DNA testing is increasingly becoming an important complement to the study of documents and records in genealogy. In recognition of this, the Yoder Newsletter is sponsoring a Yoder Family DNA project. Our testing is being conducted through the Family Tree DNA organization, which is operating the well publicized ìGenographic Projectî in partnership with National Geographic magazine. The goal of the Project is to use focused testing of Yoder male descendants to create YDNA profiles of the earliest known common ancestors, and to establish or to rule out the links between the various family lines. By "focused testing" we mean we intend to encourage the testing of representatives of specific families who should provide the most genealogically significant results to the overall study.

            For example, it is known that the Oley Valley Yoders and various Alsatian and German Yoder lines descend from the brothers Jost Joder (b. 1607) and Nicolas (b. 3/25/1609) of Steffisburg, Switzerland. It has been suspected, but not proven, that the Mennonite Hans Yoder of Great Swamp, the Amish Yoder immigrants of 1742, and Melchior Yoder of Weidenthal also come from this family. If the DNA profile determined for the progenitor of each of these lines is found to match one another, our hypothesis would be supported. YDNA testing of living male descendants CANNOT PROVE who was the father of a Yoder immigrant. It can, however, establish that a common ancestor was shared within a certain number of likely generations (depending on how precise the analysis). It can also rule out a close relationship.

             The Y chromosome DNA is passed virtually unchanged from father to son. Matching results on individual DNA "markers" on the Y chromosome between the descendants of a common known ancestor can identify the DNA "profile" of that ancestor. Comparison of DNA profiles can establish the closeness of family relationship between family lines with a previously unproven relationship. The more markers which are checked and found to match, the closer is the relationship which can be assumed. A testing kit is sent and returned through the mail, and a simple scraping/swabbing of the inside of the mouth captures the cells needed for the test.

            We seek to test one or two male descendant from each of the sons of the major Yoder immigrant lines at the "25 marker" level of testing. You can help in two ways: 1) if you are a male Yoder and your line does not already have a testing volunteer, you can submit data for testing; 2) you can made a contribution to help pay for some of the testing (the 25 marker test is $169 plus postage, and we are find many folks who are willing to participate in the project, but who donít have the level of interest to be willing to reach this deeply into their own pockets for testing.) Contributions can be made at:


with the funds specified for ìthe Yoder Projectî.

            The template of lines being tested are listed below (Italics show lines WHERE WE STILL NEED a test participant, as this is drafted):

Oley Valley Yoders- Descended from Adam Joder and Barbara Ochsenbein of Steffisburg, Switzerland (son of Nicolas b1609)
... OH- Hans Yoder (1672). OH1- John (1700 Europe)

            OH11- John Jr. (c1726) m. Barbara Shankle
OH13- Samuel ( -1771 Berks Co.,Pa) m. Elizabeth Oyster
            OH14- Peter ( - 1809 Berks Co, Pa) m. Eve Levan
... OY- Yost Yoder (1679 Steffisburg, Switz- 1741 Berks Co, Pa) m Elizabeth _____
... ... ... OY1- John Yost (1718 Berks Co.,Pa) m. Catherine Oyster
... ... ... OY4- Jacob (c1735 Berks Co, Pa- c1804) m. Maria Keim

Mennonite Yoders- European ancestry not established
... YB- Hans Yoder of Great Swamp (c1680 Europe-c1753 Bucks Co., Pa) m. Anna _____
... ... YB1- John Jr. (c1708 Pa) m. Anna Maria ____
... ... YB2- Casper Sr. (c1720) m. Barbara ____

The Amish Yoders of 1742- European ancestry not established
... YR1- ... ____ Yoder and the "Widow Barbara"
... ... YR12- Christian (c1722-1772 Berks Co,Pa) m. Barbara
... ... YR14- Jacob ("Strong Jacob") (c1726) m. Anna
... ... YR16- Michael (c1730-1799 Mifflin Co, Pa) m. ?
... ... YR17- John (c1732-1804 Berks Co, Pa) m. Anna ____
... YR2- Christian Yoder (c1700-1775 Berks Co., Pa) m. ?
... ... YR23- Christian ("Schweitzer") (1728-1816) m2. Barbara Hooley
... ... YR25- John (1732- ) m? Anna Mast
... ... YR26- Yost (1734- ) m1. ___ Hooley? m 2. Mary Siever

Conrad Yoder of North Carolina- European ancestry not established
... Con-Conrad Yoder (c1735-1790 NC) m1. Christina Cline m2. Miss Sietz m3. Catherine Huffman
... ... Con1- John (1764-1835 NC) m. Mary Reep
... ... Con2- Jacob (1767-c1854Ind) m. Catherine Dellinger
... ... Con3- David (1770-1864 NC) m. Barbara Reep
... ... Con6- Daniel (1780- Ind) m. Elizabeth Cline
... ... Con8- Adam (1785- ?) m. Sally Davis (2 volunteers from different sons of Adam needed)

Melchior Yoder Line- one Generation into Europe is Known
... M- Melchior Yoder (c1735 Europe) m Anna Godshalk

... ... M2- Jacob Yoders (c1770-) m. Elizabeth ___

... ... M6- J. Peter (c1780- 1856 Juniata County, PA ) m. m. Ellen

Yost Yoder, unlinked Amish immigrant- European ancestry not established YRB- Yost Yoder ( - )
... ... YRB1- Christian (1761- Mifflin Co., Pa) m Magdalena Yoder
... ... YRB6- Peter (1773- 1849 Logan Co., Oh) m. Veronica Kauffman

Michael Yoder, Immigrant of 1825, son of Samuel Joder and Mary Gingerich, gggrandson of Caspar Joder and Verena Stauffer of Steffisburg- son of Jost b. 1607 . YRC- Michael Yoder (1788)
... ... YRC81- Jacob M (1822 Germany -1894) m1 Barbara Schlabach m2 Barbara Gingerich
... ... YRC84- Daniel M (1830 Somerset Co., Pa-) m Fanny Miller

Alsatian Yoder Immigrants of the 19th Century Descendants of Jost Joder m1 Magdalena Gerber m2 Madeleine Reiss, son of Hans Joder & Catherine Risser, son of Jost b. 1607

... ... YA1- Capt. Joseph Yoder (1790 France- ) m. Barbara Weiss
... ... YA7- Christian Yoder (1789- ) Stark Co,Pa m. Cath.Klopfenstein
... ... YA3- Christian Yoder (1796 France- ) m. Maria Yoder
... ... YA4- Jonathan Yoder (1795 France- ) m Marie Conrad/ Mary Schmucker
... ... YA8- Jacob Yoder (1779 France- ) Barbara Liechty
Desc. of Caspar Joder who m. Verena Stauffer, son of Jost b. 1607
... ... YA6- Michael Yoder (1825 France- ) m. Francis Roth

Yotters from Eppstein, Germany, Descended from Christian Joder (b1687 Steffisburg) m. Margaret Gerber, son of Christian Joder m. Barbara Gerber, son of Jost b.1607

Desc. of Heinrich (1777-1848)

... ... Peter Yotter (1865-1934) m. Elizabeth Steinmetz
... ... Christian Yotter (1831) m1. Boyer m2 Schmidt Lee Co, Iowa
... ... Heinrich Yotter (1833-1925) m. Eve Asmus, Alden, New York

Desc. of Peter (1771-1843) m. Elisabeth Blum

... ... Peter Jotter (1796) m. Margarethe Strupp West Branch, Ia
... ... Jacob Jotter (1804- ) m. Catherine _____, Lee Co., Ia

Others- Each of whom is unlinked at this point

... ... Daniel Yothers (1775-1853 Centre Co., Pa) m. Rebecca Mortorff
... ... Frederick Yoder (1813-1884) m. Maria Shartle - Berks Co, Pa.
... ... Joseph Ioder (1805 Bavaria, Germany- 1857 Bureau Co., Ill) m. Barbara Albrecht

Miscellaneous Tests:

... ... Selected Yetter, Yotty, Yorty lines, to rule out or identify a possible Yoder link. We will also try to arrange testing for several of our European Joder/Jotter family members to further enhance the analysis baseline. (We already have a Steffisburg Joder being tested)

FOR FURTHER INFO SEE: http://www.familytreedna.com/DNAList.asp?Group=Yoders

            WE NEED TESTERS in each of the lines which are marked in italics above. If you are willing to be tested as a part of this project, please contact Chris Yoder at: cyoder@tds.net or call 269-857-4327.



We should have some initial results of this testing to report in the Oct. 2006 YNL, and also expect to address these at the October 19-22, 2006 national reunion being held at HOUSE OF YODER .




Come to the National Yoder Reunion

Grantsville, Md, October 19-22, 2006

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

            By this time, all Yoder Newsletter subscribers should have received a separate mailing announcing the 2006 National Yoder Reunion (Thursday evening, October 19 through Sunday, October 22) in Grantsville, Maryland. The event will be held on the grounds of the Spruce Forest Artisan Village where the Yoder House, a mid-18th century colonial-style home, is located (www.houseofyoder.org). The three-story house features a root cellar, beautiful stone walk-in fireplace and numerous items of interest to the Yoder family (genealogical records, heirlooms, etc.). The weekend will feature numerous activities including dedication and tours of the Yoder House, local history presentations, a public sale of Yoder artifacts and crafts, a Friday evening banquet (with a presentation by YNL Editor Chris Yoder on the different Yoder immigrant lines and on latest results from the Yoder DNA testing), a Saturday day-long tour of Yoder sites and the 9/11 Flight 93 crash site, performances of an original drama on the life of Yost Yoder of Steffisburg, Switzerland, and a Sunday morning worship service in the Yoder House.

            The bus tour will begin at the Comfort Inn at Grantsville, Maryland at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and go north into Pennsylvania where the first Yoders settled in this area. Nearly all of the places will be of early Yoder historical interest. Three of the main stops on the tour will be the farms and cemeteries where Henry (YR261), Christian (YR23), and Magdalena (YR 13?) lived and are buried. In addition, you will see some early non-Yoder history where George Washington, who at the age of 22, built the first wagon road across the mountains in 1754 only to be widened a year later by General Braddock on his way to Fort Duquesne. You will see where both Washington and Braddock camped at Little Meadows.

            The tour will also visit the farms where three other early Yoders lived before moving to other communitiesóJohn (YR125), John (YR 25), and Jacob (YR121), also known as Casselman Jacob. Other interesting places along the way will include: the Yoder School, ìYotter Eckî (Yoder Corner), the Yoder Church House (Amish), an Amish School, and the site of the Hochstetler infanticide perpetrated by Henry Yoder (YR2613). The book ìEyes in the Windowî by Evie Miller is based on this historical episode.

            The tour will also include the farm where Christian Yoder (YR2611a) was tortured and robbed, driving through a town previously called ìYetterstadtî, and another place called ìYoder Stationî. ìYetterstadtî is where ìAxieî Joseph (YR1212) lived. He was famous for the quality axes he built. Nestled in the rolling hills on top of the Allegheny Mountains, the tour will see many small businesses, farms, and homes occupied by the descendants of the early Yoders. Finally, the tour will stop at the site where Flight 93 came down on September 11, 2001. The tour buses will return in time for tour participants to take in the premiere of the drama of Yost Yoder of Steffisburg, Switzerland if they have paid for the drama in their registration.

            Yost Yoder was a well-to-do landowner in 17th century Steffisburg, Switzerland. He was a member of the church-state court (the Chorgericht) with both governors and crusaders prominent in his lineage. And yet many of his ten sons and daughters chose to become Anabaptists, while Yost retained his position on the court and engineered an expansion project for the Reformed Church. He returned to duty even after six months of imprisonment for refusing to reveal the names of Anabaptists under his jurisdiction. Through the eyes of Yostís son Christian, the drama, written by Elizabeth Beachy, tells the story of Yost Yoder, a man torn between responsibility to his family and to his Lord.

            Humor, excitement, and 16th century life seriousness will be portrayed as Yostís son Christian grows from childhood into a married man with his own farm, all the while serving as a leader of the Anabaptists. Interesting scenes will include:

---Christian pestering his mother about the truthfulness of the stories of St. Yoder when he is supposed to be doing his homework

---Christian trying to understand the many ìAnnaísî in his life

---a sharp verbal exchange between Yost and Jacob Amman at an Anabaptist meeting where Jacob Amman, founder of the Amish, is speaking

---a confrontation between Christian and a local constable who happens to walk into a hastily dispersed late night Anabaptist church meeting in Christianís barn. To Christianís evasive answers and embarrassment, the constable asks why Christian needs all these benches if he is just caring for his cows!

---Christianís arrest and imprisonment in Bern in the most expensive hotel in the city where Christian must cover all of his own expenses, including the expensive items his waitress serves him even though doesnít want them.

            Yoder artists and crafts persons are encouraged to consider contributing something for an Art Show and Sale on Oct. 20th. Proceeds will be used to support the on-going work of the Yoder House. The point of contact for this is Kenneth Yoder, 365 Dorsey Hotel Rd., Grantsville, Md 21536, (301) 895-5687.

            Registration is requested to be completed by August 19. Any questions you have may be directed to: Paul H. Yoder, 507 Hemlock Drive, Grantsville, MD 21536; 301-895-5411; phyoder@juno.com


If you did not receive a copy of the registration information and registration form, or need another one, you can access it from the Yoder Newsletter web site at: www.yodernewsletter.org






            Wisconsin does not rank with such states as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana as centers of Yoder population, but thanks to the descendants of Solomon Yoder (YR2338) there were Yoders there by the 1860s, and some of us remain there today. Solomon Yoder was the son of Bishop Christian Yoder Sr. and Madlena Troyer of Somerset Co., Pa. Solomon was born in 1793, married Elizabeth Gindelsperger, and had ten recorded children. According to his nephew Reuben Yoder, he moved to Holmes Co., Oh. in 1827 and onward to Lagrange Co., In. in 1851 where he later died.

            The 1880 Wisconsin census shows 9th child, John Yoder, as being in Red Cedar Twp, Dunn Co. with his family. Johnís children, including married daughter 17-year-old Mary Myers are show as all having been born in Wisconsin (meaning he had been there by 1863). In Albany Twp., Pepin Co, the 8th child of Solomon- also named Solomon, lived with his family. Birth places for his children establish that he had moved to Wisconsin before 1873. Sometime after 1880 their younger brother Christopher joined John in Dunn County.



           The photo of John Yoder (YR23389) is displayed with permission of the Brethren Press, Elgin, Ill. John was born in Ohio, Jan.23,1835. He married Caroline Keck in Elkhart Co., In. on Aug. 8, 1853. In an article about the ìIrwin Creekî Brethren congregation, the Brethren Encyclopedia says:

            ìIn 1864 the families of John Pippinger and John Joder from Indiana, whose wives were sisters, settled a few miles west of Menomonie in Dunn County. Two years later they were followed by brother-in-law, Joseph Keck, who located in St. Croix County. In 1877 he settled in Dunn County, but south of the Chippewa River. His new home became the center for activities which later led to the organization of the Chippewa congregation. For this information we are indebted to Mr. Lucy Yoder Cummings, of Menomonie, oldest of the sixteen children in the Yoder family.

            ìThe year 1869 was a memorable one for the Irwin Creek group. Meeting in the home of John Yoder they held a love feast and formed an organization. They chose John Pippinger as their elder. Either then or soon afterward Samuel Crist was elected minister. During this period the Nutter family was active in church work. Ö About 1893 they built a small meetinghouse. In 1910 they sold the house and the remaining members transferred their memberships to the Chippewa Valley congregation. ì

            John and Caroline had the following children;

        YR233891- Lucinda (5/11/1856-.. 1945) bur. Forest Center Cem Menomonie m 4/25/1875 Louisville, Dunn Co, WI Destin Cummings
       YR233892- Mary Malinda (8/28/1862 Star Co,IN-11/7/1926) bur Forest Hill Cem Knapp, WI m 10/12/1879 Red Cedar, WI William Meyers.
            YR233893- Louisa ( 2/8/1864 WI-8/27/1962) bur Teegarden Cem, Knapp,WI 8/7/1887 Dunn Co, WI John Parker (........-..........)
            YR233894- John..(....c1867 Wi-...... )
            YR233895- Ida.. (....c1869 Wi-...... )
            YR233896- William Henry (5/1/1872 Dunn,Wi-12/22/1950) bur Teegarden Cem m 5/29/1897 Elizabeth Keck (.... -...... )
            YR233897- Harvey (1/26/1876 Menomonie-2/9/1948) bur Teegarden Cem m 2/9/1907 Hattie Keck (...... -...... )
            YR233898- Wesley (3/-/1878 Wi-6/13/1939) bur Teegarden Cem fought in Spanish American War
            YR233899- Rosa May (9/15/1880-4/2/1889) bur Teegarden
            YR23389a- Minnie..(3/-/1883-.. 1968 DunnCo,Wi)..m 5/18/1901
Gust Price (...... -..........).      

John Yoder died on Feb. 29, 1916 and his wife Caroline on Dec. 16, 1926 in Menomonie. Both are buried in the Teegarden Cemetery which is east of Knapp, Wisconsin on Route 12.

            Christopher Yoder was born Aug. 17, 1839 in Holmes County, Oh. He apparently moved with his parents to Lagrange Co., In. in 1851. When the Civil War broke out, he served as a Private in H Company 88th Regiment Indiana Infantry. The regiment was mustered into service at Ft. Wayne in August of 1862 and fought in battles through Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas. At the end of hostilities the regiment marched to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., for a ìGrand Reviewî on May 24, 1865 and a mustering out June 7, 1865. The regiment ìlost during service 9 Officers and 55 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 147 Enlisted men by disease. Total 214.î More information on the unit can be found at:


(Christian followed the model of his uncle Moses Yoder and cousin Josiah who served in F Company 129th Indiana Infantry. Moses died of smallpox during the war.)

            On Sep. 11, 1866, Christopher married Sarah Harbison who had been born in Wayne County, Oh in 1844. A family records shows she ìwas Presbyterian when they married and Grandpa had no church so they both joined the Dunkard Churchî. Family historians Anita Larson and Helen Yoder Hart have reported that Christopher was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). He applied for a pension in 1883 (Record number I 499821 301694 WI). Christopher died in Knapp, Wisc. on July 8, 1900. His widow Sara made her application for a widows pension in 1900 (record number W 729357 571075 WI ) and she outlived him by another 24 years, dieing on July 28, 1924 in Dunn Co. They both were also buried in the Teegarden cemetery. Their children were:

            YR2338a1- Ida Bell (1/4/1874 Defiance,O-8/4/1896 Knapp,Wi) m 2/2/1894 Knapp,WI George Paul (.... -...... ) - 2sons (with grandparents, in 1900 census)
            YR2338a2- George Alfin (7/23/1869 O-5/17/1933 Menomonie,Wi) bur Teegarden m Alice Anderson (...... -...... )-4s&5d
            YR2338a3- Jeremiah Winfield (10/15/1871-........) m 4/18/1897
Jenny Nutter (...... -...... ) Moved to Havre, Montana
            YR2338a4- Jacob Ira (3/21/1877 Defiance,O-1/23/1951 Knapp) bur Teegarden m 11/26/1908 Knapp, WI Effie (Eva) Crye. (7/8/1884-4/9/1975)
            YR2338a5- David Benjamin (10/20/1879-12/7/1955) Menomonie, WI. bur. Teegarden Cem.

            Thanks to Gaylon A. Blank [Gaylon@teamblank.com], and his grandmother Cora (Yoder) Hiebert, 92 years young, we can share some of a treasure trove of photos from the family of Christopher Yoder:


Sara Yoder c1920 Dave Yoder, left






File written by Adobe PhotoshopÆ 5.0

Jacob & Effie Yoder June 1948 Jerry and Jennie Yoder ñ 1940





Dave, Jake, and Papa Jerry Yoder Sep 17 1948

Jerry & Jennie Yoder 50th Anniversary ñ 1947

File written by Adobe PhotoshopÆ 5.0 File written by Adobe PhotoshopÆ 5.0

Cora Yoder, age 3 Jerry Yoder (left) Havre, Mt






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PERFECT to show at your next YODER REUNION!

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Christina Noftzinger and Henry Yoder?

               John Nofshtzinger died prior to April 26, 1813, when his will was filed in Somerset Co. Pa. The will mentioned his property on Quemahoning Creek and noted his wife Anna and children. One child was a Christina Noftzinger who is said in the settlement records to have been married to Henry Yoder and lived in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, as of 1814. The known Henry in Westmoreland at that time was YB214- Henry F. Yothers (1776-1846 Westmoreland Co., Pa.
bur Alverton Men. Cem.). He had moved to Mt.Pleasant, PA c1790-99
and m. Sep
.22, 1801 in Somerset Co., PA to Elizabeth Stickler. We have no date of death for Elizabeth. Can anyone explain this reference? While there is a daughter named ìChristinaî born by 1814 and some gaps as much as 3 years between children, the ìDescendants of Jacob Yothersî book shows a middle initial of ìSî for children born as late as 1822. (A common Mennonite practice at the time was to take the first letter of the motherís name as a middle initial).



Letters to the Editor



            The "unknown" photograph in YNL 44, labeled "Grandpa Christian Yoder 1895", is my GGGrandfather Christian S. Stahley setting on his porch. I have an original of this photo. He was Magdalena (Mattie) Stahley's father, Grandfather to Rudolph Yoder.

            I recently mailed in my subscription to YNL. I'm a grandson of Amos B. Yoder, son of Stephen, son of Gabriel, son of Stephen, son of John Yoder and Magdalena Stutzman. Looking forward to learning more of the Yoders.--Allan Corwin,28648 CR 38,Wakarusa IN 46573, Allan Corwin <abcorwin@peoplepc.com

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -          



            The first page of the YNL I received yesterday was very interesting to me. My Dad, Willard Yoder often spoke of his Uncle Milo, Aunt Lyda and their two sons. Often as a young person he would point out articles in the Saturday Evening Post that

Bob had written. I am a saver but I was too young to think about saving those--what a mistake. I do remember them being very entertaining. He often spoke about Joseph Joder and I believe he had told me the reason for the J instead of the Y. My husband's grandfather did the same thing later in the 1870"s when he migrated and changed the last name from Joas to Ioas.

            In the photo in the lower left corner, the missing ladies names are their three daughters; Eura, Alice and Minnie in that order from L to R. I have some newspaper clippings about the J.J. Yoder 58th wedding anniversary which I will send to you by mail as I don't know how to put it on the computer and forward. In the article it will list the women by their husband's names so Eura is Mrs. Herman Staley, Alice is Mrs Fred Spencer and Minnie is Mrs. Albert Frey.

            I hope this information is of interest to you. I enjoy the YNL so much and often find articles about my family that are of interest. I save them all (another Yoder trait or perhaps that comes from the Kinsinger side.). Keep up the great work. Joan Yoder Ioas jioas@sbcglobal.net









Mayor Dick Yoder Sen. John Yoder

            A number of Yoders are succeeding in the political field. Mayor Richard (Dick) Yoder was re-elected last November to a second term as mayor of West Chester, Pa. At the same time, John C. Yoder of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia has returned to the State Senate, rolling up a 58% landslide.




Rep. Kevin Yoder

            Kevin Yoder of Overland Park was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives with almost 67% of the vote. In Auburn, Indiana, mayor Norm Yoder continues his tenure.















ìFern and her son are on the right while my dad (Kenneth Eugene Yoder of Iowa City, IA.) is on the right. My kids Jack (tallest boy) and Samantha Day are in front. Riley de Vries (son of my sister Kathy Yoder de Vries) is also in front. Just thought you would like to see the family resemblance....look at the noses!î

               We are safely back from our trip out East.  We had a great time thanks to your help 
and some divine intervention.  We did locate the sign marking the Indian massacre and found the 
Hertzler farm.  Not much to see at either because they wanted no visitors at the first and the owner 
wasn't home at the second.  My dad and I still enjoyed seeing the area quite a bit.  I picked up some 
walnuts and acorns in hopes of starting a tree from the massacre site.  
               We then headed in search of the Old Yoder cemetery (Northkill Amish cemetery- see:
 http://www.mcusa-archives.org/Features/northkill.html ) , much to the dismay of the two five year 
olds and the eight year old that hadn't eaten lunch or seen much yet.  (They thought they were going 
to see bones and maybe even blood from the massacre.)  We drove around the small town (Hamburg, Pa.) 
and couldn't find the Cemetery.  There no restaurants or gas stations to ask for help.  The post 
office was closed.  Finally we turned down a street and saw someone outside.  We decided to ask for 
               We ended up finding Fern Yoder and her son Paul!  They are also from the YR1 line!  
She came out with a big history book of the Mast family and showed us some information.  We laughed 
as we all noticed that my dad, Fern and Paul all had the same nose!  She said my dad looked like her 
brother's children.  After a bit she had to go to an appointment but her son took us to the Jacob 
Yoder house and showed us another Yoder house that has been sided and looks very modern now.  His 
friend owns the Jacob Yoder house and we met him. 

Jacob Yoder House
               Then he took us to the cemetery where we did find many Yoder headstones (Bellemanís).
  It was so much fun.  The kids enjoyed the stone house and the cemetery and yelled "Goodbye family 
member!" when we had to part.  My dad believes he was taken to the Jacob Yoder house as a child.  He 
is trying to get to my grandmother's memory books to search for a picture.  Anyway, we had a great time.
  Thanks for your help.  We now want to go back and search for more living and past family members.
 --- Susan Yoder Day (g-daughter of Richard Dean Yoder (YR121344)






            Up until now, we have only sold the Yoder Newsletters by direct subscription. If you have a retail outlet in an area with many Yoders, and would like to order copies in bulk, contact Chris Yoder at cyoder@tds.net , 269-857-4327, to discuss this option.










            Thanks to the Oley Valley Yoders of Berks County, and our YNL webmaster Don Kauffman, we are able to present on the Yoder Homepage ( www.yodernewsletter.org ) a downloadable copy of "PLEASANTVILLE FROM THE PAST", a self-guided tour of Yoder sites in the Oley region. This is a PDF document of about 7 MB and if you only have a dial up connection, you should probably not try to access it.

            "The information provided in this booklet is the result of over thirty years of research by The Oley Yoder Heritage Association's Historian, Richard H, Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. Other contributors include Fred Moll, covered bridge expert; Stuart Kern; The Reverend William W. Weiser of Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church in Pleasantville; and members of the Oley

Yoder Heritage Association, especially Edna Yoder Dierolf."


Aaron S. Yoder (1826-1898) Identified

               In YNL 6 we listed: Wayne Co., Oh- ìLicences issued but no marriage recorded: 2/22/1854-Aaron Yoder and Cath. Traster, ì For years, weíve included this Aaron S. Yoder among our ìUnlinked Yodersî. Thanks to Charles H. Yoder, of Bethlehem, Pa. we have now identified him and moved him to the proper place in our family groups.

               Charles quotes a 1932 letter by Henry Freed Yoder to his brother Paul Freed Yoder which spells out that their grandfather Reuben Souder Yoder had a brother Aaron who moved to Ohio and had children as named. Aaronís son Reuben moved to Illinois. Hereís what we now show:

YB2452- Aaron S. Yoder (1826 Bucks Co., Pa-9/9/1898 River Styx, Oh) m. 1854 Wayne Co.,OH to Katherine (? Traster)(1832-1/26/1884 River Styx,OH) d.9/9/1898 River Styx,OH (Reference: Ralph B. Thompson Cht; IGI Microfiche; Wayne Co Marriages,

YB24521- Susan b. 11/8/1856 m.12/6/1879 Medina Co Wm. B. Good d.12/8/1826

YB24522- Reuben b. 1858 m 2/23/1882 Medina Co Mary S Rickert (1900 Illinois census shows: Reuben Yoder in Lee, Dixon Twp., b. Apr 1858 42 OH and wife Mary b. Oct 1857 42 OH, with a ward Anna J. Horning, age 15, and two servants; 1920 Reuben, 61, and Mary ,62, were still in Lee County, living in the household with Christopher E. Buzzard, 81 Il, and Ova J. Buzzard 80 Il.

YB24523- Sarah b. m 11/2/1879 Medina Co Jefferson McFadden

YB2452- John b.


PHOTO CORNER--YODER PHOTOS WANTED!!! We are continuing to collect family photos. We'd like your help in beginning to build these pictorial files of families. If you have access to scan photos and then email them to me at the following address: cyoder@tds.net . Our focus on pre-1920 Yoder family group photos, photos of individual Yoders who may have been born before 1860, or photos of pre-1830 Yoder homestead structures. Include with your photo a short paragraph of narration.



Jacob Ioder Family of Bureau Co., Illinois (see YNL 5).  Left to right - lower row - Aunt Pauline 
Baumgartner (1886-1925), Grandma Jacob  Ioder (1833-1911), Grandpa Magdalena (Herschman) Ioder 
(1843-1924), Aunt Millie Guither (1865-1937), Standing - William Ioder (1879-1950), Daniel Ioder 
(1877-1945), Jacob Ioder (1869-1919), Albert Ioder (1872-1959) "- thank Mike Carey for sharing this 



March the 26th 1865 goldsboro North Carolina

Dear Wife, it is with pleasure that i take my pen in hand to let you no that i am well at present hoping when these fiew lines arrive may find you and the children all well and harty and fat and saucy> Wife i will now tell you something a bought the times we have had. We bin marching for two months and charged the rebels for a bout six hundred miles but at last they stoped for fight. i have bin in two battles lately. On sixteenth of this month we had a fight with them and on the 19th we commensed fiting and fot for three days but we whipped them out i went threw and never got a scrach but i tell you those was hundreds of men killed and wonded we marched up threw the woods on the second day of the fight and there was a ded man behind all most every tree our polk boys come out all right with peter got wonded on the arm but not bad it is only in the flesh it is getting well fast he is part of the time with me in the redgement and part of the time at the hospital just as he feels like it i think it will be well in a month we are now in camp at goldsborro north Caralina i think we will stay here a while when we start a gane i think we will go to Richmond i tell you i donít want to get in to another fight the next six months for i tell you it is an afful place for man to bee it looks like no man would escape i thot of you and the children when i was fiting and thot it was doubtful case a bout seeing you any more but thank god i am all right yet and think of seeing you all a gane if i have no worse luck tell emme manty and ida that thare dada is all right and think of them all the time tell them i have got thare hare yet i cay it thru thick and thin.

Tell father and mother and hetty and Margaret and aunt poly and aunt july and all the rest that i send my love to them and think of them often tell pap and mother that i say that when thay youse to be so fearful with me thay did not no what trubel and hard ships was a head for me but i hope i will bee with them a gane where i can rent as i youse to and get something fit to eat have some bread on that old griddle and some good butter and milk wife i wood like to be at our old cubbard with a good brisket to sop the cream of the crocks you no i youse to love that kind of work milk or butter here is none Wife i will bringe my fiew lines to a close save to say that i want you to right often and be shore to right a bout all the children and the rest of the folks Direct your letters to John H. Yoder Company B 22 ind redgement in the cear of lieutenant Carver.

--John H Yoder to his Mahala Yoder his wife, remember and take care of Willis

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

Thanks to Daniel Cahill of Elgin, Ill for the above letter. John H Yoder was born about 1835 in Ohio and died in 1901. He is buried in the Eastlawn Cemetery, North Liberty, St. Joseph Co., Ind. His unit history following this letter was as follows:

            ìOccupation of Goldsboro March 24. Advance on Raleigh April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett's House April 26. Surrender of Johnston and his army. March to Washington, D.C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 19. Grand Review May 24. Moved to Louisville, Ky., June and duty there until July. Mustered out July 24, 1865. Regiment lost during service 14 Officers and 139 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 190 Enlisted men by disease. Total 343.î For more info on this unit see:


            It is interesting to see that this unit participated in the same ìGrand Reviewî in Washington as did that of Christopher Yoder of the Wisconsin Yoders. The ìGrand Reviewî was held over a two day period with Shermanís Army marching in review on May 24th, 1865 before President Johnson. Beginning its final march at 9 A.M. on a beautiful day, his 65,000-man army passed in review for six hours. For more on this see: http://www.civilwarhome.com/grandreview.htm



The Grand Review


            John is from one of our ìunlinkedî families. His wife was named Mahalia and his three children as of the time of the letter were: Emma L. (c1860 In- ); Ester M. (c1862 In- ); and Ida B. (c1864 In- ). His parents were Christopher Yoder (c1800 Oh-1871 In) who married Amanda Marie Haymaker in Muskingum Co., Oh 11/16/1830. Christopher lived in Richland Co., OH and then Marshall Co., Oh before moving to North Liberty, Ind. He is shown among our ìunlinkedî folk as code ìBKî, and is one of the earliest born of our unidentified Yoders













LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Abraham H. (Byler) Yoder

(1852-1927) (YR251445)

            Abraham, aka ìAbeî came to Marlboro, Stark County, Ohio from his family home in Menno, Mifflin County, Pa. with his six brothers in 1873. The brothers cleared the forestland, built a log cabin and cultivated the land. In 1875 Abe returned to Mifflin County, Pa. to marry his bride, Laura E. (Haffly) Smith and returned to Marlboro, Ohio to live in the log cabin.

            For many years, Abe and his brother Isaac owned and operated a log and lumber mill in Hartville, Stark County, Ohio. Abraham and Laura (Ella) are buried in Marlboro Cemetery, Stark County, Ohio.

            This photo was taken on Abraham and Lauraís 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1925. When my wife, Shirley and I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary in December, 2002, I was the fifth consecutive generation to have celebrated a 50th Wedding Anniversary on my paternal side (Heyd & Overholt) and on both the paternal and maternal side of my mother (Yoder & Stinchcomb). Today it equals 547 consecutive years!! Amish and Mennonites believe in marriage longevity.

               My older brother, David, E. Hyde, Greenwood, SC is also a Yoder member and he and his wife Joyce were also married 50 years in 2001 and part of our Amish/Mennonite marriage tradition.

-- Robert T. Hyde, hydert@zoominternet.net, Medina, Oh







            The book Finding the Lost Battalion: Beyond the Rumors, Myths and Legends of Americaís Famous WW1 Epic is now available. In YNL #41, we outlined the efforts to find ìBob Yoderî who is a character in a TV movie about this battle. The author Robert Laplander indicates that Bob Yoder is mentioned on at least one page that he can think of off hand, as well as in the 'Sources' appendix. He reports that there are some 90 photos (sorry, Bob is not among them) and plenty of maps. Anyone interested in this 616 page book can see about ordering it at: www.lulu.com/lostbattalion .




            The fellow painting the ball atop the flagpole is Ray S. Yoder (YR2337a24) (1886-1962). Ray was an Elkhart fireman, fire chief, painter and paperhanger. After the ALCAN Highway was built in WWII, he twice drove a Studebaker, towing a second one, from the South Bend factory to a delivery point in Alaska, and flew back.




Back row: Oscar/Azor, b.1876; Rebecca Jane, b.1874; Irvin Anthony; Mary Catherine (Yoder) Anthony, b1870; Naomi Belle Anthony, 1888-1968, married Elmer Lewis YODER. Front row: Tena/Teny, b.1880; Lydia (Klock) Yoder, 1850-1934; Amos Yoder, b.1834-1916; Martha Viola, 1879. All are children of Amos and Lydia except for Irvin (Mary Catherine's husband) and Naomi who is their child.

            This is the Family of Amos Yoder, Stonemason, OH13387, born in 1834 in Schuylkill Co, Pa. The picture is from Red Bank Twp, Armstrong County, PA, where they lived. Amos S. Yoder was the son of Solomon Yoder and Elizabeth Sherman. His wife Lydia was the daughter of Abraham Klock and Judy Hess. The pix of him and his family is in 1889 in Red Bank. He is my triple great grandfather.

           ìWe Call Him Earsî! Same Amos Yoder as the 1888 pix, but this one is closer to 1900-1905. Amos died in 1916.

            ìI guess one could say I am a double Yoder. My Grandmother, Ruth Viola (Yoder) Markle, was also a Yoder, from Naomi Bell Anthony's marriage to Elmer Lewis Yoder.î

-- Contributed by Scott N. Markle, Fort Collins Colorado




Chris, this is the German Hymn Book believed to have been given to Jacob Yoder YR1464 (5/2/1795LP-4/15/1850FO) by his father Christian (Dick) Yoder YR146 b 4/2/1761 LP d 12/27/1847 MP. Inscription reads; "Jacob Yoder his Hymn Book in the year of our Savour Jesus Christ 1815î. The Hymn Book (Handbook of the Christian Doctrine and Religion Compiled from the Holy Scriptures / by Dietrich Philip, printed 1811 ) is currently in the possession of John L. Yoder YR146443413, Eugene, OR. johnleeyoder@msn.com



---Emerson Conrad Yoder, 91, son of Aaron (YR12a3314) and Edna Yoder of Yoder, Ore died at his home on Oct. 30, 2005. He was b: Sept. 26th, 1914, at the Porltand Good Samaritan Hospital. He attended the Yoder Grade School and graduated from the Molalla Union High School in 1932. He married Virginia Wilson on Sept. 22nd, 1946 at Smyrna United Church of Christ, where both were active members. He was a full-time farmer and for many years worked at the Yoder Mill with his brothers Nolan and Russell.

---Robert Dunathan Yoder, 82, Springfield, Vt., died May 21, 2005 (son of Web and Hattie Yoder-OH1331831). Robert Dunathan Yoder, 82, died May 21, 2005, at home after a long illness. He was born April 17, 1923, in Mount Carmel, Pa. After graduating from Findlay College in 1943, he joined the U.S. Navy and went to midshipman's school and then to Navy language school in Boulder, Colo., to study the Amoy dialect of Chinese. He later attended Cornell and Yale universities. Mr. Yoder married Dorothy Grey in Shanghai in June 1948. Robert was a member of the Vermont General Assembly during the 1990 session and the House rose for a moment of prayer in memory on May 27th.

--- Lucille M. YODER, 94, Flint, Mi. formerly of Burton, age 94, died January 28, 2006. She married Frank R. Yoder (?YR1272122) in Flint, Michigan on May 27, 1933 and they have had over 71 years together and he preceded her in death on November 17, 2004.

--- Rene Joder, 93, died in France July 9, 2005. Rene represented his country as a member of the water polo team during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He was buried at Bry sur Marne, which is in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

---Doris D. Yotter, 86, formerly of Lititz, died February 28, 2005 at Topton, Pa. She was the widow late Richard K. Yotter, historian of the family of the John Yotter (c1795) who m. 12/11/1825 Elizabeth (Sarah) Shick (Unlinked family code ìAî)



Death of G. Gordon Yoder


G. Gordon Yoder (YR12a369) died October 15, 2004 in Dallas, following a long illness. He was 85, born February 24, 1919. Yoder had a long career in film making, receiving many awards and recognitions. He also developed many technical innovations for camera equipment used throughout the industry. He received his first still camera at the age of 8 and won his first "first prize" in a photography contest held at a summer camp that year. A year later his grandfather gave him his first movie camera. He experimented in both still and "moving picture" photography and in 1937 began working at the Jamieson Film Company in Dallas. He was a motion picture photographer during WWII, and worked for Paramount News. In 1950 he was assigned as a war correspondent to cover the Korean War for three years for the "American Newsreel Pool". Yoder also worked for Telenews and covered many stories, including astronaut Alan B. Shepard Jr.ís landing in the Atlantic Ocean and John Glennís historic earth orbit and landing. "I have never worked a day in my life, it has all been fun," Yoder told a group who was watching a presentation of his life's work. (The hat he is wearing above is one he got from a Swedish officer in Korea).óAdapted with permission from obituary by Donald Winslow, News Photographer magazine




            In YNL 43 we mentioned that the Yoder Hill Incline near Johnstown was in danger of closing down due to declines in patronage and parking problems. An update from the general manager, John Wallace, reports that it is running and will continue to do so. It is now open all year round due to the opening of a new restaurant next door, The City Bar and Grill. Additional parking has been provided. Their hours, and that of the restaurant is 11am to 11pm seven days a week over the winter months. Starting May 1, the hours will be 9am to 7pm. Fares for a round trip incline ride are: Adult- $4, Children 2-12 - $2.50, Seniors 65 & older- FREE.


            The Annual Reunion of the North Carolina ìClanî will be held on Sunday, August 13, 2006 
at Zion Lutheran Church in the Mt. View area of Hickory, North Carolina. The ìcovered dishî lunch 
begins at 1:00 PM with the business session to follow. Out of State or area ìcousinsî are always 
welcomed with or without contributions for the meal. Local ìcousinsî fix plenty to eat for an army. 
            There will be a Memorial Service at the Conrad Yoder Cemetery on Saturday evening before 
the Reunion Day. Family members will be available all weekend for out of the area visitors to share 
Conrad Yoder Family information, sites of interest or other assistance that might be needed.
Contact ìcousinsî: President Phillip Yoder, pyoder@twave.net; Ted Yoder, tedyoder@yahoo.com; Rachael 
Hahn Kennedy, to be added to the mailing list, rkennedy@rbh.com; Bill Yoder, BYODERNC@AOL.COM
            All or any of the North Carolina Conrad Yoder staff can be reached by regular mail at 
The Yoder Family of North Carolina, PO Box 10371, Mt. View Station, Hickory, NC, 28603 

Hello from Pleasantville and the Oley Yoder Heritage Association!
               Our 2006 Regional Reunion will be held on Saturday, July 15 at the Fire House in Oley.  We will have a luncheon, a raffle, a guest speaker and time for participants to meet and talk.   The lunch will be buffet style with make-your-own sundaes for dessert, as they have become very popular.  We will have several special gift packages and treats that will be raffled off through tickets sales and there will also be Yoder memorabilia for sale.  Our guest speaker will be Glen Wenrich, vice president and director of the Pennsylvania Canal Society and volunteer guide at the Berks County Heritage Center.  He will speak about and show slides of the canals of the region from Philadelphia to Port Carbon, a distance of 108 miles.  He will give us a history of their uses and the effects of time, the economy and nature.  He will also have artifacts, including the remnants of canal boats washed away and destroyed by hurricane Agnes when she raged through Pennsylvania in 1972.  
               We encourage you to bring your pictures and memorabilia to share with others.  There 
will be time to share your family stories and to catch up with old friends and to make new ones.  Come 
and bring your family and your stories to share. 
               We are selling Oley Yoder mugs (shiny dark blue with white Yoder insignia - $5.00 each)
 and Christmas balls (White with blue insignia - $8.00 or 2 for $15.00). If you are interested and 
cannot attend the reunion call Joe or Nancy Yoder using the phone numbers below for information and 
shipping charges.  
               We remind everyone about the Yoder House National Reunion being held in Maryland in 
the fall.  We hope to have a group from our area going down to join in the festivities.  If you live i
n the area would like to join us please contact our president, Joe Yoder, at 610-779-5932 or our 
corresponding secretary, Nancy Yoder, at 610-323-7736 or email us with Yoder Reunion in the s
ubject line at kayoder@netcarrier.com.



This pin-style button was issued to celebrate the Annual Reunion of the Yoder Family, held 
August 23, 1924 in Schuylkill Park. The Pennsylvania Yoder reunions were held into the 1950s, 
with Joseph W. Yoder (see YNL 15) as president of the ìYoder Freundshacftî from about 1933.

What information do our readers have about these reunions? Photos? Observations? All input is 
welcome. Send to Chris Yoder, 551 S Maple St., Saugatuck, MI 49453 email: cyoder@tds.net