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Issue 19 - April, 1992
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We'd like to thank our readers who sent in information about long lived Yoders in their own familes. Even back in the early days of the United States the Yoder clan had some rather healthy starins to it. This was a time when the average life expectancy was much shorter than it is today and when the Biblical "three score years and ten" was a significant accomplishment.

One of these Yoder strains was the subject of an article in "Genealogical Notes and Queries" of the Pennsylvania German, Lititz, PA. "Col." George Yoder of the North Carolina branch authored the following which also gave a rather colorful explanation of one of the reasons that family had not been involved in slave-holding. It was published about 1912:

"Long Lived Yoders"

"One of our readers, G.M. Yoder of Hickory, N.C. sends us the following list of names and ages of descendants of Conrad Yoder, one of the pioneers of the South Fork Valley of North Carolina.

"Children: David, 93; Catherine,86.

"Grandchildren: Conrad,86; Betty,86; Catherine, 85; David, 98; Fanny,85; Eli, 82; Andrew, 88; Emmanuel,97; Peter, 83; Christian, 83; Mollie, 80.

"Great-Grandchildren: David, 86; Daniel, 86; Lovine, 80.

"Great-Great-Grandchildren: G.M. Yoder (the writer), 85; Anna, 83- and others over 80."

"This is a remarkable record. The great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren are still living. They are all well-to-do farmers and peaceable and law-abidding citizens. They were all moral people and opposed to negro property. Our correspondent says: 'They never would invest any money in negro property, but always in lands. They always predicted that the time would come that negros would not be worth more than a dead cow as property."

This same line, through a branch which moved to Missouri, is as near as we can determine the record holder for our family.Fred Yoder, born May 5, 1882 in Rosendale, MO lived to be 106 years, 6 months, and 20 days old. He died in Sulphur, Louisiana on Dec. 15, 1988. We thank his son Anson Yoder for his photograph.

Listed below, we first present a group of Yoders who lived past their 100th birthday. Then we display long-lived Yoders by prime family group and period of time. Before 1900, we have included folk who were 84 or more (considered very old for the times). After 1900, we only include those who lived past their 90th birthday.


----Fred Yoder, 106y 6m 20d (1882-1988) (Con31a6)

----Amanda Yoder Blough, 105y 2m 23d (1862-1968) (YR25124)

----Nellie Beatrice Yoder Eyman, 104y 9m 12d, (1886-1990) (YR12a331)

----Daniel Jotter, Eppstein, Gy, 101y 5m 29d, (1871-1972)

----David Yoder, 101, (1784-1886) (YR2341)

----Florence E. Yoder, 101y 3m 18d, (1871-1972) (YR128541)

----Merrill Yothers, 100y 9m 28d (desc. of Daniel Yothers of Centre Co.,Pa)

----Veronica Yoder, 100y 5m 11d, (1830-1930) (YR25392)

----Ludwig Jotter, b. Ludwigshafen, Gy. 100, (1875-1975)

----John J. Yoder, 100, (1861-1961) (YR254469)

Conrad Yoder Family: 1700's-1900 84 or older

----David Yoder, 97 (1799-1897) (Con33)

----David Yoder, 94 (1770-1864) (Con3)

----Andrew Yoder, 88, (1812-1900) (Con3a)

----Conrad Yoder, 86y 5m 10d, (1793-1879) (Con31)

----Polly Yoder, 86, (1800-1886) (Con26)

----Betsy Yoder, 86, (1796-1886) (Con34)

----Catherine Yoder, 85, (c1800-c1885) (Con35)

----Fannie Yoder, 85, (1807-1895) (Con38)

----Catherine Yoder Baker, 84, (1782-1867) (Con7)

1900 to present, 90 or over

----Fred Roy Yoder, 98y 9m (1888-1987) (compiled

History of North Carolina Yoders)

----Emanuel Yoder, 97, (1806-1903) (Con21)

----Mary Ann Yoder, 96 (1834-1931) (Con372)

----Catherine Yoder, 96 (1844-1940) (Con365)

----Laura Yoder Seagle, 95 (1866-1961) (Con3731)

----Cora Isabel Yoder Yoder, 94 (1871-1965) (Con1318)

----Col. Geo. M. Yoder, 93, (1826-1920) (Con141)

----Francis Marion Yoder, 92, (1835-1927) (Con231)

----Elizabeth Ann Yoder Fleenor Kohler, 92, (1842-1934) (Con233)

----Daniel Yoder, 92 (1834-1927) (Con373)

----Frances Yoder Whitener, c92 (1850-1942) (Con367)

----Benjamin Yoder, 91, (1872-1963) (Con3193)

----Ruth Elizabeth Yoder, "90's" (1832-mid 1920's) (Con331)

----Sally Yoder Jackson ,"90's"(c1810-1912) (Con29)

----Susanna Catherine Yoder Tulloch, 90 (1854-1945) (Con315)

----Ruth Ann Yoder Bumgardner, 90 (1839-1929) (Con213)

----Emeline Yoder, 90 (1836-1927) (Con374)

Oley Valley Yoder Family - d. 1700's-1900- 84 or older

----Catherine Yoder Willman, 98y 10m 18d (1783-1882)

----Yost-Hannes Yoder, 94y 14d, (1718-1812) (OY1)

----Magdalena Yoder Angstadt, 93 (1764-1837) (OY48)

----Margaret Yoder Peters, 89 (1790-1880) (OH1117)

----Anna Maria Focht, 89 (1773-1863) (OH144)

----Solomon Yoder, c88 (c1812-1905) (OH1113)

----David Yoder, 86 (1795-1881) (OH1119)

----Elizabeth Yoder Graber, 86 (1755-1842) (OY46)

----Hannah Yoder Schraeder, 85y 5m 29d (1768-1853) (OH143)

----Johannes Yoder, 84y (1763-1847) (OY43)

----Catherine Yoder Weidener, 84y (1776-1860) (OY174)

----Samuel Yoder, 84 (1785-1870) (OY413)

1900 to present- 90 yrs or older

----Miss Mary B. Yoder, 95 (1821-1917) (OH11192)

----Susanna Yoder Landenslayer, 94 (1860-1955) (OH11134)

----Adam Yoder, 90 (1857-1947) (OH132561)

Mennonite Yoder family - 1700's through 1900- 85 and over

----Casper Yoder Sr. ,c97 (c1750-1843) YB23

----David K. Yothers, 93 (1768-1862) YB211

----Anna Yoder Moyer, 91 (1771-1862) YB131

----Mary S. Yothers Eutsy, 90, (1806-1897) YB2144

----John M. Yoder, 87y 4m 29, (1800-1887) YB254

----Susanna Yoder Wersch, 86 (1774-1861) YB114

----John Yoder, 86 (1805-1892) YB1131

----Jacob Yothers, c86 (c1742-1828) YB2

----Eva Yoder Geiseeinger, 85 (1773-1858) YB122

Susanna Yoder Stauffer, 85 (1776-1861) YB133

1900 to present- over 90

----Mary Magdalena M. Yothers Wallace, 96 (1832-1927) YB2155

----Peter N. Yoder, 93 (1858-1952) YB1372

----Eli Yoder,92 (1859-1952) YB1373

----Isaac M. Yothers, 92 (1842-1934) YB21454

----Bishop Henry S. Yothers, 90 (1810-1900) YB2145

----Isaac O. Yothers, 90 (1854-1945) YB21516

----Elizabeth Yoder Nash, c90 (1842-1932) YB11334

----Emma K. Yoder Landis, c90 (1864-1954) YB13516

Amish Yoder Family - 1700s-1900 84 or more

----David Yoder, 101 (1784-1886) YR2341

----Esther Yoder Morrow, 96 (c1767-1863) YR149

----Solomon Yoder, 91y 10m 25d (1776-1868) YR23b

----Anna Yoder Yoder, 91 (1786-1877) YR2515

----Joseph Yoder, 90 (1797-1887) YR12a4

----Daniel Yoder, 90 (1792-1882) YR2517

----Elizabeth Yoder Hostetler ,90 (1790-1890) YR2519

----Barbara Yoder Schrock, 90 (1787-1877) YR2351

----Barbara Yoder, 89 (1783-1872) YRC2

----Esther Yoder Baumgardner, 89 (1780-1869) YR23e

----Lovina Yoder Riehl, 89 (1790-1879) YR1282

----Joel Yoder, 88 (1799-1888) YR2357

----Catherine Yoder Hertzler, 88 (1779-1867) YR179

----"Schweitzer" Christian Yoder, 88 (1728-1816) YR23

----Mary Yoder Shettler, 88 (1780-1868) YRC5

----Susanna Yoder, 88 (1805-1893) YR2358

----John Yoder, 88 (c1754-1842 or 3) YR251

----Christian Yoder, 87 (1782-1869) YR1251

----Elizabeth Yoder Shearer, 87 (1787-1884) YR1278

----"Lame Yost" Yoder, 87 (1784-1871) YR2611

----David Yoder, 87 (c1763-1850) YR235

----Christian Yoder, 86 (c1761-1847) YR146

----Nancy Yoder, 86 (1812-1899) YR17a2

----Sarah Yoder Hochstetler, 86 (1794-1880) YR2355

----Lydia Yoder Hertzler, 85 (1805-1891) YR2563

----John Yoder, 84 (1782-1867) YR1211

----Barbara Yoder Blank, 84 (1802-1886) YR1431

----Joseph Yoder, 84 (1801-1886) YR23b3

----Magdalena Yoder Lehman, 84 (1791-1876) YR2364

----Joseph Yoder, 84 (1814-1898) YR2511c

----Barbara Yoder Plank, 84 (1804-1889) YR253a

----Christian P. Yoder, 84 (1810-1894) YR253c

----John Yoder, 84 (1793-1878) YR1284

----Yost Yoder, 84 (1806-1891) YR2576

----Valentine Yoder, 84 (1809-1893) YR12532

----Catherine Yoder Blank Stolzfus, 84 (1800-1884) YR142221

----Michael Yoder, 84 (1788-1873) YRC8

1900 to present- over 90

----Amanda Yoder Blough, 105y 2m 23d, (1862-1968) YR25124

----Nellie Beatrice Yoder Eyman, 104y 9m 12d (1886-1990) YR12a331

----Florence E. Yoder, 101y 3m 18d (1871-1972) YR128541

----Veronica Yoder, 100y 5m 11d (1830-1930) YR25392

----John J. Yoder, 100 (1861-1961) YR234469

----Leah F. Yoder, 99 (1860-1960) YR125387

----Amelia Yoder Peachey, 99 (1858-1957) YR146122

----Rebecca Yoder Kurtz, 98y 7d (1855-1953) YR142332

----Daniel R. Yoder, 97 (1857-1956) YR2337a3

----Jeremiah Yoder, 95 (1858-1954) YR23412b

----Nellie Opal Yoder Limric Tobias, 95 (1883-1979) YR2337a22

----Olen Yoder, 95 (1888-1984) YR2337a51

----Samuel V. Yoder, 95 (1840-1935) YR125323

----Henry T. Yoder , 95 (1862-1858) YR261726

----Salina Yoder Sharp , 94 (1854-1949) YR146121

----Mary Yoder, 94 (1854-1949) YR23344

----Jost J. Yoder, 94 (1860-1955) YR261183

----Amanda Yoder Troyer, 94 (1867-1962) YR1253cb

----Solomon E. Yoder, 94 (1849-1943) YR127336

----Christian Z. Yoder, 94 (1845-1939) YRB1131

----Christian H. Yoder, c94 (1847-1942) YRB1731

----David Yoder, 93 (1811-1905) YR235a

----Jonas Yoder, 93 (1831-1924) YR1253e

----Nancy Yoder Miller, 93 (1854-1948) YR235471

----David S. Yoder, 93 (1852-1945) YR2511c5

----Jeremiah T. Yoder, 93 (1852-1946) YR234436

----Barbara Yoder Yoder, 93 (1852-1946) YR234457

----Lydia Yoder Yoder, 93 (1838-1931) YR12794

----Levi D. Yoder, 93 (1848-1941) YR12a333

----Sarah Yoder, c93 (c1848-1941) YR17717

----Rachel Yoder Kauffman, 92 (1830-1922) YR23331

----Daniel J. Yoder, c92 (1850-1942) YR23345

----Mary Yoder Powell, 92 (1860-1953) YR2337a4

----Levi Yoder, 92 (1877-1969) YR2337a9

----Benedict Yoder, 92y 10m (1817-1910) YR239e

----Mary Yoder Peachey, 92 (1849-1940) YR251444

----David P. Yoder, 92 (1830-1923) YR23b42

----John Yoder, 92 (1879-1971) YR2344329

----John B. Yoder, 91 (1861-1953) YR142345

----Elizabeth Yoder Beachy, 91 (1827-1919) YR23378

----Jacob D. Yoder, 91 (1847-1939) YR233748

----David S. Yoder, 91 (1850-1941) YR234185

----Lydia Yoder Schlabach, 91 (1868-1959) YR2612a

----Catherine Yoder, 91 (1854-1945) YR26737

----John E. Yoder, 91 (1852-1943) YR127326

----Catherine Yoder Watters, c91 (c1841-1933) YR17716

----Samuel Yoder, 90 (1843-1934) YR125623

----Veronica M. Yoder Davidson, 90 (1847-1947) YR142531

----Sarah K. Yoder Hudson, 90 (1852-1943) YR142533

----Jacob Yoder, 90 (1810-1901) YR1435

----Catherine Yoder Stutzman, 90 (1843-1934) YR233745

----Katie Yoder Kauffman, 90 (1883-1973) YR2337466

----Mattie Yoder Weirich, 90 (1883-1974) YR234499

----Joseph H. Yoder, 90 (1883-1974) YR23449b

----Salome Yoder Bender, 90 (1858-1948) YR239b9

----Emanuel F. Yoder, 90 (1834-1925) YR23b31

----Daniel K. Yoder, 90 (1860-1951) YR251449

----Mary Yoder Bontrager, 90 (1870-1960) YR2612b

----David J. Yoder, 90 (1862-1953) YR1253c9

----Joni A. Yoder, 90 (1887-1978) YR234432c

----Veronica Yoder Musselman, c90 (c1835-1925) YR233d5

----Anna Yoder Byler, c90 (1861-1951) YRB6b9

Alsatian Yoders

----Eli Yoder, 98, (1857-1955) YA24

----Andrew Yoder, 92 (1825-1918) YA14

----Peter Yoder, 92 (1822-c1914) YA13

----William Henry Yoder, 91 (1853-1945) YA143

----Capt. Joseph Yoder, c84 (1789-1874) YA1

----Marie Yoder Yoder, 91 (1790-1882)


----John A. Ioder, 95 (1885-1980)

----Edwin Ioder, 90 (1879-1969)

----Merrill Arthur Yothers, 100y 10m, (1883-1984)

----Elias Reed Yoder, 93 (1849-1943)

----Rebecca Yoder Humel, 91 (1846-1937)

----Anna Yoder Wilson, 94, (1860-1955)

----Emma Yotter, 93 (1868-1962)

----Heinrich Yotter, 92 (1833-1925)

----Mary Yotter Ellenberger, c91 (1859-1951)

----George Yoder, 85y 10m 3d (1784-1870)

German Joders/Jotters

----Daniel Jotter, Eppstein, 101y 5m 29d (1871-1972)

----Ludwig Jotter, b. Ludwigshafen, 100 (1875-1975)

----Jacob Jotter, b. Oggersheim, c90 (1744-1834)

We know there are folks we've missed! We welcome input from any readers which will allow a more complete record. Drop us a line!

Man With a Mission

Yoder is Fullfilling his Lifelong Dream of Helping Others

by Becky Ortloff

(Reprinted with permission of the SWANTON ENTERPRISE, Jan.20,1988)

Blazing trails has always been a part of life for 57 year old Lowell Yoder. His lifelong dream of doing missionary work is currently being fulfilled in Poland. Yoder originally became involved in building churches in Poland through a fellow friend and musician, Joe Bochenek. According to Yoder, Bochenek was working with the Zjednoczony Ewangeliczny in Poland to accomplish the building of 50 churches. Yoder claims "The Polish people have the highest percent of church going people in the world."

Music Fund Raiser

Yoder joined Bochenek in mission in 1984 and helped put on music concert fundraisers in Poland and in America to raise money. Yoder, himself, I s a self-taught musician who plays the guitar and piano. The Springfield Township resident and businessman has played 18 eyars in dance bands.He feels that "music is the universal language of love", and that many religious songs know no language barrier.

"Bochenek was a master of the strings too," said Yoder about his deceased friend, who held the Polish builders accountable for every penny sent them for constructing the churches, said Yoder. Yoder recently saw the completion of a huge church in Janowice Poland. The church began in 1984 when Bochenek bought a park and an old brewery. He then turned the project over to Yoder to oversee. The people of the town, including kids, teenagers, and elderly, volunteered all labor and the brewery was taken down brick by brick and moved into the park. There it was rebuilt into the design of a beautiful church. The project took three years to complete and the building includes facilities for a summer youth camp. When Bochenek died last July he was in his 70s and had completed 45 churches. Yoder is now working from here in the states to help fulfill his friends' goal in Poland.

Complete His Goal

Although he is no longer doing concerts, Yoder is doing all he can to help raise money and send every penny received on to Poland for the completion of his mission. They have recently purchased property in the city of Kolo, Poland, which is now being renovated for church use. They have four churches to go to reach the goal of 50 (now 57). Yoder would like to complete one church per year.

Other aspects of Yoder's life are similarly interesting. Trailblazing runs in the family. Yoder's ancestors were the first white settlers in western Fulton County. He collects historical artifacts of Fulton County and is involved with the Historical Society. His father, Loran Yoder, was sheriff for 12 years in Fulton County. Loran and Vera raised eight children: four boys and four girls. Lowell was the oldest. He was raised in the Mennonite Church and always dreamed of becoming a missionary. Yoder attended a one-room school in Ottokee until the third grade, when students went to Wauseon.

After graduating from Wauseon, he went to medical school but had to drop out in 1951 because of a bone disease which temporarily put him into a wheel chair. Since he had some business, accounting and typing classes in college, he decided to find a job in business. He looked extensively, but was turned down repeatedly because of his handicap.

Eventually, Yoder found work with Ray Carlson, who was in the metal-working business. Yoder earned $40 a week. That was where he met his wife Marilyn. They have raised three sons and two daughters of their own. By 1958, the Yoders had started their own family business of buying and selling metal-working machines.

On March 17, 1961 Lowell Yoder's life changed again. He suffered a heart attack. His religious experience at that time led to a total change in his life, which opened the way for his missionary work. Yoder was co-founder of FOUO, and organization which was part of the VISA program.

Through FOHO, Yoder has seen the building of over 50 (now 70) churches in Haiti. He has also brought a great many medical supplies to the people of Haiti. They also sponsor a radio station to bring Christian music to Haiti's people.

Yoder's organizations have brought medical supplies to other countries as well. Dominican Republic, Guatamala, El Salvador, and Poland. Yoder explains that these countries don't even have aspirin available for its people, let alone antibiotics. He enjoys sharing a story of how he was not allowed to take Tylonol into Poland because of the scare a few years ago.The radio station in Haiti inspired Yoder to form the WPOS Christian Radio station in Holland, Ohio in 1965. He felt "if the non-Christians in Haiti could have a radio station, then we should too." How does he accomplish so much? "Hard work," was his answer.

The following letter was received from Lowell B. Yoder who is featured on this same page with the mission activity of the Yoder family in Holland,OH.

"The Lowell Yoder family if Holland,Ohio, also has the prestige of personal plates (license). Marylin Yoder, wife of Lowell, and Mother of 5 lovely children makes sure that each one of us has a personal license plate. Marylin sold plates here in Lucas County, Ohio, for a number of years.

Enlcosed is a picture of our son, Attorney Tom Yoder, our oldest son with his car and Ohio YODER-1.

Lowell Yoder, Dad has YODER; Marylin Yoder, Mother has M-YODER; Thomas Alan Yoder #1 child has YODER-1; Timothy Alan Yoder #2 child has YODER-2; Terral Alan Yoder #3 child has YODER-3; Trudy Lynn Yoder #4 child has YODER-4; Tamra Lynn Yoder #5 child has YODER-5.

We are the founder of WPOS radio Station here in Holland 25 years this September 1st (1991), so one of my cars has WPOS on it, We Proclaim Our Saviour.

We do have another family car so we have to have a special plate on this one too. This car is LBY-2, which means Lord Bless You Too. It is also my initials and I sign all my letters that way.

Our family has a great history in Fulton County, Ohio, which we are very pleased about. Our son Tom is a great genealogist of all our ancestors and can give much detail by memory. I am also a collector of Fulton County items which I enjoy.

My father, Loran Yoder, was a Deputy Sheriff in Fulton County for 12 years and then was elected Sheriff for 3 terms, 1952 to 1964. I was elected to 3 terms to the School Board here in Holland, Ohio, and my wife Marylin is in her 6th term, 4 years each as Springfield Township Trustee, Lucas County, in her 23rd year.

So we keep the Yoder name a good one here in our area. Keep up the good work and may the Lord Bless You- Lowell B. Yoder.


An interesting comment from Lowell Yoder in a letter to us which gave an enumeration fo gifts from those supporting the aid FOHO is serving Christians in Poland by helping them to build churches. Lowell's company matches gifts sent in equally and he said if enough Yoders would contribute to this worthy cause a church might be named YODER CHAPEL. This would make possible having two chapels in Europe thusly named. I feel the money sent is used as the donor wants it to be used. (Ben Yoder)

Address for the ministry of Lowell Yoder is: FOHO, P.O. Box 222-P, Holland, OH 43528

They send out a newsletter on FOHO's activity.


Some of you might remember in YNL#6 (Oct.1985) advice was given to all readers about NOT TO RESPOND to a letter about a Yoder book. Recently another letter from a Yoder was received inviting the reader to another YODER book, again being published by Halberts, Inc. of Bath, OH. To save space, all readers are once againt warned to save your money. I'm sorry not to have the name of the (fictitious?) name of the Yoder who sent the letter, since it has been forwarded to Ohio postal inspectors.

There is no information on the Yoder name in the book, other than listings of Yoders and addresses of Yoders taken from public records such as phone directores. All Amish names and addresses are not included, since they do not have telephones.


Letters to the Editor:

I wanted to tell you about the pictures from Rose Baughman that you sent me. I went through them and found on of my great grandmother Sarah Yoder and her sister Lizzie which I kept...I have sent the rest to LaMae Perez...Annadale, NJ. She has all the children of David Yoder and Mary Levan so she was delighted to have the photos to accompany the outlines. I ahve talked with her on the phone and hope someday to meet her...I never expected to have a Yoder connection "above ground" and find this quite facinating. --Florence Gordon, Walnut Creek, Ca 94595.

From a letter received from Paul H. Yoder, Lake Lure, NC in 1987- "As a minor note, I believe I am the first and only Yoder to have been born in Gary, IN. In 1910 my father, Paul O (?) Yoder, organizaed the First Reformed (German) Church at 22nd & Washington Sts. In gary, and I was born their in 1912."
For over eighty years the "round" cement barn west of Shipshewana, IN has been a landmark and a topic of conversation. It was built in 1908 by Menno S. Yoder, a farmer who was an engineer and builder at heart. Gifted like his highly intelligent and innovative father, Reuben Yoder (YR2337a in AAMG), Menno carefully drew up plans for a duodecagon cement structure and kept meticulous records in connection with the building of it. He tried to consider everything--the most satisfactory materials, the lowest costs, the building process itself, the well-being of his livestock, convenience and efficiency. The crowning achievement was the "merry-go-round" track on the inside and outside for unloading and dsitributing hay. He received a patent not only for this, but for his corn mulcher and his calf feeder. In due time he built samller buildings of cement and by 1917 had a cement house with all the conveniences.

The annual reunion of the descendants of Christian J. And Amanda Yoder of Grantsville, MD will be held the weekend of Jul 31 through August 2, 1992 at Brethren Camp Peniel near Pocahontas, PA. This gathering usually attracts over 150 people over the three-day period. Interested peole may contact Linda Jimerson, at 5409 Hatteras Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, Phone 804-499-7815.

PENSION ARTICLE-- The information in this article can be seen in the Yoder archives file of pension data. To order a copy of the pension contents for any of the people listed, write to: General Reference Branch (NNRG), National Archives and Records Administration, 7th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW., Washington, DC 20408....Ask for a copy of NATF Form 80 "Order for Copies of Veterans Records".

Cost for copying key file data is $10 per service record. This will be billed to you based on the results of the Staff search for the infomation. You should allow 8-10 weeks for the processing of your order.

Running through some old files the following letter (undated) came from V. Pauline Yoder of Goshen, IN. (The popcorn Yoders). "I was a Yoder and married a Yoder--and my mother's side has Yoders...no matter which way I turn...there they are."

"Please send me the Yoder Newsletter. I am very interested"

(in the meantime Pauline has been a supporting member of the Yoder Newsletter). It happens Pauline and I are related, but not through the Yoders.(Ben Yoder)


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Richard James Yothers, Jr., official historian of the Yothers family. Richard was stricken suddenly with a heart attack Feb. 16, 1991 while shopping in downtown Boston.

Richard, 42, was the son of the late Richard J. Yothers Sr. and Ruth Landis Yothers. He was born in Doylestown, PA and was a member of the Deep River mennonite Church East of Bedminster, PA.

In 1984, Richard published DESCENDANTS OF JACOB YOTHERS BUCKS COUNTY, PA which he had compiled after many years of research.This excellent book covers the major line of descent from Mennonite Yoder immigrant Hans Yoder of the Great Swamp (see YNL #3) which changed the spelling of their name to Yothers. It can be considered the most complete and important work to date on the Mennonite branch of the Yoder family.

He also did extensive investigation on the descendants of Daniel Yothers (c1775-1853) of Center Co.,PA whose ancestry has yet to be established. In a future YNL, we would hope to provide an artickle based on these investigations.

Richard was an early supported of the YNL and shared freely the results of his research, both by letter and by frequent phone calls. He was a serious and avid student of our familys history, and the loss of his energy and dedication as well as his friendship, will leave a heartfelt void.-

-The Editors

Canton Repository- May 12, 1991

Jacob J. Yoder, age 89, of 2511 Harmont Ave., NE , Canton, passed away Saturday morning following an extended illness. Born near Trail, OH on June 29, 1901, he had lived in the Hartville area for 30 years, moving to Canton in 1956. He was a retired employee of the Canton City School System, retiring in 1969 after 25 years of service.He also had been an avid artist and sculptor and was the original maker of the eight foot Mother Goose in Mother Goose land. He was the last surviving member of the Jacob M. Yoder family. He was preceeded in death by his parents Jacob and Katie (Schlabach) Yoder; seven brothers, dan, Enos, Chris, Neal, Elmer, John and Jonas Yoder; two sisters, Elizabeth Yoder and Amanda Hershberger. He was a member of the First Church of the Nazarene of Canton. Survivors include his wife, Naoimi Yoder of the home, to whom he would have been married 64 years July 17; two sons, Raymond Yoder of Alliance, and Wilbur J. Yoder of Louisville; one daughter, Mrs. Norma Jean Doutlick of Goshen, IN; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday at 11 am at the First Church of the Nazarene of Canton with Pastor John Howard Jr and Rev. Russell Long officiating. Burial will be in Sunset Hills Burial Park. Calling hours at the Reed Funeral Home Monday 7-9 pm. And at the church Tuesday one hour before the services from 10-11pm.


Need information on Veronica Francis Yoder (no dates). Daughter of Daniel Yoder, supposedly m. Michael Denlinger (b. ?- d. 1736 before coming to Lancaster Co.,PA). Can anyone help? Carol J. Denlinger, 3595 Arcanum-Bear Mills Road, Arcanum, PA 45304

Richard H. Yoder would like help in researching the branches of the Oley Yoders. Any volunteers to help in a team effort? Write him at: 47 Bause Road, Bechtelsville, PA 19505

Jacob Yoder, son of Barbara Shallenberger Yoder, nephew and executor of the estate of his uncle, John Shallenberger of Earl twp, Lancaster Co., PA in 1814. Seems that one of John Shallenberger's sisters, Anna, was married to Christian Rupp who lived on an adjoining farm to his brother John Rupp (d.1784). One of John Rupp's daughters (Barbara Rupp) was married to a Jacob Yoder. We would like to learn more about this Jacob Yoder, said to be of Dauphin County or Lebanon Co, Pa. And especially his parentage and children, and is he had any brothers and sisters. George and Virginia C. Jansen, 126 Orchard Court, Richland, WA 99352.

Has anyone found who was Adolphus Yoder's (1794-4/3/1876) first wife and the mother of his children: Jackson, Lafayette, Sarah, Elizabeth and Lucinda? Barbara Myatt, 4000 Glenrose Dr., Columbia, TN 38401.


The Descendants of Mary LaDora Artman and William Brown Yoder are having a family reunion at Appleton City, MO on Friday and Saturday, June 12 and 13, at either the restored train depot or the community building (located at the park). Please let us know that you will be attending. If you have questions call: Mary Elizabeth Kenney, 6304 Fort St., Omaha, NE 68104-1632 (daughter of Flo Yoder Nixon, grandaughter of William and Mary LaDora Artman Yoder)

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