Amish Yoder Lineage --- Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

The Family of YR25 - John Yoder b. 1732

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Amish Yoder lineage - Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

YR- _________ Yoder m _____________
(suspected parents of two brothers who immigrated on the "Francis and the Elizabeth"
out of Rotterdam by way of Deal. Captained by George North,
arrived Philadelphia Sept.21, 1742)
YR1- son b c1695 Europe
YR2- Christian b c1700 Europe

YR2- Christian Yoder m. _____________-
d Nov 1775 Berks County, PA
YR21- Barbara b 1725 Europe (m ?? Stephen Kauffman)
YR22- Magdalena b 1726 Europe (m ? John Gnaegi)
YR23- Christian b Oct. 1728 Europe
YR24- Elizabeth b 1729 Europe (m ? Christian Beiler d. 9/1/1771
Lancaster Co, PA)
YR25- John b 1732 Europe
YR26- Yost b 1734 Europe
YR27- Veronica b 1738 Europe
YR28- Jacob b 1740 Europe

YR25- John Yoder m Anna (Mast?) ( E- P) d 7/2/1813 MP
YR251 John b c1754 BP
YR252- Magdalena b 7/9/1761 BP m Christian Yoder (YRB1)
YR253- Jacob b 9/29/1763 BP
YR254- ?Barbara b c1765 BP m Moses Peachy d 4/ /1835 MP
YR255- ??Anna b c1770 BP m Jacob Kauffman
(per AAMG as above- S. Duane Kauffman makes a good case that
this Anna should be switched with Anna (YR129) who married
Jacob Stutzman)
YR256- Christian b 1774 LP
(see note on YR256)
YR257- Yost b c1775 LP
YR258- ??Veronica b c1779 m Jonathan Hochstetler
d 12/31/1827 HO (Note in HO Cem pg 75 "found dead on a hill
where she had walked with her crutches") (may be at Cem L-8)

YR251- "Preacher" John Yoder ("Jotter Hannes") m Barbara Reichenbach
(c1755LP- WO) d 1842 or 43 WO ESP to AMP spring 1791
to HEP by 1813. Had land there by 1805. to GWO in 1826 (may
have had a first wife Barbara Mast) (?both bur.Plank Cem, WWO
-John stone marked 1839)
YR2511- Yost b 7/27/1775 BP
YR2512- Jacob b c1779 P
YR2513- Magdalena b 1782 SP-9/12/1856 LO Alexandria Cem)
m Christian King (6/5/1784-8/20/1865 O)
YR2514- Christian b 8/ /1784 SP
YR2515- Anna b 3/10/1786 SP m Henry Yoder (YR2613)
d 6/18/1877 WO
YR2516- Barbara b 2/10/1788 SP m Daniel Yoder (?YR12a1- ni)
d 1/6/1870 WO , bur Plank Cem, WO
YR2517- Daniel b 4/21/1792 MP
YR2518- John b P single (position in family uncertain)
YR2519- Elizabeth b 4/13/1799 MP m Christian Hostetler
d 5/8/1890 WO

YR2511- Yost Yoder (7/27/1775 BP-5/3/1849 Port Royal, PA)
m 1798 or 99 Sarah Yoder (YR1252) (9/11/1776P-5/6/1844JP)
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of
Port Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-7th row,
Yost 73y 9m 6d, Sarah 71y 7m 21d)
YR2511- John b 1/12/1800 MP
YR25112- Daniel b c1801 MP d by 1810 MP
YR25113- Jacob b MP d by 1810 MP
YR25114- Elizabeth b 2/16/1803 MP m 1842 (w2) Christian
Hertzler d 4/30/1874 82y 2m 14d Hertzler Cem -no issue
YR25115- Fanny b 2/14/1804 MP m1/25/1823 Shem Zook
d 4/17/1874 MP
YR25116- Barbara b 6/27/1805 MP m (w3) Joseph Hostetler
d 8/14/1883 MP
YR25117- Susanna b 9/19/1806 MP m (w2) John Schmucker
d 6/16/1893 Concord, Knox Co, TN
YR2518- Christian b 6/9/1809 MP
YR25119- Matlena b 9/30/1810 MP single d 8/16/1883 JP
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of
Port Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-7th row- Magdalena d. 8/16/1883
72y 10m 16d)
YR2511a- Leah b 11/9/1811 MP m John Esh d 7/6/1888 JP
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of
Port Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-5th row, Leah (1811-1888)
John Esh (3/21/1807-2/28/1879)
YR2511b- Sarah b 1/16/1813 P m Jonathan Zook
d 4/26/1849 JP
YR2511c- Joseph b 6/14/1814 EP
YR2511d-_ Daniel b 3/4/1816 EP
YR2511e- Moses b 3/4/1816 EP d 1818 MP age 1y 6m
YR2511f- Rachel b 4/2/1817 EP m David Renno
d 8/21/1893 MP 80y 4m
YR2511g- Stephen b 1/4/1821 EP

YR25111- John Yoder (1/12/1800-5/25/1867 JP) m1 11/27/1825 Salome Yoder
(10/24/1801-8/31/1837) (?YR2619?) (6/15/1799- ) m2 9/2/1838 (per JTY)
Fanny Kauffman (1/26/1813 BP-1/6/1892 JP)
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port Royal
and E. of Spruce Hill-8th row, Fanny d. 1/6/1892 78y 11m 10d; John H.
Yoder d. May 1867)
(per g-gson John T. Yoder-6/98...w2 "Irene" Kauffman, his name "Zanneh")
YR251111- Sarah b 5/20/1830 EP m1 Eli Byler m2 1/31/1864
Samuel Hertzler d 7/1/1910 LP
YR251112- Katy b 2/19/1833 P single d 2/18/1898 BP 67y 11m 29d
YR251113- Isaiah b 12/28/1835 JP m1 Abigail Roush
m2 Veronica Kauffman d 7/20/1925 CZ (Cass Co, MO)
YR251114- Moses b 8/17/1839 JP m Sarah Byler d 11/27/1910 MP
YR251115- Mary E b 5/28/1841 JP single d 1/11/1919 LI
YR251116- Elizabeth b c1842 d young
YR251117- Lydia b 4/23/1844 JP m David J Hartzler d 1/9/1933 LI
YR251118- Joseph Y b 1/1/1847 JP m Catherine Burd
d 4/15/1929 Delano, Wright Co, Minn
YR251119- John M b 5/23/1849 JP m Ida Belle Bryner d
YR25111a- Rebecca b 1/22/1855 JP m 9/25/1881 Joseph Kurtz
d 3/11/1891 LI 36y 1m 19d
YR25111b- Nancy D b 10/16/1857 JP m William Walls d 12/16/1923 JP
YR25111c- Salina b 5/25/1860 JP m Jacob N Beiler
d 1/10/1916 MP

YR251113- Isaiah Yoder (12/28/1835 JP-7/20/1925 CZ) m 2/25/1864
Abigail Roush (9/8/1842 P-2/10/1920) (DBH1084) (CZ80,CZ1900)
Amish Mennonite
YR2511131- Hannah Elizabeth (11/8/1866 P- ) res Garden
City, Mo
YR2511132- Mary Emma (11/11/1868 P- ) m 1/15/1891
L. Wilhelm (9/19/1860- ) (DBH1085) res Kent, OH
YR2511133- Henry Rolland (7/25/1870 Z-12/27/1889)
YR2511134- Amanda Delilah (3/27/1872 Garden City,MO- )
m 2/2/1893 Levi Plank (10/6/1861-10/7/1934) (DBH1088) Res
YR2511135- Harvey Lucius (3/18/1874 Z- ) res Garden City,MO
YR2511136- Dora Belle (6/12/1876 Garden City,MO- )
m 12/22/1898 Garden City,MO Lee King (5/22/1874- )
(DBH1091) Res West Liberty, OH
YR2511137- Wesley Edward (4/3/1878 Garden City,MO- )
m 12/29/1907 Garden City, MO Louise Fisher (3/31/1884- )
(DBH1093) res Garden City, MO
YR2511138- Harley Benjamin (9/2/1880 Garden City,MO- )
m 6/1/1910 Myrtle Northcutt (12/25/1881- )(DBH1094)
YR2511139- Ervia ("Ervie") Allin (1/6/1883-2/7/1923)
m 2/22/1912 Fannie Adelia Neuenschwander (2/15/1892-3/27/1989).
They had four children: Ruby Lella (11/7/1915- ), Helen (7/8/1917- ),
Timothy Titus (9/25/1918-9/30/1972), and infant Rozella (1/20/1921-
1/25/1921). After Ervie died, Fannie married and outlived four
more husbands but bore no more children.
("Daniel G. Clark",

YR251114- Moses P Yoder (8/17/1839 JP-11/27/1910 MP) m 3/18/1869
Sarah Byler (BY31a6) (11/21/1843 MP-2/19/1923 MP) (DBH1095,King
B-5-5, Ronald F Yoder Cht) (SJP70,UMP80) res Belleville,PA, Amish
YR2511141- Emma E (12/24/1869 P-9/15/1903)
YR2511142- Amos E (7/11/1871 Spruce Hill,Pa-9/21/1968 Wooster,OH )
m 2/13/1900 Denbigh,VA Lydia Yoder (YRB11333) (12/1or3/1877-
) (DBH1096) res Canton,OH, Mennonite
YR2511143- Sarah M (2/16/1874 P-5/2/1912) m 3/28/1907 Thomas E Zook
(4/9/1868- ) (DBH1101) res Belleville,PA, Mennonite
YR2511144- Reuben K (10/1/1880- 1958 Belleville,MP) bur Locust
Grove Mennonite Cem. m 7/20/1911 Mary M Zook (5/2/1888- 1969)
(DBH1102) res Belleville,Pa, Mennonite

YR251118- Joseph Y. Yoder (1/1/1847 Spruce Hill, JP- 4/15/1929 Delano,
Wright Co, Minn) m 9/21/1882 Port Royal, Pa Catherine (Katherine) Burd
(12/26/1858- ) (DBH1108)
YR2511181- Charles Wesley (8/1/1883-5/16/1891)
YR2511182- Furman Ambrose (5/11/1885 Spruce Hill, Pa-2/24/1963 St. Paul, MN)
m 6/11/1919 Surrey, ND Charlotte Zook (1/16/1895 MMP-10/20/1978 Vancouver, Wa)
res. St. Paul, Minn Nazarene (DBH1109) (Joseph T. Yoder data Jun.98)
YR2511183- James H. (8/14/1887 Spruce Hill, Pa-10/_/1977 res Az)
m 6/14/1922 St. Paul, Mn Genevieve Crabe (10/3/1894-9/_/1986 res Az (SSN))
res. Maple Plain, Mn M.E. (DBH1110)
YR2511184- Bessie Mae (8/21/1895 Spruce Hill,Pa- ) m. 2/26/1914
Rugby,ND L.R. Combellick (10/24/1890- ) res. Billings, Mt Methodist

YR251119- John M Yoder (5/23/1849 JP Pleasant View- )
m 3/25/1874 MP, Mifflin Ida Belle Bryner (10/11/1852 Pleasant
View-4/10/1922) (DBH1112) (SJP80) res Lancaster,Pa
YR2511191- Norma (1/14/1877 Pleasant View,Pa- )
m 4/4/1904 Honey Brook, PA B. Frank Brower (10/3/1872-
)(DBH1113) res Lancaster,PA, Methodist
YR2511192- Sela (3/23/1881 Pleasant View, PA-1971)
m 5/3/1905 Honey Brook,Pa Charles Edward DeHaven (8/3/1872-1934
Lancaster, Pa) (DBH1115) res Churchtown, Pa (per
Jan.2002 Charles DeHaven was born 9/5/1972 Lancaster Co., Pa
And was buried at the United Methodist Church, Chruchtown. Also
That the couple married 3 May 1905, Honeybrook, Berks Co,PA)
YR2511193- Edith (12/2/1887 Pleasant View,Pa- )
m 2/24/1920 Lancaster,Pa John A Kern (6/10/1887- )
(DBH1114) res Honey Brook,Pa, Methodist

YR25118- Christian Yoder (6/9/1809-8/16/1849 JP) m Sarah Zook (10/2/1817 MP- 2/2/1886 JP) (buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port
Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-7th row, Christian Yoder (6/9/1809-8/16/1849
39y 2m 7d), Sarah d. 2/2/1886 68y 4m)
YR251181- Samuel b c1840 JP m Fine Moffat d 1929 Tacoma, WA
YR251182- Solomon b JP d died young
YR251183- Yost b c1844 m Elizabeth Evans d 11/9/1890 JP
YR251184- Tobias b 1/22/1846 JP single d 10/22/1883 JP
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port Royal
and E. of Spruce Hill-7th row, Tobias d 12/22/1883 37y 9m)
YR251185- Noah Z b 11/24/1848 m1 12/19/1871 Lydia Hertzler
m2 3/1/1883 Mary D Walz d10/13/1918 Adams Co, PA
(moved Sep 1871 from Long Green MD-Concord TN, there 1880 cen)

Fisher 5858

YR251181- Samuel Yoder ( ca1840 JP- 1929 Tacoma,WA)
m Fine Moffat ( - )(DBH1262)
YR2511811- Anna ( - )
YR2511812- Lilly ( - )

YR251183- Yost Yoder ( c1844 P-11/9/1890 JP Port Royal in an
accident) m Elizabeth Evans ( c1846 P-6/3/1902)
(DBH1263) (SJP70/80)
YR2511831- William ( age 4m in 1870 census- dy )
YR2511832- Annie (6/21/1871 Spruce Hill,Pa- )
m 12/24/1901 Port Royal J. Harvey Ard (6/22/1871-2/25/1932)
(DBH1264) res Spruce Hill,Pa
YR2511833- Sally (6/24/1872 Spruce Hill,Pa-1/26/1904 Port Royal,Pa)
m 10/17/1894 Port Royal,Pa James M Brackbill (9/27/1868- 5/14/1940)
YR2511834- Charles W ( c1874 JP-11/19/1927 Grundy Center,Ia)
m 9/9/1920 Sarah Parker (3/2/1898- ) (DBH1265) res
Grundy Center, Ia
YR2511835- Ira Sankey (7/6/1876 P- ) m 9/__/1914
Clurrie Kauffman (1/22/1881- ) (DBH1266) res Spruce
Hill,Pa, Methodist
YR2511836- John E (3/6/1878 P- ) m 12/15/1904 Lottie B
Weimer (7/30/1879- )(DBH1267) res Port Royal,Pa,
YR2511837- Noah H (4/1/1884 Spruce Hill,Pa- )
m 3/17/1910 Port Royal,Pa Ella Souders (6/2/1884- )
(DBH1272) res Spruce Hill,Pa, Methodist

YR251185- Noah Z Yoder (11/24/1848-10/13/1918 Adams Co,Pa,
Mummasburg,Pa) m1 12/19/1871 Lydia Hertzler (HZ5243) (10/17/1851
BM-2/20/1882 Concord,TN) m2 3/1/1883 Orrtanna,Pa Mary D Walz
(10/6/1852 - )(CF5858,DBH1273,HHH8140,HDF67)(KX80)
moved to Concord,Tn by Sept 1871, Mennonite
YR2511851- Anna E (9/24/1872 Elverson,Pa(MD per 80 Census)- )
YR2511852- Levi I (11/25/1874 Elverson,Pa( " )- )
YR2511853- Sarah M (1/1/1877 Byington, TN- )
m 11/7/1910 New Holland, Pa A T Stoltzfus (1/1/1874- )
(CF5856,DBH1274) res Elverson,Pa, Mennonite
YR2511854- Elmer T (3/16/1879 TN-4/9/1881)
YR2511855- Cora B (4/8/1884 Beaver Ridge,TN- )
m 1/16/1907 Concord,TN I Z Musselman (10/31/1885- )
(DBH1275) res Orrtanna,Pa, Mennonite
YR2511856- Dr. John A (3/25/1887 Knoxville,TN- )
m 9/__/1914 Ft Wayne,In Eva Fahl (9/20/1887- )
(DBH1276) res Xenia,OH, Reformed
YR2511857- W Frank (12/25/1888 Beaver Ridge,TN- )
m 12/23/1914 Fairview,MI Vernon Troyer (3/5/1890 SO- )
(DBH1277) res Orrtanna,Pa, Mennonite

YR2511c- Joseph Yoder (6/14/1814 EP-12/24/1898 JP Port Royal, PA)
m 3/24/1843 Hannah Sharp (12/8/1816 HP-4/4/1903 JP)(1900 Cens
says b. 12/-/1821)(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on
Rte 75 W of Port Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-9th row, Joseph (6/2/1814-
12/28/1898 84y 3m 26d) Hannah Sharp (12/8/1816-4/4/1903 86y 3m 26d)
YR2511c1- Magdalena b 7/23/1844 JP d 9/6/1849 5y 1m 11d
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port
Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-9th row, Martha d. 9/6/1849 5y 1m 14d)
YR2511c2- Sarah (Leah?) b 10/16/1846 JP d 8/9/1849 3y 10m 2d
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port
Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-9th row, Sarah d. 8/13/1849 3y 10m 2d)
YR2511c3- Levi b 4/26/1848 JP d 8/9/1849 1y 8m 13d
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port Royal
and E. of Spruce Hill-9th row, Levi Yoder d 8/9/1849 1y 3m 13d)
YR2511c4- Thomas b 12/24/1849 JP d 7/10/1864 ALF Cemetery
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of
Port Royal and E. of Spruce Hill-9th row, Thomas Z. Yoder
b. 12/24/1849 d. age 14y 6m 17d)
YR2511c5- David S b 2/24/1852 Port Royal, JP m 3/1/1881
Bellefontaine, OH Armenon Yoder (YRB675) d 5/4/1945 Belf. OH
YR2511c6- Solomon S b 2/4/1854 JP m Lydia Zook
YR2511c7- Samuel S b 8/1/1860 JP m Margaret E Heinley
d 3/24/1935

YR2511c5- David Sharp Yoder (2/24/1852 Port Royal, JP-5/4/1945 Belf. OH)
m 3/1/1881 Bellefontaine, OH Armenon Yoder (YRB675) (8/27/1857
Belfontaine,O -5/18/1933 Bellfontaine,O) Mennonite (DBH1353, 1900-LO-Union
Twp, Susan Yoder Hoopes '86) (bur. West Liberty Cem, LO)
YR2511c51- Mamie M. (9/15/1882 West Liberty, O-7/29/1955 while on a trip
in Norway) m. 10/5/1910 Bellefontaine, O w1 John E. Hartzler (2/2/1879-
5/24/1963 Pa) res. Wooster,O Mennonite (DBH1354) (husband-College
President and Professor of Theology)
YR2511c52- Ruth Ann (2/11/1887 Bellefontaine,O- )
YR2511c53- John Leslie (11/17/1889 West Liberty, Chamaign Co,O- 10/17/1978
Lima,O) m. 2/24/1917 West Liberty,O Bertha Crystal Krabill (4/24/1894-
5/18/1981 O) res. West Liberty,O Mennonite (DBH1355) 8 children
YR2511c54- Nellie A. (12/25/1893 Bellefontaine,O- ) m.
Al Kutruff ( - ) res. Blythe, Ca one child
YR2511c55- Joe H. (11/16/1896 Bellefontaine,O-8/_/1976 res O (SSN))

YR2511c6- Solomon S Yoder (2/4/1854 JP,Port Royal-5/29/1941 87y 3m 27d)
m 1/9/1879 Lydia E Zook (ZK22216) (6/24/1855 HP-2/27/1926 HP)
(DBH1356,MFH1731)(BHP80) res Allensville,Pa Mennonite
YR2511c61- Anna M (1/15/1880 P- 1/10/1954) bur, Allensville Menn. Ch.
res Allensville,Pa
YR2511c62- Lydia E (4/29/1882 Allensville,Pa- )
m 11/3/1928 Wadsworth,OH J.Monroe Hartman (5/8/1883- )
(DBH1357) res Wadsworth,OH, Reformed
YR2511c63- Uriel S (1/4/1884- ) m Edna V Snyder
( - ) (DBH1358) res Allensville,Pa
YR2511c64- Samuel (7/15/1885-10/6/1936 Allensville Menn.Cem.)
res Allensville,Pa m Laura Zook (12/18/1880- )

YR2511c7- Samuel S. Yoder (8/1/1860 Port Royal JP-3/24/1935 Walnut,Pa)
m 3/28/1884 Margaret E (Maggie) Heinley (7/16/1860-5/8/1916) (DBH1360)
YR2511c71- Emma Jane (12/25/1884 Port Royal, Pa-2/20/1931 Cleveland,O)
m 4/25/1907 divorced 1920 Walter Sherk ( - ) Protestant (DBH1361)
YR2511c72- Flora Elizabeth (3/2/1886 Spruce Hill,Pa- ) m. 12/29/1910
Millard R. Mumma (10/21/1889- ) res. Elizabethtown,Pa Brethren
YR2511c73- Sarah Keturah (3/27/1887 Port Royal, Pa- ) m.
Frank Vanalman ( - ) res. Spruce Hill, Pa (DBH1363)
YR2511c74- Hannah M. (9/15/1888-10/20/1914)
YR2511c75- Twins ( - 4/_/1891)
YR2511c76- Twins ( - 4/_/1891)
YR2511c77- Zella (11/13/1892 Port Royal,Pa- ) m. 5/31/1917
Lancaster,Pa Bruce A. Portner (1/15/1893- ) res. Walnut, Pa Lutheran
YR2511c78- Thomas Reuben (7/24/1894 Port Royal,Pa- ) m. 8/12/1922
Fresno, Ca Florence E. Benton (11/6/1904-1/18/1987 (SSN)) res. Delano,Ca
Methodist (DBH1365)
YR2511c79- Enos S. (4/29/1896 Walnut,Pa-2/_/1972 res Pa (SSN))
YR2511c7a- George P. (9/18/1898 Port Royal, Pa-1/_/1986 res Mt (SSN))
m 12/4/1928 Great Falls, Mt Hilpah Overson (3/26/1901-2/_/1984 res Mt
(SSN)) res. Brady, Mt (DBH1366)
YR2511c7b- Rebecca Ellen (4/8/1902 Port Royal,Pa- ) m
Martin Heintz ( - ) res. Cleveland,O (DBH1367)

YR2511d- Daniel ("Gray Dan") Yoder m Sarah A Byler (9/25/1828 MP-
7/25/1907 MP) d 3/23/1896 MP
YR2511d1- Rufus b 6/1/1850 MP single d 10/4/1870
YR2511d2- Jonathan B b c1852 m Mary Huey DBH1369
YR2511d3- Israel S b 9/6/1854 MP m Rebecca Zook d 2/1/1938 MP
YR2511d4- Levi T b 1856 MP m Delilah King d 3/19/1924
YR2511d5- Peter D b c1858 MP m Lydia King d
YR2511d6- Menno Harvey b 2/9/1861 MP m 1/27/1887 Franey
Hostetler d 4/26/1937 MP
YR2511d7- Amelia A "Blind Amelia" b 8/15/1864 MP d 2/13/1938 MP

YR2511d3- Israel S Yoder (9/6/1854 MP-2/1/1938 MP) m
Rebecca Zook (ZK21793) (2//22/1856 MP-10/25/1916 MP) (DBH1370,
MFH1782, Belleville Cem Records)(MMP80,90)
YR2511d31- Thomas J (1/9/1873-8/17/1880)
YR2511d32- Joseph D (4/22/1886-7/19/1890 4y2m28d)
YR2511d33- Emma V (11/11/1879-10/7/1965 Allensville,Pa)
m1 1904 Enos Peachy ( - 1904(5 d after marriage))
m2 2/14/1915 Harry Hartzler ( -12/27/1954) (DBH1371)
YR2511d34- Jesse (12/-/1891- ) m
Margaret Reed ( - )(DBH1371) Allensville,Pa
YR2511d35- Elsie (Sarah) ( (3/7/1897-12/17/1918 21y9m10d)

YR2511d4- Levi T. Yoder (1856 MP-3/19/1924 Lewistown,Pa) m
Delilah King ( - ) (DBH1373, HHH675)
YR2511d41- Vernon ( - ) m.
Erma Laudenslager ( - ) res. Lewistown,Pa (DBH1374)
YR2511d42- Raymond C. (3/6/1886 Allensville,Pa-5/_/1970 res Pa (SSN))
m 3/6/1908 Tyrone, Pa Grace McCohn (5/17/1887- ) res. Lewistown,Pa
Lutheran (DBH1375)

YR2511d5- Peter D. Yoder (c1858 MP- ) m 2/25/1882 Lydia King (
11/19/1859- ) res. Lewistown,Pa (DBH1376) Methodist RR Employee
YR2511d51- infant daughter
YR2511d52- Grace Elizabeth (10/26/1889- )

YR2511d6- Menno Harvey Yoder (2/9/1861 MP-4/26/1937 MP) m 1/27/1887
Franey Hostetler (8/12/1862-2/5/1930 MP) (DBH1377, CF5520)
YR2511d61- Maude Esther (10/27/1887 Allensville,Pa-11/18/1952) m. 1/2/1913
Allensville, Pa Levi L. Hartzler (4/15/1889-4/22/1961) res. Allensville,Pa
Mennonite (DBH1156,CF5519,HHH2809) farmer

YR2511g- Stephen A Yoder m1 1/15/1846 Catherine Miller (7/5/1825 WO-
7/12/1850 WO) bur Wooster (Plank Cem, WWO) m2 10/15 /1852
Margaret Shoemaker (7/5/1831 O-10/27/1880 WJ) m3 x/11/1883
Sarah Erb (h2) (c1845 -12/ /1900 Los Angeles. CA) ni
d 7/22/1908 Los Angeles, CA
w1 YR2511g1- Jeremias b 7/23/1847 WO d 10/27/1880 by drowning
YR2511g2- John Miller b 4/4/1849 WO m 12/25/1873 Wooster, OH
Elizabeth Thompson d
w2 YR2511g3- Rufus A b 7/19/1853 WO m 4/28/1878 Harlan, IA
Anna I Wyland d 6/29/1927 Nemaha Co, KS
YR2511g4- Stephen S b 3/20/1855 WO m 6/8/1882 Harlan, IA
Celeste G Mayo d
YR2511g5- Samuel E b 3/22/1857 WO m 11/22/1887 Virden, IL ML
Mary Jones
YR2511g6- Mary A b 7/24/1858 WO m 1/26/1879 William H
Strohm d 5/4/1903 Kansas
YR2511g7- Emma J b 3/15/1861 WJ m 11/28/1893
Holmesville, NE Jacob F Carroll d (K?)
YR2511g8- Joseph P b 5/14/1865 WJ m 6/25/1891 Harlan, IA
Mary A Cox d (CA?)
YR2511g9- Sarah F b 3/20/1866 WJ m 12/23/1883 WJ J Brandt (CA?)
YR2511ga- Margaret A b 5/5/1868 WJ m 3/28/1890 Juniata, NE
Franklin Nofzinger d (CA?)
YR2511gb- Harriet S b 9/12/1870 WJ m 12/25/1895 Holemesville,
NE James Z Gilbert (CA?)
YR2511gc- William A b 3/16/1873 WJ m 1900 Hooper, NE
Kathryn Sidner (NE?)


YR2511g2- John Miller Yoder (4/4/1849 WO- ) m 12/25/1873
Wooster,OH Maria Elizabeth Thompson (10/13/1852 WO,
Wooster-5/19/1916) (DBH1412, Mary Ann Smith cht, WO
birth records) (TWO80) res Wooster,Oh, Presbyterian
YR2511g21- Jessie M (2/22/1875 Wooster- ) m 3/16/1904
Wooster John H Wilson (8/1/1866- ) (DBH1413) res
Wooster,Oh Presbyterian
YR2511g22- Robert A (4/9/1876 O-8/25/1902 killed on RR)
YR2511g23- Stephen A (10/6/1877 O- ) m
Laura B Christy ( - )(DBH1415) res Wooster,Oh
(per WO Births Stephen b. 4/9/1877)
YR2511g24- Grace J (12/2/1879 Wooster,OH- )
m 6/30/1903 Wooster,OH Ohio M Yocum (5/30/1877- )
(DBH1416) res Wooster,OH Presbyterian
(per WO Births Grace b. 2/14/1880)
YR2511g25- John Thompson (9/14/1881 Wooster,OH-11/21/1961 Wooster,OH)
m 10/18/1904 Minnie Berger (1/6/1883-10/20/1957) (DBH1417)
res Wooster,OH (per WO Births John b.9/7/1881)
YR2511g26- Edward E (10/8/1883- ) m
Mary Bradford ( - )(DBH1418) res Scotia,CA
(per WO Births Edward b. 10/10/1883)
YR2511g27- Florence M (3/10/1888 Wooster,OH-5/16/1918) m 5/16/1918
Walter R Mann (2/18/____- )(DBH1419) res Wooster,OH, nli
(per WO Births Grace b. 3/13/1888)

YR2511g3- Rufus A Yoder (7/19/1853 WO-6/29/1927 XK,Nemaha Co,KS)
m 4/28/1878 Harlan, Ia Anna I Wyland (2/2/1860 Goshen,IN- )
YR2511g31- Infant daughter (12/2/1879 Harlan,Ia-1/2/1880)
YR2511g32- Guy Alden (5/2/1881-11/17/1902)
YR2511g33- John Oswald (8/24/1883 Harlan,Ia- )
m 1/6/1910 Sabetha,KS Bertha Brim (9/29/1887- )
(DBH1421) res Hiawatha,KS, Brethren
YR2511g34- Ira Francis (9/27/1885-6/11/1886)
YR2511g35- Jennie Catherine (5/9/1887 Harlan,Ia- )
m 12/30/1908 Sabetha,KS Earl Carpenter (8/20/____- )
(DBH1422) res Sabetha,KS
YR2511g36- Zelma Emma (12/18/1888 Harlan,Ia- )
m 6/26/1907 St Joe,MO John O Maynard (1/5/1885- )
(DBH1424) res Sabetha,KS, Brethren
YR2511g37- Lula May (7/26/1895-1/18/1897)
YR2511g38- Infant son (3/26/1898- )
YR2511g39- Paul Rufus (3/15/1899 Sabetha,KS- )
m 8/2/1922 Sabetha,KS Wave Irene Davis (8/6/1899- )
(DBH1426) res Huntington,Pa, Brethren

YR2511g4- Stephen S. Yoder (3/20/1855 WO- ) m 6/8/1882 Harlan, IA
Celeste G Mayo (5/2/1861 I-2/9/1927) (DBH1427) res Ft. Smith, Ark
YR2511g41- Elisabeth (5/4/1883 Manning,Ia- ) m. 9/11/1923 Ft. Smith,
Ark Charles Walker (2/13/1865- ) res Ft. Smith, Ark. Baptist (DBH1428)
YR2511g42- Joseph Floyd (10/6/1884 Manning, Ia- ) m. 6/8/1915
Stuttgart,Ark Laura C. Kennedy (10/_/1978 res Ark (SSN)) res. Stuttgart,Ark
Methodist (DBH1429)
YR2511g43- Minnie Alice (4/21/1886 Santa Ana, Ca- ) m. 11/14/1908 Los
Angeles,Ca M.J. Bosley (6/26/1885- ) Res. Elm Creek, Mo (DBH1430)
YR2511g44- Mary M. (5/12/1888 Santa Ana, Ca-2/4/1927) m. 7/20/1918
Stuttgart,Ark J.M. Seward (5/1/1873- ) res Ulm, Ark (DBH1431)
YR2511g45- Leo (9/26/1889-infant)
YR2511g46- Hattie Hazel (3/18/1891 Santa Ana,Ca- ) m. 12/25/1910
Stuttgart, Ark H.B. Core (2/4/1883- ) res. Weiner, Ark Methodist
YR2511g47- Kenneth Earl (1/28/1895 Llano, Ca-11/26/1932 Bickford Station,
Memphis, Tn) m. 2/14/1917 Stuttgart, Ark Besse Core (10/6/1895- )
Aviator, Methodist (DBH1433)
YR2511g48- Gladys Ella (5/3/1887-young)

YR2511g5- Samuel E. Yoder (3/22/1857 WO- ) m 11/22/1887 Virden, IL
Mary Jones (12/19/1855 Arcanum,O- ) (DBH1434, 1910-Ca-Riverside Co,
Hemet) res. Hemet, Ca Brethren
YR2511g51- Gertrude A. (10/18/1888 Ca-7/_/1970 res Ca (SSN))
YR2511g52- Margaret A. (8/18/1890- ) m. 5/18/1909 Hemet,Ca
O.G. Brubaker (10/25/1884- ) res. Hemet, Ca Baptist
YR2511g53- Maudena (5/15/1894- ) m. 7/7/1918 Los Angeles,Ca
Anita Stone (9/13/1898- )
YR2511g54- Maurice J. (Morris) (c1894 Ca- ) (DBH1436) res. Hemet,Ca
YR2511g55- Dean Lester (8/16/1899 Hemet, Ca-10/20/1990 (SSN)) m 10/5/1919
Nora Meinhart (1/11/1898- ) res. Hemet, Ca Brethren

YR2511g8- Joseph P. Yoder (5/14/1865 Washington WJ- ) m 6/25/1891
Harlan, IA Mary Asenith Cox (11/13/1866 Harlan,Ia- ) res. Los
Angeles,Ca Four Square Gospel (DBH1447, 1910 Ca-Los Angeles)
YR2511g81- Olive Lillian (4/12/1892 Garden Grove, Ca- ) m. 6/29/1918 Los
Angeles,Ca Howard W. Lewis (11/13/1892- ) res. Tujunga, Ca
Methodist (DBH1448)
YR2511g82- Nina Juanita (12/27/1894-6/4/1896)

YR2512- Jacob Yoder m JP Mary Keim ( BP- 1828 EP)
d 1852 WO moved with family to ML spring 1851
YR25121- Anna b 1807 MP m 4/19/1828 Jonathan Lantz (res
of Knox Co, TN moved to ML) d 11/20/1852 ML
YR25122-_Jonathan J b 11/21/1809 MP
YR25123- Lydia b 10/4/1811 MP m Joel Yoder (YR12733)
d 8/19/1889 ML
YR25124- John P b 9/4/1813 MP
YR25125- Elizabeth b 9/12/1815 EP m Samuel Yoder (YR12732)
d 2/7/1888 ML, Danvers
YR25126- Barbara (10/30/1817 MP- 6/23/1887 McPherson, Ks)
m 11/9/1837 WO Levi Lantz (1/21/1811-4/23/1887)
(per Gerald Smith, 2907 Beck Rd., St. Joseph, Mo 64506--on 7/99-
Barbara m. either HO or Howard Co. Ind.)
(per Lori Thornton,,on 6/2000- Barbara d. 2/14/1870
Howard Co., I and is bur. in the Amish Family Cemetery there,
per 1870 mortality schedule she died of consumption, lived in
Knox Co, O in 1840, and Holmes Co, O in 1850; married in WO
either Oct 1835 or Nov.1837)
YR25127- Rebecca b c1819 EP
YR25128- Drusilla b c1820 EP

YR25122- Jonathan J Yoder m1 5/24/1832 WO Rebecca Lantz (MP-by
m2 Catherine Yoder (YR26124) (h2) (7/3/1815 HO- 11/1/1891)
d 9/30/1886 LI
w1 YR251221- Gabriel b c1835 WO m1 m2 Sarah d 12/18/1909 MI
YR251222- Anna b 12/20/1838 WO m (w1) Joseph Schlabach
d 11/9/1862
w2 YR251223- Christian b 7/7/1840 WO m Elizabeth Raber d 5/4/1910 HO
bur. HO Cem N-5
YR251224- Jacob b 8/29/1841 WO d by 1850 HO
YR251225- John "Bush John" b 10/15/1843 WO m Susanna Kauffman
d 1/15/1921 LI
YR251226- Lydia b 9/27/1845 WO m 2/5/1865 Manasses J Bontrager
d 11/19/1926 LI
YR251227- Elizabeth b 8/25/1847 WO d by 1850
YR251228- Barbara b 2/23/1849 WO m Jonas B Yoder (YR261135)
d 9/6/1919
YR251229- Mary b 11/28/1850 O d by 1860 O
YR25122a- Jonathan b 9/28/1852 O m Magdalena Miller
d 3/10/1920 LI
YR25122b- Benjamin b 11/13/1854 O m Mary Beachy d 11/28/1925
YR25122c- Daniel J b 9/19/1856 HO m Elizabeth Eash d 5/4/1945 LI
YR25122d- David J b 3/18/1858 HO m Sarah Yoder (YR233446)
d 4/27/1931 LI

YR251221- Gabriel Yoder ( c1835 WO-12/18/1909 MI) m1
( - ) m2 Sarah _____
( - )(UMI80)
YR2512211-üº Emanuel (3/-/1860 I- )
m 2/19/1895 MI Lila Brubaker ( - ))
YR2512212- Rebecca ( c1861 I- )
m 1/31/1884 MI George W Staller ( - )
YR2512213- Edmond F ( c1863 I- )
YR2512214- Omer (2/-/1865 I- )
m 12/13/1898 Effie Sunday ( - ))
YR2512215- Calvin H ( c1872 I- )
m 12/11/1893 MI Bell Milley ( - ))
YR2512216- Elmer ( c1874 I- )

YR2512211- Emanuel Yoder (3/_/1860 I- ) m 2/19/1895 MI
Lila Brubaker (7/_/1864 I - ) res. Miami Co,I,Union Twp-1900
YR25122111- Elva (8/_/1888 I- )
YR25122112- Virnice (3/_/1890 I- )
YR25122113- Mildred (5/_/1899 I- )

note by Rachel Kreider on Omer, below
"Gabriel Yoder was his guardian. Was Omer the son of the Sarah
(Covey) who m. Aaron P Yoder YR494 as w2?)-this was Aaron's
family in 1880 plus Wm 6, John 4, Oliver 2, -Elmer, Calvin, Omer-
minor heirs of Sarah Yoder by 1888, .Gabriel the guardian . Were
there two Sarah's involved.?

YR2512214- Omer Yoder ( 2/_/1865 I- ) m 12/13/1888
Miami Co,I Effie Sunday (7/_/1871 O- )
YR25122141- Alva A. (9/_/1892 I- )
YR25122142- Claud G. (8/_/1896 I- )
ref. Above:
YR23494- Aaron P Yoder ( 1839 P- Kokomo,I)
m1 12/7/1858 MI Barbara Miller (?ML6219) m2 8/15/1871 MI
Sarah C Covey ( c1848 I- ) (DBH15310) (LHI60,HHI80)
YR234941- Stephen
YR234942- Daniel ( c1862 I- )
YR234943- Jeremiah ( c1863 I- )
(? Jerry E Yoder m 3/8/1890 HI Rhoda Ek)
YR234944- Tina ( c1865 I- )
YR234945- Wm ( c1874 I- )
YR234946- John ( c1876 I- )
(? John Yoder m 9/1/1898 HI Eva Nichols)
YR234947- Oliver ( c1878 I- )
(? Oliver Yoder m 3/23/1897 HI Mary Purcell)

YR251223- Christian J Yoder (7/7/1840 WO-5/4/1910 HO age 69y 9m 27d)
m 2/22/1866 Elizabeth Raber (RR212) (3/14/1846 HO-7/23/1905)
both bur Cem N-5 (JRFG14,MHPB80,Raber Hist, Budget Obits)
YR2512231- Daniel (12/2/1866 O- ) m 1/12/1907
Susan Swartzentruber (SZB1198) (12/25/1871- )(DJH5347)
YR2512232- Jonathan (5/5/1868 O- ) m
Lovina Miller (3/8/1883- )
YR2512233- Catherine (7/19/1870 O- ) m
Joseph M Erb (ERG22) (3/19/1865- )
YR2512234- Andrew (8/13/1873 O- ) m
Blanche Allen (c1873- )
YR2512235- Lydia (4/16/1875 O- ) m
Elias Hostetler (c1875- )
YR2512236- Fannie (6/30/1878 O-5/22/1924) m
Levi P Hershberger (HB4324b) (6/16/1875 HO- )
YR2512237- Benjamin (4/9/1881-10/27/1881)
YR2512238- Susanna (12/8/1882-4/17/1978) m'
Moses Wengerd (WG169) (10/15/1882- 1939)
YR2512239- David (twin) (5/20/1886- ) m
Katie Hershberger (HB623132)(2/20/1889- )
YR251223a- Mary Ann (twin) (5/20/1886-7/30/1926) m
Henry J Yoder (YR2617425) (3/31/1887- )
YR251223b- Abraham (twin)(10/6/1889- ) m
Lovina Troyer (c1889- )
YR251223c- Martha (twin)(10/6/1889-10/7/1889)

YR251225- John J ("Bush John") Yoder (10/25/1843 WO-1/15/1921 LI)
m 1/8/1866 Susan Kauffman (KF53811) (12/21/1846 HO-12/7/1921
LI Shipshewana) (Fam Rec of John J Yoder)
YR2512251- Catherine (3/11/1867-11/7/1938) m 2/27/1890 Andrew J
Miller (9/23/1866- ) res Sturgis,MI Old
Order Amish
YR2512252- David S (9/3/1869- ) m Eliza Ann Yoder
(YR________) ( - )
YR2512253- Mattie (12/1/1870-1/25/1953 LI) m 3/__/1899 LI Tobias V Yoder
(YR2344334) (4/9/1870 LI-7/21/1969 LI) (DMB431,Goshen Obit)
YR2512254- Barbara (7/7/1872 Arthur,IL-5/14/1952 LI) m 3/3/1892
William J Mast (MS363261) (9/26/1871-9/7/1944 LI) (DBH7656)
res Shipshewana,In Amish
YR2512255- Anna J (4/4/1874 Arthur,IL- ) m 2/13/1896
Lagrange,Il Levi J Mast (MS363241)(6/21/1874- )(DBH7643)
res Milford,IN, Old Order Amish
YR2512256- Mary J (1/26/1876 Arthur,Il-6/6/1965 LI) m 12/14/1899 Shipshewana,IN
Moses L Mast (MS365736) (11/20/1879-8/22/1964 LI) (DBH12666)
res Lagrange,IN Old Order Amish
YR2512257- Andrew S (10/31/1877- ) m 1/16/1902 Abbie A Troyer (TYc1b7)
(5/20/1882 Newton Co, I- ) (DJH6392) res Shipshewana,IN
YR2512258- Susan S (2/24/1880-2/27/1951 LI) m 8/25/1898 John J Schrock
(SK21528)(1/12/1880-6/7/1960 LI) (DJH7620,DMB417) res Topeka,IN
YR2512259- Rebecca S (9/23/1882-12/12/1974) m 2/19/1903 Urias E Miller
(ML228625) (10/2/1881-11/4/1966) (DJH7686) res Lagrange,IN
YR251225a- John J S (4/16/1884 Shipshewana,IN- )
m1 12/22/1907 Weatherford,OK Rebecca Miller (7/9/1886 Arthur,Il-1/19/1957 EI)
m2 1958 (h2) Lydia Schrock (3/24/1901 LI-11/19/1974)
(DBH7885, Goshen Obit) res Middlebury,IN, Conservative Mennonite
YR251225b- Jonathan S (10/7/1886 Shipshewana,IN- ) m1 1/25/1912
Fannie Miller (ML22533b) (7/7/1889-10/10/1918) m2 4/6/1933 Nappanee,IN
(h2) Lovina Borkholder (BU63_4)(3/1/1895- ) (DBH4167)

YR25122a- Jonathan Yoder (9/28/1852 WO-3/10/1920 LI Lagrange)
m 1876 Magdalena Miller (ML62631-) (DBH6901) (ELI70)
YR25122a1- Katie (10/20/1877 EI Elkhart-6/28/1938 Il)
m1 2/8/1900 John Bontrager (9/19/1879-11/11/1912 LI)
m2 11/28/1921 (w2) Simeon Otto (11/4/1875-11/16/1936)
(DBH6902) res Arthur,IL, Mennonite
YR25122a2- Manasses J (12/9/1880 Topeka,In- 1954)
m 2/4/1904 Lagrange,In Amelia Bontrager (BN222423) (1/26/1885-
12/3/1962 LI) (DBH6904) res Topeka,IN, Amish
YR25122a3- Sarah (9/26/1887 Schrock,In- )
m 3/15/1906 Topeka, IN Daniel M Troyer (TYa89_)(12/24/1877- )
(DBH6904.1) res Colorado Springs,CO, Mennonite
YR25122a4- Mary (2/29/1888 EI- ) m 12/12/1909 LI
Moses T Yoder (10/13/1889- ) (DBH6909) res Shipshewana,IN

YR25122b- Benjamin Yoder (11/13/1854 O-11/28/1925) m 2/28/1876
Mary Beachy (BC1363) (2/21/1852 GM/or near Saltillo,OH-12/2/1943)
(DBH2361,MHPB275) (GHO80)
YR25122b1- Elizabeth B (6/24/1877 O- )
YR25122b2- Catherine B (4/29/1880 HO-11/14/1973 EI) m 6/14/1901
Christian Schrock (SK21527) (9/10/1877-1/25/1945)(DBH2362, GH Obit)
res Goshen,IN
YR25122b3- Sarah B (2/14/1883-12/5/1946 LI) m 12/10/1905 Middlebury,IN
Noah L Yoder (YR2611664)(2/24/1882 Arthur,IL-2/11/1947 LI)(DBH2673)
YR25122b4- Lydia B (10/7/1885 New Bedford,OH- )
m Middlebury,IN William Eash (ES1415a)( 1886- )
(DBH2364) res Middlebury,IN Amish
YR25122b5- Lovina D (7/24/1889 Fredericksburg,OH- c1936)
m 12/18/1913 Topeka,IN at age 24y4m23d (w1) Martin W Yoder (YR1253e26)
(8/30/1890 Bremen,IN-8/27/1962 LI) (DBH2270) res Topeka,IN, Old Order Amish
YR25122b6- Ada (5/31/1894 Bedford,OH-7/24/1975 LI) m 6/5/1911
Lagrange,IN Peter Wingerd (WG4526) (1/19/1889-4/27/1967)(DBH347)
res Topeka,IN, Mennonite

YR25122c- Daniel J Yoder (9/19/1856 HO-5/4/1945 LI near Honeyville)
m 11/14/1878 Elizabeth Eash (ES1825-) (11/1/1859 LI-1/31/1946
Honeyville,IN) (EFR1785,Celia Bell Yoder Hist) both bur Yoder
Cemetery (ENI80) Old Order Amish
YR25122c1- Samuel D (1/18/1879 LI-2/29/1960) m Ethel
Rose Nelson (8/29/1887-4/3/1977) (EFR1786) res Blackwell,OK
YR25122c2- Enos E (5/24/1880 LI-4/18/1953) m1 3/20/1913 Betsy D Miller
(ML233667)(12/8/1884-10/14/1905) m2 Lydia Raber (9/21/1886-1/21/1963)
(EFR1787) res Topeka,IN, Amish
YR25122c3- Andrew A (4/15/1882 LI-1/26/1973) m 10/28/1913 Mary Ann
Gingerich (GG4435_)(9/1/1891-7/10/1983) (EFR1788) res Kalona,IA
YR25122c4- Joni D (11/3/1883-7/14/1974) m1 12/20/1906 Katie L Wingard
(WG4525) (2/17/1887-3/12/1916) m2 5/21/1919 Mabel Hochstetler
( -1/8/1973) (EFR1748)
YR25122c5- David D (9/8/1885 LI-"missing since 1914") m 1/18/1906 LI
Millie V Lambright (3/18/1888-6/1/1930- buggy hit by car)
(EFR1789) Amish
YR25122c6- Emanuel E (10/15/1887 LI-12/27/1959) m
Laura Viola Eash (10/13/1892- ) (EFR1790) res
Williamsville, NY
YR25122c7- Annie (10/10/1889 LI-12/10/1984) m 2/3/1921 Moses J
Slabaugh (6/15/1882-1/26/1946) (EFR1791) res Topeka,IN
YR25122c8- Daniel E (3/21/1893-2/10/1963) m 2/19/1914 Magdalena
Bontrager (6/17/1894-5/24/1951) (EFR1792, Obit) res Millersburg,IN
Conservative Amish Mennonite
YR25122c9- Sarah (4/5/1895-4/27/1897)
YR25122ca- Mary (2/5/1897 LI-9/1/1979) m 12/31/1914 Abe A Christner
(CH21211_)(3/19/1889-5/12/1959) (EFR1793) Res Millersburg,IN,
Conservative Amish Mennonite
YR25122cb- Elizabeth (2/18/1899 LI-3/17/1986 EI) m 12/13/1917 Menno
Beachy (BC18457)(7/15/1893-2/2/1986 EI) (EFR1794) res Millersburg,IN
YR25122cc- Menno D (4/7/1900-3/13/1975) m 2/16/1922 Susan (Sue)
E Miller (ML232b453) (8/14/1901-5/6/1992 LI)(EFR1795)
res. Topeka,IN, Old Order Amish

YR25122d- David J. Yoder (3/18/1858 HO- 4/27/1931 LI) m 2/26/1880 LI
Sarah Yoder (YR233446) (9/13/1859 LI-4/10/1934 LI) res. Middlebury,I
Amish (DBH14618, 1900-LI-Newbury -as "Daniel J")
YR25122d 1- Annie (1/2/1881 LI-9/7/1942) m. 1/28/1904 w1 Andrew S.
Schrock (7/1/1883-1/4/1963) res. Shipshewana,I Old Amish (DBH14619)
YR25122d 2- Katie (5/22/1883-2/_/1887)
YR25122d 3- Lydia (7/3/1888 LI-5/16/1939) m. 2/17/1907 Jacob Schmucker
(1/7/1883-12/21/1958) res. Topeka,I Amish (DBH14621)
YR25122d 4- Elizabeth (4/1/1891-3/14/1896)
YR25122d 5- Polly (3/7/1895 Middlebury,I- ) m. 2/20/1919
Forks Church Eli J. Christner (8/19/1894-5/31/1937) res. Millersburg,I
Amish (DBH14622)
YR25122d 6- William D. (12/20/1898 Middlebury,I-9/8/1952) m1. 1/13/1927
Katie Ann Yoder (1/7/1902-4/10/1937) (d/o Joseph A and Anna (Hershberger)
Yoder) m2. 1/20/1938 Elizabeth Bontrager (Mrs. Daniel) (9/25/1907-
10/15/1993)res. Middlebury, I Amish (DBH14623)

YR25124- John P Yoder m 5/24/1832 WO Mary Plank (9/6/1819 HP-
1/28/1895 EI) d 8/29/1896 EI both bur. Union Chapel Cem,Goshen
YR251241- Sarah b 5/28/1838 m Herman Yoder (YR234421)
d 2/15/1900 no issue
YR251242- Lydia b 4/7/1841 WO single d 2/24/1890
YR251243- Elizabeth b 10/5/1842 WO m 3/28/1869 EI Edward
Yoder (YR234423) d 9/21/1926 EI
YR251244- Christian P b 5/25/1844 WO m 10/9/1870 EI Rebecca
Smucker d 6/5/1926 EI
YR251245- Drusilla b 2/18/1846 WO m Abraham Hostetler
d 4/8/1928 K?
YR251246- Jacob J (John Jacob) b 10/7/1847 WO m 9/27/1877 Goshen
EI Lavinia Catherine Smith d 10/21/1895 Rice Co, KS
YR251247- Anna b 3/14/1849 WO m 5/6/1875 EI Daniel J Johns
d 2/19/1930 EI
YR251248- Hannah b 2/5/1851 WO m 10/15/1882 EI William Schrock
d 2/4/1933 Mich
YR251249- Veronica b 8/28/1852 WO m 10/15/1882 EI Joseph
Pletcher d 5/27/1900
YR25124a- Rebecca b 3/17/1855 WO d 6/17/1856 WO
YR25124b- Samuel b 1/5/1857 WO single d 7/19/1883
YR25124c- Mary b 10/24/1859 WO m(?3/23/1884 EI John H) Miller
d 12/28/1892
YR25124d- Jonathan b 3/18/1861 WO m ____ Miller
d 1944
YR25124e- Amanda b 10/18/1862 WO m 7/18/1889 EI Norman Blough
d 1/10/1968 Idaho

YR251244- Christian P Yoder (5/25/1844 WO-6/5/1926 EI) m 10/9/1870 EI
Rebecca Smucker (SM11f1)(11/19/1851 EI-9/12/1912 EI)(CZYp79, Desc
Jacob J Yoder)
YR2512441- Salina (9/27/1871-3/8/1917) m 1/2/1896 Milo Berkey (BK1511111)
(2/18/1871 EI-5/11/1908 EI)
YR2512442- Clara (8/12/1875-4/18/1918) m 11/11/1899 Amos V Blough
YR2512443- Leona (10/3/1879-2/29/1881)
YR2512444- Noble (2/6/1885- ) m 1/1/1913 Mary Rohrer
( - )
YR2512445- Minnie (1/2/1890-4/7/1985) m 2/8/1919 (w2) Fred S Byler
(BY315491) (8/24/1890-7/29/1966 EI)

YR251246- John Jacob (Jacob J) Yoder (10/7/1847 WO-10/21/1895 Rice
Co,KS) m 9/27/1877 EI Goshen Lavinia Catherine Smith (
ca1853 O- ) (Pat Creighton Cht, Theodore O Yoder Cht, Fred
A Yoder Cht) (EEI80) moved from IN to KS in 1889
YR2512461- Dennis Percevial (1/1/1879(8) Goshen,In-8/2/1942 Snyder,TX)
m 9/9/1903 Versailes,OH Pearl Fay Bertram (7/30/1885-7/29/1975)
YR2512462- Archie Lawrence (1/11/1880 Goshen, I- c1885)
"died young of diptheria contracted because of exposure when he ran 3 miles
from the farm to get a doctor to come treat his brother O.S. who had cut off
his index finger splitting wood"-Ted Yoder)
YR2512463- Oren Samuel (6/11/1881 Goshen- ) m in Ft. Worth, Tx
Alice White, a school teacher, had two sons, married but no issue
YR2512464- Charles Vernon (7/30/1882 Goshen, I-2/3/1951 McAllen,Tx)
m Walton,Ks Millie Elta Adsit (8/9/1882 Walton,Ks-6/3/1969)
YR2512465- Carl Jacob (8/2 or3/18__ ?Walton,Ks? - )
m Hattie Keith had one son
YR2512466- Carrie Mary Elizabeth (10/13/1892 - )
moved to Boise,Ida in 1920's- lost contact

YR2514- Christian "Cooper or Keifer Christ" (*) Yoder m1811 Esther
Hertzler (2/18/1788 BP-5/8/1861 WP) d 5/3/1850 MP (Will gives land in Mercer Co
to Christian, mentions son David -res. Mercer Co.,Pa)
YR25141- Lydia b 3/22/1813 MP m David Hertzler
d 1/20/1884 MP
YR25142- Anna b 4/10/1815 MP m12/1/1833 Jacob Yoder (YRB111)
d 8/9/1887 CZ
YR25143- Simeon H b 11/9/1816 MP (midway between Belleville and
YR25144- Daniel C b 8/7/1818 EP
YR25145- Sarah b 1/31/1820 MP m 12/28/1838 Jacob Zook
d 5/13/1899 MP
YR25146- Elizabeth b 4/11/1822 MP m 2/ /1845 Stephem Kurtz
d 1888 (1860-Lawrence Co-038)
YR25147- Christian H b 1/28/1828 MP m Lydia Kurtz
d 1/11/1852 WO no issue
YR25148- Abraham b 7/15/1830 MP m 1/20/1853 Fannie Kurtz
(1860-Lawrence Co-025) d 1/5/1904 Hubbard, Clackemas Co, OR bur Zion Cem.
YR25149- Moses H b 5/27/1833 MP m1 Lawrence Co.,PA Barbara
Kauffman m2 11/27/1877 Elizabeth Slabaugh d 6/12/1912 or 11
Manchester, OK

Fisher 6240, Moses in booklet

YR25143- Simeon H Yoder (11/9/1816-1/31/1892 MP) m Elizabeth Kanagy (11/9/1820 MP- 9/8/1896 MP) O.O. Amish (Fa. Rec. of Simeon H Yoder-1983 by Alvin Yoder)
YR251431- Moses K b 1/17/1841 P m Sarah Zook d 1/31/1927
both bur Reno Cem.,KS
YR251432- Sarah B. (1/18/1843 P-d 11/6/1851 P)
YR251433- Lydia (5/16/1846 P-4/28/1904 MP)m 3/3/1870 John Renno
(7/16/1842-3/20/1916 Mifflintown, Pa)(FRSHY417) O.O.Amish
YR251434- Joshua K (9/25/1848 P-9/7/1931 TP) m 2/11/1873
Rachel A Kauffman (6/23/1849-1/16/1917) (FRSHY435) O.O.Amish
YR251435- Christian (9/15/1850 P-4/28/1870 MP)
YR251436- Fannie (4/26/1852 P-12/11/1857 P)
YR251437- John K (5/10/1854 P-7/18/1879 Lawrence Co, PA)
m. 1/-/1879 Anna B Kauffman (5/26/1859-4/2/1879)(FRSHY490)
O.O. Amish
YR251438- Simeon K (3/24/1856 P-5/20/1935 MP) m1
Barbara Smucker (2/19/1858-12/19/1898) m2 1904
Rebecca Stoltzfus (5/8/1879- ) (FRSHY491)
YR251439- Levi K (3/23/1858 P-7/12/1925 MP) single
YR25143a- Joseph K (1/4/1859 MP-10/17/1945) m 12/19/1895
Barbara E King (4/27/1872-1/29/1939)(FRSHY537)
YR25143b-Elizabeth b 10/4/1862 MP m 2/19/1885 Christian
Sharp d 6/25/1927

fisher 5944, 5474, 1825,6660

YR251431- Moses K Yoder (1/17/1841 P-1/31/1927 K) m
Sarah E Zook (ZK214211) (4/3/1844 MP-6/7/1920) (CF5944, King
8-2-1-1,Fam Rec of Simeon H Yoder,HHH5147,HHH8629,Ida Yoder Ct)
(WRP80) bur Reno Cemetery, res Patridge,KS, Amish Mennonite
YR2514311- Joel Z (9/17/1864-11/1/1865)
YR2514312- Lizzie (7/15/1866- gone by 1880) unmarried
YR2514313-_ëH Rudy Z (8/29/1868-8/29/1948) m1 3/13/1890 Lavina J Miller
(9/29/1872-5/27/1924) m2 6/5/1930 (h2) Barbara (Mast) Yoder (MS363244)
(12/30/1869-4/5/1945) (widow ofYR235725) (CF6545,HHH8630)
YR2514314- John Z (8/4/1872 MP-10/22/1945 Fairbank,IA) m1 12/16/1900
Saloma Yoder (YR25793) (1/10/1882-5/6/1909) m2 10/19/1911
Mary M Bontrager (BN225241) (11/23/1889-8/27/1946) (DBH6492,HHH8637)
res Dunkerton,Ia, Amish
YR2514315- Lydia M (3/22/1874 P-4/1/1917) m Joel Yoder (YR257912)
(6/2/1867-10/7/1916) (HHH8650, Cem Stone) res Thomas,OK,
Old Order Amish (FRSHY274)
__ëH Simeon M ((2/15/1876 P-4/22/1970) m 7/13/_______
(per FRSHY m. 8/13/1899 Plain City,OH Gertrude Frey (10/12/1879
-1/11/1967) (HHH8655,DJH4572, FRSHY318) Res Thomas,OK, Amish
YR2514317- Christian M (1/15/1878 MP-5/31/1965 MP) m1 2/7/1901
Fannie Miller (ML225367)(7/12/1882-5/31/1945) m2 10/18/1949
Mary S. King of MP (4/28/1898- ) (CF5943,HHH8656,
DBH15287, FRSHY360) res Partridge,KS, Old Order Amish
YR2514318- Levi M (7/25/1879 Reedsville MP-1/28/1956)m 11/10/1901
(obit said 11/10/1902) Thomas,OK Fannie Thomas (TH3425_)
(5/9/1883 Mt Ayr,IN -8/5/1964) (DBH8571,HHH8658,FRSHY382)
res Garnett & Yoder,K, Old Order Amish
YR2514319- Fannie Rebecca (6/28/1883-10/11/1963) m1 12/14/1900
Eli Stutzman (7/17/1878-6/26/1954) m2 _____ Long
(HHH8664,FRSHY409)Church of Christ res Britton, Ok

YR2514313- Rudy Z. Yoder (8/29/1868-8/29/1948) m1 3/13/1890 Lavina J
Miller (9/29/1872-5/27/1924) m2 6/5/1930 (h2) Barbara (Mast) Yoder
(MS363244) (12/30/1869-4/5/1945) (widow ofYR235725) (CF6545,HHH8630)
O.O. Amish
YR25143131- Lizzie R. (2/6/1891-7/7/1922) m. 5/13/1917 (w1) Eli A.
Borntrager (2/12/1899- )
YR25143132- Sarah R. (3/22/1893-7/31/1930) m. 1/25/1917 (w1) Samuel
(Shem) E. Yoder (8/8/1897-5/19/1968) (CF6539)(FRSHY15) O.O.Amish
YR25143133- Fannie (3/18/1897 Thomas, Ok -1/27/1990) m. 1/27/1916
Menno J.S. Bontrager (5/3/1897 Gibon, Miss-4/21/1995) res. Kalona,
Ia O.O. Amish (HHH8631)
YR25143134- Lydia Ann (6/27/1901 Thomas,Ok-11/4/1983) m. 4/1/1920
Martin R. Bontrager (10/13/1901-6/5/1992) res. Independence,Ia
O.O. Amish (HHH8635)
YR25143135- Lavina (11/22/1907 Hydro,Ok- ) m. 3/3/1927 Alvin Gingerich
(9/17/1905- ) res. Independence,Ia- to Ore. O.O. Mennonite

YR2514316- Simeon M Yoder ((2/15/1876 P(one obit said b. 2/10)-
4/22/1970 Plain City,O) m 7/13/____Plain City,O (per FRSHY
m. 8/13/1899) Gertrude Frey (10/12/1879-1/11/1967)(HHH8655,DJH4572,
FRSHY318, 1900-Madison Co,O) res Thomas,OK, O.O. Amish minister
YR25143161- Noah S. (1/25/1900 Plain City,O-9/30/1952 Columbus,O)
m Mary Ann Kurtz ( - )
YR25143162- Sarah S. (2/17/1901- ) m. 11/17/1927 John M. Lapp
(1/23/1898- )
YR25143163- Roman (6/28/1902- ) m. 1/8/1925 Mary Ann Kauffman
(7/29/1902 - ) res Millersburg and Fresno,O
YR25143164- Benjamin (1/23/1904-1/26/1904)
YR25143165- Simon (9/20/1905- died young)
(YR251436-had foster son Wallace Miller who m. Martha Plask)

YR251434- Joshua K Yoder (9/25/1848 Reedsville P-9/7/1931(?0) TP)
m 2/11/1873 Rachel A Kauffman (KF111912) (6/23/1849 Belleville MP-
1/16/1917 MP) (DJH6910,CF5474, King 8-1-1-2,HHH8667, FRSHY435) (AMP80)
res Reedsville,Pa, Amish
YR2514341- Christian K (7/4/1878 Milroy,P-9/17/1939) m 3/1/1917 Barbara E
Kanagy (KY7282) (4/8/1880-12/30/1959) (CF6935,HHH2499,FRSHY436) res Belleville,Pa, Amish Mennonite
YR2514342- Fannie I (8/9/1880 Reedsville,P-12/23/1963) m 1/19/1905
Ezra J Zook (ZK22a922) (12/19/1879-6/28/1966) (DJH6911,CF6056,
HHH4433,FRSHY439) res Reedsville & Intercourse,Pa, Amish Mennonite
YR2514343- Mary L (3/13/1883-12/25/1918) m 2/__/1910 Jonathan M Yoder (YR2536343) (4/1/1888-3/12/1967) (HHH8411,FRSHY450) res Huntington,Pa,
Amish Mennonite
YR2514344- Sarah K (12/23/1884-6/16/1900)
YR2514345- Samuel K (2/2/1888 Reedsville,P-6/30/1973) m 12/17/1912
Leah B Yoder (YR253622-) (11/9/1888-7/16/1966)(CF5473,HHH8399,
FRSHY453) res Lancaster,Pa, Amish Mennonite

YR25143a- Joseph K. Yoder (1/4/1859 MP-10/17/1945) m 12/19/1895
Barbara E. King (4/27/1872-1/29/1939) (CF6660) Am. Mennonite
YR25143a1- Elsie L. (10/16/1897-5/4/1976) m. 2/15/1921
Daniel L. Yoder (1/30/1899-11/15/1956)(FRSHY538)
YR25143a2- David Kanagy(4/28/1899 Reedsville, Pa-2/3/1988 (SSN))
m. 11/23/1927 Carrie Ellen Yoder (10/9/1907-5/22/1987)
Mennonite (CF6663,FRSHY546)
YR25143a3- Mattie A. (6/16/1900-4/8/1981) m 2/9/1924
Christian Y. Peachey (2/2/1901-9/16/1969) Mennonite bookkeeper
YR25143a4- Joseph H. (2/16/1904-1/_/1984 res Pa (SSN))
m. 5/25/1957 Emma K. Peachey (4//4/1921-10/12/1993)(FRSHY567)
YR25143a5- John William Sr. (1/26/1906-3/25/1992 (SSN))
m. 8/20/1933 Mary E. Henry (2/4/1915- ) res. Duncannon,Pa

YR25144- Daniel C ("Gypsy Dan") Yoder m1 1/18/1842 Elizabeth Byler
(6/10/1823 MP-1/8/1870 MP) m2 1/4/1872 Barbara Glick
(3/2/1831 MP-3/9/1902 MP) d 7/23/1896
YR251441- Jonas B b 2/6/1843 MP m 8/11/1868 WO Catherine
Campbell (6/11/1849 LP-4/14/1919 WO) d 10/15/1927
YR251442- Joseph C b 12/21/1844 MP m 7/21/1869 Seraphina
Crosswhite d 2/1/1913
YR251443- YR251443- Ezra J (11/25/1846 MP- 1/19/1901) m 3/1/1881 Elizabeth
Kurtz (11/27/1844-9/3/1927) ( both buried West Liberty Cem, LO)
YR251444- Mary b 1/4/1849 MP m 1/19/1871 Christian J
Peachey d 2/11/1940 MP
YR251445- Abram H b 5/8/1851 MP m 3/23/1875 Laura Smith
d 1927 bur Marleborne Cem, Fulton Co, OH (res 1900 Stark Co,OH)
YR251446- John b 1853 MP d 1855 MP
YR251447- Isaac J b 8/20/1855 MP m 12/15/1879 Salome Zook
d 8/16/1938 LO Oak Grove Cem, West Liberty OH
YR251448- Elizabeth A b 3/15/1858 MP Menno Twp m 12/12/1882
Samuel Y Hartzler d 3/27/1906 LO
YR251449- Daniel K b 6/25/1860 MP m after 1918 (h2)
Elizabeth Smucker d 5/11/1951 no issue
YR25144a- Solomon B b 1/14/1863 m 1894 Mary Roth
d 1/31/1902

YR251441- Jonas B Yoder (2/6/1843 MP-10/15/1927) m 8/11/1868
Catherine Campbell (6/11/1849 LP-4/14/1919) (HHH8672)(GWO70/80)
German Baptist, res Smithville,O
YR2514411- Mary E (11/18/1869 O-12/30/1947 WO) m 2/24/1889
Truman David Bowers (617/1862-11/5/1948) res Cedar Rapids,Ia
YR2514412- Amos E (8/15/1871 WO- Boise, Ida ) single
YR2514413- John William (2/15/1873- 1874)
YR2514414- Ethan (3/9/1875 O- Republic,Washington) single
YR2514415- Isaiah (11/18/1877 O- Wooster,O) single
YR2514416- Noah (8/19/1880- ) m 9/17/1912 Dena Poat
from Netherlands (10/8/1880- ) (HHH8685) res Lexington,O
YR2514417- Barbara Ellen (5/4/1884 Golden Corners,O- ) m
______ Gong ( - )(HHH8686)
North Omsted,O
YR2514418- infant ( 1887- 1887)
YR2514419- Sarah Catherine (1/24/1888 Creston,OH-9/18/1970) m 2/8/1906
Nappanee,IN Rudolph O Yoder (YR1253827)(11/20/1884-1/7/1969)
(DBH2040,HHH8687) res Nappanee
YR251441a- George Wesley (9/6/1892 WO -9/6/1892 WO)

YR251442- Joseph Charles Yoder (12/21/1844 MP-2/1/1913- died from
choking on a piece of meat) m 7/21/1869
Seraphina Crosswhite (2/22/1851 Washington Co,Tn-4/4/1940)
(HHH8690, Mrs C R Yoder Cht,Pamela Yoder Data-3/96)(UMP80)
res. Huntington, Pa, dentist, Ch. of the Brethren (German Baptist)
YR2514421- Jesse D (6/8/1871 Tn-10/__/1887)
YR2514422- Arthur L (1/16/1874 Jonesboro,Tn- ) m 8/17/1904
Annie Wickersham (5/5/1880 Pa- ) (HHH8691)
professor, res Long Island, NY, Quaker
YR2514423-__ Ralph E (3/22/1876 P- 1950 Brooklyn,NY )
m Eleanor Martineau McKeever (7/25/1886 Bedford Station,
Westchester Co., NY at 3:20 pm, weight 10lbs-1965 Brooklyn,NY)
both dentists -practiced together in Brooklyn.
YR2514424- "child of Joseph Yoder d. 9/2/1879 aged __"

YR2514423- Ralph E (3/22/1876 P- 1950 Brooklyn,NY )
m Eleanor Martineau McKeever (7/25/1886 Bedford Station,
Westchester Co., NY at 3:20 pm, weight 10lbs-1965 Brooklyn,NY)
both dentists -practiced together in Brooklyn.
YR25144231- Ralph Ernest (12/18/1912- )
m 6/11/1938 Enid E. Hopeman ( - )
YR25144231- Ralph Ernest (12/18/1912- )
m 6/11/1938 Enid Elizabeth Hopeman 11/30/1914 ( - 02/05/1988)
Son. Ralph Ernest Yoder, III (03/17/1939) Minneapolis , Minn.
his daughter Pamela Annette Yoder (08/25/1963) Munich, Germany
and son Roger William Yoder (08/30/1965) Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Ralph and Enid Yoder Daughter. Annette Elizabeth Yoder Boldoc (06/12/1949) Washington, D.C. (1992 died) m William Bolduc d Kelly Bolduc
YR25144232- Charles J McKeever (1914-4/8/1971) m 1937
Dorothy ( - )
YR25144233- Eleanor Crosswhite (3/3/1916- ) m 1936
Arthur Newark ( -2002)
YR25144234- John Marshall Baldwin (9/16/1918- )
m 11/18/1944 Lucille Mueller ( - )

YR251443- Ezra J. Yoder (11/25/1846 Belleville MP-1/19/1901) m 3/1/1881
Elizabeth Kurtz (KZA12275) (11/27/1844 Lancaster, FO-9/3/1927) (HHH8693,
1900-Champaign Co,O, Salem Twp)(both buried West Liberty Cem, LO)
YR2514431- Joseph C. (1/18/1882-9/4/1884)
YR2514432- Lydia Rovilla (10/9/1883-1//3/1984) single res. W. Liberty,O
YR2514433- Earnest (Ernest L.) (8/8/1885 W. Liberty,O-6/_/1965 res O (SSN))
m 12/7/1916 Addie Strayer (4/26/1890- ) res. W. Liberty,O Methodist
(HHH8694) paperhanger
YR2514434- Elizabeth Mae (Lizzie) (8/8/1885 W. Liberty,O-9/17/1965)
m 8/25/1912 Perry Daniels (3/12/1890-10/16/1953) res. Bellefontaine,O
Mennonite (HHH8695)

YR251445- Abraham H Yoder (5/8/1851 WP- 1927 QO) m 3/23/1875
Laura A H Smith (2/13/1855 MP- ) (HHH8703)
(MSO80,Marlboro,OH) Christian Disciple, res Marlboro,O
YR2514451- Loyetta E (2/12/1877 Malboro,O- ) m 11/24/1898
Harry E Stinchcomb (9/25/1873- )(HHH8704)
res Medina, O, Baptist
YR2514452- Hattie M (7/4/1878 Marlboro,O- ) m 6/12/1901
Harry C. Moore (10/10/1875-12/15/1932) (HHH8796) Canton, O
YR2514453- George S (8/13/1879 O-7/10/1880)
YR2514454- Maurice ( - ) m
______ ( - ) (HHH8709) Canton, O

YR251447- Isaac J Yoder (8/20/1855 MP-8/16/1938 LO) m 12/16/1879
Salome Zook (ZK22972-) (8/15/1860 Lawrence Co,WP-8/17/1930 W. Liberty,O)
(HHH6362, Betty V Yoder Cht, Kenneth A Yoder Cht) (SCO80)
YR2514471- Benjamin F (9/17/1880 Urbana,OH- ) m 10/10/1907
Cora R Immel (10/30/1887- ) (HHH6363) res Spokane,Wa
YR2514472-Ervin D (11/24/1882 West Liberty,OH- m 10/24/1909
Ella Kanagy (KY7421_) (8/22/1884- ) (HHH6364) res W Liberty,O
YR2514473- Fannie (11/3/1885 West Liberty,OH-2/8/1920) m
David J Moose (4/2/1885- ) (HHH6367)
YR2514474- Sadie A (5/6/1889 West Liberty,OH- ) m 3/19/1919
Charles Lee Kauffman (KF1155421)(12/20/1887-8/16/1940) (HHH6370)
res Volant, Pa, Mennonite
YR2514475- Martha A (3/14/1894 West Liberty,LO- Smithville,O)
m 3/15/1922 Otto Kauffman (KF1115153) (1/9/1900- ) (HHH3345)
YR2514476- Saloma Ann (8/6/1896 Huntsville,OH-9/1/1982 Laurence,K)
m 11/30/1916 O Elmer J Yoder (YR1462228)(4/26/1887-7/11/1957) (HHH6371)
res Springfield, O
YR2514477- Elizabeth Mae (1/24/1901 Huntsville,OH- )
m 10/15/1930 Fredrick Byron Krabill (5/18/1901- )(HHH498)
res Springfield, O, Mennonite

YR25144a- Solomon B. Yoder (1/14/1863 MP- 1/31/1902) m 1894 Mary Roth
(2/2/1869 Gy (or Fr)- ) (1900-Wright Co,Ia; HHH8710)
YR25144a1- Ella (2/27/1896 Ia- ) m. Floyd Saunier ( - )
YR25144a2- Elmer S. (7/2/1901-3/3/1988 (SSN)) m. 4/25/1933 Iva Esther
Heading (5/1/1902-3/16/1980 res O (SSN)) res. West Liberty, O Mennonite

YR25148- Abraham Yoder (7/15/1830 MP-1/5/1904 Hubbard,OR)
m 1/20/1853 Fannie Kurtz (KZB6742)(7/26/1831 MP-7/15/1913 Hubbard,
Clackamas Co., OR) (CF6240,HHH6848,HHH8441, Zane Jacob Yoder Cht,
Franes Dills Cht) (HWP60,CCZ80,Clackamas Co Oregon 1900) Bur Zion
Cemetery, Amish Mennonite
YR251481- David C (12/10/1854 Lawrence Co, WP-9/13/1931 Hubbard,OR)
m 12/25/1881 Mary Eleanor Jewett (4/21/1861-4/3/1928)(HHH6849) Baptist
YR251482- Delilah (3/20/1857 WP-7/27/1934) m 1/1/1878 Amos P Troyer
(TY2622)(12/12/1856-10/23/1935) (CF6239,HHH6855) res Hubbard,Ore
YR251483- Israel M (5/19/1859 P-4/29/1894) m 10/26/1880
Josephine Kropf (2/19/1859 N-9/7/1928 Ore) (HHH6888) res Hubbard,Ore
YR251484- Adam (12/28/1860-9/19/1872)
YR251485- Zephaniah (1/11/1862 P-12/10/1928) (1880 cens Zephira (f))
died single, res Hubbard, Ore
YR251486- Sarah A (12/28/1864 P-11/26/1957 Ore) single (GH Obit)
res Portland,Ore
YR251487- Levi (10/3/1867 Z- ) m 10/3/1895
Catherine Roth (2/5/1875-3/8/1946) res Molalla &Canby, Ore (HHH6890)
YR251488- son (10/14/1869-10/17/1869)
YR251489- Mary E (6/5/1871 Z- ) m 1/7/1894 (w2) Noah K
Hartzler (HZ15137) (3/29/1863-8/4/1934) (CF6648,HHH5024)
YR25148a- Fannie (10/31/1874 Garden City,Z-3/19/1898) m 3/5/1893
John L Zook (ZK22941) (3/3/1870 LO-12/22/1918) (HHH6891)
Garden City, Mo
YR25148b- Ella May (11/4/1878 Garden City, Z- ) m 6/6/1897
Obed I Miller of Kokomo (7/27/1869- ) (HHH6894) Idaho & Ore

YR251481- David Christian Yoder (12/10/1854 Lawrence Co, WP-
9/13/1931 Hubbard,OR) m 12/25/1881 Mary Eleanor Jewett (4/21/1861 Minda, Il-
4/3/1928 Portland, Or )(HHH6849) Baptist , res. Portland, Or (HHH6849,
Frances Dills Cht '85, Zane Jacob Yoder)
YR2514811- Frances M. (11/5/1882 E. Lynne,Mo- ) m. 8/30/1930
Reader Ramsby (5/18/1882- ) res. Portland,Or Baptist (HHH6850)
YR2514812- Carrie Pearl (11/29/1883-2/25/1918)
YR2514813- Effie Mabel (3/9/1885-10/_/1890)
YR2514814- William Abraham (5/19/1886 Garden City, Mo-8/2/1965
Woodburn, Marion Co,Or) m. 10/2/1916 Oregon City, Clackamas Co, Or
Bessie Oswalt (10/11/1891-3/23/1933) res. Hubbard, Or (HHH6851)
(Zane Jacob Yoder)
YR2514815- May A. (7/29/1888 Garden City, Mo- ) m. 10/9/1915
Weley E. Dimick (8/14/1891- ) res. Scotts Mills,Or Baptist (HHH6852)
YR2514816- Chancey H. (10/9/1889-1/_/1969 res Or (SSN))
YR2514817- Grace L. (6/16/1892 Garden City,Mo- ) m. 11/23/1913
J Miles Blair (12/4/1890-3/19/1927)
YR2514818- Lillian E. (4/11/1894-2/18/1925)
YR2514819- Fred D. (7/7/1899 Garden City, Mo-3/_/1967 res. Or) m 6/2/1923
Ruth L. Dickens (1/4/1903- ) res. Portland,Or Baptist (HHH6854)
YR251481a- Edna Opal (9/4/1901 Garden City, Mo- ) 7/9/1934
Portland, Or George Harry Love (10/14/1899-7/25/1941) res. Portland,Or
(Frances Dills Cht)

YR251483- Israel M. Yoder (5/19/1859 Lawrence Co,P-4/29/1894) m
10/26/1880 Josephine Kropf (2/19/1859 Ontario-9/7/1928 Ore) (HHH6888, 1900-
Clackamas Co-Or) res Hubbard,Ore Mennonite
YR2514831- Silas A. (2/13/1885 Garden City, Mo-7/21/1956 Ore)
m1. 11/1/1913 Salome J. Hartzler (4/4/1895-2/5/1921) m2. 6/21/1933 Lillie
Alice Hostetler (11/20/1898- ) res. Hubbard,Or Mennonite (HHH2055)
YR2514832- Oliver (1/26/1889 Mo-7/1/1914)
YR2514833- Fannie M. (10/17/1892 Mo- ) m. 8/10/1919 Frank J. Hostetler
(10/8/1893- ) res. Park Place,Or Mennonite (HHH6889)

YR251487- Levi Yoder (10/3/1867 Z- 1952) m 10/3/1895
Catherine Roth (2/5/1875 Z-3/8/1946) res Molalla &Canby, Ore
(HHH6890, 1900-Clackamas,Or) Mennonite
YR2514871- Amandas (6/_/1896 Or- )
YR2514872- Bertha (1/_/1898 Or- )
YR2514873- Esther ( - ) m.
S E Sweigart ( - ) res. Canby, Or. (HHH6891)
YR2514874- Melvin ( - ) (HHH6892) res. Canby,Or
YR251487-----plus four other children

YR25149- Moses H Yoder (5/27/1833 MP-6/12/1911 GQ,Manchester,OK)
m1 Barbara Kauffman (KF11553)(3/5/1834 P-10/8/1874 LI)
m2 11/27/1877 Elizabeth Slabaugh (SBC19)(1/23/1852 HO Carlyle-
) (HHH6608,DJH3176,HHH8441, Celesta Yoder
Klingelsmith Cht, Moses H Yoder Gen., Jay Harold Yoder Cht, Orpha
P Hershberger Cht, Duane R Phillips Cht) (WWP60,HMK80) Mennonite
YR251491- Sarah Malinda (11/11/1855-9/12/1916) m 10/27/1877
Valentine A Marhofer (8/19/1855-1/24/1934)(HHH6609)
res Fredonia,O, Brethren (Mennonite, Kans)
YR251492- Reuben Christopher (4/18/1859 Lawrence Co,Pa-4/19/1917
Inman, McPherson Co,KS) m 1/2/1881 LI Maggie Bontrager (BN227a)
(3/18/1859 LI- 2/23/1940 Hesston,KS) (HHH6632) res Inman,K, Mennonite
YR251493- Levi Ulysses (7/6/1869 Mich-6/5/1928) m 9/30/1897 Mary Ellen
(Horner) Hersgberger (11/3/1875 SP-8/7/1952) (HHH6658) res Midland, Mi
YR251494- Ezra Mahlon (11/26/1872 Lagrange,I-11/28/1944) m 12/13/1897
Susan Miller (1/11/11874 LI-4/18/1949) (HHH6666) res Midland,Mi, Mennonite
YR251495- Hiram Jacob (adopted) (5/1/1875 LI-4/5/1951 Ore (or 6/5/1951))
m 6/1/1905 Rhoda Frances Shenk (11/8/1880-11/23/1972) (DJH3177) res
Harper,KS, Mennonite
YR251496- Amanda Matilda (10/2/1878 I-1/29/1924) m 12/22/1896
Henry Schmidt (2/10/1868- 1959)(DJH3178,HHH6679)
res Manchester,OK/Versailes,Mo
YR251497- Emma Esther (7/13/1880-11/30/1927) m Harmon (Herman?)
Butz ( 7/9/1875-6/2/1946) (DJH3179,HHH6680) Manchester,OK
YR251498- Moses H (4/19/1882-11/__/1882 pneumonia)
YR251499- Martin Matthaias (3/30/1888McPherson Co.,K-3/25/1974 K)
m 3/7/1910 Mary Anna Butz (1/4/1889 K-9/25/1977) (HHH6681)

YR251492- Reuben Christopher Yoder (4/18/1859 Lawrence Co,Pa-4/19/1917
Inman, McPherson Co,KS) m 1/2/1881 LI Maggie Bontrager (BN227a)
(3/18/1859 LI- 2/23/1940 Hesston,KS) (HHH6632, Dennis Klingelsmith '93, Jay
Harold Yoder Cht '84, Orpha Hershberger Cht '85, Duane Phillips Cht '82)
res Inman,K, Mennonite
YR2514921- Viola B. (10/20/1881 Nappanee,I-6/3/1953 Wichita,Ks) m 11/5/1905
LaJunta, Co. Thomas J. Cooprider (3/28/1869-2/26/1944) res. Hesston,Ks
Mennonite (HHH6633, Orpha Hershberger)
YR2514922- Celesta L. (12/18/1883 Windom,Ks-8/23/1962) m. 2/21/1904
G Harry Klingelsmith (5/30/1880-12/2/1945) res. Clarence, NY Mennonite
(HHH6637, Dennis Klingelsmith)
YR2514923- Christian A. (11/20/1885-3/21/1888)
YR2514924- Leander M. (3/10/1888-3/12/1888)
YR2514925- Stephen A. (7/15/1889 Windom, Ks-9/17/1991 (SSN))
m1. 10/24/1915 Esther Lehman (8/29/1887-12/12/1958) m2. 4/28/1966 Edna J.
Kauffman ( - ) res. Columbiana,O Mennonite minister (HHH6646)
YR2514926- Levi Milton (9/18/1891 Inman,Ks-12/14/1928 Hayes,Ks)
m 1/21/1911 Tillie Yoder (d/o YR234496) (2/11/1892-11/2/1979)
res. Windom, Ks Mennonite (HHH6648) (Duane Phillips)
YR2514927- Amos E. (2/12/1894 Windom, Ks-9/30/1957 Wellman,Ia)
m1 6/17/1917 Cora Zimmerman (11/16/1894-8/29/1935) m2 10/9/1937 Mattie
Ann Troyer (5/31/1894- ) res. Canby, Or Mennonite (HHH6653)
YR2514928- Maurice A. (9/22/1897 Inman, Ks- 5/21/1973 Hesston, Ks)
m 8/30/1928 Elizabeth Gish (2/5/1897-3/20/1989 (SSN)) res. Hesston, Ks
Mennonite (HHH6655)
YR2514929- Corinne L. (2/16/1900 Inman,Ks- ) m. 4/16/1944 Herman
Schaar (8/6/1913- ) res. Aurora, Co Evangelical (HHH6656)
YR251492a- Rhoda B. (12/23/1902- ) m. 6/15/1944 Oscar Nelson
(1/21/1894- ) res. LaJunta, Co. Lutheran (HHH6657) Public Health Nurse,

YR251493- Levi Ulysses Yoder (7/6/1869 Cass Co., Mi-6/5/1928) m 9/30/1897
Mary Ellen (Ella) (Horner) Hersgberger (11/3/1875 SP-8/7/1952) (HHH6658)
res Midland, Mi Mennonite
YR2514931- Mabel Annetta (2/8/1902 McPherson,Ks-6/18/1943) m 12/14/1935
Laurence Tracey (3/2/1904- ) res. Midland, Mi Brethren (HHH6659)
YR2514932- Cora Rosezina (8/14/1904 McPherson,Ks-7/_/1955) m. 9/13/1925
Daniel M. Wyse (12/7/1903-11/6/1954 Va) res. Midland, Mi Mennonite
YR2514933- Bertha Alice (5/1/1906 McPherson, Ks-2/7/1980 Midland,Mi)
m. 6/20/1926 Clarence M. Miller (8/2/1901-4/26/1978) res. Midland, Mi
Mennonite (HHH6661)
YR2514934- Florence Rebecca (12/2/1907- ) m. 4/11/1930 Roy Weidman
(9/7/1907- ) res. Flint, Mi (HHH6663)
YR2514935- Melvin Alfred (5/1/1910 McPherson,Ks-11/9/1989 (SSN))
m 12/22/1933 Luella May Short ( 5/1/1907- ) res. Midland,Mi Mennonite
YR2514936- Elsa Lauretta (4/21/1912 Brandon, Co- ) m. 4/20/1946
Alie Arbogast (5/31/1911- ) res. Bridgewater, VA Mennonite (HHH6665)
YR2514937- John Otis (9/21/1914 Brandon,Co- ) m. 6/23/1939 Lola Isabelle
King (3/10/1917- ) res. Harrisonburg, VA Mennonite minister (HHH2354)

YR251494- Ezra Mahlon Yoder (11/26/1872 Lagrange,I-11/28/1944)
m 12/13/1897 Susan Miller (1/11/11874 LI-4/18/1949) (HHH6666)
res Midland,Mi, Mennonite
YR2514941- Myrtle Ferne (2/21/1899-10/14/1879 res Va (SSN) m. 10/12/1929
w2 George P. Yoder (6/22/1886-1/23/1956) res. Midland,Mi Mennonite
YR2514942- Ernest Milroy (5/7/1901- ) m. 4/9/1925 Levina Eicher
(8/8/1902- ) res. Nottawa, Mi Mennonite (HHH6669)
YR2514943- Clarence Ray (7/30/1903-5/_/1987 res. I (SSN)) m. 5/9/1929
Deliah Miller (11/11/1909-8/_/1992 (SSN)) res. Midland,Mi Mennonite
YR2514944- Harvey Mahlon (624/1907-1/7/1989 (SSN)) m. 5/29/1929
Lena Mary Austin (11/21/1907- ) res. Midland,Mi (HHH6674)
YR2514945- Reuben Clifford (3/26/1910- ) m. 8/26/1930
Hazel Renner (2/22/1912- ) res. Midland, Mi (HHH6675)
YR2514946- Chester Leroy (11/23/1912- ) m 6/7/1933 Agnes Steckley
(2/11/1909-2/_/1989 (SSN)) res. Midland, Mi Mennonite (HHH6677)
YR2514947- Mildred Evelyn (8/23/1915- ) m. 6/1/1934 Russel Moore
(3/25/1914- ) res. Midland, Mi Mennonite (HHH6678)

YR251495- Hiram Jacob (adopted) (Son of Elizabeth Slabaugh---
who married Moses H. Yoder in 1878 when Hiram was 3--Moses adopted
him)(5/1/1875 I-4/5/1951 Ore) m 6/1/1905 Rhoda Frances Shenk
(11-8-1880 Elida, OH - 11-23-1972 ) (dau of Andrew Shenk
b.8-20-1850 d.10-18-1937 and Susan Good b.7-7-1850 d. 2-9-1940
(DJH3177, Les Yoder data-Jun.96) res Harper,KS, Mennonite
YR2514951- Russel Andrew Yoder b 7-2-1906 d.1-6-1907
YR2514952- Wayne Harnley Yoder b.8-9-1908 d. already
YR2514953- Dora Louise Yoder b.9-7-1910 d. already
YR2514954- Max Gabriel Yoder b.1-13-1915 still alive
(His son Allen Yoder
YR2514955- Margaret Elsie Yoder b. 8-13-1917 still alive
YR2514956- Jessie Matilda Yoder b.12-7-1919 still alive
YR2514957- Robert Hiram Yoder b. 12-29-1922 still alive--My Dad

YR2514957- Parents: Robert Hiram Yoder b.12-29-1922 Tuleta, TX
Alice Rebecca Hertzler b. 8-24-1926 Denbigh, VA (Asa Miller Hertzler
b. 8-7-1889 d. 10-18-1958 Rebecca Suzanna Shenk b. 10-6-1889 d. 1986)
(Les, PO Box 622, Lebanon, Oregon, 97355)
YR25149571- Lester David Yoder b. 11-12-1950 McMinnville, OR
YR25149572- Lorraine Gail Yoder b.1-15-1953 McMinnville, OR
YR25149573- Rebecca Faye Yoder b. 8-6-1955 Denbigh, VA
YR25149574- Michael Brent Yoder b. 7-1-1964 Gulport, MISS
YR25149575- Matthew Brian Yoder b. 12-13-1972 Kansas

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