[End of Part 4- Hickory Times-Mercury, July 24, 1901]- by GM Yoder


                       Jacob Yoder, the second son of Conrad Yoder was born Dec. 13, 1767.

                        He married Catherine Dillinger, daughter of Jon Dillinger, who was in

                       that famous Tory battle on the 20th of June, 1780, at Ramsour's mill.  He

                       it was that piloted Col. Lock to the place where the Tories had assembled,

                       as he was raised in that neighborhood.  After peace was restored, he

                       married Barbara, the oldest daughter of Henry Whitener, the original

                       pioneer to this section of the country.  After Jacob Yoder married

                       Catherine they settled on the lands that Henry Whitener had willed to

                       her.  After a time they sold this farm to Jacob Shuford, Sr., who gave it

                       to Abel Shuford, Sr.  This land is now owned by Humphrey Hoyle's heirs.

                        Jacob Yoder moved to Brown county, Indiana, where he died.  His

                       children were: George, who married Betsy Short; Henry , who had six

                       children; Emanuel, who married Rachel Shirley , had four children and

                       moved to Floyd county, Iowa; Israel, who married Betsy Jackson; Jacob,

                       who married Catherine Tull; Polly, who married Comad Yoder, of whom

                       we will speak further on under the head of David Yoder's family;

                       Barbara, who married George Henkel; Sallie, who married John Jackson.

                        Some of them are living in the Dakotas, some in Iowa, some in Missouri

                       and others are scattered in various sections of the United States and we

                       cannot give much about them.


Dear Chris,


Thank you for your e-mail of 26 January 2002. I appreciate your effort to acknowledge my research on Jacob and Catherine

(Dellinger) Yoder and their family. I certainly agree that female lines should be included. Otherwise, the family is incomplete.

That is why I worked equally as hard on Jacob and Catherine's daughters as on their sons.


Thank you for the invitation to assist with your Jacob Yoder chapters. I simply cannot take on any more responsibilities. My

own Dellinger manuscript keeps me way behind. But I will review the material I published in 1992 and let you know if any of it

needs amending.


Re George Yoder, son of Jacob and Catherine, and your question about a possible marriage to a "Betsy Short." In his 1894

remarks at the Henry Weidner Memorial ceremonies, Col. Yoder stated George's wife was Betsy Short. And, Miss Edna

Whitener (during the 1960s) made a research note that the marriage took place 22 April 1836. Indiana State Archives advised

me: There is not a record of that date for any Elizabeth or Betsy Short in the entire state of Indiana.  I do not know how

the misinformation occurred, but my diligent efforts to locate such a marriage record all came to zero.


I do know that George was in his parents' 1840 household and there was no female corresponding to a wife.  I consulted the

original Monroe County marriage register (not an index or someone else's abstracts). The Monroe County marriage register

indicates if either bride or groom had been married previously, and there was no previous marriage indicated for either George

or his bride Elizabeth Goss. I did a bit of research on Short families (none in Monroe County). I even investigated whether

Elizabeth Goss had been married previously to a Mr. Short - she wasn't. So, hope this satisfactorily resolves your question

about the name of George's wife.


I'll be in touch if the 1992 material needs amending.


Again, best of luck with the project.



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New  Conrad Chapters


PART I- origins of the yoder family and background











1. Jacob  yoder (2) 1767-1843

2. henry yoder (3) 1804-1871

3. emmanuel yoder (3) 1806-1903

4. jacob yoder (3)  c1816-1885

4. ISRAEL YODER (3) c1812-1865

5. JOHN YODER (3)  c1825-by 1867


                 JACOB YODER


Con2    Jacob Yoder (12/13/1767 Lincoln Co., NC-summer 1843 Monroe Co., I)

No marker, but believed bur. Payne cem., Old Hwy 37, 4 m N of  Bloomington. 

Per grandson Frank- Jacob was "5'9" tall & heavy set, light brown hair,

couldn't read" bur. Paine Cem 4 mi N of Bloomington m.c1799 Catherine

Dellinger (3/6/1782 Lincoln Co, NC-1862 Harrison Co,MO). Catherine was

d/o John Dellinger and Barbara Whitener. She's  bur.  Payne Cem., Harrison

Co, Mo.- 8m W of Hwy 69 & 1 m S of Mo.-Ia. line. No marker.

Jacob inherited 130 acres from father and sold it 12/21/1791 to brothers John

and David. Lived on Jacob's Fork tract of  98 acre. Added 226 acres in 1803

and added 2 1/2 more acres in  1812. All was sold in 1814 to Jacob Shuford.

Moved to KY then IN. In Clark Co, I by 12/13/1817 when he was aptd admin

for the estate of his brother Elias. By 1830 was in Bean Blossom Creek,

Bloomington Twp., Monroe Co, I . By 1850 Catherine was in Jackson Twp.

Brown Co, I. By 1857 to Eagleville, Harrison Co, Mo with son John. moved to

MO in 1854 with son John, res. with dau. Margaret  Jackson, age "90" 1860

census.  bur. in Cem.W of Big Creek) (per Lexikay1@aol.com -daughter of

John Phillip  Jr DELLINGER and  Barbara WEIDNER;  and AndHenrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))

    Con21-Mary " Polly"  (twin) b. Jul.12, 1800 m. Apr.25, 1821

            Clark Co., IN to  Conrad Yoder (Con31)

            d. Nov.23, 1886. Buried Wesley Grove Cemetery, Andrews Co.,MO.

     Con22- George  (c1802-1871 Monroe Co., Mo) m 10/6/1848 Monroe Co,In

            Elizabeth Goss (1850 cens Geo. age 48 b NC, Elizabeth age 30 b. Va)

           (per Weidner Book- marriage data list no previous marriages for either,

           if true who was George Yoder m. 4/22/1830  Monroe Co., IN  to

           Betsy (Elizabeth) Short?)

( Re George Yoder, son of Jacob and Catherine, and your question about a possible marriage to a "Betsy Short." In his 1894 remarks at the Henry Weidner Memorial ceremonies, Col. Yoder stated George's wife was Betsy Short. And, Miss Edna Whitener (during the 1960s) made a research note that the marriage took place 22 April 1836. Indiana State Archives advised me: There is not a record of that date for any Elizabeth or Betsy Short in the entire state of Indiana.  I do not know how the misinformation occurred, but my diligent efforts to locate such a marriage record all came to zero. I do know that George was in his parents' 1840 household and there was no female corresponding to a wife.  I consulted the original Monroe County marriage register (not an index or someone else's abstracts). The Monroe County marriage register indicates if either bride or groom had been married previously, and there was no previous marriage indicated for either George or his bride Elizabeth Goss. I did a bit of research on Short families (none in Monroe County). I even investigated whether Elizabeth Goss had been married previously to a Mr. Short - she wasn't. So, hope this satisfactorily resolves your question about the name of George's wife. –Kathy Sullivan)

    +Con23- Henry   (July or 8/15/1804 -1871)

    +Con24- Emmanuel  (5/5/1806 NC-1903 age 97)

     Con25-  Catherine (twin) (7/12/1800-         )  m.  1/22/1835 Monroe Co.,

            In to Philip Henry  (c1784->1850) res. 1850 in Greencastle,

            Putnam Co, IN "children all dead"

     Con26- Barbara (1809-<1850)   m. 4/22/1830  Monroe Co.,IN 

            George Hinkle

     Con27- Sarah Ann (Sallie, Sally) (?7/-/1814 Lincoln Co, NC-5/12/1912

            Benton Twp.,Monroe Co., I age "100"- no marker, but believed bur.

            Payne Cem., Monroe Co.) m. 2/6/1836 Monroe Co., I John  Jackson 

            (c1813 Tn-2/28/1869 bur. Payne Cemetery)"three children" (res. 1860

            census Harrison Co.,MO, Marion Twp -Catherine Yoder age 90 (sic)

            listed with them)(per 1900 census- 9 ch, 4 living)

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

Dear Paul, John Jackson b. 1806, d. 28 Feb. 1869, buried Payne Cem. is an

ancestor of my husband.  he married Sarah Ann Yoder 6 Feb. 1836.  This was the

date of the marriage license.  It was not returned by the minister.

I have the following children for him.

Margaret Jane Jackson b. 15 Feb 1837, m. Joseph Lee Polley in 1853, d. 1916 in

Harrison Co. Missouri

Catherine Jackson b. 1838 d. 6 Jul 1860, Payne cem

Edward "Ned" Jackson b. 1840

Nancy Jackson b. 1842 married Marion A. Stepp 9 Mar 1863  (Could this be your

Nancy and I have the wrong marriage?

James Jackson b. 12 Dec 1843, d. 28 May 18-- Grave marker cracked-looks like


John Henry Jackson b. 1844, married Eliza Pierson

Alexander Jackson b. 11 Aug 1850, married Margaret Linthicom

Manuel Jackson b. 2 Jul 1852, d. 13 Jan 1853, Payne cem

George W. Jackson b. 22 Feb. 1854, married Nancy Naomi Hendrickson 1875, died

10 Dec 1936 Monroe Co. buried Hindustan Cem near Bloomington

     John and Sarah Jackson are listed on 1860 census Washington Twp, Monroe

Co. Indiana p.6, #12.

      Some of my information was from Raymond Jackson a descendent of George

W. Jackson.  I need to double check some of the dates and read more census

records.  There is a lot of deeds listed on line for the Jackson family but I

haven't sent for may yet.  Some of them may give us the clues we need.  When

was your Nancy born?    Carolyn G. Smith, Overland park, KS

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -          

     Con28- Pricilla (c1819 Clark Co,I-1/16/1895 Monroe Co, I) m. 12/15/1840

            Monroe Co., IN Jackson Lentz  (Lewse?) (Lens) (c1822 NC-12/26/1882

             Bethel Lane Cem.) divorced 1/11/1864 -he married niece Sarah Jane Yoder

    +Con29- Jacob   (c1816-1885)

    +Con2a- Israel  (c1812-1865)

     Con2d- Yoder son  b. c1820    d. by 1850

     Con2b- Margaret  (c1823 Clark or Monroe Co. I-8/16/1896 Sumner Co., KS.

            buried South Haven, KS   m. 8/9/1850 Brown Co, IN George Jackson

            (1827 In-8/28/1896 South Haven, Ks)  res.1870 Harrison Co,MO

            Cainsville,Marion Twp.  3 children

  (desc.-Ms. Joan Shackette,6292 Turret Dr.,Colorado Springs,CO 80918)

    +Con2c- John    b. 1828


Con23  Henry Yoder  (8/15/1804 Lincoln Co., NC-12/17/1871 Rock Grove, Ia)

       m. May 23,1830 Monroe Co,In  Ruth Ann Rader

      (5/24/1813 KY- "age 57" in 1870 census- 11/29/1873 Floyd Co,Ia)

      (d/o Thomas Rader and Elizabeth Miller)

       both Bur. Rock Grove Cemetery, Nora Springs, Floyd Co.,IA

       (per AHY papers, moved first to Bremer Co.,IA c1852. In spring

       of 1857 m. to Floyd CO.,IA)(And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))

     Con231- Clarinda  (5/24/1832-12/1/1840 8yrs 6m 7days)

    +Con232- Francis Marion b. Feb.17, 1835 IN

    +Con233- John David  b. Nov.21, 1839 Monroe Co.,IN

              (b. Oct.19,1838 on death record)

     Con234- Elizabeth Ann  b. Jun.2,1842 IN

            m1.  1860  Isaac N. Fleenor d. Civ. War Sep.19, 1862

            m2. Sep.26,1867  Jacob Kohler settled Chickasaw Co, SD

            d. Oct. 7,1934 Verndale, Minn. bur. Verndale, Mn

(Res. Floyd Co, Ia; Chicasaw Co, SD; & Hubbard Co, Mn)

    +Con235- William Henry  b. Mar.22, 1845 Monroe Co.IN

    +Con236- Thomas Rader  b. Mar. 10, 1848 IN

     Con237- Mary Catherine "Kate" b. Jan.30(or29),1852  Monroe Co.,IN

m.Sep.17,1874  Floyd Co. Ia to Thomas Sullivan (1850-1916) res. Oldham, SD

d. Jul.21, 1933 Longmont,Colo. Boulder County  bur. Oldham, SD

     Con238- Infant son   b. Jan.9, 1855   d. Jan. 9,1855


Con232-   Francis Marion Yoder (2/17/1835 Bloomington, Monroe Co,I-

11/11/1927 Renton,WA)  bur. Greenwood Cem. Sec.F,Lot 207 Block 31

space 3 still res. of Floyd Co IA as of 1880 census. Founded the town

of Shell City, Mn.  reportedly lived in Oregon,in 1922 res. Seattle, WA

(has a stone with no date at rock Grove Cem. Nora Springs)

m1. Aug.5, 1855 Monroe Co., In Armelda "Millie" McHenry

(5/3/1836IN-Dec.24,1876 40y7mo21ds)

m2. July 4,1878 Sophia L. Cox (Stevens) (c1851 - 1927 age 92(sic))

(p.s.  Pat Pangman, on the Doran side, said that F.M. Yoder had been in

Saskatchewan prior to going on to Washington, so will keep working that.)

     Con2321- William H. b. ca1857 IA  d. Sep.19,1872 15y11m18d

                bur. Rock Grove Cem., Nora Springs, IA.

   +Con2322- James M. "Jim"  b. ca1859 IA. Moved 1886 from Madison, SD to Fargo, SD

     Con2323- Infant    b.             d. Jun.2,1863 1 day 16 hours

                bur. Rock Grove Cem., Nora Springs,IA

     Con2324- Anna      b.  ca Dec. 1869  d. Mar.1, 1870 4m 5d

            bur. Rock Grove Cem. ,Nora Springs,IA


Francis M and Armilda are my great-great grandparents. James Marion was born

in Iowa 10 Sept, 1858.  (although his obituary states his father was J.F.

Yoder, more later).  Armilda died, and F.M. married Sophie.  In 1885 census

they were in Shell City, Minnesota, where they bought ownership of the town. 

They owned several businesses there, including the Yoder Haus hotel. 


Wonderful site!!! My sister has been doing family research on the Yoder

side, and sent info that my dad sent me, so she really gets the credit. 

My great-grandfather, James Marion Yoder, son of Francis Marion Yoder,

is the one who took the picture of Miss Edna Yoder in Shell city, MN, in 1884.

 Shell city was founded in part by francis M. Yoder.  James M. Yoder married

Margaret Etta Doran in Shell City in Aug 1882.  The Yoders then moved to

 Menahga, then to Fargo, North Dakota in 1886.  We never knew where our

great-grandparents came from (after Iowa), until a few years ago when our

father, Donald Yoder was looking at property less than 5 miles from the

original Shell City site, and was asked by the Wadena County Historical

society  if he was related to the Yoders who founded Shell City!!!! 

The county owns the property of shell city now, and there are signs locating

all of the original buildings, such as the Yoder House hotel, school, etc. 

For more info, please contact my sister, who has done all of the research,

 and needs the credit--Nancy Yoder  email--Cats Paw@aol.com

Patricia (Yoder) Cheney <Patandda@aol.com>

Bulverde, TX USA - Monday, March 16,1998.



Con2322- James M. "Jim" Yoder  b. ca1859 IA. Moved 1886 from Madison,

SD to Fargo, SD.  James M., was teacher, also postmaster, and he married

Margaret Etta Doran, (Maggie, born 27 Sept, 1866), daughter of John and Mary

Doran from Ontario (formerly of Ireland).Their wedding was 30 Aug, 1882.  The

town died, because the railroad did not come into Shell City.  The Yoder's

and Dorans moved on to Fargo, Dakota Territory on Feb 26, 1886.  North Dakota

became a state in 1889.  My James M. was a salesman, and after the great

Fargo fire, in 1893, ordered two railroad boxcars of goods, and sold them

from there. 


Con23221-   Claude Francis  born 20 April, 1887, married Inga Marie Malland Jan

18, 1908.  They had a son, George albert, born 27 Dec 1911.  According to the

1920 census, it lists George, age 8 as a nephew living with James M., but my

dad says it is him, a grandson.  Claude died in 1931 of a heart attack in the

projection room of the Fargo Theatre.  He was disabled due to a "gas" attack

in WWI.

Con23222- William Albert  (Wid), 12 Feb, 1889.  I vaguely remember him.  Wife

was Julia, three kids, Robert, Marlys, Bruce.  Bruce always came to our lake

cottage, remember him building an air boat, which capsized with my dad,

sister and I.  He married a Marlys.  Died in 1993

Con23223- Ethel Mae b. 23 Jan 1891.  Single all her life.  Was a lab tech. 

Lived in house with my grandfather.  Had all family papers, along with family

Bible, which she instructed minister to never give to family members.  This

is why we are struggling to recreate info.  My dad is probably the last of

this clan.

Con23224- Earl Doran, b. 12 June, 1892.  Supposedly moved to Sumner, Washington.

Con23225- James Colburn b.  7 January 1895.  My grandfather.  His middle name is

also found as Colbert, but in my g-grandfather's history book that he taught

school from, and recorded family infor, it is clearly written Colburn.  He

spent WWI in France.  Married Eleanor Tovaas and later divorced.  One son,

Donald Allen Yoder, born 30 April, 1933.  Worked for railway express

(Northern pacific) for 43 years.  Active as a Shriner.  Died Jan, 1970

       Donald Allen Yoder, married Dorothy Eleanor Ackerson, 27 Sept 1952

           1.   Patricia Anne Yoder (me) 7 Dec 54  married (div) Dale Eugene

Dunn 1976

                          Michelle Jeannette Dunn 4 May, 1979

                        James Dale Dunn  15 Oct 1980 

                                    Alisa Jeanette Becker-Dunn  19 April 1999

            2. Nancy Lynn , born 17 July 1956.  Married and divorced Arlen Truitt

Lori Eleanor Yoder, born 15 June 1960..  Married and divorced Duke Spurgeon. 

Now married to James Cookman

                        Eric Donald Spurgeon, 19 Mar 1989

                        Tyler Jay Spurgeon, 1_ Nov 1992

            3. James Albert Yoder, born and died 19 Mar 1964

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

Francis Marion Yoder (Con232) was born in Indiana Feb 17 1835 and was reported as still

resident in Iowa in the 1880 Iowa census. By the 1885 Minnesota census he was reported in the

Shell River Precinct of Wadena County in a household with two females, C. ----?, 34 years old,

born in Indiana, and Grace M. Yoder, 8 years old, also born in Indiana. It would seem that these

two were a second wife (between the two listed in the database?) and a daughter, although their

reported birthplace of Indiana doesn't exactly rhyme, since I would have guessed that Francis

Marion was still in Iowa in 1877, when the little girl was born. Although maybe not, if he went back

to Indiana after his wife died on December 24, 1886.. Perhaps he left Iowa and went back to

Indiana long enough to get married and have a child, or the daughter might have been the child of C.


Sometime between 1880, when he was reported by the census in Iowa and December 1882, he

moved to Shell City, Minnesota, with his second son, James, who seems to have been known as

J.M., according to this item from the Enterprise, a newspaper for the Wadena County or Shell

Prairie area:

Dec. 7, 1882


J. M. Yoder has retuned from Verndale the 1st inst. He has happily made arrangements with S. M.

Chandler, by which he buys out the latters entire interest in the Shell city Townsite property. He is

glad to be able to announce to all parties interested that he can now assure waranty deeds and

perfect titles to parties wishing to buy Shell City property.


Now that the last obstacle has bee removed the future prosperity of our burg is unquestionable and

she moves forward to the place destiny has assigned for her.


J.M was then about 23 years old, and he appears to have gone into the sawmill business with his

father (see below). They must have been pretty prosperous to have bought the whole damned 'burg.'


Just three months before this date, on September 7 1882, he had married, according to this notice

from the Enterprise:



Congratulations and hearty good wishes of the ENTERPRISE to Mr. and Mrs. James Yoder of

Shell City.


Maggie E. was from Canada and would have been about 15 at this time. Her last name appears to

be Doran. The marriage was reported again, in the same issue, under another rubric:



Wedding at Shell City Aug. 30. The parties were Mr. James -. Yoder and Miss ----- Doran The

marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Denley of Long Lake. A long life and a happy one

to them. Who will be the next to lead off?


Two weeks later there was mention of another Doran, on September 21 1882 'Miss Doran of Shell

Lake, and Mrs. Stevens of Third Prairie, are down today visiting friends in the town.' The Dorans

appear to have been another family in the area, as I found mention of another, male, Doran, in a later

edition of the paper. In this same September 21 1882 edition we find:



F.M. Yoder and Son are now sawing. Parties wishing lumber or sawing can be accomodated.


So, about three months after marrying and opening the sawmill with his father, J.M. bought the

'townsite' of Shell City.


My great grandfather, T.J. Yoder, met and married my great grandmother, Rose Hansen, in Iowa,

where F.M and J.M. Yoder came from, in 1883. They were in Shell City before that year was out,

because an item in the Enterprise lists him as being delinquent in paying his taxes for 1883 and at

risk of losing his land (if he had any, which I doubt).


Right at the beginnig of 1884, the Enterprise further reported:

Jan. 4, 1884.

More newspaper talk! J.M. Yoder informs us that the chances for a newspaper at Shell City are


Later that same year, in the issue of August 29 1884 the paper reported the birth of my

grandmother, Edna Verena Yoder, whom they called 'a sweet little girl.' My family seems to have

cleared out of there soon thereafter, as they are not listed in the 1885 census, and that accords with

my belief from family lore that they took up the homestead in Kaspar SD soon after Edna's birth.


Francis Marion and James M. Yoder remained there, however, for here is how they are reported in

the Minnesota Census for 1885, Shell River Precinct, Wadena County


2. [household]

Yoder, F. M. 50 M Ind.

Yoder, C. ----? 34 F Ind.

Yoder, Grace M. 8 F Ind.

4. [household]

Yoder, J. M. 26 M Iowa

Yoder, Maggie E. 18 F Canada

My guess that some Yoders remained in the Shell Prairie area for some years thereafter (based on

the photograph of 'Edna's birthplace' J.M. sent to South Dakota in 1889 is bolstered by this last item

from the Enterprise of January 11 1889:


Round Up

Shell City News

I have had an interesting time the past week listening to my neighbors guessing at the real name of

your correspondent at this place. Sam Doran, Miss Garcelan, Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Yoder are

among the names guessed at.


I think you add to the database with some confidence that Francis Marion Yoder (Con232) and

James M. Yoder (Con 2322) moved to Shell City MN 1880-82 and operate the F.M. Yoder &

Son sawmill there.


Also, James M. Yoder (Con2322) married Maggie E. Doran in Shell City MN on August 30, 1882.

She was born in Canada ca 1867 (extrapolated from age at 1885 census).


What you want to do about the Yoder woman and child living with Francis Marion in 1885 I don't

know. That gets confusing because of his 'other' second marriage, to Cox-Stevens, and because his

first wife, Armelda McHenry, died right at the end of 1876, on Christmas Eve, and the child Grace

M. would have to have been born in the course of 1877 in order to be eight years old for the 1885

census - presumably conceived within three months of McHenry's death! And born in Indiana to

boot. Bit of a puzzle here.I hope this all makes a bit of sense to you.-Fred Haines

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -  -


Con23226- Ada Louise, born 26 Feb 1897  married name Mee.  Died 1965  Had two

children I know of, a James and Elaine.  Elaine Hargrave died 24 November,

2000.  She and my dad worked to remember info.

Con23227-  Myrtle Ruth , 24 May, 1898.  She was active in women's physical

education on the collegiate level, mostly in south Dakota.  Married Jerome G.

Messenger 5 July  1923.  I think she had at least one daughter.

Con23228- Ralph John b. 29 April 1900.  Married a Josephine something.  Ran

Yoder Ambulance company in Fargo.  Died in 1980s

Con23229- Alice Margaret b. 21 April, 1903.  Have 1934 written after her name,

wonder if that is when she died.  Don't know anything else.

Con2322a- Charles W. b. 21 October, 1905.


Con233  John David "Dave" Yoder  (11/12/1839 Monroe, In-10/6/1922 Liberty,Mo

at the Odd Fellows Ret. Home, bur. Lockwood Cem)  m. Apr.18,1858  

Melvina Lyons  (5/-/1839 OH-4/8/1919 Dade Co., Mo)

        ?res 1880 Carroll Co.ARK, Eureka Springs; 1900 Dade Co.,MO


     Con2331- Ada Viola "Addie" (c1860 Floyd Co,Ia-3/17/1937 Corpus

Christi, Tx)  m.        Perry A. Crow

     Con2332- Eva  A.   (9/10/1875-2/13/1935 Springfield, Green Co,Mo)

Bur. Lockwood Cem. Dade Co, Mo. m. Wilford A. Pollard (    -     )


Con234- Elizabeth Yoder

Elizabeth Ann   Yoder-Fleenor-Kohler  Obituary

" Earliest Settler Died On Tuesday  Woman Came to  Wing River by

Ox Team and Covered Wagon  Wing River, Minnesota: this

community was greatly saddened last Sunday morning when the

news was spread that Mrs. E. A. Kohler, who for fifty-five years was

 a resident of this community, and a  much-loved  woman, had passed

 away in death  about 10 o'clock.  She had been ailing  for several years

 and recently had  failed fast, the  cause of her death  being complications

 due to old age,  having arrived at   the age of more  than 92 years.

 Funeral services  were held on  Tuesday afternoon  at two o'clock from

 Hope Methodist  Chapel, where she  was a member.  Rev. John Turnbull,

 an old friend of the  family, officiated  and interment was  made at Green

 Lawn Cemetery  near Verndale,  beside her husband  and daughter.


 Elizabeth Ann  Yoder was born at  Bloomington,  Indiana, on June 2,

 1842. While still a  child of nine years  she came with her   parents to Nora

 Springs, Iowa,  where she grew to  young womanhood,  and was united in

  marriage to I. M.  Fleenor in 1860.  He died in 1862 of Typhoid fever while

 serving his country  during the Civil  War. Two children  were born to them,

 Mrs. Theodosia  Shoop of Wagner,  S. Dakota, who has  been faithful the

 past six years in  helping for her aged  mother, and Isaac  Fleener of Saskatchewan,

 Canada.  On September 26,  1867, she was  united in marriage  to Jacob Kohler,

 who died on  October 30, 1884.  Six children blessed  this union: Mrs.

 Grace Scofield,  Salem, Oregon,  A.W. Kohler of  Verdale, Mrs. Jane  Avery of Plains,

 Montana, Ellis, who  died a few  years  ago in the West,  Mildred, who died

 at the age of four  and Austin of  Newton, Iowa. She  also leaves 22

 grandchildren, 30  great-grandchildren,  6 great-great  grandchildren and

 11 nieces and  nephews.  Mr. & Mrs. Kohler, with their  family, were among

 the very earliest  settlers of Wing   River township,   coming here from

  Nashua, Iowa, only   2 1/2 miles from the   "Little Brown   Church in the

  Vale", and filing on   a homestead on   what is now the   southwest quarter

  of section 22 in this   township. They   made the journey   from Iowa with two

  covered wagons   drawn by Ox   Teams and arrived   here on June 16,

  1879. With the   courage and   fortitude known so   well to those old

  time pioneers, they   toiled in their   homes, raised their   family, and lived

  lives of usefulness   and service while   converting the   wilderness into a

  comfortable home.    The husband and   father died in 1884   and the children

  married and went   into homes of their   own, except the   eldest son, Went,

  who stayed with his   mother and they   made their home   together for the 55

  years of almost   continuous   residence on this   homestead. Mrs.

  Kohler was a   woman of very high   character and   deeply religious.

  She lived a   consistant, Christian   life and all who   knew her loved her.

  She was a kind   neighbor and a true   friend. Pall-bearers   were close friends

   of the family, as    follows: Jesse Hess,    Will Shearer, R.M.

   Shelton, Paul     Billington, J.M.    Haggerman and    C.B. Conn.


   Notes:  Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry & Ruth Yoder.  Isaac Milton Fleenor and

Elizabeth Ann  Yoder were  married Sept. 4, 1860 in Rock  Grove City, Rock Grove Twp., Floyd

Co., Iowa, by Daniel B. Mead,  M.G.  Isaac was a Pvt. 1st class in the 27th Iowa Regiment

Infantry Volunteers,  Cos. "D" & "G". He died in 1862 in   Cairo, Alexander

 Co., Illinois, of  Typhoid Fever  while serving his   country during the  Civil War, fighting

 for the Union.


 Children of Isaac &  Elizabeth:

 1. Theodosia  Victorine Maria  Fleenor - b: July,1861 in Nora  Springs, Floyd Co.,  Iowa

 2. Isaac Milton Jr. -  b: Feb., 1863 ( two  months after his  father died in war)

 in Nora Springs,  Floyd Co., Iowa. -  d: Dec. 29, 1948


Jacob Kohler and Elizabeth Ann Yoder were  married Sept. 26,  1867 in Rock

 Grove City, Iowa.  Jacob was born in 1825 and died Oct. 30, 1884. He is

buried in  Greenlawn  Cemetery,  Verndale, Wadena  Co., Minnesota

 with Elizabeth and  their dau. Mildred.  Children of Jacob & Elizabeth:

1. Grace Kohler

 2. A. Went Kohler

 3. Jane Kohler

4. Ellis Kohler

5. Mildred Kohler -  b: 1879 in Wing   River, Minnesota -  d: 1883 in

  Minnesota - bur:  Greenlawn  Cemetery, Mn.

 6. Austin Kohler


 Source: History of Floyd Co., IA. - 1882 Larry R. Fleenor, Rushville, Indiana



Con235  William Henry "Bill"  Yoder (3/22/1845 Monroe Co,In-8/17/1921

Bloomington, Monroe Co, I)  bur.Mt. Gilead Cem. Bloomingtom)

m. Dec.1, 1864 Catherine Adelaide "Addie" Van Buskirk  (Feb.9, 1846

Monroe Co.,In -1924) (d/o Isaac Shelby Van Buskirk and Elizabeth Gabbert)

(And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan)) resided- Monroe Co, In-Floyd Co, Ia- Dakota Ter.

-Back to Monroe Co,In in 1898)

    +Con2351- Albert Henry    b. Feb.15,1866 Rock Grove, Floyd Co,IA

     Con2352- Isaac Eldorus   b. Feb.27,1868

              d. Feb. 19,1873 Austin, MN age 4y 11m 20 d

              Bur. Rock Grove Cemetery, Nora Springs,IA.

     Con2353- Lewis Monroe  b. Sep. 7,1870 IA

              d. Aug. 5,1890 Madison, SD

    +Con2354- William Arthur  b. Dec.23,1874 Nora Springs,IA

     Con2355- Hester  b. Nov.20,1881  d. Nov.29.1901 Bloomington,IN


Con2351     Albert Henry Yoder  (2/15/1866 Rock Grove,I-9/22/1940) bur. Acacia

Cemetery Seattle, Washington  m. 6/11/1894 Irvington, IN to  Susan Norton

Griggs (11/5/1869 Madison,IN - 8/16/1953) also Acacia Cem.- one time residents

of Grand Forks.ND (Albert Yoder papers-U of ND; Hubert A. Yoder research;

1900-Knox Co, Vincennes,I)

     Con23511-  Leverett Griggs b. Aug.3,1895 Indianapolis,IN

                m1. Feb.14,1920 Dorothy Cloutier (   - 1961)

                m2.  Elizabeth Kollar Luty

                d. May 1,1980 bur. Arlington Nat. Cem.Sec.8,gr.494LH

     Con23512-  Miriam   b. Sep.10,1896 Vincennes,IN m. Aug.17,1921

                Miles K. Lander (     - May 8,1967) d. Apr.20,1981

                both bur. Memorial Park Cem,Grand Forks, ND

     Con23513-  Charlotte May   b. Feb.26,1899 Vincennes,IN

                m1. Mar.19,1926  L.G. Lust  m2. Lieman Roose

                m3. Marshall Culter   m4. Gunnar Anderson, Gothenburg,

                Sweden  d. Dec.5,1985 bur. Hillside Cem., White Water,

                WI Lot 154,Grave A, Sec.K (with 3d husband)

     Con23514-  William Albert (Al)  b. Feb.21, 1902 Seattle, WA

                m. Naomi Edlund   d. Dec.22,1948 bur. Dec.28,1948

                Sunset memorial Park, Hoquiam, Wash.

     Con23515-  Frederick Griggs    b. Mar.19,1904 Seattle, WA

                bur. Apr.25,1955 Acacia Cem., Seattle,WA  single

     Con23516-  Paul Van Buskirk   b. Oct.8, 1908 Tacoma, WA

                d. Apr.4,1990 Hendersonville, NC  no issue

                m1. Maxine Thompson   m2 Roselyn Pease (   -



Con2354     William Arthur Yoder (Dec.23,1874 Nora Springs,IA-

Jun.13,1942 Minneapolis,MN)  cremation Lakewood cem. m.

 Bessie Ann_______   occupation Insurance   res. MN as of 1924.


Con236  Thomas "Tom" Rader Yoder  (3/10/1848 Bloomington,I-

2/25/1922 Oldham,SD at 12:30 in afternoon. bur. with wife Pleasantview

Cem.  m. Mar.21,1869 Rock Grove, Ia  to Mrs. Margaret S. Forbes Hull

(Oct. 17,1844 WI- Jul.17,1912 Oldham,SD)(And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))

TRY moved at 8 to Floyd Co,IA and 1881 to Dakota

     Con2361- Gertrude (Mertie Gertrude) b. Dec. 1869 Rock Grove,IA

                d. Jan.18,1870 age 6 weeks Rock Grove Cem.

     Con2362- Bertha Erdine b. Nov.25,1870 Rock Grove, IA

                m.Jan.29,1893 Oldham,SD to Charles H. Baker

                res. of Oldham as of 1922

     Con2363- Minnie Undine  b. Jan.27,1873  Austin, Mn

                m. Jun.30,1895 Oldham, SD to Henry D. Packard

                3 children res. Oldham as of 1922

     Con2364- Lela Lillian  b. Jul. 15,1876  IA

                d. Jan.3,1881 age 3y 5m Rock Grove Cem.

     Con2365- Daisey Josephine  b. Feb.24, 1878 Rock Grove,IA

                m. Howard G. Rottluff res. of Matsqui, B.C. as of 1922



Con24   Emanuel Yoder (5/5/1806 Lincoln, NC-12/18/1903 age 97)

bur Rock Grove Cem. Nora Springs, IA.    m. 9/23/1832 Monroe Co.,IN

to Rachel Shirley (Apr.12, 1811 KY- Jan.15, 1898)  bur. Rock Grove Cem.

(And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))

     Con241- Mary E.  (c1833 Monroe Co, In-          )

m. 8/17/1851 George A. McHenry (c1831 In-        )

(per letter by HA Yoder- m. Sep.17,1874  ________Sullivan)

     Con242- Sarah C.  (c1836 In Monroe Co,In-      )

m. Oct. 30, 1858 Floyd Co., Ia to   John McHenry (c1838 In-        )

     +Con243- Ruth Ann   (4/-/1839 Monroe Co., In-1929 Floyd Co, Ia) 

m. 10/30/1858 Henry Bumgardner  (5/30/1829 Oh-1/16/1903)

both bur. Rock Grove Cem.

    +Con244- John Jasper    b. Apr.12, 1841  IN




Hello again from Debbie Sutton.


I would like to submit a photo of my Gr Gr Grandmother and her family to your Yoder 5-year Project. The photo was taken in Rockford Twp/Nora Springs/Floyd Co.



Emmett Alfonso Sutton b. 1857 m. 1890

*Mary Catherine Bumgardner Sutton b. 1864(Mother: Ruth A. Yoder/Father: Henry J. Bumgardner)

Elsie Ann Sutton Ervay Daughter b.1891

Earl Albert Sutton (r. side/blonde hair/tall) b. 1894

Hazen Alanson Sutton (l. side/dark hair) b. 1896


I have some family overview history to share:

Earl Albert Sutton was my Grandfather.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Earl as he died when my father Robert was two years old.

Earl's children are still alive as well as their children and grandchildren+.


I have recent contact with the Hazen Sutton (deceased) family as well, his sons Lester & Lloyd (deceased). However, Lester recently passed away in November 2003.

I had the opportunity to meet him on the telephone last May.  No other early historical family documents are there. All of their children and grandchildren+ are still alive.


Elsie Sutton Ervay's family I am guessing was the keeper of historical documents.

Her children are all deceased and they did not have biological children of their own.


My father has a few family stories of his Grandmother Mary.  Mostly he remembers that both Grandmother and her daughter always wore black clothing and that their hair was often styled in a bun that was covered in white fabric. 


Again I am excited to learn about the Yoder's and Bumgardner's and Mennonite Culture.

I have contact locally with a PA Lancaster Mennonite Historical Member who has offered to be a mentor as well.   I am interested in obtaining or by library use the book, "The History of the Yoder's of N. Carolina."


Please keep in touch.

Thank you so much


Debbie,   Dee J Sutton <doregon@juno.com

Hello Chris,
I am Debbie Sutton searching my Genealogy of the Yoder's and Bumgardner's in 
Rockford Iowa/Nora Springs/Floyd Co.
My Gr Gr Grandmother is Mary C. Bumgardner Sutton
Her Father was Henry J. Bumgardner who married Ruth A Yoder.
And Amanual/Emanuel/Manuel Yoder
My relatives own farm land in Rockford Iowa
It is my understand that many of my relatives were Mennonites.
I had the pleasure at the LDS Sacramento, CA Family Research Library to meet 
a PA Mennonite Historical Society Member and she has introduced me to you.
This is so exciting to find another source to our family history.
Your web page is AWESOME and I hope to learn more soon.
Thank you
Debbie Sutton

Download Attachment: Sutton Bumgardner Yoder.wps.doc





Con244-  John Jasper Yoder  (4/12/1841 Monroe Co, In-12/25/1927 Floyd

Co, Ia)  res. Monroe Co.IN and  Floyd Co.,IA  m. Amanda M. Rader

(12/18/1842 IN-9/23/1896) both bur. Rock Grove Cemetery

     Con2441- Charles E.    b. Nov.22,1869 IA  m.    ?

            d. Jul.19,1947 a retired farmer , survived by one

            daughter Gladys Yoder of Seattle, WA.

            bur. Rock Grove Cemetery

     Con2442- Cora B.   b. ca1874  IA


Con29-  Jacob Yoder   d. Jun.12, 1885  Jackson Township, Brown Co.,IN

bur. Lanam Ridge Cem. near helmsburg, In  m. 5/17/1837 Monroe Co, In 

Mary "Polly" Jackson (1820IN or 1822KY- Ok after 1900). Moved to

Brown Co 1845 from Monroe Co.  (Weidener Book)

    +Con291-  James M.    b. Apr.21, 1843 IN

     Con292-  George Henry   (c1845 Monroe Co. In-     )

(m. ? license taken by George Yoder and Sarah Branum, marriage

shown 9/3/1863 George Yoder to Charlotte Monroe)

    +Con293-  John  D.  b. ca1847 Brown Co., In.

     Con294-  Martha Jane  (5/9/1850-1921 Yukon Ok)

m. Jan.26,1868 Brown Co.,In.  to  James P. Gray

(see inset below)

    +Con295-  Edward    b. Mar. 1852

    +Con296-  William Jacob     b. ca1854

     Con297-  Thomas J.  b. ca1856  m.Mar.26,1883 Cerro Gordo Co.,

            IA to Rosa L. Hansen  res. of Rock Falls,IA.

    +Con298-  Willard (Wm.C)-  b. May 6, 1860

    +Con299-  Westford (Wm.Wesley)   b. May,6,1860

     Con29a-  Alice   b.   ca1862



From Tom Gray (Grayte@aol.com ) Jan 2004,

Here is my line of the family from Martha Jane Yoder.

Martha Jane Yoder  b. May 9 1850 Brown Co. Indiana  d. Nov 14, 1921 Yukon, Candadian Co. Oklahoma m.  January 26, 1868 in Nashville, Indiana to James Percy Gray (carpenter, schoolteacher, farmer, Sergeant Co. F, 8th Indiana Cavalry, Civil War) b. October 18, 1836 Bellville, Richland Co. Ohio d. February 15, 1916 Britton, Okla. Co., Okla.
James P. and Martha resided in Nashville, Indiana in 1872. They were in Barbour County, Kansas in 1880, then back in Indiana in 1887. They made the land run of 1889 and homestead 160 acres now covered by Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City.
They have seven children
1.  Mary Minnie Gray b1869Nashville, In -d1958 Bakersfield CA     m. to Elias B. (Dock) Bridges
2.  Jacob Oliver Gray    b.  August 16, 1871 in Nashville, Indiana      d.  October 4, 1929 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma m.  1892 in Oklahoma City to Margaret Angela Gossin b. 1863 in Marshall County Kansas d. 1940 Oklahoma City

one of their sons (my grandfather) Theodore George Gray b. December 26, 1897 Britton Oklahoma d.  August 20, 1956  Edmond Oklahoma m.  1930 to Lorena Emeline Dixon b. July 3, 1904  Britton Oklahoma d.  July 31, 1999 Oklahoma City

one of their sons (my father) David Lee Gray b. June 21, 1942 Okla. City m. 1965 to Jo Ann Marie Ketter b.  September 14, 1945 El Reno Okla.

one of their sons (myself) Thomas Edward Gray b. 1972 Okla. City

3.  Annettie Hester Gray      b. January 1874 Nashville Ind.      d.  1955 San Bernardino CA
m. to     Ulysses Grant Kennedy      b. 1865 Iowa      d.  1944  San Bernardino, CA
4.  James Leander Gray      b. July 4, 1877 Nashville Ind.      d.  1959  Artesia CA m. to
     Pearl Smith
5.  John Tony Gray      b. 1881 Nashville, Indiana      d.  1956 Oklahoma City
m. 1906 to      Elizabeth Bennie      b. 1883      d.  1968 Oklahoma City
6.  Virgil Harrison Gray     b.  1888 Nashville Ind.     d.  California?
7.  Daniel Dennis Gray     b. 1894 Britton Oklahoma     d.  1965 California              


Con291- James M. Yoder (4/21/1843 Monroe Co,In-4/24/1931 Brown Co., IN) bur. Lanam Ridge Cem.,

Jackson Twp.,Brown Co.,IN  m1. Mar.11,1869 Catherine (Sarah C.) Waltman (      - 4/25/1872 age 23y

10m 24d- in childbirth) Bur. Bean Blossom Cem.  m2. Sep.11/12, 1872  Eliza Jane Baughman

(11/3/1853-  12/20/1934 81y 1m 16d) Lanam Ridge Cem. Civ. War Pension-Co  D 82nd Indiana Inf.

Republican, farmer and livestock merchant, Georgetown Presbyterian

(And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan), 1920 Ind, Jane Murphy research, Russell E. Yoder Cht '85, Bret Eberle-'97)

   +Con2911-  Marion E. b. ca1870  m. Jan.3, 1892 Emma A. Myars

            (                       -4/23/1949) res. Indianapolis 1931, Helmsburg 1934

         d.2/28/1946 Indianapolis,In     

     Con2912-  girl   b. 1872    d. 1872

     Con2913-  Jacob Ira  b. 1873   m. Rachel Deckard (d.Aug.1,1944

            Indianapolis, bur. Lanam Ridge)

            d. Dec.18,1963  bur. Lanam Ridge Cem.

     Con2914-  Ida C.  b. Apr.26, 1875  m. Aug.9, 1891 to John

            Prosser (  - d.Oct.7,1943)  d. Apr.13, 1961

            bur. Bean Blossom Cem., Jackson Twp., Brown Co.

     Con2915-  Cyrus    b.Sep.18,1877  d. Sep.28,1877 bur. Lanam Ridge

     Con2916-  Myrtle   (c1879-<1962)  w1 of Joshua Bond ( d.Jul.26,1962

               age 87), res. Nashville,IN as of 1934

     Con2917-  Maude    b. Jul.5,1881 Brown Co.,IN  m. John K.

            Anderson  res. Edinsburg,IN 1934  d. Sep.11, 1949 in

            Bartholomew Co., IN

     Con2918-  Edith    b. 1883     d.  1903  Lanam Ridge Cem.

     Con2919-  Daniel B. (Boone)  b.          

            res. of Ft. Wayne at death

            (?from Bret Eberle-'97-Boone Yoder, res. Lafayette,In. His wife

            Ida I. Eberle was born in 11/22/1887 and they married in 2/22/1914)

            (?SSN for Boone,In- b.5/1/1886-5/-/1966)

     Con291a-  Leroy  (Roy)  b. Jul. 7, 1889   m. Effie A. Coy

               ( 1883-  May 10,1965 ) d. Oct. 6, 1976

               both bur. Rest Haven Cem., Edinsburg,IN

     Con291b-  Ralph    b. Feb.25,1892   m. ?

            d. Dec.26, 1980 bur. Lanam Ridge Cem.

     Con291c-  Dorval J.  b.            m1.________ Corscot

            m2. ________ Anderson  res. 1934 & 1963 Madison, WI

     Con291d-  John R.  b.     1897      d.   1907  Lanam Ridge Cem.

     Con291e-  Pearl    b.         m.______ Glaizman

            res. 1934 Chicago,IL  res 1963 Montebello, CA


Con2911-  Marion E. Yoder  (5/_/1870- 2/28/1946 Indianapolis,I)  m. Jan.3, 1892

Emma A. (Anna M.) Myers (3/_/1872 I-4/23/1949 Indianapolis,I) res.

Indianapolis 1931, Helmsburg 1934 (1900-Johnson Co,I-Union Twp)

Con29111- Freda   (8/_/1892 I-            )

Con29112- James E.  (7/14/1895 Brown Co,I-1/2/1868 Indianapolis,I)  m.

Catherine  Rust  (           -1935)

Con29113- John     (9/_/1897 I-

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

Fri, 7 Sep 2001 06:28:46 EDT   From:    THooker974@aol.com

I just returned from a weekend in Indiana where I met my wife Penny's mother

for the first time. She provided a great deal of new family information, some

of which I might not have had a month ago when I sent you an up-date.


Regards, Tom Hooker Longwood, FL


Descendants of James Marion Yoder

  1          James Marion Yoder b: April 21, 1843 in Monroe County, Indiana d: April 24, 1931 in Brown County, Indiana


            +Sarah Catherine Waltman   b: 1848            d: April 25, 1872 in Brown County, Indiana   m: March 11, 1869 in Brown County, Indiana

              2          Marion Yoder b: May 12, 1870 in Brown County, Indiana  d: February 28, 1946 in Indianapolis, Indiana          +Emma A. Meyers  b: March 1872            d: April 23, 1949 in Indianapolis, Indiana   m: January 03, 1892


                        3. Infant Girl Yoder    b: 1872 in Brown County, Indiana  d: 1872 in Brown County, Indiana    


            *2nd Wife of James Marion Yoder:   +Eliza Jane Baughman  b: November 04, 1853 in Indiana d: December 20, 1934 in Brown County, Indiana           m: September 11, 1872 in Brown County, Indiana


            2          Jacob Ira Yoder   b: September 21, 1873 in Brown County, Indiana d: December 18, 1963 in Indiana     

.+Rachel Deckard   d: August 01, 1944 in Indianapolis, Indiana    


2            Ida C. Yoder   b: April 26, 1875 in Brown County, Indiana d: April 13, 1961 in Brown County, Indiana    +John Prosser            d: October 07, 1943      m: August 09, 1891

2            Cyrus Yoder   b: September 13, 1877 in Brown County, Indiana  d: September 28, 1877 in Brown County, Indiana   


2            Myrtle Yoder b: November 28, 1878 in Brown County, Indiana  d: July 26, 1962 in Indiana +Joshua Bond      d: July 26, 1962

            2          Maude Yoder b: July 01, 1881 in Brown County, Indiana  d: September 11, 1949 in Bartholomew County, Indiana    +John K. Anderson

            2          Edith Yoder    b: October 13, 1883   d: 1903           


2            Daniel Boone Yoder  b: May 01, 1886 in Nashville, Indiana  d: May 26, 1966 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, buried Leo Cemetery, Leo, Indiana             +Ada Irene Eberle     b: November 22, 1887 in Lafayette, Indiana d: May 12, 1982 in Fort Wayne, Indiana  m: February 11, 1914 in Lafayette, Indiana


                        3          George Edward Yoder   b: July 10, 1915 +Sophia Marie Sealover  b: October 09, 1914 d: March 16, 1992  2nd Wife of George Edward Yoder: +Leona Mae Radke            b: October 04, 1915 in Indiana m: October 24, 1936 in Fort Wayne, Indiana


                        3          Helen Louise Yoder   b: May 18, 1918 in Olney, Illinois  +Leonard James Radke  b: July 23, 1913 in Fort Wayne, Indiana    d: May 06, 1971 in Fort Wayne, Indiana    m: August 31, 1940


                                    4          Larry Leon Radke     b: June 19, 1942 in Fort Wayne, Indiana

 +Constance Jane Boussum    b: January 04, 1949               m:  March 10, 1973

                                                5          Lonnie Neal Radke   b: May 31, 1974                 

                                    4          Penny Diana Radke   b: November 27, 1948 in Fort Wayne, Indiana           +John Rayburn Savio           b: October 07, 1949 m:September 07, 1968 in Fort Wayne, Indiana


                                                5          Wendy Renee Savio  b: June 25, 1969 in Fort Wayne, Indiana  +Gregory Field          

            ....................................                        6          Cody Field      b: September 21, 1990                

..............................      5            John Rayburn Savio, Jr.  b: October 24, 1972 in Blytheville, Arkansas *2nd Husband of Penny Diana Radke:   +Robert Houle m: December 22, 1987 in Baltimore County, Maryland


*3rd Husband of Penny Diana Radke:  +Thomas Lynn Hooker   b: December 17, 1937 in Excelsior Springs, Missouri m: February 10, 2001 in Longwood, Florida


                        3          Charles Marion Yoder   b: January 26, 1930           Peggy ???

*2nd Wife of Charles Marion Yoder: +Lucille Helen Krantz  b: January 08, 1930 m: April 29, 1950

                                    4          James Marion Yoder b: December 08, 1950 +Katherine Marie Gfell  m: October 02, 1976


                                                5          Sarah Ann Yoder        b: February 14, 1981           

                                    4          Jo Ann Yoder b: December 16, 1952  +Daniel Ross Toor m: October 23, 1971


                                                5          Lisa Elaine Toor        b: April 10, 1972                 


                                    4          Charles Michael Yoder         b: February 27, 1954 +Caroline Cragg

m: March 1982


                                                5          Michael Allen Yoder  b: July 10, 1983     

                                    4          Carl Edward Yoder    b: January 27, 1972  

                        3          Daniel Boone Yoder  b: March 28, 1921      d: March 28, 1921          

            2          Leroy Yoder   b: July 07, 1889 in Brown County, Indiana  d: October 06,          1976 in Edinsburg, Indiana +Effie A. Coy      b: 1883  d: May 10, 1965         


            2       Ralph Yoder      b: February 25, 1892 in Brown County, Indiana d:            December 26, 1980

            2          Dorval Jane Yoder     b: February 12, 1894 in Brown County, Indiana           d: aft. 1963.

            2          John C. Ross Yoder   b: March 13, 1897 in Brown County, Indiana            d: 1907 in Brown County, Indiana     


            2          Eliza Pearl Yoder       b: April 15, 1899 in Brown County, Indiana d: Aft. 1963

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

Con293   John   Yoder  (1/11/1848 Brown Co IN-7/21/1931

Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Shawnee)1850 in Indiana

m. Dec.25, 1871 Brown Co.,IN to Matilda J.Hampton (Jane)

(1847 IN-7/30/1915 or 7/27/1915) res. 1880 Ozark Co.,MO;

1900 Chicasaw Co.,Ind. Ter.- farmer  Civil War Vet

(family bible records- Brandy Walker Parks,

<bluebonnet_72@yahoo.com> 3/2000)

     Con2931-  Martha "Mattie" (1873 Brown Co,In-

 1949 in Oklahoma, Seminole, Seminole m. _____ BREWER

     Con2932-  Mary "Nettie"(1875 Brown Co,In-1952 Ca)

m1. John GOODSON  m2.  William LEECH

     Con2933-  Willard Wistford  (11/30/1877 Missouri, Springfield -

2/21/1960 in Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Shawnee) bur. RESTHAVEN Shawnee

m1. 2/12/1900 in Oklahoma Terr, Tecumseh  Jenny Mae Steele

m2. Mina ______

     Con2934-  Olliver  (8/19/1880 Ozark Co, Mo-4/3/1964 Riverside, Ca)

m1. ________   m2. Janie Graham (             Bethel, Ok-   )

     Con2935-  Walter   (7/19/1883 Ozark Co. Mo-12/25/1959 Pottawatomie,

Shawnee Co., Ok) bur. FAIRVIEW Pottawatomie, Ok)  m. 2/20/1909 Grady,

Chickasha, Ok  Edna Beatrice Alexander 4/19/1892 Jefferson, Mt.Vernon. Il

     Con2936-  James   (5/8/1885 Oklahoma Terr, Grady, Chickasha -5/11/1970

Pottawatomie, Shawnee m. 7/2/1902  Madie Fisher

     Con2937-  Oskar   (9/-/1888 Indian Ter.-6/-/1960) m1

Gussie FILLY


"My grandmother, Genevieve Kathryn Higley Murray,

is Ruby Renee Yoder's daughter."

 Brandy Walker Parks, <bluebonnet_72@yahoo.com> 3/2000


Dates of death for John and Jane above, and the following is

fron Bible-


Willard Wesley Yoder b. Nov. 30,1877 in Springfield, Missouri

     m. Jennie Mae Steele in Tecumseh, OK on Feb. 12, 1900

    d. 2/21/1960

                   Grandmother knew several of W. W.

                       Yoder's siblings, but doesn't

                       remember all of them.  She said

                       "there were a bunch of them."

                       The names she remembered were:

                       Nettie, Mattie, Jim (who was

                       the Chief of Police in Shawnee,

                       Oklahoma), and Ollie.  She also

                       said "they use to talk about

                       an Oscar but I never meet him."


Children of Willard Wesley Yoder and Jennie Mae Steele.

    Le"Roy" Yoder b. 2/28/1901 in Byers,

                    OK  d. 9/17/1959

    Esta Mae Yoder b. 4/26/1903 in

              Anadarko, OK  m. Claude Cattladge

               on 12/19/1919 in Tecumseh, OK

     Walter Clarence Yoder b. 6/2/1906 in

                      Anadarko, OK m. Eva Ruth Philly

                      on 9/12/1927 in Oklahoma City d.

                      1984 in CA

     Clara Allene Yoder b. 4/17/1909 in

                      Anadarko, OK d. 8/21/1911 in

                      Blanchard, OK

     Ruby Renee Yoder b.10/4/1910 in

                      Blanchard, OK  m. 10/6/1928 in

                      Shawnee, OK to Harold James

                      Higley d.6/21/1978

     Cecil Boyd Yoder b. 12/27/1912 in

                      Blanchard, OK m. 8/1/1930 in

                      Shawnee, OK to Pauline Taylor

                      d. 1/19/1949 in Shawnee, OK

     Marvin A. Yoder b. 2/1/1914 in

                      Blanchard, OK m. 6/29/1933  in

                      Shawnee, OK to Lorene Hughes

                      d. 10/25/1960 in Shawnee, OK

My grandmother, Genevieve Kathryn Higley Murray,

is Ruby Renee Yoder's daughter.-Brandy Walker Parks


From Barbara Caramba-Coker <wilbanksweb (at) yahoo.com>, Apr.2010


CON2931 - Martha Yoder married William M. Brewer.  William was b.abt 1857/58 in Tennessee.  According to the 1910 census Martha had 4 children, with 3 still living as of 1910.  The family also included a couple of adopted children.  Recorded children include Rosa E Brewer, b.1893, Elsie Mae Brewer, b.1902, and Jewell Edna Brewer, b.1906.  (I still seem to be missing one at this point.)  Adopted kids were Nora E. Smith and James Smith.

Jewell Edna Brewer married (1) Earl F. Hanks and (2) Joseph Malcolm Ham.  The first marriage brought one child, Corwin Harris Hanks, b.1924.  The 2nd marriage started as an affair while Jewell was still married to Earl Hanks.  The kids came before the marriage.  There is still gossip within the family as to who is the biological father of William Inmon Ham.  Jewell ended up leaving Earl and settled in the Sacramento area with her new husband and kids, leaving Corwin with his dad in Oklahoma.



Con295   Edward  Yoder  d.

        m. Feb.22, 1876 Felissa (Felina) Watkins


Con296  William J. (Jacob)  Yoder (c1854 In-11/-/1933 Frederick, Ok)

        m. Jun.12, 1877  Brown Co.,IN  to Nancy A. (Nan) Mavity

        ( ca1854IN -     ) res. Chandler, Ok

     Con2961- Edward Evertt  b. 1887  IN

            m. Maude_____   to California after 1920

            (?SSN  Record- An Edward (4/2/1887-4/-/1982 in Ca)

     Con2962- John Max   b. Mar. 27,1880 Nashville, Brown Co., IN

            m.   1907   Martha Pearlee Ward (1/_/1888or9-4/18/1974)                               

            d. Apr. 29,1968  Chandler, OK (Lincoln Co.)

             bur. Forrest  Cem.

     Con2963- Portle (Purtle)   b. 1890 IN

       d.    ?    "came home laying across his horse- shot to death"


 Submission by Fred Haines- 1996


Con297 - Thomas J YODER

     born  8 Oct 1854, Brown County, Indiana

     marr 26 Mar 1883, Cerro Gordo Country, Iowa

     died 15 Jan 1944, Puyallup, Washington


 spouse - Rose L HANSEN

     born    Dec 1862, (Racine County?), Wisconsin



I believe that Thomas J Yoder was still in Brown County, Indiana,

at the time of the 1880 census, but that there were Yoders

already living in Floyd County, Iowa, by that time, notably, I

reckon, offspring of Henry Yoder (Con23) and Ruth Ann Radler or

Rader, both of whom had died in Floyd County before 1880. Their

son Francis Marion (Con232) was reported in Floyd County in the

1880 census, along with some children. Floyd County is the next

county east of Cerro Gordo County in the north central part of

the state. (It is named after a then-famous victory, of 1847, in

the Mexican war. The first white people settled there in 1851. It

also gave us the word 'tractor,' when, in 1902, the sales manager

of the Hart Parr Factory in Charles City decided that 'gasoline

traction engine' was just too damned long to attract customers.)


I believe Thomas was looking around for a situation where he

could take up farming and he may well have been visiting or

working for relatives in Floyd County when he met Rose Hansen,

who was living just over the county line in Rock Falls.


Soon after Thomas J and Rose married they went to Minnesota,

because their first child, Edna Verena (my grandmother), was born

in Shell River Township, Wadena County, in Minnesota on 25 August

1884, less than two years after the marriage, and I have her

birth certificate and a photograph of the house in which they

were living. I believe they went there because there were other

Yoders living there, on evidence of a note on the back of the

photo which reads 'Miss. Edna Yoder / The house where she was

born in 1884. / Rode view taken by J.M. Yoder / Shell City Minn /

July 3d- 1898.'


Who was that? I notice from the genealogy that one of the Iowa

Yoders was James M Yoder, born around 1859 in Iowa (Con2322). He

would have been three years younger than my great grandfather

(and one generation removed). Just a guess.


My Yoders seem, however, not to have stayed long in Minnesota.

Thomas took up a double homesteading claim near Pierre, South

Dakota (in Sully County?), one for farming and one for forestry.

He had to give the forestry claim up, but he worked the farming

claim for about thirty years.


When Edna Verena married Roy Dorothy in 1906, the newlyweds went

to Concunully, Washington, to raise apples. Some time thereafter,

Edna's younger brother, Ralph, somehow managed to set fire to the

barn and destroyed all the winter feed for the livestock on the

homestead. All the animals died that winter, and Thomas sold up.


The remaining family (possibly excepting daughter Jesse) moved to

Washington, partly because Edna and her husband were living

there, and partly because Rose's father had left her a house in

Tacoma. He is supposed to have been named Ole Hansen, and family

legend has him confused with the famous Mayor of Seattle by that

name, but, if that Hansen is related at all (which I doubt), he

would have had to be Rose's brother, not father. I have a

startlingly well made photograph of all the Yoders in a photo

studio in Puyallup, Washington, in 1915 or 1916. I would never

have been able to figure out the date of this photo if my

grandmother had not noted that Mazel was thirteen, as both my

grandmother and her sister Jesse look like teenagers, although

even Jesse must have been thirty. She may well have been visiting

Puyallup from Texas at the time.


In any case, the Yoders settled in Puyallup, bought a 'fifteen-

cent store,' and lived there until around the end of world war



Con2971 - Edna Verena YODER

     born 25 Aug 1884, Shell River Township, Wadena County,


     marr 18 May 1905, Kaspar, South Dakota

     died 23 Dec 1980, Tustin, Orange County, California


 spouse - Roy DOROTHY-12 (1882-1947)


Edna grew up on the Yoder homestead near Pierre, South Dakota,

and recalled seeing pioneers in covered wagons, the Ghost Dance

rising of the Sioux Indians, and the great plains blizzards that

destroyed the cattle industry in the 1890s. She attended a one-

room school until she was sixteen, at which point she became the

teacher. A handwritten resume she prepared in order to apply for

a civil service job in California, reveals that she spent eight

years in South Dakota Public Schools doing 'grammar school

subjects' until November 1899, and another few months, from April

to November of 1900 doing 'high school subjects.' In 1901, from

January to June, she attended high school in Gettysburg, South



She then had two stints of school teaching, one from November

1901 to May 1902 in Sully County, at '25 or 27.50' and another

from October 1902 to April 1903 at '27.50 to 30.' I gather those

figures are dollars/month. The fact that these jobs were in Sully

County leads me to believe that the family homestead was located

in that county too.


Family legend has it that people in the neighborhood took up a

collection to send her to school to learn how to be a proper

teacher, and in 1903 she went to Mankato, Minnesota, where she

saw her first automobile - there were two in the town at the

time. I'm not sure what happened with the education as a teacher,

since she in fact took a course in stenography from April to

October 1903 (and she used it all her life - I have shorthand

notes she took of telephone calls received when she was in her



For about seven months she worked halftime, at three dollars a

week, for two different businesses in Gettysburg, until August

1904, when she went to work for the National Bank of Commerce

in Pierre, where she roomed with the family of one of her

coworkers, the Dorothys.


The Dorothys had come up to Pierre around 1895 from Ute, a tiny

town in Monona County on the western border of Iowa, and E F

Dorothy operated several grocery stores and traded in cattle.

They seem to have been fairly well to do as Prairie families

went. Roy worked in the bank on the theory that there were only

two good ways for a young man to get ahead, by going to a

university or working in a bank, and university was not a

possibility. E F gave his son a horse and buggy, and Roy soon

began to drive the family's roomer to church in it, to the

chagrin of Roy's sister, Blanche, who felt she deserved the seat.


Roy and Edna may have eloped to marry in Kaspar, South Dakota, a

town where neither had family or other connections that I know

of. Their wedding announcement is an after-the-fact one, and it

notes that after the wedding the couple would be 'at home' in

Concunully, Washington.


In the early twenties they moved to California, settled in

Sacramento, and both worked for the State government until they

retired. Both were highly placed civil servants. Roy was an

accountant for the Board of Equalization (tax office) and Edna

worked for any number of different boards and agencies. They had

three children, Don Vincent Dorothy, Thelma Ruth Dorothy (my

mother), and Carol Agnes Dorothy.


Con2972 - Jessica 'Jesse' YODER


     born 1885, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota


I don't know much about Jesse except that she married twice and

lived in Austin, Texas. She had two children by her first

husband, Patricia Breedlove and Philip Breedlove, and two by her

second, Robert Eastman and Margaret Eastman.


Con2973 - Evelyn YODER


I'm not sure of her dates of birth or death, but she died as a

very small child of diphtheria.


Con2974 - Ralph YODER


     born 1888, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota


Ralph, after burning down the homestead barn, moved with his

parents to Puyallup, Washington. During world war two he was

living and working in Tacoma, Washington. He married someone

named 'Lil,' and they had at least two children. One of them was

named Glenna Dee and she married Robert J St Clair on 6 November

of an indeterminate year.


Con2975 - Mazel YODER


     born 1902, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota


Mazel also moved with her parents to Washington and was still

living there, in Seattle, in the seventies. She married Arthur C

'Butch' SONNTAG and had two children, Stanley SONNTAG in 1925,

and Virginia SONNTAG in 1930. The last known address I had for

her is 3703 Densmore Avenue, Seattle 3. A postcard from her to my

grandmother reveals that Butch 'will be 80' on July 8, and I

_think_ the postmark reads 1978.



I have learned a few things and sharpened my information since the material I sent

to you the other day. The main thing is that I figured out the location of the

Thomas J Yoder homestead - it was at Kaspar, in Sully County, South Dakota.

Kaspar itself no longer exists, it has been folded into the town of Onida, but this is

a more exact location that 'near Pierre.'


By speaking with my Aunt Carol, I have been able to clean up the information on

the family as well. It should read like this:


HUSBAND Thomas J YODER (Con297)

BORN:    8 Oct 1854          PLACE: ,Brown,Indiana,USA

DIED:   16 Jan 1944          PLACE: Puyallup,,Washington,USA

MARR:   26 Mar 1883          PLACE: ,Cerro Gordo,Iowa,USA


BORN:      Dec 1862          PLACE: ,Racine,Wisconsin,USA

DIED:          1944          PLACE: Puyallup,,Washington,USA


One my grandmother's birth certificate the place of birth is given as Wisconsin. I

am guessing at the Racine County, on foot of the family legend that has her related

to Ole Hansen, the Mayor of Seattle, who was born in Racine County. I'm

guessing at her date of death. The last letter in her hand is dated February 1944.




Edna Verena YODER (Con2971)

BORN: 25 Aug 1884          PLACE: Shell River Twnp,Wadena, Minnesota,USA

DIED: 23 Dec 1980          PLACE: Tustin,Orange,California,USA


MARR: 18 May 1905          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA


Jessica 'Jesse' YODER (Con2972)

BORN: 31 Jan 1886          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA



Lived in Austin TX.


Ralph YODER (Con2973)

BORN:        1888          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA Lived in

Tacoma WA. During the war was driving a truck for the Model Bakery. His wife's

first name was Lil and he had at least one daughter named Glenna Dee, who

married Robert J Sinclair at the Trinity Lutheran Chapel in Parkland WA.


Lily YODER (Con2974)

BORN:        1890          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA

DIED:        1902          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA

 This child died of diphtheria at the age of twelve.


Mazel YODER (Con2975)

BORN:  7 Oct 1902          PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA

SPOUSE: Arthur C 'Butch' SONNTAG

Lived in Seattle WA.


In your document with the filename CONRAD.DOC, Nora Springs, Iowa, is in

many places correctly spelled, but in quite a few others it is spelled 'Nona' Springs.

The latter does not exist. Nora Springs is right on the Cerro Gordo/Floyd County

line, which probably explains why Thomas J Yoder met and married Rose Hansen

there. Rock Falls is within walking distance of Nora Springs.


Did I already tell you why I think Thomas J Yoder and his bride detoured to

Minnesota long enough for her mother, Edna V Yoder, to be born in Shell River

Township? I looked again at a small photograph I have of the house where she

was born, a 9 cm x 9 cm sepia photo mounted on a somewhat larger card with the

stamp of a photo studio in Fargo ND on it. Someone wrote on the back, 'Rode [sic]

view taken by J.M.Yoder / Shell City Minn / July 3d- 1895.'


That's eleven years after my grandmother was born and long after her family had

moved to South Dakota. Thomas J had an older brother named James M Yoder

(Con291), but he lived and died in Brown County, Indiana. A more likely

candidate would seem to be another James M Yoder (Con2322) among the Iowa

Yoders. Although he was of a different generation, this James was only a few

years younger than Thomas J. I notice that the genealogy has no further

information on James - that may be because he settled in Wadena County,

Minnesota.---- Regards,   Fred Haines (submitted Jun. 1996)



Con298  Willard C. Yoder  (5/6/1860-11/-/1913 Frederick, Tillman, Ok)

        m1. 9/26/1882  Anna B. Doan. (10/28/1863-8/l6/l898)       

( per Julie Wynn-3/99- juliewynn@excite.com)

        m2. 7/27/1899 Amanda Belle (Stephens) Kleindorfer (1/-/1863 In-1921)

        res. 1900 Okla. Census, Lincoln Co.

     Con2981-  Rose Ethel  (9/1/1883  Nashville, IN-7/7/1957 Frederick, Ok)

m. 11/19/1902 Davidson, Ok   Claude Almer Roberts

     Con2982-  Mahlon  Eldridge (1/18/1889 Ok-      ) never

married, lived and died in Yuma, AZ

     Con2983- Mary Pearl   (3/12/1898 Ok-   ) m.    John Thrush of

Lubbock, Tx


Con299  William  Wesley (Westford) Yoder  d.      1928   Minco, Okla

        bur. Friendship Cemetery, Minco, Okla

        m1. Apr. 16, 1882  Brown Co.,IN Nancy White (ca1862IN-       )

        m2. Jul.5, 1894  Lena Schmidt (Jul 1875 OH-       )

w1 Con2991-  Jacob Wilson   b. Apr 10, 1883 IN (Oct.1882 per 1900 census)

            m. Nov,29,1903 to Lillian Delories Woodard  (8/2/1883-9/8/1971)

            d. Apr. 30,1942  Elgin, OK

     Con2992-  Johnie   b. Apr.  1885  IN

     Con2993-  David    b. Aug.  1886  IN

     Con2994-  Annie    b. Jul.  1887  IN

     Con2995-  James Albert   b. Feb.  1889  Indian Ter. (11/28/1899-           )

            m.12/-/1923  Georgia Bittman

w2 Con2996-  Mary     b. Sep.  1895  Indian Ter.

     Con2997- Annie (2/8/1899-                       ) m. 5/-/1919

            Thomas Graves (                   -           )

     Con 2998-  Raymond (12/2/1901- ) m. 12/-/1923

            Maude Eisenman (     -           )

     Con2999- Lillian Gertrude  (4/4/1904-                 ) m. 10/-/1923

            Everett Downey  (      -           )

     Con299a- William Edward (7/8/1907-                  ) single

     Con299b- Ronnie Fred  (4/21/1909-            )  m. 4/-/1931

            Opal McBride  (                     -           )

     Con299c- Luther Earnest (1/29/1913-                  ) m. 9/-/1930

            Willie Engnam  (                     -           )

     Con299d- Grace Mae (3/19/1916-           ) m1. 1/-/1933

            Eddie Hudson (                       -           ) m2. 2/-/1952

            Monte Parsons (                    -           )


Con2a   Israel  Yoder   (c1812 Lincoln Co., NC- 10/12/1865 Monroe Co, In

at the residence of Jackson Lentz) Prob. bur. Bethel Lane Cem.  poss.

Payne Cem. - no stone  m. 10/7/1838 Monroe Co.,In by David Barrow JP

Elizabeth (Betsy) Jackson (c1820IN-?by 1860) burial place not known

1850 census Monroe Co,IN. (And “Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804” (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))

     Con2a1- Priscilla  (c1839 IN-          )m. Mar.5, 1861 Monroe Co.,IN

to George W. Payne (c1824 In-          )

     Con2a7- son  (c1835-40- died by 1850)

     Con2a2- Sarah Jane (c1842 IN-1896) m. Jan.11,1864 Monroe Co.,IN

to Jackson Lents (Lentz) (divorce husband of her Aunt Priscilla)

(c1822 NC-12/27/1882, bur. Bethel Lane Cem. Monroe Co,In)

     Con2a3- Nancy     (c1844 IN Monroe Co., In-       )  m. Dec.20,1863

Monroe Co.,IN to Isaac Brannam (c1838-          ) (s/o Jonathan Brannan

and Mary Elizabeth Griffith)

     Con2a4- Thomas     b.  ca1845 IN

     Con2a5- Rebecca A.   b.  ca1846 IN

     Con2a6- Edward     b.  ca1849 IN  (in 1870 listed in household of

Jackson and Sarah Lentz, Bllomingotn Twp, Monroe Co, In)\

     Con2a8- Francis    (son)  b. c1852

     Con2a9- Mary E. (c1853/1854 Monroe Co,In-                   )

m. 3 Feb 1874 Monroe Co, In Lewis W. Brannam (      -             )

(s/o/ Milton and Elendor (Griffith) Branam) Divorced. In 1880

Mary is listed with George and Priscilla (Yoder) Payne.


Con2c   John Yoder  (c1825 Clark or Monroe Co,In-before May 6, 1867

Harrison Co,MO) bur. Payne Cem.?  m. Mar.19, 1853 Brown Co., IN

res. Brown Co IN 1850 census, Harrison Co MO 1860-80 census

Mary Ann Tull (1834 KY- before May 6,1867Harrison Co.,MO)

prob. bur. Payne Cem.

(one source said- m. Catherine Lutroo, & had a son  who went to

Kingman Co., KS)

     Con2c1-  Mary Jane   (Apr.1, 1854 Brown Co, IN-Mar.30, 1894

Harrison Co. MO, buried Payne Cemetery  m. Nov. 23, 1873

Harrison Co.,MO to John Mathis (Dec.25,1840  Brown Co,IN-

Feb. 20,1914 Harrison Co.MO)   bur Payne Cem.

(g.mother of Kathleen Kinstler,12020 SW Manzanita Ct, Tigard, Ore 97223)

     Con2c2-  Elizabeth Ann  (11/15/1855 IN-1/13/1935 bur. Payne Cemetery)

(in 1860 listed as b. MO) m. Dec.27,1886 Cleveland, KS 

Lewis Jackson Thompson 

(978.184 V2k Kingman County Marriage Records, page 244:

Thompson Lew J. 24 Kingman County, Kansas, Yoder Betsy Ann 24

Kingman County, Kansas by N. Miller, JP at my office in Belmont

Twp, Kingman Dec 27, 1886.)(“ obituary - sadly the newspaper

isn't noted - that states: "Lewis J. Thompson...was born in Pa.,

Dec 7, 1862...He then went to Kansas and while there he was

married to Betsy A. Yoder...The angel of death entered the

home on Wednesday morning, Feb 26, 1908..."  He was buried

in the Lone Rock Cemetery.-- Helen Dayton had1@uswest.net Apr.2002)

(I am some info on A Lewis J Thompson he married a Betsy A.Yoder . This Thompson his wife Betsey and his oldest 2 daghter

joined the Friendship Church in November 1904. He died on February 26, 1908 and was buired in the Lone Rock Cemetery ,

I presume in Kansas as that is where he was married . I would apreicate any jhelp in identifying her parents .I can be ctacted at this email address geraldboman@joplin.com, jan 2003)

     Con2c3-  George    b.  1858 MO      never married

res. 1870 census with George Jackson family (Con2b)

bur. Robinett Cem. Miller Co, Mo.


        Compiled and researched by Loretta J. Wright < Gladstone, Mo  and the help of others.-submitted Feb 2003

Levin Tull b. 1794-1800 (1794) North Carolina, d. after 11 July 1860, by August 1865.in Andrew County, Missouri,  m. 1st. estimated 1823 to Laurana Mathis /Mathias  b. 1800-1810 North Carolina, D. September 1846 Brown County, Indiana, d/o Reuben Mathis and  m.2nd. 16 September 1846 Brown County, Indiana to Miss. Luvina (Melvina) Reynolds  b. 14 April 1821 Tennessee,  d. 27 February 1909 Spokane, Washington buried at Fairmont Cemetery, Spokane, Washington.


   A daughter : Her mother is Laurana Mathis d/o Reuben  Mathis and Druscilla Martin.

 MARY “POLLY” TULL   b. 1837 Indiana,  d. by May 1867 Harrison County, Missouri,  m. 19 March 1853 Brown County, Indiana (Bk. B. page 121) to John Yoder (Yoter)  b.  1828 Indiana,   d. by May 1867 Harrison County, Missouri, s/o Jacob Yoder and Catherine Dellinger  Three children.

            Census: 1860 Harrison County, Missouri, Marion Twsp. 12 June, Eagleville, page 40/530, Line 1, Dwelling 271, 263.

     John Yoder paper states that “both mother and father are deceased “when George Jackson was given custody of the children.

            Yoder Family Newsletter.  Probate Package of Harrison County, Missouri of John Yoder/Yoter. Loretta J. Wright.


                        8a. Mary Jane Yoter  / Yoder  b.   1 April 1854 Indiana, d. 30 March 1894 Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri,   m. 23 November 1873 (Bk. B, page 222) in Harrison County, Missouri to John Mathis  b. 25 December 1840 Brown County, Indiana,  d. 20 February 1914 in Harrison County, Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri, s/o Reuben Mathis, Jr.  And Loretta Pierce. Eight children.

                                    Source: 1860 Cenus M653-620. Harrison County, Missouri, Marion Twsp  40/530. Eagleville, Missouri. 1880         1900

             Mid-Continent Public Library, Independence, Missouri.

                                    Katheleen Kinstler, Mathis Group, Loretta J. Wright


                                    8aa. Lieuella “Ella” Mathis  b. 13 August 1874 Missouri,  d. 19 October 1894 Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery, Harrison County, Indiana,  m. 3 December 1893 to Emanual Sandage  b. May 1871.

                                    8ab. Dollie Jane Mathis  b. 15 July 1876 Missouri,  d. 17 April 1958 Miller County, Missouri,   m. 24 November 1910  Beaver county, Oklahoma to John Barnes   b. 1878, d. 8 June 1955 Brumley, Miller County, Missouri. Both are buried at Robinette Cemetery, Miller County, Missouri.

                        Note: She was living with George Mathis in 1920.


                            8aba.  Vecia L. Barnes  b.  1913 Missouri


                                    8ac. George Mathis  b. 8 September 1878 Harrison County, Missouri,  d. 14 March 1953 Harrison County, Missouri, buried Payne Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri. Never married.

                       Census: 1920   T625-920. Hamilton Twsp, Harrison County,  S.D. 3, ED 106, page 6A, line 13.

                                    8ad. Ebenezer (Bud)  Mathis   b. 12 November 1881 Harrison County, Missouri,  d. 26 December 1956 Harrison County, Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery,  m. 5 March 1916 in Harrison County to Cora Cole Hartschen b. 1880 Kansas,  d. 1944 Harrison County, Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery.

                                                Obituary Harrison County, Missouri Genealogy Society, Newspaper dated 9 January 1957

                                    8ae. Carl Harrison Mathis  b. 5 July 1887 Harrison County, Missouri,  d. 18 November 1967 Denver, Colorado, buried at Payne Cemetery, Eagleville, Missouri,  m. 7 September 1920 in Albany, Missouri to Bessie Inola Holloway.

                                                Obituary, Denver Post, 21 November 1967, page 30. States he served in WWI, member of Shaughnessy Post No. 129 of American Legion, Kansas City. One daughter.


                                                            8aea. Kathleen Mathis


                                    8af. Carrie Maude Mathis  b. 16 June 1889 Harrison County, Missouri,  d. 25 November 1889 Harrison County, Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery, never married.

                                    8ag. Benjamin Hovey Mathis  b. 25 September 1890 Harrison County, Missouri,   d. 9 April 1936 at Sterling City, California, buried at Chico, California Cemetery,  m. 7 June 1930 in Chico, California to Ruth Irene Johnson Roberts.

                                    8ah. Alice Merl Mathis  b. 24 March 1894 Harrison County, Missouri,  d. 4 August 1900 in Harrison County, Missouri, buried at Payne Cemetery. Never married.


                        8b.  Elizabeth “Besty”A. Yoder/Yoter  b. 15 November 1855-56 Missouri,  d. 13 January 1935, buried at Payne Cemetery, Harrison County, Missouri,  m. 27 December 1886 in Cleveland, Kansas to Lewis Jackson Thompson b. December 1862 Pennsylvania, d. 26 February 1908, buried at Payne Cemetery. Five children.

                                    Census: 1870: Harrison County, Missouri, Marion Twsp, page 120. In the household of Charles Daily. 1900 Buchanan County, Missouri, Washington Twsp, St. Joseph, King Hill Ave. Vol. 2, ED 79, Sheet 1, Line 14.

                                    Loretta J. Wright, Kathleen Kinstler, Yoder Family History Site


                                                8ba.  Anna May Thompson  b. December 1887 Colorado, d. 3 August 1991  m. 4 September 1907 Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa to Ebeazer Victor Cummings.

                                                8bb. Cara E. Thompson  b. March 1890 Kansas, d. 1976 Missouri,  m. 20 March 1916 Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa to George Hartschen

                                       8bc. Ida B Thompson  b. February 1892 Missouri,  d. 5 February 1957, buried at Payne Cemetery,  m. 30 June 1917, Decatur, Iowa to William Edward Marshall

                                                8bd. Ralph Lewis  Thompson  b.  19 September 1897 St. Joseph, Missouri. d. 14 January 1952 Red Oak, Iowa,  m. June 1923 to Hazel Ethel Stone b. 21 June 1908 Pawnee, Harrison County, Missouri.  Two children


                                                                8bda. Faris Leland Thompson  b. 15 March 1924 Pawnee, Harrison County, Missouri,  m. 12 April 1950 to Thelma Christenson in Tabor, Iowa.

                                                                8bdb. Ocie Roberta Thompson  b. 18 December 1925,  m. 15 June 1946 to Lyndoar Hall Humphrey. 


                                    8c.  George Yoder/Yoter  b.  February 1858/1863 Missouri, possible buried at Gott Cemetery, Miller County, Missouri.

                                                            Family pass down he was called “Bunk” because he never really had a home.

                                                Census: 1870 Harrison County, Missouri, Marion Twsp. page 52/122, 6 October 1870, Cainesville, Missouri. Living with George Jackson and Margaret Yoder, his Aunt. 1900: Buchanan County, Missouri, Washington Twsp, St. Joseph. Vol. 12 ED 72 Sheet 16 Line 21. A Boarder with Walsh Williams. (Note: I am sure this is the same person because his sister lives in same county and township.)


I have the Yoder Probate Records you may have at cost of copy and mailing.. I have the Mathis family first generation.  I only went this far because my ancestor is not of  the first marriage .Mathis is not Mathews…two different names..On Levin Tull we have his family and I will be releasing it this year for the younger to pick up. However, we do not know who his parents are lot of speculation over the years but  nothing…Hope this meets your needs.