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The Family of YR239 - John Yoder

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Amish Yoder lineage- Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

YR- _________ Yoder m _____________
(suspected parents of two brothers who immigrated on the "Francis and the
Elizabeth" out of Rotterdam by way of Deal. Captained by George North,
arrived Philadelphia Sept.21, 1742)
YR1- son b c1695 Europe
+YR2- Christian b c1700 Europe

YR2- Christian Yoder m. _____________-
d Nov 1775 Berks County, PA
YR21- Barbara b 1725 Europe (m ?? Stephen Kauffman)
YR22- Magdalena b 1726 Europe (m ? John Gnaegi)
+YR23- Christian b Oct. 1728 Europe
YR24- Elizabeth b 1729 Europe (m ? Christian Beiler d. 9/1/1771
Lancaster Co, PA)
+YR25- John b 1732 Europe
+YR26- Yost b 1734 Europe
YR27- Veronica b 1738 Europe
YR28- Jacob b 1740 Europe

YR23- "Schweitzer" Christian Yoder m1 c1751 _____ m2 c1763
Barbara Hooley (4/17/1741 SW- 3/12/1812 SP) moved to SP spring
1776 d 11/20/1816 Stoney Creek twp, SP
w1 YR231- Fanny b 1752 BP m ?? John Troyer d ?? 9/15/1821 Long
Point, Ont
YR232- Barbara b 1756 BP m?? w1 Christian Troyer d?? 1789 Q
+YR233- Christian b "around Oct" 1758 BP
+YR234- Jacob b 7/1760 BP
w2 +YR235- David b 7/10/1763 BP
+YR236- Yost b 1765 BP
+YR237- Jonathan b 1766 BP
YR238- Magdalena b 1769 BP m Peter Blough d SP
+YR239- John b 2/8/1772 BP
YR23a- Elizabeth b 1774 BP m Henry Blough d by 1830 SP
+YR23b- Solomon b 3/25/1776 PA
YR23c- Gertrude b 1778 SP m Yost Miller d 1830 HO
+YR23d- Jepthah b 12/ /1780 SP
YR23e- Esther b 12/ /1780 SP m Peter Baumgardner
d 11/20/1870 LI bur Bontrager Cem. LI
YR23f- Henry b 1782 SP "lost"

YR239- John Yoder m 1796 Barbara Yoder (YR1251) (2/2/1774-
12/1/1856 CP) d 10/4/1860 SP bur. Old Yoder Cem, Whig, Am.Men.
YR2391- Salome b 3/6/1797 SP m 1815 John Miller of CP
d 5/21/1877 CP
+YR2392- Jonas b 8/6/1798 SP
+YR2393- Moses b 11/21/1799 SP
+YR2394- Daniel b 1/21/1801 SP
+YR2395- Samuel b 8/2/1803 SP
YR2396- Gertrude b 11/23/1804 SP m Henry Hershberger
d 5/1/1880 CP
+YR2397- David b 4/18/1806 SP
YR2398- Fanny b 3/22/1808 (3/21 per Cem) SP m Michael
Schrock of Shanksville d 10/23/1890 bur Miller Bur Ground
Stony Creek Twp, SP
YR2399- Elizabeth b 5/9/1810 SP m 3/30/1830 Samuel (Sem)
Kaufman of Davidsville d 5/16/1853 SP
+YR239a- Joshua b 10/24/1812 SP
+YR239b- Abner b 3/28/1814 SP
YR239c- Barbara b 2/26/1816 SP d 1816 SP
YR239d- Lena b 2/26/1816 SP d 1816 SP
+YR239e- Benedict b 8/20/1817 SP

YR2392- Jonas Yoder m Sarah Schrock (8/30/1802 P-11/16/1878 CP)
d 6/15/1860 CP (kicked by a horse)
YR23921- Elizabeth b 8/16/1822 P m Valentine C Yoder (YR23447)
d 5/7/1901 LI Shipshewana
YR23922- John b 7/30/1824 P (CCP40) m ___ ____
to Springfield, Ill
YR23923- Rosanna b 8/1/1826 CP (Jamestown,PA) m John Miller
d 7/14/1895 Hudson, IA
YR23924- Leah b 1/4/1829 CP m William F Custer
d 3/29/1891 Ionia, MI
YR23925- Barbara b 3/5/1831 CP m Moses W Yoder (YR233411)
d 2/27/1908 age 76y 11m 22d bur Yoder Cem., Conemaugh Twp
YR23926- Abner b 8/23/1833 CP d by 1850
YR23927- Magdalena b 1/3/1836 CP m1 Jacob Yoder (YR234512)
m2 4/16/1867 John K Miller d 3/8/1908 CP
YR23928- Joseph b 5/21/1838 CP d by 1850 CP
YR23929- Lydia b 7/11/1840 CP d by 1850 CP

YR2393- Moses Yoder m Elizabeth McMullin (5/10/1812- )
d 3/25/1850 Elgin Co., Ontario
+YR23931- John b 3/8/1835 Vaughn, York Co, Ontario
m Anna L Strom (h2) d 5/12/1890 Elgin Co., Ontario
+YR23932- Joshua b 3/13/1836 York Co., Ontario m1 Elizabeth
Wheelwright m2 Helen Bacon d 10/30/1907 Lapeer Co, MI
YR23933- Susanna b 10/5/1839 (or 5/5/39) York Co
m Jehiel Mann d Oklahoma
YR23934- Caroline b 11/22/1842 m M B McCausland
d 11/30/1871 Oxford Co., Ontario

YR23931- John Yoder (3/8/1835 YN Vaughn,York Co,Ontario-5/12/1890 EN)
m 12/__/1863 Springfield, Ontario Anna L (Storm) Hodgkin
(10/20/1842-11/9/1916) (DBH319)
YR239311- Clara E (12/30/1865 Springfield,Ontario- )
m 12/25/1889 Springfield, Ontario Matthew Connor (5/27/1857-
) (DBH320) United Church of Canada

YR23932- Joshua Yoder (3/13/1836 York Co,Ontario-10/20/1907
Almont,Mi) m1 1869 Elizabeth Wheelwright ( -
9/1/1871 Springfield,Ontario) m2 1875 Helen Aseneth Bacon
( 1851- 1908) (DBH321, Ronald A Yoder Cht)
YR239321- Mae (7/9/1871- ) m 10/23/1911 Windsor,Ontario
Dr H D Trask (4/27/1879- ) (DBH322) res Detroit,Mi
YR239322- Comodore Vanderbilt ( 1879 Ontario- 1957)
m Mabel Bristol ( 1880- 1962)
(1900- Wayne Co, Mi- b. 4/82 Canada)
YR239323- Frank ( 1875- 7/27/1924?) res Detroit,Mi

YR2394- Daniel Yoder m Katie Kauffman (7/31/1805 BP-4/20/1892 bur
Wengerd Cem,CP) d 3/24/1879
+YR23941- Samuel D b 4/2/1827 Scalp Level, SP m Anna Johns
d 10/17/1892 Scalp Level bur Joseph Johns Bur Ground Cone. Twp
YR23942- Henry b 7/22/1828 P d 6/17/1837 SP
YR23943- Amelia b 1/21/1832 (or 6/21) CP m Peter J Wingerd
d 1/19/1898 CP bur Wengerd Cem
+YR23944- David D b 10/25/1837 CP m 12/1/1867 Maria Shelter
(1/1/1842-9/11/1906) d 8/26/1914 SP

YR23941- Samuel D Yoder (4/2/1827 P-10/17/1892 Scalp Level,Pa)
m 10/19/1851 Nancy (Anna) Johns (JH146) (5/13/1831 SP-
11/7/1891 SP 60y 5m 24d) bur Joseph Johns burial ground
(DBH330) (PSP60/70/80)
+YR239411- Joseph S (2/3/1853 P-8/2/1912 Windber,P) m1 2/20/1879
Lydia Yoder (YR234516) (2/27/1854 SP-9/1/1902) m2 9/3/1903
Katie Ann Foust ( - )(DBH331) res Windber,Pa
+YR239412- Daniel S (10/3/1856-3/19/1923 Johnstown,Pa) m 4/27/1890
Polly Hershberger (11/28/1863-5/16/1906 age 42y5m18d) (DBH337)
+YR239413- Samuel S (2/3/1860-12/14/1903 Scalp Level,Pa) m 6/7/1888
Louisa Blough (4/14/1867-3/24/1929) (DBH334)

YR239411- Joseph S (2/3/1853 P-8/2/1912 Windber,P) m1 2/20/1879
Lydia Yoder (YR234516) (2/27/1854 SP-9/1/1902) m2 9/3/1903
Katie Ann Foust ( - )(DBH331) (CP80)
res Windber,Pa
YR2394111- Vida (3/4/1880 Elton,Pa- ) m 10/2/1906 Elton,Pa
Rolla Trent (7/18/1880- )(DBH333) res Johnstown,Pa
YR2394112- Elizabeth (7/16/1882 Elton,Pa- ) m 7/25/1912
Johnstown,Pa Frank Reuter (1/4/1877- ) res Johnstown,Pa

YR239412- Daniel S Yoder (10/3/1856-3/19/1923 Johnstown,Pa) m 4/27/1890
Polly Hershberger (11/28/1863-5/16/1906 age 42y5m18d) (DBH337)
YR2394121- Ralph Curtis (5/18/1891-12/6/1895)
YR2394122- Florence Arizona (7/21/1892 Scalp Level, Pa-3/12/1945)
YR2394123- Samuel Newton Yoder (2/12/1894 near Geistown,Pa-2/_/1980
res. Pa (SSN)) m. 12/4/1919 Windber, Pa Gladys Mock (6/29/1897-
7/_/1986 res Pa (SSN)) res. Windber, Pa Mennonite (DBH338) P.O.Clerk
YR2394124- Lizzie Arminta (6/15/1895-10/13/1896)
YR2394125- Myra Viola (12/14/1896 Scalp Level, Pa- ) m.
Walter Mishler (4/22/1897- ) Holsopple,Pa Ch of the Brethren
YR2394126- Oscar Daniel (4/19/1898 Johnstown,Pa-11/?26/1933)
m 9/20/1921 Johnstown,Pa Alice Hershberger (7/30/1900- )
res. Johnstown, Pa Mennonite (DBH339) teacher
YR2394127- Joseph Norman (12/8/1899 Scalp Level,Pa-6/_/1980 res Pa (SSN))

YR239413- Samuel S Yoder (2/3/1860-12/14/1903 Scalp Level,Pa) m 6/7/1888
h1 Louisa Blough (4/14/1867-3/24/1929) (DBH334)
YR2394131- Milton C. (1/10/1888 Scalp Level,Pa- ) m1 8/26/1905
Cumberland, Md Cora Weaver (6/_/1887-4/11/1919) m2 6/22/1931
Houtzdale,Pa Eva Hill (8/13/1888- ) res. Scalp Level, Pa Brethren
YR2394132- Elsie (1/30/1894-9/8/1928 Davidsville,Pa) m. 2/13/1915
Davidsville,Pa Noah J. Hershberger (4/28/1895- ) Mennonite

YR23944- David D Yoder (10/25/1837 CP Scalp Level-8/26/1914 SP age
76y 10m 1d) bur Wingerd Cem/Shetler cem, CP m 12/1/1867
near Davidsville,Pa Maria Shetler (SE116) (1/1/1842 SP near
Davidsville-9/11/1906 SP age 64y 8m 10d)(DJH3065,DBH328)(RCP70/80)
YR239441- Mary D (4/5/1875 CP-12/1/1919 bur Shetler Cem) m 2/15/1903
(w1) Elmer J Varns (9/2/1879-8/22/1950) (DBH329) Amish
YR23944- infant died
YR23944- infant died

YR2395- Samuel Yoder m Elizabeth Lehman (7/5/1806 SP- 9/3/1862 SP)
d 4/8/1872 SP
(Elizabeth Lehman, wife of Samuel Yoder YR2395, was murdered. When
I was interviewing in Somerset County years ago a close relative told me
that their son Eli was insane and confined to a room. When his mother
brought him his breakfast he struck her with the bed-chamber (nacht-hoffa)
and killed her. Her death date was Sept 3, l862.-Rachel Krieder,Jun..2001)
YR23951- Julianna b 1/17/1826 SP d 8/8/1902 bur Glade Ref. Cem
YR23952- Emanuel b 9/28/1827 SP single d 6/29/1860 SP of tb
YR23953- Sarah b 2/24/1829 SP m Adam Mast by Bish Abner
Yoder d 7/10/1901 Howard Co,IN
YR23954- John b 10/4/1831 SP single d 12/4/1860 SP
YR23955- Elias b 7/2/1833 SP single d 1883
YR23956- Elizabeth b 5/6/1835 SP m Wolfgang Hoffman
d 6/27/1880 SP (murdered) bur. Cober Cem., Brothers Valley
(According to the Descendants of Barbara Hochstetler family 412,
the following: "Elizabeth Yoder Berlin Pa at death was b. May 6 1835 in Stoney Creek Twp, Somerset Co, Pa. d. Jun 27, 1880- found murdered in her cellar by her husband Wolfgang Hoffman, who claimed she had committed suicide and gave the allarm. The coroners jury found that she came to her death , by someone unknown to them, crushing her skull with her husband's hammer that was found splattered with blood. Her husband was tried for the murder, but was not convicted. There was a general belief that the motive for the murder was the considerable sum of money she had inherited from her father, which he had frequently asked to be given to him, but was refused. She had no children, but he had children from a former marriage. Her husband d. a few years later. Taken from Yoder history.")
YR23957- Fanny b 2/18/1837 SP m Samuel Zerfoss
d 12/19/1874 SP
+YR23958- Joshua b 11/11/1838 SP m c1865 Anna Maria Zerfoss
d 5/12/1889 SP
YR23959- Gertie b 10/26/1840 SP m Pierce Fisher
d 8/1/1910 SP
YR2395a- Magdalena b 2/23/1843 SP d as an infant SP
+YR2395b- Jonas b 6/18/1844 SP m 5/3/1866 Mary Zerfus
d 6/17/1917 SP bur ?Payman Church Cem. Som Twp. (GAR?)

YR23958- Joshua Yoder (11/11/1838 SP Stony Creek Twp-5/12/1889
Somerset,Pa) m Anna Maria Zerfoss (5/5/1840 P-4/10/1895)
(DBH417,Edward H Yoder Cht) (SP70),KSP80)
YR239581- Sarah (2/25/1864-10/6/1864)
+YR239582- John (3/18/1866 SP- 1896 SP) bur St John's cem,
Somerset,Pa m 12/1/1885 SP (h1) Emma C Null (9/16/1866-1/5/1907)
(m2 John J Yoder)(YR233d23 (DBH418) res Boone,Pa
YR239583- Lizzie (12/19/1867 SP- ) m
Charles Musser ( - ) (DBH419) res Boone,Pa
YR239584- Jacob (4/6/1868-4/6/1868 (sic- alive in 1880 age 12)
YR239585- Samuel (9/11/1869-5/31/1876)
YR239586- Edward (1/1/1871-1/1/1871 (sic?-alive in 1880 age 16)
YR239587- Albert (9/18/1873-9/18/1873)
YR239588- Susannah (1/4/1875-5/22/1876)
YR239589- Mary (9/11/1878 P- ) m SP
Norman Shaffer (8/12/1875- ) (DBH420) res Boswell,Pa
Church of God
YR23958a- Ella (Ellen) (12/18/1880 Somerset,P-3/15/1979 Somerset,P)
m 10/25/1896 Somerset,Pa Frantz (Francis) Yoder (YR23972a)
(4/5/1875-7/17/1924) (DBH428) res Somerset,Pa Evangelical
YR23958b- Lavina (1/1/1882 Shanksville,Pa- )
m 12/23/1903 Somerset,Pa James Lape (4/14/1876- )
(DBH435) res Somerset,Pa Evangelical
YR23958c- Annie (recheck DBH) (4/18/1886- ) m
James Morgan ( - )

YR239582- John Yoder (3/18/1866 SP- 1896 SP) bur St John's Cem,
Somerset,Pa m 12/1/1885 SP (h1) Emma C Null (9/16/1866-1/5/1907)
(m2 John J Yoder) (DBH418, Robert F Yoder Cht '87) res Boone,Pa
(1900- SP 3 living with mother)
YR2395821- Annie M. (10/20/1886- )
YR2395822- Mary S. (12/24/1887- )
YR2395823- George H. (3/24/1890-1/_/1968 res Pa) 1900- Bedford,
YR2395824- James Edward (5/11/1893 SP-1/28/1970 Wilmington, Del)
m 3/2/1914 Scalp Level,Pa Dorothy "Dollie" Irene Weyant (6/3/1895-
11/10/1974) (Robert F. Yoder Cht)

YR2395b- Jonas Yoder (6/18/1844 SP Stony Creek Twp-6/17/1917 SP
Friedens) m 5/3/1866 Mary Zerfoss ( 1847 P-7/30/1925)
both bur Rayman Cem, Church of Brethren (DBH445,Elwood Yoder Cht)
YR2395b1- Katie (12/25/1867 Shanksville,Pa-1/11/1933 Coleman,Pa)
bur Friedens Lutheran Cem m John W Pike
(7/30/1861-12/1/1958) (DBH446) Lutheran
YR2395b2- Sarah (6/8/1869 Shanksville,Pa- ) m 6/6/1886
Moses Zefus (?Zerfus) (8/13/1865-5/12/1930)(DBH454) res Somerset,Pa
+YR2395b3- Joseph (11/18/1870 Shanksville,Pa-5/15/1940 SP Stony Creek
Twp) m 11/1/1894 Friedens, Pa Lizzie Boyer ( -3/20/1950)
(DBH457) res Berlin,Pa
YR2395b4- William (2/11/1872 Shanksville,Pa- ) m 3/31/1898
Berlin,Pa Ida Baer (3/15/1872- )(DBH458) res Coleman,Pa
+YR2395b5- Cyrus (9/2/1873 SP Stony Creek Twp- )
m 11/25/1897 Brothers Valley Cora Judy (7/25/1879- )
(DBH459) res Friedens,Pa Brethren
YR2395b6- Julia Ann (2/15/1875 Friedens,Pa- ) m 4/17/1892
George Rayman (12/7/1868- )(DBH461) res Friedens,Pa
YR2395b7- Joshua (6/13/1876-6/22/1877)
+YR2395b8- Samuel J (3/16/1878 Somerset,Pa-12/5/1955) bur Mizpah Cem.
m 6/9/1899 Friedens,Pa Lulu Fritz (3/28/1880-9/16/1951)
(DBH467) res Friedens,Pa Lutheran
YR2395b9- Lizzie (8/13/1879 SP Somerset Twp- ) m 7/4/1897
Rockwood,Pa John H Pyle (9/30/1875- )(DBH471)
res Somerset,Pa, Evangelical
YR2395ba- Hiram (6/30/1882- ) m
Sadie Trent ( - ) (DBH474) res Friedens,Pa
YR2395bb- Mollie (2/10/1885-2/14/1885)
YR2395bc- Cora (1/26/1888 Friedens,Pa- ) m 3/1/
Friedens,Pa Harry Zerfus ( /1877- )(DBH475)
res Friedens,Pa Lutheran
YR2395bd- Harry (9/22/1890 SP Stoney Creek Twp- )
m1 Lizzie Miller ( -10/15/1915) m2 1/5/1918
Susan Albine (1/4/1898- )(DBH478) Lutheran

YR2395b3- Joseph Yoder (11/18/1870 Shanksville,Pa-5/15/1940 SP Stony Creek
Twp,SP ) m 11/1/1894 Friedens, Pa Lizzie Boyer ( -3/20/1950 Stony Creek
Twp, SP) (DBH457,Elwood Yoder Cht '85,SP1900) res Berlin,Pa
YR2395b31- Metta (1/-/1900- )
YR2395b3-Sherman (6/11/1902 Pine Hill, SP-1/19/1959 Stony Creek Twp, SP)
m Mildred Sivits ( -5/18/1959 Stony Creek Twp,SP)

YR2395b5- Cyrus Yoder (9/2/1873 SP Stony Creek Twp- )
m 11/25/1897 Brothers Valley Cora Judy (7/25/1879 Stony Creek Twp,SP- )
(DBH459) res Friedens,Pa Brethren
YR2395b51- Minnie (3/18/1899 Somerset,Pa- ) m. 6/4/1918
Earl Miller (6/26/1896- ) res. Coleman,Pa (DBH460) Lutheran
YR2395b52- Howard Jonas (3/28/1900-9/18/1900)
YR2395b53- Margaret K. (6/2/1910- )

YR2395b8- Samuel J Yoder (3/16/1878 Somerset,Pa-12/5/1955) bur Mizpah
Cem. m 6/9/1899 Friedens,Pa Lulu Belle Fritz (3/28/1880 Shanksville, Pa-
9/16/1951) (DBH467, Elwood Yoder) res Friedens,Pa Lutheran
YR2395b81- Mabel (12/1/1899-1/2/1933 Wellscreek, Pa) m
Samuel Berkybile ( - ) (DBH468)
YR2395b82- Blanche (4/1/1900 Shanksville,Pa- ) m. 12/9/1917
Royal Knepper (10/28/1897- ) res. Markleton, Pa Brethren
YR2395b83- Elsie (9/13/1906 Freidens, Pa- ) m. 9/14/1924 Sipesville, Pa
Ira Bloom (2/12/1905- ) res. Freidens, Pa Lutheran (DBH470)
YR2395b84- Eugene (8/10/1913- )
YR2395b85- Violet (10/1/1916- )
YR2395b86- Gladys (8/13/1918- )
YR2395b87- Bruce L. (12/14/1919- ) m.
Dorothy Leazier (12/1/1922- )
YR2395b88- Robert (9/1/1922- )

YR2397- David Yoder m (h1) Sarah Lehman (11/29/1810 SP- 2/6/1882
SP) d 1/8/1856 SP
YR23971- Barbara b 8/24/1830 SP m 1/7/1847 Daniel Schrock
d 12/21/1877 Aurora, W VA
+YR23972- Tobias b 9/26/1831 SP m Mary Whipkey
d 3/31/1897 69y 6m 24d bur Husband Cem, Som. Twp. SP (GAR?)
+YR23973- Henry b 11/29/1835 SP m Lavinia Keller
d 2/ /1865 Garrett Co, MD
YR23974- Susanaa b 2/13/1837 SP d 5/4/1838 SP
+YR23975- Moses b 4/20/1839 SP m Caroline Garver
d 9/7/1911 SP bur Pike Cem., Brotherton (?GAR)
YR23976- John b 6/15/1841 SP d 8/8/1864 d Civil War
YR23978- Sarah b 5/15/1845 SP m Jacob D Yoder (YR233748)
d 3/2/1914 McPherson Co, KS

DBH 569,574,576

YR23972- Tobias Yoder (9/26/1831 SP-3/3/1914 SP) m 12/25/1853
Mary Whipkey (12/25/1835-4/2/1916) (DBH569,Edward H Yoder Cht)
(SP70,SSP80) Civil War
YR239721- Henry (2/15/1854 SP Stony Creek Twp- )
m Martha Long ( - ) (DBH570)
YR239722- Jacob (5/14/1857 P- )
YR239723- Mary (Elizabeth) (2/16/1860 P- ) m
Frank K Colburn ( - ) (DBH571)
YR239724- Kate (Sarah C) (3/16/1861 SP Stony Creek- )
m John Fisher ( - )(DBH572)
+YR239725- George W (11/10/1865 SP- ) m
Malinda Fry ( - )(DBH573) res Coketown,WV
YR239726- Milton H (1/31/1866 P- )
YR239727- Lucy (8/13/1867-3/5/1868)
YR239728- Ulysses Grant (9/19/1870 P- )
YR239729- Emma (9/5/1873 P-1938) m1 Walter C. Burket ( - )
m2. George W. Burket (brothers) ( - ) Buried St. John's
Cemetery on Patriot Rd., Somerset, SP, Both she and George Burket
are buried at St. John's Cemetery- he also died 1938-info.given by St. John's.(submitted by Ruth Burket, ruth.burket@charter.net Jun 2004)
+YR23972a- Franklin (Francis Tobias) (4/5/1875 P-7/17/1925) m
Ella Yoder (YR23958a) (12/18/1880-3/15/1979)
YR23972b- Susan (6/1/1877 P- ) m
Ed Yoder ( - ) (? maybe YR239586?)
YR23972c- Ida Bell (8/1/1880- ) m
Earl Haupt ( - )

YR239725- George W Yoder (11/10/1865 SP- ) m
Malinda Fry (5/-/1865- )(DBH573) res Coketown,WV
foreman at coal works (1900-Westmoreland Co., E. Hunt. Twp)
YR2397251- Marian (?aka Myra) (3/-/1885- )
YR2397252- Arthur (12/1/1889-4/-/1971 (SSN))
YR2397253- William T. (6/-/1892- )

YR239726- Milton H. Yoder (1/31/1866 P- ) m.
Rose Ann ___ (6/-/1864- ) (1900- SP, Somerset)
YR2397261- Myrtle (4/-/1890- )
YR2397262- son (10/-/1893- )
YR2397263- ----- ( age 4, 1900)

YR23973- Henry Yoder (11/29/1835 SP-2/__/1865 GM Oakland,Md)
m Lavina Keller ( - )(DBH574)
YR239731- Susan ( 1865- ) m
David Bell ( - ) (DBH575) res Somerset,Pa
While looking through an estate file, I found this one piece of paper. I
thought it might help someone. I am saying it is Yoder because that is what
it looks like. But if anyone knows differently, I would appreciate knowing.
File# 67 1866
Petition Sarah Yoder for guardian for Susanna Yoder
23rd April 1866--- Tobias Speicher appointed guardian.

To the Judges of the Orphans Court of Somerset County Penna
The Petition of Sarah Yoder grandmother of Susanna Yoder respectfully that
said Susanna is an orphan, her father Henry Yoder and Mother LivinaYoder
both being dead. She further represents that she is heir to a small estate
and that no person has been appointed by the court and take charge of her
person or estate, and she ?fore asks the appointment of Tobias Speicher as
her guardian and she will (Cannot make out the next three words-Looks like
pay & c) her mark Sarah Yoder
YR23975- Moses Yoder (4/20/1838 SP-9/7/1911 SP bur Pike Cemetery,
Brotherton,Pa) m 3/27/1856 Caroline Garver (2/6/1837 P-7/24/1925)
(DBH574) (SP70,KSP80) res Brotherton,Pa
YR239751- Eliza (11/4/1856-4/10/1926) m 11/4/1878 Harrison Humbert
(7/24/1853-12/31/1924) (DBH577) res Russiaville,I
YR239752- Rosa (2/6/1859-4/29/1924 Berlin,Pa) m 12/27/1874
Phillip Hoffman (7/17/1853-10/6/1901) (DBH581) Dunkard
YR239753- William Lincoln (1/25/1861-12/8/1862)
YR239754- Sarah (6/28/1864 Berlin,Pa- ) m 9/23/1883
Berlin,Pa Alexander Shaulis (5/15/1860- )(DBH601)
Church of God

YR23972a- Franklin (Francis Tobias) (Frantz) Yoder (4/5/1875 P-7/17/1925)
m 10/25/1896 Somerset, Pa Ella Yoder (YR23958a) (12/18/1880 Somerset, Pa-
3/15/1979 Somerset Co., Pa) (1900-SP) Note: Francis Yoder was killed in a hunting accident in 1925 near Edie just outside Somerset, Pa.
(all data updated by dryoder1@aol.com, Apr 2002)
YR23972a1- Edward E. Yoder b 06 13 1897 SP d 02 26 1980 Somerset, Pa.
Never married (at one point we showed Edward E. d. 1/12/1977 SP and m. Ethel Thomas (5/7/1908-8/19/1994)- but this appears in error)
YR23972a2- Gladys V. Yoder (7/13/1899-11/8/1999 both in Somerset, Pa.)
Note: Edward and Gladys never married as they stayed at home their entire life to take care of their brothers and sisters and keep the family together. They did a great job. Also, all the children were born at home in Somerset, Pa.
YR23972a3- Leroy Yoder b 05/28/1901 d 01/20/1902
YR23972a4- Henry (10/23/1902 Somerset, Pa-12/19/1969 in Somerset, Pa
res Pa (SSN)) m 1/27/1932 Somerset, Pa Dorothy Nain(*Nair)
of Somerset, Pa. (5/11/1911- ) res. Somerset, Pa Evangelical (DBH429)
YR23972a5- Oran (3/11/1904 in Somerset, Pa.-4/17/1985 in Somerset, Pa. He was never married.
YR23972a6- Isabelle (8/21/1905 in Somerset, Pa-1/8/1989) m
Edward Pritts ( - ) res. Somerset,Pa (DBH430)
YR23972a7- George Harold (6/10/1907 Somerset,Pa-4/13/2001 in Scottdale, Pa.)
m. 9/18/1928 Cumberland, Md Mabel Mae Horner (7/5/1909 Stoystown, Pa-
5/1/2001 in Scottdale, Pa. pb Stoystown, Pa.) res. Detroit,Mi Grace Evangelical (DBH431)
YR23972a8- Julia (3/17/1909 Somerset, Pa-4/6/1981 Somerset, Pa) m. 5/18/1927
Cumberland, Md Alton Miller (3/6/1904-5/25/1991 Somerset, Pa) res. Somerset, Pa Evangelical (DBH432)
YR23972a9 - Carrie Yoder b 03/17/1909 d 03/27/1909 she was a twin of Julia
YR23972aa- Richard (5/25/1911-6/17/1989 Somerset, Pa) m
Naomi F. Brant (8/6/1918 Somerset, Pa.-5/16/1997 in Somerset, Pa.)
YR23972ab - Louella Yoder b 05/25/1911 d 05/25/1911 she was a twin of Richard YR23972ac- Magdalena (1912- ) m Clarence C. Coddington (....Maryland-
YR23972ad- Wilbur R. (11/29/1913-8/29/1998 Somerset, Pa.) m....
Lula G. Nicklow (1910 Somerset, Pa.- 1993 Somerset, Pa.)
YR23972ae Thelma Yoder b 10 11 1915 d..... m.....to Thomas Griffith b........in Somerset, Pa. d......... res. Somerset, Pa (DBH434)
YR23972af- Irvin (2/2/1917-5/22/1962 Somerset, Pa) m....Mae L. Manges
(1926 in Somerset, Pa.-1966 in Somerset, Pa.)
*YR23972af Irvin b 02 01 1917
YR23972ag- Elwood (4/3/1919- ) m 12 01 1951 in Somerset, Pa. to Rosie Humbert (1/4/1926- )
YR23972ah- Freeman (8/24/1920-11/01/1923) Freeman's mother Ella had to go down to the barn and placed him near the coal stove to keep him warm. The heat was to intense and his blanket caught on fire and burned up before Ella or the kids could put out the fire.
YR23972ai Frances (1/27/1922- ) m ....to Merle Brunner (11/16/1918 in Lavansville, Pa.-1/13/1995 in Somerset, Pa.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
I also have the children for the brothers and sisters listed below. I will send them individually later. YR23972a6 was my father. dryoder1@aol.com, Apr 2002
There are four children not listed on the YNL for YR23972a as follows:
1. Leroy Yoder b 05/28/1901 d 01/20/1902
2. Carrie Yoder b 03/17/1909 d 03/27/1909 she was a twin of Julia YR23972a7.
3. Louella Yoder b 05/25/1911 d 05/25/1911 she was a twin of Richard YR23972a8.
4. Freeman Yoder b 03/24/1920 d 11/01/1923 Freeman's mother Ella had to go down to the barn and placed him near the coal stove to keep him warm. The heat was to intense and his blanket caught on fire and burned up before Ella or the kids could put out the fire.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

YR239a- Joshua Yoder m 10/17/1841 EI Mary Stump (2/14/1814 Ontario
-5/2/1867 EI) d 3/22/1867 EI (Locke,IN)
YR239a1- Susanna b 1/11/1842 d 3/16/1843
YR239a2- Daniel b 2/19/1844 EI d 1/10/1861 EI
+YR239a3- John D b 1/19/1846 EI m 12/20/1868 EI Catherine
Iffert d 5/1/1893 EI (Locke,IN)
YR239a4- Sarah Y b 2/22/1848 EI m 1/2/1866 EI Ludwig Bleile
d 1/17/1927 EI (Nappanee)
+YR239a5- Solomon b 5/2/1850 EI m 3/24/1872 Sarah Ann Michael
d 12/2/1916 EI (Locke)
+YR239a6- Jonathan b 10/29/1852 EI m 8/9/1874 EI Mary Jane
Michael d 9/24/1925 EI (Locke)

DBH 915,908,920

YR239a3- John D Yoder (1/19/1846 EI-5/1/1893 EI Locke) m 12/20/1868
EI Catherine Iffert
(12/6/1843-3/31/1922) (DBH915) (UEI70,EI80)
YR239a31- Elzina (9/16/1869 EI- ) m 9/16/1885
Baker D Hoogeboom (1/30/1862 Holland- ) (DBH916)
res Nappanee,I
YR239a32- Edward (9/2/1878 Nappanee,I- ) m 4/2/1901
Washingtonville,O Anna Davis (11/24/1879- )
(DBH917) res Salem, O
YR239a33- Irvin (11/25/1870 I-11/9/1904)

YR239a5- Solomon Yoder (5/2/1850 EI-12/2/1916 Locke,I) m 3/24/1872 EI
Sarah Ann Michael (9/29/1850 EI-6/11/1938 EI)(DBH908) (UEI80)
YR239a51- Martha Loretta (11/1/1873 near Nappanee,I- )
m 3/4/1908 New Paris,I Joseph A Chamberlin (12/10/1873- )
(DBH909) res Nappanee,I Evangelical
YR239a52- Jennie V (9/26/1875 Nappanee-4/28/1961) m 6/3/1901 Nappanee
Jacob Monroe Long (7/4/1878-7/19/1955) (DBH910) res Goshen,I
YR239a53- Charles I (1/27/1880 Nappanee- ) m 6/3/1903 Bremen,I
Pauline Berger (3/21/1881- )

YR239a6- Jonathan Yoder (10/29/1852 EI-9/24/1925 EI Locke)
m 8/9/1874 EI Mary Jane Michael (8/19/1857 EI-1/23/1936) (DBH920)
YR239a61- Dora May (5/20/1875-2/13/1878)
YR239a62- Lillie (5/6/1881- ) m 9/13/1902 EI Henry Kahler
( - )(DBH921) res Alanson,Mi
YR239a63- Pearl (6/17/1889 Nappanee,I- ) m 3/11/1915 Nappanee
Earl Slabaugh (3/2/1890- ) (DBH922) res Nappanee,I
YR239a64- Mabel A (5/21/1892 Nappanee,I- ) m 8/9/1920 Goshen,I
Glen Yenna (4/3/1890- )(DBH923) res Bremen,I Presbyterian
YR239a65- Wilma (6/9/1899 Nappanee-6/24/1973 Nappanee) m 4/26/1923
Nappanee Truman George (1/11/1900-6/24/1973) (DBH924)

YR239b- Abner Yoder m 11/22/1840 SP Fanny Schrock (4/29/1819-
8/10/1886) d 12/12/1883 JJ Sharon Center,IA (Bishop)
YR239b1- Judith b 2/14/1842 SP m (w1) Jeremiah Kauffman
d 7/20/1880 JJ (Johnson Co,IA)
YR239b2- Susanna b 7/16/1843 SP m 12/22/1865 SP Elias
Kinsinger d 12/23/1926 JJ
YR239b3- Barbara b 4/6/1845 SP m (w2) Jeremiah Kauffman
d 5/17/1927 JJ
YR239b4- Elizabeth b 4/16/1846 SP m 2/20/1870 Sharon Center, IA
Peter Kinsinger d 4/3/1934 JJ
+YR239b5- Ananias b 12/16/1848 SP m 3/2/1871 Susanna Stutzman
d 1/17/1922 IJ (Iowa Co, IA)
+YR239b6- Moses A b 2/27/1851 SP m 1/31/1881 near Kalona
(h2) Magdalena Plank d 3/24/1926 IJ (Parnell)
+YR239b7- Peter S b 4/26/1853 SP m 1/26/1882 JJ Sarah Miller
d 12/2/1926 JJ (appears in WJ death records)
+YR239b8- Gideon b 4/2/1855 (or 10/2/55) SP m 12/22/1878 JJ
Magdalena Miller d 1/1/1934 JJ
YR239b9- Salome b 1/28/1858 SP m 11/30/1884 Sharon Center, IA
Samuel M Bender d 7/19/1948 IJ
YR239ba- Veronica A b 6/31/1861 SP m 1/20/1889 Jacob J Christner
d 1/5/1929 JJ
+YR239bb- John A b 6/17/1864 SP m Jeanette Weeber d 1937 JJ
YR239bc- Abner C b 10/28/1866 JJ d 7/4/1937 JJ

DBH 961,979,987,991,1004

YR239b5- Ananias Yoder (12/16/1848 SP Shanksville-1/17/1922 IJ
Parnell) m 3/2/1871 Susanna Stutzman (ST8b6) (1/18/1850 CP near
Shanksville-1/31/1935 IJ) (DBH961,DBH15518, McCarter Cem Book)
(GIJ80) Amish
YR239b51- Katie (12/10/1871 Sharon Center,Ia-4/25/1947) m 11/24/1892
Upper Deer Creek Church,near Wellman John A Swartzendruber
(12/27/1869-12/24/1951) (DBH962) res Parnell,Ia Mennonite
YR239b52- John A (10/15/1873-9/12/1950) m 12/15/1897 Mary Martin
(2/20/1879-9/30/1950) (DBH966) res Parnell,I
YR239b53- Yost A (9/10/1875 Parnell-3/17/1944) m 2/10/1902
Josephine McArthur (6/1/1882- )(DBH967) res Wellman,I
YR239b54- Fanny (1/23/1878 Parnell-5/16/1897 Parnell) m 1896
David Cross ( 1860- ) (DBH969)(per Rachel Kreider-
"My notes say that Fannie eloped with the well-driller. She came home
not long afterward and soon died of t.b. She was buried in the West
Union Cemetery--alone--There is no David Cross there. She died May
16,1897 at 19-3-27. The cem record says only who her parents were and
whom she married."--eloped when she was 18 and he was 36)
(per- Joe Frederick Family <fredfamofsd@yahoo.com>
--- "David "Sherman" Cross for your tree...we heard that he died of an abcessed
tooth but many of the relatives did not even know he existed...I found out
through his dad's civil war records"-ejfred in south dakota)
YR239b55- Mary (12/20/1879 Parnell-6/28/1958) m 11/2/1897
Samuel S Fisher (2/17/1873-2/12/1960) (DBH970) res Parnell
YR239b56- Henry A (2/23/1882 Iowa Co,Ia-8/19/1971 WJ Kalona,Ia)
m 11/28/1907 Audrain Co,Mo Barbara Guengerich (1/18/1883-
7/1/1973 WJ) (DBH976) res Parnell, Mennonite
YR239b57- Artemus A (7/7/1884 Parnell-8/23/1960 Parnell) m 1/18/1912
Ella Eash (2/27/1887- ) (DBH977) res Parnell, Mennonite
YR239b58- Eliza (9/8/1886 Parnell- 1952) m
John Martin (8/17/1881- ) (DBH3727) res Parnell
YR239b59- Melvin A (7/12/1890 Parnell-12/14/1953 WJ) m 7/17/1918
Washington,Ia Tresa Testroet (5/18/1895-10/13/1978 WJ)(DBH978)

YR239b6- Moses A Yoder (2/27/1851 SP- 3/24/1926 IJ,Parnell, of heart
trouble, bur, Upper deer Creek Cem.) m 1/31 or 30/1881 near Kalona (h2)
Magdalena Plank (10/2/1862 JJ-7/4/1960 Parnell,Ia) Con. Am. Menn.
(DBH979, 1900-IJ, Jeannine Janzen Cht '88, Ruth Yoder Cht '87)
YR239b61- Harvey (2/12/1882 Wellman, Ia-3/21/1966) m 10/20/1904 West
Union, Iowa Barbara Miller (9/21/1880-1/4/1977) res. Wellman, Ia Mennonite
YR239b62- William (12/11/1883 Ia-3/15/1962) m 3/15/1962 Lovina Edith Yoder
(3/_/1884-5/7/1933) res. Parnell,Ia (DBH981)
YR239b63- John M. (4/18/1886 Wellman, Ia-12/13/1976 Phoenix, Az)
m 11/1/1914 Centralia, Mo Nancy Gingerich (9/4/1890 JJ-3/25/1985 Az)
res. Parnell,Ia Mennonite (DBH982, J.Janzen & Ruth Yoder Chts))
YR239b64- Sarah Ellen (3/24/1889-5/21/1889 whooping cough)
YR239b65- Emery (10/21/1890 Ia-9/8/1969 res Ia (SSN)) m. Johnson Co,Ia
Vertie Gingerich (1/31/1895-6/1/1969) res. Kalona,Ia Mennonite (DBH983)
YR239b66- Joseph M. (8/29/1893 Parnell,Ia-5/25/1973) m1. 9/2/1914 Ella
Miller (5/14/1892-1/9/1968) m2. 3/11/1972 Mabel Hershberger Swartzebtruber
(12/19/1904-4/16/1983) res. Parnell,Ia Mennonite (DBH984)
YR239b67- Kores (2/1/1897 Iowa Co,Ia-3/20/1986 res Ia (SSN)) M. 8/6/1925
Sadie King (1/3/1902- ) res. Wellman,Ia Mennonite (DBH985)
YR239b68- Ida (6/23/1900 Parnell,Ia-6/3/1971) m. 9/29/1926 Parnell,Ia w1
Leroy Bender (12/8/1902-11/13/1987) res. Parnell, Ia Mennonite (DBH3714)
YR239b69- Francis (3/14/1903 Parnell, Ia-10/2/1991 Hesston,Ks) m. 3/30/1929
Harper, Ks Dorothy Stutzman (10/8/1910- ) res. Wellman,Ia Mennonite

YR239b7- Peter S. Yoder (4/26/1853 SP-12/2/1926 JJ (appears in WJ death
records)) m 1/26/1882 JJ Sarah Miller (4/20/1860 HO-2/16/1941) res. Kalona,I
Mennonite (DBH987,1900-IJ)
YR239b71- Joseph P. 11/12/1882-8/14/1905)
YR239b72- John P. (5/19/1885 Wellman, Ia-4/19/1975) m1. 10/25/1914
Ida Kropf (10/26/1893-3/21/1918) m2. 12/4/1921 Harrisburg, Or Clara Kropf
(11/13/1887-8/12/1959) res. Harrisburg, Or Mennonite bishop (DBH988)
YR239b73- Alvin M. (9/11/1890 Wellman, Ia-5/9/1960) m1. 1/19/1922
Almeda Slaubaugh (3/24/1897-2/25/1939) m2. 6/26/1941 Ella Slaubaugh
(6/5/1898-4/8/1979) res. Wellman, Ia (DBH989)
YR239b74- Marion L. (4/16/1893 Wellman,Ia-12/8/1986) m. 11/16/1919
Bertha Swartzendruber (8/16/1897-11/26/1968) res. Wellman, Ia Mennonite
YR239b75- Mary Amy (4/16/1893 Wellman,Ia-8/11/1984) m. 12/5/1920
Melvin F. Miller (10/22/1897-11/21/1961) res. Wellman,Ia Mennonite
YR239b76- Ora P. (12/12/1895 JJ-4/2/1975 Wellman, Ia ) m
Ida Fern Gingerich (10/26/1905-4/7/1991) Mennonite

YR239b8- Gideon Yoder (10/2/1855 SP-1/1/1934 JJ) m 12/22/1878 JJ
Magdalena Miller (ML223143-)(8/12/1856 HO-7/9/1934) (DBH991,
Lonnie Yoder Cht) (SJJ80) Bishop, Conservative Amish Mennonite
YR239b81- Abner G (10/4/1879 Iowa City,I-7/6/1942) m 12/4/1902 Parnell
Mary Gingerich (7/17/1881-4/25/1960) (DBH992) res Parnell
YR239b82- Arthur G (12/19/1883 near Sharon Center,Ia-1/2/1980)
m1 12/12/1909 Lydia Swartzendruber (12/24/1887-2/21/1914)
m2 9/23/1923 near Wellman,Ia Esther Miller (3/15/1883-11/21/1967 WJ)
(DBH995) res Wellman,Ia, Mennonite
YR239b83- David G (12/5/1893 Kalona,Ia-9/18/1990 Kalona,Ia)
m 2/18/1917 Nettie Gingerich (1/17/1894-12/15/1980 WJ) (DBH996)
res Kalona,Ia Mennonite
YR239b84- Willis G (11/10/1900 Wellman,Ia-9/14/1986 Wellman,Ia)
m 10/1/1922 Wellman,Ia Lizzie Anna (Elizabeth) Bender
(1/17/1902- ) (DBH997) Conservative Amish Mennonite

YR239bb- John A Yoder (6/17/1864 near Shanesville, SP-1937 IJ) m
Jeanette (Nettie E.) Weeber (3/_/1870 Ia- 1954) res. Iowa City, Ia
(DBH1004, 1900-WJ)
YR239bb1- Marguerite (3/_/1896 Ia- ) m1
Howard K. Stewart ( - ) m2 John Knapp ( - )
YR239bb2- Ada (5/_/1900 Ia- ) m Robert Hicks ( - )
YR239bb3- Gertrude ( - ) m Forman Gay ( - )

YR239e- Benedict Yoder m 4/24/1842 Sarah Miller (11/20/1825-
5/30/1900) d 5/20/1910 92y 10m 0d both bur Listie Cem. SP
+YR239e1- Samuel B b 5/15/1843 SP
+YR239e2- Daniel M b 5/2/1845 SP m 2/2/1869 N. Liberty, IA
Maggie Yutzy d
+YR239e3- Cornelius Charles b 9/23/1846 SP moved to Iowa City
4/1/1869 m 9/7/1873 Amish IA Margaret Palmer d 5/6/1930 JJ
YR239e4- John M b 11/22/1847 SP single d 1/12/1894 (killed
by a train, Iowa City,IA)
YR239e5- Mary B b 11/21/1849 SP "at home 1906" res. Listie
+YR239e6- Simon T b 5/3/1851 SP m1 1/31/1871 Hattie E Rhoades
m2 1/21/1908 Anna B Northouse d JJ
+YR239e7- Joseph H b 9/6/1852 SP m 6/9/1881 Council Bluffs,IA
Tina Shaft d res Los Angeles
YR239e8- Sarah b 3/12/1854 SP m 6/26/1874 Davidsville, PA
(h2) Valentine Lehman d 10/13/1915 SP
YR239e9- Nancy A b 5/1/1856 SP m 6/30/1877 McPherson, KS
Hiram Rhoades
YR239ea- Gertrude b 12/19/1857 SP single "at home 1906"
d 5/26/1923 SP bur. Listie Cem.
+YR239eb- Ezra L b 8/20/1860 SP m 5/31/1882 Hooverville,PA
Jennie Bowman d 3/28/1931 EJ (West Branch, IA)
YR239ec- Katie A b 4/30/1862 SP m 7/7/1885 Berlin, PA
Ellsworth Mostoller d 4/16/1920 SP
YR239ed- Florence b 5/4/1869 m George Mostoller res Listie
YR239ee- a daughter b d two weeks of age

YR239e1- Samuel B Yoder (5/15/1843 SP Stoney Creek Twp-4/27/1920 SP,
Friedens) m 6/8/1865 Catherine Mummau (MM25)(5/15/1843-7/7/1918)
(DJH3640,DBH1006)(QSP70/80) Farmer,Mennonite, GAR (twice wounded
at Gettysburg)
YR239e11- Lizzie (Eliza) (1/14/1866 P-9/31/1919 cancer) m 7/1/1886
Alexander Hunter ( - ) res Shanksville,Pa
YR239e12- Sadie (Sarah) (3/2/1869-7/31/1922) m 12/6/1888
E L Coleman ( - ) res Shanksville (DBH1010)
YR239e13- Margaret (12/13/1871-10/29/1882)
+YR239e14- Harvey G (10/12/1874- 1958) m1 6/27/1895
Emma Walker (7/19/1870 Berlin,Pa-12/14/1899) m2 6/5/1902
Abbie Miller ( - )(DBH1011) res
YR239e15- John H (1/25/1879-10/25/1882)
YR239e16- Annie K (3/11/1881-10/27/1882)

YR239e14- Harvey G. Yoder (10/12/1874- 1958) m1 6/29/1895
Hooversville,Pa Emma Walker (7/19/1870 Berlin,Pa-12/14(or13?)/1899)
m2 6/5/1902 Abbie Miller ( - )(DBH1011) res Friedens,Pa
(1900-SP, Stony Creek twp)
YR239e141- Fred W. (10/3/1895 Pugh, Pa-5/_/1979 res Pa (SSN)) m. 1/14/1917
Somerset,Pa Carrie Adams (9/3/1898- ) res. Somerset, Pa Lutheran
YR239e142- Russell (12/16/1899(or98) near Pugh, Pa- 11/_/1967 res Oh (SSN))
m 4/14/1920 Cumberland, Md Luella Flamm (7/18/1901-8/_/1987 res Oh
(SSN)) res. Friedens, Pa Reformed (DBH1013)
YR239e14---adopted George W Sterner (4/4/1911- )

YR239e2- Daniel M Yoder (5/2/1845 SP- ) m 2/3/1869
N Liberty, JJ Maggie Yutzy (YZ4a) ( ca1849 GM-3/26/1930)
(DJH3645,DBH1014) (QSP70,UWK80) M.E. Church
YR239e21- Flora (4/18/1871 JJ Windham-1/29/1915 Peabody,Ks)
m 12/19/1900 Haddam,Ks Wm O Dickerson ( - )
(DBH1015) res Haddam,Ks
YR239e22- Bertha (4/20/1872 JJ near Windham- )
m 11/15/1899 Haddam,Ks L N Rosamond ( - )
(DBH1016) res Haddam,Ks

YR239e3- Cornelius Charles Yoder (9/23/1846 SP near Somerset-5/6/1930
WJ Kalona) m 9/7/1873 Amish,Ia Margaret Palmer (6/20/1848 O-
1934) (DBH1017)(WJJ80) Methodist
YR239e31- infant son
YR239e32- Ray Wheeler (2/10/1877 near Amish,Ia- )
m 6/1/1910 Iowa City,Ia Mary Lucile Branson (10/10/1879-
11/11/1924) (DBH1018) res Iowa City,Ia Methodist
(Ray was remarried to a Jeanette in the 1930 census)

YR239e6-Simon Timothy Yoder "ST" (5/3/1851 SP-6/21/1941 Washington,WK)
m1 1/26/1871 Harriet (Hattie) E Rhoades (5/14/1850 P-11/23/1884 WK,
Haddam) m2 1/21/1908 Anna B Northouse (1/3/1868-2/24/1941)
(DBH1019,Cynthia Yoder Stevens Cht) (IJJ80)
YR239e61- Ora May (3/31/1873 SP near Somerset- abt 1966 Washington,Ks)
m1 10/14/1897 Ralph E S Penny ( -11/9/1904) m2 6/10/1926
Bartlesville,Ok O J Wood (8/10/1853-10/18/1932) (DBH1020)
res Topeka,Ks
YR239e62- Charles Wilson (1/23/1876 Iowa City,Ia-11/2/1943 Narka,
Republic Co,Ks) m 11/18/1903 Haddam,Ks Stella Ochiltree
(8/26/1880- ) (DBH1023) res Narka,Ks Methodist
YR239e63- Vida Bess (7/12/1881 Iowa City,Ia-3/26/1963 Washington,Ks)
m 7/19/1905 Washington,Ks Ora Hughes Smith ("Uncle Orig")
(1/31/1878-5/8/1962 Washington,Ks) (DBH1024) First Methodist
YR239e64- Frank Arthur (5/1/1883 Iowa City,Ia-10/23/1955 Wichita,
Sedgwick Co,Ks) m 6/28/1911 Washington, Ks Bess Viola Smith
YR239e65- child ( -6/6/18"77" Iowa City,JJ-correction
annotated in ST Yoder copy of DJH)
(Sarah Grace 5/4/1887-6/6/1887)

YR239e7- Joseph H. Yoder (9/6/1852 SP- ) m 6/9/1881 Council Bluffs,IA
Septima (Tina) Ida Shaft (4/10/1856-9/26/1922) res Los Angeles, Ca M.E. Church (DBH1025)
YR239e71- Roy Benedict (11/29/1885 Minden,Ia- 12/1/1918 Long Beach, Ca) m. 12/3/1908
1st Methodist Ch., St.Louis, Mo Laura E. Totten ( - ) medical doctor
YR239e72- Earl H. (6/13/1889- ) m Rose ?___ ( - ) res Los Angeles,Ca

YR239eb- Ezra L Yoder ( 8/20/1860 Somerset, SP-3/28/1931 EJ (West Branch,
IA)) m 5/31/1882 Hooverville,PA Jennie Bowman (9/_/1862 Pa-1/15/1935)
Methodist, traveling salesman and postmaster (DBH1055, 1900-JJ)
YR239eb1- Ledger Clyde (11/17/1883 Hooverville,Pa-12/_/1966 res Ia (SSN))
m 6/5/1905 Margaret Ann Jones ( - ) res. Iowa City, Ia
Congregational (DBH1056)
YR239eb2- Otho Otis (4/4/1895 Ia- ) m. 6/4/1919 West Branch,Ia
Helen Margaret Hoover (11/23/1895- ) (daughter of George C. Hoover of
Washington, DC and Ruth E. Darone, cousin of President Herbert Hoover)
(Otho and Helen had daughters- Mildred Helen (10/28/1923) and Margaret Ann
(10/21/1932)) res. West Branch, Ia Methodist

YR23b- Solomon Yoder m Barbara Miller (1/12/1774-11/1/1858 EI)
d 2/16/1868 EI age 91y 10m 25d both bur Elkhart Prarie Cem
YR23b1- Susanna b c1798 SP m (w2) Michael Yoder (YR1626)
d by 1868 EI
+YR23b2- Yost b 3/16/1800 SP
+YR23b3- Joseph b 7/26/1801 SP
+YR23b4- Peter b 9/22/1804 SP
YR23b5- Leah b 1807 SP m Peter Blough
d 3/6/1833 WO
YR23b6- Elizabeth b 1809 SP m John Blough d 1875 EI
YR23b7- Rachel b 6/23/1810 SP m Jacob Yoder (YR23442)
d 2/24/1894 EI Goshen
+YR23b8- Adam b 5/22/1812 SP

YR23b2- Yost Yoder m Rachel Yoder (YR1627) (5/11/1810 SP-3/9/1871
WO) d 10/13/1878
YR23b21- Veronica b 7/15/1825 WO m Isreal Yoder (YR12538)
d 10/25/1905 WO Bur Oak Grove Menn. Church
+YR23b22- Gideon b 9/6/1829 m Sarah Harman d 4/3/1909 WO
Bur Oak Grove Menn. Church
YR23b23- Solomon S b 5/20/1832 WO single d 1/22/1917 WO
Bur Oak Grove Menn. Church GH Obit
YR23b24- John Y b 6/17/1839 WO single d 6/26/1890 WO
Bur Oak Grove Menn. Church

YR23b22- Gideon Yoder (9/6/1828 WO-4/3/1909 WO) m
Sarah Harmon ( c1837- )(GWO60/70,UEI80)
Gideon bur Oak Grove Menn. Cem., WO
YR23b221- "a barber in Warwick, Va"- per Rachel Kreider
YR23b222- Lydia (8/10/1863-5/22/1944) m 1/25/1887
Samuel H Glick (10/12/1862-5/17/1920) moved to Oyster Point,Va
YR23b223- Minerva ( c1866- ) m 12/13/1887
Menno Glick (cousin of Samuel) (11/15/1863-4/10/1940)
moved to Oyster Point,VA
YR23b224- "infant of G & S" d. 3/13/1871 age 1m 5d
YR23b225- Ella b. 6/29/1874 (per WO b. records)

YR23b3- Joseph Yoder m 11/5/1833 WO Maria Fordemwalt (3/26/1811
Alsace, FR- 5/18/1897 WO) d 5/1/1886 Milton Twp WO
(all children b Smithville)
+YR23b31- Emanuel F b 9/11/1834 WO
YR23b32- Anna E b 5/29/1826 WO m 10/25/1860 John C King
d 3/28/1915 CZ
YR23b33- Barbara b 12/10/1837 WO m 7/2/1859 Joseph Eshleman
d 12/28/1886
YR23b34- Joseph R b 1/26/1840 WO single d 1/28/1863 Civil War
YR23b35- Maria A b 8/28/1842 WO single d 12/28/1900
+YR23b36- Henry S b 9/16/1844 WO m1 Susanna Frase m2 (h2) Mary
Stence d 3/9/1922 EI
YR23b37- Catherine b 8/29/1846 WO m 1872 Peter Stahly
d 6/16/1877 EI
YR23b38- Fanny b 2/5/1849 WO m 11/3/1878 Peter Stahly
d 2/5/1923 EI
YR23b39- Solomon b 12/11/1851 WO d 1854 WO
YR23b3a- Susan M b 7/24/1854 WO single d 12/5/1936 WO

YR23b31- Emanuel F Yoder (9/11/1834 WO Smithville-5/9/1925 Spokane,Wa)
m 8/7/1862 Smithville WO Lydia A Feightner (10/22/1842 WO
Smithville- ) bur Fairmont Cem,Spokane,Wa
YR23b311- Erastus B (1/19/1865 Smithville WO-8/27/1866)
YR23b312- Cynthia A (11/30/1866 Bryan, Williams Co,OH-12/11/1870)
YR23b313- Henry M (10/31/1870 Bryan-8/3/1871)
YR23b314- Abner C (5/1/1872 Bryan-8/27/1960) m1
Agnes Lavigne ( - ) m2
Valeria McGrady ( - )
YR23b315- Beatrice (1/29/1875 Bryan, O-6/23/1958 Duluth, Mn) m
W A Everton ( - )
(Scott D. Craigie <sdcraigie@aol.com> Hastings , MN -4/99)
YR23b316- Infant (11/22/1876 Defiance, OH- )

YR23b36- Henry M Yoder (9/16/1844-3/9/1922 WO) m1 9/12/1868 St
Michael's Evangelical Lutheran Church Susanna Frase ( -
) m2 Mary Stence Metzger( 1861- 1935)
adopted 4 children, res Petosky, Mich (Henry and mar both bur.
East Chippewa Ch. of Brethren, Green Twp., WO)

YR23b4- Peter Yoder b 9/22/1804 SP m 11/18/1827 Fannie Blough (9/26/1808
SP -1/10/1855 WO) d 10/29/1849 WO
YR23b41- Susanna b 4/13/1829 WO m1 Daniel Egli m2 12/24/1861
Joseph C Yoder (h2) (YR23445) m3 10/18/1870 Samuel Hooley
+YR23b42- David P b 11/12/1830 WO
YR23b43- Polly (Mary) b 11/9/1832 WO m Jacob P Hooley
d 12/8/1880 LI
+YR23b44- John B b 9/11/1834 WO m 9/19/1856 Tazwell Co,IL
Elizabeth King d 1/10/1904 Morton, IL
+YR23b45- Solomon b 7/15/1836 WO m 12/12/1861 Elizabeth Stutzman
d 4/18/1914 LI
YR23b46- Fanny b 8/21/1838 WO m Samuel King d 12/7/1894
YR23b47- Catherine b 2/3/1841 WO m ? 5/24/1859 EI Jacob D Yoder
(YR16241) (w2) d 2/4/1892
YR23b48- Elizabeth b 8/4/1843 WO m 9/11/1873 Cedar Co, Mo
(w2) Samuel Stutzman d 6/7/1885 LI
+YR23b49- Yost D b 4/15/1846 WO m Sophia Yoder (YR125616)
d 3/27/1915 LI
YR23b4a- Sarah b 9/23/1848 WO m Jonas Smucker d 1/28/1889 WO

YR23b42- David P Yoder (11/12/1830 WO near Smithville-9/7/1923 WO West
Liberty age 92y 9m 25d ) m 4/27/1854 WO Barbara Zook (ZK21153)
(8/2/1832- 5/5/1904 near Wooster,OH) (Iva Plank notes) (WWO60/70)
YR23421- Hiram David (4/9/1855 O-12/7/1893) (hunchback)
bur. Oak Grove Menn Cem
YR23422- Sarah E (11/18/1856-6/19/1919 age 62y 7m 11d)
YR23423- Mary Ann (5/29/1859-11/28/1934) m 2/6/1879 Christian K
Hartzler (7/11/1852-1/7/1938) (HHH5659) res W Liberty, O,
Amish Mennonite
YR23424- Fanny C (1/5/1866-11/27/1897) age 31y 10m 22d
bur. Oak Grove Menn Cem m w1 Henry C Yoder ( - ) ni

YR23b44- John B Yoder (9/11/1834 WO-1/10/1904 Morton,Il) m 9/19/1856
Morton, Tazewell Co,Il Elizabeth King (KGB14) (7/20/1839 WO-
2/18/1912 Morton,Il) (Janel Rusk Cht,Lissa K Thompson Cht, Shirley
Huette Cht) (TTL80) 13 ch all b. Tazwell Co,Il
YR23b441- Sarilda (8/1/1856 Il-6/20/193-) m
Hiram Fortna ( - )
YR23b442- Julia Ann (2/28/1858 Il-11/24/1935) m
Charles Huette ( - )
+YR23b443- Samuel P (11/3/1859 Morton,Il-4/25/1928 Fairbury,Il)
m 8/12/1883 Morton,Il Mary Naffziger (3/16/1861 Ia-3/10/1945)
(1920- Fairbury, Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b444- Fannie (11/19/1861 Morton,Il-12/13/1946 Morton,Il)
m 2/7/1886 Morton,Il John Huette (11/17/1862-1/7/1936)
YR23b445- Peter S (11/13/1863 Il-4/10/1870)
+YR23b446- William (10/10/1865 Il-4/7/1951) m 12/__/1889
Marie Schreider (c1865 Gy- )
(1920- Mercer Co, Il)
YR23b447- Daniel (12/12/1867Il-4/2/1870)
+YR23b448- Christian (2/7or8/1870 Il-11/12/1911) m
Louisa Mosiman ( - )
YR23b449- Lydia (1/4/1872 Il-3/13/1913) m
Christian Moser ( - )
+YR23b44a- John King (2/12/1874 Tazewell Co,Il-8/28/1913 Morton,Il)
m 6/20/1899 Trenton,O Alma Augspurger (5/25/1877-12/5/1962)
YR23b44b- Emma (4/14/1876 Il-11/3/1868)
YR23b44c- Edward (7/19/1878 Il-7/7/1949) m
Anna Kaufman ( - )
YR23b44d- Joseph (11/2/1879-1/3 or 31/1892)

YR23b443- Samuel P. Yoder (11/3/1859 Morton,Il-4/25/1928 Fairbury,Il)
m 8/12/1883 Morton,Il Mary Naffziger (3/16/1861Pulaski, Ia-3/10/1945 Fairbury,
Il) (Samuel P. Yoder Family, Lissa K. Yoder Cht '84)
(1920- Fairbury, Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b4431- Katherine (8/30/1884 Morton, Il Tazwell Co-12/30/1945)
YR23b4432- John J. (12/4/1885 Morton,Il-11/25/1965) m. 12/6/1916
Golda Harp (c1893 Ks- ) (1920-Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b4433- William H. (11/21/1887 Morton,Il-5/14/1958 Fairbury,Il)
m 1/23/1915 Fairbury, Il Marion Claire Goodale (10/2/1894-4/11/1972)
(Lissa K. Thompson Cht)(1920- Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b4434- Daniel E. (12/13/1889, Morton,Il-10/4/1972) m. 3/19/1913
Windsor, Ontario Besie Bollier (c1894? Il- ) carpenter
(1920-Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b4435- Edward D. (4/11/1892 Forrest, IL, Livingston,Il- 9/30/1974)
m 1/21/1914 Gesena Eilts (c1896 Il - )
(1920- Fairbury, Livingston Co, Il)
YR23b4436- Samuel (11/29/1893 Forrest, Il-10/6/1896 Livingston Co,Il)
YR23b4437- Christian L. (11/10/1895 Forrest,Il-5/28/1983) m. 10/10/1921
Kelsie Helen Goodale ( - d. at 55yrs )
YR23b4438- Elizabeth (11/24/1897-8/26/1976 Meadows,Il)
YR23b4439- Lydia (2/23/1900-3/8/1900)

YR23b446- William John Yoder (10/10/1865 Tremont, Tazewell Co.,Il-
4/17/1951Peoria, Ill.) m 12/25/1889 Morton, Tazewell Co. Ill.
Marie Schreider (9/3/1864 Wurtemburg,Gy-4/28/1932 Peoria,Il)
(dau. of Christian Ivann Schreiber and Rosina Caroline Hokl).
both bur. Christian Apostolic Cem., Forrest, Il.
(Samuel P. Yoder Fam. )(1920 Mercer Co, Il)
(13 children, 3 boys, 7 girls lived (1 set twins, 1 baby stillborn))
YR23b4461- CAROLINE (CARRIE) b. Mar. 09, 1891 Fairbury, Ill.
d. Nov 27,1968 Muscatine, Ia. m. Sept. 06, 1919 Eliza, Illinois to
JOSEPH LESTER SCHROCK b. April 30, 1896 Deer Creek, Ill.
d. Sept. 24, 1986 Muscatine, Iowa (in the Yoder Newsletter - Issue #21
p. 1 it mentions their great-grand-daughter Miss Iowa, CATHERINE
ANN LEMKAU of Muscatine, who was first runner-up in the Miss
America competition.) They had 7 children.
YR23b4462- RUTH b. Sept. 28, 1892 Fairbury, Ill. d. Dec. 09, 1988
Peoria, Ill. Never Married.
YR23b4463-ROSINA (ROSE) b. Nov. 2 1893 Fairbury, Ill. d. May 12, 1969
Peoria, Ill. m Dec. 21, 1918 Ill. to DAVID AUGUST HOERR b. Oct. 16, 1897
Ill. d. Apr. 11, 1972 Peoria, Ill. They had 12 children.
YR23b4464- EDNA WILHELMINA b. March 17, 1895 Fairbury, Ill. d. March
12, 1916 Near Eliza, Ill. Never Married.
YR23b4465- HENRY I b. 1896 Fairbury, Ill. d. 1898 Fairbury, Ill
YR23b4466- HENRY II b. 1897 Fairbury, Ill. d. 1900 Fairbury, Ill.
YR23b4467- MARIE b. 1900 Fairbury, Ill. d. 1900 Fairbury, Ill.
YR23b4468- FRED (FRITZ) b. Sept 16, 1901 Fairbury, Ill. d. June 01, 1994
Muscatine, Ia. m. October 01, 1924 Muscatine, Ia. to PHOEBE MARGARET
JOHNSON b. June 14, 1903 Ill. d. Apr. 19, 1970 Muscatine, Iowa dau. of
CHARLES MARION JOHNSON and ANNA FUHR. They had one daughter.
YR23b4469- NAOMI b. May 01, 1903 Fairbury, Ill. d. December 31, 1993
Muscatine, Ia. m. Sept. 28, 1921 Eureka, Ill. to HARVEY CHARLES JOHNSON
b. Aug. 28, 1895 Ill. d. Jan. 26, 1976 Wapello, Iowa son of CHARLES MARION
JOHNSON and ANNA FUHR. They had four daughters.
YR23b446a- TWIN YODERS b. 1904 Fairbury, Ill d. 1904 Fairbury, Ill.
YR23b446b- BABY YODER b. 1905 Fairbury, Ill. d. 1905 Fairbury, Ill.
YR23b446c- BERTHA b. Feb. 02, 1906 Fairbury, Ill d. May 18, 1997 West
Plains, Mo. m. Dec. 18, 1928 Muscatine, Ia. to GILBERT N. REED b. Jan 09,
1906 Grandview, Ia. d. Nov. 14, 1972 West Plains, Mo. They had four sons.
YR23b446d- ERNEST WILLIAM b. Nov. 25, 1907 Fairbury, Ill. d. October
27, 1970 Golden Colo. m. Apr. 11, 1933 Ill. to HELEN SELMAN b. Mar 15, 1909 d.
Jan. 11, 1984 Golden Colo. Adopted twin sons.
data from Kaye Strause--8/1/99:
William John Yoder as remembered by Naomi Yoder
Johnson------ William John Yoder, my father, was born in Tremont, Tazewell
County, Illinois, on October 10, 1865 and died April 17, 1951. He married
Maria Schreiber on December 25, 1899. Both he and my mother are buried in
the Christian Apostolic Cemetery in Forrest, Illinois. My mother was born
in Wurtemberg, Germany on September 03, 1864 and died April 28, 1932.
My father was a kind and religious man. He loved all his brothers and
sisters and made many trips to Morton and Tremont, Illinois to visit them.
There were 13 children in our family 3 boys 7 girls and 1 set of twins and
1 baby that was stillborn that I do not know the sex of. I was the ninth
child born, and I am now 82 years old as of May 01, 1985.
Our father started farming on a small acreage farm near Wing, Illinois,
where several of our family was born, then he decided to move to Forrest,
Illinois, and worked with our Uncle, William Schlipf, who had a blacksmith
shop. My folks lived in a small house in the then southern part of
Forrest, where I was born. When I was a baby, Father decided he wanted to farm
again, so he rented a fam one mile south and 1 1/2 miles east of Fairbury,
Illinois, where we lived until I was 12 years old. Then we moved to a
farm in the western part of Illiinois, close to the Mississippi River, near the
small town of Eliza, Illinois, where we lived for 5 years. We were close
to the church. We had to go to New Boston, Illinois, twenty-two miles, with
a horse and buggy. Dad bought a Ford car in 1915. He was afraid to drive,
so as soon as I was old enough, my brother Fred and I took turns going to
church and taking as many as we could pile in. We attended the German
Apostolic Church as long as I can remember, Father always led in the
singing, as there were no organs or pianos in the church, he had a
beautiful voice. Only having an older brother I was always with Dad helping
with the milking, working in the fields and following him where ever he went.
I always liked working with Father, my older sisters helped our mother with
the house work.
Mother loved her garden and flowers and was so proud of them. Mother
died at the age of 68 in their home at Peoria, Illinois. Father lived
with our sister Ruth until he passed away. Dad and Mother moved to Peoria in
December, 1928. My Father always had a beard until the last few years he
lived. He did so enjoy his life, even if we didn't have much money. He
was a wonderful and pleasant person, as were all his sisters, we loved them
>>Chris, I knew all of my grandmothers brothers and sisters and I have all
of the family information about them, their grandchildren, great-grandchildren
and so on. I, also, have pictures of most of them.
(Kaye Strause, lkstraus@muscanet.com)
A note from James Dee Yoder- Dec.2001
"YR23b446, William John Yoder listed as having 13 children-3b & 7g+twins +
baby (didn_t the twins/baby have a sex?) My mother-in-law had two sets of
twins (&FYI, both sets born Oct 10th 14 yrs. apart), a set of triplets, two
still borns, and nine single live births and we_ve all been able to tell
what sex everybody is/was. (ha ha)"

YR23b448- Christian Yoder (2/7or8/1870 Il-11/12/1911) m
Louisa Mosiman ( - ) (Louisa served as a matron in the girl's dorm at Bluffton
College -as a widow) (Samuel P. Yoder Family) "sickly, ran implement business
in Gibson City)
YR23b4481- had two babies buried in Morton,Il
YR23b4483- one daughter lived to adulthood

YR23b44a- John King Yoder (2/12/1874 Tazewell Co,Il-8/28/1913 Morton,Il)
m 6/20/1899 Trenton,O Alma Augspurger (5/25/1877-12/5/1962) (Janet Rusk
Cht '84) had 3 sons and 1 dauighter
YR2344a--- Wilbur (12/20/1905 Morton, Il- ) m. 4/30/1949 Peoria,Il
Lois Leak (1/31/1926- )
YR2344a--- Roy ( - ) m.
(missionaries in the Congo, Charlesville Station 1935-1945)

YR23b45- Solomon F Yoder (7/15/1836 WO-4/18/1914 McPherson,KS) m 12/12/1861
EI Elizabeth Stutzman (ST4411) (1/26/1843 WO-12/25/1916 McPherson,KS)
(DBH9647) (EEI70,SSH80) Joined Church of the Brethren 1862.
(jimyoder@netscape.net-9/98, updated 12/01- Jim Yoder (jdyoder@earthlink.net)
YR23b451- Nina (abt.1862-2/20/1862)
YR23b452- Theodore S. (11/11/1863 Goshen,I-6/30/1920 Little River,KS) m
9/28/1891 Lyons,KS Louisa Swartz (11/8/1868 IL-4/27/1949 KS) No
children.(DBH9649) Congregational. Both buried McPherson Cemetery,KS. (Note:
birthplace? The 1880, 1900, & 1920 censuses say born in MI.)
YR23b453- Alonzo (1865-8/27/1865)
YR23b454- Emma E. (11/1/1867 Waterford,I-12/15/1967 Cordell,OK) m 6/9/1892
Mitchell,KS Hiram E.Wiltfong (1/15/1863 IN-5/13/1930 OK) (DBH9650) 3
children. Church of the Brethren. Both buried COB Cemetery, Cordell, OK
YR23b455- Fanny C. (11/8/1869 Goshen,I-2/4/1962 McPherson,KS) m 5/20/1888
Mitchell,KS William P. (WP) Davis (8/17/1862 OH-4/28/1937 KS)(DBH9654) 3
children. Church of the Brethren. Both buried McPherson Cemetery,KS
+YR23b456- Oliver David (3/31/1873 Virgil City,MO-3/31/1946 LaVerne,CA) m1
2/22/1898 Lyons, KS Mary Frances (Mollie) Boone (5/11/1876 VA-3/7/1938 CA)
m2 3/31/1942 La Verne,CA Florence Emma [nee Koster] Sealer (5/19/1872
IL-6/14/1955 CA)(DBH9659- res Claremont, Ca) Brethren
YR23b457- Mary A. (6/9/1874 Virgil City,MO-11/1/1962 Shreveport,LA) m
3/17/1898 Mitchell,KS John William (JW) Battey (12/27/1873 OH -11/17/1952
OK) (DBH9662) 2 children. Brethren. Both buried COB Cemetery, Cordell,OK
+YR23b458- Franklin S. (2/25/1876 Cedar Co,MO-10/4/1941) m 1/12/1905
Mitchell,KS Estella Maude (Stella) Francis (2/24/1884 IL-5/17/1971
KS)(DBH9668) M E Church.
+YR23b459- Jonathan James (JJ) (9/12/1878 near Goshen,I-5/22/1964 Denver,CO)
m 5/19/1901 McPherson,KS Sara "Etta" Haugh (12/29/1879 OH-4/24/1960 CO)
(DBH9667-res Rexford, Ks) Christian
YR23b45a- Adeline (Addie) (3/13/1880 Goshen,I-12/20/1964 Cordell,OK) Never
married. Church of the Brethren. Buried McPherson Cemetery,KS.
YR23b45b- Lulu D. (10/3/1882 Lima,I-12/24/1973 Lyons,KS) m 3/1/1904 Near
Mitchell, KS Willis Cass (WC) Workman (3/22/1881 OH-1/30/1957 KS) (DBH9748)
2 children. First Christian Church. Both buried Graceland Cemetery,

YR23b456- Oliver David (O. D.) Yoder (3/31/1873 Virgil City,MO-3/31/1946
LaVerne,CA) m1 2/22/1898 Lyons, KS Mary Frances (Mollie) Boone
(5/11/1876 Roanoke, Va -3/7/1938 Laverne, Ca) (DBH9659) Brethren. Both
buried LaVerne Cemetery,CA. oldest of 15 kids & daughter of Robert Owen BOONE
(1/30/1852--6/6/1936) and Arrenah Medora BRUBAKER
(7/7/1858--3/21/1940) m2 3/31/1942 Laverne,CA Florence Emma
Sealer [nee Koster] (5/19/1872 OH-6/14/1955 CA) buried Pomona Cemetery.
YR23b4561- Mabel Marie (2/19/1899 Mitchell,KS-12/5/1995 Tuttle,OK)
homemaker/baker. m1 5/30/1920 Cordell,OK Daniel Edward Long
(1/16/1897 OK-abt.1979) 2 children. m2 Late 1940s Allen A. Wright
(8/9/1877-5/7/1957 OK) (DBH9660) Baptist
YR23b4562- Paul Reuben (6/2/1901 KS-12/18/1901)
+YR23b4563- Wilbur Dale (1/20/1904 Little River,KS-12/17/1979 Orange Co.CA)
m1 3/17/1926 Cordell,OK Eula Beatrice Thompson (10/4/1904- ) m2 5/14/1947
Las Vegas,NV Doris A. Donaldson (12/9/1897 MN-1/18/1980 Los Alamitos, CA)
(DBH9661) Brethren
+YR23b4564- Elmer Leroy (2/24/1906 Mitchell,KS-8/29/1997 Dexter,MO) m1
5/15/1926 Cordell,OK Lillie May Bonham (1907/8- ?) m2 8/19/1936 Gideon,MO
Ressie Pauline Godfrey (11/6/1919 Clinton, AR- ) Free Will Baptist
and daughter of Rado GODFREY and Darcus RAGLAND.
+YR23b4565 - Robert Glenn (6/10/1912 Cordell, OK-9/2/1962 Oakley, CA)
Ranch/Dairy Foreman. Methodist. m. 8/22/1935 Oakland, CA
Ida Beth CUNNINGHAM (11/13/15 Lindsay, CA--2/27/87 Lindsay, CA)
Teacher and Homemaker daughter of James Earnest (Bud) CUNNINGHAM
and Hazel DAVIS. 2 boys, 1 girl, & 1 boy adopted

YR23b4563- Wilbur Dale Yoder (1/20/1904 Little River,KS-12/17/1979 Orange
Co.CA) m1 3/17/1926 Cordell,OK Eula Beatrice Thompson (10/4/1904- ) m2
5/14/1947 Las Vegas,NV Doris A. Donaldson (12/9/1897-1/18/1980) (DBH9661)
YR23b45631- Catherine "June" (6/9/1928 Cordell,OK- )m 9/14/1952 Redondo
Beach,CA George Vernon Troup Jr. (8/18/1930 IN- ) 3 children. Divorced
abt.1965. Brethren.

YR23b4564- Elmer Leroy Yoder (2/24/1906 Mitchell,KS-8/29/1997 Dexter,MO) m1
5/15/1926 Cordell, OK Lillie May Bonham (1907/8- ?) m2 8/19/1936 Gideon,MO
Ressie Pauline Godfrey (11/6/1919 AR- )
YR23b45641- Jo Elden (4/18/1927 Cordell,OK-1/5/1930 Los Angeles,CA) He died
of polio. Buried El Monte,CA.
YR23b45642- Oliver Ray (8/8/1937-10/28/1937 Clinton,AR)
YR23b45643- Mary Frances (12/24/1938 Clinton,AR- ) m1 4/26/1955
Victorville,CA Larry McElroy (5/16/1935 OH- ) 3 children. m2 5/2/1966
Winona,MO Ronald Bergen (2/2/1945-12/9/1996 MO) 1 boy.
YR23b45644- Richard Lee (5/16/1941 Tuttle,OK-10/8/1958 Britchtree,MO) Died
in car crash.
YR23b45645- Carolyn Marie (7/26/1943 Beebe,AR- ) m 2/28/1959 Winona,MO
Albert William Shomaker (12/15/1940 MO- ). Homemaker/Minister. 7 children.

YR23b4565- Robert "Glenn" Yoder (6/10/1912 Cordell,OK-9/2/1962 Oakley,CA) m
Oakland,CA Ida "Beth" Cunningham (11/13/15 CA-2/27/1987 CA) Dairyman
Methodist. Buried Memory Gardens Memorial Park, Concord,CA
+YR23b45651- James Dee (7/8/1941 Lodi,CA- ) m 9/25/1967 Arlington,VA Marlene
Lois Pope (10/10/1949 MD- ) Methodist.
+YR23b45652- Rodney Austin (12/14/1943 Antioch,CA- ) m 8/30/1964 Reno,NV
Christine Marie Vegoren (10/29/1946 CA- )
YR23b45653- Geraldeen Alice (5/3/1946 Antioch,CA- ) m1 6/20/1964
Brentwood,CA Edward Joseph Gottlieb (12/9/1941 NY- ) a twin of YR23b45654.
m2 1/9/1975 Aptos,CA John C. Kontogianis (7/21/1932 CA- ) No children (1
step child).
YR23b4565*- Note: A foster son, Larry Lee Page (b.7/16/1929 Tormey,CA- ),
first visit to family in May 1945, permanent legal member of the family by
1947, but never adopted the name Yoder. m1 1948 Betty Lee Jenkins m2 1954
Dolores [nee Utts] Carlson 2 children. m3 1967 Mary Catherine [nee Smith]
Ferguson. Retired US Navy.
+YR23b45654- John James (12/9/1941 Brooklyn,NY- ) Adopted 1962. (Twin of
YR23b45653_s m1) m1 early 1980s to Patricia Culley. m2 12/11/1990 Quezon
City, PI Emma Ann Cariaso (3/3/1956- )

YR23b45651- James Dee (Jim) Yoder (7/8/1941 Lodi,CA- ) m 9/25/1967
Arlington,VA Marlene Lois Pope (10/10/1949 MD- ) Retired US Navy. Methodist.
YR23b456511- Walter Austin (10/18/1967 Portsmouth,VA- )
YR23b456512- Wayne Alan (11/1/1969 Great Lakes,IL-8/16/1995 Redwood City,CA)
Buried Alta Mesa Cemetery, Palo Alto,CA

YR23b45652- Rodney Austin Yoder (12/14/1943 Antioch,CA- ) m 8/30/1964
Reno,NV Christine Marie Vegoren (10/29/1946 CA- )
YR23b456521 - Richard Lee (5/9/1965 Walnut Creek,CA- ) m Laura Carroll
(Laurie) Westwood (1/6/1959 CA- )
YR23b4565211 - Rodney Jackson (7/3/2001- )
YR23b456522 - Janet Kay (8/16/1971 Antioch, CA- ) m1. 3/12/1994 Eric James
Lucido (4/4/1970 CA- ) 1 boy. m2 11/10/1998 Craig Boeger (7/5/1961 CA- ) 1

YR23b45654- John James Yoder (12/9/1941 Brooklyn,NY- ) Adopted 1962. (Twin
of YR23b45653_s m1.) m1 early 1980s to Patricia Culley. m2 Quezon City,
Philippines Emma Ann Cariaso (3/3/1956- ) (1 step child in addition to the
YR23b456541 - Philip Richard (4/23/1993- )
YR23b456542 - Kimberly Ann (3/20/1995- )

YR23b458- Franklin S. (2/25/1876 Cedar Co,MO-10/4/1941) m 1/12/1905
Mitchell,KS Estella Maude (Stella) Francis (2/24/1884 IL-5/17/1971
KS)(DBH9668) M E Church.
YR23b4581- Eva Madge (4/9/1906 Mitchell,KS-12/20/1988 Great Bend,KS) m1
12/10/1925 Hutchinson,KS Lewis Kale Pierson (6/5/1905 KS-Aug 1966 OR) 2
children. m2 10/25/1947 Broken Bow,OK Farley Glen Hutchinson (1/2/1906
KS-1/20/2001 KS)
+YR23b4582- Garrison Jay (5/11/1908 Mitchell,KS-1/4/1990 Lyons?,KS) m
4/29/1934 Salina,KS Ethel Trump (12/28/1913 KS-11/8/1981) Buried Lyons (KS)
Municipal Cemetery.

YR23b4582- Garrison Jay Yoder (5/11/1908 Mitchell,KS-1/4/1990 Lyons?,KS) m
4/29/1934 Salina,KS Ethel Trump (12/28/1913 KS-11/8/1981) Buried Lyons (KS)
Municipal Cemetery.
YR23b45821- Virginia Madge Yoder (3/27/1935 Lyons,KS-2/18/1990 Scott Air
Force Base, near her home in O_Fallon,IL) m1 briefly about 1953 m2 6/30/1955
to Robert James Cyphert (b.4/1/1933)(divorced 1974) 1 girl.
Buried Lyons (KS) Municipal Cemetery.

YR23b459- Jonathan James (JJ) Yoder (9/12/1878 near Goshen,I-5/22/1964
Denver,CO) m 5/19/1901 McPherson,KS Sara "Etta" Haugh (12/29/1879
OH-4/24/1960 CO) (DBH9667) Christian. Both buried Crown Hill [Cemetery]
YR23b4591- Mildred Fern Yoder (6/5/1910 McPherson,KS-12/31/1958 Denver,CO)
m1 11/27/1930 Marysville,KS Frank Benjamin Smith (5/9/1911 IA-12/17/1962 CO)
2 girls. m2 1946 Raton,NM or 1950 Denver,CO Joseph Weeks. Buried in Crown
Hill [Cemetery] Denver,CO under name of Smith.
(A question: Mildred Fern Yoder and Frank Benjamin Smith are my great grandparents. Their daughter, Shirly Mae Smith married Robert Paul Beck (my grandparents.... who are still doing well). According to my grandmother, Jonathan James Yoder and Sarah Etta Haugh are not her biological grandparents. Jonathan and Sarah never even formally adopted Mildred Fern... but they raised her like their own and Mildred Fern took the last name Yoder. -- We have a response from the State of Kansas saying they cannot find the birth certificate for a Milder Fern Yoder. Which isn't surprising considering she wasn't born as a Yoder.-- So basically, my question is who is Mildred Fern? Where is she from? I know Jonathan and Sara Yoder had no biological kids, so how did they raise Mildred?--- Brad Beck, Bradgator2@aol.com )


YR23b49- Yost D Yoder (4/15/1846 WO-3/27/1915 LI Howe) m 10/3/1867
WO Sophia S Yoder (YR125616) (10/26/1849 WO-3/12/1935 LI)
(GWO070,GLI80) Dunkard
YR23b491- Perry Grant ( c1869 O- ) (1920-Whitney Co, I)
YR23b492- Jennie (Jean) (8/8/1878 O-11/__/1960)
YR23b493- Della (Aurelia Dell) ( O- ) m
(?Samuel) Carper ( - )
YR23b494- Lizzie (Vallie?) ( c1877 - ) m ?Carper
YR23b495- Carl B (9/29/1874 WO- 1955 Howe,I) m 3/4/1904 LI
Cora Idella Fry ( 1871-2/12/1958) (1920-LI)
(aka? Henry C. b. 10/28/1874 -WO birth records)
YR23b496- Mary Valana (3/10/1877-6/2/1888 "at 11y 3m 1d")
YR23b497- Inez ( - )
YR23b498- Paul P ( - )
YR23b499- Calvin R ( - ) (DBH3104) res Cleveland,O
other children per WO birth records:
Alice b. 3/10/1877
Olinda b. 3/10/1877
unnamed b. 10/25/1872

YR23b491- Perry Grant Yoder (Apr 1869 Oh- )
m1. 12/31/1894 Clara May WEYBRIGHT ( -3/6/1897 aged 24 yrs bur.
Tunker Cemetery Tunker cemetery originally belonged to the
Sugar Creek Church of the Brethren the ground had been donated
by a J. Kreider to use for burial ground. Now it is under the
auspices of the township trustee. The cemetery location is on
350W just south of 800S and contains about 110 graves. The lot
is long and narrow with the 6 rows running north and south
parallel to 350W. (1900 Census- wife "Nettie")
m2. 12/17/1899 Martha A. "Nettie" MERRIMAN (Jun 1875 In- )
(1920-Whitney Co, I)
YR23b4911- Harry F ( c1901 In- )
YR23b4912- Lois M ( c1903 In- )
YR23b4913- Lavini ( c1908 In- )
YR23b4914- Ivan ( c1909 In- )
(Other infants in the Tunker Cemetery:
Yoder Helen - born 1904 died 1904 - Tunker 3-22
Yoder Infant - - Tunker 3-14
Yoder Infant - - Tunker 3-15)

YR23b8- Adam Yoder m Anna Schwinn (7/12/1818 Switz-9/2/1890 EI)
d 7/16/1890 EI
YR23b81- Leah b 12/6/1841 WO d 10/30/1912 EI
+YR23b82- Jonathan A b 7/28/1844 WO m Esther Prough
d 4/6/1900 EI Middlebury
+YR23b83- Joseph b 5/29/1849 WO m Mary Prough
d 12/20/1906 EI Middlebury
YR23b84- John b 8/10/1851 EI d 4/12/1861 EI
YR23b85- Simon b 1/2/1854 EI d 11/2/1856 EI
YR23b86- Lydia b 8/9/1856 EI d 5/3/1925 EI
YR23b87- David d died young

YR23b82- Jonathan Yoder (7/28/1844 WO-4/6/1900 EI) m 3/12/1868
Esther Prough ( c1853 I- ) (MEI70/80)
YR23b821- Anna ( 1869 I- c1944) m 4/__/1888
Andrew Goodyear ( -2/3/1915 at 53y)(GoshenObit)
YR23b822- Dave ("Jockey Dave") ( 1870 I- 1943)(?SSKp101)
m Ann _______ ( - ) Middlebury,I
YR23b823- Harvey (11/13/ c1875 I-7/7/1937 d in vets hospital in Indianapolis
but lived in Elkhart & Goshen) m 9/9/1900 EI Rosella Touchett ( - )
YR23b824- Albert ( c1879 I- )
YR23b825- Adam (2/26/1881-4/2/1912) m10/5/1901
Ocie Geissinger (11/20/1879-8/9/1982) lived in Middlebury,I
YR23b825- Saloma (4/20/1883-8/24/1953) m 11/12/1902
Chauncey Mickum (1/1/1880-10/18/1952) res Middlebury,I

YR23b83- Joseph A Yoder (5/29/1849 WO-12/20/1906 EI) m
Mary Prough ( c1847 O- ) (MEI70,YEI80)
YR23b831- Adie (Ada)( c1869 I- ) m
_________ Beckwith ( - )
YR23b832- Sophronia ( 1872 I- 1958) m
_______ Gearheart ( - )
YR23b833- Ella ( c1876 I- )
YR23b834- Edith (12/__/1880-10/12/1881 at 10m 9d)

YR23d- Jeptha Yoder m Elizabeth Zug (1780 SP- )
d 7/ /?1859 "age 78" of rheumatism
+YR23d1- Tobias J b 8/3/1808 SP
YR23d2- Elizabeth b 10/21/1813 SP m (w2) Samuel Saylor
+YR23d3- Noah b c1815 SP
YR23d4- Elias b 5/5/1818 SP per Rachel Kreider :changed his
name to Charles and died single" d 2/15/1904 P bur. at Thomas
Mennonite Ch. Cem, Conemaugh Twp. SP as "Eli age 85y 0m 10d"
YR23d5- Magdalena b SP
+YR23d6- Benjamin b SP
YR23d7- Benedict b c1827 SP d 1856 SP
YR23d8- Rachel b c1829 SP m Henry Heckman

YR23d1- Tobias J Yoder m1 ?? Elizabeth Schrock m2 Sarah (Berkey??)
(7/26/1830- 11/5/1916) d 10/10/1880 SP bur North Fork Dam Cem
YR23d11- Rachel b 11/16/1849 SP single d 2/15/1928 SP
YR23d12- Elizabeth b 3/16/1852 SP m ?Joseph T Mishler
d 3/26/1894 SP
YR23d13- Mary b 8/12/1854 SP m (w1) Harrison T Thomas
d 5/2/1886
YR23d14- Lucinda b 9/26/1858 SP m William Livingston
d 9/10/1889 at 30y 11m 14d SP bur North Fork Dam Cem
YR23d15- Jacob J b 10/28/1860 SP d 9/19/1902 41y 10m 21d
North Fork Dam
YR23d16- Sarah b c1 1862 SP
YR23d17- John b 6/26/1866 SP d 9/19/1892 27y 2m 23d SP
bur North Fork Dam
YR23d18- Tobias B b 12/28/1869 SP single d 10/30/1918 SP
bur North Fork Dam
YR23d19- Allen b c1871

YR23d3- Noah Yoder m Leah ____ (c1816 - ) res EI 1860
YR23d31- Elizabeth b c 1837 SP
YR23d32- Peter b c1839 SP ?m 1/6/1867 Sarah Arney EI
d 4/24/1900 New Salem, IN Civ War. no children
YR23d33- David b c 1841 SP ?m 11/12/1869 Goshen, I
Martha E Brady EI
YR23d34- Lydia b c1843 SP
YR23d35- Jeremiah b c1847 SP

?YR23d6- Benjamin Yoder (1809/11- ) m Susan _____ ( c1822/28PA- )
1860,1880 Bedford Co, PA (1900- Bedford ,S. Wood)
YR23d61- Elizabeth b c1842 P
YR23d62- Susan b 4/-/1840 P
YR23d63- Mary b 7/-/1842 P
YR23d64- David b 9/-/1847 P
res Bedford Co, PA (1860,1880)
YR23d65- Barbara b c1853 P
YR23d66- Levi b c10/ /1859


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