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Amish Yoder lineage- Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

YR- _________ Yoder m _____________
(suspected parents of two brothers who immigrated on the "Francis and the
Elizabeth" out of Rotterdam by way of Deal. Captained by George North,
arrived Philadelphia Sept.21, 1742)
YR1- son b c1695 Europe
+YR2- Christian b c1700 Europe

YR1- ________ Yoder m. Barbara ________ d. 1742 "at sea"
YR11- Catherine b c1720 Europe m Isaac Kauffman d <1790
+YR12- Christian b c1722 Europe
YR13- Magdalena b c1724 Europe (m?1 Christian Fisher m2 (John??)
+YR14- Jacob b c1726 Europe
YR15- Anna b c1728 Europe m Samuel King
+YR16- Michael b c1730 Europe
+YR17- John b c1732 Europe
YR18- Barbara b c1734 Europe w2 of John Shirk no issue
d 1793 Lancaster Co, PA
YR19- Veronica b c1736 Europe m John Hertzler
d 1806 Mifflin Co., PA

YR12- Christian Yoder m. Barbara (?Beiler) (c1723-1781 BP)
d Jan 1771 BP
+YR121- Jacob b c1745 BP (believed to have been the Jacob at
YR121 below)
+YR122- Christian b c1747 BP
YR123- Elizabeth b c1749 BP m Christian Hertzler
d 1/11/1791 BP
YR124- Barbara b c1751 BP m 1773 Jacob Hertzler
d 1821 MP
+YR125- John b c1753 BP (believed to have been the John at
YR125 below)
YR126- Veronica b c1755 BP m John Miller
+YR127- Joseph b c1757 BP
+YR128- Henry b c1759 BP
YR129- Anna b c1761 BP m Jacob Stutzman d HO
(per AAMG as above- S. Duane Kauffman makes a good case that
this Anna should be switched with Anna (YR255) who married
Jacob Kauffman- this is based on similar movement patterns for Jacob
Kauffman and Christian Yoder (YR122 above)
+YR12a- David b c1763 BP
YR12b- Catherine b c1765 BP m John Miller
d ? J/25/1840 TO

YR125- John Yoder m Magdalena Stutzman (1753 BP-1825
Shanesville,OH) settled in Somerset Co, in 1812 moved to
Tuscarawas Co, OH, both bur Cem. M-3.
YR1251- Barbara b 2/2/1774 m John Yoder (YR239)
d 12/1/1856 CP
YR1252- Sarah b 9/11/1776 m 1798 or 99 Yost Yoder (YR2511)
d 5/6/1844
+YR1253- Daniel b 1777
YR1254- Catherine b never married
YR1255- Elizabeth b 4/28/1781 SP m Yost H Yoder (YR2611)
d 3/15/1856 SP bur. Joel Hershberger Cem., Summitt Mills
+YR1256- Christian b 2/7/1782 SP
+YR1257- Stephen J. b 6/10/1784 SP
YR1258- Susannah b 4/7/1791 SP m Michael Schrock
d 1855 HO

YR1256- Christian Yoder m Catherine Wingard ( -9/23/1878)
d 3/29/1869 SO
+YR12561- Emanuel b 1/12/1813 SO
+YR12562- Elias D b 7/17/1817 SO
+YR12563- Andrew b 11/2/1820 SO
+YR12564- Samuel S b ca 1832 SO m 4/9/1863 SO Delilah Deckard
d SO

YR12561- Emanuel Yoder m 7/10/1836 WO Elizabeth Miller (1/31/1818
P- 11/20/1901) d 4/18/1874 WO bur Mt Zion Cem GAR
+YR125611- Noah b 10/3/1837 WO m 9/28/1865 Wooster,OH
Elmira F Bricker d 5/31/1875 Madisonburg, OH
+YR125612- David M b 12/30/1838 WO m 12/25/1862 Anna
Stutzman d 12/1/1924 WO
+YR125613- Christian B b 1840 WO m 12/11/1866 Mary M
Davidson d 1893 WO
YR125614- Jacob b ca 1843 single d 10/1/1862 WO
bur. Mt. Zion Cemetery (GOSPEL VISITOR 1851-1873, first newspaper of
the German Baptist Brethren obit appears in Mar 1863 for Jacob D. age 19)
YR125615- Mary (2/17/1846 WO- ) res Ephrata, PA
m 4/5/1866 Jeremiah Brindle ( - )
(Winter Burke
YR125616- Sophia b 10/26/1849 WO m Yost Yoder (YR23b49)
d 3/12/1935 LI
+YR125617- Daniel b ca 1852 WO m Angeline _______
YR125618- Elizabeth b 9/2/1853 WO m 1877 John B Gochenaur
res Goshen In d. 1/17/1936 EI
YR125619- Reuben b ca 1856 WO single

YR125611- Noah Yoder (10/3/1837 WO Smithville-5/31/1875 Madisonburg,
OH) m 9/28/1865 Wooster,OH Elmira F Bricker (2/4/1839 LP
Churchtown-12/3/1911 WO Smithville) (DBH3087,Tom Yoder Cht)
(WO70,GWO80) Dunkard (both bur. Smithville Cem)
YR1256111- Jessie B (4/6/1869 WO Smithville- )
YR1256112- Abagail Blanche (8/19/1871 WO Smithville- )
YR1256113- Charles N (11/24/1873 WO Madisonburg-9/29/1927
Smithville,O) m 6/16/1906 Astabula,O Mella Bartholomew
(1/14/1874- 5/--/1953) (DBH3088) Episcopal

YR125612- David M Yoder (12/30/1838 WO-12/1/1924 WO,Easton)
m 12/25/1862 Wooster,O Anna Stutzman (ST878) (8/11/1843 WO
Smithville-6/3/1927 WO Doylestown) (DBH3089,DBH5174) (MWO70/80)
United Brethren (both bur. Smithville Cem)(WO birth records)
YR1256121- Ezra (3/11/1863 Easton,O- 1952 Smithville Cem, WO)
YR1256122- Odessa ( c1865- )
YR1256123- Henry ( c1868- )
YR1256124- Cora Alice (4/6/1870 Doylestown,O- )
+YR1256125- Curtis (Charley) (4/13/1872 Doylestown,O-1954 bur. Smithville Cem,
WO ) m Nellie Norris (1875-1942 )(DBH3090)
YR1256126- Ida (4/27/1874 Doylestown,O-7/31/1911) m 12/26/1895 Wooster
Arthur Collier (12/1/1870- ) (DBH3091) Methodist
YR1256127- Anna D. (per WO birth records-"Gracey Mabel")
(8/9/1876 Doylestown,O-11/13/1934 Smithville Cem., WO )
YR1256128- Mahlon James (per WO birth records-"John")
(2/6/1879 Sterling,O-9/4/1958) m 3/27/1904
Marshallville,O Edith Stinson (12/5/1884 (83 per cem)-4/22/1960)
(DBH3098) United Presbyterian bur. Maple Grove Cem., Chippewa Twp,WO
YR1256129- Verna C. (4/17/1883 Smithville,O- ) m 4/16/1907
James Orr ( - ) (DBH3095) Fundamental
YR125612a- Hazel (4/28/1888 Doylestown,O-1952 Smithville Cem, WO)

YR1256125- Curtis (Charley) (4/13/1872 Doylestown,O-1954 bur. Smithville Cem,
WO ) m Nellie Norris (1875-1942 )(DBH3090)
(information from "Sarah Woodson Clark" 5 Sep 2002)
1. (Birth Certificate of)Roy Stanley Yoder
Born 18 Feb 1910 (Father's Name Curtis Yoder - Age 35 Yrs) (Mother's Name Nellie Norris - Age 32 Yrs)
Place of Birth Orville, Township of Green, Wayne Co., Ohio
Curtis Yoder and Nellie Born in Smithville, Ohio
2. (Death Certificate)Roy Stanley Yoder
Born 18 Feb 1910 (Father's name Curtis Yoder)- (Mothers' name Nellie Norris)
Place of Birth- Ohio
(Social Security Application of Roy Stanley Yoder) Father's Name Charles Curtis Yoder - Mother's Name Nellie Norris (DOB 18 Feb 1910)
3. (on Birth certificate of)Barton Wells Yoder
Born 20 October 1960 - Fathers' Name: Roy Stanley Yoder

YR125613- Christian B Yoder ( 1840 WO- 1893 WO) m 12/11/1866
Wadsworth Mary M Davidson ( 1844 Brownsville,P- FP)
(DBH3096) (GWO70,HWO80) (WO birth records) Methodist
YR1256131- Effie M ( c1868 O-5/28/1923 auto accident)
m Harvey M Oswald ( - )(DBH30987)
YR1256132- William W. (per WO birth records-"Wesley" b. 5/10/1870)
(5/22/1870 Orrville,O- summer 1936) m 6/24/1896 Wooster,O
Cynthia D Elser (11/6/1869-5/24/1936 WO)
(DBH3101) (1870 census shows Edward, age 1 month)
YR1256133- Harry ( - c1872)
YR1256134- Ray (?Roy)(per WO birth records-"Lee Roy")
(11/1/1873 O- c1894)

YR125617- Daniel Yoder ( c1852 O- ) m
Angeline _______ ( c1852 O- ) (DBH3107) (GWO80)
YR1256171- Olive I ( c1872 O- )
YR1256172- Mary A ( c1873 O- )
YR1256173- Henry E ( c1877 O- )
YR1256174- William ( c1879 O- )

YR12562- Elias D Yoder m 9/12/1839 WO Anna Kapp (ca1817 LP- )
d. 3/13/1904 SO (Marriage is reported for "Eli Yoter in the
"Ohio Repository" in the issue of 9/26/1839.) (HOT shows
Anna Rupp Yoder d. 8/22/1889 Canton, Oh)
YR125621- Anna b. ca 1840 WO m1 1/26/1860 WO John
Sonnedecker ( - d 11/4/1867) m2 Levi Manges
d ca1920 WO
+YR125622- Abraham E b 1/5/1842 WO m 3/4/1873 N. Industry,OH
Mary Davis d 10/16/1878 SO
+YR125623- Samuel b 9/17/1843 WO m 1/22/1874 Mary E Shaffer
d 1/27/1934 SO
YR125624- Catherine b 7/31/1845 WO m Hiram Becker
d 5/13/1892 O River Styx, OH
YR125625- Elizabeth b ca 1850 WO m Frederick Way
d ZO Wadsworth, OH
YR125626- Mary b ca1851 WO m Cyrus Howenstine
d 10/8/1899 SO
+YR125627- Andrew (ca1854 WO-11/2/1902 SO) m Sarah McFerron
( - 9/6/1925)
YR125628- Lydia b 7/18/18__ WO m 11/8/__ Canton, OH
Henry Rowland
YR125629- Sarah b 1859 WO m ______ Rank res. Akron -ni

YR125622- Abraham E Yoder (1/5/1842 WO-10/16/1878 SO) m 3/4/1873
N. Industry,O Mary Davis (2/24/1852 N Industry,O-5/10/1925)
(DBH3111) (CSO80) Lutheran
YR1256221- Emery (12/26/1874- ) m 11/26/1898
Lizzie Rich (3/31/1878- ) (DBH3112) res Canton,O
YR1256222- Ira (12/8/1877- ) m 5/3/1905 Flora Halter
(1/3/1885- ) (DBH3113) res Canton,O

YR1256221- Emery A. Yoder (12/26/1874 N. Industry,O- ) m. 11/26/1898
Canton,O Lizzie Rich (3/31/1878 Canton,O- ) (DBH3112)

YR125623- Samuel Yoder (9/17/1843 WO, near Smithville-1/27/1934 SO)
m 1/22/1874 SO Mary E (Mollie) Shaffer (1/31/1848SO-1 or 6/9/1920)
(DBH3115)(CSO80) Evangelical Lutheran
YR1256231- Ida (8/27/1875 N Industry,O- ) m 8/27/1917
Rensselear,I Conrad Olsen (2/27/1888- )(DBH3116) ni
res Chicago,Il, Lutheran
YR1256232- Harvey E (3/20/1877 N Industry,O- ) m 6/26/1907
Bolivar,Oh Blanche Lash (2/23/1879- ) (DBH3117)
res Cleveland,O, Bethany Evg Lutheran
YR1256233- Stella (8/26/1883- ) m
Harry Hoffman ( - )(DBH3118) res Canton,O
YR1256234- Lawrence (12/27/1888-2/17/1889)
YR1256235- Nelson D (2/27/1892 N Industry,O-3/-/1967 O) m 1/8/1919
Canton,O Edythe E Grobosky (4/15/1891-12/-/1976) (DBH3119)
res N Industry,O, Martin Lutheran (His SSN 301-30-2706)
(Her SSN 278-48-7302)

YR125627- Andrew Yoder (c1858 WO-11/2/1902 SO) m.
Sarah McFerron (c1858 O-9/6/1925) res. Canton,O
(DBH3145, 1900 SO Canton Twp)
YR1256271- Walter R. (c1882 O- )
m. Mamie Richards res. Canton, O (DBH3146)
YR1256272- Bertha R. (9/18/1883 Canton,O- ) m. 12/21/1905
John D. Decker (12/7/1878- ) res. Canton, O (DBH3147)
YR1256273- Howard (c1885 O- )
YR1256274- Neal H. (c1888 O- )
YR1256275- Ruth (c1890 O- ) m. Richard Weible
res. Canton,O (DBH3150)
YR1256276- Roy (c1893 O- )
YR1256277- Ralph E. (c1895 O- )

YR12563- Andrew Yoder m 1844 Martha Snively (2/7/1821 O-
7/6/1903) d 1/25/1894 WO bur. E. Chippewa Church of the
+YR125631- Joseph b 9/10/1846 SO m 11/23/1871 Elizabeth Shirey
d 1/17/1926 WO
+YR125632- Franklin b 1861 WO m 1883 Sarah Flickinger
d 12/15/1917 WO

YR125631- Joseph S Yoder (9/10/1846 SO-1/17/1926 WO pneumonia)
m 11/23/1871 Wooster,O Elizabeth Shuey (1/21/1846-6/29/1934 WO)
(DBH3153,1900 WO) United Brethren (both bur. Smithville Cem, WO)
YR1256311- Levi (6/14/1876-2/13/1876)
YR1256312- Ella M. (8/16/1881 Easton,O- 1965 bur. Smithville Cem.)
m 12/7/1907 Akron,O Walter Groessel (11/14/1882-1966) (DBH3154)

YR125632- Franklin Yoder ( 1861 Sterling, WO-12/15/1917 Smithville, WO
pneumonia ) m. 10/8/1882 WO Sarah D. (or M.) Flickinger (1863-1944 WO)
(1900-WO Milton Twp, DBH3155, LDS IGI) (bur. Smithville Cem, WO)
YR1256321- William H. (1/6/1884 Sterling, O-2/_/1971 res Oh (SSN)) m.
11/30/1905 Smithville, O Amanda Brown (9/8/1887- ) res. Sterling,O

YR12564- Samuel S Yoder ( c1832 SO- SO) m 4/9/1863 SO
Delilah Deckard ( c1844 O- )(DBH3158) (CSO80)
YR125641- Anna ( - ) m David
Sponseller ( - )(DBH3159) res Canton,O
(? same as Emma b c1865 O per CSO80)
YR125642- Winfield S (9/12/1868 Canton,O- ) m 10/12/1907
Canton,O Christina Grobosky (12/29/1876- ) (DBH3160)
res Canton,O, Methodist, iron molder
YR125643- Deliah ( - )
(?same as Minnie b 1873 O per CSO80)

YR1257- Stephen J Yoder m 1/10/1810 Veronica Yoder (YR2346)
(11/28/1789 SP- 8/27/1857 TO) d. 12/13/1867 TO Shaneville, OH
both bur. Cem M-8
YR12571- Elizabeth b 11/30/1811 TO m (w2) David Troyer
d 6/4/1848 HO (?bur Cem O-36)
+YR12572- Jacob S b 5/14/1814 TO
+YR12573- Gabriel b 3/1/1817 TO
YR12574- Susanna b 2/11/1819 TO m (w1) Jonas Hershberger
d 3/16/1838 HO
YR12575- Magdalena b 4/7/1823 TO m 10/27/1842 Moses
Wengerd d 8/29/1876 TO bur Cem M-8
YR12576- Barbara b 4/18/1825 TO single d 9/17/1890 LI
+YR12577- John S b 6/24/1826 TO
YR12578- Catherine b 12/18/1828 TO m1 David Coblentz
m2 (w2) David Lehman d LI
YR12579- Valentine S b 3/27/1831 Shanesville, TO m Elizabeth
Coblentz d 12/27/1912 Sugar Creek TO bur cem K-4

YR12572- Jacob S Yoder m Fanny Miller (7/19/1822 TO- 7/27/1885 JJ)
d 12/6/1891 WJ - Washington Co, IA
YR125721- Elizabeth (Betsy) b 1/13/1841 TO m 7/20/1871
(w2) Frederick Schwartzendruber by Bish Abner Yoder
d 9/17/1873 JJ- Johnson Co,IA no living issue
+YR125722- Stephen J b 9/5/1843 TO m 11/23/1876 JJ Lucy
Miller d 4/12/1908 WJ
+YR125723- Moses J b 6/12/1845 TO m1 1/2/1884 Lydia
Hersberger m2 Lydia M Kauffman d 3/22/1931 Miami Co IN
YR125724- Dorothy b 3/4/1848 TO m Andrew D Troyer
d 6/12/1912 Kansas
YR125725- Susan b 4/9/1851 TO m (w1) Samuel Hofer
d 10/24/1870 JJ no issue
YR125726- Katie b 1/19/1857 TO m 12/5/__ Washington, IA
David Swartzendruber d 4/28/1925 Huron Co.,MI

YR125722- Stephen J Yoder (9/5/1842 TO-4/12/1908 WJ, Kalona of a
needle in lung) m 11/23/1876 JJ Lucy Miller (ML243511-)
(2/19/1857 SP-4/21/1891) (DBH2880,DBH7124, Cem Recd)(EWJ80) Amish
YR1257221- Magdalena S (2/26/1878 J-2/9/1965) m 10/29/1903
Kalona Benjamin Miller (ML613929) (1/30/1881-1/22/1958) (DBH2881)
res Kalona, Amish
YR1257222- Katie (2/3/1880 Kalona-2/25/1954) m 1/28/1909 Kalona
Moses J Mishler (MH31776)(5/18/1887-12/6/1965)(DBH4447)res Kalona,
YR1257223- Amelia (2/13/1881- 1947) m 1/28/1909 Jonas Y Yoder
(YR2611675) (11/14/1883-7/6/1967) (DBH2684) res Kalona,
Mennonite (His SSN 483-32-3869)
YR1257224- Ida S (2/17/1883-5/22/1936) m (w1) 12/3/1908
Jephthah Gingerich (GG44483) (3/15/1884-3/4/1976)
(DBH7432, GH Obit) res Kalona, Conservative Amish
YR1257225- William S (4/4/1885 WJ-1/20/1971 WJ) m 12/19/1909 IJ
Lydia Miller (ML243a47) (12/25/1884-10/17/1971 WJ) (GH Obit)
res Kalona, Amish Mennonite
YR1257226- John S (3/28/1887-10/24/1956) m 12/11/1913
Mary Hochstetler (HS19b8b)(7/14/1886-7/4/1977)(DBH2884,
GH Obit) res Kalona Amish

YR125723- Moses J Yoder (6/12/1845-3/22/1931) m1 11/24/1870
Lydia Hershberger (HB4195)(2/16/1848 HO-5/18/1883 DL or
5/11/1886-per family Bible) m2 1/2/1887 Lydia Kauffman (KF53846)
(3/28/1857 JJ-8/15/1942) (DBH2887,DJH5637,SSKp66,
Mrs. L Purdy Cht)(SJJ80/BDL80) Amish
YR1257231- Leah (2/26/1872 Kalona- ) m 10/6/1889
Arthur,Il Isaac N Kauffman (KFS3a66)(9/21/1865-9/6/1933) (DBH4039) res
Nappanee,In, Amish
YR1257232- Emanuel (4/26/1873-9/28/1874)
+YR1257233- Jacob M (5/1/1875 Kalona,Ia-12/3/1967 Sturgis,MI) bur Mount
Rest Cem, St Johns, MI m 11/12/1896 Brownstown,Il Fayette Co, Il
Anna Kauffman (KFB459-)(4/18/1881- )
(DBH2888) res St John, Mi, Mennonite (His SSN 369-14-6865)
YR1257234- Fanny M (2/14/1877-6/12/1923) m Noah Yoder
( -11/24/1883)
YR1257235- Mary (1/27/1880- )
YR1257236- Sarah (3/11/1882 Arthur,Il- ) m 9/23/1900
McGrawsville,In D E Kaufman (KFB459-) (11/17/1876- )
(DBH2893) res Kokomo,Ia, Old Order Amish
YR1257237- Catherine (9/__/1884-7/__/1885)
YR1257238- Mattie (Marthy) (10/24/1887-11/25/1975) m1 4/15/1923
Samuel Gingerich ( -3/6/1925) m2 10/14/1928
Benjamin D Mullet (MU2175) (11/13/1886- ) (DBH2894,
Goshen Obit) res Milford, In
YR1257239- Malinda (Mulinder) (12/6/1889-12/9/1897)
YR125723a- Eli (7/31/1892-7/20/1908)
YR125723b- Elizabeth (11/10/1894-4/22/1918 age 23y5m12d)
YR125723c- Anna M (4/10/1899 or 4/16/1897- ) m 1/28/1920
(w2) Oba J Miller (ML626267) (3/6/1891-9/19/1975) (DBH6823,
Family Bible) res Amboy,In, Christian

YR1257233- Jacob M. Yoder (5/1/1875 Kalona,I-12/3/1967 Sturgis, MI)
bur. Mt. Rest Cem., St Johns, MI m. 11/12/1896 Brownstown, Il Anna
Kauffman (4/18/1881-5/29/1936) res. St Johns, MI Mennonite (DBH2888,
Mrs. L. Purdy)
YR12572331- Bessie (10/9/1898-2/5/1920) m. 6/_/1919 Lloyd Ballard
( - ) res. Boyne City, MI (DBH2889)(no children)
YR12572332- Lewis Reuben (8/25/1900 Marion Co,I-2/6/1976 Lansing,Mi)
m 6/_/1924 Elsie Ried (?Rice)( - )(3 ch)
res. E. Lansing, MI (DBH2890)
YR12572333- Elizabeth (5/11/1904 Greentown, In-7/17/1962) m1 12/12/1___
Mason, MI T.J. Blevins Jr. (2/7/1902- ) (3 ch) m2 Anthony Potter ( - )
res. Fife Lake, MI (DBH2891)
YR12572334- Ida (12/24/1908 Elmira, MI- ) m. 3/1/1928 Eureka, Mi
G. Osborn (6/4/1906-1/3/1985) (1 dau) res. St. Johns, MI (DBH2892)

YR12573- Gabriel Yoder m1 Polly Hostetler (2/25/1811-9/30/1859)
m2 Mary Berkey d 1/18/1878 WO
+YR125731- Stephen b 11/19/1840 WO m 3/13/1870 near
Farmertown, OH Mary Hochstetler d 11/15/1920 EI
YR125732- Catherine b 9/3/1842 O m Moses H Hochstetler
d 10/10/1931 Weldy Cemetery, Nappanee, IN
+YR125733- Benjamin b 3/25/1845 WO m 1874 WO Sarah
Hochstetler d 12/16/1923 ZO
YR125734- Fanny b 10/16/1847 WO m 11/7/1872 Beck Mills, OH
Peter Oswald d 2/18/1921 HO
YR125735- Martha b 6/21/1850 WO m 6/4/1903 Wooster, OH
w2 Adam Royer d 7/11/1922 WO
+YR125736- John b 10/2/1856 WO m 8/13/1877 Smithville
Mary Ebie (1848-1929) d 1941 WO bur. E Chippewa Church
of the Brethren Cemetery, Wayne Co,OH

YR125731- Stephen Yoder (11/19/1840 WO-11/15/1920 EI) m 3/13/1870 near
Farmertown,OH Mary Hochstetler (HS18a7) (1/8/1848 HO Farmerstown-
1/23/1918 EI) (DBH2903,DJH5516) (GWO70,GWO80, 1920EI)
(WO birth Records)Amish Mennonite
YR1257311- Daniel H (5/24/1872- 1947) m1 10/13/1898 Rittman,OH
Katie Burkholder (11/12/1871-10/8/1909) m2
Amanda _______ ( 1880- 1950) (DBH2904) res Orrville,O
all bur. Baughman Twp, WO, Martin's Menn. Cem.
YR1257312- Savilla (3/5/1874 WO,Orrville- by 1880?)
(? 1877 bur. Oak Grove Menn. Cem, WO)
(WO birth Records-3/15/1874))
YR1257313- Martha (6/6/1875-7/19/1890) (WO birth Records-"Matta")
YR1257314- Levi W (10/28/1876 Orrville,O-6/11/1947) m1 8/4/1901 EI
Nappanee Clara Alice Troyer (TY7168)(8/23/1881-12/20/1914)
m2 12/28/1916 Edith Buzzard (1/30/1888- )(DBH2905)
res Millersburg,I, Mennonite Brethren in Christ (1920EI)
YR1257315- Amos B (8/28/1878 Orrville,O-3/21/1952) m 3/6/1902
EI Nappanee Amanda Stahley (SA3681) (11/16/1877-8/15/1967) (DBH2908)
res Nappanee, I, Mennonite (1920EI)
YR1257316- Moses H (6/19/1880 Orrville,O-1/1/1951) m 3/10/1906
Goshen,I Amanda Hartman (10/25/1881-3/14/1973) (DBH2910, Goshen
Obit) res Wakarusa,I (1920EI)
YR1257317- Monroe (11/21/1881-3/7/1889)
(WO birth Records-aka Jonas b,10/21/1881)
YR1257318- Katie (3/10/1884-3/ /1896) (WO birth Records- Catherine b. 3/10/1884)
YR1257319- Amanda (11/30/1888-8/1/1905)
YR125731a- Malinda (2/7/1890 Orrville,O- 1984) m 4/16/1918
Newport News,VA Roger Foley (9/1/1891-10/10/1919) (DBH2911)
res Monroe,Mi, Evangelical (WO birth Records- Malinda b. 2/3/1890)
YR125731b- Isaac B (10/25/1891 Orrville,O-7/-/1985) m 4/29/1921
Nappanee,I Cella Campbell Nicholson (10/27/1891- ) (DBH2912)
(SSN 310-05-3741)

YR125733- Benjamin Yoder (3/25/1845 WO,Orrville-12/16/1923 ZO dropsy)
bur. Oak Grove Menn. Church, Green Twp, WO
m 1874 WO Sarah Hochstetler (HS18a8) (7/14/1856 HO Farmerstown-
11/29/1930 WO) (DBH2913,DJH5516)(GWO80) Mennonite
+YR1257331- Emanuel H (12/8/1874 HO- ) m 7/1/1894
Atwood,I Louisa Stimson (2/27/1876- ) (DBH2914)
res Gary,I
YR1257332- Minnie (4/30/1876-8/__/1876)
YR1257333- Naomi Elizabeth (8/22/1877 Rittman,O- )
m 12/25/1899 Wadsworth,O Warren S Coolman (3/15/1869- )
(DBH2919) res Seville
YR1257334- Peter H (6/30/1879 WO- ) m 10/15/1902
Nappanee,I Anna Hughes (3/17/1878- ) (DBH2922)
res Cromwell, I
YR1257335- Amanda Arvilla (12/12/1880 Smithville,O- )
m 5/__/1911 Shoshone,Id Thomas Sloan (4/19/1880- )
(DBH2923) res Jerome,Id (1910-Lincoln Co., Ida)
YR1257336- Frank (8/24/1882- ) m
Lillie Troup ( - ) (DBH2924)
res Syracuse,I
YR1257337- Laura Lucinda (3/30/1890 Seville,O- )
m1 12/24/1912 Goshen,I Theodore Osuiga (12/6/1886- )
m2 _________ Stewart ( - )
(DBH2925) res El Paso,Tx, Lutheran

YR1257331- Emanuel H. Yoder (12/8/1872- ) m. 7/1/1894 Atwood,In
Louisa Simson (2/27/1876 Etna Green, In- ) res. Gary,In steel rail
inspector (DBH2914, 1900-LockeTwp,EI)
YR12573311- Dorothy LeEster (9/1/1896 Nappanee,In- ) m1 1/28/1913
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Reid Hamilton (3/29/1891- ) (3 ch) m2.
Thomas Berry ( - ) res. Thomas, Ontario Baptist (DBH2915)
YR12573312- Velma LaVon (9/2/1899 Nappanee,In- )
m. 6/21/1919 South Bend, In James E. Sherman (11/29/1896- )
(no children) res. Gary,In Christian (DBH2917)
YR12573313- Marguerite Eva (10/4/1902 Nappanee,In- ) m1 2/24/1923
Crown Point, In Otto Schultze (3/23/1896- ) m2
Albert Huffman ( - )res. E. Chicago,In later Napier,Il Christian (DBH2918)

YR125736- John S. Yoder (10/2/1856 WO near Smithville- 1941 WO)
bur. E Chippewa Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Green Twp WO
m 8/13/1877 Smithville,O Mary Ebie (2/28/1848 Switzerland,O -
3/16/1929) (DBH2934) (GWO80)
YR1257361- Naomi Ellen (9/20/1877- ) m 12/15/1898
Smithville,O John L Koontz (7/20/1873- ) (DBH2935)
res Smithville,O, Lutheran
YR1257362- Ernest J (11/8/1883 Smithville,O-8/-/1975 O)(SSN 290-34-4021)
m 11/20/1907 Smithville,O Florence M Grunder (5/23/1883-
3/-/1976 O(SSN 268-62-4095)) (DBH2937) res Wooster,O, Presbyterian
YR1257363- Orie (3/11/1887- 1965) bur. E. Chippewa Ch. of Brethren

YR12577- John Yoder (6/24/1826 Shanesville,O-3/21/1912 Sugar Creek,O)
m 5/10/1852 Shanesville Oh Fanny Hochstetler (HS12212)
(10/12/1830 Shanesville - 9/6/1912 Sugar Creek,OH) bur Cemetery
M-3 (originally at L-23,moved after wife's death) (DJH1671,
DBH2988,CF5846,Jacob Schrock Cht, Orpha Mast Cht, Jerry M Yoder
YR125771- Barbara (8/25/1854 near Shanesville,O-8/28/1908)
m 3/12/1874 Sugarcreek Christian H Yoder (YR234481) (11/26/1849-
10/17/1934) (DBH2989,CF6338,Cem M-3)
YR125772- Magdalena (1/31/1855-5/27/1879 New Bedford,O) m
Benjamin J Yoder (YR2612a1) (4/18/1851-9/14/1911) (DBH3003)
+YR125773- Isaac J (10/12/1857 near Shanesville,O-7/20/1883)
m (h1) 1/24/1879 New Bedford,O Elizabeth M Shetler (2/25/1860-
8/12/1940) (DBH3009,CF6334)
YR125774- Sarah (12/13/1859 Shanesville,O-7/27/1918 of the flu)
m 11/28/1879 Shanesville,O Christian D Yoder (YR2612a2)
(4/12/1853-2/22/1936) (DBH3010,CF5845) Old Order Amish, res Dalton,O
+YR125775- Benjamin J (3/25/1862 Shanesville,O -6/24/1926 (or 5/28/1919
Cem L-23) m 4/3/1884 Elizabeth B Troyer (TYc9c)(4/13/1865-
12/31/1950) (DJH1679,CF6451)
YR125776- Mary Anna (11/22/1864 Sugarcreek,O-9/6/1937 Cem M-3)
m 12/18/1884 Sugarcreek David J Yoder (YR1253c9) (9/3/1862-
3/6/1953) Cem M-3 (DBH2206) Amish
YR125777- Drusilla (8/29/1867-11/25/1930) Cem D-1 m 1/23/1890
Sugarcreek,O Abraham J Miller (ML2238g)(5/11/1867-9/23/1936)
(DBH12141) res. Applecreek, O. Amish
YR125778- Rebecca (1/30/1870-8/28/1871)

YR125773- Isaac J Yoder (10/12/1857 near Shanesville,O-7/20/1883)
m 1/24/1879 New Bedford,O (h1) Elizabeth M Shetler (SE1131-)
(2/25/1859-8/12/1940) (DBH3009,CF6334) Amish (YR125774 per AAMG)
YR1257731- Mary Ann (7/26/1880 Sugarcreek,O-3/13/1976)
m 1/30/1902 Farmerstown,O Andrew Coblentz (9/25/1878-10/11/1937)
(DBH4336) res Uniontown,O, Old Order Amish
YR1257732- Amanda (8/29/1881-7/16/1882)
YR1257733- Fannie (11/28/1883 New Bedford,O-10/22/1953 age 69y 10m
24d) m 1/13/1903 Benjamin J Yoder (YR2611345) (8/24/1880-
9/26/1945) (DBH2428,CF6462) res Fredericksburg,O, Old Order
Mennonite, Cem O-33

YR125775- Benjamin J. Yoder (3/25/1862 Sugarcreek,Oh-6/24/1926
Shanesville,O) bur. Cem. L-23 (per Cem 5/23/1919 57y 2m 3d) m. 4/3/1884
Elizabeth Troyer (4/13/1865 Sugarcreek,O-12/31/1950 Shanesville,O)
(DBH3017, 1900 TO, Henry J Yoder Cht, Daniel J. Yoder Cht-'85, Orpha Jean
Mast Cht-'84, Jerry M. Yoder Cht '87)
YR1257751- Martin B. (3/20/1885 Sugarcreek,O-1/29/1961 Blountstown,FL)
m. 12/22/1907 Goshen, In Salome Miller (10/20/1886-7/21/1966)(11 ch) res.
Greenwood, Del Amish-Menn., (DBH3018)
YR1257752- John B. (4/14/1887 Sugarcreek, O- 1933 Berlin,O) m. 12/31/1911
HO h1 Elizabeth E. Schrock (1/20/1890-1/3/1965) (1 son) res. Barr Mills, O
Amish-Menn. (DBH3022)
YR1257753- Albert B. (3/5/1890 Sugarcreek,O-11/22/1981 Fredericksburg,O)
m. 12/19/1912 Winesburg, Oh Martha "Mattie" Weaver (3/10/1893-7/23/1984)
(5 ch) res. Dundee,O Amish (DBH3023)
YR1257754- Monroe B. (5/29/1892 Sugarcreek,O-8/23/1970 Cem L-23) m.
2/22/1917 Martha J. Hostetler (6/8/1895-6/7/1964) (9 ch) res. Barrs Mills, O
O.O.Amish (DBH3024)
YR1257755- Sarah (9/27/1894 near Sugarcreek,O-3/16/1942) m. 1/11/1917 near
Walnut Creek, O w1 Jacob N. Miller (8/7/1891-3/31/1965) (4 ch)
res. Sugarcreek, O O.O.Amish (DBH 7717)
YR1257756- Mary Ann (10/10/1897 Sugarcreek,O- ) m1 1/16/1923
Sugarcreek, O Jacob J. Yoder (1/4/1900-1/22/1942) (7 ch-1 did not survive)
m2 10/12/1946 Ervin J Miller (6/10/1896- ) res. Sugarcreek,O Amish
YR1257757- William (11/8/1899-4/27/1912) Cem L-23
YR1257758- Lovina (2/21/1902(?1) near Walnut Creek,O-5/11/1968) m. 2/8/1923
Noah N. Miller (8/19/1902-9/5/1962) (9 ch-2 did not survive) res. Sugarcreek,O
O.O.Amish (DBH7721)
YR1257759- Henry (3/26/1903- )
YR125775a- Ella (6/28/1907-6/12/1971) m. 1/1/1929 Alvin R. Troyer
(4/8/1905- ) res. Sugarcreek,O (5 ch-1 did not survive)

YR12579- Valentine Yoder m Elizabeth Coblentz (2/16/1833 Sugar
Creek - 4/30/1918 of dropsy) d 12/27/1912 Sugar Creek both bur K-
YR125791- Rachel b 4/ /1852 m Peter Barkman
d 9/3/2897 bur Cem M-4
YR125792- Fanny b 7/ /1853 m Yost Y Miller
d 2/ /1917
YR125793- Barbara V b 1/19/1855 m 10/18/1877 w1 Christian I
Bontrager d 11/2/1893
+YR125794- Jacob V b 2/6/1858 m 11/15/1888 Sugar Creek Lizzie
K Byler d 7/13/1932 bur King Church Menn Cem. Fulton Co,OH
YR125795- Susanna b 3/10/1859 m (w1) 2/26/1885 Emanuel M
Hochstetler d 3/3/1923
YR125796- Elizabeth V b 11/6/1861 m 12/23/1880 Yost K Byler
+ YR125797- Stephen V b 12/25/1863 m 1/27/1887 Gertie J
Schrock d
+YR125798- Phineas V b 2/2/1867 m 9/6/1888 Lizzie Troyer
d 2/1/1929
YR125799- Daniel D ("Swifty Dan") b 2/4/1870 m 3/28/1893
Elizabeth Bontrager

fisher 5703, Valentine book

YR125794- Jacob V. Yoder (2/6/1857 Sugarcreek,O-7/13/1932 Hartsville,O)
bur. King Church Cem, Fulton Co,Oh m. 11/15/1888 Sugarcreek,O
Elizabeth K. Byler (6/10/1863-12/5/1927) Amish Mennonite (DBH3052, 1900HO)
YR1257941- Noah (12/20/1889-11/10/1890)
YR1257942- Phineas J. (9/21/1891 Canton,O-12/23/1972) m. 7/9/1917 Canton,O
Martha Miller (12/23/1900- 12/_/1980 res O (SSN)) (5 ch-1 did not survive) res
Charm later Hartville,O Mennonite (DBH3054)
YR1257943- Altine J. (3/20/1894-4/2/1919) m. 8/12/1912 h1 Matilda Miller
(6/5/1895- ) res. Millersburg,O Amish (DBH3054)
YR1257944- Mary J. (4/25/1896-5/26/1980) m 12/11/1919 Enos Miller
(7/31/1893-1/7/1970) (4 ch) res. Hartsville, O Con. Menn. (DBH3055) farmer &

YR125797- Stephen V. Yoder (12/25/1863 Oh- ) m. 1/27/1887
Honeyville, In Gertrude J. Schrock (6/12/1869 Honeyville,I- )
Am.Menn. (DBH3060,1900 Geauga Co,Oh)
YR1257971- Lizzie (9/6/1888 Topeka,I- ) m1. 1/20/1907 Middlefield,O
Samuel J. Yoder (4/23/1880-3/_/1941) (9 ch-4 did not survive,adopted 1)
m2 5/6/1954 Menno E. Troyer (3/14/1882- ) res. Hartville, O (DBH3061)
YR1257972- Valentine (2/15/1890-10/27/1890 Clearspring Twp, LI)
YR1257973- Magdalena (Mattie) (7/30/1891 Lagrange,I-1/13/1968) m. 1/13/1910
Parkman,O Joseph J. Yoder (6/27/1886-11/1/1964) (8 ch-2 did not survive) res.
Middlefield,O O.O.Menn. (DBH3063)
YR1257974- Katie (5/28/1889 Lagrange,I- ) m1. 10/16/1913 Geauga
Co,O Sylvanus J. Slabaugh (5/28/1889-6/29/1939) (5 ch-1 did not survive) m2
5/26/1947 Eli J. Troyer ( - ) res. Hartville, Oh (DBH3065)
YR1257975- Johney (John S.) (4/28/1895 LI-9/14/1976) m1. 5/9/1922
Miami Co,In Lovina E. Yoder (8/9/1900-2/29/1924) (2 ch-1 did not survive)
m2 12/23/1926 Ada Schmucker (6/16/1906-9/17/1994) (10 children-1 did not
survive) res. Milford, In O.O. Amish later C.A. Mennonite Church (DBH3066)
YR1257976- Mary Ann (3/19/1897 Topeka,I- ) m1. 5/23/1918
Middlefield,O Martin J. Schmucker (7/3/1896- ) (5 ch) m2 4/6/1956
Noah D. Miller (7/7/1891- ) res. Elkhart,I-Plain City,O- Sarasota,Fl
Mennonite (DBH1956)
YR1257977- Levi S. (8/25/1898 In-6/_/1978 res O (SSN)) m. 12/4/1919
Elizabeth Schrock (3/7/1899- ) (11 ch-2 did not survive) res. Bloomfield later
Middlefield,O (DBH3067)
YR1257978- Clemens S. (4/3/1901 Middlefield,O-1/6/1976 in Wisc while visiting
a son) m. 8/11/1923 Nappanee, I Barbara Mast (8/30/1901 Il-9/15/1986) res.
Middlefield,O O.O.Amish (DBH3068)
YR1257979- Clarence (4/3/1901-9/9/1905)
YR125797a- Stephen S. (12/11/1906-3/12/1907)
YR125797b- Gertrude S. (5/1/1911-5/19/1911)

YR125798- Phineas V. Yoder (2/2/1867-2/1/1929 Sugarcreek,O) m. 9/6/1888
Arthur, Il. Lizzie Troyer ( 6/21/1870 Berlin, O- ) (CF5703, DBH3069, 1900
Gueaga Co,O) res. Hadley, Pa, Con. Amish Menn.
YR1257981- Valentine P. (6/17/1889 Arthur, Il-12/9/1960) m. 1/19/1911
Hartville,O h2 Mary P. (Miller) Sommers (10/3/1887-1977 or 8) (9 ch) res.
Cochrantown, Pa. Con. Am. (DBH3070)
YR1257982- Gertie (7/5/1891 Dixon,Tn-11/3/1965 Sandy Lake,Va)
m 12/18/1913 Stark Co,O Samuel J. Miller (3/18/1894-3/4/1971) (3 ch) res.
Hadley, Pa. (DBH3071) Am. Menn.
YR1257983- Elizabeth (8/26/1893 Dickson, Tn-6/15/1969 Bird-in-Hand,Pa)
m 12/7/1911 Hartville,O John P. Miller (6/21/1890-7/6/1976) (13 ch-2 did not
survive) res. Greenville, Pa. Am.-Menn. (DBH12459,CF5699)
YR1257984- David E. (8/16/1895 Dundee,O-5/_/1969 res. PA (SSN)) m.
11/7/1919 Mattie Miller (6/13/1902-11/__/1984 res Pa. (SSN)) (10 ch-3 did not
survive) res. Cochrantown,Pa, (DBH3072) Am. Menn.
YR1257985- John P. (7/24/1897 O-11/23/1943) m. 10/18/1917 h1 Katie Schlabach
(4/7/1895-4/29/1980) (6 ch) res. Hadley, Pa, Con. Menn. (DBH3073)
YR1257986- Mary (7/19/1899 Geauga Co,O-9/6/1975 Hadley,Pa) m. 4/19/1917
Suffield Twp., Geauga Co., O Joseph J. Miller (7/3/1898-12/17/1972) (4 ch) res.
Uniontown, Pa Con. Am. Men. (DBH3073, CF6523)
YR1257987- William (1/9/1904 Huntsburg,O-8/8/1969 Goshen,I) m. 6/24/1932
Mary Bontrager (3/16/1912-4/19/1959) (4 ch) Sheakleyville,O
YR1257988- Fannie (6/27/1906- ) m. 8/15/1926 Suffield Twp, Geauga Co,O
Henry Hostetler (12/5/1903- ) (8 ch-1 did not survive) res. Uniontown,O-
later Hadley,Pa, Conn. Menn. (DBH3075)

YR127- Joseph Yoder (c1757 BP-10/28/1833 MP) m Elizabeth Jutzi (ca1759- )
(JUTZY, JACOB, Bern. March 10, 1799 - April 9, 1799.
To wife Elizabeth £300 during life and all movables. After her decease estate to be divided among these 6 children, viz: Elizabeth wife of Joseph JODER, John, Catharine, Molly, Peter and Michael. Eldest son Christian to have no more than he has already received. Exrs: Wife Elizabeth and youngest son Michael.
Wits: Jacob KAUFMAN, David KAUFMAN and John WOLLISON.)
+YR1271- George b c1782 BP
+YR1272- Jacob b c1784 BP
(?Possible identity below)
+YR1273- John b 9/9/1786 BP
+YR1274- Christian b ca1789 BP
YR1275- Hannah b 10/3/1791 BP m Michael Stutzman
d 10/3/1824 MP
YR1276- Sarah b ca1793 BP m Abraham Kauffman d MP
YR1277- Catherine b 7/9/1795 BP m Abraham Stutzman
d 6/27/1865 LI
YR1278- Elizabeth b 1/5/1797 BP m William Shearer
d 2/6/1884 MP
+YR1279- Joseph b 10/16/1800 BP
- - - - - - - - - - -
("G&LA 1812-. 31 Jan. 1812. A man of the name of Joseph YOTER who lived a few
miles this side of Lewistown, made a violent attack, a few evenings since, upon his Wife, with ..."-possibly YR127?- as of 3/3/2002, could not find the
source file for this Internet search result.-CKY)
- - - - - - - - - - -

YR1271- George Yoder b. c 3/27/1784 m1? m2. Fannie Kurtz (b. c Dec 1791 Ewayne Co, Oh- 30 Dec 1864 age 73y 7d) (Fannie bur Hershey Cemetery a.k.a. Centennial or Revere Road Cemetery Richfield Twp, Summit County, Ohio Location: On the east side of Revere Rd just north of Everett Rd, across from Hillcrest School. Close to the Bath - Richfield Twp line).
Wayne Co,OH 1820, 1830 ; Summitt Co,OH 1840
d.1/30/1870 age 85y 10m 3d bur. Liebhart Cem. Loran Twp west of
Freeport, Il (From Carolyn Genho Sheridan : 1860 census. George Foter, age 76 with wife Fanny age 66 appears in Richfield Twp, Summit County OH. They were born in PA. Other h/h member is Christopher, age 11 born in IL. Next door neighbor is Benjamin Waggoner, age 28 born in NY, wife Hannah born in OH, and sons - Washington (Lafayette) and George.Reference Series M653, Roll 1039, pg 83 for Richfield Twp, Summit County OH.)
YR12711- dau. b. 1804-10 (per 1820) (?Sarah m. Tobias Fike or)
YR12712- son b. 1815-20 (per 1830) (?Sarah Yoder, DOB 8 Apr 1811 (PA) married to Tobias Fike)
YR12713- dau. b. 1815-20 (per 1830)
+YR12714- son b. 1820-25 (Joseph b. 1824)
YR12715- dau. b. 1820-25 (per 1830)
(?Martha (1/15/1820-5/20/1895 Cass Co., Ia) m 12/2/1841 Summitt,O
Jacob Miller)
YR12716- dau. b. 1825-30
(?Maria Youter b. 1/10/1827 Wayne Co,O m 2/18/1845 Freeport,Il
Christian Clay (1816 Stark Co.,O-8/18/1883 Ridott, Il) d. 8/30/1886
bur. Gunds Cemetery 9/1/1886) (Note: Christian Clay s/o Christian
Clay (10/10/1786 Bern, BP-5/24/1844 Summit Co, Oh) s/o
Christian Klee d. 1805 Fermangh Twp, MP)
YR12717- dau. b. 1825-30 (Fannie Yoder, born in Wayne County, Ohio, October 3, 1829, married Moses Sapp, September 12, 1850)
+YR12718- son b. 1830-35 (George b. 9/13/1831 Canton,OH)
YR12719- dau. b. 1830-35 (WAGNER, Hanna; 21 Jul 1835 - 11 Feb 1876 wife of Benjamin Wagner, buried )
YR1271a- dau. b. 1835-40

YR12714- Joseph Yoder m. 1/18/1846 Summitt Co.,OH Polly Robinson
(1825 OH- ) at Freeport,Il 12/19/1849 Loran Twp 40 acres
YR127141- Sarah b. 1847 OH
YR127142- Jerimiah b. 1848 OH
YR127143- Christian b. 2 mo old as of 1850 Census b. IL

Sarah Yoter, age 13, Boston, Summit Co 1860 Census, living with
Boston Family. m. Kendrick Chamberlain 7/20/1867 Summit Co,
bur. lot 179- Cedar Grove cem, Penninsula, Oh- have not found
any children for this couple. The Chamberlin (Evertt) Cem. in
Evertt, Oh shows a Hannah Yoder, dau of J & P, d. 1/27/1853 age
18 months-- Per Charlie Deutsch, Jan 2001.
1860 census-Ohio
Polly Yoter Wayne Congress p360
name age occupation birth comments
Polly 34 Oh
Jacob 13 Oh in school
Christian 10 Oh in school
Carrie (?) 5 Oh in school
Stephen 2 Oh

?YR12718- George Yoder (9/13/1831 Canton,OH- 5/11/1911)
both bur. Grandview Cem., Freeport, IL m. 1856 Butler Co., O
Polly Bodenmoyer (3/20/1833 Butler Co, O-1/6/1913 Dubuque,
at res. of Dau. Ida) (Polly d/o George Bodenmoyer & Lydia
Henninger)(Geo. lived OH to 1870 then moved to Stephenson Co.
-- GAR Volunteer from Mercer Co., OH A 71st Inf
(Reference: 1860 Mercer Co,O-next to George Babenmyer of Pa; 1880
& 1900 Census-Il; Polly ("Paulie") obit; Andrew obit, Collen O'Byrne
Charts-6/00- "Schuler-Bobenmyer Clan-Book:1758-1917" )
YR127181- George Andrew b. 10/8/1857 Mercer Co.,OH m. 11/23/1883
Melvada Smith d. 12/4/1931 Freeport, IL . bur. Grand View
Cem. Lancaster Cem. 3 mi N of Freeport, son Clifford C.
b.4/17/1887 (1920- Stephenson Co,IL)
YR127182- ?Sarah b. Sep 1859 (lived next to Geo. Babenmyer,
1860 Mercer Co.,OH )
+YR1271883- Martin Frederick (12/25/1863 O- Woodstock, Ia) m. 4/18/1888
Nettie Springman Freeport res. Woodstock,IA as of 1918. Not listed as of 1931
YR127184- Robert Wilson (5/1/21865 O- Ft. Collins, Co) m. Cora Knapp
( - Ft. Collins, Co) res. Ft. Collins, CO in 1918 and in 1931
YR127185- Ida (7/13/1872 O- Dubuque, Ia) m. 9/29/1904
Louie W. Hibbard (11/9/1876- ) res. Dubuque, IA in 1918,
not listed as of 1931
YR127186- Minnie D. (11/2/1876 O- ) m. 1/2/1896 John P. Belo
(1/2/1871- ) m2. was a Smith by 1931)
res. Milwaukee,WI 1918. Res. Lake Worth, FL 1931
YR127187- Mary Ella (12/25/1861 O-12/2/1897) m. 10/19/1879
Franklin P. Hochman (4/13/1854-2/19/1914)
YR127188- Catherine (9/27/1859- ) m. 5/25/1879 Freeport
Lemuel W. Hochman (4/11/1857- ) res. Waterloo,IA 1918 and 1931

YR127183- Martin Frederick Yoder (12/25/1863 O- Woodstock, Ia) m. 4/18/1888
Nettie Springman Freeport res. Woodstock,IA as of 1918. Not listed as of 1931
YR1271831- Harold S. (4/21/-1891-1/29/1898)
YR1271832- Grover S. (9/4/1892- )
(484-18-1530 Y360 YODER, GROVER 09-04-1892 IA 08-00-1967 50599 IA)
YR1271833- George C. (7/2/1895- )
(476-14-5009 Y360 YODER, GEORGE 07-02-1895 MN 02-00-1968 56001 MN)

?YR1272- Jacob Yoder b. 1783 m. Mary Sterner ( c1792-2/12/1863)
resident Union Co.,PA 1830,1840,1850 d. 4/11/1864 Lewisburg
NOTE: DISPROVEN BY DNA TESTING MARCH 2007- this fellow was OH146

YR1273- John Yoder m Susanna Stutzman (7/14/1796 BP- 1837 FO)
d 12/17/1861 Topeka, IN
YR12731- Catherine b 1/23/1815 MP m 1/27/1833 Adam Greenwalt
d 11/18/1883 LI
+YR12732- Samuel S b 3/3/1816 MP
+YR12733- Joel b 8/29/1817 MP
YR12734- Elizabeth b 10/14/1819 MP m Samuel Zook
d 5/6/1887 LI
+YR12735- Joseph b 8/21/1822 MP
+YR12736- Gideon b 1/11/1825 MP
YR12737- Lydia b c1827 MP m 3/29/1858 EI Peter Stutzman
d ?no issue?
+YR12738- John S b 7/21/1829 MP m spring 1853 Catherine
Stahley d 12/5/1907 LI
YR12739- Susanna b 2/26/1831 MP m David Kurtz
d 2/5/1900
+YR1273a- Adam b 12/8/1833 MP m Susanna Brown
d 5/3/1906 EI

YR12732- Samuel S Yoder m Elizabeth Yoder (YR25125) (9/12/1815
Butler County, OH- 2/7/1888 Danvers, IL) d 9/10/1905 Dry Grove
Twp, McClean Co.,IL
YR127321- infant daughter b 4/10/1839 d FO
+YR127322- Jonathan J b 4/9/1840 FO m 11/8/1861 McLean Co, IL
Catherine Ballaman d 12/11/1924 (or 12/12/1923) ML
YR127323- Nancy b 4/10/1845 FP m 10/12/1862 ML Ferdinand Holderly
d 3/22/1914
+YR127324- Jacob S b 11/12/1847 FO m Lydia King
d 11/13/1888
YR127325- infant daughter b 6/25/1850 d FO
+YR127326- John E b 2/14/1852 ML m Rosina Zimmerman
d 6/29/1943
+YR127327- Samuel P b 4/5/1855 ML m1 Urie Lantz m2 5/20/1886
Lucinda Wallace d 6/17/1923
YR127328- Sarah m David Hostetler (not shown in AAMG)

YR127322- Jonathan J. Yoder (4/9/1840 FO-12/11/1924 (or 12/12/1923) ML
m 11/8/1861 McLean Co, IL Catherine Ballaman (11/20/1844 Butler Co.,O-
2/27/1924 ML) (Harold E Yoder,Dennis R Stauffer, Richard Yoder) (VML80)
(1920- McLean Co, Il)(per ML marriages- Jonathan J. Yoder m. 11/9/1862
Elizabeth Erisman, m. 11/8/1864 Catherine Balamon)
+YR1273221-Milo Franklin (8/-/1865 ML- Gibson City, Il) m. 9/12/1895
Chicago, Il Eliza "Lida" Jennings McAyeal (12/17/1872 Mo- Gibson City,Il)
YR1273222- Samuel (c1865 Il- )
+YR1273223- John W. (12/12/1868 Danvers, Il-3/6/1923 Danvers, Il) m. 1/23/1895 ML Ervina C. Kinsinger (5/20/1876 Danvers, Il-10/17/1962 Bloomington, Il)
(1920- McLean Co, IL, John W. m. to Ervina age 43 b. Il)
YR1273224- Allace (Mary Alice) (c1869 Il- )
+YR1273225- Jacob E. (Jake) (6/24/1871 Danvers,Il-9/25/1956 Danvers,Il)
m. 2/23/1891 Topeka, I Mary C. Greenawalt (2/1/1875-9/28/1957)
YR1273226- Minnie (c 1875 Il- )
YR1273227- Oree E (c1873 Il- )
YR1273228- Bud (Ira J) (c1877 Il- ) m. Grace ___ (c1882 Il- )
(1920- McLean Co, IL)
YR1273229- Chester L. (c1879 Il- ) m. Lula M. ____ (c1885 Il- )
(1920- Verdue, Macoupin Co, Il)
YR127322a- Carry ( - )

YR1273221- Milo Franklin Yoder (8/_/1865 ML- Gibson City, Ill) m.
9/12/1895 Chicago,Il Eliza (Lida) Jennings McAyeal (12/17/1872 Mo-
Gibson City, Ill) (Richard Yoder Cht '87) (1920-Gibson, Ford Co, IL)
YR1273221--- Theodore (Dale) (2/4/1901 Gibson City, Il- ) m. 8/16/1924
Pleasant Plains, Il Mabel Elizabeth Nottingham (8/13/1902- )
YR1273222- Robert M. (c1908 Il- )

YR1273223- John W. Yoder (12/12/1868 Danvers, Il-3/6/1923 Danvers, Il) m. 1/23/1895 ML Ervina C. Kinsinger (5/20/1876 Danvers, Il-10/17/1962 Bloomington, Il)(Joan Yoder Ioas chart-2003) (1920- McLean Co, IL, John W. m. to Ervina age 43 b. Il)
YR12732231- Willard K. (3/7/1898 Danvers, Il- 5/29/1990 Meadows, Il) m. 1925 Clara L. Weinzierl (7/27/1904 Danvers, Il= 2/23/1977 Normal, Il)
YR12732232- Leta b. c1903 Il
YR12732233- Walter b. c1904 Il
YR12732234- Everett b. c1906 Il

YR1273225- Jacob E. Yoder (6/24/1871(0?) Danvers,Il-9/25/1956 Danvers,Il) m.
2/23/1898 Topeka, In Mary C. Greenawalt (2/1/1875 Topeka,In-9/28/1957
Danvers, Il) (Dennis R. Stauffer Cht '84)(1920-Bllomington, McLean Co,Il)
YR12732251- Esther D. b. c1900 Il
YR12732252- Phinas J. (10/27/1901 Danvers,Il-9/2/1991) m. 2/6/1926 Danvers,Il
Mildred Vernette Berg (11/24/1903-4/17/1971)
YR12732253- Russell A. b. c1904 Il
YR12732257- Cathryn E. b. c1907 Il
YR12732253- Lester Lee b. c1911 Il
YR12732254- Carrie A. b. c1912 Il
YR12732255- Jacob Anson b. c1915 Il

YR127324- Jacob S. Yoder (11/12/1847 FO-11/13/1888) m 1/25/1876 Ml
Lydia King ( ca 1852ML- ) (Harold E Yoder, Cheryl Wallace)
(VML80-Danvers) (1920- Danvers, McLean Co,IL-Lydia-alone)
YR1273241-Cory (c1879Il- )
(?1920- Danvers, McLean Co, Il- "Cord Yoder age 41 b. Il
wife Edith age 31 b WV")
YR1273242- Susan ( - )

YR127326- John E. Yoder (2/14/1852 ML-6/29/1943) m
Rosina Zimmerman ( - ) (Harold E Yoder)
YR1273261- Irwin
YR1273262- Walter
YR1273263- Carl
YR1273264- Ella
YR1273265- Bessie
YR1273266- Ruth

YR127327- Samuel P. Yoder (4/5/1855 ML-6/17/1923) m1 12/19/1878ML
Urie Lantz (LZ1741-)(c1855 Il- ) m2 5/20/1886 Lucinda Wallace (8/14/1867
Davis, Clay Co., Il-8/6/1951) (Harold E. Yoder, Cheryl Wallace, VML80,
1900 Neb)
YR1273271- Trulla May (10/7/1879 L-11/23/1901) m. 2/22/1900
David Jacobs -one child
YR1273272- Elmer Edward (12/8/1880-3/25/1951 (Easter)
(1900-Gaspen Co, Ne)
YR1273273- Nannie Eldora (2/17/1883-12/16/1969)
YR1273274- Jacob Samual (Jake) (3/29/1887-5/11/1985) m
Johanna Dorthea Buss ( - ) (his SSN 508-07-9439)
YR1273275- Earl Friday (7/20/1888-7/11/1947)
YR1273276- Bert Harrison (11/15/1889-7/13/1962)
YR1273277- Seva Esta (5/27/1891-11/23/1939)
YR1273278- Jay Arnold (9/5/1892-6/13/1976 Grand Island, Hall Co,Ne)
m Anna Mae Hengstenberg (5/17/1904-5/17/1954 cancer)
YR1273279- Lesta Joy (9/10/1894-4/15/1966)
YR127327a- Netta (Nettie) Jane (8/15/1900- )
YR127327b- Ray Ross (1/8/1902-8/19/1974)
YR127327c- Roy Lester (9/6/1904- )

YR12733- Joel Yoder m Lydia Yoder (YR25123) (10/4/1811 P-
8or9/19/1889 ML) d 7/5/1902 ML (moved to IL 1851)
YR127331- Infant son b 5/11/1842 FO d 5/11/1842 FO
+YR127332- Gideon b 4/25/1843 FO m1 Harriet Spotts ( -
10/27/1891 Chicago) m2 3/3/1896 Vinica (Daley) White (h2)
d 11/15/1927 ML res Dillfield,IL as of 1916
YR127333- infant son (twin) b 4/22/1843 FO d 4/22/1843 FO
(22 in AAMG, 25 in family sources)
YR127334- Elizabeth b 12/11/1847 FO m 9/8/1867 Tazwell Co, IL
(ML per Ill Mar Recds) Joseph Zehr d 5/12/1916 Aurora NE bur 5/10 (sic)
Aurora Cem.
YR127335- Priscilla b 10/8/1847 d 4/18/1849 FO
YR127336- Solomon E b 3/3/1849 FO m 5/10/1879 ML
Catherine Eicher d 8/3/1943 Delafield, IL
YR127337- Anna b 6/22/1851 FO (per AAMG 6/27/1851) m 2/19/1874 ML
John Amburg d 12/20/1927
My gg grandmother is Anna Yoder YR127337. Just thought you would like to
know according to her death certificate it reads she was born 6-27-1851 and
was born in Butler County, Ohio. Your record states she was born 6-22-1851
in Fulton County. Her husband is John B. Amburg. On his marriage
certificate it is spelled Amburg. On his death certificate it is Amberg. He
died July 17,1929. Your info. records 12-20-1927 as his death. Anna "Nancy"
Yoder died of cancer of the right breast. John Amberg died of
chronic intestinal Nephitis. Their son Emmanuel J. signed on both of his
parents death certificates as the informant.
Sheryl Amberg, May 2001

YR127332- Gideon Yoder (4/25/1843 FO- 11/15/1927 ML) m1 6/10/1872 ML
Harriet Spotts (c 1854 - 10/27/1891 Chicago) m2 3/3/1896 (or 3/8/1896) in
Hamilton Co.,Il Vienecia (Daley) White (h2) (4/25/1843 Lancaster, Fairfield
Co., Oh- 11/15/1927 Delafield, Ill. res Dillfield,Il as of 1916
(Pension Records, T J Ocallaghan ct '84, VML80) K 94th Reg Ill Cav.
(1920-Hamilton Co, Il- "Gideons Yoder")
YR1273321- Emma Rebeca (2/5/1879 or 2/5/1876 Danvers Twp, ML-
12/16/1943 Bloomington,L) m. 4/3/1899 Bloomington,Il Sangamon Co, I
Caleb L. Freeman (3/27/1877-12/12/1947)
YR1273322- Lottie S. (3/28/1883 L or 3/11/1879 Danvers Twp,ML)
YR1273323- died young
YR1273324- died young
YR1273325- died young

YR127336- Solomon E.Yoder (3/3/1849 FO-8/3/1943 Delafield, Il) m 5/10/1879 ML
Catherine Eicher (7/4/1861 France-11/-/1946 Delafield,Il) (Harold A. Yoder)
(1920-Hamilton Co, IL)
YR1273361-Simon G. (3/7/1880 ML-7/16/1962 McLeansboro,Il) m 4/20/1904
Hamilton Co., Il Iva Van Horn (9/15/1882 Il-2/5/1987) (his SSN 320-20-2914)
(1920- McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, Il)
YR1273362--- Frances (c1890 Il- )
YR1273363- Moses (c1900 Il- )

YR12735- Joseph Yoder m1 Lydia Kurtz (5/15/1823 MP- 2/9/1887 LI)
m2 Barbara (Steinman) Orendorf (h2) d 2/12/1908
YR127351- David b 5/3/1844 FO single
d 10/12/1908 SH St Joe Co, MI
YR127352- child b 3/22/1847 FO died young
YR127353- child b 3/16/1848 FO
YR127354- Veronica b 11/3/1849 FO m Jonathan Zook d 1932
YR127355- Elizabeth b 5/8/1852 FO d 4/6/1865
+YR127356- Jonathan D b 5/24/1854 LI m 1872 Elizabeth A. Wenger
d 9/3/1916 LI
YR127357- Sarah b 1/18/1857 LI m Levi Kauffman
d 2/9/1879 St Joe Co,MI
YR127358- John b 10/17/1859 LI d 12/29/1860
+YR127359- Solomon K b 6/24/1862 m Amanda Kline
d 195_
YR12735a- Mary M b 10/27/1864 m1 Menno Zook m2 Emanuel
Troyer d 10/11/1954
YR12735b- son b 6/ /1867 died young
w2 YR12735c- Ida 3/13/1890 m James Posar
d 11/22/1965 VK Hesston, KS

YR127356- Jonathan D. Yoder (5/24/1854 LI-9/3/1916 LI) m 12/31/1879
Elizabeth A. Wenger (WGD6) (5/11/1859-2/6/1949) (HHH4988,King 3-8-1-6) Mennonite
YR1273561- Byron E. (8/31/1882 Topeka,I- 2/-/1968 ?Iowa) m 1/29/1913
Irene Holland (10/29/1886-7/4/1929) (HHH4989) Presbyterian
YR1273562- Maurice E. (9/19/1885 Ligonier,I-9/8/1975 Deland, FL) m 5/18/1912
Zora N. Coldren (3/21/1889- 7/15/1977 Deland, FL) (His SSN 314-36-5954)
(Her SSN 262-33-4209) both bur. Waterford, IN
Data from "YR1273562 - Maurice E. Yoder is the father of Phyliss Yoder
(b. 27 feb 1913); Robert Yoder (b.19 sept 1914); Mark Yoder (b. 22 feb 1916); Don Yoder;
Von Coldren Yoder (b. 21 oct 1921); Richard Yoder (b 14 sept 1928).Von Coldren Yoder
married Jeanne E. Vallette on 31 dec 1942). They have two daughters Marilynn Jeanne Yoder
(b 8 june 1946) and Nancy Elizabeth Yoder (b. 15 june 1948). I married the Nancy Yoder."

YR127359- Solomon K. Yoder (6/24/1862 I- ) m.
Amanda Kline ( 1/_/1863 I-2/26/1906) (1900LI Eden twp)
YR1273591- Clarance S. (2/_/1884 Mi- )
(SSN record- b. 2/12/1884 Ca-10/_/1970 Ca) m. Viola _____
(c1884 I- ) (1920LI)
YR1273592- Jennie E. (10/_/1887 I- )
YR1273593- Florence M. (3/_/1898 I- )

YR12736- Gideon Yoder m Elizabeth Hartzler (9/15/1826MP-2/6/1894
LI) d 8/18/1906 LI (to LO, to LI in 1853)
YR127361- Susanna b 6/23/1849 EI m Ezra P Lantz d 12/31/1911
YR127362- Rebecca A. b 8/23/1851 EI m Jonathan E Yoder
(YR261323) d 6/7/1917 no living issue
+YR127363- Amos J b 1/20/1854 NI m1 Ellen Brooks m2 Harriet___
d 5/24/1931
YR127364- Noah G b 8/4/1856 NI m 8/29/1886 LI Emma Troyer
d 10/3/1927
YR127365- Andrew G b 9/8/1861 NI d 6/5/1862 NI
YR127366- Samuel E (Dr.) b 9/10/1863 NI m Elva Snyder
moved to Wymore,NE c1892 d 8/4/1916 bur Lone Star Cem.

YR127363- Amos J. Yoder (1/20/1854 NI-5/24/1931) m1. 12/30/1875
Ellen Brooks (c1855 SH-7/16/1894) m2 Harriet A. (Hattie)
(6/_/1855 NY- ) res. Ligonier, In Am. Menn (HHH5077, PNI, 1900 LI
Springfield Twp)
YR1273631- Prudence (11/_/1876-5/18/1884)
YR1273632- Beulah (1883 Ligonier,In-1924) m Orla Davis
res. Shipshewana, In (HHH5078)
YR1273633- Adrian L. (10/5/1890 I-3/1/1937) m. 1/8/1917
Sarah Jane Bailey (7/24/1894- ) Res. Quincy,Mi Union Church

YR127364- Noah G. Yoder (8/4/1856 Ligonier,NI-10/3/1927) m. 8/28/1886
Emma Troyer (6/30/1861 Topeka, In-7/1/1924) (DBH9228,HHH5083, 1900
LI Eden Twp)
YR1273641- Mabel (6/5/1887 Topeka, I-9/12/1976 Florida) m. 12/31/1908
Topeka,I Daniel Walter Miller (4/28/1885-5/6/1978) res. Berlin,O later Florida
Mennonite (HHH5084, DBH12866.1)
YR1273642- Edith M. (6/19/1895 Topeka, I-5/16/1989 Elkhart,I) m. 3/25/1916 EI
Willis Joseph Mast (5/16/1895-2/28/1973) (3ch) res. Elkhart, I Evangelical
(HHH691, DBH9230)

YR127366- Dr. Samuel Ellsworth Yoder (9/10/1863-8/5/1916 Wymore,Ne)
m. 6/11/1890 Elva Snyder ( - ) a physician, Episcopalian,
res. Los Angeles, Ca. Moved to Wymore, Neb in c1893.(HHH5087.1,
1900 Gage Co,Neb, Nancy Hartman data 8/87)
YR1273661- Cyrus Blaine (11/30/1891-11/30/1891)
YR1273662- Gertrude E. (11/30/1891-11/30/1891)
YR1273663- Carleton Byron (10/19/1894-5/_/1981 res Tx (SSN)) m. 5/21/1923
Dorothy Roach ( - ) res. Lincoln, Neb (HHH5087.2)
YR1273664- Elizabeth Rebecca (11/3/1898- ) m. Gary C. Fox
( _ ) (HHH5088)

YR12738- John S. Yoder (7/21/1829 MP -12/5/1907 LI) m spring 1853
Catherine Stahley (8/13/1834 O-1/16/1911)(Janice L. Hatchman cht.,SLI70,ELI80)
+YR127381- Samuel W. (3/16/1854 I-8/26/1937)
+YR127382- Daniel J. (10/12/1857 Howe I-11/4/1942) m.2/18/1886 Orrville,O
Emma C. Burkholder (2/29/1860- )(DBH9144) Res.Topeka,I, Mennonite
YR127383- Emanuel C. (9/29/1861 Topeka,I-1/24/1940) m.3/11/1886 Shore,I
Anna Stutzman (3/23/1864- 1927 Iowa) (DBH9826) Res Goshen,Am.Menn.
+YR127384- Melvin A. (9/4/1865 Topeka,I-8/15/1950 Ca) m1.12/10/1891 LI
Magdalena Reese (12/11/1872-7/31/1909) m2. 8/27/1911 Napanee,I Amanda Mullet
(11/27/1889- ) (DBH12400) Mennonite
+YR127385- Alvin E. (12/1/1870 I-9/29/1939) m. 9/24/1893 Noble Co,I Fanny Celeste
Miller (1/-/1873 I- )

YR127381- Samuel W. Yoder (3/16/1854 Ind-8/26/1937) m1. 9/9 /1879
Amanda Dugan ( 1862-6/2/1888) m2. 3/21/1889 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Shott (Kraft)
(Crost in Vera's obit) (6/26/1860 O-11//17/1958)
YR1273811- Ernest E. (3/_/1881 I- )
YR1273812- Vera I. Ad. (11/15/1894 I-1981) never married
YR1273813- Mary LeEtta (2/_/1897 I- )

YR127382- Daniel J. Yoder (10/12/1857 Howe,I-11/4/1942) m. 2/18/1886
Orrville,O Emma C. Burkholder (2/29/1860 Smithville, O-1/21/1941) res.
Topeka,In Mennonite (DBH9144, 1900 LI-Eden)
YR1273821- Edward (Edwin J.) (12/2/1889 I-12/17/1972 Goshen,I)
m1. 1/22/1913 Mollie Mae Stoltzfus (6/7/1888-8/25/1932) (5 ch) m2 3/13/1934
Mary E. Shumaker of West Liberty, O ( - ) dairy farmer , Mennonite Bishop,

YR127384- Melvin A. Yoder (9/4/1865 Topeka, I-8/15/1950 Cal) m1.
Magdalena (Maggie) Reese (12/11/1872 I-7/31/1909 buried at Maple
Grove Cemetary in Topeka, Indiana) . m2. 8/27/1911 Nappanee,I
Amanda Mullett (11/27/1889 HO -7/16/1988 Arcadia, CA) res. Acadia, Cal.,
Mennonite. Building and ranching (DBH12400, Janice Hatchman Cht, 1900 LI-
Eden Twp, Brian Travis Data)
YR1273841- Elman Belmont (9/_/1893 I- )
YR1273842- Clara A. (11/_/1895 I- )
YR1273843- Floyd Clair (8/_/1897 I- )
YR1273844- Virgil Ray (5/18/1900 Topeka,I- ) m. 12/2/1920 Topeka,I
Orpha Marie Hostetler (8/27/1900 I- ) to Temple City,Calif
YR1273845- May (9/27/1922- )

"I certainly can provide you information on Melvin Yoder - he is my great
grandfather. I have data on 6 generations of his descendants collected by
his daughter from his second marriage, Mary Anita Yoder Cook. I also have
in my possession a family picture of Melvin, his first wife, Magdalena Reese
(or Maggie Rees as she was known by the family) and their children Erman
Belmont , Clara A., Floyd Clair (my mother's father), and Virgil Ray Yoder.
I will scan the photo tomorrow and attach it to an email. I am still
entering data on his descendants into my family origins program and will be
happy to send you a GEDCOM file with that info as soon as it's completed.

"Melvin's first wife Maggie Rees died 31 July 1909. She is buried at Maple
Grove Cemetary in Topeka, Indiana. Melvin then married Amanda Mullet (b. 27
Nov 1889 Holmes County, OH - d. 16 Jul 1988 Arcadia, CA). Melvin and Amanda
had one daughter, Mary Anita Yoder Cook (b. 27 Sep 1922 Topeka, IN) . Mary
Cook is the individual who collected the data on the 6 generations of Melvin
A. Yoder's family. She is also the sole surviving child of Melvin.

"Melvin, Amanda and Mary left Topeka in the late 1920's and moved to
California where he worked as a home builder. My grandparents, Floyd Clair
and his family followed a couple of years later (1931). My mother still
recalls the trip west with the whole family (4 kids) packed into a model T
Ford and towing what sounds suspiciously like a "covered wagon" type
trailer. At some point Virgil Ray and his family moved to California also.
Erman and Clara remained in Indiana. Both Floyd and Virgil worked as home
builders upon arrival in California.

"Melvin died 15 Aug 1950, three months before I was born. He is buried at
Live Oak Cemetary in Monrovia, CA. Amanda lived with her daughter, Mary up
until her death in 1988. Amanda was affectionately known as "Great Grandma"
by all of us 4th generation children and I remember my grandfather calling
her "mom" though she was actually his stepmother. In her later years,
Amanda lost much of her hearing and vision and she had been confined to a
wheelchair for years because of arthritis in her legs, but her mind remained
sharp as a tack right up until the time of her death. Amanda could recite
all of the family descendants by name and even knew the exact date of birth
of each of them. Brian Travis-Brian

YR127385- Alvin E. Yoder (12/_/1870 I-9/29/1939) m. 9/24/1893 NI
Fanny Celesta Miller (1/_/1873I- ) (1900 LI-Eden) Mennonite farmer
YR1273851- Ella M. (3/_/1895 I- )
YR1273852- Infant dau. (3/16/1898-3/16/1898)

YR1273a- Adam Yoder (12/8/1833 MP- 5/3/1906 EI per Budget "at home of son Frank")
m Susanna Brown (c1836P-3/21/1904 LI) (Rachel Kreider notes, MI70)
YR1273a1- Anna (c1857 I - ) m. 5/27/1875 Marshall Co, In
Jacob Working
+YR1273a2- William (c1858 I-1/14/1899)(per EI Death recs-1/15/1899,
age 40, Topeka,I) res Elkhart
YR1273a3- Franklin (c1863 I-10/2/1916) (per EI death recs. 'age 52"Elkhart)
res. Elkhart
YR1273a- two infants died, positions unknown.

YR1273a2- William Yoder (c1858 I-1/15/1899 Topeka,LI "age 40") m.
? ( - ) later res. Elkhart
YR1273a2-Chester R. (7/_/1885 I- ) res. With grandparents in 1900

YR1274- Christian Yoder m Mary Riehl (10/10/1797 TP-1/28/1890 MP)
d 2/ /60 MP
YR12741- Eva b MP d by 1840 MP
YR12742- Caroline b 1/21/1832 MP m Levi Hertzler
d 2/13/1891 MP
YR12743- Mary b 12/ 1834 MP m > 1860 David Harshberger
d 11/23/1905 MP
YR12744- Christian b MP d by 1850 MP

YR1279- Jospeh Yoder m Margaret Shearer (6/1/1810 P- 3/12/1876 MP)
d 4/10/1870 MP "dropsy"
YR12791- Elizabeth b 10/16/1833 MP d 1834 MP
YR12792- Anna b 11/30/1834 MP m 1/31/1858 "both of Bratton
Twp" d 3/27/1903 MP 68y 3m 29d
+YR12793- Joshua b 4/19/1836 MP m Sarah Esh d 3/25/1917 MP
YR12794- Lydia b 2/1/1838 MP m Jonas Yoder (YR12864) d
YR12795- Catherine b 12/10/1839 MP m Eli Allgyer d 6/21/1916
YR12796- infant b MP d young MP
YR12797- John S b 6/7/1843 MP m Martha Plank
d 12/5/1901
YR12798- Hannah b MP d by 1850
YR12799- Miriam b 6/13/1846 MP m Eli K Peachy
d 12/13/1930 MP
YR1279a- Ephraim b 10/30/1852 MP m 3/1/1877 Malinda Peachy
d 9/4/1929 MP

fisher 5335

YR12793- Joshua Yoder (4/19/1836 MP,Mattawana-3/25/1917 MP)
m 3/25/1869 Spruce Hill,Pa Sarah Esh (ES524) (11/8/1838 P-
12/11/1919 MP)(DCE561,DBH1301)(RMP70,RMP80) Amish then Brethren
YR127931- Ida (12/9/1870 Mattawana,P- )
YR127932- Maurice E (2/18/1872 Mattawana,P- )
YR127933- Clarence E (10/20/1875 Mattawana,P- )
m 10/9/1904 Topeka,I Grace Harrington (8/1/1878 LI- )
(DBH1302) res Tiffin,O, Methodist
YR127934- Herman S (9/17/1881-12/17/1913)

YR12797- John S Yoder (6/7/1843 MP-12/5/1916 MP) m
Martha Plank ( c1841- ) (HHH532) (BMP70,LO80)
res Belleville,Pa
YR127971- Nancy ( c1871 P- )
YR127972- Elizabeth ( c1876 P- )

YR1279a- Ephraim B Yoder (10/30/1852 MP-9/4 or 3/1929 MP) m 3/1/1877
Malinda K Peachy (BC3221)(4/11/1850 MP-5/30/1917) (CF5335,HHH8294)
(UMP80) Amish Mennonite
YR1279a1- Nannie M (12/31/1878 P-6/15/1947) m 12/19/1901
Gideon S Glick (GK74-)(12/7/1878-2/11/1951) (CF1893,HHH8295) res
Belleville,Pa, Amish Mennonite
YR1279a2- Jephthah G (8/9/1880- 1955)( WJ shows Jeff G d.4/18/1955)
m 9/3/1903 Sarah Vena Stutzman (9/6/1882-3/21/1943 WJ)(HHH8298)
Kalona,Ia, Mennonite
YR1279a3- Bessie P (2/28/1882 Belleville,Pa-8/2/1945) m 11/__/1909
Ephraim King (11/24/1882-3/7/1949) (HHH8301) Belleville,Pa,
Amish Mennonite
YR1279a4- Herman C (11/7/1889 Belleville,Pa- ) m 12/22/1912
Lydia Plank (2/14/1890- ) (DBH4024,HHH8304) res
Aitken,Mn, Mennonite
YR1279a5- Orie B (6/20/1893- ) m 11/19/1914 Bena Smoker
(8/24/1890- ) (HHH8306) res Parkesburg,Pa, Amish

YR128- Henry Yoder m Barbara Kauffman ( BP- < 1832 MP)
d 11/4/1821 MP res. Windsor Twp, MP
YR1281- Catherine b 1787 BP m Christian Kauffman
d c1866 MP
YR1282- Lovinia b 5/13/1790 m c1815 MP John L Riehl
d 6/21/1879 E Buffalo Twp., Union Co, PA bur. Byler Cem
YR1283- Henry b BP unmarried
+YR1284- John b 11/27/1793 BP
+YR1285- Daniel b 4/4/1797 BP
+YR1286- Solomon b 11/16/1800 BP Windsor Twp

YR1284- John Yoder m Elizabeth Zook (3/9/1798 MP- 11/28/1864 MP)
d 3/12/1878 MP
YR12841- Jonas b 12/9/1825 MP m Catherine Zook d 9/16/1895 MP

YR12841- Jonas Yoder (12/9/1825 MP-9/16/1895 MP) m
Catherine Zook (ZK22215) (3/28/1829 MP-2/3/1899 MP) (MFH1756,
Paul T Yoder Cht) (MMP60,MP70,MMP80)
YR128411- Rebeca (sic) (10/19/1853 MP-2/3/1880) m 1877 WI
Solomon B Smucker (1/31/1852 MP-9/22/1921) (MFH1756, King p879)
YR128412- Isreal David (David Z) (11/20/1855- ) m
Sallie A Stayrook (1/4/1856- )
+YR128413- Rufus C Yoder (6/27/1859 MP-4/18/1918) m 1877/8
(h1) Elizabeth Smucker (5/20/1856-2/1/1938)
+YR128414- Peter K (12/14/1861 MP-3/23/1937 age 76, fell over and died
while viewing bothers corpse) m Annie E Kauffman
( - )
+YR128415- Pre. Jonas D (1/12/1864 MP-3/21/1937 fell over and died while
precahing at Locust Grove Church) m 1/21/1886 near
Belleville,Pa Leah R Yoder (YR253437) (11/27/1863-3/23/1936)
(DJH6391) res Belleville,Pa, Amish
YR128416- Lydia E (11/4/1866 MP-12/13/1907) m 2/13/1894
Josiah Y Peachy (8/9/1859- ) (DJH6918) res
YR128417- Samuel R (7/5/1869 Whitehall,MP-9/22/1944 75y 2m 17d)
m 2/20/1908 Jemima Yoder (YR23341112) (1/15/1886-2/9/1968)
(DBH281,GH Obit) Belleville,Pa

YR128413- Rufus C Yoder (6/27/1859-4/18/1918) m 1877/8
(h1) Elizabeth Smucker (SM1a44)(5/20/1856-2/1/1938) (CF5676, King
B-5-2-4, MFH1760,HHH5211) (MMP80)
YR1284131- John Edward (12/23/1878-5/20/1932) single
YR1284132- Mary J (9/17/1880- ) m 2/25/1902
Jonathan D Kanagy (KY7478)(12/27/1871-4/15/1923) (CF6276,HHH5212)
Amish Mennonite
YR1284133- Sadie C (9/21/1882-4/1/1923) m 1/21/1909 Jesse J Yoder
(YR267643) (3/4/1884-8/7/1951) (CF5675,King 2-4-7-1-3,HHH5218)
Belleville,Pa, Mennonite
YR1284134- Jacob Z (8/15/1884-11/12/1950) single
YR1284135- Joseph J (12/29/1885-10/26/1942) single
YR1284136- Jonas R (3/10/1889- ) m
Elizabeth U Summers (SU21173)(5/10/1893- ) (CF1734,HHH5221)
YR1284137- Emma E (3/13/1891 Belleville- ) m 2/9/1919
Amos H Kanagy (KY74741)(9/2/1887- ) (HHH4238)
YR1284138- Lizzie B (8/20/1894- ) m 12/31/1914
Jacob D Byler (BY356392)(8/17/1890- ) (HHH5225)
YR1284139- David B (9/27/1896-9/27/1896)

YR128414- Peter Kauffman Yoder (12/14/1861-2/22/1937) m.
Annie E. Kauffman (11/12/1863-1/30/1939) (CF6591) Am. Menn.
YR1284141- John K. (3/2/1886-10/14/1976) m.
Lonnie Zook (3/9/1888-9/27/1960) 2 foster children
YR1284142- Malinda E. (9/22/1887- ) m.
____ Zook
YR1284143- Samuel M. (3/27/1890-10/17/1976 P) m1 11/25/1917
Ruth Byler (7/29/1897-11/11/1955) m2. 12/30/1956 Naomi Byler ( - )
YR1284144- Mary L. (4/28/1893-4/1/1981) m. 1/8/1919
Cletus Y. King (4/15/1894-1/13/1959) Menn. (CF6590)
YR1284145- Elmer E. (9/17/1901-7/_/1976 res Pa (SSN)) m. 11/18/1934
Catharine Elizabeth Zook (7/6/1905- ) Menn. (CF6418)
YR1284146- Jessie R. (3/5/1905-5/1/1910)

YR128415- Rev. Jonas D. Yoder (1/12/1864-3/21/1937 fell over and died
while preaching in the Locust Grove Church, Belleville,Pa) m. 1/21/1886
near Belleville, Pa. Leah R. Yoder (11/27/1863 near Belleville, Pa-
3/23/1936) (DJH6931)
YR1284151- Katie E. (3/7/1887-2/4/1955 Lewistwn,Pa) m. 12/21/1911
John Y. Hostetler (9/19/1887-5/10/1954) (5 ch-1 did not survive)(DJH Addenda
8929)Amish Mennonite
YR1284152- Fronie R. (3/25/1897-10/3/1967) m. 12/6/1917 Christian
Smoker (7/25/1894-7/3/1971)
YR1284153- Harvey P. (8/18/1906 Belleville,Pa-12/28/1958 Lewsitown,Pa)
m1 1/9/1927 Mattie Hertzler (8/10/1903-9/10/1948) (4 ch) m2. 1951 Rachel
Green Berryhill ( - ) (DBH1079) res. Belleville,Pa Mennonite, carpenter,

YR1285- Daniel Yoder m1 Leah Yoder (YR2572) (9/24/1798 BP- )
m2 Phoebe Hartzler (12/25/1809-10/4/1898) d 1/15/1868 MP
YR12851- Elizabeth b c1817 MP m (w2) Joel Miller no issue d___
YR12852- Michael b 2/7/1831 MP m Juliana Stayrook
d 3/10/1923 MP
YR12853- Hannah b 8/18/1840 MP single d 1917 MP
+YR12854- Solomon H b 6/24/1844 MP
+YR12855- Moses b 1/14/1847 MP
YR12856- Daniel b 9/3/1850 MP single d lived in
Silverton, Marion Co, OR in 1885
Yoder, D. W. --DIED: 14 Mar1912 BURIED: 20 Mar 1912
OCCUPATION: High School Principal
DEATH PLACE: Burns, Harney Co., Oregon
NOTES: Funeral ordered by Masonic Lodge #50;
OBITUARY: Yoder Funeral Today- The body of D. W. Yoder who died
Thursday at his home in Burns, Or., arrived here last night and the funeral will
be held at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the Rigdon undertaking chapel. The
services will be conducted by the Masonic order of which the ceased was a
member. Interment will be in the Odd Fellows' cemetery. Daily Oregon
Statesman 20 Mar 1912 5:3. Special meeting of Pacific lodge No. 50, A F. &
A.M., today at 1:30 o'clock to attend the funeral of our late Bro. D. W. Yoder
of Silverton lodge No. 45. Visiting brethren welcome. Daily Oregon Statesman
20 Mar 1912 5:2. Prof. D. W. Yoder Buried Yesterday Well Known Educator
Laid to Rest- Many Lodge Members Present The funeral of the late Professor
D. W. Yoder was held yesterday from the Rigdon undertaking establishment
when a large number of fraternity men were present with others to show their
respect for the deceased. The service was held at 2 o'clock and the address
was made by the Rev. W. C. Stewart, pastor of the Jason Lee M.E. church in
this city. Mrs. William Steiger rendered beautifully "Abide With Me." There
were many beautiful floral pieces, among them being two magnificent ones
from the Harney high school, a pillow and an anchor. The Elks ad a nice floral
piece representing the colors of the lodge while the Masons placed upon the
coffin splendid flowers in the shape of the square and compass. Fellow lodge
members from Silverton present were T. W. Riches, A.F. Hobart, P. L. Brown,
C. D. Hartman, L. J. Adams, A. G. Steelhammer, George Riches, P. Aldrich, E.
T. Moores, Ben Fletcher and Thomas Skalfe. From Oregon City there were
present the deceased's brother and his wife, Mr. And Mrs. M. Yoder, and two
nieces, Mrs. McNeil and Mrs. Morris. The pallbearers were A. G.
Steelhammer, Thomas Skalfe, A. M. Howell, James E. Godfrey, Mr.
Cavanaugh and J. G. Moore. Pacific lodge No. 50, A. F. & A.M., had charge of
the service and the body was laid at rest in the Masonic plot in the Odd
Fellows' cemetery. Daily Oregon Statesman 21 Mar 1912 1:3.
LOT: 381 SPACE: 1 NW S1/2

YR12852- Michael Yoder (2/7/1831 MP-3/10/1923 MP) m 1856
Juliana A Stayrook (SR2) (5/10/1836 MP-7/5/1895 MP) (HHH642, Harry
W Yoder Cht)(RMP60,MP70,RMP80) res Mattawana,Pa, Mennonite
YR128521- Annie M (12/27/1857 McVeytown,Pa-5/8/1904) m 1/1/1884
(w1) John E Kauffman (3/26/1860-2/19/1937) (HHH643) Mennonite
YR128522- Elizabeth (Lizzie) (2/7/1860 Mattawana,Pa-6/10/1920)
m 2/22/1894 John W Headings (HD432) (1/7/1860- )
(HHH660) res DeGraff,O, Amish Mennonite
+YR128523- Ezra S (8/4/1862-3/28/1924) m 2/2/1892 Sallie A Yoder
(YR----) (8/__/1863-6/10/1934) (HHH662) res McVeytown,Pa Mennonite
+YR128524- Samuel S (1/11/1865-3/28/1913) m 1/17/1893 Fannie P
Harshberger (HB3727)(11/28/1866-1/14/1945) (HHH191)
res Mattawana,Pa Mennonite
YR128525- Mary N (8/14/1869- ) m 1/22/1907 w2 John E
Kauffman (KF3419x) (3/26/1860-2/19/1937)(HHH643)
res Mattawana,Pa, Mennonite
YR128526- Malinda (3/17/1872-3/11/1889 age 16y 11m 25 d)
YR128527- Hannah (3/17/1872-8/27/1931)
YR128528- Leah H (11/25/1875- )
- - - - - - - -
"Yoder. --Bish. Michael Yoder was born Feb. 7, 1831, near Mattawana, Pa.; died at the same old home Mar. 10, 1923; aged 92 y. 1 m. 3 d. Michael Yoder was the son of Daniel (and Leah) Yoder, who was the son of Henry Yoder of Windsor, now Centre T., Berks Co., who was the son of Christian and Barbara Yoder, of Upper Berne T., Berks Co. A few years after Michael was born his mother died, when he with his brother were taken to Halfmoon Valley, Center Co., to live with their grandfather, Yost Yoder, father of his mother, where his brother died; after the second marriage of his father to Phoebe Hertzler he was brought home where he grew to manhood. He united with the A. M. Church in his youth. In the spring of 1868 he was ordained to the ministry and in the spring of 1884 was ordained to the office of bishop, which callings he discharged faithfully. Besides his home church, after the death of Bish. Samuel Yoder and Bish. David Zook he had the oversight of two congregations in the Kishacoquillas Valley for a number of years until the ordination of Bish. Eli H. Kanagy. He possessed a quiet and peaceable disposition and was a good counsellor. If any dispute or difficulty arose among the members or ministers he was slow to decide, always taking the council of the Church and also using and advising the admonition of the apostle Paul in Gal. 6:1, thereby avoiding any fault being imposed upon him. In the year 1856, he united in marriage to Julia Ann Stayrook. To this union were born 2 sons and 6 daughters, of which 1 son and 3 daughters preceded him to the spirit world; also his wife, 1 sister, 1 half brother and 1 half sister. He leaves to mourn his departure 2 half brothers, 1 son, 3 daughters, 25 grandchildren, and 18 great- grandchildren. The ministry has lost a father, the Church a pillar for the truth and defence of the Gospel. A few days before his death he called to his bedside the home ministers and gave them their charge as did Paul to Timothy, also his children and grandchildren and advised them to live for the truth of the Gospel that they may inherit eternal life. Cause of death, old age. Funeral Feb. 13. Services by Eli H. Kanagy (Amos 4:12) and John S. Mast (I Chron. 29:15). Interment in the Hertzler Cemetery. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth; Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."

YR128523- Ezra S. Yoder (8/4/1862-3/28/1924) m. 2/2/1892
Sallie A. Yoder (Grossmyer) (8/_/1863-6/10/1934) res. McVeytown,Pa Mennonite
YR1285231- Naomi (9/16/1893-after 1934 Lancaster,Pa) single
YR1285232- Ruth E. (3/16/1895 Mattawanna,Pa-8/15/1956 Ephrata,Pa) single
YR1285233- Anna C. (4/10/1896-12/27/1965) m. 1/23/1936 Andrew G.
Landis (4/30/1892- ) (9 step children) res. Parkersburg, Pa Mennonite
YR1285234- Milo Mark (4/12/1897 McVeytown,Pa-2/25/1967 Sarasota,Fl)
m 2/22/1929 Mary K. King (5/20/1902- ) (7 ch) (HHH664) Mennonite
YR1285235- Selina E. (12/27/1901-11/24/1964) single
YR1285236- Jesse Michael (4/21/1903-7/_/1981 res Pa (SSN)) m. 5/7/1927
Bertha Selina Harshberger (6/26/1904-8/21/1930) (HHH34) Denbeigh, Va

YR128524- Samuel S. Yoder (1/11/1865-3/28/1913) m 1/17/1893
Fannie P. Hershberger (11/28/1866-1/14/1945) res. Mattawana, Pa
Mennonite, minister, (HHH191)
YR1285241- Orrie D. (3/31/1895 Mattawana, Pa-10/27/1973) m. 12/31/1936 Anna
H. Weaver (1/30/1907- ) Mennonite Minsiter, res. Oyster Point, Va. (HHH192)
YR1285242- Alpheus M. (4/29/1897 Mattawana,Pa-2/_/1979 res. OH (SSN))
m1. 10/30/1920 Grace Rittenhouse (1/19/1901-7/9/1939) m2.
YR1285243- Alice M. (3/9/1900-1/15/1911)
YR1285244- Paul E. (11/13/1903 Mattawana, Pa - 3/_/1986 res. Pa (SSN)) m.
8/3/1929 Grace Moist (3/15/1909- ) Brethren, Mattawana,Pa (HHH194)
YR1285245- Herbert S. (6/18/1905- ) single res. Mattawana,Pa
YR128524---foster daughter Mrs. Mary Roberta Soles

YR12854- Solomon H Yoder (6/24/1844 MP-6/16/1925 Elm Creek,Neb)
m 4/7/1870 ML Lydia A. Esh (ES525) (1/19/1840 MP-1/26/1918 Elm
Creek,Neb) (DCE563, Cecilia Rowe Cht) (CCZ80,1900-Dawson Co, Ne)
moved from ML to CZ in 1874, and to Custer,Ne 1886 lived there in a sod house
YR128541- Florence E (2/9/1871 Normal,Il-5/27/1972 age 101)
single, school teacher-40 years as teacher in Lexington
YR128542- Charles Albert (4/7/1875 CZ, East Lynne-10/9/1945 Elm
Creek, Neb) m 12/28/1903 Lillian J Wells ( -
1957 age 74 ) WWI, Doctor (1900-Custer Co. Ne)
YR128543- Howard Alvin (7/30/1878 CZ East Lynne-8/6/1964 Elm
Creek,Neb) m 2/20/1906 Elm Creek, Neb Artie Ethel Tucker
(2/20/1887-6/25/1932) Carpenter
YR128544- Arthur W (10/9/1881 CZ-1/23/1885 CZ)

YR12855- Moses Yoder (1/14/1847 MP-9/4/1928) m 11/20/1872
Miriam King (KG7272) (8/25/1852 LO,Bellefontaine-6/20/1919 Oregon
City,Ore) (HHH1857, King 3-2-3-2) (CZ80) res East Lynne,Mo &
Oregon City, Ore., Mennonite (moved to CZ 4/15/1868)
YR128551- Emma A (1/15/1874 Z- ) m1 1/17/1906
Edward W Morris ( 1863-9/4/1906) m2 8/30/1912 Adam David
Booth (11/24/1878-1/10/1943) (HHH1855) res Chicago,I
YR128552- Phebe (3/23/1876 CZ,E Lynne- ) m 12/21/1907
Oscar F Antonsen (9/6/1874-1/27/1943) (HHH1859) res Portland,Ore
YR128553- Levi Daniel (11/24/1877 CZ,E Lynne-1/15/1943) m 12/8/1907
Ethel Lewis (11/1/1885- ) (HHH1860) res Gladstone,Ore
YR128554- David King (6/11/1879 Z-7/29/1895)
YR128555- Amandus Peter (9/10/1881-7/10/1890)
YR128556- Lydia Ellen (7/30/1883 CZ,E Lynne- )
m 10/14/1911 Ernest J McNeelan (9/13/1882- )
(HHH1862) res Portland,Ore
YR128557- Martha Ann (8/8/1885 CZ,E Lynne- ) m 9/27/1905
Elwood L Clark (4/21/1879-5/23/1935) (HHH1863) res Portland,Ore
YR128558- Harold Isaac (7/29/1889-1/8/1939) single
YR128559- Walter Edward (10/4/1892-8/22/1912)
YR12855a- Frederick John (6/21/1894 Oregon City,Ore- )
m2 12/13/1920 Eva Dicken Moss (9/6/1893- )
(HHH1867) res West Lynn, Ore

YR1286- Solomon Yoder m Veronica Riehl (3/3/1804TP-8/29/1868 BM)
d 2/22/1880 BM (Long Green, Maryland) moved from Union Co.PA to
MD after 1849. bur cem on Moses Miller farm
YR12861- Levi b 12/8/1829 MP d 1834 P
YR12862- Noah R b 7/30/1831 P single d 11/5/1887 MP
YR12863- Lydia b 3/29/1833 P m Peter Nafzinger d 9/13/1919 BM
bur Moses Miller farm
+YR12864- Jonas b 4/2/1835 P m Lydia Yoder (YR12794)
d 9/11/1907
+YR12865- Solomon b 6/13/1837 WP (near McVeytown,PA) m Anna
Mast d 7/31/1906 Knox Co, TN
+YR12866- Moses b 11/11/1839 WP m Magdalena Neuhauser
d 1/9/1880 bur Moses Miller farm
+YR12867- John b 12/4/1841 WP m single d 7/28/1868 BM
bur Moses Miller farm
+YR12868- Eli b 2/6/1844 WP m Ella _____ d 7/29/1905 RK
+YR12869- Lewis b 4/18/1846 WP m 12/19/1871 Sarah Mast
d 6/16/1893 bur Moses Miller farm

YR12864- Jonas Yoder (4/2/1835 P-9/11/1907) m
Lydia Yoder (YR12794) (2/1/1838 MP-7/24/1931) (RMP80)
(1900 MP Brown)
YR128641- Fannie R (4/-/1875- )
YR128642- Horace A ( c1878- )

YR12865- Solomon Yoder (6/13/1837 Union Co,Pa-7/31/1906 KX)
m 1/8/1865 Anna Mast (MS141442) (11/14/1845-9/14/1893) (MFH68)
res Concord, Knox Co,Tn, Mennonite
YR128651- Daniel M (6/21/1868 Baltimore Co,Md- )
m 10/30/1892 Alice Callaway (4/22/1871- ) (MFH69)
YR128652- Levi (8/8/1866 Baltimore Co,Md-10/10/1888)

*YR12866- Moses Yoder (11/11/1839-1/9/1880) m 12/28/1875 in Md
Mattie Neuhauser (NH34) ( - )

*YR12867- John Yoder ( 1841-7/28/1868 Md at 26y 7m 23d)

*YR12868- Eli Yoder b 2/6/1844 d 7/29/1905 RK m. Mary Young
Yoder, Kansas by David Luthy
---Located in Reno County, Kansas, eight miles southast of the county
seat of Hutchinson is the small town of "Yoder". It is in the center of
an Amish farming community. Its name comes from an early settler,
Eli M. Yoder.
---Eli Yoder was born February 6, 1844 in Union County,
Pennsylvania, but grew to manhood in the Amish community of Long
Green, Maryland, where his parents had moved about 1849. Eli's
father, Solomon, was bishop of the Maryland congregation. In l874 Eli
was thirty years old, had not joined the Amish Church, and was yet
single. He decided to go West to "seek his fortune" and landed in Reno
County, Kansas, where he met a non-Amish young woman, Mary
Young, and soon married her. They settled down to farming a half
section of prairie -320 acres. (1)
---Four months after arriving in Kansas, Eli was joined by another
wayward Amish youth, E. F. Peachy, of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.
Although Peachy's father was also an Amish minister, he too had
chosen not to join the church, commenting later in life, "My parents
belonged to the Amish Church, but they could never persuade me to
belong." (2)
---In the fall of that same year, a third Amish youth, John Nafzinger,
arrived in Reno County. He was a nephew of Eli Yoder, being the son
of Eli's sister, Lydia, and Peter Nafzinger of Long Green, Maryland.
John worked on his uncle's farm and got acquainted with Mrs. Yoder's
sister, Emma Young, and married her.
---None of these three young men chose to remain in the Amish faith
in which they had been raised. Perhaps they even thought they could
escape from their plain past by moving far away from their home
communities. If this was the case, it must have come as quite a
surprise to them nine years later when Amish families from Illinois
began settling in Reno County--right in the neighborhood where they
were homesteading. Actually it was quite by accident that the Amish
settled there. Originally they had planned to go to Nebraska; but when
they could not travel further because of a flood, they detoured into
Kansas. A real estate agent from Hutchinson showed them land in
Reno County. They liked what they saw and purchased farms in
Kansas instead of Nebraska.
----Eli Yoder now found himself with Amish neighbors. He showed no
interest in their church, and it is said that he tried to hide the fact from
them that he had been raised Amish--a seemingly impossible task with
a name like "Yoder". E. F. Peachy related many years later how Eli
was finally exposedl
----Mr. Yoder was the first Amish man to settle in this community, but
when Amish people followed him and organized a church, he never
united with them. In fact, Mr. Yoder tried to keep it hid from the
Amish folks that he had belonged to them. Jake Bontrager once said
they were threshing for Mr. Yoder. After supper they were sitting in
the room talking. Mrs. Yoder then went in the bedroom and brought
Mr. Yoder's long-tailed coat and barndoor trousers and showed them
to us in the absence of Mr. Yoder. No sooner had she shown them to
us until Mr. Yoder happened to come in and saw what she was doing.
He rebuked her rather severly for it, right in the presence of the entire
threshing crew. (3)
----When the Missouri Pacific Railroad was being built across Reno
County, it passed over Eli Yoder's farm. He persuaded the railroad to
construct a 20-rod spur past his buildings and talked the government
into establishing a post office in one room of his house--thus Yoder,
Kansas was born.
-----In 1899, Eli Yoder sold his farm to an Amishman, Rudy M.
Bontrager, for $6,ooo and moved to Hutchinson where he became a
justice of the peace on July 29, 1905. (sic?-date of death?)

YR12869- Lewis Yoder (4/18/1846 Union Co,Pa-6/16(or 6?)/1893)
m 12/19/1871 Sarah M Mast (MS141424) (12/17/1852- )
(MFH73) (1880-Md) res Long Green, Md, Amish Mennonite
YR128691- Elizabeth A (3/10/1873 Baltimore Co,Md- )
YR128692- Solomon M (3/16/1876 Baltimore Co,Md-11/19/1905)
m 4/2/1903 Eliza W Francis (11/7/1880- ) (MFH74)
YR128693- Charles Emory (8/30/1883- )
YR128694- Ada R (8/5/1889- )
YR128695- L. Morris (10/5/1891- )

YR12a- David Yoder m Jacobina (Justina) Esh (arrived from
Switzerland c1780) to MP c1811 d 1820 MP (insolvent)
YR12a1- Daniel b 1791 BP (believed to be the Daniel who
m Barbara Yoder (YR2516) d no issue
YR12a2- Rebecca b 10/18/1793 BP m w2 Jacob Zook
+YR12a3- Jonathan b 9/2/1795 BP
+YR12a4- Joseph b 9/17/1797 BP (9/13/1797 per Joash Yoder book)
YR12a5- Magdalena b 4/23/1799 BP m w1 John Lantz d 1832/34
YR12a6- Fannie b 4/11/1802 P m Joel Yoder (YR2571)
d 3/25/1856 JP
YR12a7- Maria b 4/11/1804 P m John Yoder (YR2573)
moved 1849 to JP then ML then Kansas
YR12a8- Leah b 12/8/1806 m c1832 Yost Yoder (YR2576)
to JP c1849 then to ML d 1/24/1889 XK Butler County, KS

YR12a3- Jonathan Yoder (9/2/1795 BP-1/28/1869 ML) m 1816
Magdalena Wagner (1798 P- 2/8/1866 ML) res 4 mi west of
Lewistown,PA to Half Moon Twp Centre Co in 1828, then JP,
to ML c1850, bur cem. 2 miles east of Carlock station
(Simon Lantz farm) minister,carpenter
(References: Menno P. Yoder Biog, in Wayne Co Biog Hist.; Oregon Hist
Quarterly-1981; 1880 Cens Dade Co, Mo; 1900 Cens Clackamas Co,Ore; Curtis
Lantz letter-93; Gordon Yoder data '95, James G. Yoder 8/99)
YR12a31- Leah (3/28/1818 MP- 9/12/1894 WL Woodford Co, IL)
m John Sharp (2/9/1818-9/12/1894)
+YR12a32- Joash b 12/23/1819 MP Derry Twp
+YR12a33- Elias b 10/16/1821 MP
YR12a34- Elizabeth b 1/5/1825 MP m David J Kauffman a widower
YR12a35- Sarah (12/7/1826 MP-12/23/1896) m 1/1/1853
Solomon Stutzman
+YR12a36- Amos b 12/17/1828 EP m1 Catherine Donner
m2 Catherine Kisler Lantz
YR12a37- Jonathan b 9/21/1830 EP d EP young (by 1836)
YR12a38- Magdalena b 7/13/1832 EP d EP young (by 1836)
+YR12a39- Asa J b 1/24/1835 EP m Catherine Frey
d Yoder Oregon
YR12a3a- Catherine (9/10/1836 EP- 3/11/1891 CR
Clackamas Co,OR) m 1/1/1854 Il Gideon Lantz (8/13/1830 WO-
6/23/1915 Molalla,Marion Co.,Or) bur. Smyrna Cem
YR12a3b- Anna (2/7/1840 JP- 1914 bur. Smyrna Cemetery,Yoder, OR)
Husband 1 was William Hein, death date in Illinois of 1874.
Husband 2 was Abraham Plank, born in 1825 and died in 1908, buried in
Clearfork Cemetery near Garden City, MO.
Husband 3 1913 or 1914 Levi P. Hershberger of DJH 5620
(A letter from the secretary of the Oregon Mennonite Historical &
Genealogical Society listed Anna's 3 husband -- with info on the first
two credited to Steve Estes of Metamora, Ill:
I am compiling family history on the descendants of Bishop Jonathan
Yoder (YR12a3) and am trying to find the complete names of the 3 men
that were married to his youngest daughter, Anna M. Yoder, (YR12a3b) who
was born in Juniata Co., PA Feb 7, 1840, grew up in McLean County,
Illinois. She married a Mr. Hein, and had at least children, Iddo (b.
1866; d. 1939 Oregon), Lawrence and Irene; years later- after Mr.
Hein's death, she married a Mr. Plank; and still later she married a Mr.
Hershberger. Between 1890 and 1910, she moved to Clackamas County,
Oregon, with her three children where her sister Catherine and brother
Asa lived as well as four of the children of her brother Elias, Jonathan
Yoder, John Plank Yoder, Levi David Yoder, and Mary Schwarts(entruber).
Anna died in 1914 and her gravestone in Smyrna Cemetery in Yoder, OR,
calls her "Anna M. Hershberger". I am trying to identify the first names of
Hein, Plank, and Hershberger, who were probably in McLean County,
Illinois, but they might have later lived in or near Dade County, MO,
where most of the other families had lived before moving to Oregon.
Some of the Hein descendants still live in Oregon, but I live in Canada,
and do not have contact with them. Thanks. Jim Yoder

YR12a32- Joash Yoder (12/23/1819 Derry Twp., MP-11/29/1899 WO)
m1 1841 Barbara Kauffman (c1819 MP-10/12/1851 MP)
m2 11/17/1853 WO Veronica (Catherine) Smucker Zook
h2 (8/12/1818 MP-11/12/1889 WO) m3 Anna Fordemwald
(2/10/1839 WO-12/26/1913 WO) School teacher.
JP to MP, fall 1853 to ML (1860- WWO)
+YR12a321- Eli L b 8/11/1842 MP m1 Anna Secrist m2 Anna
Forney d 5/16/1913 Leavenworth ,KS GAR
YR12a322- Rachel b c1847 MP d Mar. age "11" of liver disease
YR12a323- Veronica b c1854 WO m 1/22/1878 Menno Peter Yoder
(YR162a9) d
YR12a324- Amos b after Veronica WO d age 4

YR12a321- Eli Lorenzo Yoder,(8/11/1842 MP- ) Civ War from
PA m1 8/8/1866 MP Nancy Secrist ( c1845 P-8/4/1886 Lockwood,
Mo) m2 1/__/1888 SP Annie Forney ( - ) of SP
at Falls City NE. To Morrill, KS 1888 (Joash Yoder -1948 by
Blaine Yoder,Nancy Hartman notes) (CWO70,CWO80)
YR12a3211- Horace (5/23/1867 MP-6/22/1944 Des Moines,IA)
m1 Ella Benson ( - 1918) m2 1920
Verba Fleck ( - )
YR12a3212- Clarence (4/16/1869 WO- ) m 9/7/1904 ?WO
Effie Fetzer ( - 1942) res Morrill, KS
YR12a3213- Cora (4/21/1871 WO- ) m 11/7/1889
Jacob Warner ( - )
YR12a3214- Charlie (3/26/1873 WO- ) m 6/20/1904 ?Falls
City, NE Pearl Agnes Lutz ( - )
to Ashland, OH by 1906 to Argentina by 1912, res Rio Cuarto
YR12a3215- Franklin (6/4/1875 WO- ) m 6/2/1903 ?South
Bend Grace Moomaw of South Bend, IN ( - )
res. Glendale, CA
YR12a3216- Grace (11/10/1882 WO- ) m 10/15/1898 at
Falls City, Neb Nelson Schrock ( - )
res. Morrill,KS
YR12a3217- May (3/14/1884 WO- ) single, res.
YR12a3218- Blaine (5/20/1889 Morrill,KS-10/ /1968) m 2/23/1924
Freda Pfann ( - ) res. Lincoln, NE
State Purchasing Agent, State of Nebraska
YR12a3219- Amos (10/3/1891 Morrill,K- ) m 6/17/1920
Falls City Mildred Johnson ( -9/2/1970 age 74
Falls City,NE)
YR12a321a- Lester (1/25/1894 Morrill,K- ) m 8/31/1922
Loretta Russell ( - ) res Falls City,NE

YR12a33- Elias Yoder (10/16/1821 MP-1/18/1875) m1 3/10/1844
Lydia Plank (1/25/1824 MP-1/2/1859 ML) m2 10/28/1860 Catherine
(Stucky) Frey (1810 Fr-10/30/1881 ML) moved 1846 to ML
(Jacqueline Yoder data-'96)
+YR12a331- Jonathan Samuel (12/20/1844 P-1/11/1917 Oregon)
m 12/20/1866 ML Barbara Fry
+YR12a332- John P (9/4/1846 P- 6/1/1894 Oregon) m 12/28/1874
Rebecca Lantz
+YR12a333- Levi David (1/9/1848 P- 1941 Yoder,Ore)
m 1/10/1882 Springfield, IL ML Jacobina Fry res 1880 Dade Co, Mo
YR12a334- Mahala L b 4/19/1850 ML single d 4/23/1879
(Mahala was an invalid and kept a diary from 1871-1876)
+YR12a335- Isaac H b 5/6/1852 ML m 4/8/1875 ML Anna McGavock d
YR12a336- Mary B. (10/28/1854 ML- ) m 12/24/1875 ml
Joseph Schwartz (1853 Ia- ) (Schwartzentruber) res.Mo and Ore.
+YR12a337- Christian (Christopher C.) b 12/7/1857 ML m..
Emma Woolley

YR12a331- Jonathan Samuel Yoder (12/20/1844 JP-1/9/1917 Clackamas
Co, Ore-age 72 bur Smyrna Cem) m 12/20/1866 ML by Rev.Stuckey to
Barbara Fry(Frey)(c6/-/1842 O-4/29or30/1906 bur Smyrna Cem,
Clackamas Co,Or) (res 1880 Dade Co,MO, Jacqueline Yoder data-'96)
(Helen Yoder Cht, John & Barbara Plank Desc. -1908)(Clackamas Co,Ore 1900)
+YR12a3311- Louis Bertrand (9/18/1867 ML-8/4/1952 Clacamas Co, Ore
bur Smyrna Cem) m 12/22/1897 Clackamas Co.,Or Etta Wyland
(1876 Clackamas Co,Or-2/9/1965 Clackamas Co, Or-bur.Smyrna
Cem) farmer & lumber dealer
YR12a3312- John Jay (7/16/1869 ML-1/14/1932 Pasadena,Ca) m. 6/16/1912
Nellie B. McClelland ( - ) farmer & salesman
YR12a3313- Magdalena M. (3/21/1872 Dade Co,Mo.-8/30/1875 Dade Co,Mo)
YR12a3314- Aaron Livingston (5/6/1872 Dade Co,Mo-12/2/1951 Clackamas
Co., Or bur. Smyrna Cem.) m 8/21/1907 Clackamas Co,Or
Edna Conrad (1/18/1884 Or-7/7/1963 Clackamas Co,Or bur Smyrna
Cem) lumber dealer
YR12a3315- Orlando Perry (2/2/1876 Dade Co,Or-4/2/1964 Clackamas Co,Or)
m 6/3/1908 Bernadette Reed ( - ) div. 2/14/1936
letter carrier
YR12a3316- Rosa Bonheur (10/31/1877 Dade Co,Mo- 1967 Clackamas Co,Or
bur Smyrna Cem) m 12/8/1903 James R. Watson (1878 Ks-1960
Clackamas Co,Or, bur Smyrna Cem) farmer
YR12a3317- Ralph Emerson (8/10/1880 Dade Co,Mo-10/20/1936 Clackamas Co,
Or- bur Smyrna Cem) m 12/31/1913 Anna Godferson ( - )
YR12a3318- Albert Grant (9/17/1883 Dade Co.,Mo-11/1/1912 Clackamas Co.,Or)
m 2/17/1909 Clackamas Co., Or Eva Sconce (6/-/1889 Or- )
YR12a3319- Nellie Beatrice (1/1/1886 Dade Co.,Mo- bur Smyrna Cem)
m Albert F Eyman (5/25/1883 Oh-6/14/1955 bur. Smyrna Cem)

YR12a3311- Lewis (Louis Bertrand) Yoder (9/18/1867 ML-8/4/1952 Clackamas
Co., Or) m. 12/22/1897 Clackamas Co,Or Etta Wyland (10/_/_1877-2/9/1965
Clackamas Co,Or) farmer and lumber dealer. Both bur. Smyrna Cem.
(1900-Or-Clack, Jacqueline Yoder Chts '96 &'97, John & Barbara Plank
YR12a33111- Claude F. (10/19/1898 Or-2/_/1977 res. Ore (SSN))
YR12a33112- Agnes M. (7/16/1904- )

YR12a332- John P. Yoder (4 (or9)/4/1846 P-6/1/1894 Or) m. 12/28/1874
(ceremony held at Amos Yoder's (YR12a36) and performed by
Rev. Stuckey in ML) Rebecca Lantz (2/_/1858 Il-1933) (1900-Wash Co, Ore;
Jacki Yoder Chts '96 & '97; John and Barbara Plank Desc.-1908) Carpenter,
Teacher & GAR.(Jacqueline Yoder data-'96,John was a veteran of A 150 IL
Inf, and widow Rebecca filed for pension benefits in 1894- app. #603151,
from Oregon) (The Oregon Hist. has a collection of letters written by
John to his brother Ike. They have been translated and published in a
Historical Quarterly)
YR12a3321- Lydia J.(Jane or Jennie) (2/18/1876 Il- ) m. Herbert Rix ( - )
(1900 Cens shows Bertha b. 9/75 Mo- ) Nurse
YR12a3322- Arthur E. (6/20/1878 Il-6/13/1927 Burlingame, Ca bur. Hillgrove,
Ore) m. Harriett Scholfield , teacher , lived in Philipines
YR12a3323- Katie May (5/1/1880 Il-8/1/1883)
YR12a3324- Harriet J. (11/26/1881 Il-1971) m. McDonald Potts ( - )
YR12a3325- Rebecca (Rebekah) (3/_/1886 Il or 1/24/1887 Il - )
m. George Christenson ( - )stenographer
YR12a3326- Benjamin H. (11/16/1889 Il-5/22/1892)
(settlement of estate for John P. Yoder who d. 6/1/1894 Clackamas Co,Or- No.997
Heirs: Rebecca L widow 47, Jennie L dau 29, Hattie J dau 23, Rebeckah dau 18-
all of Oakland, Ca, Arthur E son 27-Philipines.(no date shown for settlement, John
d intestate, Admin. J J Yoder)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- ------ - - - -

"John P. Yoder, who has so acceptably filled the position of superintendent of the
Bushnell schools since 1880, is a native of Pennsylvania, having been born in that state
on the 4th day of September, 1846. When John was 3 years of age, his father
removed to McLean county, Illinois, and located on a farm, following farming and
carpentering. John remained at home, assisting his father on the farm and at his trade,
until reaching his 17th year. He then enlisted in the 150th Illinois volunteer infantry, for
one year "or during the war," and received his discharge after serving 14 months. He
then returned to the old homestead, and attended the State normal university, at
Bloomington. Previous to attending the university, his education had been obtained in
the district schools and by personal application at home. He was ambitious to have a
good education, and as a consequence, was very studious. While attending the
university he taught occasionally, to procure the money necessary to pursue his studies,
and finally graduated therefrom in 1871. He then accepted the position of principal of
the Blue Island, Cook county schools, in which position he gave entire satisfaction. He
then engaged in business at Chicago, but one year later resumed his profession at
Danvers, McLean county, where he continued for seven years, then coming to
Bushnell, as before stated, and took charge of the city schools. This position he has
filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to all, and to his efforts is largely due the
high position which the schools of the city have attained. John P. Yoder and Rebecca
Lantz, a native of this state, were united in marriage on the 28th of December, 1874.
They have been the parents of four children, three of whom are now living--Jennie L.,
Arthur E., and Hattie J. Politically, Mr. Yoder is a republican, having been a member
of that party since reaching his majority. He is also a member of the Grand Army of the
Republic organization. " - History of McDonough County, Illinois, 1885, Continental
Historical Co., Springfield, Illinois Transcribed by Karl A. Petersen and Robin Petersen
for McDonough County ILGenWeb
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - --- -- - --- -- - -

YR12a333- Levi David Yoder (1/9/1848 P- 9/27/1941 Yoder,Ore-
bur Smyrna Cem) m 1/10/1882 ML Springfield by
Rev. Stuckey to Jacobina Fry (Frey)(9/-/1952 O-7/26/1925
bur Smyrna Cem)(res 1880 Dade Co, Mo, L.Douglas Yoder Cht,
Jacqueline K. Yoder data-'96, John & Barbara Plank Desc,Clack.Co,Ore)
YR12a3331- Ida May (4/16/1873 Mo-8/10/1910 Clackamas Co,Or-
bur Smyrna Cem) m 7/10/1907 Clackamas Co,Or to
Elmer Roberts ( -10/-/195_ age 73 bur Smyrna Cem)
YR12a3332- Katie B. (9/17/1874-9/11/1875 Mo)
YR12a3333- Levi Henry (2/23/1876 Mo- before 1922) (Oregon death
records show a Levi H Yoder died in Clatsop Co,Or 10/16/1919-
the same person?) m. Frances Clayton (Levi is shown as "Henry L"
in the 1900 Census) carpenter
YR12a3334- Flora A. (11/6/1877- ) m ____ Bork
YR12a3335- Anna F. (10/24/1879- 1949 Clackamas Co,Or
bur Smyrna Cem) m 2/17/1904 Clackamas Co, Or
John W.Watson (1880-1963 bur Smyrna Cem)
YR12a3336- Bertha (Bess) (9/29/1881- ) m 11/17/1903 Clackamas Co,Or
Henry C Rittenauer ( - ) res. Portland,Or
YR12a3337- Maude S. (5/9/1884 Mo- ) m ____ Peck
( - ) teacher
YR12a3338- Grant Yoder (8/7/1886 Mo- ) m Cornelia Belle Sills
YR12a3339- Joseph B (7/15/1888 Z, Carthage-8/1/1981 Miami, Fl)
m1.- Dolly _____ ( - ) m2. 2/10/1939 Bremerton,Wa
Evelyn Cameron Brinker (8/7/1909- )
YR12a333a- Elsie M. (2/15/1891 Or- )

+YR12a335- Isaac H Yoder (5/6/1852 ML- ) m 4/8/1875 Anna McGavock
(McGavack) (c1856 O- )(Jacqueline K Yoder Data-'96, John & Barbar Plank Desc)
res. Normal, Il (1920-Normal, McLean Co, Il)
YR12a3351- Joy A. (9/2/1876- ) m 5/4/1898
Iroquios Co, Il W.B. Fuller ( - )
YR12a3352- Carl H. (8/21/1878- ) m Ethel Hackett
res. Watseka, Il
YR12a3353- V.S. ( - ) m Ethel Hackett
YR12a3354- Stella M. (7/31/1880-2/9/1884)
YR12a3355- Ralph E. (3/16/1882- ) law student
YR12a3356- Mara A. (6/16/1885- ) teacher
YR12a3357- Levi O. (6/25/1887- ) teacher

YR12a337- Christopher C. Yoder (12/7/1857ML - ) m.
Emma Fannie Woolley ( - ) (Jacki Yoder data '96,
John & Barbara Plank Desc.-1908, claire fluharty data-'98)
Hardware Dealer, res. Neck City, Mo. (1900-Jasper Co,Il)
YR12a3371- Edna L. (1/16/1881- ) married
YR12a3372- Lucy D. (10/14/1882- ) married
YR12a3373- Leroy A. (6/15/1885-6/16/1886) single
YR12a3374- Walter M. (4/23/1887- )
YR12a3375- Harry E. (12/4/1891- )

YR12a36- Amos Yoder (12/17/1829 Deery Twp, MP-5/25/1912 ML)
m1 7/18/1852 Danvers, IL Catherine Donner (10/28/1829 Wilmot Twp,
Waterloo Co, Ontario-9/20/1864 Dry Grove Twp,ML) m2 12/11/1864
near Danvers,IL (h2) Catherine (Kistler) Lantz (12/10/1833 near Cincinnati,O
(Butler Co.)-12/6/1905 Gridley,ML) both bur Carlock Cem, near
Bloomington,IL(George Gordon Yoder Cht, Steven R. Estes) (ML80)
YR12a361- Permilia (Millie) ( 1853 Dry Grove Twp,MP-5/4/1926)
m1. 8/9/1874 ML Isaac A. Merkley ( -8/7/1875)
m2. 10/23/1880 (w2) David J Myers (11/20/1835-8/-/1919) res. Ashland,O
YR12a362- Barbara R. ( c1855-4/28/1883 Buck Horn Valley,Co)
m. 9/7/1874 ML George Lewis Kirchner (8/24/1847-6/1/1929)
YR12a363- Frank ( 1857 L-4/17/1947 Washington,SD)
single in 1887 lived Dakota Terr.
YR12a364- Anne ( 1859-?1912) m. 1/19/1885 Denver,Co
David Albert Muse (7/13/1858-7/23/1931) res.Denver, Co
YR12a365- Charles ( 1862 L- 1950 Bloomington,Il) m. 12/26/1888
ML Stella Alice Ogden (c1871 Il- )(1920-McLean Co, Il)

YR12a366- Laura Belle (Loll) ( 9/26/1865 L- Vernon Center,MN)
m. 7/8/1890 Willard Busby ML (1/1/1861- )
taught school in Minneapolis adopted one child.
YR12a367- Louise (Salina) ("Lina") (11/13/1866 L-6/4/1951 Cisco,TX)
m. 3/8/1890 ML Charles B. Flesher (9/29/1866- )
+YR12a368- Leonard M. (R.L.) (2/7/1868 L-10/-/1921 Bloomington,Il)
m. 4/26/1899 ML Tillie W. Ritz (6/-/1872- Portland,Ore)
+YR12a369- Elmer Grant (5/4/1869 Bloomington, L-3/17/1951
Corpus Christi,TX-bur Rose Hill Cem., Ft. Worth ) m1. 3/18/1896 ML
Nellie Tarman (3/21/1875-3/17/1951 or 2/9/1958 Dallas,TX)
m2. c1908 Sweetwater,TX Jimmie Vanderpool
YR12a36a- Minnie A (12/5/1870 L- ) m. 10/1/1890 ML
Harry Ellsworth Flesher (2/2/1868- ) res. AZ
YR12a36b- Dr. Henry Lee (4/14/1872 L-11/22/1934 Morton,Il)
m. 12/24/1902 Myrtle Philips (c1877 Il- )(1920- Morton, Tazwell Co,Il)
YR12a36c- Effa Elizabeth (8/12/1876 or 7 Gridley, Il-12/20/1956, bur. Gridley,Il)

YR12a365- Leonard M. (R.L.) Yoder (2/7/1868-10/_/1921 Bloomington,Il) m.
4/26/1899 ML Matilda Louie (Tillie) W. Ritz (6/_/1872- Portland, Or)
(Gordon Yoder data '97)
YR12a3651- Ruth ( - ) single
YR12a3652- Dorothy ( - ) m. ____ Smith
YR12a3653- Roy ( - was shot)

YR12a366- Elmer Grant Yoder (5/4/1869 Bloomington,Il-3/7/1951 Corpus Christi,
Tx) bur. RoseHill Cem., Ft. Worth m1. 3/18/1896 Gridley, Il Nellie Tarman
(3/21/1875-2/9/1958 Dallas, bur. Diamond Mausoleum, Grove Hill m2. c1908
Sweetwater, TX Jimmie Vanderpool ( - ) (Gordon Yoder data '97)
YR12a3661- Herald Wayne (8/24/1897 Gridley,Il-2/20/1981 Dallas,Tx) bur. Rest
Land Cem., m1. 10/24/1917 Dallas,Tx Annie Almera Campbell (7/5/1896-
2/15/1966 bur. Diamond Mausoleum) m2. 8/19/1966 Ft. Worth, Tx Annie Bland
Griffith (2/3/1914- )
YR12a3662- Lyle (6/18/1898 Gridley,Il-9/18/1898 Gridley,Il)
YR12a3663- Vivian Gwendolyn (12/23/1899 Gridley,Il-10/18/1991 Mercedes, Tx)
m. 5/20/1922 Mercedes,Tx Oliver Joseph Schaeffer (11/25/1894-5/27/1986)
YR12a3664- Cecil Luna (11/5/1914 Sweetwater,Tx- Alice,Tx) m.
Albert Sidney Meers ( -4/23/1981)
YR12a3665- Kathryn Amy (3/30/1909 Cisco, Tx-3/31/1963 Corpus Christi, Tx)
m. Shirley Mann ( - )

+YR12a39- Asa J Yoder (1/24/1835 EP-3/7/1905 Yoder Oregon
Clackamas Co., Or-bur Smyrna Cem) m 7/28/1862 Catherine Frey
( 12/-/1837 Butler Co., Oh-12/4/1924 Clackamas Co,Or bur Smyrna Cem.)
(per 1900 census, Asa and Catherine had 10 children, 7 living; 1880
census Dade Co, Mo, Jacqueline K Yoder data -'96) res Yoder/Needy, Ore
?YR12a391- William H (3/4/1864 Il-7/15/1941 Clackamas Co,
Or-bur Smyrna Cem) m late 1887/early 1888 Jennie Reagan
(3/19/1869 Dade Co,Mo-11/22/1935 Clackamas Co,Or-
bur Smyrna Cem) (shown as David age 17 in 1880)
+?YR12a391- David B (12/__/1863 L- ) m
Judith R Zimmerman (11/__/1871- ) Clackamas Co,Ore
(David is in 1880 and 1900 census)
YR12a392- Maud ( c 1864 Il- ) (age 16 in 1880)
+YR12a393- Edwin H. (7/-/1866 Il-1/9/1953 Clackamas Co,Or
bur Smyrna Cem) m 1/6/1895 Clackamas Co,Or Ethel Wyland
(6/-/1875 Or- ) res Clackamas Co, Ore
YR12a394- Susan (c 1869 IL- ) (age 11 in 1880)
m1. Randolph Henley m2. Charlie Ritchie
+YR12a395- Thomas M (5/__/1871 L- ) m
Dela Reagan (8/__/1874- ) Multnomah Co,Ore
YR12a396- Albert ( ?order not known-c9/5/1875)
(Mahala L Yoder (YR12a334) diary this date says
"Asa's Albert died")
YR12a397- Hattie (c 1874 Il- )(age 6 in 1880)
m. Iddo B. Hein
YR12a398- John Wesley ( c1878 Mo- )(age 2 in 1880)
m 1/5/1910 Clackamas Co.,Or Clara Estelle Quinn
(6/30/1891 Marquam,Or- Bap 11/30/1923 St.Paul's
Church, The Dalles,Or- d after 1944)
YR12a399- Nettie 2mo old in 1880 census b. Mo
YR12a39?- daughter (3/13/1890-4/21/1899 bur. Smyrna Cem, Clackamas Co.)
YR12a39a- _____ (daughter) (3/13/1890-4/21/1899 Clackamas Co,Or
bur Smyrna Cem)

YR12a391- David B. Yoder (12/_/1863 Il- ) m.
Judith R. Zimmerman (11/_/1871 O- ) (1900 Clackamas Co,Or)
YR12a3911- Robert S. (11/_/1890 Or- )
YR12a3912- Emma M. (1/_/1892 Or- )
YR12a3913- Drucilla A. (6/_/1893 Or- )
YR12a3914- Albert D. (2/_/1896 Or- )
YR12a3915- Claton C. (8/_/1898 Or- )
(SSN-8/16/1898 Or-3/_/1975 res Or)

YR12a393- Edwin H. Yoder (7/_/1866 Il- ) m.
Ethel E. Wyland (6/_/1875 Or- ) (1900-Clackamas Co, Or)
YR12a3931- Austen F. (8/_/1895 Or- )
YR12a3932- Vera (11/_/1899 Or- )

YR12a395- Thomas M. Reagan (5/_/1871 Il- ) m
Dela Reagan (8/_/1874 Mo- ) (1900 Multnomah Co,Or)
YR12a3951- Zerila (8/_/1895- )
YR12a3952- baby (8/_/1898- )

YR12a4- Joseph Yoder (9/17/1797 McCoytown, Bp-12/31/1887 ML0
m 12/11/1864 ML Catherine Lantz (2/15/1805 MP-1/1/1863 WL)
YR12a41- Anna b 8/26/1826 MP m 5/12/1852 Woodford Co, Il
Abia Clark d 5/3/1898 ML ("Anna Joder" in m. record)
YR12a42- Susanna b 1/28/1828 MP m 11/17/1850 Woodford Co, Il
David Sharp d 3/9/1894 CZ Cass Co, MO
YR12a43- Miriam Rebecca b 10/30/1829 MP m1 2/22/1852
Woodford Co, Il to Jonas Kauffman m2 Adam Zook no issue
d 11/22/1898 ML
YR12a44- Sarah (10/29/1831 P-5/22/1903 ML)
m 12/18/1851 Woodford Co, Il Abraham Z Yoder (YR16513)
YR12a45- Mary b 1/12/1834 P single d 11/26/1871
(? Mary Joder m. 2/26/1856 Joseph Klopfenstein)
YR12a46- Catherine b 9/15/1836 P m 10/19/1856 Woodford Co, Il
Jacob Troyer d 2/22/1902 ML (m record as Catherine Joder)
+YR12a47- Iddo b 11/2/1838 P m Anna Gerber d 12/14/1890
YR12a48- Emma b 1/15/1841 P m 4/18/1867 ML Samuel Lantz
d 1/7/1927 ML

YR12a47- Iddo Yoder\ JODER (11/2/1838 - 12/14/1901)
BURIAL: Alliance, NE m.12/5/1861 Anna (Minnie) GERBER
(2/9/1840 - 2/16/1924) BURIAL: Alliance, NE
(Ruth Rowedder Cht, Genweb-99) (DML80) (1900 Box Butte Co, Ne)
+YR12a471.-Benjamin Iddo
+YR12a472.-Joseph E.
YR12a473-.Emma Anna (2/18/1868, McLean Co, IL -
3/17/1958, Oak Ridge, TN ) BURIAL: Allerton, IA
m: 10/11/1897 William Francis DUNCAN (9/20/1864 - 7/20/1925)
+YR12a474-.Mahlon Oliver (11/-/1871 Ne- )
YR12a475-.Meta Elizabeth (5/28/1873 - ____)
m: 10/4/1895 Ira Lee ACHESON (6/4/1869 - 6/18/1920)

YR12a471-Benjamin Iddo Yoder\ JODER (4/22/1863 Il- 3/5/1946)
m Elizabeth DUFFIELD (3/-/1863 Pa- 1938) m.2/15/1888
(Ruth Rowedder Cht '93, genweb-99, 1900 Box Butte Co, Ne)
YR12a4711.+Earl Benjamin (4/24/1889 Ne - 12/18/1972)
m: 1918 . Bessie MENCH ABT 1889 - ____
YR12a4712- Wilmot "Jode" B. (3/13/1891 Alliance, Ne-12/24/1968
North Platte, Ne) m: 9/10/1913 : Marie SALISBURY (ABT 1891 - ____)
OCCUPATION: Railroad engineer
YR12a4713. Chester Wayne (4/13/1892 Ne- 1/14/1901)
YR12a4714.+Avis N. (9/30/1895 Ne - 12/25/1967)
m: 1/4/1923 Kenneth HAMILTON (ABT 1895 - ____)
OCCUPATION: Commercial lettering artist
RESIDENCE: North Platte, NE
YR12a4715. Leola Vae 8/23/1897 Ne- 11/14/1907
YR12a4716. Ralph Mahlon (11/19/1899 Ne - 2/6/1967)
m: 1923 Zella YERZA (ABT 1900 - ____)
OCCUPATION: Railroad Employee
RESIDENCE: Wenatchee, WA
YR12a4717.+Ward Clark (12/8/1901Alliance, Ne - 12/24/1971)
m. 1922 Ruth DONOVAN (ABT 1910 - 2/6/1967)
YR12a4717- Ward Clement (12/8/1900 Alliance, Ne-10/24/1971 Scottsbluff, Ne)
bur. Westlawn, Gering, Ne. m. 11/30/1921 Ruth Inez Donovan (11/13/1902-
YR12a4718.+Glenn Howard (5/15/1903 - ____)
m: 1927 (Anna BETZ ABT 1903 - ____)
m1 Alliance ,Ne (divorced)
m2. Cheyene, Wyo Vivian ____
OCCUPATION: Medical Doctor
YR12a4719. Seth Paul (7/30/1904 - ____)
OCCUPATION: Railroad engineer
RESIDENCE: Winnamucca, NV

YR12a472- Joseph E. Yoder\ JODER (8/2/1865 Il- 9/9/1954)
m.: 1898 Blanche DUFFIELD (11/-/1865 Pa - 1938
(1900 Box Butte Co, Ne)
YR12a4721.+Nyta (Nita B.) (10/-/1899 Ne- ____)
m: ABT 1919 John BRACE (ABT 1899 - ____)
YR12a4722. Raymond (ABT 1902 - ____)

YR12a474- Mahlon Oliver Yoder\ JODER (11/19/1871Ne - 12/4/1945)
m.: ABT 1899 Mabel E. (JODER) ABT 1871 - ____
OCCUPATION: Conductor for a passenger train
YR12a4721- Infant son ( -9/20/1901)
YR12a4742.+Evangeline (12/7/1903 - ____)
m.: 1927 Roderick J. MACKENZIE (ABT 1903 - ____)

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