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Issue Number 32 -- OCT. 1998
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Martin Yoder (OH112) Line Found!

(picture "Martin" stone - Gravestone of Susanna "w/o Martin Yoter")

The Puckety Presbyterian Church Cemetery rests on a roadside outside of New Kensington, Westmoreland County, Pa. It is in the far western part of the state, adjoining the county which holds Pittsburgh. It was a burial stone in that cemetery which provided the YNL the final link to tracking a Yoder line (much like another stone gave the link in YNL 29 on Jacob Yoder of Heidelberg Twp.).
The Oley immigrant Hans Joder (1672-c1742) had a son Hans (1700-1779) who had a son Hans (c1726-by 1785). This third Hans was referred to as "John Yoder Jr.". His family life was not a happy one as wife Sarah Shankle deserted her husband and children. Sarah is said to have had an illegitimate child in Reading, and was buried in Peter de Turck's plot in Oley. John Jrs' family is listed below:

OH11- John Yoder Jr. (c1726-by 1785) m. Nov. 1746 Oley Twp., Berks Co. to Sarah Shankle ( - 1789 or 98--letter of admin 6/13/1797 to eldest son Daniel) Sarah taxed by herself in Reading 1762,64, 79. Known children:
+OH111- Daniel b. 4/22/1748 m.1773 Maria Margaretha Oyster (May 4,1753-Dec. 23,1833) d. 8/21/1820 age 72y-3m-29d , m 47yrs
bur. Pleasantville Union Cemetery)
+OH112- Martin b. c1757 m.5/21/1782 Sussanna Weitner
+OH113- Jacob b. 8/11/1758
OH114- Samuel b. ?
OH115- Barbara b. m. Jacob Barr res. District Twp as of 1785 (reference to a settlement between Barbara and her brother Daniel on 12 Jan 1785 of payment owed her based on transfer of plantation and 11 acres to Daniel by his father John on 27 July 1775. Father John deceased as of 1785) (see correction elsewhere in this issue)

Of the sons, Daniel remained in Oley and was a prominent citizen. Jacob traveled to the west and became known as 'the first man to ride a flatboat down the Ohio river to New Orleans (see YNL 12) before settling in Kentucky. Until now, we knew little about Martin or Samuel. Well, for Martin at least, we've just pieced together a fairly good summary.
Oley Township tax records list Martin from 1779 to 1781 as a "single freeman".

1779 Oley (single freeman) Marteen Yoder tax 15 shil.
1780 Oley (single freemen) Martine Yoder tax 9.0.0
1781 Oley (single freemen) Martine Yoder tax 3.0.0

In 1784 he is taxed as "Martine Joder, turner" (lathe operator) with 25 acres of land, 1 horse, 3 cows, 4 sheep and with a family of three people (matching the marriage date to Sussanna Weitner). He appears again in the 1785 record.
He disappears from the Oley tax records, but about the same time, in 1788 a Martin "Yowther" first appears in Mt. Joy Twp. of York (later a part of Adams County) with 196 acres, but no horses or cows- suggesting perhaps he had not taken residence on the property. Beginning in 1789, Martin Yother is shown with 4 horses & 2 cows. The 1790 Pa census for Adams County shows a Martin Gatter/Yatter with one male over 16, 1 male under 16, and 5 females.
According to the York County Abstract of Wills, this Martin Yodder died 9/7/1798 leaving a wife - Susanna Yoder, a son John, and six other children whose names were not given. The executors for the will were Abraham Lichtenwaiter and Jacob Diehl.

"In the Name of God Amen ..I Martin Yodder of Mountjoy township in the County of York- Pennsylvania being sick & weak in body but of sound mind & disposing memory (thanks to God for the same) Do this seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & ninety eight make & publish this my last will and testament in manner & form following that is to say my just debts being well & truly paid--
"firstly) I give & devise my farm where I now dwell to wit the use thereof, also two horses--creatures, three cows & one Ox, and all the hogs, and a sufficiency of household furniture to my wife Sussannah Yodder for the use of bringing up & maintaining my Children, untill the youngest shall arrive to the age of 14 years--the residue & remainder of my personal estate I order to be sold at venue by my executors, and the money arrising from the sale thereof to be appropriated to the payment of my Debts as farr as the same will reach.
"secondly) I order will & allow that at the expiration of the term aforesaid my executor shall sell all & singular what my Estate then remains as well _ea_ as personals at public venue or otherwise for the best price that can be gotten for the same, my land to be sold for yearly payments at the discretion of my Executors and upon good security being given for the same, I Empower my said Executors or any one of them, in case of death or other Emergency, to convey to the purchasor the Right I hold therein which conveyance shall for ever barr my heirs.
"thirdly) the money arrising from the sales aforesaid (my Debts being paid) I order will & allow to be divided as follows, towit my eldest son John the sum of twenty five pounds, the residue to be divided e qually in nine shares, two shares of which I bequeath to my wife Sussannah, and one share to each & every one of my Children as well daughters as sons, provided always if any of my seven children be dead at the time the Divis takes place, without lawful issue, that their share be equally devided amongst my other Chidlren, but if they leave lawful issue to survive them, then such isse shall equally inherit their parents share, provided also if my wife be dead before such divide take place, her two shares shall be equally divided amongst my surviving children and the representatives of only taking their parents share, provided also if my wife marry either before the Expiration of the use aforesaid towit before my youngest child is fourteen years of age, or before the divide aforesaid takes place, if before the use is determined, that then she shall leave my land, & the use bequeathed to her shall be vested in my other Executors, for the bringing up my children aforesaid until the end of said term, and if she marry before the divide aforesaid takes place, the legacy herein bequeathed to her shall be void, and in both cases she shall receive no more of my estate than is allowed by the laws of Penna to widows of Intestate Estates, and the overplush bequeathed to her in any, shall Descend equally to my children & the Representatives of those dead as aforesaid, provided also if my executors finds that my wife & children is not able, oe does not gfarm my land as they ought to do, that then they may lett the same on shares or rent, to provide for my children as aforesaid, and provided any of my Debts should be likely to distress my family, before the time of sale, in that case I empower my Executors to borrow money to discharge the same on mortgage on my land, or otherwise at their discretion.
"Lastly) I do constitute & appoint my wife Executrix & Abraham Leightewalter & Jacob Diel Executors of this my last will and testatment in trust to Execute the same according to the true intent & meaning thereof, and in testamony of this being my last will & testament I have hereunto set my hand & affixt my seal Dated as first above written--"

(filed 1 Oct 1798)

In the 1799 tax assessments for Mt. Joy Township, York Co the assessed value for property of the "Widow Yother" was $1,110. Adams County was formed Jan.22, 1800 and the 1800 Adams Co Census shows:

Susanna Yetter Adams Co. p508 age 45+
male female
age 45+ 1
26/45 1
16-26 2
10/16 1
<10 3

The Tax records for the county show that after Martin's death, the widow is taxed on her own (sometimes for 200 acres and sometimes for 170 acres). Through 1810 she is taxed with horses and cows shown (which implies she was still living on the place). The youngest child (born in 1797) having reached 14 in 1811, the property was sold, as had been specified by the will. In 1812 the tax list says her real estate was transferred to George Trostle and Susanna no longer appeared in the records.

<Map of Martin Yoder Property>

The survey document said "Situate in Mountjoy Township Adams County. Surveyed Nov.23, 1767 by Archd. McClean & by warrant to John Gibson dated August 25th 1767 & said to contain 280 acres. Surveyed and divided as above, James Smiths part Oct.9th 1809 and the heirs of Martin Yoders part April 5th 1810-By Saml Sloan"...
When the Martin's estate was finally settled in 1813 the record (which spells his name as both Yodder and Yoder within the document) provides two essential components of information. First, it gives the names of all of Martin's heirs (and totals the 7 children referred to in the will):

Payments made to heirs of Martin Yoder are shown:
Hannah $81.00
_____ (illegible) guardian for Benjamin and Daniel $262.00
Martin Yoder $81.00
Sussanna Yoder Widow $162.00
John Yoder $147.67
Elizabeth D----(illegible) $81.00
Mary $81.00

Secondly, it shows debts repaid to two Berks County Yoders whose names help establish this Martin as the disappearing fellow in Oley Twp. Daniel Yoder was paid 56 pounds to discharge a bond and interest. George Yoder was paid over 159 pounds in discharge of two bonds. The Daniel in Oley at this time was OH111.. older brother to Martin. The George in the township was OH132...a first cousin to Martin. Following the estate settlement, the family disappears from Adams County.
Where did the descendants of Martin go? We started our investigation by studying the Pa. census records. In both 1820 and 1830 our attention is drawn to entries far across the state in Allegheny Twp. of Westmoreland County:

1820 lists:
"Widow" Yeoter 1 female >45, 2 females age 26-45
Daniel Yeoter 1 male age 16-26, 1 female 16-26

1830 lists:
Daniel Yeoter 1 male 30-40,1 female 20-30,2 males <5,1 female 5-10
Susanna Yeoter 1 female 70-80, 1 female 40-50

The spelling "Susanna" is an unusual one, and made us more curious about this family. County tax records for Allegheny Township are available from 1820, and show:

1820 thru 1822--Daniel Yoter/Yotter 300 acres 2 horses 1 or 2 cows
1823 thru 1828- Daniel Yoter/Yutter 408 acres 2 horses 1 cattle
( from 1825 only the cow)
1830 thru 1835- Daniel Yoter/Yotter 100 acres 1 cow
(1 yolk oxen in 1831 only)
1837 thru 1842- Daniel Yotter/Yuter/Yutter 50 acres,
Hannah Yotter/Yuter/Yutter 50 acres
1838- Daniel Yuter 50 acres, Hannah Yuter 50 acres

A review of the land and estate records at the Westmoreland county courthouse in Greensburg showed that on 4 May 1819 a Letter of Administration was issued on the estate of Benjamin Yoter to Daniel Yoter. The next record on file for the family is an 1829 purchase by Daniel Yotter of 100 acres in Allegheny Township of land originally warrented by Samuel Coates in 1774. (Daniel was married to Agnes McKallip whose relative "John McKillopp" appears in the 1799 Mt. Joy Twp, York County assessment list with the "Widow Yother"). We see from the 1830 census that his mother Susanna is still living. In 1832 Daniel and Agnes sold half of this land to his sister Hannah Yoter. This tracks with the tax records above, but gives no clues to where the earlier 300 and 408 acres tracts might have been. The 1832 split of the property could have corresponded with the death of their mother.
Hannah Youter's will was made 19 May 1842 and signed with her mark. It was filed 3 Oct 1842 and left the use of her land to her brother Daniel for four years, at the end of which time it was to be sold and proceeds divided in four parts between- "Nancy Youter, Susan Clark, Mary Phillips, and Susannah Youter." ("Nancy" is believed to refer to Daniel's wife, aka "Agnes"; "Mary" possibly ? to a sister, and the other two not guessed).
Daniel lived until 1854. The censuses show:

1840---Daniel Yoter--Westmoreland Co., Allegheny Twp.
males- 1 age <5, 2 age 5-10, 2 age 10-15 and 1 age 40-50;
females- 1 age 5-10, 1 age 15-20, 1 age 30-40.
- - - - - - -
1850---Daniel Yolter--Wes--Alle--331--(OH1127)
Daniel -52-farmer,Nancy-47,Susanna-26,John-22, Henry-20,
Catherine-17,Daniel -15, David-13, James-7, Mary-4
- - - - - - -
1850-Benjamin Yolten --Wes--Alle--331
Benj.-24-farmer, Louise-21, Jane-9/12

It is disappointing that we did not yet find earlier land records, or a will or estate record for the "Widow Susanna". It is clear that the known names of children match exactly (Susanna, Daniel, Benjamin, Hannah, possibly a Mary). The approximate ages also match, partiularly that of son Daniel (know to have been born in 1797) which corresponds exactly to the property sale when he reached fourteen as specified in Martin's will (1811-12) . These points alone present a firm case that this Westmoreland County family is that of Martin Yodder of Adams County. One further element provides the final "proof" to the conclusion that this is indeed the family of OH112. In 1970, Mrs. Frank C. Fischer (nee Della Reagan) compiled the cemetery records of Puckety Presbyterian Church Cemetery outside of New Kensington, Pa. Among the inscriptions she made out from the weathered stones was a partial one which said:

"Susanna w/o Martin Yoter"

In a May 1998 visit to the cemetery, her stone was laying flat and only the words "Martin Yoter" were still visible. It is immediately beside the roadside and we uprighted it before our departure. Her son Daniel and his wife Agnes (nee McKallip-whose Scot line is apparently the root of the family Presbyterianism) rest close by. Daniel (2/28/1797-3/9/1854) and Agnes (1801-12/28/1867) and their families all have their last names spelled on the stones as "Yetter". This is the first time we have actually confirmed that a line of known Yoder origin has changed their names to Yetter, and it may have some meaning as we continue our assessment of different branches. It's interesting that children of Daniel and Agnes in the 1880 census still use the spelling "Yoter".


We summarize our documentation on Martin's family in the family chart contained within this article. The female in the family who was born before 1774 in the 1800 census is a mystery, possibly someone to help with the children. Hannah appears to have remained single and dies in Westmoreland county in 1842. Mary could be the Mary Phillips mentioned in Hannah's will. Benjamin died in 1819...with no apparent heirs. And Daniel is well defined with progeny in Westmoreland County at the time of his death.

<chart here>

The Westmoreland records make no reference to the other two sons: Martin and John. Only one son (Daniel) appears from 1820 onward in Westmoreland county. No unlinked Martin is visible in the 1820 or 1830 Pennsylvania censuses. Perhaps he died young, like brother Benjamin? But John is another matter, and the subject of further speculation.
The spelling of our family name as "Yoter" is a rare one. As we've seen above, this spelling was used early on after the family arrived in Westmoreland County. The only other on-going place where this spelling appears (and the only line where we know that the spelling is used today) is in the descent of John Yoter of Cumberland County, Pa (11/13/1785-5/27/1847) who is buried at the Dunker Cemetery in Huntsdale, Pa. This John Yoter married Charlotte Chritzman in Gettysburg, Pa. which is the county seat of Adams County. The age and location certainly match that of John, eldest son of Martin and Susanna, but his story will be reserved for another day....and for more evidence.

1928--Herbert Hoover Kicks Off
Campaign for President
From a Yoder Doorstep


photo- Herbert Hoover in center, with Otho & Ruth Yoder to his right, his wife Lou Henry Hoover to his left (partially hidden). The only person noticing the camera is Mildred Helen Yoder, age 4.

I am Peg Yoder Anderson born Oct. 21, 1932, the daughter of Helen Margaret Hoover & Otho Otis Yoder.... My Mothers father (George Hoover) & President Hoover were 1st cousins & boyhood friends. My Grandfather was an attorney here in West Branch & Herbert Hoover got him a job in the Commerce Department in Washington, D.C. in the 20s where he worked until his death in 1932.
Herbert Hoover started his campaign in 1928 here in West Branch, Iowa & in fact, he & his wife Lou Henry stayed over night at my parents home in West Branch. My Dad always liked bread & gravey & would laugh remembering Herbert Hoover dousing Mothers fluffy home made rolls with gravy (much to her chagrin) & he would say "If Herbert Hoover can do it, so can I".
My Dad graduated from W.B. high school & had worked in a clothing store in W.B. but then was offered the job as Post Master. I'm not sure if Herbert Hoover had any influence in that or not--it's very possible. However, back then the postal employees were not Civil Service, but appointed by political affiliation & so when Hoover lost the election to F.D.R. in 1932, being a Republican, he lost his job. It must have been a very difficult time for both of my parents thru the depression as they were expecting me, & had an older child, Mildred Helen (10-28-23). It was because of that situation, my dad bought into a grocery store, also here in west Branch, which he opearted successfully for some 20 odd years til he was forced to sell out. I suppose it was a natural thing for him to go into the grocery business as his father (Ezra) had owned & operated a grocery store in Sharon Center (near Iowa City) before moving to West Branch-then later he travled (by horse & buggy) with the Baker Co.
My Dad was a very generous, kind & loving person. He was everybodys friend, in fact his logo on his advertisements was ""Yoder Grocery' Your Friend @ Mealtime."

<PHOTO-Ruth (Hoover) Yoder and Otho Otis Yoder (YR239eb2)>

He loved people, & telling stories- & was always joking & laughing. He loved to eat too, which showed in his girth later on, opposed to the slim trim young man he had been when working in the clothing store.
He loved clothes & loved to take us 2 girls shopping. He had good taste & was always admiring some pretty garment that would "look like a million dollars" on us.
He also loved cats, as did my Mother and her Mother. We Yoder-Hoovers have always had a house cat. Dad always had a cat in the grocery store. They certainly wouldn't allow that today.
He was very artistic, & his penmanship was a work of art. He always drew his own ads for the newspaper. He wanted to go to art school as a boy, but his parents talked him out of it, saying he would be a poor starving artist. My sister & her daughter however, inherited that special talent & both are art majors, so that ability was passed on. He would be so proud.
My husband & I live on a farm 6 miles south of West Branch. He is retired & ironically, I am a ranger at the Herbert Hoover Historic Site at the National Park in W.B. My folks would be so tickled to know that!
I have not had time to look for a suitable picture, but I promise I will work on that. I didn't want to delay this response to your kind letter any longer. I find it very unusual that there were 2 Otho Yoders! (There was a King Otho in the bible, I'm told). I always felt sorry for him stuck with such an awful name! Otho Otis! What a name to stick on a poor little baby! But dad never seemed to mind it, joked about it in fact. Some people nick named him "Double O--" or just called him "Yode". His wife, children & Grandchildren meant all the world to him, & he left us with the fondest memories & heritage more precious than the finest gold. Yes, I am very proud to be Otho Yoders daughter.
We have a copy of the 1st edition 1912 Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler. Benedict Yoder, who would be my Great-Grandfather did not come into the picture until he married Sarah Miller who was a Granddaughter of Jacob Hochstetler.
Sincerely, Peg Yoder Anderson
YNL Editor Chris Yoder is also the son of an Otho Yoder...making only two Yoders with that name in the known history of the family.


(copy of text extract)

A handwritten sheet of paper found in the Daniel Beachy Family Bible, gives the birth records for children of Somerset County settler Henry Yoder (YR261) and his wife Catherine Detweiler. This data allows update of what was previously known and published for this family. Mrs. Beachy was the daughter of Jacob Yoder, 7th child of Henry. The record, in German, gives the following names and dates:

Jost Joder born 1784, 25 January
Christian Joder born 1785, 10 (or 16) March
Henry Joder born 1787, 1 May
Liese Joder born 1789, 7 March (Elizabeth)
Maria Joder born 1790, 28 October
Baevi Joder born 1792, 7 December (Barbara)
Jacob Joder born 1795, 20 January
Gertraut Joder born 1797, 17 March (Gertrude)
David Joder born 1799, 22 April

This marks the end of the page. Amish and Amish-Mennonite Genealogies co-author Rachel Kreider remarks that they never knew about daughter Gertraut. The date for Yost matches that known from other sources. Dates for Christian, Elizabeth, Mary, Jacob, and David (now confirmed as a son) are new. Dates for Henry and Barbara are slightly off from those previously shown. Rachel believes that Henry and Catherine had other children. AAMG shows a Salome Yoder who married John Yoder (YR25111) as a possible daughter. One date of birth for this Salome of 6/15/1799, if correct, would seem to eliminate this possibility. A Catherine Yoder, born about 1804, was definitely another daughter. Catherine was the wife of Daniel Schlabach (brother of Barbara's husband) and there is a story of Henry Yoder getting land for both couples in Holmes County.

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CORRECTIONS TO YNL 31: 1st-The "CORRECTION" on page 2 which says to scratch the "Rosanna of the Amish" descendant from YNL 30 paragraph about "YR128"...it's really the "YR127" para. which applies. 2nd- in the Wayne Co. article...the Henry Yoder on the map marked as "YR2613"--couldn't have been...he stayed longer in Pennyslvania. And then the John Yoder who died in 1855 is labeled in the paragraph on page 4 as (YR1621)...it was really (YRB11).. 3rd- The "New Oley Yoder" identified on pg 2--is NOT dau. of OH12, but rather of OH11.


From Kentucky Land Grants by Jillson, pub 1925, listed under "Old Kentucky Grants" are the following for Capt. Jacob Yoder (see YNL 12 for feature on this intrepid pioneer):
acres book page date survey Co. Watercourse
Yoder, Jacob 300 8 109 9-3-1797 Hardin Rough Cr.
Yoder, Jacob 800 8 271 4-5-1795 Jeff. Pond Cr.
Yoder, Jacob 200 11 336 9-17-1798 Nelson Roling Cr.
Yoder, Jacob 100 12 657 9-27-1798 Nelson Coxes Cr.


From a Pittsburgh Newspaper, Saturday, June 6, 1795:
"Whereas I gave a bond to a certain Jacob Yoder in December in the year 1791 for upwards of 50 pounds, in consideration for a tract of land, and whereas said Yoder was to make me a good and sufficient title to said land which he has not done, I hereby forewarn all persons from taking an assignment on said bond as I am determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. /s/ Jacob Witezel, June 6."

YODER LISTSERVER UP TO 144 MEMBERS: The Yoder "listserver" is an electronic mail discussion group focused on the Yoder family. If you have "email" you can subscribe by sending a message to "yoder-l-request@rootsweb.com" and put "subscribe" on
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Dear Editors
My great-grandfather, James Marion Yoder, son of Francis Marion Yoder, is the one who took the picture of Miss Edna Yoder in Shell city, MN, in 1884. Shell city was founded in part by Francis M. Yoder. James M. Yoder married Margaret Etta Doran in Shell City in Aug 1882. The Yoders then moved to Menahga, then to Fargo, North Dakota in 1886. We never knew where our great-grandparents came from (after Iowa), until a few years ago when our father, Donald Yoderwas looking at property less than 5 miles from the original Shell City site, and was asked by the Wadena County Historical society if he was related to the Yoders who founded Shell City!!!! The county owns the property of shell city now, and there are signs locating all of the original buildings, such as the Yoder House hotel, school, etc. For more info, please contact my sister, who has done all of the research,!
and needs the credit--Nancy Yoder email--Cats Paw@aol.com
Patricia (Yoder) Cheney <Patandda@aol.com>
Bulverde, TX USA - Monday, March 16, 1998 at 18:50:36 (PST)

Letters to the Editors:

I am the Great-Great Granddaughter of Christian Zook Yoder (1845-1939) of Wayne County Ohio. That last newsletter was chock full of stuff interest to us, that, the Wayne County article, the Wes Yoder item (he was my land lord for a while when I lived in Nashville) and the Yoder Brothers Flowers (my mom grew up working one of the old Yoder Brothers Farms growing Tomatoes in glass green houses).
And we just sent in our subscriptions for 3 more years.
Eleni M Sims (sam), Sims@kafb.aero.org

New Data on YR251118
Joseph T Yoder of Federal Way, Washington, submits the family group written by his grandfather Joseph Yost Yoder about his parent's family. This adds much to the AAMG records on this family and is summarized as follows:
Hannes and Salome Yoder were m. 11/27/1825. Hannes b.1/12/1800 and Salome b. 10/24/1801 and d. 8/31/1837. Had children: Veronica b.9/20/1826; Tobias b. 12/13/1827; Catharina b. 2/20/1830; Sara b.5/12/1831; Noah (?) 9/13/1832; Barbara b. 6/24/1834; Esaias (Isaiah) b.12/28/1835; Salome b. 8/21/1837.
Hannes m. Frene Kauffman 9/2/1838. Frene b. 1/26/1813. Had children: Mose b.8/17/1839; Maria H. (?) b. 5/28/1841; Elizabeth b.7/7/1842; Lidia (Lydia) b. 4/23/1844; Isaac b. 8/23/1845; Joseph Yost b. 1/1/1847; Susana b. 4/14/1848; Johannes Marcus (?) b.5/23/1849; Nanzi (Nancy) Delila b. 10/16/1851; Rebecca Lea (Leah?) b. 1/22/1855; Salina Frene b. 5/25/1860.
(German translation with assistance of Rachel Kreider)


The village of Lyons in Berks County, Pa is where Solomon Yoder (OH11132) moved after leaving the Oley valley and built a steam operated grist mill about 1860. He later moved to Nebraska. A devastating tornado hit the area, but spared Solomon's mill.
In Somerset County, the small cabin of Jacob Hochstetler (ancestor of many in the Amish Yoder lines) had been restored several years ago. A June 2nd tornado uprooted it and it appears past saving.
( Thanks to Dick Yoder and Hochstetler Newsletter )

Just wanted to let the Yoder families know about a book recently published Masthof Press; RR 1 Box 20; Morgantown, PA 19543. Title: "Where's Momma?, The Story of Mabel (Smucker) Yoder. Written by her daughter Marion Delgrange of VA. This is a wonderful book, I received a copy as a gift from one of Mabel's granddaughters. It speaks well of the love and caring that is present in the Yoder families. This is not an advertisement for the book, I have no connections to Mastof publishing, nor the Yoder family. I simply enjoyed the book and thought Yoder families might also enjoy it. Thank you. Betty Burdan Betty Burdan--Boyertown, PA USA


<picture -- House of Jacob Yoder and Maria Keim>

Talented area sketch artist Lynn Lorah created a number of original
works to commemorate the Oley Valley "Heritage Tour". These beautiful sketches are still available. For further information contact:
Lynn Lorah, RD2, Box 144, Oley, Pa 19547.


An Indenture made 20 Apr 1805 between Jacob Goodman of North Huntington Twp and his daughter Marey Yoider of the same place, then the wife of Abraham Yoider presents us with a large mystery. During our visit to the Courthouse we found nothing further on this couple, and no likely Abraham makes himself known in our Yoder records. Who can offer any clues to this mystery? Write the YNL..

Report fromThe Yoder Cemetery Clean-up

photo- Panorama of Old Yoder Cemetery-located in center of Zubek Mine, north of Brotherton, Pa

PHOTO- Right to left: Participants Bruce Yoder, Mayla and Mark Yoder and Morgan Dickey of Berlin, Jack Walker of Somerset, Tom Yoder of Coraopolis, Pa, Elwood Yoder and Miss Courtney Pryal of Friedens, and Christian Yoder of Clarksville, Tn. (Not pictured Harvey Yoder of Belleville, Chris Yoder of Battle Creek, MI )

We had a very productive clean-up day at the site of the Old Yoder Cemetery on the Zubek strip mine in Somerset County, Pa. This is the known site of burial for John (YR239) and wife Barbara Yoder (YR1251) and believed burial place of John's father "Schweitzer Christian". The volunteers raked, trimmed, cut, reset stones, and planted. Everyone was quite pleased with the result.
We discussed plans for the permanent marking of the site. Will initially save up for a brass marker mounted on a marble headstone. Have about $425 put aside or pledged at this point... a longer term objective agreed to (suggested by Army Band member Michael L. Yoder) was a vinyl fence...with prospects of making it's installation an Eagle scout project a couple years off.
Descendants particularly owe Bruce Yoder our gratitude. After returning home from WWII, he started work at the mine in time to prevent the cemetery from being stripped over. Later, in 1980, he called in the State Mine Inspector to document the cemetery and to insure it's boundaries are honored.
Thanks to contributors Gordon and Michael. Thanks also to Zubek, Inc. for their cooperation in assuring weekend access to the site. Send your contribution to this project to: Old Yoder Cemetery Project, c/o 203 Lakeshire Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

1998 Oley Yoder Reunion

On July 18, 1998, the Oley Yoder Association held their third annual family reunion at the Oley Fire House in Oley, Pennsylvania. Approximately 70 family members enjoyed the social/historical event highlighted by the abundance of socialization, family renewals and a review of "some of" the latest historical family research information.
The Oley Yoders are direct lineage of Johannas and Yost Joder, who as early as 1714 settled in the Oley Valley, Berks County. Descendants of Hans and Yost, established settlements throughout the Oley Valley, with the original family located in what is today called the village of Pleasantville.
The association has been actively devoted to the care and maintenance of the family cemetery (Pleasantville Union Cemetery). The reunion attendees visited the cemetery where both Hans and Yost are believed to be buried. The cemetery is also the location of the oldest Yoder tombstone in America (Daniel Yoder died 1747-OH14).
The days activities was accented by a presentation by Eleanor Trout Shaner, an executive committee member, who reviewed the origins of the Yoder family dating back to the 1500's, the religious persecution taking place at that time in Switzerland and the immigration of Hans and Yost to America. She discussed the tribulations and uncertainties of the boat trip across the Atlantic Ocean, their marriages in America and the ensuing land purchases in the Oley Valley region. Richard H. Yoder, the association's historian, showed slides of the land grants, map locations and subsequent purchases, homes and buildings, and cemetery burial locations of the early Yoder immigrants.
Joseph Yoder, president-elect, announced the Association's plans to host a "national level" reunion in the summer of 2001. Over 400 people attended the 1996 national Oley Yoder family reunion. Joe Yoder also presided as the auctioneer of a "white elephant sale", where proceeds were donated toward the cemetery maintenance fund.
The oldest individual attending the reunion activities was Maude Yoder Hoch, 86 years young, from Oley, with the youngest attendee, Rebekah Hymes, age 16, from Colorado. Rebekah is the granddaughter of Mary Jane Gofus.
The association meets regularly at the Old Historic Pleasantville Inn, Route 73 and Covered Bridge Road, in Pleasantville, throughout the year and encourage all who want to join us, write to the Oley Yoder Association, 415 State St., Pottstown, Pa. 19464 for the dates.
The fourth annual reunion will be held July 17, 1999. Details will follow in later issues of the YNL--plan now to attend--place the date on your '99 calendar.--submitted by Rich Yoder, President

Oley Yoders announce July 20, 2001 as the date of the next national reunion!!!

YODER COOKBOOK- Sorry for the Delay-- Still Collecting Recipes
Compiling recipes for the Yoder Cookbook continues. Printing date (final submission of recipes) is NOW targeting for the annual Oley Yoder Reunion scheduled for July 17, 1999. The Yoder Cookbook will he ready for distribution for the Christmas season '99. Details on ordering will appear in the next YNL. For those who haven't submitted your favorite recipe--so so now!! Send to: Alice Yoder, 433 Manor House Lane, Souderton, Pa. 18964-2802.

The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If
you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi 49015
Veronica (Francis) Yoder wife of Michael Denlinger. Was her father Henry of Daniel Yoder? Veronica b. c1680 d. c1735. Need information on Jacob, father of Michael Denlinger. Reply to: John Davis Jr, 10859 Racetrack Rd, Sonora, CA 95370-9431. (209) 533-2101.
Looking for info on Wiilliam Sherman Yoder and Dora Yoder who was adopted by a Percy family after their parents died. William was born in Turtle, Dent County, Mo in 1891. Reply to:craftpad@aol.com
M Patton 81-106 hwy 111 suite 4H-15 Indio Ca 92201
My Great Grandmother was Hannah Yoder (6/16/1841-12/9/1901) m. c1866 to Isaac Zellers (11/30/1838 Union Co, Pa-2/21/1902) lived near New Columbia, Union Co, Pa. Believed dau. of Benjamin Yoder of Union Co as of 1850 & 1860. Can anyone confirm this family? Reply to: William Zeller, 217 Brainard Ave., Fayetteville, NC 28301-3803.
Trying to locate information on my grandparents. Martin Yetter of Ill. and Nellie Huddelson of Pa. Only information that I have at this time. Donna Chaikin, 8110 Red Willow Drive, Austin, Tx 78736. E-mail address HMCDR8110@aol.com.
Barbara Yoder who married Jacob Stutsman. This couple are my wife's gggg-grandparents. We have found research on the Stutsman Family published in the March 1978 edition of the Franklin County (Arkansas) Historical Association OBSERVER. The article is written by Shirley P. Demere of Franklin County and details the decendents of Jacob and Barbara who she says were married in 1753 . Since we did not do the research and have not been able to speak to Mrs. Demere, we would be interested to know if you have information on Barbara Yoder and Jacob Stutsman. Do you know who her parents were? Any help would be appreciated. Ronnie Cox, 4700 Dean Place, Springdale, Arkansas 72764. Email: rlcox@dicksonstreet.com ************************************************************
Does your family have any additional information about OY16 Esther YODER? I have the date of her marriage to my gggg-grandfather Johannes CUNNIUS as 25 May 1790 but I lack the date/location of her birth and the date/location of her death or the location of their marriage. Gary Joiner, P.O. Box 823, Bentonville, AR 72712.
Looking for Miss Maria Yutter, born 1-19-1827; Wayne county, Ohio
married to Christian Clay. We have other info. we do not know parents etc. Larry Bentley <pbently@concentric.net> Lindon, UT
I'm looking for any information about Orie Gordan Yeater, Salem, West Virginia. Born 1890.
Melinda Harris, email: <brassyp@aol.com>odessa ,tx ************************************************************
I have been trying to find any information on my great- grandparents, Spencer Yoder (or possibly William Spencer Yoder) and his wife, Mary Chambers. Birthplace and date of birth for Spencer is not known. Mary Chambers was from Cameron, West Virginia, but birthdate is not known. Spencer was a farmer and raised his family in West Virginia, probably in Cameron. The only date I have is the birthdate of their daughter, my grandmother, Laura Yoder, born 2/24/1901 (followed by a sister, and a brother). Laura Yoder married Joseph Johson of Allison Park, PA in 1919. They ultimately raised their family in Rochester, PA. Sharon
Henry of 1812...in the "Roster of Ohio Soldiers in War of 1812"
Page 209-210 "Roll of Capt. Llewellyn Pierce's Company" (County unknown)--served from Aug. 29 until Sept. 9, 1812...under Lieut. Stephen Reeves and Sergt. John Messer..Private Henry Yoder.
(who is this Henry??)

The Yoders of North Carolina have reafirmed their plans to host a National Yoder reunion in August 2000...marking 50th anniversary of their North Carolina Yoder Reunions.
The Oley Valley Yoders announce their plans to host a national reunion on July 20, 2001.
Howard Yoder, 96, Weds Irene Stucky in Hesston
In a Valentines Day wedding, 1998, Howard Yoder, age 96, took as his bride Irene Stuckey, 73. Both are residents of Hesston, Ks. Howard grew up in Haven, Hutchinson, and Winfield, Ks. He spent more than 30 years in Latin America as a missionary for the Methodist Church, followed by nine years at the National Council of Churches in New York. His first wife, Helen, passed on in 1973.
---extracted from the Wichita Eagle, 2/13/1998.

Ancestry of Frances (Vroni) YODER (1685-1735) who m. sp. Michael DENLINGER (1680-1736)
Thanks to Mike Judd for submitting this reported ancestral line for Veronica Yoder, wife of Michael Denlinger and til now unlinked. Anyone who can confirm or support the lineage reported her, please contact the YNL with your information. Mike writes "I just refound a listing of early Yoders that had been sent by a correspondent on another family. She said it had been done "by a German now dead". I would appreciate it if anyone could comment on the following if it is a known listing or not." We suspect it may have been information shared by the late Karl Joder.

Peter YODER (ca 1260) sp. Verena MABEGGAR
Casper JODER (ca 1300) sp. Veronica TREYER (DEYER)
Ulli JODER (1340) sp. Elsi ZAUGG
Heini YODER (1365) sp. Leni GERWER
Jost YODER (1387) sp. Madlen SCHLUECHTER
Caspar JODER (1435) sp. Ana MEYER
Caspar JODER (1484) sp. Margret MOSER
Peter JODER (1538) sp. Trini EYMANN
Daniel JODER (1605)
Henry JODER (1645)
Frances (Vroni) YODER (1685-1735) sp. Michael DENLINGER
I would very much appreciate any feedback on the above lineage as to if it is proven and to what extent. Reply to: Mike Judd, 21623 Nesting Ct, Lutz, FL 33549 (Elaphe2 <Elaphe2@aol.com)

90+ Year Old Yoder Angler Wins Contest
-with Permission of "The Outdoorsman", Jul. 7, 1998
Wednesday, June 17th, George Yoder caught a 26.14 lb king salmon putting him in first place of that division in Wayne County's Grand Slam Derby. That is quite a large salmon to catch that early in the year, however more interesting than the fish itself is the "number game" associated with this Pennsylvania angler.
Yoder has been fishing Lake Ontario for over 20 years. This is a very impressive record. Now, aged 90 years old and you have an exceptional record. Was it mentioned that he fishes with his 92 year old wife, Mary, and his 68 year old son, Howard. I doubt that these numbers can be replicated anywhere.
The Yoders have won eight different prizes during the ESLO Derby days. They took grand prize in the 1989 Invitational Tournament of Champions, fish the LOC derby, and now are in quest of winning The Grand Slam. They ahve been fishing aboard Captain Mike Hausman's boat "Limit Catcher" for the past 17 years. "They fish approximately 5 or 6 times a year," Hausman said. "I expect them back in July, August, and September. I really enjoy taking them fishing."
The "young anglers" live in Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania and are ready to celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary this October. In those 69 years together they have fished in Alaska, Nova Scotia, Great Bear Lake, Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico, and their home state.
While not hunting and fishing the couple travel to Atlantic City to do some "dancing". This is a monthly ritual that keeps them in shape for derbies, like Wayne County's Grand Slam. The derby runs till September 7th and registrations are available at all area bait and tackle shops, or on-line at www.tourism.co.wayne.ny.us. The contest update page has a piucture of George and his 26-lb king.

39 People attend reunion of Yothers Family
The 74th Yothers Reunion was held June 7 at the Haycock Mennonite Church Grove with 39 people present.
Two distant cousins attended: carl and Elfrieda Yoder from Wilton, Conn. and Sterling N. Yoder from Norfolk, Va.
Hans Joder/John Yoder Sr. is the pioneer ancestor, born about 1680 in either Germany of Switzerland. In 1720, he bought 99 acres in Milford Township. Many of the Yoders in Bucks and Montgomery counties, and all the Yothers families are his descendants.
The following family members won prizes: Naomi Yothers, 93, of Souderton, was the oldest person present and 7 month old twin sons (Ryan and Gabriel) of Mr. and Mrs. Chad benner, Sellersville, were the youngest persons present.
New officers of the reunion are: President John M. Hunsberger, Perkasie; Vice President Lavern (Yothers) Benner, Perkasie; Secretary-Treasurer, Alverna Y. Hunsberger, Perkasie; and Historical secretary Zenta Benner, Perkasie.
The next reunion is set for the first Sunday in June 1999.
-NEWS-HERALD, Perkasie, Pa, Wednesday July 8, 1998

Dr. Gary Freeze, professor of history at Catawba College and author of a county history book commissioned by the local historical association, was keynote speaker at the 48th reunion of the Conrad Yoder descendnats held recently at Zion Lutheran Church in Hickory.
Dr. Freeze, who lives in Salisbury, discussed the arrival of Conrad Yoder in Catawba County along with Heinrich Weidner and other pioneer German settlers in the South Fork valley.
He said Col. George M. Yoder may have been the county's first historian as a carrier of traditions. Dr. Freeze described the 19th century scribe as a chronicler of stories passed down from earlier generations.
A county commissioner, surveyor, justice of the peace and county coroner, among other duties, Col. Yoder inspired a grandson, Fred Roy Yoder, to research and write a history of the N.C. Yoder family.
The reunion included a memorial service honoring family members who died in the past year and exhibits including a rare German Bible of immigrant Conrad Yoder. Also on exhibit were surveying instruments and other items belonging to Col. Yoder and Enloe M. Yoder, along with papers and other documents from the collections of Lee Yoder of Newton and Ted Yoder and Louie Baker of Hickory.
Several couples were honored for having celebrated 50 years of marriage and others were honored as newlyweds.
Officers were elected for the next three years. Willie A. (Bill) Yoder, president; Regina Yoder Hoyle, vice president; Rhoda Maynard Yoder, treasurer; and Neal D. Wilfong, secretary.
Ted M. Yoder will continue to serve as special assistant to the president and Rachel Hahn Kennedy, this year's president, will chair a committee to hold a national convention of the Yoder families in the year 2000.
-The Hickory (NC) News/Thursday, August 20, 1998

The Newport News, VA community is re-mounting the "folk opera" PIECED TOGETHER, based on a hundred years of Mennonite history in the area, in the preserved structure called the YODER BARN, November 6, 7, 8, and 13, 14, 15, 1998. For tickets or more information, call Christine Yoder at (757) 249.4187

3rd Annual House of Yoder Meeting in November

The third annual meeting of the House of Yoder will be held at Penn Alps in Grantsville, Maryland on Saturday, November 14, 1998 from 10:00 a.m. through mid-afternoon. Agenda items include: sharing a brunch at the Penn Alps Restaurant, a tour of the Yoder House under construction, a business meeting and input from our guest speaker, Virgil Yoder. According to the Yoder Newsletter web site, Yoder is noted for his "well-researched, wonderfully photographed, and exceptionally scripted slide show of Yoder Heritage in the old world.". Construction on the Yoder House continues with a goal of having it under roof by late fall. For further information, contact Lonnie Yoder, Publicity/Membership Coordinator, Yoder House Project, 1066 Smith Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, 540-432-6467, ltby@shentel.net.

REUBEN YODER FAMILY BOOKLET FREE! (To contributors of $25 or more to the Old Yoder Cemetery Project. (See page 6 article). Reuben, (YR2337a, DJH3841) (1831-1912) was an early collector of Yoder genealogy. Send your contribution to this project to: Old Yoder Cemetery Project, c/o 203 Lakeshire Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Opal West , Oct. 24, 1997, Savannah,MO (Con31a4 Line...
January 1986 letter from Ms. West:
"Cause of Conrad Yoder's Death" (Con31) "When my father, Albert Conrad Yoder (1877-1957) was a baby, Conrad Yoder (1793-1879) his grandfather, came from the barn with a rat, he had caught in a trap, to show my father. The rat bit him, and a short time later he died from the infection caused by the bite."
Cleo D. Yoder , died Sep. 22, 1997. Raytown,MO (YNL reader #58)
Theodore O. Yoder, Feb. 18,1998- 3 days short of his 93rd birthday, Pueblo, Colorado (A leader of the Dennis P. (YR251246) and
Pearl Fay (Bertram) Yoder family reunions)
Harry B. Yoders, Jun. 8, 1998, Waynesburg, Pa (Jacob Yoders family)
Rev. Harry Walter Yoder,(Belated), Feb. 16, 1995- An active genealogist, early YNL supporter and publisher of info about
YR23493-John P Yoder (3/31/1837 SP-1/8/1917 Vistula EI)

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