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YODER NEWSLETTER - Issue Number 37
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April 2001


Issue 37 Yoder Newsletter April 2001

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----John Yoder (YR25) House - pg 1
----Death of Carl Miller Yoders -pg 8
----Yoder First Millenium Baby in Catawba County - pg 8
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Daniel Yothers (c1774-1853) Milesburg Cem., Milesburg, Pa.


The History of Centre and Clinton Co, 1883, says: "...Daniel Yothers removed from York Co., to Centre Co. and settled in Boggs township upon Snow Shoe turnpike, where William Smoyer lives. There he followed the pursuits of farming and blacksmithing until his death .... Of his seven children, two are living. Daniel in Indiana and Benjamin in Illinois. John, another son, settled in Boggs, and died in Huston on the old Flick farm in 1877, age 74 (sic)."
For the last 15 years we've compiled information and watched for a breakthrough that would justify a major article on Daniel. In Dec. 1989 the late Richard J. Yothers Jr, historian and author of the Mennonite Yothers family, shared his research qith us on this line. Over the intervening years, several descendants have added their information. It was, however, a letter written by one of Daniel's grandaughters in 1900 and recently received at the YNL which tipped the scales to publish. Eliza (Yothers ) Baumgardner, Manistee, Mich - wrote on 9/29/1900 to her grandaughter Lulu Hood in Waterloo, Ind.-
"My father's mother, Mrs. Daniel Yothers, was Rebecca Mortorff, daughter of Christian (sic- Conrad) Mortorff and wife Margaret Dietch. Grandfather Yothers name was John and his wife was Wilhelmina Bloomashine (Blumenshine?)..."
At a single swoop, we are provided not only with a maiden name for Daniel's wife Rebecca, but also the reported names for another generation back on each side! With that as the backdrop, we'll try to give a full outline on Daniel's family and what became of them, an analysis of his origins, as well as speculations on Yother families appearing in York county records as well as some assessment of early ship records.

Daniel (c1774-10/28/1853) and Rebecca (3/11/1775-7/11/1849) had six sons and one daughter. The oldest son Joseph Yothers (8/6/1797-7/6/1871 ) married Elizabeth Reiter. He was a miller and moved to Clearfield Co., Pa. A grandson, Richard J., is sketched in the Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria County, where it reports that : "Joseph Yothers removed to Karthaus township, Clearfield county, at about the time of Peter Carthous, for whom the township was named. He was a miller by trade, and ran a mill for Mr. Carthous for a number of years, but finally purchased a farm and lived on it the remainder of his life."
Second son John Yothers (8/13/1799-5/6/1878) stayed in Centre Co. His first wife Mary Williams died and he remarried Esther (Hetty) Yerger, widow of Silas Brown Turner. John had children by both marriages. Daughter Eliza writes: "My father's name was John Yothers. He was born in York County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1801. My mother's name was Mary Williams, born 1804, died 1848. Her father's name was Joseph Williams, born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He came in early youth to Centre County, was married to Jane Williams of Centre County. She was of Welsh parentage, tho' all the same name. ...My mother was 44 when she died."
Third son Ephrim Yothers was born c1801 and died young.
The fourth child, and only daughter, Mary was born c1803 and married William Mullhollan. She died in Virginia on 7/20/1875, according to ggggrandaughter Margaret Beltz.
The fifth child Conrad Yothers was born c1806. He is believed to be the "Conrad Yeathers" listed as a taxpayer in Huston township with 20 acres in 1840, and the "Conrad Yother" of Huntington Co., Pa in the 1850 census. His wife's name was Mary. One of their sons, Lewis M. "Yoder" moved to California, where he resided in San Francisco by 1910.
The sixth child, Daniel Yothers, married but appears to have been childless. He was born about 1808 and married Elizabeth ______. In 1830 he is shown in 1830 in Stark Co., Ohio, and on 6 Aug 1834, took 40 Acres, in "Ohio River Survey, Township 21 N, Range 17 W, Section 23". By 1850, he and his wife were in DeKalb Co, Indiana, after which he is recorded in multiple land transactions. It appears that a group from York Co. (including the Hood family) settled in Stark Co. in 1829, and then moved on to Smithfield Twp., DeKalb Co. in 1842/3. Daniel may have been with them. When he died in 1886, one of his heirs was Eliza Baumgardner (his niece and source of the 1900 letter?). Members of the Anthony family were also heirs, and it is known that not only was an Anthony a second wife to Conrad Mortorff, but also that Rebecca's sister Catharine married a Nicholas Anthony. Daniel and his wife are buried in the cemetery of Barker's Chapel United Methodist Church, located at the SW corner of CR427 and CR4. It is interesting to see that among church members listed in 1908 were several "Mortorff"s.

Daniel Cemetery Stone Photo

Daniel Yothers Stone, Bakers Chappel Cemetery

The seventh child Jacob, born 1811, died single in 1836.
The final child, Benjamin Yothers, was born about 1812 in Axeman, Centre Co, Pa and married at Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., Pa to Catherine Wells. The family moved to Ashton, Lee Co., Illinois. Benjamin died there on Jun. 16 of either 1882 or 1883. Benjamin's widow went to Kootenau County, Idaho where she died in 1897. In the History of North Idaho, a biographical sketch reports how Benjamin's son Levi "had but little opportunity to attend school, being favored only with a few months in his thirteenth and fourteenth years. This was on account of his father being absent fighting the battles of the nation in the Civil War, and his son being obliged to support the family. When the father came home he was wounded and could not work for some time, so the burden remained on those young shoulders." Great- granddaughter Lorraine Lauper has a copy of a letter written by Levi in April 1915, that offers some thought provoking points about the history and relationships of the family. We'll analyze this in detail later.
The family all had strong Christian beliefs, as Eliza spells out in her letter: "Well, now I will tell you what church my folks nearly all belonged to. The Baptist Church. My grandfathers both were Baptists, joined in their old age. My grandmothers neither were Baptists (or members of any church) and all my aunts and uncles, one a Methodist, one a Lutheran, and Joseph Yothers a Lutheran- but such good Christians. I tell you that every one of their homes I went to had a family altar and I thank God for such Christian homes. And my father's house the same! I have known my father to call us up early when he went away from home (to work) in the morning and when my mother died, I was not yet 18, yet he said when he was away I should never neglect family prayers with my brothers and sisters......."

In the 1851 assessment book for Boggs Twp, Benjamin Yother is shown as the tenant on Daniel Yothers property of 113 acres. John Yothers is shown on his own farm of 50 acres.
From 1850 back to 1820, Daniel can be seen in the census for Boggs Twp., Centre Co. At the time of the 1850 census, "Daniel Yeathurs", age 76- born in Pennsylvania, was listed as living with his son Benjamin. The 1840 census shows the "Daniel Yeathurs" family as: 1m and 1f 60-70, 1f 50-60, and 1m 20-30 (apparently Benjamin). In 1830, the "Daniel Yother" family includes: 1m and 1f 50-60, 1m and 2f 20-30, 2m 15-20, and 2f under 5. In 1820, the "Daniel Yeathers" family is: 1m and 1f 45 & over, 2m and 2f 16-25, 2m 10-15, and 2m under 10.
The Boggs twp, assessment for book 1818 lists Daniel Yothers as the parent of Daniel Yothers age 10 and Jacob Yothers age 7. It also shows him to be the owner of 60 acres, 2 cows, no horses and "his shop burned". He was among those unable to pay for the schooling of his children. The assessment list for 1817 lists children Conrad and Daniel (ages not given). When Boggs township was erected in 1815, Daniel Yethers is shown as having been a resident.
In 1813 Daniel Yother was a witness to the will of Jacob Sherck of Spring Twp., Centre Co., Pa.
In 1810, "Danl Yothers" appears in the census for Springs Twp., Centre Co., with the following family: 1m and 1f 45 & over, 2m and 1f 10-16, 2m and 1f under 10. The 1810 & 1820 censuses hints at an additional daughter who did not survive. It seems that the parents age in 1810 is one age group older than they should be.
In 1800, we have to go back to York county, and we find only one Yoder/Yother listed, a "Dan'l Yoder" in Warrington twp. There we see a family with 1m and 1f 45+, 1m 16-26, 1f 10-16, and 2m under 10. This census leads to a number of questions: The 2 males under 10 match to the youngest children of ourDaniel, and a male 16-26 would match him, but is the age of his wife misrecorded? How about the over 45 male and female? This census indicates the head of the family was named Daniel Yoder....could the father to our Daniel be also named "Daniel"? This would contradict the Baumgardner data. Let's take a further look at the records of York county and what they imply.
We next find Daniel Yother, "blacksmith" in the Assessment List from 1798/9 for Adams County, Pa. This may be the last point at which we can identify our Daniel with any certainty. Adams County was formed out of York County in 1800.
In 1790, we find no Daniel in Warrington Twp, but we do see a "Daniel Yetter"(male over 16) listed as a co-resident with a Peter Posner in Monaghan Twp., York County. What other information can we find that takes us further back?

One of the potentially most exciting (and at the same time confusing) items of information is a letter by Levi Yoder dated Apr. 1915- contributed by his g-granddaughter Lorraine Lauper in 1990. It states "My father Benjamin was the youngest son (of) Daniel Yother and grandmother Elizabeth (sic). They called their name Yoder until 1852 (sic). He was born in Center County, Penn 1807 July 15 and died in Ashton, Illinois June 16, 1883 as it is on the tombstone in Ashton. My mother was born in Doffins (Dauphin) County Penn in 1809 and died 6 April 1895. They were married by a minister by the name of McGlaughlin at Pottsville Penn. My father had 6 brothers and 1 sister. Their names were Daniel, John, Jacob, Joseph, Conrad, Ephrim and Mary who married a man by the name of Mulholland.. My father's father came from Amsterdam Holland. He had 2 brothers. One stayed in Holland and the other, whose name was Frank came to Penn with him his name was Daniel. Frank afterward went to Kentucky. One of his sons is in Placer Co. near El Dorado this state (California). Lewis Yoder who we know in San Francisco is the son of Conrad."
Over several generations, family "traditions" often become confused and gather inaccuracies. The Eliza letter, for example, misstates the first name of Rebecca's father. Let's analyze Levi's letter in detail. We know that his grandmother was named Rebecca (not Elizabeth- although his uncle Daniel did have a wife named Elizabeth). According to public record, this family DID NOT use the spelling "Yoder" before 1852, conflicting with Levi's claim. Census records for Benjamin bring into question 1807 as a birth year. Did grandfather Daniel come "from Amsterdam Holland"? The 1850 census lists him as having been born in Pennsylvania. Most ships bringing Swiss-Germans into Philadelphia did sail from Holland, so a family story citing a departure from Holland is not illogical...but in all the Yoder/ Yothers lines there is no indication that any branch resided in the Netherlands.
The story of "three brothers" is a common one in many family histories....But where is the brother "Frank" who was in Pa and then later went on to Kentucky? He appears in no census or other Kentucky or Pennsylvania records which have come to light. How about the reported son of Frank who lived in Placer County, California? There is a Yoder there from at least 1885 to 1920. His name was John Franklin Yoder, a gold miner, who died 2/21/1921. From 1900 onward he is listed in the indexes for "Iowa Hill" as a single miner. The 1900 census indicates he was born in Missouri in Dec. 1834, and reports that both his parents were born in South Carolina. The "Placer County Republican" reported on 10/28/1885 that J.F. Yoder sold a half interest in the Alta Quartz Mine for $2,000. From 1887 into the early 1900s he was active in the local Masonic Lodge, serving as an officer. The "Daily Alta California", San Francisco, Ca., October 3, 1853 reports that a "J Y Yoter" arrived October 2, 1853 on the "SS Brother Jonathan " coming from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Could this "J.Y." have been "J.F."? Perhaps.
How about the Kentucky reference? In the Civil War Certificate of Disability for Discharge of Enoch E. Yoder of California, it shows he was a Corporal in Capt. Albert Brown's Co L, 2nd Rgmt US Cav, and had enlisted in Santa Cruz, Ca on 11 Sep 1862, and also in the 3rd Rgmt of Arty enlisting at San Francisco, 23 Sep 1861, to serve three years. It shows him to have been born about 1830 in Fulton Co., Ky. When he filed a pension application in 1888, he is listed as a resident of Iowa City, Placer County. Could "Enoch" have been an older brother of "John Franklin", or perhaps the same person? The age of both of these men make it seem more likely they would have been grandsons of a brother of our Daniel b 1775, rather than sons.
What known Yoders were in Missouri in 1834? For one, Adolphus Yoder, a grandson of Conrad Yoder of North Carolina. Interstingly enough, there is a story of Conrad Yoder having a brother in Pennsylvania who he visited before going south. Conrad would have been of a generation older than our Centre Co., Daniel. There is, interestingly, a Conrad among the children of Daniel and Rebecca Mortorff. However, Rebecca was the daughter of a man named Conrad, and that is the likely source of the name for her son. The spelling "Yother" was the way the name appeared on Conrad Yoder of North Carolina's 1762 deed for 200 acres of land from Henry Weidner and the spelling also appears to have been adopted by his youngest son, Adam.
Another early Kentucky connection was Capt Jacob Yoder (OH113) of the Oley line, but he had only daughters. The Martin Yoter in New Madrid Co, Mo by 1830 may have been his nephew (and we know little about Martin's family). There were also a Henry & Conrad Yater/Yeater/Yoter from present day West Virginia who in the 1790s were living in Kentucky? They seem siblings of Catherine Yoter who married Joshua Younger in Hampshire Co. Va./WV. Conrad Yeater moved on in to Mo. Fairly good records on the Yater/Yeater family reveal no "John Franklin" in this line.

The first record we have found of a Yoder in the York county area appears in baptismal records. These show a child born and baptized to Daniel Yodder and his wife Catherina, at Christ Evan. Luth. Church, York, Pa:
Maria Barbara Yodder b. 10/1/1759 bp.10/28/1759 -spon. by- Jacob Hess, umd s/o Philip Hess, and Barbara Wag_ umd. d/o John
Records of Rev. Lucas Rauss, Lutheran Church of Lower Bermudian Congregation, Latimore Twp., present day Adams Co., Pa, show these added children of Daniel and Catherina "Jodder":
Johannes b. 6/4/1762 bp. 9/22/1762 sponsors- Johannes Asper & Elizabetha
Daniel b. 12/20/1763 bp.12/26/1763 sp. Johann Lehmer & Elizabetha
George Jost b. 7/30/1765 bp. 9/15/1765 sp. George Heckele & Anna Elizabeth
Maria Barbara b. Nov. 1766 bp. 1/1/1767 sp. Peter Staum & Margaretha Barbara
Catharina b. 3/4/1768 bp. 5/23/1768 sp. Nicholas Dotter & Catharina
Susanna b. 5/5/1769 bp. 5/20/1769 sp. Heinrich Kranester & Susan
Johanna b. 7/17/1770 bp. 8/12/1770 sp. Caspar Klein (s/o the late Phil.) & Catharina Schneider
Maria Magdalena b.8/10/1778 bp. 10/14/1778 sp. Friedrich Herrmann & Maria Magdalena
A record of the same church shows the confirmation of Johannes Jodder, age 14, on Easter 1777,

Land warranted to Leonhard Ox 21 Apr 1758 was conveyed by deed dated 18 Apr 1763 to John Yoder. This parcel was 119 acres and 114 perches and named "Yoderland". On 7 May 1767 an additional warrent was issued to him in Reading Twp, York County for a 100 acre parcel named "Yoder addition" and shown as 83 acres 140 perches. On 24 Jun 1772, John patented both parcels. By indenture dated 4 Jul 1772 "John Yoder of Oley Twp., Berks" sold both parcels to "Daniel Yoder of Reading Twp., York Co" for £65. The Oley reference is very significant and will be discussed in more detail later.
The tax list of Reading Twp. for 1779 shows "Daniel Yoder" 200 acres with 1 horse & 3 cattle. Daniel is shown through 1780 with 200 acres. From 1781 to 1783 Daniel is shown with 212 acres. In 1783, when the Johannes born 1762 turns 21, he appears in the tax records, without any land. Daniel is shown that year with 7 people in residence, and John is listed singlely. On 17 Nov 1784, Daniel Yoder "yeoman" sold his two to John Yother "laborer of the other" (and we presume his elder son) and one to a "Henry Nell".

Signature from John Yother Will
John Yother of Reading Township wrote a will on 29 Feb 1788, which was probated 21 Mar 1888. He named as his executors Edward Hunt and Jacob Kintzer. He left his estate to be divided among his two children, Elizabeth and Jacob, and left legacies to his wife Esther and his father Daniel Yother. A guardian document gives the ages of the children as being 2 for Elizabeth and 1 year, 1 month for Jacob. (Lower Bermudian Church records show Elisabeth "Jotter" b. __ May 1786 to Johannes and Esther with Caspar Schimpf as sponsor).
This all supports the assumption that John Yother was the son of the above Daniel Jodder, who appears in the tax lists. The "Inventory and Paiments of the Goods and Chattels of John Yother of Reading Township" records the distribution "by will" of a Red Cow (valued at £3) a bed, and "puter" to "Danyel Yother Sen." This does not necessarily mean he had a son named Daniel, but would imply at a minimum a younger Daniel Yother in the area. The family group above shows a Daniel born in 1763, but he seems 10 years too old to be the Daniel of Centre County. Also on the inventory is the payment of £1 to "Cathy Yother" (the sister in the above records?). Other names on the inventory settlement include Asper, Caibel, Hunt, Overholser, Cronister, and (perhaps significantly) "XXXX Mortorff" (first name crossed out)! The rarity of this name would seem to imply a connection with our Centre Co., Daniel. According to Gene Mortorff, Conrad Mortorff (who arrived in Philadelphia on the Ship Union in 1773) went to Lower Bermudian Church during his indenture and for a short while afterwards when living in Dover PA.
However, the reference to John Yoder as of Oley, makes us look for a possible Oley Valley Yoder link. There are two John Yoder candidates. One might be the John Yoder OH11 (c1726-by 1785). His son Martin died in Mt. Joy Twp., York Co. in 1798 (see YNL32). The more likely choice is John Yoder OH1 (1700-1779) who did have a son named Daniel (OH14). Until now, we've assumed that OH14 was the Daniel who married Anna Kauffman and who appears in Union Township, Berks County and died in 1800. That speculation was based on a reference to him being connected with Oley Township and the relatively early dates of his appearance in the records. This new land record makes that assumption worth relooking. Could the Reading Twp Daniel have been OH14, buying the property in 1772 from his father or brother? Perhaps. In the 1779 will of John Yoder (OH1) he gives £1 each to sons John, Daniel, and Peter, "each of them considerably received of me in my lifetime". He also gives £5 each to two grandaughters by his daughter Maria and her husband Col. John Lesher. After providing for his widow, the balance of the estate is divided into three parts. One part each to grandchildren by son John, son Peter, and deceased son Samuel. No mention is made of any children of Daniel.

There is a Daniel Joder shown on the passenger list for the ship "Hero" (from Rotterdam, last from Cowes, England) which arrived in Philadelphia on Oct 27, 1764. Unless there is something wrong with the 1759 birth record for the first Daniel and Catharina, this cannot be our Bermudian Church/Reading Township Jodder/Yotter. There are, however, surnames of fellow passengers which tie to the data we have to date. For example a "Nicholas Anthony"... Conrad Mortorff's second wife was an Elizabeth Anthony, a Nicholas Anthony (obviously of a later generation) married one of his daughters,and Anthonys are heirs to Daniel Yothers of DeKalb Co., In. Also on the ship is also a Jacob Hess (see first sponsor for children of Daniel and Catherine).
But what has happened to our "John Yothers and Wilhelmina Bloomenshine"? We couldn't find any Bloomenshien (or similar spelling) in the 1790 Pa. census. We don't find a matching John Yothers in the tax records we've come accross. Looking at the published ships lists, we find Bloomenshien or a variation thereof on the ship "Albany" in 1749, "Brothers" in 1750, and the "Richard and Mary" in 1754. Looking at the names of fellow passengers, the only thing which raises an eyebrow is on the "Albany". This ship contained 285 people from "Erbach and Wirtemberg" and had come from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. The oaths of allegiance were made at the Philadelphia Courthouse on Sep. 2, 1749. It shows a "Johann Henrich Blumenschein" on the ship. But it also shows "Hans Petter Jotter" and "Johanis Jotter". Other names of interest are Kabel/Cabel (see inventory) and a Johannes Schimpf (see the sponsor for Elizabeth Jotter) and a Gustavus Schlosser (A Mortorff son married a Schlosser).
The study of this line leaves us with many questions. Is the John Yother/Wilhelmina Blomenshine story correct? If so, where are they? Is Daniel instead perhaps the son of Daniel Jodder of the Upper Bermudian Church records? Is our Daniel connected in any way to the Oley Valley Yoders? Do the ship records discussed give us any meaningful hints. Where is the reported brother "Frank"? And where does the Placer County, California Yoder come from? More mysteries remain to be uncovered. Will one of our readers find a missing clue?
Thanks to: Kay Gabel, Richard H. Yoder, Loraine Lauper, Robert A. Yothers, M. Beltz, Carroll Baumgardner, Helen V. Yoder, and the late Richard J. Yothers Jr., Gene Mortorff, Bruce Hall, and Bob Balmain for the Placer County data.
by Ruth F. Baker

(Photo of log cabin)


The house that is pictured here is located in Mifflin Co., Pa. It is in Brown Twp. in the heart of Kishacoquillas Valley also known as "Big Valley". It is located about 5 miles south of Reedsville, Pa. Take Rte 655 to Coffee Run Rd. Turn right onto Coffee Run and the farm is about 1/2 mile on the right.

The house was built sometime between 1780 and 1794. I do not know who built it. John Yoder (YR25) purchased 350 acres on Apr.19, 1794, He, along with his wife Anna____, moved there from Lancaster Co., Pa. John was the son of Christian Yoder (YR2). John sold 186 acres to his son Jacob (YR253) who lived there til his death on Apr.17,1836. His son Solomon (YR2539) lived there also until he died at the age of 31 of a sore finger. His son Samuel K. (YR25393) lived there until 1860 when he sold the farm to Simon Yoder (prob. YR2689).

The house has a large spring that flows from under the large log house. The present owners, James and Mary Reed, told me that a couple years ago there was a team from Penn State in State College which came to check out the spring. They did not know how deep it might be or where it came from. They were not sure if it might lead into an underground cave. On investigation it was found to go to an underground stream which originates in Stone Mountain.


(second photo)


The siding was removed by the Reeds and exposed the beautiful logs, which are in great shape. The interior of the house is very beautiful, with big log beams that run the length of the house on the ceiling of the first floor. The Reeds have also exposed the logs in one of the upstairs bedrooms. (contributed by Ruth Yoder Baker, 316 Oak Tree Rd, Manheim, Pa 17545 g-g-daughter of Samuel K. Yoder)


Thanks to Ray Yount for the following Rowan County, NC marriage record: "Conrad Yutter and Katharina Huffman, June 20, 1775"
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Letters to the Editor
Sadly, my uncle George Yoder the Grand Slam Fishing Champion (see YNL 32) passed away October 8, 2000, age 92. His dad, Howard J. Yoder also of Shoemakersville, gave him a life long love of the out of dooes with hunting and fishing. There is no telling what father and son might have accomplished had he not been killed in 1928 at the age of 44 in a freak car accident while returning from a championship shooting match in Virginia. He was state live bird champion and champion wing shot for 1923, 1924 and runner up in 1925. He regained the title in 1926 and traveld to competitions all over the East Coast.
Uncle George and his wife Mary celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in 1999. He still loved to dance, and did the polka with his son's widow at their last wedding anniversary party. My aunt was wheelchair bound due to numersous fractures, but Uncle George never gave up a chance to dance. His life was not all fun. He became a butcher in the family business after his father died. He worked for commercial butchers cleaning pig's stomachs well into his nineties, because none of the young people wanted to do it. He also spent many many years baking breads and sticky buns in a kitchen he set up in their garage. He got so many other men involved, and all the profits went to charitable projects of "his" Rotary Club or to the Shriner's Hospitals. If he wasn't fishing he was probably baking - any weekend for nearly 50 years. He was quite a role model.
-- Saranna B. Miller, Marietta, Pa
- - - - - - - - - -

Yoder Heritage Tour Of Missouri and Illinois
Fifteen west coast Yoders, all descendants of Elias Yoder (YR12a33) and his father, Amish bishop Jonathan Yoder (YR12a3), made an 8-day tour of family and American history sites in MO. & IL. Joel Daniels of Canby, OR, planned the tour. Travel arrangements were made by his brother, Richard Daniels, of Portland, OR . The group flew to Kansas City, and back from Chicago, travelling by rental cars through the two states. One person each took part from Alaska, British Columbia, and Cal., with all the rest coming from OR.
The Yoder history site in MO. centered on Golden City, MO in Dade County, northwest of Springfield, where Elias Yoder's sons and daughter, Jonathan Samuel Yoder (YR12a331), Levi David Yoder (YR12a333) and Mary Schwartz (YR12a336) as well as Elias's younger brother Asa Yoder (YR12a39), had moved from Illinois to farm in the early 1870's. They had all moved west to Clackamas County, OR, between 1887 and 1889. The tour visited the Kistler Greenwood Cemetery near Golden City where four children from the families of Jonathan S., Levi and Asa Yoder were buried. Three of the children died within a 23- day period in the summer of 1875. Eleven of the visitors were descendants of Jonathan S. Yoder and the other four were descendants of Levi David Yoder.
During three days in Bloomington, McLean County, IL, the group attended morning worship May 21st at the nearby North Danvers Mennonite Church which grew out of the Rock Creek Amish congregation founded by bishop Jonathan Yoder in 1851. Steve Estes, archivist for the Illinois Mennonite museum at Metamora, IL, was guest preacher speaking on "Jesus and Jonathan." After church the tour met a new cousin descended from Leah Yoder Sharp (YR12a31), and also met retired medical missionary, Dr. Merle Schwartz, whose grandmother, Elizabeth Frey Schwartzentruber was a sister to the wives of Jonathan S., Levi, and Asa Yoder, making him a cousin to all the visitors.
The group visited the Lantz cemetery in Dry Grove Township, and the North Danvers and Stouts Grove cemeteries in Danvers Township, where numbers of ancestors and relatives were buried. May 22nd, the tour visited the IL. Mennonite historical and genealogical center at Metamora, gathering new information on the family history, and seeing the excellent museum of nineteenth century IL. farm life. Lucia Shuebel and her daughter Diana Kindall of OR. presented the archives with a framed handicrafted motto made by Mahala Yoder (YR12a334) whose 1870-76 diary as a young adult invalid in IL. has become a valuable historical resource. A final stop occurred at the McLean County Museum of History in Bloomington.-
--Report submitted by Jim Yoder, the token Canadian on the tour
Joachim Langer, writing from near the Baltic Sea, recently asked the YNL to help locate Bill Yoder, a former correspondent in Eastern Europe and friend of his family. We put out the word on the Yoder listserver and with a few days had the following reply:
"Dear Chris, Yesterday we've found a fax coming in by Bill Yoder. A friend of his family has read the Yoder-newsletter 20mls away from Chicago, remembered Bill's address, informed him - and so we got his reaction. Thank you very much - regards from the Baltic Sea, Jochen"
Who was Barbara Joder m. 1/10/1837 to Kaspar Hofert who d. 1857 Wayne Co, Oh. Barbara d. 1904 in Belvidere, Tn? Write the YNL.
Brunk, appearing in the Oct. 2000 issue of "Mennonite Family
History Magazine"
IMAGE OF L. T. Yoder Confectioner
Advertising Card

Lorenzo Thomas Yoder
In YNL 28 we presented Alsatian Joder research by Jean and Rene
Huckel and tried to connect these records to known American
immigrants. One of these Alsatians was "Jean Joder" born 1795, who
had married in 1822 Marie Conrad ast Pfastatt. We speculated that
he may have been Jonathan Yoder who was born 5/11/1795 and
settled in Adams Co., In. His wife's name was known to be Mary
Schmucker. Thanks to Carl R. Yoder, Kermit Yoder and Kermit's
nephew Tim Lengerich. Jonathans fourth child Jacob was born
3/26/1828 in Altkirk. Tim lives in Alsace and found the birth record
for Jacob (recorded as "Jacques") showing a birth on 3/26/1828 to
Jean Joder, age 32, and wife Anne-Marie Conrad, age 26.
Yother (Florida, April 1 1995) 3 boys, 1 girl, Joshua, Christopher, Eric, Allison (3 boys identical, spontaneous)
The Oley Valley Yoder are very busy planning for a wonderful National Yoder Reunion (Co-sponsored by the YNL). Events start Friday Jul. 20th we with a Berks County Amish Yoder Tour. The chartered bus tour will include: a stop to see Widow Barbara Yoder's Bible located; the John Yoder (YR17) Cemetery; astroll through the old barn owned by Strong Jacob Yoder (YR14) near Morgantown as well as the adjoining cemetery will acompany a visit to his previous home in the Northkill; the Northkill Amish Cemetery and adjoining properties of Widow Barbara Yoder and Hamburg Christian Yoder (YR12); the Jacob Yoder Cemetery (see YNL29); and Christian Yotter/Yoder (YR23) log residence (hope to stop although have not yet received permission). We will conclude the tour with a delicious dinner in a private Amish home.
Friday evening we will have a time to relax and visit with each other at our headquarters, The Inn at Reading/Clarion.
Saturday morning we have a buffet style breakfast planned and then off on a Oley Valley bus tour. We will be visiting the Hans and Yost homesteads and the Pleasantville cemetery. The cemetery contains what is thought to be the oldest Yoder tombstone in the US. This cemetery is being repaired and restored by the Oley Yoder Heritage Association. Other stops will be the Lobachsville Mill and the Keim homestead which is on the National Register. It has a huge and impressive old cider press. We also will have a Revolutionary Militia Encampment set up for the tour. Information will be available on known persons with the surname of Yoder who served in the German Regiment and in the Militia during the Revolutionary War. If you have any information of ancestors who served in either regular of militia capacity, please bring that information along.
Saturday evening we are having a banquet of wonderful mouth-watering Pennsylvania Dutch foods. We will have German dancers for entertainment and then more fellowship.
Among the memorabilia we are offering for sale will be golf shirts, T-shirts, baseball caps and memory books. Brand new to our items for sale will be a beautiful cotton coverlet depicting several points of Yoder interest around the Oley Valley. Our cookbooks are sold out but we are getting ready for a sequel. If you have a recipe that you would like to contribute, please send it in or bring it to the reunion. If you have any old family recipes, handed down through the years, it would be especially nice to include them.
All YNL subscribers will receive a registration forms soon. If you want to contribute Revolutionary War information about Yoders or a recipe for the new cookbook please send them to Phyllis R. Yoder, 233 Main Street, Shoemakersville, PA 19555-1409 or e-mail at
Some Recent Yoder Contacts:
--Nancy Jane Yoder (Con533), Linda Alderson <>
--Charles S. Yoder (YR17792) Debra Yoder Kell, <>
--Henry Yater (T) - George Yater, Louisville, Ky.
--Adolphus Yoder (Con32) - Tilitha Waicekauskas, <>
--Joseph Yotter (YR268123) Wm. Dean Yotter <>
--Samuel S Yoder (YR12732) Allen Yoder, <>
Maybe some of our Kansas cousins can fill us in on his family background? Here is Walt's biography, from John Chilton's "Who's Who of Jazz", published in 1979: YODER, 'Walt' Walter E. String-bass Born Hutchinson, Kansas, 21st April 1914
Began playing piano at the age of ten, switched to bass during teens. Was one of the founder-members of Woody Herman's band in 1936, prior to that had worked with Joe Haymes, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, and with Isham Jones. Left Herman in 1942, settled in California. Worked regularly with Ben Pollack in the late 1940s and early 1950s, also worked with Bob Crosby, Russ Morgan, Gordon Jenkins, etc. Free-lance from home in Studio City [CA] during 1970s.


The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi 49015 or email at

In 1860 Census I found a Catharine Yoder, age 27, born in Pa. living with my great grandparents, Aaron (YB1399) and Fianna (Crouthamel) Yoder. Does anyone know who this Catharine is? Could she be the widow of Aaron's brother Christian? Anna Belle (Yoder) Emery, 14030 N. Lobelia Way, Tuscon, AZ, 85737 ************************************************************
YOUTHER INFO WANTED- Elizabeth Youther , my ggrandmother, m. John Wesley Penney. Resided in Tn. John Wesley Penney had an Indian name and 3 fingers. Had brother named Strawberry JOE. Son also a John Wesley Penney m. Ila Crawley also possibly Indian. Ila (Crawley) Penney mothers Cindy Rickets m. James T.Crawley (indian?). g-g-grandpa on Penney side Miles P Penney. My relatives are supposed to be in history books in the great battles in Tn. Barbara Sheets, P.O. Box 663 Marinette, Wi . 54143 <>

I am looking for information on my ggg grandfather and his wife, Cale Christopher Yoder born in PA. Oct 12, 1822?(uncertain of year) and Margaret Ann Cannon-Conners-Conaway born in VA.June14,1824; married:Oct 9, 1840. They had 10 children, the first 4 were born in PA, the rest were born in Mt. Vernon,Knox Co.,Ohio. Moved to Mercer Co., Mo., & d. 1891-92. Who were their parents were. Children were: Joseph L. b.1841; Elizabeth M. b. 1843; Jacob M. b. 1845 m. Corletta Houk; Lucinda Yoder b.1849 m. Samuel Denny; James J. b. Dec 18,1851 Mt.Vernon,OH, m. Mary Jane McLain (my gggrandparent); George b. 1854; Mary Ann b. 1856 m. Emery Burton; John Reed b. 1858 m. Cordelia Rust; George M. b. 1862; Celany M. b. 1864. Pixie L. Beaver, 1101 S. Oak Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012-4960. email:

CHARITY YODER (or Yoter), m. Abraham Hart, March 28, 1847 in Ashland Co., OH. Both b. in PA. Charirty Yoder b. about 1830. She was 17 when married, thus probably lived with her parents in nearby Wayne Co., OH. In 1860 U.S. Census they showed in DeKalb Co., IN., the Newville area. Most of Abraham and Charity (Yoder) Hart's children remained in the Newville, Hicksville, OH area. I do not have a deathdate nor location of burial of either Abraham or Charity. Help please: Gerald L. Kisabeth, 45621 Holmes Drive, Canton OH 48187.

'IBBIE YOTTER' b.c 1851 d. Feb-8-1926 m. 'JOHN NELMS' b.1840. d. 1900. 'NANCY YOTTER' b.abt d. 1885. m. 'ARCH NELMS' b.1842 d.1888. All Mayes Co Ok. ARCH & NANCY both died at a young age,there children were put into a Indian orphanage 1888 in Pryor Creek Mayes County Ok. ARCH & JOHN NELMS are Cherokee Indian brothers. IBBIE & NANCY YOTTER are sisters maybe from TENN. Reply to:Zelda Morse, 208 East 12th Place Claremore Oklahoma 74017, email:

Who were parents of Mary Yoder, b. c1792 Earl Twp, Berks Co, Pa m. Jacob Smith b c1791 same place. Had 7 children, Issac, Lizzie, Susanna, John, Jacob (my g-g-grandfather), Mary and Abraham. Reply to: Janice F. Smith, 124 Glenn Drive N.E.. Milledgeville, Ga. 31061, email:

Elizabeth Yoder b. 8/31/1855 Reading Pa. m. William K. Schroyer, had 4 children Joseph, 1879, William Levi [my grandfather] 1875 Shamokin Pa., Pearl 1881 and Bertha 1877. Elizabeth's husband was either b.Georgetown, Pa. or Reading. Elizabeth is bur. Amsbry, Pa. she died 10/17/1920. I was told her father was a John Yoder, a Methodist minister. Joan Blanton, 2870 Maysville Pike Lot 43, Zanesville, Ohio , email <JBDESI@VOYAGER.NET>

Interested in Mifflin Co. , Pa Yoders, YRB family, any information on "County Line" Christian Yoder (YRB1), original property in Mifflin Co., bordered Huntington Co. Reply To: Mrs. Susan (Yoder) Pyles, 7144 Dayton Rd., Enon, Ohio 45323 <>

Looking for a DAVID YODER father of Harry born ca 1907/8 Coles Co, Il. by Myrtle Landreth. Myrtle married Jesse Ronk. Harry m. Lela Elizabeth Tague before 1935 Coles Co, d/o John Albert & Minnie Belle Ramsey Tague. REPLY TO: Mary Yoder , 605 Pine St #77, Normal, Il 61761 <>

Chris, This is Shannon Yoder and I was wondering if you have information on my gggrandfather Elmer Yoder. Birth 1913 Helfestien ,Northumberland Pa. Married Hazel Helk On April 20 1935 and Died in 1942. I need to know who his parents are? and any other information is greatly appretiated. Thankyou, Shannon Yoder E mail me direct at: <>


YODERS BEING SEARCHED FOR- If you know the family, please notify them and let them make the contact.
- - - - - - - - - -
My name is Terry Johnson. I was adopted out at 2 weeks old and just recently found the name of my birth father...Samuel J Yoder. He lived in The Dalles, Oregon from aprox 1956 to 1962. Lived at 700 W 17th, and owned the Dutch Treat's drive in restraunt. He sold his house to a WD Bowen in 1958. Supposedly he had 4 other kids, Bobbie or Robert - 50 yrs old now, Carl, Sandy (female), Peter. His wife was named Betty J Yoder. Terry Johnson, 2133 NW Harriman, Bend , OR 97701 541-385-5092 email:

Where Have All The Roeses Gone? contains names, dates of almost 1000 descendants, and spouses, of John Roes (1821 - 1894) and Maria/Polly Yoder (1838 - 1872) as well as historical information. Polly is daughter of Susan Miller and David C. Yoder [YR23374]. This is an update to "Descendants of John and Polly Yoder Roes 1821 - 1976" [which was by Irene (Roes) Zehr]. Includes two more generations of Roes's, 165 pages, 8 x 11, soft cover; cost $15 Canadian ($11 US). plus $8 Candaian ($5 US) postage. Available March 2001. To pre order send your address, phone number/e-mail and number of books required to Marion Roes, 555 Brigantine Drive, Waterloo ON N2K 4A7 or ************************************************************
HOUSE OF YODER NEWS Final construction continues on the House of Yoder on the grounds of the Spruce Forest Artisan Village (Penn Alps) in Grantsville, Maryland. Construction goals for the coming year include finishing the stonework in thebasement, finishing the first floor and attic floor, and installing the exterior windows. Approximately $20,000 is needed to complete the construction of the house. To date over $75,000 has been contributed to the construction of the house as well as numerous volunteer hours of labor. The house is at a stage of construction where it can be toured on a regular basis. Last July 13-15 over 1000 persons visited the house during the Annual Summer Festival and Quilt Show of Grantsville. Homemade corn chowder and corn bread were served to many of the visitors. During the tourist season, the house will likely be open for tour on most Saturdays. If you happen to be in the area during the week, feel free to stop in and look at the house. The root cellar in the basement, the huge walk-in fireplace on the first floor, the latchkey door, and the smoke house in the attic are all sources of pride for their authentic construction. The fifth annual meeting of House of Yoder, Inc. was held November 11. Ken Yoder and Lonnie Yoder shared stories from their respective family lines. Funds are needed to complete construction of the interior of the Yoder House. Inquiries or contributions can be directed to Lonnie Yoder, House of Yoder, 1066 Smith Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, or 540-432-6467. The 2001 Summer Festival and Quilt Show of Grantsville is scheduled for July 12-14, exactly one week before the Oley Valley National Yoder Reunion in Pennsylvania. So, on your way to Pennsylvania, stop in and visit the House of Yoder in Grantsville, Maryland!***

-2/10/1856 William W. Yother m. Malissa Head, by H. Addington, JP
-4/19/1866 Lewis J. Yother m. Sarah E. Newton, by J.P. Phillips, JP
(?1900 Tenn Census- Polk Co, Tn)



baby photo
Photograph by Woody Fender


Lukas Coleman Yoder was the first baby born in the Hickory area in 2001. He was born at Catawba Memorial Hospital at 9:33 a.m. to Kevin and Amy Yoder. Lukas is the grandson of "Yoders of North Carolina" President Bill Yoder.
Amy Yoder had been having contractions for several days, her husband, Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said. Just after 6 a.m. Monday, the Yoders arrived at the hospital. "As soon as we came in they said, 'We don't have a New Year's baby yet, we'd better hurry,'" Amy Yoder said. At 8 lbs, 3 ounces, Coleman was a bit larger than expected, but very healthy. (with permission--Hickory Daily Record)


The 76th Yothers Family Reunion was held on Sunday, June 4 with 23 people present at the Haycock Mennonite Church, Quakerstown.
The oldest member present was Naomi Yothers, Souderton, age 95. The youngest were the twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Benner of Sellersville, Ryan andGabriel Benner, age two-and-a-half.
The traditional guessing game winners were Dorothy and David Miller, Quakerstown, and I. Erwin Yothers Jr., Perkasie.
Garrett Benner, Sellersville, asked the blessing before the 5 pm meal.
Hans Joder (John Yoder) was the pioneer ancestor of the family and was born in Germany about 1680. He purchased 99 acres in Lower Milford Township (then known as Great Swamp) from Joseph Krowden of Trevose in 1720 for 15 pounds.
The Yoders were Mennonites and donated the land to the Saucon meeting House, which was erected around 1738. many of the Yoder descendants are buried there.
Hans Yoder's grandson Jacob Yoder changed his name to Yothers andall of the Bucks County Yothers are his descendants. Jacob Yothers and his wife Barbara (Fretz) Yothers are buried in the Doylestown Mennonite Cemetery.
Officers for the reunion are John M. Hershberger, president, Lavern Benner, vice president, and Alvena Hunsberger, secretary- treasurer. All are from Perkasie.
The next reunion will be the first Sunday of June 2001 at the same place.


--Anna "Mae" Yoder, 100, Berks Co, Pa. widow of late William J. Yoder, died 11/1/2000
--George Yoder, Shoemakersville, Pa, died 10/8/2000, age 92
--Carl Miller Yoders, Flemington, NJ, died 1/8/2001 (see separate article on this great friend of the YNL and Yoders everywhere)
--Rosalie Yoder, Wayne Co, Oh, died 10/13/2000 in car accident with dau. and son-in-law (Mr.& Mrs. Paul W Wright). Her late husband Dr. Richard Yoder wrote the gen. of "Bee Christian" Yoder
--Leah M. Yoder, died Feb 20. 2001. Last surviving sister-in-law of Dr. Fred Roy Yoder


Yoders family historian Carl Miller Yoders, M234341, of Flemington, NJ, died, Jan. 8, 2001. Carl was a rare article - a genuine patriot and hero. He enlisted in the US Army in October 1940 and was assigned to the "President's Own" Honor Guard of the 12th Infantry at Arlington National Cemetery. As war clouds gathered, he was assigned to the 4th Infantry Division and sent to England to prepare for the invasion of Europe. On the morning of 6 June 1944 Carl stormed ashore at Utah Beach, Normandy, France and pressed inland as the leader of a heavy machine gun unit. On 14 June he was severely wounded by shrapnel. He spent several months in Army hospitals in England and 7 months in Walter Reed Army Hospital near Washington, DC. Carl was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge, the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious achievements in ground operations against the enemy, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart. He was honorably discharged with disability on 9 June 1945. Carl was active in a number of military organizations. In 1984 he was granted the Legion of Honor Award. In June 1994 at the D-Day 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Normandy, he was awarded the French Medal (Medaille du Jubile). During May 1999, NJ Governor Christine Todd Whitman awarded Carl the State of New Jersey's "Distinguished Service Medal", the State's highest military award (See YNL 34)
Following his military service, his responsibilties included that of Sanitation Superintendent for Ewing Township, Mercer County, NJ from 1954 to 1986. Carl was a member of the Philadelphia - Continental Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution. Carl with the able assistance of his wife, Mary Alice, authored "The `Yoders' of Southwest, PA & The `Yoders' of Waynesburg, PA." This volume is a key part of YODERS history. Carl is survived by his wife of 58 years, Mary Alice Foote Suydam; his son, Carl James YODERS of West Trenton, NJ; and a granddaughter, Mrs. Kathleen Joy (YODERS) DEY. ----Don Honeywell

************************************************************ ************************************************************

Sidney, Montana honored Glayde Yoder and his family as "Heritage Family 2000" at their June 2000 "Heritage Day Celebration". Mr. Yoder (son of Benjamin J. Yoder (YR174252) and Ollie Plank) clebrated his 101st birthday on Jul. 5, 2000. He was born on 1899 in Garden City, Mo. and had lived in Sidney since 1928. He passed away later last fall ---- Thanks to James Yoder, Richmond, BC

ORDER THE YODERS OF NC BOOK The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder has been reprinted and is available once more!! Funds raised will be used to restore old Yoder gravestones and up-keep of cemeteries at Churches significant to the Yoder Family and the ancestors of the Author. Price is $25 (postage included). Send checks to : "Yoder Memorial Fund" at: Yoder Family in North Carolina, c/o: Bill Yoder, 2707 Zion Church Rd. Hickory, NC 28602


This multi-year project aims to bring the descendants of Conrad Yoder up to date and add lines from all over the nation. Neal D. Wilfong, NC Yoder Family Secretary, is leading the charge on this effort. He needs the help of all Conrad family members to assemble current information. If you have information to share, contact Neal at: 310 Cook Road; Cleveland, N.C.; 27013 email: <>

Almost 150 copies distributed!! Virgil Yoder's slide show and its inspiring story of our Yoder Heritage in Europe and the U.S. has been a centerpiece at national Yoder gatherings since 1994. Hold your own Yoder family reunion, large or small, anyplace around the world and make the video the cornerstone for your program.
Get your own copy of this family treasure for $25 (post paid). Order from Virgil E. Yoder, 110 Northumberland Rd., Irwin, Pa. 15642. If you have any questions, write Virgil at: .

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