Steven Yoder - YR2511g


(Copy of letter found in Alta & Glen Hartzler items – Stephen Yoder YR2511g)

Fri, Apr 10, 2009

Hi Chris,

In Yoder Newsletter #48 (Oct 2006) there was an article about Stephen Yoder (1821-1908).
This week while working at the Heritage Center in Belleville, PA I came across a paper written by Stephen in 1902 from Los Angeles.
I thought you might like to see the contents so will attach it.
Betty Hartzler
Belleville, PA

Losangeles Cal May 26, 1902

The following is the Record of my grandfather on fathers line
His name was John Yoder Born in Pensylvania about 1756
Married Barbara Richebach to that union was born 9 children
first Yost married married Sarah Yoder nakin dide age 72.9.6
Daniel married Nancy Yoder nakin dide Saml in 90
Jacob married Mis Pollie Kime
Christian married Hattie Fisher
John no married dide when a young man
Anna married Henry Yoder nakin Dide 91.3
Matlanah married Chrisly King
Barbarah not married Dide when old
Elisabeth married Chrisly Hostetler Dide 91
Grandfather was one of the Pyoners of Somerset Co Pennsylvania afterwards
When ald movede to Ohio Dide in Stark Co Ohio 86 or 87
All the above fameliese Dide when old Exe unkel John Dide
when a young manI Rememember when grandfather John Dide
I was quite young Stephen Yoder
The Following is the Record of my Fathers family
Fathers name was Yost was Born July 27, 1775 Dide May 3, 1849 age 72.9.6
Mothers name was Sarah Yoder Born September 11, 1776 Dide May 6,1844 age 71.2.21
They were married 1798 or 1799
John Born Janury 12, 1800 marride 2 first Salome Yoder 2 Fraey Coffman Dide age 67
Daniel Dide when young no Record cept
Jacob Dide when young no Record cept
Elisabeth married Chrisly Hartzler Dide age 85
Franey maride Shem Zook Dide age 70
Barbarah married Joseph Hostetler Dide Som in 80
Susanah married John Smoker Dide 86
Christian married Sarah Zook Dide 39.10.10
Matlanah not married Dide 73
Leah married John Eash Dide 72
Sarah married Johnathan Zook Dide 36
Joseph married Hannah Sharp Dide 84.4
Daniel married Sarah Byler Dide 80.16
Rachial married David Renno Dide 80.4
Mosas Dide when young about 1.6
Stephen Bornn Janury 14, 1821 wase married 3 times
First Janury 15, 1846 to Ms Katharine Miller
Second to Mis Margeate Shoemaker October 15, 1852
Third Miss Tirwillager nee Erb Februry 11, 1823
Is at this writing a lonely widower but is Blesst with 11 good
Children and is well carred for by them and is in good helth
And feels to praise the Lord for the blessed hoop of a glorius future in the
Beanel to meete Jesus and all the blood washt and Goon befoure
My days are gliding swifly by and I will Soon be at home in the Sweet by and by.
The following is the Record of Stephen Yoders Famely
Stephen Yoder wase born in Center County Pennsylvania Janury 14, 1821
Ms. Katharin Miller was born in Wayne county Ohio
July 5, 1825 was marrede to Stephen Yoder Janury 15, 1846
To this union was born 2 children
Jaremiah born September 23, 1847 Dide June 30, 1861 age 13.7.9
John M born April 4, 1849
Married Elisabeth Tompson December 25, 1873
Mrs Katherin Yoder Nee Miller Dide July 12, 1850 age 25 8 das
Ms Margrat Shoemaker was born in Wayne Co Ohio July 5, 1831
Was married to Stephen Yoder October 15, 1852
To this union was born 10 children 5 boys and 5 girls
Rufus A born July 19, 1853 marrid Anna Wyland
Stephn S born March 20, 1855 marride Essie Mayo
Samuel E born March 22, 1875 marride Mary Yohns
Mary A born July 26, 1858 marride W H Strohm
Emme J born March 5, 1861 marride J F Correll
Joseph P born May 14, 1863 marrid Mollie Kox
Sarah F born March 20, 1866 marrid C J Brandt
Maggie A born May 5, 1868 marride F U Nofziger
Hattie S born September 12, 1870 marride J.Z. Gilbert
William Alonza March 16, 1873 marride Katharin Sidler
The above children are located as follows
John M is in Wayne co, Ohio R.A Mary S and Emma J in Nemahau Co Kansas.
Stephen S. Samuel & Joseph Sarah F and Maggie A in Cal Hattie S in verginea.
William A in Lincoln Neb I have my home with F.U. Nofzeger in this grate Citty Losangeles

The following is the acct of my life and labour
I wase the yonger of my fathers family the 16th Child the 8 boy.
Born in half Mon Vally Center Co Pennsilvanus January 14, 1821
In 1838 moved with my parants to Tascarora vally Juniata Co
In September 1845 Came to Wayne Co Ohio. Janury 15, 1846
Wase married to Mis Katherin Miller May 1, 1848 we both
united with the Brethren Curch in Wayne Co Ohio July 12, 1850
Katherin Dide I was then lift homeless with 2 Children grandfather Millers
took care of the Children and I put one yers work on the R.R.
in the Spring of 1852 I hired on a farm for 11 dollars per month
September 19, 1852 wase Elected to the ministry in the Chippenby Church
October 15, 1852 wase married to Ms Margrate Shoemaker
September 1859 moved to Harington Co I awd the first minister in
June 30, 1861 Jaremiah the older boy Dide age 13.7.9
October 27, 180 Mother Dide age 49.2.21
March 1880 movede to Shelby Co I was of the Children
then wase for them Selves 4 of them were living in Shelby Co I was
in Febury 11, 1883 wase married Sister Sarah Tirwilleger Nee Erb
in 1885 and 1886 4 of the children movede to Cal
June 1891 I moved to Gage Co Neb in the South Beatrace Church
March 30 1900 Sister Yoder Dide age 54 yrs. 8 mo. 18 D
December 1900 I came to Cal remainde with my Children and am
blesst with good helth and 11 good children after a long life and
full of Sorrow I have much to be thankful for the Lord has Called for
me and blest me with many good things grad Children a good home
here and the prommes of a glorious future from Your unkel Stephen Yoder