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Berks County Wills, Volume 2, page 110

Will of Christian Joder Decd May 4th 1772 Ltr Administra____Testaments _____/granted to Barbara Joder, Widow &c ___Bond

In the name of the Holy and High Praised Trinity God Father Son and Holy Ghost be our Beginning Mean and End!

As I Christian Joder Senior through daily Experience have conceived that as all mortal Men, so I Christian Joder, yet in good and sound Reason have principally to take Care and Concern for myself about the incorruptable Inheritance and native Country when the Almighty God according to his paternal Will shall require me from the Temporal and receive me in his heavenly Kingdom of Honor and Joy, But my inanimated Corps shall become incorporated with the Earth. So of the earthly Estate where with I am blessed and leave behind me, this is my last Testamentary Will. Viz. That my one dear and worthy Wife, Barbara Joder, shall have my said Estate under her Care and manage the same as long as it is agreeable to her and the children shall be obedient according to their Duty, but in case they shall be disobedient and disagree, then my dear Wife Barbara Joder may choose five impartial Men of the Community and by them cause as well the Place as the Moveable Estate to be valued and appraised, and cause the moveable Estate to be divided among the children, But the Road Wagon with four horses and gears, plough and harrow shall be left on the place and the price estimated accordingly and the monies thense arising for like Manner shall be divided among my Children which I leave behind to whom I wish God,s rich blessing if they walk in the Ways of the Lord and lead a life well pleasing to God.
I bequeath to my dear Wife Barbara Joder whom I leave behind all yearly and till this happy Departure according to the Will of God, if it is agreeable to the Mother to remain in the Dwelling Room with the Son that takes the Place to himself, but in Case the contrary shall happen the said son or who has the Place in Hand must build her a separate commodius Dwelling with a Cellar Floor, Kitchen, and Windows, Doors and all necessary Articles to compleat the same on his Costs as also cut and deliver the necessary Firewood before the Dwelling the Keeping and the Benefits of one Cow and in Case of Age or Infirmity of Body she may not be able to milk and fodder the said Cow then the said Son or Son-in-law, or in want of either, the Possessor of the Place shall do and perform the said Service for the Mother, five Bushels of Rye five Bushels of Wheat these the aforesaid must on request cause to be measured and taken to the Mill for my dear Wife Barbara Joder and the Meal and Bran thereof made to be brought to the Place where she shall desire a Horse to ride must be given to her at any Time. Of the present Kitchen Garden a piece must be cut off and enclosed and the necessary Dung must every Year be carried on it. One fat Hog of a hundred Pounds with fifty Pounds of Beef, ten Pounds of good hatchelled Hemp and ten pounds of Tow or Flax. The one third Part of Eggs laid by the Hens on the Plantation The Wool of two Sheep All these above mentioned Articles must all be provided yearly. That which my descended to my Dear Wife Barbara Joder from her happy Father,s Inheritance is reserved to her free and uninterrupted Disposition. For the Confirmation of this I have with my own hand in the Presence of Witnesses subscribed and I ratify it with my Seal and Death So done and given in Bern Township Berks County the 10th December Ano one thousand seven hundred and seventy one--- _________________ Christian Joder (Seal) Two rows of apple trees from which the Owner of the Place must make the best apples into Cyder and deli- ver in the Cellar to the Mother.

Hannes Yoder Benedict (x) Lehman, his mark Jacob Gindelsbpreger

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