New Book available for purchase

"The Yoders of Allen County, Indiana"



The Yoders of Allen County, Indiana, started in 1971, data collected through 1975, rested on my shelves for 30 years, is now completed and ready for distribution. It is a history and genealogy beginning with Christian Joder/Barbara Schott (1787/1794) of Alsace. Seven of their eleven children emigrated to the U.S. in the mid-1800's and settled (at least for a time) in Allen County, Indiana.

The book has 91 pages of text and 21 pages of photographs. Their are four chapters and three appendicies:

Chapter 1: The Yoder Name
Chapter 2: European History of the Allen County Mennonites
Chapter 3: Migration and Settlement im America
Chapter 4. The Yoder Family of Allen County, Indiana
Appendix A: The Yoder Settlement in Stuttgart, Arkansas
Appendix B: Joe and Leah Conrad Wedding
Appendix C: America in the Years 1820-1860

The book includes a brief genealogy of the eleven children of Christian Yoder/Barbara Schott and a detailed genealogy of their fifth child, Joseph. Joseph married Katharina Roth and they had nine children including my grandfather, Christian. The book includes photographs of eight of the nine children of Joseph and Katy and as many of the 61 grandchildren as we could find.

The printing cost of the book is $27. (The photographs are picture quality.) The purchase price of the book is also $27 plus $2.50 for mailing. It may be ordered from me.

Levon Yoder
2499 Sword Highway
Adrian, Michigan

November 11, 2006