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YODER NEWSLETTER - Issue Number 38
P.O. Box 594, Goshen, IN 46527
October 2001

---- National Reunion "Rocks" in Pennsylvania!!
---- Jacob Eschbach Yoder
---- The Adolphus Yoder Cabin
---- "Oldest Yoder" Record Broken
---- A Yoder Married to Tom Mix's sister


Two memorable Berks County, Pa. Yoder bus tours highlighted the July 20-21, 20001 National Yoder Reunion hosted by the Oley Yoder Heritage Association Committee. Descendants of the first Yoder immigrant brothers, Hans and Jost (both of Steffisburg, Switz.) welcomed family members from far and wide.
Events began Friday morning with an "Amish Yoder Heritage Tour" organized by Lemar and Lois Ann Mast, editors of the "Mennonite Family History" magazine of Morgantown, Pa. Two bus-loads of Yoders from around the nation visited sites to include:
-a visit to see the "Barbara Yoder Bible", a "Froschauer" bible printed in Zurich in 1580, and featured in YNL25. Earliest names in it are for the family of John Yoder (YR17) (1732-1804).
-the Viewpoint (Yoder) Cemetery outside of Mohrsville where many YR17 descendants are buried.
-a visit to the homestead of Jacob Hertzler, Amish Bishop who immigrated from Switzerland in 1748 to minister to the Northkill Congregation of Berks County. On his property rests the Northkill Amish Burial Ground.
-"Yoder Heights", a subdivision formed in the mid-1940s by Clayton Yoder.
- the Berks Co. homestead property of "Strong Jacob" Yoder (YR14), 158 acres purchased in 1747. Today the old stone buildings and wooden outbuildings are complimented by a dozen or more golf carts... in use for the golf course now on the property. "Strong Jacob" moved to Lancaster County near Morgantown in 1767.
- the Christian Yoder (YR2) property, deeded in 1760 to his son "Schweitzer Christian" (YR23), who lived there until moving to Somerset County in the spring of 1776.
- the day was topped off with a delicious home cooked meal served in an Amish home.
Friday evening featured a "Welcome Party" held at the Inn at Reading. Folks assembled to renew acquaintances, to make new ones, and to display family memorabilia.
Bright and early Saturday, buses picked up the out-of-town folk and took them to the Oley Fire Station for a tasty buffet breakfast. A Revolutionary Militia Encampment, set up by re-enactors James Newell, wife Helen and daughter Gwendolyn, demonstrated clothing and equipment in use during colonial times. From there buses went off in different directions to rotate through and visit the significant Oley Yoder locations. A detailed script and tour program had been prepared by committee members. Stops included:
-the Hans Yoder homestead- property of our first Yoder immigrant which has been in the hands of the Yoder family since 1714. Owner Richard A. Yoder conducted personal tours of the homestead and showed much of the work done over the past five years to preserve the various buildings.
-the adjoining homestead of Yost Yoder, acquired in 1731 and 1738. The front part of the present stone structure was built in 1788.
-the Yoder Family Cemetery from 1714 to 1886. Located on the border line between property of Hans and Yost, the cemetery is now called the Plesantville Union Cemetery. It is believed to contain the unmarked graves of Hans and Yost, and is the site of the earliest known gravestone for an American Yoder (Han's son Daniel who died in 1747).
-the Jacob Keim homestead (whose daughter Maria married Yost's son Jacob (OY4)--Revolutionary War veteran).
-other sites included: Greisemer's Mill and covered bridge, the Clarence Yoder mill now owned by Stephen Kindig, and Spangsville or Salem Reformed Church.
The Banquet Saturday night was held at the Inn at Reading. Association president Joe Yoder welcomed the gathering, and noted that family had come from seventeen states, the farthest travelers making a five day drive from Oregon. Col. Harry A. Yoder was recognized as the "oldest" person at the dinner, and Randi Yoder the youngest. Richard A. Yoder, owner of the Hans Homestead, was recognized for making his homestead available to the family tours.
Bill Yoder, President of the Yoder Family in North Carolina, brought greetings from the Southern branch of of line. Chris Yoder, Editor of the Yoder Newsletter, thanked all of the organizers for all the work which went into making this one-in-a-lifetime Yoder heritage weekend. The evening entertainment was provided by the G.T.V. Edelweiss Dancers of Reading, a talented company of Swiss dancers. The evening was brought to a close when Joe Yoder donned a Santa Claus cap for a reading of "The Night Before Christmas" in a Pennsylvania Dutch dialect.
by Sterling N. Yoder Jr.



(photo of Jacob on steps)


On February 22, 1999 at 12 noon, descendants of Jacob Eschbach Yoder gathered at the Lynchburg Public Library, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Human Rights, for the dedication of a special exhibit honoring Jacob Eschbach Yoder and the evolution of African American education in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Jacob was the eighth of sixteen children born to Jacob Maurer and Anna Yoder on February 22, 1838, at Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. Jacob Maurer Yoder was a successful farmer in the Pennsylvania Dutch community. Jacob Eschbach Yoder's early education was that of a tailor in which trade he briefly labored until he had earned sufficient money to attend the state normal school at Millersville in Lancaster County. In the early 1860's Jacob came under the influence of one of the foremost educators in Pennsylvania, James Pyle Wickersham, who convinced the young man of the necessity for undertaking the education of the South's newly freed slaves. Wickersham believed strongly that civil rights should be afforded all newly freed black persons and that preparation for citizenship for these people required education.
Under the auspices of the Pennsylvania Freedmen's Relief Association (PFRA) which had been created in March 1862, Jacob went to Lynchburg, Virginia, in March 1866 as an assistant to the PFRA Superintendent for the Lynchburg region. In this position he assisted in the setting up and in the general oversight of schools for African Americans who lived in Lynchburg and those who flocked to the city in large numbers at the end of the War between the States. Jacob returned to his native area in Pennsylvania at the end of the school year in 1867.
In the autumn of 1868 Jacob moved to Lynchburg, Virginia, having been appointed the new PFRA Superintendent for the region which now included parts of six counties as well as the City of Lynchburg. With this move he began thirty-eight years as a resident of Virginia. It is believed that Jacob Eschbach was the first Yoder to permanently reside in the Old Dominion.


In January 1866 The American Home Mission Society of the Northern Baptist Church sent missionaries to work among the newly freed Black people. Among these missionaries was a young woman named Miss Anna Frances Whitaker, a direct descendant of the founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams. Jacob and Anna were married on June 28, 1871. Five boys and two girls were born to this union. All seven children lived to adulthood, and the oldest of the five boys was my Grandfather, Wayland Whitaker Yoder, who was born in 1875. He trained as an accountant and moved to Norfolk, Virginia in 1895.
Despite coming from a Mennonite background, Jacob's diary indicates he attended the services of several denominations upon arriving in Lynchburg. He earnestly sought a faith that would minister to his spiritual needs. He remarked in his diary that the Methodist Church was "the Church which I have loved above all modern churches." However, he was strongly influenced by his wife-to-be, Anna, and a fellow Pennsylvanian, Charles C. Betting, who was serving as a minister of one of the Lynchburg Baptist Churches. Jacob finally chose the Baptist Church. On September 3, 1878 he became a member of the new College Hill Baptist Church in Lynchburg. Within a short time he was serving as a member of that congregation's board of deacons.
In 1871 when the Lynchburg Public School System was established, the PFRA schools for Blacks were incorporated into the city's school system. From 1871 until his death in 1905, Jacob was employed by the school system as the Assistant Supervising Principal of all Lynchburg Colored Schools. In 1878 he was made the "Acting" Supervising Principal for all the city's colored schools. Finally on February 1, 1881 the Lynchburg School Board removed the word "Acting " from his title. In 1890 Jacob lectured in many teacher training institutes in Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and Roanoke, Virginia. Under the auspices of the University of Virginia, he taught field botany in Charlottesville during the summers of 1896 through 1899.



Jacob Eschbach Yoder was a man of few words but constant action. He enthusiastically pursued many areas of interest as well as education. He was recognized for work as a mineralogist and botanist. First and foremost Jacob was a gifted teacher of teachers, inspiring those he led to excel and give of their best for the furtherance of education. He was known for his perseverance in the face of tremendous odds, his refusal to accept less than the best from himself and those working under him, who, in tribute at the time of his passing, saw him as a man of humility, honesty, and one who always had a deep, abiding love for all humankind.
When Jacob Eschbach Yoder died on April 15, 1905 at sixty-seven years of age, the teachers from the schools he led for some thirty-four years gave him the following tribute:

"That since we realize his life was laid out at the alter of devotion to
the elevation of our race by the most potent of all means -- education -
that we express to his family and to the community our deep sense of
obligation for the service he rendered us - our high appreciation of a
life of earnest, continuous, untiring, and unfailing toil on our behalf."
Author Sterling N. Yoder, Jr. is a Great Grandson of Jacob Eschbach Yoder (YB2568), Gdson of his eldest son-- Wayland Whitaker Yoder, and Son of his eldest son-- Sterling N. Yoder Sr. Jacob's diary
for 1886-1870 has been published- The Fire of Liberty in Their Hearts - edited by Samuel L. Horst, and can be ordered from the Library of Virginia, 11th St at Capital Square, Richmond, Va 23219-3491 for $24.95 + $1.50 postage. A photo of Jacob's family appeared in YNL 9.
Family photos courtesy of the Samuel L. Horst


Merlin Welker at the Adolphus Yoder Cabin

Adolphus Yoder (born 1795) was the grandson of Conrad Yoder of the North Carolina line and the son of David Yoder (Con3). The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina refers to him as having joined the Army, moved west, and "all traces of him were lost". In YNL 4, Oct. 1984, we reported that War of 1812 pension records show Adolphus settled in Missouri, raised a family and died around Patosi, Mo. on. Apr. 3, 1876.
Thanks to modern day descendant Tilitha Waicekauskas, and her fellow researcher Preston Gilliam, we are able to provide an interesting update. Mr. Gilliam is a descendant of Adolphus Yoder' s third wife by her first husband William Gilliam who died in 1849. Preston has shared information and pictures of the cabin Adolphus Yoder built in "Yoder Holler", near Palmer, MO.


Sarah Gilliam Yoder, Wife of Adolphus

The cabin was built in 1865. Merlin Welker, the present occupant, is the G. Grandson of Sarah (Gilliam) Yoder. He was born in this home (1908) and has lived there ever since. Adolphus must have done a good job, because the cabin still looks very sturdy. Preston says that Sarah and her husband lived on an adjoining farm to Adolphus. He married her on Nov. 15 or 16, 1855 in Palmer, Mo. and they combined their farms and built the cabin. Adolphus was a miner as well as a farmer.
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The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder has been reprinted and is available once more!! Funds raised will be used to restore old Yoder gravestones and up-keep of cemeteries at Churches significant to the Yoder Family and the ancestors of the Author. Price is $25 (postage included). Send checks to : "Yoder Memorial Fund" at: Yoder Family in North Carolina, c/o: Bill Yoder, 2707 Zion Church Rd. Hickory, NC 28602
This multi-year project aims to bring the descendants of Conrad Yoder up to date and add lines from all over the nation. The help of all Conrad family members is needed to assemble current information. Noted historian Dr. Don Yoder has promised a major introduction to this revision on the history of the Yoder family. To help, contact: Bill Yoder, 2707 Zion Church Rd. Hickory, NC 28602 or Chris Yoder at 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015.
Almost 150 copies distributed!! Virgil Yoder's slide show and its inspiring story of our Yoder Heritage in Europe and the U.S. has been a centerpiece at national Yoder gatherings since 1994. Hold your own Yoder family reunion, large or small, anyplace around the world and make the video the cornerstone for your program.
Get your own copy of this family treasure for $25 (post paid). Order from Virgil E. Yoder, 110 Northumberland Rd., Irwin, Pa. 15642. If you have any questions, write Virgil at: .
Gary Yoder recently won Best of Show in the Masters Class in the 31st Annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition in Ocean City (MD). Born in Grantsville, Yoder, 42, started working at Penn Alps when he was 13. His works can be seen when folks come to Spruce Forest Artisan Village, Penn Alps to visit the House of Yoder. -contrib. by Ray Yount, LA Vale, Md. July 2001.
Letters to the Editor
I wrote to ask if you could help me find a home for a nice photo my mother has of William Yoder age 36, his wife Elva age 33 and 3 children. The boys are Wilbur age 7, Gordon age 1 yr 2 mo, and a dau. Alberta age 9. William was a minister in Morrill Kansas. The picture of the Rev. Yoder and his family was probably taken between 1915 and 1925. My mother has had the picture since she was a little girl in Ks. She was born in Morrill in 1918 and remembers going to the Brethern Church there. She said she remembers the Yoder kids. With your help, I got the name of a Yoder there and called. He in turn told me one of the young boys (Wilbur) was still living. Well you will never believe it. I just talked to the 7 yr old boy in the Yoder picture. His name is Wilbur and he is now 89 yrs old and sharp as a tac. He was excited about the call out of the blue. Thank you for your help. ---Del Punton
The first edition of the Oley Yoder Cook book has sold out, but the committee is getting ready for a sequel. If you have a recipe that you would like to contribute, please send it in. If you have any old family recipes, handed down through the years, it would be especially nice to include them. Send them to Phyllis R. Yoder, 233 Main Street, Shoemakersville, PA 19555-1409 or e-mail at


One of the items produced for the National Yoder Reunion was a beautiful throw with pictures of significant historic Yoder related sites from the Oley Valley. Each was visited during the Oley tour during the National Reunion. These items were quickly "sold out", but if 25 reserve orders are placed, they will be reordered. The cost is $65.00 and $5.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $70.00. Shirts with a Oley Yoder crest: still reamining -In T-shirts 2 mediums, 2 larges, 6 X-larges and 9 2X-larges. The cost of those is $8.00 each or 2 for $15.00. In golf shirts we have 2 smalls, 2 mediums, 3 larges, and 7 2X-larges. The cost for those is $15.00. The shipping and handling for each is $3.00. The throw orders should be sent to: Phyllis R. Yoder, 233 Main Street, Shoemakersville, PA 19555. Checks should be made payable to: Oley Yoder Heritage Association.
Email questions to: Phyllis R. Yoder at
Judge Ronnie A. Yoder has been named Chief Administrative Law Judge at the Department of Transportation effective July 1, 2001. He has been a Federal Administrative Law Judge for 25 years at DOT, the Civil Aeronautics Board, and the Department of Labor. He has also served as a Judge on loan for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Maritime Administration, National Transportation Safety Board, and Small Business Administration. Prior to becoming a Judge, he was in private practice for 14 years in New York and Washington, D.C., after receiving his BA with Honors and JD from the University of Virginia, where he was Phi Beta Kappa and served on the Editorial Board of the Virginia Law Review. Judge Yoder has been listed in Who's Who in America since 1988.
We'd like to acknowledge Eleanor Sibert Kennedy, Claysville, PA. as the source for important data on the Mahlon Yoders (M28) family, descendants of Melchior Yoder. Her years of research have provided very valuable additions to the ever growing information on the Mechior line.
In the Oct. 1998 issue of the YNL 32, we were glad to announce the Valentines Day wedding of Dr. Howard Yoder, a youthful 96, and his bride Irene Stuckey. Dr. Yoder (YR23374752) grew up in Haven, Hutchinson and Winfield, Kansas. He spent more than 30 years in Latin America as a missionary for the Methodist Church, followed by nine years at the National Council
of Churches offices in New York. On Jul. 27, 2001 Howard celebrated his 100th birthday with his wife Irene and his daughters at Showalter Villa in Hesston, KS.

Rear View of Hans Yoder (OH) Farmhouse. Homestead Acquired in 1714

Lois Mast Signs People in Before the Amish Yoder Tour

Two Busloads Launch Day of Visits to Yoder Sites

Jerusha Yoder Takes Photo of "Widow Barbara" Bible

Farmhouse on Christian Yoder Homestead (YR2 & YR23)

Basketball Hoop on

Christian Yoder Barn

Ben Yoder, Owner of

Ancient Yoder Bible

"Strong Jacob" Yoder (YR14) Homestead. 158 acres purchased in 1747. Now a Golf Course

Complete with Carts.

Oley Fire station Welcomes Yoders to Breakfast

Revolutionary War Camp Re-enactment by James Newell and Family

Hans Yoder (OH) Barn, With Water Powered Saw Mill Inside

Homestead of Yost Yoder (OY). Property Acquired in 1731 and 1738.

Entrance to the Pleasantville Union Cemetery

The Yoder Family Eats Once Again

James Newell, and Bill Yoder of NC listen as President Joe speaks

James Newell, Bill Yoder of NC and President Joe Yoder

G.T.V. Edelweiss Dancers

Richard A. Yoder

Col. Harry A. Yoder

Randi Yoder

Richard B. Yoder, Past President of the Oley Yoder Heritage Assoiciation, has announced his candidacy for mayor for the Borough of West Chester, Pa. Richard is a former Marine and retired West Chester University (WCU) administrator, coach and professor. The mayoral election will be held on Nov. 8, 2001. Visit his campaign web site at:
(YODER MAYORS-WHERE ARE THEY? Here are some: Judy Yoder, Mayor of Avon, Colo.; Norman E. Yoder, Mayor, Auburn, Ind.; Vice Mayor Sylvia Yoder, Paradise, AZ; Mayor Karl Yoder, Potsdam Village, Oh; former Mayor Chris Yoder Suwanee, Ga.)
The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek,Mi 49015 or email at
My g-g-grandfather, Jacob Yeider , b: 1830 Lancaster Co. , PA , d: 1909 Delaware Co. , IN (??) , m1: Mary Feather 1865 , m2: Mary Worley 1868. Have an inscription in German as follows: "In the year 1803 on the 23rd day of October was born to me, Jacob Yeider (spelled Jacob Jeyter) a little son into this world with the name of John Yeider (spelled Johannes Jeyter) under the sign of Sagittarius. May thou grow old in honor, hold thy father and mother in honor, for those who are obediant to their father and mother are truly pious." Mike Ferguson , 4339 McNiel, Wichita Falls, TX 76308
Who can tell me about Jeremiah Yoder (BSc) (4/28/1862 or 61-2/14/1909) m. Carrie May Schleifenheimer (8/17/1865-11/21/1922) . Both buried at Auhlenbach's Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Son of Joseph S. Yoder m. 1841 Annette Glass (Klase). Reply to: Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015
I am Looking for more information on John H. Yoder (YB1345) b10/1/1808 & Magdalena Hoover b1/24/1810, and their children. I also need more information on John's parents, John Sell Yoder (YB134) b6/11/1777 & Anna Kaufman b3/16/1776. Karolyn Roberts, , 125 N Cox Lane #49, Petersburg, IN 47567
Would like to hear from others descendants of Frederick YODER (1813-1884) m. Maria SHARTLE (1815-1892). My line is down from Amelia YODER (1837-1904) m. Mark D. DAVIS (1831-1898). Does anyone have a copy of Frederick's will, or lives in Berks Co., PA and is willing to goto the courthouse and get one? Reply to: "Christopher T. Smithson" <>, 4219 Paddrick Rd., Darlington,MD,21034.
Morris M. Freed, born November 30, 1890; married ANNA YODER. Children:Marguerite Y. Freed, Evelin Y. Freed, Harold YODER Freed. Harold Yoder Freed was my Grandfather (1915 Pa-1989 UT) . Would very much like to know more about this YODER side of the family. Lisa Walker, PO Box 160062 Clearfield, UT 84016-0062, Email me at
Seeking information on the family of John (OH145) and Catharine Levan Yoder. (My line Issac- dau. Hannah (Anna)). Kathryn Klein;
272 Forrest Ave; Elkins Park, PA 19027 or
Looking for info on Christian Yoder m. Rachel Dague. (YR14242) Cathy Martin, 1074 Country Court, Lawrenceville, GA 30044
The 6th annual meeting of the House of Yoder will be held at Penn Alps in Grantsville, Maryland on Saturday, November 10 from 11:00 a.m. through mid-afternoon. Agenda items include: a tour of the Yoder House , sharing a buffet meal at the Penn Alps Restaurant, the annual business meeting, and further program to be determined.
Final Construction on the House Continues-Construction goals for this year include finishing the stonework in the basement, finishing the first and attic floor when carpenter help is available. The windows, rough wiring, and finishing off the roof around the chimney are also goals. If you or someone you know would be willing to donate some labor, please contact Paul H.Yoder, at 301-895-5411.
The House of Yoder Board has opened a memorial fund in the name of Carl Yoders, Long-time Supporter of House of Yoder. If you would like to contribute to this memorial, please send your donation to Edgar Yoder, Treasurer (address below). Lonnie Yoder will be taking a break from his role as membership/publicity coordinator for House of Yoder beginning the end of July. His family will be serving a one-year mission/service assignment in Jamaica providing leadership development for the Jamaica Mennonite Church. Therefore, all donations and membership correspondence from August 2001 through August 2002 should be sent directly to: Edgar Yoder, Treasurer, 479 Hemlock Drive, Grantsville, MD 21536.



William L. Yoder Jr, Little Falls, N.J., his brother Robert Yoder, Raleigh, NC, and their cousin Harlow M. Davis, Buffalo, New York, assembled at the Yoder National Reunion to explore their heritage. All three are great-grandsons of William L. Yoder of Mahanoy City, Pa (OY4246) (1830-1900 New Castle, Va). Particularly significant sites for their line were the Yost Yoder homestead, the old Yoder Homestead, and the Jacob Keim Homestead.



WILIAM YODER (1830-1900)

The racehorse "Mr. Redoy" (Yoder spelled backwards) is reported to have died of a heart attack while breeding a mare in Feb. 2000. Mr. Redoy belonged to the DOUBLE S THOROUGHBRED FARMS, INC. of Tyler, Texas. His race statistics can be seen on the internet at: . One of his daughters was named "Lucky Yoder". We don't know the details of his Yoder connection, but asked our readers what they might know in YNL 29.- info. contributed by Dennis Buerge,
NC Clan Meets for Annual Reunion
The 51st annual reunion of the descendants of Swiss-born patriarch Conrad Yoder was held on Sunday, August 12, 2001, in the parish building of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church south of Hickory, NC.
A welcome was given by President Willie ''Bill' A. Yoder before a crowd estimated at 140 persons. A prayer and table blessing was offered by Neal Wilfong of Cleveland. The guests partook of a variety of home-cooked delicacies.
An afternoon business meeting was convened by President Yoder. A laser-engraved wooden plaque was unveiled to the memory of Marcus and Martha C. (Seitz) Yoder. The first mayor of Hickory Tavern (Hickory), Marcus Yoder bequeathed money upon his death to Zion and Holy Trinity Lutheran Churches. The plaque will be presented later this year to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church on the occasion of the congregation's 125th anniversary. The Church was
organized in Hickory on September 22, 1876.
A letter from Chris K. Yoder of Battle Creek, MI, who serves as the
editor of the Yoder Newsletter was shared. Chris congratulated the family on their 51st reunion and extended breetings to the NC clan from the staff of the YNL.
Letters from Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Yoder of FL and Dr. Don Yoder of PA were cited. Dr. Yoder announced that he will compose an extensive introduction to the projected revised and amended history of the NC Yoder family. The noted author, historian, musician, and college professor has offered to write at least 50 pages for the new Yoder history.
Dr. Don Yoder will lead a NC-PA German Heritage Tour to Germany and Switzerland during May 14-29, 2002, it was announced. A tour of Yoder historic sites in PA will be hosted by Dr. Yoder in October, 2001, President Bill Yoder further stated.
Bill Yoder then introduced guests Kathleen K. (Yoder) Rotert and
daughter, Elizabeth ''Beth'' K. Rotert of Arlington, TX, and Jean Yoder of Hickory. Kathleen and Jean are daughters of the late Richard E. Yoder, a former president of the NC Yoder reunion and the Chairman of the NC Yoder Board of Directors.
Ann (Lantz) Reep of Kings Mountain was identified as a first time
attendee to the NC Yoder reunion.
Secretary Neal Wilfong read the minutes from the last annual meeting, which was held in August 2000 in conjunction with the National Yoder Reunion. Wilfong offered the annual statistical report in which 18 births, 11 marriages, two Golden Wedding Anniversaries, and 37 deaths were reported throughout the extended family.
Former president Rachael (Hahn) Kennedy of Charlotte recognized the family of the late Ralph E. Yoder. An award was presented to vice-president Regina (Yoder) Hoyle ''for outstanding contributions to the NC Yoder Family, August 12, 2001.''
Bill Yoder offered comments on the treasurer's report.
A report on the National Yoder reunion held July 20-22, 2001, in Reading, PA, was given by Bill Yoder who represented the NC branch. The PA group announced plans for their next national reunion in 2006.
The planned publication in the spring of 2005 of a new history of the descendants of Conrad Yoder was also discussed by President Yoder. Information has been submitted by family members, but more data is needed, the president stressed. The Yoder Newsletter has offered a generous financial grant earmarked for the proposed family history update.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney (Geri) Halma of Newton had given a memorial to the reunion in memory of James Yoder Wilfong (1911-2001). The gift was to be channelled towards publication costs incurred in the production of the new Yoder history.
Hardback copies of the 2000 reprint of Dr. Fred Roy Yoder's History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina and CD-Roms featuring the publication were made available for sale.
Genealogist Pat C. Cloninger of Newton related how he had been engaged by the family to transfer Fred Yoder's ''History'' onto CD-Rom using the Brother's Keeper genealogy software.
Bill Yoder announced that Dr. Elizabeth (Zakarison) Hall of Natchidoches, LA, a granddaughter of the late Dr. Fred Roy Yoder, had completed the scanning of several original Col. George M. Yoder manuscripts and the account book of John Yoder. Compact disksand hard copies of the papers will be available from Hall in September, 2001.
Dr. J. Larry Yoder conducted a memorial service in tribute to the
departed members of the extended family. A fitting prayer was offered in thanksgiving for the lives of the relatives who had translated to the Church Triumphant.
Representing the Board of Directors, Jimmy D. Yoder of Newton chaired the election segment of the meeting. It was declared that Albert F. Yoder of Conover was elected to the office of president of the NC Yoder Family the next three years. Yoder served an earlier term as clan leader during 1984-87. Sarah (Yoder) Coffey of Hildebran will fill the office of vice-president. Benelia (Yoder) Reese of Hickory will serve as treasurer. A veteran officer in the NC Yoder reunion, Neal D. Wilfong of Cleveland was reelected secretary. Wilfong has served continuously as scribe of the Yoder clan since 1978. Ted M. Yoder of Newton will continue to fill the post of ''Special Assistant to the President''.
Rachael (Hahn) Kennedy was appointed by Ted Yoder to the Board of Directors to fill the vacancy created by the death of Richard Enloe Yoder in August, 2000. Kennedy is a niece of the late Mr. Yoder.
Peggy (Yoder) Austin played the piano as the crowd sang ''Faith of Our Fathers'' to conclude the meeting.--Respectfully submitted, Neal D. Wilfong, secretary
-- Elizabeth Marie Bruffey Yoder, beloved wife of Dr. Hatten S. Yoder, Jr, died Feb, 25, 2001, age 75.
-- Leonard Kreider, beloved husband of YNL co-founder Rachel Kreider, died May 12, 2001, age 91. Mr. Kreider was a chemist, college professor, public servant, and active church leader.
-- Mary Jane Yoder Gofus, died Aug. 16, 2001, age 81. Services were held Mount Penn, PA. She is remembered as an Oley family historian and served on the Oley Yoder Heritage Association Committee.
-- Allen J. Yoder, Englewood, Ohio, died March 26, 2001 at age 94. Allen was a major contributor to the family book "The Descendants of Daniel Yoder 1793 - 1849".-cont. by Harry A. Yoder
In YNL 19 we reviewed "Long Lived Yoder" from various line and awarded the record of oldest Yoder ever to Frederick Yoder (11/21/1895 Forest City, MO- 11/12/1984 Sulphur, LA) (Con31a6) who lived to be 106 years, 6 months and 20 days old.
The record has now been broken! Lizzie Ann (Yoder) (Miller) Schrock, (YR23443342) daughter of Tobias V. and Mattie (Yoder) Yoder, died at her LaGrange, Indiana home on April 17, 2001, aged 106yr 10mo 29days. Lizzie was born in LaGrange County on May 18, 1894, and married Emmanuel P. Miller on Jan. 23, 1913. He died Dec.24, 1943. She married Elmer E. Shrock on May 29, 1966, and he died April 1, 1982. She is survived by five generations, including two daughters a son, one stepdaughter, four stepsons, one brother, Milo Yoder, 25 grandchildren; 131 g-grandchildren; 206 g-g-grandchildren; and three g-g-g-grandchildren. Two sons, and two daughters are deceased. Mrs. Schrock, was a member of the Old Order Amish Church. Her brother Rufus T. Yoder was the founder in 1936 of the "Yoder Popcorn Company" featured in YNL 9 (April 1987).
Twenty-one relatives met at Penn Valley Christian retreat, McVeytown, Pa on June 29-July 1. There were nine first cousins, who are great-grandcghildren of Jacob and Anna Yoder, both of whom were born in Big Valley, on farms near Belleville, Pa. Our grandfather Simon Peter Yoder was born to Jacob and Anna while they were living in Juniata County, near Port Royal, Pa. The Spruce Hill cemetery is on land donated from Jacob and Anna Yoder's farm in Juniata County, where two of their small sons were buried. During our reunion several of the cousins travelled there, and to the restored Hostetler grave site near Mifflintown, Pa.
A highlight of our time was the bus tour of ancestral sites and a stop in Belleville at the Mennonite Heritage Center where Jacob Yoder's German Bible has been placed. In 1879 Grandpa S.P. Yoder came by train from St. Joseph County, MI to visit realtives in Big Valley, Mifflin County, Pa. Grandpa' diary guided us to places where he visited Amish relatives that summer and where he attended meetings at the upper Amish church (Allensville) and the lower Amish church (Maple Grove). Poems written during his soujourn in Big Valley are in his book, Poetical Meditations and Thoughtful Paragraphs. As parts of his diary were read to us by a grandson as the bus traveled over the roads that Grandpa traveled by horse and carriage one hundred and twenty-two years ago, we felt enriched by the memories from our Christian heritage.
--submitted by Adella Brunk Kanagy-July 2001
One of the most interesting items of Yoder lore picked up in conversations at the National Reunion in Reading was learned from Cleve Yoder of West Chester, Pa. His grandafther, John Yoder, was the husband of Emma Mix, sister of the legendary cowboy star Tom Mix. His father Cleve E. Yoder was born 3/15/1910 in Lancaster Co., Pa. a younger son in a large family. John and Emma are shown in the 1910 census living in Lancaster City. After the death of her husband, around 1916 or 1917, Emma and her children moved back to her parents home. Her father Edward Mix (1854-1927) worked as a Horse trainer for
the Dubois family on the estate. She subsequently married a Mr. Swartz and she and her parents are buried in the Morningside Cemetery in DuBois, Clearfield Co., PA. We are still trying to indentify John's ancestry.

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