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Yoder Lineage - Other than Amish

Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

The Descendants of Hans Yoder

A Reformed Church Yoder who settled in the Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA

brother of Yost

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      Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana

 Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, and



These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been

assembled since 1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), (P O Box 594,

Goshen, IN 46527 for Subscription information). For content update,

write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email

at We apologize in advance for any

typographical errors in this work. Please help us correct and extend

any of the information in these records. 


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Thank you to David Yoder of Evanston, Ill for helping with the typing-1996


OH- Hans Joder  b. 3/10/1672 Steffisburg, Switzerland   

    m1. Veronica Iselmyn (d. c1710/1)  m2. 4/29/1711 by Paulus van   

        Vlecq, at Whitemarsh Church to Anna Rosina LeDee d. 1741/2   

    (will proved by son John 1/14/1742) res. Schwetzingen GY to 3/1/   

    1709; London; Chester Co. land 1/14/1711; in Oley 3/25/1714)   

    (on 3/10/1735 Hans 1st and Rosina sold land in Oley to Hans 2nd)   

 +OH1- John     b. 1700   

  OH2- son      b. c1705   

  OH3- Anna Regina  b. c1705   

  OH4- Daniel   b. Jan.1718     m. Barbara________    

        d. 8/21/1749 (or47) age 31 yrs 8 mos bur. Cem at Pleasantville   

        (other records give wife name as Elizabeth... Elizabeth m2.    

        at St. Michaelis Ch, Phila. Oct. 2, 1750 Matthias Hollenbach)    


OH1- John Yoder  m1. Barbara______ m2. Elizabeth (     ) Keim (h2)   

    d. 1779 (will made 3/8/1779 proved 10/20/1779)   

 +OH11- Hans (John) Jr. b. c1726   

  OH12- Daniel          b.  ?  

 +OH13- Samuel          b.    

 +OH14- Peter           b.    

  OH15- Maria Johanna   b.        m. Sep.25,1740  Col. John Lesher    

d. Oct.8,1762  (had 2 children -Anna Barbara b.3/15/1742 who   

m.11/2/1762 to  Jacob Morgan; Johanna b. 5/20/1748 m. George DAR source claims a son 4. John Lesher, Jr., (b. 1763),

John Lesher m2.1/2/1763 Maria Margaretha Hess- had five daughters) 

John Lesher m. Mary Johanna Yoder. John Lesher (1711-94) was

a member of the Constitutional Convention of Berks County, 1776;

also Commissary and member of the General Assembly. He was

born in Holland; died in Berks County, Pa.


OH11- John Yoder Jr. (  -by 1785)  m. Nov. 1746 Oley Twp., Berks Co. to   

Sarah Shankle (      - 1789 or 98--letter of admin 6/13/1797 to eldest

son Daniel)  Sarah deserted her husband and children & had illigitimate

child  in Reading. Listed by self in Reading 1762,64, 79.  Bur. Peter de   

Turck's plot at Oley). (Sower's Newspaper, Oct. 16, 1756 mentions

"Johannes Joder the younger, Manatawny, Berks County; wife, Sara")(Note,

Sara is cited in the estate document for her mother " SHENKLE, MAGDALENA,

Oley. July 6, 1751,  December 5, 1763., To son Martin SHENKLE £174.,

To dau. Sarah YODER £20., To dau. Magdalena APLER £20., Exr: son Martin.


 +OH111- Daniel     b. 4/22/1748   

 +OH112- Martin     b.       m.5/21/1782   Sussanna Weitner   

 +OH113- Jacob      b. 8/11/1758   

  OH114- Samuel     b.   

            (one  possibility is "AW" in unlink2.doc) 

  OH115- Barbara   b.   m. Jacob Barr    res. District Twp as of 1785

(reference to a settlement between Barbara and her brother Daniel on

12 Jan 1785 of  payment owed her  based on transfer of plantation and

11 acres to Daniel  by his father John  on 27 July 1775. Father John

deceased as of 1785)


OH111- Daniel Yoder m.1773 Maria Margaretha Oyster (May 4,1753-    

        Dec. 23,1833) d. 8/21/1820 age 72y-3m-29d , m 47yrs   

        bur. Pleasantville Union Cemetery   

    OH1111- Hannah  b.4/17/1775  m. Jacob Knabb  d. 8/23/1825(23?)   

              bur. Old Amityville Cemetery   

(Hannah Jotter of Oley m. 12/27/1801 Jacob Knab at Schwartzenwald

Reformed Church)

    OH1112- Daniel Jr.  b. Dec.7,1777  m Margaret     d.Nov.27,1826    

            bur. Pleasantville  Union Cemetery. age 48y 11m 20d   

      ("died  of a carbuncle"-per article in The Eagle-c1908)

               (Ref. Sch. Orphans Court, p 94,95,96)

   +OH1113- Martin  b. Oct.19,1780   

    OH1114- Catherine   b. Oct.12,1783  m. Dec.23,1827 Wm. Willman   

            d. Aug. 20, 1882  98y-10m-8d  Pleasantville Union Cem.   

    OH1115- Maria   b. Apr.(22?)24,1786  m. 1806 Philip de Turck   

            d. Jan.19,1864  bur. Deturk graveyard, Ella Sassaman farm   

(marriage- DETURCK, Philip, to Polly YODER, last Tues., 18 Feb 1806ed.)

    OH1116- John    b. Apr.22,1788  farmed with brother David   

            single d. May 3,1869 Bur. Pleasantville Union Cem.   

    OH1117- Margaret    b. Aug.4,1790  m. Solomon Peter (12/12/1790-    

                9/28/1843)  d. 4/1/1880 bur. Spangsville, PA.   

    OH1118- Samuel    b. Nov.23,1793  d. <1813 bur. Pleasantville   

                    Union Cemetery   

   +OH1119- David   b. Feb.8,1795   


OH1113- Martin Yoder  m 3/17/1807 Susanna Peter (11/29/1783- 3/13/1844)   

       d. Jan.10,1837 age 56y2m22d  both bur. Freidensburg, PA.   

   +OH11131- David      b. 3/8/1810   

   +OH11132- Solomon    b. 4/25/1812   

    OH11133- Maria (Polly)  b.11/18/1808 m. George Kemp (3/18/1805-   

          12/8/1858) res. Lyons,PA.  d 2/13/1872    

   +OH11134- Martin     b. May 24,1819 Oley Twp, Berks Co, PA.   

    OH11135- Daniel b 12/13/1807    d 1/21/1808 age 5wks 4days   

    OH11136- Daniel b 8/1/1814      d 3/20/1815 2:38 am age 7m 20 d   

    OH11137- Margareta b 8/17/1816 d 8/20/1822 "taken by flu"-6yrs 3d   

    OH11138- Catharine b 5/27/1822  "lived only two days"   

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

From Gayle Guthrie, , Oct 2005:


The following is copied word for word from a paper found in the Solomon Yoder Family Bible (son of Martin and Susanna): .


Martin Yoder was born 19 of October 1780.

Susanna Yoder ….the 29 of November 1783

In 1807 the 17 of March they were entered into marriage.

Daniel Yoder born 13 day December 1807 and died 21 day January 1808.

Mary Yoder born 18 day November 1808.

David Yoder born 1810 the 8 day March.

Solomon Yoder born 1812 April 25.

Daniel Yoder born 1814 first day August.  Died the 20 March 1815.

Margaret Yoder born 17 August 1816.  Died the 20 day August 1822.

Martin Yoder born 24 May 1819.

One daughter born 17 May 1822.  Has lived 2 days only.

One son born 22 October 1827.  Has lived only 2 days.

Martin Yoder died the 19 day January 1837.  Was age 56y 2 months 22 days.

Susanna Yoder died 13 March 1844.  She was age 60 y 3m14 days.


 ( I believe most of these names and dates match yours.  You have the name for the unnamed daughter, and another son who died shortly after birth in 1827 is noted on the paper.  Martin Sr.’s birth date is Oct. 19, 1780.)


-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


OH11131- David Yoder    m1. 11/30/1830  Esther DeTurk (7/20/1811-    

              11/8/1838 bur Deturk graveyard Ella Sassaman farm)  m2.    

               11/19/1839  Persade Hoch (12/16/1816- 7/23/1844  27y 5m 7d)   

            res- Union twp, Berks 1840; Reading 1857,1861. (Forest Hill   

            Cem,Union Co- David (1810-1879) wife Rebecca  d. 1894 age 84)   

          (*Children added per 1850 & 1860 Cen, Reading NE Ward)   


OH111311- Sarah Ann  m Moses Graeff of Molltown 4/11/1853)

OH111312- Amelia (10/8/1834-11/16/1905) who m. William G. Ehst

OH111313- Franklin   b. 1/17/1836     d. 5/13/1848 12y 3m 26d   

OH111314- Priscilla  b. 5/7/1838      d. 12/17/1857 at her uncle   

            Solomons place age 19y 7m 10d   


OH111315- Jefferson  b.  c1842    d. c12/14/1861 at Washington in   

            hospital several weeks. Mem. of Capt. Knabbs Co.   

OH111316- Rebecca    b.       d. 11/25/1844 age 2y 10m 29d   

*OH111317 Washington  b. c 1846   

*OH111318- James       b. c 1847   

*OH111319- William     b. 6 months old 1850 census   

*OH11131a- Mary      b. c 1852   

*OH11131b- Susan     b. c 1854   


OH11132- Solomon Yoder     m1. Mary B. Yoder (6/24/1818-5/10/1845)   

     (OY1721)  m2. 11/20/1849 Elizabeth Siegfried of Maxatawny Twp   

          d. 1905 West Point, Neb.    (res. 1900 Cumming County, Pa)

   OH111321- Amelia   b. c1833

   OH111322- Jacob    b. 2/23/1835   d. 11/13/1836 bur. Pleasantville   

             Union Cemetery   

   OH111323- Esther   b. c1838    

   OH111324- Mary     b. c1840   

 +OH111325- Bartolett Y.  b. Oct. 1843   m. Rebecca Artman   

                         8 children      

   OH111326- Charlotte    b. c1852   

   OH111327- Elizabeth    b.12/-/1854 Pa  m. Thomas Dick Thompson MD

    from Berks Co, Pa.   (res.1900 Cumming County, Ne)

   (Dave Peterson data,, as of 6/98)

   OH111328- Solomon      b. 3/27/1856   d.12/10/1857 bur.   

                          Pleasantville Union Cemetery   

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

I am E-mailing you at this time to tell you that I am sending some pictures

which may be of interest to some of  those able to attend the 2001 Yoder

Reunion.   I inherited them from my mother's sister (Mary Yoder Thompson

Wood) who did a great deal of genealogy research on her Yoder line and her

husbands (each from a different line from Solomon Yoder).


Solomon was Martin & Susanna Peter's son married first to a descendant of 

Jost - Mary Bertolet Yoder -after her death to Elizabeth Schaeffer (not

Siegfried as noted in the Yodernewsletters, HANS1).  My connection is

Elizabeth Schaeffer who married Thomas D. Thompson, M. D.  of Reading (son of

Levi & Mary Hoch of Fleetwood , son of William & Mary Herb of Hereford).  Roy

Gehris (Berks County Genealogical Society) is descended from Mary & her

second husband Peter Gehris and is the one who passed on this site address to



On my 1995 visit to the Oley Valley, I learned that Solomon had once had a

store in part of the old Hans Yoder, Jr. home near the Covered Bridge.  Later

he and wife Elizabeth followed  the T.D. Thompson M.D. family (Thomas and

Elizabeth) to West Point, NE as well as other children from their union -

Kate Shearer, Charlotte Readinger, Mary Landis whose children grew up with my

mother.   Most of these pictures are from there.


Mary Hill Skougaard, 1055 Rilma Lane, Los Altos, CA 94022,   (650) 948-4451,

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

The Bible I have is written in German and was published in 1834 in Philadelphia.    I am copying word for word what it says.  I think Solomon Yoder purchased it when he married  Mary B. Yoder.


                    Geburten  Column 1


Solomon Yoder was born in the year of our Lord AD 1812 in April the 25.


Elizabeth Yoder was born in the year of our Lord 1812 September the 22 day. Her maiden name was Shafer.


                  Geburten Column 2


My son Jacob Yoder was born the 23 of February in the year of our Lord AD 1835.

My daughter Esther Anna Yoder was born the 4th day August AD 1837.

My daughter Mary Yoder was born the 19th of May 1840.

My son Bertolette Yoder was born the 13 day of May AD 1843


              Next page- Geburten Column 1


My daughter Cathren Yoder was born the 13 day of September, 1850.

My daughter Charlotta Yoder was born the 12 day of May 1852.

My daughter Elizabeth Yoder was born the 18 day of December 1853.

My son Solomon Yoder was born the 27 day of March 1856.




                 Trauungen  Column 1


Solomon Yoder was entered into the start of matrimony with Mary B. Yoder in the year of our Lord AD 1834 March the 18.


                  Trauungen Column 2


Solomon Yoder entered into matrimony with Elizabeth Siegfried the 20 day of November 1849.


                  Gterbefalle Colunm 1


My son Jacob Yoder died of the 13 November AD 1836.  He was age one year eight month and twenty days.

Mary B. Yoder departed her life the 10 day of May 1845. Brought her age to 26 years 10 month and 17 days. The text words were the 14 chapt 13 verse in the Revelation  John.

My son Solomon Yoder departed his life the 10 day of December 1857.  He was age one year eight month and fourteen days.


              Gterbefalle Colonm 2


Elizabeth Yoder departed this life the 4th day of May A.D. 1896.  Age 83 years 7 mos and 12 days. Funeral text recorded at  psalm one hundred and sixteenth and verse 15.  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.


Solomon Yoder died Febr. 1, 1904 age 91 years, 9 months and 6 days.  Funeral text Job 14-14.  If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time, will I wait, till my change come.


            ( I would note that Solomon’s wife Elizabeth was first married to Abraham Seigfried.  With him she had two sons: Daniel and Henry. The note of her maiden name Shafer helped me verify her identity with the George Schaeffer family.   Source:  “History and Genealogy of Georg Schaeffer Family” by Rev. David I. Schaeffer & Austin M. Schaeffer, 1949, published H. Ray Haas & Co. Allentown, PA)


--from Gayle Guthrie, , Oct 2005.


-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

OH111325  Bartolette Y Yoder (10/1843 PA-7/5/1906 Roswell,

Chavez Co, New Mexico of Hodgkins disease) m Rebecca Artman 

(8/21/1850 Quakertown, BP-3/28/1929 Omaha, Neb ) (1880-Ks,

1900 Cens- Neb, Omaha; Taffy Yoder Young,, 5/2000)

OH1113251-   Charlotte Artman (c1868 Lehigh Co Pa-    )

m 5/11/1887 West Point, Cumming Co, Neb Christopher C. Martin 

(8/2/1854 Ma-2/9/1933) - one child

   (Dave Peterson data,, as of 6/98)

OH1113252  Mary Artman (3/24/1872 Lyons, PA-12/22/1957)

m. 6/6/1900 Willia Victor Irwin -one child

OH1113253  Clara Artman (9/25/1878 West Point, NE-5/21/1969)

m.                         Tom M. Swires-- no children

(1880 Neb Census show her in Cummings Co., West Point,

with W.R. Ardman, grandparent)

OH1113254  Bartolette Artman (3/26/1879 NE-8/18/1945 West Palm

Beach, Fl) m. 10/24/1906 Oak Park, Il  Mable Coolidge of

Framingham, Mass (            -4/1/1962)- 3 children

OH1113255  Elizabeth Artman (5/31/1880 Blue Rapids, KS-

                ) m. 3/4/1906 Roswell, NM  Samual McCleneghan-

two children

OH1113256  Solomon  Artman (1/2/1884 NE-2/22/1943)

m.                    Hazel Leonard  - no children

OH1113257  Kimball Artman (10/17/1887 NE-                )

m. 10/13/1919 Beryl Beard (10/20/1897-                 ) 2 children

OH1113258  Ruth Artman (11/21/1888 NE-2/-/1971)

OH1113259  Harlan Artman (6/30/1891 NE-        ) m. 11/16/1912

Post Falls, Idaho   Rose Ethel Fowler (9/6/1892-             )- 1 child


(Note from: "vincent8274" <> 4/2000-

 I'm not really sure if you're interested, or if you care, but I thought it

was neat...I found out that Bartolette C Yoder 3rd was named after his

Grandfather in his middle name... Coolidge (as in the president)

 And I found out that his wife's Great Grandfather is Aaron Burr.)



OH11134- Martin Yoder m. 6/9/1844 at Kutztown to Catharine Hoch   

             (6/20/1821-6/1/1879 "at 10 oclock in the evening") (Catherine   

          bapt 4/29/1879 by Rev J J Yager in her sick bed) Candidate for   

         Congress  d. 2/7/1888 at "quarter after four" 68 y 8m 13d.  bur     

       Friedens Cemetery (Martin's Bible is, as of 1994, at the Amish   

         Hist Library in Aylmer, Ont.- was purchased for a $38 mailed bid   

       in 1986 at a Lancaster Menn Hist Soc book sale).   

   OH111341- Mary   b. 6/15/1845 Oley BP    m. Joseph De Long   

   OH111342- Ezra H.    b. 9/7/1848 Oley BP d. 9/16/1868 Friedens Cem.   

   OH111343- Henry H.  b. 1/5/1850 Oley, BP m1 1/3/1882 Andora F   

               Merkel (2/15/1857-1/15/1903 at 11pm) m2 5/14/1906 Ella L.   

              (Bogh) Hertzog  d.1/12/1919 bur.Friedens   

   OH111344- Susanna    b. 10/24/1860 at "half past 4 o'clock" Oley BP   

         m Oliver Landenslayer d 10/20/1955 bur Friedens Cem.,Oley Twp.   


OH1119-  David Yoder   m. Hannah Bitler (7/13/1797-10/15/1862)   

                d.10/26/1881 at Yodersville, bur. Pleasantvill Union Cem.   

       Served on County Commission 1846-49.Farmer & millwright.   

     (per 1908 article in The Eagle- "for a time made money, but later

      lost nearly all in an effort to manufacture paper")  

   OH11191- Margaret    b.2/20/1820 m. 11/9/1845  George K. Levan of    

         Greenwich (11/ /1820-11/4/1880)  d. 3/30/1900   

   OH11192- Mary B.   b.10/19/1821 unmarried     d. 1/18/1917    

         bur. Pleasantville Union Cem.   

   OH11193- Hannah B.   b. 7/27/1824  unmarried  d. 1/11/1896   

         bur. Pleasantville Union Cem.   

   OH11194- Daniel B.   b. Apr.12, 1827   GAR 5th US Arty Co. M   

         m. Amelia Yoder (?OH132161) d. 10/11/1908  age 81y 5m 27d   

         Hill Church Cemetery Pvt Co D 7th Regt PA Vol, Sgt CoM 5 Rgt    

         US Arty   

   OH11195- Catharine   b. 7/16/1832   m. 3/25/1859 Salem Ref. Church   

         to Nathan Schaeffer       d. 9/22/1911  res. Fleetwood   

   OH11196- Sarah B.   b. 8/5/1840  m. 7/25/1863 Salem Ref. Church   

         to Abraham Guldin   d. 9/12/1908 Spangsville Cem, Oley   


OH112- Martin Yoder  -shown as single freeman Oley-1779,1780,1781   

   taxed with 25 acres-1784,1785  m.5/21/1782   Sussanna Weitner   

(     -d. after 1830 census, bur. Puckety Presbyterian Church,

stone shows "Susanna wife of Martin Yoter") 

(See YNL32- for major article with proofs of this line)

In Mt. Joy Twp, York Co, Pa tax lists 1788-169 acres but no horses

or cows; beginning 1789 196 acres, 4 horse and 2 cows.

Per York Co. Abstract of wills, Martin Yoder  d. 9/7/1798 wife - 

Susanna Yoder, children- John  (there were six others, names

not given... Exec. Abraham Lichtenwaiter    & Jacob Diehl) (Susannah Yetter in

Adams Co Census 1800 (estate settlement of 1813 lists children's names)   

Susanna taxed with horses and cows shown (meaning still living there)

through 1810. The 1812 tax list shows the property was transferred to George Trostle.

        OH1121- female b c1782-84   

                Elizabeth   (apparently married by 1813)   m. ___  D___

        OH1122- female b c1782-84   

                Hannah    (   -c1843 Westmoreland Co., Pa) single

(Hannah Youter's will was made 19 May 1842 and signed with her mark. It was

filed 3 Oct 1842 and left the use of her land to her brother Daniel for four years,

at the end of which time it was to be sold and proceeds divided in four parts

between- "Nancy Youter, Susan Clark, Mary Phillips, and Susannah Youter.

        OH1123- female b c1782-84   

                Mary     (? m. _____Phillips)

        OH1124- male   b c1784-1790   

                John  (apparently eldest male)   

       +OH1125- male   b 1790-1800   


        OH1126- male   b 1790-1800   

                Benjamin (with guardian as of 1813)   

      Letters of Administration for Benjamin Yoter issued

      4 May 1819 to Daniel Yoter, bond of $8. Westmoreland Co,Pa.

        OH1127- male   b 1790-1800   

                Daniel (with guardian as of 1813)   

-     -     -     -     -     -

In Allegheny Twp, Westmorland  County, Pa1820


Daniel Yeoter     1 male age 16-26,  1 female 16-26

"Widow" Yeoter    1 female 45,  2 females  age 26-45

-     -     -     -     -     -

In Allegheny Twp, Westmorland  County, Pa 1830


Daniel Yeoter     1 male 30-40, 1 female 20-30, 2 males <5, 1 female 5-10

Susanna Yeoter    1 female 70-80, 1 female 40-50

-     -     -     -     -     -

Earliest Allegheny Taxes

(records available from 1820)

1820--Daniel Yoter  300 acres 2 horses 1 cow

1821--Daniel Yotter  300 acres 2 horses 2 cows

1822- Daniel Yotter   300 acres 2 horses 1 cattle

1823- Daniel Yoter     408 acres 2 horses 1 cattle

1824- Daniel Yoter     408  acres 2 horses 1 cattle

1825- Daniel Yoter     408  acres  (Jacob Walters in charge with this) 1 cow

1826- Daniel Yutter    408 acres-- 1 cow

1827- Daniel Yutter    408 acres-- 1 cow

1828- Daniel Yoter      408 acres-- 1 cow

1830- Daniel Yoter      100 acres "sand" 1 cow

1831- Daniel Yoter      100 acres  1 cow & 1 yolk oxen

1832- Daniel Yoter      100 acres  1 cow

1833- Daneil Yoter      100 acres  1 cow

1834- Daniel Yoter       100 acres 1 cow

1835- Daniel Yotter     100 acres 1 cow

1837- Daniel Yotter      50 acres, Hannah Yotter 50 acres

1838- Daniel Yuter      50 acres, Hannah Yuter  50 acres

1839- Daniel Yutter    50 acres 2 cows 1 horse, Hannah Yutter  50 acres

1841- Daniel Yotter    50 acres 2 horses 2 cows, Hannah Yotter  50 acres

1842- Daniel Yotter    farmer  50 acres 2 horses 2 cows Hannah 50 acres

-     -     -     -     -     -     -

Puckety Presbyterian Cemetery, New Kensington, Westmoreland Co,Pa.

(compiled by Mrs. Frank C. Fowler, pub. 1970)

Yetter, Agnes w/o Daniel  b. 1801 d. 12/28/1867

Yetter, Daniel (57y 0m 9d) b. 1798 d. 3/9/1854

James M.   (23y 8m 6d)  b. 1844  d. 6/30/1867

Malinda  d/o H&S  (3y 9m 14d) 1854

Yoter, Susanna widow of Martin -------

Susannah wife of Jacob Miller b. 1825 d. 4/8/1857

-     -     -     -     -     -     -

OH1125- Martin Yoter b. 1790-1800  d. by 1837 New Madrid Co., Mo  

m. Sarah Johnson (dau of Douglas and Lucretia Johnson)(Sarah m2

Eli Casey)

(? Missouri Census, 1830, New Madrid Twp, New Madrid County

Martin Yoter age 30-40, female 20-30, 1 male <5yrs, 1 female < 5 yrs.

Gone by 1840, no marriage record of Cemetery record) (Indenture,

27 Oct 1834 bewteen George  Spencer and his wife Patsy and

Martin Yoter for 40 acres an 80/110th of land in  Big Prarie Twp,

New Madrid Co, Mo.- recd.  and recorded 26 Oct 1836)

      OH11251- Daniel  b. c1828 Mo

(?? D.P. Yoter in Kauffman Co, Tx 1850 age 22 farmer born Mo.

living with Eli Casey age 60 b. Mo, his wife Sarah age 53 b. Ct

and son Eli Casey age 13 b. Miss) (Hunt County Record Book D;

Volume I YOTER ,   Daniel B.)(Daniel B. Yoter b. 1828 Mo

m. 6/5/1851 Hunt Co, Tx Sarah Jane (Jane) Hurley (3/10/1834 Tn-

1/26/1884 Erath Co., Tx (Bur. Duffay Cem)

        - Dau. Cleona California b. 1/2/1856 Greenville, Hunt Co, Tx

m. 1/29/1874 Stephenville, Erath Co., Tx by T.J. Blecher J.P.

to Thomas C. Arendell (9/20/1846 Muhlenburg Co., Ky-5/11/1921

Stephenville, Tx)(?DEWITT COUNTY  DEATHS FOR 1878- 8/5 Yoter, Gilbert

1y  Farmer City  Worms- appearing in Clinton Weekly Register.)

(List of letters remaining in the Post Office at McKinney,

Dec. 21, 1893.... YOTER, C. W. [Mrs])

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

From a Missouri researcher- Mar. 2006:

 In 1832 Martin Yoter and Lucretia Johnson witnessed a administrative paper for the William Lazell estate. William's wife Nancy gave administration of her husband's estate to her brother-in-law, Jacob Lazell. I believe William and Nancy Lazell are the William Lazell and Nancy Adams listed online in the marriage records for Caldwell County Kentucky in 1810, Eddyville...I have no document about this marriage.
 In 1837 in New Madrid, Sarah Yoter applies to administer the estate of her deceased husband, Martin Yoter. The name is spelled Yoter in most documents. Sarah is the daughter of Lucretia Johnson. Lucretia is the widow of Douglas Johnson. I'm not sure if Sarah is Douglas Johnson's daughter or Lucretia's daughter from a previous marriage, but may be the latter. The document states that the only child of Martin Yoter is Daniel Yoter.
 In 1838 Eli (may be Elias?) Casey is appointed administrator of Lucretia Johnson's estate. It states that Lydia Smith, Lucretia's daughter, has moved to Texas.
 By 1839, Sarah Yoter is now Sarah Casey, married to Eli Casey, who applies to administer Martin's estate. This document states that Martin had one child named Daniel Yoter.
 In 1840 Alphonse Delaroderie is appointed administrator of the estates of Martin Yoter and Lucretia Johnson.. Martin's widow "now Sarah Casey" and son's whereabouts are unknown.
 Kaufman County Texas online 1850 census shows Eli Casey, Sarah Casey, D. B. Yoter, and Eli Casey...I found that info on your site also.

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OH1127- Daniel Yoter (Yeoter) (Yetter) (2/28/1797-3/9/1854  of consumption

age 57y 0m 9d)  m. c1825 (Nancy) Agnes McKallip (12/28/1801-12/28/1867)

both bur. Puckety Church, New Kensignton, Pa  farmer & justice of the peace 

(1830, 1840, 1850  Westmoreland Co, Allegheny  Twp, IGI-as "Yetter",

Chris Martin data-'93, Descendant Data and Research by George D. Yetter, 1932.)

("Daniel Yetter donated enough land from his farm and helped build a school

house thereon. There is still a school at this location which is known as

Yetter's School House. About 150 feet from the school is an Indian Mound.

There was a severe fight between the Indians and the Whites at this point,

the Whites being victorious"-Geo. D. Yetter)

OH11271- Susannah  (1825-4/8/1857 Westmoreland Co) m. Jacob Miller

(   -    ) both bur. Puckety Church Cem.

+OH11272- Benjamin      (5/21/1826-6/12/1891)

OH11273- John    b. c1828

+OH11274- Henry Harrison Yoter  (11/14/1830 Westmoreland Co, Pa-


OH11275- Catherine Kesiah  b. 1832   m.  ____ Shaffer

(res. with sister Susannah Miller as of 1850 census)

"taught school in Iowa"

+OH11276- Daniel    b. c1835

+OH11277- David  b. 7/5/1837 Westmoreland, Co. m. c1862

Agnes Morrison

OH11278- Nancy Agnes  (1840-12/5/1878) m.Willaim Millihon   had six children

OH11279- James Milton  (10/24/1844-6/30/1867 (sic-will dated 7/25/1868)

bur. Puckety Church Cem.

OH11279- Hannah May  (   -    )

(? ref. by  Geo. D. Yetter history- as "Mary" m. Dave Mackey  "do not have date of

her birth pr death but she is buried in the same cemetery as Benjamin F. Yetter and

wife. There was one son Talbert Mackey born in 1872 who lives somewhere in the

state of Washington".)


OH11272- Benjamin  F. Yotter    (5/21/1826-6/12/1891)

m. 6/6/1849 (or 9/8/1849)  Salem Twp., Westmoreland Co, Pa

Congruity Presbyterian Church  (Louise) Lucy Ann

Lucinda) Iceman/Isiman  (2/9/1829-9/-/1911)  farmer

(1850-Allegheny Twp, Westmoreland Co, Pa; IGI as "Yetter")

OH112721- Jane   (c1849-      )

OH112722- Mary Alice (8/21/1850 Westmoreland Co, Pa-1852)

OH112723- Sarah Louise  (12/23/1851 "  -1885) m. Byron Hawley

(had one son Earl- all deceased as of 1932)

+OH112724- Daniel Marshall  (10/19/1853  "  -2/6/1935) m.

Mary Ellen Mills (3/3/1851-1937) res. Mineapolis, Mn as of 1932

OH112725-  "unnamed son died in infancy" (per George D Yetter)

OH112726-  Kezia Rosetta   (3/2/1856  "-1857)

+OH112727- William Austin  (9/21/1857  "  -1946)

+OH112728- James Franklin (11/8/1859-   ) m. Ida Mae _____

res.  West Branch, Ia.

+OH112729- Albert Orin  (10/7/1861-     )  m. Emma Stuart (   -   )

res. Kearney, Ks. as of 1932

OH11272a- Ella Mastella  (10/11/1863-8/-/1942)  m. E. C. Harris

(    -9/-/1945)  res. Pasadena, Ca. as of 1932

+OH11272b- Charles Wesley (3/25/1866-     )  m. Stella Mae ____

(   -     )   res. Cedar Rapids, Ia

OH11272c- Etta Viola  (3/27/1872-    ) m.  Carver Thompson (  -  )

res. Iowa City, Ia- Ch. Gladys and Pauline


OH112724- Daniel Marshall  Yetter (10/19/1853  "  -2/6/1935) m.

Mary Ellen Mills (3/3/1851-1937) res. Mineapolis, Mn as of 1932

OH1127241- Clara Jane (11/8/1878-        ) m.9/3/1901 

Charles Wesley Flint  --3 children

OH1127242- Clarence Franklin (11/8/1878-3/24/1942) m.

Quintilla Cain

OH1127243- Vera Lucy  (11/18/1885-          )   m1. Eugene D. Bedel

m2. Edwin L. Kelly.

OH1127244- Lulu    (1/29/1888-           ) m. 8/14/1912 Gordon E. Bailey

OH1127245- Edna    (7/21/1889-          ) m. 4/8/1939 Alva Snyder


OH112727- William Austin Yetter (9/21/1857  "  -1946) m. Rosetta Huka

(12/24/1860-6/21/1929) Res. Fullerton, Neb. as of 1932

OH1127271- Clifford B. (12/13/1881-1950)

res. Kansas City, Mo. single as of 1932

+OH1127272- Earnest E. (6/3/1883-2/-/1971 Mo ) m. Grace Simmons

(12/24/1885-8/29/1967) res. Grant City, Mo. as of 1932

+OH1127273- Marshall N. (5/9/1888-1/27/1948)  m. 8/13/1913

Merman E. Trenchard  (10/29/1890-9/-/1978 Mo) res. Henrietta, Mo. as of 1932

OH1127274- Elise L.  (11/14/1890-10/22/1911)

OH1127275- Warren R. (9/5/1895-1954) m. Genevieve Ball

(        - 3/1/1947)  res. Denver, Co. as of 1932


OH1127272- Earnest E. Yetter (6/3/1883- 2/-/1971 Mo) m. Grace Simmons

(12/24/1885-8/29/1967)  res. Grant City, Mo. as of 1932

OH11272721- Austin La Von  (3/4/1908-3/2/1909)

OH11272722- Guy La Vell (3/14/1909-            ) res. Albany, Mo as of 1932

m. 9/26/1930 Mary Catherine Campbell (2/20/1910-     )

OH11272723- Winnona Von Gaile (1/17/1911-          ) m. 2/2/1930

Donal Seymour (9/17/1908-    ) (res. Albany, Mo.


OH1127273- Marshall N. (5/9/1888-1/27/1948)  m. 8/13/1913

Meman E. Trenchard (10/29/1890-9/-/1978 Mo) res. Henrietta, Mo. as of 1932

OH11272731- William T. (9/7/1914-11/-/1973)

OH11272732- Iva Lou   (11/4/1916-          ) m. 6/21/1941 Kent Riffie



OH112728- James Franklin Yetter (11/8/1859-6/25/1936) m1. 3/29/1881

Alice White (10/21/1859-3/8/1884) m2. 6/17/1888 Ida Mae Stough

(11/3/1863-7/1/1957) res.  West Branch, Ia.

+OH1127281- Clinton B. (1/29/1882-1/24/1952)  m.1/11/1905

Lucy Bonsall (4/24/1885-11/-/1975 Ca) res. Pasadena, Ca. as of 1932

OH1127282- Alton C. (1/30/1884-8/16/1956) m. 5/16/1925

Emma Peterson (8/28/1886-   ) res. Denver, Co. as of 1932

OH1127283- Harold Claude (11/25/1892-4/-/1983)  m. 6/29/1929  Edith-

Mae Moses  (3/29/1888-11/14/1952) res. Glendale, Ca. as of 1932, buried at Forest Lawn Glendale, CA

OH1127284- Floyd Stough (6/21/1894-    )  m. 6/12/1918

Emily Haines Fisher (9/2/1894-   ) res. Ammasa, Iowa

OH1127285- Bernice (9/4/1903-          )  m. _____ Kinsey


OH1127281- Clinton B. Yetter (1/29/1882-1/24/1952)  m.1/11/1905

Lucy Bonsall (4/24/1885-11/-/1975 Ca) res. Pasadena, Ca. as of 1932

OH11272811- Wayne   (7/15/1906-5/-/1981 Ca)  m. Bernice ______

son James b. 7/19/1930


OH112729- Albert Orin  Yetter  (10/7/1861-11/-/1929)  m.

Emma Stuart (1/-/1872-10/-/1949) res. Kearney, Ks. as of 1932

OH1127291- Etta   (5/31/1892-         )  m. 7/9/1913

GuyMcGee (    -7/20/1946)


OH11272b- Charles Wesley Yetter (3/25/1866-10/15/1945) 

m1. 10/14/1891  Addie Haines (11/28/1868-2/28/1927) m2. 7/21/1928

Stella Mae Pike  (      -1/26/1952)  res. Cedar Rapids, Ia as of 1932

OH11272b1- Delbert Alonzo  (7/16/1892-7/-/1971 Ia) m. 5/27/1915

Madge Williams (9/10/1893-3/-/1985 Ia)

OH11272b2- Mildred Sheila (9/21/1895-5/3/1952)   m.

Joseph Patrick Tiernan

+OH11272b3- Corliss Haines  (5/12/1898-     )  m. 7/22/1918

Flora Kitchen  (9/6/1900-3/-/1984 Ia) Res. Cedar Rapids, Ia

OH11272b4- Doris Arlene (9/18/1907-1/16/1956)   m. 7/21/1928

Karl L. Thompson (9/5/1908-      )


OH11272b3- Corliss Haines Yetter (5/12/1898-     )  m. 7/22/1918

Flora Kitchen  (9/6/1900-     ) Res. Cedar Rapids, Ia

OH11272b31- Corlis Haines Jr. (12/11/1920-        ) m. 12/24/1941

Phyllis Irene Wiley (9/10/1921-       )

OH11272b32- Otis Wesley  (11/10/1922-         ) m. 11/5/1941

Mardelle McGinn (11/5/1922-    )

OH11272b33- Sally Lou  (8/12/1932-    )  m. 11/2/1951

Daniel Fremont Novak (12/17/1930-      )


OH11274- Henry Harrison Yoter  (11/14/1830 Westmoreland Co, Pa-

10/14/1898) m.  c1855   Susanna Miller  (3/14/1835 Pa-11/3/1903)

(d/o Michael Miller) carpenter-1860 & 1880 (1860 & 1880-Burrell Twp,

Westmoreland Co, Pa; IGI- as "Yetter") purchased his father's property in

1868 estate auction

OH112741-  Malinda  (6/14/1853-3/20/1857 3y 9m 14d)

+OH112742- Lawrence  (6/9/1855-   ) m.   Ella Canady  (9/28/1855-     )

(1880- Burrell Twp, Westmoreland Co, Pa)

+OH112743- Franklin  B. (8/14/1857-    ) m. 10/16/1881 Lake City, Ia

Alvira I. Lindsay  (3/27/1860-3/18/1927) res. 1932 Buena Vista, Or.

OH112744- Charlotte (12/14/1859 Pa-2/-/1929) m. ______George

res. Sunnyside, Wash. dau. Bernice m. Horace Miller

OH112745- Alice      (4/15/1862 Pa- )  m.   _____  Dodge

res. 1932 Washington, DC

+OH112746- Harry  D. (3/19/1865-      ) m. Mamie M. _____

res. 1932 Lake City, Ia.

OH112747- Walter Scott  (10/15/1867 Pa-   )  m. ________

res. Lincoln, Neb. as of 1932

OH112748-  Urilda     (7/20/1870 Pa-      )

res. Yetter, Iowa

OH112749-  Flora    (7/3/1874 Pa-     )  m. Charles Ward Ashford

res. Lake City, Ia as of 1932

OH11274a-  Ella   (4/14/1877 Pa-     ) m. ____ Eakin

res. 1932 Yakima, Wash.

(also in the family in 1880--Blanch Milligan b. c1879)


OH112742- Lawrence Yoter  (6/9/1855-   ) m.   Ella Canady  (9/28/1855-     )

(1880- Burrell Twp, Westmoreland Co, Pa, farmer) res. 1932 Rockwell City, Ia

OH1127421- Richard Henry  (7/9/1877 Pa-5/-/1963 Mn)  res. Gruver, Ia

OH1127422- Charlotte  (10/13/1879 Pa-      ) 

OH1127423- Maggie May (7/18/1884-       ) m.    _____ McGonagle

res. 1932 Rockwell City, Ia

OH1127424- Herbert Alvin  (7/10/1887-     )   res Gruver, Ia.


OH112743- Franklin  B. Yetter  (8/14/1857-    ) m. 10/16/1881 Lake City, Ia

Alvira I. Lindsay  (3/27/1860-3/18/1927) res. 1932 Buena Vista, Or.

OH1127431-Elvin Lindsay  (10/10/1883-8/4/1884)

OH1127432- Bernice Alice (5/5/1885-        )  m.  _____ Dewell

OH1127433- Emma Edith  (9/3/1887-12/5/1918)

+OH1127434- Emmet Lincoln  (11/11/1889-9/-/1963 Nv)   m. Edna Fekins

res. Oakland, Ca.--dau Geraldine

+OH1127435- Alton Brown  (8/17/1893-      )  m. Agnes Devas

res. Dalkena, Wash.

OH1127436- Harry Scott (8/29/1896-5/-/1976 Wa)  res. Chelan, Wash.

+OH1127437- Dale David (12/24/1899-4/-/19712 Wa)  m. Leone Oaks

(3/14/1904-9/-/1985 Wa) res. Chelan, Wash.


OH1127434- Emmet Lincoln Yetter (11/11/1889-9/-/1963 Nv)   m. Edna Fekins

res. Oakland, Ca.

OH11274341- Geraldine


OH1127435- Alton Brown Yetter  (8/17/1893-      )  m. Agnes Devas

res. Dalkena, Wash.

OH11274351- Lawrence

OH11274352- Leslie


OH1127437- Dale David Yetter (12/24/1899-4/-/1971 Wa  m. Leone Oaks

(3/14/1904-9/-/1985 Wa) res. Chelan, Wash.

OH11274371- Lois Louise


OH112746- Harry  D. Yetter  (3/19/1865-      ) m. Mamie M. _____

res. 1932 Lake City, Ia.

OH1127461- Ruth  (1/26/1902-      )  m. _____ Campbell

res. Lake City, Ia

OH1127462- Claude E.  (5/1/1905-8/-/1977 Ne)

res. Decorah, Ia.

OH1127463- Paul R. (1/8/1908-8/2/1990)

res. Lake City, Ia


OH11276  Daniel (Yoter) Yetter  (11/25/1835 Pa-2/27/1900) m.  Eliza

Younkins  (10/5/1841 Pa-11/14/1923) both bur. at New Kensington, Pa

(1880- Westmoreland Co, Pa, Parrasins Twp, carpenter)

OH112761- James   (5/2/1863-9/11/1864)

+OH112762- Reuben M. (10/26/1864-8/18/1952) m. 1883  Sarah Park

(9/3/1864 New Mortesville, WV-5/9/1942) bur. Tulsa, Ok Memorial


OH112763- Minnie  (8/13/1866-12/22/1866)

+OH112764-  Alvin Hussey (2/22/1868 Pa-    )  m.    Martha Park

(1/8/1862-1944) res. New Kensington, Pa.

OH112765-  Dempsey M.   (4/27/1870 Pa-7/15/1913)

OH112766-  Ammon  C.      (6/4/1876 Pa-   )  m. Rhoda _____

res. New Kensington, Pa

+OH112767- Clifford (5/28/1888-              ) m. Marie ______

res. New Kensington, Pa


OH112762- Reuben M. Yetter (10/26/1864-8/18/1952) m. 1883  Sarah Park

(9/3/1864 New Mortesville, WV-5/9/1942) bur. Tulsa, Ok Memorial


+OH1127621- George Daniel  (1/2/1886-4/16/1947) m. Jessie Evelyn Shaddick

(5/13/1888-3/28/1950) (author of the Daniel Yetter history)

OH1127622- Rose Louise (7/29/1888-3/26/1947) m. E. P. Kennedy (      Shelby Co,

Ky- 5/27/1958 Long Branch, NJ) bur. Owenton, Ky IOOF Cemetery

+OH1127623- Chauncey Gerald (9/6/1890 Parnassus, Westmoreland Co, Pa

(now Washington Co)-1/12/1980) m. Lorene Pierce (2/3/1903-         )

bur. Memorial Cem. Tulsa, Ok

+OH1127624- William Carroll (3/17/1900-10/14/1959) m. Jessie Janette

Leathers (2/15/1904- 12/14/1963) bur. Broken Arrow Park Grove Cem.


OH1127621- George Daniel Yetter (1/2/1886-4/16/1947) m. Jessie Evelyn

Shaddick (5/13/1888-3/28/1950) (author of the Daniel Yetter history)

OH11276211- George Alvin  (5/17/1909 Tollanskee, WV-9/18/1965)

bur. Memorial Cem. Tulsa, Ok

OH11276212- Stanley Gerald (6/28/1913-   )

OH11276213- Frederick Milton  (10/9/1914-3/-/1970) bur. Sand Springs, OK

OH11276214- Chauncey Russell  (8/9/1924-    )


OH1127623- Chauncey Gerald Yetter (9/6/1890 Parnassus, Westmoreland Co, Pa

(now Washington Co)-1/12/1980) m. Lorene Pierce (2/3/1903-         )

bur. Memorial Cem. Tulsa, Ok

OH11276231- Edith Lovella  (3/15/1930-   )  m1. Herbert Hartz  m22. James

Alton Perry


OH1127624- William Carroll Yetter  (3/17/1900-10/14/1959) m. Jessie Janette

Leathers (2/15/1904- 12/14/1963) bur. Broken Arrow Park Grove Cem.

OH11276241- William Emmett (8/11/1922-  )

OH11276242- Elizabeth Ann  (6/3/1924-1992)

OH11276243- Morna Louise (7/13/1927-      )


OH112764-  Alvin Hussey Yetter  (2/22/1868 Pa-    )  m.    Martha Park

(1/8/1862-1944) res. New Kensington, Pa.

OH1127641- Marie  (3/8/1898 McKees Rock, Pa-2/6/1982 New Kensington, Pa)

m1. Wylie Kennedy  m2. Henry Kennedy

OH1127642- Russell  (7/17/1899-10/18/1905)


OH112767- Clifford Yetter (5/28/1888-              ) m. Marie ______

res. New Kensington, Pa

OH1127671- Charles C. (4/29/1907-12/-/1967)

OH1127672- Marion L.  (2/24/1911-     )


OH11277- David Yoter (Yetter)  (7/5/1837 Westmoreland, Co.-5/12/1870 

Westmoreland Co,Pa)  m. c1862 Agnes Morrison  (10/17/1845 Pa-11/25/1917)

(David belonged to Co. I, 3rd Pa Heavy Arty, during Civ War)

OH112771- Joanna Jane   (11/3/1863-      )  m. Dave Frederick, res. New

Kensington, Pa- "Their home is within two miles of the old Yetter farm and

within one-half mile of cemetery where Daniel buried."

OH112772- Laurie Estella   (5/5/1866-    ) m1. _____ Renckley  m2. _____ Scott

res. Greenock, Pa.

+OH112773- James Lee   (1/18/1869-          )  m. Laura B. Coy  (12/18/1878-     )

res. as of 1932 New. Kensington, Pa


? David Yoter  b 8/-/1835   m. Catherine         b. 3/-/1843

(1870 & 1880 Westmoreland Co, Lower Burrell Twp-RR engineer,

1900 Allegheny Co)

---- Carrie   (c1867 Pa-      )

---- Lulu     (3/-/1869 Pa-   )



OH112773- James Lee Yetter   (1/18/1869-          )  m. Laura B. Coy  (12/18/1878-     )

res. as of 1932 New. Kensington, Pa

OH1127731- George   (1899-1900)

OH1127732- Wilmer James  (6/22/1901-    )  m. ______

res. Breckenridge, Pa. dau. Clarissa Elaine (12/21/1923-     )

+OH1127733- Claude Otis (6/1/1904-    ) m. Ada Rowe  (8/29/1909-    )

OH1127734- Ethel   (9/6/1907-     ) m. ____ Salego

OH1127735- Florence    (3/28/1912-     )

OH1127736- Bertha (7/12/1917-        )


OH1127733- Claude Otis Yetter (6/1/1904-    ) m. Ada Rowe  (8/29/1909-    )

OH11277331- Claude Otis Jr.  (1/3/1930-   )

OH11277332- Iona Jean  (1/16/1931-2/5/1931)


OH113- Capt. Jacob Yoder   ( 8/11/1758-Apr.7,1832)

 m. Mary Mossman (Feb.1,1773-Aug.21,1830)   

        d.  bur. Yoder Graveyard near Taylorsville,   

        Spencer Co, KY. Served in Revolutionary War.   

        (Washington Co., Ky deed book J, page 82- Jacob Yoder

        sold land to John & Ignatus Wheatley)

    OH1131- Eliza   b. Aug.2,1795 Bardstown, KY  m. cAug.25,1824   

            Taylorsville,KY to David Rozel Poignand d. Oct.30,1883   

            bur. Yoder Graveyard.   

    OH1132- Mary    b. 1810     m. Dec.8,1835  Spencer Co.,KY   

            Mason Brown of Frankfort  d. 1881   


TAXLIST: Nelson County Tithes 1785-1791, Nelson Co., KY

Yoder    Jacob  1  30  Thomas Morton 1790

Yoder    Jacob - see David Heartman  25  Isaac Cox 1786

Yoder    Jacob, Edmund Price  2  91  I. Cox 1785

Yoder    Jacob; negro Judy  2  15  Wil May 1787

Yoder    Jacob; negros Charles & Jude  3  12  Walter Beall 1791

Yoder    Jacob; William Hamblton; negro Jude  3  4  Gabriel Cox 1788

Price    Edmund - see Jacob Yoter  91  I. Cox 1785



OH114- Samuel Yoder   

     OH1141- Daniel  b. 10/26/1783   

    OH1142- Hannah  b. 10/23/1786   

    OH1143- Samuel  b. 10/9/1788   

    OH1144- Sarah   b. 3/15/1791   

    OH1145- Maria Christina  b. 3/27/1794   



(NOTE--YNL 37 (extract below) supports AF and BT in unlinked

being the son of OH1)

Seems likely to be OH12


OH12 (formerly AF)- Daniel Jodder b. m. c1760 Catharina _______. d. ?
Lutheran Church Record of Lower Bermudian Congregation, Latimore
Twp., Adams Co, PA.
church bapt. by Rev. Lucas Rauss . Tax List of
York Co., 1779- Daniel Yoder 200 acres 1 horse 3 cattle, Reading Twp;
1767 warrent in Reading Twp to John Yoder)(Pa Archives Series 3-
Tax records-York Reading Twp, Daniel-1779-80 200 acres, 1781-3
212 acres; 1783- John Yoder no acres. In 1783 Daniel- 7 people and
John 1 person)
(References: data from Helen V Yoder,York Co. Church Recds)
OH121- Maria Barbara Yodder b. 10/1/1759 bp.10/28/1759 at
Christ Evan. Luth. Church, York, Pa (d/o Daniel and
+OH122- Johannes b. 6/4/1762 bp. 9/22/1762 sponsors- Johannes Asper
& Elizabetha
OH123- Elizabetha b. 12/20/1763 bp.12/26/1763 sp. Johann Lehmer &
OH124- George Jost b. 7/30/1765 bp. 9/15/1765 sp. George
Heckele & Anna Elizabeth
OH125- Maria Barbara b. Nov. 1766 bp. 1/1/1767 sp. Peter Staum &
Margaretha Barbara
OH126- Catharina b. 3/4/1768 bp. 5/23/1768 sp. Nicholas
Dotter & Catharina
OH127- Susanna b. 5/5/1769 bp. 5/20/1769 sp. Heinrich
Kranester & Susan
OH128- Johanna b. 7/17/1770 bp. 8/12/1770 sp. Caspar Klein &
Catharina Schneider
OH129- Maria Magdalena b.8/10/1778 bp. 10/14/1778 sp. Friedrich
Herman & Maria Magdalena


Same at former BT

BT-   Daniel Yothers  Sr            living as of 1788

    (?1790 Census- York Co., Pa-Daniel Yetter- 2m>16; 1800- York Co,Pa

     Daniel Yoder 1m>45, 1m 16-26, 2m<10, 1 f >45, 1 f 10-16)

    (Notes- ?Daniel Joder on ships list of Oct 27, 1764)


+OH122- Johannes b. 6/4/1762 bp. 9/22/1762 sponsors- Johannes Asper
& Elizabetha

John Yother  (    -c1788 Reading Twp.,York Co,Pa) m    Esther _____

(per John's will 1788- "son of Daniel Yothers Sr" also mentions Catty Yothers  (?sister)) (?1767 warrent in York Co to John Yoder of Reading-100 acres)

OH1221- Jacob

OH1222- Elisabeth


Extract from article in YNL 37



      The first record we have found of a Yoder in the York county

area appears in baptismal records. These show a child born and

baptized to Daniel Yodder and his wife Catherina, at Christ Evan.

Luth. Church, York, Pa:

    Maria Barbara Yodder  b. 10/1/1759 bp.10/28/1759 -spon. by- Jacob

Hess, umd s/o Philip Hess, and Barbara Wag_ umd. d/o John

      Records of Rev. Lucas Rauss, Lutheran Church of Lower

Bermudian Congregation, Latimore Twp., present day Adams Co.,

Pa, show these added children of Daniel and Catherina "Jodder":

    Johannes b. 6/4/1762 bp. 9/22/1762 sponsors- Johannes Asper &


    Daniel b. 12/20/1763 bp.12/26/1763 sp. Johann Lehmer & Elizabetha

    George Jost b. 7/30/1765 bp. 9/15/1765 sp. George Heckele & Anna


    Maria  Barbara b. Nov. 1766 bp. 1/1/1767 sp. Peter Staum & 

Margaretha Barbara

    Catharina b. 3/4/1768 bp. 5/23/1768 sp. Nicholas Dotter & Catharina

    Susanna b. 5/5/1769 bp. 5/20/1769 sp. Heinrich Kranester & Susan

    Johanna b. 7/17/1770 bp. 8/12/1770 sp. Caspar Klein (s/o the late

Phil.) & Catharina Schneider

    Maria Magdalena b.8/10/1778 bp. 10/14/1778 sp. Friedrich

Herrmann & Maria Magdalena

      A record of the same church shows the confirmation of

Johannes Jodder, age 14, on Easter 1777,


      Land warranted to Leonhard Ox 21 Apr 1758 was conveyed by

deed dated 18 Apr 1763 to John Yoder. This parcel was 119 acres and

114 perches and named "Yoderland". On 7 May 1767 an additional 

warrent was issued to him in Reading Twp, York County for a 100

acre parcel named "Yoder addition" and shown as 83 acres 140

perches. On 24 Jun 1772, John patented both parcels. By indenture

dated 4 Jul 1772 "John Yoder of Oley Twp., Berks" sold both parcels

to "Daniel Yoder of Reading Twp., York Co" for £65. The Oley

reference is very significant and will be discussed in more detail later.

      The tax list of Reading Twp. for 1779 shows "Daniel Yoder" 

200 acres with 1  horse & 3 cattle. Daniel is shown through 1780 with

200 acres. From 1781 to 1783 Daniel is shown with 212 acres. In 1783,

when the Johannes born 1762 turns 21, he appears in the tax records,

without any land. Daniel is shown that year with 7 people in

residence, and John is listed singlely.  On 17 Nov 1784, Daniel Yoder

"yeoman" sold his two to John Yother "laborer of the

other" (and we presume his elder son) and one to a "Henry Nell".


Signature from John Yother Will


      John Yother of Reading Township wrote a will on 29 Feb 1788,

which was probated 21 Mar 1888. He named as his executors Edward

Hunt and Jacob Kintzer. He left his estate to be divided among his

two children, Elizabeth and Jacob, and left legacies to his wife Esther

and his father Daniel Yother. A guardian document gives the ages of

the children as being 2 for Elizabeth and 1 year, 1 month for Jacob.

(Lower Bermudian Church records show Elisabeth "Jotter" b. __

May 1786 to Johannes and Esther with Caspar Schimpf as sponsor).

      This all supports the assumption that John Yother was the son

of the above Daniel Jodder, who appears in the tax lists. The

"Inventory and Paiments of the Goods and Chattels of John  Yother

of Reading Township"  records the distribution "by will" of a Red

Cow (valued at £3) a bed, and "puter" to "Danyel Yother Sen." This

does not necessarily mean he had a son named Daniel, but would

imply at a minimum a younger Daniel Yother in the area. The family

group above shows a Daniel born in 1763, but he seems 10 years too

old to be the Daniel of Centre County. Also on the inventory is the

payment of £1 to "Cathy Yother" (the sister in the above records?).

Other names on the inventory settlement include Asper, Caibel, Hunt,

Overholser, Cronister, and (perhaps significantly) "XXXX Mortorff"

(first name crossed out)! The rarity of this name would seem to imply

a connection with our Centre Co., Daniel. According to Gene

Mortorff, Conrad Mortorff (who arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship

Union in 1773) went to Lower Bermudian Church during his

indenture and for a short while afterwards when living in Dover PA.

      However, the reference to John Yoder as of Oley, makes us

look for a possible Oley Valley Yoder link. There are two John Yoder

candidates. One might be the John Yoder OH11 (c1726-by 1785). His

son Martin died in Mt. Joy Twp., York Co. in 1798 (see YNL32).  The

more likely choice is John Yoder OH1 (1700-1779) who did have a son

named Daniel (OH14). Until now, we've assumed that OH14 was the

Daniel who married Anna Kauffman and who appears in Union

Township, Berks County and died in 1800. That speculation was

based on a reference to him being connected with Oley Township and

the relatively early dates of his appearance in the records. This new

land record makes that assumption worth relooking. Could the

Reading Twp Daniel have been OH14, buying the property in 1772

from his father or brother? Perhaps. In the 1779 will of John Yoder

(OH1) he gives £1 each to sons John, Daniel, and Peter, "each of them

considerably received of me in my lifetime". He also gives £5 each to

two grandaughters by his daughter Maria and her husband Col. John

Lesher. After providing for his widow, the balance of the estate is

divided into three parts. One part each to grandchildren by son John,

son Peter, and deceased son Samuel. No mention is made of any

children of Daniel. 

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


OH13- Samuel    m. Elizabeth (Miss Oyster) sister to wife of OY1   

        Served in the French and Indian War, gone from home 10 years   

          "TWO (sic) children born after his return"   d. 1771   

        Orphans Court record-1774- Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Late of   

        Oley- left 7 children, three under 14- Peter,David,Abraham;   

        Reg. of Wills-payments to minors lists a John Yoder, Rachel Kreider

        notes cite on account which names third child as a Daniel)

    OH131- Maria    b. 1750             d. 1812   

   +OH132- George   b. Nov.17,1752   

   +OH133- Peter    b. 1763   

   +OH134- David    b. 1765   

     OH135- Abraham  b. 1768   

(? Abraham Jotter  m. 18 Nov 1792 Hanna Lies of Oley , Schwartzwald    

             Luth Church  by Rev. Boos  ) 

    OH136- ?John    b. <1760   

    OH137-  ? Daniel    b. <1760   


 OH132- George Yoder (11/17/1752 Oley twp-7/8/1833 bur. Spangeville Cem.,

Christ Church Cem.) (alt b date 11/27/1753)  m1. Esther Bertolette (c1746-1778)

 (2s 1d)    m2. 9/5/1782  Mary Weidner  (11/14/1751-4/1/1846) (3s 2d) (d/o    

 Lazarus Weidner and Catherine (sic?) Yoder (OY2?))   

 Rev. War Marker on Gravesite    (1790 census, all 7 ch b<1790; Fragments

of the Past; Jean Manning Chart; R. Yotter/Gertrude Seiz Cht; Glenn F. Yoder

notes; Samuel Yoder will of Pike Twp; George Yoder will; Hatten Yoder Jr

Cht '95)

w1 +OH1321- Samuel b.  before 1780   

    OH1322- son    b.   

    OH1323- Esther b.     m. Henry Schraeckengart  no issue    d. before 1826

(Deed book 19 page 134- 1802--Esther pregnant by George Guildon, Mar/Apr 1802)

(Esther Jotter of Oley m. 12/2/1802 Henrich Schreckengast at Schwartzenwald

Reformed Church)

w2 +OH1324- William    b. Jan.6,1783   

   +OH1325- Abraham    b. 12/12/1785   

    OH1326- Elizabeth  b. 7/27/1781    m. Samuel Moyer res. in Mahantango same

time as Abraham. d. 3/9/1851 bur.  Salem Rough and Ready Cemetery   

(Elisabetha Joder of Oley m. Samuel Meyer on 5/24/1807 at

Schwartzenwald Reformed Church)

    OH1327- Mary   b. <1790    m. Abraham Ritter  d. after 1826  

((3/ Ritter- The info from the tombstone not too

legible. Newspaper obituary indicates Maria Joder Ritter age 66y 6mo 18 days

at death . I thought stone said she was born in 1770, but 1790 would make

a lot more sense.  Birth as 9\29\1790; died 4\17\1857 .  She is buried at

Belleman's Church, in the old part in the rear.  She had a son, George Y Ritter,

born 10\26\1815, in Centre Twp, Berks Co, PA. )

   +OH1328- George  b. 9/24/1787    


OH1321- Samuel Yoder   m. (prob. 4/21/1799 Elizabeth (?Wohl) (c1779-   

before 1828)  Samuel will written 6/14/1828 filed 9/6/1828  Pike Twp.,

Berks Co. "Hung himself"    (per George's will- received the land he reside

on in Pike Twp)(1810- District twp, 1820 Pike Twp,)

(Samuel Jotter m. 4/21/1799 to Elisabeth Wahl(sp?) of Oley at

Schwartzenwald Reformed Church)

(Samuel's Letter of Admin issued to Abraham- a son (?sic) & John

Dekamp "all property to sons George & John, except my daughter

Elizabeth" "Petition Jessie Yoder, Pike, a minor beyond 16 years")

   +OH13211- George     b. 2/4/1800   

    OH13212- son    b. 1804-1810    

          (? Benjamin   b.1803   d. 1824 20y 7m _d bur. Hill Cem.)   

    OH13213- Elizabeth  b. c1807 (21 in 1828)   

   +OH13214- John       b. c1808   (? m. Lydia Measter)   

    OH13215- female     b. 1800-10    d. by 1820   

    OH13216- male       b. 1810-20       

      (?Frederick..b. 1813 ..unlinked "B")

    OH13217-male       b. 1810-20   

      +Jesse      (3/10/1815-10/16/1875)

(per Orphan Court appoints as his guardian the same person as the

Guardian of Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel)

    ?OH13218- Daniel (see YNL 25) (BF in unlinked)


OH13211- George Yoder  m. 2/29/1824 Oley Lutheran Church to Hannah   

      Antrim (6/16/1802-2/18/1865)  d. 6/26/1850 both Bur. Hill Ch.   

  (sequence not known)   

  +OH132111- Benjamin  b.1/17/1825 bapt. Hill Ch. blacksmith    

          m.2/27/1853 to Sarah Yeakel (9/1/1830- -/20/1906)   

          d 11/7/1899 Res Upper & Lower Milford Twp, Lehigh Co bur Old   

          Zionsville Cem. (ch. Daniel, Charles, Frank, Andora)   

   OH132112- Franklin A. (?same as Augustus) b. 3/4/1836  d. 4/6/1865   

          Res. Pike Twp. 1850  bur. Hill Cem.   

   OH132113- William    b.      (?Wm of Pike m. Caroline Glas of Oley   

         on 11/19/1852)   

   OH132114- Sarah Ann  b.   

   OH132115- George Jr.  b.1/2/1831  bapt. Hill Church   

 +OH132116- Daniel     b.10/13/1838 bapt Hill Church m. Amanda C.Keller   

   OH132117- Hannah     b.   

   OH132118- Amanda     b.   

   OH132119- Esther (Hettie)   b.   

   OH13211a- Elizabeth A. (Betsy)  b. 12/30/1840   d.11/22/1862   

          bur. Hill Cem.F   


OH132111  Benjamin A Yoder (1/17/1825 bapt Hill Ch - 11/7/1899

      bur Old Zionsville Ch) m 2/27/1853 Sarah Yeakel (9/1/1830-


      (1880 Cens Lehigh Co, Lower Mil)

OH1321111. Andora  (10/10/1854-     )

OH1321112. Manoah  (6/18/1859-5/4/1866)

OH1321113. George  (9/30/1862-5/17/1864)

OH1321114. Hannah Amanda  (12/12/1864-12/28/1874)

OH1321115. Daniel Y.  (4/29/1867-   )

OH1321116. Franklin  (5/5/1870-    )

OH1321117. Charles  (2/21/1873-      )


OH132112- Franklin A. (aka Augustus) b. 3/4/1836  d. 4/6/1865   

Res. Pike Twp. 1850  bur. Hill Cem.

 ?? --  m. Catharine Brownback Custer (July 12, 1832- Nov. 13, 1870) (d/o Anthony Custer and Mary Brumbach)(1860 census- Montgomery Co, Limerick Twp, shows Augustus age 37 (sic?), a “trader”, wife Catherina- age 27) Tavern keeper lived: Bridgeport, Pa. buried: Augustus Lutheran Church Cemetery, Trappe, Pa

OH1321121- Laura Ann Custer Yoder,b.8-11-1851;5-16-1871

OH1321122- Anthony Custer Yoder,b.11-11-1852; young

OH1321123- Daniel Custer Yoder,b.4-14-1856. (?1880 Berks Fleetwood?) “was an actor”

OH1321124- Mary Alice Custer Yoder,b.4-28-1858;2-13-1859.

OH1321125- Hannah Amanda Custer Yoder,b.  -  -1860; young.

OH1321126- Catharine Custer Yoder,b.2-16-1864;6-17-1867.
OH1321127- Ammon James Custer Yoder,b.
OH1321128- Estella Custer Yoder, b.  -  -1867. m. in Norristown, Pa.

Charles B. Kelley, s. of Michael & Elizabeth Kelley on 6-24-1889.

He was born about 1862, listed as a coachman.

OH132116  Daniel A Yoder (10/13/1838 bap Hill church - 6/8/1897 Reading)

bur. Charles Evans Cem, Reading, Pa m           Amanda C. Keller

(     - 1901 Reading) bur. Charles Evans Cem, Reading, Pa.

(Amanda C will 1901 - prop 635 Penn St & 630 + 633 Court St;

(Daniel A Yoder will 1898; Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading;

Rev P A Hoffman records (1862-70); City of  Reading Death Register;

Robert Keller 3-98)

OH1321161  George F.  ( 9/22/1865 Reading-4/14/1894)

bur. Charles Evans Cem, Reading, Pa

OH1321162  Ida Lilly (1/3/1867 Reading-   )

OH1321163  Daniel Howard (3/15/1869-      ) bap. 6/5/1869 Trinity Lutheran

bur. 6/10/1869

OH1321164  Hannah Amanda (4/12/1870-      ) bap 4/12/1870  Trinity Lutheran

m 11/21/1898 Harry E Hook of Birdsboro

OH1321165  Luther Keller (9/1/1872- ) bap. 11/3/1872  Trinity Lutheran

OH1321166  William Conrad (3/20/1870-     ) bap 3/20/1874  Trinity Lutheran

OH1321167  Mary Christine (12/25/1876-1/15/1880)  bap 12/25/1876  Trinity Lutheran

bur. Charles Evans Cem, Reading, Pa

OH1321168  Annie Esther  (9/3/1878- ) bap. 11/3/1878  Trinity Lutheran

OH1321169  John Owen  (4/11/1882-   )  bap. 7/2/1882  Trinity Lutheran


?OH13214-  John Yoder of Oley  b. c1808 m. 2/23/1834 Lydia Measter of    

          Hereford (c2/3/1809- 7/6/1858 in Earl Twp. age 47y 5m 3d)   


   OH132141- Susan E.   b. c1835   (??Susanna of Oley m. Peter Wentzel   

         of Pike  7/4/1853)   

   OH132142- Samuel     b. c1837   

   OH132143- Mary A.    b. c1838   

   OH132144- Ahesa (sp) M.  b. c1840   (female)   

   OH132145- Anna Lucinda  b. c1842   

   OH132146- Sarah A.   b. c1847   

   OH132147- Ester E.   b. c1848   

   OH132148- Enuses (sp)  b. 7m in 1850  (female)   


?OH13217- Jesse Yoder (3/10/1815-10/16/1875)   m.         Esther Ann (Hettie)

(7/26/1826- 6/30/1903 Hill Church about 5 miles from Pleasantville, Pa)  d. 10/16/1875  bur. Section A, Hill Church Cem.(Tobias Clauser apt guardian, same as for OH13213)

          All children bur Hill Cem.        

    OH132171- Amelia L.  b. 4/12/1848  m. Daniel Yoder (OH11194) "who owned the paper mill near Pleasantville. She fell out of the 2nd floor doorway and fractured her spine on the eve of her wedding" -per Dick Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pa. d. 8/3/1882 age 33y 8m  1d    (both bur. Hill Church)

    OH132172- Margaret (Mary Ann) b. age 4/12 in 1850 age 10 in 1860

(Fractur sold on eBay Jan. 2003- Birth and baptism certificate, framed under glass, measuring 24" by 21" by 2&1/2" "BIRTH & BAPTISM ~ TO THESE

PARENTS ~ Noah H. Snyder ~ and his Wife ~ Mary K. ~ a daughter

of ~ Jesse and Margaret Yoder ~ was born a ~ Son ~ on the 22nd day

of July in the year of Our Lord ~ 1885 ~ was born in ~ Haycock

Township ~ County of Bucks ~ State of Pennsylvania ~ in North

America ~ and was baptized on the 22nd Day of November ~ in the

year of Our Lord 1887 ~ by the Rev. O. H. Mitcher ~ and received the

name ~ JOHN K. SNYDER.")  

    OH132173- Samuel     b. 2/15/1852  d. 2/25/1862 age 10y 0m 8d   

    OH132174- Elizabeth  b. 5/29/1854  d. 10/15/1862  age 8y 4m 16d   

    OH132175- Hettie Ann  b. 3/23/1856  m. George Giberson   

         d. 9/13/1887  31y 5m 20d     bur. Hill Church


OH1324- William Yoder (1/6/1783-11/9/1858)  m. 1816   Susanna Schraeder

(12/11/1790-12/2/1874*)   d. 11/9/1858  both bur. Spangsville   

(Per George's will- Got family plantation, ref sold land in Oley, Ear and Pike)

  (*Susanna's will marked that she died 29 Oct 1874 about 11 o'clock)   

   OH13241- Margaret    b. 3/13/1813  m1. 11/17/1839 Jacob Kauffman   

            m2. Jan.14,1860 Samuel Clauser  d.11/14/1852 (sic-living as of   

         1874 will of Susanna)   

  +OH13242- Jacob S.    b. 7/31/1815   

   OH13243- Susannah    b.   

  +OH13244- George S.   b. 1/18/1818  m. 10/20/1844 Catharine Peters   

           (9/3/1818-30/3/1863 age 44) d. 11/13/1876 bur. Spangsville   

   OH13245- Mary Schrader  (12/10/1822-7/23/1903 in Boyertown,Pa)

         m. Nicholas Bechtel Johnson  (1816-1893) res.1860 Colebrooksdale

         bur. Fairview Cem.,Boyertown, PA    (Ref: Sharyn J. Ladner, 1/2000)

   OH13246-  Hannah S.   b. 10/24/1824  m. 9/28/1845 David Y. Peters   

             (7/13/1822-  6/22/1896) d. 1/27/1891   bur. Spangsville   

  +OH13247- William S.  b. 3/27/1827  m. Elvianno H. Muthart   


         d.9/1/1873 bur. Fairview Cem.,Boyertown,PA res 1860 Berks   

  +OH13248- Joseph S.   b. 3/11/1829 Reading, PA   

   OH13249- Rebecca     b.     m. _______ Clauser    


OH13242- Jacob S. Yoder  m. 8/5/1838 Trinity Luth. Ch. Reading,   

               Harriet Edleman (c1814-   ) ("mother Henriette Yoder   

                  5/20/1814- 4/2/1888 Henry familiy plot, Fairview Cemeterey,   

            Boyertown,PA ) d.12/25/1885 bur. Spangsville,PA   

   OH132421- Rebecca E.   b.7/18/1839  m. Charles Kline   

  +OH132422- William E.   b.4/1/1841   of Bushill Falls, PA   

      m. Mary Stecker (d. Jul. 1909 age 67)   

      son Harry of Nazareth, and Thomas   

  +OH132423- Benjamin Peter b.3/9/1843   

   OH132424- Mary Ann E.  b. 5/28/1845    d. 11/23/1876   

     wife of Nicholas Johnson (s/o Nicholas and Mary Johnson.. cousin)   

     bur. Fairview Cem. Boyertown, PA   

   OH132425- Susanna E.     b. 12/15/1846  m. Wm. Boyer   

(Susan E. Yoder of Boyertown m. 12/1/1866 Wm. F. Boyer of New Berlin

at Falkner Swamp Luth. Ch. New Hanover, Montgomery Co, Pa)

  +OH132426- George Washington E.   b. 10/23/1849     

   OH132427- Catherine E.   b. 11/-/1855   m. John Henry    


OH132422  William E Yoder (b 4/1/1841 P-  )

      m 12/28/1876 (Forks, Northampton Co, res Bushill Falls PA)

      Mary Stecker (d 7/1909 age 69)

      (1880 Northampton Co, PA, Palmer; Rev Jager Recds)

OH1324221  Harry (b c1878) res Nazareth PA

OH1324222  Thomas


OH132423- Benjamin Peter  Yoder  (3/9/1843-9/18/1924 Bur. IOOF Cem., Frackville, Pa)  res. of Pottsville, PA  m. Annie Fertig _________     (Richard H Yoder Data)

    OH1324231- Harvey P.   (8/13/1885 Frackville,Pa-11/_/1967 (SSN))

m           Elizabeth  Moyer (6/1/1890-    )  (Per obit- predeceased by wife and sons Russell and Harry, surviving dau. Anna E of Miami, Fl, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Norman Dropkin) of Miami, Fl, 5 gchildren, 1 ggrandchild) 

    OH1324232- George       b.         res. Germantown, PA   

    OH1324233- Mamie        b.           "       "   

    OH1324234- Sallie       b.         


Same as:

Peter S Yoder (3/9/1843-9/18/1924 Odd Fellow Cem,

Frackville, Pa) GAR 167th Reg Co C  "engineer" m

Annie Fertig (9/2/1850-12/10/1914 Odd Fellow Cem) 

      (1890 Schuylkill Co Hist, Frackville Borough)

Sarah (Sallie) (b c1874)

George (1876-1942) Odd Fellow Cem, Frackville,Pa.

Mamie  (c1882-      )

Harvey (8/13/1885-11/5/1967) Odd Fellow Cem.,

Frackville, Pa.

Blanche  (c1886-      )



OH132426-  George Washington E Yoder (10/23/1849-3/22/1928)

      m Sarah Wertzler (2/2/1850-2/3/1925)

      (1880 Colebrooksdale Twp BP)

OH1324261  Mamie W. (b c1876)

      (sic?b. 3/7/1895  m. Llewelyn Heller )

OH1324262- William W. ("Blackie")  (2/25/1882-10/-/1962)

        m. Jennie Stauffer   


OH13244  George S Yoder (1/18/1818-11/13/1876)

      m Catherine Peters (Richard HYoder Chts)

OH132441  George m Matilda Grim

OH132442  Catherine (b 3/30/1863)


OH13247  William S Yoder (3/27/1827-9/1/1873 Fairview Cem)

      m Elvianna H Leh (1/27/1834-10/14/1890 bur Fairview Cem,


OH132471  Emma Catherine (b 4/28/1865)

OH13247?  Olivia (4/4/1855-12/18/1855 Cem behind Good Shepard Ref Ch,



OH13248- Joseph S Yoder m 7/22/1856 McMinn Co,TN Sarah A Sharits    

VA-  ) d 8/12/1895 Jonesboro,TN (1860-McMinn Co,TN;  1880-Washington Co,TN) note- documentation regarding settlement of his father's estate, establishes without doubt that this Joseph is of Tennessee as of 1859)


VIII-409,   25 Jul 1856 Daniel Kalback of Reading, Pa. to Mary Sharets

of this county m. 22 Jul 1856. Joseph Yoder of Reading Pa. to Sarah A.

Sharits of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jul 1856.

DEED BOOK K- 650   26 May 1860 Joseph S. Yoder to Miss Sarah Walker

DEED BOOK K- 129  12 Dec. 1862 Joseph S.Yoder of Virginia to William M. Sehorn; land except a house and one acre sold by me to Miss Sarah Walker, lying on the road leading form Athens to Fite’s Bridge; acknowledged in Marion, Smyth Co., Virginia.

ATHENS POST, published at Athens Tennessee- VIII-409, 25 Jul 1856 Daniel Kalback of Reading, Pa. to Mary Sharets of this county m. 22 Jul 1856. Joseph Yoder of Reading Pa. to Sarah A. Sharits of McMinn Co., m. 22 Jul 1856.)  

    OH132481- Lillie B      b c1859  m R N Miller   

    OH132482- Susan S       b c1861   

    OH132483- Bessie        b    

    OH132484- Lena (?Diena) b c1864   

    OH132485- Ella          b c1866   

    OH132486- Florence D    b c1868   

    OH132487- Charles J     b c1875     (?1900 Census Buncombe Co,NC)   

      (Charles J. 7/84 TN Nora E. 5/75 NC Mary A. 1/96 NC

      Sallie A. (mother) 1/38 Va)

    OH132488- Capitola      b c1878   


OH1325- Abraham Yoder  ( m. 5/21/1809 by Rev. Boos Exeter Twp to Elizabeth Yerger (4/27/1790-9/8/1875)  d. 6/5/1864 bur. Hill Church Cemetery, Pike Twp., PA. (1850 Pa Cens, LDS microfilm, Howerter's baptisms, Gertrude Seiz cht, Bio Hist of Berks-pg 1225, Abraham's will, Real Est records-Richard H. Yoder notes, Berks Hist. Soc. microfilm #142, Michelle Lynch cht-'96) (sequence not known)  (per George's will- inherited a Mill in Mahantongo, Schuylkill Co. Sold the properties early in the 1840, res of Pike Twp, Berks. Inherited his father-in-law's property in Pike Twp in 1829. His wife was the only child of Solomon Yerger)

   OH13251- Susanna  b.1/25/1811 Mahantongo Twp. m.8/14/1831    

                  Charles Renninger      d. 4/6/1892   

   OH13252- Maricha (Mary) b.7/28/1813 m.Benjamin Rohrbach    

                    d.3/25/1885  have 5 sons 6 daus.   

  +OH13253- Nathan Y (Adam) b. 1/1/1816  Mahantango Twp, SCH Co.   

  +OH13254- Solomon D.  b. 3/12/1818  b. Catawissa,PA   

  +OH13255- Abraham    b. 10/11/1827   

  +OH13256- George Yerger b. 8/16/1825   

   OH13257- Elizabeth ("Licy")  b. 6/29/1820   m. 2/11/1838 Jacob Reider

      (3/20/1813-8/13/1881 bur. St. Joseph's Cem) res.  Pike Twp. 

      d. 5/29/1899 bur. St. Joseph's (Hill) Cem, Pike Twp, Berks Co.

      (ancestress of Michelle Lynch-she shows b. 7/20/1820 from Cem)

   OH13258- Catherine   b. 12/18/1829   d. 8/16/1868 33yrs   

         single, a dwarf   

   OH13259- Benneville  b. 1/15/1823  m. 9/25/1860 Fianna Bower    

                (c1853- ) 1860-BP-Rockland Twp, Innkeeper, d.5/2/1898    

                 (or 5/2/1888) res. Pike Twp.   

   OH1325a- Sophia  b. 11/14/1837 m. 10/19/1851   

                                Nathan Landis  d.9/6/1898   

   OH1325b- Gideon  b.    

   OH1325c- dau died young   


OH13253- Nathan Y. Yoder  m. Esther (Hester) Rohrbach (6/10/1815-    

           7/21/1901)   d. Oct.2,1892  both Bur. St. Paul's Church    

               Lobachsville, Berks Co.,PA   

   OH132531- Caroline       b. 5/11/1839    d. 8/21/1840   

   OH132532- Hannah     b. 10/2/1840   m. 6/9/1860 Samuel G. Weidner   

          (7/20/1833-4/10/1881) d. 10/9/1898   

   OH132533- Mathias        b. 12/18/1841       d.1/14/1843   

   OH132534- Emmaline       b. 5/6/1843   m.Wm. Harner  d. 11/13/1913   

   OH132535- Catharine      b. 12/10/1844   single  d. 2/14/1868?   

           (missing from 1850 census)   

   OH132536- Esther R.    b. 8/17/1846  m. 6/9/1867 Edward L. Brown   

             d. 12/7/1923   

  +OH132537- Nathan R.   b. 5/3/1848   

   OH132538- Elizabeth      b. 11/16/1849  d. 8/24/1851   

   OH132539- Rachel R.      b. 9/7/1851    d. 4/2/1869   

         bur. Hill Church Cem.   

   OH13253a- Amelia       b. 3/26/1853  m. Jeremiah Guldin   

        d. 8/26/1920   

   OH13253b- Judy       b. c1859   

   OH13253c- Ida        b. 8/23/1863    m. Henry Yerger   


OH132537  Nathan R Yoder (5/3/1848-5/21/1914)

      m 2/1/1867 Emma Guilden (11/2/1849-1/22/1944 bur Lobachsville)

      (RHY cht; 1880 Cens Berks, Pike; Berks Co Bio Hist; Rev D K

      (Humbert Records; Amityville, Berkes Marriages (1881-1896);

      (RHY-1/95 letter-cited B P Deedbook)

OH1325371  Kate (b 9/8/1868) m 11/28/1885 Milton Stauffer (both of

      Pike) res. Topton

+OH1325372  Guilden G (8/17/1870-7/18/1963)

      m 2/1889 Mary Bechtel - both of Pike

OH1325373  Sallie G (b 8/30/1871) m Morris Moyer

OH1325374  Curvous (Kirby) G (b 5/2/1873) of Pike

      m Elizabeth (Lizzie) Drumheller (b 4/6/1873)

      (deedbook 524 p299 dtd 11/20/1920 "Curvous G. of Pike Twp & wife

      Eliz.D.of  Salem NE")

OH1325375  Rachel G (2/20/1874-1969)

OH1325376  Daniel G     (not listed in 1880 census)


OH1325372-  Guilden G. Yoder   (8/17/1870-7/18/1963)  m 2/_/1889 Mary

Bechtel - "both of Pike" (         -           )

OH13253721- Webster  (6/12 or 18/1899-3/3/1930)  m1            Margaret

Pendergast  (        -        )  m2            Mamie Current   (         -       )

OH13253722-  Edna  (9/3 or 23 /1892-3/26/1959-3/26/1959) m.

Daniel Zuber  (10/11/1890-         )  no children

OH13253723- Roger  (1895-4/22/1980)  m1.          Lula Lefevre  (   -    )

m2          Caterine Jones  (        -      )  no children

OH13253724- Nathan Lloyd (8/27/1898-      )  m.           Mary Hitner


OH13254- Solomon Yoder  m. 1/2/1842 Elizabeth Keim (8/27/1821-    

               12/24/1903) d. May 7,1894  bur. Lobachsville Cem.   

  +OH132541- Franklin K.    b. 8/9/1843 m. Catherine Angstadt   

              (3/5/1852-5/6/1911 ) d.1/20/1911 3pm Lobachsville Cem. 5    

             children all d. by age 5.   

  +OH132542- Manias K.      b. 5/12/1845    

  +OH132543- William K.     b. 6/17/1849  (age 2 in 50 census?)   

  +OH132544- Augustus K.    b. 9/27/1851 Pike Twp.   

   OH132545- Irwin K.   b. 4/14/1856  m. Eliza Becker   

         d. 7/8/1916 Lobachsville cem.   

   OH132546- Elmira K.      b. c March 1860   m. Augustus Moyer   

   ?OH132547- Abraham   b. c1854   


OH132541  Franklin K Yoder (8/9/1843-1/20/1911 at 3pm)

      m Catherine Angstadt (3/5/1852-5/6/1911) "5 children died by 5"

      (1880 Berkes Pike; Franklin & Catherine Wills left 101 and 26

      acres; St Paul's Luth & Ref, Lobachsville; Rev D K Humbert

      records; Freedens Ref Ch)

OH1325411  Floranda A. (b c1872) m 5/12/1892 Henry R Moyer

OH1325412  Alfred (b c1878)

OH1325413  Howard (b c 1879)

OH1325414  Annie (b 5/18/1881)

OH1325415  Amandas

OH1325416  Hettie (b 4/18/1884)  m. Keiser

OH1325417  Edwin (b 5/1873)(sic?5/22/1873-4/12/1873)

OH1325418  Sallie (9/22/1875-7/12/1876)


OH132542  Manias K Yoder (5/12/1845-4/19/1931)

      m 7/7/1867 Mary Rohrbach (8/15/1849-8/20/1919 bur Lobachsville PA)

      (RHY chts; 1880 Berks Pike)

+OH1325421  James M (9/19/1867-2/17/1888) bur. Lobachsville

OH1325422  Augustus M (1869-1926) m Anna Moyer

+OH1325423  Benjamin (b c1873) m Ellen Reichert

OH1325424  Catherine ( b c1875) m Harry Bechtel

OH1325425  Elmer m Farley Moyer


OH1325421  James M  Yoder (9/19/1867-2/17/1888)

       bur. Lobachsville  m Alice Specht (      -     )

      (Reference son of Clarence-Marvin W. Yoder

      (1/12/1931- ) of Reading,1995)

OH13254211- Clarence S. (12/5/1887 Pikeville-7/28/1965 Lobachsville)

      m     Maude H. Weiser (1/11/1899-8/19/1989



OH1325423-  Benjamin  Yoder  (c1873-             ) m                 Ellen Reichert

(        -           )

OH13254231- Claude  (     -    )  m          Edna Weller   (     -     )

OH13254232- Daisy   (     -    )    m           Webster Hoch  (    -   )

OH13254233- Mamie  B.  (1/6/1907-12/21/1991)   m  8/13/1927  Arthur S. Hafer  

(5/30/1907- 1/15/1977)  (Gary Hafer data, 8/98)

OH13254234- Lestie   (     -     )   m          Harvey  Cleaver  (    -    )


OH132543  William K Yoder (6/17/1849-3/29/1926)

      m Sarah Reppert (8/25/1845-6/17/1904 bur. Lobachsville)

      (RHY cht)

OH1325431  Ammon (3/23/1873-2/19/1879)

OH1325432  Annie (12/21/1876-3/15/1879)


OH132544  Augustus K Yoder (b 9/27/1851 bur Lobachsville) hotel

      operator, m 9/12/1874 Judith Rhoads (Roth) (b 9/19/1851 bur

      Lobachsville) (RHY cht; 1880 Cens & Berks Pike; Berks Co Bio;

      Rev D K Hambert recds)

OH1325441  Solomon Edwin (6/5/1875-11/10/1881)

OH1325442  Katie Montana (4/6/1878-12/10/1881)

OH1325443  Cora Estella (b 5/13/1883 Amity Twp) m Elmer Kern of

      Longswamp , 3 ch


OH132543- William K. Yoder m. Susan Reppert (8/25/1845-6/17/1904)   

         d. 3/29/1926 Lobachsville Cem.    

    OH1325431- Ammon    b. 3/23/1873        d. 2/19/1879   

    OH1325432- Annie    b. 12/21/1876       d. 3/15/1879   


OH132544- Augustus K. Yoder  m. Judith Rhoads   

         res. Henningsville, bur. Lobachsville Cem.   

    OH1325441- Solomon Edwin    b. 6/6/1875  d. 11/10/1881   

    OH1325442- Katie Montana    b. 4/6/1878  d. 12/10/1881   

    OH1325443- Cora Estella   b.5/13/1883   m. Elmer Kern of   

        Longswamp, PA 3 children   


OH13255- Abraham Yoder  m. 11/6/1852  Mary Ann Yergey of Pike Twp.   

       (d. 2/10/1916 81y 5m 16d)  d. 8/15/1895   

   OH132551- Fayetta    b. 8/24/1854   d. 9/15/1862    

 +OH132552- Ellis Corneleus   b. 8/8/1858  m. Katie Greismer   

               (1858-1914)  d. 1945  bur. Spangsville,PA   

   OH132553- Deborah Violetti  b. 1/2/1862  m. Peter Carl d. 1/5/1930   


OH132552  Ellis Cornelius Yoder (8/8/1858-1945)

      m Kate Griesmer (1858-1914) (RHY chts)

OH1325521  Amandus S (1884-1914) single

OH1325522  Jacob Abraham (1886-1939) single

OH1325523  Charles G (10/1/1888 (bap Friedens Ref 10/14/1888)-7/-/1974)

      m Verdie Yoder (1885-1974)

OH1325524  Deborah m Leroy Gift

OH1325525  John G (9/1/1896-9/27/1964) m Sarah Dierolf


OH13256- George Yerger Yoder    m1.11/21/1851 Lydia Weller of District   

       Twp. (9/10/1830-1/13/1859)  m2 5/25/1861 Emeline Frain   

                 (6/5/1838- 3/23/1911)  d. 12/25/1896 age 71y 4m 9d  Geo. & E   

.          bur. Hill Church C em.   

   OH132561- Henry      b.     died young   

   OH132562- Eve (Ephe) W.   (4/10/1856- 1927 in Oley Twp) m. Morris Haas

            (1856-1944)-9 children   (ref. Sharyn J. Ladner-1997)

   OH132563- Adam   b. 3/5/1857  m1. Mary Ann Levengood (6/25/1863-   

              8/27/1909) m2. Lillie R. Lersh  d. 7/17/1947 bur. Fairview    

            Cem. Boyertown, PA -no children   

   OH132564- James F.   b.3/2/1862  m.Ellen F. _____  (10/19/1861-   

              4/6/1949) d. 11/21/1944 bur. Hill  Cem.  children died young   

 +OH132565- George F. b.6/3/1864 m Amanda Angstadt Specht

      (7/31/1864-1930)     d. 1942 bur. Hill Church Cem.   

   OH132566- Emma  F.  b. 1869  m. Benjamin Reichert (1862-1940)    

                d. 1924 bur. Hill Cem.   

 +OH132567- Amos F.    b. 10/21/1867 m Katie Goucher   d. 7/9/1923   

        bur. Hill Church Cem.   


OH132564- James F.   b.3/2/1862  m.Ellen F. _____  (10/19/1861-   

4/6/1949) d. 11/21/1944 bur. Hill  Cem.  children died young”(sic)

(1900 census lists with Samuel Harbet “grandfather”)

OH1325641- Emma (3-_-1883-    ) m.  3-11-1905 Charles Greisemer, lived on Covered Bridge Road

OH1325642- Vertie (6-_-1885-    ) m. Charles Yoder (2nd cousin)

OH1325643- Iva (11-_1892-    )

OH1325644- Mable (7-_-1897-   )


OH132565- George Frain Yoder  (6/3/1864-1942) m

Amanda Angstadt Specht (7/31/1864-1930)  bur. Hill Church Cem.   (Pat Folk

Cht '95, Richard H. Yoder data)

 OH1325651- George Milton  (9/28/1885-7/30/1960)  m. 12/27/1912

Gertrude Dotterrer Ritter  (7/4/1886-11/21/1951)

OH1325652- Ammon Specht  (3/27/1891-5/1/1964 bur. Niantic,Pa)  m.   1918 

Mary Fegley (8/4/1888-8/1/1874)

OH1325653- Vera Specht  (9/22/1887-5/17/1962 Niantic,Pa) m. 10/22/1910

Wilson H. Schoenly  (2/18/1892-7/30/1968)


OH132567- Amos Frain Yoder (10/21/1867-7/9/1923) bur Hill Church m.

Katie C. Goucher   (5/-/1870 -     ) (Hill Church records)

(Three children died young)

(1900-BP-Pike with mother Analina b. 1/-/1830)

OH1325671- George Henry Amos (4/30/1890 Pike Twp-5/10/1956

Long Beach,Los Angeles, Ca) m. 1907 Stella Miller (1890 Pike Twp,

BP-4/22/1959 Sanbernadino, Ca)

OH1325672- Oliva   (1/-/1892- )

OH1325673- Sallie Elizabeth  (7/13/1892 (?sic)-      )

OH1325674- Charles August  (1/11/1897-    )

OH1325675- Ida   (1/-/1899-   )

OH1325676- Maude D.  (4/16/1901-      )

OH1325677- Morris Eli  (12/5/1904-      )

OH1325678- Eva Jennie  (3/29/1907-     )

OH1325679- Amos     (    -    )


OH1325674- Charles August  (1/11/1897-12-8-1961) m. Sallie _____


OH13256741- Mildred (11-7-1920-   )

OH13256742- Erma (5-1-1923-    ) m. Leroy Shade (6-7-1924-7-12-1988)

OH13256743- Florence (7-6-1925-    ) m. Leo Letterhouse (3-20-1924-   )

OH13256744- Edith  (8-13-1927-8-9-1986)

OH13256745- Elva (7-9-1930-   ) m. Donald Benjamin (12-13-1936-  )


OH1328-  George  Yoder Jr.  m. Elizabeth Reinart (12/16/1794-1/3/1888)   

       d. 2/1/1826 bur. Howerters Cem.    

  +OH13281- William     b.12/24/1812   

   OH13282- George      b. 5/18/1815 Lockhill,PA  d. by 1820   

   OH13283- Maria    b. 6/6/1816 m. 8/14/1836 Johannes Haas d. 1888   

   OH13284- Esther  b. 5/31/1818    m. Daniel Maurer   

  +OH13285- Charles  b. 11/17/1820   

   OH13286- Sarah (Sallie)  b.4/29/1824  m. P.W. Kutz d. 11/9/1897   

   OH13287- Elizabeth   b. 8/29/1826  m. George B. Hepler   

          d. 1/2/1894  bur. Zion Cem. Pitman   


OH13281- William  Yoder  m.c1840  Briggietta DeLong (8/22/1822 Berks-    

       4/11/1900)  d. 6/13/1854    Carpenter,farmer,school teacher 

(Howerter's Church data; Schulykill Bio on Nathan; 1860 Eldred twp;

1870 Census, Hegins Twp; Howerter's Cem data;  Schulykill Co Data)

(Will G-186 Eldred Twp written 5/12/1854,pub 8/8/1854 age 41y 6m

19d carpenter, b. Upper Mahon. 12/24/1812 d. 7/13/1854 Up. Mah.

bur. Hovoden Ch.)

  +OH132811- Nathan D.  b. 9/4/1841     

  +OH132812- Enos D.    b.  c. 1843 m. Susan Drumheller   

          d. ? 7/2/1910   (d. Mabel b.1890 m Calvin Heim)   

  +OH132813- Lewis D.   b. 11/15/1847   m. Elizabeth Miller   

         wheelwright  d. 8/31/1925 bur. Hegins   

   OH132814- Mary Jane  b. 6/24/1848   m. Geo. K. Helper   

         d. 9/4/1872   

  +OH132815- William D.     b. c1852 a painter m. Carrie Brady   

         six children    


OH132811-  Nathan D Yoder (9/4/1841-7/30/1914 bur Hegins)

      m Mary M Helper (4/21/1845-2/22/1924)

      (RHY cht; 1880 Cens-Sch.Hegins; 1890 County Census)

+OH1328111  Oliver H (b 3/10/1865)

      m Lillie May Janis (1/6/1867-1919)

OH1328112  Wm Frederick (b 8/15/1878)

OH1328113  Jacob E H (b 2/16/1883)

OH1328114  Jennie (Joanna) M (6/6/1868-10/12/1924) m Walter Till

OH1328115  Ida (b 10/31/1870) m Jacob Miller

OH1328116- Mina   b. 12/2/1875?  m. Rev.Franklin Faust (10/6/1870-    

               ) German Lutheran Church, Hazeltown, PA

OH1328116  Mina (Jemmina) (b 12/2/1875 sic)

      m Rev Franklin Faust (b 10/6/1870)

OH1328117  Emma L (b 5/2/1875 sic)

OH1328118  Alvena (b 6/11/1879)

OH1328119  Luella (b 3/3/1885 bur Fredricksburg, Lebanon Co PA

      m Edgar Ranck (7/16/1872-3/31/1925)

("also :  Martha; Clara E;  Brizzie"- perCo.Hist which

doesn't name Ida, Mina, & Alvena)


OH1328111-  Oliver H. Yoder   (3/10/1865-        )  m              Lillie May Janis

(1/6/1867 Ashland, Pa-1919) (Richard H. Yoder Data)(1900-Sch. Co, Hegins)

OH13281111- Howard Leroy  (8/6/1892-9/22/1907 Killed when grandstand

collapsed in Hegins)

OH13281112- Margaret A.S.  (1/3/1899-8/7/1899)

OH13281113- Clarence  (11/-/1893-       )  m.              Florence ____   (    -    )

OH13281114- Nelson  B. (8/-/1895-       )

OH13281115- Irene  (     -    )

OH13281116- Dorothy A.  (1903-    )   m         Ralph O. Russell (1899-       )

OH13281117- Alice   (      -      )


OH132812- Enos D. Yoder    b.Oct. 1843 m. Susan Drumheller  (Oct. 1851- ) 

   d. ? 7/2/1910   (d. Mabel b.1890 m Calvin Heim)  (1880 and 1900 Census NU Shamokin) “Her father (Enos) was born in the Mahanoy Valley and moved thence to Shamokin, where he engaged in the jewelry business; he married Susanna Drumheller.”

OH1328121- Lillie A.    (c1869-           )

  (May, Harry W.  m. Yoder, Lillie A. in 1889)

  (Lillie A Yoder 1869-1948 m. Peter W Schleig 4/28/1845-1919

   Bur. East Cannon Twp, Gowen City- St Pauls Reformed)

OH1328122- William G. (Grant) (Dec 1869-        )

OH1328123- Mary M. (c1874-          )

OH1328124-  George A. (Albert)      (Apr. 1876-       )

OH1328125-  Ellen M. (Ella)   (Jul. 1878-       )

OH1328126-  Elsie  (Sep. 1882-   )

OH1328127-  Mable  (Aug. 1885-    ) m. Calvin Heim

OH1328128-  Frank  (Jul. 1889-    )

OH1328129-  Harry   (Sep. 1893-   )


OH132813- Lewis Delong Yoder was born 11/15/1847 in Hegins, PA. He died 8/31/1925 in Hegins, PA.  Lewis Delong married Elizabeth May Miller. Elizabeth May was born 1/1849. She died 1/1944. (11/15/1845 -- 1900 Census shows birthdate that differs from Yoder records archieve. PA, Schuylkill, Hegins Township, ED#146, Valley View Division Enumeration Dist 146, sheet 3.)

(Willard Joder Jr, see his web site: .

  OH1328131- Lula G.  b. 8/6/1880 d. 10/27/1964  -- Research by her descendant


  OH1328132- Jacob  b. 11/1882 -- 1900 Census

  OH1328133- Elizabeth Cora  b. 4/1884 -- 1900 Census

  OH1328134- Emma Annie b. 6/1886 -- 1900 Census

+OH1328135- Earl Lewis b. 3/12/1895 -- 1900 Census (census of 1920 confirms

no additional children and Lewis dies in 1925)


  OH1328135- Earl Lewis Yoder was born 3/12/1895 in Hegins, PA. He died 12/1976 in Riverside, CA. Earl Lewis married Mary Stella Maurer b. 3/9/1895 Pittman, PA, d. 4/1974, Riverside, CA)  Parents confirmed with copy of Earl Lewis SSN application dated 11/25/1936 and listing Lewis D.Yoder as father and Elizabeth Miller as mother in Hegins PA.   Earl Lewis Yoder and Mary had the following children (partial list and not in order of birth):

 OH13281351- Marie -- died in first year of life

 OH13281352- Hatten

 OH13281353- Eleanor

+OH13281354- Willard H. b. 12/2/1920

 OH13281355- Betty

 OH13281356- Robert (Bob)

 OH13281357- David (Dave)

 OH13281358- Phillip

 OH13281359- Phyllis

 OH132813510- Theodore (Ted) also called Snuffy as a child (Yup, 10 kids so I

don't know how to list Uncle Snuffy)


OH13281354- Willard H Yoder  was born 12/2/1920 in  Locust Dale PA.  He served in the Navy during World War II. married Charlcie Everhea Smith b. Apr. 1925 Knox, TN d. 1961 Arcadia, Ca +OH132813541- Willard b. 11/13/1946  (Now spelled as Joder, the correct way of spelling the name) :-)

OH132813542- Nancy Anne (married Karp, Nancy Anne Yoder-Karp)

OH132813543- Mark Douglas

OH132813544- Boy child name unknown to me

There is a step-brother but I have no idea what his name is and he is 20

years younger and by a different mother.  Oh well.

(All information is either backed by census record or SSN data or by direct

knowledge of individuals from Willard (OH13281354).


OH132813541)-  Willard H  (Bill) Yoder Jr.was born 11/13/1946 in   Knoxville, TN. 

I served in the Vietnam War.    (This is me)    I spell my last name with

 a "J". It is now  spelled the same way as our progenitor American  ancestor, Hans Joder.)

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

OH13282  William D Yoder m Carrie Brady (of Shamokin)

      (RHY cht)

OH132821  Elma Brigetta (b 3/30/1881) m Tennyson Miller

OH132822  Faion (b 10/20/1882) m Sallie Hoch (b 12/28/1880)

OH132823  Mila Catherine

OH132824  Ina Josephine (b 10/28/1886) m Harry Holderman

OH132825  Guy Luther (b 9/11/1895)

OH132826  Wm Ray (b 2/9/1899) m Mary Stutzman (b 1896)


OH13285- Charles Yoder  m. Judith (Klock) Herb (7/17/1826-4/24/1895)   

       d. 5/24/1854   (Judith 3rd husband Emanuel Christ)   

  +OH132851- Aaron Klock    b. 11/7/1850      

  +OH132852- Andrew Klock   b.8/17/1852  BP, Eldred Twp   


OH132851  Aaron Klock Yoder (11/7/1850-5/22/1927 bur Pine Grove Cem,

      Berwick, Columbia Co) m Hannah Jane Gilger (4/17/1850-

      4/24/1914 bur Pine Grove Cem) (1880 Cens Northumberland Co;

      Columbia Co wills, Hatten S. Yoder chart))

OH1328511  Elizabeth (b 1871) m 7/31/1890

      Alfred G.Birt (         -5/10/1887)

OH1328512  Catherine (b 1873) m 12/24/1890

      John Elmer East

OH1328513  Stoner E (1876-4/6/1942) m 3/7/1900

      Mary Alice Ortwine (1872-1953)

OH1328514  Carolina  (Callie B.) (b 1880-       )

      m 9/16/1899 Whitney L. Cain

OH1328515  Maude C (b 3/1882)

OH1328516  Charles Eugene (3/22/1884-     1941) m 6/21/1909

      Maud Geist 94/9/1886-9/4/1961)

OH1328517  Emma H (b 7/1889)

OH1328518  Louisa M (b 7/1889)

OH134851--plus 4 others who died before 1900


OH132852  Andrew Klock Yoder (8/17/1852 Berks Co.,Pa-4/6/1921

      Mt. Troy, PA) bur. Pittsburg, PA m Malinda Salada

      (Sallide/Salladay)(2/14/1852 NU Co,Up.Mahn.Twp,Pa-

       11/9/1917 Mt. Troy,Pa)(1880 Northumberland Co;

      NU Marriage Records, Hatten S.Yoder Jr. Cht)

OH1328521  Pricilla (Prucella E.)(Pruella) (7/-/1871-11/1/1933)

      m 12/29/1891 Charles R Krisher

OH1328522  Charles W. (6/27/1873-11/19/1914) m. 6/19/1895

      Bertha M. Rishe (9/15/1877-5/12/1945)

OH1328523  Mary E (1876-1957) m     Tom Steel (1872-1941)

OH1328524  Florence May (1877-            ) m  William Carter

OH1328525-James B. (8/6/1884-11/19/1937) m. Johanna Heimer

OH1328526- Andrew William (4/-/1888-            ) m

      Pearl _______

OH1328527- Hatten Schuyler

      (10/22/1893 Sunbury,Pa-1/3/1969 Rocky River,Oh)

      m. 7/1/1915 Wellsburg,WV Elizabeth K. Knieling

      (11/30/1896 Millvale,Pa.-10/1/1992 Westlake,OH)