Death Register of Steiffisburg, Switzerland


Translated and transcribed by Bruce W. Stahly and Chris Yoder

March 2009

1728-28 May- Madlena Joder - Peter Meyers wife in Baden(?)

[Note: The writing of the opposite page has been blotted on this page making it hard to read. There was a Magdalena b. 1652 who m. 4/26/1689 to Peter Meyer, she is recorded as having gone to the German Palatinate. Her brother Hans (OH of the Oley valley line) left for the US in 1709 from the city of Schwetzingen, which is in Baden-Württemberg, around 10 km (6 miles) southwest of Heidelberg.]
1729-18 May- Anna Joder

This is the death of a young daughter of Christian Joder of Steffisburg.

(Note: possibly the daughter of Christen Joder and Rosina Scwendimann, bapt. 3/2/1719)
1729-3 Nov-  Caspar Joder  Michael Roth's grandchild, 3 weeks old

(How odd; I have never seen a child described that way before. Wonder if I am seeing that right. Definitely "something....Kind." Son of Caspar Joder and Anna Roth, Bapt. 10/7/1729)
1730-4 Feb- Hans Joder

A man 70 years old.

(Note: The only Hans in the birth records born within 2 years +/- of 1660 is Hans (Y7a) who is said to have moved to the German Palatinate)

1731-3 Sep- Caspar Joder

Caspars Knaben im Dorf von 4 1/2 Jahre

Caspar's child, age 4 1/2 years, in the village


1731-7 Sept. - Jost

Jacob Joder Töchtli (?)
 (Töchter = daughter)

Seems to be the death of a young daughter of Jakob. Can't make out much here.

(Note: Can’t find a likely Jakob in the birth records)


1731 -23 Mar.- Peter Joder

Peter Niclaus's son in the Pfaffenhalte, age 8 ½ (?).

(Note: Perhaps Peter, son of Niclaus Joder and Madleni Ruxegger, bapt. 7/31/1729)
 1731- 28 April -

Caspar Joder's  Hansli age 8

(Note: Probable son Johannes of Caspar Joder and Barbara Blank, bapt. 10/3/1723)

1731- 4  May -

Caspar Joder's Caspar a youth age 4

(Note: Probable son Caspar of Caspar Joder and Barbara Blank, bapt. 8/10/1727)
1731-26 Feb-  child

Can't make out child's name. Probably a female. Age 6 from the something-thal.

(Note: Perhaps Froni, daughter of Mathy Joder and Barbara Meyer bapt. 8/19/1725)

 1733 -12 April- Jakob Joder

Jacob Joder in der Aw 73 Jahre

Jacob in the Au, age 73.

(Note: Seems to match Jakob (Jaggi) , son of Hans Joder (YB) and Verena Reusser, bapt.1660 and who married either Kauffmann or Stähli.  Either way, it appears his parents and he remained in Steffisburg.)
1733-1 May-  Caspar Joder child

Caspar Joder ‘s child's name Frenni 8 weeks

(Note: Daughter Verena of Casper Joder and Kathrin-Lilion, bapt. 2/8/1733)

1733- 10 Feb

Froni Joder the ?????? age 60

(Note: Perhaps unmarried daughter of Hans Joder and Kathrin Russer, bapt. 2/12/1682)

1734- 12 July

Caspar Joders der Maurer  Knäbli 7 Jahre

Caspar Joder's the mason or brick-layer, son age 7.

(Note: Both Caspar Joder who m. Barbara Blank and Caspar Joder who m. Anna Meyer and the Caspar Joder who m. Barbara Burki had children during this time range.)

1734- 5 Feb- Barbara Joder

Barbara Joder geboren Meyer ...Eheweib

Barbara Joder nee Meyer ??? wife

(Note: Apparently Barbara Meyer, wife of Mathis Joder)

1735 Caspar and Verena ---- previously commented on. 

8 April 1735  - Caspar Joder the old of Glockenthal "biz 70 years old".

7 Jun 1735-  Froni Joder, born Stauffer in  Glockenthaluber 70 years old"

(Note: It did occur to me that we don't really know for sure that Caspar Joder of  Glockenthal  (Bell Valley) and Verena Stauffer of Glockenthal were married to each other. Just because they were both in the Glockenthal doesn't mean they were married.  However, Caspar's computed age (1735-70=1665) matches up so nicely with the Caspar who was born to Jost and Anna Trachsel. In fact, since that Caspar was born in May 1664, and this one died in April 1735, 70 is exact. (The death entry "bis 70 Jahre" --- which I take to mean no more than 70 --- does leave some wiggle room.)
1736 – 5 Aug- Caspar Catharina

Caspar Joder's Catharina was 20 years old. [A daughter I presume.]

(Note: Katharina daughter of Caspar Joder and Barbara Blank was bapt. 5/9/1717)

1736 -2 Nov. Caspar Margaret

Caspar Joder's Margaret was about 11 years old. [Another daughter.]


1736- 18 May- Jost

Jost Joder a young man age 26

(Note: Jakob Joder who m. Margrethe Stehli had a son Jost who was bapt. 12/21/1710)

1736 – 27 March -  Uli

Uli the unbaptized child of Christian Joder


1736- 1 Feb -  Uli Joder Hansli's son age 2 died of ______.

[Good example here of the use of "Hornung" for February.]

(Note: Ulrich Joder and Madlena Burki had a son Johannes, Bapt. 10/11/1733)

1741-20 Oct-  Uli

Uli Joder Christian Joder's son age 3

(Note: Probably Christen son of Ulrich Joder and Madlena Burki, bapt. 11/17/1737)

1743-16 Feb- Elsbeth Joder

Elsbeth Joder beim Schulhaus eine ledige Mensch, she was 72

Elsbeth Joder next to the school, a single person age 72

(Note: The closest match in the baptismal records is one Elsbeth  born 11/17/1678 to Hans Joder in the Au and Anna Meyer)

1745 –17 March- Catherine Joder

1745- 18 March- Caspar Joder

Caspar Joder

Catherine Joder geboren Lilieu und ihr Ehemann Caspar  Joder
starben miteinander im Schwendibach. Sie war 46 und er war 55 Jahre im Alten.

Catherine Joder nee Lilieu and her husband Caspar Joder died together in Schwendibach. She was 46 and he was 55 years old.

(Note: Catherine Joder who m. Kathrina Lilion of Rugisber had children baptized between 1731 and 1738.)

1746-22 April-  Niclaus Joder

Niclaus Joder auf dem Obere Amberg(?) seiner Altum _____Jahre

Niclaus Joder on the upper Emberg his age was _____ years.

(Space left for his age, but it was never filled in.)


1746 -6 Sep- Verena Joder

Verena Joder Caspar Joders zu Reutschibrunnen Tochter seine Altum war 17  Jahre.

Verena Joder, daughter of Caspar Joder at Reutschibrunnen, at age 17.

Verena died 1746 age 17 at Reutschibrunnen would be the daughter of Caspar Joder and Barbara Bürkli, bapt 16 Oct 1729.)
1747 -14 Feb-  Ana Joder

Anna Joder Abraham Blancks beim ?????? hinterlassene Witwe bei 70 Jahre.

Anna Joder, age 70,  the left-behind widow of Abraham Blanck at ??????.

[Can't make out placename. She is described as 'left behind' --- therefore Abraham was already dead.]

1748 -24 Nov- Barbara Joder

Barbara Joder Caspar Joders im Gloggenthal seine Leben ???? 16 Wochen.

Barbara Joder daughter of Caspar Joder of Gloggenthal her life lasted 16 weeks.

[ 9bris in the date = November.]

(Note: Bapt. 8/9/1748 to Caspar Joder and Verena Stauffer of Glockenthal)
1748 -23 Feb. - Jakob Joder

Jakob Joder Casper Joder des Müllers von Steffisburg Kind starb in Homberg auf der Müsli seine Altum ein Jahr

Jakob Joder son of Caspar Joder the miller from Steffisburg died in Homberg at Müsli, age 1 year.

(Note: Jakob bapt. 2/19/1747 was born to Caspar Joder and Anna Porther von Untersewen. Musli is how it’s written, but it could be the old spelling for mill, Muli.)

1749 -22 March - Uli

[Can't make out all the words, but an unbaptized child of Uli Joder in Steffisburg Dorf, was stillborn or died shortly after birth.]

(Note: apparent son of Ulrich-Joder-m-1/25/1726-Madlena-Burki)

1749 -17 May- Caspar Joder im Gloggenthal Altum 32 Jahre

Caspar Joder in the Glockenthal, age 32

(Note: Possibly Casper bapt. 5/18/1718 son of Caspar Joder and Barbara Blanck)
1750 – 26 Nov.- Christian

Christian Joder vom Wolfbach starb von Steffisburg  Altum bis 70 Jahre

Christian Joder from Steffisburg and at Wolfbach died, no older than 70

(Note: Of the Christians of the approximate age include the son of Hans Joder and Catherine Risser, bapt. 4/9/1680 who would have been 70, and the son of Jakob Joder and Verena Kauffman who was bapt. 2/6/1687 who would have been 63.)

1750 -17 Aug.- Hans
Hans Joder beim Innererbrunnen seine Altum 67 Jahre und ????

Hans Joder at the Innererbrunnen his age was 67 years and ???

[cause of death, maybe?]

(Note:  The closest Hans seems to have been the son of Jost Joder and Christina Schlecht who was Bapt. 7/5/1685 and would have been 65 years old0
1750 -4 May- Jakob
 Jakob Joders beim Innererbrunnen ungetaufftes Knäbli

Jakob Joder's at Innererbrunnen unbaptized son.

(Note: Seems it may have been  Jakob Joder who m. Cathrin Gerber in 1749) 

1750 -23 Feb.- Peter Joder

Peter Joder Caspar Joders im Gloggenthal Knäblein beim 16 Wochen alt.

Caspar Joder's in the Glockenthal little boy 16 weeks old.

(Note: Peter bapt. Dec. 23, 1749- son of Caspar Joder of Glockenthal  and Verena Stauffer)

1750 -30 Aug. - Verena Joder

Verena Joder Peter Linders auf Muri Eheweib von Altum von 42(?) Jahre..

Verena Joder age 42(?) wife of Peter Linder auf Muri.

(Note: Had a child Bapt. 7/25/1734)
1751 -17 Jan.- Mathis

Mathis Joder der Zimmermann im Dorf bis 70 Jahre starb am Steil (?)

Mathis Joder the carpenter in the village, no more than 70 years old,
died from ?????

(Note: Husband of Barbara Meyer. Son of Caspar Joder and Anna Zougg, bapt. 7/20/1684)

1753 -28 Dec.- Barbara Joder

Barbara Joder Hans Halbers auf dem Schwarzenegg hinterlasse Witwe 70 Jahre.

Hans Halber's on Schwarzenegg  left-behind widow age 70.

(Note:  Close in age is Barbara, daughter of Jost Joder and Christina Schlect who was bapt. 12/17/1682)
1756 -29 Apr.- Barbara Joder

Barbara Joder Peter Roths von Brantzihofen(?) ? Wittwe starb im Heimberg
85 Jahre

Barbara Joder widow of Peter Roth of the Brantzihofen died in Heimberg,
age 85 years.

(Note: Heimberg is northwest of Steffisburg. A matching age is Barbara daughter of Caspar Joder the Dorfseckelmeister (City auditor and treasurer) and Margret Reiff, bapt. 2/5/1671. )
1756 -27 Dec.- Verena Joder

Verena Joder Niclaus Joders von Steffisburg wohnhaft zu Wolfbach Eheweib
36 Jahre

Verena Joder wife of Niclaus Joder of Steffisburg living in Wolfbach age 36 years.

(Note: The Verena Joder who m. 3/19/1756 to Niclaus Joder)
1757 -12 Jan.- Margaret

Margaret Joder Michael Joders bei Schmitten in Homberg Eheweib 87 Jahre

Margaret Joder wife of Michael Joder near Schmitten in Homberg, age 87.

1758 -8 Dec. - Anna Joder

Anna Joder Jakob Joders im Dorf Kind 14 Tage

Anna Joder, age 14 days, Jakob Joder's in the Dorf child

(Note: Daughter of Jakob Joder and Christine Megert bapt. 10/3/1758)

1758 -17 March- Verena

Verena Joder Peter Reussers in der Aw hinterlassene Wittwe 64 Jahre

Verena Joder the left behind widow of Peter Reusser in the Au, age 64.

(Note: Verena Joder married Peter Reusser 5/7/1714. A Verena born to Jakob Joder (who also lived “in the Au” and Margret Stahli was bapt. 9/23/1694).

1757-28 Dec.- Hans Joder

Hans Joder der Alt im Gloggenthal 70 Jahre.

Hans Joder the elder in Glockenthal, age 70.

(Note: closest in age is Hans, son of Caspar Joder and Verena Stauffer, bapt. 10/24/1686)
1759 -13 Aug.- Magdalena

Magdalena Joder Hans Zürchers hinterlassene Wittwe 86 Jahre.

Magdalena Joder the left-behind widow of Hans Zürcher, age 86.


1759 -24  Jun.- Anna

Anna Joder Christian Springers hinterlassene Wittwe 74 Jahre

Anna Joder the left-behind widow of Christian Springer, age 74.

(Note: Closest in age is Anna born to Caspar Joder and Verena Stauffer and bapt. 5/20/1683.  Christen Spring is a testator for twin children of Mathis Joder and Barbara Meyer in 1725)
1762 -7 March- Anna

Anna Joder Hans Ramseyers selig Eheweib von ???  66 Jahre

Anna Joder the late Hans Ramseyer's wife, age 66, from ???

(Note:  Anna Joder and Hans Ramseyer were married 6/15/1722. An Anna Joder was bapt. 2/2/1696, born to Hans Joder and Anna Eicher )
1762 -12 Sep.-  Caspar Joder

Caspar Joder von Steffisburg in der Pfaffenhalte  76 Jahre

Caspar Joder from Steffisburg in the Pfaffenhalte age 76.

(Note: age 76 = a birth date c1686. A Caspar Joder was born to Caspar Joder and Anna Zougg and bapt. 2/6/1687, and one on 8/14/1687 to Jakob Joder and Margret Stahli)
1763 -4 Apr.- Hans

Hans Joder Heinrichs(?) Kind von Steffisburg in der ????  3 Jahre 1 Monat

Heinrich(?) Joder's from Steffisburg in the ??? child age 3 years 1 month.

1764 Jakob Children

5 Oct- Hansli  was Jakob in Graben child, age 5

21 Oct. -Susanna was Jakob in Gloggen(thal?) child age 1 month

(Note: Susanna born of Jakob Joder in Homberg and Madlena Blanck, bapt. 10/7/1764)

1765 -19 May- Rosina

Rosina Joder im Hartlisberg Christian Joders von Steffisburg Eheweib
geboren Schwendimann 67 Jahre

Rosina Joder at Harlisbeg, Christian Joder from Steffisburg's wife, nee
Schwendiman age 67.

(Note: Rosina Schwendimann wife of Christen Joder, married 5/10/1715)

1766 -25 Feb.- Jakob Joder

Jakob Joder in der Röggen von Steffisburg 55 Jahre

Jakob Joder in Röggen at Steffisburg age 55.

(Note: Two Jakob Joders were born to Hans Joder and Christina Moser, one on  6/15/1710 and the other on 1/10/1712. It is assumed that the first died young and this one is the second).
1766 -5 March- Madlena

Madlena Joder geb.
???? Jakob Joder sel. Wittwe in der Röggen 43 Jahre.

Madlena Joder nee ??? the late Jakob Joder's widow in Röggen age 43.

[Wife the man just previous. He died on Feb 25 1766; she died on March
5, 1766. Must have been influenza.]

1768 -20 March- Hans Joder’s little girl

Hans Joder der älterer  im Gloggenthal ein ungetaufftes Mägdlein

Hans Joder in Glockenthal the elder's unbaptized little girl.
1768 -5 Nov.- Johanna

Could be Johannes or Johanna, father Hans Joders in the Gloggenthal  , a young child. I
can't make out his occupation.

1769 -21 March- Barbara

Barbara Joder Jakobs Kind in Graben 1 Jahr

Jakob Joder's in Graben child age 1 year.

1769 -8 Jan.- Uli

Uli Joder Jakob Joders Sohnlein ...6 Jahre

Uli Joder, Jakob Joders little son, age 6.

(Note: Ulrich bapt. 3/20/1763 born to Jakob Joder and Christina Megert)

1770- 14 Dec.- Christian

Christian Joder from Steffisburg at Hartlisberg age 80

(Note: Seems to be the Christian who married Rosina Schwendimann on  5/10/1715. There are a couple Christian’s born within 3 years of 1690. One born to Jakob Joder and Verena Kauffman in 1687 and one to Caspar Joder and Verena Staffuer in 1691.)).

1771 -1 Aug.- Elsbeth

1 Aug- Elsbeth Joder nee Schorer Christian Joder's wife, age 25 and

20 Aug -their child Hans, 6 days(?).

(Note: Elsbeth Joder bapt. 6/26/1746 born to Ulrich Joder and Madlena Burki).


1771 -27 March-  Caspar

Caspar Joder at Reutschibrunnen age 75

(Note: Reutschibrunnen is near Homberg. This is east of Steffisburg Dorf. Today it is spelled Rütschibrunnen. You can find it on the map --- use Homberg as a placename instead of Steffisburg.)

(Was married to Barbara Burki.)


1772- 3 July- Anna Joder child of Jakob Joder, in Graben (i.e. small valley, ravine -see map using Grabenstrasse to search.)


1773 -11 Feb.- Christian

   Chrisian Joder [that might be cause of death instead of a
placename] age  75.

1773 - 75 = 1698

(Note: Could be Christian son of Jakob and Margreth Stähli. Apparently, then,
remained in Steffisburg.")


1773 -9 July- Johannes

Johannes Joder Christian's ?????  child 14 days old


1774- 12 May-  Christina

Christina Joder nee Meggert Jakob Joder's in Graben wife


1775- 19 May- Christian Joder’s daughter-  unbaptized

dem Christian Joder in Heimberg von Steffisburg ein Mägdlein alt 3 Tage.

Christian Joder's in Heimberg from Steffisburg little girl age 3 days.

1775-20 Dec.- Hans

Hans Joder from along the Zulg, Steffisburg, age 84

(Note: Could be Hans Joder bapt. 3/29/1691 son of Hans Joder and Catherine Russer)

1775 -4 Aug- Peter

Peter Joder in der Au von Steffisburg ein Witwer  83 Jahre

Peter Joder in the Au from Steffisburg a widower age 83.

1776 -14 May- Christian

Christian Joder Christians Söhnlein in Homberg starb bei Steffisburg 9 Jahre

Christian Joder, Christian's little son in Homberg died at Steffisburg age 9.

1777- 10 March- Christian Joder’s little girl, unbaptized

Christian Joders beim Schulhaus ein Mägdlein todgeboren

Christian Joder's next to the school, a little girl, born dead.

1777 -17 Jan- Margarita

Margarita Joder geboren Heimberg Christian Joders in der ??? Eheweib  41 Jahre.

Margarita Joder nee Heimberg wife of Christian Joder at ???? age 41.

[Heimberg was her maiden name? ]
1778 -19 Jan. - Anna

Anna Joder geboren Schmitten Hans Joders selig von Steffisburg  54 Jahre.

Anna Joder nee Schmitten the Hans Joder's wife from Steffisburg age 54.

1778 -23 Jan- Barbara

Barbara Joder geboren Berger Hans Joders selig im Gloggenthal  86 Jahre

Barbara Joder nee Berger wife of the late Hans Joder of Gloggenthal age 86.

1778 -29 Jan.- Barbara nee Burki

Barbara Joder geboren Bürki Caspar Joders selig von Steffisburg  77 Jahre

Barbara Joder nee Bürki wife of the late Caspar Joder of Steffisburg age 77.

1778 -16 Aug.- Katharina

Katharina Joder geboren Ruben(?) Christian Joders im Heimberg Eheweib starb beim Steffisburg  34 Jahre

Katharina Joder nee Ruben(?) Christian Joder's in Heimberg wife died in Steffisburg age 34.

1780 -2 Oct- Christian

Chritian Joder Christians Kind im Heimberg starb beim Steffisburg.

Christian Joder's in Heimberg child died in Steffisburg.


1780- 29 April-  - Peter

Peter Joder Ehemann von ??? von Kannael  bei dem ****  42 Jahr

Peter Joder husband of ?? von Kannael next to the **** age 42.

(Note: Peter Joder bapt 9/8/1737 son of Niclaus Joder and Madlena Ruxegger)
1781 -28 Oct.- Jacob

Jacob Joder von Steffisburg ledig  32 Jahre

Jacob Joder from Steffisburg, single, age 32.

(Note: seems to be Jakob Joder bapt. 8//14/1748 born to Caspar Joder and Anna Porther).
1783 -23 Jun.- Christian

Christian Joder Christian Joder Knäblein bei dem ?????

Christian Joder's next to the ??? little boy

1783 -15 Nov.- Christian age 1

Christli Joder Ulrichis Kind im Graben 1 Jahr

Ulrich Joder's child Christli, in Graben, 1 year old

1784 -6 April- Anna Caspars wife

Anna Joder nee Portman the late Caspar Joder's widow age 72

(Note: Caspar Joder m. Anna Porter/Porther 9/11/1743)

1784-23 Feb.- Christian Joder

Christian Joder, child of Christian Joder from Steffisburg, at Homberg, age 4

(Note: Christen bapt 11/7/1779 son of Christen Joder.

1784- 10 May- Caspar Joder

Caspar Joder age 1 year 4 months

(Note: Bapt. 31 Jan 1783 to Hans Joder im Glockenthal and Johanna Blanck)

1784 -16 Jun. - Hans Joder 2

Hans Joder der ältere im Gloggenthal ein Ehemann 59 Jahre

Hans Joder the elder in Glockenthal a husband age 59.

(Note: two Hans were born in the 1724-25 timeframe. One was son of Hans Joder and Barbara Berger, and the other Johannes to Caspar Joder and Barbara Blanck)
1784 -13 Feb.- Hans Joder

Hans Joder Christian Joders Knäblein in Heimberg, 5 monat

Hans Joder, Christian Joder of Heimberg's little boy, 5 months old

(Note: Was Johannes bapt 20 Aug 1783, born to Christen Joder aus Steffisburg der Sattler in Heimberg and Elsbeth Dymptiger)

1784 -7 May- Rosina Joder

Rosina Joder des jungen Hans Joders im Gloggenthal, little girl  4 Jahre

Hans Joder of Glockenthal’s  little girl,  Rosina Joder age 4 year 8 months.

(Note Rosina Joder, daughter of Hans Joder of Glockenthal and Johanna Blanck was bapt. 9/5/1779)

1784-20 April-  Ulrich

Ulrich Joder a widower from Steffisburg age 81

(Note: Ulrich bapt. 7/9/1702 born to Jakob Joder and Margreth Stehli)

1787 -7 Feb- Barbara Joder

Barbara Joder beim Schulhaus bei Steffisburg ledig 61 Jahre

Barbara Joder by the Schoolhouse near Steffisburg, single, 61 years old.

(Note: A Barbara was bapt. 1726, born to Caspar Joder and Barbara Burki)
1790-8 April- Elisabeth

Elisabeta Joder Caspar Meyers in der Pfaffenhalte, 1 monat.(sic)

Elisabeth Joder, wife of Caspar Meyer in Pfaffenhalte, 1 month old. (sic)