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Melchior Yoder Line
In Ohio, Indiana and Montana

(Photo - Stone of Melchior Yotter (1799-1859) (M31) Claypool, Indiana)

Over a period of years, the poorly documented Melchior Yoder family has been slowly revealing itself in a variety of ways. The most noteworthy of these was the confirmation that the "Y-o-d-e-r-s" line of southwestern Pennsylvania (unique in that spelling from any others in the world), was the off-spring of Melchior's second son Jacob, a potter. (See YNL 24, 26, and 29). His immediate family group follows:

M- Melchior Yoder (c1735 Gmy/Switz.-c1822 in then Union
County,Pa). Carpenter. m. c1764 in Philadelphia County, PA to Anna
Godshalk (born c1739 in Towamenicin Township, Philadelphia
County, PA; d/o Godshalch Godshalk and his wife, Eve Custer - d.
1786). Naturalized 11/17/1765 at Perquioming, Hatfield Township,
Philadelphia County in 1774-1782 when he moved to Limerick
Township where he was taxed through 1796; bought land in Penn
Township, Snyder County, PA, 1796; taxed for 350 acres in 1799;
carpenter. Will probated May 1822.
M1- John Yoder (11/27/1768-10/20/1833) m 11/14/1790 A.
Catherine Hart (Hert/Hirt) (4/17/1769-1843) both bur. Rush Cemetery,
Globe Mills, PA. , a weaver.
M2- Jacob Yoders (c1770-1/10/1845) m. Elizabeth ______ (1771-
2/6/1845) both bur. Amity, Washington Co.,PA.
M3- Benjamin b. ca1773 (see below)
M4- Henry Yoder b. c1775 m. Catherine Seidel (c1776-.2/19/1831)
(Catherine was bur. Laurelton Cem. at Laurel Run) Weaver.
M5- Melchior Jr b. ca1777 (see below)
M6- J. Peter Yoder (1780 Phila. Co., Pa-4/15/1856) Peter buried in
Immanuel Lutheran Cem.,Thompsontown, Pa-
M7- female b. 1774-84

Melchior's sons John and Peter lived in Pennsylvania. Son Henry had a wife Catherine Seidel who died in 1831 and is buried in Laurelton....but we have not yet discovered what became of Henry himself. With a recent discovery in Indiana by Mrs. Helen Caraveo, however, and more data gleaned from the Ohio Historical Society archives, we now feel ready to present partial pictures of what became of Benjamin and Melchior Jr and their families.

Benjamin, listed as Melchior's third son above, died young.... probably by 11/15/1801. In the 1800 census, he is shown as "Benjamin Youter", living in Northumberland Co, Pa., married, with one son under 10 years of age. His will was probated on 30 November 1804, and it showed him as a resident of Penn Township, Snyder County (part of Northumberland County from 1772-1813). Survivors were his wife: Elizabeth, and children Melchior, Catherine, Elizabeth, all under 14. Mathias Schoch was appointed guardian for the young children.

The name "Melchior" is a very rare one among the Yoder line(only known to have been used three times in the U.S. and found once in Alsace). It is thanks to this uniqueness that we have been able to track the movement of Melchior Jr. (M5) and also of Melchior (M31), son of Benjamin, on into Ohio. I'll use their numbers to try make clear in the text which one I'm talking about.

Melchior Jr. (M5) is listed in the 1810 Northumberland County, Pa. census, age 26 to 45, with a wife and one son under 10 years of age. In 1816, he is listed as one of the legates in the will of his uncle Jacob Yoder, bachelor of Centre Twp, Union County, Pa. He is gone from that county by the 1820 census. The History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio , page 302, tells of an early settler to Washington Township, Pickaway Co., Ohio named "George Heise". At the age of 17 he came from Pennsylvania in 1818, "driving the team of Mahlon Yetter and family", who also settled in the township. Interestingly enough, there was no "Mahlon Yetter", but the 1819 tax record for the township shows the addition of "Melher Yoder"....obviously the same person.

The 1820 listings shows two entries for Melchor Yoder...one for a 41 acre plot, the second for a 25 acre plot with the occupation "taylor" written beside Melchor's name. Dual Melchor Yoders appear up through 1829. In that year the name is spelled "Yotter" and the property owners are listed as Melchor Yotter with 1 horse and 4 cattle, and the other Melchor Yotter , this time shown as "Jr ", with 2 cattle.
It was not clear from the 1829 record which one relates to the 41 acre plot, and which to the 25 acre plot, but it would seem that a tradesman (the taylor) would need less livestock than a farmer.

Early marriage records for Pickaway County show:
-May 20, 1819, Catherine Yoder m. Andrew Dill
-Jan. 22, 1826, Melchor Yoeder m. Catherine Pontious.
-Feb. 24, 1828, Martha Yoeder m. Daniel Somers

The "Melchior Yeoder" in this marriage list is known to have been was born in 1799, and therefore matches the son of Benjamin (M31). Catherine matches the name and approximate age of one of his known sisters. The identity of Martha is in question...she could have been the other sister (listed as "Elizabeth" in the estate of Benjamin) or an unrecorded daughter of Melchior Jr. The Pontius family had come to Washington Township from Centre County, Pa in 1806.

Index entries show that in 1829, an executors bond was recorded in Pickaway County, for a "Melchior Yoder". Letters to the county courthouse have not succeeded in locating the details of this record. It is certain that this was the senior of the two Melchior Yoders (M5). The 1830 Pickaway County Census, shows his widow Catherine Yoder, age 40-50, with only a girl in the household age 5 to 10, on page 41 in Washington Township. On page 46, the younger Melchior Yoder (M31) is listed, age 20 to 30, with one son and one daughter under 10. Tax records for Washington Twp in 1830 show "Melchor Yodder" with 41 acres (apparently the farmer vs the Tailor). Just then, the closing bell rang at the Ohio Historical Society, so there is obviously more to work out here. What became of the widow Catherine, we don't yet know...Nor do we know if she and her husband had any children of their own. The executors bond, if ever found will be invaluable in working this out.

We do know, however, that in 1833 Melchior Yotter (M31) bought land in Seneca County, Ohio--about 115 miles to the north:

History of Seneca County, Ohio, Original Land Entries of Adams Township, page 1065:
Melchior Yotter, s.w. 1/4 s.w. 1/4 sec.21, Jan. 25, 1833.
Melchior Yotter, s.e. 1/4 s.e. 1/4 sec. 20, March 25, 1833.

Members of the Pontius family had moved there several years before, and perhaps this link to his wife's family was the attraction that took them north.

In 1840, Melchior is recorded (age 40-50) in Adams Twp, Seneca Co, with wife (age 30-40) a son and daughter (between 10 and 15), another son and daughter (between 5 and 10), and another son under 5. Their children came to adulthood and several married while in Seneca County. They apparently were members of the Coffman
Methodist Episcopal Church in Adams Township, as several grandchildren who died as infants were buried there. On May 17, 1858, "M. Yotter" sold his two tracts of 40 acres each for $980 and $1300 respectively. On the same day, "C. Yotter" sold another 40 acre tract for $1300 (perhaps his wife Catherine selling an inheritance). On Nov. 3 of the same year, their son John Yotter sold the 80 acres he had purchased 7 years previously for $2300.

The family moved on to Kosciusko County, Indiana, settling in Claypool Township. "Melcher Yotter" wrote his will on November 13, 1858 -naming sons John and Jacob executors, mentioning wife Catherine and "two youngest sons Henry and George". Just four months later, he died on 28 March 1859 (age 60y 3m 25d) and was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, State Route 15, 15 miles north of Claypool, in Row 8, Lot 6.

Widow Catherine survived him by many years. She is seen in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 Censuses of Kosciusko County, and in 1886 tax assessment list. In 1860 Census, 72 year old Susann Pontius (her mother perhaps?), resided with her. Catherine died Jun. 2, 1892, age 84y 7m 1d, and is buried with her husband.

Their family group is outlined as follows:

M31- Melchior Yotter (3/28/1799 perhaps in Penn Township, Snyder County, PA.3/28/1859) m. 1/26/1826 Pickaway Co, Oh. to Catherine Pontius (born 11/2/1807 - died 6/2/1892). All children b. Ohio.
M311- John Yotter (1827 Pickaway Co, Ohio-1881 Kosciusko Co,In) m. 1/23/1849 in Seneca County, Ohio by Nicholas Noel to Elizabeth Beigh (March 1830 Pa->1900) Had three children buried in the Coffman Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Adams Township, Seneca County, Ohio; 2 sons and a daughter of J. & E. Yotter died 1854-1855. John's will dated 6/24/1881 names John of Silver Lake, wife Elizabeth, and daughters Mary (Hill), Adaline (Lowry) and Ella Yotter.
M312- daughter born 1825-1830.
M313- Susanah born 1830-1835. m. 3/20/1856 in Seneca County, Ohio by Wm. Jones, MG to Anthony HUBER
M314- Jacob Yotter (8/13/1836 Seneca Co, Oh-1/27/1860 consumption age 37y 5m 9 days, Kosciusko Co, In) m. 10/11/1855 in Seneca County, Ohio by Michael Long, M.G. to Amanda Frances Williams (7/14/1835 Oh-11/24/1874 in Ohio age 39y 4m 10d). Both interred at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Had children Jasper, b. 9/20/1857 and Martha, b. c1859. On the death of both parents, their uncle Cyrus Williams was named guardian in 1878.
M315- Henry (1840-6/4/1872 age 32y 2m 26d). Remained single. Interred in Row 6, Lot 7, Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, beside his brother Jacob.
M316- George W. Yotter (10/-/1841 Oh- ) m. Esther Jane ___ (6/- /1841- )

-----Mt. Pleasant Church and Cemetery, north of Claypool, In.
-----M314- Jacob Yotter (1836-1860) taken in Tifflin, Ohio
-----M315- Henry Yotter
-----Amanda Frances Williams Yotter
-----Jasper Yotter (1857-1939) wife Margaret M. Shobe, and children Thaddeus Rollin and Frances Catherine in Warsaw,IN.

Jasper Yotter, son of Jacob, married Margaret Shobe in 1880. He moved to Montana in 1889 and engaged in mining at several locations. In 1919 he moved to Whitehall and became a prominent businessman there, along with his son Rollin. He formed community bands in both Claypool and Whitehall, and was active in his church...serving as choir director and Sunday School superintendent when in Indiana. He remained in Whitehall until his death in 1932.

(Thanks to Helen Caraveo for the photographs of Jacob and Jasper Yotter.

Who Was "Schweitzer Christian" Yoder (YR23)

Have you ever looked back at your family tree and wondered what kind of person an immigrant ancestor may have been? Well, here's your chance to meet one of them through the wonders of handwriting analysis! In YNL 14, we published the following note, found on a small scrap of paper among the pages of an Amish family's old Martyrs Mirror:

The English, as translated by Leroy Beachy said:

"Our brother Menno Simons died in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1561 on the 31st of January in Westenfelde and is buried there. So it is from that - time to the present 1809, the 31st of January, 248 years. But according to the old time, I think. --------------------------------------------- Christian Yoder, the old."

Of the several Christian Yoder's around in 1809, YR23 (Known as "Schweitzer Christian") appeared the almost certain author for several reasons. Christian (YR23) would have been over 80 at this time, and it is known that he had played a respected and leading role in the Amish church for many years. The text was interesting, in itself, but recently we provided a copy to a well respected authority in handwriting analysis, Mr. Malcom Sadler. Mr. Sadler, who reads no German, was told nothing about the writer. His personality assessment, made directly from features revealed in the handwriting itself is as follows:

"EMOTIONS: The writer of this specimen is a person who is inclined to be very impulsive, but all indications point toward him keeping his emotions well under control most of the time. He drives himself extremely hard and may tire before the day ends because he uses so much energy on every project. He likes good times, excitement, travel, and all good things that pertains to his social life which I would not mention. There are indications that this person likes rich food that is highly seasoned and may be a little ale to put in his tank in case he or she might run into a virus.

"FEELINGS: His feelings are deep and enduring and life experiences are written upon his personality.

"MENTAL: In dealing with this writer's mental capacity I find him to be sharp as a tack. He is very analytical and has the capacity of sifting facts and selecting essentials. (I do not know what sex I am dealing with...since we cannot tell from the writing...so in this case I assume this is a man). He has a good memory and pays close attention to small details. His writing points to an inquiring mind, along with an interest in new things. His thinking appears to be careful and he has the capacity to change from one thought to another with ease and rapidity. His mind works like a smooth transmission in a new automobile. With fluidity in speech and deed he has the ability to adjust to a group or situation.

"IMAGINATION: In the abstract fields of imagination (Philosophical, Theoretical and spiritual fields) this author appears to have roamed these hills in search for many of his answers. In the material field he searched, but according to his writing he did not bring much to reality.

"FORCES TO ACHIEVE: From what I can see, this writer set his goals rather high. He enjoyed and planned for distant things, feeling thatwhat he wished for in life was worth working and waiting for. His will power was rather strong and enduring. In all likelihood, it would take many obstacles to discourage him once he made up his mind. His determination was a ladder to success, and he felt when you stop climbing your only way was down. This writer was very aggressive and with his persistent nature he indicated he wanted to go on repeating his effort to gain his objective.

"FEARS: In dealing with his fears I feel he had a desire for attention, or a flair for doing things in a manner that focuses attention to himself. Another fear this writer had was a fear of being left out, and this may be a need to excel over others or a fear of being rejected. We definitely know he was jealous. And there is repression. Repression is when we have rejected from your conscious mind unhappy incidents, thoughts, memories and feelings, thereby curbing our ability to be freely self-expressive. This writer had a fear of expressing his undesired feelings and they were buried in his unconscious mind, fear of expressing them caused him to repress them.

"DEFENSE: In his defenses this writer had the ability to communicate with ease and this helps him swing others to his point of view. Objections would seem to melt before his smooth flow of well-chosen phrases. Also, this writer had a little temper that tended to sputter and that drives people away. A poor defense since it exposes a prime weakness.

"INTEGRITY: This writer has many characteristics that display his integrity. He is very zealous and determined in whatever he undertakes to do. He has a straight forward approach to matters that concern him and generous toward others in a controlled way. He is very stable and this is supported by his dignity and poise. There are indications of his understandings and appreciations in fine arts of life and this is a contributing force to his social life.

"COMMENTS: There is no doubt that this person had much going for himself. He had strong determination, goals set rather high, very persistent, rhythm stable, will power strong and with that high powered emotional engine to drive him, success was bound to have been his destination."

George Yoder of Venango County
Origins Confirmed

In YNL 29, we published information received in the last century by a North Carolina Yoder researcher. Col. George M. Yoder corresponded with William L. Yoder (OY4246) (1830-1900) of "Matatawny City, Pa". William was the son of Daniel Yoder (1789-1871), a tanner, who married Mary LaRosa. William L. spoke of his father's brothers: Benjamin who was said to have settled in Columbia County, Pa. ; and George who settled in "Orange County", Pa. In that article we pointed out that there is no "Orange County" in Pennsylvania, but that a handscribed version of "Venango" County could easily be read as close to "Orange" as you could get in any county names of the state. Add to that a mystery who George Yoder (1800-1872) lived in Venango with his wife Margaret....and we felt the case was strong that he was the man in question.

Thanks to Richard H. Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pa. we now have added information which we believe further establishes the connection. The father of Daniel, Benjamin and George was Peter Yoder (OY42), also know as "Irish Pete". He was a grandson of immigrant Yost Yoder, through son Jacob who married Maria Keim. Peter is said to have been a farmer, a merchant and a hotel keeper. He married Anna (Nancy) Oyster, Aug. 17, 1784. At the time of his death in 1817, he owned two tracts of property in Pike Township, Berks County- one of 156 acres, and another of 51 acres. The Orphans court record dated January 1818, cited widow Anna and listed son George as a minor at that time.

Richard H. Yoder reports that later land records showed that Anna owned property in Columbia County directly beside her son George. Columbia County Deed Book, No. 4, page 338, 15 May 1820 shows Sabastian FOUST & wife Elizabeth of Albany Twp, Berks Co, deeding property to George Yoder ---messuage & tract in Catawissa Twp. containing 152 1/2 acres, beginning at a corner of Nancy Yoder's land. "in and out of 5 equal and undivided thirteenth parts, parts of 800 acres of land in Schuylkill Co. which were taken up in the name of Conrad Martz and George Flower---patent dated 4 Jan 1788 and coveyed unto a certain Jacob FOUST as in and by said patent enrolled in the Rolls office for the state of Pa. in Pat. Bk #12 pages 90 & 91---. Relation being thereunto had more fully at large appear Whereas the said Jacob Foust being so seized and possessed thereof died intestate leaving 14 children one of who died intestate and without issue and whereas five of the children of the said Jacob Foust deceased in and by their several duty executed did grant and convey unto Sabistain Foust and to his heirs---and the said Sabistain Foust and Elizabeth his wife by their deed of Indenture bearing date of 15 April 1820 did convey the above mentioned 5/13 of the 800 acres of land in Schuylkill Co. aforesaid (inter alia) unto George Yoder---recited indenture recorded at Danville in the office for recording deeds in and for Columbia Co. in the Deed Book D pages 338,339". According to Richard, there is no such Deed Book in Columbia Co, nor is there any entry in their Grantor/Grantee index books.

In the 1820 census, George "Yitter" (age 16-26) is shown living in Hemlock Township, Columbia County, Pa with his wife and one son under 10 years of age.

Deed Book 4, page 521 11 Apr 1826 shows George Yoder and Ab. Strohm--Adm. of Ann Yoder deceased to James Pantacost 29 1/2 acres---It being the same tract, from the estate of Jacob Foust. Abraham Strohm was married to Elizabeth, daughter of Peter and Anna. George sold part of the above property to James Pantecost DB 4-521 11 Apr 1826 and part of it Jacob Shulze DB 5-511 on 5 April 1828. (NOTE: Northumberland County was established in 1772, Schuylkill in 1811, and Columbia Co in 1813.)

By 1830, George disappeared from Columbia, but George "Yeoters" of the same age, with a matching son over 10 years (and other children) shows up in Venango Co, Cherry Twp. In 1840 we see this fellow in "Sugar Creek Twp"(as "Yoder"), and in 1850 (as "Yoter") and 1860 we see him in Oakland Twp. In the later two censuses, we also see the name of his wife...Margaret. Alice E. Morrison of the Venango County Genealogy Club writes that the German migration to Oakland Twp came from Berks and Center Counties, and this also matches George's origin. George Yoter died on 3/12/1872 at the age of 71y 5m 11d and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Dempseytown, Pa, Venango County.

In February of this year, the YNL was contacted over the internet by Charles and Jill Ferguson of Denver, Colorado. These folks are the first we've ever run into who are descended from this George. They have added to the record the name of George's wife..."Margaret Shickel" based on the death certificate of his daughter Sarah Yoter Benninghoff, who died in 1909 in Mercer Co, Pa. They also contributed the sketch of George's son Elias Yoter's farm (shown above). They cite a Jacob Shickel, 1820 & 1830 censuses, in Columbia county, Hemlock Twp. In 1820, he is next door to George Yoder, and they speculate he may have been Margaret's father.

Here is George's family group as best as we have been able to establish it at this point:

OY426- George Yoter (Yoder) b c 10/1/1800 PA m Margaret (Peggy) Shickel (c1793 or 1800- ) d 3/12/1872 age 71y 5m 11d buried Oakland Cemetery, in Dempseytown, Venango County, Pa. farmer.(References: Elias's Veterans pension; Venango Genealogical Society, Elissa M. Stuttler-'97) (Will dated 2/16/1872, recorded 3/25/1872 for George Yoter, Oakland Twp. Lists wife Margaret, son Elias, gd Mrs.Sarah Ann Carter, son William, and daughter Sarah Bennyhoof)
OY4261- male b 1815-20 (William-living in1872-?? pos. 1850 Lawrence Co, Pa; & William Yoter b. 5/-/1819 Pa -1900 Gage Co.,Nebraska)("granddaughter"- d/o
OY4261?- Sarah Ann b 3/7/1846 m 1/3/1867 Thomas Theodore Carter d 1918 bur Bethel Meth Church Cem, Oakland Twp, Venango Co (Marriage Reference "Venango Spectator"
1/11/1867- cited husband's name as John W. Carter-both of Oakland)
OY4262- male b 1820-25
OY4263- Sarah (3/3/1822-8/7/1909) m. Charles Benninghoff Resided in Venango Co, Pa,Arcola, Il , and Mercer Co, Pa
OY4264- male b 1825-30 (Thomas b c1832 d 7/12/1854 age 22 on Salmon River, CA of
congestion of the bowels-(Per Venango Spectator Tobias Yoter d.7/12/1854 age 21))
+OY4265- male b 1830-35 Elias b 1836

OY4265- Elias Yoder (10/1/1836-2/28/1905 Florence, Co-reportedly drowned) m 4/11/1860 (or 4/16/1862) Dempseytown, PA by Rev Jacob Weikel to Mary A Weikel (c1838-6/8/1899 age 61 Florence,Co) moved to Florence c1895, res Galloway, Sugar Creek Twp in 1880 (Venango Deed book 105, page 110 from Elias Yoter and Mary A. Yoter, his wife, of Sugarcreek Twp., received title to this land by will).(No will recorded for Margaret in Venango) Farmer
OY42651- Ella V b 12/3/1866 m J G Johnston res 1880 Galloway,Venango Co, PA, res. Florence, Col. at time of father's death)
OY42652- Maud Phipps Yoter ( -1/24/1881 age 11 months)"d/o Elias Yoter"

Elias Yoter served in the Civil War, enlisting as a private at Franklin, Pa. on Oct. 6, 1862 in "Co. A Unattached Pennsylvania Militia" and . "Guthries Ind B Co". He was discharged at Harrisburg on Jul. 23, 1863. He applied for a disability pension in 1895 while living in Colorado.

--------------------(signature of Elias Yoter)

Sketch of Elias Yoter Farm - From History of Venango County Pennsylvania- 1879 by J. A.Caldwell, Columbus, Ohio


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CORRECTION TO YNL 32: "Johannes" vs "Zanneh"- On page 2 of YNL 32, we presented an on YR251118, with the bible record provided by Joseph T. Yoder of Federal Way, Washington. We included an annotation which deciphered the German script as saying
"Zanneh"--thanks to Rachel Kreider for correcting our interpretation of this script---it really says "Johannes".
Moses Yoder and Eliza Mullen (YR2393)
Canadian Yoder Cousins

(Picture of gravestone)

Thanks to David Luthy of the Heritage Historical Library, Aylmer, Ontario, for sharing this photograph of the gravestone of Moses Yoder and his wife. Moses (YR2393 and DBH318), was the son of the John and Barbara Yoder mentioned in the Somerset County, Pa. cemetery clean-up appearing elsewhere in this issue.

Moses (1799-1880) and his wife are buried in the Springfield Cemetery, which is 5 miles north of Aylmer. According to a Centennial article appearing in the June 15, 1977 issue of the Aylmer Express, Springfield got it's name from the fact that the original buildings were in a field in which there were a number of springs. The
name was reportedly proposed when Moses owned the farm by his daughter Susanna (Mrs. Jehill Mann). At Moses' death, the property passed his son John (1835-1890) who operated the "Cloverly Apiary" and a well equipped cheese factory.
For information on the Heritage Historical Library, write:
David Luthy, Route 4, Aylmer, Ontario, N5H 2R3.

West Virginia Yoder Update

Thanks to Connie Mosteller (email:Mikconmost@aol.com) for the update on this family:

Con392-Calvin E. (A.) Yoder b. 6/26/1836 Hickory, Catawba Co., NC m. 10/13/1867 Hickory, Ctwb., NC. Sara Fulbright (5/22/1838-8/4/1919 (or 8/4/1918-per C.M.) d. 1/19/1909 St.Albans, Kanawha Co., WV both bur. Mosteller/Yoder Cem. Tornado, Kanawha Co.,WV ("take Coal River Rd from St Albans to Fallis Creek Rd, go 1 mile turn right on gravel Rd) Civil War- Co D, 36th VA Inf (Connie Mosteller-9/98)
Con3921 Martin Alonzo b.4/12/1867 Hickory, Ctwb., NC d. 5/15/1953 Tornado, Kan., WV Buried Most./Yod. Cem. Tornado, Kan.,WV m. Jane Elizabeth Mosteller (1872-1942)
Con3922 Fidelia (Delle/Delia) b. 8/13/1870 d. 6/19/1924 Tornado, Kan., WV bur.Most/Yod Cem. m. Michael E. Mosteller m.8/7/1887 Lin. Co., NC
Con3923 Mary E. b. 5/18/1872 d. 1920 bur. Wood/Oxley Cem., Browns Ck., S.A.,Kan.,Wv m. Julius Robert Smith
Con3924 Ida E. b. 4/12/1874 d. 3/10/1942 bur. Mt.Tabor Church of God Cem. S.A.,Kan.,WV m. William I. Hall
Con3925 Thomas Alexander b. 4/19/1877 d. 1962 Tornado, Kan. Co., WV m. Delia Butcher (1881-1939) (gfather of Eloise Nicholls, Box 527, Whitesville,WV 25209)
Con3926 Minty Mae b. 4/16/1897 d. 9/?/1947 Kan. Co., WV bur. Cunningham Cem., S.A., Kan. Co.,WV m. A.H. Lambert

NOTE: two other Yoders at this Cemetery- Elizabeth Yoder
(4/8/1831- 7/16/1919) and Martha Yoder (3/3/1841)- unknown

The Pennsylvania Gazette-July 9, 1747

"Philadelphia, July 9. 1747. RUN away the 5th of this instant,from John Yoder, of Oley township, Philadelphia county, two Irish servant men; the one named Daniel Donahew, about 40 years of age, of middling size, long thin visage, much pock
mark, has a large scar on his left cheek, and another on his neck, black hair, if not cut off, by trade a miller. Had on when he went away, a felt hat, homespun shirt, a light brown linsey jacket, with brass buttons, two trowsers, yarn
stockings, and half worn shoes. The other names Thomas Lynch, about 20 years of age, well set, much freckled in his face, black hair, if not cut off. Had on when he went away, a chestnut colourlinsey jacket, a fine hat, an ozenbrigs shirt, tow trowsers, and new shoes. They took some other cloaths with them. and perhaps may change those describ above. Whoever takes up and brings the said servants to their master, or secures them in any goal, so that he may have them again, shall have THREE PISTOLES reward for each, and reasonable charges, paid by JOHN YODER."

(Thks to Jeff Reimert <JREIMERT@landata.com> for sharing this)

YODER Homepage Featured in Steffisburg PubLICATION


The "Burger-Post der Burgergemeinde Steffisburg" highlighted our Yoder Newsletter homepage and its internet address (www.yodernewsletter.org) in the November 1998 issue.

In September, we placed a "counter" on the homepage, and we're proud to say that by early February, we had already been visited over 4,100 times!
Letters to the Editor

Dear YNL,
..my immigrant ancestor Johannes Yoder (3/11/1795- 4/28/1878) m. Mary Schmucker. There is some local information that his sister Barbara married his wifes brother Daniel Schmucker. After Daniel died in 1834, she immigrated in 1835. Her children then married local Swiss families.
The Berne Witness obituary of my great-grandfather Jacob (3/26/1828-11/4/1904) (son of Johannes) gave his place of birth as Altkirk, Alsace.
This last Sept. I was privledged to be on the Swiss Mennonite heritage tour with escort Delbert Gratz. We had more people on the tour with Yoder ancestry than any other name. We were not sure the bus would make it up the windy road to the St. Yoder Chapel as the electric fencing for the animals was close to the road and when the bus made some of the turns the fencing was close. After some backing up we made it OK.--Car R. Yoder, Berne, In

To The Editor,
A big thank you for making it easier to find family and history. I first got into my search in Feb of this year, a novice and very "green." Now I have located 3 first cousins, and about 6 second cousins. I know my heritage back to the 1600's and have learned where I come from. My dad, James Allen Yoder ran away from PA as a teen and never went back or talked about his family. I didn't know what it meant to be a Yoder. Now I count myself lucky to be among your numbers. I plan on attending the National reunion and look forward to hearing more about it. -- Jaydine Yoder-Knight

The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no
charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All
inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If
you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files.
Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi
49015 or email at 75757.3371@compuserve.com.
Looking for information on Hannah Yoder (6/16/1841-12/9/1901) m.
c1866 to Isaac Zellers (11/30/1838 Union Co, Pa-2/21/1902) resided
near New Columbia, Union Co, Pa. Was the daughter of Benjamin
Yoder and his wife Hannah (? the same who married Hannah Klein in
1825, near Reading) (see Yoder unlinked, code "BX").Isaac was
buried in Forest Hill Cemetery. Don't know where Hanna was buried.
Reply to address is: Bill Zeller, 217 Brainard Ave., Fayetteville, NC.,
28301 at: peterzel@foto.infi.net
I've just started researching my family and have very little
information. My father was Lewis Ernest (nee Ernestus) Yoder, born
in 1915. He had a brother Harry Leroy Yoder. His father was Robert
Kinderdine Yoder and his mother was Gertrude Hoffman. His
grandfather was Lewis M. Yoder and came from Germany. That is all
I have. Can anyone help me? My address is: Jerrie Yoder Stover,
2327 Hill Ave., Middletown, Ohio 45044 <Classy@chatnet.com>
I'm looking for any information about David Yoder born in Miami
Co., OH, Sept. 19, 1845. He died March 12, 1908. His wife was
Caroline Dickey Yoder, born Darke Co., OH, May 29, 1852, Died
March 20, 1909. Their son David Benson (Benjamin) Yoder born
Oct. 10, 1887, Darke Co. OH, died Aug 15, 1971. Any help in further
family history would be greatly appreciated. Also would love to hear
from cousins. "AV2" - David B. I think was my grandfather. Reply to:
Ron Yoder, P.O.Box 602, Brighton, MO 65617-0602
My family has kept no written records over the past 2 or 3
generations. My grandmother was Edna Yoder, was born around
Franklin, PA. Married Lee Fry and had her first child at the age of 13
on June 10, 1929. Had 8 more children over the next 23 years. She
had several brothers and sisters on farms in the Franklin area. Names
I remember are "Skin", "Baldy", "Red", and "Aunt Orie" who loved
baseball and who's husband enjoyed magic as a hobby. Not sure these
people were my grandmother's siblings or my grandfather's, but I think
they were Yoders. One lived on a farm called "River Bend", located
on a river outside of Franklin. My great grandfather Yoder died
sometime between 1954 and 1959. My mother's name was Helen
Lorraine Fry Carpenter and was born at home June 10,1929. She then
spent 5 years in a foundling home before my grandparents brought
her home again. Her siblings were Peggy Fry Ennis, Virginia ?,
Willie Fry, Patricia Weaver, James and Robert (twins) Fry, Thomas
Fry, and Richard K. Fry. Please reply to: Nancy Carpenter Newman,
5326 Institute Lane, Houston, TX 77005 -
e-mail address: pegnew34@aol.com
YB13942- Joseph Detweiler Yoder--Anyone with connections to this
family line I would like to talk to. I believe that Anna E. who married
Morris Freed is our Anna Yoder Freed we were looking for. Her Son -
Harold Yoder Freed Birth: 8 Jan 1915 PA Death: 1 Dec 1989 Ogden,
Utah Was in the Military WW. Mrs. Walker, PO Box 160062,
Clearfield,UT. 84016-0062 <Babejem@aol.com>
Claire/Clara Jane YODER born 23 June 1862 at ???. She was married
to John Frederick FABEL/FABLE on 06 Dec 1881 in Liberty, Tioga
Co., PA. She died 04 Dec 1885. Their children were:
Sarah Catherine born 1882; Anna Amelia born 1885. Who were
Claire/Clara's parents? Ola M. Santoni, 9745 Enniskeen Ave., Las
Vegas, NV 89129-8004 - osantoni@sprintmail.com
What was the ancestry of Jacob Yotter (1837-1899) who married Anna
Maria Fulmer of Freemansburg, Pa? Jacob was a "boatman" , served in
the Civil War, and was the son of a John Yotter and his wife Sarah
(unlinked "A"). Linda J. Etters, 2505 N. Eagle Valley Rd., Howard,
PA 16841, 814-355-8820, Betta1942@aol.com
My connection to the Yoder line begins with John Christian Yoder
(1895-1989) when he married Lulu Henrietta Shaffer. I have record of
only one child, John Landis, who married Gwen Youngworth. J.
Christian & Lulu were buried in Harrisburg. I would like to know
anything else about this family that I could. Deborah Eater, 164 North
Turn Lane, Levittown, PA 19054, debeater@netreach.net
Does anyone know of a John Yoder, son of Samuel, who lived to be at
least 90 years old? He may have lived Union Co, PA or Berks Co.
John was listed in his father's will as having children Samuel &
Henry. He might have had the birthday of 21 May 1809. He would
have been a sibling of my grgr-grm who was Hannah (Yoder) Guyer
(c1829-1891), dau of Samuel Yoder (OY413) and Esther Reppert. I
would like enough information to look for an obit. Estella Kling
Johnson, Duelwood Farm, 11447 NY40, Schaghticoke, NY 12154
Wanted: Ancestry of my grndfather Henry Zook Yoder (YR234163),
b. 1/18/1844 in Holmes Co,Oh. m. Sarah Ann Luke in 1882, after
moving to Johnson Co., Ia. Then moved to Goshen Co., Wyo. Reply:
Alda (Ann) Stewart, 200 San Carlos Dr., Hemet, Ca. 92543
David Yoder b. 1830. David was Mennonite. I found a prayer book
belonging to my grandmother, Anna Yoder Wilson, which was
Mennonite. David Married Martha (aka Mattie, Magdalina) Kendall
born 26 May 1836 in Walnut Creek Twp., Holmes Co., OHIO. also
m. Mary J. Drake b. 8/19/1857 died 1/23/1936 Elkhart Co., IN.
Children included: Malinda was born 1858 married Will Pierson 9 Jan
1876; John died 1891 Marshall Co., IN.; Nehemiah b. 23 Aug 1863 -
Ohio, d. 10 Oct 1883--Janet Ruof, 11519 Jurupa Road, Mira Loma,
CA 91752; email: janta@earthlink.net
in San Francisco, summer 1987. We were together for only two hours
and started writing letters for many years. When she left for
Bloomington university we lost contact. The only thing I know is that
she lived at Crabtree lane, Elkhart, In. I would like to re-establish our
contact.Henno C. Meijerink, Burg. v/d Voort v. Zijplaan 62, 3571 VX,
Utrecht Netherlands, <h.meijerink@organon.oss.akzonobel.nl>
My name is Ferrin Hicks, I live in Lakeland, Florida, and went to
Lakeland Senior High School, class of 1958. Am trying to find a
woman named Susan Yoder. She went to school with me and we were
close friends. We lost touch after school and I would love to find her.
J. Ferrin Hicks, 1046 Cherry Lane, Lakeland, FL 33811-2626, (941)
648-5096 Phone, FHicks7455@aol.com
Looking for John Yoder. We went to school in Cherry Hill NJ. The
last I knew he lived on Rt. 73. I believe the town was Berlin, NJ.
There were 2 schools that we attended together: an elementry school
(Archway Elementry School),the second was a high school named The
Alternative School. My mailing address is: Bonnie MacKenzie (aka
Bonnie Cole);528 E. Imperial Hwy Apt F; Fullerton, CA, 92835-1120
Looking for MYRA YODER of Charlotte, NC- My name is William
Parnell. Looking for an old friend--her name is Myra Yoder, we were
in Harding High school in Charlotte, N.C. together. I believe she said
she and her folks were from Lincolnton NC--William Parnell, c/o
R&T Auto Sales,2626 Wilkinson Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208
-Hatten Yoder III (5/7/1960-11/14/1998) Burtonsville, Pa,
beloved son of Dr. and Mrs. Hatten S. Yoder Jr
-Milton Blatt, 88, historian Salem (Belleman's) Union
Church, and retired teacher, Mohrsville, Pa. died 11/11/1998.
Some Recent Yoder Contacts:
YR12a33- Elias Yoder- cfluharty@mednet.ucla.edu
AY4- Emanuel Yoder who married Sarah Crist- Esty Childress
Con2961- Edward Evertt Yoder- Daniel L. Yoder,Dlyoder@aol.com
YR233743-Valentine D.Yoder, Karen English
YR234434- Aaron T. Yoder, Keith Yoder, Centreville, VA
Some Recent Yoder Contacts:
YR1284143- Samuel M. Yoder- Rebecca Scott,rrscott@visuallink.com
G38-David W Yoter, Bonnie Yoter Reifsnyder, Hershey, PA
YR23378- Elizabeth Yoder , Mrs. Chris Shearer Cooper
YB139336-Rev. Abram Yoder-Herbert Yoder, gradusa@netscape.net
Some Recent Yoder Contacts:
M271- Mary Yoders- James L, Fisher, Banning, jlfisher@pe.net
OY43416-John R. Yoder, KarenFrancis@webtv.net (Karen Francis)
YR23566- Susanna Yoder, Brenda Woodling" <brenvan@bright.net>
YR23958c- Annie Yoder, Jean Wall <JWALL98@EROLS.COM>
FA112- Jean Joder b. 1744 md. Catherine Klopfenstein
Mr Jody Dee Jones <jdj@swttools.fc.hp.com>
Fragments of the Past- Reprinted

"Fragments of the Past" by Dr. Peter Bertolet has been reprinted by the
Oley Valley Heritage Association, P.O. Box 401, Oley, Pa. 19547. It
can be ordered from that address for $18.00 (postage included). This
important work on the early settlers of the Oley Valley, is a "must" for
anyone with ancestors in the area, and has a separate chapter on the
Yoder family . Act quickly, as copies are limited!!

William Bentley Ball, a nationally know champion of religious
freedom died Jan. 10, 1999 at the age of 83. He was a teaching fellow
in Notre Dame's German department; an attorney with W. R. Grace
and Co. in New York and with the drug firm Pfizer Inc. He also taught
law at Villanova University and was the general counsel for the
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference. He is best remembered for his
efforts to preserve the Amish way of life. On December 8, 1971 Ball
argued a major case before the Supreme Court on religious freedom in
"Wisconsin vs Yoder". State officials had tried to force Amish children
to attend public school until 16 years of age. The court held in his
favor on May 15, 1972. (News provided by Carl M. Yoders)

Photo - Noah Yoder (YR1462a)

Thanks to Barbara Fink for sharing this photo, found in the pictures of
her mother. It was marked "Granddad Yoder". From the age of the
photo it seems clear that this is of Noah Yoder (YR1462a) (4/10/1827
MP-2/4/1917 Logan Co, O) rather than his son John W...who lived
until 1933. Noah and his first wife are buried in the Yoder cemetery,
Logan County, O). Barbara Fink, 5085 Springbank Rd., Green Cove
Springs, FL 32043.


House of Hans Yoder Jr. (OH11)

Talented area sketch artist Lynn Lorah created a number of original
works to commemorate the Oley Valley "Heritage Tour". These
beautiful sketches are still available. For further information contact:
Lynn Lorah, RD2, Box 144, Oley, Pa 19547.


Thanks to Marie Yoder of Temple, Pa. for this photograph of the
grave of "D.C. Yoder of Indiana" who died in the Andersonville prison
camp. A review of all male Yoders of 13 years or older with a first
initial of "D" as of the 1860 census, seems to eliminate all but David
Yoder (Con67) age 42--whose whereabouts after the war is not known.
Nearly 13,000 prisoners died during the fourteen months that the
prison was operated, before its liberation in April of 1865. Over
45,000 Union soldiers had been held prisoner there, including
Pennsylvanian Samuel Yoder (OH13386) who survived the war and
died in 1880 at Fristburg, Clarion Co.,PA. Also, David Yoder (1842-
1897) who is buried in the Reformed Cemetery, Greenburr, Pa., is
known to have spent 4 weeks in Andersonville during his period of


This tent and exhibit from the 1923 Elkhart County fair lists: "Yoder
Monument Wks. Cemetery Memorials, 205 E. Linc. Ave, Goshen, In".
The photograph was found at an antique store in southern California.
Who can tell us about this firm and it's owners?
Request for Help on Disease Research

The Beth Israel Medical Center is seeking people of
Amish/Mennonite descent who suffer any of the following symptoms;

"involuntary muscle contractions, abnormal movement or
twisting of any part of the body, uncontrolled blinking, neck and head
pulling, distorted speech, deteriorating handwriting, or a turning
inward of the foot. These are characteristics of a neurological disorder
which most often does undiagnosed, called Dystonia".

Through a large family in the Goshen, Indiana area, the cause
has been linked to a gene mutation somewhere on chromosome 8.
Now, more families are needed to participate. Participation is
voluntary, and would involve, at least, the donation of blood samples.
All expenses paid. Please contact: Sally Brown, 1325 Greencroft, Apt.
366, Goshen, IN 46526; or August Baetsle, 224 E Grove St.,
Mishawaka, IN 46545 (219) 256-2058; or Deborah Raymond, MS,
Dept. of Neurology, Movement Disorders Center, Beth Israel Medical
Center, 10 Union Square East, NY NY 10003 (212) 844-8713
The Amish Heritage Foundation in Sugarcreek, Ohio plans to
open the John S.Yoder Home to the public this summer. We have
spent three years working to preserve and prepare this original 1869
Amish Home as authentically as possible for the curious tourist. It has
been landscaped and painted and will be furnished with antique
Amish furniture mirroring the 1869 era. The village of Sugarcreek
was platted from the John S. Yoder Farm.-Blaine F Miller, Sec. Treas.
3rd Annual Meeting of House of Yoder

43 persons gathered on a beautiful autumn Saturday
(November 14, 1998) at Penn Alps in Grantsville, MD for the third
annual meeting of House of Yoder, Inc. The program included an
inspiring tour of the Yoder House under construction. $3110 in
contributions came in during the day and this amount was matched
from funds in a matching grant. Virgil Yoder gave an informative
multimedia presentation of the Yoder story dating back to European
origins. A reporter and photographer from the Cumberland Times
were present and an article on the annual meeting and the Yoder
House appeared in the November 15 issue of that newspaper. The
Yoder House is almost under roof at this point with the rafters in place
and only the cedar shake shingles needing to be installed. For further
information, contact Lonnie Yoder, Publicity/Membership
Coordinator, Yoder House Project, 1066 Smith Avenue, Harrisonburg,
VA 22802, 540-432-6467, ltby@shentel.net.
Christian Yoder (YR23) Cemetery Status
The brass marker has been ordered...


We'll need to raise additional funds to pay for the stone on which to
mount it, and for the actual placement at the gravesite. As indicated in
the last YNL, anyone contributing $25 or more will receive a free copy
of "The Reuben Yoder Family and Its Descendants" (he was a great
grandson of YR23, and his own family number is YR2337a). Please
send contributions to "Christian Yoder Cemetery fund-Yoder
Newsletter", 203 Lakeshire Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

The Oley Yoders are having their annual regional reunion on July
17th at the Oley Fire House, commencing at 10 am. Details and pre-
registration can be obtained by contacting: Yoder Reunion
Association, 415 State St., Pottstown, PA 19464. We will mail-out
individual invitations to those on our mailing list, later this spring.
Our annual reunion for 2000 is scheduled for July 15th.
Yoder Cookbook Committee Report: No more recipes needed. They
are ready to go to print, "now".; Cookbooks will be available for sale,
at the summer Oley reunion.(7/17/99); Price-$10.00 each, plus postage
and handling of $2.50. (this is also the cost for multiple purchases) we
can only place one cookbook in each envelope.;Send $12.50 to Alice
Yoder, 433 Manor House Lane, Souderton, PA 18964-2802. Make
checks out to: Yoder Reunion Association
The date for the next National Oley Yoder Reunion is July 21. 2001
Planning includes a Friday the 20th "add-on" consisting of a "Yoder
Amish Heritage Tour of Berks County", conducted by Lois and Lemar
Mast, publishers of "Mennonite Family History".

NORTH CAROLINA YODERS will hold their 49th annual reunion at their
normal time in August 1999. Family members are welcome. For details
contact: Ted M. Yoder, P.O. Box 10281. Mountain View Station, Hickory,
N.C. 28603.
Plans are still underway for hosting a National Yoder reunion in August
of 2000 (also the occasion of their 50th annual reunion). Watch the next
YNL issue for more details.

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