Guidelines for the Artists Participating

A Public Show and Sale of Yoder Arts and Crafts

Held at the Yoder House as a part of the National Yoder Reunion

Friday, October 20, 2006


Two goals for the sale are: 1) to call attention to Yoder artistic ability, and 2) to raise financial resources for the ongoing work of the Yoder House.


Guidelines for the artists providing items for the sale:


1)   Items may be crafts, paintings, quilts, or other arts or crafts.

2)   The items should display creativity and be of good quality. It should be appropriate, not controversial.

3)   The artist should provide suitable hanging frames for pictures (suitable wire hanger, not sawtooth).

4)   The artist should provide a description and photo of the article.

5)   The artist should provide a biographical sketch of himself or herself.

6)   A booklet, catalog, or other suitable papers will introduce the product and the artist to the potential buyer before the sale.

7)   The requested information about the item should be in the hands of the Sale Committee by July 1, 2006 or before.

8)   Artists are responsible to deliver the item to the Yoder House on or before Thursday, October 19, 2006.

9)   The artist should check the block below indicating his or her choice of percentage of sale of the item as a donation to the House of Yoder.


Please check your choice: I desire that ___ 100% ___ 75% ___ 50% of the proceeds of the sale of the item go as a donation to the House of Yoder.


Name of Artist _________________________________


Address ______________________________________




Phone Number ________________________________


Point of Contact:     Kenneth L. Yoder

                           365 Dorsey Hotel Road

                           Grantsville, MD 21536