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Marriage record for Hans Joder and Knugolt Wyenet,

in Muri, dated 7 Feb. 1614

The Mennonite Encyclopedia, in its article about the Surname Yoder says "The Swiss encyclopedia (Historisch-biographisches Lexikon der Schweiz) locates this "ancient family" in the village of Steffisberg on the edge of the Oberland in the canton of Bern, while another authority on Swiss families traces them to the village of Muri, nearer BernÖ.. Joder first appears as a family name in the canton of Bern in the 14th century. At Steffisberg the Joders began to appear in the records as early as 1529 and at Muri slightly later."

In YNL number 2, we published an article by Lois Ann Mast which summarized data primarily copied from church records in Steffisburg by the late Karl Joder. For many years, the Yoder Newsletter web pages have made this information available in detail.

More recently we extracted, thanks to the local LDS Family History Library, information from Muri Evangelical Church (LDS Microfilm number 2005608). Muri is the next town toward Bern on the road from Steffisburg. The Microfilm presents Birth and Christenings from 1603 to 1662, then from 1663 to 1717, as well as Marriages 1597-1650, (with a gap from 1650-1663). While we have had this data for over a year, the difficulties in reading the German script kept us from sharing it, until we arranged to have it proofed by a professional researcher who specializes in old German. Our thanks go to Ms. Marion Wolfert, of Salt Lake City, Utah for doing this validation of names and dates.

The first Muri record which includes a Joder is dated 7 Feb 1614. It identifies the marriage in Muri on that date of Hans Joder and Knugolt Wyenet (see the copy above), at the same time as marriages by three other couples. The first the first birth record follows in 1623 for a child of Hans Yoder and Barbara Wanzenreider (see copy below). The marriage for this couple is recorded as having occurred on 7 Dec 1621.

Hans Joder and Barbara Wanzenreid son Christen,

with sponsors Juergen Christen Kreig, Brett Bulmann

and Elsbeth Krieg, on 19 October 1623

In the initial portions of this record, you'll see an attempt by the YNL to define the first generations of this Joder family as family groups. These seem fairly clear for the second generation. The details for each record with listing of sponsors are presented at the YNL web page. Our readers may be able to draw other assumptions of the relationships on their own.


Hans Joder m. 1614 Feb. 7 to Knugolt Wyenet (no parents names listed)

Hans Joder + Barbara Wanzenried (Wanzenrieder) m. 1621 Dec. 7

h1-Christian b. 1623 Oct 19

h2-Hans b. 1625 Jul 10

+h3-Nicolaus b. 1627 Apr. 30

+h4-Hans b. 1629 Apr. 25

+h5-Bendicht b. 1631 May 29

h6-Barbli b. 1633 Apr. 14

+h7-Albrecht b. 1634 Aug. 20

h8-Rosina b. 1636 May 8

+h9-Henig b. 1637 Oct. 22

ha-Cathryna b. 1639 Jul. 14

Gap in marriage records from 1650 to 1663

h5-Bendicht (aka Bentz) Joder + Elsbeth Widerker

h51-Barbli b. 1653 Sep. 4

h52-Nicli        b. 1655 Apr. 1

h53-Katrin 1657 Apr. 12

h53-Rudolph b. 1659 May 8

h54-Maria b. 1651 Mar.17

h55-Heini b. 1662 Nov. 2

h56-Burckhard b. 1665 May 4

h4-Hans Joder + Salome Veiler (Wyler)

h41-Katrin b. 1655 Apr. 22

h42-Anna Maria b. 1656 Aug. 31

h43-Gabriel b. 1657 Nov. 8

h44-Anna Barbli b. 1662 Apr. 25

h45-Peter b. 1665 Nov. 12

h46-Frantz Ludwig b. 1668 Jan. 31

h7-Albrecht Joder aus der Halden + Verean Buercki

h71-Frantz b. 1661 b. Jun.23

h72-Hans Heinrich b. 1666 Jul. 29

h73-________ b. 1676 Mar. 24

h3-Niclaus Joder + Catrin Musserli (Messerli) m. 1650 Feb 4

h31-Anna b. 1654 Apr. 23

h32-Franz b. 1655 Nov. 22

h33-Albrecht b. 1658 Aug. 25


Peter Joder + Stini Joss m. 1663 Apr. 3


h9-Heini Joder + Margreth Krieg

h91-Barbli b. 1663 May 17

h92-Catri b. 1664 May 15

h93-Elsi b. 1667 Jan. 13

h94-Anni b. 1668 May 22


Hans Joder aus der Halden + Anni Wannenmacher

-Bendicht b. 1675 Dec. 12

-Anni b. 1677 Nov. 4

-Rudi  b. 1680 Feb. 27

-Catri b. 1682 Mar. 19

-Niggli b. 1684 Feb. 29

-Maria b. 1687 Feb. 6

-Johannes b. 1689 Dec. 6


Niggli Joder aus der Halden + Barbli Jacob m. 1679 Mar. 21

-Anni  b. 1680 Jul. 18

-Marti b. 1683 Jan. 19

-Emanuel b. 1684 Jan. 28

-Maria b. 1686 Apr. 4


Albraecht Joder + Madla Krieg

-Peter b. 1683 Jul 22


Frantz Joder aus der Halden + Barbli Staempfli m. 1686 Nov. 25

-Maria b. 1686 Nov. 19

-Madle b. 1688 Nov. 4


Michael Joder aus der Halden + Catharina Muller m. 1684 Jun. 3

-Niclaus          b. 1687 Feb 20

-Christen       b. 1694 Jun. 17


Heinrcih Joder + Maria Wolff m. 1688 Jul. 27


Frantz Joder + Anni Haenni m. 1689 Mar. 8


Burckhard Joder + Anna Schnyder m. 1691 Jul. 3


Heini Joder + Maria Bentzi m. 1691 Nov. 13


Hans Joder + Elsbeth Schroeter m.1691 Nov. 20


Burchard Joder aus der Haldy + Madalena Pfaller

-Daniel           b. 1691 Mar 29 born in Bern


Gabrial Joder + Margrethe Maeder m. 1692 Sep. 16 (or Sep. 5)

-Maria b. 1695 Aug. 18

-Hans  Heinrich b. 1705 Aug. 1


Hans Joder aus der Halden + Elsbeth Kreyenbuehl m. 1692 Jul. 22

-Peter            b. 1698 July 24

-Johannes b. 1701 Mar 20

-Maria b. 1704 Dec. 14


Peter Joder von Muri + Margareth Christener

-Rudolf           b. 1699 Sep. 22

-Samuel         b. 1701 Oct. 20 or 30

-Maria Catharina b. 1705 Feb. 8

-Maria Catharina b. 1713 Jul 1

-Peter  b. 1708 Mar 18

-Anna Madle  b. 1711 Nov. 1

-Peter  b. 1713 Jul 1

-Elsbeth          b. 1717 May 31


Michael Joder + Barbara Engel

-Maria Madlena        b. 1700 Jun 23


Frantz Joder auf der Halden + Verena Zobrist m. 1700 May 24

-Sussana        b. 1701 Feb. 27

-Anna  b. 1713 Apr. 16

-Veronica       b. 1703 Nov. 8

-Christen       b. 1705 Oct. 4

-David  b. 1707 Oct. 2


Bantz Joder auf der Halden bei Muri "the stone mason"+

Madleni Stalder von Bigley m. 1702 Dec. 10

-Niclaus          b. 1704 Feb. 17

-Bendicht       b. 1706 Jan. 1

-Madleni        b. 1711 Apr. 28

-Barbara         b. 1716 Oct. 18


Rudi Joder + Anni Haldimann m. 1703 Dec. 7

-Anna  b. 1704 Sep. 28

-Johannes      b. 1706 Dec. 19

-Frantz b. 1709 Jun. 2


Niggli Joder + Madleni Wegler

-Samuel         b. 1707 Jul 25


Peter Joder (Albreacht's son) auf der Halden +

Madleni Bigler of Wylbringn m. 1705 Dec. 11

-Niclaus          b. 1708 Feb 12

-Johannes      b. 1709 Dec. 6

-Barbara         b. 1713 Nov. 26


Hans Joder + Barbara Koenig m. 1707 Jan. 28


Niggli Joder der Jung auf der Halden + Catharina Schmid

- Andreas       b. 1708 Jun. 24

-Anna  b. 1710 Jan. 10

-Vincenz        b. 1711 Oct. 11 or 16

-Christen       b. 1714 Nov. 22

-Jossen Ludwig         b. 1717 Feb. 28

-Emanuel       b. 1720 Aug 10

-Barbara         b. 1725 Mar 18


Niggli Joder and Salome Lyttenberg

-Niclaus          b. 1716 May 3

(this child was born out of wedlock, he admitted to have gotten Salome pregnant, she died soon after birth and he and his wife raised the child)


Albrecht Joder aus der Halden + Elizabeth Stucker

-Maria b. 1708 Jul. 1

-Margareth    b. 1709 Oct. 20

-Philipp Ludwig b. 1711 Oct. 25 or Dec. 25

-Magdalena    b. 1713 Jan. 29

-Johannes      b. 1714 Nov. 30

-Bendich        b. 1719 May 18


Niggi Joder + Madleni Stoecki m. 1708 Nov. 16

-Johannes      b. 1712 Mar 12


There is a gap in marriage recds from 1711- 1717


Christian Joder+Elisbeth Wihrt m. 29 Apr. 1718

-Catharina     b. 1721 Jan. 31


Hans Joder aus der Haldy + Elizabeth Lugenbuehl m. Jul 1692

-Johannes     b. 1714 May 20

-Magdalena    b. 1721 Apr. 27


Niclaus Joder jung von Muri + Lucia Torig

-Niclaus          b. 1729 Feb. 6


Christen Joder + Maria Krattigen

-Catharina     b. 1728 Aug. 22


Peter Joder + Barbara Brand

-Magdalena    b. 1734 Dec. 26


Hans Joder + Barb Balsinger

-Peter  b. 1735 Jan. 20


Andreas Joder + Lucia Gerig

-Johanna Ester b. 1735 Jan. 7

-Rosina           b. 1738 Jan 19

-Elizabeth      b. 1741 Apr. 16


Nicl. Joder + Madli Althaus

-Benedict       b. 1740 Mar. 1


Emanuel Joder aus Halden + Anna Zimmerman

-Johann Franz b. 1741 Nov. 5

-Margareta Anna Cathri b. 1742 Jul. 21


Christian Joder + Madleni Ellenberger

-Madleni        b. 1742 Apr. 20

-Christian       b. 1744 Nov. 8

-Victor  b. 1745 Jan. 31


Andreas Joder + Elizabeth Otzebberger

- Andreas        b. 1742 Sept. 23


Niclaus Joder in de Haldy + Catharina Zimmerman

-Madlena        b. 1742 Jan. 27

-Niclaus          b. 1750 May 24


Hans Joder + Maria Schwanddiman/Schwendiman

- Anna Maria b. 1742 May 5


Hans Joder von Muri + Madleni Schulander

-Madleni        b. 1744 Aug 2


Andreas Joder + Margaret Joder

Elsbetha b. 1747 May 2


SEE MORE MURI RECORDS AT: http://www.yodernewsletter.org/courts.html




b 1784 PA to OH to IL is YR1271!

George Yoder d.1/30/1870 age 85y 10m 3d

b. Liebhart Cem. Loran Twp west of Freeport, Il


         Over the years, we've watched the mysterious George Yoder who shows up in Wayne Co., Oh. by 1820 and then moved on to Summit Co., Oh. At the end of his life moved to Stephenson Co., Ill. where he is buried in the grave pictured above. While we suspected he was born into a family of Amish Yoder origin (and reported this likelihood in the YNL Amish Yoder records, his children's marriages and his own connections in life are not tied to that faith. George is a very common name among the Oley Yoder line, a secondary possibility seemed that he may not have been of an Amish line.

         In those places George lived, a younger generation of unlinked Yoder boys and girls appears who all marry into "worldly" lines. One of these who we've long considered a likely child of George was Fannie Yoder who married Moses Sapp in September 12, 1850. Carolyn Genho Sheridan has researched this line for over 30 years and has shared some wonderful discoveries. The death certificate for Fannie (Yoder) Sapp lists her father as "George Yoder" who was born in Pa. and George's wife as "Fannie Kurtz", also born in Pa. Other information she has found in both Ohio and Pennsylvania records supports our previous identification of George as the son of Joseph Yoder (YR127) of Mifflin County, Pa.

         The classic work Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies (AAMG) by Hugh Gingerich and YNL Founding Editor Rachel Kreider, presents a number of intriguing Yoder's of uncertain descent. Two of the earliest are George and Jacob Yoder, the oldest children of Joseph Yoder (YR127) who married Elizabeth Jutzy. Joseph was born about 1757 to Christian Yoder, son of the "Widow Barbara". He later moved to Mifflin County. In a 18 Nov. 1824 Orphans Court petition by Joseph's son John which was held on at Lewistown, the petitioner indicated that his father died "on or about the twenty-eighth day of October, One Thousand eight hundred & twenty three, leaving a widow named Elizabeth, and issue nine children to-wit: John, your petitioner, George, Jacob, Christian, Joseph, Hannah who married Michael Stootzman, and since deceased...Catherine who is married to Abraham Stootzman, Sarah and Elizabeth". John was the apparent third eldest son. Why would he have filed the petition rather than one of his older brothers? Perhaps because they had already moved from the area.


YR127- Joseph Yoder (c1757 BP-10/28/1823 MP) m Elizabeth Jutzi (ca1759-) (daughter of Jacob Jutzy). All children b. in Berks Co, Pa.

YR1271- George b c1782
YR1272- Jacob b c1784
YR1273- John b 9/9/1786 m. Susanna Stutzman and d 12/17/1861 in LaGrange Co, In. (LI)
YR1274- Christian b c1789 m. Mary Riehl d. 2/-/1860 Mifflin Co, Pa.
YR1275- Hannah b 10/3/1791 m Michael Stutzman d. 10/3/1824 Mifflin Co. Pa (MP)

YR1276- Sarah b ca1793 m Abraham Kauffman d 7/7/1875 MP
YR1277- Catherine b 7/9/1795 m Abraham Stutzman d 6/27/1865 LI
YR1278- Elizabeth b 1/5/1797 m William Shearer d 2/6/1884 MP
YR1279- Joseph b 10/16/1800 m. Margaret Shearer d. 4/10/1870 MP

AAMG speculates that son George was the George Yoder who appears in the 1830 Wayne County Ohio Census. In reality George shows up by the 1820 census - which would agree with brother John filing the Orphan petition on their father's estate in 1824.

Wayne Co., Page 160, Greene, George Yoter
   male  female
 age 26-45  1  1
 under 10  1  1

Fannie Kurtz Yoder was the daughter (Carolyn believes the oldest child) of Jacob Kurtz (AAMG family number KZB7a). Jacob was born 4/13/1770 in Berks Co., Pa, and his obituary citation in the "Repository" of Apr. 15, 1846, says:

         DIED- At his residence in Lawrence township, Stark Co.,on the 1st of April, Mr. Jacob Kurtz an old an respectable citizen of this county, aged about 76 years. Mr. K. more than 30 years since immigrated from Mifflin Co., Pa. and has always sustained the character of and honest and good man.

Jacob's will confirms Fannie Yoder as one of his children. Jacob moved from Mifflin County to Ohio by about 1816. Carolyn Sheridan reports "In searching the 1810 census for Mifflin County, Wayne Twp, PA, I noted # 34 Jacob Kurtz & # 36 Joseph Yoter.  Jacob Kurtz was not in subsequent census for this location.  This is in keeping with the family story that George & Fanny migrated with her parents to Ohio." This combination of evidence from Carolyn has convinced the YNL beyond doubt that our speculations about George have been correct.


The 1830 Census Shows:

Wayne Co., Green twp, Page 122, George Yoder
   male  female
 age 40-50  1  
 30-40    1
 10-15  1  1
 5-10  1  1
 Under 10    2


The 1840 Census shows George has moved to Summit County, Oh:

Summit Co., Richfield Twp, page 275, George Yoder

   male  female
 50-60    1  
 40-50    1
 15-20  1  
 10-15    2
 5-10  1  1
 Under 10    1

We have no clear record for the family at this point in 1850, however they seem sure to still be in the area and by 1860, Carolyn finds them in the census index under the misspelling "Foter":

"A most unusual find for 1860 census. George Foter, age 76 with wife Fanny age 66 appears in Richfield Twp, Summit County OH. They were born in PA. Other h/h member is Christopher, age 11 born in IL. Next door neighbor is Benjamin Waggoner, age 28 born in NY, wife Hannah born in OH, and sons - Washington (Lafayette) and George. Reference Series M653, Roll 1039, pg 83 for Richfield Twp, Summit County OH. There are a total of 3 Foters listed for all of Ohio Census, so I assume this is an error in spelling" - Carolyn Sheridan.

Fanny d. 30 Dec 1863 and is bur. in the Hershey Cemetery, Richfield Twp, Summit Co., Oh. ( http://spot.acorn.net/gen/hershey.html ) Row 4 next to her daughter Hanna(h) Wagner. By 1870 George is living in Stephenson Co., Il, where he died on Jan. 30th.


From a combination of census and other area records, we can assemble a speculative family which looks like the following:


YR1271- George Yoder (c 3/27/1784-1/30/1870 age 85y 10m 3d Il.) m. c1809? Fanny Kurtz  d. 30 Dec 1864age 73y 7d bur. in the Hershey Cem., Richfield, OH. Res. Wayne Co, OH 1820, 1830 ; Summit Co, OH 1840 George is bur. in the Liebhart Cem., Loran Twp west of Freeport, Stephenson Co., Il - on Babb's Grove Rd, 3/10th mile west of Voss Rd.)

YR12711- dau. b. 1804-10 (per 1820) (?Sarah b. 1811 Pa m.1832 Tobias Fike?)

YR12712- son b. 1815-20 (per 1830) Named ???

YR12713- dau. b. 1815-20 (per 1830) ?Martha b. 1820 Oh m. 1/1842 in Summit Co, Oh by Horace Smith, Minister of the Gospel, Jacob Miller (whose parents are also buried in the Liebhart Cemetery, Stephenson Co., Il)

+YR12714- son b. 1820-25 (Joseph b. 1824 m. 2/14/1846 Summit Co, OH by a justice of the peace to Polly Robinson- purchased land at Freeport 19 Dec 1849 Loran Twp, 40 acres) (See below)

YR12715- dau. b. 1820-25 (per 1830) Named ???

YR12716- dau. b. 1825-30 ?Maria b. 1/10/1828 Wayne Co, Oh m. 2/18/1845 Freeport, Stephenson Co., Il to Christian Clay d. 8/30/1886 Ridott, Stephenson Co., Il

YR12717- dau. b. 1825-30 Fannie Yoder Sapp b. Wayne County, Ohio, 03 Oct 1829 & her husband, Moses Sapp both buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, located in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH. (see below)

+YR12718- son b. 1830-35 (George b. 9/13/1831 Canton, OH m. c1853 Oh Polly Bobenmoyer d.5/11/1911 bur. Freeport, Il) (see below)

YR12719- dau. b. 1830-35 Hannah (WAGNER, Hanna;  21 Jul 1835 - 11 Feb 1876;  w/o Benjamin J WAGNER) m. Benjamin Waggoner. Hannah (Yoder) Wagner & her mother Fanny (Kurtz) Yoder are both bur. in the Hershey Cemetery, Richfield, OH.

YR1271a- dau. b. 1835-40


Carolyn offers some other findings which support this construction:

"My documentation includes a death certificate for Fannie Yoder Sapp that cites George Yoder and Fanny Kurtz as her parents, both born in PA.  OHIO FOOTSTEPS 09 Nov 2000 features "History of Portage County, Ohio" published in 1885.  A paragraph re: Moses Sapp noted his marriage to Fannie Yoder who was born in Wayne County, Ohio, 03 Oct 1829. My husband's ancestor told me that this Fannie was Hannah's sister.

         "As you know, neither sister married Amish.  This raises the issue of other unidentified sibs .For some time, I assumed the first born child was named Sarah Yoder, and the first born son was named Jacob Yoder (due to standard naming patterns at that time).


Ohio Biographies Project for PORTAGE COUNTY OHIO shows:

         MOSES SAPP, farmer, P.O. Ravenna, was born in Cumberland, Md., September 3, 1823, son of Jacob and Mary Sapp, natives of Maryland, who came to this county in 1828, remaining until their death. The mother died April 9, 1852, the father January 13, 1868. Our subject was married September 12, 1850, to Fannie Yoder, born in Wayne County, Ohio, October 3, 1829, and to this union has been born one son - Horton J., born January 18, 1852, and married September 30, 1874, to Laura E. Caris, a native of Franklin township, this county, born August 12, 1850, daughter of Michael and Julia A. Caris, residing in Ravenna Township. Mr. and Mrs. Horton J. Sapp had twins, born July 30, 1875, one now living named Merton; the other died when four weeks old. Moses Sapp, our subject, who has been a farmer all his life, owns 140 acres of land. He has lived in Rootstown Township fifty-five years.

"The Summit County Court House has misspellings on some records. Moses Sapp marriage list bride as Fannie Yuter. Benjamin Waggoner (misspelled) list marriage to Hannah Youder. A salient point re: the Wagners (Wagoners). They appear in the Northampton Twp census for 1870. Benjamin & his brother Peter arrived in the Western Reserve @ the 1850s. They traveled from NY via the Hudson Erie Canal. Benj farmed til Hanna(h) died, then he returned to the canal boats." - Carolyn Sheridan


YR12714- Joseph Yoder b. c1824 Oh m. 1/18/1846 Summit Co.,OH Polly Robinson (1825 OH- ) pur.land at Freeport,Il 12/19/1849 Loran Twp 40 acres (1850 Stephenson Co., Il; 1860 Polly is w/o Joseph in Doylestown Twp, Summit Co., Oh; 1870 Polly is shown as "Mary"; 1880 Polly is listed age 54 & widowed, living in Kent, Portage County, OH with her son Christopher)

YR127141- Sarah b. 1847 OH m. Kendrick Chamberlin July 20, 1867 in Summit Co., Oh. Sarah is bur. Cedar Grove Cem., Peninsula, Oh.

YR127142- Jerimiah b. 1848 OH
YR127143- Christian (Christopher) b. Il, 2mo old a/o 1850 Il Census b

YR127144- Hannah "dau of J. & P. d 27 Jan 1853 aged 18 mos" is bur. In the Chamberlin (Everett) Cemetery in Everett, Oh.

YR127145- Clarrisa B. b. c1855

YR127146- Stephen C   b. c 858 ( in 1880 he was living in Penisular, Summit Co. with Henry Bishop. m. Mary Point in Summit Co. 3/6/1881 and spent his life in that area. Stephen C. died in Summit Co. in 1927.

George and Polly Yoder, Grandview Cemetery, Freeport, Ill


?YR12718- George Yoder m. c1858-9 Polly Bodenmoyer (3/20/1833 OH- 1/6/1913 Dubuque, at res. of Dau. Ida) d. 5/11/1911 both bur. Grandview Cem., Freeport, IL (Geo. lived OH to 1870 then moved to Stephenson Co.-- GAR Volunteer from Mercer Co., OH, A 71st Inf)

YR127181- George Andrew b. 10/8/1857 Mercer Co.,OH m. 11/23/1883 Melvada Smith d. 12/4/1931 Freeport, IL bur. Grand
View Cem. Lancaster Cem. 3 mi N of Freeport, son Clifford
YR127182- ?Sarah b. Sep 1859 (lived next to Geo. Babenmyer,
1860 Mercer Co.,OH )

YR127183- Martin b. 1863 OH m. 1888-90 Freeport res.
Woodstock,IA as of 1918. Not listed as of 1931

YR127184- Robert Wilson b. 1865 OH res. Ft. Collins, CO in
1918 and in 1931

YR127185- Ida Grace b. 1869 IL m1 9/15/1895 Mike Engel
m2 8/28/1897 Milwaukee, Wi Harry O'Niel
m3 Louie Hibbard res. Dubuque, IA
in 1918, not listed as of 1931

YR127186- Minnie D. b. IL m. _______Belo (was a Smith by 1931) res. Milwaukee,WI 1918. Res. Lake Worth, FL 1931

YR127187- Mary Ella m. 10/19/1879 Franklin P. Hochman d. < 1918

YR127188- Catherine b. m. c1878 Freeport Lemuel W.
Hochman res. Waterloo,IA 1878 and 1931

-        -  -       -           -         -  -       -           -         -

Other Credits for information dealing with this line are owed to Nancy Ann Hartman, Harry E. McKeehan, Ralph & Helen Bentley, and Charlie Deutsch.



Elva Yoder Breaks the Record
(Jan. 4, 1898-Feb. 8, 2005)

Elva in 1920 Elva Yoder at 92


TOPEKA, Ind. - Elva Yoder, 107, died Feb. 8, 2005 at LaGrange Community Hospital. Elva (YR23443353) was born on Jan. 4, 1898, in LaGrange County, to Daniel V. and Fannie (Yoder) Yoder. Elva broke the record of being the "longest lived Yoder". He married Nellie Ruth (Hostetler) on Dec. 24, 1922, in Emma. He was a farmer. He was a member of Topeka Mennonite Church, where his funeral was held 12 Feb. 2005, with the Rev. John Hockman officiating. Elva was buried at the Eden Cemetery, Topeka. Memorials may be sent to Topeka Mennonite Church. It is interesting that the previous record for "oldest Yoder" was held by his first cousin, Lizzie Ann (Yoder) Miller Schrock (YR23443342) (5/18/1894-4/17/2001) -106yr 10m 29 days. See YNL 38.

-           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -           -

The following tribute was written by his son Jim of Newton, Kansas and was read at his Dad's funeral.

"Elva Yoder was born on a farm south of Honeyville in 1898 to Dan V. and Fanny Yoder. In 1903 the family moved to a farm 1 mile east and 3/4th mile north of Emma that became the family farm, still owned by his brother Harley. He attended the one room school 3/4 mile south known as 'Butcher Knife School', through the 8th grade.

"Dad grew up in an era of many changes. He recalled running out to the road to see a car go past. The car owned by the local Doctor. He witnessed the coming of horse drawn mechanical farm machinery to modern tractors and technology, electricity, indoor plumbing, the airplane and space travel, TV and computers, and an explosion of communication technology including cell phones with pictures.

"Dad and Mother met at the Literary Society of the Emma Mennonite Church. This was an organized group of young people from the church, meeting for social purposes and Christian fellowship. They were married in mothers home in 1922. They lived together to celebrate their 75th anniversary. Mother died in January 1999. They lived with her parents a little more than one year. They moved to a farm 1 miles north of Topeka which was the family farm. The family farm consisting of 160 acres was considered a medium to large farm at that time. The first year there was no electricity available, but by the second year the electrical line came by our place and was added convenience. In 1928 there were several major changes. A new barn was built. Inside plumbing replaced the outhouse and a furnace replaced the heating stove in the front room. With the new barn there were twenty stanchions for cows. This was considered a rather large dairy for that time. It was about 1937 before any more major changes were made in the house. Mother had been using a wood burning cookstove for cooking and heat in the kitchen during cold weather and a three burner kerosene stove during

the hot summer months. Her laundry was out the back door through the porch and woodshed where a cistern for rainwater and another wood stove for heating rainwater for the Monday laundry. This changed in 1937 when the kitchen was remodeled with cabinets, bottled gas stove, and electric refrigerator added. The back porch, woodshed, and wash room were replaced with a summer eating area and a new laundry room.

"They lived on the family farm until 1959 when Gary took over the farm. They built a new house in town and lived there for 46 years. For many years after moving to town Dad would go to the farm every day to help with various farm tasks.

"Church was very important in the family. Dad grew up in the Emma Mennonite Church and Mother was a member of the Topeka Mennonite Church. After they were married they attended both churches but after a few years Dad joined the Topeka Mennonite Church and all the children grew up there. The church was the center of our life. If the doors were open we went through them. There was never a question about attending Sunday and other functions at the church. Family life included all the usual things - from tapping maple trees, butchering, and all the things that happen on a dairy farm.

"Dad and Mother stayed active in their retirement years with lots of travel and quilting and in their upper 80's were still delivering meals on wheels to the 'old people'. Dad still made chocolate peanut clusters 3 years ago at Christmas. Dad voluntarily gave up driving the car on his 100th birthday and for several years you would see him about town on his electric scooter at the post office and sale barn. He was preceded in death by a son William Ernest, and several grandchildren. He is survived by a daughter Joan Hughes, Hamilton, Indiana. Four sons, Dwight, Vienna, Virginia, Maurice, Topeka, Indiana, Jim, Newton, Kansas, and Gary, Rochester, Indiana. Twenty grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and 13 great great grandchildren. He is also survived by one brother Harley D. Yoder and one sister, Violetta Mishler, many cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.



"Elva Yoder lived to be 107 years, 1 month, and 4 days. He lived longer than any other Yoder known, according to Chris Yoder, Editor of the Yoder newsletter."

The Yoder Newsletter- Founded 1983 by

Ben F Yoder (1913-1992), Chris Yoder & Rachel Kreider

FROM THE EDITORS Chris Yoder, Editor, Battle Creek, MI; John W. Yoder, Circulation Manager, Middlebury, IN; Rachel Kreider, Senior Contributing Editor, Goshen, IN; Esther E. Yoder, Mail Manager, Goshen, IN; Donald Kauffman, YNL Homepage Webmaster, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Other Contributors: Richard H. Yoder, Bechtelsville, PA; Hubert A. Yoder, Charlotte, NC; Dorothy Yoder Coffman, Malvern, PA; Dr. Don Yoder, Devon, PA; Neal D. Wilfong, Cleveland, NC.



- FOR CIRCULATION ISSUES ONLY such as new or renewed subscriptions, changes of address, orders for back issues to: Yoder Newsletter, P.O. Box 594, Goshen, IN 46527-0594.

- ALL OTHER CORRESPONDENCE- Dealing with ancestral queries or contributions for future YNLs or archives (such as reunion notices, letters to the Editor, copies of Bible records or other historical information) to: Chris Yoder, 551 S. Maple St., Saugatuck, MI 49453 or email at cyoder@tds.net .


YNL PRICE INFORMATION $$$$ (Price unchanged since 1983!)

-The YNL subscription is on an annual basis-two issues for $3.

-BACK ISSUES of the YNL are $1 per issue.


YODER DATA ON DISK: 57.4 MB of Yoder data is now available on a CD-ROM. Included back issues of YNL text, census an county records, family group data and pictures and scanned images. The price for our "Yoder Data on Disk" is $10 (postage included). Send to YNL address in Goshen.


ORDER THE YODERS OF NC BOOK: The History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder has been reprinted and is available once more!! Funds raised will be used to restore old Yoder gravestones and up-keep of cemeteries at Churches significant to the Yoder Family and the ancestors of the Author. Price $25 (postage included). Send checks to : "Yoder Memorial Fund" at: Yoder Family in North Carolina, c/o: Bill Yoder, 2707 Zion Church Rd. Hickory, NC 28602 .






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We've had a copy of this photo for a while of James Michael Yoder and three sheep.
Can anyone confirm or deny that he was YR2337523- James Michael Yoder (8/29/1873 I-6/30/1960 Wolcottville,I)?
Contact the YNL if you can.



YNL Shows:

OY4341- Solomon Yoder (6/16/1828-9/5/1891 (or 1/19/1891)

bur Gernant's Cem, Ontelaunee Twp, Berks)

m1 9/24/1850 Mary K (Polly) Rothermel (9/20/1829-4/16/1861)

m2 Catherine Bechtel (Mrs Rebecca Medler?)


I spent the day today at the Berks County Court House doing some research. I have a copy of the Will of Solomon Yoder (OY4341). In the Yost Yoder Lineage information , there was a question as to who his second wife was, and the date of his death is wrong. He died January 19, 1891 according to his death record and will. His second or perhaps third and final wife was Rebecca... I'll need to do more research to verify how many times he was married. Another note: I believe he is buried in the Good Shepperd Cemetery at Rt.61 and Tuckerton Rd in Muhlenberg Township. I will also verify that when some of this snow melts, right now the cemetery is buried, but one of my cousin's told me that he and Rebecca are buried there rather than Gernant's Cemetery.

If you are going to post Solomon's will, you may want to pose the question - why he removed his son John R. from his will, you'll notice that there is a paragraph stating that his named be removed and William's inserted - (YNL NOTE: Solomon's Will has been posted to Oley Yost file and will appear with the next web update at: http://www.yodernewsletter.org/nonamish/oleyyost.html ). John R. was my great-great grandfather who married Hannah Medler, which also poses another question... was his wife related to Hannah? The Medler name is something I've had no luck on and there is also a debate amongst my relatives as to how she spelled her last name- I thought it was Medler but one of my cousins says it is spelled Medlar. I haven't been able to verify that, maybe I'll find something at the historical society. I did check for their marriage license, but I couldn't find it at the Berks County courthouse. If you post this information in the newsletter, could you also mention that I do live right in the middle of the area where Hans and Yost first settled, I can walk to a few of our ancestors cemeteries from my home. I have been ill, so I have been home, doing a lot of research- if there is anyone looking for information about their Yoder ancestors from the Berks County area and would like me to do some research for them, please let them know that they may email their inquiries to me at klsimons66@comcast.net , Karen (Moyer) Simons, 1101 Bernard Drive, Reading, PA 19605, phone 610-929-2684, fax 610-929-1924


Edwin M. Yoder Jr., a member of the Yoder family of North Carolina, editorialist and the only Yoder Pulitzer Prize winner, has just published his memoir "Telling Others What to Think: Recollections of a Pundit" (LSU Press, September 2004). This is his fifth book. Mr. Yoder writes "It is not of genealogical interest, although it begins with a chapter about my father, Edwin Moses Yoder, who was among the NC descendents of Conrad Yoder and one of the sons of Colin M. Yoder. It is mainly about my educational experiences at Chapel Hill and Oxford and my journalistic career in North Carolina and Washington, with reminiscences of special friends such as Willie Morris and Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr. I would be glad to sign the book and mail it back to whoever might be interested. (4001 Harris Place/Alexandria, VA 22304) Amazon is selling it at a discount. With best wishes, Ed Yoder"

(Edwin M. Yoder Jr.) (YNL note: please mail with returned postage inside the box- Media mail estimate approx. $1.84 each way)



A set of silver spoons recently was listed in an Internet Auction with the marking of "J. L. Yoder". Who can identify who the smith was? Our guess is that he was James L. Yoder (OY4247) who is identified in the 1860 census for Dauphin Co., Pa. as a 28 year-old "watchmaker". Any ideas readers?? Write the YNL if you do.


"Present home of J E Yoder Ligonier" Was this the home of Jonathan E. Yoder (YR261323)?
Who can tell us? Write the YNL if you can.


A set of photos taken during a 1986 visit to the St. Joder Chapel near Grafenort, Switzerland (see YNL 24 and 36) have been posted to the Yoder Homepage (www.yodernewsletter.org ).


 Looking back to the Door

 Looking to the chapel front


We believe that the above are the first U.S. Yoder postage stamps. Can anyone contradict it? One stamp represents the St. Joder chapel south of Lucerne, Switzerland (See YNL 6 for more information) and the second shows one of the various Yoder/Joder family crests. Jerusha Hayden Yoder went through a company called "Photo Stamps" to order sets of these stamps for her father for Christmas. You can see more about this service at: http://photo.stamps.com/ . (Note in YNL 2 we showed a Swiss postage stamp dedicated to St. Joder. It can be see on our web site at:

http://www.yodernewsletter.org/YNL/vol02.html ).


We wrote about Phil Yoder (YR23413141), "Champion Cowboy of the World" in both YNL24 and 35.
Here are two more photo cards which showcase him on a bucking bronco.

?Tit for Tat?

            My grandfather had a great sense of humor. He could always make you laugh. He told me this story once and I've never forgotten it. I thought it would be fun to share this short story with everyone.

            Harold, my grandfather, living in Pennsylvania with his family, and his buddy liked to play together and get into the kind of mischief all boys do. Bored one day they decided mischief was actually what they wanted to do.

            They went over to a neighbor's house. The neighbor had gone out to the outhouse to take care of business. While in the outhouse the boy's ran over and tipped the outhouse over. The neighbor was screaming and yelling inside the outhouse trying to get out.

            The boys knew if they got caught they'd be in big trouble. So the boys took off running down the hill. When suddenly, before they knew it, they had run and fallen into a drainage ditch filled with waste water and sewage.

            Needless to say, they never tipped another outhouse. Tit for Tat.

- contributed by Lisa Walker, G-daughter (by marriage) of Harold Yoder Freed 1915-1989 , son of Morris and Anna (Yoder) Freed. They are descendants of Hans Yoder of Great Swamp, (YB).


The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge. Please limit as possible to include a full return address. All inquiries are checked against our records to see if we can help too. If you receive added info, please share it with the YNL for our files. Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 551 S. Maple St., Saugatuck, MI 49453 or email at cyoder@tds.net .


Who can identify this family from the 1920 Calif. Census, Fresno County, Houghton, Calif. Henry Yoder, born Russia age 42, wife Dorathea(?), 40, children Sofia, 15, Dorathea(?), 8, and Christian, 5. Henry was a farmer on an Alfalfa Ranch, all but the youngest spoke German" Reply: Chris Yoder: 551 S. Maple St. Saugatuck, Mi. 49453.


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Believed family reunion held at Higins the home of OH132812- Enos D. Yoder b.Oct. 1843 m. Susan Drumheller (Oct. 1851- ) d. ? 7/2/1910 (d. Mabel b.1890 m Calvin Heim) (1880 and 1900 Census NU Shamokin). This post card was postmarked in Hegins, Pa and sent to his daughter OH1328126- Elsie (Sep. 1882- ) then living in Shamokin in 1906 by her sister Marie with the note Yoder Reunion, wish you were here".- Can any of our readers confirm this homestead?


The Mennonite Yoder family of Columbiana, Oh included several who went into businesses. Which one operated this store shown in the steroview above, and when was it in operation? Contact the YNL.

"THE ONE PRICE STORE" OUR MOTTO: Square Dealing and Small Profits. Our stock consists of everything kept in a first-class Dry Goods Store. Dress Goods in various shades. Black and Colored Cashmeres. Black and Colored Velvets. Black and Colored Silks. A In'l line of Domestics. The largest stock of Clothing in Columbiana. Full line of Boots and Shoes, Queensware, Groceries, etc. Also dealers in Lime, Salt, Cement, Plaster, & Seeds. Give us a call. HOLLOWAY, YODER & CO., 74 Main Street, COLUMBIANA, O."


Join the Yoder Listserver: http://www.yodernewsletter.org/ylist.html


Dr. Fred Roy Yoder, most known to the Yoder Family as the author of the definitive book "History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina", was an accomplished educator and also a sometime politician. The "Yodergram" shown below was contributed by his daughter Elaine Zakiarison, and was material used during his campaigns for Congress. Dr. Yoder's papers are filed at the Washington State University "Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections" department in Pullman, Washington. The index to these holdings can be seen at: http://www.wsulibs.wsu.edu/holland/masc/finders/cg620.htm . These files constitute 20 linear feet of shelf space, stored in 476 folders. His bio at this on-line index reports:

"Fred Roy Yoder was born in 1888 in North Carolina. He was educated in various places, including Lenoir-Rhyne College in North Carolina, the University of North Carolina, the University of Missouri, the University of London, and the University of Wisconsin. He was hired by the State College of Washington in 1920 where he taught until his retirement in 1954. After his retirement from Washington State University, he spent a number of years in Campbellsport, Kentucky. As a professor of sociology, he headed the Department of Sociology from 1928 to 1947, overseeing a great deal of growth. Additionally he did considerable writing including many articles, and two textbooks, Introduction to Agricultural Economics, and Introduction to Sociology. Yoder was very interested in political biography, and undertook several projects including biography of John R. Rogers, Robert M. LaFollette, and Marion Butler. He gathered much information on these subjects, but never completed any of the three projects. Yoder was active in many community organizations, including Kiwanis, American Legion, Moose Lodge, Chamber of Commerce, and the local Democratic Party. He ran for Congress in 1944 and 1954, losing both times."



Hello from Pleasantville and the Oley Yoder Heritage Association. We have three items of interest for 2005 and 2006:

Our 2005 Reunion will be held on Saturday, July 16, in Oley. Our plans, based on a "Christmas in July" theme, include a luncheon, a raffle and a guest speaker. The lunch will be buffet style with make-your-own sundaes for dessert. We will have several special gift packages and treats that will be raffled off through tickets sales. Our special guest will be Jim D'Allesandro who will provide a show and tell about Christmas Ornaments from the White House. We hope to see as many of you as possible. Come and bring your family and your stories to share.

Another date to set aside is Saturday, June 11, 2005, as the village of Pleasantville will be hosting a Bridge Festival that day. Since lasts year's Festival was so successful there will be a celebration again this year. The Oley Yoders will be participating and if you are in the area at that time, we hope you will stop by.

Finally we are announcing that we will NOT be hosting a 2006 National Reunion. We will postpone our National Oley Reunion and instead encourage everyone to attend the Yoder House National Reunion in Maryland in October of 2006. When we have set a new date for the Oley National Reunion we will let everyone know. Meanwhile questions and suggestions can be sent to Corresponding Secretary, Nancy Yoder at 415 State St. Pottstown, PA 19464; Phone: 610-323-7736.

National Yoder Reunion in 2006!!

plan now to attend!!!


Twenty-nine people gathered in the Yoder House in Grantsville, Maryland on November 13, 2004 for the ninth annual meeting of House of Yoder, Inc. In addition to the usual business items and various reports, Kenneth Yoder shared about his summer 2004 trip to Europe where he continued to learn about our Yoder ancestors. He gave special focus to time in Salswoog, Germany and Steffisburg, Switzerland. He showed the gathering a book authored by Carl Yoder on the city of Salswoog.

Final construction on the Yoder House continues in anticipation of hosting a National Yoder Reunion on the weekend of October 19-21, 2006. Possible activities planned for the weekend include: introduction to the area and local Yoder history including Yost Henry Yoder and descendants, the dedication of the Yoder House, an auction, local entertainment, a tour of Yoder sites in the area including a trip to Berlin, Pennsylvania to tour the Christian Yoder sites, and the premiere of an original drama depicting the life of Yost Joder in Switzerland.


The 55th annual reunion of the CONRAD YODER FAMILY OF NORTH CAROLINA will be held on the 2nd Sunday of August 2005 (August 14th) at their regular meeting place, ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH in Hickory, NC. Contacts: President Phillip Yoder at: pyoder@twave.net; Ted Yoder at: tedyoder@yahoo.com; Bill Yoder at: BYODERNC@AOL.COM; Rachael Hahn Kennedy at: rkennedy@rbh.com; Neal D. Wilfong, Secretary at: NDWILFONGOPTIKER@AOL.COM


During the Memorial Day celebrations last year surrounding the dedication of the new WWII Memorial on the National Mall, a Yoder was among the veterans highlighted in the media. Charles Yoder (s/o YR2337a54) was interviewed by the Cable News Network (CNN). In 1944-45, he was a medic with Patton's Third Army and a part of the Battle of the Bulge. When his unit came under a mortar attack, he ran to help injured compatriots, only to be wounded himself. Ignoring his own wounds, he went about his duties recovering two fellows from the battle field. For this act he was awarded the Silver Star. During the two week period starting with that engagement, he would also earn two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star.


--Phyllis Pamperien Yoder, Saugatuck, Michigan, died Jan 16, 2005, age 91, widow of Otho B. Yoder (YR2337a241) beloved mother of YNL Editor Chris Yoder

--Elva Yoder, (YR23443353) died Feb. 8, 2005, age 107 years, 1 month and 4 days. See cover article.

--Frank R. Yoder, Flint Michigan, age 92, died 11/17/2004. b. 5/5/1912 in Freeport, Ill, son of Floyd R. and Olive P. (Shippee) Yoder (s/o YR12721222)

-- Eva M. (Yoder) Barton, 101, (YR26119153) died Jan. 7, 2005, Frostburg, Md. She was born June 28, 1903, in Grantsville, to Norman S. and Annie Yoder. She and her daughter Evamae Crist, of York, Pa., sang together at a National Yoder reunion in North Carolina, and were involved in House of Yoder activities.

--Ralph Ernest Yoder, Jr., 91, died Dec. 3, 2004, Hawthorne, NY. He was born in New York City Dec. 18, 1912. (YR25144231)


The Annual Yoder Reunion (since 1936) of Yoder, Oregon will meet on  Sunday, August 7, 2005

at  Smyrna United Church of Christ

31119 S. Highway 170 (The Canby-Marquam Highway)

Canby, OR 97013 - 9557

The Reunion begins with a potluck dinner at 1:00 p.m.




         A new children's book by Catherine Kurchinski, called "Hurray for the Yoder Barn!" This is a true story about the Yoder Barn in Newport News, Virginia. The Yoders in Newport News are very happy about it. The cost is $9.95, plus $4.95 for shipping and handling. Checks or money orders, made payable to Cathy Kurchinski, can be mailed to 53 Faye Drive, Smithfield, VA 23430. Order can also be taken over the web site at: www.moonpiepress.net.


Former Yoder of NC Pres. Bill Yoder writes: "I received my copy of the book today and find the illustrations and story by the author to be outstanding. ... I appreciate the book and the work of the author to document the Yoder Barn and it's history. ... I will be proud to add this addition to my display of "Yoder" items to my N.C. Yoder Family display at our Reunion in August 2005. GREAT JOB CATHY."


"PILGRIMAGE OF FAITH", the wonderful video which describes the Joder/Yoder history from Switzerland to America is now available on DVD as well as VHS video! Price for either is the same $25 post paid. Order from Virgil Yoder, 110 Northumberland Rd., Irwin, Pa. 15642. PERFECT to show at your next YODER REUNION!