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published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana


REUBEN YODER is a native of Somerset County, Penn., where he was born January 9, 1831. He is one of eleven children in the family of Christian C. and Catharine (Miller) Yoder, who were born in Pennsylvania, and were of German lineage. Reuben Yoder was left an orphan at the age of eighteen, and went to work on a farm. For several reasons he was engaged in threshing grain with the flail, receiving every tenth bushel. In the winter of 1850-51, he threshed 1,100 bushels of oats, and 280 of rye. On the 1st of the following April, he was married to Harriet Riehl, who was born in Pennsylvania March 3, 1830. Her parents, John and Elizabeth Riehl, were natives of Germany, and after coming to this country, with the exception of three years passed in Michigan, lived in Pennsylvania until their deaths. Subject and wife started on their wedding tour in a covered wagon for Indiana; settled on their present farm, and lived eight years in a log house. When Mr. Yoder came here he had $700, a team and wagon; by dint of preserving industry, he has acquired 240 acres of well improved land, valued at $50 per acre. They are members of the Omish Church, and have had nine children - Elizabeth, Samuel R., Daniel R., Mary M., Menno S., Moses A., Peter A., Abraham (deceased), and Levi. Mr. Yoder is giving his children a good education, and Daniel is now teaching his sixth term of school.

Source: "1882 History LaGrange County, Indiana" by F.A.Battey & Co.., - Newbury Township

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