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According to the York County Abstract of Wills, this Martin Yodder died 9/7/1798 leaving a wife - Susanna Yoder, a son John, and six other children whose names were not given. The executors for the will were Abraham Lichtenwaiter and Jacob Diehl.

"In the Name of God Amen ..I Martin Yodder of Mountjoy township in the County of York- Pennsylvania being sick & weak in body but of sound mind & disposing memory (thanks to God for the same) Do this seventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & ninety eight make & publish this my last will and testament in manner & form following that is to say my just debts being well & truly paid--
"firstly) I give & devise my farm where I now dwell to wit the use thereof, also two horses--creatures, three cows & one Ox, and all the hogs, and a sufficiency of household furniture to my wife Sussannah Yodder for the use of bringing up & maintaining my Children, untill the youngest shall arrive to the age of 14 years--the residue & remainder of my personal estate I order to be sold at venue by my executors, and the money arrising from the sale thereof to be appropriated to the payment of my Debts as farr as the same will reach.
"secondly) I order will & allow that at the expiration of the term aforesaid my executor shall sell all & singular what my Estate then remains as well _ea_ as personals at public venue or otherwise for the best price that can be gotten for the same, my land to be sold for yearly payments at the discretion of my Executors and upon good security being given for the same, I Empower my said Executors or any one of them, in case of death or other Emergency, to convey to teh purchasor the Right I hold therein which conveyance shall for ever barr my heirs.
"thirdly) the money arrising from the sales aforesaid (my Debts being paid) I order will & allow to be divided as follows, towit my eldest son John the sum of twenty five pounds, the residue to be divided e qually in nine shares, two shares of which I bequeath to my wife Sussannah, and one share to each & every one of my Children as well daughters as sons, provided always if any of my seven children be dead at the time the Divis takes place, without lawful issue, that their share be equally devided amongst my other Chidlren, but if they leave lawful issue to survive them, then such isse shall equally inherit their parents share, provided also if my wife be dead before such divide take place, her two shares shall be equally divided amongst my surviving children and the representatives of only taking their parents share, provided also if my wife marry either before the Expiration of the use aforesaid towit before my youngest child is fourteen years of age, or before the divide aforesaid takes place, if before the use is determined, that then she shall leave my land, & the use bequeathed to her shall be vested in my other Executors, for the bringing up my children aforesaid until the end of said term, and if she marry before the divide aforesaid takes place, the legacy herein bequeathed to her shall be void, and in both cases she shall receive no more of my estate than is allowed by the laws of Penna to widows of Intestate Estates, and the overplush bequeathed to her in any, shall Descend equally to my children & the Representatives of those dead as aforesaid, provided also if my executors finds that my wife & children is not able, oe does not gfarm my land as they ought to do, that then they may lett the same on shares or rent, to provide for my children as aforesaid, and provided any of my Debts should be likely to distress my family, before the time of sale, in that case I empower my Executors to borrow money to discharge the same on mortgage on my land, or otherwise at their discretion.
"Lastly) I do constitute & appoint my wife Executrix & Abraham Leightewalter & Jacob Diel Executors of this my last will and testatment in trust to Execute the same according to the true intent & meaning thereof, and in testamony of this being my last will & testament I have hereunto set my hand & affixt my seal Dated as first above written--"

Martin Yoder

(filed 1 Oct 1798)

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