Moses H. Yoder
(1833-1911) YR25149
-by Willa Yoder
MOSES H. YODER (1833-1911)
Moses H. Yoder, the youngest child of Christian (YR2514) and Esther Hertzler (HZ57) Yoder, was born at the family farm near Belleville in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, on May 27, 1833.  Christian Yoder passed away in 1850 when Mose was a lad of 17.  Nicholas Hertzler was appointed his guardian.  In addition to the farm in Mifflin County, Christian owned two farms in Mercer County which were offered to his sons, Daniel and Christian after his death.  The farm in Mifflin County was sold along with all the farm equipment and livestock.  Esther moved to Lawrence County where she passed on in 1861.  Esther was the grand-daughter of Jacob Hertzler, the immigrant.
 We are unable to verify the exact date and place, but Moses married Barbara Kauffman (KF11553) about 1854 and it is assumed  they were  married  in  Lawrence  Co.,  since  that  was
Barbara’s home.  Barbara was born March 5, 1834, the daughter of Christian and Martha (Kurtz) Kauffman. 
 Moses and Barbara began married life in Wilmington Township, Lawrence County where Sarah Malinda was born in 1856 and Reuben C. in 1858.  Moses had a reputation for having “itchy feet.”  Sometime between 1858 and 1867, Moses moved his family to Michigan, where his sister, Anna, lived.  Family legend says that Levi U. was born in Cass County, Michigan but his birth is recorded in Centreville, Michigan, the county seat of St. Joseph County.  Sister Anna and husband, Jacob Yoder, owned property in both Cass and St. Joseph Counties and it is family legend that Moses’ family lived on Anna’s property in Cass County.
 The fourth son, Ezra M., was born in LaGrange County, Indiana on November 26, 1871. The family was known to have lived in the small town of Vistula, in Elkhart County, Indiana and then moved to a farm northwest of the village of Schrock, now Honeyville, where Moses had a soap factory.  This soap factory is shown in the LaGrange County 1874 atlas. 
 A deed recorded in LaGrange County, Indiana tells us that Moses and Barbara purchased a forty acre farm in Clearspring Township on September 7, 1874.  The roads have been changed since that time and we were unable to access the exact spot where their home was located, but Jacob Kurtz (whose grandfather was a brother to Martha Kurtz) told us that the land near where the house stood had much finer soil than the surrounding land.
Perhaps Moses continued his soap making here and had a supply of ashes there that were used in his soap making. Barbara passed away on October 7, 1874 leaving a not quite 18 year old daughter to care for the home.  We have been unable to locate Barbara’s grave even though we searched every cemetery in LaGrange Co.,  and  nearby cemeteries in Elkhart Co.
About 1877, Moses met Elizabeth Slabaugh and they were married November 27, 1877 in Elkhart County.  Elizabeth was born in Holmes County, Ohio on January 23, 1852, the daughter of John and Susanna (Nissley) Slabaugh.  She brought to the marriage a son, Hiram Jacob (5-1-1875 to 6-5-1951) whom Moses adopted.  Moses’ daughter, Sarah Malinda had married Valentine Marhofer in October 1877. This left a family of four boys for Moses and Elizabeth.
Moses, of the itchy feet, sold the farm to Gideon Yoder in April 1878.  He was reported to have lived in the Forks Mennonite Church area for a time.  Amanda Matilda was born into the family on October 2, 1878.  In the spring of 1879 Moses took his family of Levi, Ezra, Hiram and baby Amanda and set out to homestead in McPherson County, Kansas.
If Reuben accompanied them on the trip, he returned to LaGrange County, Indiana where he married Maggie Bontrager in December of 1880.
Moses had a prosperous farm in McPherson County, near Inman.  Emma and Moses, Jr. were born in Kansas.  Moses Jr. died at the age of seven months and is buried in an Amish-Mennonite cemetery near Inman, Kansas.  Martin was born in March 1888.
Again, itchy feet struck and Moses sold his farm to Emanuel Hostetler and in the spring of 1889 took his family mineral prospecting in southern Missouri.  They camped at West Plains and later near Caulfied, Missouri.  They survived several years of hardship, with little in the way of minerals and poor farmland.  In 1892, Mose gave up and returned to McPherson County, Kansas.  But he had heard of the proposed opening of the Cherokee Strip in Northern Oklahoma.  On September 16, 1893, Mose, with help from Ezra and Hiram, staked his claim in then Woods County, Oklahoma, near what was later the village of Manchester.  He was required to build a house at once.  They constructed the walls of a sod house and returned to Kansas.
 The following spring the family moved to Oklahoma.  Elizabeth fixed breakfast in the snow the first morning they were at their new home, as there was no roof!  The sod house was completed and there they lived until 1900 when Mose was able to build a frame
house.  He had a successful farm in Oklahoma including a lovely orchard.  Here they adopted Ida May in 1898.  Moses died June 12, 1911 at his home surrounded by his loving family.
Willa Yoder published the “Moses H. Yoder Family History” in 1995.  Limited copies are still available at $25.00 each.  These consist of 340 pages of family history, stories, pictures and  genealogy.  Contact Willa at email: phone 269-651-7368 or 1301 Cato Lane, Apt A12, Sturgis, MI 49091.
DNA and the
Samuel Yoder Line (OH13)
      In the last YNL, we showed how Jacob Yoder of Lewisburg, Pa. (1783-1864) had been identified based on DNA testing to the line of Peter Yoder (OH14). Peter was one of the previously believed  natural sons of  John Yoder (OH1) . John was the son of Hans the immigrant of the Oley Line (OH) who had been born in Steffisburg to Adam Joder and his wife Barbara Ochsenbein on Mar. 6, 1672, and with his brother Yost became the first known Yoders in America. DNA testing showed  that Peter had a distinctive DNA profile and was not a natural son of John. This profile was also found in the Jacob of Lewisburg line, and the testing and analysis of other information made for a definite identification of Jacob as a son of Peter, namely OH146. DNA testing had also revealed that Peter’s older brother Samuel (OH13) was not the natural son of John, nor was he a full brother to Peter. The two boys each had a different father, and were perhaps the subject of unrecorded adoptions.  
    OH1- John Yoder m1. Barbara______ m2. Elizabeth ( ) Keim (h2)  d. 1779  (will made 3/8/1779 proved 10/20/1779)
+OH11- Hans (John) Jr. b. c1726
    Profile (which matches the Swiss Yoders):     
+OH12- Daniel b. c1723 –had girls- Y-DNA profile not known
+OH13- Samuel b.
+OH14- Peter b.
OH15- Maria Johanna b.
   The  early work Fragments of the Past, Historical Sketches of Oley and Vicinity, by Dr. Peter G. Bertolet gives the following information about Samuel, in a chapter  entitled “Revolutionary Reminiscences”:
    “Old Soldiers.  1. Samuel Yoder, father of George, was a soldier during the French War. He was with Wolfe on the Heights of Abraham in the capture of Quebec, He was gone ten years, and meanwhile endured many hardships and privations. (Everybody had given him up for lost, and as the years rolled on no one thought he would ever return, save his good and faithful wife, who remained constant to him. Her hope was finally realized, to the universal surprise of all, in his safe return.) He came back as one of the wretched examples generally the fruit of war, and finally died outdoors.
    “His wife was a daughter of Mr. Oyster, of this place, and a sister to Mrs. John Yoder, already adverted to. Two children were born to them after his return.  His son George was a soldier in the Revolution.”
Oley township tax records show records for Samuel:                         Name--Acres--horse-cattle- sheep Comment
1767 Oley - ------Samuel Yoder--------100--2-2-4--tax 12--(OH13)
1768 Oley - ------Sam. Yoder farmer--100--2-6-4--tax 7--OH13
The Berks County Registry of Wills includes 4 Jun 1771 3-65 Samuel Yoder to Elizabeth-widow (OH13) :
Samuel Yoder (OH13) died 1771. Admin Vol # P65
Land adjacent John Lesher (late Gabriel Boyer) John Yoder, Thomas Lee & Jacob Caughman & Manatawny creek- containing 112 acres w/o allowance for roads, etc. AND the other tract of land situate in Oley Hills adjoining land of John Yoder & Jacob Roads & vacant lands- containing 54 1/2 acres w/o allowance for roads, etc.
     Obligation ___ George Yoder et al to Daniel Bertolet, Guard. of Abraham Yoder. George Yoder, John Yoder the younger & Peter Yoder pd to Daniel Levan for the use of the said minor David Yoder the full sum of 158 pounds, 5 shillings and 8 pence which is the share part of the said minor David Yoder.
     Same as above- John Bertolet- for the use of minor Peter Yoder 105 lbs, 11 shillings, & 2 pence.
Richard H. Yoder’s transcription of BERKS COUNTY INDEX OF REAL ESTATE which lists those who died without a will, but who owned real estate says:
    1774---- Samuel Yoder -2- 72  leaving a wife and names five children. It indicates that Samuel had died three years earlier than this (which places the death date at 1771). It identifies son George (eldest son); sons Peter, David and Abraham (still minors); and daughter Mary.
BERKS CO, PA , records copied by Richard H Yoder in 1990 :
1774 Samuel 2-173 Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, left 7
(OH13) children, 3 under 14. Peter, David, Abraham
“Oldest son George received the 100 acres in Oley Twp and appears in the tax listings beginning in 1779:
   Oley    ------Geo. Yoder----100--2-4--tax 2,060
He also appears in the Bertolet book in the chapter on soldiers and his write-up says:
    “George Yoder belonged to the militia and was sent to Amboy. He often mentioned that while in battle the shrill whistling of the cannon balls was always heard before the report. He served as a military soldier in some battles and many skirmishes in the Jerseys. But the militia were generally an army appendage that but little reliance could be placed in, and history ells us that not unseldom fled at the beginning of a battle.”
OH132- George Yoder  was born 11/17/1752 in Oley twp. He died 7/8/1833 and is buried at the  Spangeville Cem.,  Christ Church Cem. By his first wife Esther Bertolette (c1746-1778) he had 2 sons and 1 daughter. After she died he was married on  9/5/1782 to Mary Weidner (11/14/1751-4/1/1846), and they had three more sons and 2 daughters. Mary was a daughter of Lazarus Weidner and Elizabeth Yoder, daughter of Yost Yoder the immigrant.  This Elizabeth (1720-12/5/1782 "at 7am of dropsy age 62 yrs") was the Elizabeth about whom the “Yost Yoder Ghost Story” was written. Had George’s father been the natural son of Hans Jr., Mary would have been the father’s first cousin. He can be found in Oley Township through the census of 1830.
OH133- Peter Yoder was born in 1763, and married Catharina Trout. Family researcher Tim Conrad reports that they were married 10 Aug 1783, and believes she was daughter of Balthasar Trout and Eva Moser.  The marriage was shortly after her father died, so she is single in his will. Peter had a land dealing with the other Trouts and was a tanner like his father-in-law.  According to land records. Peter can also be seen 1790 and 1800 in the Berks county census, and appears in Upper Mahantongo Twp., Schuylkill County, Pa. in 1810, 1820 and 1830. (Schuykill Co. was formed from Berks in 1811).  Peter died in Nov.1836. Orphan Court records list children Anthony,  Solomon,  Jeremiah, Sarah, Maria,  Hannah, and Catherine.
OH134- David Yoder was born in 1765 . The records of Schwartzenwald Reformed Church  show that “David Jotter married  Catharina Hoch of Oley 6/8/1805”  at) (Catharine High b. Jan.1,1786 and d. Sep.3,1845)  He and his family moved to White Deer Twp, Union Co., 1815. d. Jan 1826  Catherine is buried at the Klopp-Clapp Cemetery, White Deer Twp. A biographical sketch  of their son Moses in an early county history says that Moses:
    “accompanied his parents to Union County , Pa. in 1815 where they settled in White Deer Township , and purchased some 60 acres of land , selling it off in lots at a very reasonable price to bring settlers to the area. Here they had laid out the village of New Columbia , Union County, Pa.”     
(photo from “Find-A Grave”)
OH135 Abraham Yoder was born 1768. He is the least documented one of the male children. He moved to Upper Mahantongo Twp.,  Schuylkill County, Pa by 1810 and 1820, and then, it seems, returned to Berks County. Several years ago, we worked out what we believe to be a good portion of his family group and traced it into Ohio, but have been holding off on publishing it until we get a break-thru of documentation. Now the DNA testing has provided the first crack in this wall, as I’ll discuss below..
    DNA testing has linked several folks to the line of Samuel Yoder through different sons. Some of these were from “unidentified” lines of Yoders, and others from known or suspected descendants. The testing has also confirmed a unique mutation in the line of oldest son George Yoder (OH132) —namely a value of “16” at the 25th Y Chromosome marker (Marker “464d”) vs the value of “17” that appears to be shared by Samuel himself. Descendants of two different sons of George both share the value, which means he was the source of the mutation. A known descendant of Peter, had the “17” value, as do other test results outside of the George Yoder family.
    One significant DNA result back is from the line of Abraham Yoder who married Catherine Troutman (labeled as “AC” in our unlinked files). This fellow has long been suspected as being a son of Samuel’s elusive child Abraham Yoder b. 1768 (OH135). His DNA profile ties him to the Samuel line, shows the “17” value which is standard, and thus supports the belief that he was a part of the OH135 family. If we can get one more testee from the correct part of this family, we’ll be ready to bring our OH135 family data into print.
    Test results have been received for a descendant of Benjamin F Yoder, son of Moses (b 9/12/1824) and Eliza of Lewisburg, Pa. (See info on Benjamin’s brother John in the “Letter to the Editor” section at page 2). It has been easy to confuse this Moses with the one who was the son of David (OH134), but he was born 14 years later than that gentleman.  The DNA results show that Moses WAS
from the Samuel line, likely an unidentified son or grandson of one of the other sons of OH13.
Joseph S. Yoder Identified!!
      Another test  result which ties into this line is from a descendant of Joseph S. Yoder (1820-1865) who married in  1841 to Annette Glass (Klase) (c1825- ). We’ve labeled him as “BS” in our unlinked data. Like the Moses just discussed, it’s always been easy to confuse this fellow with another Joseph of about the same age.  The DNA results show clearly he was NOT from the George (OH132) family due to his not sharing the “17” mutation.  It seems certain he was OH13341, Joseph Yoder, oldest son Jeremiah m. Catharina Fraud! We previously had no data about that Joseph as an adult, and can now identify him with some certainty, thanks again to DNA!!
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This photo, found on the Internet  shows the “Army Day parade at Yoder Field, Ft. Patrick Henry, VA, 16 April 1945.  Headquarters Company passing the reviewing stand.”  The internet tell us that this fort was a German Prisoner of War Internment Camps during WWII. Can any of our readers tell us who the field was named after?
Many Yoders of the Amish lines also have a connection to Jacob Hochstetler. A national reunion of this family will be held August 1&2, 2008 at Goshen, Ind.  For Info call 574-533-7819, or email:
I have been doing a bit of genealogy and discovered the Find-A-Grave web site.  I wonder if it would be appropriate to put something like the following in the newsletter:
          “Do you have photos of the grave sites of your ancestors?  If so, visit ‘’ and add them.  You can search by the name of the person using the "Search 20 mil Graves" link on  the right-hand side of the home page.  If you know the cemetery, it's easier search for the cemetery (link in right-hand column on home page).  Then click on "View All Interments" for an alphabetical list.   Some cemeteries have submitted a complete list, but most have only those that have been submitted by individuals.  If you do not find your ancestor in the list, hit your back button and use the link "Add a Name to This Cemetery."  The form that comes up is self-explanatory.  Once you submit it, you will have a chance to add a photo.  You can upload a photo of the gravestone, the individual or a family photo from your computer.  I have recently added several dozen Yoder gravestone photos for the Grace Lutheran Church Cemetery in Newton, NC and a few Mennonite Yoder gravestone  photos to Long Green Cemetery in Maryland.  It would be great if we could  all participate and add many more nationwide.  
     “If you would like a copy of a photo of an ancestor's grave site, you can place a request to have a member who lives in the area take a photo for you. Go to the deceased person's page (or create one if not there already), then click the large button at the lower right .
Thanks for considering this, and feel free to edit.  It gives all of us a place to go to get photos of our ancestors' graves for our scrapbooks or  other family records. --- Ari  Yoder, Paonia, CO
(See Page 3 for examples of Yoder gravestones already on the site)
  In YNL49 we asked for clues to a postcard which appeared on the internet. Here is the detail we should have shared in the last YNL, but had misplaced. Thanks to Ron Yoder for the research .
The building pictured in the April 2007 YNL is located in Evendale, Juniata County, Pa. It was a general store built in 1874. It was built in anticipation of being a hotel for a railroad that was planned to go through this valley. The railroad never materialized but the store apparently operated at least through 1968. It is a bit run down  and now contains apartments. A book called The Celebration gives the names of the proprietors. One of these was John H. Yoder. Following him, John’s daughter Mary and son-in-law Banks W. Nace ran the store.
    John H Yoder was the son of Moses and Eliza Yoder (see the gravestone photo elsewhere in this issue). He was born in Lewisburg, Union County, Pa. At a young age he moved to Liverpool, Perry County, Pa. He tried farming for a while  and then moved to Evendale where he purchased the General Merchandise Store. While operating this store he was also the postmaster from 1900 to its closing in 1912.
    John married Sarah E. Rowe on Jun. 2, 1878. They had three children: Bessie (died at a young age); Fred R. and Mary J. John died in Liverpool on Feb. 17, 1932. He was survived by his two children and grandchildren Dr. Donald Yoder, Dr. Howard Yoder, and Geneva Nace.---Ron Yoder, Thompsontown, Pa.
-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -
WE ARE NOW COLLECTING YODER OBITS to post at Yoder Homepage. Give date, source of obit, Scan it and send it in to, or mail  to 551 S Maple St, Saugatuck, MI 49453.
“Find-A-Grave” - How to Help Document Your Own Yoder Line
Ari Yoder, of the Conrad Yoder line,  reports a wonderful tool that allows anyone with internet access to document his or her  own ancestry in an effective and simple way. The “Find-A-Grave” web site allows you to: post the name and dates of your ancestor in the cemetery where he or she rests; to add his or her photo; to add a photo of the gravestone; and to post a biographical summary or obituary.
Visit the site at: . Already recorded are internments for 2,256 -Yoder, 60- Yother, 15- Yothers, 37- Yotter, 9 – Yoter, 18- Yoders, 4- Ioder, 13- Joder, 2- Jotter family members. You can either add your ancestor to a cemetery, or post data on an existing record. For assistance write: Chris Yoder at: .
Samples of posted Gravestones are shown on this page.
Absalom Yoder (Con61) (1800-1870) buried at Rouch Cemetery, Davis Co., Iowa.
Bishop Solomon Yoder  (YR1266) (1800-1880)
Long Green Valley Cem., Md.
Fanny (Kurtz) Yoder, Revere Cem. Summit Co., OH- wife of George Yoder (YR1281) see: YNL45
Peter Yoder (YB1133) (1808-1882)
Mennonite Cem. Wadsworth, Oh
Yost Yoder (YR2576) (1806-1891)
Ununda Cemetery, Brown Co., Ks.

William S. Yoder (OH13247)  (1827-1873) Fairview Cem, Boyerstown, Pa
John F. Yoder, died Dec. 18, 1919, Dos Cabezos Cemetery, Cochise Co., Az.
(pos. husband of Minerva Schiller)
John Yoder (Con1) (1764-1835) Grace Reformed Church Cem. Newton, NC
    Doing a basic 12 marker DNA test costs $101 through the Yoder DNA project. As of this time we have had 65 participants. Testing from strategically selected lines and can show significant results. For an updated status of the project see the links on the Yoder Newsletter Homepage at: .
YOUR CONTRIBUTION CAN HELP CONTINUE THESE TESTS. To donate, you can do so “on-line” at:
or by mail to “The YODER PROJECT”: Family Tree DNA, 1919 North Loop West, Suite 110 Houston, Texas 77008.
QUERY: Anna Belle YODERS, M2531, d/o Jacob YODERS,III,  prob. b. in Amwell Twp., Washington Co., PA circa 1862-1865.  She m. on 26 Dec. 1882 A. N. HATHAWAY, prob. a cousin of her mother, Jane Ann "Jennie" HATHAWAY.  Did this family relocate to Indiana? Descendants? Reply to: Donald Honeywell, 2830 Superior Ave., Baltimore,  Md. 21234
Left: Jocelyn Paul Yoder at Coral Gables c1926,
Right: Grandson Paul Sangster with Yoder exhibit
Coral Gables, Florida, now a part of Miami, was conceived by George Merrick about 1920. It remains a most upscale village, with beautiful homes and the fantastic completely restored Miami Biltmore Hotel. Mr. Merrick carved out the plat from his family farm. It was one of the first planned communities in America and remains a beautiful place to live.
In 1925 Merrick hired J.P. Yoder to run the publicity for the community. Mr. Yoder had about 200 salesmen under him, and took the vision of the community to the cities of the northern U.S., extolling the advantages of Coral Gables and the balmy Florida climate. (See YNL 43 and 44 for info on J.P. Yoder)
 The new Coral Gables Museum had a fundraiser on November 14, 2007. The Museum founders invited the grandchildren of Mr. Yoder, Paul Sangster, Jakky Sangster and Dinah Sutherland to attend as representatives of Mr. Yoder. The exhibit features a life-size photo of Mr. Yoder wearing knickers, in the fashion of the day. Jakky Sangster and Dinah Sutherland are seen with Arva Parks, one of the founders of the museum.
The YNL will publish Yoder related inquiries or exchanges at no charge.  Send Queries to: Chris Yoder, 551 S. Maple St., Saugatuck, MI 49453 or email at .
My great-great- grandmother was Charity Yoder (or Yoter). This research journey has been ongoing for 15 years now with no results.  Charity Yoder (Yoter) m. Abraham Hart on March 28, 1847 in Ashland Co., Ohio. Both were born in Pa. Charity b. about 1830. Also, thought you may like this picture taken of me in front of Yoder's Restaurant in Hicksville, OH, near the OH/IND. line.-- Gerald Kisabeth,41599 Haggerty Woods Court, Canton, MI 48187
(YNL Comment- one possibility we’ve been looking at for this Charity is that she could have been one of the unnamed daughter of George Yoder (YR1271)- See YNL 45 ).
Walt Disney’s Aunt Was a Yoder!
    Beloved American legend Walt Disney, was the son of Elias Disney and Flora (Call)  Disney . Elias’s youngest brother, William Harvey Disney,. married Lydia M. Yoder on 11/24/1903 in Denver, Colo. Lydia was born 6/2/1885 Kansas City, KS and died 4/28/1965 Ellis, KS. She (YR2349124)  was the daughter of Aaron Yoder (5/6/1851  Shanesville, OH-11/12/1916 Los Angeles, CA) and his second wife m2 Anna Vogel ( - 2/__/1918 Ellis,KS of flu)  ) (see Descendants  of Barbara Hochstetler and Christian Stutzman family # 15232). (Picture of Walt is from the U. S. Postal Service).
Loretta Anthes has sent family detail for Solomon Yoder, Jr. OH13382:
OH13382- Solomon Yoder  (4/30/1821-11/19/1904)   m. Elizabeth Reinard   (c1826-11/25/1889)     bur. Mt. Pleasant Cem. Knoxdale, Jefferson Co., PA.    
    OH133821- Auspeta, Born March 30, 1841 in Schuylkill Co.
    OH133822- Zatavina (Emanuel) born March 26, 1843  in Schuylkill Co.
    +OH133823- Adam, June 2, 1845 in Schuylkill Co. m. Regina Friedline  
Solomon Yoder –continues from previous column
    OH133824- Elizabeth     b. June 29, 1848 in Schuylkill Co., (married ____Hanna)
    OH133825- Christina (Dina) Nov. 12, 1850 in Schuylkill Co. Christina died 2-2-1910, Jefferson  Co. She married Jacob E. Wolfe, born Aug 26, 1846, Died Feb. 2-1926, Buried in Knox Dale.
    OH133826- Solomon Jr (3rd) July 18, 1853
    OH133827- 7th child's name was not decipherable in  Bible (page torn) born Jan 20, 1856
    +OH133828- George Washington, July 26, 1860 in Center Hill, Jefferson Co., Pa.
Conrad Yoder Family Pieces
Slowly Build
    For several years the YNL has been collecting information which may someday support a reprint of “History of the Yoder Family of North Carolina” by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder.  Without a volunteer to really work on this information- formatting,  doing some census research, local digging in North Carolina,, etc. all we have is a assemblage of collected information on the web. This data can be found at the Yoder Homepage behind the door labeled “Yoder Family Associations” and then under the section for the North Carolina Yoders. New data falls into our lap very slowly,. Here’s and example—Thank you Bruce!:
My name is Bruce Banister. My 3rd Great Grandfather  was Laborn Banister. I have received some info  stating that my grandmother was Sarah Yoder, daughter  of Daniel and Elizabeth. This makes Conrad my 5th GG  Grandfather. ….. I have  a picture that was handed down that is believed to be that of Laborn and Sarah. ----  Bruce Banister,  Fairland, IN
Con6    Daniel Yoder   b. Jun. 18, 1780   d.    ?   IN  m. Elizabeth Cline   b. ca1776   (shown with son David in 1860 census age 84)    d. ?  
    +Con61- Absolem   b. 1800 NC (See his gravestone on page 3)
     Con62- son         b. ca1805-1810
            (?Moses m. Elenor Banister Jul.3,1848 Barth.Co.)
     Con63- daughter    b. ca1805-1810
     Con64- Saloma      b. May 14, 1809 NC  "Sally" m. Labein Banister in
Bartholomew Co.,IN on Nov.22, 1825. -1850 IN Cen. Jefferson Co.,
Madison Twp, pg36 shows Sarah age 42 b NC wife of  Laban- six children at home, ages 1-14) ("the real spelling is Laborn straight from his tombstone" per Deb Vaughn-8/00)
     Con65- Daniel      b. Jul.27, 1811 NC (Zion Luth. Church Recs.)
     Con66- son         b. ca1810-20
    +Con67- David       b. c1818
Helen “Vivian” Warble, 88,  Goshen, Indiana, died Feb. 2, 2008.
She was born Dec. 29, 1919, in Middlebury Township, Elkhart County, to Raymond S. (YRB17826) and Florence S. (Allison) Yoder. Vivian was a long-time subscriber to the Yoder Newsletter and very proud of her Yoder heritage. Through her efforts a well-attended reunion of Yoders was held at the Greencroft retirement Community in Goshen, with Yoder historian Rachel Kreider as featured speaker.
- Hubert Yoder, 82, died January 24, 2008 in Pullman, Washington. He was born on August 19, 1925, in Pullman Washington to Fred and Wilma Yoder.
- Stewart Aylmer Yoder, 82, son of Dr. Paul D. Yoder (OY433811) and Kitty Huff, died Feb. 4, 2008.
Make your plans now to celebrate St. Yoders Day on August 16th!! You can download and print free St. Yoders Day cards from the Yoder Newsletter website at: . The site also include several stories about St. Yoder and his adventures!
OLD ZION CHAPEL ( Photo from “Yoders of NC”)
    The Zion congregation overwhelmingly voted to keep the old chapel.  According to Ted Yoder   “We believe the bricks used in the chapel were made at the home site of our progenitor, Conrad Yoder, perhaps by Reuben Yoder, his great-grandson, now buried in your churchyard.  His brother Marcus, first mayor of Hickory, also buried at Zion, provided funds for this building.”  
CONRAD YODER FAMILY 58th Annual Reunion the weekend of  August 10, 2008, at Zion Lutheran Church in Hickory, NC. For details contact: Phillip Yoder, or Bill Yoder, .
Oley Yoder Committee manning a table at a recent Pleasantville  Bridge Fest.
     Greetings from Pennsylvania!  The Oley Yoder Group is making plans for a 2008 Family Reunion on Saturday, July 19.  We will be meeting at the firehouse in Oley for lunch and a variety of activities.  Further information will be mailed to the mid-Atlantic region closer to July.  If you are not in our area and would like to receive information for this year’s reunion please send a note to Nancy Yoder at 415 State St. Pottstown, PA 19464 or email or call Martha Yoder at or 1-888-679-8544.
     We are always on the lookout for new members for our committee.  If you live in the southeast region of Pennsylvania and would like to consider joining the Oley Yoder Board, please contact either Nancy or Martha, using the information above.  Come and see what it’s all about!
     One more item of interest--we are planning a possible NATIONAL REUNION for 2010.  That is the 300th anniversary of Hans Yoder’s arrival in the “New World”.  We are in the process of developing an itinerary and would like your input.  Some of you have already given us topics to consider, but we would like to hear from many more of you.  What things would you want to see and do?  We hope you will be able to join us for our local reunion this year and for the proposed CELEBRATION in 2010.
             --ALL THE BEST,   ---THE OLEY YODERS
 For many years the late Miss Edith Joder, of Allschwil, Switzerland tried to prove the ancestry of her ancestor Christian Yoder who married Barbara Schott. We have labeled this fellow as “YA2” in our unlinked Alsatian records.  
YA2- Christian Joder (born 1790 (or 92) Montbeliard,Alsace
(or c1787 Morvilliers)-d. 1852 Basel Switzerland “report reached Blotzheim Jul 14”) m 4/2/1816 (or 4/12) at St. Jacob's Mennonite Ch., Basel, Switzerland Barbara Schott (11/17/1794 Blotzheim, Alsace- 2/8/1879 St Jacob, bur 2/10/1879 Munchenstein -near Basel) moved from Huttingen, France to Basel around 1840.
Edith wrote: “Mennonite Record of the Neunaich about 1810 a Hans Joder who married a Catherine Schott 'auf der Grantzelen' and I am nearly sure that Hans was a brother to our Christian and that Cathaina Schott a sister to our Barbara.”
A DNA test result from the first descendant of the line has established that this line has the “Amish marker” (Value “16” at DNA marker “19”). This ties him in to one of the two sons of Yost Joder of Steffisburg whose descendants share this marker--- either the line of Hans Joder who married Katherine Reusser, or of his brother Casper Joder who married Verena Stauffer (See details in YNL 50).