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Happy St. Joder Day -- August 16th

One of the stories of St. Joder and his victory over the Devil.





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August 16th is St. Joder's "saint's day" in the Swiss Reformed church calendar.

  "The cover art shows how St. Joder got the better of the Devil. The Pope had presented him with a bell to take back with him for his diocesan center at Sion, but he had no way to get the huge bell up into the mountains, He then thought of his power to make the Devil do his bidding. Summoning him, St. Joder proposed to him that he could have a human soul if he could transport the bell up to Sion before daybreak (cockcrow). St. Joder then sat into the bauch of the Bell, and the Devil in eager anticipaton swiftly bore him through the air. But the might of St. Joder was greater than the cunning of the Devil. At the command of the Bishop a rooster crowed before dawn came."

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