[End of Part 4- Hickory Times-Mercury, July 24, 1901]- by GM Yoder


       David Yoder was born April 3, 1770. He married Elizabeth Reep, a sister

                       of his brother John's wife.  The had the following children: Comad,

                       Adolph, David, Solomon, Eli, Andrew, Betsey, Catherine, Fannie and

                       Sarah.  He was a stone mason by trade, by occupation a farmer.  Some

                       time after the war of 1812 he sold the farm he had inherited from his

                       father and intended to move to the state of Georgia.  He went to Georgia

                       but after looking around did not like the place and came back to North

                       Carolina and bought a farm from Jacob Shuford, Sr., on Pott's creek,

                       where he lived. He died at the age of about 94 years and was buried at

                       Grace church. His wife died some years before and was also buried at

                       Grace.  The both belonged to the German Reform church up to about

                       1832.  They withdrew on account of their pastor's Negro proclivities.


                       Conrad, the oldest son, was a soldier in the war of 1812.  After peace was

                       restored he went to his uncle Jacob Yoder's in Indiana.  There he married

                       Polly, a daughter of Jacob Yoder, and lived several years years.  He then

                       moved to Missouri, where he died at the age of about 87. His wife also

                       died there.  His descendants are living in that State.


                       Adolph, the second son, was also in the war of 1812. After peace was

                       restored he enlisted in the regular United States Army.  There all trace of

                       him is lost.


                       David, the third son, married Ruth Wilson, an Irish lady, and settled on

                       her land on Pott's creek.  He died in his 98th year and was buried at

                       Thesalonica church.  His wife is also buried there.  They were Baptist by

                       faith.  They have two daughters living.


                       Solomon, the fourth son, was a farmer by occupation and married Sallie

                       Seagle.  They had twelve children.  He died at the age of 56 from typhoid

                       fever.  His wife survived him about twenty years.  Their son, Alfred, was

                       killed in the late [civil] war.


                       Their youngest son, Rev. R.A. Yoder, D.D., is president of Lenoir

                       College, Hickory, N.C. at this writing.  They are all of the Lutheran faith.

                        Eli Yoder, their fifth son, married Betsey Detter and went to Tennessee

                       where he died at the age of 84.

                       Andrew, the sixth son, was a farmer by occupation.  He married Anna

                       Kistler and had ten children.  Three of his sons were in the late war; one

                       died and is buried at Grace church, and one of them was accidentally

                       killed at a chopping, a tree falling on him.  He died in his 89th year and

                       was buried at Grace church.  His wife is still living and is about 89 years

                       of age. Betsey, the oldest daughter, died at 89; Catherine, 94, Fannie, 86,

                       and Sarah at about 70 years of age. All are buried at Grace church. None

                       of them ever married.


New  Conrad Chapters


PART I- origins of the yoder family and background










1. David Yoder (2) 1770-1864

*2.  conrad yoder (3) 1793-

*3. adolphus yoder (3) 1795-

4. david yoder (3)  1799-1897

5. solomon yoder (3) 1805-1854 (Con37)

---Daniel a. yoder (4) 1834-1927

---david yoder (4) 1844-1911

---robert lee yoder (5) 1875-1949

----william yoder (4) 1851-1900

----luther a. yoder (5) 1883-1964

----rev. robert anderson yoder (5) 1853-1911

*6. eli yoder (3) 1810-1891) Con31

7. andrew L. yoder (3) 1812-1900 Con3a








DAVID YODER(2), 1770-1864



David Yoder(2), third son of Conrad Yoder(1), was born April 3, 1770, and died July 14, 1864.  He married Elizabeth Reep, born in 1771, and died October 31, 1846.  Both were members of Grace Lutheran Church and are buried in Grace Church Cemetery.  In 1963, their descendants replaced the eroding marble tombstones with a fine granite monument.  Their ten children were Conrad, Adolphus, David, Solomon, Eli, Andrew, Betty, Sarah, Catherine, and Fanny.


In 1794, David Yoder(2) inherited from the estate of his father 130 acres of land lying on both sides of Jacob's Fork River.  He soon entered some State land himself, adjoining his own tract, bought and sold several other tracts, and then built a log house on his land about where the old R.F.D. mail route, running from ear David Rameur's place, to near Colin M. Yoder's(5) place, crossed the branch coming down by the Rhoney School.  He erected on this small stream mills for grinding corn and working flax, which were patronized by surrounding pioneer farmers.


About 1815, he sold his farm lands on Jacob's Fork River and boubht a 300 acre tract of land on Potts Creek, about two miles south of Grace Church.  Here he settled down for the rest of his life, and followed his occupations of farmer, brick mason, and cabinet maker.  He lived a long, useful, worthy life, dying at the age of 94.


David Yoder(2) and his family were first members of Grace Reformed Church until 1838, when they left the Reformed Congregation over the question of admitting slaves to the church services, and joined the Grace Lutheran Congregation.  Most of David Yoder's(2) descendants from that time to the present have been Lutherans.


In March 1859, David Yoder(2) made his will, giving all his land--about 300 acres--to four of his children, Andrew, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Fanny, who were then living with him on his homestead.  The will provided that the four of them were to furnish "decent support" to his disabled daughter, Caroline, who was "not able to take care of herself."  The land was bound for her support during her natural lifetime.  In addition, the four were to pay $100 each, for a total sum of $400, distributed as follows: $200 to the children of his son Solomon Yoder(3); @150 to his son David Yoder(3); $25 to his son Adolphus Yoder(3): $25 to his son Conrad Yoder(3); all the balance of the personal property to his three daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Fanny; and two notes on his son Eli, amounting to $275.32, due in 1837, to his son Eli.




          1. Conrad Yoder(3) was in the War of 1812 and served under the command of General Andrew Jackson.  Some years later, following the War, he went to Indiana, to his Uncle Jacob Yoder(2), and married one of his daughters, Polly Yoder(3).  He raised a family in that state and in later years moved to Andrews County, Missouri, where he died and is buried.  (See Chapter _____)


2. Adolphus Yoder(3), also served in the War of 1812 with his brother, Conrad. At the close of the War he enlisted in the United States Army as a regular.  There is no record of his ever returning to the community in which he grew up. (See Chapter _____)


3.  David Yoder(3) married Ruth Wilson. See Chapter XXVII.


4.  Solomon Yoder(3) married Sallie Seagle.  See Chapter XXVIII.


5. Eli Yoder(3) married a Miss Detter and moved to Tennessee, where he lived and died. (SEE CHAPTER _____)


6.  Andrew Yoder(3) married Anna Kistler.  See Chapter XXXV.


7.  Betty, Sarah, Catherine (Polly), and Fanny never married.  They lived till death on the old homestead with their brother Andrew.  They are buried in Grace Church Cemetery.

  According to family information submitted by Rebecca Perkins of Flint, Michigan, the three spinster sisters grew silk worms and made their own silk dresses and ties for their brothers.


Con3-   David Yoder d. Jul.14, 1864 bur. Grace Church Cemetery

        m. May 1791  Elizabeth Reep  (ca1770-10/31/1846)  bur. Grace Church Cemetery

(per Lexikay1@aol.com -David married 1 Barbara REEP (b. Lincoln Co, NC.-            )

( I have also discovered his maternal grandparents, but have not yet proven this for myself. 

His mother, Elizabeth Reep was the daughter of Adolph Reep and Christina Ruth Russell,

who were married September 23, 1753 in Lancaster PA and moved from York County PA

to North Carolina between 1755 and 1765.  Mr. Reep was a commissary in the Revolutionary

War, and was killed by Tories in 1784.  Elizabeth was the youngest of ten children, and if

you want those, I have a list from the Reep Genealogy Site.-Tilitha)

    +Con31- Conrad  b. Dec.   ,1793 NC

    +Con32- Adolphus  b.     1795 NC

     Con33- Betsey  b. Jul.24, 1796 NC  never married

            deaf and dumb, d. ca1882  "age 86"

            buried Grace Church Cemetery

    +Con34- David   b. Sep.22, 1799

     Con35- Catherine b. ca1800 NC never married

            d. ca1885 "age 85"

     Con36- Sarah   b.   1804 NC  never married

            bur. Grace Church Cemetery

    +Con37- Solomon     b. May 17,1805

     Con38- Frannie b.   1807 NC    never married

            d. ca 1895 "age 85"

    +Con39- Eli  b. Apr. 1, 1810

    +Con3a- Andrew  b. Jan.14, 1812


 2 David YODER b: 3 April 1770 d: 14 July 1864

      + Elizabeth REEP b: 1770 d: 31 October 1846

        3 Elizabeth (Betsey) YODER b: 24 July 1796 d: Cir 1882

        3 Catharine YODER b: Cir 1800 d: Cir 1885

        3 Sarah YODER b: Cir 1802 d: Cir 1866

        3 Frances (Fanny) YODER b: Cir 1810 d: Cir 1892

        3 Eli YODER b: 1 April 1810


CHAPTER  *2.  conrad yoder (3) 1793-


Con31   Conrad Yoder  (12/-/1793 Lincoln Co. NC-5/10/1879  Andrews Co.,

MO) m. Apr.25, 1821 by Martin Hucklesberry, Clark Co.,IN to Polly Yoder

(Con21). Moved to Andrews Co. in 1849 near Rosendale. Veteran of the

War of 1812.  Harrison Co., Land Records- Purch. 3/26/1853 SENW

Sec28-Twp66-R27; 3/28/1856 NENE&SWNE &  S 1/2 SENW Sec28-

Twp66-R27   Both Bur. Wesley Grove/Lower Neely Cem., Andrews Co.,

Mo (George Yoder notes, Weidner Book, multiple sources, 1830-Morgan

Co.  Mo; Polly resided with son Philip in 1880 census-Andrews Co,Mo)

(per g-grandau. Opal West ,in a January 1986 letter from Ms. West:

"Cause of Conrad Yoder's Death" (Con31) "When my father, Albert Conrad Yoder (1877-1957)

was a baby, Conrad Yoder (1793-1879) his grandfather, came from the barn with a rat, he had

caught in a trap, to show my father. The rat bit him, and a short time later he died from the infection

caused by the bite."

     Con311- Jacob  b. 1818     died young

     Con312- Mary   b. 1819     died young

     Con313- Jane   b. 1821     d. (1824)  "age 4"

     Con314- girl   b.   ?      d.  4 days old

     Con315- David  ("Doc")    (9/12/1820 Morgan Co, In-12/15/1910)

bur. Lower Neeley Cem. enlisted Union Army Co G 12th MO CAV

wounded, disability discharge never married

    +Con316- John M.    b. Sep.16,1823 Clark Co, IN

     Con317- Katie (Catherine)   (1827 IN-1890)

m. Jan.7,1847in Morgan Co.,IN to Henry F. Jones (c1822 Ky-     )

moved to MO in 1849

     Con318- Margaret   b.     1829  m. 12/30/1852 Andrew Co., Mo

to  George Dorrell  d. May 21, 1882 (or 74 or 94-conflicting data)

    +Con319- George b. Mar. 2, 1836 IN

    +Con31a- Philip  b. Jun. 21, 1840 Martinsville, IN


Con316-    John M. Yoder    (9/16/1865  Andrews Co.MO-9/16/1865)

m. Aug.4, 1850 (or Jun 13 or Aug 18) Barnard MO or Andrews  Co. to

Sarah Willson  (Aug.4,1832 IN- May 6,1906) both Bur. Bennet Lane Cem.,

Savannah, Andrews Co, Mo. (Weidner Book)

   +Con3161-  William A. b. 6/9/1851   

     Con3166-    Elizabeth    b.       d.   1853 bur. Bennett Lane Cem.

     Con3162-  Susanna Catherine  b. Apr.16, 1854 Andrews Co, Mo

d. Feb.16, 1945  Springfield, MO    m. Jan. 6, 1870   George Houston Tulloch

   +Con3163-  George Washington   b.   1860 (c1863) Andrews Co, Mo

                m1.   1889  Julia Munker  --2 children died young

                m2.    Hettie Burns  -one child Ruby m. Carl Tilden

     Con3164-  Joshua Hixson  b.    1863 (c1857) Andrews Co, Mo,

lived in Ore. as miner  and sheep herder ,never married (1910- Wash. Co, Ida) 

d. May  1934 MO  bur. Hopedale Cem near Ozark,MO

     Con3165-  Mary Francis ("Frankie") b. 1867,(c1861 Andrews Co, Mo)

 res of St. Joseph, MO m.  1885 James Calvin Tulloch  d. Savannah, MO


Con3161-    William  A. Yoder  (6/9/1851 MO-7/2/1938 Mountian Grove, Wright Co., Mo) buried Swedish Cemetery, Mt. Grove, Mo  m.   1875  Emma Rose (     -       )  Divorced.  lived in OK, 1880 Gentry Co,MO

(1900- Benton, Andrews Co, Mo) (George Yoder papers)

     Con31611-  Della  b.       m. Delbert Covill  res. Calif.- two sons Ernest and

Dureand in California)

     Con31612-  Lillian  b.1878   m. Al Moore    res. IA- a son Lee in Iowa

     Con31613-  Estey  (Esta)  b.        m.          -one child Lillian

     Con31614-  Pearl  (son) b.  (6/-/1882 Mo-        )        m.          res. OK-several children


Con31614-Pearl Elliott YODER  (6/9/1881 Andrews, Mo-8/11/1966 Kingfisher, Ok)

m1. 11/2/1907 Kingfisher, Ok Elizabeth UHLENHAKE (4/25/1887 Auburn, Sac, Iowa-

                ) (Ref. Barnum, Keith)

Con316141. Louise Elizabeth YODER b: 20 JAN 1908 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,


Con316142. Emma Anna YODER b: 15 AUG 1909 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Con316143. Clarence Charles YODER b: 18 JAN 1911 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa

Con316144. Mildred Florence YODER b: 20 NOV 1914 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa

Con316145. Opal YODER b: 30 JUL 1915 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa

Con316146. Arlean Agnes YODER b: 2 MAY 1917 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa

Con316147. Frank Edward YODER b: 3 FEB 1919 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Con316148. Genevieve Cecilia YODER b: 30 MAR 1921 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,


Con316149. Lee E. YODER b: 17 JAN 1924 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Con31614a. Raymond Arthur YODER b: 5 JUN 1925 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,


Con31614b. L. D. YODER b: 2 AUG 1929 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Con31614c. Delbert Melvin YODER b: 20 SEP 1932 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,



Con3162-  Susanna Catherine Yoder  b. Apr.16, 1854 Andrews Co, Mo

d. Feb.16, 1945  Springfield, MO    m. Jan. 6, 1870   George Houston Tulloch

(Jun. 13, 1847 Blount City, Tn-Nov. 1, 1937 Springfield, Mo) (son of

James Tulloch and Mary Best. George owned hotels in Rosendale and Barnard, Mo.

Cole Younger and Frank James stayed at the hotel in Barnard. Later he farmed

in Ozark, Mo. (Data by gdaughter- Virginia Cooper Tulloch, May 5, 1987- regarding her

grandmother "She was a doll- about five foot and slender. She had beautiful

auburn hair, braided and like a crow n wrapped around her head. Grandma lost

her eye sight from Glaucoma, but was a dear all her ninty years. From her

mothers pictures, she was very homeily, and had lost an eye to Glaucoma. My

Aunt Vern, Dad's youngest sister, also had Glaucoma, so I keep tab of my eyes."

                Con31621-L. Earl Tulloch  (8/15/1885 Andrew City, Mo-7/26/1973 Maryville, Mo)

                Con31622-John Alexander Tulloch (5/18/1871-               )

                Con31623-James Miller Tulloch (10/15/1873-  )

                Con31624-Carrie May Tulloch  (6/11/1877-                      )

                Con31625-Sarah Eliza (Kathryn) Tulloch  (2/27/1879-       )

                Con31626-Ira Tulloch (2/15/1881-                      )

                Con31627-Ethyle Verne Tulloch  (10/9/1887-       )


Con31621-L. Earl (Dick) Tulloch  (8/15/1885 Andrew City, Mo-7/26/1973 Maryville, Mo)

m. 1/17/1906 Guilford, Mo to  Alfreda (Georgia)  Bear (8/21/1886 Barnard, Mo-

10/11/1982 Maryville, Mo) (dau of Alfred Bear and Mary Bradley).  "Dick Tulloch

was a barber in Barnard, Mo. After moving to Maryville, Mo. he was a barber and owned

his own barber shop. He later owned a Barber and Beauty Supply business. He served in the Mo.

State legislature as a Democrat for 3 terms. During WWI he was a Sgt. in the Home Guard.

He was a member of the Southern Methodist Church. He proposed that the Southern and

Northern Methodist Churches in Maryville join. This was done so that the Methodist churches

in Maryville reunited before the national Methodist churches did. He was a trustee and Sunday

school teacher in both churches. He belonged to the Masons, Eastern Star, Historical Society, and

Men's Forum. He along with other businessmen started the first Golf Course in Maryville, but he

dropped out during the depression and never rejoined....Alfreda attended college majoring in

music. She sang solos at church, at weddings, and funerals. She was a member of Eastern Star,

DAR, Mothers Club, MI, Democratic club, Historical society, and the Genealogical Society.

She taught Sunday school in the Methodist church for many years. She was an inspiration to

everyone who knew her. She also played the piano and organ.

                +Con316211- Strewart Bear Tulloch (10/25/1906 Barnard, Mo -10/26/1983

Huntsville, Ala)

                +Con316212- H. Virginia Tulloch  (2/23/1909 Barnard, Mo-        )


Con316211- Strewart Bear Tulloch (10/25/1906 Barnard, Mo -10/26/1983

Huntsville, Ala. buried Maryville, Mo). On November 8, 1928 he married Ruth Ellen Fisher

in Maryville, Mo. She was born Nov. 2, 1905 near Maryville, Mo. and died November 18, 1975

in Huntsville, Alabama and is buried in Maryville, Mo. Stewart had a BS from Northwest Mo.

State, was a chemist and retired from Redstone Arsenal as a corrosion expert on rockets.

                Con3162111- Stewart Bear Tulloch Jr born October 29, 1929, died 2001.

                Con3162112- Michael Verne Tulloch born July     , 1945


Con316212- H. Virginia Tulloch  (2/23/1909 Barnard, Mo-        ) m. Nov. 25, 1943 in

the Presbyterian Church, Maryville, Mo. to Howard Milton Cooper (6/27/1903 Kansas

City, Mo.-11/1/1973 Davenport, Ia bur. Mt. Moriah Cem., Kansas City, Mo) .

Virginia graduated from Northwestern Mo State University with a B.A. and

got a masters degree in library science from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

She was a librarian in Maryville, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., Okehmah, Okla.,

and Pleasant View, Iowa. She is an elder in the Presbyterian Church.

She belongs to MI, DAR, Eastern Star, Genealogical Society, and Historical Club.

Howard was a sales representative for the Inland Steel Company for 42 years.

He was one of the first members of the DeMolay, an Eagle Scout, and Scout

master with Scoutmaster Key. he was a Freemason, and an elder in the

Presbyterian churches in Salina, Ks and Bettendorf, Iowa.

                +Con3162121- David Milton Cooper  b. 12/4/1944 Kansas City, Mo

                Con3162122- Cathleen Tulloch Cooper  b. 8/16/1946  Graduated

from Salina, Ks. High, U of Mo at Columbia with a BS in Education,

MS in Special Education from Northwest Mo. State 1989. Has taught in

Ia., Ill., Mo., and Ks.


Con3162121- David Milton Cooper  b. 12/4/1944 Kansas City, Mo. He married Patricia Kay

Bretz on August 28, 1999 in Christian Church, Dighton, Ks. She was born March 17, 1946

in Dodge City, Kansas. David graduated at Ft. Hays with a BS and has been an oil consultant

in Midland, Texcas and Katy, Texas. Patty was the publisher of "Midlander"  Magazine before selling it.

+Con31621211- Shawn Aaron Cooper born September 14, 1967 Hays, Ks.

Con31621212- Marsha Diann Cooper born October 2, 1969. She gradated from Stephen F. Austin

University with a degree in reading and teaches in the Dallas, Texas school system.


Con31621211- Shawn Aaron Cooper born September 14, 1967 Hays, Ks. He married

Melissa Renee Pavlas October 9, 1993 in Catholic Church, Austin, Texas. She was born

August 30, 1967 in Austin, Tx.  Shawn is a graduate of Texas A&M and works for an

environmental company. Melissa graduated from the University of Texas and has her

MS in social work.

Con316212111- Travis Aaron Cooper  born June 16, 1997


Con3163-  George Washington   (1860-         ) m1.   1889  Julia Munker  (     -      )  

--2 children died young   Julia is buried at Pine Haven Cemetery, Halfway, Baker Co., OR, as Julia B.

Munkers, wife of Geo Yoder. MUNKERS, Julia B. YODER 01 Mar 1872 26 Dec 1893

wife of George YODER) m2.    Hettie Burns  (       -        ) (Geo.Yoder papers)


Con31631- infant- died young

Con31632- infant- died young


Con31632- Ruby  (      -      ) m.       Carl Tilden - 3 girls 1 boy


Con319   George Yoder  (3/2/1836 Morgan Co, In- 4/21/1931 age 95y 1m

Andrews Co, Mo) bur. Lower Neeley Cemetery. Civil War. 1st Sgt Co.D,

23 Mo Inf., Enl.1861-wounded  m. 1/12/1865 Andrews Co., Rosedale to

Amanda D. Ogle (6/23/1844 Oh-12/28/1928 Andrews Co, Mo) bur.

Lower Neely, separated from wife in 1890. Was a constable for Rosedale, Mo.

     Con319..-  4 children died in infancy

     Con319..-  George F.   b. Nov. 1867  d. 12/6/1869 age 2 yr 12 d

                b. Lower Neely Cem.

     Con3191-   Alice   b. 1868   res. Wichita,KS d. in her 90s

                m1. Thomas Kent  m2. late in life to John Crosby

                of Savannah, MO (1 dau., 1 son killed when young)

     Con3192-   Linnie (Lena Mae)   b. Jun. 2, 1869       m.   1903

                to Frank Eldredge (Eldridge) res. Kansas City, MO

     Con3193-   Benjamin  b. Apr.19,1872 Rosendale

                m. May 1905 Enid, Okla. to  Teresa ____ (d. Jun. 1974

                age 90)  d. Nov. 1963 Enid,Okla

                carpenter, horse racing

     Con3194-   Joseph   b. 2/4/1874   res. Rosendale ,never married

                d. 5/17/1960 "in his 90s"  bur. Lower Neeley Cem.

     Con3195-   Charles  F.  b. 1879   res. Council Grove, KS

                d. in an automobile accident


Con31a   Philip  Henry  Yoder  (6/21/1840 Martinsville, Morgan Co.,IN-

4/29/1930 Rosendale,MO)  Civil War - Co G 5th Mo State

Militia CAV 3 1/2 yrs, farmer. bur. Lower Neeley Cemetery 

m. Jan. 1, 1865 Andrew Co.,MO Catherine Burns

(Jul.15,1848 Amazonia,MO- Dec.15,1915 Rosendale, Mo)

     Con31a1-   Laura Bell   b. Jan.26,1866  m. Oct.16, 1889 George

                Swartz   d. Sep.14,1919  bur. Lower Neeley Cem.

     Con31a2-   Clara Ellen  b. Feb.5, 1868 m. William Housman

                d. Sep.8,1910 Bolckow, MO

     Con31a..-  Benny F. "Frankie"   b. 5/ /1870  d. 11/14/1870 age 5m 15d

     Con31a3-   Eva     b. May 18,1874  m. 1900 John Fuller (Nov.11,

                1866-    )  d.  1930     Rosendale,MO bur. Bolckow,MO

    +Con31a4-   Albert Conrad   b. Jan.1,1877  (on death cert- b. May 1, 1877)

    +Con31a5-   Oren Thomas (Ora)(Tommy)  b.(Feb.) 1884 

    +Con31a6-   Frederick H.    b. May 25, 1883 Rosendale, Andrews Co., MO.

      Con31a7-   Leo  (         - as an infant)


Con31a4- Albert Conrad Yoder      m. May 20,1904

                Bolckow,MO to Clara Hoover. A carpenter, lumberman,

                postmaster, County Treasurer. d. Apr. 14, 1957

                St. Joseph,MO. bur, Memorial Park Cem. St Joe.

     Con31a41-  Opal Edra   b. Jul.26,1905 Rosendale, Mo  m. Dec.25,1955

Rosendale, Mo  to Walter West (Mar.23,1895 Mo.-Jan.10,1979 St. Joseph, Mo)

 at Rosedale,MO   teacher for 46 years. Opal West , died Oct. 24, 1997,


     Con31a42-  Hazel Nadine   b. Oct.18,1907 Rosendale, Mo   never married

Federal worker- income Tax

     Con31a43-  Leota Corrine  b. Mar.19,1916 Rosendale, Mo  m. Sep.18,1938 Rosendale, Mo

Arnold Mathew Alkire (Sep.23,1912 Barnard, Mo-Sep.1,1981 St. Joseph, Mo)


Con31a5-  Ora (Tommy)  Yoder   m. May 20,1904  Jesse Schurlock

          barber and meat inspector. d. in his 50s of leukemia

          bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Cem.,CA

     Con31a51- Amis

     Con31a52- Maxine

     Con31a53- Ethel Mae

     Con31a54- Shirley


Con31a6-  Frederick  Yoder   lived to age 106  m. Ollie Hooper

                 (11/21/1895 Forest City, MO- Nov.12,1984 Sulphur, LA

                d. Dec.15,1988  Sulphur, LA. Barber.

     Con31a61- Anson     b.7/21/1918 Forest City, Mo

               m. 8/18/1945  Lake Charles to Dorothy Kellgren (7/19/1925

              Hackensack, NJ- ) three daughters all b. Sulphur,LA

     Con31a62- Merlyn    b.         m. Berdena Tiller

             five daughters , they live in CA.


        3 Conrad YODER b: December 1793 d: 10 May 1879

          + Mary Catherine (Polly) YODER b: 12 July 1800 d: 23 November 1886

            4 Jacob YODER b: 1818

            4 Mary YODER b: Cir 1819 d: Cir 1819

            4 Jane YODER b: Cir 1821 d: Cir 1824

            4 Unknown YODER

            4 John M. YODER b: 16 September 1823 d: 16 September 1865

              + Sarah WILSON b: 4 August 1832 d: 6 May 1906

                5 William YODER b: Cir 1852

                  + Emma ROSE

                    6 Lillian YODER b: 1878

                      + Al MOORE

                        7 Lee MOORE

                    6 Della YODER

                      + Delbert COVILL

                        7 Ernest COVILL

                        7 Dureand COVILL

                    6 Estey YODER

                    6 Pearl YODER

                5 Elizabeth YODER b: 1853 d: 1853

                5 Susanna Catherine YODER b: 16 April 1854 d: 16 February 1945

                  + George Houston TULLOCH

                    6 John TULLOCH

                    6 Miller TULLOCH

                    6 May Katherine TULLOCH

                    6 Ira TULLOCH

                    6 Earl Verne "Dick" TULLOCH

                5 George Washington YODER b: 1860

                  + Julia MUNKER

                    6 Unknown YODER

                  + Hettie BURNS

                    6 Ruby YODER

                      + Carl TILDEN

                5 Joshua Hixson (Hicks) YODER b: 1863 d: May 1934

                5 Mary Frances (Frankie) YODER b: 4 February 1861 d: 12 December 1936

                  + James Calvin TULLOCH b: 8 December 1855 d: 22 August 1940

                    6 Naomi Elsie TULLOCH b: 16 April 1887 d: 1966

                      + George SELECMAN b: 19 August 1888 d: March 1981

                        7 Helen SELECMAN

                        7 Reid SELECMAN d: September 1978

                    6 Bess Edith TULLOCH b: 12 June 1889 d: July 1933

                      + George E. KIMBALL

                    6 Ruth Ernestine TULLOCH b: 2 February 1892 d: 1971

                    6 Maud Eva TULLOCH b: 29 April 1894 d: 6 May 1945

                    6 Charles Reid TULLOCH b: 7 June 1896 d: 2 July 1968

                      + Maybell ALBERS

                        7 Mitzie Ellen TULLOCH

            4 David (Doc) YODER b: 12 September 1825 d: 15 December 1910

            4 Catherine (Kate) YODER b: Cir 1827 d: Cir 1890

              + Henry F. JONES b: Cir 1822

                5 David JONES

                5 Dolly JONES

                5 Minta JONES

                5 Columbus JONES

                5 Sara Jane JONES

                5 William JONES

            4 Margaret YODER b: Cir 1829 d: 21 May 1894

              + George DORRELL

                5 Jane DORRELL

                5 Alonzo DORRELL

                5 Alise DORRELL

                5 Addie DORRELL

                5 Hattie DORRELL

            4 George YODER b: 2 March 1836 d: 21 April 1931

              + Amanda D. OGLE b: 23 June 1844 d: 28 December 1928

                5 George F. YODER b: November 1867 d: 6 December 1869

                5 Allice (Allie) YODER b: Cir 1868

                  + Thomas KENT

                    6 Unknown KENT

                    6 Unknown KENT

                  + John CROSBY

                5 Lena Mae (Linnie) YODER b: 2 June 1869

                  + Frank ELDREDGE (ELDRIDGE)

                    6 Ralph ELDREDGE

                    6 Billy ELDREDGE

                    6 Nora ELDREDGE

                    6 Edna ELDREDGE

                    6 Winifred ELDREDGE

                5 Benjamin (Ben) YODER b: 19 April 1872 d: November 1963

                  + Teresa UNKNOWN d: June 1974

                5 Joseph (Joe) YODER b: 4 February 1874 d: 17 May 1960

                5 Charlie YODER b: Cir 1879

            4 Phillip Henry YODER b: 21 June 1840 d: 29 April 1930

              + Catherine (Kate) BURNS b: 15 July 1848 d: 15 December 1915

                5 Laura Belle YODER b: 26 January 1866 d: 14 September 1919

                  + George SWARTZ

                    6 Imus SWARTZ

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Shirley SWARTZ

                          + Curtis HARTLEY d: 30 October 1987

                    6 Irvin SWARTZ

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Donald SWARTZ

                        7 Robert SWARTZ

                          + Elaine MCDONALD

                    6 Lawrence SWARTZ b: 18 April 1897 d: Cir 1918

                    6 Everet SWARTZ

                      + Hildreth DAVIS

                    6 Gladys SWARTZ

                      + Edward WILLIS

                    6 Dale M. SWARTZ b: Cir 1903

                    6 Virgil SWARTZ

                5 Clara Ellen YODER b: 5 February 1868 d: 8 September 1910

                  + William HAUSMAN

                    6 Ruby HOUSMAN b: 9 August 1890 d: 9 May 1914

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                    6 Ray HOUSMAN

                    6 Wayne HOUSMAN

                5 Benny F. YODER b: May 1870 d: 14 November 1870

                5 Eva YODER b: 18 May 1874

                  + John FULLER b: 11 November 1866

                    6 Lyle FULLER

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Lyle FULLER

                          + Anna WALLACE

                5 Albert Conrad YODER b: 1 January 1877 d: 14 April 1957

                  + Clara HOOVER b: 22 February 1887 d: 28 January 1952

                    6 Opal Edra YODER b: 26 July 1905

                      + Walter WEST b: 23 March 1895 d: 10 January 1979

                    6 Hazel Nadine YODER b: 18 October 1907

                    6 Leota Corrine YODER b: 19 March 1916

                      + Arnold ALKIRE b: 23 September 1912 d: 1 September 1981

                        7 Bonnie Jean ALKIRE

                          + William Gail SYBERT

                            8 Jeremy Matthew SYBERT

                            8 Jamin Daniel SYBERT

                            8 Jareb William SYBERT

                            8 Jaylon Nathaniel SYBERT

                5 Frederick H. (Fred) YODER b: 29 May 1883 d: 15 December 1988

                  + Ollie HOPPER b: 21 November 1895 d: 12 November 1984

                    6 Anson YODER

                      + Dorothy KELLGREN

                        7 Carla YODER

                          + J. A. MORGAN

                            8 Christopher MORGAN

                        7 Betty YODER

                          + Dorsey Ronald MCCALL

                            8 Ronald Duane MCCALL

                            8 Dax Michael MCCALL

                        7 Sandra YODER

                          + Theodore K. DOBSON

                          + Robert AGUILLAND

                            8 Sharon Leigh AGUILLAND

                    6 Merlyn YODER

                      + Berdena TILLER

                        7 Merlena Ann YODER

                          + Dennis KEENER

                        7 Dena Mae YODER

                          + Mark HAUSKINS

                        7 Kristie Lynn YODER

                          + Alfred ARRIGONI

                        7 Laurie YODER

                        7 Jeanette YODER

                5 Oren Thomas (Ora or Tommy) YODER b: Cir 1884

                  + Jesse SCHURLOCK

                    6 Amis YODER

                    6 Maxine YODER

                    6 Ethel Mae YODER

                    6 Shirley YODER

                5 Leo YODER


CHAPTER  *3. adolphus yoder (3) 1795-


Con32   Adolphus  Yoder   d. Apr.3, 1876 in or near Patosi,MO

        5 ft 4 in black hair

        m1.         to    ? (?Julia_____b. c1790 GA-1850 Wash Census)

        m2. Feb.16,1849 Wash. Co,MO to Nancy Jane Goard  divorced 1852

        m3. Nov.16 (15), 1855 Palmer,Wash Co.,MO Sarah Gillam/Gilliam

(Arkansas Land records: ADOLPH YODER Independence County Warrant

1820/11/27- 23 14N  4W   160acres- "I also found a mention of Adolph's

purchase of land in November 1820. Strangely enough, he is not listed in

census records for 1820, '30 or '40, nor in tax lists for the state of Arkansas

1819-1829"-per  Nancy Griffith, Lyon College Library, Batesville, AR.)

(1840 -Adolph- Wash. Co- 1m 40-50, 1 f 30-40, 1m 2f 5-10, 1m <5)

(" ...the only thing new I have to add is that I found "Dolphin" Yoder in

the 1830 census for Washington County MO.  I am sure it is the same

as Adolphus because he was in Washington County MO in 1840 and 1860,

and Julia was there in 1850.  The listing for Dolphin Yoder lists a male and

a female of the right age, which is consistent with what we know, since

their oldest child was not born until 1830 or later... There is also a Yoder

listed in Washington County MO Marriages 1815-1844, Reel C6834

Recorder of Deeds, Title Maqrriages, Vol. A, 1815-1844-Y.  I think this

must be Adolphus and Julia.  His second marriage didn't take place

until 1849.  However, I have not yet had the opportunity to order the

microfilm, and the index only lists surnames." Tilitha Waicekauskas

bigwrnch@fidnet.com- Nov. 2000)(suddenly information about Adolphus

Yoder is just falling all around me!  I put a query on the Washington Co.

MO message board, which was promptly answered by William Baker, who

put me in touch with Preston Gilliam, a descendant of Adolphus Yoder's

third wife by her first husband.  He had a lot of information and pictures

of the cabin Adolphus Yoder built in Yoder Holler. He said it is still being

lived in by one of Sarah Gilliam Yoder's descendants, and still does not

have plumbing or electricity.  Adolphus must have done a good job, because

the cabin still looks very sturdy.  Preston says that Sarah and her husband

lived on an adjoining farm to Adolphus, and that a couple of years after her

husband died, Sarah had a baby, and the parentage has never been disclosed,

although they feel sure it was Adolphus Yoder's baby.  He married her a

year or two after that and they combined their farms and built the cabin. 

Adolphus was a miner as well as a farmer.  That makes sense because they

lived in the lead belt.  I believe there is, or was, iron in that area also.

Tilitha Waicekauskas-- bigwrnch@fidnet.com- Nov. 2000)

Sarah is shown in 1883 drawing a War of 1812 widow’s pension of $8 starting Feb. 1879, at that thime she was a resident of Palmer)

( It says he was a widower when he married Sarah Gilliam, but of course, now we

know that he had been married to Nancy Jane Goard in 1849 while Julia was

still living when the 1850 census was taken.  He divorced Nancy and then

later married Sarah Gilliam.  This was a bit of a shock to me as it is the

first divorce I had run across in my search.  I'd really like to know what

happened to Julia.  I am sure she was Native American but haven't proven it

yet.  You see, my grandmother Emily Yoder always said that her father was

half Indian.---Tilitha) (Preston Gilliam  says that his ancestress was k

nown as "Granny Yoder" in her later years) (PHOTO of Sarah)

(photo of Emily)

 (?1850 census Wash.CO- George-age 8 MO, Damascus-age 12 TN)

     Con321- Jackson    b.      d. <May 1862  Benj. Gilliam exec.

     Con322- Elizabeth   b.          m. _______ Callahan

            res. Crawford Co.,MO as of May 1862

     Con323- Lucinda    b.  (?Ca 1836)  m. ______  Hope

            res. Cape Gireardeau Co.,MO as of May 1862

     Con324- Sarah      b.       res. Wash. Co. as of May 1862

    +Con325- Lafayette   b. ca 1840  MO

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

        3 Adolphus YODER b: Cir 1795 d: 3 April 1876

          + Julia UNKNOWN b: Cir 1790

            4 Jackson YODER d: May 1862

            4 Elizabeth YODER

            4 Lucinda YODER b: Cir 1836

            4 Sarah YODER

            4 Lafayette YODER b: Cir 1840

          + Nancy Jane GOARD

          + Sarah (Gillam) GILLIAM


-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -



> chris, you have probley heard from many Independence friends to help

> with you Yother...He is NOT in the 1830 Independence Co. census. But,

> He didn't BUY land in Independence County, Ark. he was GIVEN land for

> military service in war of 1812...

> His patent reads like this.(a Land WARRANT)

> Yoder, Adolph: Vol. AR2950.389, Land Ofc. Arkansas, 27 Nov. 1820, Doc.

> #22659, Scrip-War, Act of 1812 (YODER,ADOLPH); Part #1; SW, Section 23,

> Township 14 North, Range 4 West, 160.000acres.


> Maybe he NEVER lived in Ark....he may have sold his Warrant land. I

> can't put my hands on my 1820 Ark. census (I have everything packed)

> but, found the 1830 and he's not in Independence Co. then. Actually he's

> not in Ark. in 1830 anywhere as head of household.


> You can order the original patent papers from the bureau of Land

> management...maybe they will hold news of interest.

> Just write to this address and include ALL the data I gave you on his

> Land Patent records...And tell them Arkansas.

> Bureau of Land Management

> Eastern States Office

> 350 South Pickett St.

> Alexandria, Va. 22304


> Found my reconstructed 1820 census for Ark...he is not there.

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

"Preston Gilliam, a descendant of Adolphus Yoder' s third wife by her first husband.  He had a lot of information and pictures of the cabin Adolphus Yoder built in Yoder Holler. He said it is still being lived in by one of Sarah Gilliam Yoder's descendants, and still does not have plumbing or electricity.  Adolphus must have done a good job, because the cabin still looks very sturdy.  Preston says that Sarah and her husband lived on an adjoining farm to Adolphus, and that a couple of years after her husband died, Sarah had a baby, and the parentage has never been disclosed, although they feel sure it was Adolphus Yoder's baby.  He married her a year or two after that and they combined their farms and built the cabin.


Adolphus was a miner as well as a farmer.  That makes sense because they lived in the lead belt.  I believe there is, or was, iron in that area

also. Tilitha Waicekauskas-- bigwrnch@fidnet.com- Nov. 2000)


1 Apr 2001  "Joe Waicekauskas" <bigwrnch@fidnet.com>


guess we are home free on that one!  I was afraid we were not going to win this one.  Thanks for being so patient with an old man--------and Merlin Welker IS much older than I thought.  If he was born in 1908, then he is looking at 93 this year!  And lived in that cabin all his life.  No wonder he is protective of it.



Tilitha, I'm using this old message to reply to due to the context.  I met with Mr. Welker again today.  He has no problem with us using the picture, so go ahead and use it.  Remember Merlin Welker is the G. Grandson of Sarah (Gilliam) Yoder.  The cabin was built by Adolphus Yoder in 1865.    Sarah married Adolphus in 1855.  Her first husband William Gilliam (my G.G. Grandfather) died in 1849.  Merlin was born in this home (1908) and has lived there ever since.  The home is located in Yoder Holler, near Palmer, MO.

Do you also have a copy of the picture of Sarah Yoder?

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

Con321- Jackson Yoder     b.      d. <May 1862  Benj. Gilliam exec.

Probate file #1042- Estate record provide by Marie Edgar -1988, Mine Aubreton

Historical Soc., Potosi, MO-- whose husband is a g-grandson of Sarak Gillam

"State of Missouri, Washington County-- Benjamin Gilliam administrator of

Jackson Yoader deceased being sworn says that Jackson Yoader died intestate

and without leaving a will at the place of his death and leaves as his heirs

his father Adolphus Yoader and his brother Lafayett (sic) Yoader and his sister

Sarah Yoader linving in washington County and also his sister Elizabeth Callahan

living in Crawford Co. Mo and his sister Lucinda Hope living in Cape

Girrardeau County, Missouri that he will make a perfect inventory of and

faithfully administer all the estate of the said Jackson Yoader deceased and

pay the debts as far as the assets will extend and the law  direct and account

for and pay all assets which shall come to his possesion or knowledge.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 31st day of May 1862- Moses

Brooks, Clerk,  Benjamin Gillian (X) his mark

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -


Con325-     Marquis Lafayette Yoder b/ 1840 Mo  d.   

res. Washington Co., as of May 1862  m. Susan C. ______

(ca1848 MO-       )  1880 Census Crawford Co.,MO

("Family tradition says that both Lafayette and Susan died in 1882. 

The children of Lafayette and Susan C. Yoder"  "...the Susan C.

that was married to Lafayette Yoder was Susan Caroline according

to a letter from my Aunt Esther Herron who had charge of the family

Bible that burned with her house a number of years ago.  The way

she wrote it in the letter was Susan Caroline Yoder, and then above Caroline

she had written maiden name,  I have searched for months in the Caroline

Family and can't find anything to verify that.  Once I did a fuzzy search

for Susan Caroline and came up with Susan Qurallin, and she would have been

the right age, but can't verify that either." Tilitha Waicekauskas,


     Con3251-  Sarah Ellen Yoder, born 1869 MO, died 1946 AR, married

first Andrew Benton, and then ________Heath.  One daughter, Susie

Benton, married Joe Lex, died AR.

    +Con3252-   John  George   b. 3/22/1870 Salem, MO

     Con3253-   Annie   b. ca1872  MO  Died in CA, married

_____Baker, no further information.

     Con3254-   Emma    b. ca1874  MO ) “ died Feb 10, 1925 in Butler County, MO

near Neelyville.  She died of Lobar pneumonia with a contributing diagnosis of Influenza. 

 She was buried in Simms Cemetery, Neelyville on Feb 12, 1925.”

(per-ggrandaughter Pat Becker, 9/97-"  Her name was Emily Kitory

Evelyne Yoder, she married Alexander Pounds on September 15, 1899

in Steelville, Crawford Co. MO.  She was born April 6, 1879 and died on

February 10, 1925 MO or AR (near border).  I  think maybe in the Corning,

Arkansas area.  She was buried in Nelson Cemetery  in Datto, Arkansas

so I am told.  There is no marker on her grave, and no one  seems to be

able to find it.  Emily's father's name was Layfette Yoder and her mother

was Caroline,  don't know when she was born but her and Layfette were 

married in  1870 and they both died in 1882, they had 6 children. Names of

the children were John Yoder, Sarah Ellen Yoder (who married someone by the

name of Andrew  Benton) Annie Yoder, Bell Yoder,  Andrew Yoder and Emily

Kitory Evelyne Yoder.  Andrew  is said to have died at an early age. Annie and

Bell married a  Smith and a Baker.  But not sure which one married which.

Emily and Alexander  were married in the Steeleville, Missouri area and they

had 9 children. - Pat Becker, my e-mail is beckep@som-uky.campus.mci.net")

     Con3255-   Isabel  b. ca1877  MO   living in Pueblo CO in 1914, married first

_____Smith, second ________Hilburn, no further information

     Con3256-   Andrew  b. ca1878  MO    died before 1900 census.  Family

tradition says he died young, and could have died in 1882 at same time as

Lafayette and Susan..

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

  The children of Emily Yoder and Alexander Pounds are as follows:

     Willis Alexander Pounds, born Sep 21, 1900, died 1970, married Pearl Davis about 1923, 6 children, all living

     Lewis Edward Pounds, born June 9, 1902, Crawford Co. MO, died  Feb 10, 1967, married Nora Winingar Dec 23 1921 Corning AR, 8 children, including me.

     John Calvin or Calvain Pounds, born Dec 3, 1904, died Aug 1987, Aurora IL, married Lela Hayes, parents of Patsy Becker, and more information can be obtained from her.

     Ellen May Pounds, born June 26, 1906, died 1998 CA, married first Willie Dennis, one son, married second Ben Patterson, no other children.

     James Turner Pounds, born June 13, 1909, died 1963 CA, married Alice Patterson, at least 8 children,

     Sarah Esther Pounds, born July 12, 1912, died 1996 AR, married Charles Herren, 9 children

     Harvey Franklin Noah Munro Pounds, born April 6, 1916, died 1987 AR, married first Reba Dennis, married second Hazel Garrett, at least 5 children, all by second wife.

     Twin girls born Aug 18, 1919.  Maggie died same day.  Agnes lived 14 days.


Family legend says that Alexander Pounds, husband of Emily Yoder, was born Jan 1, 1864.  However, the 1880 census lists him as 6 yr. old, so he could not have been born until 1874.  This is a little sticky in the family as he supposedly lived 100 yr. and died in June 1964.  We have a tombstone that says 1864-1964, and newspaper clippings of his hundredth birthday, when he took his first airplane ride!  Pat and I know the truth, but the rest of the family clings to that hundred years!—Tilitha

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

Mrs. Emily Kitory Evelyn (Yoder) Pounds born April 17, 1874 in Iron County, MO.  She married Alexander (Alex) Pounds in Steelville (this information I think is already on the Yoder site) 

She was a housewife.  Now here is where it gets interesting.

Her father' name was Marquis Lafayette Yhoder (as spelled on death certificate) His town or city of birth was unknown but the state is listed as Pennsylvannia USA. )  Emily died Feb 10, 1925 in Butler County, MO near Neelyville.  She died of Lobar pneumonia with a contributing diagnosis of Influenza.  She was buried in Simms Cemetery, Neelyville on Feb 12, 1925.

Emily's mother was listed as Persylia Caroline Murry born in Bellview Iron County, MO.

The informant on the certificate is listed as Mrs. Ellen Heath (Emily's sister Sarah Ellen

 Needless to say, this was a great contribution to our side of the Yoder clan. 

Pat Becker (Pounds, Yoder) "Patsy Becker" beckep@earthlink.net Jun 16 2006


 -              -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -


Con3252-    John George Yoder (3/22/1870 Salem, Mo-Nov.3,1944 California)

m.Estelle Barr c.1894  d. c1900 Ark?  m2. May 1,1904

in Ark. Eula Visti Morris (3/2/1883 Jackson,TN-12/23/1964 Armona, CA)

(her parnets were Joseph Green Morris and Rowena Elizabeth Gossett)

John George drifted to Mo.;Marmaduke, Ark.;Mich.; and Cal.

(Barbara Myatt"--lived as share croppers, in a logging camp in tents one year...

the trek westward in 1937, living in migrant camps.--they moved about

every year--per what her Aunt reba wrote to her")

    Con32521-  Virginia Irene  b. 1896  d. 1986 m. Tom Reynolds

- 9 children, Arnette, Midge, Lemuel, Gene, Guy, Helen, Orlan, Reba, and John                

    Con32522-  Arthur Harry    b. 1898  d. 1989 m. Ruth McInturff

- 5 children- Louise, Betty, Wanda, Jonell, and Keith   (Keith has 2 sons)           

    Con32523-  *Joseph Guy      b. 1906 d. 1978 m.Noma Helen Dollins

-4 children - Barbara, Theresa, Lenard, and Pamela

My father left Ark. for Mich in 1927 (Lenard hastwo sons)

    Con32524-  Waymond Earl    b. 1913 m. Lavetta Harrison

                no children  d. 1985

    Con32525-  Dorothy Wilma   b.1910 m. Alvis Dutch Bridges

-8 children, Mary, Gerti, Wima, Betty, Donald, Perry, Carolyn and Bobby

    Con32526-  Claude Bascom   b.1913 d. 1964 m. Ruth ____

 no children

     Con32527-  Reba Elizabeth   b. 1915  m. Gail W. Hamilton

-3 children- Lynda, Gail, and Reba

    Con32528-  Dolores Odell   b. 1917 d. 1987 m. James Marple

-1 child- James Jr.               

    Con32529-  Evamae Benevieve b. 1920 m. Ray Smith

-5 children- May, Clyde, Jack, Judy, and Sonja

    Con3252a-  Robert Washington b. 1922 m. Della Maddox, no children


(in 1989 from* daughter Barbara Myatt,4000 Glenrose Dr., Columbia, TN 38401-1989)



-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

From:          "Tilitha Waicekauskas" <bigwrnch@fidnet.com>

July 2001-- I don't know why this isn't rpinting wifes names?"


Lafayette YODER

  bd. abt 1840, Probably Washington Co. MO[1]

  dd. abt 1882, Probably Crawford County MO[2],[3]

|       Sarah Ellen YODER*

|         bd. 1869

|         dd. 1946

|       |       William BENTON

|       |       Harvey BENTON

|       |       Ruthie May BENTON

|       Sarah Ellen YODER*

|         bd. 1869

|         dd. 1946

|       |       Susie Ellen HEATH

|       |       |       Marshall Eugene ELDERS

|       John George YODER*

|         bd. 1870, MO

|         dd. 3 Nov 1944, CA

|       |       Virginia Irene YODER

|       |         bd. 1896

|       |         dd. 1986

|       |       Arthur Harry YODER

|       |         bd. 1898

|       |         dd. 1989

|       |       Annie YODER

|       |       Isabel YODER

|       |       Andrew YODER

|       |         dd. bef 1900

|       John George YODER*

|         bd. 1870, MO

|         dd. 3 Nov 1944, CA

|       |       Joseph Guy YODER

|       |         bd. 1906

|       |         dd. 1978

|       |       |       Barbara YODER

|       |       Waymond Earl YODER

|       |         bd. 1913

|       |         dd. 1985

|       |       Dorothy Wilma YODER

|       |         bd. 1910

|       |       Claude Bascom YODER

|       |         bd. 1913

|       |         dd. 1964

|       |       Reba Elizabeth YODER

|       |         bd. 1915

|       |       Dolores Odell YODER

|       |         bd. 1917

|       |         dd. 1987

|       |       Evamae Genevieve YODER

|       |                        -living as of 2001

|       |       Robert Washington YODER

|       |                        -living as of 2001

|       Annie YODER

|         bd. 1872

|         dd. bef 1972

|       Isabel YODER

|         bd. 1877

|         dd. 1925

|       Emily Kitory Evelyne YODER

|         bd. 6 Apr 1875, Crawford County MO[4],[5]

|         occ. Housewife and mother[3]

|         edu. None

|         dd. 10 Feb 1925, Missouri or Arkansas[3]

|         brd. Neelyville MO[6]

|       |       Willis Alexander POUNDS

|       |         bd. 21 Sep 1900

|       |         dd. Sep 1969, Granite City IL

|       |         brd. Granite City IL

|       |       |       Hildred Ophelia POUNDS

|       |       |           -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Allison Reatilia POUNDS

|       |       |           -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Gerald Edward POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Richard Eugene POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Edward Eugene POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Johanna Lee POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Cheryl Ann POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Willis Alexander POUNDS Jr.

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Curtis POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       Lewis Edward POUNDS

|       |         bd. 9 Jun 1902, Crawford County MO[7]

|       |         occ. Farmer[8]

|       |         edu. 5th Grade, Corning, Clay County AR[8]

|       |         dd. 10 Feb 1967, Houston, Texas County MO[4]

|       |         brd. 12 Feb 1967, Wolford Cemetery, Clara, Texas County MO[9]

|       |       |       Emily Jessie POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 28 Feb 1923

|       |       |         edu. Valedictorian, Faucett High School, Faucett MO, Class of 1940

|       |       |         rel. Converted to Catholocism on marriage

|       |       |       |       Vivian Marie CREELY

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Licensed Practical Nurse

|       |       |       |       |       Gina Marie DELPH

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Elizabeth Ann DELPH

|       |       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Barbara Jeanne CREELY

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Waitress

|       |       |       |       |       Valerie KURTH

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       |       Sean Thomas KURTH

|       |       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Andrea KURTH

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Son CREELY

|       |       |       |         bd. 1948

|       |       |       |         dd. 1948

|       |       |       |       Son CREELY

|       |       |       |         bd. 1949

|       |       |       |         dd. 1949

|       |       |       |       Joseph Alfred CREELY

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Brandon Joseph CREELY

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001]

|       |       |       |       |       Justin CREELY

|       |       |       |       |        -living as of 2001]

|       |       |       |       |       Meghan CREELY

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Charles Edward CREELY

|       |       |       |         bd. 8 Jun 1954

|       |       |       Mildred Lucille POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 24 Sep 1924

|       |       |         edu. Faucett High School, Class of 1943, Salutatorian

|       |       |         rel. Baptist

|       |       |         dd. 14 May 1987, Nashville TN

|       |       |       |       William Frederick KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Math teacher in private school

|       |       |       |       |       William David KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Kathryn Elizabeth KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Kelly Lynn KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Carol Jean KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Thomas Alexander BOYD

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Kenneth Edward KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Computer consultant

|       |       |       |       |       Alisa Lynn KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Jenifer Marie KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Kenneth Edward KAUTZMAN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Lillian Augusta POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |         rel. Oak Hill Christian Church

|       |       |       |       James Everett MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Retired from Southwestern Bell

|       |       |       |       |       Jami Sue MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       |       Zachary JANSEN

|       |       |       |       |       |       Caitlyn JANSEN

|       |       |       |       |       Jody Lee MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       |       Terren MALAM

|       |       |       |       |       |       Taylor MALAM

|       |       |       |       John Martin MALAM

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Dairy Farmer

|       |       |       |       |       Annette Christine MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Leannette Kathaline MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |         occ. Music teacher

|       |       |       |       Merilee Jeanette MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Legal secretary, tax preparer

|       |       |       |       |       Richard Erwin PYLE

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       |       Steven Paul PYLE

|       |       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       |       Jessica Marie PYLE

|       |       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001]

|       |       |       |       |       Jennifer Clara PYLE

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Diane Kaye MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Math Teacher

|       |       |       |       |       James Edward MOORE

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Margaret Elizabeth MALAM*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Connie Sue FRANKLIN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Scotty Joe FRANKLIN

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Margaret Elizabeth MALAM*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Briona Daelyn CHESTER

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Robert Allen CHESTER

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Chester Lewis MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Owns appliance store

|       |       |       |       |       Stephanie Dyan MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Bekka MALAM

|       |       |       |       |       Cheston MALAM

|       |       |       |       June Marie MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Cleans houses

|       |       |       |       |       Timothy Darin MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Charles Alvin MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. High school basketball coach

|       |       |       |       |       Trezha Dishon MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Alexandria Lenae MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Gail Christine MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. fulltime mother

|       |       |       |       |       Samuel MORELAND

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Lindsay MORELAND

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Jeffrey Scott MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Krista Kay MALAM

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Tiffany Nicole MALAM

|       |       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Tina Suzanne MALAM

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Secretary for FBI

|       |       |       Lewis Eugene POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |         edu. Faucett High School, Class of 1947

|       |       |       |       Loretta Elizabeth POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Ashley Lynne EDWARDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Ryan Alan EDWARDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Steven Eugene POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Owns tire shop

|       |       |       |       |       Nathan Lewis POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Joshua Tyler POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Craig Alan POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Insurance Agent

|       |       |       |       |       Leah Kristine POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Hannah Osie POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Julius Edward POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |         occ. Farmer, milk hauler and truck driver

|       |       |         edu. Houston High School, Class of 1950

|       |       |       |       Julia Ann POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Teacher

|       |       |       |       |       Kenneth Ryan CRAIG

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       David Edward POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Trucker

|       |       |       |       |       Jerod POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Darrell Edwin POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. management level at WalMart

|       |       |       |       |       Lance Amburn POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Dashia Amburn POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Danielle Nicole POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Destiny Christan POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Dale Bruce POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Milk hauler

|       |       |       Tilitha Ann POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |         occ. Bookkeeper, Legal Secretary, Tax Preparer, Apartment Manager, Poet[8]

|       |       |         edu. Houston High School, valedictorian Class of 1955

|       |       |         rel. Christian

|       |       |       |       Joe WAICEKAUSKAS Jr.

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Farmer and civil engineer, with 6 years at Federal Highway Administration[8]

|       |       |       |         edu. University of MO-Rolla[13]

|       |       |       |       Angela WAICEKAUSKAS

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Criminal Investigator, Office Manager, Mother[8]

|       |       |       |         edu. Drury College[13]

|       |       |       |       |       Catherine Alzbieta SIGLER

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Vivian POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 20 Jul 1940

|       |       |         dd. 20 Jul 1940

|       |       |       James Barkus POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |         occ. Dairy Farmer and milk hauler

|       |       |         edu. Houston High School, Class of 1963

|       |       |       |       James Walter POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Truck driver

|       |       |       |       |       James Tyler POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Bradley Dalton POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Mark Edward POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |         occ. Truck driver

|       |       |       |       |       Anna Elizabeth POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |      -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Alexis Grace POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Mark Edward POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |     -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Jason Travis POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       John Calvin POUNDS

|       |         bd. 3 Apr 1904, Denton MO

|       |         dd. Aug 1987, Aurora IL

|       |       |       James Elvin POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 14 Aug 1929

|       |       |         dd. 14 Aug 1929

|       |       |       Emily Rosalie Marie POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       James Bryant MILLER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Scott MILLER

|       |       |       |       James Bryant MILLER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Tammy Annette MILLER

|       |       |       |       |       Christopher Wade MILLER

|       |       |       |       John Carmen MILLER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Dennis Eugene MILLER

|       |       |       |       -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Michael MILLER

|       |       |       |       |       DeWayne MILLER

|       |       |       |       |       James Elvin MILLER

|       |       |       |       |       Joseph Lee MILLER

|       |       |       |       Jesse Karl MILLER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Tabatha MILLER

|       |       |       |       Robin William MILLER

|       |       |       |         bd. 22 Oct 1955

|       |       |       |       |       Robert MILLER

|       |       |       |       |       Tina Marie MILLER

|       |       |       |       Jacky Lynn MILLER

|       |       |       |       -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Randy MILLER

|       |       |       |       Tommy Wayne MILLER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Mark Steven MILLER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Timothy MILLER

|       |       |       |       -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Shirley Mae Christell POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Margaret Joyce NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Helen Elaine NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Alan Lee NISWONGER

|       |       |       Maggie Ella Lee POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Terry Lee EBEY

|       |       |       |       |       Kenneth Charles BEACH

|       |       |       |       |       Sarah Ann BEACH

|       |       |       |       |       Stewart Arthur BEACH

|       |       |       Maggie Ella Lee POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Sonya Kaye WILLIAMS

|       |       |       Bonnie Lou POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Stephanie Gayle HOLDER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       William Seth PENN

|       |       |       |       Cathy Lynn HOLDER

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Eric Michael BENEDICT

|       |       |       |       |       Melissa Renee BENEDICT

|       |       |       |       |       Jeremy Scott BENEDICT

|       |       |       |       |       Bethany Lynn BENEDICT

|       |       |       |       Dana Joe HOLDER

|       |       |       |       -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Joseph David HOLDER

|       |       |       |       |       Molly Elizabeth HOLDER

|       |       |       Joyce Marie POUNDS

|       |       |       -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Susan Eileen SMITH

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Ryan Scott FINLEY

|       |       |       |       |       Alex Tyler FINLEY

|       |       |       |       Michael Lee SMITH

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Heather Marie SMITH

|       |       |       |       |       Rebecca Ilene SMITH

|       |       |       Patsy Sue POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       David Bowen BLANKENSHIP

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Amber Nicole BLANKENSHIP

|       |       |       |       |       Brittany Marie BLANKENSHIP

|       |       |       |       Debra Ann BLANKENSHIP*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Chad Michael LUNSFORD

|       |       |       |       Debra Ann BLANKENSHIP*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Brooks Alton SIZEMORE

|       |       |       |       Connie Renee BLANKENSHIP

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Courtney Renee PALMER

|       |       |       |       |       Alexis Paige PALMER

|       |       |       Patsy Sue POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Victoria Lynn BECKER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Ashley Nicole WHITE

|       |       |       |       |       Caitlyn Elizabeth WHITE

|       |       |       |       |       Zoe Christine WHITE

|       |       |       Anna Fay POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 9 Nov 1944, Corning, Clay Co AR

|       |       |         dd. 23 Dec 1944, Corning, Clay Co AR

|       |       |       Billy Ray POUNDS

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Steven Ray POUNDS

|       |       |       |       Stacey Lee POUNDS

|       |       |       William Harvey POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 29 Jan 1949, Aurora IL

|       |       |         dd. 30 Jun 1968, Success AR

|       |       |       John Marvin POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Jason POUNDS

|       |       |       |       Teresa Lynn POUNDS

|       |       |       |       John Marvin POUNDS

|       |       |       Donald Edward POUNDS

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Christopher Edward POUNDS

|       |       |       |       Jeanette Kelly POUNDS

|       |       Ellen May POUNDS

|       |         bd. 26 Jun 1906, Missouri[14]

|       |         dd. 27 Sep 1990, Los Angeles CA

|       |       |       William Oliver DENNIS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       James Turner POUNDS

|       |         bd. 13 Jun 1909, Missouri[14]

|       |         dd. 22 Jan 1964, Los Angeles CA[14]

|       |       |       Willis Edward POUNDS

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       |       Melanie POUNDS

|       |       |       James Dean POUNDS

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       |       Richard Dean POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Michael Vincent POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Jennifer Lynn POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Christopher Ryan POUNDS

|       |       |       |       |       Richard Dean POUNDS

|       |       |       |       Susan POUNDS

|       |       |       |       James Lee POUNDS

|       |       |       |       Lisa Ann POUNDS

|       |       |       Harold Eugene POUNDS

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       Helen Odetta POUNDS

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       Alma POUNDS

|       |       |       Betty Louise POUNDS

|       |       |       Michael POUNDS

|       |       |       Raymond Franklin POUNDS

|       |       |         dd. Jun 1998

|       |       |       POUNDS

|       |       |       POUNDS

|       |       |       POUNDS

|       |       Sarah Esther POUNDS

|       |         bd. 19 Jul 1912, Hilliard MO

|       |         dd. 26 Jun 1996, Corning, Clay County AR[15]

|       |       |       Mabel Irene HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Glenn Edward NISWONGER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Tina Michelle NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Glenn Edward NISWONGER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Glenn Edward NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       |       Charles Andrew NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Sharon Kay NISWONGER

|       |       |       |         bd. 28 Jul 1953

|       |       |       |       |       Bradley Lewis WALTRIP

|       |       |       |       |       Paul Edward WALTRIP

|       |       |       |       |       Amy WALTRIP

|       |       |       |       Jerry Lee NISWONGER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Michael Lee NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       |       Mark Andrew NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       |       Elizabeth NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Jerry Lee NISWONGER*

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Jerry NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       Patricia Sue NISWONGER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Jennifer Lynn STROUD

|       |       |       |       |       Crystal Gail STROUD

|       |       |       |       Pamela Sue NISWONGER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Spencer CASTRO

|       |       |       |       |       Milton CASTRO

|       |       |       |       George Edward NISWONGER

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       |       Amanda Kay NISWONGER

|       |       |       |       |       George Edward NISWONGER

|       |       |       Bonnie Estelle HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Arita Zonell HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Charlene HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Linda Sue HERREN

|       |       |       Charles HERREN

|       |       |         bd. 14 Aug

|       |       |         dd. 1983

|       |       |       |       Tim HERREN

|       |       |       John Lynn HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Malissa Jo HERREN

|       |       |       |       Michelle Lynn HERREN

|       |       |       Doug HERREN

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Fred James Calvin HERREN

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Joyce HERREN

|       |       |       Emily Ellen HERREN

|       |       |         bd. 3 Jul

|       |       |       Orville Clinton HERREN

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       Terry HERREN

|       |       |         dd. Dec

|       |       |       James HERREN

|       |       Harvey Franklin Noah Monroe POUNDS

|       |         bd. 6 Apr 1916

|       |         dd. 2 Oct 1985, West Plains, Howell Co MO

|       |         brd. 5 Oct 1985, Fowler Cem, Howell Co MO[15]

|       |       |       Iva Lorene POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Marcia Sterling HOBBS

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Sterling Jay HOBBS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Teresa Gail HOBBS

|       |       |       |      -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Merlyn Faye HOBBS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Vickie Lynn HOBBS

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Abigia Monroe HOBBS

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Joshua David HOBBS

|       |       |       Howard Dewayne POUNDS

|       |       |         bd. 5 May 1942

|       |       |         dd. 5 May 1942

|       |       |       Evelyn Dolores POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Valerie Ann DAVIS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Grover Dewayne DAVIS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Kimberley Gail DAVIS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Robert Clenton POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Robert Ainsley POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Tracy Renee POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Robert Clenton POUNDS*

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Callie Jestine Geneva POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Carlos Edwaard POUNDS

|       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Pamala May POUNDS

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Dorothy Fay POUNDS*

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Billy Ray BROWN

|       |       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       Angela Dinise BROWN

|       |       |       |         -living as of 2001

|       |       |       Dorothy Fay POUNDS*

|       |       |        -living as of 2001

|       |       |       |       E. J. HARPER

|       |       Agnes POUNDS

|       |         bd. 18 Aug 1919

|       |         dd. 1 Sep 1919[6]

|       |         brd. Cantwell Cem

|       |       Maggie POUNDS

|       |         bd. 18 Aug 1919

|       |         dd. 18 Aug 1919

|       |         brd. Cantwell Cem[6]

|       Andrew YODER

|         bd. 1878

|         dd. 1900

1. Census Reports 1840 Washington Co. MO.

2. Census Reports 1880 Crawford Co MO.

3. Family Oral History

4. Family Records

5. Census Reports Crawford County MO 1900.

6. Esther Pounds Herren, "Letter," 1974, File.

8. Personal Knowledge


           4 Lafayette YODER b: Cir 1840

              + Susan Caroline UNKNOWN b: Cir 1848 d: Cir 1882

                5 Sarah Ellen YODER b: Cir 1869

                5 John George YODER b: Cir 1870 d: 3 November 1944

                  + Estelle BARR d: Cir 1900

                    6 Virginia Irene YODER b: 1896 d: 1986

                      + Tom REYNOLDS

                    6 Arthur Harry YODER b: 1898 d: 1989

                      + Ruth MCINTURFF

                    6 Joseph Guy YODER b: 1906

                      + Norma Helen DOLLINS

                    6 Dorothy Wilma YODER b: 1910

                      + Alvis Dutch BRIDGES

                    6 Waymond Earl YODER b: 1913 d: 1985

                      + Lavetta HARRISON

                    6 Claude Bascom YODER b: 1913

                      + Ruth UNKNOWN

                    6 Reba Elizabeth YODER b: 1915

                      + Gail W. HAMILTON

                    6 Doloris Odell YODER b: 1917 d: 1987

                      + James MARPLE

                    6 Eva Mae Benevieve YODER

                      + Ray SMITH

                  + Eula Visti MORRIS b: 2 March 1883 d: 23 December 1964

                    6 Joseph Guy YODER b: 1906 d: 1978

                      + Noma Helen DOLLINS

                    6 Dorothy Wilma YODER b: 1910

                      + Alvis Dutch BRIDGES

                    6 Waymond Earl YODER b: 1913 d: 1985

                      + Lavetta HARRISON

                    6 Claude Bascom YODER b: 1913 d: 1964

 Claude Bascom YODER b: 1913

                      + Ruth UNKNOWN

                    6 Reba Elizabeth YODER b: 1915

                      + Gail W. HAMILTON

                    6 Doloris Odell YODER b: 1917 d: 1987

                      + James MARPLE

                    6 Eva Mae Benevieve YODER

                      + Ray SMITH

                  + Eula Visti MORRIS b: 2 March 1883 d: 23 December 1964

                    6 Joseph Guy YODER b: 1906 d: 1978

                      + Noma Helen DOLLINS

                    6 Dorothy Wilma YODER b: 1910

                      + Alvis Dutch BRIDGES

                    6 Waymond Earl YODER b: 1913 d: 1985

                      + Lavetta HARRISON

                    6 Claude Bascom YODER b: 1913 d: 1964

                      + Ruth UNKNOWN

                    6 Reba Elizabeth YODER b: 1915

                      + Gail W. HAMILTON

                    6 Doloris Odell YODER b: 1917 d: 1987

                      + James MARPLE

                    6 Eva Mae Benevieve YODER

                      + Ray SMITH

                    6 Robert Washington YODER

                      + Della MADDOX

                5 Annie YODER b: Cir 1872

                5 Emily Kitory Evelyne (Emma) YODER b: 6 April 1879 d: 10 February 1925

                  + Alexander POUNDS

                    6 Lewis POUNDS

                      + Nora WININGAR

                        7 Tilitha POUNDS

                5 Isabel YODER b: Cir 1877

                  + Unknown HILBURN

                5 Andrew YODER b: Cir 1878




DAVID YODER(3), 1799-1897


          David Yoder(3) was born in 1799 and died in 1897 at the age of 98.  He married Ruth Wilson in January 16, 1827 (Lincoln County marriage bond).  He and his wife were members of Old Thessalonica Baptist Church and are buried in the cemetery of that old church site.  Their graves are unmarked and no longer identifiable.  Their children were Frank and Elisha (both dying in childhood), Ruth, Labba (Letitia) and Juliann.


Ruth Wilson Yoder, wife of David Yoder(3), inherited land from her father's estate on Potts Creek, and later she and her husband bought the shares of other embers of the Wilson family, who had moved to the state of Tennessee.  David Yoder(3) was a farmer and a cooper.  He lived quietly with his family, somewhat remote from the main highways, and "off the beaten tracks."  The fine oak woodland on his farm supplied him with the timber for the staves used in his cooperage shop.

The two log houses and the barn which David Yoder(3) built in the early 1820's were still standing in 1968.

          The two houses, one a combined kitchen and dining room, and the other the main house, were to separate buildings, a few feet apart (picture p. 124).  These log houses and the barn are some of the last surviving buildings of the early Yoders in North Carolina.  Only the old Michael Yoder(3) log house, converted into a garae in the 1920.s and since entirely abandoned, is older than the David Yoder(3) buildings.


Two of David Yoder's(3) unmarried daughters lived on the old homestead and in the two log houses until their deaths in the 1920's.


Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren



1.  Ruth Yoder(4) died in the middle 1920's and is buried in Old Thessalonica Cemetery.  She never married.


2.  Labba  (Letitia) Yoder(4) married Laban Hoover.  They had one child, Leo N. Hoover(5), who married Rachel Leatherman.  Their children were Asa, Perry, Lillie, and Mary.  Leo N. Hoover(5) always called him "the best shoe maker in the whole country."  The author, as a small boy, with his older sisters, was taken annually, in the early fall, to Leo Hoover's home and shoe shop, where careful foot measurements were taken and shoes tailor-made to order.  The author many times took shoes to Hoover's shop for repair.  Strange it seems now, that at that time he never knew his own Yoder family was related by kin to Leo N. Hoover(5) and his family.


Willie Asa Hoover(6) was born March10, 1878, and died July 28, 1967.  He married Anna Elizabeth Yount, who was born August 11,

1874 (1882 per obituary and tombstone ), and died August 5, 1941.   They are both buried in the High Peak Baptist Church Cemetery in Burke County.  Their children were Gwyn W. Hoover(7), born October 11, 1903,  married Ruby Bolen, who died January 13, 1957; Lyda Blanche Hoover(7), born May 23, 1905,  married Cornelius de Vries; Edna A. Hoover(7), born August 6, 1908, married Harry Lee Yoder; Hazel Leona Hoover(7), Born August 30, 1910, married Robert H. (middle name Horace per mother’s obit) Hoke, who died April 7, 1957:  Walter (Walton per mother’s obituary) A. Hoover(7), born October 12, 1914, married Edna Lee; Catherine Isabell Hoover(7), born August 20, 1916, married Kelly Page; Eva Louise Hoover(7), born June 1918,   married Ray McRarie; George Napoleon Hoover(7), born June, 1920, first married Emma Dean Suggs, and as second wife, Mamie Brackett; Antha Elizabeth Hoover(7), born October 11, 1923, married Francis H. Smith; and Hallard E. Hoover(7),  born March 26, 1925, and married Tressie May.


Perry Andrew Hoover(6) was born in 1879 and died in 1964.  He first married Anna Blanche Cline, and after her death January 6, 1912, Ada Propst. Their children were Luther Lee Hoover(7), who married Annie Jones; Bonnie Mae Hoover(7), who married Ray Poovey; Ben Hoover(7); Martha Hoover(7), who married Wesley Whisnant; Phillip Hoover(7), who married Jewel Martin: and Laura Hoover(7), who married Muriel Flowers.


Sardis Lutheran Church Cemetery update – Volume III, Catawba County Cemeteries:


          Anna Blanche Cline, Wife of Perry A. Hoover

          6 October 1885 – 16 June 1912


Mrs. Hoover is buried in an unmarked grave beside her son, Andrew Blanch Hoover.  Her husband is buried beside his second wife at Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery.


          Submitted by Michael B. Huffman


Lillie Genolea Hoover(6) was born October 18, 1891, and married Edgar Lee Dagerhardt, January 13, 1912.  Their children were Dorothy Helen, born July 20, 1919; Emma Faye, born October3, 1924, and married Tilden A. Brooks; and Betty Jean, Born Sept. 4, 1931, and married Rihard D. Converse.


Mary Glenn Hoover(6) married Clarence Dagerhardt.  Their children were Earl Alexander, Lillie Pauline, Vance Everette, Ralph Willie, Mary Elizabeth, and Catherine Louise.


Earl Alexander Dagerhardt(7) was born August 12, 1914, and died January 3, 1946. He married Pauline Detter, October7,1938.  Their children were Norlette, born June 29, 1940; Vicki, born January 30, 1942; Elaine, born June 25, 1945; and Earl Alexander, Jr.


Lillie Pauline Dagerhardt(7) was born March 20, 1917.  She married Fred B. Cline.  They had one child, Fred B., Jr.


Vance Everette Dagenhardt(7) was born December 8, 1922 and Married Ernestine Webb.


Mary Elizabeth Dagerhardt(7) was born September 26, 1929 and married  Marshall Wilkinson.


Catherine Louise Dagerhardt(7) was born March 17, 1932 and married Wade Herman.


3.  Juliann Yoder(4) died in the 1920's and is buried in Old Thessalonica Cemetery.  She never married.

-        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -       

Hello, I still can't find any Yoder connections to husband Jimmy or me, but---three of my grandchildren are descendants.  Attached

is a report showing the line as I have it now.  Christy Jeanette Perry married my son Eric Calvin Sigmon.  [Christy was adopted

by her mother's second husband.  That is why she uses the surname Perry.]


I'm doing a book on the ancestors of my grandchildren one of these days, so any additional information you can send me will be


Cordially, Carolyn Setzer Sigmon, css@bluenet.net


Descendants of David Yoder and his wife Ruth Wilson

as compiled by Carolyn Setzer Sigmon



Generation No. 1


        1.  David3 Yoder  (David2, Conrad1) was born September 22, 1799, and died September 05, 1896.  He married Ruth Wilson January 16, 1827 in Lincoln County NC, daughter of Nathaniel "Tom" Wilson.  She was born February 26, 1794, and died August 14, 1871.


Notes for David Yoder:

David was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 99}


     "David Yoder(3) was born in 1799 and died in 1897 at the age of 98.  He married Ruth Wilson in 1827.  He and his wife were members of Old Thessalonica Baptist Church and are buried in the cemetery of that old church site.  Their graves are unmarked and no longer identifiable.  Their children were Frank and Elisha (both dying in childhood), Ruth, Labba (Letitia) and Juliann.

     Ruth Wilson Yoder, wife of David Yoder, inherited land from her father's estate on Potts Creek, and later she and her husband bought the shares of other members of the Wilson family, who had moved to the state of Tennessee.  David Yoder was a farmer and a cooper.  He lived quietly with his family, somewhat remote from the main highways, and "off the beaten tracks."  The fine oak woodland on his farm supplied him with the timber for the staves used in his cooperage shop.

     The two log houses and the barn which David Yoder built in the early 1820's were still standing in 1968.  The two houses, one a combined kitchen and dining room, and the other the main house, were two separate buildings, a few feet apart (picture p. 124).  These log houses and the barn are some of the last surviving buildings of the early Yoders in North Carolina.  Only the old Michael Yoder(3) log house, converted into a garage in the 1920's and since entirely abandoned, is older than the David Yoder(3) buildings.

     Two of David Yoder's unmarried daughters lived on the old homestead and in the two log houses until their deaths in the 1920's."


See also Catawba County Heritage #333.


Notes for Ruth Wilson:

Ruth was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 99}


Children of David Yoder and Ruth Wilson are:

        2                 i.    Elisha4 Yoder, born November 09, 1827; died August 14, 1858.


Notes for Elisha Yoder:

Elisha was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery. {cem vol 9 pg 97}


        3                ii.    Franklin Yoder, born January 18, 1830; died September 27, 1840.


Notes for Franklin Yoder:

Franklin was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 99}


        4               iii.    Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" Yoder, born July 29, 1832; died January 24, 1921.


Notes for Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" Yoder:

Ruth was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 97}  She and sister Julie lived on the old family homestead and in the two log houses until their deaths.  Neither ever married.


+      5               iv.    Letitia "Labba" Yoder, born July 14, 1835; died February 06, 1860.

        6                v.    Julia Ann "Julie" Yoder, born November 03, 1838; died June 29, 1926.


Notes for Julia Ann "Julie" Yoder:

Julie was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery. {cem vol 9 pg 97}  She and sister Ruth lived on the old family homestead and in the two log houses until their deaths.  Neither ever married.



Generation No. 2


        5.  Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder (David3, David2, Conrad1) was born July 14, 1835, and died February 06, 1860.  She married Labon Hoover. 


Notes for Letitia "Labba" Yoder:

Letitia was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 9 pg 97}


Notes for Labon Hoover:

Adopted from story #333 in Catawba County Heritage, by Pauline Cline.

     Tradition says the Hoover (Heuber) family were wealthy wine merchants from Strasbury, Germany, Alsace and Lorraine, now France.  They raised grapes along the Rhine River.  Two Heuber brothers were the first to come to America, and they settled in Maryland.  They soon became disenchanted with part of the country and looked elsewhere for good fertile land; some going to Illinois.  Forays were made to the south looking for a good place to live.

     Laban Hoover was one of the Hoover brothers to come south.  On one of these trips, he met Letitia "Labba" Yoder, daughter of David Yoder (1799-1899), direct descendant of Conrad Yoder, the Swiss-born Catawba County pioneer who settled here in 1755, and Ruth Wilson.  Ruth Wilson inherited land from her father, Nathaniel (Tom) Wilson estate, and they bought the shares of land from the other Wilsons who moved to the state of Tennessee.

      Laban Hoover returned north to report to his superiors and to make preparations for his family.  He was caught up in the activities and turmoil that led to the Civil War.  Lititia died in the meantime.

  Son Leo Hoover grew up in his grandfather Yoder's home, with Aunt Betty and Julie as foster parents.


Child of Letitia Yoder and Labon Hoover is:

+      7                 i.    Leo Napoleon5 Hoover, born May 18, 1854; died January 31, 1897.



Generation No. 3


        7.  Leo Napoleon5 Hoover (Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born May 18, 1854, and died January 31, 1897.  He married Rachel Isabelle Leatherman January 25, 1877 in Catawba County NC, daughter of Jonas Leatherman and Elizabeth Temple.  She was born November 04, 1854, and died February 25, 1925.


Notes for Leo Napoleon Hoover:

Leo was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 98}

1880 census: Catawba County NC, Jacob's Fork Twsp, 231/244, shoemaker, Levin (age 25), Isabell (age 22), Asa (age 2, son), Pollie (age 6/12, son, born Dec.).


Leo was a skilled shoemaker.  The author's father, Colin M. Yoder, always called him "the best shoemaker in the whole country."  The author, as a small boy, with his olders sisters, was taken annually, in the early fall, to Leo Hoover's home and shoe shop, where careful foot measurements were taken and shoes tailor-made to order.  The author may times took shoes to Hoover's shop for repair.  {HYF page 125}


Adopted from Catawba County Heritage #333.

     Leo married Rachel Isabelle Leatherman (1854-1925), daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Temple Leatherman.  Elizabeth was from South Carolina and Jonas met her on one of his trips as a wagoner.

     Leo bought land adjacent to the land of his grandfather Davey Yoder on the lower road to Shelby.  This is now a fifth generation Hoover-Yoder farm.  Here about one mile from his grandfather, on what was then called the "Muddy" Road, Leo built a five room house for his family and out from the house, he built of the finest lumber, a shoe makers shop.  He was in the business of making shoes to order and even a few ladies coats and suits.  He had patterns for 'my lady' all the way from Paris, France.  Drummers (salesmen) called on him for orders of leather, wool material, and the J. P. Coats Thread Company supplied the shop with a thread cabinet made of the finest cherry wood.  This family also farmed.  Leo continued to prosper and the neighbors said he was receiving financial aid from his father, Laban Hoover.

     When Leo N. Hoover died 31 January 1897, his oldest son, Asa, was a student at Ridgeway Baptist Academy in the Banaok, Vale Section.   With Leo's death, the shoemaker's shop was closed forever.  "Belle" and her children continued farming.  Leo's four children were half-orphans, just like he had been.

     The Leatherman's are known for their musical ability, so Belle and her four children formed a string band with Asa on the violin or fiddle; Perry on the banjo, Lillie on the mandolin and Mary Glenn on the guitar.  Belle went along to keep time and chaperone.


Notes for Rachel Isabelle Leatherman:

"Belle" was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 98}

1900 census: Catawba County NC, Jacob's Fork Twsp, 112, farms, widow, she had 7 children, 4 were still living, Rachel (age 47), Acey (age 21, son), Perry A. (age 20, son), Lilley (age 8, dau, school), Mary Ellen (age 5, dau).


Marriage Notes for Leo Hoover and Rachel Leatherman:

Rachel and Leo were married by J. A. Foil, minister; witnesses were P. A. Killian, Reuben Setzer, S. C. Foil.  Her parents were listed as Jonas and Elizabeth (Temple) Leatherman of South Carolina.


Children of Leo Hoover and Rachel Leatherman are:

+      8                 i.    Willie Asa6 Hoover, born March 10, 1878; died July 28, 1967.

+      9                ii.    Perry Andrew Hoover, born December 05, 1879; died April 07, 1964 in Catawba County NC.

        10             iii.    Pearl Elizabeth Hoover, born February 02, 1882; died September 29, 1884.


Notes for Pearl Elizabeth Hoover:

Pearl was buried in Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery.  {cem vol 8 pg 98}


        11             iv.    Lillie Genolea Hoover, born October 28, 1891; died 1960.  She married Edgar Lee Dagerhardt January 13, 1912.

        12              v.    Mary Glenn Hoover, born 1894; died 1970.  She married Clarence Dagenhardt.



Generation No. 4


        8.  Willie Asa6 Hoover (Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born March 10, 1878, and died July 28, 1967.  He married Anna Elizabeth Yount August 04, 1902 in Catawba County NC.  She was born August 11, 1874, and died August 05, 1941.


Marriage Notes for Willie Hoover and Anna Yount:

Anna and Willie were married by Robert Helton, minister, in Jacobs Fork Twsp.  Her parents were listed as G. W. and F. C. Yount.


Children of Willie Hoover and Anna Yount are:

        13               i.    Gwyn W7 Hoover, born October 11, 1903.  He married Ruby Bolen.

        14              ii.    Lyda Blanche Hoover, born May 23, 1905.  She married Cornelius deVries.

        15             iii.    Edna A Hoover, born August 06, 1908; died July 16, 1999.  She married Harry Lee Yoder; born 1902.

        16             iv.    Hazel Leona Hoover, born August 30, 1910; died 1955.  She married Robert Horace Hoke; born July 02, 1908 in York SC; died December 02, 1984.


Notes for Robert Horace Hoke:

Robert was buried in Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery in South Carolina.


        17              v.    Walter A Hoover, born October 12, 1914.  He married Edna Lee.

        18             vi.    Catherine Isabell Hoover, born August 20, 1916.  She married Kelly Page.

        19            vii.    Eva Louise Hoover, born June 1918.  She married Ray McRarie.

        20           viii.    George Napoleon Hoover, born June 1920.  He married (1) Emma Dean Suggs.  He married (2) Mamie Brackett.

        21              ix.    Antha Elizabeth Hoover, born October 11, 1923.  She married Francis H Smith.

        22               x.    Hallard E Hoover, born March 26, 1925.  He married Tressie May.



        9.  Perry Andrew6 Hoover (Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born December 05, 1879, and died April 07, 1964 in Catawba County NC.  He married (1) Anna Blanche Cline Abt. 1907, daughter of William Cline and Martha Propst.  She was born October 06, 1885, and died June 16, 1912 in Catawba County NC.  He married (2) Ada Frances Propst Aft. 1912, daughter of Allen Propst and Anna Campbell.  She was born April 06, 1885 in Catawba County NC, and died January 29, 1963 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Perry Andrew Hoover:

Perry was buried in Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newton NC.


Notes for Anna Blanche Cline:

Anna was buried in Sardis Lutheran Church Cemetery beside her son Andrew Blanche Hoover.  {cem vol 3, pg 123}


Notes for Ada Frances Propst:

Ada was buried in Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newton NC.


Children of Perry Hoover and Anna Cline are:

+      23               i.    Luther Lee7 Hoover, born October 26, 1908; died August 30, 1985 in Lincoln County NC.

+      24              ii.    Bonnie May Hoover, born August 04, 1910 in Catawba County NC; died January 29, 1984 in Catawba County NC.

        25             iii.    Andrew Blanche Hoover, born June 15, 1912 in Catawba County  NC; died July 22, 1912 in Catawba County  NC.


Notes for Andrew Blanche Hoover:

Andrew was buried in Sardis Lutheran Church Cemetery beside his mother.  {cem vol 3 pg 123}



Children of Perry Hoover and Ada Propst are:

        26               i.    Ben7 Hoover, born in (of Wichita Falls TX).

+      27              ii.    Martha Irene Hoover, born January 30, 1920 in Catawba County  NC; died December 23, 2000 in Catawba County  NC; buried Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery. 

        28             iii.    Philip Hoover, born in (of Newton NC).  He married Jewel Martin. Philip was born Nov 23, 1921 and died Nov 11, 2002.

        29             iv.    Laura Hoover, born in (of PA).  She married Muriel Flowers.



Generation No. 5


        23.  Luther Lee7 Hoover (Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born October 26, 1908, and died August 30, 1985 in Lincoln County NC.  He married Annie Jones February 14, 1934 in Lincoln County NC. 


Notes for Luther Lee Hoover:

Excerpts from Catawba County Heritage #333 by Pauline Cline.

"Lee Hoover was born 1908 and graduated from Blackburn High School and studied animal husbandry at Raleigh, N.C.  He worked at Haynes Dairy in Lincoln county where he met and married Annie Jones.  Lee and Annie celebrated their Golden Wedding anniverasary in 1984 at Grace Lutheran Church, where Lee was buried in 1985.  He studied air-conditioning at St. Louis and Johnsonville, Penna.  In the mid-60's he received an award from NASA for inventing the 'maneuver gun' that guided astronaut Edward White in the first space walk in June 1965.  This was his life's work.  Their children are Conley, James, Charles, John, Ann Margaret, Judy, and Doris."


From Catawba County Heritage #334.

     Luther Lee Hoover, "the man who kept the astronauts cool," died August 30, 1985 at Lincolnton Nursing Center of Parkinson's disease.  He was 76.  Mr. Hoover, of Newton, was a retired NASA employee.  While working for NASA, Mr. Hoover built cooling units into the astronauts' space suits and refrigeration systems in space capsules.

     In the mid-1960s he received an award from NASA for inventing the "maneuver gun" that guided astronaut Edward White in the first spacewalk in June 1965.  "He did have a very interesting job," said Annie, his wife of 51 years.  "He was at each lift-off at Cape Canaveral."  While in his early 60s, despite a broken back, he trained with the astronauts in centrifuges and gravity chambers.  He worked closely with the original seven astronauts and with John Glenn and the Friendship 7 spacecraft.   "It was like a little family," Mrs. Hoover said.  "He just loved that (space) program."

     A Catawba County native, Mr. Hoover graduated from Blackburn High School and studied air-conditioning in St. Louis and Johnsonville, Pa.

     Survivors, in addition to his wife, are sons, Conley Hoover of Pasadena, Tex., James Hoover of Newport News, Va., Charles Hoover of Houston, John Hoover of Glendale, Ariz.; daughters, Mrs. Margaret Levi of Priest River, Idaho, Mrs. Doris Smoker of Yorktown, Va., Mrs. Judy Cadwell of San Jose, Calif.; brothers, Ben Hoover of Wichita Falls, Tex., Phillip Hoover; sisters, Mrs. Laura Flowers of Pennsylvania, Mrs. Martha Whisnant. 

Source: Article by Gerry Hostetler that appeared in The Charlotte Observer, Sept. 1, 1985.


Children of Luther Hoover and Annie Jones are:

        30               i.    Conley8 Hoover, born in (of Pasadena TX).

        31              ii.    James Hoover, born in (of Newport News VA).

        32             iii.    Charles Hoover, born in (of Houston TX).

        33             iv.    John Hoover, born in (of Glendale AZ).

        34              v.    Ann Margaret (Levi) Hoover, born in (of Priest River ID).

        35             vi.    Doris (Smoker) Hoover, born in (of Yorktown VA).

        36            vii.    Judy (Cadwell) Hoover, born in (of San Jose CA).



        24.  Bonnie May7 Hoover (Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born August 04, 1910 in Catawba County NC, and died January 29, 1984 in Catawba County NC.  She married George Ray Poovey August 18, 1927 in Gaffney SC, son of James Poovey and Mary Yount.  He was born February 19, 1907 in Catawba County NC, and died May 15, 1985 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Bonnie May Hoover:

Bonnie was buried in Eastview Cemetery, Newton NC.   {cem vol 7 pg 94}


Notes for George Ray Poovey:

George was buried in Eastview Cemetery, Newton NC.  {cem vol 7 pg 94}


Marriage Notes for Bonnie Hoover and George Poovey:

They celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in 1977 at Calvary Baptist Church in Newton NC.


Children of Bonnie Hoover and George Poovey are:

+      37               i.    Perry Lee8 Poovey, born August 19, 1928 in Catawba County NC; died October 30, 1981 in Catawba County NC.

+      38              ii.    Dorothy Blanche Poovey, born June 27, 1930 in Catawba County NC.

+      39             iii.    Ellen Janette Poovey, born August 22, 1932 in Catawba County NC.

+      40             iv.    Nellie Ruth Poovey, born November 17, 1934 in Catawba County NC.

+      41              v.    Betty Caroline Poovey, born March 11, 1937 in Catawba County NC; died April 26, 1963 in Catawba County NC.

+      42             vi.    Rachel Frances Poovey, born June 24, 1940 in Catawba County NC.

+      43            vii.    Wilma Rae Poovey, born October 11, 1942 in Catawba County NC.

        44           viii.    Billy Richard Poovey, born March 15, 1945 in Catawba County NC; died May 27, 1945 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Billy Richard Poovey:

Billy was buried in Startown Memorial Park, Startown NC.


+      45              ix.    Joseph Nathan Poovey, born August 18, 1946 in Catawba County NC.



        27.  Martha Irene7 Hoover (Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born January 30, 1920 in Catawba County  NC, and died December 23, 2000 in Catawba County  NC.  She married Wesley Whisnant. 


Notes for Martha Irene Hoover:

Martha was buried in Old Thessaloniea Baptist Church Cemetery.  Obituary from HICKORY DAILY RECORD.

     CONOVER - Martha Irene Hoover Whisnant, 80, of Grace Church Road, Newton, died Dec. 23, 2000, at Catawba Memorial Hospital.  Born Jan. 30, 1920, in Catawba County, she was a daughter of the late Perry A. and Mary Propst Hoover.

     She was employed by Warp Knit Mills Inc.

     Survivors include a son, Wayne Whisnant of Newton; a daughter, Mary Lee Whisnant of Newton; a brother, Phillip Hoover of Newton; a sister, Laura H. Flowers of Pennsylvania; two grandchildren, Brenda Kay Whisnant and Sheila Renee Whisnant; and two great-grandchildren, Athene Parker and Breame Whisnant.

     The funeral will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Larry Yoder at I 1 a.m. Wednesday at Grace Lutheran Church.  Burial will be in Old Thessaloniea Baptist Church Cemetery.  The family will be at Grace Lutheran Church from 7 to 8:30 tonight.  Drum Funeral Home is in charge of  arrangements.


Children of Martha Hoover and Wesley Whisnant are:

        46               i.    Wayne8 Whisnant, born in (of Newton NC).

        47              ii.    Mary Lee Whisnant, born in (of Newton NC).



Generation No. 6


        37.  Perry Lee8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born August 19, 1928 in Catawba County NC, and died October 30, 1981 in Catawba County NC.  He married (1) Joyce Elizabeth Lackey January 17, 1948.  She was born May 15, 1932 in Catawba County NC, and died May 02, 1978 in Catawba County NC.  He married (2) Nina Fay Parker December 22, 1955.  She was born 1932.


Notes for Perry Lee Poovey:

Perry was buried in Eastview Cemetery, Newton NC; US ARMY KOREA.  {cem vol 7 pg 105}


Notes for Joyce Elizabeth Lackey:

Joyce Starr was buried in Eastview cemetery, Newton NC.  She was survived by her husband, Jack M. Starr.  Her other children are Robert K. Lail and Dwight D. Lail.


Child of Perry Poovey and Joyce Lackey is:

        48               i.    Bonnie Jane9 Poovey, born October 09, 1950.  She married Charles Michael Lewis June 26.



Child of Perry Poovey and Nina Parker is:

+      49               i.    Brenda9 Poovey, born September 23, 1960.



        38.  Dorothy Blanche8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born June 27, 1930 in Catawba County NC.  She married Harley Lee Fisher December 19, 1947.  He was born March 14, 1930.


Children of Dorothy Poovey and Harley Fisher are:

+      50               i.    Harley Richard9 Fisher, born December 19, 1947.

        51              ii.    Dawn Marie Fisher, born September 15, 1950; died September 15, 1950.


Notes for Dawn Marie Fisher:

Dawn Marie was buried in Eastview cemetery, Newton NC.  {cem vol 7 pg 63}


        52             iii.    Mary Alice Fisher, born February 14, 1953 in Catawba County  NC (of Lexington NC).  She married (1) Daniel Gilbert Killian February 24, 1973 in Catawba County  NC; born February 02, 1953.  She married (2) Jimmy Fred Browning June 30, 1984; born September 03, 1947.


Notes for Mary Alice Fisher:

Mary Alice was baptized 7 May 1961 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, and was confirmed 30 April 1967 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver at St. Mark's.


Marriage Notes for Mary Fisher and Daniel Killian:

Mary and Daniel were married by Stanley L. Stiver, minister, at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC. 



        39.  Ellen Janette8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born August 22, 1932 in Catawba County NC.  She married (1) Paul Monroe Edwards November 22, 1950 in Gaffney SC, son of Martin Edwards and Floe Sherrill.  He was born May 23, 1925 in Catawba County NC, and died August 25, 1997 in Catawba County NC.  She married (2) George Everette Icenhour December 20, 1986 in Alexander County NC, son of Charlie Icenhour and Sarah Pierce.  He was born February 12, 1931.


Notes for Paul Monroe Edwards:

Paul was buried in Smyrna United Church of Christ cemetery, Catawba County NC.  Obituary from HICKORY DAILY RECORD, 26 August 1997.

     MAIDEN - Paul Monroe Edwards, 72, of Edwards Paradise Lane, Catawba, died Aug. 25,1997, at his residence after a period of declining health.  Born May 23, 1925, in Catawba County, he was a son of Martin Monroe Edwards of Maiden and the late Floe Sherrill.

     A member of Smyrna United Church of Christ in Catawba, where he was a deacon, he was employed by a textile mill as a weaver.

     He was preceded in death by a daughter, Joy Edwards Perry; and a step-daughter, Helen Porter Wiles.

     Survivors, in addition to his father, include his wife, Frances Anderson Edwards; a son, Paul Ray Edwards of Newton; a brother, Joe Edwards of Maiden; a sister, Joyce Edwards Bandy of Newton; three stepsons, Billy Ray Porter of North Wilkesboro, T. R. Porter of Wilkesboro and the Rev. Douglas Porter of Carrollton, Ga.; 12 grand-children; and two great-grandchildren.

     The funeral will be conducted by the Rev. Jim Humphrey at 4 p.m. Thursday at his church.  The body will be placed in the church 30 minutes prior to the service.  Burial will be in the church cemetery.  The family will be at Burke Mortuaries from 7 to 8:30 tonight.


Marriage Notes for Ellen Poovey and Paul Edwards:

Jeanette and Paul were divorced in 1986.


Notes for George Everette Icenhour:

Everette's children from a prior marriage are Lynn Icenhour, born 25 March 1949; Clifford  Wayne Icenhour, born 29 June 1951; Diane Icenhour, born 13 May 1950 ??; and David Icenhour, born 15 August 1961.


Children of Ellen Poovey and Paul Edwards are:

+      53               i.    Paul Ray9 Edwards, born July 30, 1951 in Catawba County NC.

+      54              ii.    Joy Jeanette Edwards, born March 31, 1954 in Catawba County NC; died December 05, 1990 in Catawba County NC.



        40.  Nellie Ruth8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born November 17, 1934 in Catawba County NC.  She married (1) Bobby Harold Huffman October 31, 1953.  He was born December 28, 1933.  She married (2) Mallie Gene Settlemyre January 03, 1964.  He was born April 20, 1938.


Marriage Notes for Nellie Poovey and Bobby Huffman:

Nellie and Bobby were divorced in September of 1962.


Children of Nellie Poovey and Bobby Huffman are:

+      55               i.    Sarah Ruth9 Huffman, born February 27, 1956.

        56              ii.    Michael Billy Huffman, born January 16, 1960.



Children of Nellie Poovey and Mallie Settlemyre are:

+      57               i.    Kathy Jean9 Settlemyre, born January 03, 1964.

+      58              ii.    William Ray Settlemyre, born February 14, 1966.



        41.  Betty Caroline8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born March 11, 1937 in Catawba County NC, and died April 26, 1963 in Catawba County NC.  She married William Eugene McClure August 10, 1957.  He was born May 19, 1934.


Notes for Betty Caroline Poovey:

Betty and her infant son were buried in the same coffin at Catawba Memorial Park, Hickory NC.


Children of Betty Poovey and William McClure are:

+      59               i.    Julie Elizabeth9 McClure, born February 16, 1958.

        60              ii.    Infant Son McClure, born April 26, 1963; died April 26, 1963.



        42.  Rachel Frances8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born June 24, 1940 in Catawba County NC.  She married Earl Dennis Kulp October 30, 1965.  He was born November 21, 1938.


Child of Rachel Poovey and Earl Kulp is:

        61               i.    Denise Veronica9 Kulp, born February 18, 1967.  She married (1) Paul David Young August 27, 1988; born September 30, 1964.  She married (2) Kevin Arthur Edgington September 23, 1995.


Marriage Notes for Denise Kulp and Paul Young:

Denise and Paul were divorced.



        43.  Wilma Rae8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born October 11, 1942 in Catawba County NC.  She married (1) Jerry Wayne White June 04, 1959.  He was born February 18, 1942 in Catawba County NC, and died August 26, 1987 in Catawba County NC.  She married (2) Harold David McGee December 05, 1974.  He was born July 17, 1939, and died September 01, 1983.  She married (3) Peter Randolph Gilpin November 10, 1979.  He was born October 03, 1927.


Notes for Jerry Wayne White:

Jerry was buried in Catawba Memorial Park, Hickory NC.


Marriage Notes for Wilma Poovey and Jerry White:

Wilma and Jerry were divorced.


Notes for Harold David McGee:

Harold was buried in Grassy Creek Cemetery, Spruce Pine NC.  His children from a prior marriage are David Michael McGee, 5 December 1963-23 November 1984 who was also buried in Grassy Creek; and Valarie McGee Jones.


Marriage Notes for Wilma Poovey and Harold McGee:

Wilma and Harold were divorced.


Notes for Peter Randolph Gilpin:

Pete's children from prior marriage are Lisa Kent Gilpin, born 28 April 1959; and Jeffery Randall Gilpin, born 1 July 1960.


Children of Wilma Poovey and Jerry White are:

        62               i.    Jerry Wayne9 White, Jr., born January 29, 1960.  He married (1) Deborah Kaye Bragg October 30, 1980.  He married (2) Sharon Kay Huffman June 20, 1987.


Marriage Notes for Jerry White and Deborah Bragg:

Deborah and Jerry were divorced in 1984/85.


Marriage Notes for Jerry White and Sharon Huffman:

Sharon and Jerry were divorced in April of 1993.


+      63              ii.    Scarlett Corrine White, born March 15, 1961.

        64             iii.    Amber Elaine White, born November 24, 1963; died November 25, 1963.


Notes for Amber Elaine White:

Amber was buried in Eastview cemetery, Newton NC.


        65             iv.    David Scott White, born November 04, 1966; died February 14, 1968.


Notes for David Scott White:

David was buried in Eastview cemetery, Newton NC.



        45.  Joseph Nathan8 Poovey (Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born August 18, 1946 in Catawba County NC.  He married Judy Ann Christy November 29, 1964.  She was born January 16, 1946.


Child of Joseph Poovey and Judy Christy is:

        66               i.    Alan Dale9 Poovey, born May 29, 1971 in Catawba County NC.  He married Angela Lavern Murry August 27, 1992; born December 01, 1972.


Notes for Alan Dale Poovey:

Alan was baptized 18 July 1971 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.



Generation No. 7


        49.  Brenda9 Poovey (Perry Lee8, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born September 23, 1960.  She married Timothy Knight December 23, 1977.  He was born May 12, 1959.


Child of Brenda Poovey and Timothy Knight is:

        67               i.    Quinten Lee10 Knight, born March 03, 1993.



        50.  Harley Richard9 Fisher (Dorothy Blanche8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born December 19, 1947.  He married Phyllis Ann Sigmon April 16, 1967 in Catawba County NC.  She was born March 27, 1947.


Notes for Harley Richard Fisher:

Harley was confirmed 10 June 1962 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.


Marriage Notes for Harley Fisher and Phyllis Sigmon:

Phyllis and Richard were married by Stanley L. Stiver, minister, at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC. 


Child of Harley Fisher and Phyllis Sigmon is:

        68               i.    Richard Marcus10 Fisher, born February 20, 1973 in Catawba County NC.  He married (1) Amanda Leigh Beal October 01, 1994 in Catawba County  NC; born March 09, 1975.  He married (2) Paula Aft. 1996.


Notes for Richard Marcus Fisher:

Marcus was baptized 22 April 1973 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, and was confirmed 17 May 1987 by Pastor Stiver at St. Mark's.


Marriage Notes for Richard Fisher and Amanda Beal:

Amanda and Richard were married by David P. Nelson, minister.



        53.  Paul Ray9 Edwards (Ellen Janette8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born July 30, 1951 in Catawba County NC.  He married (1) Linda Diane Guthrie December 26, 1970 in Catawba County NC.  She was born January 01, 1953 in Catawba County NC.  He married (2) Loretta Ryder August 06, 1988.  She was born October 31, 1956.  He married (3) Deborah Jo Sims October 21, 1989 in Catawba County NC.  She was born March 20, 1952 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Linda Diane Guthrie:

Parents: Howard Clinton and Virginia Mae (Blackburn) Guthrie; he was born in NC and she was born in West Virginia.


Marriage Notes for Paul Edwards and Linda Guthrie:

Linda and Paul were divorced.


Marriage Notes for Paul Edwards and Loretta Ryder:

Loretta and Paul were divorced in October of 1989.


Notes for Deborah Jo Sims:

Parents: Thomas A. and Mary Lee (White) Sims, both born in NC.  Her children from a prior marriage are Andrew Mashburn, born 18 March 1977; and Ben Mashburn, born 25 June 1979.  This was her third marriage, the second ended in divorce 6/83.


Children of Paul Edwards and Linda Guthrie are:

        69               i.    Ronnie Lamont10 Edwards, born April 17, 1972.  He married Laura Lynn Capps October 01, 1994; born January 31, 1972 in (of Copperas Texas).

        70              ii.    Scottie Mitchell Edwards, born February 26, 1983.



        54.  Joy Jeanette9 Edwards (Ellen Janette8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born March 31, 1954 in Catawba County NC, and died December 05, 1990 in Catawba County NC.  She married (1) Barry Mitchel Singletary July 1970 in SC, son of Julius Singletary and Martha Roller.  He was born June 15, 1950 in Rockingham, Richmond County NC.  She married (2) William Jefferson Perry March 07, 1975.  He was born May 18, 1952 in SC, and died December 25, 1999 in Greenville County SC.


Notes for Joy Jeanette Edwards:

Joy was buried in Smyrna United Church Christ cemetery, Sherrills Ford NC.  The funeral was conducted by Rev. Robert Myers and pallbearers were Ronnie Edwards, Mark Calloway, Richard Fisher, Michael Huffman, Gary Edwards, and David Leonard.


Notes for Barry Mitchel Singletary:

Barry, who lives in Eden NC, is employed by Duke Power Company.


Marriage Notes for Joy Edwards and Barry Singletary:

Joy and Barry were divorced.


Notes for William Jefferson Perry:

William apparently was killed in a fire which gutted a house where he was living.


The Greenville News, Monday, December 27, 1999, " Two men were killed in a fire late Christmas Day that shot flames 50 feet into the air and destroyed a home in an isolated area near Travelers Rest, authorities said.


The Greenville County Coroner's Office on Sunday tentatively identified the victims as Billy Ray Reeves, 42, and William Jeffers Perry, 47.


Both men lived at that house, Perry for only about a month, said Deputy Coroner Mike Ellis.


The home, at 701 Bailey Mill Road, was fully engulfed in flames by the time volunteer firefighters from the Tigerville Fire Department arrived.


Authorities said they received a call reporting the fire at about 8 p.m.  Firefighters found the first body at 10:45 p.m. and the second body at 12:30 p.m., Ellis said.


He estimated the time of their deaths at 8 p.m.  Autopsies will be done on both bodies today.


The fire is under investigation by the Greenville County Sheriff's Office homicide division, although Lt. Bruce Cannon said there's no reason at this point to think the cause of the fire is suspicious.  He said it's routine for the department to investigate fires when people are killed.


Chief Rick Tucker of the Tigerville Fire Department said the closest neighbors lived about a quarter-mile away.  Neighbors told firefighters they thought the men were inside because both of their trucks were at the house.


Rucker (sic) said this is the first fatal fire his department has handled in six years."   http://www.greenvilleonline.com/gonews/news/5122799.htm


Child of Joy Edwards and Barry Singletary is:

+      71               i.    Christy Jeanette10 Perry, born April 14, 1971 in Lincoln County NC.



Child of Joy Edwards and William Perry is:

        72               i.    Jennifer Joy10 Perry, born June 07, 1979.



        55.  Sarah Ruth9 Huffman (Nellie Ruth8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born February 27, 1956.  She married (1) Robert Leroy Deal September 14, 1974 in Catawba County NC, son of Junius Deal and Georgia Reinhardt.  He was born March 25, 1953 in Iredell County NC, and died May 05, 2002 in Catawba County  NC.  She married (2) David Charles Rust September 18, 1982.  He was born January 07, 1954.


Notes for Robert Leroy Deal:

Robert was buried in St. Mark's Lutheran Church Cemetery, Claremont NC.  {Obituary from HICKORY DAILY RECORD, 7 May 2002}

     CONOVER - Robert Leroy Deal, 49, of Bent Arrow Road, Catawba, died May 5, 2002, at Catawba Valley Medical Center in Hickory.  Born March 25, 1953, in Iredell County, he was a son of Junius R. and Georgie Reinhardt Deal of Catawba.

     He worked as an upholsterer.

     Survivors, in addition to his parents, include his wife, Twila Rufty Deal; four sons, Shannon Atapovich and Matthew Atapovich of Catawba, Daniel Deal of Claremont and Rodney Deal of the home; a daughter, Lisa Pennley of Toledo, Ohio; two sisters, Brenda Deal and Suzanne Anderson of Catawba; and five grandchildren, Zackary Atapovich, Karissa Atapovich, Kaila Atapovich, Caleb Deal and Caytlin Deal.

     The funeral will be conducted by the Rev. Byron Repass at 4 p.m. Wednesday at Drum Funeral Home, 509 First Ave., South, Conover.  Burial will be in St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Cemetery.  Pallbearers will be Randy Sales, Gary Anderson, Speedy Edmondson, Gary Rufty, Boyd Rufty and Terry Rufty.  The family will be at the funeral home from 7 to 8:30 tonight.


Robert was baptized 9 May 1953 by Rev. Dr. Laurence W. Miller with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, and was confirmed 30 April 1967 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver at St. Mark's.


{Robert's child is Lisa Deal, born 14 January 1973, according to St. Mark's records.}


Marriage Notes for Sarah Huffman and Robert Deal:

Sarah and Robert were married by Stanley L. Stiver, minister, at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, witnesses were Junius Deal and Bobby Huffman.  Sarah and Robert were divorced in July of 1980.


Child of Sarah Huffman and Robert Deal is:

        73               i.    Robert Daniel10 Deal, born June 10, 1978.


Notes for Robert Daniel Deal:

Robert was baptized 16 July 1978 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.



Children of Sarah Huffman and David Rust are:

        74               i.    Brandi Nicole10 Rust, born May 13, 1983.

        75              ii.    Heather Dawn Rust, born July 10, 1989.



        57.  Kathy Jean9 Settlemyre (Nellie Ruth8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born January 03, 1964.  She married Jerry Wayne Benfield November 27, 1986.  He was born September 25, 1965.


Child of Kathy Settlemyre and Jerry Benfield is:

        76               i.    Tiffany Lynn10 Benfield, born August 04, 1989.



        58.  William Ray9 Settlemyre (Nellie Ruth8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born February 14, 1966.  He married Ramona Faye Bare Murry October 15, 1988.  She was born December 01, 1968.


Notes for Ramona Faye Bare Murry:

Ramona's child is Joshua Aaron Bare, born 15 March 1985.


Marriage Notes for William Settlemyre and Ramona Murry:

Ramona and William were divorced in February of 1993.



Child of William Settlemyre and Ramona Murry is:

        77               i.    Stacey Danielle10 Settlemyre, born January 17, 1989.



        59.  Julie Elizabeth9 McClure (Betty Caroline8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born February 16, 1958.  She married (1) Andy Hall April 22, 1974.    She married (2) Randy Edward McGallaird May 18, 1980.  He was born September 02, 1953 in Burke County NC, and died August 17, 1986 in Catawba County NC.  She married (3) Ken Anthony February 12, 1996.  He was born December 19, 1961.


Marriage Notes for Julie McClure and Andy Hall:

Julie and Andy were divorced.


Notes for Randy Edward McGallaird:

Randy was buried in Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Morganton NC.


Child of Julie McClure and Andy Hall is:

        78               i.    Shea10 Hall, born September 05, 1977.



Child of Julie McClure and Randy McGallaird is:

        79               i.    Jessica10 McGallaird, born April 29, 1981.



        63.  Scarlett Corrine9 White (Wilma Rae8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born March 15, 1961.  She married (1) Michael Todd Parker May 31, 1981.  He was born February 09, 1962.  She married (2) Ricky Wayne Hartzoge August 02, 1986.  He was born November 26, 1953.


Marriage Notes for Scarlett White and Michael Parker:

Scarlette and Michael were divorced.


Children of Scarlett White and Ricky Hartzoge are:

        80               i.    Jason Michael10 Hartzoge, born September 25, 1980.

        81              ii.    David Andrew Hartzoge, born July 06, 1988.

        82             iii.    Amber Elizabeth Hartzoge, born August 17, 1989; died October 24, 1989 in Forsyth County NC.


Notes for Amber Elizabeth Hartzoge:

Amber was buried in St. Matthews United Church of Christ, Maiden NC.



Generation No. 8


        71.  Christy Jeanette10 Perry (Joy Jeanette9 Edwards, Ellen Janette8 Poovey, Bonnie May7 Hoover, Perry Andrew6, Leo Napoleon5, Letitia "Labba"4 Yoder, David3, David2, Conrad1) was born April 14, 1971 in Lincoln County NC.  She married Eric Calvin Sigmon April 08, 1995 in Catawba County NC, son of Jimmy Sigmon and Carolyn Setzer.  He was born December 26, 1964 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Christy Jeanette Perry:

Christy graduated from Bandy's High School; Catawba Valley Community College in 1995, and Gardener-Webb University in 1997 with a bachelor of science degree in Accounting.  She worked as a accountant at Catawba Memorial Hospital until her first child was born when she became a stay-at-home mom, and assisted in the family business.


She was received into membership 27 August 1995 by Pastor David P. Nelson at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, by transfer from Smyrna United Church of Christ, Sherrills Ford NC.  She is a Sunday school teacher and serves on the educational committees.


To keep physically fit, she joined the Conover YMCA and took exercise classes.  Before long she was teaching the 6:00 a.m. class and also now leads a very successful kick boxing class that meets at St. Mark's in the evening.  (December 2000)


Notes for Eric Calvin Sigmon:

Eric was baptized 7 February 1965 by Rev. Stanley L. Stiver with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC, and was confirmed 6 May 1979 by Rev. Stiver at St. Marks. 


He graduated in June of 1983 from Bunker Hill High School, where he played basketball and ran track.  In 1982 he was named All-Conference in the pole-vault competition, and was the conference champion in 1983.  During college years he played intermural sports, and lifted weights.


He worked summers for the Catawba County Schools Maintenance department while he was in high school and college.  After graduating from Western Carolina University in 1989 with a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration-Marketing, he was employed for as a sales representative for Maintenance Supply Company, Huntersville NC.  He saw a niche to be filled and in 1992 started his own company, ECS Distributing Company, a supplier of safety products to industry.


He plays almost scratch golf during warm seasons and basketball in the winter.  (December 2000)


Marriage Notes for Christy Perry and Eric Sigmon:

Christy and Eric were married by David P. Nelson, minister, at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont.


Children of Christy Perry and Eric Sigmon are:

        83               i.    Jessica Joy11 Sigmon, born April 10, 1997 in Catawba County NC.


Notes for Jessica Joy Sigmon:

Jessica was born in Catawba Memorial Hospital at 1:00 a.m. on a Thursday morning; she weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz. and was 22 1/4 inches long.  She had light reddish brown hair and blue-brown eyes.


Jessica was baptized Sunday, 11 May 1997, by the Rev. David P. Nelson with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.  She attends Sunday school and church regularly, participates in the Monday morning play group, and she and her brother go to Play School in Conover two mornings a week.  She has just learned to tumble in gymnastics class.  Pizza and spaghetti are her favorite foods.  (December 2000)


        84              ii.    Alec Calvin Sigmon, born July 19, 1999 in Catawba County  NC.


Notes for Alec Calvin Sigmon:

Alec was born in Catawba Memorial Hospital at 7:58 a.m. on a Monday morning; he weighed 6 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  He has dark reddish-brown hair and dark blue-brown eyes.


Alec was baptized Sunday, 12 September 1999, by the Rev. Scott Bollinger with parents as sponsors at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.  He attends Sunday School and church regularly, participates in the Monday morning play group, and he and his sister go to Play School in Conover two mornings a week.  He is fearless and a climber.  (December 2000)


        85             iii.    Julia Jeanette Sigmon, born April 23, 2002 in Catawba County  NC.


Notes for Julia Jeanette Sigmon:

Julia was born at 7:58 a.m. at Catawba Valley Medical Center.  She weighed 6 lbs. 9 ozs. and was about 21 inches long.  Her hair was long and dark.  She was baptized Sunday, 21 July 2002, by Pastor Scott Bollinger at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Claremont NC.  After the service, family and friends were guests for lunch at her parents house.  About _______ 30 people attended.  Among those present, in addition to her parents and sister and brother, were grandparents Jimmy and Carolyn Sigmon, and Barry and Linda Singletary; great-grandparents Everette and Jeanette Isenhour; aunts Jennifer Perry and Melissa Warren.


-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

Con34   David Yoder   d. 1897  bur. Old Thessalonica Bapt. Cem.

        m. 1/16/1827 Lincoln Co., NC Ruth Wilson  (ca1804-   ?  )

     Con341- Elisha     b. Nov.9, 1827   died young

     Con342- Franklin   b. Jan.18,1830   died young

     Con343- Ruth Elizabeth  b. Jul.29, 1832  single

            died mid-1920s , bur. Old Thessalonica Cem.

     Con344- Labba (Letitia)  b. Jul.14,1835  m. Laban Hoover

     Con345- Juliann (Julia Ann)  b. Nov.3, 1838 never married

            died mid-1920s   bur. Old Thessalonica Cem.



------------------------------Contributed by Michael Billy  Huffman


---------------------David Yoder (1799-1896)


-------David Yoder, son of David and Elizabeth Reep Yoder, was a

grandson of the North Carolina pioneer Conrad Yoder. He was born

Sept. 22, 1799, one of 10 children. He married the former Ruth

Wilson, (Feb.26,1794-Aug.14,1871) daughter of Nathaniel and

Margaret Wilson. To this marriage were born five children: Elisha

(1827-1858); Franklin (1830-1840); Ruth Elizabeth (Betty) (1832-

1921); Letitia (1835-1860); and Julian (Julie) Ann (1838-1926).

-------David died Sep.5, 1896. He, his wife and all five children are

buried at the Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery in the

Blackburn Section. The church no longer stands, but the cemetery


-------Ruth Wilson Yoder inherited land from her father's estate on

Potts Creek, and later she and her husband bought the shares of other

members of the Wilson family, who had moved to Tennessee. David

Yoder was a farmer and a cooper. He lived quietly with his family,

somewhat remote from the main highways, and "off the beaten

tracts". The fine oak woodland on his farm supplied him with the

timber for staves used in his cooperage shop.

-------The Yoder log homes, built by David himself were built in the

early 1820s. There were two separate buildings, one known as the

main house and sleeping quarters and the other was the kitchen.

-------Two  of his  daughters lived at the homestead until their deaths

in the 1920s. Ruth Elizabeth (Aunt Betty) and Julian Ann (Aunt

Julie) both lost their sweethearts in the Civil War, so they never



        3 David YODER b: 22 September 1799 d: 4 September 1896

          + Ruth WILSON b: 26 February 1794 d: 14 August 1871

            4 Elisha YODER b: 9 November 1827 d: Cir 1858

            4 Franklin YODER b: 18 January 1830 d: Abt 1845

            4 Ruth Elizabeth (Betty) YODER b: 29 July 1832 d: Cir 1921

            4 Letitia (Labba) YODER b: 14 July 1835 d: Cir 1859

              + Laban HOOVER b: 1833

                5 Leo N. HOOVER b: 18 May 1854 d: 31 January 1897

                  + Rachel Isabelle LEATHERMAN b: 4 November 1854 d: 25 February 1925

                    6 Willie Asa HOOVER b: 10 March 1878 d: 28 July 1967

                      + Anna Elizabeth YOUNT b: 11 August 1874 d: 5 August 1941

                        7 Gwyn W. HOOVER b: 11 October 1903 d: 1955

                          + Ruby BOLEN d: 13 January 1957

                        7 Lyda Blanche HOOVER b: 23 May 1905

                          + Cornelius DE VRIES

                        7 Edna A. HOOVER b: 6 August 1908

                          + Harry Lee YODER b: 10 October 1902 d: 26 January 1982

                            8 Frank Lee YODER

                              + Mattie Ann SMITH

                            8 Willie Alfred YODER

                              + Donna Kay HILLSTEAD

                            8 Reid Nelson YODER

                            8 Vivian Carol YODER

                              + William Edward CLINE

                        7 Hazel Leona HOOVER b: 30 August 1910

                          + Robert H. HOKE d: 7 April 1957

                        7 Walter A. HOOVER b: 12 October 1914

                          + Edna LEE

                        7 Catherine Isabell HOOVER b: 20 August 1916

                          + Kelly PAGE

                        7 Eva Louise HOOVER

                          + Ray MCRARIE

                        7 George Napoleon HOOVER

                          + Emma Dean SUGGS

                          + Mamie BRACKETT

                        7 Antha Elizabeth HOOVER

                          + Francis H. SMITH

                        7 Hallard E. HOOVER

                          + Tressie MAY

                    6 Perry Andrew HOOVER b: 5 December 1879 d: 7 April 1964

                      + Anna Blanche CLINE b: 6 October 1885 d: 16 June 1912

                        7 Luther Lee HOOVER b: 26 October 1908 d: 30 August 1985

                          + Annie JONES b: 17 October 1913 d: 18 February 1989

                            8 Conley Cline HOOVER b: 15 January 1935 d: 7 October 1989

                              + Connie CONIGLIARO

                                9 Mary Ann HOOVER

                              + Rita MILLER

                            8 Margaret HOOVER

                              + Phillip Henry LEVI

                                9 Mark Edmard LEVI

                                  + Marcy NITIZINGER

                                    10 Leslie Michelle LEVI

                                  + Kelli Jo SKAUGSTAD

                                    10 Ashlie Teriann LEVI

                                9 Michael Lee LEVI

                                  + Rebecca Jan PATTON

                                    10 Jenifer Margaret LEVI

                                    10 Laura Ann LEVI b: 26 August 1981 d: 8 October 1981

                                    10 Jesica Jan LEVI

                                9 Phillip Henry LEVI

                                9 Joe Allen LEVI

                            8 James Lee (Jimmy) HOOVER

                              + Shirley Suzanne GALLOWAY

                                9 Pamela Lee HOOVER

                                  + James Todd ANDERSON

                                    10 James Tyler ANDERSON

                                    10 Zachery Lee ANDERSON

                                9 Sherry Lynn HOOVER

                                  + Joseph Bruce ST.JOHN

                                    10 Daniel Joseph ST.JOHN

                                    10 Amanda Galloway ST.JOHN

                            8 Doris Jean HOOVER

                              + Daniel Jason SMOKER

                                9 Debra Jean SMOKER

                                  + James HODGES

                                9 Daniel Jason SMOKER

                            8 Charles Andrew HOOVER

                              + Sandra Eileen HOWELL

                                9 Charles Andrew HOOVER

                                  + Unknown UNKNOWN

                                    10 Leann Elizabeth HOOVER

                                9 Brian Christopher HOOVER

                                  + Wendy Ann NEWBAKER

                                    10 Brian Christopher HOOVER

                                9 Dina Michele HOOVER

                                  + Thomas Michael ARMSTRONG

                                    10 Thomas Michael ARMSTRONG

                                9 Melissa Nicole HOOVER

                            8 John Henry HOOVER

                              + Sandra Jean MEZAK

                                9 Kimberely Jean HOOVER

                            8 Judith Mae HOOVER

                              + Jerry Walter WHEAT

                                9 Jerry Walter WHEAT

                              + Jerry Lynn WINKLER

                                9 Russell August WINKLER

                              + Fred CALDWELL

                        7 Bonnie Mae HOOVER b: 4 August 1910 d: 29 January 1984

                          + George Ray POOVEY b: 19 February 1907 d: 15 May 1985

                            8 Perry Lee POOVEY b: 19 August 1928 d: 30 October 1981

                              + Joyce Lackey STARR b: 15 May 1932 d: 2 May 1978

                                9 Bonnie Jane POOVEY

                                  + Charles Michael LEWIS

                              + Nina Faye PARKER

                                9 Brenda POOVEY

                                  + Timothy KNIGHT

                                    10 Quinten Lee KNIGHT

                            8 Dorothy Blanche POOVEY

                              + Harley FISHER

                                9 Harley Richard FISHER

                                  + Phyllis Ann SIGMON

                                    10 Marcus FISHER

                                      + Amanda L. BEAL

                                9 Dawn Marie FISHER b: 15 September 1950 d: Cir 1953

                                9 Mary Alice FISHER

                                  + Daniel Gilbert KILLIAN

                                  + Jimmy Fred BROWNING

                            8 Jeanette POOVEY

                              + Paul Monroe EDWARDS

                                9 Paul Ray EDWARDS

                                  + Linda Diane GUTHRIE

                                    10 Ronnie EDWARDS

                                    10 Scotty EDWARDS

                                  + Dabbie Sims MASHBURN

                                    10 Andrew MASHBURN

                                    10 Ben MASHBURN

                                9 Joy Jeanette EDWARDS b: 31 March 1954 d: 4 December 1990

                                  + William Jefferson PERRY

                                    10 Christy PERRY

                                      + Eric Calvin SIGMAN

                                    10 Jennifer PERRY

                              + Everette ICENHOUR

                                9 Lynn ICENHOUR

                                  + Unknown UNKNOWN

                                    10 Brian ISENHOUR

                                      + Kimberely OWENS

                                    10 Tana ISENHOUR

                                  + Melinda Hall HERMAN

                                    10 Troy HERMAN

                                      + Julie LAIL

                                    10 Jerry Wayne HERMAN

                                      + Jessica CHURCH

                                    10 Angela Kaye HERMAN

                                      + Jeffrey David BAKER

                                9 Diane ICENHOUR

                                  + David STOCKS

                                    10 Mark STOCKS

                                    10 Lori STOCKS

                                9 Clifford Wayne ICENHOUR

                                  + Catherine STOUT

                                    10 Deidre ICENHOUR

                                    10 Dena ICENHOUR

                                9 David ICENHOUR

                                  + Tammy RUFTY

                            8 Nellie Ruth POOVEY

                              + Bobby Harold HUFFMAN

                                9 Sarah Ruth HUFFMAN

                                  + Robert Leroy DEAL

                                    10 Robert Daniel DEAL

                                  + David Charles RUST

                                    10 Brandi Nicole RUST

                                    10 Heather Dawn RUST

                                9 Michael Billy HUFFMAN

                              + Mallie Gene SETTLEMYRE

                                9 Kathy Jean SETTLEMYRE

                                  + Jerry Wayne BENFIELD

                                    10 Tiffany Lynn BENFIELD

                                9 William Ray SETTLEMYRE

                                  + Ramona Faye BARE

                                    10 Jousha Aaron BARE

                                    10 Stacey Danielle SETTLEMYRE

                                  + Betty PHILLIPS

                            8 Betty Caroline POOVEY b: 11 March 1937 d: 26 April 1963

                              + William Eugene MCCLURE

                                9 Julie Elizabeth MCCLURE

                                  + Randy MCGALLAIRD b: 2 September 1953 d: 17 August 1986

                                    10 Shea MCGALLAIRD

                                    10 Jessica MCGALLAIRD

                                  + Ken ANTHONY

                                9 Unknown MCCLURE

                            8 Rachel Frances POOVEY

                              + Earl Dennis KULP

                                9 Denise Veronica KULP

                                  + Paul David YOUNG

                                  + Kevin Arthur EDGINGTON

                            8 Wilma Rae POOVEY

                              + Jerry Wayne WHITE b: 18 February 1942 d: 26 August 1987

                                9 Jerry Wayne WHITE

                                9 Scarlett Corrina WHITE

                                  + Ricky Wayne HARTZOGE

                                    10 Jason Michael HARTZOGE

                                    10 David Andrew HARTZOGE

                                    10 Amber Elizabeth HARTZOGE b: 17 August 1989 d: 24 October 1989

                                9 Amber Elaine WHITE b: 24 November 1963 d: 25 November 1963

                                9 David Scott WHITE b: 4 November 1966 d: 14 February 1968

                              + Harold David MCGEE b: 17 July 1939 d: 1 September 1983

                              + Pete Randall GILPIN

                            8 Billy Richard POOVEY b: 15 March 1945 d: 27 May 1945

                            8 Joseph Nathan POOVEY

                              + Judy CHRISTY

                                9 Alan Dale POOVEY

                                  + Angela Lavern MURRY

                        7 Andrew Blanche HOOVER b: 15 June 1912 d: 22 July 1912

                      + Ada Frances PROPST b: 6 April 1885 d: 29 January 1963

                        7 Ben Alexander HOOVER b: 10 December 1916

                          + Edith Frances DAVIS

                            8 Perry Allen HOOVER

                              + Dixie VANREENAN

                            8 Thomas Warren HOOVER

                              + Judi SMALL

                            8 Mary Frances HOOVER b: 31 August 1954 d: 10 February 1955

                            8 Steven Wayne HOOVER

                              + Barbara PSCHEIDT-MULLER

                                9 Lorian PSCHEIDT

                            8 Gary Lynn HOOVER b: 11 December 1957 d: 20 September 1979

                        7 Mary Catherine HOOVER b: 14 July 1918 d: 9 July 1919

                        7 Martha Irene HOOVER

                          + John Wesley WHISNANT

                            8 David HOOVER b: 19 April 1942 d: 28 March 1988

                              + Marlen Chapman BELTON

                                9 Jimmy Dean BELTON

                                9 Randy Lee BELTON

                                9 Robin Lynn BELTON

                                9 Dennis Timothy BELTON

                            8 Marylee WHISNANT

                            8 Wayne WHISNANT

                              + Ruth CHAPMAN

                                9 Brenda WHISNANT

                                9 Shelia WHISNANT

                        7 Phillip Napolean HOOVER b: Nov 23, 1921  d: Nov 13, 2002

                          + Ruby Mae MASK

                            8 Diane HOOVER

                                    + Ronald Beaty

                            8 Ray HOOVER

                                   + Vicki -------

                            8 Jackie HOOVER

                                   + Charles Shook

                                8 Shirley HOOVER

                                  + ----- ESTEP


(Obituary for Philip N. Hoover also states he was survived by 17 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren plus two stepdaughters.  He was also survived by a stepson and stepdaughte


                        7 Laura Isabell HOOVER

                          + Merle George FLOWERS

                            8 George Randall FLOWERS

                              + Salvacion BANAYAT

                                9 Emily Michele FLOWERS

                                9 Christopher Ian FLOWERS

                            8 Cheryl Day FLOWERS

                              + James R. BROWN

                                9 Laura Ann BROWN

                                9 Eric Kenyon BROWN

                                9 Kelan James BROWN

                            8 Wilma Darlene FLOWERS

                              + Russell DOVER

                                9 William Russell DOVER

                                9 James Caldwell DOVER

                                9 David Wayne DOVER

                                9 James Leigh DOVER

                            8 Harry Lee FLOWERS

                              + Amy J. STEFFANIA

                    6 Pearl E. HOOVER b: 2 February 1882 d: 29 September 1884

                    6 Lille Genelia HOOVER b: 28 October 1891 d: Cir 1960  mar: January 13, 1912

+ Edgar Lee DAGERHARDT b: May 26, 1885  d: August 24, 1970  bur: Catawba Memorial Park

7 Dorothy Helen DAGERHARDT  b: July 20, 1919 (still alive, unmarried in 2009  per obit of sister Faye

7 Emma Faye DAGERHARDT  b: October 3, 1924  d: January 10, 2009  bur: Catawba     Memorial Park

 + Tilden Andrew BROOKS   mar:September 12, 1941

   8Andrew BROOKS d: in infancy

  8 Elizabeth (Libby) Christine BROOKS b: November 22, 1955

   + Reagan BEAM mar: September 17, 1982

     9 son BEAM 

  8 Sharon Marie BROOKS b: July 22, 1966  (not named in mother’s obituary) 

7 Betty Jean DAGERHARDT b: Septem 4, 1931 (still alive in 2009 per sister’s obit)

  + Richard D. CONVERSE mar: February 9, 1954

    8 Richard L. CONVERSE  b: December 25, 1954

    8 Robert W. CONVERSE  b: December 19, 1955

    8 Ronald D. CONVERSE  b: November 20, 1959  

  + Leroy SMITH (per sister’s obit) 

                    6 Mary Glenn HOOVER b: October 1894  d: November 20, 1970 bur: Maiden City Cemetery

+ Clarence Everette DAGERHARDT married Feb 15, 1914  b: January 19, 1893  d: September 14, 1977  bur: Maiden City Cemetery

      7 Earl Alexander DAGERHARDT b: August 12, 1914  d: January 3, 1946  bur: Maiden    City Cemetery

        + Pauline DETTER  mar. October 7, 1938  mar: (2) Clarence Auton

            8 Norlette DAGERHARDT  b: June 29, 1940

               + John W. MILSTEAD, Jr.

                  9 John W. MILLSTEAD III

                  9 daughters (names not known)

           8 Vicki Lee DAGERHARDT b: January 30, 1942

               + Lester Sealy WISEMAN mar: Feb 11, 1968

                 9 P---- Paige WISEMAN b: May25, 1970

                 9 Ashlie Ranae WISEMAN b: Fbruary 7, 1972

               9 Hollie Michelle WISEMAN b: July 22, 1973                                   

           8 Dolores Elaine DAGERHARDT  b: June 25, 1945

               + Kenneth L. CLINE  mar: August 14, 1964

                9 Todd Anthony CLINE b: November 1, 1965

                9 Gina Lanae CLINE b: May 9, 1972                  

            8 Earl Alexander DAGERHARDT, Jr.  b: July 20, 1946

              + Gaye Penly

               9 Earl Alexander DAGERHARDT III  b: July 1, 1967

               9 Angela Leigh DAGERHARDT b: June 28, 1968 

       7 Lillie Pauline DAGERHARDT b: March 20, 1917   deceased

         + Fred Barnette CLINE mar: June 18, 1939

           8 Gilbert Barnette CLINE b: April 7, 1940

     7 Vance Everette DAGERHARDT  b: December 8, 1922

+ Ernestine Webb April 17, 1943 b: June 19, 1927 d: June 14, 2009 bur: Maiden City Cemetery

                                    8 Melvin DAGERHARDT b: October 20, 1946

                                      + Rosemary WILSON

                                       9 Lori WILSON

                                         + Timothy Mc Caslin  mar: February 1984

                                      9 Holly WILSON

                      9 Ann WILSON              

                                   8 Scott DAGERHARDT b: February 14, 1951

                                     + Robin AUTON

                                      9 Three daughters (names not known)    

                                  8 LaVonn  DAGERHARDT b: October 20, 1956

                                    + Kimberly TURNER

                                     9 Lance DAGERHARDT

                                     9 daughter      

                                  8 Joel Kevin “Pete” DAGERHARDT 

                                    + Dana CAMPBELL mar: May 18, 1984

                                 8 Patty DAGERHARDT

                                   + David YOUNT

                                     9 Casey YOUNT

                                   + -------

                                    9 Crystal DAGERHARDT

                                   + John STONE

(Ernestine Webb Dagerhardt’s obituary mentions she is survived by 11 grandchildren and eleven  great-grandchildren)

                           7 Ralph Willie DAGERHARDT b; May 26, 1925

                                + Carolyn Donella ARROWOOD

                8 Lee Ray ARROWOOD b: January 31, 1972

          7 Mary Elizabeth DAGERHARDT b: September 26, 1929

+ Marshall Lee WILKINSON mar: November 11, 1947 in York, SC           

   8 Rodney Neal WILKINSON b: July 16, 1950

     + Cathey Daily, a widow               

   8Michael Dale WILKINSIN  b: June 23, 1951

  8 Thimothy Lee WILKINSON  b: November 23, 1955

    + Susan TATE mar: November 23, 1974                                                       

                                      9 Christopher WILKINSON  b: July 4, 1979

                          7 Catherine Louise DAGERHARDT b: March 17, 1932

                                + Wade HERMAN


                The above additions are from Pauline Dagerhardt Cline’s compilation plus recent obituaries.


  4 Julianna (Julie) YODER b: 3 November 1838 d: Cir 1920






SOLOMON YODER(3), 1805-1854



Solomon Yoder(3), son of David Yoder(2), was born May 17, 1805, and died October 12, 1854.  He married Sarah Seagle, September 25, 1832, who died December 4, 1874.  Both were members of Daniels Lutheran Church and are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  Their children were Alfred, Daniel and Mary (twins), Emeline, Eliza, Sarah, John, David, Adolphus, Laban, William, and Robert.  See picture p. 127.


Solomon Yoder(3) was a farmer and carpenter.  His son Daniel A. Yoder(4) in his autobiography" (p. 129) refers to his father as "helping to build a new courthouse in Lincolnton."


David Yoder(2) left by his will to the children of Solomon Yoder(3), $200 in cash.  In 1823, the children of Solomon Yoder(3) sold to their brother, William Yoder(4), their shares of the 128 acres of land they had inherited from their father, for $909.





1.  Alfred Yoder(4) was born May 9, 1833, and was killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi, October 3, 1862.  He is buried in the Daniels Church cemetery in Lincoln County, NC.


2. Daniel Yoder(4).  See Chapter XXIX.


3. Mary Yoder(4), twin sister of Daniel A., was born October 5, 1834, and died September 26, 1931.  She was a member of Daniels Lutheran Church and is buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  She never married.


There is a Lincoln County Marriage Bond for Mary A. Yoder, age 49 and Noah Dellinger, age 69, dated September 30, 1883.  Her parents are given as Solomon and Sarah Yoder.


The photograph on page 127 shows Mary Dellinger as a surviving child of Solomon Yoder.  Also, there is the following inscription in the Daniel’s Cemetery:

Dellinger, Mary A. Yoder October 5, 1834 September 27, 1931 w/o Noah


4. Emeline Yoder(4) was born September 29, 1836, and died July 26, 1927.  She was a member of Daniels Lutheran Church and is buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  She never married.


5.  Eliza Yoder(4) was born June 30, 1838, and died February 24, 1907.  She first married Dan Heavner and later, Michael Petrie.


Here is what I have on Petrie Connections:


Petrie/Jonas Connections


From Sherrill’s Annals of Lincoln County, Charles A. Jonas married Rosa Petrie, daughter of R. Michael and Eliza Yoder Petrie .   Robert Michael Petrie and his wife are buried in Daniels Cemetery.  His dates are June 15, 1838 – Dec 15, 1915.  Eliza C. Petrie’s dates are June 30, 1838 – Feb 24, 1907. 


Both Charles Andrew and his son, Charles Raper Jonas, were members of the US House of Representatives.  See the website http://politicalgraveyard.com/bio/.  Charles A. Jonas was born August 14, 1876 near Lincolnton.  He was 9th District Representative (Republican) from 1929-1931.  He died May 25, 1955, and is buried in Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolnton.  Hollybrook Cemetery records show that his wife, Rosa Petrie Jonas, was born 19 May 1879, and died 4 Apr 1962.  Two children who died in infancy are buried with them, Michael Cephas Jonas, 4 Aug 1908 – 29 May 1909, and Samuel Luke Jonas, 18 Jan 1911 – 27 Sept 1911.  According to Sherrill, other children were Celeste Jonas, who married L. T. Gibson of Gibson, NC, Charles Raper Jonas, who married Annie Elliott of Lincolnton, and Donald Jonas who married Annie Willis.  The Ramsour genealogy at the Catawba County USGenWeb site gives the following additional information.  Charles Andrew Jonas married Rosa Petrie in Aug 1902.  Celeste Jonas married Laurence T. Gibson.   Donald Jonas was born 5 Dec 1906, and died in 1985.


Charles Raper Jonas was born near Lincolnton Dec 9, 1904.  He was US Representative (Republican) from the 10th District from 1953-1963, 8th District from 1963-1969, and 9th District, 1969-1973.  He died in 1988.  The above website says his burial location is unknown.  However, there is a tombstone in Hollybrook Cemetery, but with just the date of birth.  The monument for his wife, Annie Elliott Jonas, has the dates, 28 Apr 1905 – 2 Dec 1987.  There are monuments for three children, Charles R. Jonas, Jr., 20 Feb 1941 – 4 June 1981, Elliott Lee Jonas, 4 Apr 1951 (only date), and Andrew Kerr Jonas, 23 Aug 1946 – 26 Aug 1946. 


Dr. R. W. Petrie was the son of R. Michael and Eliza Yoder Petrie.  He married (1) Eva Wilkey, and (2) Annie Rhyne in 1936.  He was born near Reepsville May 5, 1876.  He died in Murphy, NC, Nov 17, 1936.  R. W. Petrie is buried at Hollybrook Cemetery.   Eva Wilkie Petrie is also buried there.  Her dates are 5 Sept 1883 – 14 Nov 1918.  his second wife is also buried there, Annie Gertrude Rhyne Petrie, 9 Sept 1892 – 26 Sept 1984.  Robert William Petrie, Jr. was born 17 Oct 1916, and died 28 July 1985.  He is also buried at Hollybrook.  There is also a monument for Betty Tripplet Petrie (wife of R. W. Petrie, Jr).  Her dates are 20 Jan 1921 – 4 Apr 1999.


Michael Petrie is in the 1870 Catawba County Census. He is listed as a farmer, age 33, born in NC.  Three children are with him, Eliza, age 8, Martha, age 6, and James, age 3.  Michael’s wife, Eliza Yoder Petrie, was apparently not home when the census was taken unless she is the Eliza listed as age 8 with the age being wrong.  However, there is an Elizabth in 1880 whose age corresponds closely to this Eliza.


In 1880, the family is in Lincoln County in the Howards Creek district.  Michel Petre, age 42, farmer, Eliza C. Petre, age 42, housekeeping, M. Elizabeth Petre, age 17, Martha A. E. Petre, age 15, James Leroy Petre, age 12, Sarah Alice Petre, age 5, Robert W. Petre, age 4, Minnie Jane Petre, age 2, and Rosietta Petre, age 1, all born NC.


James Leroy Petrie is buried at Daniels beside his parents .  In the W. D. Floyd cemetery list transcription, Petrie is mispelled as Perry, and his [parents are given as PH and S.   He was born 7 June 1867, and died 13 Sept 1880.


From the Rhyne book, the following descendants of Martha Petrie Workman are listed.  Martha Petrie Workman was the daughter of Daniel Workman and Martha Ann Petrie.  Martha Ann Petrie was the daughter of Michael Petrie and Eliza Yoder.  Martha Ann E. Petrie and her husband are buried at Daniels.  She was born 15 Apr 1865 and died 7 Oct 1945.  Daniel W. Workman was born 5 May 1856 and died 17 Oct 1935.  According to the LDS IGI, they were married 28 Mar 1888 in Lincoln County.


A daughter of  Martha Petrie Workman was Martha Petrie Workman, born 1 Sept 1901 and died 23 June 1988.  She married William Grady Rhyne.  He was born 28 Feb 1884 and died 24 Nov 1979.  Their children were:


Robert Ray Rhyne, born 12 Dec 1919, Lincoln County, died 6 Aug 2000 Catawba County, married 30 Aug 1952 Marie Laney, 19 Aug 1918 – 27 Nov 1990


William Dwight Rhyne, Sr., 7 Apr 1922 – 23 Nov 1992, married 15 Nov 1942 Ruth Hoffman, born 16 Mar 1924.  Their children were:


William Dwight Rhyne, Jr., born 15 Oct 1948, married 16 Aug 1969 Judy Faye Sigmon, born 19 Feb 1946


Shirley Jean Rhyne, born 13 July 1949, married 18 Aug 1968 Gary Lee Jones, born 28 Feb 1947, Shelby, NC.  Their child was:


Linda Suzanne Jones, born 13 Feb 1969, married 7 march 1992, Lexington, NC, Reggie Scott Smith, born 7 May 1967  


Carl Crowell Rhyne, born 27 Feb 1924, married 30 June 1951, Nan Gilbert, 27 Oct 1921 – 5 May 1994.  Their children were:


Ricky Wayne Rhyne, Sr., born 20 June 1958, married 30 June 1951 (probably 1981?) Barbara Kanipe, born 27 Oct 1921 (probably 1961?).  Their child was:


                Ricky Wayne Rhyne, Jr., born 15 Jan 1985


Randy Carl Rhyne, born 30 Jan 1962


Rev. Marvin Jack Rhyne, born 16 May 1931, married (1) 19 Aug 1956 Betty Jeanette King, 5 Apr 1932 – 23 Feb 1971.  Their children were:


Cheryl Elizabeth Rhyne, born 20 July 1957, married 22 Feb 1980, Steven Allen Featherstone.  Their children were:


                Jennifer Rhyne, born 13 Apr 1978


                Sarah Elizabeth Featherstone, born 23 July 1982


                Emily Kathryn Featherstone, born 3 Apr 1987


Mark Timothy Rhyne, born 30 Oct 1960, married 15 Nov 1981, Bonita Bettyna Reel.  Their children were:


                Michael Garrett Rhyne, born 25 Dec 1987


                Savannah Monica Rhyne, born 9 Jan 1992


Lisa Antoinette Rhyne, born 14 Feb 1963


Betty Suzanne Rhyne, born 16 Feb 1971


Rev. Marvin Jack Rhyne married (2) 5 Dec 1972 Colleen Hawkins, born 14 Dec 1934


Martha Jean Rhyne, born 16 May 1931, Lincoln County, married 2 July 1955, Keith W. Clemmer, born 24 July 1925, Gaston County, died 28 Oct 1974, buried Gaston County.  Their children were:


Jerry Stephen Clemmer, born 20 Mar 1963, Gaston County, married (1) 2 Aug 1986 Sharon Elizabeth Moore, divorced, and married (2) 14 Sept 1996 Lou Cash.


Martha Ann Clemmer, born 23 June 1966, Gaston County


6.  Sarah Yoder(4) was born May 8, 1840, and died in 1921.  She first married Martin Shedal and later, Daniel Wyant.  She is buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.


7. John Yoder(4) was born in 1842, and died in 1927.  He moved to the state of Illinois and died in that state.  He is buried in Decatur, Illinois.


8.  David Yoder(4). See Chapter XXX.


9. Adolphus Yoder(4) was born in 1846, and died in 1926.  He moved to Kansas and died in that state.


(Riverview Cemetery, Arkansas City, Cowley County, Kansas)


10.  Laban Yoder(4) was born January 18, 1849, and died in 1930.  He moved to Illinois and died in that state.  He is buried at Decatur, Illinois.


11.  William Yoder(4).  See Chapter XXXII.


12.  Robert Anderson Yoder(4).  See Chapter XXXVI.



Con37   Solomon  Yoder   d. Oct.12,1854 m. Sep.25,1832 Lincoln Co., NC

Sarah Seagle (Seigle) (Sep.11,1809- Dec.4,1874)

     Con371- Alfred M.  b. May 9, 1833  d. Oct. 1862

                Battle of Corinth, MS or Springfield, MO

                "missing since fight of Oct.4,1862"

                Sgt. Co.G 9th Texas CAV

     Con372- Mary Ann b. Oct.5,1834 single d. Sep.26,1931

                bur. Daniel's Church Cem., NC

    +Con372- Daniel A.  b. Oct.5,1834

     Con374- Emeline M.  b. Sep.29,1836 single d. Jul.26,1927

                bur. Daniel's Church Cem., NC

     Con375- Eliza C.  b. Jun.30,1838 m1.3/7/1861 Lincoln Co., NC

           Daniel H. Heavner  (2/25/1835-8/21/1862)  m2.          Robert Michael Petrie

           (6/15/1838-12/15/1915)  d. Feb.24,1907 bur. Daniels Church Cem.

     Con376- Sara Elizabeth  (Sarah) b. May 8,1840 m1.1/28/1880

            Martin Shedel  (5/3/1815-9/17/1892) m2. 8/23/1893

            Daniel Wynant  (6/2/1818-12/17/1904)  d.10/21/1921

            bur. Daniel's Church Cem.

     Con377- John Franklin   b. Aug.9,1842  m. Sarah Heffner (Heavner)

            no issue d. 12/13/1927  Decatur, IL  Bur. Fairlwan Cem. Raised Rhoda

            (?1900 MO census,Madison Co. John F. & Sarah E.b.4/42NC)

   +Con378- David   b. Jul. 28,1844

     Con379- Adolphus  b. Nov.27,1846 lived Kansas City,MO m 2/6/1873

Logan Co, Il Mary Ann Kincade (12/29/1848Ky-2/28/1936 Ka) d. 4/25/1927

bur. Arkansas City. Ka, Riverside Cem

    +Con37a- Laban  b. Jan.18,1849

    +Con37b- William  b. Apr.21, 1851

    +Con37c- Robert Anderson  b. Aug.16,1853


        3 Solomon YODER b: 17 May 1805 d: 12 October 1854

          + Sarah SEAGLE b: 11 September 1809 d: 4 December 1876

            4 Alfred M. YODER b: 9 May 1833 d: October 1862

            4 Mary YODER b: 5 October 1834 d: 26 September 1931

            4 Emeline YODER b: 29 September 1836 d: 26 July 1927

            4 Eliza Catherine YODER b: 30 June 1838 d: 24 February 1907

(added data from H.A. Yoder supplied on Nov. 18, 2004)

              + m. 7 Mar 1861 by Rev. L/A. Fox. Daniel Martin HEAVNER b: 25 February 1835 d: 21 August 1862 in the Civil War. Bur. Trinity Lutheran Ch., Lincoln Co, NC. He was the son of Martin Heavener Sr, son of the pioneer, Deterich Heavener.

              + Robert Michael PETRIE b: 15 June 1838 d: 15 December 1915

Eliza and Robert are both bur. At Daniels Lutheran Church, Lincolntown, NC

                  5 Martha Ann PETRIE b. 15 Apr 1865 d. 7 Oct 1947 m. Daniel Wiley Workman b. 5 May 1865 d. 17 Oct 1935

                5 James LeRoy PETRIE  b. 7 Jun 1867 d. 13 September 1880. Bur. With his parents at Daniels Lutheran Church, Lincolntown, NC

                5 Sarah Alice PETRIE b. 4 Oct 1874, d. 14 June 1961 m John Robert Goins  b. 1871  d 1955. Both bur. Trinity Lutheran Church, Lincolntown, NC

                    6 Maurice Henry GOINS b. 3 November 1899 d. 1 April 1985 m1. Mary Vena Wood m2 Ollie Mae Fink  m3 Pauline Rebecca Mosteller. First two wives were bur. Zion United Methodist Church, Lincoln Co., NC. Third wife buried trinity Lutheran Church, Lincoln Co., MC. Mr. Goins is bur. Zion OMC.

                    6 Minnie Elizabeth GOINS b. 28 Feb 1903 d. 10 April 1990. m. 30 July 1924 Henry Kiser Wood b. 27 October 1896 d. 20 September 1982. Minnie and her husband are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Lincolntown, NC.

                5 Dr. Robert William PETRIE b. 5 May 1876 d. 17 November 1936, Murphy, N.C. m1 Eva Wood Wilkie b. 5 September 1883 d. 4 November 1918 m2 Annie Gertrude Rhyne b. 9 September 1892 d. 26 September 1984. Dr. Petrie and his wives are vur. At Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolntown, NC.

                    6 Mary Wilkie PETRIE b. 4 February 1908 d. 29 August 1999 Buried Bellview Cemetery, Lenoir, NC. Pendry Funeral Home in charge.

                    6 Helen Catherine PETRIE b. 8 February 1910 and died January 25, 2010. Living in Catawba Co., NC. M. John Ward Hollifield, Jr. b. 4 April 1909 d. April 1956.

                        7 John Ward HOLLIFIELD III died before his mother

                                + Phyllis -------

                                8 Catharine Lynn HOLLIFIELD

                        7 Evanna HOLLIFIELD  m. David Legett  BUSH, Sr.

                                8 David Legett BUSH, Jr

   + April Beasely

.9 Ashley Jordan BUSH

9 William David BUSH


Synopsis of Helen Catherine Petrie Hollifield’s obituary:  Active member of St. Stephens Lutheran Church in Lenoir, Caldwell County, NC.  Retired public school teacher in Caldwell County.  Boy Scouts den mother.  Member of Arts Council


                                8 Michael Andrew BUSH

                    6 Robert William PETRIE Jr. b. 17 October 1916 d. 28 July 1985. m. Betty Marie Triplett b. 20 January 1921 d. 4 April 1999. Both buried Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolntown, NC

                        7 Robert William PETRIE III Conover, NC

                        7 Michael PETRIE, Los Angeles, Calif

                        7 Eric PETRIE, Boone, NC

                5 Minie PETRIE b. 14 October 1877 d. 1960. m. Rev. Beverly Wilson  b. 7 July 1875 d. 1 November 1949 Both buried Bethel UM Church

                      6 S.B. WILSON

                    6 R.L. WILSON

                    6 Fred WILSON

                    6 Brice B. WILSON

                    6 Mrs. J. B. Lowrance

                    6 Mrs. Dee Nichols

                      6 Reggie R. Nichols

                    6 Mrs. R.C. Clontz

                      6 Mrs. J.D. Penniger

                      6 Mrs. A. E. Gregory

                5 Rosa PETRIE b: 19 May 1879 d: 4 April 1962

                  + August 1902 Charles Andrew JONAS b: 14 August 1876 (or 4 Aug-per HAY) d: 26 May 1955 They are buried at Hollybrook cem. Lincolntown, NC

                    6 Lillian Celeste JONAS b. 18 September 1903 m. 24 June 1926 Lawrence Thompson Gibson b. 4 december 1896 d. 1979

                    6 Charles Raper JONAS b: 9 December 1904 d. 28 September 1988.

                      + Annie Elliott LEE b. 28 April 1905 d. 2 December 1987. They are buried at Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolntown, NC

                        7 Charles Raper JONAS b: 1941 d: 4 June 1981

                        7 Richard Elliott JONAS

                        7 Andrew Kerr JONAS

                        7 Elliott Lee JONAS

                    6 Donald JONAS b: 5 December 1906 d: 1985

m. Annie Willis

                        7 Eric Andrew JONAS

                        7 Alice Rose JONAS

            4 Sarah Elizabeth YODER b: 8 May 1840 d: 19 October 1921

              + Martin SHEDEL b: 3 May 1815 d: 17 September 1892

              + Daniel Michael WYANT b: 2 June 1818 d: 17 December 1904

            4 John Franklin YODER b: 9 August 1842 d: 13 December 1927

              + Sarah HEFFNER (HEAVNER) b: April 1842

            4 Adolphus YODER b: 27 November 1846 d: 25 April 1927

              + Mary Ann KINCADE b: 29 December 1848 d: 28 February 1936

            4 Laban YODER b: 18 January 1849 d: 12 February 1930

              + Martha J. MCBRIDE b: 16 September 1856 d: 24 June 1926

                5 Minnie J. YODER b: 18 April 1873

                  + William T. WALDREN

                5 Wallace Austin YODER b: 14 September 1874 d: 9 December 1941

                  + Hettie SAMUELS

                5 Ralph E. YODER b: 7 July 1877 d: 4 December 1908

                  + Lula PHARES

                5 Howard M. YODER b: 11 December 1878 d: 28 July 1952

                  + Flora ALEXANDER

                5 Lola Alice YODER b: 3 July 1881

                  + William Clarence WESTERVELT

                5 Claude Maurice YODER b: 8 October 1883 d: July 1967

                  + Ethel ALEXANDER

                5 Lois Irene YODER b: 10 October 1886

                5 Grover Walter YODER b: April 1889 d: 20 June 1929

                  + Lura MILLER

                5 Harold Herron YODER b: 11 March 1892 d: June 1972

                  + Claudia Marie MCCANNEL

            4 William YODER b: 21 April 1851 d: 21 March 1900

              + Sarah Ann MOSTELLER b: 7 July 1845 d: 28 June 1918

                5 Oscar YODER b: April 1876

                  + Mary CARTER b: July 1878

                    6 Catherine YODER

                    6 Adolphus YODER

                5 Hattie May YODER b: March 1878

                  + Charles COON

                    6 Mary Lois COON

                    6 Junius William COON b: 15 July 1903 d: 4 June 1959

                    6 Ruth Irene COON

                    6 Maude Elizabeth COON

                5 Luther Arthur YODER b: 8 January 1883 d: 27 July 1964

                  + Etta Clare WARLICK d: 6 May 1965

                    6 Blanche Irene YODER b: 11 November 1906

                      + Ralph HEILEG

                    6 William Arthur YODER b: 30 October 1908 d: April 1909

                    6 Jacob Ralph YODER b: 31 August 1910

                      + Mary K. MILLER

                        7 Larry Jacob YODER

                          + Marianne HOWARD

                        7 Wayne Miller YODER

                        7 Mary K. YODER

                    6 Stella Pauline YODER b: 17 April 1913 d: December 1918

                    6 Ruth Mabel YODER

                      + James A. NIXON

                        7 Catherine Emma NIXON

                        7 Frances Mabel NIXON

                        7 Jimmy Arthur NIXON

                    6 Martha Clare YODER

                      + Reuben A. WHITE

                        7 Rhea Reuben WHITE

                    6 Clyde Rhea YODER b: 4 January 1929 d: July 1939

            4 Robert Anderson YODER b: 16 August 1853 d: 16 May 1911

              + Rose Elizabeth FISHER b: 22 March 1855 d: 11 April 1924

                5 Mary Pearl YODER b: 12 March 1879 d: 3 May 1879

                5 Lela Fisher YODER b: 20 August 1880 d: 6 October 1946

                  + John HALL b: 21 April 1878 d: 18 November 1968

                    6 Lela Elizabeth HALL b: 10 March 1903 d: 31 October 1955

                    6 John Robert HALL b: 19 February 1908 d: October 1954

                      + Matilda Jane DAVENPORT

                        7 John Davenport HALL b: 14 April 1938 d: 8 September 1938

                        7 James Davenport HALL

                        7 Thomas Allison HALL

                        7 Robert Coolidge HALL

                    6 Margaret Ellen HALL b: 27 September 1909

                      + Willard Eugene WIGHT b: 28 June 1913

                    6 Charles Noah HALL b: 18 January 1917

                      + Beatrice Joy ELIASON b: 17 August 1916

                        7 Cynthia Elizabeth HALL

                        7 David Arthur HALL

                        7 Charles Allison HALL b: 16 July 1949 d: 1963

                    6 William Edward HALL

                      + Mary Beth KUHN

                        7 John Franklin HALL

                        7 Robert Edward HALL

                        7 Rebecca Ann HALL

                        7 Martha Elizabeth HALL

                5 Maude Elizabeth YODER b: 19 July 1882 d: 11 June 1965

                  + John Wilfong ROBINSON b: 10 July 1878 d: 1 October 1958

                    6 John Wilfong ROBINSON b: 26 October 1903 d: 7 August 1962

                      + Russell Gay WRIGHT

                        7 John Wilfong ROBINSON

                          + Ruth BISHOP d: 17 August 1962

                            8 Lee Edward ROBINSON

                        7 Alfred Allison ROBINSON

                          + Barbara CRANE

                    6 Dorothy Rose ROBINSON b: 13 September 1907

                      + Lucian Alexander CAMPBELL b: 10 May 1907

                        7 Alexandra Elizabeth CAMPBELL

                5 Blanche Irene YODER b: 4 September 1885 d: 25 July 1969

                  + Brady L. STROUP b: 26 August 1876 d: 1 July 1954

                    6 Richard Weidner STROUP b: 11 September 1908 d: 28 May 1968

                      + Elizabeth REED

                        7 Rosanne STROUP

                        7 Richard Weidner STROUP

                        7 Jeanne STROUP

                      + Marjorie SMITH

                      + Marie SOMMERFELT

                    6 Irene Elizabeth STROUP b: 22 November 1909

                      + Reinhardt Albert QUELLE

                        7 Gretchen QUELLE

                        7 Reinhardt Albert QUELLE

                        7 Karen QUELLE

                    6 Rose Fisher STROUP b: 19 December 1911

                      + Harry B. WIGHT b: 30 June 1913 d: 24 December 1960

                        7 Rose Ellen WIGHT

                          + T. R. WEISWEAVER

                        7 Gail Ann WIGHT

                        7 Allen Chamberlain WIGHT

                        7 Mary Patricia WIGHT

                    6 Josephine Adele STROUP b: 26 May 1913

                      + Lloyd Earl MOWRER

                        7 Mary Jo MOWRER

                        7 Michael MOWRER

                        7 Sue MOWRER

                        7 Kaye MOWRER

                    6 Ruth Louise STROUP b: 7 July 1916 d: 12 August 1916

                    6 Brady Leon STROUP

                      + Culbertha LONG

                    6 Robert Paul STROUP

                      + Virginia HUFFMAN

                        7 Marc Lynn STROUP

                        7 Timothy Leon STROUP

                        7 Paula Christine STROUP

                5 Margaretta Anna YODER b: 26 February 1889 d: 22 July 1950

                  + Robert E. RHYNE b: 4 September 1881 d: 16 January 1950

                    6 Sara Kathryn RHYNE b: 22 June 1909

                      + Paul Alton FINGER

                        7 Robert Joseph FINGER

                          + Marilyn SUMMER

                            8 Robert Joseph FINGER

                        7 Paul Alton FINGER

                          + Marilyn LEWIS

                        7 Sara Virginia FINGER

                          + Douglas TERRES

                        7 James Henry FINGER

                        7 John Rhyne FINGER

                          + Gloria SAUNDERS

                            8 John Michael FINGER

                    6 Robert Yoder RHYNE b: 15 May 1914

                      + Frances HALTIWANGER

                        7 Rebecca Ann RHYNE

                          + Donald HARRIS

                            8 Michael David HARRIS

                        7 Frances Carolyn RHYNE

                        7 Robert Yoder RHYNE

                    6 Rose Mary RHYNE b: July 1916 d: 12 August 1916

                    6 John Lineberger RHYNE

                      + Gloria WILSON

                5 Robert Able YODER b: 20 May 1893 d: 23 December 1956

                  + Pearl Gibson JONES b: 1 May 1889 d: 29 May 1944

                    6 Cornelia Rose YODER

                      + Harvey Franklin CASPER

                        7 Harvey Franklin CASPER

                        7 Richard Yoder CASPER

                        7 Randolph Cline CASPER

                    6 William Malcome YODER

                      + Zayda CANNON

                        7 Yolanda Kay YODER

                    6 Robert Able YODER

                      + Jerry MOORE

                        7 Christy YODER

                        7 Robert Able YODER

                        7 Sylvia Ann YODER

                        7 Cathy YODER

                        7 Paul Allan YODER

                  + Ateliene PERRY

                5 Paul Allison YODER b: 9 March 1895 d: 12 February 1951

                  + Evelyn DALE





DANIEL A. YODER(4), 1834-1927



Daniel A. Yoder(4) was born October 5, 1834, and died January 6, 1927.  He first married Anna Ellen Fulbright October 29, 1865, who was born in 1836 and died in 1874.  Their children were Laura Minta, Alfred M., and Charles M.  Daniel A. Yoder (4) married as his second wife Mary Jane McCaslin February 26, 1876, who was born in 1839 March 27, 1835 (per cemetery transcription) and died in February 7, 1927.  Their children were Robert Emmett and Mary Kate.  Daniel A. Yoder(4) and his second wife were first members of Grace Lutheran Church, but in later life members of Daniels Lutheran Church.  Both are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.


Daniel A. Yoder was a farmer.  He was a devout Lutheran, and lived a truly Christian Life.  He was a kindly man and loved by all who knew him.  For many years he taught a Sunday School class at Grace Church.  In controversial discussions he was always calm and restrained.  He was a Civil War veteran.


Toward the end of his life he wrote a brief autobiographical sketch of his life for The Lincoln County News.  His own short life story reveals so well the conditions under which most Yoders in North Carolina lived between 1840 and 1890, that the author has asked permission of his granddaughter, Margretta Seagle(6), to reproduce it in this History as a major part of his life sketch (UPDATE EDITION NOTE: Margretta, lived to be 97 years of age and died on December 19, 2001).






An Autobiography


(By D. A. Yoder, Sr.)



The link between the restless present and the more quiet times of my boyhood days is fast lengthening out.  Though eighty-eight years old I still like to mingle with the wonderful things of life; but am moderate in enjoying them.  The shades of evening cannot be ver distant from me.  It is said that "advanced years bring increased leisure, and time employed is life enjoyed," which is true only in good health.  While I am feeling well I will write this sketch, beginning with my school boy days.  I was a small boy when I first went to school with my oldest brother and my twin sister.  I remember the little log school house with 3 small windows, a rock chimney and a wide fireplace.  There was no blackboard on the wall, and our seats were pegleg slab benches.


This was before the free school system of N.C. was established, it was a community school, the teacher being employed and paid by the patrons.  There was no system, no district, no committee, and teachers were not examined, though any one who could write a legible hand and make goosequill pens for the pupils, was considered qualified to teach.  Just look back for a moment to see the contrast between the present and the past.  When I was a boy Lincoln extended from the Catawba River north of Hickory, to the S.C. line near Kings Mtn.; when the towns of Newton, Hickory, Dallas, and Gastonia, did not exist; and Lincolnton was a little old town in which cattle roamed at will on the streets and hogs rooted and wallowed in mudholes on the Court Square.


I was born in Lincoln County and lived in it the greater part of my life, though I remember we once lived in Catawba a few years, then back in Lincoln again yet never moved from the old home place.


When I was a boy perhaps in my teens, I witnessed the hanging of Langford in Lincolnton for the murder of his wife, the allows was erected near the river west end of town.  I don't remember dates, only events which made impressions on my mind that time has never erased.


I remember that my father was at work that day on the Court House recently pulled down.


I first saw Charlotte when I was between 20 and 25 years old, traveled with team on plank road from Lincolnton, carried flour packed in barrels which I made myself.  There was no railroad to Charlotte then and very few in the state.  Travel was by stagecoach and horse back, and mails were carried in the same way.  The Tennessee farmers drove their pork hogs across the mountains by way of Ashville on through Lincolnton to Charlotte selling them on the way as they traveled.


My father died at the age of 49 years, I being 20 and second oldest of twelve children.  I remained with mother and family until I was twenty-five years old.  Then I desired to see more of the world.  My first adventure was on horseback, a trip across the Blue Ridge Mountains to visit an uncle in East Tennessee.  The next trip from home was an overland trip to Texas in Company with Col George Hedick, L.A. Hoyle of Lincoln and Jacob Rhyne of Gaston County, who emigrated to Texas with their families in 1859.  We traveled with wagons and teams and were two months on the way.


I floated around Texas two years, seeking a fortune but failed to find it.  I was in Texas when the first shot was fired on Fort Sumter opening the war between the states in which I took an active part in the Confederate Army and realized the hardships and horrors of war. I was a member of Co. A 10th Texas and fought under command of Gen. Bragg in Kentucky and Gen. Jo. Johnson in Tennessee and Georgia in the army of Tennessee.


When the war ended I was thirty years old and penniless and ver much discouraged.  Then I turned a new leaf in life.  I married and sent to work in real earnest to obtain a  living by farming, though I never had a strong ambition for hard work just for the fun of the money, but necessity urged me and it was a case of "root hog or die."


When I was twenty one years old began to work for myself, I was with the class that mowed the wild grass meadow along Potts Creek with the old time Dutch Sythe for 50¢ per day, and cradled wheat for $1.00 per day in the longest and hottest days in June when days were more than eight hours long.


Thanks to the man who invented the mower, the reaper and binder.


I have lived to see some of the wonderful inventions and discoveries which have transformed the earth--the telegraph, the telephone, the wireless, the aeroplane and the automobile.


The world has rushed on with giant strides.  It seems that I have lived several centuries in one.  Providence has been kind to me, I have enjoyed fairly good health all my life.  I have tried to take the world easy in its mad rush to obtain the things that perish.  I still look straight to the front and try to keep step to the music to the time, let it be


"Yankee Doodle" or  "Dixie."


Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren



1.  Laura Minta Yoder(5) was born November 9, 1866, and died April 4, 1964.  She married William M. Seagle (Lincoln County Marriage Bond, 14 Dec 1887), born December 29, 1861 and died June 4, 1948.  Both are buried in the Daniels Church cemetery.  Their children were Mary Ellen, Rosa Emeline, Katie Ethel, John Franklin, Daniel Alexander, Lois Perl, Alfred Michael, Laura Margretta, and Sara May.


Mary Ellen Seagle(6) was born September 24, 1888, and died July 1, 1969.  She married William A. Reep.  They had one child, Loy Luther Reep(7) born September 2, 1900.  Who married Akley Heavner.


Rosa Emeline Seagle(6) was born April 28, 1890 and died July 19, 1962.  She married Robert C. Carpenter they had one child, Vera Inez Carpenter, born November 27, 1913.


Katie Ethel Seagle(6) was born November 18, 1891.  She married Samuel C. Carpenter.  Their children were Samuel Charles, Jr., born November 8, 1920 and never married; Claudia Margaret, and Mary Minta.


Claudia Margaret Carpenter(7) was born September 28, 1923.  She married Benjamin W. Kilpatrick.  Their children were Benjamin W. Patrick(8), born November 15, 1953.


Mary Minta Carpenter(7) was born March 9, 1921.  She married Jack S. Moore.  Their children were Jack S. Moore, Jr.(8) born August 17, 19__;  Ronald C. Moore(8), born May 14, 1954(deceased May 1969); and Kathy Blanche Moore(8), born June 26, 1958.


John Franklin Seagle(6) was born June 3, 1893.  He married Edith Leonard.  They had no children.


Daniel Alexander Seagle(6) was born July 30, 1895.  He married Johnsie C. Hoke.  Their children were Daniel  A., Jr.: Conrad McClean Seagle(7), born February 22, 1921; John Max, and David Know.


Daniel A. Seagle, Jr.(7) was born April 17, 1917.  He married Marie Weaver.  Their children were Daniel A. Seagle, III(8), born May 21 1944; Joyce Marie Seagle(8), born March 4, 1946; Curtis A. Seagle(8), born September9, 1947; and Carol Ruth Seagle(8), born October 9, 1948.


John Max Seagle(7) was born July 21, 1927.  He married Alice Parker.  They had one child, Mary Ann Seagle(8).


David Know Seagle(7) was born August 5, 1930.  He married Evangeline Harwell.  Their children were David Knox Seagle, Jr.(8), born October 20, 1954; Denise Harwell Seagle(8), born October 3, 1957; and another son.


Lois Pearl Sagle(6) was born October 9, 1899.  She married Douglas A. Craig. Their children were Robert Harold, William James Craig(7), born March 14, 1921; Mildred Estelle, Hazel Gertrude, Vera Jean, and Alfred Bryan.


Robert  Harold Craig(7) was born January 26, 1920.  He married Faye Teague.  Their children were Douglas Arthur; Robert Teague Craig(8), born June 2 1946; and Catherine Elizabeth Craig(8), born September 20, 1953.


Douglas Arthur Craig(8) was born April 19, 1943.  He married Sylvia Seckler.  They have one son, Antonio Craig (9).


Mildred Estelle Craig(7) was born April 21, 1922.  She married Herbert Gates. Their children were Gregory Gates(8), born November 5, 1951;  David Alan Gates(8), born July 26, 1954; and Richard Burgen Gates(8), born in 1959.


Hazel Gertrude Craig(7) was born May 26, 1924.  She married Pless D. Matthews.  They had one child, Rebecca Ann Matthews(8), born November 24, 1954.


Vera Jean Craig(7) was born February 22, 1926.  She married Charles E. Estes, Jr. Their children wee Mary Elizabeth Estes(8), born October 6, 1953; Laura Jean Estes(8), born October 31, 1954; Charles Edward Estes, III(8), born May 30, 1957; and Jean Marie Estes(8), born April 28, 1958.


Alfred Bryan Craig(7) was Born December 6, 1929.  He married Elizabeth Beattie.  They had one child, Alfred B. Craig, Jr.(8).


Alfred Michael Seagle(6) was born April 26, 1901.  He married Annie Laurie Workman.  Their children were Barbara Ann and William Max Seagle(7), born February 26, 1941.


Barbara Ann Seagle(7) was born June 5, 1931.  She married Ralph J. Blalock, Jr.  Their children were David M. Blalock(8), born January 8, 1953; and Jonathan D. Blalock(8), born in December, 1957.

          Laura Margretta Seagle(6) was born July 16, 1904.  She was a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College and did graduate work towards a Master's degree at Asheville Normal School and the University of North Carolina.   She was a classroom teacher for 22 years and a supervisor for 19 years in the Lincoln County Schools.  She has been a most faithful worker in the Yoder Reunion Association.  Ms. Seagle died December 19, 2001 at the Lincoln Medical Center, 97 years of age.


Sarah May Seagle(6) was born February 13, 1906.  She married Ernest P. Yount.  Their children were Nancy Carolyn and Frances Joan.


Nancy Carolyn Yount(7) was born February 14, 1931.  She married Avery D. Whisonant.  Their children were Dale Stephen Whisonant(8), born September 10, 1953; and Bary Martin Whisonant(8), born March 7, 1956.


From:         gcgates@att.net

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Chris,  Here are updates on 4 out of 6 of the children

of Douglas Alexander Craig and Lois Pearl Seagle.  I

have notified the families of the other 2 children who

will send you updates on their lines.Thanks,Greg


Laura Minta Yoder(5) 1866 - 1964

(m) William Maxwell Seagle 1861 - 1948

Lois Pearl Seagle(6) 10/9/1899 - 1/16/1984

(m) Douglas Alexander Craig 9/22/1896 - 5/29/1967

William James Craig(7) 3/14/1921 -

Mildred Estelle Craig(7) 4/21/1922 - 4/7/2001

(m) Herbert Plato Gates 11/9/1921 - 10/30/1985

Gregory Craig Gates(8) 11/21/1951 -

David Alan Gates(8) 7/26/1954 -

Richard Burgin Gates(8) 3/26/1959 -

(m) Kendra Lee Karsher 5/30/1961 -

Kelsey Lauren Gates(9) 9/27/1987 -

Lyndsey Rae Gates(9) 4/18/1990 -

Sydney Leeann Gates(9) 5/17/1995 -

Hazel Gertrude Craig(7) 5/26/1924 - 2/1/1996

(m) Pless D. Matthews

Rebecca Ann Matthews(8) 11/24/1954 - 12/27/1991

(m) Sonny Boy Haynes

Catherine Marie Haynes(9) 5/29/1980 -

Alfred Bryan Craig, Sr.(7) 12/6/1929 - 5/30/1988

(m) Elizabeth Ann Beattie 2/15/1930 -

Alfred Bryan Craig, Jr.(8) 8/26/1958 -

(m) Kimberly Joan Long 8/6/1960 -

Kaylin Breanna Craig(9) 9/25/1995 -




2.  Alfred M. Yoder(5) was born April 25, 1869, and died March 30, 1949.  He married Lucie LeSueur.  Their children were Warren Alfred and Ruby Forest.


Warren Alfred Yoder(6) was born August 22, 1904 and died November 8, 1968.  He first married Frances Sullivan and they had one child, Warren Alfred Yoder, Jr.(7), born April 2 1932.  Warren Alfred Yoder(6) married Thelma O'Dell as his second wife.


Ruby Forrest Yoder(6) was born January 20, 1908.  She married Kenneth Pierson Augustus.  They had one child, Kenneth Wayne Augustus(7), born April 14, 1929.


3. Charles M. Yoder(5) was born September 17, 1871, and died September 19, 1940.  He married as his first wife, Carrie M. Jarrett in 1894.  Their children were Lois, Morris, Edith, Daisy, and Carrie.  Charles M. Yoder(5) married as his second wife Kate Seagle Lucky in 1904, who died in 1907.  He married as his third wife in November 24, 1909, Mamie Rhodes, who was born May 25, 1870 and died in March 16, 1952.  She is buried in the Daniels Church cemetery.  No children were born in the second and third marriages.  Charles M. Yoder(5) and his first two wives were members of Grace Lutheran Church and are buried in Grace Church Cemetery.  Charles M. Yoder(5) was a carpenter and farmer.


Lois B. Yoder(6) was born January 16, 1895 and died in 1984.  She married B.W. H.  (George William Huitt, per Costner Family history) Costner March 15, 1916.   He was born May 5, 1895 and died August 1977 in Greensboro, NC.  They are buried in Guilford Memorial Park.  Their children were Nellie, Percy, Harry, Charles, William, and Betty.


Nellie Costner(7) was born December 29, 1917.  She married John  Strickland.  Their children were William, born September 2, 1945; and Robert, born August 19, 1946.


Percy C. Costner(7) was born June 29, 1918.  He married Roxie Fore.  Their children were LaDonna Lee, born February 24, 1946; and Bonnie, born December 19,1950.


Harry N. Costner(7) was born May 17, 1920.  He married Carolyn Turner.  Their children were Harry, Jr., born August 16, 1944: and Cecelia, born June 22, 1949.


Charles Ray Costner(7) was born June 15, 1922.  He married Hilda E. Wall.  Their children were Charles, Jr., born August 4, 1942; Larry Lane, born December 10, 1944; and Lynda Wall, born October 28, 1947.


Charles Ray Costner, Jr.(8) was born August 4, 1942.  He married Frances Abernathy.  They had one child, Charles Ray III, born March 18,1962.


William A. Costner(7) was born September 1, 1925.  He married Dixie Meador.  Their children were David, born October 2, 1950; and Mary Ellen, born September 23, 1956.


Betty Jean Costner(7) was born May 1, 1931, and married Ray T. Masters.  They had one child, Lou Ann, born November 20, 1957.


Morris S. Yoder(6) was born April 23, 1896 and died in October 1981 in Cabarrus County (per SSDI).  He is buried in the Daniels Church Cemetery where his death date is given as October 7, 1981.  He married Laura Ruth Scronce.  She was born December 2, 1894 and died October 14, 1969.  She is buried with her husband.  Their children were Helen Elizabeth, Frank Howard, and Ruby.  Morris E. Yoder attended college and was for a number of years an assistant farm agent.


Helen Elizabeth Yoder(7) was born May 27, 1918.  She married Guy E. Cress.  Their children were Tracy, born September 30, 1942; Nancy, born August 12 1944; Janet, born January 11, 1948.


Frank H. Yoder(7) was born September 9, 1920 and died May 15, 2004.  He is buried in the Daniels Church cemetery. and He married Shirley Zeuchner (Zuechner per obit).  He was an elementary school teacher and a veteran of the US Army Air Force during WWII.  Their children were Barbara, born January 21, 1950: and Donald, born June 23, 1953.


Frank Yoder’s obituary states he was survived by wife Sirley (sic) Zuechner (sic) of the home on Reepsville Road, son Donald Yoder of Charlotte, daughter Barbara Yoder of the home, and two sisters, Helen Cress of Concord, and Ruby Lindhorst (sic) of Cincinnati, OH.


Ruby Yoder(7) was born March 27, 1922 and married John Lindhart.  Their children were Robert, born April 2, 1950; William, born July 1, 1953: and Mark, born February, 1963.


Edith Pearl Yoder(6) was born March 10, 1898 and married John A. LeSueur.  They had no children.


Daisy Blanche Yoder(6) was born October 27, 1899 and married Coy F. Lantz.  Their children were Margaret, born October 12, 1927; Ann, born October, 1932; Frances, born September 15, 1936; and John, born July 3, 1937.


Margaret Lantz(7) married Robert M. Birke.  Their children were Kathryn, born November 30, 1952; and Amy, born December 7, 1958.  Margaret Lantz Birke(7) and her husband were college graduates.  She was a teacher and he a hospital administrator.


Mary Ann Lantz(7) married Milton H. Reep.  They had one child, Michael, born October 23, 1962.  Mary Ann Lantz Reep(7) was a college graduate and a teacher.


Frances Carolyn Lantz(7) married Bill Ray Butler.  Their children were Joan Carol, born October 12, 1957; David Bruce, born April 27, 1960; Elizabeth Ann, born June 14, 1962; Eric William, born March 24, 1964; and Barry Douglas, born July 19, 1966.  Frances Lantz Butler(7) was a college graduate and a teacher.


John Charles Lantz(7) married Sarah Huss.  They had no children.  Both wee college graduates and teachers.


Carrie Mae Yoder(6) was born September 10, 1902 and married Thomas C. Price.  They had no children.


4. Robert Emmett Yoder(5) was born July 3, 1878 and died May 14, 1946.  He first married Hilda Overcash, c1898, who died c1900 in  Danville, VA.- no children.  He married as his second wife Hagar Hunt who  was born in VA.  He was living in Pittsylvania County, VA in 1930 with his second wife.  Children were Willard, Melvin, Julian, Harvey, and Virginia. 


Willard Aubrey Yoder(6) was born November 11, 1905 died February 17, 1987. He  married April 10,1927 Ola Carolyn Dobson.  They had one child, Robert Edward (7), born January 1, 1930. Willard graduated from Lenoir Rhyne College with a major in mathamatics and physics. He owned and operated the W.A. Yoder Company in Richmond, Va. He sold and installed audio-visual equipment in public schools, churches, civic and givernment buildings.


Robert Edward Yoder(7) married on June 30,1951 Eula Mae Craig .  His children were Robert Craig (8) born July 29,1952  and Joseph Willard (8) born August 6, 1956 and Carolyn Marie (8) Yoder born November 9, 1963 (not married). Robert Edward graduated from Harvard University with a PhD degree in physics and worked for several years at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California. He next married on May 22,1962 Ruth Willene Kiser, and had no children by this marriage.

            Robert Craig Yoder (8) married Sheila Craig Hulsey. Their children are: Bryan Craig (9) born March 13, 1979 and Brent Edward (9) born August 18, 1981.

            Joseph Willard Yoder (8) married Grace Fitts Scales (born December 12, 1956 and died August 16, 1984) and had one child Caroline Alexander (9) born March 12, 1983. Joseph next married Patricia Ann Law and had children:  Madeline Marie (9) born September  18, 1989; and Grace Amanda (9) born February  9, 1996.

          Dr.  Julian Clifton Yoder(6) was born May 29, 1910 and died August 7, 2006 in Colfax, NC.  He married on December  24, 1937  Helen Barber born August 16, 1912  and died March 17, 1999.  Their children were Dr. Robert Lyman Yoder (7) born June 25, 1942 who married Angelina Z. Cruz on May 16, 1970 (born May 3, 1936) and Barbara Ann (7) born May 8, 1945 who is not married.  Julian Clifton Yoder(6) was a distinguished teacher of Geography at Appalachian State University.  He taught summer schools in two New York colleges.  He received A.M. degree from George Peabody College and Ph.D. degree from the University of North Carolina.  He was listed in Who's Who in American Education and was a member of various educational, professional, and scientific organizations.  He was a member of the Presbyterian church. (he is the source of update for his parents family)

            Dr. Robert Lyman Yoder (7) graduated from Union Theological seminary in Richmond, Virgiana and is a Presbyterian Minister in Wade, N.C. He and his wife had son Jose Julian Yoder (8) b. September 1, 1973. Jose Yoder and Rebecca Rainey and had children Destinee (9) born March  25, 1998 and Harley Bonnae (9) born January  __, 2002.


Melvin Emmett Yoder (6) born October 16, 1907 married on July 3, 1932 Beulah May Mansfield.  Their children were John David (7) born December  11, 1934,  and Virginia Sue Yoder (7)  born February 27, 1943.


John David Yoder(7) married on July 6, 1953 Josephine Fowler. Their children were David Wayne (8)  born July  6, 1959 and Robert Edward (8) born May 22, 1962 -not married.

            David Wayne Yoder (8) married Jan Collins, and they had children: Lawrence (9) born August 2, 1997 and Jonathan Douglas (9) born August 2, 2001.

            Virginia Sue Yoder (7) married on September  30, 1961 James F. Harris. Their children were: Amy Miles Harris (8) born May 2, 1967 and James Manfield Harris (8) born June 25, 1971.

            Amy Miles Harris (8)  married Joseph Dean Sowers. Their children were Joseph Dean Sowers (9) born December 30, 1991,  Emily Mansfield Sowers (9) born May 6, 1994, and David Benjamin Sowers (9) born December 23, 2000.


Harvey Clinton Yoder(6) born May 5, 1922 died August  13, 1974 married Winifred Haywood on June 22,1945 .  Their children were Jan Lee born April 27, 1948 and David Emmett born May 8, 1950.

            Jan Lee Yoder (7) married Maurice (Mickey) Elliot and had children Erin (8) born June  8, 1974  and Megan (8) Born June  16, 1978.

            David Emmett Yoder (7) married Rebecca Springer and had daughter Stephine Yoder (8), born April  23, 1971. He married for his second wife Cheryl Steel, by whom there are no children.


Virginia Estelle Yoder(6) born January 20, 1912 married Kenneth Eugene Trout on Jan.20, 1912. Kenneth was a career U.S. Air Force Officer and fought in W.W. II. In the African and European theaters. He was also on active duty during the Korean conflict. He retired after 27 years of service with the rank of Colonel.  Their children were Kenneth Eugene, Jr. born March 19, 1950, and Virginia Gail born July 28, 1952. Neither child is married.


5.  Mary Kate Yoder(5) was born September 30, 1882 and died August 20, 1953.  She married Lester H. Carpenter December 24, 1901, born in 1878 and died in 1941.  Their children were Lucie Mae, R. Carroll, Lester Paul, Charles Frederick, Irene Elizabeth, Frank Yoder, Flora Kate, and Ruby Glynn.


Lucie Mae Carpenter(6) was born September 8, 1902.  She married Ted S. Lewis.  Their children were Mary Dell Lewis(7), born June 2, 1926; Ted ., Jr., Glenda Jean, Shirley Louise, and Robert Keith.     

Ted S. Lewis, Jr. (7) was born September 19, 1927.  He married Pattie Rosemary Gibson.


Glenda Jean Lewis(7) was born May 11, 1930.  She married Fulton Lee Lynch, Jr.  Their children were Fulton L. Lynch, III(8), born June 1, 1956; and Richard M. Lynch(8), born November 11, 1957.


Shirley Louise Lewis(7) was born August 26, 1931.  She married Charles E. Hendrick.  Their children were Sandra Lynn Hendrick(8), born August 7, 1952; and Sherry Lane Hendrick(8), born March 12, 1954.


Carroll Carpenter(6) was born June 15, 1904.  He married Mary Louise Gilbert.  They had no children.


Lester Paul Carpenter(6) was born April 10, 1907.  He married Roxie Clark.  They had no children.


Charles Frederick Carpenter(6) was born February 3, 1910.  He married Edna Beck.  Their children were Betty Ann, William Beck, and Joan Carol.


Betty Ann Carpenter(7) was born November 23, 1932.  She married Dr. Kenneth A. Grigg.


William Beck Carpenter(7) was born August 5, 1934.  He married Margaret Richardson.  They had one child, Allen Gregory Carpenter(8). born November 17, 1957.


Joan Carol Carpenter(7) was born March 1, 1942.  She married Thomas Tucker.  She was killed in an auto accident.


Irene Elizabeth Carpenter(6) was born August 30,1912.  She married Lander James Carpenter, Sr. Their children were Doris Ann; Mary Ella Carpenter(7), born November 3, 1936; and Lander James Carpenter, Jr., born April 22, 1943.


Doris Ann Carpenter(7) was born August 6, 1932.  She married Billy Reece Richard.  Their children were Billy Reece Richard, Jr.(8), born February 1, 1955; and Rhonda Ann Richard(8), born June 19, 1957.


Frank Yoder Carpenter(6) was born May 14, 1916.  He married Leila Wise.  Their children were James Franklin Carpenter(7), born June 9, 1934; and Marshall Dean Carpenter(7) born October 8, 1936.


Flora Kate Carpenter(6) was born December 6, 1921.  She married Wray Robert Blanton, Sr. Their children wee Linda Ray Blanton(7), born April 29, 1953; and Wray Robert Blanton, Jr., born April 11, 1958.


Ruby Glynn Carpenter(6) was born November 6, 1924.  She married Tyler D. Roseman.  Their children were John Tyler Roseman(7), born May 4, 1947; Mary Beth Roseman(7), born November 22, 1919; and Judith Dale Roseman(7), born May 18, 1956.



Con373-  Daniel A. Yoder  d. Jan.6,1927

        m1.         Ellen Fulbright (1836-1874)

        m2. 2/-/1876        Mary Jane McCaslin (Mar.1839-1927)

                both  bur.Daniels Church Cem.,farmer Lutheran

(upadet 10/2001- Dr. Robert L. Yoder)

     Con3731-  Laura Minta  b. Nov.9,1866 m. William M. Seagle

                (12/29/1861-6/4/1948) d. Apr.4, 1964

     Con3732-  Alfred M.  b. Apr.25,1869  m. Lucie LeSueur

                d. Mar.30,1949

   +Con3733-  Charles M.  b. Sep.17,1871  m1.3/3/1894 Carrie M. Jarrett

                m2.1/16/1904 Kate Seagle Lucky (     -1907)

                 m3. 1909 Mamie Rhodes (  -1952)

                d. Sep.19,1940 bur. Grace Lutheran Church

     Con3734-  Robert Emmett  b. Jul.18,1878  m. Hilda Overcash

                (               -1898)          d. May 14,1946

     Con3735-  Mary Kate   b. Sep.30,1882  m. Lester H. Carpenter

                (1878-1941)            d. Aug.20,1953


Con3733-  Charles Maxwell Yoder (9/17/1871-9/19/1940)   m1.3/3/1894 Carrie

M. Jarrett (       -         )    m2.1/16/1904 Kate Seagle Lucky (           -1907) ni   m3.

1909 Mamie Rhodes (          -1952) ni   bur. Grace Lutheran Church (Yoders of NC-

page 133, Frank H. Yoder Cht '86)

Con37331- Lois B.  (1/16/1895-          )  m.             B.W.H. Costner  (    -     )

Con37332- Morris Samuel  (4/23/1896 Catawba Co,NC-10/9/1981 Lincoln

Co,NC)  m. 11/19/1916 Lincoln Co.,NC  Laura Ruth  Scronce  (12/2/1894-

10/14/1969)  (Frank H. Yoder Cht)

Con37333- Edith Pearl  (3/10/1898-        )  m.       John A. LeSueur

(       -      )

Con37334- Daisy Blanche  (10/27/1899-       )  m.             Coy F. Lantz  

(         -         )

Con37335- Carrie  Mae  (9/10/1902-         )  m         Thomas C. Price  (   -   )


            4 Daniel A. YODER b: 5 October 1834 d: 6 January 1927

              + Anna Ellen FULBRIGHT b: 1836 d: 1874

                5 Laura Minta YODER b: 9 November 1866 d: 4 April 1964

                  + William M. SEAGLE b: 29 December 1861 d: 4 June 1948

                    6 Mary Ellen SEAGLE b: 24 September 1888 d: 1 July 1969

                      + William A. REEP

                        7 Loy Luther REEP b: 2 September 1910

                    6 Rosa Emeline SEAGLE b: 28 April 1890 d: 19 July 1962

                      + Robert C. CARPENTER

                        7 Vera Inez CARPENTER b: 27 November 1913

                    6 Katie Ethel SEAGLE b: 18 November 1891

                      + Samuel Charles CARPENTER

                        7 Samuel Charles CARPENTER

                        7 Mary Minta CARPENTER

                          + Jack S. MOORE

                            8 Jack S. MOORE

                            8 Ronald C. MOORE b: 14 May 1954 d: May 1969

                            8 Kathy Blanche MOORE

                        7 Claudia Margaret CARPENTER

                          + Benjamin W. KILPATRICK

                            8 Benjamin W. KILPATRICK

                            8 David C. KILPATRICK

                    6 John Franklin SEAGLE b: 3 June 1893

                      + Edith LEONARD

                    6 Daniel Alexander SEAGLE b: 30 July 1895

                      + Johnsie C. HOKE

                        7 Daniel A. SEAGLE b: 17 April 1917

                          + Marie WEAVER

                            8 Daniel A. SEAGLE

                            8 Joyce Marie SEAGLE

                            8 Curtis A. SEAGLE

                            8 Carol Ruth SEAGLE

                        7 Conrad Mcclean SEAGLE

                        7 John Max SEAGLE

                          + Alice PARKER

                            8 Mary Ann SEAGLE

                        7 David Knox SEAGLE

                          + Evangeline HARWELL

                            8 David Knox SEAGLE

                            8 Denise Harwell SEAGLE

                            8 Unknown SEAGLE

                    6 Lois Pearl SEAGLE b: 9 October 1899

                      + Douglas A. CRAIG

                        7 Robert Harold CRAIG

                          + Faye TEAGUE

                            8 Douglas Arthur CRAIG

                            8 Robert Teague CRAIG

                            8 Catherine Elizabeth CRAIG

                        7 William James CRAIG

                        7 Mildred Estelle CRAIG

                          + Herbert GATES

                            8 Gregory GATES

                            8 David Alan GATES

                            8 Richard Burgen GATES

                        7 Hazel Gertrude CRAIG

                          + Pless D. MATHEWS

                            8 Rebecca Ann MATTHEWS

                        7 Vera Jean CRAIG

                          + Charles Edward ESTES

                            8 Mary Elizabeth ESTES

                            8 Laura Jean ESTES

                            8 Charles Edward ESTES

                            8 Jean Marie ESTES

                        7 Alfred Bryan CRAIG

                          + Elizabeth BEATTIE

                            8 Alfred B. CRAIG

                    6 Alfred Michael SEAGLE b: 26 April 1901

                      + Annie Laurie WORKMAN

                        7 Barbara Ann SEAGLE

                          + Ralph J. BLALOCK

                            8 David M. BLALOCK

                            8 Jonathan D. BLALOCK

                        7 William Max SEAGLE

                    6 Laura Margretta SEAGLE b: 16 July 1904

                    6 Sarah May SEAGLE b: 13 February 1906

                      + Ernest P. YOUNT

                        7 Nancy Carolyn YOUNT

                          + Avery D. WHISONANT

                            8 Dale Stephen WHISONANT

                            8 Bary Martin WHISONANT

                        7 Frances Joan YOUNT

                5 Alfred M. YODER b: 25 April 1869 d: 30 March 1949

                  + Lucie LESUEUR

                    6 Warren Alfred YODER b: 22 August 1904 d: 8 November 1968

                      + Frances SULLIVAN

                        7 Warren Alfred YODER

                      + Thelma O'DELL

                    6 Ruby Forest YODER b: 20 January 1908

                      + Kenneth Pierson AUGUSTUS

                        7 Kenneth Wayne AUGUSTUS

                5 Charles Maxwell YODER b: 17 September 1871 d: 19 September 1940

                  + Carrie M. JARRETT b: May 1872

 6 Lois B. YODER b: 16 January 1895  d: Sept 1984, Greensboro, NC.  Bur: Guilford Memorial Park

                      + B. G. W. H. COSTNER b: May 5, 1895  d: Aug 1977  bur: Guilford Memorial Park

                        7 Nellie Lou COSTNER b: 29 December 1917 (1918 per Costner book)

                          + John J. STRICKLAND

                            8 William Colen STRICKLAND

                                   + Diana Marie WAJTKOWICY

                                      9 Robert STRICKLAND               

                            8 Robert Wayne STRICKLAND

                                   + Lois Janett Shook

                                      9 Jennifer STRICKLAND

                                      9 Natalie STRICKLAND

                        7 Percy Casper COSTNER  b: June 1919

                          + Roxie Alese FORE  b: 1922  d: 1972

                            8 Ladonna Lee COSTNER  b: 1946

                                   + Jack FUNDERBURK  b: 1945

                                      9 Anna FUNDERBURK b: 1969

                                      9Edward FUNDERBURK b: 1975

                                     9 Ben FUNDERBURK b: 1979  

                            8 Bonnie COSTNER b: 1951

                                  + Ricky MOORE b: 1951

                                    9 Richard MOORE b: 1995     

7 Harry N.Huit COSTNER b: May 17, 1920  d: Feb 12, 1973, bur: Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolnton, NC

                          + Carolyn Elizabeth TURNER b: July 26, 1920

                            8 Harry N.Huit COSTNER, Jr.

                                   + Mary Gre -----

                                     9 Harry Huit COSTNER !!!

                                    9 Brent COSTNER

                            8 Cecelia Elizabeth COSTNER

                                   + Christopher Joe SMITH

                                     9 Christopher SMITH

                                    9 Matthew SMITH          

                        7 Charles Ray COSTNER  b: June 15, 1922

                          + Hilda Elaine WALL  Feb 17, 1924

                            8 Charles Ray COSTNER, Jr.  b: Aug 4, 1942

                                  + Frances Abernathy 

                                    9 Charles Ray COSTNER III, b: --- 13, 1962

                                      + Virginia Ga----

                                        10 Charles Ray COSTNER !V b: Nov 8, 1992

                                   9Kevin Wayne Costner b: Oct 29, 1966      

                              8 Larry Lane COSTNER b: Dec 10, 1944

                            8 Lynda Wall COSTNER b: Oct 28, 1947

                        7 William Ambrose  COSTNER b: Sept. 1926

                          + Dixie Maxine MEADOR

                            8 William David COSTNER

                                    + Jacquelin BRASWELL

                                      9 Geoffery COSTNER

                            8 Mary Ellen COSTNER

                                   + Johnnie Lee PEGRAM

                                     9 Jason PEGRAM

                                9 Olivia PEGRAM              

                        7 Betty Jean COSTNER b: May 1931

                          + Ray T. (Raphael Thaddeus) MASTERS

                            8 Lou Ann MASTERS

                                   + Kevin BRENNAN

                                    9Michael  BRENNAN


                                Note:  The above additions are from the Costner book


                    6 Morris Samuel YODER b: 23 April 1896 d: 9 October 1981

                      + Laura Ruth SCRONCE b: 2 December 1894 d: 14 October 1969

                        7 Helen Elizabeth YODER

                          + Guy E. CRESS

                            8 Tracy CRESS

                            8 Nancy CRESS

                            8 Janet CRESS

                        7 Frank Howard YODER

                          + Shirley ZEUCHNER

                            8 Barbara YODER

                            8 Donald YODER

                        7 Ruby YODER

                          + John LINDHART

                            8 Robert LINDHART

                            8 William LINDHART

                            8 Mark LINDHART

                    6 Edith Pearl YODER b: 10 March 1898

                      + John A. LESUEUR

                    6 Daisy Blanche YODER b: October 1899

                      + Coy F. LANTZ

                        7 Margaret LANTZ

                          + Robert M. BIRKE

                            8 Kathryn BIRKE

                            8 Amy BIRKE

                        7 Mary Ann LANTZ

                          + Milton H. REEP

                            8 Michael REEP

                        7 Frances Carolyn LANTZ

                          + Bill Ray BUTLER

                            8 Joan Carol BUTLER

                            8 David Bruce BUTLER

                            8 Elizabeth Ann BUTLER

                            8 Eric William BUTLER

                            8 Barry Douglas BUTLER

                        7 John Charles LANTZ

                          + Sarah HUSS

                    6 Carrie Mae YODER b: 10 September 1902

                      + Thomas C. PRICE

                  + Kate Seagle LUCKY d: 1907

                  + Mary Irene (Mamie) RHODES b: 25 May 1870 d: 1952

              + Mary Jane MCCASLIN b: March 1839 d: 1927

(Robert Emmett line posted above)

                5 Robert Emmett YODER b: 3 July 1878 d: 14 May 1946

                  + Hilda OVERCASH d: Aft 1920

                    6 Willard Aubrey YODER b: Cir 1906

                      + Ola Carolyn DOBSON

                        7 Robert Edward YODER

                          + Eula Mae CRAIG

                            8 Robert Craig YODER

                            8 Joseph Willard YODER

                    6 Melvin Emmett YODER b: Cir 1908

                      + Beulah May MANSFIELD

                        7 John David YODER

                          + Josephine FOWLER

                        7 Virginia Sue YODER

                    6 Julian Clifton YODER b: 29 May 1910

                      + Helen BARBER

                        7 Robert L. YODER

                        7 Barbara Ann YODER

                    6 Virginia Estelle YODER b: Cir 1912

                      + Kenneth Eugene TROUT

                        7 Kenneth Eugene TROUT

                        7 Virginia Gail TROUT

                    6 Harvey Clinton YODER

                      + Winifred HAYWOOD

                        7 Jan Lee YODER

                        7 David Emmett YODER

                  + Hagar HUNT

                5 Mary Kate YODER b: 30 September 1882 d: 20 August 1953

                  + Lester CARPENTER b: 1878 d: 1941

                    6 Lucie Mae CARPENTER b: 8 September 1902

                      + Ted S. LEWIS

                        7 Mary Dell LEWIS

                        7 Ted S. LEWIS

                        7 Glenda Jean LEWIS

                        7 Shirley Louise LEWIS

                        7 Robert Keith LEWIS

                    6 R. Carroll CARPENTER b: 15 June 1904

                      + Mary Louise GILBERT

                    6 Lester Paul CARPENTER b: 10 April 1907

                      + Roxie CLARK

                    6 Charles Frederick CARPENTER b: 3 February 1910

                      + Edna BECK

                        7 Betty Ann CARPENTER

                        7 William Beck CARPENTER

                        7 Joan Carol CARPENTER

                    6 Irene Elizabeth CARPENTER b: 30 August 1912

                      + Lander James CARPENTER

                        7 Doris Ann CARPENTER

                        7 Mary Ella CARPENTER

                        7 Lander James CARPENTER

                    6 Frank Yoder CARPENTER b: 14 May 1916

                      + Leila WISE

                        7 James Franklin CARPENTER

                        7 Marshall Dean CARPENTER

                    6 Flora Kate CARPENTER

                      + Wray Robert BLANTON

                        7 Linda Ray BLANTON

                        7 Wray Robert BLANTON

                    6 Ruby Glynn CARPENTER

                      + Tyler D. ROSEMAN

                        7 John Tyler ROSEMAN

                        7 Mary Beth ROSEMAN

                        7 Judith Dale ROSEMAN





DAVID YODER(4), 1844-1911


          David Yoder(4) was born July 28, 1844, and died April 2 (April 22, per Daniels Cemetery transcription), 1911.   He married as his first wife Mary Caroline Hoke, February 18, 1869, who was born August 17, 1845 and died December 30, 1884.  Their children were Sarah, Daniel, Alfred, Robert, William, Martin Luther, and Lizzie.  David Yoder(4) married as his second wife Catharine Saine, who was born April 1, 1837, and died February 27, 1906.  They had no children.  David Yoder(4) and his wives were members of Daniels Lutheran Church and are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery. 

          David Yoder(4) was a farmer.  He was an ardent Lutheran and strongly loyal to his church and pastors.  In December, 1905 or 1906, when the author was visiting his grandfather, Col. George M. Yoder(4) one Sunday afternoon, David Yoder(4) appeared with Francis A. Yoder(5) at the author's grandfather's home, to enlist his aid in retaining the pastor of Daniels and grace Lutheran Churches.  The pastor was being pressured by a faction in the Daniels Church to resign his pastorship, because they did not like his preaching and thought he was no longer equal to the tasks of ministering to the congregations.  Davie(4) was much stirred up by what he thought was cruel and unfair treatment of the pastor.  With great emotion, broken voice, and tears in his eyes, he pleaded with Col. George M. Yoder(4) of the Grace Congregation to use all his influence among the members of the Grace Congregation to retain the Pastor. The Pastor, however soon resigned.


Children, Grandchildren



1.  Sarah Susanah Yoder(5) was born March 18, 1870, and died August 9, 1887.


2.  Daniel Alfred Yoder(5) was born December 8, 1871, and died June 18, 1950.  He had married Emma E. Hoover, 15 December, 1893 in Lincoln County, NC.  Only child through 1920 census was Mary Lois Yoder.


          The following excerpt is from the book, Solomon Hoover and Descendants by Helen W. Parker:


Lois Yoder was born 16 November 1899 in Lincoln County, NC.  She married Ruel D. Newton October 26, 1921.  They lived in Lincolnton until about 1927 when they moved to Arizona for Ruel’s health.  She died 14 February 1989 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Tucson, AZ.  The family stayed in Arizona a few year’s after his death.  Children were Martha Newton, who married a Bish and lived in Tucson, AR, Ruel D. Newton, Jr. who lived in Glendale, AZ, James D. Newton married Isabel ---- and  lived in Rohnert Park, CA and died 16 May 1993, age 68 and Norman L. Newton.


3.  Robert Lee Yoder(5).  See Chapter XXXI.


4. William Michael Yoder(5) was born June 2, 1878, and died August 27, 1938.  He married Sarah E. Ross.  She was born May 31, 1881 and died June 18, 1969.  Both are buried in Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton, NC.  Their children were William Michael, Jr., Mary Elizabeth, Sarah Helen, David Wilson, Margaret Hoke, John Ross, Katherine Alice, and Robert Laban.


William Michael Yoder, Jr.(6) was born October 2, 1905. He married Irene Tatreau.


Mary Elizabeth Yoder(6) was born October 13, 1907, and married Durward Towe, December 12, 1932.  They had no children.


Sarah Helen Yoder(6) was born December 25, 1909 and died November 29, 2003.  She received B.A. and M.A. degrees from Applachian State University. She had a long and distinguished career as supervisor of Lincolnton Public Schools.


Obituary states her BS and MA degrees as well as her teaching certificate were from Western Carolina University, did graduate work at UNC, Chapel Hill, and studied in Florence Italy for a summer.  Foollowing Pearl Harbor, she worked in Washington, DC, returning to Lincolnton in 1943.  She became supervisor of city schools in 1956. 


She is survived by two siblings, Mrs Seymour (Katherine) Leopold of Boynton Beach, FL, and Robert L. Yoder of Lookout Mountain, TN.  She was preceded in death by brothers William, Jr., David, and John, and sisters, Margaret and Mary.


          David Wilson Yoder(6) was born October 1, 1911 and died September 9, 1989 in Gaston County, NC.  He married Louise Weaver.  They had no children. (? -  see below obituary synopsis)


Linda Yoder Starnes, 69, of Gastonia died November 13, 2006.  She was a native of Lincoln County and is survived by her mother, Louise Weaver Huss of Gastonia, and preceded by her father, David Yoder.  She is buried in Hollywood cemetery in Gastonia.  She was a charter meber of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Gastonia and was active in the Gaston County Historical Society and was interested in genealogy.


She is survived by her husband, Clark R. Starnes, Jr., daughter and son-in-law Holli S. Elmore and Clyde B. Roberts of Columbia, SC, daughter Suzanne Starnes Rine of Columbia, SC, son and daughter-in-law Clark R. Starnes III and Elaine Defoe Starnes of Winston-Salem, NC, son Wade Hmpton Starnes of  Charlotte, NC.  She is also survived by sisters and brothers-in-law, Nan Yoder Brooks and and Bill Brooks of Gastonia and Judy Yoder Turner and Ken Turner of Atlanta, GA.  Srrviving grandchildren are Micah Amos Sherrill of Asheville, NC, Havilah Rebekah Sherrill of Columbia, SC, Addison Bergner Rine of Columbia, SC, Mary Frances Starnes Winston-Salem, NC, and Aden Grace Starnes of Hendersonville, NC.  Also, great-grandchildren Ezra James Thompson and Priya Naomi Lee Thompson of Hendersonville, NC.  Also, sister-in-law and husband Donna S. and John A. Parker, Jr. of Brentwood, TN.


In addition to her father, she was preceded in death by sister Shirly Yoder Nesheim.


Margaret Hoke Yoder(6) was born January 12, 1913.  She married Henry R. Coleman.  They had no children.


John Ross Yoder(6) was born April 4 (April 30 per Hollybrook Cemetery inscription), 1916 and died December 7, 1982.  He first married Dorothy Crooke, August 5, 1943, who died January 19, 1953.  They had two children, John Ross, Jr., and Michael.

          John Ross Yoder(6) married as his second wife Frances Leonard Rhodes, July 16, 1955.  She was born April 15, 1921 and died October 15, 1986.  Both are buried in Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton, NC.  They had one child, Alfred, born January 19, 1957.


John Ross Yoder, Jr.(7) was born July 24, 1924.  He was a graduate of North Carolina State University and was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force.


(submitted by Miachel Conrad Yoder - michaelyoderusa@netscape.net , dec 2004)

Michael Conrad Yoder (7) was born June 9, 1949. He was a graduate of Western Carolina University. He married Eva Reiz of Budapest, Hungary. They had two children, Michael Conrad, Jr., born August 10, 1969, and John Paul, born December 10, 1976. Michael (7) was remairried to Johanna Gullick of Black Earth, Wisconsin. They had no children.


Michael Conrad Yoder Jr. (8) married Renee Beard, of Troy, Michigan. They had two children, Blade Conrad, born April 27, 1998 and Skyye Mikaela, born September 17, 2000.


John Paul Yoder (8) married Mary Anne Chingcuangco of manila. They had one child, Mikayla Reiz, born December 25, 2002.


Katherine Alice Yoder(6) was born November 5,1918.  She married Seymour Leopold.  they had one child, David Michael, born January 1, 1948.


Robert Laban Yoder(6) was born April 10, 1922.  He married Dorothy (Dorotha per obituary) Severance about 1949.  She died March 28, 2005.  They had one child, Dorothy Anne, born February 14, 1951.  Robert Laban Yoder(6) was general manager of Winn-Dixie Stores, inc., Greenville, S.C.


Synopis from her obituary: Mrs. Yoder  was of an old SC family and grew up in Gastonia, NC.  She graduated from UNC, Greensboro with a major in art and attended the New York School of Interior Design.  She established her own business in the arts area through which she met her husband who was working fior the Winn-Dixie grocery chain.  They subsequently lived in seven cities in the Carolinas.  After his retirement, they moved to Lookouy Mountain, TN to be near family.  She will be buried in the Yoder family plot in Lincolnton, NC.


She is survived by her husband of 56 years along with their daughter, Anne Yoder and her husband, Doyal E. Swafford, and their three sons, Laban, Whit, and Jordan.


5.  Martin Luther Yoder(5) was born October 14, 1881, and died February 25, 1961.  He married Katie Pearl Coon, born November 27, 1884, and died February 19, 1960.  Their children were Fred Anderson, Mary Ellen, James Herbert, and Betty Ruth.


Fred Anderson Yoder(6) was born January 29, 1908 and died December 13, 1975.  He married Blanche Huttao.  She was born July 31, 1911 and died April 17, 1982.  Both are buried in the Daniels Church Cemetery in Lincoln County, NC.  They had one child, Anne Yoder(7), who married Harold Wood.


Mary Ellen Yoder(6) was born September 13, 1914.  She married Randolph A. Zimtbaum, May 30, 1940.  They had two children, Randolph N., born July 6, 1948; and Mary Ellen, born July 30, 1950.  Randolph Zimtbaum died April 30, 1961, and Mary Ellen Zimtbaum(6) then married Earl B. White, September 2, 1965.


James Herbert Yoder(6) was born April 16, 1920 and died August 5, 1969.  He served in World War II.  He is buried at Daniels Church in Lincoln County, NC.  He married Pauline Hoover, October 17, 1948.  She was born September 11, 1920 and died February 25, 2006.  They had two children, Jimmy, born September 30, 1955; and David Ray, born June 6, 1960.


Betty Ruth Yoder(6) was born February 9, 1925.  She married Alvin R. Huss, February 15, 1947.  Their Children were Betty Susan, born September 25, 1948;  Carol Anne, born October 17, 1952;  Mary Kate, born September 8, 1954; and Alvin Richard, Jr., born November 12, 1958.


6.  Lizzie Pearl Yoder(5) was born September 28, 1883, and died February 11, 1939.  She married Rutledge A. Coon August 23, 1905.  Both were members of Daniels Lutheran Church and are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.

Con378-  David  Yoder   (7/28/1844-4/2/1911)

        m1. Feb.18,1869 Mary Caroline Hoke (8/17/1845-Dec.30,1884)

        m2.   c1886         Catherine Saine (Apr.1,1837(40)-Feb.27,1906)

        bur. Daniel's Lutheran Church Cem, Lincolntown, NC

(Reuel Newton-'87, Mrs. Robert  L. Yoder-'85, Hubert A. Yoder)

     Con3781- Sarah Susanah  b. Mar.18,1870  d. Aug.9, 1887

     Con3782- Daniel Alfred  (Dec.8,1871Lincoln Co, NC-6/18/1950

                Tucson,AZ) bur. Evergreen Cem., Tucson, Az  

                m. 12/15/1898 Leonards Fork Bap.Church

                Emma Elizabeth Hoover  (6/28/1878-5/22/1958)




     Con3783- Robert Lee  b. Oct.29,1875  m.May19,1901 Mary Jane

                Heavner (11/22/1876-11/17/1944)  d. Jul.7,1949

                Cherryville, NC bur. Bethpage Luth. Cem.

     Con3784- William Michael  (6/2/1878-8/27/1938 Lincolntown,NC)

                  m. Sarah E Ross  (5/31/1881-6/18/1969)

     Con3785- Martin Luther  b. Oct.14, 1881  m. Katie Pearl Coon

          (11/27/1884-2/19/1960)  d. Feb.25, 1961

     Con3786- Lizzie Pearl  b. Sep.28,1883  m. Rutledge A.Coon

                d. Feb.11, 1939  bur. Daniel's Church Cem.


From Mrs. Robert Laban Yoder, Aug 2000- R.Yoder@att.net

William Michael Yoder (5)  (6/2/1878-8/27/1938 Lincolntown,NC)

m. Sarah E Ross  (5/31/1881-6/18/1969) Both are buried in the Yoder

family plot at Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolntown, NC. They had

eight children:

                Our ancestor, William Michael (5) was the fourth of their seven children.

William Michael Yoder (5) was born 6-2-1878 ; d. 8-27-1938.  He married Sarah E. Ross on 5-11-1904.  Sarah was born 5-31-1881; d. 6-18-1969.  Both are buried in the Yoder Family plot at Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton, N.C.  They had  eight children: 

William Michael, Jr.(6),  Mary Elizabeth(6),     Sarah Helen(6),     David Wilson(6), Margaret Hoke(6), John Ross(6),       Katherine Alice(6) Robert Laban(6).


                William Michael, Jr.(6); b. 10-2-1905; d. 12-31-1996.  He married Irene Oareen Tatreau on

     3-15-1927. She was born 8-12-1907; divorced 1953.  They had  three children:


                Robert Leland,(7) b. 9-16-1928; d. 9-20-1979; m IIsabella Marietta Belahoubek  on 6-17-1954

      in Utting, Germany.  She was born 4-30-1929.  They had a son:

  James Franz,(8), b. 2-5-1957 in Cambridgeshire, England  m. Marilyn Niemeyer

b.11-2- 1955.  They had  three children:

  Laura Christine (9), b.9-301987 

  Katie Marie(9), b. 1-9-1989

  Samuel Alexander(9), b. 3-24-1991, adopted, Kastrona, Russia



                Barbara Irene (7) b. 12-20-1935 in Lincolnton, N.C.


                Joan Susanna (7) b. 4-30-1939 in Salisbury, N.C.;  m. William Lother Atkinson,Jr. on 9-13-

       1957.  He was born 7-21-1937.  Divorced 1961 -They had  three children:  Joan Susanna(8) b. 7-13-1958; m. Timothy Klenk on 10-26-1991.  They had two sons:

             Michael (9), b. 3-4-1994

             Andrew Robert Charles(9) b. 10-1-1995

       William Lother III (8), b. 6-4-1960; m. Lorie Loewe 3-2-1991.  She was born 8-7-1957.

    Christine Lynn (8), b. 6-14-1961; m. Timothy Philip Burke on 5-5-1982 - adopted five

                children: Stephanie Irene(9), b. 8-25-1987, a Korean

                                Ryan Richard(9) b. 8-15-1987, Guatemala

                                Wayne William(9) b. 6-5-1990, Vietnam

                                Nicole Victoria(9) b. 8-22-1990, Korea

                                Jacqueline Maria(9) b. 1993, Guatemala

 Mary     Elizabeth Yoder (6); b. 10-13-1907; d. 6-20 1995; m. Durwood Norfleet Towe on

    12-16-1933;  later divorced.


            Sarah Helen Yoder (6); b. 12-25- 1909

(Obit--SARAH H. YODER LINCOLNTON - Sarah Helen Yoder, 93,  died Nov. 29, 2003, after a period of declining health.  She was born of a pioneer Lincoln County family on Dec. 25, 1909, one of eight children of William Michael and Sarah Ross Yoder.  Preceding her in death, in addition to her parents, were three brothers, William Jr., David and John, and two sisters, Margaret and Mary. Two siblings survive her, Mrs. Seymour (Katherine) Leopold of Boynton Beach, Fla., and Robert L. Yoder of Lookout Mountain, Tenn.
 Miss Yoder was a teacher and supervisor in the local schools for 44 years. She received her teaching certificate from Western Carolina University as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She did graduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill and spent a summer studying in Florence, Italy. Following Pearl Harbor, she worked in Washington, D.C.
In 1943, she returned to Lincolnton to teach in the high school and live with her mother while her brothers were in the service. In 1956, she was made supervisor of the city schools, a position she held until her retirement in 1974.
 Miss Yoder was a world traveler and gave programs of her travels to area clubs.
She was a lifelong member of Emmanuel Church and active in numerous civic associations as well. Her interest and influence helped spawn the Lincoln Arts Council. In 1979, she was named Lincoln County’s Woman of the Year. In 1996, Miss Yoder was presented the Heritage Award from the Lincoln County Historical Association, honoring a lifetime of service and support to cultural and historical life in Lincoln County.
 Miss Yoder’s creative mind, her lifelong interests and love of learning enriched the lives of her nieces and nephews, Robert Leland Yoder (deceased), Barbara Yoder, Joan Atkinson, Shirley Nesheim (deceased), Nan Brooks, Linda Starnes, Judy Turner, John Yoder, Michael Yoder, Alfred Yoder (of Lincolnton), David Leopold and Anne Swafford, plus great-nieces and nephews.
 The funeral service for Miss Yoder will be held at Emmanuel Lutheran Church on Monday, Dec. 1, 2003, at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Gary Dittman officiating.
The family will receive friends from 7 to 8:30 tonight at Warlick Funeral Home.
 Burial will be in the Yoder family plot at Hollybrook Cemetery following the funeral service.
Memorials may be made to Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 216 S. Aspen St., Lincolnton, N.C. 28092; The Lincoln Arts Council, 403 E. Main St. Lincolnton, N.C. 28092; Lincoln County Historical Association, 403 E. Main St., Lincolnton, N.C. 28092; or Hospice of Lincoln County, 107 N. Cedar St., Lincolnton, N.C. 28092.
The family will be at the home of Alfred and Linda Yoder, 1868 Smith Farm Road, Lincolnton, N.C. 28092.Warlick Funeral Home is serving the family.)


 David Wilson Yoder(6); b. 10-1-1911; d. 9-12-1969; m. Louise Weaver on 3-10-1933.  She

     was born  8-5-1914.  They had four daughters:

                                Shirley Elizabeth(7) b. 1-14-1934; d. 6- 9-1996; m. Ronald Steven Nesheim on 6-16- 1961. 

    Ron, a widower, had three sons and a daughter, Steve, Brad, Scott and Connie from his

    first marriage.  He was b. 11-11-1928.   Shirley and Ron had a son Eric Christian (8)  b.

    6-14-1962; m. Mary Killian, later divorced.  Son Patrick(9) b. 12-12-1982  Eric married Mary 

    Kehoe July of 1995.


                                Sarah Nannette(7) b. 1-14-1934; m. William C. Brooks 12-29-1956.  They had four sons:

    David Matthew (8), b. 9-5-1958; d. 4-6-1978

    William Jonathan (8), b. 4-8-1960; m._Jane Carswell  on 9-6-80

    Philip Andrew (8), b. 8-22-1961; m. Rebecca Howell 2-28-1987 , mother of Katie

      Elizabeth b. 1-28-1984

      William Andrew (9) b. 4-2-1989

    Robert Wilson (8), b. 1-24-1964; d. 7-4-1996; m. Jill  Plonk 10-15-1994


                                Linda Michael Yoder (7), b. 11-29-1936; m. Clarke R. Starnes, Jr. on 12-28-1954.  They had

       four children:

    Linda Hollis (8), b.12-19-1955; m. Michael Sherrill on 6-29-1974, later divorced.  They had

 three children:

      Micah Amos (9), b. 3-26-1977

      Havilah Rebecca (9) , b. 4-13-1979

      Asia Naomi (9), b. 5-5- 1981

    Margaret Suzanne (8), b.1-9-1958; m. James M. Rine on 4-15-1989.

      They adopted two children : Joseph Addison Berguer (9) b. 7-8-1994

     Isabella Rose Robertson, (9) b. 7-29-1996  

    Clarke, III, (8) b. 7-29-1959; m .Angela Dew 12-15-1984 .  They had two children:    Caroline Elizabeth (9), b. 3-30-1992; Mary Frances (9), b. 1-28-1997  Divorced 1999.

    Wade Hampton (8), b. 12-5-1960; m. Sandra McQuay 7-15-1989; divorced 1997


                                Judith Wilson (7), b. 12-5-1939; m. Kenneth Olin Turner 4-10-1964.  They had one son:

    Kenneth,Jr. (8) b. 2-27-1973

Margaret Hoke Yoder (6), b. 12-1-1913; d. 11-10-1969; m. Henry Coleman, later divorced

                John Ross Yoder (6), b. 4-30-1916; d. 12-7-1982; m. Dorothy Crooks  8-5-1943.  She died 1-22-1953.  They had two sons, John, Jr. (7) and Michael Conrad (7).  

 John Yoder, Jr.(7), b. 7-20-1945

 Michael Conrad Yoder,(7) b. 6-9-1949; m.  Eva Reisz on 11-28-1968 in Budapest, Hungary.   

  They had two sons, Michael Conrad Jr.(8) and John Paul (8).  Michael Conrad Yoder (7) and

       Eva Reisz were divorced 7-11-1986.

     Michael Conrad Yoder, Jr. (8) b. 8-10-1969; m. Renee Sue Beard 12-14 1997

       Blade Conrad Yoder (9), b. 4-27-1998

       Skyye Nikaeyla Yoder(9) b. 9-17-2000

    John Paul (8), b. 12-10 1976. 


John Ross Yoder (6) married Frances Leonard Rhodes on 6-16-1955; b. 4-15-1921; d. 10-15-1986.  She had three sons: Daniel, Philip and Russell.   John (6) and Frances had a son Charles Alfred (7).

   Charles Alfred(7) b. 1-19-1957; m. Linda Burris 9-10-1983

      Laura (8) b. 10-8- 1985

Katherine Alice Yoder(6), b. 6-18-1918; m. Seymour Leopold on 7-2-1943; b. 11-5-1918;  son, David Michael Yoder Leopold (7), b. 1-7- 1948


Robert Laban Yoder (6), b.4-10-1922; m. Dorotha Clemens Severance on 6-21-1949; b. 1-11-1922; daughter Dorotha Anne (7), b. 2-14-1951; m. Doyal Edward Swafford on 12-14-1974. He was born 11-6-1945. They had three sons:

  Robert Laban Yoder Swafford(8), b. 1-4-1984

  Jonathan Whitfield Severance Swafford(8), b. 4-17-1990

  Jordan Taylor Doyal Swafford(8), b. 8-14-1992


                                                                                                            updated 12-18-00

  by Dorotha S. Yoder, Lookout Mtn.,  Tn.

    e-mail: r.Yoder@att.net


Mrs. Robert L. Yoder

800 North Bragg Avenue

Lookout Mtn. Tn. 37350

telephone 423-825-6345

e-mail    R.Yoder@att.net

fax 1-423-825-6677


submitted by Dorotha S. Yoder      November 2003


copies to Chris Yoder and Neal D. Wilfong

   For the soon-to-be-published N.C. History of the Yoder


Chris, I would have e-mailed this information but my

computer wouldn't cooperate.




            OF LINCOLNTON, N.C.

     For inclusion in the new N.C. Yoder History -

(vocations, where married and buried, education)

William Michael Yoder, son of David Yoder, son of

Solomon Yoder, son of David Yoder, son of Conrad Yoder

William Michael Yoder was born in the Daniels

Community of Lincoln County and spent his entire life in

Lincolnton. He and his brothers and sister attended Lenoir

Rhyne College and he lived with his Uncle Robert A.

Yoder, who was President of the college. William was

Principal of two elementary schools and a rural mail

carrier. He married Sarah Alice Ellen Ross of Patterson

Springs, N.C. on May 11, 1904 in a private ceremony in

Lincolnton. She was a school teacher before marriage and

then a homemaker. Both are buried in the Yoder Family

plot of Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton, N.C.

William Michael, Jr. was an electrical engineering

contractor. He spent most of his life in Des Moines, Iowa

where he died December 31, 1996. He is buried in

Highland Memory Gardens Cemetery in Des Moines.

Mary Elizabeth Yoder attended Lenoir Rhyne and

Asheville Normal Schools and graduated from St. Luke's

Hospital Nursing School in Richmond, Virginia. During

World War II she was recruited into the U.S. Navy Nurses'

Corps. In 1933 she married Durwood Norfleet Towe in a

home ceremony. She spent most of her life in

Washington, D.C. where she died June 20, 1995. She is

buried at Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton, N.C.

Sarah Helen Yoder graduated from Western Carolina

University with a B.S. and M.A. degrees. She attended

graduate school at U.N.C-, Chapel Hill and studied at the

University of Florence, Italy. She was a teacher and

supervisor in the Lincolnton schools for forty-four years

and a lifelong member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church. In

1979 she was elected Woman of the Year in Lincoln

County. In 1996 she received the Heritage Award from

the Lincoln County Historical Association "honoring a

lifetime of service and support to the cultural and

historical life of Lincoln County."

David Wilson Yoder married Louise Weaver of Lincolnton,

N.C. in Gaffney, S.C. He began his career as assistant to

the director of the Piedmont Council of the Boy Scouts of

America. He then became Superintendent of Public

Utilities for the city of Gastonia, N.C. before joining the

Klutz Machine and Foundry in Gastonia as Design

Research Engineer. At the time of his death on September

12, 1969, he was President of Auto Mechanical

Industries. He is buried at Hollybrook Cemetery in


Margaret Hoke Yoder Coleman was a graduate of

Sheltering Arms Nursing School in Richmond, Virginia.

She died in Lincolnton November 11, 1969 and is buried in

Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolnton.

John Ross Voder's vocation was working for the Lincoln

County Post Office, but his avocation was as a Master

Craftsman of fine furniture, some of it in the archives of

Lincolnton's History Museum and some in Emmanuel

Lutheran Church. During World War II he served in the Air

Force. He married Dorothy Crooks at the Lutheran

Parsonage in Clearwater, Florida August 5, 1943. They

had two sons: John, Jr., born July 20, 1945 and Michael

Conrad, born June 9, 1949. Dorothy died at Mercy

Hospital in Charlotte on January 19, 1953. On June 16,

1955, John married Frances Leonard Rhodes, mother of

Daniel, Philip and Russell Rhodes at their new home in

Lincolnton, N.C. John and Frances had a son, Charles

Alfred, born January 19, 1957. He married Linda Lee

 Bums of Lincolnton, N.C. on September 11, 1983. She

was born September 20, 1960 and graduated from

Appalachian State magna cum laude with a degree in

biology. In 1994 she was elected Lincoln County Teacher

of the Year. She and Alfred have a daughter, Laura

 Elizabeth, born October 8, 1985, now attending U.N.C.

     (New information) John Ross Yoder, Jr., who received

     his law degree in 1989 from the U. Of S.C., married

     Rhonda Collis of Kingstree, S.C. on July 29, 2003.

     She was born December 28, 1961 and received

     nurses' training at the Medical University of

     Charleston, S.C.)

John died December 7,1982 and Frances October 17,

 1986. Both are interred at Hollybrook Cemetery,

Lincolnton, N.C.

Katherine Alice Yoder attended Western Carolina

University and married Seymour Leopold in February 1943

at Camp Blanding, in Stark, Florida. They have a son,

David Michael, born in Philadelphia on January 7, 1948.

Katherine is a homemaker and lives with her family in

Florida. At their deaths, Katherine and Seymour will be

buried in Mt. Sinai Cemetery in Miami.

Robert Laban Yoder became an Eagle Scout at age

seventeen. He was drafted soon after graduation from

high school and served in the Infantry in World War II. He

was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. On June 21,

1949 he and Dorotha Severance were married in the First

Baptist Church of Gastonia, N.C. He returned to his job

with Dixie Home Stores, a retail grocery chain, which

merged to become Winn Dixie Stores, Inc. and spent his

forty-two year career with them, being transferred to

seven North and South Carolina cities. He was Retail

Operations Superintendent at his retirement. Dorotha

Yoder graduated from U.N.C.G and the New York School

 of Interior Design. She is the author of several childrens'

 books. The Yoders collect N.C. pottery, donating some of

 their collection to the Mint Museum and the History

 Museum of Charlotte, N.C. and to Lincoln County's


     Anne Yoder Swafford, their daughter, holds A B and

 Master's degrees in teaching. Her son, Robert Laban

Yoder Swafford, born January 4, 1984, is an Eagle Scout,

 like his Grandfather and a graduate of The McCallie

School, like his Dad, and, in 2003, a freshman at

Appalachian State University. He is a World Class climber,

 representing the U.S. Team in France in 2002 and invited

to participate in the World Competition in Bulgaria in

2003. The Olympics are his eventual goal. Whit and

Jordan are his younger brothers. Whit is a student at the

McCallie School and Jordan will follow his brothers when



            4 David YODER b: 28 July 1844 d: 2 April 1911

              + Mary Caroline HOKE b: 17 August 1845 d: 30 December 1884

                5 Sarah Susanah YODER b: 18 March 1870 d: 9 August 1887

                5 Daniel Alfred YODER b: 8 December 1871 d: 18 June 1950

                  + Emma E. HOOVER b: 28 June 1878 d: 22 May 1958

                5 Martin Luther YODER b: 14 October 1881 d: 25 February 1961

                  + Katie Pearl COON b: 27 November 1884 d: 19 February 1960

                    6 Fred Anderson YODER b: 29 January 1908

                      + Blanche HUTTA

                        7 Anne YODER

                    6 Mary Ellen YODER b: 13 September 1914

                      + Randolph A. ZIMTBAUM d: 30 April 1961

                        7 Randolph N. ZIMTBAUM

                        7 Mary Ellen ZIMTBAUM

                      + Earl B. WHITE

                    6 James Herbert YODER b: April 16, 1920 d: August 5, 1969  bur: Daniels Church Cemetery

                      + Mary Pauline HOOVER b: September 11, 1920  married: October 17, 1948

                        7 Jimmy (James Herbert, Jr.) YODER b: September 30, 1953

                            + Karen PUTNAM

                                 8 James Herbert YODER III (Trey) b: October 5, 1985

                                8 Megan Polly YODER b: October 22, 1989

                        7 David Ray YODER b: june 6, 1960

                            + Sandra Jean LYNCH married November 1, 1980

                            + Melinda ROSS married 1985

(Above additions to James Herbert Yoder are from the Solomon Hoover and Descendants book)                  

                    6 Betty Ruth YODER

                      + Alvin Richard HUSS

                        7 Betty Susan HUSS

                        7 Carol Anne HUSS

                        7 Mary Kate HUSS

                        7 Alvin Richard HUSS

                5 Lizzie Pearl YODER b: 28 September 1883 d: 11 February 1939

                  + Rutledge A. COON

              + Catherine SAINE b: 1 April 1840 d: 27 February 1906

                5 William Michael YODER b: 2 June 1878 d: 27 August 1938

                  + Sarah E. ROSS b: 31 May 1881 d: 18 June 1969

                    6 William Michael YODER b: 2 October 1905

                      + Irene TATREAU

                    6 Mary Elizabeth YODER b: 13 October 1907

                      + Durward TOWE

                    6 Sarah Helen YODER

 + Durward TOWE

                    6 Sarah Helen YODER b: 25 December 1909

                    6 David Wilson YODER b: 1 October 1911

                      + Louise WEAVER

                    6 Margaret Hoke YODER b: 12 January 1913

                      + Henry R. COLEMAN

                    6 John Ross YODER b: 4 April 1916

                      + Dorothy CROOKE d: 19 January 1953

                        7 John Ross YODER

                        7 Michael YODER

                      + Frances Elizabeth LEONARD

                        7 Alfred YODER

                    6 Katherine Alice YODER

                      + Seymour LEOPOLD

                        7 David Michael LEOPOLD

                    6 Robert Laban YODER

                      + Dorothy SEVERANCE

                        7 Dorothy Ann YODER






ROBERT LEE YODER(5), 1875-1949



Robert Lee Yoder(5) ws born October 29, 1875, and died July 7, 1949.  He married Mary Janie Heavner, May 19, 1901, who was born November 22, 1876 and died November 17, 1944.  Both were members of Bethpage Lutheran Church and are buried in Bethpage Cemetery.  Their children were Mary, Robert, Hilda, Mabel, Annie, Ralph, Nellie, and Hubert.  Robert Lee Yoder(5) was a farmer.


Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren


          1.  Mary Alma Yoder(6) was born November 15, 1901.  She married Claude Andrew Canipe, April 15, 1925.  They had two children, Mabel Coleen, born May 2, 1927 and died August 26,2002; and Mary Jane, born June 19, 1931.


Mabel Coleen Canipe(7) married James Burl Leonhardt, February 14, 1946.  He was born June 4, 1922 and died November 3, 1987.   She is buried at Bess Chapel Methodist Church, Cherryville, NC.   Their children were Burlene, born August 8, 1946; Doyle Allen, born December 8, 1950; Jack Theron, born march 14, 1957; Janelle, born April 14, 1958; and James Kevin, born October 8, 1959.


Mary Jane Canipe(7) married Alfred Hoover Knight, June 19, 1948.  They had one child, Alfred Hoover, Jr., born April 23, 1949 and died March 11, 1984.


2. Robert Clayton Yoder(6) was born December 29, 1902, and married Annie Mae Elmore, October 7, 1922.  She was born August 19, 1903 and died September 15, 1971.  Their children were Robert Leslie, Jr., Jack Chessley, Billy Harold, and Ray Elliott.


Robert Leslie Yoder, Jr.(7) was born May 23, 1923 and died August 2, 1969.  He served in World War II. , and He married Bonnie Lou Sneed, December 24, 1942.  She was born May 20, 1923 and died January 4, 1995.  Both are buried in the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Hardin, Gaston County, NC.  They had one child, Robert Leslie, III, born December 29, 1948.     


Jack Chessley Yoder(7) was born September 7, 1924 and died August 6, 1982.  He served in World War II.  He is buried at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Gaston County, NC.  and He married Joann Bondurant, June 15, 1947.  She was born September 1, 1931 and died September 18, 2001.  She is buried in the St Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery in Crouse, NC. Their children were Donna Wray, born February 7, 1948; and Jack Chessley, Jr., born April 13,1954.


Billy Harold Yoder(7) was born December 1, 1927, and married Wilhemina Reynolds, June 29, 1947.  Their children were Queeta Renee, born January 23, 1950; and Ann Marie, born March 2, 1954.


Ray Elliott Yoder(7) was born April 3, 1933, and married Virginia Whitener, June 11 1954.  Their children were Cynthia Rae, born February 17, 1957; and Wynn Allison, born December21, 1960.


3.  Hilda Irene Yoder(6) was born July 10, 1905, and married Miles Chessley Elmore, July 20, 1921.  Their children were Elsie Jane, born October 30, 1927; and Gilda Ann, born December, 1933.

          Gilda Ann Elmore(7) married Gene Leonard Saine, November 9, 1952.  They had one child, Wade Russell, born May 30, 1953.


4. Mabel Pearl Yoder(6) was born August 30, 1907, and died March 8, 1910, having been accidentally burned in a fire.  She is buried in Bethpage Lutheran Church Cemetery.


5. Annie Mae Yoder(6) was born September 24, 1940 (this can’t be right).  Later she married Henry M. Dellinger, August 31, 1946.  There were no children in either marriage.


6.  Ralph Wilson Yoder(6) was born September 22,1913 and died April 6, 1991  and He married Dorothy Ida Yarborough, October 2, 1938.  She was born January 24, 1916 and died September 8, 1998.  They are buried in Hollybrook Cemetery, Lincolnton, NC.  Their Children were Elaine Wallace and Terry Allen.


Elaine Wallace Yoder(7) was born March4, 1940, and married Hugh Donald Beal, May 10,  1959.  They had one child, Bryan Scott, born September 21, 1962.


7.  Nellie Ruth Yoder(6) was born May 7, 1916, and died July 16, 1918.  She is buried in Bethpage Lutheran Church Cemetery.

8. Hubert Adolphus Yoder(6) was born August 17, 1921 and died June 7, 2008.  He was buried at the Forest Lawn West Mausoleum in Charlotte, NC.  He married Marian Lee Watkins, September 18, 1948.  They had no children.  Hubert Adolphus Yoder(6) was a graduate of King's College.  He was a florist.  He became much interested in both lines of his ancestry and spent considerable time tracing their history.  He was President of the Yoder Reunion Association for several years.  He assisted the author in furnishing information about the David Yoder(4) and Robert Lee Yoder(5) families and descendents.

            Synopsis of obituary:  Hubert A. Yoder was a professional florist.  He was a veteran of WWII in the 24th Infantry Division which was at Pearl Harbor.  He was an active member of Myers Park United Methodist Church and the Sons of the American Revolution.  He compiled a book “Dietrich Heffner and His Descendants, 1723-1971”.



                5 Robert Lee YODER b: 29 October 1875 d: 7 July 1949

                  + Mary Jane HEAVNER b: 22 November 1876 d: 17 November 1944

                    6 Mary Alma YODER b: 15 November 1901

                      + Clyde Andrew CANIPE

 7 Mabel Coleen CANIPE b: May 2, 1927  d: August 26, 2002 bur: Bess Chapel UMC cemetery, Cherryville, NC

  + James Burl Leonhardt b: June 4, 1922 d: November 3, 1987

     8 Burlene Leonhardt

        + Norris Eaker

    8 Janelle Leonhardt

        + Wayne Cook

    8 Doyle Leonhardt

    8 Jack Leonhard


   + Betty -----


Mabel Canipe Leonhardt’s obituary also lists surviving grandchildren Alisa Eaker, Teressia Glover, Stacey Leonhardt, Kevin Leonhardt, and Angela Leonhardt,  Surviving great-grandchildren are Colton Glover and Ada Bryant


                        7 Mary Jane CANIPE

                                + ----- Knight

                    6 Robert Clayton YODER b: 29 December 1902

                      + Annie Mae ELMORE

                        7 Robert Leslie YODER

                          + Bonnie Lou SNEED

                            8 Robert Leslie YODER

                        7 Jack Chessley YODER

                          + Joann BONDURANT

                            8 Donna Wray YODER

                                    + ---- BELL

                                      9 Lee BELL

                                      9 Mae BELL

                            8 Jack Chessley YODER

                                   + Vicki ----

                                      9 Zac YODER

                                      9 Krista YODER

                        7 Billy Harold YODER

                          + Wilhemina REYNOLDS

                            8 Queeta Renee YODER

                            8 Ann Marie YODER

                        7 Ray Elliot YODER

                          + Virginia WHITENER

                            8 Cynthia Rae YODER

                            8 Wynn Allison YODER

                    6 Hilda Irene YODER b: 10 July 1905

                      + Miles Chessley ELMORE

                        7 Elsie Jane ELMORE

                        7 Gilda Ann ELMORE

                          + Gene Leonard SAINE

                            8 Wade Russell SAINE

                    6 Mabel Pearl YODER b: 30 August 1907 d: 8 March 1910

                    6 Annie Mae YODER b: 24 September 1910

                      + William Meredith BAKER

                      + Henry M. DELLINGER

                    6 Ralph Wilson YODER b: 22 September 1913

                      + Dorothy Ida YARBOROUGH

                        7 Elaine Wallace YODER

                        7 Terry Allen YODER

                    6 Nellie Ruth YODER b: 7 May 1916 d: 16 July 1918

                    6 Hubert Aldolphus YODER

                      + Marina Lee WATKINS





WILLIAM YODER(4), 1852-1900



William Yoder (4), son of Solomon Yoder(3). was born April 21, 1851, and died in 1900.  He married Sarah Ann Mosteller.  Both were members of Daniels Lutheran Church and are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  Their children were Oscar, Hattie May, and Luther A. William Yoder(4) was a farmer.  In 1883, he bought the shares of all his brothers and sisters of his father's estate, which they had inherited



Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren



1.  Oscar Yoder(5) married Mary Carter.  Their children were Catherine and Adolphus.


2.  Hattie May Yoder(5) was born in 1878.  She married Charles Coon.  Their children were Mary Lois, Junius William, Ruth Irene, and Maude Elizabeth.


Junius W. Coon(6) was born July 15, 1903, and died June 4, 1959.  He married Annie Batts.  They had one child, Junius W., Jr., born January 1946.  Junius W. Coon(6) was a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College.  He was a teacher and then assistant superintendent of Cumberland County Schools for many years.  An elementary school in Fayetteville is named for him.


Ruth Irene Coon(6) married Lewis Dasher.  They had one child, Robert.

Robert Lewis Dasher(7) married Ann Krider.  He was about 1935 and died April 10, 2007.  He is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery in Concord, NC. Their Children were Ann and Charles.


Synopsis of  Robert Lewis Dasher’s Obituary from Hickory Daily Record, 4/15/07:  Died in Arden, NC of multiple myeloma.  Graduate of Lenoir Rhyne University and and Lutheran Theological Seminary.  Distinguished pastor in North and South Carolina, serving in many capacities in addition to the pastoral ministry, and having received many awards and honors.


Survived by wife, son Charles Dasher and his children Jackson and Davis Dasher, and daughter Ann Dasher Hendrix and her husband Boyd and their children Robert and Elizabeth Hendrix.


Maude Elizabeth Coon(6) married George Zeigler.  Their children were Hariet Elizabeth, George Allen, and Roy Clarence.


3. Luther Arthur Yoder(5).  See Chapter XXXIII.


Con37b  William Yoder   (4/21/1851 NC-3/21/1900)  m. Sarah Ann Mosteller

(7/7/1845-6/28/1918) bur. Daniel's Ch.Cem. (1900-Lincoln Co,NC)

 Con37b1- Oscar  b. Aug.  1876   m. Mary Carter

 Con37b2- Hattie May  (3/_/1878 NC-        ) m. Charles C. Coon (2/_/1871 NC- )

 Con37b3- Luther A.  (1/8/1883-7/27/1964)  m. Nov.12,1905 Etta Clare

Warlick (                -5/6/1965)  bur. Daniel's Church Cem.


The below belongs in Chapter XXX


                5 William Michael YODER b: 2 June 1878 d: 27 August 1938

                  + Sarah E. ROSS b: 31 May 1881 d: 18 June 1969

                    6 William Michael YODER b: 2 October 1905

                      + Irene TATREAU

                    6 Mary Elizabeth YODER b: 13 October 1907

                      + Durward TOWE

                    6 Sarah Helen YODER

 + Durward TOWE

                    6 Sarah Helen YODER b: 25 December 1909

                    6 David Wilson YODER b: 1 October 1911

                      + Louise WEAVER

                    6 Margaret Hoke YODER b: 12 January 1913

                      + Henry R. COLEMAN

                    6 John Ross YODER b: 4 April 1916

                      + Dorothy CROOKE d: 19 January 1953

                        7 John Ross YODER

                        7 Michael YODER

                      + Frances Elizabeth LEONARD

                        7 Alfred YODER

                    6 Katherine Alice YODER

                      + Seymour LEOPOLD

                        7 David Michael LEOPOLD

                    6 Robert Laban YODER

                      + Dorothy SEVERANCE

                        7 Dorothy Ann YODER








LUTHER A. YODER(5), 1883-1964



Luther Arthur Yoder (5) was born January 8, 1883, and died July 27, 1964 in Rutherfordton, NC (per DW Shuford).  He married Etta Clare Warlick, November 12, 1905, who was born Oct 12, 1884 and died May 6, 1965).  Both were members of Daniels Lutheran Church and are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  Their children were Blanche Irene, William Arthur, Jacob Ralph, Stella Pauline, Mabel, Clyde Rhea, and Martha Clare.


Luther A. Yoder(5) attended Lenoir College for several years.  He was an outstanding, progressive farmer in his community and noted for his soil improvement, fine crops with large yields, and good dairy herd.  His farming operations were cited by state and county agricultural agents as models of good farm practices..  His farm was often visited by groups of farmers under the leadership of county and state farm agents and experts, who desired to point out the best methods of modern farming.


Luther A. Yoder(5) was a devout Lutheran and had a very strong interest in his church.  He was a church concilman in Daniels Lutheran Church for many years.  He was also interested in general community affairs.  He was a member of the Board of Education of Lincoln County for a number of years.  He took a leading part in raising funds to erect the Conrad Yoder(1) monument and to fence the Old Yoder Cemetery.  He was one of the chief speakers at the dedication ceremonies of the Conrad Yoder (1) monument.


Children, Grandchildren


          1.  Blanche Yoder(6) was born November 11,1906.  She married Ralph Heileg June 6, 1953 (per DW Shuford). He was born Apr 24, 1912 and died in Aug 1973 in Rowan County, NC (per DW Shuford). They had no children.  Blanche Yoder Heileg(6) received an A.B. degree from Lenoir Rhyne College, and was a teacher.


2. William Arthur Yoder(6) was born October 30, 1908 and died in April 5, 1909.  He is buried in the Daniels Church Cemetery in Lincoln County.


3. Jacob Ralph Yoder(6) was born August 31, 1910 and died Jan 23, 1989 in Lincoln County, NC and was buried at Daniels Church.  He married Mary K. (Katheryn per obituary) Miller, June 20, 1935.  She was born July 6, 1911 and died April 6, 2007.  She is buried with her husband.  Their children were Larry Jacob, born May 26, 1943; Wayne Miller, born December 9, 1944; and Mary Kaye, born July 2, 1949.  Jacob Ralph Yoder (6) was a farmer and followed in the footsteps of his father in modern, progressive, farming practices.


Synopsis of Mary Miller Yoder’s obit:  Mrs. Miller was a graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne College and taught 37 years in Catawba and Lincoln counties public schools.  She was named “Mother of the Year” in 1971 by the Lincoln County Home Extension Service.  She was an active member of Daniels Lutheran Church, the DAR, and the UDC.


Survivors include son Larry Yoder and wife Marianne. Son Wayne Yoder and wife Jeniced, and daughter Mary Yoder Kaeser and Husband Paul.  She is also survived by grandchildren Matthew Yoder and wife Dagmar, , Jacob Yoder, Brian Kaeser and wife Krista, Jeffrey Kaeser and wife Lauren, Nathan Yoder, Joshua Yoder, David Yoder and wife Krissy, and great-granddaughter Marianne Kolster Yoder.

Jacob Larry Yoder(7) married Marianne Howard, June 19, 1966.


4. Stella Pauline Yoder(6) was born November 15, 1918 (Apr 17, 1913 per DW Shuford) and died in December 1918 (Dec 6 per DW Shuford).


5. Ruth Mabel Yoder (6) was born November 15, 1918 (Oct 19, 1915 per obit) and died January 10, 2009. and She married James A. Nixon, who preceded her in death.  She is buried in the Unty Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Lincoln County, NC.  Their children were Catherine Emma, born January 16, 1942; Frances Mabel, born February 24, 1945; and Jimmy Arthur, born September 3, 1948.


Synopsis of Mabel Yoder Nixon’s obituary:  Graduated from Appalachian State College and was an elementary school teacher for 26 years.  She was an active member of Unity Presbyterian Church.  After retirement her hobbies were painting and gardening.


Survivors include daughters Catherine Fox and husband Mick, Frances Sigmon and husband Danny, and son Jim Nixon and wife Linda.  She is also survived by grandchildren Candice Safrit and husband Jeff, Shannon Cheeseman husband Chad, Alanna Rollins and husband Johnny, Scott Sigmon and wife Ashley, Chris Nixon, and Bonnie Bradley and husband Michael.  She is also survived by eight great-grandchildren.


6. Clyde Rhea Yoder(6) was born January 4, 1929 and died in July 24, 1939.


7.  Martha Yoder(6) was born June 24, 1926 (middle name Clare per obit) and died November 14, 2001.  She married Reuben A. White.  They had one child, Rhea, born March 9, 1947 and died August 1969 (per SSDI). Martha died November 14, 2001 in Lincolntown, N.C.


Synopsis of Margaret Yoder White obituary:  Mrs White was an office manager in the textiles industry and a nursing assistant.  She was preceded in death by son Clyde Rhea White.  She was a member of Messiah United Methodist Church, Lincolnton, NC.







Rev. Robert Anderson Yoder(4), was the most distinguished of the North Carolina Yoders.  He was born August 17, 1853 and died May 16, 1911.  He married Rosa E. Fisher May 9, 1878.  Both are buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.  Their children were Mary Pearl, Lela, Maud, Blanche, Margareta, Robert Able, and Paul.  Rev. Yoder was a minister, teacher, college President, founder to two colleges, church leader, county superintendent of schools, leading citizen, and beloved friend of everybody who knew him.


The author has many fond recollections of Rev. Yoder.  As pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, to which the Author's  parents and he belonged, Rev. Yoder frequently visited in our home, took meals, and spent the night.  The author remembers the personal interest Rev. Yoder took in each of his brothers and sisters, most of whom he had baptized.  Rev. Yoder was an unusually good-humored man, related many interesting and funny anecdotes, always with a hearty laugh.  The author never heard anyone ever say a disparaging word about Rev. Yoder or criticize him for any of his actions.


For many years, while he was President of Lenoir College, which he had the lead in founding, he preached in four Lutheran Country Churches--Daniels, Salem, Grace, and Sardis--driving each Sunday by horse and buggy ten to fifteen miles to reach these churches, a round trip of 20 to 30 miles.  When he finally resigned the pastorate of all of these churches and the Presidency of Lenoir College, the author remembers that the members of all four of the congregations could scarcely believe that they could get along without him as their pastor and as President of the college.  Rarely has a pastor been so dearly beloved by all the members of his congregations.


It was Rev. Yoder who first suggested that the Old Yoder Cemetery be cleaned off, fenced and a monument be erected to the memory of Conrad Yoder(1).  As the author recollects, it was in the late 1890's, while his family and Rev. Yoder were driving by the Cemetery one Sunday morning, that Rev. Yoder made the suggestion to the author's father and mother.  The author, then a small boy, always remembered the suggestion.  IT was not until 1958, however, that Rev. Yoder's suggestion was finally carried out by the descendants of Conrad Yoder(1).  Also as a young man just out of college, the author was encouraged by Rev. Yoder to write this History of the Yoder Family in

North Carolina.  Again the author remembers that when Rev. Yoder, in 1910, was chairman of the Lenoir College Board of Trustees and a petition had been presented to the Board, signed by many students (but not by the author), that a certain professor be "fired," Rev. Yoder hunted up the author, then a student at the college, in his dormitory room, and asked him about the professor, his competency as a teacher in his field, and his attitudes toward students.  The professor was not "fired," but continued to teach in the college for several more years, when he resigned of his own accord.


The author is greatly indebted to Rev. Dr. John Hall, son-in-law of Rev. Yoder, for the following sketch of Rev. Yoder.




By Rev. Dr. John Hall



Robert Anderson Yoder, son of Solomon and Sarah (Seagle) Yoder, was born in Lincoln County, North Carolina, August 16, 1854.  He was baptized in infancy by the Rev. P.C. Henkel in Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church.  He was confirmed in Daniel's Evangelical Lutheran Church by the Reverend A. J. Fox, in 1869.  He was the youngest of twelve children.  His first school used the German language exclusively buy he acquired a good knowledge of English early in life.  At the age of eighteen he entered an academy at Hickory Tavern, North Carolina, taught by Mr. George Hahn and the Rev. M.L. Little.  He became at this time the first beneficiary student of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod.  In recommending that he receive aid the president of the synod, the Rev. A. J. Fox says: "Mr. Robert A. Yoder from my own pastoral charge, whom I have known personally from his early childhood, made application for beneficiary aid from us, in prosecuting a course of studies, preparatory to entering the Christian ministry.  This young man expressed a willingness to submit to all the requirements of our regulations in regard to beneficiaries.  He has a good, strong constitution; and is of a very healthy family.  His moral character is most excellent; as a devoted member of our congregation at Daniels, his piety is commendable.  He has great aptness to learn, and has superior talents fro public speaking."


In 1872 he entered North Carolina College at Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina, and pursued his studies through the Freshman and sophomore years.  He then went to Illinois, taught school some months and attended Lincoln University for a year.  Returning to North Carolina College, he was graduated in 1877.  He then taught a private school at Conover, North Carolina, and when the public school opened, taught it.  He was the first teacher and principal of Concordia High School, later Concordia College.  While in Conover, he studied theology privately with the Reverend P.C. Henkel and J.M. Smith.  He was ordained by the North Carolina Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Tennessee Synod in Concordia Chapel, Conover, North Carolina, on November 30, 1879, upon petition of Concordia and St. James Evangelical Lutheran Churches.  In 1878 he married Miss Rosa Elizabeth Fisher, the daughter of Captain Jacob Allison and Mary Caroline (Barnhardt) Fisher of Rowan County, North Carolina.  In 1883 he entered the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he studied for one year.  He did this under considerable criticism from some persons who thought he should have been satisfied with the training commonly received by other local Lutheran pastors.  He then returned to Catawba County as pastor of St. James Church.  In 1884  he was elected County Superintendent of Public Instruction of Catawba County and held this office for ten years.  During this service he gave private instruction to several Negroes to enable them to qualify to teach in the public schools.  In 1886 he surveyed Catawba County, devising an odometer which he attached to his buggy wheel to facilitate his work, and published a map of the county in both wall and folder editions.  In 1887 the Board of Trustees of North Carolina College elected him president but he did not accept.  A few years late he was asked to accept the presidency of Marion Female College but he declined the call.  In 1888 he became president of Concordia College, Conover, North Carolina, and held this office until 1891.


In that year he and some of his co-laborers became interested in property at Hickory, in North Carolina, offered by the will of Colonel Walter Lenoir for a school.  When the group decided to accept the property under the terms of Lenoir's will, he accepted the presidency of the institution, bought some lots from the school property and moved his house, newly built in Conover, to these lots.  He took the lead in defending the transfer of the school and in enlisting the interest of the Tennessee Synod in the new institution.  He served as President of Lenoir College from 1891 to 1901.


In 1901, weary of controversy and weary from the strenuous labor of teaching and administration while he served as pastor of several congregations, he resigned the presidency and went back to St. James church as its pastor.   Shortly after coming to Hickory he was elected to membership on the City Council and held this office for a number of years.  In 1900 he was elected vice-president of the United Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the South.  In 1902 and again in 1904 he was elected President of the United Synod.  He came to the end of his life as Pastor of Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lincolnton, North Carolina, entering into rest May 16, 1911.


He was eminently gifted as a teacher and at various times taught mathematics, botany, English, philosophy and systematic and pastoral theology.  His ready wit, sympathetic understanding of moral and spiritual problems, and his genuine interest in his parishioners made him an excellent pastor.  He was a popular preacher, preaching doctrinal sermons in such fashion that they edified and interested his hearers.


His principal interest throughout his busy active years was in Christian education.   He was reared in a time when schools were inadequate to the needs of the people and the acquiring of an education required great effort and he bent his greatest efforts toward improving this condition.  To this end he made considerable material contribution and so overworked himself that he died a comparatively young man.  Until he resigned the presidency of Lenoir College, he always did more than the work of two men.  I remember his coming to class, after wearisome trips over primitive roads to preach and catechize, almost too weary to get to the class room but with a teaching vigor which effectively led his pupils in search of knowledge.  His diaries reveal that for many years his health was not robust but he spoke so little of it that no one, except possibly his wife, knew it.


He despised sham and pretense.  He was a devout Christian and a staunch believer in the faith confessed by the Evangelical Lutheran  Church.  I think he would never have referred to a school with which he was connected as a "church  related school."  To him education was worth while only when it was Christian in content and purpose and that was of the Church and by the Church.  His public declaration of his faith was positive and forceful.


He did not like controversy but disliked compromise on matters of principle more.  He was formidable in debate because he did not enter debate from a love of dialectic but only in defense of principles or opinions which he considered worthy to be discussed.  Also because of his command of language and a mind which was well informed and which easily presented thought clearly and logically gave weight to his argument  He served during time of much controversy and was, by reason of his place among the leaders, thrust into the midst of it.  His fairness and lack of personal animus forbade his making enemies of his opponents.


He was the author of a pamphlet, "The Situation in North Carolina," a controversial argument in re the entry of the Missouri Synod into this territory and their assumption of the control of Concordia College, and of many articles published in Our Church Paper and elsewhere.


Five daughters and two sons were born to him and his wife.  The first born daughter died in infancy.


Children, Grandchildren, Great-grandchildren


1.  Mary Pearl Yoder(5) was born May 12, 1879, and died May 30, 1879. (St. James Lutheran Parish register, Newton, NC has March 12, 1879 – May 3, 1879) She is buried in Daniels Church Cemetery.


2. Lela Fisher Yoder(5) was born August 20, 1880, and died October 6, 1946.  In On June 4, 1901 she married Rev. John Hall, who was born in 1878 and died in 1968.  Both are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Their children were Lela Elizabeth, John Robert, Margaret Ellen, Charles Nash, and William Edward.  Rev. Hall was a Lutheran Minister and had a long and distinguished career as Chaplain in the United States Army, serving from 1917 to 1941.  He was a kindly, devoted Christian in every sense of the word.  He gave his long useful life unselfishly for others.  He furnished the author much information on the Rev. R. A. Yoder(4) family and descendants.


Lela Elizabeth Hall(6) was born March 10, 1903, and died October 31, 1955.  She is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  She was never married.  She attended Lenoir Rhyne College and George Washington University.


John Robert Hall(6) was born in February, 1908, and died in October, 1954.  At the time of his mother’s death in 1946, he was living in TX.  He Married Matilda Jane Davenport in 1936.  Their children were John Davenport Hall(7), born in 1938 and died in 1939; James Davenport Hall(7), born in 1941; Thomas Allison Hall(7), born in 1943; and Robert Coolidge Hall(7), born in 1946.  John Robert Hall(6) received A.B. degree from Georgia School of Technology and did graduate work in Ohio State University.


Margaret Ellen Hall(6) was born September 27, 1909.  She received A.B. degree from Emory University and M.S. degree from Ohio State University.  She married Willard Eugene Wight, who received A.B. degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Emory University.  He was a professor in Georgia School of Technology for a number of years.  He was a great help to the author in providing information for this History.


William Edward Hall(6) was born February 25, 1922 and died August 30, 1993. He is buried in the Organ Lutheran Churvh Cemetery, Rowan County, NC (Setzer Family History).  He married Mary Beth Kuhn.  From Setzer Family history: Mary Elizabeth Kuhn was born 16 July 1921). Their children were John Franklin, Robert Edward, Rebecca Ann, and Martha Elizabeth.  William Edward Hall(6) received A.B. degree from Lenoir Rhyne College and B.D. degree from Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.  He was a Lutheran minister and a Chaplain in the United States Army.  He served in Korea and was twice awarded the Bronze Star.


Charles Noah Hall(6) was born January 18, 1917.  He married Beatrice Joy Eliason.  Their children were Charles Allison, Cynthia Elizabeth, and David Arthur.  Charles Noah Hall(6) received B.S. degree from Purdue University and did graduate work at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  He was a veteran of World War II.


3. Maud Elizabeth Yoder(5) was born July 19, 1882,  and died June 11, 1965.  She married John Wilfong Robinson, II, July 2, 1901, who was born July 10, 1878 and died October 1, 1958.  Both are buried in the Old Weidner (Whitener) Cemetery, on the Robinson Place.  Their children were John Wilfong, III, and Dorothy Rose.  Maud Yoder Robinson(5) was a graduate of Lenoir College.  She was much interested in community affairs, Catawba County History, and the history of her own family.  She was the first North Carolina Yoder to get into the Daughters of the American Revolution, by tracing her documented ancestry back to Conrad Yoder(1), who was Revolutionary Patriot, furnishing supplies to the American Army.


John W. Robinson, III(6) was born September 16, 1908 (Both the St. James Parish register and the Tomstone inscription in the Weidner/Robinson cemetery, Catawba County, NC have October 26), and died August 7, 1962.  He married Miss Russell Wright.  Their children were John W., IV, and Alfred.  John W. Robinson, III(6) was a farmer.


John W. Robinson, IV(7) was born January 16, 1930.  He married Ruth Bishop, who died August 17, 1962.  They had one child, Lee Edward, born June 8, 1961.

Alfred A. Robinson(7) was born February 22, 1933.  He married Barbara Crane, November 23, 1961.  He was a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.


Dorothy Rose Robinson(6) was born September 13, 1907. She married Lucian Alexander Campbell, September 29, 1934.  They had one child, Alexander Elizabeth, born June 3, 1946.  Dorothy Robinson Campbell(6) was a graduate of Lenoir Rhyne College and took a postgraduate course in Social Work in the University of North Carolina.  She was a social worker.  She helped the author with information on her Mother's family.  Her husband was an Administrative Analyst with the Veterans Administration.


4. Blanche Irene Yoder(5) was born September 4, 1885, and died July 25, 1969.  She married Rev. Brady Stroup November 27, 1906, a Lutheran minister, who was born in 1876 and died in 1954.  Their children were  Richard, Irene, Rose, Josephine, Ruth, Brady, Leon, and Robert Paul.  Blanche Yoder Stroup(5) was a graduate of Lenoir College and taught in the Primary Department of the College for several years after her graduation.


Richard Weidner Stroup(6) was born September 11, 1908, and died May 28, 1968.  He married Elizabeth Reed.  Their children were Rosanne, Richard F., and Jeane.


Irene Elizabeth Stroup(6) was born November 22, 1909.  She married R. A. Quelle.  Their children were Gretchen, Reinhardt, Albert, and Karen.


Gretchen Quelle(7) married D.H. Kenzie.


Rose Fisher Stroup(6) was born December 19, 1911.  She married Harry B. Wight, born July 30, 1913, and died December 24, 1960.  Their children were Rose Elle, Allen C., Mary Patricia, and Gail Ann.  Rose Stroup Wight(6) was a college graduate and obtained an M.A. degree.  She was a teacher.


Rose Ellen Wight(7) was born February 24, 1943.   She married Tom R. Weisweaver, August 24, 1964.


Josephine Adele Stroup(6) was born May 26, 1913.  She married L.E. Mowrer.  Their children were Mary Jo, Michael, and Sue.


Ruth Louise Stroup(6) was born November 5, 1916, and died in April, 1918.


Brady Leon Stroup(6) was born February 11, 1918.  He married Culbertha Long.  He was a college graduate and a chemical engineer.


R. Paul Stroup(6) was born July 22, 1925.  He married Cirginia Huffman.  Their children were Marc Lynn, Timothy Leon, and Paula Christine.  R. Paul Stroup(6) was a college graduate with A.B. and B.D. degrees.  He also did postgraduate seminary work.  He was a Lutheran Minister, and Executive Secretary of Lutheran Community Services.


5. Margreta Anna Yoder(5) was born February 26, 1889, and died July 22, 1950 in Gaston County, NC.  She married Dr. Robert Edgar Rhyne, June 10, 1908,  who was born in Gaston County September 3, 1881 and died January 16, 1950.  Both are buried at Lutheran Chapel Church in Gastonia.  Their children were Sara, Robert, and John.  A daughter, Rose Mary Rhyne, was born and died in 1917 and is buried with her parents.  Margreta Yoder Rhyne(5) was a graduate of Lenoir College.  Her husband attended Lenoir College  and the University of North Carolina, and received an M.D. degree.  He was county physician of Gaston County for a number of years.


Sara Rhyne(6) was born June 22, 1909.  She married Paul Alton Finger, April 8, 1923.  Their children were Robert Joseph, Paul Alton, Jr., Sara Virginia, James Henry, and John.


Robert Yoder Rhyne was born May 15, 1914.


John Lineberger Rhyne was born July 27, 1920.


6. Robert  Able Yoder(5) was born May 20, 1893, and died December 23, 1956.  He first married Pearl Jones, and after her death, Ateliene Perry.  Children of the two marriages were Cornelia Rose, William Malcolm, and Robert Able, Jr.


Robert Able Yoder(5) was a graduate of Lenoir College and spent several summers in graduate work in the University of North Carolina.  He was first a high school teacher and later an accountant for a wholesale firm.


Cornelia Rose Yoder(6) was born May 28, 1918.  She married Harvey Franklin Casper, June 30, 1940.  Their children were Harvey Franklin, Jr., Richard Yoder, and Randolph Cline.


William Malcolm Yoder(6) was born June 9, 1923, and married Zayda Cannon, June 25, 1950.  They had one child, Yolanda Kay, born April 12, 1961.  William Malcolm Yoder(6) was a computer programmer.


Robert Able Yoder, Jr.(6) was born August 26, 1928, and married Jerry More.  Their children were Christy, born August 25, 1949;  Robert Able, III, born December 30, 1952; Sylvia Ann, born December 7, 1955; Cathy, born March 20, 1959; and Paul Allan, born May 13, 1963.  Robert Able Yoder, Jr.(6) was college graduate and a chemical engineer.


7.  Paul Allison Yoder(5) was born March 9, 1896, and died February 12, 1951.  He married Evelyn Dale, June 12, 1926.  They had no children.  Paul  Yoder(5) was a graduate of Lenoir College and received an M.D. degree.  He was an outstanding specialist on tuberculosis.



Con37c  Rev. Robert Anderson Yoder  (8/17/1853 NC-5/16/1911) m. 5/9/1878

Rosa Elizabeth Fisher (3/22/1855-4/11/1924)  bur. Daniel's Church Cem.

Con37c1- Mary Pearl  b. May 12, 1879   d. May 30,1879

              Bur. Daniel's Church cem

Con37c2- Lela Fisher   b. Aug.20,1880  m. 1901 Rev. John Hall

              (1878-1968) d. Oct.6,1946  both bur. Arlington National cem.

Con37c3- Maude E.    b. Jul.19,1882  m. Jul.2, 1901 John Robinson II

(       -10/1/1958) d. Jun.11,1965  bur. Old Weidner (Whitener) Cem.

Con37c4- Blanche  b. Sep.4,1885  m. Rev. Brady Stroup

 (1876-1954) d. Jul.25,1969

Con37c5- Margreta  b. Feb.26,1889  m. Jun.10,1908 Dr. Robert

              Rhyne  (                   -1/161950)  d. Jul.22,1950

Con37c6- Robert Able  b. May20,1893  m1. Pearl Jones  b: ca 1888  d: May 19, 1944

m2. Ateliene Perry    d. Dec.23,1956

Con37c7- Paul  Allison, MD b. Mar.9, 1896  m. Jun.12,1926

                Evelyn Dale   d. Feb.12, 1951   no issue





Con37a-   Laban Yoder   (1/18/1849 near Hickory,NC-2/12/1930)

m. 3/14/1872 Logan Co, Il Martha J. McBride (9/16/1856 Il-6/24/1926)

moved from Elkhart IN to Chestnut,IL in 1882 ("to Logan Co.,Il after the

Civil  War)  both bur.  Fairlawn Cem., Decatur, IL. (1880-Logan Co,Il-

Corwin; 1920-Decatur, Macon Co, IL)

     Con37a1- Minnie J.  (4/18/1873-      )  m. 6/6/1895 Logan Co, Il

William T. Waldren

     Con37a2- Wallace Austin  (9/14/1874 near Elkhart,I-12/9/1941)  m. 6/5/1895

De Witt Co, Il  Hettie Samuels  (c1876 Il-            ) (1920-Montgomery Co, IL)

     Con37a3- Ralph E.   (7/7/1877 near Elkhart,I-12/4/1908  bur. Grove City,IL)

m. 10/23/1902 Lula Phares

     Con37a4- Howard M. (12/11/1878 Il-7/28/1952- of Parkinson's disease 

bur. Grove City, IL) m   11/14/1900  Christian Co, Il Flora  Alexander 

(c1878 In-     ) (1920-Christian Co, Il)

     Con37a5- Lola Alice   (7/3/1881 near Elkhart,I-     )  m. 5/4/1908             

William Clarence Westervelt

     Con37a6- Claude Maurice  (10/8/1883 -7/_/1967 res Il (SSN)) m

Ethel Alexander

     Con37a7- Lois Irene  (10/10/1886 IL-       )   single

     Con37a8- Grover Walter  (4/_/1889 near Chestnut,Il-6/20/1929)   m.

Lura Miller   (c1889 Il -         ) (1920- Sangamon Co, Il)

     Con37a9- Harold Herron  (3/11/1892 near Chetsnut,Il-(?6/_/1972 res Al

(SSN))  m. Claudia Marie McCannel  (      -        )


CHAPTER  *6. eli yoder (3) 1810-1891) Con39


Con39   Eli Yoder   b. Apr. 1, 1810 d.  Jul. 1, 1891  Englewood, TN

bur. Prospect Cem.  m1. Jul.17,1834  Lincoln Co., NC Sarah Elizabeth

(Betsy) Detter  (Sep.23,1812 SC -Apr.14,1887 Englewood,TN bur. Prospect Cem.)

daughter of Daniel Detter and Mary Were/Wese (b. 2/20/1786)

        m2. Elizabeth Vaughn Sep.20,1888 McMinn Co.,TN

        res 1850 Washington Co,TN; 1860 Jefferson Co.TN

    +Con391-  William Pinkney  b. Jun.6,1835 Lincoln, Catawba Co.NC

    +Con392-  Calvin E.(A.)   b. Jun.26,1836

    +Con393-  Henry M. (Marcus) b.   ca 1838  NC

     Con394-  Mathew  V. (Martin) b.  ca 1841

(Martin Van Buren Yoder Per WVA Death certificate- Mar. 3, 1840 Death: Dec. 6, 1927 buried Yoder Cemetery, Tornado, WV)

     Con395-  Cham (Jane F.)  b. ca1843

    +Con396-  Susan Ann (H.S.-pos, Harriet Susannah) b. Aug 1844

              m. Mar.25, 1881 Levi Louis Adams  d. 1932 Prospect

              Englewood,TN - had child named Yoder -7children (?)

              (per certificate of death-Ann Adams b. 7/15/1846 died

                9/5/1932 age 86y 2m 20d  widow of  Levi Adams 

                bur. Prospect Cemetery, 9/6/1932-no doctor in

                attendance, of  natural causes-housewife, filed in

                McMinn County, informant Sam Yoder, Englewood)

    +Con397-  Franklin Andrew   b.  c1847   Aug. 1844 NC (per 1900

              census) (1880 census  b.TN)

    +Con398-  Mary    b.  c1848 NC  children all named Yoder

     Con399- Sarah Eliza  b. Dec.29,1853 NC m. Aug.16, 1868

             William Knight Adams  d. May 16,1932 Tn

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -

        1       [1] Eli YODER   b: April 01, 1810 in

NC      d: July 01, 1891 in Prospect Cemetery,Englewood, McMinn Co., TN

.               +Sarah Elizabeth DETTER         b: September 23, 1813

in NC   d: March 14, 1887 in Prospect Cemetery,Englewood, McMinn

Co., TN


......  2       [30] Matthew V. YODER   b: Abt. 1841

......  2       [31] Jane F. YODER      b: Abt. 1843



    1          Eli Yoder b: April 1810 in Lincoln Catawba Co NC d: July 1891 in Englewood TN

..      +Sarah Elizabeth Detter   b: September 23, 1812 in Nc    d: April 14, 1887 in Englewod TN          

.........       2              Martin Van Buren Yoder          b: 1841 in Lincoln Catawba Co NC          d: in WVA?             

.........       2              Jane Yoder               b: 1843 in Lincoln Catawba Co NC                         


        *2nd Wife of Eli Yoder:                                  

..      +Sarah Elizabeth Jones     b: February 20, 1841 in NC      d: August 30, 1943  





CHAPTER  William Pinkney (1835-Civ War) Con391



Con391   William Pinkney  Yoder   d.     killed by a bushwacker in

        Caldwell Co.,during the Civ. War. Co.G (?C) 39th TN Mtd Inf

        a private  m. Jan.22,1857 Jefferson Co.,TN to Mary Ann (Polly)

        Gaby ( ca1827 -  Sep.28,1896 age 69) of Washington Co.,TN

    +Con3911-  Rufus  M.  b.  1858        res. IL

     m- three times? 


m2. 1/27/1886 Massac Co, Il  HENLY, REBECCA ANN HALL (b. 1848-  )

(If this is the same Rufus, looks like he was married twice. Also it provides the last name

of Rebecca as Henly (which is probably Henley like his step-daughter shown in the

ensus. Another important clue is that it looks to me like Rebecca Ann Hall Henly,

could have been married before by virtue of the name "Hall" appearing.-

-Bob Portsche,Arlington, Virginia, Jan. 2000)

                (1910  census shows wife Rebecca A. b. c1848 In)

     Con3912-  Lizzie   b.  ca1859      res. Union Co.,TN

               m. Mr.   Beagle    had 8 children

(Delayed Birth Records 1881-1899. Pulaski County. Illinois

Henry Beegle, born 23 Aug 1884, in Mounds, mother's 4th child, white, son of Lizzie nee Yoder, age 29, born in Knoxville, Tenn., and Isaac Beegle, farmer, age 27, born in Knoxville, Tenn. Testimony of Margie Beegle McEligott, older sister, of Cairo, in 1944 (Delayed Births Book 10 P 33).

Clara Elizabeth Beegle, born 25 Jun 1897, white, mother's 9th child, daughter of Clara Elizabeth nee Yoder, age 42, born in Tennessee, and Isaac Beegle , age 40, born in Tennessee, farmer, Testimony of Homer Beegle, older brother, of Mounds, in 1943 (Delayed Births Book 10 P 50).


    +Con3913-  Samuel  Bradford   b.   1860      res. Madisonville,TN

               m. Sallie McGhee b. 1865

    +Con3914-  Alexander    b. 12/-/61 Tn  moved to MO, res. Springfield

          m1. 6/7/1888 Franklin Co,Mo  Rose B. Dumler    m2.  ?


Con3911- Rufus M. Yoder

>From "Massac County, Illinois Marriages, Vol. II, 1878 - 1890," compiled

by Carolyn Cromeencs Foss and Judy Foreman Lee, 1992, the following record"

>Rufust M. Yoder, age 24, farmer, married Martha J. Bonifield, age 22,

March 8, 1881, in Massac County.   Parents of groom:  Pink Yoder and

Mary Ann Gaby Parents of bride:  William Bonifield and Sarah V. Bailey

>From "Massac County, Illinois, Marriages from miscellaneous sources,

1858-1903," by Massac County Genealogical Society, 1998, the following

record shown:

Rufus M. Yoder, age 26, married Lacy Hall, September 4, 1882, in Massac

County.  Benj. J. Delavan, JP. and,

Rufus M. Yoder, age 31, farmer, married Rebecca Ann Hall Henley, age 39,

January 27, 1886, in Massac County.  Parents of groom:  Pink Yoder and

Mary A. Gaby.  Parents of bride:  Harvey Hall and Margaret Cunnel.

(Rebecca A. Hall was previously married to Benjamin F. Henley.  By that

marriage, there was at least one child, a daughter named Trisa C.

Henley.  According to "Massac County Marriages, Vol. 3, 1890 - 1895,"  a

W. A. Winningham, age 24, farmer, married Trisa C. Henley, age 19, on

February 18, 1890, at Rufus Yoder's home.  Trisa's father was Benjamin

F. Henley and mother was Rebecca Ann Hall.  Obviously, the two

Winningham children listed in the 1900 Massac County census as Rufus's

grandson and granddaughter were the children of W. A. Winningham and

Trisa C. Henley, Rebecca's daughter.)

I also found another reference to Rufus.  His name appears in a booklet

entitled, "1857-1987 Index - Members and Visitors, Massac County Masonic

232 - History Brookport-on-Ohio, Illinois 62910," by Willard A. Kerr.

It only indicates dates that he must have been a member, petition for

membership May 1, 1909; and apparently a MM (Master Mason) on March 19,


>Don't know if this is of any value to you, but it seems to confirm that

Rufus was in fact married three times as indicated in your newsletter.

>Bob Portsche, Arlington, Virginia,  <rportsch@ix.netcom.com>


......  2       [2] William Pinkney YODER       b: June 06,

1835 in Lincoln, Catawba County, NC

..........              +[3] Mary Ann GABY      b: Abt.

1827    d: September 28, 1896 in Washington Co, TN

..............  3       [4] Bradford YODER

..................              +[5] Sallie MCGHEE

..............  3       [6] Alex YODER

..................              +[7] Rose B. DUMLER

..............  3       [8] Rufus YODER         b: Abt. 1858

..............  3       [9] Lizzie YODER        b: Abt. 1859

..................              +[10] ??? BEAGLE


.........       2              Wm Pinkney Yoder b: June 06, 1835 in Lincoln Catawba Co NC             d: 1865 in Caldwell Co NC      

.............                   +Mary Ann Polly Goby                                           

....................            3              Lizzie Yoder                            d: in Union Co TN  

........................                        +Seagle                                    

....................            3              Margie Yoder                           d: in Cairo IL          

........................                        +Spaulding                                               

....................            3              Rufus Yoder                             d: in IL    

....................            3              Bradford Yoder        b: Bet. 1857 - 1860                 

........................                        +Sallie Mcghee                                        

....................            3              Dewey Yoder                                          

....................            3              Alex Yoder                              d: in Missouri          

........................                        +Rose B                                  


-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -              


Con3913-  Samuel Bradford Yoder  (1859-       )  m.       Sallie McGhee

(11/_/1865 NC-         )   res. Madisonville,TN (1900-Macon Co,NC)

Con39131- Dewey J  (8/_/1886 Tn-                 )


Con3914-  Alexander  Yoder   (12/-/61 Tn-       )   moved to MO, res.

Springfield m1. 6/7/1888 Franklin Co,Mo  Rose B. Dumler    m2.  ?

(1900- Greene Co., Mo- Campbell Twp)

Con39141- Mary   (10/-/1890 Mo-             )

Con39142- Georgiana   (5/-/1894 Mo-           )


    +Con392-  Calvin E.(A.)  (1836-


......  2       [11] Calvin E. YODER    b: June 26,

1836    d: January 19, 1909 in Yoder Cemetery in Tornado, Kanawha

Co., WV

..........              +[12] Sara E. FULBRIGHT    b: May 22,

1838    d: August 04, 1919

..............  3       [13] Martin Alonzo YODER        b:

1868    d: 1953

..................              +[14] Jane Elizabeth MOSTELLER

        b: 1872 d: 1942

..............  3       [15] Thomas Alexander YODER     b:

1877    d: 1962 in Yoder Cemetery in Tornado, Kanawha Co., WV

..................              +[16] Delia BELCHER     b:

1881    d: 1939 in Yoder Cemetery in Tornado, Kanawha Co., WV


.........       2              Calvin Yoder            b: 1837 in NC          d: in WVA               

.............                   +Fulbright                                               


Con392    Calvin E. (A.) Yoder  b. 6/26/1836  Hickory, Catawba Co., NC

m. 10/13/1867  Hickory, Ctwb., NC. Sara Fulbright (5/22/1838-8/4/1919

(or 8/4/1918-per C.M.) d. 1/19/1909  St.Albans, Kanawha Co., WV

both bur. Mosteller/Yoder  Cem. Tornado, Kanawha Co.,WV 

("take Coal River Rd from St Albans to Fallis Creek Rd, go 1  mile

turn right on gravel Rd)  Civil War- Co D, 36th VA Inf 

(Connie  Mosteller-9/98, R. Leon Yoder-2/99, 1900 Kanawha Co,

WV Census)

(Sara Fulbright m1. 8/1/1858 to John Reinhardt (2/5/1835 and reportedly

died in the Civil War at Sharpsburg, Md. She was the daughter of John

Fulfright and Sadie Sane and had three brother die in the War. Her

father drove a two-horse wagon to the battlefield near Richmond, Va

and brought their bodied back to Vale, NC where they were buried in

the cemetery at the Trinity Lutheran Church-Sara had a son and two

daughters by her first marriage. She left these children behind with

a sister when she and Calvin moved to West Virginia- from R. Leon Yoder).



     +Con3921 Martin Alonzo   (4/12/1867  Hickory, Ctwb., NC-5/15/1953

       Tornado, Kan., WV)  Buried Most./Yod. Cmty Tornado,

        Kan.,WV m. Jane Elizabeth Mosteller (1872-1942)

      Con3922 Fidelia (Delle/Delia) (8/13/1870-6/19/1924)

        Tornado, Kan., WV  bur. Most/Yod Cmty

         m. Michael E. Mosteller    m.8/7/1887 Lin. Co., NC

     Con3923 Mary E.  (5/18/1872-1920)  bur. Wood/Oxley Cmty.,

          Browns Ck., S.A.,Kan.,Wv  m. Julius Robert Smith

     Con3924 Ida E. (4/12/1874-3/10/1942) bur. Mt.Tabor Church

          of God Cmty. S.A.,Kan.,WV  m. William I. Hall

.................... 3 Ida Yoder 1874 -

........................ +William Hall

............................... 4 Emment Hall

............................... 4 Ruby Hall

............................... 4 Bettie Pearl Hall

................................... +Justice J. Bird

............................... 4 Goldie Hall

................................... +Browder

............................... 4 Mary Hall

............................... 4 Laura Hall

................................... +Kinder

     Con3925 Thomas Alexander  (4/19/1877 WV-1962  Tornado,

          Kan. Co., WV)  m. Delia Butcher (2/-/1882 WV-1939) 

    (gfather of Eloise Nicholls, Box 527, Whitesville,WV 25209)

.................... 3 Thomas Alexander Yoder 1877 - 1962

........................ +Delia Belcher 1881 - 1939

............................... 4 French Yoder

............................... 4 Ronchy Yoder

............................... 4 Gracie Yoder

     Con3926 Minty Mae (4/16/1897- 9/?/1947  Kan. Co., WV)

           bur. Cunningham Cmty., S.A., Kan. Co.,WV

            m. Alexander Hugh  (Sandy) Lambert

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

NOTE: two other Yoders at this Cemetery- Elizabeth Yoder

(4/8/1831- 7/16/1919) and Martha Yoder (3/3/1841)- unknown

-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -


-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -

Will of Calvin Yoder- submitted by R. Leon Yoder, Pt. Pleasant, WVa

July 2001:

" I, Calvin Yoder, a resident of the County of Kanawha and State of

West Virginia, and by occupation  a farmer do make publish and

declare this instrument as my last Will and testament, hereby  revoking

all other Wills and testaments and being of sound mind and memory

and understanding and desiring to arrange all my worldly and

business affairs. do say this

1st. That owing to very unfortunate family matters that arose some

twelve years ago in which under gross deception which was practiced

on me by my wife Sarah Yoder I was persuaded to sign a certain

deed by so doing I was greatly defamed and through that I have

nothing to dispose of by this will except for my interest in the estate

of my father Eli Yoder a resident of the State of Tennessee.

2cnd. All of such estate as above stated I hereby leave to my daughter

Ida E. Hall, the wife of W.I. Hall, except the sum of one dollar to each

and every one of my children. I do this as a slight reimbursement t

my daughter Ida for her kindness to me during my afflictions.

      My wife Sarah having left and deserted me after deceiving me as

above  stated and not living with me for the term of 12 years as man

and wife therefore under the laws of this State she is no legal wife of

mine and under no circumstances whatever is she to have rights,

benefits or share in the said estate of my deceased Father which is

due and coming to me at the death of my step mother who has the

said estate only during her life. I hereby appoint Billy Lee Miles

as my admnistrator under this Will.

     In witness thereof I Calvin Yoder have hereunto Subscribed my

name on this the 21 day of November, 1908.


                                                                Calvin   X   Yoder



Note from littlepond@mindspring.com:


“Calvin Yoder appointed my Great Grandfather Billy Lee Miles, as administrator of his last will and testament. Although I have not pursued the genealogy of my family like you have, I do know that Billy Lee was a farmer from the Wheeling/Wellsburg WV area.”— Timothy Miles


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Re: Minta/Mintie Yoder

   Date:        Sat, 16 Nov 2002 21:33:55 EST

   From:         LALambert96@aol.com

     To:        cyoder@tds.net




I have a limited amount of information on this family...I will write my sources as I go. 


Descendants of Alexander Hugh Howard 'Sandy' Lambert


Generation No. 1


1.  ALEXANDER HUGH HOWARD 'SANDY' LAMBERT  (JOHN TRACY4, JOHN F.3, THOMAS2, PHILIP1)[1,2] was born October 21, 1873 in VA [3,4] and died May 26, 1946 in St. Albans, WV.  He married MINTIE MAE YODER [5,6]  She was born April 16, 1879, and died September 01, 1947 in Kanawha Co., WV.



1920 Kanawha Co., WV Census


Alexander H. Lambert (his name is almost illegible) is listed as being a 45 year old House carpenter.  He is listed with: Wife   Mintie 41, of NC

                                  Son    Raymond 20, of WV

                                               Son    M. Foster 18, of WV

                                               Dau    Beulah 14, of WV



Burial: Cunningham Cemetery, St. Albans, Kanawha Co., WV



2. i. WILLIAM 'BILL / WILLIE' McKINLEY LAMBERT , b. February 06, 1897, Tornado, WV; d. March 01, 1935, Charleston Hospital, Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV.

ii. RAYMOND LAMBERT[7,8] b. Abt. 1900;d. May 09, 1947, Charleston, WV.

iii. FOSTER LAMBERT [9,10] b. Abt. 1902.

iv. BEULAH LAMBERT  [11,12] b. Abt. 1906.  m. Unknown Raines


Generation No. 2



THOMAS2, PHILIP1) [13,14] was born February 06, 1897 in Tornado, WV, and died March 01, 1935 in Charleston Hospital,

Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV.  He married IDA BELL. 



Burial: Sunset Memorial Park [Virtually all information about William McKinley Lambert is from his obituary]


Children of WILLIAM LAMBERT and IDA BELL are:

i. EVELYN LAMBERT,  m. Unknown BIRD.





1.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

2.  http://www.yodernewsletter.org/YNL/ynl33.html.

3.  1880 Monroe County Va. Census.

4.  philiplambertfamily.FTW, Date of Import: Aug 28, 2002.

5.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

6.  http://www.yodernewsletter.org/YNL/ynl33.html.

7.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

8.  Obituary of William McKinley Lambert.

9.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

10.  Obituary of WIlliam McKinley Lambert.

11.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

12.  Obituary of WIlliam McKinley Lambert.

13.  P.T. Lambert Collection.

14.  Obituary.


PT Lambert is Philip Tracy Lambert.  He is my husband's grandfather.  He loved writing down his and his cousins lineage.  I also have a plethora of letters and picture type post cards written about everyday life in VA and WV -- and inadvertently about family lineage -- that PT had gotten when his father, Ira Oley Clinton Lambert, passed away.  Ira's dad was John Tracy Lambert, which is also Alexander Hugh Howard/Home Lambert's father. 


When I looked up Alexander's name on Ancestry.com under the 1920 census for Kanawha Co., WV he is listed as Lambert, ?? ......but on close examination of the actual record, I can make out Alexander H. Lambert -- and it also helps that I knew his wife was named Mintie (or something close) and his children, with whom he is listed.  All the children are listed except William McKinley...who must have either been married by this time.  His obit says that he "entered business at the Elk Machine Company, in 1915, Charleston, WV. " July 7, 1915 William McKinley Lambert wrote a letter to his grandmother Mary Elizabeth Lambert (wife of John Tracy Lambert)  He says that he "has just gotten through school and is a Bookkeeper for the Elk Plumbing Company in Charleston, WV. " He signed it "I am your loving grandson, Willie Lambert, Box 58, Charleston, WV."


I do have a photo of Ida Belle and Evelyn Lambert...William's wife and daughter.  If you would like to have me e-mail you copies of anything let me know and I would be glad to.


Thank you for the information on Minta/Minty/Mintie.  If you happen by anything else that pertains to her, please keep me in mind.


Thank you,


Lori Anne



Lori Anne Lambert

Ona, WV

-               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -               -


+Con3921 Martin Alonzo   (4/12/1867  Hickory, Ctwb., NC-5/15/1953

Tornado, Kan., WV)  Buried Most./Yod. Cmty Tornado,  Kan. Co,

WV m. Jane Elizabeth Mosteller (1872-1942) (1900 WV Census,

Kanawha Co)

Con39211- Fannie  (9/-/1891 WV-       )

Con39212- Bethe   (3/-/1898 WV-        )

Con39213- Garnett   (4/-/1900 WV-        )


Descendants of Martin Alonzo Yoder- from  W. Glenn Templeton, torn-a-donut@juno.com , Oct. 2005

1 Martin Alonzo Yoder 1867 - 1953

.. +Jane E. Mosteller 1872 - 1942

......... 2 Maude Yoder 1894 -

......... 2 Wilmer Yoder 1896 -

......... 2 Fannie Yoder 1897 - 1945

............. +Floyd Smith

.................... 3 Dorthy Mae Smith 1918 - 1995

........................ +John Crawford

............................... 4 Jim Crawford

.................... 3 John Sherman Smith

.................... 3 George F Smith

........................ +Madge - 2005

............................... 4 Georgia Smith

.................... 3 Charlotte Smith

.................... 3 Freeda Smith

......... 2 Betty Yoder 1898 - 1987

............. +Frank Siska

.................... 3 Lester Siska

.................... 3 Alva Siska

......... 2 Garnet Yoder 1900 - 1980

............. +Thomas Hamm

.................... 3 Kyle Hamm

.................... 3 Wanda Hamm

.................... 3 Paul Hamm

......... 2 Charles Yoder 1902 -

......... 2 Myrtle Yoder 1903 -

......... 2 Nora Rosezala Yoder 1905 - 1997

............. +William Henry Templeton 1901 - 1994

.................... 3 William Glenn Templeton 1928 -

........................ +Beulah Ann O'Dell 1931 -

............................... 4 William Michael Templeton 1949 -

................................... +Kathy Fagan 1950 -

........................................... 5 Tricia Ann Templeton 1974 -

............................................... +John Ahart

........................................... 5 William Matthew Templeton 1977 -

........................................... 5 Christopher David Templeton 1979 -

............................... 4 Gary Wayne Templeton 1951 -

................................... +Chelly Kegley 1952 -

........................................... 5 Gary Wayne Templeton 1976 -

........................................... 5 Jonathan Ryan Templeton 1978 -

........................................... 5 Natalie Raye Templeton 1982 -

............................... 4 Dwight David Templeton 1954 -

................................... +Sharon Nutter 1957 -

........................................... 5 David Brian Templeton 1980 -

........................................... 5 Kara Ann Templeton 1983 -

............................... 4 Bruce Edward Templeton 1955 -

................................... +Connie Carmen Curtis 1956 -

........................................... 5 Curtis Edward Templeton 1976 -

............................................... +Kristi Sewell 1975 -

............................... 4 Jay Scott Templeton 1957 -

................................... +Dawn Lane Coalter 1956 -

........................................... 5 Michelle Dawn Templeton 1978 -

........................................... 5 Mara Elizabeth Templeton 1980 -

........................................... 5 Eric Scott Templeton 1983 -

.................... 3 Ray Eugene Templeton 1933 -

........................ +Carolyn Sue Harper 1942 - 2001

............................... 4 Debbie Templeton

............................... 4 Kelly Templeton

................................... +Chris Strickland

............................... 4 Tina Templeton

................................... +Douglas Young

........................................... 5 Maise Young

......... 2 Nora Yoder 1906 -

......... 2 Effie Yoder 1909 -

......... 2 Oma Yoder 1909 - 1998

......... 2 Ida Yoder 1911 - 1995

......... 2 Milliard Yoder 1914 - 1999

............. +Louise Scarberry 1915 - 2000

.................... 3 James Yoder

.................... 3 Harold Yoder

.................... 3 Kenneth Yoder




Con3925 Thomas Alexander Yoder (4/19/1877-1962  Tornado,

          Kan. Co., WV)  m1. Delia Butcher (1881-1939)  m2. Dora

          Thomas (R. Leon Yoder-2/99)

Con39251- French Robert (1900-1968) m. Leamon Linville ( 6/24/1903-

1985) both bur. Cunningham Memorial Park in St Albams, WVA.

Con39252- Roncie Leonard (6/19/1901-5/15/1972) m. Golda Abbott

(12/20/1904-8/31/1987). Both bur. Cunningham Memorial Park in

St Albams, WVA. Worked in coal mines.

Con39253- Grace (1/8/1905-                ) m. Rupert McNeely (         -               )

res. Baltimore, MD.



    +Con393-  Henry M. (Marcus) b.   ca 1838  NC


......  2       [17] Henry Marcus YODER         b: Abt. 1838 in


..........              +[18] Sarah SNEAD       b: Abt. 1842 in TN

..............  3       [19] Bertha YODER

..................              +[20] ??? SHACKLEFORD

..............  3       [21] Robert YODER       b: May 1861

in TN

..................              +[22] Alice Ida LEWIS   b: May

18, 1868 in Newport, Cocke County, TN.

..............  3       [23] James Franklin YODER       b:

Abt. 1867

..................              +[24] Mary Josephine PLEMONS

..............  3       [25] George YODER       b: Abt. 1871

in TN

..............  3       [26] Eliza J. YODER     b: Abt.

1875 in TN

..............  3       [27] Colonel Lewis YODER        b:

Abt. 1877 in Newport, Cocke County, TN. d: September 1953

..................              +[28] Sadie DURBY

..............  3       [29] Elizabeth YODER    b: Abt.

1879 in TN


.........       2              Henry Marcus Mark Yoder       b: Bet. 1839 - 1841  d: in WVA               

.............                   +Sarah ? Snead                                        

....................            3              Robert Yoder           b: 1861                   

....................            3              James Franklin Yoder               b: 1867                   

....................            3              George Yoder                                          

....................            3              ? Yoder                                   

....................            3              ? Yoder                                   


Con393    Henry Marcus  (“Mack”-per son JF’s death certificate)Yoder  b. c1839 NC d.       (?Martin -2nd Co D,36 VA Inf res.1850-Wash Co,TN; 1880-Jeff.Co,TN;1910 Putnam Co,WVA, LDS Descendancy Chart- shows 1st wife as Sarah "Gann" b 1848 TN )(JF’s death cert. Says Mack was b in Cocke Co, Tn, as was his mother Sarah Sneed)

          m1. Sarah Snead  (ca1842TN-    )

          m2.by 1910 wife Luvena b. 1841 WV  (?1900 WV Cens-Putnam Co-

"Mollie Yoder (9/-/1841 WV-    ) m-i-l of Robert Meddings")

   +Con3931- Robert   b. May   1861TN    m. Alice Ida Lewis (Sneed or Snead)

                (5/18/1868 Newport, Cocke Co,TN-                   )

              res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN- carpenter- children in LDS Descendancy Cht.

     Con3932- James Franklin  (11/5/1866-Oct. 16, 1940 2;30PM coronary thrombosis, Knoxville, Tn)   m. 7/8/1889 to Mary Josephine "Molly"  Plemons (Feb. 2, 1876 Sevier Co., Tn. –Mar. 28, 1945 Knoxville, Tn age 69 yr 1 mo and 26 days of cerebral thrombosis) (daughter of James Plemons b. Blount Co., Tn and Margaret Clemons, b. Blount Co., Tn) Molly was bur. Mar. 30, 1945 Woodlawn Cem., Knoxville, Tn.)  res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN  Methodist Minister ((billchandler@ftc-i.net, My new son-in-law is the great grandson of William Earl Westbrook of Knoxville, TN who married Sue Yoder (don't even know her full name), daughter of Rev. James F. Yoder, a Wesleyan Methodist minister in Knoxville and his wife Mollie Pemons (sic).  Can you help me identify ths family?  Rev. James F. Yoder is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Knoxville.  He died Oct. 1940 aged 73 and was a native of Newport, TN. Thank you so much.  Bill Chandler, Nov. 2003) (in JF’s newspaper obituary it says “ He was a native of Newport, Tn, and come to Knoxville 52 years ago to make his home. He was widely known for his religious work in sparsely settled communities. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Mollie Yoder, three daughters, Mrs. E.H. Beam, Mrs. F.C. Morris and Mrs. B.T. Smith; one sister, Mrs. Bertha Shaklelford; two brothers, George and “Kernel” Yoder, and seven grandchildren, all of this city. “ burial in Woodlawn cemetery)

--------daughter Sue Yoder (buried dec. 22, 1920 age not listed) m. Willim E. Westborrk 12/09/1915. Will for W.E. Westbrook, 1924. (burial Mar. 24, 1924 age 44) both also buried at Woodlawn Cem.

                -----son of Sue and Wm- William Earl Westbrook Jr. m. Ella Mae Tucker

                ---son of Wm. E. Jr and Ella----Dr. Robert Stephen Westbrook m. Elizbeth Scott Mathews

                --s/o Dr. Robert & wife—Robert Stephen Westbrook II (b. 7/17/1977 Va. ) m. Oct. 11, 2003 Hemingway, SC Martha Elizabeth Hartman Chandler (b. 8/14/1977 La.)


     Con3933- George   b.  ca1871 TN

( my george washington yoder was born august 15, 1871 in  newport tn. 

 his father was henry marcus yoder. he married josephine sloan on april 19 1903.

they had one child, bessie yoder, which is my grandmother. she was born june 5, 1905.

josephine died february 1907 when my grandmother was 2 years old. george

remarried a lady named delilaha graham.--PTurner402@aol.com  pam turner.-9/00)

     Con3934- Eliza J.  b.  ca1875 TN

     Con3935- Colonel Lewis "C.L."  b. ca1877 Newport, Cooke,TN

(at age 22 m1 May 22,1899 to Elizabeth Houser age 23  by B.S, Williams, JP- Knox Co)

              m. Sadie Durby     d. Sep. 1953  - they had a daughter Sadie Yoder

     Con3936- Elizabeth  b.  ca1879 TN

(?henry marcus yoder--bessie yoder wilson--my grandmother;dorothy wilson knight--my mother;

pam turner--me;        lori michelle turner--my daughter;  luke malachi walker--my grandson.)

     Con3937- Bertha   b.             m. _________ Shackleford


Con3931- Rev. Robert Eugene Yoder  (6/4/1862 TN-7/18/1936)   m. 1/14/1888

Alice Ida Lewis (Sneed or Snead)(5/18/1868 Newport, Cocke Co,TN-6/14/1944)

res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN- carpenter- children in LDS Descendancy Cht.

Con39311- Gypsy (c1890 Newport,Tn- ) Gypsy YODER was born in 1890. He (or


+Con39312- Emma Elizabeth (Bessie)  (1/12/1892 Morristown, Hamblen,Tn- 7/16/1937)

m. 6/2/1910  William  Frances Dougherty  (6/24/1870 either St. Marys, Camden Co, Ga.

or Fernandina, Nassau Co., Fla.-       )

                1-Emma Lucille DOUGHERTY,

                2-William Francis Dougherty Jr. b. 9/5/1912 Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fl

                3-Ethel Mae Dougherty   b.         sp- John Henry Copeland b. 9/12/1912 Jacksonville, Fl

                                -Carolyn Lucille Copeland m. Barton William Cheshire

                                -Henry Marvin Copeland b. 10/29/1939 Jacksonville, Fl

                                -Winston Franklin Copeland b.    two sp.

                4-Frederick James Dougherty b. 10/19/1915 Jacksonville, Fl.

                5- Elizabeth DOUGHERTY,

                6- John Newton DOUGHERTY,

                7- Charles Chapman Dougherty b.10/-/1923 Jacksonville, Fl

Con39313- Ella Mae (c1894 Knoxville,Tn- ) m. Clayborn Ingle (c1894- )    Ella Mae YODER was born on JUL 2 1894. She died on APR 12 1945. She was married to Clayborn Oliver INGLE on FEB 16 1911. Children were:

---Myrtle Ruby INGLE.

+Con39314- William Jennings Bryant (12/20/1896 Knoxville,Tn (per death cert. b. 12/29/97 Knoxville, Tn-d. 4/20/1962 Houston, Tx – he had lived there 14 years, and had served in WWI, buried at Rosewood Park Cem, Houston, was listed as being married ) In 1930 census was shown in Knox Co, Tn with wife Myrlle Yoder               age 40.

    William Jennings Bryant YODER (Private)

Con39315- Claud (c1898 Knoxville,Tn- )

    Claud YODER was born in 1898. He died in 1898.

Con39316-  Mary Ruth YODER was born on SEP 18 1901. She died in DEC

1993. She was married to Delous Devault CLEVENGER on JAN 30 1928. Children

were: Robert Daniel CLEVENGER , Lloyd Dal CLEVENGER, Alice Nelia CLEVENGER, May CLEVENGER.

Con39317-  John Houston (Houghton) YODER Sr. was born on AUG 3 1904. He

died on MAY 12, 1983. He was married to Ruth Christine MCCARSON in 1926.

-----Children were: John Houston YODER Jr., Betty Jean YODER, Robert Eugene YODER, Carolyn Darlene YODER, Charles Jessy YODER, David Michael YODER.

Con39318--   James Paul YODER was born on FEB 13 1907. He died on JAN 13

1968. He was married to Eva Elizabeth LAUGHTER in 1934. Children were: James

Roy YODER, Doris Elizabeth YODER, Jo Ann YODER, Helen Marie YODER, Mary YODER, Ralph


Con39319-- Samuel (c1909 Knoxville, Tn- ) Samuel YODER was born in 1909. He died in 1909.

Con3931a-  Lena Virginia YODER was born on JUL 8 1910. She died on DEC 4

1992.  Children were: Walter Kenneth BRACKETT.

Con3931b-    Donnie Esther YODER . She was married to James SMITH in 1946.


Con3931c-     Roy Franklin YODER was born on APR 30 1914. He died on DEC

16 1986.

Con3931-    Charles Luther YODER was born on JUN 7 1917. He died on JUL 7



+Con39312- Emma Elizabeth (Bessie)  (1/12/1892 Morristown, Hamblen,Tn- 7/16/1937)

m. 6/2/1910  William  Frances Dougherty  (6/24/1870 either St. Marys, Camden Co, Ga.

or Fernandina, Nassau Co., Fla.-       )

                1-Emma Lucille DOUGHERTY,

                2-William Francis Dougherty Jr. b. 9/5/1912 Jacksonville, Duval Co., Fl

                3-Ethel Mae Dougherty   b.         sp- John Henry Copeland b. 9/12/1912 Jacksonville, Fl

                                -Carolyn Lucille Copeland m. Barton William Cheshire

                                -Henry Marvin Copeland b. 10/29/1939 Jacksonville, Fl

                                -Winston Franklin Copeland b.    two sp.

                4-Frederick James Dougherty b. 10/19/1915 Jacksonville, Fl.

                5- Elizabeth DOUGHERTY,

                6- John Newton DOUGHERTY,

                7- Charles Chapman Dougherty b.10/-/1923 Jacksonville, Fl


Con39313- Ella Mae  (c1894 Knoxville,Tn-      )  m. 

Clayborn Ingle  (c1894-        )

Con39314- William Jennings Bryant (12/20/1896 Knoxville,Tn-        )

Con39315- Claud   (c1898 Knoxville,Tn-       )




Con39319-- Samuel  (c1909 Knoxville, Tn-    )






+Con39314- William Jennings Bryant (12/20/1896 Knoxville,Tn (per death cert. b. 12/29/97 Knoxville, Tn-d. 4/20/1962 Houston, Tx – he had lived there 14 years, and had served in WWI, buried at Rosewood Park Cem, Houston, was listed as being married ) In 1930 census was shown in Knox Co, Tn with wife Myrlle Yoder               age 40.  m1 1 Myrtle ______ (c1890-     )   m2.  Ella Mae Childress. Not to sure on a marriage date though. She was born May 3, 1910  in Knoxville, Co., Tennessee. She died on August 31, 1989 in Grand Prairie, Texas. (Info from Tina Owen, at - tina3245@netscape.com)


Con393141- Doris Lemae Yoder: b: July 2, 1943 in Knoxville, Tennessee. She had 3 children; William Wesley Adams, b: July 13, 1967 in Harris Co., Texas, Kenneth Crossland, b: June 3, 1961 in Harris Co., Texas (he has 2 children), Herbert Crossland III, b: August 11, 1963 in Harris Co., Texas.

Con393142- Patricia Ann Yoder: b: January 20, 1945 in Knoxville, Tennessee, d: July 5, 2000 in Harris Co., Texas

Con393143- Alice Francine Yoder: b: May 20, 1946 in Knoxville, Tennessee. She married Jesse Lee Owen, b: June 30, 1937 in Witchita, Texas. They married October 18, 1966 in Texas. (Jesse has 3 other children from previous marriages) They have 3 children; Wilbur Dean Owen, b: March 25, 1968, (he has 1 son), Henry Lee Owen, b: May 18, 1970 in Dallas, Texas, ( this is my husband, I have 3 children by a previous marriage and Henry and I have 2 sons together), Trula Diane Owen, b: September 3, 1978 in Cleveland, Texas, (she has 2 children).

Con393144- Jessie and Bessie Yoder were twins. They were born September 15, 1947 in Harris Co., Texas. They did not survive. Not exactly sure if they were stillborn or if they were ill and died as infants.

Con393145- Robert Jennings Yoder: b: December 26, 1948 in Harris Co., Texas, d: January 18, 2002 in Arlington, Texas. He had 3 sons by previous marriages; Michael Glenn Yoder, b: February 19, 1969 in Liberty, Texas, Robert Victor (Bobby) Yoder, b: January 6, 1974 in Victoria, Texas, Alexander Lee Yoder, b: March 9, 1982 in Galveston, Texas.

Con393146- Linda Jill Yoder: b: August 27, 1950 in Harris Co., Texas. She had 3 children by previous marriages; Donald Wayne Savoy, b: November, 29, 1966 in Harris Co., Texas (he has 1 boy and 1 girl), Linda Sue Bullard, b: April 10, 1972 in Harris Co., Texas (she has 3 boys from previous marriages), Tina Jill Bullard, b: May 8, 1974 in Montgomery, Texas (she has 6 children).


CHAPTER    +Con396-  Susan Ann ((1846-1932)


    +Con396-  Susan Ann (H.S.-pos, Harriet Susannah) b. 7/15/1846

(per Rebecca Perkins- "Ann Yoder did have a child out of wedlock. But the father was not Levi Adams. Levi Adams was William Knight Adams father so he was Ann Yoder's sister's father-in-law. He married Ann after his wife died. The father of the baby was Andy Brisson. ")        m. Mar.25, 1881 Levi Leroy Louis Adams (b. 1/17/1828  Tn d. 3/22/1907) (Hid first wife was Matilda Varner...he had 6 children by her including

William Knight Adams who married Susan's sister Sarah Eliza Yoder- per Rebecca Perkins data) d. 1932 Prospect  Englewood,TN - had child named Yoder -7children (?)

  (per certificate of death-Ann Adams b. 7/15/1846 died 9/6/1932 age 86y 2m 20d  in Civil District 2, McMinn Co., Tn, , 9/6/1932-no doctor in  attendance, of  natural causes-housewife, filed in McMinn County, informant Sam Yoder, Englewood, widow of  Levi Adams   bur. Prospect Cemetery outside of Englewood, Tn. )


......  2       [32] Susan Ann YODER    b: 1845 d:

1932 in Prospect Cemetery,Englewood, McMinn Co., TN

..........              +[33] Levi Louis Leroy ADAMS          b: January 17,

1828    d: March 22, 1907 in Prospect Cemetery,Englewood, McMinn Co.,


..............  3       [34] Samuel David YODER         b:

November 21, 1879       d: January 01, 1946 in Prospect Cemetery, McMinn

County, TN

..................              +[35] Melinda Cordelia COOLEY

        b: March 25, 1879   Englewood, Tn    d: March 04, 1956 in Prospect Cemetery,

McMinn County, TN


.........       2              Harriett Susannah "Anna" Yoder              b: August 1844 in Lincoln Catawba Co NC               d: September 05, 1932 in Englewood TN

.............                   +Levi Lewis Adams  b: January 17, 1820  d: March 22, 1897  

....................            3              Samuel David Yoder b: November 24, 1878 in Englewood TN d: January 22, 1946 in Englewood TN      m. 7/1/1897 Englewood, Tn +Malinda Cordelia Cooley        b: March 25, 1879 in McMinn Co            d: March 04, 1956 in Delano Polk Co TN              

............................... 4              Albert Dewey Yoder b: July 10, 1898 in McMinn Co                d: May 08, 1975 in Hamilton Co TN      

...................................                             +Lillie Ester Adams                                 

...........................................     5              Martin Luther Yoder                b: June 15, 1917 in McMinn Co               d: December 26, 1989 in