Joder Contract Files From Thun - English Text


Contract File Records- Extracted by Professional Researcher Therese Metzger, Summer of 2009, who was hired by the Yoder Newsletter to do this research for our readers. The translation from the German is by Bruce Stahley.


These records reside in the cantonal archive in the city of Bern -- i.e. Staatsarchiv des Kantons Bern. When you see the expression BEZ Thun, that is an abbreviation for "Bezirk Thun." "Bezirk" = district. That indicates that the contract records come from the administrative district of Thun, which includes, of course, Steffisburg. Just a way of cataloging the material in the archives.





"Attached is my translation of Therese's findings. She went through all the volumes looking for the three estate settlements (We had targeted three death record occurences which seemed to offer hints to the „immigrant generation“ of Steffisburg Joder males). For each volume she has noted the pages where a Joder was mentioned (but did not include details since we were only looking for the three estate settlements.) Where you see the words "keine Teilung" it means she found no estate settlements in that volume.

"It is clear the contract on A296 p. 63 refers to the Caspar/Stauffer family.

"The transaction in A297, p. 201, is VERY interesting. It sounds like the absent brother Hans is due some inheritance, but no one knows where he is. Some sisters seem to be in the "lowlands" ---- the original words would have said "Niederland" --- this was the usual way to refer to the Pfalz or Alsace. It does NOT refer to the Netherlands. In any case, it is the kind of information I wish we had more of, as it is suggestive of emigration and probably Anabaptism."—Bruce Stahley, August 2009


(Comments inserted below are generally by Bruce- code identifications (i.e. YB6, are based on the identifications in Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies, by Kreider and Gingerich, for the Swiss Joder families)



Documents for Joder from Steffisburg

Contract Files in Thun-  BEZ A 275 - 285:



2  Guarantor: Caspar Joder of Steffisburg 1712

3-5 Rental contract: Hans Joder in the Au leased his mill to Jakob Tschaggelar. 1712. (YB)

88-94 Renunciation explanation: the late Caspar Joder in the Scheidgasse. The heirs are the widow named Anna Zaugg, represented through Jakob Joder, legal representative, her cousin, and the children Anna Joder, the miller wife from Wiler, Christina Joder, the smithy's wife of Mettenwil, Margreth Baum-Joder and Barbara, Verena, Christina and Catharina Joder with their trustee. 4 March 1713. There are many debts. [No sons named!] (Y73)

132 Obligation: Mathys Joder of Steffisburg primary guarantor with Peter Meyer, Kirchmeier, his brother-in-law. 1713.

A277—children of Hans Joder and Katharine Reusser –omits son Jost-gone to Alsace by 1695 (YB6)

222-226 Estate Settlement. Hans, Christian, Anna, Barbara, Verena (children YB6)
237-241 Sales contract: Hans and Christian in the Bernstrasse sold a house and land in the Bernstrasse. 1714. (Sons YB6)


43 & 45 Jakob Joder the miller, complaint regarding a horse. 1714
170-171 Jakob Joder buys some grain. 1715.
249-252 Sales contract. Jakob Joder the younger at the mill sold the middle mill in Steffisburg.
281-282 Jakob Joder the younger exchanged some land. 1716


13  Jakob Joder? the miller leased the middle mill from Jakob Stettler, farmer from Romain Motier. 11 Jan 1715

29 Sales contract. Hans Joder of Steffisburg sold his house and household. 1715.

44 Receipt. Christen Joder paid debts on behalf of his brother-in-law Christen Meyer of Homberg. 1715

46 Sale. Hans [Joder] in the village bought pasture land. 1715.

171 Sale. Hans [Joder] the elder in the Au at Steffisburg sold right-of- way to a mountain pasture. 1715/16. (YB)

172 Exchange contract. Between Hans Joder the elder in the Au and his son Jakob in the Pfaffenhalten. 1716. (YB and YB3)

178 Hans Joder the lieutenant loaned 400 pounds. (Y7a)

190  Debt Contract.  Anna Eicher, Hans Joder the lieutenant's wife, has received 400 pounds. 1716 (Y7a)

241 Obligation. Primary guarantor is Caspar Joder in the Gloggenthal. 1716. (YB2)

248-249 Debt Contract. Debtor is Hans Joder in the Au. Guarantor Caspar Joder in the Gloggenthal his son. 1716 (YB and YB2)


21 Debt Contract. Anna Eicher, Hans Joder's wife 1716 (Y7a)

29-33 Sales Contract. Caspar Joder in the Scheidgasse at Steffisburg sold the house and household that he inherited from his father. 1717 (Y73 son of Niclaus Y7))

63 Sale. Jakob [Joder] the miller bought land 1716/1717.

85-87 Sale. Caspar Joder in the Schmiedgasse bought together with his father-in-law Daniel Blank and his brother a house and household by the new mill. 1717.

104 Sales contract. Peter Meyer the old Kirchmeier sold to his son-in-law Caspar Joder and his son Christen Meyer an estate at Zäziwil. 1717.

114. Sale. Caspar [Joder] Jakob Joder's son of Steffisburg sold to Hans Lehmann the rights for a summer pasture for one steer. 1717. (?YB31)

181 Sale. Anna Zaugg the late Caspar Joder's widow in the Scheidgasse along with her trustee Jakob Joder in the Pfaffenhalten, district treasurer and of the court at Steffisburg, along with the children mentioned here, sold a piece of pasture. [No children mentioned!] (Y73 and YB3)

168 Sale. Anna Eicher, Hans Joder's wife on the Emberg , her trustee and Caspar her son sold their estate on Emberg, above Steffisburg. 1717. [This family had lots of debts and ended up selling their estate.] (Y7a)


63 Sale. Anna Zaugg Caspar Joder's widow sold a piece of farmland. 1717. (Y73)

79 Promisory Contract. Caspar Joder the old Kirchmeir of Gloggenthal. He is satisfied with with the adjoining land. (YB2)

165 Obligation.  Primary guarantor Caspar Joder of Steffisburg and his brother Hans. 1718.

178 Sale. Caspar Joder in Steffisburg sold his brother Hans also of Steffisburg a vineyard. 1718.

176 Settlement.  Handed over script and money for the above transaction.

202 Debt contract. Jakob Joder of the Pfaffenhalten, district treasurer and of the Steffisburg court, primary debtor 1500 pounds. 1718. (YB3)

203 Debt contract. Jakob Joder of the Pfaffenhalten, 1500 pounds 1718. (YB3)


94  Marriage contract. Between Hans Hodel and Barbara Joder of Lugstalden in the Schniggenen. 1719.

[See death entry that you found from 28  Dec 1753.  I think we muddled husband's name. Barbara might be daughter of Caspar J.  and  Margaret Reiff.]

97 Receipt. Caspar Joder in Gloggenthal. (YB2)

101 Obligation. Jakob Joder in the Pfaffenhalten, creditor 1719. (YB3)

102 Obligation. Jakob Joder in the Pfaffenhalten, creditor 1719. (YB3)

122 Debt contract. Primary debtor is Jakob Joder the old Seckelmeister in the Au mill. 1720. (YB3)

159 Agreement. Hans Rupp and Caspar Joder the old Seckelmeister's son, in land under Emberg have guaranteed a loan of 600 pounds for their relative and brother Jakob Joder. 1719. (YB31 and YB32)

172 Sales contract. Christen Wanzenried sold to Nicklaus Spring, Hans Joder and others a water run, and a ?????.  1719.

179 Obligation. 1000 pounds. From 1707. Chief guarantors were Hans Joder in the Au; the old Kirchmeier in the Gloggenthal; and Jakob Joder in the Pfaffenhalter, sons. The surety was the mill in the Au, belonging to the chief gurarntor. Cancelled 1719. [Three pages of text, not all read.] (YB and YB2 and YB3)


No Joders.

A284 (Hans Joder/Verena Reusser family- YB)

12-13 Estate Settlement. The late Hans Joder in the Au of Steffisburg. His sons and grandsons: Caspar the elder son in the Gloggenthal and his sons Christen and Caspar, Jakob the younger son of Pfaffenhalten and his sons Hans and Caspar Joder. 1719/1721. (YB family)

61 Sale. Caspar Joder Jakob's son in Boden sold a pasture. 1721.

70 Marriage contract. Verena Jakob Joder the old Seckelmeister's in the Au daughter with Christen Maurer of Oppligen 1721. (Y34)

72 Lease Contract. Caspar Joder leasesd to his son-in-law Christian Maurer the mill in the Au. 1721.

126 Lease Contract. Michel Schiffmann leased Caspar Joder of Steffisburg and Benedicht Jung of Diessbach the mill at Homberg for one year. 1722

[I think this MIGHT be Caspar born  1695  to Caspar J.  and Verena Stauffer, and then married Barbara Bürki, had numerous daughters. See death notice from  1771 for Caspar and  1778 for Barbara.  Looks like he continued to run the mill at Homberg.  What do you think? Thus, family  YB.]

132 Sale. Hans  Joder of Erlen in Steffisburg sold farm land. 1722.


91 Debt contract.  Caspar Joder the old Kirchmeier and as guarantors his son Hans Joder and son-in-law Christian Reusser both of Erlen. 1723. (YB2)

111 Obligation. Caspar Joder acknowledges to his mother Verena Stauffer, who acknowleded it with the hand of her husband Caspar Joder the old Kirchmeier. 1722. (YB2 and YB26)

118 Debt contract. Jakob Joder old district treasurer, guarantors are his sons Hans and Caspar Joder. 1723. (YB3)

212 Lease contract. The same people as above, item 91.



BEZ Thun A 290-298- English Text




p. 63


Brothers Hans and Christen Joder exchanged for themselves, and their mother Verena Stauffer with the consent and permission of Caspar Joder  her husband and their father, with Caspar Joder, a son, and Christen Spring and Hans Zaugg their sons-in-law and their mother, property in Gloggenthal.  2 houses, a barn, an oven house, a granary, in return for an Alp (pasture) in the area of Röthenbach  for pasturing about 10 cows in the summer. No date, it must have been 1733. Written in 1737 , the whole thing was cancelled because the people were dead and no promise had been carried through.


p 127-133


Christen, Jost and Peter Joder, sons of the late Jakob Joder sign  and confirm a hereditary  loan contract for a mill. Andreastag 1733 (29 June 1733).




Verena Stauffer with the consent of her husband Caspar Joder old Kirchmeier of Steffisburg sold  the rights to pasture two cows in the Alps.  29 May 1734.




p.201  Acknowledgment  of obligation


Hans Joder, the late Caspar Joder's son, in the Scheidgasse, about 40 years old, is in some foreign country; moreover it is not known whether he is still alive. His heirs: Matthys and Caspar Joder, Verena Joder, wife of  Peter Blanck, Margareth Joder, widow of the late Michel Braun, at this time in the lowlands (Pfalz or Alsace),  ---  for all of them, and also in the name of their sister Catharina Joder, wife of Peter Meier, also staying in the lowlands,  with the permission of their brothers and brothers-in-law, and all the brothers and sisters of Hans Joder, who has been due 48 Kroner since 15 April 1724.   Executed  16 May 1735.




p. 132-144  Estate settlement


Estate settlement of the late Caspar Joder old Kirchmeier married to the late Verena Stauffer; parents of




Anna married 1st Christen Reusser; 2nd Christen Spring

Barbara married 1st Christen Gasser; 2nd Hans Zaugg

[Description of the estate and property. 3 pages.  11 August 1736.]