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Expanded and presented by Emily Coffman Richardson, 2023


After decades of effort, Melchior Yoder Line Coordinator Don Honeywell, ably assisted by his wife Grace, have handed off their files, data base, and responsibility for this line to Emily Richardson. Emily, the daughter of the late Dorothy Coffman (an early researcher of the Melchior line- see YNL 3, April 1984) is a retired university administrator, and now a professional genealogist. Emily has expanded on much of the family group information gathered by the Honeywells and plans to prepare a series of books on the Melchior line which include a significant amount of added detail and references.


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This series of documents is a classified summary of key points in the known lives of descendants of Melchior Yoder, M, our immigrant ancestor.  Information has been derived from family members and various sources.  Our alpha-numeric identification system is an adaptation of the Henry System.  It will prove most helpful for you to record the code numbers of the people in whom you are interested.  The (+) designates that additional information on that individual is included in the next generation.  The basic research information and citations are contained in a Family Tree Maker program, excerpts of which are available upon request.  Some information is private, and no “living individuals” as of the time of production of this report are included.


Five generations beginning with Melchior Yoder as the first generation is offered in each of the lines.  Each line (M1, M2, etc) are separate files. Naming and spelling often vary amongst records, based on time and location.  Therefore, the most common spelling has been used within these listings.


We apologize in advance for any errors and omissions in this work.  Please help us correct and extend any of the information in these records.


We apologize in advance for any errors and omissions in this work.  Please help us correct and extend any of the information in these records.



Surnames included in this listing








Generation 1





MELCHIOR YODER and ANNA GODSHALK had the following child:

+       M5. MELCHIOR2 YODER JR. about 1777 – about 1830


Generation 2


M5.  MELCHIOR2 YODER JR. (Melchior1) was born about 1777 in Hatfield Township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County, PA. He died about 1830 in Pickaway County, Ohio. He married CATHERINE BOLENDER, daughter of Johann Adam Bolender Jr and Maria Magdalena Morr, about 1808. She was born on 17 Mar 1783 in Snyder County, PA. She died on 06 Nov 1850 in Pickaway County, OH.


MELCHIOR YODER JR and CATHERIN BOLENDER had the following children:


   M51.   SON3 YODER was born between 1808-1812 in Northumberland (now Snyder) County, PA.


   M52.   MARTHA YODER was born about 1807 in Washington Township, Pickaway County,        Ohio. She married DANIEL SUMMERS on 24 Feb 1828 in Pickaway County, OH. He              was born between 1800-1808.