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YODER NEWSLETTER - Issue Number 36
P.O. Box 594, Goshen, IN 46527
October 2000

----NC Yoder Reunion- "YNC in Y2K"
----Yoder Immigrants to America
----David Yoder of North Carolina
----Yoder Video Available


Family Gathers Around Conrad Yoder Marker

From Aug. 11-13, the "Yoder Family in North Carolina" (YNC) hosted their second National Reunion of the Yoder family. This event coincided with their own 50th annual reunion, and the beginning of the new millennium (Y2K-Year 2000). Yoder family members came from 22 states to attend, and represented not only the Conrad line, but also the Oley Valley Yoders, the Mennonite Yoders descended from "Hans of Great Swamp", the Melchior Yoder line, and the Amish Yoder lines.
For a memorable array of photographs from the events, see the "centerfold" on pages 4-5, and for an overview of the activities see the press release as follows:



The Yoder Family in North Carolina, in conjunction with their 50th Annual Reunion, will host a gathering of the entire Yoder Clan on Aug. 11-13 in Hickory and Newton.
Similar events occurred in Catawba County in 1995 and in Reading and Pleasantville, Pa. in 1996. Yoders from a number of family lines representing at least 22 states will come together to celebrate their common heritage. "The Yoder Newsletter" based in Goshen, Ind. is again sponsoring this event, and editor Chris K. Yoder of Battle Creek, Mich., and co-founder and noted Amish genealogist Rachel Kreider of Goshen will be in attendance.
Dr. Don Yoder of Devon, Pa, will be the featured speaker for the event. He is perhaps the world's foremost authority on German and Swiss immigration to the New World. Also making presentations or in attendance will be Amish Mennonite Yoder researcher Virgil Yoder of Pittsburgh, Oley Valley researcher Dick Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pa. and Neal Wilfong and, Hubert Yoder, historians and researchers for the North Carolina branch. These participants will make up the first and largest personal meeting ever of these noted researchers.
Other special guests this year include Greensboro native Edwin M. Yoder, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from The Washington Post, and the children and grandchildren of the late Fred Roy Yoder, professor of sociology at Washington State University and author of "History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina.'
The weekend will begin Friday night at 7 p.m,, at the Quality Inn with a get-acquainted and orientation session. On Saturday morning beginning at 8a.m., buses will transport participants on a guided tour of the City of Hickory and Lenoir-Rhyne College, founded by Dr. Robert Anderson Yoder, where his portrait, his 1886 map of Catawba County, his diaries. and other items will be displayed in the Belk Centrum, which features a memorial to Dr, Yoder at its entrance. Virgil Yoder of Pittsburgh, Pa, will present his slide show "Pilgrimage of Faith: The Yoders in Switzerland and America from St. Joder to Yost Yoder and Beyond" in the Centrum auditorium beginning at 9:15 am. Local family members and friends are urged to attend this session.
The group will then proceed through the old "Yodertown" area (including the home site and final resting place of North Carolina progenitor Conrad Yoder); Grace Union Church (founded 1795 by Yoders and the burial ground of many Yoders, including Conrad's sons John and David, and Col, George M. Yoder, Catawba's 19th- century historian); and Old St. Paul's Church (founded 1760, first church in Western NC.).
At 1:30 p.m. the session will begin at the Catawba County Museum of History in the 1924 Courthouse on the square n Newton. Many Yoder artifacts, including the Conrad Yoder family Bible and a remnant of Henry Weidner's deed to Conrad Yoder, are in the museum's permanent collection. Dick Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pa. will present a slide show on the earliest Yoder settlers in America, brothers Hans and Yost, who came to the Oley Valley of Pennsylvania in 1710. Also at the Museum on Saturday, the children and grandchildren of Fred R. Yoder, Ph.D., who have generously returned many Yoder artifacts to North Carolina and funded the history's reprinting in memory of Dr. Yoder and his work, will be present to help dedicate both the Yoder collection and his book. All local family members, friends and interested persons are cordially invited to this session.
The-banquet Saturday night at 6:15 p.m. will be held in the Zion Lutheran Church Parish Center, located on Zion Church Road off of N.C. 127, south of Hickory in the Mountain View community. The Sigmon Stringers bluegrass band from Newton will open the session. Don Yoder, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania, will be the featured speaker Dr Yoder is a contributor to the Yoder Newsletter and one of the world's foremost scholars on Pennsylvania Dutch folklore and the immigration of Germanic- speaking people to the New World. He has authored and edited many books and articles and has traveled and researched extensively in both Germany and Switzerland. He is a co-founder of the Kutztown Folk Festival and of "Pennsylvania Folklife" magazine. He is descended from the earliest Oley Valley Yoder immigrants, and counts at least three separate lines of Yoder descent in his genealogy. Only a few tickets remain for the meal, but interested persons are invited to hear the music and Dr Yoder's talk.
On Sunday morning at 10 a.m., an ecumenical Yoder clan worship service will be held in the 1886 chapel of Zion Church. The Rev. Dr. J. Larry Yoder, professor of Religion at Lenoir Rhyne College and pastor of Grace Church, will lead the service. Marcus Yoder (first mayor of Hickory) provided some of the original funds to build this chapel, and its bricks were hand-molded at the Conrad Yoder home site and at the near-by Reuben Yoder mills.
After the service in the Zion Parish Center there will be a picnic lunch for the 50th Annual Yoder Reunion and a chance to view the many Yoder displays brought for the reunion, including Conrad Yoder is original Bible (ca. early 1700s). The Yoder Store will feature commemorative T-shirts illustrating many variations of the spelling of the Yoder name superimposed with a map showing Yoder immigration routes. Knit golf shirts featuring an authentic Yoder coat-of-arms will also be available,
The North Carolina Yoder Reunion traces its origins to birthday dinners held in August for Catawba County's first historian Col. George M. Yoder of the Blackburn community during the early part of the 20th century.
Yoders in the United States are of Swiss origin. The name Yoder (Joder in Swiss German) is derived from Saint Theodore (later abbreviated to Saint Joder), one of the Christian missionaries who brought the Christian message into the Swiss Alps in the Middle Ages. August 16 is still celebrated as St. Joder's Day in the Swiss Reformed Church.
Only Conrad Yoder migrated to the southern colonies (North Carolina), bringing a Mennonite hymnal with him. His children later joined Lutheran and Reformed Churches.
North Carolina Yoders are descendants of Conrad Yoder, who came to America around 1746 and probably lived in the Oley Valley region of Pennsylvania. He followed Henry Weidner (Whitener), Catawba County pioneer, to this area around 1747. In 1762, he purchased 200 acres of land from Weidner and married Christina Klein (Cline), daughter of Sebastian Klein, whom he probably met while attending services at the Dutch Meeting House, later known as Old Saint Paul's Church. They had three children. After her death, he married a Miss Seitz from Germany, and then Catherine Huffman, with whom he had five other children.
Three of those children, John, David and Catherine (who married John Baker) remained in the area. Three other brothers, Jacob, Elias and Daniel, moved in 1815. to. the new state of Indiana, and Adam went to Georgia. Elizabeth died in infancy. John and David married sisters of the Reep family.
Conrad Yoder and his close neighbors, Henry Weidner, George Wilfong, John Hahn, and others were patriots during the Revolutionary War, supporting the American cause for independence by making a covenant under the oak, an event which influenced Lincoln and Catawba County society and politics for over a century. Through family marriages, Conrad Yoder is the direct ancestor to the Yoder, Baker, and Blackburn families and many members of other Catawba County families including the Blackweider, Deitz, Hahn, Huffmam, Reep, and Shuford families, and have long standing close family ties to the Ramseur, Whitener, Jarrett, Wilfong, Seitz and other local families. In addition to those mentioned above, other Conrad Yoder family members earned distinction: Hyrle Yoder, city manager; Monroe Craig Yoder, professor of biology at LR; Julian Clifton Yoder, professor of geography at Appalation State University; Colin M. Yoder, teacher and political leader; Frank Yoder, dermatologist and cancer researcher; and Paul van Buskirk Yoder, band music composer.
All Yoder family and friends are urged to attend the reunion events and encouraged to bring to mementos, photographs or artifacts to share on display either at the Catawba County Museum on Saturday or at Zion Lutheran Church on Sunday. Designated family staff members will be to secure and protect the historic items while on display. Everyone is asked to bring a large picnic to share with the out-of-town guests on Sunday.
The descendants of Hans and Yost Yoder of the Oley Valley are planning another national reunion next July in Reading, Pa.


Over the last 17 years, the YNL has presented detailed articles on different lines of our family. Not since our first issue (YNL1) have we provided an overview of ALL the major lines. We've learned quite a bit since that initial issue and decided that it's about time to do so again. During a session at the Yoder Reunion, editor Chris Yoder handed out and discussed a graphic overview of the various Yoder immigrants. A copy of this chart is included with this article. This summary was subtitled "A Rose by Any Other Name" and went on to list of the different spellings which apply to living Yoders in the United States today. These include: Yoder. Yoders, Yother, Yothers, Youther, Yotter, Jotter, Joder, Ioder, Yetter.
We break the Yoder family into eight major groups, roughly listed in the sequence of their arrival. These begin with the Yoders of the Oley Valley (Berks Co., Pa.), followed by the Mennonite Yoders led by Hans Joder of Great Swamp (Bucks/Lehigh Co, Pa), then the Amish Yoders of the 18th and early 19th century, then Conrad Yoder (founder of the North Carolina clan); the family of Melchior Yoder (naturalized in 1765), a variety of Alsatian immigrants (also often Amish) who arrived from the 1820s up to the civil War, German Yoder/Yotters who arrived from the 1820s through the end of that century, and several miscellaneous folk.
An asterisk (*) appears beside those immigrants whose ancestry can be traced to the Joders of Steffisburg, Switzerland. The Old World links on the rest remain to be figured out. Under each column are some dates and major events for the line, major states in which descendants live today, and the spellings of the surname which are represented today. The code for the family as it is appears in the files of the Yoder Homepage is also shown in parentheses (e.g. "AL"). Major YNL articles on each line are also identified.
It is interesting to speculate on the relationships between the different families. As described in YNL16, letters were written from the Melchior Yoder family in Pa. to Conrad Yoder in North Carolina. Melchior lived in a Mennonite community during his initial years in Pa. The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina reports that Conrad "brought a Mennonite Hymnbook" with him when he came from Pennsylvania. Were these lines interrelated and connected to the Mennonite Hans Joder of Great Swamp? Will the origins for all three families in the Old World be found together someday?
The Oley Valley (Reformed) Yoders are connected through European records back to the family of Adam Yoder of Steffisburg. This line was the first to be so identified, due in large part to the efforts of Dr. Don Yoder of Devon, Pa.
Samuel Joder, the father of the last of the immigrants in the Amish column (Michael Yoder-YRC), wrote two letters to his "dear cousin" Schweitzer Christian" Yoder (YR23) in Somerset Co, Pa. The Samuel Joder link to Steffisburg is known. That of his "cousins" remain speculative.
Due to recent research in France and Germany, several of the Alsatian and German Yoder immigrants (many of whom were Amish) can now be linked back to the Steffisburg families. How do these lines relate to those of the 18th century Amish immigrants? We don't yet know. But it would appear certain that they do so---the original Amish groups were rather small.
Under the "Other" heading, Jacob the immigrant of 1753 would appear likely to have been related to some of the Amish lines, sue to some of the families he associated with (See YNL29).


--Contributed by Michael Billy Huffman

David Yoder (1799-1896)

David Yoder, son of David and Elizabeth Reep Yoder, was a grandson of the North Carolina pioneer Conrad Yoder. He was born Sept. 22, 1799, one of 10 children. He married the former Ruth Wilson, (Feb.26,1794-Aug.14,1871) daughter of Nathaniel and Margaret Wilson. To this marriage were born five children: Elisha (1827-1858); Franklin (1830-1840); Ruth Elizabeth (Betty) (1832- 1921); Letitia (1835-1860); and Julian (Julie) Ann (1838-1926).
David died Sep.5, 1896. He, his wife and all five children are buried at the Old Thessalonica Baptist Church Cemetery in the Blackburn Section. The church no longer stands, but the cemetery remains.
Ruth Wilson Yoder inherited land from her father's estate on Potts Creek, and later she and her husband bought the shares of other members of the Wilson family, who had moved to Tennessee. David Yoder was a farmer and a cooper. He lived quietly with his family, somewhat remote from the main highways, and "off the beaten tracts". The fine oak woodland on his farm supplied him with the timber for staves used in his cooperage shop.
The Yoder log homes, built by David himself were built in the early 1820s. There were two separate buildings, one known as the main house and sleeping quarters and the other was the kitchen.
Two of his daughters lived at the homestead until their deaths in the 1920s. Ruth Elizabeth (Aunt Betty) and Julian Ann (Aunt Julie) both lost their sweethearts in the Civil War, so they never married.


Rita Yoder Sells a Video to Richard Yoder of Bechtelsville, Pa.

Virgil Yoder's slide show and its inspiring story of our Yoder Heritage have been a centerpiece at national Yoder gatherings since 1994. We are pleased to announce that this approximately 45 minute long story has now been reproduced and is available on video. Hold your own Yoder family reunion, large or small, anyplace around the world and make the video the cornerstone for your program.
Get your own copy of this family treasure for $25 (post paid). Order from Virgil E. Yoder, 110 Northumberland Rd., Irwin, Pa. 15642. If you have any questions, write Virgil at: .

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Letters to the Editor

I greatly enjoyed the recent article on the history of Yoder, Oregon. I have much of that information in a hand written letter sent to me by my "cousin Perry" (Orlando Perry) Yoder when I was working on a family tree in the 5th grade (slightly before the YNL!) Our last visit to Yoder for the annual reunion at the Smyrna Church (1st Sunday in August) two years ago revealed that the house of Levi D. Yoder, near the Yoder Store, where my father, Joseph B., grew up, had finally succumbed to age and neglect and is no longer there. But we do have photos from previous visits. Keep up the good work!
----Doug Yoder, Florida

--- I had an opportunity last month to again visit Ohio and have developed some new information and have other updates.... Perhaps the most important piece of info I found was the death certificate for Homer E. Yoder (YR142238). In that document his mother's maiden name is listed as Hannah Ridge. This confirms that the Jacob H. Yoder was the same Jacob Yoder that you listed as being married by the Rev. John Wallace in your General Courthouse and Area Records from Lancaster, PA. Hopefully this helps confirm that he was the son of John Yoder (YR1422). It appears that they both moved from PA to OH about the same time and perhaps together. Jacob H. moved sometime between 1847 - 1849 and John appears to have moved between the time his wife died in Juniata Pa in 1846 and 1850. John's two brothers (Jacob and Nicholas) were already there. I was always concerned about the information on Homer E. Yoder--mainly because his name was so different ...and the fact that census records have an NR in the relationship column (was that Not Related or Not Recorded?). After I found his death certificate and saw his full name (Homer Eddie), it dawned on me that minister that married his brother John (my great great grandfather) in the same year that he was born was named Homer Eddy. Perhaps a close friend of the family? You had an article in the YNL on the Jacob Yoder stone house near Berlin, OH. I visited it an met two wonderful Amish people (Fanny and Noah Schlabach). They were very cordial and gave my father and I fantastic tour of the house and surroundings. Sure was nice to meet some unknown relations (their g-g-grandfather and my probable g-g-g-g-grandfather were brothers) even if somewhat distant. They were very interested in the lineage that I could show them from your and AAMG efforts. They are both in their 70's and still farm a 100 acre spread.
--Regards, Ed Yoder, Crossville, Tn

--- From a descendant of OH111325 Bartolette Y Yoder (1843 PA-1906 NM) .."I found out that Bartolette C Yoder 3rd was named after his Grandfather in his middle name Coolidge (as in the president). And I found out that his wife's Great Grandfather is Aaron Burr.) (Note from: "vincent8274" <>

--- Hi ,-- Don't know how interested you are in racing but I've been a big fan for many years. Following are 2 links to some more prominent Yoder names in racing -- 1 a driver and 1 a team owner. ; Keith Yoder-- Centreville, VA
I was so happy to get this last copy with the story about the Oregon Yoders. I was beginning to think you were ignoring us......I was in Oregon two years ago and stopped at the Yoder store looking for pictures of the store but they didn't have any. When I was a young girl one of my uncles ran the store and I spent quite a bit of time there. My father taught school at Neeley in the 1920's and then we moved to Washington. In 1947 I moved to Alaska and have remained here ever since.
--Eileen Schneider, Anchorage, AK

--- Chris--It seems to me that you wanted names of people that lived to 100+.Here's one: Emma E. Yoder (YR23b454) b. 11/1/1867 Waterford(?), Ind. m. Hiram Eugene Wiltfong 6/9/1892 Mitchell, Ks d. 12/15/1967 Cordell, Ok (100-1-14) Note: Her oldest, daughter Pearl Wiltfong, b. 9/7/1893 KS, d. 7/19/1995 KS (101-10-12)
----Jim Yoder

--- My grandfather was Charles Frances Yoder, and he came as a missionary to Argentina in the year 1912. My Mother was Eleanor May Yoder, married to Egydio Romanenghi. I was born in Argentina and have recently retired from the National University of Tucumán, where I taught Philosophy of History for 20 years.
----Elsie Romanenghi Yoder,


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NEW FILES AT THE YODER HOMEPAGE: YODER CENSUS RECORDS: IL-1920;WVA-1900;WY-1910;WY- 1920;WI-1900; NE-1880; NE-1900; KS-1880; MI-1900. GENERAL FILES-BERNCENS- 1790 Joder Census of Bern Switzerland; GA- MISC- misc records of Georgia; and Excerpts from the CALIFORNIA DEATH INDEX (1905 - 1994) (YODER and like family names) contributed by Jim Yoder (see file named cal-recs.doc)

In 1988 (YNL11), we presented our speculations on what became of Adam Yoder, youngest son of NC immigrant Conrad Yoder. Family tradition was that he "moved to Tennessee and all traces of him were lost". Census records show him only once, in Haywood County, NC near the TN border. We constructed a variety of bits and pieces which hint that the "Yother" family of GA were his descendants. Haywood Co. marriage records show "Yoder, David m. 05 Apr 1826 Guilliams, Fanney". This matches the age and name of the apparent oldest male of the Georgia Yother line.

RICHARD ENLOE YODER, SR. 1919-2000 Richard Enloe Yoder, Sr., 81, of Hickory, died August 26, 2000 at his home after a period of declining health. Born in Catawba County on May 1, 1919, he was the son of the late Enloe and Hettie Dietz Yoder, grandson of Col. George M. Yoder, Catawba's 19th century historian, and a descendant of the pioneer Conrad Yoder. He was a civilian flight instructor in South Carolina during World War II, and spent his entire career as a senior flight engineer for American Airlines based in Chicago. He was the pilot for the Adali Stephenson Democratic presidential campaign planes in 1952 and 1956, and became acquainted with Bobby Kennedy and future Secretary of Agriculture Willard Wirtz with whom he carried on a lifelong correspondence. He flew many cargo missions from Hawaii to DaNang and Saigon during the Vietnam War. He served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yoder Family in North Carolina and ensured the continuance of the annual family reunion. Like his grandfather, he corresponded with Yoders from many family lines across the United States. Reports president Bill Yoder: "He wasn't able to attend the Reunion this year because his legs were weak and he was taking therapy. I met with him the day after our Reunion and he was in good spirits."

Yoder Spouse Leads WWII Memorial Effort Col. Kenneth S. Pond (USA Ret), husband of the former Miriam Yoder of Pittsburg, Pa is the Executive Director, American Battle Monuments Commission. In this position he is playing a leading role in the raising of funds for the new World War II Monument in washington. For information on Col. Pond, refer to: For information of the WWII memorial, see: Miriam is a member of the YR2337a line (Reuben Yoder- 1831-1912)

Shirley M. Brown <> writes "I am currently recording the tombstones of Royer's Meeting House Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Lebanon Co. PA I found a stone of Sarah Hummel, w/o Levi Yoder, that is broken off the base. Sarah was born Dec. 18, 1855, d. Dec. 2, 1908. Levi K Yoder, b. Mar. 15, 1854, d. Mar. 24, 1935 sets next to Sarah and is OK. Do you have a fund that would cover the repair costs?"
Are there any descendants of YR17a53- Levi K Yoder and Sarah Hummel out there who would like to step up to this challenge? Contact Shirley at the above address.

Lucy of the Trail of Tears- Latest novel by James D. Yoder, is now available. Dr. Yoder, a graduate of Goshen College, Cent. Mo. State, and U of Mo-KC, and resides in Hesston, Ks. This gripping 347 page novel is based on the Cherokee Trail of Tears, and tells the story of Cherokee Lucy Drake. It can be ordered from Xlibris Toll-Free 1-888- 795-4274 or . paperback $18, hardback $25. For more information contact the author at email:

YODERS OF NORTH CAROLINA BOOK REPRINTED! The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder has been reprinted and is available once more!! Dr Yoder's family arranged for this to be done, just in time for the National Yoder Reunion. Daughter, Elaine Yoder Zakarison of Pullman, WA and granddaughter Dr. Elizabeth Hall of LA attended the Book Rededication on Aug.12, 2000. "Credits" for the reprint were given to Dr. J. Larry Yoder, NC Yoder Chaplain for "having the vision" and to NC Yoder Family President Willie A. "Bill" Yoder for being the "activist" to implement the project. Funds raised will be used to restore old Yoder gravestones and up-keep of cemeteries at Churches significant to the Yoder Family and the ancestors of the Author. Price is $25 (postage included). Address checks to : "Yoder Memorial Fund" and mail to: Yoder Family in North Carolina, c/o: Bill Yoder, 2707 Zion Church Rd. Hickory, NC 28602

Neal D. Wilfong, Secretary of the Yoder Family in North Carolina, has accepted to charge to update the family genealogy. For many years, Neal has tracked and reporting on births and deaths at the annual reunion. Now this multi-year project will bring things up to present day, and will add lines of the family omitted in the initial work. To succeed, Neal needs the help of all Conrad family members in sending the current information about their lines.
When originally published in 1970, the Yoder Book only followed the two sons of Conrad Yoder, who remained in North Carolina (John and David ). Since 1983, the YNL has played a major In just the last two months, new data has been received from: Anita Nail and Richard H. Elliott of the Adam Yoder line; Lynne Blanscet of the Elias line; and Barbara Waller on the Daniel Yoder line.
If you have updates to share with Neal Wilfong, send them to him at: 310 Cook Road; Cleveland, N.C.; 27013;or to Bill Yoder, N.C. Yoder Family President, 2707 Zion Church Road; Hickory, N.C. 28602 or email: (

The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi 49015 or email at

I have found the graves of two Yoders in the city cemetery in Union,Mo. They are Louis A. 20 Feb 1889--14 Aug 1889 and Rosa 14 Mar 1869--7 Aug 1889 (wife of V.A.) Do you have any idea who these people might be? Teresa Yoder Sands, 510 Central, Union, Mo. 63084 (terri)

My g-grandfather, Joseph Yoder, married Anna Farney in 1886 in Utica (?), NY. They moved from Lowville or Croghan NY to Illinois. Had 6 children. Who were Joseph's parents? JoyceYoder Thornburg, P.O. Box 87811, Vancouver WA 98687,

My g-gmother Lillian K. Yoder d.1899 in Phila. Pa from Typhoid, m. Josiah C. Martin, Jr. in Ashland, Pa. Had Earle William Allen Martin b. 9/24/1896(my g-father) Roy Irvin Martin b. 11/3/1897. Lillian was raised by Gruber(?) family. Her mother d. when she was 6 mos old. Was raised as a sister to Lizzie Gruber. Had a sister Anna who m. Jacob Schucker they had two children Frank and Horace. Horace m. Cora Hubler. Jude Banks, S. 6016 Pittsburg, Spokane, Washington 99223, email:

My grandfather was Emerson Yoder (1904-1993) b.Boonville, NY. His Son of Joseph and Katherine (Zehr) (des. of Jacob Zehr). His Parents were both b. in the US, in Lewis County, Crogan, NY (I believe). His grandparents were b. in Alsace-Lorraine. His father (Joseph), died around 1910 after falling from a horse. His grandmothers name was Anna/Annah and is buried just outside of Boonville.Joseph was Amish and Emerson left the faith in his late teens. Chris Yoder <>, 99 Tyler Street Buffalo, NY 14214

Would like to hear from our extended family. John E. Yoder - YR2344b6, Moses Yoder- YR2344b, Christian Yoder YR2344. John E. Yoder evidently had only one child --Romanus (Roman), who was my wife's father, as well as the father of 12 sisters & brothers. Roger M. Crassi, 9170 Sheridan Drive #41, Clarence, NY 14032

Researching the Samuel Lutz family of White Deer, Union Co, PA. and Benton County Ohio. Samuel Lutz d. c1858 in Shellbeburg, Oh., Wife was Mary Rank also of White Deer. Samuel's pension papers, show a Mrs. D.A. Yoder of Toledo Ohio, who wrote to Washington D.C. April 11, 1930 requesting information on Samuel Lutz. This leads me to believe that there may be a relation connection for her. Does anutone know something on this family? Thanks Jan Taylor, 3004 Wilkie Rd., Louisville, KY 40216

My wifes grandfather John Franklin Jotter was a captain at Fort Niobaria Nebraska. If you have any information it would be greatly appreciated My mother in law Josephine Lillian Jotter b. 7 30 1899 had a brother Albert Jotter b. 7 28 1897, they were from Nebraska and their father was John Franklin Jotter (d. 4 29 1903 Ft. Nibrario) he married a Lena Swartz (d. 3 11 1906), both died under mysterious circumstances. If you have any information on the Jotter line appreciate it. Norm and Barbara Rogers 1619 4th Street . Lewiston ID. 83501 <> asked for

Some Recent Yoder Contacts:
--Nancy Yoder Yoder Suddeth (Con533) (12/22/1834 IN-4/18/1905)
Lynne Blanscet <>
-- Polly Yoder Roes (YR233741)- Marion Roes, Waterloo, Ontario
--Margaret Yotter (AO1)(1830 Gy-1894 Ia) m. 1848 John A Hopp---
Ed Moodie <>
--Fannie S Yoder (YR1253233) m Manasses D Schmucker Irene
Clement <>
-- William John Yoder (YR23b446) -Kay Strause, Muscatine, Ia,
--Martha Mary Yother (Con846) m William Elliott, Charlotte Elliott
-- John C Yoder (YR23446) -"Paul W. King" <>
--YR26812- Joseph Yotter (1827-1913)
--YA75-Peter Yotter (1841OH) m Nannie Folk
--Cynthia Ann Yoder (Con611) m Robert Covert) Barb Waller
--Jonathan J. Yoder (YR127322) m. Catherine Ballaman, Tia
Murphy, <>
--George W. Yother (Con82) Joy Stone, <>
--Abraham Z Yoder ( YR16513) m Sarah Joder (YR12a44) Allen
Weissinger <>
--David V. Yoder (YR2337434) David K Yoder <>
Fairbanks Alaska
--Rudolph Hartzler Yoder (YRB17154) Susan Yoder Pyles
--Arthur E. Yoder (YR12a3322)- Ken Gawley <>
--Fannie S.Yoder (YR1253233)Irene Clement <>
--Bartolette Y Yoder (OH111325) Taffy Yoder Young
--Johannes Yoder(OY434) Carrie Yoder <>
--Mary Yoder (OH1331b2) -
--Abraham Yoder(YR235a74)SharonParks <>



Thanks to Clyde Nafzinger of Wilmington,Delaware for this photograph of Eli M. Yoder (1844-1905) (YR12868) founder of the town of Yoder, Kansas. We featured this town in a YNL3 article by David Luthy. Eli was the son of Bishop Solomon Yoder of the Long Green, Maryland Amish congregation- who was covered in a sketch by H. Harold Hartzler in YNL8. Eli left the Amish, and went to Kansas where he met and married a non-Amish girl named Mary Young. Among the young men who followed him there was his nephew, John Nafzinger, who met and married Mary's sister Emma. Yoder, Kansas is located in Reno County, a few miles southeast of Hutchinson. A small park in Yoder's main square contains a granite marker that gives some of the history of the town.

Death of Dr. Delbert Gratz

Dr. Delbert Gratz, renown Anabaptist historian for over half a century, died August 24, 2000 at the hospital in Lima, Ohio, after suffering several strokes. He retired from Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio, and for many years had led Heritage Tour groups to historically important sites in Europe. Over many years he has shared Yoder materials with the YNL, most recently in the last issue. His support and his expertise will be sorely missed.


Nancy Yoder Yoder Suddeth (Con533) (12/22/1834 IN-4/18/1905IL)

Thanks to Lynne Melchior Blanscet (Little Rock, Ark. <>) for providing this wonderful photograph of her ancestress Nancy Yoder Yoder Suddeth. (Con533). Nancy was the granddaughter of Elias Yoder who died in 1817 in Clark Co., Indiana. Elias was the fifth child of Conrad Yoder of NC. Nancy's father John Yoder married Nancy Jane Suddeth in 1851 as his second wife. Nancy then, in 1852, married Wm. James Suddeth, her step brother by this marriage. She died at the County Home in Marion County, IL and is buried in "county Home Cemetery".

WISCONSIN vs YODER-For a research project, I'm hoping to make contact with the Jonas Yoder who lived in New Glarus, Wisconsin (late 1960's-1970's). Was involved in the Historic Supreme Court decission "Wisconsin vs Yoder". Anyone having information regarding Jonas and his family can contact me at: Shawn F. Peters" <> 1306 Eberhardt Ct. Madison, WI 53715

YODER STONE NEEDS REPAIRS- Shirley M. Brown <> writes "I am currently recording the tombstones of Royer's Meeting House Cemetery, Jackson Twp., Lebanon Co. PA. I found a stone of Sarah Hummel, w/o Levi Yoder, that is broken off the base. Sarah was born Dec. 18, 1855, d. Dec. 2, 1908. Levi K Yoder, b. Mar. 15, 1854, d. Mar. 24, 1935 sets next to Sarah and is OK. "..
Are there any descendants of YR17a53- Levi K Yoder and Sarah Hummel out there who would like to help fund repair? Contact Shirley at the above address.

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Our annual Yoder reunion was held on July 15, 2000, at the Oley Fire Company and it was a huge success. We had seventy people in attendance. The lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all. We followed lunch with a talk on "Indian Lore of the Oley Valley" which was very interesting. We also had a short course on "How to Get Started in Genealogy" followed by an auction of donated items.Our next big project is planning the National Reunion to be held July 20-21, 2001. Some of the highlights will be an Amish tour of Berks County, an Oley Valley tour, a Revolutionary militia encampment depicting Yoder involvement, Pennsylvania Dutch food and more. We will have available for sale: golf shirts, T-shirts, hats and memory books. Watch for more information in the next YNL and on the Yoder web page.

ABE S YODER FAMILY REUNION At the 2000 reunion of the Abe S. Yoder family (YR257181), attendance was down to about 200. As usual the food & Praise Singing were excellent The next reunion will be the last Saturday in July 2002. The reunions are held at the Greenlane School Reedsville, Pa. For more information contact: Abe S Yoder Jr, 217 Pebley Lane, Belleville, Pa 17004, 717 935-2947

PASSINGS-- --Edward P. Yeater, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, died Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, 1999. He had been born Jul.18,1923, and had been ill for some time. Edward was an early subscriber to the Yoder newsletter and was for many years editor of the Yeater Newsletter. --Clylea C. Yoder, (M222811) Marysville, Oh. d. 3/18/1999 --Lois Marie (Yoder)Yoder, (YR2337a656) Shipsehwana,d. 8/17/2000. --Kenneth E. Yoders, 84, d. 4/17/2000 , Graysville, Pa


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