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cemetery photo here

-Photo complements of Dick Yoder, Bechtelsville,Pa.

A lonely farm cemetery marks the resting place for members of what has for years been a somewhat mysterious Berks County, Pa. Yoder family. Jacob Yoder of this line had a family which ran to girls and somewhat died out in the area. No known genealogies speak to his ancestry. While the family has a couple of identified links to Anabaptist families in the area, it has not been documented to any extent until this point. Now the ancient stone markers have furnished a clue which offers an answer to the mystery and seems likely to have identified a new immigrant Yoder line. (1)

Jacob Yoder appears in the 1840 census for Heidelberg Township, and can be traced backward through earlier censuses in Tulpehocken township.(2) Jacob died in 1843 and his family is documented by combination of courthouse(3), census, and Marion Township cemetery records as follows:

Jacob Yotter (10/15/1752-9/25/1842 (sic)) wife Barbara Rupp (10/24/1757- 4/18/1822 age 64y 5m 25d).

1- Anna (3/19/1778 d.8/7/1857 age 79y 4m 19d) Marion Twp., Berks Co. single.

2- Catherine b. m. John Snavely (Schnabb) res. Lebanon Co, Heidelberg Twp. as of Jul 44 d. ? (27 Apr 1859 Berks Deeds, Vol 12, p 44- shows Catherine and John Snavely in McLean Co, Ill.. heirs to Anna deceased) .

3- Elizabeth (Anna Elizabeth) b. m. Benjamin Moyer res. Annville, Lebanon Co., PA as of Jul 1844 d.

4- Sarah (Salome) b.c1783 m. Abraham Mast (MS327) d. by 1843 res. of Lebanon Co 1820. children incl John, Barbara, Elizabeth and Abraham Mast res. Mont. Co.,OH as of Jul 1844 .

5- David (12/5/1787-9/6/1810 22y 9m 1d).

6- John Yoder b. 8/3/1792-2/7/1863 70y 6m 4d) m.Catherine ________ (c1812PA- ). inherited fathers land , res. Marion Twp, Berks Co., PA 1850 and 60 census. Will written 1863 117 acres, Marion Twp.

7- Veronica (9/29/1795-12/13/1867 age 72y 2m 14d single) res. Tulpehochen Berks Co res. Marion Twp 1860.

8- Leah (3/29/1802-4/20/1887) m. Philip Brown Jr. res. Bethel Twp, Berks as of Jul 44. d. before 22 Aug 1859. (per Shirley Brown- Leah b, bur Merkeys Cem Bethel,Pa) .


Origins of this Jacob?


To get to the Jacob Yoder cemetery, you turn off Route 42 onto Route 419. From route 419 (which runs north and south) turn west on 422 for 2 1/4 miles, then you turn right on Marion Road (at Risser's Restaurant) then right on School Road 1/2 mile to a sharp right turn. The cemetery is located along a fence row, 100 yards from the road at the end of a farm lane on the left. The farm is now owned by Curtis Beidler who bought it in 1940. The key bit of information to link Jacob was provided by the stones themselves, which give Barbara's maiden name as Rupp....the only place this information is recorded. A query to the YNL many years ago by Virginia and George Jansen of Richland, Washington searched for a Jacob Yoder, the son of Barbara Shallenberger, and husband of one Barbara Rupp.


Barbara Gravestone


The Jansens began their search for a Jacob Yoder, son of Barbara Shallenberger, who was appointed the executor for the Lancaster County will of his his uncle, Johannes Shallenberger. Johannes (b. c1731) died 4/8/1814 and is buried at the Lehn Cemetery in Manheim Twp, Lancaster County. His will mentions children of his brother Michael, Sisters Barbara and Catherine. Nephew Jacob Yoder, son of his sister Barbara, was appointed executor.(4)

An added piece of their puzzle was the will of John Rupp (identified in Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies by Gingerich and Kreider (AAMG) as "RP") written and filed 1783/1784 of Earle Twp, Lancaster County mentions brother Christian Rupp, friend Michael Shallenberger, and a daughter Barbara m. to Jacob Yoder.(5) The known relationships between these families make it apparent that the two Jacob Yoders are one and the same, and thanks to the Jansens, the following pattern of relationship emerges:


Shallenberger siblings:

---Barbara who married ___?___ Yoder

---Michael d. 1792

---Catherine who may have m.? Christian Geiman

---John (single-for whom Barbara's son, his nephew Jacob Yoder was admin of his will in 1814)

---Anna d. 1808 and who m. Christian Rupp


Rupp siblings

Christian Rupp who m. Anna Shallenberger

John Rupp who d. 1784 and whose daughter married a Jacob Yoder


Swiss Immigrants to Womelsdorf, Pa Area

The story to be told here is a rather complicated one, but we'll proceed hoping the pieces will become clear. Veteran YNL readers will know the Joder family came from the Swiss town of Steffisburg. Christian Ruchty and his son-in-law Christian Deppen, known Mennonites from Steffisburg arrived in America on Sep.16,1736. On the same ship came believed Amishmen Hans Siever (age 31), and Melchior Detweiler (age 37)... and one Durs Thommen, whose letter to the Burgomasters of Basel in 1738 mentions how well the various sects got along together in the "new land" including the "Mennonites and the Omish".(6) AAMG lists this Christian Ruchty as originally of Homburg and that on 4/13/1703 he married Anna Kauffmann (2/8/1680- ).

Ruchty and Deppen settled near Womelsdorf in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co, Pa. Christian Ruchty's 1739 warrant was just north of town and that of Christian Deppen was a few farms further north. Just two farms to the west of Deppen was the farm of Dr. Hans Blank (PKB in AAMG) settled in 1755. Directly between Deppen and Blank was land bought in 1763 by Jacob Yoder, previous of Earle Twp, Lancaster County. (7) Jacob purchased his land from Henry Martin, heir to one Nicolas Martin for the sum of 450 pounds.(8)

This Jacob appears in various tax lists for the township (9), including:

1779- Jacob Yoder 100 acres 2 horses 7 cattle Tax 700

1784- Jacob Yoder 140 acres 4 horses 4 cattle 4 sheep

Jacob Yoder 1.5.0


The Berks County Will Book shows that when Jacob died, his son Jacob was named administrator of his estate in 1815.(10) The Recorder of Deeds indicates that "Land warranted to Nicholas Martin Nov. 1746 & 25 Oct 1751, conveyed to Jacob Yoder in 1763 who died intestate..leaving unto his heirs...Jacob Yoder and Barbara Yoder."(11)

That this Barbara was an unmarried daughter is attested by the record of her estate in 1822, when Jacob Yoder her brother was charged with its administration.(1)2 (Strangely enough, the same year Barbara (Rupp) Yoder died.)

If the location wasn't enough to link the younger and older Jacob with our husband of Barbara Rupp, there is another item which seems to do so. The 1822 appraisal for sister Barbara Yoders estate was performed by a Christian Hertzler and a Philip Troutman. AAMG indicates that a grandson of Jacob and Barbara (Rupp) Yoder, by daughter Sarah (who m. Abraham Mast), married Catherine Troutman, a daughter of Philip Troutman.(13)

So it seems that Jacob Yoder who married Barbara Rupp and whose mother's name was Barbara Shallenberger was the son of another Jacob Yoder who bought land near Womelsdorf in 1763 and lived until 1814/5. Where did the senior Jacob come from?

Jacob Yoder of the Queen of Denmark, Oct.4, 1751

Dr. Hans Blank, beside whom Jacob Yoder moved in 1763, is known to have arrived on the ship "Queen of Denmark" Oct.4, 1751. Interestingly enough, the following names appear in sequence on that ship:

"Jacob (X) Joder; Hans Shallenberg; and Hans Blank."



Other names of interest: Christian Blank, Friederich Ruthy, two Heinrich Stehlis, Jacob Stehli and several Martins- Baltzer Martin, Johannes Martin, Hans Geor Martin. (14) The Blank and Ruthy entry are pointed out because of the surname connections above. The Martins because of the original warrantee on the land Jacob Yoder bought in 1763. The Stehli's are interesting from both a New World and an Old World perspective and we'll discuss these in a moment.

Could it be possible that Dr. Hans Blank, the Jacob who settled beside him and the head of the Shallenberger family in the chart above all arrived on the Queen of Denmark? That Jacob married Barbara , a daughter of his fellow immigrant Hans Shallenberg (er), and after spending time in Lancaster county with his in-laws, then settled near Womelsdorf beside his other fellow ship-mate, Dr. Hans Blank. This could all be coincidence, but seems to be too much of one not to beg these conclusions.

Additional Speculations:


STAHLEYS: First off, there is a Stahley connection to the Amish Yoder immigrants of 1742---namely the Christian Yoders YR2 and YR23 settled on property in Berks County directly beside land of one Henry Stahley. And interestingly enough, unlike other of their immediate neighbors, Stahley is one whose children did not intermarry with the Yoder family. Does this imply a prior family relationship?

Secondly, among the various Joders known to have been Anabaptists and to have left Steffisburg, two are known to have married Stehlis(15). In different versions of text, the European researchers conflictingly identify Jacob, son of Jost and Anna Trachsel to have been either the one who married Verena Kaufmann on 1/9/1685 or who married Margret Stahli on 5/30/1684. Jost's son Peter is known to have married a ____ Stehli....marked one place as the "sister" of the wife of Jacob Joder. (see discussion on Jacob in YNL12 page 1).



Shallenberger is not a common name among the Amish Yoders of America. The Shallenberger family most closely linked to the early Amish is an Ulrich Shallenberger who died in 1767 in Berks County.(16) His son Michael took his father's land and his minor children were placed in care of their Uncle Joseph Shallenberger (Solleberger) (1745, Bern twp, Berks Co). Appearing as security was Christian Yoder (probably YR23) and Henry Stahle (SAB2)(?of the 1751 ship's list). This appears to establish a connection between the Shallenberger family and the Amish families of the times. The name "Mrs. Mary Sollenberger" appears in Amish Alms Book of the early Berks (Northkill) congregation in 1793.(17) It isn't known how or if this Berks Shallenberger family fits in with the Lancaster family we are relating to the Queen of Denmark passenger.

There are interesting connections between Yoders and Shallenbergers in the Old World among the followers of Jacob Amman in Alsace(18) in 1703 and 1708:


"Certificat des Anabaptistes reccu en l'annee 1703" and "Liste des Anabaptistes de Ste-marie-aux-Mines en 1708"- lists the following surnames at Ste-Marie-aux-Mines which are relevant to the above speculations:

1703 List------------------------1708 list (partial list)

Jacob Aman------------------------Jakob Aman

Niklaus Blanck------------------------Niklaus Blanck

Hans Rupp------------------------Hans Rupp

Christian Joder------------------une fille chez Hans Rupp------

Jacob Rupp

Hans Shallenbar------------------Ulrich Shallenberger

Ulrich Rupp


Also the added surnames which are families relevant to the Northkill Amish settlement in Berks County:








Hans-Muller and other surnames, many familiar within subsequent Anabaptist generations in Europe and the US:

Hans Reisser------------------------Hans Russer

Peter Garber------------------------Peter Gerber

Christen Bachman

Benter Zehr

Hans Zimmerman------------------Hans Zimmerman

Niklaus Zimmerman------------------Nickl. Zimmerman

Hans Liginbull------------------------Hans Loquebille

Hans Shartz (sic-Tschantz?)

Christian Linder------------------Christ Linder

Hans Linder

Christian Kropff------------------Christ Kroff

Niklaus Farny------------------------Christ et Niklaus Farni

Kaspar Linden------------------------Gaspar Lindre

Samuel Witmer

Jakob Her

Hans Roth------------------------Hans Rott

Peter Lini (?)------------------------Peter Lutti

Christian Schwartz------------------widow Klaus Schwartz

Christian Keihacher

Michell Murer------------------------Michel Maurer

Jakob Murchus

Ulhrich Simon

Hans Vongenel------------------------Hans Vongonl

Michell Sherer------------------------Michel Zuchleir

Ulhrich Killhuffer------------------Ulrich Kilighoffer

Hans Wolk------------------------Hans Wolf

Niclaus Murer

Davidt Shartz------------------------David Schwartzer

Christian Grama

Hans Gerig------------------------Hans Gorig

--------------------other 1708 names:Ulhrich Engel, Benedict Eyer, Christ

Danner, Christ Gorig, Jakob Schwartz, Antonin Kroff,Peter Stritt,

Maurice Lutty, Peter Roth, Mathias Ulrich, Barbara Mourer, Froena

Hertig, Anna Hirschy, Barbara Valtinn, Catharina Recher, Elisabeth



The Christian Joder here was apparently the son of Jost Joder and Anna Trachsel. He married Barbara Gerber. His son Christian settled in Eppstein in the Palatinate and married his cousin Magarete Gerber. Their descent is well documented at this location. Of the two children recorded in the Steffisburg records, sponsors are as follows:




--------------------------------------------------------------------Saloma Joder







(Side Comment:--- Re: the Martin Connection--see ships list and the land warrant transferred to Jacob Yoder in 1763. No sign of Martins with the Alsatian Amish ...or the Palatinate Yoder records at hand.. Martins do continue to appear in Steffisburg church records. Nicholas Martin in Berks appears to have been active in the Host Reformed Church, four miles north of Womelsdorf. )


The Anabaptists vanish from Steffisburg birth records by 1691. It is very likely that Christian and Barbara had more children...who were they and where did they go?- CKY.

- - - - - - - - -

Thanks to Dick Yoder of Bechtelsville; George and Virginia Jansen; Richard R. Weber; Dorothy Coffman, & Rachel Kreider for critical input and reference material to support this article.



1.- A survey of the Berks County Cemeteries by Laurel Miller

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8. - Berks County recorder of deeds, Deed Book 27 page 276 dated 22 March 1763

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Jacob Yoders-Melchior-Charles T. Yoder-George Yoder of Venango


(Photo of George M. Yoder)


Frank Lee Yoder, Jr. of Newton, NC. has furnished a typed version he found of notes by North Carolina Yoder historian George M. Yoder, originally written about 1901. These notes include previously unknown correspondence with Pennsylvania Yoder families that break new ground in eliminating some of our "Yoder missing links".




In YNL 24 we introduced the "Yoders" family of southwestern Pennsylvania and discussed evidence that the Jacob Yoder who founded that line was the possible son of Melchior Yoder (YNL3). In YNL26 we presented information which confirmed that William Yoder of Carroll Co., OH was the eldest son of this Jacob. The George Yoder notes not only restate that William was the son of Jacob, but also CONFIRM that Jacob Yoders WAS the son of Melchior. These notes appear to be based on correspondence with the Yoders of Globe Mills, Pa at a time when a grandchild of Melchior was still living on the family homestead.


He writes of Melchior's son Jacob:

" Jacob had taken a great interest in getting up subscriptions to rebuild St. Peter's or Seiber's church, near Globe Mills. He subscribed and paid $12 for material for the church. In a few years he left there with his family, and moved to Greene county, in the southwestern portion of the State. He had nine children- John, William, George, Elizabeth, Daniel, Joseph, Malan, Lindsay and Jacob. The descendants of these sons are scattered over Greene and Washington counties. John, the oldest son, went to Ohio; William also went there. One of his sons married Elizabeth Marsteller. The descendants in Greene and Washington counties, of Jacob Yoder, numbered about 40; and these have married and increased in number considerably."



The George Yoder notes on Melchior are a bit confusing, and suspect in several respects, but provide an interesting bit of "oral tradition" which seems based in part on his correspondence with family members.

"I have a history of Freesburg charge in my possession. That charge is composed of six churches and all are Union churches which were built over a hundred years ago. The constitution for the government of the different congregations is a joint one. In this history I find some Yoder's had taken a very conspicusous part. I find that Melchor Yotter (Yoder) had two brothers named Jacob and Daniel, and a sister named Eve, who left Switzerland and landed at Philadelphia and settled in Montgomery county. One of them settled at a place called Drop, where he erected a factory of some kind, which he afterwards sold and went to Northumberland county.

"About 1765 Melchor Yoder, Sen., in Snyder county bought a large tract of land on a creek that extended several miles. About 1799 Melchor and John Yoder, Peter Godshalk and Samuel Moyer were elected Trustees to solicit subscriptions to rebuild St.Peter's or Seibers church and a school house which was the custom in those days in Pennsylvania. On this list I find John Yoder, Peter Yoder,Jacob and Henry Yoder and Melchior Yoder, Jr.

"Melchor Yoder, Sen., came to Northumberland county with his wife, Anna, in 1649 (sic) and bought 103 acres of land from Judah Roberts. His children were Melchor, John Peter and Abraham. John married Catherine Hart. Their children were Nancy, who married a Mr. Woodland; Elizabeth, who married George Shack, and Samuel, who married Sarah Helbish. John Yoder died Oct.20th, 1832. Peter lives in the old homestead. Melchor Yoder, Sen., was the father of Melchor, Jr., George Shack, who married Elizabeth, came in possession of the upper part of the farm.

"The sister, Eve, who came with them, married a man named Longacre and remained in Montgomery county. So did Jacob and Daniel. Some of their descendants live in Lancaster county."



In YNL 18 we presented a detailed article on Maj. Charles T. Yoder, an individual who did significant research on the Yoder family at the end of the last century. Strangely enough, his own ancestry was not known to his descendants. His research notes were said to have been given to one Howard Yoder, son of William L. Yoder of Mahanoy City, Pa. This Howard Yoder is now confirmed as being a cousin of Charles T. and his coding within the Oley Yost line is OY4241:

"Here is what William L. Yoder, of Matatawny City, says......

"He further states his father came to Schuylkill county over 60 years ago. He had four sons---Charles, Joseph, William and James-- and three daughters. Two died young. The oldest married John S. Weber. Charles and James are dead. The later died childless at the age of 68. The oldest brother, Charles, died in Pittsburg, leaving four children- Hamilton (dead), Charles, a lawyer, and Lorenzo, a sucessfull merchant at Pittsburg, who is said to be a millionaire."



One of the "incidental" Yoders hanging out in the Pennsylvania census lists has been a George Yoder of Venango County, Pa. This fellow died d 3/12/1872 age 71y 5m 11d and was a farmer. The father of William L. Yoder was Daniel Yoder b. Jul.15,1789 who married Feb.22,1815 to Mary LaRosa. William writes of his father's siblings:

".....He had two brothers --George and Benjamin-- and three sisters. They migrated to different parts of the country; George to Orange county, Pa., Benjamin to Columbia county, Pa, one sister to Snyder county, Pa., who had married a Mr. Mench; one married a Mr. Strohn and went to Columbia county, and the youngest sister married and went to Ohio."

What does this tell us? There is no Orange County, PA, but a handwritten version of the word "Venango" could easily have been interpreted as "Orange" by a subsequent typist of the notesÖ.there is no other Pennsylvania county name which approximates this word. This seems very likely, and fits this George into one of the places previous suspected for him.... as a son of OY42- Peter Yoder who married Ann (Nancy) Oyster. This Peter died intestate and his probate record dated Jan.1818 showed him leaving a farm of 156 acres in Pike Twp, Berks County. Peter is known to have been a farmer, merchant & hotel keeper.




sketch by Lynn Lorah (see page __)


The inscription above was found carved into one of the lintels in the Hans Yoder Jr home (see Oley reunion photos in YNL 28, page 4 bottom left) by it's present owner, Mr. Joseph Griffin. It says:




In Mr. Griffin's own words:

"..You certainly have my permission to use Lynn Lorah's sketch of the lintel. I commissioned the drawing to acknowledge the kindness shown me by members of your family during their reunion last year and expected it to be of interest to Yoders far and near. ...


"The lintel arches over a doorway through the foundation of the oldest section of the house. To see it, you enter a door in the present kitchen and descend some old stone steps into the basement. When my wife and I first noted the inscription on the lintel, it was partially obscured by old plaster. This lends credence to Dr. Herman's notion that the lintel has been relocated. On the other hand, competent observers (such as Bob Bucher) have suggested that some features of the original structure's first floor are consistent with a construction date of 1741." (Editor's note- Dr. Herman is one who has studied the architectural construction of the house and believes it likely that the lintel was part of a section made from earlier parts in about the 1790s)

"Personally, I prefer to have no opinion. It seems likely that this architectural element is from the hand of Johnnes Yoder himself, wherever it was originally placed. I am grateful to have it here and find some solace from my loneliness when I regard it. It is my house's tongue and it speaks of inevitable change. Just as Johnnes left this world soon after the lintel was carved, so did Anna Rosina and, several hundred years later, my own wife Mary Ann. Johnnes' lintel bids me to accept all change and prepare for my own demise. It is the soul of my home.

"I am pleased that you plan to reproduce the lintel. This old piece of wood which hovered over the heads of this nation's very first Yoders deserves proper celebration."----Joseph Griffin



Talented area sketch artist Lynn Lorah created a number of original works to commemorate the Oley Valley "Heritage Tour". These beautiful sketches are still available. The following themes and prices apply: --

11x14s prints are $16: Hans Yoder Homestead; Hans Yoder Jr. Homestead; Griesemer's Covered Bridge; Lobachsville Mill.--8x10 prints: the 8x10 are $12: Jacob and Marie Yoder Homestead;Sawmill at Hans Yoder Homestead;Pigpen at Hans Yoder Homestead; Hans Yoder Homestead. --Note Cards (four different designs/ eight cards total) and Lobachsville Mill Note Cards (four different designs/ eight cards total) at $8 for set fo 8 cards plus envelopes. All prints are unframed., and. Add $2.50 postage and handling for one print (or card order). Add $1 for each additional. Order from: Lynn Lorah, RD2, Box 144, Oley, Pa 19547. Phone (610) 987-6175.


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CORRECTION--The Internet Host-site for the Alsatian research of Jean and Renee Huckel (see YNL28, page 1) is:




YODER ARTICLE IN Mennonite Family History, appearing in the Oct. 1996 issue, pages 146-150- "Water Cures and Two Yoder Ancestors" by Mabel V. Brunk. This concerns her grandfather S.P. YODER and great-uncle EZRA YODER (children of YRB111), the first a patient and the second a practitioner of the water cure.


Jacob Eschbach Yoder (YB2568) publications:

First, the summer 1996 Issue of "Virginia Cavalcade" has a 10 page article on him and another 12 pages on his son Adon. Order this back issue for $4 from: Circulation Clerk, The Library of Virginia, 11th St. at Capital Square, Richmond, VA 23219-3491.

Second, The Fire of Liberty In Their Hearts -The Diary of Jacob E. Yoder of the Freedmen: Bureau School, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1866-1870. Ed. Samuel L. Horst. 1996. Pp. xlvii + 192. $24.95.---Add $4.50 for one book and 50 cents for each additional. Virginia residents add 4.5% sales tax. Make checks payable to The Library Shop, address to: Circulation Clerk, The Library of Virginia, 11th St. at Capital Square, Richmond, VA 23219-3491.


50 Year-Old Yoder Challenges

by Rachel Kreider

The time has come when I must pass on to younger researchers a problem that has troubled me for over fifty years. When I was young we had information from Reuben Yoder (YR2337a) about our Christian Yoder family, coded under YR23 in Amish and Amish-Mennonite Genealogies (p.495). He had the names and birth years of the fifteen children and spouses for some of them. The name of the oldest on he gave as Fanny (surely pronounced Franey in her day) , born 1753, and he knew nothing at all about her. The second one was Barbara, born 1756, and he said she married Christian Troyer. Ever since then I have tried to find out where these sisters lived and whom they married.

First I began to study the Troyers and discovered that Christian Troyer had gone to Canada. As soon as I was able to do so, I went to Toronto to find out about his wife and family. Descendants there told me he had married Elizabeth Becker but they could soon see that she had been too young to be the mother of his older children. On the other hand we could find no evidence that the first wife was named Barbara. When Eber Cockley from the Somerset Historical Society inquired about this Barbara, I reported what Reuben had written but said I could not prove it either way. Nevertheless word got to Canada, and Troyer literature since has claimed Barbara as Christian Troyer's first wife.

A number of years later an inquiry came from a Mr. Forney in Nebraska, asking what I knew about their ancestress Barbara Yoder, born 1756, who had married Joseph Forney! I immediately sought evidence but could get no further information. At about the same time Dr. Hugh Gingerich had found a record in Somerset County, showing that one Isaac Miller had married a Barbara and by the time the estate was settled in 1802 she had married Joseph Forney. Her four daughters and their husbands were named and I noticed with special interest that the only son was named Christian. It seemed quite clear that this Barbara was not the mother of the Forney children. I assume that both families were then connected with the Church of the Brethren but I could find no further information. Its seemed, however, that this claim seems as good as the Canadian.

Reuben Yoder was a sharp and astute man. Where did he get the idea of a Troyer-Yoder marriage in that family? There was reason to pursue this matter further. I could not find nearly as much about Christian Troyer in Canada as about his colorful brother John, who married a Sophronia (variation of Franey, which in Switzerland is written as Verena and it has a number of other variants--Frohnia, Fronica, Frances, Fanny-- This Sophronia was born in 1753 and they named their daughter Barbara! However, the Canadian Troyers say her name was Sophronia Reichenbach. I first found this in a slim little volume when one could still browse through the stacks in the Toronto Historical Library, but when I went back to "weigh the source" and get any other kind of evidence of a Franey Reichenbach, I could not find anything helpful. Dr. Gingerich, who knows more about the genealogy of the those first Amish families in America than anyone else I know, could not find any place in the Rickenbacher/Reichenbach outlines where she seemed to belong. There was another Troyer-Reichenbach marriage--- Could the two have become confused?

I expect the younger "eager beavers" in genealogy, some not even interested in Yoder research, to discover the primary sources that can shed light on the problem. Can someone prove, one way or the other, that Franie Yoder, born 1753, married John Troyer and that Barbara Yoder, born 1756, married Isaac Miller and then Joseph Forney?


Mrs. Kreider, co-author of the Classic AAMG--the nation's premiere genealogical work on the Amish generations through 1850.


Preserve The Pleasantville Union Cemetery

As a result of the summer "96 Johannas and Yost Yoder Family Trail Reunion", the Yoder Reunion Association became aware of a critical situation' in regards to the funding of the Pleasantville Union (Yoder Family) Cemetery. The reunion activities generated a profit. These funds were donated to the Cemetery account. Unfortunately, the funding for the long-range maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery has been depleted over the years. The cemetery facility requires continuos maintenance, lawn care and general preservation. Many of the historical grave sites are in need of repair and restoration. The cemetery entrance is in need of reconstruction and/or replacement. All funds are held in trust by the Core States Bank of Reading.

How to raise the necessary funds - is the question! Over the past year, a committee of interested Yoders and Yoder relatives have been meeting and brainstorming, seeking resolutions of this dilemma. Both immediate and long-range funding is necessary to resolve this predicament. DO YOU have any ideas? HAVE YOU, the Yoder Newsletter subscribers, had any experiences with this type of issue/circumstance? HELP US with this meaningful problem. Please SHARE WITH US your ideas and make suggestions/proposals that the committee can use to increase the funding and enhance the current appropriations.

Please send your suggestions to : Yoder Reunion Association, 415 State Street, Pottstown, Pa. 19464, or e-mail to : ryoder@wcupa.edu

The committee will be meeting throughout the spring, so forward your propositions and recommendations as soon as possible. On behalf of the Oley Yoders, and Yoders everywhere, we thank you for your participation and cooperation.








From Jean Joder of Joue Les Tours, France, and his father Rene, both YNL readers, comes the above photo of a reunion of the descendants of his great grandfather Emil Joder (1866-1939) and his wife Marie Ettienne. The last of Emil's children, Henri, and his wife Maria are at the center front...both died a few months after this photo was taken. Reunions such as this have been held by the family several times over the last ten years, either at Rohrbach les Bitche or at Noncourt.

The ancestry of this family back from Emil is as follows: Peter (1838-1910) m. Jacobine Guth; Peter (1803- ) m. Magdalene Esch; Daniel (1760-1822) m. Katherine Eicher; Christian (1732- ) m. Maria Steinmann (Am.-Men. Bishop in Annweiler, Germany); Christian (1691- ) m. Anna Maria Clauss (Am.-Men. Bishop of Fronschburg area); Casper (1660-) (See Chart in YNL 28,pg 6).

Jean's grandfather Lucien moved from Rohrbach les Bitche in the Lorraine region, 10 miles from the German border, to the Champagne region in the small village of Noncourt. Jean moved to the center of France to Tours in 1989, for employment. He has worked for American companies for 20 years, first International Harvester/J I Case, and more recently with Aeroquip (Trivona).




Thanks to our volunteer "Webmaster" Donald Kauffman, since our last newsletter we have fully stepped into the modern era with a Yoder Homepage to provide ready access to the "on-line" Yoder Archives". Our Web address is:




This amazing demonstration of technology combines our source of master files in Battle Creek, Michigan with a Webmaster (technical designer) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a Server (the computer it's all set up on) in Santa Cruz, California. All Yoder archives files are freely available for downloading or searching---you can also post a message in our "Guestbook" or subscribe to our "listserver".


And also a welcome to ESTHER YODER of Goshen!!! Esther joins the YNL volunteer staff as prime Mail manager...handling all administrative mail sent to the Goshen P.O. Box. Before moving to Goshen, she was a ring-leader of the YODER HOUSE effort at Penn Alps. WELCOME ABOARD ESTHER!!! (AND THANKS).



"I found your YNL online and was scrolling through it looking for familiar names for my genealogy research when I saw the headline about the Yoder mixer. I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell my husband.

"His father, Stanley Weber Yoder, b.1910, d.1988, designed and manufactured this mixer, as well as other products, in his Los Angeles plant in the 1940s.

"He moved the plant operation to Little Rock, AR in 1951 and closed it in the mid-eighties. The company also manufactured marine accessories, lawn sprinklers, cabinet hardware, all kinds of horns (plastic and metal), as well as the "Aqua Bat" (a seat on waterskis that lets you "sit and ski"). Stanley was a very creative inventor.

"At the time, it didn't seem important to keep samples of the products the company produced but, after he died, they became very important to my husband and his sisters and no one had any.

"So you can imagine my excitement at finding a mixer!!!

"My husband immediately called Richard Yoder, who had found it at a flea market in Pennsylvania and posted the note in the YNL. We received it in the mail this week and was pleased to find that all of the attachments were included and it was in the original box. We are very grateful to Mr. Yoder for his thoughtfulness. This one will be ours, but Bruce has four sisters that would love to have one.

"If anyone has any of the Yoder products, we will be glad to pay a reasonable price for them as well as the cost of shipping. The name "Yoder" is imprinted on most of them.

"A few years ago, a friend was moving and found some old milk bottles from "Yoder Dairy" in VA. She gave them to me because of the name Yoder on them. If these mean as much to someone else as the mixer means to me, please let me know.

"Here is some of the genealogy for Stanley. I would appreciate any information someone might have on Ida Weber:

"Jonas C. Yoder m. Veronica Kanagy, son 1.Jonas D. Yoder m Ida Weber, gson 2. Stanley Weber Yoder, b.1910, d.1988"

----Sharon Turner Yoder-sky@pcola.gulf.net

- - - - - - - - -

And in response to a query from Charles Yoder: "Yes, the Yoder tooter was one of his products. It was a bicycle horn. He also had great success with the "Wolf Whistle" horn that mounted on exterior of the car.

"Unfortunately, the success of the horns was the downfall of Yoder Mfg. Co. The company had over 100 employees by the 70s. In the early 80s, Pres. Carter allowed the Orient to ship their products to the US duty-free. They were able to manufacture identical horns at a lower cost because of labor, then shipped them in to the US. The products were then sold at retail for a price under the cost of the Yoder products."


CORRECTION: YNL 28 page 1 --Jonathan Yoder who is shown as b. 5/11/1795 was really b either 3/11 or 3/26/1795 Alsace.


GHOSTS AT PLEASANTVILLE INN- Folks who are familiar with the Pleasantville Inn in Pleasantville, Pa. (see cover photo on YNL28) will be interesting to know there are ghosts there! A recent article in the 'Boyerstown Times', describes a visit by a psychic who identified two ghosts who reside in this public house.



Katherine Yoder (1812-6/7/1883 Fulton Co., OH) who m. Peter Stuckey has been identified as being the sister of Michael Yoder (see YA6 on chart at page 6 of YNL28). Alsatian records say that Catherine Yoder(1811 Morvillars,F- ) m. 3/17/1831 Morvillars,F Pierre Stucky (1809- ) was the daughter of Joseph Joder b. 1788 who m. Anne Stucky b.1788 .



An email "mailing list" (or listserver) is a discussion group. This one is focused on the Yoder family. If you have "email" you can subscribe by means of a simple process. To SUBSCRIBE to the list, send a message to "MAISER@rmgate.pop.indiana.edu" and put "SUB YODER" on the first line of the body of the message (not the subject line - anything you put in the subject line is ignored).

Many of your family members have already joined. THERE IS NO CHARGE to be on this mail group. Its purpose is to exchange family information of either current or historic interest. Thanks to "ginseng" for helping setup and administer our listerserver function.


The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi 49015


Clare YODER m. Mercedes DETANDT, daughter of Louis Clara (LERMINEAUX), of Belgium. Her parents emigrated to Phila, PA about 1897. Their first child Albert, b.c1903, I think, so Mercedes was probably born after that. Clare and Mercedes had 2 dau. that I believe are still living in Johnstown, PA: Alice and Mabel YODER. One other thing that might help is that Clare was decapitated in a coal mining accident, in Nanty Glo or Johnstown.(Dona Avery, 3311 S. Holbrook Lane, Tempe, AZ 85282)


Would like to communicate with anyone who has knowledge of Yoders and Kauffmans who lived in Sharon Center, Iowa (near Kalona) in the years 1850-1910, or who knows about the general history of that area. D. Kauffman, 3508-112th. St., Edmonton, AB, T6J-1H9, Canada


My g-g grandfather Joseph came to Illinois in the mid-1860's to Forrest, Il in Livingston county and he died in 1888. one of his sons named Joseph was my g-grandfather born approx 1854 died in Dec 1915 married Lena Yancey from Belfort area of New York. she died in 1932.

One of their sons my grandfather Wesley was born in 1888 in illinois. :

John Yoder <trainut@gridley.org


I am looking for a (older) gentleman named Albert Yoder,who resided in Manhattan New York City in 1947. Last known place of residence was Long Island, N.Y. It is also believed that he might have been in the armed forces. He might also have been known by nickname Steve. If you have any information regarding this person, please respond. It is very important. Thank you Virginia Ilkhan, 47-30 59th Street, Woodside NY, 11377 ,S0LAZ@aol.com


Looking for the parents of Johannes "John" Joder b. 26 March 1795 in Alsace Lorraine, France who md Mary Schmucker b. abt 1800. John died 26 Apr 1878 and had five children. Any information would be appreciated. R.Howard, PO Box 40758,Eugene,Ore 97404


Albert Yoder (June 23, 1856 - September 12, 1915) who married my great-great aunt Margaret Frye (1873 -1963). They are buried together with their son Albert G. Yoder (1900-1971) in the Mt. Carmel PA (Protestant) cemetery. Denise Wells, DJLWells@aol.com


Am interested to note the possibility of relations still living in McLean County, IL. Does anyone know of Yoders from the line of Jonathan J. Yoder (YR127322) living in the area? Thanks! Jonathan L. Yoder, 701 N Nebraska Ave, Morton, IL 61550-1745, email- DoctorY@aol.com


Was Barbara YODER wife of Joseph FORNEY? Joseph Forney b. c1747 PA d. 1802 Elklick Twp, Somerset Co, PA + Barbara Yoder b. 1756 m. bef 1774 d. ?. Reply to: Kay Wilson,Bremerton WA USA ,kwwilson@silverlink.net; and Carol Miller ,P.O. Box 551,Green Valley, AZ 85622-0551 (dmillergv@aol.com)


Search for my husband's ggrandmother, Caroline Yoder. She was born 13 Nov 1859 in Berks Co. PA to Joseph S. Yoder and Anna BLOCH/BLOCK. She married John Frederich Drumheiser, 2 June 1879 in Shamokin, Northumberland, PA. She died in Shamokin 11 July 1938. Gryphon" <gryphon@ccsinc.com>


YODER FEEDS (see YNL 22 pg 6) was purchased by Dekalb Feeds on 9/23/96 and is doing business a Yoder-Dekalb Feeds, Inc on a temporary basis (maybe a year). They no longer have premium items with the Yoder name. ----YODER POPCORN has been purchased and is being operated by Kirk's Popcorn, 345 S. 200E, Flora, IN 46929. While they are no longer list Yoder name premium items, they still carry the Yoder Popcorn line AND operate the Yoder Popcorn Shop three miles south of Shipshewana,IN.


Folks submitting Family Group Information:

Alexandra Hope Yoder , Grove City, Pa- John Yoder (YB1372b)

Angela Diane Yoder Cannon, davecannon@mytechcs.com -Daniel Yoders (M26)

Michelle Lynch, Reading,Pa- Abraham Yoder (OH1325)

Mrs. Charles Bullington, Bettendorf,Ia- John Jasper Yoders (M236)

Pris Yotter,pris@ionet.net- Petter Charles Yotter (Jotter) b. Bavaria

Mary Fry Walker, Columbia, SC - Jacob Yoder (YR14223)

Nathan Miller, ndmiller@iquest.net- Christian Yoder (YR26128)

Steven Yoder, 4351759@msn.com- Elias Lorenzo Yoder (YR12a321)

Ken Yoder, kyoder@paracomm.com-Jonathan D. Yoder (YR127356)

Wayne Yoder, amishboy@defnet.com, Jonas I Yoder (YR2611332)

Dianne Carr Peterson, peterson@ee.net-Peter Yoder (YB1133)


YNL touted in Steffisburg "Burger-Post"

The November 1996 issue of the "Berger-Post der Bergemeinde Steffisburg" mentioned the YNL and that Frau Kathrin Joder is in contact with her American Yoder cousins!!!


BILLING PROBLEM WITH LAST ISSUE!---Due to a hard disk crash, we had some address problems with YNL 28. Rather than delay getting the issue out, we issued it without any billing of people whose subscriptions had expired. With this issue we are seeking these renewals...those who were due last issue will not be charged extra for our problem. You can consider that issue a bonus.


Letters to the Editor:

"We visited Steffisburg today and drove along the road to Schangnau- weather was lovely...I'm grateful to the YNL for providing me with some background for this trip.--Lissa Thompson"


Many Amish Genealogies available for sale, including DBH and DJH reprints- write D.A. Hochstetler, 4185 S. 500-W, Topeka, IN 46571.


1890 CENSUS -From a compendium by John Blair Linn of the 1890 CENSUS for 25 townships of Centre Co.,Pa--which preserved this portion of the census otherwise lost from Federal Records in a fire. - Miles Township- David Yoder-48, Amanda, Katie, Livonia Huston Township- Daniel Yothers-57 farmer, Thaddeus C.-25, farmer, Irene, Annie, Julian.


From The Reading Eagle, Aug. 24,1996-REBECCA B. YODER, 96, formerly of Morgantown, died..Coatsville, Chester County following a brief illness...Born in Caernarvon Township, she was a daughter of the late Jacob Z. and Susie (Beiler) Yoder. (sent by R.H.Yoder)


Alma Hopkins Kitchell Yoder Dies, age 103 The Associated Press 17-Nov-1996 announced the death in Sarasota, Florida of Alma Kitchell Yoder, a pioneering radio singer who became one the medium's earliest talk-show hosts before switching to television. She was 103 years old. She was Born Alma Irene Hopkins, June 29, 1893, in Superior, Wis. After studying music she moved to New York in 1912 and married her voice coach Charles W. Kitchell in 1915. Mrs. Yoder was: involved in experimental radio broadcasting in 1917; began her concert career in 1921; joined the NBC Opera Co. in 1926; emceed one of the original radio talk shows, "Let's Talk It Over," in 1938; was later hostess of one of the first commercial TV series, "In The Kelvinator Kitchen," an instructional cooking show. She left public life in 1949 and moved to Florida in 1965, the year she married Joseph Yoder. (sent by Neal Wilfong)



On July 12, 1997, the Oley Yoders are scheduling their annual Family Reunion in Pleasantville, Berks County , Pa. The reunion will start with a social/luncheon, followed by a program updating some of the latest research by Oley Yoder historian Richard H. Yoder. The luncheon program will emphasize the opportunity to socialize and reunite family ties. Following the luncheon, a guided walking tour will be given by Dick in the Yoder Family Cemetery (Pleasantville Union Cemetery). All who wish to attend, or receive information about the event, should contact the Yoder Reunion Association, 425 State Street, Pottstown, Pa. 19464 or e-mail RYoder@ wcupa.edu


YODER ARCHIVES UPDATE!-32 new Files and growth in size from 2.7 mb to 4.1mb!--Thanks to the help of Diana Peterson, Tim Conrad, Dave Yoder, Fred Haines, Marli Yoder, Richard B. Yoder, Dorothy Coffman. New files include: Yoder Censuses from 1860 & 1880 Pa, 1880 Ind.; Yoder Newsletter text from Issues 1-28; Cemetery records from Howerters & Medina County; a new file of French Joder research; a variety of Oley related records; and translated text from the European research of Karl Joder and Ottmar Jotter. Download these FREE from our homepage, or order disk: Chris Yoder,203 Lakeshire Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015 ($6-three disks set)


CORRECTION--The Internet Host-site for the Alsatian research of the Huckels (see YNL28, page 1) is: http://www.bright.net/~swisstea/


Letters to the Editor:"We visited Steffisburg today and drove along the road to Schangnau- weather was lovely...I'm grateful to the YNL for providing me with some background for this trip.--L. Thompson"


LOOKING for LEE YODER- college trackteammate @ LSU in 1953-54, Lee Yoder. Lee had been on the 1952 USA Olympic team as a 400m hurdler from the U of Arkansas. Would like to make contact. R. Paul Adams <adams@mail.lded.state.la.us> Baton Rouge, LA


Who Can Tell Us About the Yoder Racehorse?

We had such good luck with the "Yoder Food Mixer" in the last issue that we thought we'd try out the 10-year old mystery of the Yoder racehorse. "Lucky Yoder" bred at Bendabout Farms,Inc, Ky.--his sire was "Mr. Redoy" (Yoder backward). Several attempts to learn more from owner or stable have been unsuccessful. Can anyone fill us in?


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