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House of Yoder News (February, 2000)
by Lonnie Yoder,

Construction Update

Since the September newsletter, the exterior stonework has been completed and the stone masons are now finishing the interior stone fireplace and chimney. Installation of the heating unit for the house, laying the floor on the first floor and placement of windows and doors will follow when the funds to do so come in. Volunteer workers are always welcome. If you or someone you know would be willing to donate some labor, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Paul H.Yoder, at 301-895-5411.

A Fund-Raising Update and Plea for Funds!

At the last Executive Committee meeting on January 29, it was noted that an estimated $70,000 has been raised over the last six years to make the Yoder House a possibility. In addition, hundreds of hours of volunteer labor have reduced the building costs significantly. As we move into the final stages of construction, it is estimated that we will need an additional $25,000 to complete the house. $10,000 is needed immediately to pay for the large stone walk-in fireplace and chimney. With only $3,000 in the treasury at present, it is imperative that we raise significant funds in the next month or two. If you could make a donation at this time, it would be greatly appreciated. We recognize that many of you have given significant amounts through the years and we are deeply thankful. Let's pull together to keep this project moving forward. Use the attached membership/contribution form to make your timely contribution. Remember that all contributions to the Yoder House Project are tax-deductible. We need your support now!

Open House Planned for July 13-15

The House of Yoder will be open to the public during the 23rd Annual Summer Festival and Quilt Show of Grantsville on July 13-15, 2000. Last year we were only open on Saturday, but due to the strong interest, we plan to be open all three days (Thursday through Saturday) with plans to serve the popular corn chowder and corn bread on at least Friday and Saturday. There is also a possibility that a silent auction to raise funds for House of Yoder will be held in conjunction with the open house.

* * * Yoder European Tour-June 2001 * * *

For those who like to plan ahead, a special Yoder European Tour is being sponsored by House of Yoder for June 2001. The projected date for the 22 day tour of Yoder sites as well as many other heritage sites is June 5-26, 2001. The dates could vary a day or two in either direction depending on availability of air flights and hotel reservations. The tour, sponsored by House of Yoder, is being organized by Covington Meeting Management with Jan Gleysteen, native of the Netherlands and veteran European tour guide, as tour leader. The tour can accommodate 30-35 persons on a first-come, first-served basis. The estimated cost for the tour is $3400 plus (based on double occupancy). A preliminary itinerary includes stops in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, and Belgium. Switzerland will be the center of Yoder sites on this tour.
If you would like to reserve a place on this tour, please send a deposit (non-refundable) of $200 per person (payable to "House of Yoder Tour") to: Doris Ours, Rt. 2, Box 106 B, Keyser, West Virginia 26726. Another $1000 per person is due by November 10, 2000 . The balance for the tour is due by March 2, 2001. Provision for trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended. As the dates, itinerary, and final cost are firmed up, we will inform you of these developments. In the meantime, reserve your place now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the trail of the Yoder story in Europe during the summer of 2001. If you have questions as this point, please contact Doris Ours at 304-726-4321 or Lonnie Yoder at 540-432-6467 or

4th Annual Meeting-November 13, 1999

33 persons gathered for the fourth annual meeting of the House of Yoder at Penn Alps in Grantsville, Maryland on Saturday, November 13, 1999. Eight first-time attendees joined others who have returned year after year for this meeting. Ken Yoder lead an inspiring tour of the house pointing out numerous items of interest including pole rafters for the roof, kick rafters, pent roofs, half-timbering, a schuttstein, a replica of the Oley Yoder Coat of Arms (1376), a huge walk-in fireplace, the Holy Corner, a soul window, smoke house in the attic, and root cellar in the basement. Harvey Yoder spoke on the topic of the settlement in Berks County, PA and the movement westward. Olin Yoder presented to House of Yoder a beautiful painting he had done of the Casselman Bridge which will be auctioned as part of a fund-raising auction to be held at some point in the future. In the business meeting Gerald Yoder and Lowell Bender were re-elected to the Executive Committee. A free will offering which totaled $1643 was collected at the end of the meeting.

Did You Know?

  • House of Yoder is built in the style of a house in an area of Germany where Yoders have lived since 1703.
  • The interior floor plan for the Yoder House is patterned after two Yoder houses in Berks County, Pennsylvania.
  • Many of the building materials for House of Yoder have come from barns, houses, and a church house which was
    torn down in the Grantsville area. Much of the new lumber used in the construction has come from trees blown down by the tornado which went through the Grantsville area in 1998.
  • Of the estimated $25,000 needed to complete the house, the breakdown of those costs is as follows:

    stone fireplace and chimeny..-$10,000
    heating unit..............................-$5,000
    insulation and siding................-$5,000
    and miscellaneous....................-$5,000

  • Please help us complete the Yoder House with your contribution.

    The House of Yoder, Inc.

    I / we would like to contribute to the building and operation of the Yoder House in the following way(s):

    A Contribution for a Specific Part of the House (if any of these gifts are given in the name of someone other than yourself, please specify. For example, one couple has given two fireplace stones in honor of their children.)
    .................................................................................. Total
    ___ door(s) at $1000 per door ______

    ___ window(s) at $500 per window ______

    ___ large fireplace stone(s) at $100 per stone ______

    ___ medium fireplace stone(s) at $50 per stone ______

    ___ small fireplace stone(s) at $25 per stone ______


    A Memorial/Honor page in recognition of my/our loved one:

    I / we would like to contribute $_______ in memory/honor of _______________________________________________.

    (House of Yoder, Inc. will be in communication with you about further information and pictures to be included on the page. This makes a nice family project.)

    A Membership in House of Yoder, Inc. (you may renew or extend your membership)

    ........... 1 YR 5 YRS LIFETIME
    Individual ___ $25 ___$100 ___$1,000
    Couple ___$35 ___$150 ___$1,500

    A Contribution to the Operating Endowment Fund

    I / we would like to contribute $_______ to the Operating Endowment Fund for House of Yoder, Inc.

    NAME _______________________________________

    ADDRESS _______________________________________

    CITY, STATE, ZIP _______________________________________

    PHONE _______________________________________

    E-MAIL _______________________________________

    Make check payable to The Yoder House Project and mail to:

    Lonnie Yoder, Publicity/Membership Coordinator
    Yoder House Project
    1066 Smith Avenue
    Harrisonburg, VA 22802

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