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Johns Hopkins Index to Selected Amish Genealogies



These files are presented by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL, P O Box 594,Goshen, IN 46527 for subscription information). For questions, write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd., Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email at
We apologize in advance for any typographical errors in this work. We'd like to thank John's Hopkins University for its permission to display the Yoder portion of this very useful Index. Thanks to David Yoder of Evanston, Il for scanning the Index file for our use.


Harold E. Cross, M.D., Ph.D.
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 21205.

Beulah Hostetler, B.A. 2550 Ball Road, Willow Grove, Pa. 19090.

Division of Medical Genetics Department of Medicine
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore, Md. 21205.

About this Index



Author Title and Publication Date
1. Good, Mary Elizabeth A Lineage of Jacob Good and His Brothers (no publication date)
2. Beachy, Joel C. Family Record of Moses and Katie Kauffman. 1941.
3. Bontrager, F.J. Family Record of John J. Miller. 1957.
4. Borntreger, Daniel H. Family Record of Aaron T. Yoder. 1957.
5. Bontrager, David R. Family Record of Jacob Guengerich and Barbara Miller. 1949.
6. Bontrager, Ora W. Descendants of Henry 0. Mast, born 1827. 1960
7. Borkholder, Andrew S. Family Record of John J. Borkholder and Anna Schmucker. 1942.
8. Borntreger, John E. Descendants of Martin Borntraeger, the Immigrant of 1767. 1923.
9. Borntreger, Samuel R. Family Record of Daniel J. Borntrager. 1942.
10. Byler, Amanda Miller Family Book: Daniel D. and Mary P. Miller. 1955.
11. Byler, Phoebe Descendants of Christian Byler and Mary Kaufman, 1946.
12. Christophel, Ala Kurtz The Children of Joseph Kurtz and Lydia Zook, c. 1941.
 3. Chupp, Barbara Descendants of Daniel E. Borntreger and Mary Nissley. 1963.
14. Helmuth, Freeda Descendants of Joseph J. Graber. 1965.
15. Erb, Elizabeth J. Family Record of Daniel C. Miller and Catherine E. Hershberger from 1851-1956. - 1956.
16. Eymann, Peter 1 Eymann Family History and Genealogy. 1967.
17. Fry, Mattie (Yoder) Family Record of David V. Yoder and Katie J. Schrock. 1956.
18. Getz, Joyce Nadine Compilation of the Mollet Immigrants of 1833 and 1851 (Part II indexed; pp. 43-149). 1950.
19. Gingerich, Annie E. Family Record of Daniel 0. Otto and His Descendants. 1929.
20. Gingerich, Barbara(Kauffman) Family Record of Jacob Kauffman and His Descendants. 1952.
21. Gingerich, John W. Descendants of Daniel Yoder, 1793-1848. 1963
22. Gingerich, Mattie (Fry) Family Record of Joseph D. Fry and Barbara Hochstetler. 1955.
23. Graber, Peter M. Title and Publication Date History of the Graber and Stoll Families. 191_
 24. Hartz, Amos Moses Hartz Family History, 1819-1965. 1965
 25. Hartzler, Merle U. Descendants of Joseph Jones and Elizabeth Miller. 1949.
 26. Hershberger, Amanda N. Family Record of Isaac J. Hershberger and Fannie I. Miller. 1850-1963. 1963.
 27. Hershberger, Eli V. Memorial History of Emanuel Hershberger 1811 to 1920. c. 1920,
 28. Hershberger, Emanuel Descendants of Christian H. Yoder and Barbara Yoder. 1965. - and Drusilla
 29. Hershberger, Esther (Miller) Descendants of Daniel J. Miller and Barbara Bontrager Miller. 1836-1958. 1958.
 30. Hertzler, John G. A Brief Biographical Memorial of Jacob Hertz.,1730-1883. - 1885. (Appendix and Footnotes Indexed.)
 31. Hochstetler, Barbara (Chupp) Family Record of Eli and Nathan Chupp. - 1951.
 32. Hochstetler, Mary M. Andrew Hochstetler and Elizabeth Lehman. - 19__
 33. Hochstetler, Mary M. John D. Hochstetler and Jemima Detweiler 1904-1967.
 34. Hoover, Kathryn Family History of Phillip D. Miller and Fanny I. Miller. 1957.
 35. Hoover, Kathryn Family History of Christian Schmucker and Catherine Christner. - 1957.
 36. Hostetler, Drusilla (Yoder) Descendants of David J. Hochstetler. c. 1953.
 37. Hostetler, Harvey Descendants of Barbara Hochstetler. 1938, (Indexed footnotes only.)
 38. Hostetler, Harvey Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler.- 1912. (Indexed Miller, Yoder and Troyer appendices and footnotes. )
 39. Hostetler, Lizzieann Descendants of Gideon Detweiler and Lydia Kanagy. 1940.
 40. Hostetler, Sarah B. Descendants of Jacob J. Yoder. 1951.
 41. Hostetler, Sarah B. Descendants of Samuel D. Frey. 1955.
42. Kanagy, Ezra J. A Family Register of John H. Kanagy, 1817-18__. - 1964.
 43 Weaver, Monroe A. Title and Publication Date Jacob Weaver Family Genealogy. 1961.
 44. Kauffman, Mannoah A. Abraham Kauffman Family History. c. 1949.
 45. Kinsinger, Ray S. Family Record of John H. Kurtz.- 1952.
 46. Klopfenstein, Edward Descendants of Michael Klopfenstein. 1824-1954. - c. 1954.
 47. Lapp, Christian L. Genealogy of the Descendants of Isaac and Barbara (Stoltzfus) Lapp.- 1941.
 48. Mast, Amanda D. Descendants of Jacob Byler and Nancy Kauffman (Byler). 1949.
 49. Mast, Christian Z. A Brief History of Bishop Jacob Mast and Other Mast Pioneers. 1911. (Indexed footnotes and preliminaries only.)
 50. Mast, David J. Descendants of Joseph Stutzman and Rachel Yoder, 1839-1962. 1962.
 51. Mast, Moses C. Mast History of Eli D. Mast and Rebecca (Miller) Mast and their Descendants. 1952.
 52. Mast, Moses E. Descendants of Joseph J. Mast and Mary Miller 1814-1958. - 1958.
 53. Miller, Mattie A. (Gingerich) Descendants of Eli V. Yoder and Barbara Eash. 1961.
 54. Miller, Emanuel J. Daniel Schlabach Family History. 1942.
 55. Miller, Emanuel J. Family History of the Descendants of Jeremiah Miller and Lydia Troyer. 1943.
 56. Miller, Emanuel J. The Descendants of John F. Miller and Magdalena Miller. 1943.
 57. Miller, Emanuel J. Joni Miller and His Descendants. 1942.
 58. Miller, Enos H. Christian J. Miller and Barbara A. Bontrager Family Record. 1955.
 59. Miller, Harry D. Miller Family History, 1795-1927. -1927.
 60. Miller, Henry D. Descendants of John C. Miller. 1952.
 61. Miller, Jonas E. A Brief History of Jonathan S. Miller and Mary J. Troyer. 1958.
 62. Miller, Larry Devon Family Record of Jacob T. Bontrager and Sarah Miller. 1964.
 63. Miller, Agnes Marie A Family Record of Moses and Barbara (nec Miller) Yoder and Their Descendants.- 1951.
 64. Miller, Orie A. The Yost D. Miller Family. 1963.
 65. Miller, Peter V. Family Record of John Wittwer. 1958.
 66. Miller, William L. Levi D. Miller Family History. 1960.
 67. Bontrager, Uriah and Esther Family History of Manasses J. Bontrager, 1865-1956. - 1956.
 68. Beachy, Rosa John K. Glick and Martha Hooley Family Record. 1963.
 69. Otto, Henry J. Descendants of Joseph Gingerich. c. 1954.
 70. Otto, Henry J. Descendants of Jacob D. Mast 1832-1952. - 1952.
 71. Peachy, John B. Descendants of Philip and Grace Bawel. 1950.
 72. Peachy, Sadie (Bender) Descendants of John Stevanus. - 1957.
 73. Peachy, Samuel H. A Memorial History of Peter Bitsche. c. 1892.
 74. Plank, Charles Descendants of Isaac J. Plank. 1938.
 75. Raber Family History Raber Family History, 1837-1937 (Descendants of Daniel Raber). 1937.
 76. Schlabach, Elias A History of Shem and Sarah (Swartzendruber) Schlabach and their Descendants. 1965.
 77. Lehman, J.M. Descendants of Abraham A. Troyer, 1846-1951. 1951.
 78. Schrock, Anna M. (Bontrager) Descendants of Samuel B. Miller. 1963.
 79. Schrock, Martha A. The Tobias Schrock Family Record. c. 1950.
 80. Snyder, Kathryn History of the George Swartzendruber Family c. 1940.
Lovina (Miller)
 81. Speas, Walter A. Jacob U. and Anna (nec Schrock) Miller and their Descendants. 1942,
 82. Stutzman, Perry A. Descendants of Elias J. Yoder, from Years 1842-1959. 1959.
 83. Sunny, John A. John and Elizabeth Sumy and their Descendants. 1924.
 84. Swartzentruber, Esther C. Family History of John V. Tice. 1962.
 85. Swartzentruber, Peter Peter Swattzentruber and Wilmina Eash Genealogy, 1777-1955. 1956.
 86. Swartzentruber, Peter Genealogy of John and Veronica Swartzentruber Erb, 1743-1956. - 1957.
 87. Swartzentruber, Peter Christian Schwartzendruber and Magdalena Schoenback, 1743-1956. - 1956.
 88. Swartzentruber, Peter . John Swartzentruber. 1727-1958. 1958. 4 volumes
 89. Swartzentruber, Peter John Schwartzentruber, 1727-1957. 1957. (Limited to the descendants of Christian Schwartzentruber, b. 1773.)
 90. Swartzentruber, Peter Genealogy of Joseph D. and Magdalena Swartzentruber Bender. 1960.
 9l. Troyer, Hiram B. Descendants of Michael Troyer. 1953.
 92. Troyer, Jacob Elias Troyer Family Record. c. 1952.
 93. Weaver, Daniel D. History of Samuel Blauch of Conemaugh Township. 1921.
 94. Yoder, Christian Z. Genealogical Records of Descent from John Yoder, Jacob Zook, Daniel Conrad and Nathan Smiley. 1932.
 95. Yoder, Henry J. The John T. Yoder and Anna Bontrager Family Record. 1964.
 96. Yoder, Kathryn Christian Yoder Record. 1965.
 97. Yoder, (King) Isabelle Centennial Memoir; the Life Story and Genealogy of Abraham and Mattie King. 1949.
 98. Yoder, Mary E. Family Record of Jonas Z. Peachy and Asielia Yoder) Peachy and their Descendants. 1957.
 99. Yoder, Mary M. Family Record of David C. Yoder and His Descendants. 1957.
 100. Yoder, Mattie Family Record of Simeon H. Yoder and His Descendants. 1964. Sarah (Kauffman
 101. Yoder, Silvanus A Brief History of Biographical Sketches Together with a Complete Genealogy of Descendants of Peter Schrock.1923.
 102. Kauffman, Charles A Genealogy and History of the Kauffman-Coffman Families in North America. 1940. (Indexed PP. 663-690; 725-728).
 l03. Brenneman, Maynard Christian P. Brenneman and Catherine Slabaugh Family Record. 1961.
 104. Lash, Sam T. and Family Record of John Garver and Elizabeth Kauffman, 1967. Cross, George G.
 105. Miller, D.L. Miller-Riehl Family Record (Manuscript) Descendants of Ludwig Riehl and Magdalena Fisher. Descendants of Louis Mueller and Mary Ann Sommers
 106. Stutzman, Leon K. Descendants of John E. Bontrager, 1837-1930. 1953.
 107. Schrock, L.J. Family Record of the Descendants of John J. Schrock. 1959.
 108. Nisley, E.D. Descendants of Jonas D. Yoder. 1962.
 109. Hershberger, E.M. . Descendants of Emanuel P. Brenneman,1842-1954. - 1954
 110. Hershberger, E.M. Addition to Family Record of Emanuel P. Brenneman and Barbara Schrock Brenneman, 1954-1960. - 1960.
 111. Lichteriwalter, C. Erg Family History, 1679-1961. - 1962. (Indexed Part V only.)
 112. Miller, G.A. . Family Record of Eli J. Miller and Veronica Weaver and their Descendants. 1961. (8 page chart)
 113. Weaver, Cora Descendants of John Weaver. - 1953.
 114 Mast, S. and F.E. Family Record of Michael Yoder. 1950.
 115. Yutzy, Jonas F. Yutzy Family History 1819-1964. - 1964.
 116. Bontrager, Alvin and Family Record of Daniel U. Hochstetler, 1842 to 1968. 1968. Susie (Hochstetler)
 117. Stutzman family Family Record of Benjamin S. Hershberger and Lydia Schmucker and (William Henry Stutzman) their Descendants; also the Descendants of Jonathan Hershberger and Catherine Court, i.e. Berlincourt. 1962
 118. Steury, Lucy (Lenqacher)  Family Record of Jacob Graber and Hannah Riech. c. 1965.

About this index:

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has done much work
studying Amish families. Many years ago, Dr. Harold E. Cross of the
Medical School, Division of Medical Genetics, and Beulah Hostetler then
of Willow Grove, Pa. published an "Index to Selected Amish Genealogies".
This index was produced by going through 118 individual Amish related
genealogies and indexing each person contained therein to the involved
genealogy. Several years ago, we received permission to display the Yoder
data from Johns Hopkins. The volume of data and the technical solution to
working with hard copy only source delayed our presentation of this
information until now.

The YNL does not have the specific Genealogies at hand. To find them
you'll need to check with one of the major libraries which contain
significant Anabaptist genealogical data...Like the Mennonite Historical
Library, Goshen College, or others.


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