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 German Farm
-formerly owned by Jotters...



St. Joder Bell in St. Joder Chapel

Rachel Kennedy Hahn holding a bottle of St. Joder wine, purchased in
Kaiserlautern, Germany
"The presentation of the "Conrad brick" was made at the Kaiserslautern
Institute of Palatine History and Folklife. The presentation was made by Anne "Whitener" McAllister, Rachael Hahn Kennedy and myself. The
presentation was made to Mr. Rowland Powell, Director. Elaine Yoder Zakarison presented a copy of the 2000 edition of the HISTORY OF
THE YODER FAMILY IN NORTH CAROLINA, written by her father, Dr. Fred Roy Yoder, published in 1970 and revised in 2000. Dr. Don also presented Director Powell
with one of his books."

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