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Yoder Lineage - Other than Amish

Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

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      Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana

 Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998, 2000, and 2003


These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been

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                        UNLINKED YODER LINES 

                              Part 1 

This section presents various miscellaneous Yoder lines. For these folk, either their  connections back to an early immigrant groups is not known, or they represent a latter  immigration. Each Alpha prefix represents a distinct family. When a gap appears in  lettering, this generally means a link has been established into one of the major lines,  and the family information has been shifted to that major line. 


(NOTE applying to the Yater/Yeater families shown at S,T, and U: There is no known  connection between the YATER or YEATER family which may be of German origin  rather than Swiss and The Yoder or Yotter line. Three of the prime Yeater/Yater  family lines (though not all), are shown. Another name which is sometimes considered  similar to Yoder is "Yetter". We have not traced this name here as it seems clearly to  be from a separate Germanic origin... the Yeater family does appear likely to connect  with it. (This issue has been updated to include the addition of reference information on each family group) ----CKY-Oct.1995



A-  John Yotter b. c1795    m. 12/11/1825 Elizabeth (Sarah) Shick both 

 shown as of Bethlehem Rev. Seidel. Elizabeth (10/5/1807-  

 4/6/1872 Freemansburg, Northampton Co.,Pa). (d/o John Jacob Shich and Elizabeth

Church) bur Trinity Union  Church), John a "boatman" died before 4/6/1872.

Disappeared from census between  1850 and 1860. Pos. Father- Jacob of Whitehall

Twp or Jost (V) of Bethel (as of  1800) (References: 1830? Mont Co, 1850 Lehigh/

Hanover Twp, 1860 as "Yetter"-NH East Allen Twp, 1880 Bethlehem   NH Co,

research by Richard Yotter of Lititz) (YOTTER, John b: Aug. 16, 1797 d: Dec. 17, 1850, TRINITY REFORMED CEMETERY -Freemansburg, PA)

    A1- Anna Maria      b. 12/28/1827       d. 9/26/1900  single

(Birth: Dec. 28, 1827- Death: Sep. 25, 1900 - buried Trinity United Church of Christ Cemetery, Freemansburg, Northampton County)  

   +A2- Martin          b. c1830  

   +A3- William Henry   b. 12/27/1831, bapt 3/25/1832 Christ Ref. Ch. Shoenersville 

    A4- Christian  b. 1833  d. 1836 bur. Old Moravian Cem, Bethlehem 

    A5- Edwin (Irwin)   b. 1/2/1835     d. 4/1/1892 

m1. Amanda  (?Metzgar)  1880 NH census m2. Caroline Kromar 


   +A6- Jacob           b. 11/12/1837    

    A7- David           b. c1840    in Phila as of 1872  (1860 as "boatman")

    A8- Clamore         b. c1843    in Phila as of 1872  (1860 as "boatman")

    A9- Emma Elizabeth  b. c1845   m. Albert Barr of Reading 

    Aa- Jonathan        b. 11/8/1851  bur. Freemansburg

"and three others who died before 4/6/1872"-possibly including Christian & 

Jonathan.(a male "Marcus" age 5 is in the family in 1860 census, widow (?) Sarah-age 52)(YOTTER, Jonathan b: Nov. 8, 1851 d: June 29, 1851 ????-Trinity Reformed)


A2- Martin Yotter   ?prob 1880 NH Bethlehem m. Margaret ________ 

     (c1834-     )  (1860 as "boatman)

(Gospel of Jesus Christ CC Cemetery, Freemansburg, Northampton Co, Pa- Pvt. Martin Yotter (Oct. 24, 1829-Feb. 7, 1893) UNION CIVIL WAR SOLDIER. SERVED IN CO. L 54 REGIMENT PA. VOL.. DISCHARGED ON 7-15-1865)

    A21- Alexander      b. c1864 

    A22- Lindy S.       b. c1868 

    A23- Sarah E.       b. c1872 

    A24- John M.        b. c1875 


A3- William Henry Yotter  m. 1854  Matilda Metzgar (1/28/1837 NH Co- 

         11/17/1911 Allentown, Lehigh Co.) d. 9/5/1894 both bur. Fairview 

      Cem., Bethlehem, NH Co., PA  Boatman on Lehigh Canal

(1890 Census- Bethlehem Bor., Northampton Co, Pa, Cunow Alley)

    A31- Sarah Erline       b. c1856    m. Benjamin Nagle 

    A32- John Irwin         b. 9/12/1857 m. Anna Mosebach d.9/1/1914 

    A33- Flora Jane         b. 9/21/1859   d. 9/8/1863 

    A34- George Martin      b. 3/18/1863  m. Ellen A.   d. 1920s 

    A35- Edward Ellsworth   b. 12/25/1864 m. Sadie George 

      bapt. Christ Evan. Luth Church, Freemansburg, Pa

    A36- William Franklin   b. 5/30/1867  m. Annie Quade  d. 1945

(1910 AlleghenyCo, Pa- William age 42 electrical engineer, Annie 27, William Jr.

9, Raymond 1 1/12)

    A37- Anna Eliza         b. 1/24/1870  m. A. L. Messinger 

    A38- Emma               b. c1880      m. George Ernst 


A32- John Irwin  Yodder      (9/12/1857-9/1/1914)  m.

Anna H. Mosebach (c1860-      )

(1890 Census- Bethlehem Bor., Northampton Co, Pa, Raspberry Alley)

A321- Elsie M.    b. c1883

A322- Harvey F.   b. c1888


A34- George Martin Yotter   (3/18/1863-1920s)    m. Ellen A.

(c1876-     )

(1890 Census- Bethlehem Bor., Northampton Co, Pa, 144 Garrison)

A341- Mamie b. c1884

A342- Sadie b. c1885

A343- Harry b. c1889

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

Yotter George 25, laborer--Ella  24, Mamie 6, Sadie 5, Harry 1.

144 Garrison, per 1890 Bethlehem Boro.,Northampton  Co.

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


A35- Edward Ellsworth Yoder (12/25/1864-  ) m

bapt. Christ Evan. Luth Church, Freemansburg, Pa

Sadie E. George (Mrs. John McCarley of Bethlehem)

(1890 Census- Bethlehem Bor., Northampton Co, Pa, Rubbel Alley)

A351- Raymond    (1888-8/11/1923)  m. Carrie C. Jacob


A351- Raymond Yoder  (1888-8/11/1923 in a train accident)  m. 

     Carrie C. Jacob (5/27/1900-1/15/1978, bur. Niantic Cemetery,

     Niantic, Montgomery Co., Pa) 

A3511-  Frances   (c1917-           ) m            ____ Moran

      living in Allentown,Pa as of 1988

A3512-  Harry      (c1918-          ) 

      living in Hellertown, Pa as of 1988

A3513- Wilbur    (c1920-            )

      (?SSN Record.. b. 2/1/1921-d.9/-/1984)

A3514- Arthur     (


A5- Edwin (Irwin) Yotter  b. 1/2/1835     d. 4/1/1892 

m1. Amanda  (?Metzgar)  1880 NH census-“lock tender”

m2. Caroline Kromar  (m. also  Susanah)


      A51- Robert (11/20/1860-8/9/1912) bur. Trinity Reformed

      A52- Martha (c1867 Pa-     )

      A53- Malira (c1870 Pa-     )


 A6- Jacob Yotter (Birth: Nov. 12, 1831- Death: Jul. 7, 1899 buried at the Union Cemetery, Freemansburg) m. Annie M. Fulmer (c1842-     )

             1880-NH Bethlehem  (1860 as "boatman")

    A61- Cora A.    b. c1867 

    A62- Harry F.   b. c1869 

    A63- Milton H.  b. c1871 

(1910 Census Northampton Co, Freemansburg Boro, Milton H. age 39, Mary E.

Age 40, Edith I. age 13, Marian E. age 8, Raymond H. age 18)

    A64- Sarah E.   b. c1873 

    A65- Erwin T.   b. c1875 

    A66- Estella I. b. c1878 


"My paternal great grandparents were Theodore Transue (1855-1927) (Northampton

Co., PA) and JANE LOUISE YOTTER (1860-1929) (Northampton Co., PA).

Jane Louise Yotter was born Nov. 23, 1860, Freemansburg, Northampton Co., PA

and died July 29, 1929 in Butztown (Bethlehem), Northampton Co., PA.  She is

buried in St. John's Church Cemetery, Farmersville, Northampton Co., PA.

Jane Louise was the daughter of Jacob Yotter who was born Nov. 21, 1837 in

Lehigh Co., PA and died July 7, 1899 in Northampton Co., is buried Old

Freemansburg Cemetery, Freemansburg, Northampton Co., PA.

Jane Louise's mother (Jacob's wife) was Anna Maria "Maria" Fulmer who was born

c1840 and died aft. July 29, 1929 in Easton, PA and is also buried in Old

Freemansburg Cemetery.  Jacob and Anna Maria were married Dec. 14, 1859.


"Jacob and Anna Maria (Fulmer) Yotter had the following children:

Jane Louise (1860-1929) (m- Theodore Transue)........ (my line)

Emma M. (c1863-aft. 1929) (m- ? Keifer)

Cora A. (c1866 - aft. 1929) ( m- ? Keifer)

Harry F. (Henry?) (c1869-aft. 1929)

Mary (c1870-aft. 1929) (m- ? Weidman)

Milton H. (c1870-1932) (m- Mary E. ?)

daughter (c1872-aft. 1929) (m-Thomas Johnson)

daughter (c1874-aft. 1929) (m-Austin Hahn)

Erwin Thomas (1875-1884)

Harvey (c1878-aft. 1929)


"Jacob Yotter's obit was in the Easton Daily Free Press and I also have the

obit of Jane Louise Yotter Transue....which was in the Allentown Morning Call.

Jacob was a boatman and served in the civil war.

Some of my info on Jacob was also obtained from the 1870 census of Bethlehem

Twp., Bethlehem, PA"--Linda at


Monday, February 10, 1896- Obit for Mrs. George Fauerbach Friday morning , Freemansburg husband two children parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Yotter; brothers and sisters: Harry Yotter, Milton Yotter, Frank Yotter, Mrs. Jacob Keifer, Mrs.Abraham Keifer, Mary Yotter, Stella Yotter


B- Frederick Yoder  b. 11/13/1813 Oley Twp. Berks Co. "raised by 

      kinsman Daniel Yoder near Pleasantville"  (mother a Hill) 

      m. Maria Shartle (4/13/1815- 12/26/1891) d. 3/18/1884, both Bur. 

      Belleman's Church , Reformed, Daubersville 

(References: Hist of Berks Co, by Montgomery; 1850 & 1880 Census BP, will of 

Fredrick; Charts & Data from: Rachel Kreider, Dr. Morris Yoder, John Balthasar 

Yoder, George W. Yoder, Edward W. Yoder, Christopher Smithson-96&97, Saranna Miller- May 2004)

(SEE YNL59, Apr 2012, FOR ANALYSIS OF THIS FAMILY Origin…Frederick’s mother was pregnant by another man when she married Daniel Yoder (son of OY13) had him as a first child. DNA testing of subsequent sons shows they were the son of Daniel, and he was not)  see: and earlier

     B1- Amelia (1/16/1836 BP-2/22/1904 BP) m. Mark D. Davis  (1831 Berkley, BP-5/24/1898 BP)

("Christopher T. Smithson" <>-Jan.30,98-

"Amelia Yoder (1837-1904) daughter of Frederick Yoder and Maria Shartle and

her husband, Mark D. Davis (1831-1898) and some of their children and

descendants are buried in Charles Evans Cemetery in Reading, Berks Co., PA

in Harry Hottensteins lot..  (Harry was married to Sallie Davis daughter of

Mark and Amelia..-Amelia and Mark are buried at Charles Evans with no stones

but it is in the cemetery's office that they are there... for your records... 

My grandfather Kirby Calvin John Davis had another sibling born in April 1912

 and died Apr 12 1912...and was buried on top of Amelia at Charles Evans... 

According to cemetery records....; on your write up you have Amelia Yoder wife of Mark D. Davis as aka Rose who married a Davis that is not true.  Amelia had a daughter named Rose but she was never called Rose.-Sept.2002)

   +B2- Alfred S.  b. 3/15/1839 Centerport,PA  m. 10/15/1859 Centre Twp to Mary K. Haag d.1/10/1919 bur. Bern U.M. Church  -four children 

    B3- Mary Ann  b. c1840  m. 1/12/1861 Reuben Phillips by Rev. Jager 

   +B4- Jacob Shartle  b. 1/2/1843 Center Twp m. 9/29/1866 Upper Bern Twp. to Anna Maria Fisher  d. 4/1/1919 Mohrsville, PA 

   +B5- Cyrus S. b. 1/17/1845   ( "went west" "Went to Ohio" (sic?) ? 1880 Reading ) m. Mary Elizabeth/Angeline Epler d. 6/3/1919 Shillington, Pa

    B6- Valeria   b.  c1855    m. 10/17/1872 Nathaniel Loeb (Lieb)

of W. Reading by Rev. Jager 

    B7  James  b. 3/15/1847 d. 3/5/1849 bur. Salem Belleman Ch. 

    B8- ?William   b. 9/12/1850 (9 mo at 1850 cen) 

   +B9- Wellington Shartle  b. c1853 m. Polly Balthasar  d. 1923 Palmyra, PA  res. Lebanon Co. 

    Ba  Sarah Catherine  b. 4/5/1859 d. 3/29/1862  bur. Salem Bel.Ch. 

    Bb- William   b. 12/7/1860  d.  1864            "      "   "   " 


B2- Alfred S. Yoder b. 3/15/1839 Centerport,PA  m. 10/15/1859 Centre Twp to Mary K. Haag (Maria) Haag (12/30/1837-4/27/1913)d.1/10/1919 bur. Bern U.M.

   B21- Tamsen  m. Galen Christ, children Floyd Christ, Carrie

   B22- Sally Haag (9/6/1867-2/12/1893 Centre Twp, BP) m. Absalom S. Yoder  d. 2/12/1893

   B23- Lizzie Debora (6/24/1882-5/30/1938) m. Allen Fenus Ohlinger Pa (1882-1970)

  +B24- John M. (1/1/1862 Centerport,PA-12/19/1943 Chester Co., PA)

  m. 1884 Philadelphia  Margaret Seaman (8/12/1866-10/30/1943) 


B24-  John M. Yoder  (1/1/1862  Centerport,PA-12/ /1943 Chester, PA)

m. 1884 Philadelphia   Margaret Seaman (8/12/1866-10/30/1943)

(Margaret Seaman was the daughter of Margaret Ferguson and Eber C.

Seaman, grandfather of Dr. Morris L. Yoder)

   B241- Herbert  (1889-1889)

   B242- Morris Leroy (12/29/1890-11/14/1950) m. 1912 Jane H. Maccabe

   B243- Thomas (1892-1893)

   B244- Elizabeth (1894-1971) m1. Ray Barnes  m2. John Bottomley

(no children)

   B245- Edgar  (1896-1953)

   B246- Marguerite (1898-1956)

   B247- Nelson (1899-     ) m. Edith Payson

(SSN recds: NELSON YODER  30 Aug 1899 Jun 1970 19015 (Brookhaven, Delaware,PA)

   B248- Florence  (1902-1964) m. Sam Smiley

   B249- Ruth (1903-1974) m. Charles Taylor

   B24a- John K. (1906-  ) m. Dorothy Palmer

   B24b- Irene (1905-1971) m. Daniel Crouse


B4- Jacob Shartle Yoder (1/2/1843 Center Twp- 4/1/1919 Mohrsville, PA)

 m. 9/29/1866 Upper Bern  Twp. to Anna Maria Fisher (10/27/1845 Upper Bern, Berks Co, Pa- 1/26/1915 Mohrsville, Pa) (Jacob bapt. 2/19/1843) (Bap. certs. with Saranna B. Miller, Marietta, Pa,7/98- she provided updates 5/2004)

    B41- Ida   b. 6/8/1867 m Centre Twp., BP to Levi H. Dietrich  d. 2/1/1928

    B42- Anna  b. 7/7/1868 Upper Bern Twp, BP d. 5/18/1871

   +B43- Frederick Fisher b. 10/23/1869 Upper Bern Twp., BP  m. 2/28/1893 Reading, St. Stevens Reformed Church to Annie Kalbach  (1868-10/23/1925 Bern Twp., BP) d. 6/21/1958 Reading Hospital, Reading, Pa.

    B44- Minnie  b. 10/14/1871 d. 5/29/1934  m1. Joseph Haag Wagner (1861-1943)  m2. James Haag Wagner 

    B45- Elmer Calvin  b. 7/14/1874 Upper Bern Twp, BP bapt. 11/9/1875, died scarlet fever  very young

    B46- William    b. 5/3/1875 Upper Bern Twp, BP  bapt. 11/9/1875 died of scarlet fever very young  (Elmer & Wm. reportedly died w/i a week of each other)

    B47- Cora Amy b. 5/15/1877 m. 5/14/1898 Mohrsville Salem Belleman’s Church to m. 5/14/1898 Mohrsville Salem Belleman’s Church to Joseph L. Blatt

    B48- Helen Rebecca b. 2/22/1879 Mohrsville, Pa. m. Bern Twp., BP to Berwin Z. Lesher (2/27/1873-5/28/1931)  d. 1/27/1953

    B49- Howard  Jacob b.10/14/1883 Mohrsville, Pa  m. 3/29/1906 

Shoemakersville to Mamie Lindenmuth Stitzel d. 1/19/1928 Wilmington, Del. 

    B4a- Sarah Maria b. 7/14/1880 never married d. 8/20/1961 a nurse 

    B4b- Robert Fisher   b. 3/31/1886  m. Clara E. Werley/Worley (1885-1954) d. 7/20/1953 Shillington, Pa. - 1 daughter Wilma Mae, never married.


B43- Frederick Fisher Yoder b. 10/23/1869 Upper Bern Twp., BP  m. 2/28/1893 Reading, St. Stevens Reformed Church to Annie Kalbach (1868-10/23/1925 Bern Twp., BP)  d. 6/21/1958 Reading Hospital, Reading, Pa.

B431- Mary Larue  (7/22/1896 Bern Twp, BP-2/10/1986) m. Clarence Strause

B432- Wayne Henry  (10/24/1896-           )(Sic?1896)


B49- Howard Jacob Yoder (10/14/1883 Mohrsville, Pa-1/19/1928 Wilmington,De)   m. 3/29/1906 Shoemakersville to Mamie Lindenmuth Stitzel (5/17/1884 Windsor Twp, BP- 12/15/1948 Shoemakersville, Pa at home)

B491- Irwin Howard (11/11/1906 Shoemakersville, Pa- 11/8/1999 Laurel Center Genesis Elder Care, Tilden twp. Pa) m1. 1/11/1930 St. Luke’s Church, Shoemakersville, Pa to Thelma Rhea Unger (1/11/1909 Shoemakersville, Pa-1/12/1985 Reading Hostital, Reading, Pa) m2. Florence Leibensperger Yorger (7/12/1916-   ).

B492- George William (1/21/1908 Shoemakersville. Pa- 10/8/2000 Shoemakersville, Pa) m. 10/20/1929 Mary Leidy Potteiger (1/31/1906 Hamburg, Pa-1/20/2003 Hamburg)

B493- Kathryn Mae (4/12/1910 Shoemakersville, Pa- 12/17/1992 Marietta, Pa at home) m. 12/30/1933 John Harold Brown VMD 3/10/1910 Orwigsburg, Pa-9/3/1990 Marietta, Pa at home)

B494- Sarah Anna (12/12/1915-    ) m. 10/17/1942 Lebanon, Pa Harold Madeira Yost (1/20/1917 Norristown, Pa-1/31/2004 Phoebe Berks Health Care, Wernersville, Pa).


B4b- Robert Fisher Yoder   b. 3/31/1886  m. Clara E. Werley/Worley d. 7/20/1953 Shillington, Pa. 

B4b1- Wilma Mae  (1907-    ) never married


B5- Cyrus S. Yoder   b. 1/17/1845    m1 Mary Elizabeth _____

(?  - 12/28/1870 Bern   Church, bur Centre Twp, Berks Co)  m2. Angeline Epler  (          -     ) d 6/3/1919 Shillington, Berks Co, PA  bur. Shillington, PA  

(Edward Williams Yoder data-1997)

   +B51- Elmer      b. 8/27/1869 Mohrsville  m. Alice Worley Bitting  

(1870-1926) d. 1938 Shillington, PA (listed with Yoder  

grandparents in 1880 census) 

    B52- Harry E. (Harrison)   b. 10/15/1875 (attended PA Inst for  

Deaf and Dumb, Philla as of 1889) 

    B53- Edward     b. 1/4/1877         m. Sadie___ 

    B54- John Epler b.          d. 3/7/1878  Bern Church 


B51- Elmer  (8/27/1869 Mohrsville,Pa- 1938 Shillington, PA)

     m.            Alice Worley Bitting    (1870-1926)

    (pos. 2nd wife Emily Kendall)

B511-  Leroy Frederick  (9/19/1895 Center Twp, BP-2/25/1945

     Allentown,Pa)  m. Ada Helen Dankel  (            -     )

B512-  Helen  (12/27/1898 Shilington,Pa-7/31/1902 Shillington,Pa)

B513-  Margaret  (9/10/1906 Shillington,Pa-5/16/1908 Shillington,Pa)    

B514-  Edward Harrison  (4/17/1907 Shillington,Pa-9/5/1989 Reading,Pa)

     m. 8/21/1930  Drifton, Luzerne, Pa  Beatrice Lloyd Williams 

     (12/17/1905 Buck Mountain, Carbon Co.,Pa-        )


B9- Wellington Shartle Yoder (1/-/1851-1923)  m. Polly (Maria) Balthasar 

(10/-/1855- )(1900-Lebanon Co., N. Londonderry Twp, only shows Sally, Katie and Paul)

    B91- Anna       (1868-1871)

    B92- George     b. c1873 

    B93- Charlie    b. c1874 

    B94- Sallie     b. 3/-/1878        m. Horst (son 

    B95- William     b. c1879 

    B96- Katie    b. 3/-/1883  d. 1970

    B97.- John Balthasar Sr. b. 4/20/1888  m. 1/10/(?1910) Gertrude 

May Ulrich (5/1890-12/8/1980)   d. 2/6/1970  (aka? Paul b 7/-/1888)

    B98- Mahlon    b. ?

    B99- Paul B. (listed by Saranna Miller)


C- no longer used 



Joseph below son of  Joseph Joder b 7/15/1776 Horbacherhof near Hinterweindenthal who m Mary-Catherin Germann of Hammersbergerhof 

     (See Karl Joder/Ottmar Jotter data for ancestry) 

D- Joseph Ioder   b. 1805 Bavaria, Germany  m. c1830 Barbara Albrecht  

       (3/12/1804 Germany- 1/13/1878 Bureau Co) Arrived on the Ship Orion from

Bremen, landing in NY on June 18, 1836. Came to Bureau Co.,IL 1837 d. 1857 

at a Railroad crossing near Tiskilwa, IL  Farmer.

(References: The Albrechts; Biographical History of  Bureau Co, Il; 1850 Census; 

Orville B. Ioder chart)

    D1- Catharine   b. c1832  GY    m. Joseph Schertz  d. 1856 

    D2- Jacob       b. 10/6/1833 GY  m. Magdalena Herschman  

        d. 9/22/1911 

    D3- John        b. 3/31/1835 ("idiotic") d. 4/11/1862 

   +D4- Daniel      b. 12/1/1838 Bureau Co.,IL  

    D5- Caroline    b. c1840        d. ? drowned 

   +D6- Joseph      b. 9/8/1845   m. Mary Ann Zierlein  d. 4/25/1875 

    D7- Louisa      b. 3/25/1847  m. Nicholas Schertz  d. 8/21/1896 

   +D8- William     b. 6/11/1848  


D2- Jacob  Ioder  (10/6/1833 "Prussia" GY-9/22/1911)  m. Magdalena

Herschman   (c1846 IL-     ) (1880- Illinois- Bureau Co, Aripie Twp)

(1920- Ohio Village, Bureau Co, IL- Magdalena with son Daniel)

D21- Amelia E.    b. c1865 Il

D22- Joseph        b. c1867 Il

D23- Jacob          b.  c1869 Il

+D24- Albert         b.  c1872 Il

+D25- William       b.  c1875 Il

D26- Daniel P.      b. c1877 IL


+D24- Albert Yoder (c1872 Il-      )  m                Hattie_____

(c1875 IL-          )  (1920- Ohio Valley, Bureau Co, IL)

D241-  Bernice      (c1901 Il-     )

D242-  Mervin       (c1903 Il-     )

D243-  Ivan           (c1905 Il-      )

D244-  Lavern (s)    (c1908  Il-       )


D25- William       b.  c1875 Il

(? 1920 Il Census- Bureau Ohio Valley)

William B. Joder  (bc1877 Il- ) m. Lidia Pope  (b c1875 Il-    )

(Jacob Pope age 83 fil lives with in 1920)

D251- Lucille     b c1905 Il

D252- Lennore     b c1910 Il


D4- Daniel Ioder  m. Lena Burkey (5/15/1855- 10/24/1923)  in Tazwell 

 Co.,IL d. 10/30/1928 Bureau Co. Mennonite, resident of Arispe,IL

(1880- Illinois- Bureau Co, Aripie Twp; 1920-Tiskiliwa, Bureau Co.,IL)

    D41- Joseph William   (3/3/1876 IL -11/18/1960)   m Mary Birkey  

(c1878 IL-       ) (1920- Bureau Co, IL)

    D42- Edwin D        b 9/7/1879  m1 Mabel L Jontz  m2 Elizabeth C   

Higgins (per SSN b.3/27/1886-d.2/-/1971 FL)   d  11/27/1969  FL

(1920- Bureau Co, IL)

    D43- Benjamin A     b 3/21/1883   m Edna Kitterman

(per SSN b.3/14/1887-d.2/-/1980)  d 10/27/1960 (1920- Bureau Co., IL)

    D44- John A     (3/25/1885 IL-6/6/1980) m May E Trask (c1890 IL-     )

    D45- Anna L     b 4/4/1890        d 6/28/1928 

    D46- Levi D     (4/24/1892-4/28/1974)    m Edith Briggs (c1890 Ia-   )

(per SSN b.9/20/1882-d.3/-/1964) (1920-Bureau Co, IL)


D6- Joseph   Ioder  (9/8/1845-4/25/1875)     m. Mary Ann Zierlein 

(c1848 Il-           ) (1880- Illinois- Bureau Co, Aripie Twp)

(1920- Mary A. Ioder age 71 res. Tiskiliwa, Bureau Co, IL)

D61- Alvin E.    b. c1869 Il

D62- Laura N.   b. c1871 Il

D63- Emma E.    b. c1873 Il

D64- Ada P.       b. c1875 Il


D8- William Ioder   m.  3/4/1873  Fannie Stauffer (3/4/1849 Alsace  

         -1/27/1922)  d. 2/9/1914  Mennonite  residence Arispe, IL 

(1880- Illinois- Bureau Co, Aripie Twp)(1920- Fanny-listed twice, once

with son Julius-Bureau Co and second with daughter Lena, Tiskiliwa,

Bureau Co, IL)

    D81- infant     b               d 2/23/1874 

    D82- Elmer (Almer) J    b 2/2/1875  m Alvena Gildermaster 

        d  7/1/1931 

    D83- Julius Ellsworth   b 8/14/1876   d 11/14/1941 

    D84- William O   (3/2/1878-1/9/1957) m Maria L Albrecht (b1882 IL-   )

(1920- Bureau Co, IL)

    D85- infant     b               d May 1879 

    D86- Louise Laura   b 10/20/1880  m C Henry Smith  d 3/18/1973 

    D87- Mary Elizabeth  b 12/8/1882  m Albert A Albrecht d 11/12/1969 

    D88- Fannie M (Clara)  b 5/8/1884   m Arthur E Larson d 2/29/1968 

    D89- Lena A     b 4/13/1887       d  7/9/1920 


D82- Elmer (Almer) J   (2/2/1875 IL-7/1/1931)   m

Alvena Gildermaster   (c1877 IL-       )

(1920-Bureau Co, IL)

D821- Gladys     (c1901 IL-         )


E- no longer used 


(NOTE: The YNL would like to acknowledge the late Richard Yothers of Boston, 

historian of the Mennonite Yother family, as a major source of information on the family of Daniel Yothers of Centre Co., PA)  For article on this family see:


F- Daniel Yothers  (c1775 (b. Pa per 1850 census)-d. 10/28/1853 Centre Co.,PA)

 m. Rebecca Mortorff  (3/11/1775-7/11/1849)  both bur. Milesburg Cem., Milesburg, PA. res. York Co 1800 cen  Family traditions "came from Amsterdam Holland" "had a brother   Frank who went south" (see "BU" for possible connection)    (References: Richard Yothers Jr research, Census-1800York WT,1810-Centre Springs, Daniel Yethers listed as res. Boggs Twp when it was erected in 1815. Must have been married as he is not listed as a single freeman., 1820-1840 Centre-Boggs,  1850 Centre Dek; DeKalb Cem., Charts from Lauper & M. Beltz)

(Letter by Eliza (Yothers ) Baumgardner, Manistee, Mich 9/29/1900- written

to her grandaughter Lulu Hood in Waterloo, Ind.-...My father's mother, Mrs. Daniel Yothers, was Rebecca Mortorff, daughter of Christian Mortorff and wife Margaret Dietch. Grandfather Yothers name was John and his wife was Wilhelmina Bloomashine (Blumenshine?)... .-In collection by Kay Gabel, Kalamazoo, Mi, from "A Genealogical Record of the Family  Baumgardner" Carroll Baumgardner)(Boggs Twp, Assessment book 1817-20 list Daniel  Yothers as the parent of Daniel Yothers age 10 and Jacob Yothers age 7. He was among those unable to pay for the schooling of his children)(From the "History of Centre and  Clinton Co" pub. 1883- "About 1820, Daniel Yothers removed from York Co., to Centre Co. and settled in Boggs township upon Snow Shoe turnpike, where William Smoyer lives. There he followed the pursuits of farming and blacksmithing until his

death in 1849. Of his seven children, two are living. Daniel in Indiana and Benjamin in  Illinois. John, another son, settled in Boggs, and died in Huston on the old Flick farm in  1877, age 74."

   +F1- Joseph      b. 8/6/1797 

   +F2- John        b. 8/13/1799 

    F3- Ephrim      b. ca1801       died young 

    F4- Mary        b. ca1803 m. William Mullhollan  d.7/20/1875  "in  

the South"   (per desc. b 1793  d 7/20/1875 age 82 in Va, & Wm (1792-1/28/1839 

Clearfield Co, PA, bur Reywaden Cem)  William's wife, Mary Yothers, passed away

July 20, 1875 at age 82 years in Virginia where she is buried. To them were born six children   (see: )

   +F5- Conrad      b. c1806 PA  m. Mary______ "moved to the Midwest" 

        "no issue?" 

    F6- Daniel      b. c1808   m. Elizabeth  (1811 PA-1905)  

        "moved to the midwest" 

? 1830-OH-Stark Co, 1850-DeKalb Co,IN  (?no issue) 

(Land Record: DANIEL YOTHERS, 06 Aug 1834,  Location: OH,

Document #: 2722, Serial #: OH0570__.246, CASH ENTRY SALE

Acres: 40.0, OHIO RIVER SURVEY, Parcel: Township 21 N,

Range 17 W, Section 23)(Richland County Washington

Twp., Sect.23 NW 1/4 SE 1/4 purchased 5/9/1833 by Daniel

Yothers of Stark Co., 40 acres $1.25 per acre, total $50

Final payment 2/25/1836)

    F7- Jacob       b. 1811     d. 1836  died single 

   +F8- Benjamin    (c1812 or  7/15/1807-6/16/1883 Ashton, Ill) m.

Catherine Wells     (4/22/1817-4/6/1895)


F1- Joseph Yothers  m. Elizabeth Reiter (1/23/1807-2/18/1875 age 68y 1m 23d)  a  

miller  d. 7/6/1871 age 73 yrs 11 mo, both bur. Keewaydin Cem, Covington Twp.

Clearfield Co, Pa. res. of Karthaus Twp., Clearfield Co., PA. 

(Eliz dau of John and Christena Reiter) 

   +F11- John       b. 4/5/1828   

   +F12- Henry      b. 5/3/1830 (or May 5)  

   +F13- Daniel     b. 7/1/1832     m1. Harriet Reider 11/6/1856 

         m2. Helen Thomas  1881     d. 3/25/1893 

    F14- Isabella   b. ca1834   m. William J. Patterson on 5/5/1853 

(see biographical sketch for William Patterson in 1903 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois Warren County )

    F15- Sophia     b. 3/25/1836  m. George F. Heckendorn (1827-1904)  


    F16- Reuben   b. Jan. 1840  single lived "someplace in the west" 1900 

(1900- Carroll Co, Smith Twp, Mo- "Ruben Jothers...b. 1/-/1840 Pa

living as an "inmate" at an "unnamed institution"

death cert-d. 1/29/1910 Carroll Co, Mo at poor house)

Margan Co, Il Marriage records- YOTHERS, REUBEN MOSS, LYDIA A 11/22/1866

(Lydia Yothers b. 7/4/1852 Il d. 2/8/1916 St. Joseph, MO

d/o John  Mosss and Mary Calyton))

    F17- Adeline    b. 12/15/1842  m. 5/17/1866  Joseph S. Gilliland 

(1/6/1841-5/1/1913)  d. 12/30/1878   res. of Potterdale, PA.  

(both Buried Oak Hill Cem. Karthaus Twp, Clearfield Co., Pa)

    F18- Christena  b. 5/3/1845   single    d. 7/17/1895  age 50y 2m 11d

(bur.  Keewaydin Cem, Covington Twp., Clearfield Co, Pa)

   +F19- Joseph William   b. 3/14/1848  

    F1a- Mary Elizabeth  b. 1/6/1850   m. William Heichel 8/18/1868 

d. 6/17/1879  age 29y 5m 23d (Keewaydin Cem, Covington Twp.

Clearfield Co, Pa)


F11- John Yothers   m. Isabella St. Clair (5/1/1829-5/29/1905) 

                d. 4/4/1907  (1880 Clearfield Co,Pa)

    F111- William       b 7/5/1853      d 8/4/1853 

    F112- daughter        m  Mr Lawhead 

    F113- Amelia          m  Mr Michaels 

    F114- Anna      b 10/12/1859     d  6/25/1932  single 

    F115- Hiram     b 3/17/1861     d 4/28/1862 

    F116- Elmer Linford   b 2/23/1863  m 1/24/1894 Margaret Louella 

          Ammerman (4/8/1877- 11/12/1956)  d 2/17/1940 

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

From Sue at, 6/23/2002-(likely F112 above)


2.    i.    SARA JANE2 YOTHERS, b. 1851; d. 1921.

SARA JANE2 YOTHERS (JOHN1) was born 1851, and died 1921.  She married BOSTON VIEHDOFER 1867, son of JOHN (VIEHDEFER) and CATHERINE.  He was born 1845 in Bavaria, Germany.


3.    i.    SOPHIA ELLEN3 VIEHDOFER, b. October 13, 1869, German Settlement, Centre County, PA; d. August 30, 1956, Danville, PA buried Philipsburg, PA.

      ii.   ANNA VIEHDOFER, m. M. HUGHES.


-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


F116- Elmer Linford Yothers   b 2/23/1863  m 1/24/1894 Margaret Louella 

Ammerman (4/8/1877- 11/12/1956)  d 2/17/1940  (1900-Clearfield Co,Covington)

F1161- Myron      (1/-/1895-  )

F1162- Ruby (8/-/1896-  )

F1163- Pearl      (4/-/1899-  )


F12- Henry Yothers  m. Hannah Mary Colborne (3/22/1836-4/16/1928) 

         d. 8/3/1909  (1860 Census, Clearfield Co, Karthaus Twp)

(both Buried Oak Hill Cem. Karthaus Twp, Clearfield Co., Pa)

    F121- Daniel        b 9/30/1856     d 8/16/1859 

    F122- Richard       b 8/12/1858  m 6/21/1883 Caroline Eva Hertlein  

(2/7/1864-      )   d  6/18/1916 

(both Buried Oak Hill Cem. Karthaus Twp, Clearfield Co., Pa)

    F123- Elizabeth     b 12/19/1861    m William Zimmerman (1/7/1858- 

        1919)    d 1907 

    F124- Walter  

    F125- Willetta      b        m 6/21/1906 William Gilliland 


F13- Daniel Yothers (b, 7-1-1832, d-3-25-1893) m1. 11/6/1856

Harriet Reider m2. 1881 Helen Thomas (          -     )

(Duane Alden Yothers Data, 5/7/97,

F131- Oscar Eratus Yothers (5/09/1865 Karthouse, VA-7/26/1830)

m 6/26/1887 Mary Elizabeth Donoughe (10/27/1865-      )


F131- Oscar Eratus Yothers (5/09/1865 Karthouse, VA-7/26/1830)

m 6/26/1887 Mary Elizabeth Donoughe (10/27/1865-      )

(1900- Cambria Co,Pa)

F1311- Ira  (3/22/1884- ) m. 9/26/12  Sara_________

They had Merle and "twin girls". No other info on dates or names.

F1312- Roy  (2/16/1888-       ) m. 3/14/1917 Blanc Hunt

(     -     ). No info. on anychildren or other dates.

F1313- Ora (8/17/1890-8/16/1942) m. 6/17/1918 Frances Johns

They had Ralph, Arthur, Dolores, Bessie, and Russel. (Dates unk)

F1314- Stuart (6/05/1892-           ) m. 5/01/1919 Ruth Smith

and they had John, Jean (Shawn?), and Paul. Jean and Maureen

married and had Kathy, Kimberly, and Karen. (no dates given)

(not with family in 1900 census?)

F1315- Clair (1/21/1894-8/23/1894)

F1316- Lillian (3/28/1895- may have died on 3/28/1895).

(I think. Its not really clear on the chart. No other info.)

F1317- Amy  (6/23/1896-       ) m. 12/24/1917  George Brenneman

(     -     ). They had Glenna (who married Carl Miller and they

had Carl Miller), Grace, and Melrose.

F1318- Vernon (3/30/1898-     ) m. 5/14/1918  Shirley_____ ?.

They had John Yothers, who married Saline ______?.

F1319- Eleanor (6/21/1900-          ) m. 6/14/22 Fred Sinclair

(     -     ). Looks like they had Gail and Fred. No other info.

F131a- Bernice (3/30/1902-          ) m. 11/25/1921

Chalmer Ogle (          -     ) They had two sons.

Wilfred (born 10/24/22) who married Arlene Malish (date unk) and they

had Cynthia (9/7/?), Michael (2/9/?), Kyle ( 6/7/?), and Brian 2/1/?). The

other son, Boyd, was born on 5/23/24 and married Eileen McMullen (date unk.).

They had Connie (10/?/61), Patrick (6/25/66), and Jennifer (12/16/88).

F131b- Duane Curtis Yothers (6/17/1906-         ) m.

Claribel Wilcox (date unk). They had Dwain (b-8/26/40/d-8/25/78) and

Sandra, who married Jim Harrod, and they had Jim, Chrissy, and Donald.

F131c- Wilfred Arden Yothers (7/02/1908-4/-/1981), m. 10/15/32 (Helen

Pifat (2/18/1906-9/-/1986). They had myself and my twin brother Wayne

Arden,  on 11/17/33. Wayne died 12/15/33. My sister Kathleen Diane, was

born on 10/22/41.


F131c1- Duane Alden Yothers (11/17/1933-  ) m. 09/11/1955

Patricia Ann Lenz (     -     ) and we have four children Laura Ann

(11/24/1957-      ), Robert Arden (1/11/1962-         ), David Andrew

(6/10/1867- ) and Tracy Anne (11/13/1969-       ). Laura married

Joe Lawrence and they have two daughters, Sarah and Rebecca. Robert was married

for three years and is now divorced. David is single and Tracy has been

married three times.


F16- "Reuben"   b. ca1839  single lived "someplace in the west" 1900 

?same as  (apparently not...see above note on 1900 Mo Census)

(1900- Carroll Co, Smith Twp, Mo- "Ruben Jothers...b. 1/-/1840 Pa

living as an "inmate" at an "unnamed institution")

death cert-d. 1/29/1910 Carroll Co, Mo at poor house)

Margan Co, Il Marriage records- YOTHERS, REUBEN MOSS, LYDIA A 11/22/1866

(Lydia Yothers b. 7/4/1852 Il d. 2/8/1916 St. Joseph, MO

d/o John  Mosss and Mary Calyton))

(1880 Ks- Douglas Co, Ks? as follows)

Reuben Yothers (c1840 Pa-     ) m. Lydia A. _____ (___Il-    )

F161- Charles H.  (c1868 Il-         )

F162- Julius H.    (c1870 Il-      )

F163- Walter H.      (c1872 Il-     )

F164- Olley C.      (c1874 Ks-     )

F165- Della      (c1876 Ks-       )

F166- Clara      (c1878 Ks-      )

F167- Frank Leslie (c1880 Ks-     )


F19- Joseph William Yothers  m. Lucy Emma Bell (1853-5/18/1890) 

d. 3/22/1930  (both bur. Keewaydin Cem, Covington Twp.

Clearfield Co, Pa)

    F191- Franklin Craig  b 9/7/1879  m 10/17/1914 Florence Elizabeth   

      Heckman  (10/17/1893-  )  d 3/31/1958 

    F192- William Joseph  b 6/5/1881   d 8/30/1883 

    F193- Fannie Calribel  b 11/18/1884  m1 Charles Henry Streakle 

          (         -1918) m2 Isaac Newton Chase (10/4/1870-1952)   d 3/22/1977 

    F194- Lorey Floy   b 11/17/1885  m Frederick Carl Dietrick 

               (6/20/1880- 1935)   d 12/10/1959 

    F195- Mae Gertrude  b 2/29/1889   m 1909  Mr Mason  d 3/17/1925 

    F196- Harry           m  Violet Clark 


F2- John Yothers   m1. Mary Williams (1804- 6/20/1845(1848-per dau)

m2. Esther  (Hetty) Yerger  (11/6/1812-2/23/1878)  d. 5/6/1878 res. Centre Co.

(1860 Census, Centre Co,Houston) (" I have a few facts about

Esther (Hetty) Yarger.  As I mentioned earlier, she was married to Silas

Brown Turner and was Julia Ann's mother.  After the death of Silas in 1846

she remarried to John Yothers, Daniel's father.  They had  two children

together from that marriage;  1. Sarah Francis Yothers (Sallie)  2. Alice

Deborah Yothers..".--Barbara Bowser,  <>-9/00)

(Letter by Eliza (Yothers ) Baumgardner, Manistee, Mich 9/29/1900- written

to her grandaughter Lulu Hood in Waterloo, Ind.-"...Abraham Baumgardner,

my husband...and we were married Dec. 14, 1848 at the M.E. Parsonage,

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pennsylvania, by the Rev. Thompson Mitchell.

Abram was 28 and I was 21 years of age. My father's name was John Yothers.

he was born in York County, Pennsylvania, in the year 1801. My mother's

name was Mary Williams,  born 1804, died 1848. Her father's name was Joseph

Williams, born in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He came in early  youth to Centre County, was married to Jane Williams of Centre County. She was of Welsh paretage,tho' all the the same name. ...My mother was 44 when she died." ... I have 2brothers in Pennsylvania yet and I do want so much to see them. ....Well,  now I will tell you what church my folks nearly all benonged to. The Baptist Church. My grandfathers both were Baptists, joined in their old age. My grandmothers  neither were Baptists (or members of any church) and all my aunts and uncles, one a Methodist, one a Lutheran, and Joseph Yothers a Lutheran- but such good Christians. I tell you that every one of their homes I went to had a family altar and I thank God for such Christian homes. And my father's house the same! I have  known my father to call us up early when he went away from home (to work) in the morning and when my mother died, I was not yet 18, yet he said when he was away I should never neglect family prayers with my brothers and sisters.......")

    F2_- Eliza       b. 1827 d. 1906 m. Abram Baumgardner (? aka Rebecca?

    F21- Rebecca        b. ca1827 

   +F22- Daniel         b. 2/7/1833  

    F23- Joseph         b. ca1835 

    F24- Adoniram       b. ca1843   d. 5/3/1863 (or 6/9/1863 Falmouth, 

        VA) of wounds received at the Battle of Chancellersville, VA 

    F25- 1. Sarah Francis  (Sallie) (5/14/1853-           )  and was married to

 James Craig from Conemaugh, Cambria Co

    F26- Alice Deborah  (9/2/1854-        )  and married twice, 1st to Edward

Perkins and 2nd to Ernest Rothers      (shown in family 1860)


F22- Daniel Yothers (2/7/1833-3/31/1909)  m 2/17/1855 Julia Ann Turner

(10/25/1832-4/15/1889)   (1900- Centre Co, Houston )("The only things I have

are the names I posted which were found in an old family bible and a short

paragraph in the "History of Centre County" pg 332. I was researching my

Craig line and by luck, noticed a segment on Daniel Yothers whom I assumed

was related to the husband of my ggrandmother Mary Craig Yothers married

to another Daniel. Must be a son or grandson. Anyway- here's all it says; About

1820, Daniel Yothers removed from York County, and settled in Boggs township,

upon the Snow Shoe Pike, where William Smoyer lives. There he followed the

pursuits of farming and blacksmithing until his death in 1849. Of his seven children

two are living-Daniel in Indiana, and Benjamin in Illinois. John, another son, settled

in Boggs, and died in Houston on the old Flick farm, in 1877, aged seventy four.

Julia was b. 10/25/1832;  All of my names and dates came from a Craig family

bible that was in my grandparents home.  Irvin Thaddeus Craig was my

grandfather who was a son of Fillmore and Mary Adaline.  He lived in the same

home that Fillmore and Mary Adaline inherited from Fillmore's father, John Craig. 

It is in Huston twp, Julian.  I guess you could call it the homestead since John

settled it in the early 1860's.  The information about Julia Ann Turner, Daniel Yothers

wife, was gotten from 2 sources.  She was also listed in the Bible but her

family line has it's history recorded in the Centre County history section

in the library.  Her family line goes back to the revolutionary war with her

ancestor John (Johann) Turner born 5/6/1741. .--Barbara Bowser)

    F221- Mary Adaline (1/11/1855-8/25/1938) m. 6/12/1875 

to Fillmore Craig  (10/6/1855-1/2/1921)


Obituary from "Democratic Watchman" , Centre County, Pa.

     MRS. MARY A. CRAIG (August 25, 1938)

     Mrs. Mary A. Craig, widow of the late Fillmore Craig, of near Julian, died at her home

     there at 10:30 o'clock Thursday night of last week after an illness with a complication

     of diseases incident to advanced years. She was a daughter of Daniel and Julia Ann

     Turner Yothers and was born at Julian on January 11, 1855 making her age at time of

     death 83 years, 7 months, and 6 days. Surviving are four sons; James B., Daniel, Irvin,

     and Robert, all of Julian; and a sister, Mrs. Irene Woodring of Port Matilda. Mrs.

     Craig was a member of the United Bretheren Church at Julian. Funeral services were

     held on Saturday afternoon from the Julian U.B. Church in charge of the Rev. Mr.

     Weaver. Interrment was made in the Julian cemetery.


    F222- Annetta   (5/3/1858-            )

    F223- Minnie   (7/4/1862-1880)

   +F224- Thadeus  Vincent (4/3/1864-1932)  m 11/6/1900  Weona Moore 


    F225- Anna  M. (Annie T?) (4/30/1868-1938)  single 

    F226- Irene     (12/18/1866-       )         m George Woodring 

(1890 Census extract by Lynn shows in Centre Co- Huston Township-

 Daniel Yothers-57 farmer, Thaddeus C.-25, farmer, Irene, Annie, Julian.)


F224- Thadeus  Vincent Yothers (4/3/1864-1932)  m 11/6/1900  Weona Moore 

(1883-1946)(1930 Census- Houston Twp, Centre Co)

      F2241- Delbert   (21 Sep 1901 Pa-Aug 1974 Tyrone, Blair Co, Pa)

      F2242- Joseph     ( 25 Apr 1904 Pa- Sep 1983 State College, Pa)

      F2243- Drose     (15 Oct 1906 Pa-Mar 1983 last res. Tyrone, Blair Co, PA)

m. 6/14/1934 Arch Springs, Pa. Margurite M. Gingerich

      F2244- Paul       (c1911 Pa-     )

      F2245- Minnie     (c1915 Pa-     )

      F2246- Torrence E (21 Oct 1916 Pa-Mar 1996) last res. Bedford, PA

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

Marguerite M. Yothers

      Marguerite M. Yothers, 92, formerly of Sinking Valley, died Wednesday, February 8, 2006 at Moran’s Home, Bellwood.

She was born April 29, 1913 in Sinking Valley, a daughter of Robert E. and Bertha (Swenson) Gingerich. On June 14, 1934, at Arch Springs, she married Drose M. Yothers, Sr. He died March 26, 1983.

      Surviving is a daughter, Natalie A. Yothers of Tyrone; a son, Drose, Jr. and wife Frances of Tyrone; three grandsons, five-great-grandchildren, a great-great-grandson and a sister Martha Miller of Tyrone. She was preceded in death by three brothers and two sisters.

      Mrs. Yothers was a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Tipton. She was a homemaker. Funeral services will be held Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 11 a.m. at the Feller Memorial Home with Wayne Fink officiating. Interment will be at Blair Memorial Park. Friends will be received at the funeral home on Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. and on Saturday from 10 a.m. until the time of services.

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


  F5-  Conrad Yothers  m. Mary Myers (c1812-    ) (res. Hunt.Co.1850 ,

Lorraine Lauper data, 1910 census-Ca)

(Marriages of Schuylkill County and Vicinity, 1832-1854, as published in Die Stimme des Volks Orwigsburg, PA---
        Yother, Mr. Conrad   New Castle 

        Myers, Miss Mary     New Castle April 30, 1833  Lower Montgomery.)

    F51- Jacob      b. c1836 

    F52- Eliza      b. c1841 

    F53- Lewis M    (c1844 Pa-8/23/1923 Napa Co, Ca age 77)

m Ella A ____ (c1858 NY-7/8/1913 San Francisco Co., Ca age 57 )

res of San  Francisco, CA as of 1910 and 1915 

    F54- Anna       b. c1845 


F8- Benjamin Yothers  b. c1812 Axeman, Centre Co, Pa   m.

Pottsville, Schuylkill Co., Pa  by Rev McGlaughlin  Catherine Wells

(ca1817 Dauphin Co,Pa - 4/6/1895 (or 1897)  Rathdrum, Kootenai Co.Idaho)

d. 6/16/1882 or 6/16/1883 Ashton, Lee Co,  IL.  bur.  Ashton,IL 

(1880 Census, Ashton; History of N. Idaho)

    F81- Hannah     b.   c1842 Pa       m. Mr. Huffman/Hoffman 

       (?Jennie Yothers m 3/5/1869 Bernard Hoffman, Whiteside Co,IL) 

    F82- Elizabeth  b.     c1843 Pa     m. Mr. Stone 

    F83- Anna Maria b.  c1843 Pa     m. Mr. Speckt 

    F84- Alfred     b.  1846    d. 9/29/1864 Kingston, GA (or 9/20/1864)

Civil War 

    F85- Mary       b. 11/14/1848  m. Mr. Heathington 

    F86- Archibold   (11/18/1851   m. Anna Difenbaker 

(Archibold L. Yoder d. 8/19/1938 Santa Cruz Co. ,Ca age 88)

   +F87- Levi       b. 8/18/1854 Centre Co, Pa (or 8/3/1847)  m1. 6/5/1877

Franklin  Grove, Lee Co., IL Arthusa Wood (10/12/1856-4/8/1888) 

m2. 6/27/1890 Mary  Harriet Wood (1863-1904)  d. 4/28/1943  

Stockton, San  Joaquin Co, CA Dunkard  (Listed as "Yoder")

    F88- Elijah     b. 9/18/1856    single 

    F89- Sarah Rebecca     b. 8/18/1859    m. Mr. Slover 

(?Sarah Yothers..(11/8/1857 Boggs Twp, Center Co,Pa-4/7/1938 Amboy, Lee Co,

Il)  m. 11/8/1875 Dixon, Il  Cornelius Seloover (7/22/1852 Cortland Co, NY

- 7/17/1934 Amboy, Lee Co, Il) Children: Mary Catherine b. 3/22/1877 Gap Grove, Il and Wilbur Dean  b. 9/17/1891 Lee Co., Il- per Susanne Harlandt <>)


Letter by Levi Yoder Apr. 1915- contributed by g-grandaughter Lorraine

Lauper- 11/10/1990-  "My father Benjamin was the youngest son (of)

Daniel Yother and grandmother Elizabeth (sic?). They called their name

Yoder until 1852. He was born in Center County, Penn 1807 July 15 and

died  in Ashton, Illinois June 16, 1883 as it is on the tombstone in Ashton.

My mother was born in Doffins (Dauphin) County Penn in 1809 and died

6 April 1895. They were married by a minister by the name of McGlaughlin

at Pottsville Penn. My father had 6 brothers and 1 sister. Their names were

Daniel, John, Jacob, Joseph, Conrad, Ephrim and Mary who married a man

by the name of Mulholland.. My father's father came from Amsterdam

Holland. He had 2 brothers. One stayed in Holland and the other, whose

name was Frank came to Penn with him his anme was Daniel. Frank

afterward went to Kentucky. One of his sons is in Placer Co. near El

Dorado this state (California). Lewis Yoder who we know in San Francisco

is the son of Conrad."



F87- Levi Yothers   b. 8/18/1854 Centre Co, Pa (or 8/3/1847)

(per Lorraine Lauer book 1979 8/16/1852-4/28/1948)  m1. 6/5/1877

Franklin  Grove, Lee Co., IL Arthusa Wood (10/12/1856-4/8/1888, Buried IOOF Cemetery, Ellensburg, Washington) 

m2. 6/27/1890 Mary  Harriet Wood (1863-1904)  d. 4/28/1943  

Stockton, San  Joaquin Co, CA Dunkard  (Listed as "Yoder")

     +F871- Alfred (1/30/1878 Ashton, Il-7/14/1969) m. 5/12/1902 Johanna Meyers

      F872- William Walter (9/15/1879 Ashton, Il-7/-/1971) m. Ada Bumby


      F873- Martha May  (5/-/1881 Ashton, Il-    ) m. Charles Pohle

      F874- Merrill Arthur (12/18/1883 Ashton, Il-    ) m. Beatrice


      F875- Maude (10/11/1885 Ashton, Il- 1/-/1978) m. James Cox

      F876- Oakland (1/22/1888 Ellensburg, Wash-5/16/1888) Buried IOOF Cemetery, Ellensburg, Washington


F871- Alfred Yothers (1/30/1878 Ashton, Il-7/14/1969 Oakland, Ca) m. 5/12/1902 San Andreas, Ca to Johanna Henrietta Meyers (4/6/1879 Central Hill, Calveras Co, Ca- 12/8/1952 Oakland, Ca) Both buried Evergreen Cem.

      F8711- Max William (1/28/1903 Sheep Ranch, Ca-   ) m. 6/-/1932 Olga Ohrt

      F8712- Marguerite Louise (2/6/1906 Sheep Ranch, Ca-   ) m 9/18/1926

James Reynolds

      F8713- Oliver Randal (10/24/1907 Berkley, Ca-    ) m. 7/-/1932 Carlus Reynolds

      F8714- Eldon Alfred David (3/19/1910 Berkley, Ca-   ) m. Ellen Johnson

      F8715- Elizabeth  (2/7/1912 Berkley, Ca-     ) m. 7/2/1935 Robert Straub

      F8716- Wilson (4/24/1913-10/28/1915)

      F8717- Chester Dwight (5/5/1918-Mountain Rock, Ca-  ) m. 9/12/1942

Ruth E. Nonamaker

      F8718- Maud Lorraine (10/19/1920 Lodi, Ca- 8/26/1963) m. 2/1/1953

Donald Dean Morris

      F8719- Miriam May (2/23/1924 Oakland, ca-    ) m. 4/29/1972 Walter Whitsitt



G- John Yoter   b. 11/13/1785   m. 5/30/1810 Charlotte Chritzman (c1785-

1858 age 73 bur. Ridge Ch. of Breth, "half way fr. Shippenburg to

Newburg, Ridge Rd branches East off Rte 696. A short distance beyond,

Ridge Ch/cemetery caps the ridge ofn the east"(will of Christian G. Chritzman

of Gettysburg w/ 4/13/1841 p/ 3/22/1844 mentions dau. Charlotte md John Yotter)

d. 5/27/1847 near Shippenburg. bur Dunker Cem. Huntsdale, Penn Township,

Cumberland County, PA pale sand headstone, marked as "YETTER, John d 5-27-1847,

b 11-13-1785" "moved from Taneyville, MD in 1802 (sic) to Cumberland Co,PA" 

Charlotte was eldest daughter of Christian Chritzman, marriage performed by Rev. Grubb) (References: Cumberland County , Pa Biographies; Estate record ("Yotter/Yoter";  Cem. record; a grandson was Lutheran. ) (Bible record shows David Bear (1808 c Cumberland Co,Pa -1851) m. Maria Yoter (1811 Md-1861-a daughter of John & Charlotte?)

    G1- Josiah      b.      d. "in the west" living as of father's estate 6/10/1847 ? 1850 Ohio CS Co.-152,  ? Nashville, OH Area Cem. Holmes Co J.W.Yoter  d. 1882 age 68  (m. Elizabeth Thomas (c1827-    ), (d/o John Thomas and Elizabeth Culbertson of Wayne Co., Oh. – both b. Westmoreland Co, Pa. Josiah and Elizabeth are living in Jackson Twp of Coshocton Co,Oh as of 1850 census

(Census data from Jim Tracey, researcher of Fluharty family: Josiah Yoter was born abt 1814 PA.; 1850 Census Jackson Twp, Coshocton Co, OH Cooper 36 ; 1860 Census Knox Twp, Holmes Co, OH Farmer indexed as Joseph W.Yoder 46; 1870 Census Shreve, Clinton Twp, Wayne County, OH Hotel Keeper indexed age as 77. Should be 57 ;1880 Census Shreve, Clinton Twp, Wayne County, OH Retired Cooper 84 should be 86; There were no children for this couple but there is a  = John Yoter Fluhart the s/o Anthony Robison Fluhart & Margaret Thomas. Margaret is the sister of Elizabeth Thomas who married Josiah Yoter.)

    G2- John G.     (c1823-1864 age 41 bur. Ridge Ch. cem) m. Leah M.( Mary)  _____  (c1837-1865 age 28 bur. Ridge Cem.)  res. Shippensburg 

(1860 Franklin Co, S. Hampton Twp)

   +G3- Hezekiah    b. c1814    




G3- Hezekiah Yoter  (c1814-2/15/1870 age 54y 6m 17d) m. Catherine Bear

(c1813-d 9-25-1895, age 81y 3m 2d) Lutheran, farmer  d. Feb.1870

"age 54, of consumption" N. Middleton Twp., Cumberland Co.,PA 

(References: 1850 & 1880 Cum Co; 1870 Motality Schedule, LDS microfiche;)

both Plainfield Bethel Church Graveyard, West Pennsboro Twp

(GOSPEL VISITOR 1851-1873, first newspaper of the German Baptist

Brethren, obit appears in Apr 1870 issue for Hezekiah age 54)

    G31- Maria      b. Jan 12, 1839  res. W. Pennsboro Twp. 

        Maria Yoter m. 1855 B.F. Mentzer, Cumberland Co. 

    +G32- John C.    b. c1840  res N. Middleton Twp. 

 "John C. d 5-23-1868, age 27y , s/o H. & C."

Plainfield Bethel Church Graveyard, West Pennsboro Twp

    G33- Hezekiah   b. c1843  res Plainfield 

Plainfield Bethel Church Graveyard, West Pennsboro Twp "YEOTER, Hezekiah

d 10-10-1873, age 29y 10m 29d" (had a son? "YOTER, H. Barston d 7-30-1886,

age 12y 7m 13d, s/o Hezekiah G. & Sue"- also Plainfield Cem)

    G34- Fannie     b.          res. S. Middleton Twp. 

   +G35- Samuel B.  b. c1844    m. Ellen _____  res. N. Middleton Twp. 

    G36- Joseph L.  b. 1846     m1. 1869 Caroline Waggoner (1847 Pa -

12/12/1873 age 26y 0m 18d bur. Lutheran and Reformed (Salem) Stone Church

Graveyard, Cumberland Co) m2. 1896  Nancy Finkenbinder   

res. Plainfield , Lutheran, 1s 1d 

    G37- Charlotte C.   b. c1847        res. N. Middleton Twp.   (per LDS Ancestor File- Charlotte m. Benjamin L. Waggoner (b1843 Cumberland Co, Pa)

    G38- David W.   b. 1852     m. Mary M. ___  res. Chambersburg 

    G39- Benjamin   b.          died infancy 

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

April 1870 page 127 Gospel Visitor

  Died in the upper Cumberland church, Pa., February 15th, Bro. HEZEKIAH YOTER, aged 64 years, and 18 days. He was universally respected by all who knew him for his morality and his honesty, but he delayed to become obedient to the Gospel until last fall, and since he was a very zealous brother. He leaves a widow (a sister) and 4 sons and 2 daughters to mourn their loss. Funeral services by Elder Daniel Heller, Daniel Hollinger, and the writer, from 2d Cor. the last 2 verses of the 4th chapter, and the first part of the 5th chapter.  John Brindle

 -    -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

 These are tax lists for North Middleton Township and I’m fairly certain they are 1871 and 1872.  I need to go to CCHS and double check soon.  It’s in my notes but they have become separated from the copies.  :

Anyway, here goes:
Hezekiah Yoter, freeholder, farmer, had 193 acres of slate land, a log house and a frame barn, valued at $14 per acre; gross actual value $1472.  I believe that is for 1872.  3 horses valued at $120, 4 cattle & paid county & state tax of $15.15.  He had a pleasure carriage valued at $20.  

Since the list is alpha order, on the same page are these freemen:
Yoter, Hezekiah Jr.   taxed .95 and value $30 for pleasure carriage; TEACHER
Yoter, S.B.  Taxed 1.00; laborer
Yoter, J.L. - DEAD  1.00; laborer


The “other” year I have lists:
Yoter, Hezekiah’s heirs, freeholder, farmer, 118 acres, log house and log barn, also log house and bank barn.
Value $13/acre.  Gross actual value $1534.  No tax listed.

Same page (alpha) Could assume tenants of Hezekiah but could be elsewhere too...
Yoter, Samuel  Tenant, 1 horse value $45, 7 cattle value $112, pleasure carriage value $35, tax .82
Yoter, Joseph  Tenant, 2 horses value $115, 2 cattle value $32, pleasure carriage value $40, tax .84


Well, I don’t know if that’s helpful & sorry about the dates.  For what it’s worth, I think the slate land is less desirable, and is north of the Conodoguinet Creek; the Getter farm was on limestone and was south of the creek.  (It’s a huge curvy creek, neat to see on map)  This is in the area of the Plainfield Bethel where Hezekiah is buried.  Perhaps this will give you some little clues.

---Julie Getter,
ageniebug at, Feb. 5, 2010

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

G35- Samuel B. Yoter (4/1/1845-2/14/1885 bur. Lutheran and Reformed (Salem)

both bur. Stone Church Graveyard, Cumberland Co)    m.  12/24/1868

Eleanor BAUGHMAN  (4/18/1846 in Lower Frankford Twp,

Cumberland County, Pa.- ) res. N. Middleton Twp.  Cumbetrland Co,Pa.

G351- Ida Mae (1/10/1872-10/6/1949) m.

Eber C. LICHTY  (3/-/1868-    )

G352- Willis  Cramer (12/3/1874-    )


G352- Willis Cramer YOTER (12/3/1874-2/25/1945) m.   1897

Annie CLAY   (             -            )

G3521- Earl YOTER  (1/9/1899-1/-/1971) (baseball hall of fame)

m1.  1/1/1918  Carrie KEMPER (1898-       )

m2.  8/20/1938 Lottie M. FINDLEY 3/1/1903

G3522- Lloyd YOTER (8/-/1902-4/-/1903)

G3523- Paul YOTER (1/10/1904-11/-/1918)


G38- David W. Yoter  (11/4/1851-2/10/1933 age 81)  m.  Mary Malinda Davis

(9/10/1851-1/28/1919 age 67) (d/o John Davis)

 res. Chambersburg  (1880, 1900 N. Mid., Cumberland Co., Pa)

+G381- John D.    (2/20/1875- ) m.  2/14/1901 Stella Highlands

G382- Hezekiah Goodlow  (6/25/1876 Dickinson Twp, Cumberland,Pa-

10/2/1956, Penn Twp,Cumberland,Pa)  m. 10/22/1902  Huntsdale,, Pa 

Eva Sherk (12/9/1879, Dickinson Twp,Cumberland,Pa -

2/22/1978, Penn Twp,Cumberland,Pa)

G383- Elsie May   (10/19/1879-      ) m. 11/28/1901 Albert Washington

G384- Herman Bosler  (8/10/1882-    ) m. 3/9/1905  Mary E. Gussmann


G381- John D. Yoter    (2/20/1875-  ) m.  2/14/1901 Stella Highlands

G3811- Nolan Parker  (7/30/1904- 8/12/1971 in Palmyra, Pa) m. Genevieve

Katherine Heiser (6/30/1908-4/7/1975 in Lebanon, Pa)



Data from Bonnie Yoter Reifsnyder- Dgtrner <> May 98,


David W. Yoter  (dob) 11/4/1851 (death ) 2/101933  age 81,( father Hezekiah),

wife Mary Malinda Davis (dob) 9/101851, (death) 1/28/1919 age 67, (father

John Davis)

Their children: John D Yoter (2/20/1875)  married Stella M Highlands on

2/14/1901,  Elsie May Yoter (10/19/1879) married Albert Washington on

11/28/1901,  Hezekiah Goodlow Yoter (6/25/1876) married Eva Sherk on

10/22/1902,  Herman Bosler ( 8/10/1882) married Mary E. Gussmann on 3/9/1905..


My grandfather parents are John D and Stella.  My grandfather is Nolan Parker

Yoter (dob) 7/30/1904 died in 8/12/1971 in Palmyra, Pa , Married Genevieve

Katherine Heiser (6/30/1908) died 4/7/1975 in Lebanon, PA.  Their children

are: Nolan Stanley Yoter (8/3/1929) Newville, PA,  died 3/6/89,  Robert HArold

Yoter ( my father) (9/20/31)  in  Shephardstown, PA , died 11/3/79 in Hershey,

PA,  William Edward Yoter (4/9/33) Derry Twp, Dauphin Co &  died 5/18/81 in

PAlmyra PA,  Marlin Lee Yoter ( 3/18/35) died 12/27/86 in Lebanon, PA,  Verna

Mary Yoter (9/10/37) died in 96.  



G382- Hezekiah Goodlow  Yoder (6/25/1876 Dickinson Twp, Cumberland,Pa-

10/2/1956, Penn Twp,Cumberland,Pa)  m. 10/22/1902  Huntsdale,, Pa 

Eva Sherk (12/9/1879, Dickinson Twp,Cumberland,Pa - 2/22/1978, Penn Twp,


G3821- Isaac David Meryl (6/26/1906 Huntsdale,Penn Twp-9/13/1987,Cumberland Co,

Pa ) m. <1927 Huntsdale Mildred M. HANCE (12/16/1908, Penn Twp-1/25/1941

Huntsdale, Pa)


G32- John C. Yoter   b. c1840  res N. Middleton Twp. 

 "John C. d 5-23-1868, age 27y , s/o H. & C."

Plainfield Bethel Church Graveyard, West Pennsboro Twp

m. ?   (per photos held by Lisa Domenick, 2004, John H’s

father’s name was “John”.. as of 1880 census the following were

living with their widowed grandmother Catherine.

“..... Elizabeth age 9 (granddaughter)
..... John H. age 8 (grandson)”


G32- John Henry Yoter (2/-/1872-1934)

m. 5/24/1894 Wilamia Florence Strickel (7/4/1876-6/17/1951)

(per LDS Ancestor File- John Yoter b. 1872 New Kingston, Cumberland Co.

Pa m. 5/24/1894 Wilamia Florence Stickel)(grandfather of Lisa Domenick,

Coraopolis, Pa., as of 2004- email: .

(1900-Cumberland Co, Pa-W. Penn Twp)

G3-1- Ethel (12/-/1894- )

G3-2- Joseph      (9/-/1896-  )

G3-3- Elmer Elsworth (The baseball Hall of Famer) (6/26/1900 Plainwell, Pa-

7/26/1966 Camp Hill, Pa)


Elmer did live in Kennedy Township ( McKees Rocks, Pa. ...about 8 miles out of Pittsburgh) when I knew him the best. We visited almost every week...and alterante weeks he came to our house. He and my mom and her sister were very close. IN fact ...his brother JOseph( My mom's dad) lived in McKees ROcks when my Mom was growing up...he died there, very young, at about age 36 I think.

”He died in 1966 but his death is recorded in Camp HIll..which I don't understand really as I was born in 1954 and remember him vividly. I'll have to ask my Mom when he actually went back toward Harrisburg? They tore down his beautiful home ( behind it was skating rink where we always skated) to build a Catholic Church, after his death. Sad….


“Most of his things went to his daughter, our cousin,Lorraine...who unfortunately  died of cancer about 20 years ago. She was his sole heiress and had no children of her own, but adopted the sons of her husband..


Lisa Domenick, Sep. 2004


My mother Gayle (Yoter) Domenick, Joseph's daughter, passed away, sadly, May 29th, broke my heart. She was my best friend. I will miss her terribly. -- Lisa Domenick, June 2005

 -    -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -


Full Name of Male:  YOTER, Newton, w, age 25

Occupation: Farmer

Residence: Cumberland Co.

b.  -

m. Dec. 4, 1885

Full Name of Female:  Alice SPANGLER, w, age 21

b.  -

Residence:  Cumberland Co.

Where resided after ?:   Cumberland Co., PA

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -





H-  William Yoder   b. c1794    m1. ca 1809-1819 Greene Co.,PA 

     Mary Longaker (ca1791- >1860<11/15/1867 Carroll Co.,OH) (daughter 

     of Daniel Longacre and Eve ?Moredock) m2. ?  Elizabeth _______    

     Wm. d after 1870 

   +H1- Daniel      b. 3/25/1820 PA 

   +H2- Jacob       b. ca 1824  PA/OH  

    H3- William Jr.  b. 1827 OH   m. 12/21/1848 Carroll Co.,OH to  

              Mary Jane Huston 

   +H4- James       b. 3/19/1832 OH 

   +H5- Joseph      b. 3/21/1834 OH 



            Data Moved to Melchior file "melchior.doc"



K thru R -- "Yoders" family from Greene Co and Washington Co, PA 

   (Carl M Yoders records compiled by John W Yoders who d 1948 shows a  

   "Jacob Yoder/Yoders" as the father of K.)





             Data moved to "melchior.doc".

      All codes now beginning with "M for Melchior- Spousal Index entries

             may not all be updated from old letters.


K- Jacob (?George) Yoders  b. c1770  m. Elizabeth ______ (1771- 

            2/6/1845) d. 1/10/1843   both bur. Amity, Washington Co.,PA. 

     1810- Greene Co, Jefferson Twp five males and one female under 10 

     1820- Washington Co, E Bethlehem Twp 6 males and 1 female 10-26, 

       3 males under 10 (SEE YNL #24 & 29-  ESTABLISHED AS 



(NOTE appling to S,T, and U: There is no known connection between the YATER or 

YEATER family which appears of German origin rather than Swiss and The Yoder or 

Yotter line. The following represents some of the prime Yeater/Yater family lines  (though not all). Another name which is sometimes considered similar to Yoder is  "Yetter". We have not traced this name here as it seems clearly to be from a separate  Germanic origin... the Yeater family appears likely to connect with it.)  see and


S- Conrad Yater  b. 4/1/1769  PA    m. c1789 VA  Sarah Honeyman  

            (9/ /1768 NJ- 7/4/1834 MO) d 8/15/1834 Fulton, MO -res Bourbon 

          Co, KY to 1818, then moved to Warren Co., MO 

(References: Pioneer Families of Missouri; The Yeater Book,1963; 

Honeyman Family; Mo.; 1880 Census; other Yeater book)

   +S1- Joseph Boardman   b 1/18/1790 Bourbon Co, KY  m 3/23/1809 

            Mary (Polly) Phoenix (12/29/1793- 1867)  d 10/20/1849  res. of  

        Louisiana, Pike Co.,MO 

   +S2- Peter Stevens     b 11/14/1791 KY  m 11/19/1819 Dorcas D 

             Sconce (11/28/1798-5/6/1885) d 3/12/1864  res. Warrenton,  

             Warren Co, MO 

    S3- Mary (Polly)      b 1/23/1794 KY  m 11/16/1814 John Johnson  

         d 4/9/1872  res of Pike Co., MO 

    S4- Elizabeth P       b 2/27/1796 KY  m 7/9/1820 Jospeh S King  

          d 2/22/1851   res of Montgomery, MO 

   +S5- Henry       b 4/1/1797 KY  m 1/27/1821 Susan Shields   

               (1/30/1802-6/17/1851) d 1/28/1889 res of Frankford, Pike Co, MO 

    S6- Ann (Nancy)   b 9/27/1800 KY  m (w3) Col Reuben P Pew  

               d 4/15/1845   res of Montgomery Co, MO 

    S7- Sarah       b 11/27/1802 KY  m 10/18/1820  Ezra Bostic Sitton 

        (Isreal Sitters) d 2/11/1842  of Callaway Co, MO 

    S8- Catherine       b 1806 KY   m 2/3/1828 Nicholas Bradley 

              d 7/14/1849     res Callaway Co, MO 

   +S9- Charles Honeyman    b 1/23/1808 KY m 9/2/1830 Judith Jamison 

      (1/10/1805-10/14/1866) d 5/6/1862 Osceola, MO bur Charleston, 

           Ark  res. Callaway Co, MO 

  +Sa- George Washington   b 4/19/1810 KY  m 1/10/1832 Elizabeth 

            Allen (or Coil) (1/15/1815-1020/1900) d 1/20/1876   res Windsor,      Warren Co., MO 

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

Pioneer Families of Missouri 1876, by William S. Bryan and Robert Rose, Published by Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis Missouri, 1876.

 “Conrad Yater, of Germany, came to America and settled first in Virginia,

where he married.  In 1818 he came to Missouri and settled in Warren

County.  During his residence here he built four mills (one run by

water, two by horses, and one by oxen), and one distillery.  His child-

ren were: Joseph, Peter S., Polly, Elizabeth, Nancy, Henry, Sarah,

Catharine, Charles and George W.  Joseph married Polly Phoenix, and

settled in Pike County, MO.  Polly married John Johnson, of Pike County.

Elizabeth married Joseph King, of Montgomery County.  Nancy married

Colonel Reuben Pew, of Montgomery County.  Henry married Susan Shields,

of Pike County.  Sarah married Israel Sitters, of Callaway County.

Catharine married Nicholas Bradley, of Callaway County.  Charles married

Judith Jamison, of Callaway County.  George W. married Elizabeth Coil,

and settled in Warren County.  Peter S. married Miss Slonce, of Kentucky

and settled in Warren County in 1818.  He built a stone chimney 8 x 9

feet in size, and afterward built a cabin to the chimney.  He obtained

assistance from St. Charles County to raise his cabin, and as he furn-

ished plenty of good whisky, it took them a week to finish it.  When

the house was completed he gave a dance, and during the night the floor

gave way and let them all down into the cellar.  Thomas Howell played

the fiddle, and Rev. Thomas Bowen, who was a young man then, danced as

vigorously as any of the other guests.”

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -



S1- John Boardman Yeater (1/18/1790 Bourbon Co, KY -10/20/1849)

      m 3/23/1809 Mary (Polly) Phoenix (12/29/1793- 1867) 

      res. of  Louisiana, Pike Co.,MO 

S11- Eliza Ann    (1/28/1810-8/-/1879 Louisiana,Mo) m. 5/10/1827

      William Bryson (        -     )

S12- Conrad Penix  (5/12/1813-5/9/1879) m1 1/26/1838  Mary Ann Milroy

      m2 7/1/1848 Euphrasia Smith  res. Louisiana, Mo.

S13- Price Jackson  (7/13/1815-1/14/1886) m 3/26/1840 Martha Jane Bryson

      res. Louisiana, Mo

S14- Sarah Honeyman (2/14/1818-           )  m 1843 Turner G. Baxter

      res Louisiana, Mo

S15- Martha W.    (2/16/1820-12/12/1878) m 10/19/1837 John Johnson Smith

      res. Louisiana, Mo

S16- Elizabeth  (8/28/1822-8/13/1835) res. Louisiana,Mo

S17- John Bryson  (8/1/1825-1/12/1899) m 11/16/1845  Martha J. Sampson

      res. of Albany, Mo.

S18- Edward Peers (8/25/1827-11/25/1836 Louisiana,Mo)

S19- Henry Neal  (11/1/1830-  ) m 11/11/1855    Susan Elizabeth Milroy

      res. of Salem, Mo


+S2- Peter Stevens Yeater (11/14/1791 KY-3/12/1864)  m 11/19/1819 

      Dorcas D Sconce (11/28/1798-5/6/1885) res. Warrenton,  

             Warren Co, Mo 

S21- Jefferson B. (11/14/1820-7/12/1893) m Mary Bryant res. Warrenton

S22- Francis Marion (1/23/1821-           ) m  Lydia Carrico

      res. Warrenton, Mo.

S23- James Thomas  (9/11/1822-9/18/1891) m Margaret Burns

      res. Lewisville, Ore.

S24- Sarah Ann (4/6/1824-     ) m Joseph Livesay  res. Moberly,Mo.

S25- Lydia Jane (2/11/1826-1/26/1904) m1 John Hutchinson m2 Henry 

      Palmer   res. Warrenton, Mo.

S26- Melvina  (11/19/1827-12/25/1893) m John Shelton  res. Warrenton,Mo.

S27- Avalina  (9/28/1829-7/18/1833) res Warrenton,Mo.

S28- Andrew Jackson (1/25/1834-11/26/1899) m. Mary Uptegrove 

      res. Warrenton,Mo.

S29- Henry W.  (5/8/1837-8/31/1903) m Nettie Burrell  res. Warrenton,Mo.

S2a- Elvira Frances  (10/17/1841-         ) m 1/11/1874  Hiram Williamson

      res. Jonesburg, Mo.

S2b- William P. (       -     ) died young


S5- Henry  Yeater (4/1/1797-1/28/1889 Frankford,Mo) m 1/27/1821 

      Susan Shields (1/30/1802-6/17/1851)

S51- Martha  (9/18/1822-8/29/1850 Dubuque,Ia) m 1844Charles Shields

S52- Washington (2/18/1824-12/29/1851 Frankford,Mo) single

S53- William  (12/5/1825-8/6/1844 Frankford,Mo)

S54- Eleanor  (2/23/1829-1/29/1857 Alameda Co,Ca) m 9/17/1854

     _____ Lindsay

S55- Conrad Phelix (4/14/1831-      ) single res. Frankford,Mo

S56- Sarah  (3/31/1832-       )  m  1853 Weston McLane

      res. Suver, Or

S57- James  (2/7/1835-7/19/1859 Frankford, Mo)  single

S58- Elizabeth  (10/23/1836-11/29/1850 Frankford,Mo)

S59- Charles Honeyman  (8/6/1842-12/1/1899 Frankford,Mo) m 3/31/1893

      Lottie Mertz   no issue

S5a- Mary H.  (2/13/1847-1/12/1870 Frankford,Mo) m 9/17/1868

      J.B. Reed   no issue


S9- Charles Honeyman  Yeater  (1/23/1808 KY- 5/6/1862 Osceola, Mo)

       bur Charleston Ark m 9/2/1830 Judith Jamison (1/10/1805-10/14/1866)

      bur. Jamison Burial plot, Fulton, Mo. res. Callaway Co, Mo

S91- John J.  (12/1/1831-           ) m 7/22/1858 Sarah Janette Ellis

      res Sedalia,Mo.

S92- Jaley    (12/26/1833-9/22/1834)

S93- Joseph K. (12/21or26/1836-4/16/1897) m 10/31/1871 Mary E. Dean

      res. Sedalia, Mo.

S94- Sarah   (3/12or16/1845-        ) m 12/8/1864  E. Butler Harrison

      res. Fayetteville, Ark


Sa- George Washington Yeater  (4/19/1810 KY -1/20/1876) m 1/10/1832

      Elizabeth Allen (or Coil) (1/15/1815-1020/1900) res Windsor ,

            Warren Co., Mo

Sa1- Catherine (4/3/1833-           ) died young Osceola, Mo

Sa2- George L. (4/11/1835-5/20/1899 Sedalia,Mo) m 10/10/1856

      Susan Adaline Rice  

Sa3- Sarah  (1/30/1837-       Osceola,Mo) died young

Sa4- Henry  (3/10/1839-3/19/1858 Osceola,Mo)

Sa5- Sidun  (8/31/1841-       )  m  1869   Irwin McMillan

      res. Windsor,Mo.  no issue

Sa6- Catherine  (11/6/1843-1/15/1900 Windsor,Mo)  m? unknown

Sa7- Sarah Ann  (7/10/1846-   ) m 1875 James Burcham

      res. Windsor,Mo.

Sa8- Jackson  (11/28/1847-11/7/1885) Windsor,Mo. single

Sa9- Francis Marion  (2/15/1851-          ) m 10/-/1877  Anne Haygard

      res. Sedalia,Mo.

Saa- Charles Honeyman  (6/24/1853-2/1/1865 Osceola,Mo) single

Sab- Mary E.  (11/24/1855-    More, Tx) m 1880   ___?__

Sac- William  (3/7/1859-11/4/1874) Osceola, Mo.


T- Henry H. Yeater (Yater)  (8/15/1765 Ky(?)-2/10/1848 (sic?) Lancaster,

Garrard Co, Ky) b. c1770 Gmy  m. 6/23/1790 Ky  Nancy McManus

(c1772 Va(?)-9/26/1834 Lancaster, Garrard, Ky) 

(Per one census record the implication is that

Henry was b. Germany and Nancy b. Ireland)  resident of Garrard Co.,

KY. d. 1840-1 (will probated 2/19/1841) Children listed in seqeunce

as in the will. (References: Portraits & Biog. Records of

Coles Co., Ill; Kentucky people in Illinois; Ripley Co, In Wills;

Ky Wills, Trigg Co 486 Book L 1848 Henry Y Sr.)

(The Madison Co., KY Tax List of 1792 shows a Henry "Yoter" as one

of the names on it. Madison is due east of Garrard Co.)

( Per Tracey Stanchfield Morris, PO Box 6192 - Kokomo IN 46904-6192

Henry H. YATER and wife Nancy MCMANUS)

    T1- Elizabeth   b       m 3/8/1809 Edward Lutrell/Literal 

(? m a Ragsdale- per Morris research)

    T2- Mary Ann    b    1787   m 10/28/1816 William Layton 

   +T3- Abraham M   b 4/4/1797 Garrand Co, Ky m1 2/1/1820 Nancy Lamme 

        (    - 1827) m2 Martha (Patsy) Rea (1811-1895) moved to Ripley 

         Co,In 1821 - member if IN legislature 1 term, County Com 8  

            years d 10/18/1874 Ripley Co, IN- 16 children 

  + T4- John    (c1792 Garrad Co, Ky-2/26/1837 Ripley Co, In)

m 2/26/1816 Ripley Co, In Betsy Palmer  (?cMar 1837-   Ripley Co, IN) 

    T5- Peter    (6/9/1802 Ky-6/13/1838)     m 1/27/1824  Nancy Huffman 

    T6- Margaret (Peggy)  (Oct 1792 Ky- 1876 Albany, , Missouri)

m 9/16/1815 Madison, In Caleb Sampson 

    T7- Nancy       b       m 9/10/1822 Greed Ragsdale 

    T8- William     (1799 Ky-     Marion Co, Mo)   m1 7/10/1819 Nancy Beasley

? m2 7/18/1836   Ruth Brown (per Morris w2 Eveline Allen)

    T9- Henry     (1792 Ky-(?1848)  Pike Co, Mo)  m 9/9/1822 Matilda Miller  

    Ta- Thomas      b       m  11/13/1837 Eliz. Wray

    Tb- Conrad      b 

    Tc- Jno.        b 


T3- Abraham M. Yater (4/4/1797 Garrard Co.,KY-10/18/1874 Ripley Co,

      IN) m1 2/1/1820 Garrard Co., KY  Nancy Lamme (        -1827)

      m2          Martha (Patsy) Rea (1811-1895).

      Moved to Ripley Co, IN in 1821. Member of Indian Legislature

      one term; County Commission 8 years).

(References: Garrard Co Census; Ripley Co Obits & Cem records; 1860 IN

Census; Ripley Co Marriage Recs-Slevin; 1870,80&1900 Census)


+T31- James L.  (11/-/1820 KY-      ) m1. 5/21/1845 Sarah Jane Smith

      m2.         Hibernia C. _____  m3.        Maggie ____ 

      (8/-/1841 KY-           )

T32- Amelia Ann   (     -     ) m 3/16/1843     Pythagorgas King


T33- Nancy Jane  (      -     ) m 7/16/1845 John Prather

+T34- Henry ( c1830-          ) m1  Millie (?Holman)


+T35- John  (5/-/1835 In-     ) m   Mary A. (Polly) ______

      (3/-/1841 In-     )

T36- Anna   (  c1836-   )  single as of 1870

+T37- Harding     (  c1838-   ) m   Matilda Jane _____


T39- Jane   ( c1840-          )

T3a- Polly  (c1842-           )

T3b- Sarah J.F.   (c1844-           )  died young?

T3c- Clementine   (c1846-           )

T3d- Vistina (sp?)  (c1848-   )

T3e- William S/L   (c1850- 1903) m  Francis ___________


T31- James L. Yater    (11/-/1820 KY-     ) m1. 5/21/1845 Sarah Jane Smith

m2.         Hibernia C. _____  m3.        Maggie ____ 

(8/-/1841 KY-           ) (1870-Riley Co,In;1900-Jennings Co,In-Center Twp)


T34- Henry  Yater  (4/_/1830 I-     ) m1  Millie (?Holman) (1828-   )

m2         Zerelda        (7/_/1846 O-       ) (1860,1870-Ripley Co,Pa; 1900- Ripley

Co,I- Otter Creek)


T341- Holman      (c1852 In-  )

T342- Cornet      (c1854 In-  )

T343- John  (c1856 In-  )


T344- Paul H.C.  (6/_/1890 District of Columbia-          )

T345- Zerelda  (8/_/1892 I-       )

T346- Mararet  (1/_/1899 I-        )


T35- John  Yater  (5/-/1835 In-     ) m   Mary A. (Polly) ______

(3/-/1841 In-     )  (1900-Ripley Co,Otter Creek,Versailles,I)


T37- Harding  Yater    (  c1838-     ) m  Matilda Jane _____   (   -    )


T4- John Yater        (c1792 Garrard, Kentucky-2/26/1837 Ripley Co, In)

 m 2/26/1816  (or 2/6/1816) Elizabeth (Betsy Palmer)  (c1795 Garrad Co, Ky)

T41- William Henry (1822-After 21 May 1863at: Howard County, Indiana)

Married: Bef 1841 at: , , Indiana m1  Elizabeth TOWE (c1825 Ind-

<1850 Ripley Co,In) m2 Isabelle Ann WAGGONER 

T42-  Nancy Jane (Abt 1825 In-         ) m 10 Jul 1845 Ripley Co, Ind


T43- Mary Ann  (Abt 1828 In-          )

T44-  Rhoda  (Abt 1835 In- Bef 1843  In)


T41- William Henry (1822-After 21 May 1863 at: Howard County, Ind)

m1: Bef 1841 Ind. Elizabeth TOWE (c1825 In-<1850 Ripley Co, In)

m2 Isabelle Ann WAGGONER 

T411-Martha (1841 In- 22 Mar 1900 Burlington, Carroll Co, In)

m. 26 Jul 1860  Howard Co, In Henry COLLINS  (1838-1923)

T412- Elizabeth (1842 In-       ) m William JULIAN (c1840-   ) 

T413-  Rhoda (1844 In-      ) m 1 Mar 1880   Howard Co, In

Peter E. YOUNG (c1840-    )

T414-  Turzah (3 Apr 1845 In- 3 Jul 1895  Carroll Co., In

m 21 Jun 1860 Howard Co., In Peter WAGGONER  (1830-1909)

Bur. Burlington Cem.

T415- John P. (19 Aug 1847  Ripley Co, In-30 Mar 1932 Burlington,

Carroll Co., In)  bur. Burlington, Cem. Rachel SHEPHERD  (1848-1929)


T9- Henry Yater   (     -     ) m19/9/1822  Matilda Miller 

?m2  7/18/1836 Ruth Brown. 

Guesses on children:

      T91- Miriam m 8/14/1843 Thomas Warmoth

      (Madison Co, KY births- 12/13/1854 Henry C. s/o

      Thomas Warmoth & Marion Yater)

      T92- Elvira m 9/13/1845 Miltom Williford

      T93- Elizabeth    m. 9/13/1845      Charles Willeford

      T94- Thompson     m. 12/1/1847      Sarah Rider

      T95- Pleaseant    m. 4/10/1848      Francis Hughes



-     -     -     -     -     -     -    

Other YATER folk


Hiram Yater (3/-/1829Ky-            ) m1 Virginia ____ (c1835 Mo- )

m2  Belle C. ____  (c1844 Ky- ) 1880 Marion Co, Mo,

1900 Philadelphia, Marion Co., Mo; Children:

      Hiram A.    b1855 Mo

      Beth        b 1858 Mo

      Ada         b 1860 Mo

      Cora        b 1862 Mo

      Minnie            b. 1867 Mo

      Stanton           b 1869 Mo

      Annie       b. 1872 Mo

      Lizzie B.   b. 7/-/1883 Mo.

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

1910-TX     Wm. C Yater b 1865 Miss

            J.M. Yater  b 1866 Tn

            H.C. Yater  b 1835 Ky

1900-Tn           Wm. H Yater b 12/-/1861 Tn

            W.H. Yater  b 11/-/1824 Ky

            Walter Yatter     b. 8/-/1861 Tn

1880-Tx           Wm. Yater   b 1824

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

U- Andrew Yater/Yeater  b. c1760   m. ca1783 ?Catherine_______ 

      d. 8/9/1829 (probably Greene Co.,PA)  War of 1812 and Revolution 

(References: Greene Hills Echo-query; Dorothy Coffman; 1830 Census)

    U1- John        b 1785  m Lydia Long (   -1876 in WV) 1830 census        shows 3 

females age 5 to 10, 1 female and 2 male under 5               John d 8/9/1829 "in an 

accident with his father" 

    U2- David 

    U3- Jacob 

    U4- Andrew Jr   b 3/19/1788 served War of 1812, a cooper 

    U5- Jospeh 

    U6- Elizabeth   b 1786      m 1/1/1814 (w2) Mr Kingsley 

                  d 1880 age 93 

    U7- Katherine   b 1790-1800     never married 

    U8- Susanna       m Mr Thomas Dolinson 

    U9- dau           m Mr Lynch 

    Ua- William     b c1803  m1 1826 William Dye  m2 Sarah Wood 

              in Whiteley Co In 1860-80 census  d 9/ /1885 


(Accroding to the marriage records of Rev. John Casper Stoever ,Private Register

(1730-1779):Iost Iotter Lebanon Co,Pa married 30 Mar 1756 to Eva Catarina Hubeler-

any relation to the following?)


Jost Yotter- see article “DNA surprises at )


V- Jost Jotter  b. c1755-1774   m. Christine (b.1755/74  d. ____) 

      children bapt. Dryland Church, Hecktown, Nazareth Twp.,  

               Northampton Co.,PA.  

(References: Dryland Church, Hecktown, Nazareth Twp.,Northampton Co; 1800

Census, NH Co.; Richard Yotter notes & letters)(per Harry Werner, Denver,Co.

August 1997-Yost Jotter/Yotter, d. Bushkill Twp., Northampton Co.,Pa

1800-1810; wife's name Eva Catherine. Had daughter Anna Maria who m.

Henry Werner. Jost warrent  65acres Moore Twp., 1785. Member Moorestown

Reformed Congregation)

    V1- Anna Maria      b. 1/4/1796  

    V2- son             b. 1790-1800 

   +V3- Joseph          b. 10/14/1800 


V3- Joseph  Yoder   m. 10/27/1822 1st ref. Ch. of Easton to Anna 

             Elizabeth Beisill (1805-10/21/1876)  d. 9/29/1880  both buried 

      Dryland Cem., Hecktown, L. Nazareth Twp., Northampton Co. 

(Joseph's will lists Elizabeth, son Edwin, & Sarah Beisel (wife of Donas

Beisel-doesn't say if she's a daughter or not). Elizabeth's will gives death as

12/10/1882-mentions husband Joseph Yoder and "brother John L. Carey" 

(?a second wife??))

   +V31- Edwin      b. 4/18/1838   

    V32- son            b. 1820-25 

    V33- daughter    b. 1820-25 

    V34- daughter    b. 1825-30 (Christina Ann Yoder d. 4/3/1833 of 

        Dryland, age 4y 10m 24d) 


V31- Edwin Yoder   m. Levina (?9/2/1839-10/21/1898)  d. 4/12/1890 

             both bur. Hope Cem, Hecktown, PA- 1880 Northampton Twp,

             Lower Naz. Twp. 

    V311- Talecta L  b c1861 

    V312- Macrota E  b c1864 

    V313- Elmer E    b c1866 

    V314- Annie L    b c1868 

    V315- Amma  V    b c1870 


V313- Elmer E. Yetter  (8/-/1867-   ) m.

Sallie ___   (4/-/1866- ) (1900-Mgm Co,Pa, Norriton Twp)

V3131- Russell    (6/-/1894-  )

V3132- Helen      (11/-/1895- )


W- no longer used 


(Note for X- DNA Testing supports this Abraham as a likely son of Abraham Yoder (OH135), see YNL 56, Oct 2010, )


X- Abraham Yoder (Sept. 10, 1809 Berks Co-8/1/1879 Locust Twp., Columbia Co., Pa) "father of 11 children"   m1. 1833 (per death cert of son Aaron) Catharine “Katie” Troutman (     - ?c1849)  (dau. of Jacob Troutman)   m2. Sarah _____ lived Berks, moved to Schuylkill, and in 1867 to Columbia Co, PA. (References:  Meiser's Data; Richard Yoder of Bechtelsville research; Charles A. Yoder cht, Robert W. Yoder cht, Al Olroyd letter; 1850, 1860, 1880 census; St. John's (Host) United Church of Christ, Tulpeh.Twp; Jacob Troutman will) (Note: one reference indicates that Abraham was a son of Abraham Yoder OH135-not established) (From family sheet assembled by Wayne Petro of Catawissa Twp., Columbia, Co. “Abraham and Catherine were probably members of the Reformed church. He lived most of his life in Schuykill Co., owning several properties, and made his living lumbering and teaming. Tax records have him in Jackson Twp., Northumberland Co., in the 1840s. The 1849 membership of Davids Church, Hebe, Pa. (Jackson Twp) lists an Abraham Yodder, Sussanna, John Yodder, and Elizabeth Yoder. In 1867 he moved to Columbia and settled in Locust Township.”)

    X1- John    b. 1/23/1833  record of St. John's (HOST) Ch. 

          Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co.  bapt. 4/7/1833

        deceased as of grandfather Troutman's will 

    X2- Elizabeth   b. 8/3/1835         St. John's  Ch. 

         m. Gottlieb Roehmer  bapt.  8/31/1835

    X3- Rachel   b. 1/11/1836   St. John's ch.  Berks Co.,Pa bapt. 2/28/1836

         m.3/5/1854  Enoch Moyer  (Mayer per Linda Bacon)

          (5/21/1831-c1921 Tipton,Cedar Co., Ia) d. 12/7/1925 Tipton,Ia

          of senility, both bur. at Sandhill Cemetery, Cedar Co., Ia

(Reference: Linda Bacon, Carmel,In 1995; Phillip K. Gardner, Neb.-1965)(Hist of Cass Co, Ia-" Mayer, Enoch, farmer, Section 24; Post Office Cedar Bluff; born in Pennsylvania in 1831; came to this county September 23, 1869; owns 180 acres; has held the office of School Director.  He married Rachel Yoder in 1854; she was born in Pennsylvania; has eight children--Tobias, Emma C., Elizabeth, Clara, Ida, Susan, Lena and Dallas.")

    X4- Aaron    b. 11/15/1839 Sch. Co. m. 1/17/1866 Mary Susannah  

Zimmerman  GAR 7th Regmt. Co C, res. 1865 Butler Twp, Sch. , d. 12/25/1905 bur. Reformed Cem., Numidia, Columbia Co., PA 

    X5- Leah    b. 1/30/1842 Jordan Twp., Northumberland Co. m. George  

Hechler by 1883,  d. 3/26/1910 bur. Zion Ch. Cem.(Zion's ref. Ch. parrish 

records Ashland, PA)  

    X6- Hannah  b. 1/26/1846 Mt. Pleasant, PA  m. by 1881 to Ethen  

(Euston) Hampton    d. 1/17/1935 (Bapt. 4/26/1844 Zion (Klinger's) Church & cem., Erdman, Lykens Twp, Dauphin Co., Pa- Hanna Yotter, d/o Abraham & Catharina Yodder)

    X7- Daniel Albert b. 7/12/1847  Mahantango Valley, NU Co. m. 9/17/1871 

Sarah Ann Long  d. 10/13/1929 Ashland, PA  bur. Reformed Cem., Numidia 

    X8- Samuel  b. 5/16/1849  Jordan Twp., NU Co  m. Mary Elizabeth  

______   d.   Had Daughters who are buried in Trinity Methodist Cem., in Locust Twp.

w2  X9- Susan   b.            m Daniel Miller 

    Xa- Emma Jane   b.   c1860 



X1- John Yoder  b. 1/23/1833  record of St. John's (HOST) Ch. 

Tulpehocken Twp, Berks Co.  deceased as of grandfather Troutman's will) 

?       m. Emilia 1860 Census Sch, Ashland Twp, Amelia Yotter



X11- Albert-----5-------------

X12- Hannah-----3 ((St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church- Hanna Ellen b. 1/7/1858 Bap. 3/21/1858 d/o John and Emilia)

X13- Emma-5/12-----------(St. John's (Kimmel's) Evang. Luth. Church- Emma Jane  b. 2/22/1860 Bap. 4/15/1858  d/o John and Emilia)m. _____ Roadarmel



X4- Aaron Yoder  b. 11/15/1839 Sch. Co  m. 1/17/1866 Mary Susannah Zimmerman  GAR 7th Regmt. Co C, res. 1865 Butler Twp, Sch. ,  d. 12/25/1905 bur. Reformed Cem., Numidia, Columbia  Co., PA  (Robert W. Yoder Chart, )

    X41- Albert Hoyt  (2/25/1880 Numidia, Pa- 12/10/1964 Aristes, Pa)

       m Sarah Minnier (7/8/1885 Aristes,Pa- 3/3/1939 Aristes,Pa)

      (Aristes, formerly called Montana, formerly called "Red Tavern")

      (son Robert W. Yoder b.5/17/1818 Aristes,Pa m. 4/26/1941 Hazelton, Pa to 

      Helen R. ______ b.3/7/1920 Hazelton,Pa)

    X42- Wilson R       b    1883   m Lizzie A ______  (1885-1950) 

          d 1975 

    X43- Calvin         b 

    X44- Hannah         b           m         Miller 

    X45- Kathryn        b 6/25/1891     m       Polomski 


X41- Albert Hoyt  (2/25/1880 Numidia, Pa- 12/10/1964 Aristes, Pa)

m Sarah Minnier (7/8/1885 Aristes,Pa- 3/3/1939 Aristes,Pa)

(Aristes, formerly called Montana, formerly called "Red Tavern")

     X411- Aaron (1904-1972) m. Helen V. ____ (1906-    )

     X412- Albert (1909-1971) m. Florence E. ____ (1914-   )

     X413- Lydia (1907-1965) m. Wm. Knittle

     X414- Arlene  (1910-   )

     X415- Robert W. b.5/17/1818 Aristes,Pa m. 4/26/1941 Hazelton, Pa to 

Helen R. ______ b.3/7/1920 Hazelton,Pa) Had daughter Marion Jean b. c1940 who m. Stanley Leck


X7- Daniel  (7/12/1847  Mahantango Valley, NU Co.-10/13/1929 Ashland, PA)

m. 9/17/1871 Sarah Ann Long  (8/8/1850 Locust Twp., Columbia Co., Pa-   )  bur. Reformed Cem., Numidia  (From County Biographical History: “DANIEL YODER, farmer, P.O. Roaringcreek, was born in Northumberland County, Penn., July 13, 1847, a son of Abraham and Catherine (TROUTMAN) YODER, natives of Pennsylvania and of German descent. His father's great-grandfather came from Germany and settled in Berks County, where he resided several years and then moved to Schuylkill County, bought a tract of land, farmed and kept the old tavern at Mount Pleasant, but later left the place and went to Delaware County, Ohio, where he died. He never received anything for the farm he left, which was afterward taken up by other parties who discovered coal on it, and it became a valuable property. Our subject's father was born in Berks County, but spent the greater part of his life in Schuylkill County. He owned several properties and in early life followed lumbering and teaming. In 1867 he came to this county and settled in Locust Township near the foot of the Little Mountain, where he bought some mountain land, and resided until his death in July, 1880. He was the father of eleven children, eight living: Aaron, who served in the civil war and lost a limb; Daniel, Samuel, Hannah, Leah, Rachel, Elizabeth and Susan. Our subject was reared on a farm and remained at home until twenty-two, when he went west, visiting Iowa and other Western States and was absent about six months. A year after his return he settled in Frackville, Schuylkill Co., Penn., on land belonging to him, where he resided about five years following the lumber business. In 1875 he bought the farm where he now resides, and which consists of 106 acres of good land. He has made a great many improvements and built a barn 35x75 feet. He was married, September 17, 1871, to Sarah A. LONG, and they are the parents of eight children, seven of whom are living: Sylvester, Esther, Daniel L., Abraham, Joseph, Wellington and Rachel C. Mr. and Mrs. YODER are members of the German Reformed Church as are also Sylvester and Esther. Our subject served two years as superintendent of the Lutheran Reformed Sunday-school –a union school. In politics he is a Republican. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 500-1)”

X71- Son    (4/-/1872 Frackville,Schuylkill Co, Pa-         )

X72- Sylvester    (4/23/1873 Frackville,Pa-           ) m

      May Fahringer ( c1873-        )

X73- Esther       (2/3/1875 Frackville-         ) m.

      Harry W. Fahringer  (c1875-   )

+X74-  Daniel L.  (3/13/1877 Locust Twp.-       ) m.

      Christianna Kreischer  (c1877-      )

+X75-  Abraham    (7/14/1879 Locust Twp-        )  m1.

      Hannah Moser  (c1879-         )     m2.

      Erma Salonia  Neiswender  (c1879-   )  m3.

      Elnora Hatter  Helwig  (c1879-      )

X76- Joseph (2/27/1881 Locust Twp-  )  m.

      Mattie Almina Shuman  (c1881-       )

X77- Wellington  (3/25/1883 Locust Twp.-        )  m.

      Clara May Rarig  (5/9/1883 Locust twp-          )

X78-  Rachel Catherine (2/6/1886 Locust Twp.-         )  m.

      John Anthony  (c1886-         )

X79-  Aaron Samuel  (1/19/1889 Locust Twp-      )  m.

      Eva Elizabeth Rarig  (2/5/1891 Newlin, Columbia Co., Pa-    )

X7a- Sarah May  (6/25/1890 Locust Twp-          )


+X74-  Daniel L.Yoder   (3/13/1877 Locust Twp.-       ) m.

      Christianna Kreischer  (c1877-      )

+X741- Martin Lee (9/6/1896- 9/26/1978) m. Ada Ceola Naugle (8/12/1899-4/21/1978) (d/o John Naugle and Mary Harter) both buried in St. James Cem.

+X742- Rufus  m. Margaret ______

      X743- Marie   m. George Knorr


X741- Martin Lee Yoder (9/6/1896- 9/26/1978) m. 4/19/1919 Ada Ceola Naugle (8/12/1899-4/21/1978) (d/o John Naugle and Mary Harter)

both buried in St. James Cem.

      X7411- Betty    m. Glenn Slusser

      X7412- Leroy E. (8/20/1920-9/9/1960) single

      X7413- Howard Daniel    m. Belva Irene Fish

      X7414- Thelma     m. Leroy Drasher

      X7415- Geraldine  m. Luther Nuss

      X7416- Donald     m. Thelma Mae Yost

      X7417- Charles    m. Phyllis Lingel

      X7418- Elsie   died at birth

      X7419- Ethel      m. Jay Steeley

      X741a- Darvin     died at birth

      X741b- Kathryn    died at birth

      X741c- Baby Boy  died at birth


X742- Rufus Yoder  m. Margaret ______

      X7421- Ed   m. Janice _____

      X7422- Roberta  m. Doyle Yost

      X7423- Harry  m. Pat Wolfe

      X7424- Sam  m. Jane Kemner

      X7425- Clair  m. Gail Aten

      X7426- Clyde  m. Helen _____


X75-  Abraham Yoder (7/14/1879 Locust Twp- 1961)  m1.Hannah Moser  (c1879-c1909) m2.      Erma Salonia  Neiswender  (c1879-   )  m3. Elnora Hatter  Helwig  (c1879-     )

      X751-  Beatrice (1905-1931) Adopted by george Bernier

      X752-  Blanche (1906-1981)  Adopted by Abraham’s sister Etsher

      X753-  Earl (1908-1908)

      X754-  Ethel Mae (1909-1990) Adopted by Abraham’s sister Rachel

      X755-  Clara

      X756-  George D. (1916-1994)  m. Helen Shank

      X757-  Catherine

      X758-  Miriam R.

      X759-  Grace C.


Y and Z- no longer used 


                    END OF "UNLINKED PART ONE"