennis (10/_/1895 I- )
YA4472- "baby girl" (Effie) (3/_/1900 I- )
YA4473- Ralph (3/6/1902 Adams Co, Berne -7/_/1979 (SSN))
res. Keystone,I
YA4474- Clieta (c1904 I- )
YA4475- Mabel (c1906 I- )
YA4476- Clifford (c1908 I- )
YA4477- Nina (c1910 I-.....)

YA45- Christian Yoder m1 1/31/1864 Adams Co,I Mary Huser - 1 child
m2 5/9/1867 Adams Co,I Elizabeth Mosser (3 or 4/ /1847 WO- 7/ /1932 Berne,IN)
d 1/14/1913 Berne, IN bur Evangelical Mennonite Cem.
w1 YA451- Frena (Fanny) b 3/27/1865 d 4/15/1876 "burned to death
when dress caught fire, cooking soap outside"
w2 YA452- David b 3/12/1868 m Emma Luginbill d 11/30/1943
YA453- stillborn daughter b 11/9/1869 d 11/9/1869
YA454- Lydia b 11/1/1870 m 2/11/1897 Adams Co,I
Chris Roth d 1957
+YA455- Jonas b 9/20/1872 m 3/19/1896 Fulton Co, OH Anna Yoder
d 1/9/1952
YA456- Mary b 4/26/1874 m 12/29/1902 Adams Co,I
Fred Fox d 3/ /1851 bur Evangelical Mennonite Church
YA457- stillborn daughter
YA458- Joseph K b 10/24/1878 m 2/2/1904 Adams Co, I
Otilla S. Gerber d 2/2/1944 M.R.E. Cem West of Berne,IN
YA459- Amos b 12/27/1881 m 6/3/1909 Adams Co,I
Mary F. (Fancheon) Rice d 10/ /1943 Decatur Cemetery
YA45a- Samuel (4/6/1884 I-10/16/1954 "close to midnight")
m. 3/7/1908 Adams Co,I Mabel "Bessie" Burkett bur. MRE Cem,
YA45b- Clara b 7/15/1886 d 4/25/1948 MRE Cem.
YA45c- Solomon b 6/19/1890 d infant Evang. Men. Cem

YA455- Jonas (Jones) Yoder (9/20/1872- 1/9/1952 ) m 3/19/1896 Fulton Co, O
Anna Yoder ( - ) res. Wauseon,O (1900-Allen Co,I-Maumee Twp)
YA4551- Edward (7/_/1897 I- )
YA4552- Emily (1/_/1900 I- )

YA5 ancestry--
-Yuste Yoder ( 1753- ) m Elizabeth Guemann (1758- )
farmer in Grandvillars
-Christian (1780- ) m Elizabeth Kloffenstein of Rougemort

YA5- Joseph Yoder b 6/5/1807 Belfort, FR m 10/5/1829 Fr Anna
Klopenstine (10/9/1810 Fr- 5/26/1892 age 81y 1m 17d)
d 2/11/1886 age 78y 8m 6d both bur. Yoder Cem. Wayne Twp,
Darke Co, OH-- embarked for US 3/19/1833 arrived NY May 1833
Lived NY c2 years near Utica, 9yr Stark Co, OH 1844 to Darke Co
(Darke Land records-YODER, Joseph, 22 Jun 1842 R3, T11, Sec 26)
YA51- Joseph b c1829 Belfort, FR d 2/18/1848 age 18y
Yoder Cem, Wayne Twp. Darke Co.,OH
YA52- Catharine b 3/7/1832 FR
YA53- Christian(Christopher) b 3/1/1835 NY single GAR Co F 152 OVI
d 5/8/1908 72y 2m 7d Yoder Cemetery, Wayne Twp, Darke Co.
YA54- Anna b 1838 m (?August Battia) d 6/9/1862
YA55- Eli b 1840 d 2/26/1861
YA56- Barbara b 1843 d 5/18/1852
YA57- John N b 2/10/1847 OH m Wilhemina (2/1849 PA- 1918)
d 1921 bur Versailles Greenlawn Cemetery, Mausoleum
YA58- Mary M b 7/7/1849 "My mother's people, Mary Magdeline (Yoder) Miller. My maternal grandfather Joseph Yoder (pronounced Yodar), was born in France in the vicinity of Strausberg as Bellefort. In June 5, 1807, with his wife Anna Klopenstine (my maternal grandmother) embarked for America in 1833 and after a long 3 month journey landed in NY, moved to Darke County, in 1844 and died there in Bradford, Ohio."" Andrew Rohrer Miller, born 30 March, 1849 in Darke County, Ohio, died November 9, 1929 in Welsh, Louisiana. Married September 17, 1872 to Mary Magdeline Yoder (see Wedding portrait on right), born July 7, 1849 in Darke County, Ohio, died January 29, 1928 in Welsh, Louisiana. Mary was the daughter of Joseph and Annie Klopenstine Yoder." From Obit: "
Mrs. A. R. Miller (Mary M. Miller) daughter of Joseph and Annie Klopenstine Yoder, was born July 7, 1849 in Darke county, Ohio, and died Sunday morning, January 29, 1928 at her home in Welsh, Louisiana, at the age of 78 years, 7 months and 22 days, after a long illness, having been in ill health for the past two years or more, though only confined to her bed but a few days.
She was married to Andrew R. Miller September 7th, 1872 and moved from Ohio to Oregon, thence to Iowa and in January 1897, made their home in Louisiana, residing in Welsh since 1900." Wedding photo is available of Mary and Andrew at:
- - - - - - - - - - - -

YA6 Ancestry-
Joseph Joder de Montbeliard - wife died 6/4/1863
-Michael m 5/8/1849 Frena Roth
-Peter m 1/25/1855 Marie Trosch
-Joseph m 1/13/1857 Madeleine Stollen

YA6- Michael Yoder b 1825 Fr m 5/8/1849 Francis Roth (8/10/1821 Fr-
3/3/1897 Archbold,OH) d 1/13/1873 Archbold, OH Johnson Cem
1 1/2 miles West of Burlington
YA61- ? b d 3/8/1851 un infant de Michael de Dasle
YA62- Anna b 10/4/1853 m 9/20/1872 John R Yoder (YA242)
d 1/27/1927 bur Rupp Cem German Twp Fulton Co, OH
YA63- Catherine b c1852
YA64- Mary b c1856
YA65- Barbara b c1858
YA66- Joseph b c1859
YA67- Christopher b

YA7- Christian Yotter b 5/17/1811 Fr m 9/28/1834 SO by Rev George
Hoke, German Baptist Anna Klopfenstein (8/11/1809 Fr-
5/17/1889) d 1/15/1897 both bur Am Men Cem Wash Twp, SO
YA71- Christian b 8/19/1835 d 4/16/1854 18y 7m 27d
Amish Men Cem, SO
YA72- Anna b c1837 (?Anna Y m 10/4/1860 Danl. H Braumbaugh)
?YA73- Joseph B b c9/9/1839 d 8/18/1876 age 36y 11m 9d
YA74- Barbaray b c1842 (?m 2/11/1866 Isaac Markley )
YA75- Peter b 4/30/1841 OH m 11/17/1867 Nannie Folk
(5/11/1849-3/31/1898) d 8/23/1924 both bur Cent. Church Cem,
Nimishillen Twp, SO
YA76- Maria b c1845 (m 10/25/1870 Andrew Pontius (1840-1922)
d 1902 bur Warstler's Lutheran Church Cem)

YA75- Peter b 4/30/1841 OH m 11/17/1867 Nannie Folk
(5/11/1849 O-3/31/1898) d 8/23/1924 both bur Cent. Church Cem,
Nimishillen Twp, SO (1880 Cens, SO, Nimishillen)
YA751------"-----Ulyssus S-----s----------12-----OH
Gusta M. (1/7/1878 in Louisville, Stark, OH- ) m. 11/28/1897
Levi ANTHONY (2/13/1870 in Louisville, Stark, OH- )
YA756-----"-----Myron-----NR----------5/12----- OH

YA8- Jacob Yoder b. 1779 Grandvillars,Alsace m 1821 in Hirtzbach to
Barbara Liechty (c1794 GY- ) came from Basel 1840, took land in SO 1842.
No will, but land went to Daniel Rich who m. Catherine Graber
YA81- Mary Ann (Maria) b 1822 Basel m 4/17/1842 SO Christian Conrad
d 12/22/1875 WO age 53 (bur Oak Grove Men Ch. listed as widow of
"Jonathan Conrad")
YA82- Frohnia (Feronica) b 5/26/1826 Belfort, Alsace, France
m c1847 O Peter Schmucker d. 1/12/1876 SO. bur Am.-Menn, Cem.SO
YA83- Barbara b 1829 m 4/25/1847 SO Bishop Michael Schloneger Jr
d. 1903

YA9- John Yoder (?same as FB2314) m. Elizabeth _____ (pos. widow of
____ Stucky) (b. c1820- 6/14/1904 age 84y 3m 23d)
(John Yoder h2. Elizabeth (Short) Stuckey (c1820 Fr-6/14/1904
age 84y 3m 23d- Lockport Cem, Brady Twp, Williams Co,Oh,
adopted her three children (born Stuckey) who took the name Yoder:
YA291--Anna Yoder (1858-1929) m. John Lugbill (1857-1926)
YA292--John C. Yoder (5/25/1857-3/19/1941) m. 2/24/1881
Mary Yoder (d/o YA34) (10/2/1857 Orrville,O-1921)
------YA2921--Amanda Yoder (12/2/1881-3/9/1916) single
------YA2922--Aaron Yoder (6/16/1885 Fulton Co,O--7/4/1961)
m. 10/24/1909 Mary Ann Short (4/29/1888 Fulton Co.,Oh
-3/21/1921 32y 10m 15d- GH Obit) (had daus. Lola, Bulah, Dortha)
YA293--Benjamin J. Yoder (2/20/1862-5/-/1914 bur. Eckley)
m1. Fannie Yoder (d/o YA34) (1859-1891) m2. Fannie
Nusbaum (1858-1934)-ni bur. Eckley
------YA2931--Lydia Yoder (7/17/1884-6/11/1925) m. 1902
------Sam Roth (9/19/1880 Fulton Co,O- ) ni
------YA2932--Emma Yoder (4/7/1883- ) m. 1907
------Amos Roth (5/3/1880- )

1860 Census
John Yoder Williams Brady
name age occupation birth comments
John 41 farmer Fr
Elizabeth 40 Fr
Peter Stucky 14 (adopted)
Elizabeth 12 "
Joseph 9 "
Anna Yoder 3
John 2

1880 Census:

Yoder John 62 France Williams Springfield
" Elizabeth w 61 France
" Anna d 23 OH
" John s 22 OH
" Benadict s 18 OH
" Jule H GS 7 OH
" Edward GS 5 OH

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