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House of Yoder News (Sept. 99)
by Lonnie Yoder,

Stone, Stone, and More Stone!

Since the June newsletter, significant progress has been made on the building of the Yoder House. The three interior stairways have been built, the electric service has gone in, and a pent roof has been built on the north exterior. But of even more significance, much stonework both inside and out has been done. Pete Yoder has devoted numerous hours to laying stone on the interior walk-in fireplace which is now nearly complete on the first floor level. On the exterior a stone mason has been hired to lay stone and that work should be completed by the time you receive this newsletter. An estimated 53 tons of stone is needed to complete the exterior stonework. Almost that much is needed for the interior stone fireplace, so the Yoder House will have nearly 100 tons of stone in its construction! Continuing construction will focus on completing the interior stone fireplace and putting in windows and doors before inclement weather sets in. Volunteer workers are always welcome. If you or someone you know would be willing to donate some labor, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Paul H.Yoder, at301-895-5411.

Over 400 Visitors at the First Open House

The House of Yoder was open to the public for the first time on Saturday, July 10 during the 22nd Annual Summer Festival and Quilt Show of Grantsville. Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. over 400 persons toured the house. The weather changed from a gentle rain in the morning to beautiful sunshine in the early afternoon, and finally, a brief, but heavy, downpour at about 3 o,clock. During the downpour the Yoder House was perhaps the most popular spot on the Spruce Forest grounds because of the shelter it offered from the rain. Many of the 400 guests also partook of the delicious corn chowder and corn bread which were prepared just outside the Yoder House over an open fire. Straw hats were also sold. The root cellar and walk-in fireplace were clear centers of attraction. Our ancestors would have been proud of the hearty and genuine conversation which occurred during the open house. May this open house be the first of many gatherings over the coming years in the Yoder House!

Come to the Annual Meeting On November 13

The fourth annual meeting of the House of Yoder will be held at Penn Alps in Grantsville, Maryland on Saturday, November 13, 1999 from 11:00 a.m. through mid-afternoon. Agenda items include: a guided tour of the Yoder House, sharing a breakfast/lunch buffet at the Penn Alps Restaurant, the annual business meeting, special music, a genealogy display by Gerald Yoder, and Harvey Yoder of Belleville, PA as the speaker on the Berks County, PA settlement and movement westward. Everyone is welcome whether a member of House of Yoder or not. Last year a record 44 persons gathered for this meeting. Let's see whether we can break that record. For those traveling from a distance, consider
spending a night or two in the Grantsville area. Lodging options at Grantsville include two motels, an inn, and a bed and breakfast: Holiday Inn (301-895-5993), the Casselman Hotel (301-895-5055), the Elliott House Victorian Inn (800-272-4090), and the Walnut Ridge Bed and Breakfast (301-895-4248).

Help Complete the Yoder House!

With the major progress which has been made on the Yoder House construction over the past year, the treasury is now nearly depleted and we need more funds to complete the construction. Many of you have given generously over the past seven years and we look to you again for whatever you might be able to contribute to finish the Yoder House. It is already a remarkable structure with the promise for even more as we complete construction. Can you help us in some way with an immediate gift or a gift by the end of the year? One way to focus your giving is around the purchase of doors and windows to complete the house. The Yoder House will have 8 doors (interior and exterior) and 24 windows. We have invited donations of $1000 for a door and $500 for a window.
The current state of that fund-raising venture is as follows:

Goal Already Purchased Needed toMeet Goal

8 doors 3 doors 5 doors
24 windows 6 windows 18 windows

Donors will be honored in a book listing major contributions which will be on display in the Yoder House. Use the enclosed membership/contribution form to send your gift to support the Yoder House. In addition to obtaining or extending memberships, you can support the cause by purchasing doors, windows, and fireplace stones of various sizes in the Yoder House. There is also an opportunity to contribute in memory or honor of a family member such as a parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent. Remember that all contributions to the Yoder House Project are tax-deductible.

Did You Know?

At the 3rd Annual Meeting last November Jack Dueck purchased one year memberships for Shannon and Nicole Yoder, daughters of Lonnie and Teresa Boshart Yoder, who help their father Lonnie with the assembly and mailing of each edition of the House of Yoder News. What a wonderful present and precedent! Consider purchasing House of Yoder memberships for children, adolescents, and young adults in your family! Another way to honor the younger members of your family is to purchase a door, window, or fireplace stone in the Yoder House.



The House of Yoder, Inc.

I/we would like to contribute to the building and operation of the Yoder House in the following way(s):

A Contribution for a Specific Part of the House (if any of these gifts are given in the name of someone other than yourself, please specify. For example, one couple has given two fireplace stones in honor of their children.)

___ door(s) at $1000 per door ______

___ window(s) at $500 per window ______

___ large fireplace stone(s) at $100 per stone ______

___ medium fireplace stone(s) at $50 per stone ______

___ small fireplace stone(s) at $25 per stone ______

A Memorial/Honor page in recognition of my/our loved one:

I/we would like to contribute $_______ in memory/honor of

(House of Yoder, Inc. will be in communication with you about further information and pictures to be included on the page. This makes a nice family project.)

A Membership in House of Yoder, Inc. (you may renew or extend your membership)

Individua l ___ $25 ___$100 ___$1,000
Couple ___$35 ___$150 ___$1,500

A Contribution to the Operating Endowment Fund

I/we would like to contribute $_______ to the Operating Endowment Fund for House of Yoder, Inc.

NAME _______________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP _______________________________________

PHONE _______________________________________

E-MAIL _______________________________________

Make check payable to The Yoder House Project and mail to:

Lonnie Yoder, Publicity/Membership Coordinator
Yoder House Project
1066 Smith Avenue
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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