Misc. Photos from the Amish Yoder Line


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 60k Phil Yoder, Champion Cowboy of the World,YR23413141, appeared in YNL24 and 35
 20k Phil Yoder, Champion Cowboy of the World,YR23413141, appeared in YNL24 and 35
 24k Phil Yoder, Champion Cowboy of the World,YR23413141, appeared in YNL24 and 35
 36k House Built by Jacob Yoder (YR1423), See YNL34
 36k YR142422- Andrew D Yoder (2/-/1842- ) m 4/10/1862 Chester Co,Pa Anna Matilda Good (3/-/1842- ) res 1880> in Philadelphia (1900-Phila, Phila)
 32k  C. Howard Yoder, YR142422, Philadelphia, Pa. b. 4/24/1867, back of Photo says "Uncle C. Howard Yoder, next younger brother of John R. Yoder, for whom Howard R. Yoder was named"
 120k  YR251-John Yoder Homestead, Mifflin Co., Pa..YNL34
 52k  YR2337a-Reuben Yoder Family Reunion, 1925, Shipshewana, Indiana
 100k  Concrete Round Barn Constructed by Menno Yoder (YR2337a5) and his sons-it still stands just west of downtown Shipshewana, Indiana
 44k  Photo of Abraham Z. Yoder (YR16513) and his daughters. The original is owned by the Lesh family in California. I cannot date this photograph. Catherine was married in 1880 and she and her husband, Samuel Burns,moved to Nebraska in about 1881. I believe that this picture was taken before she left for Nebraska. Back Row: Catherine, Sara Frances, Adda
Seated Front Row: Abraham Z., Mary Elizabeth, Emma Rebecca, Sarah (daughter of Joseph Joder)(provided by Sue Weissinger, May 2002)
 68k  WEDDING PHOTO of Jonas H. and Mary A. Yoder: This is the wedding picture of Jonas H. (1858-1894) and Mary A. (Kauffman) Yoder, my great-grandparents. Jonas was the son of Henry J. (YR234b2) and Mary (Kauffman) Yoder. Jonas died of lung fever at the age of 35 years near Middlebury, IN, leaving his wife with 5 children. --Elaine Hooley, supplied Sept. 2002)
 172k  Solomon Yoder Family (YR23b45)Photo-Taken in the 1880s:Solomon Yoder (1836-1914), Elizabeth Stutzman Yoder (1843-1916),Theodore Yoder (1863-1920), Emma Yoder (1867-1967), Fanny Yoder (1869-1962), Oliver Yoder (1873-1946), Mary Yoder (1874-1962), Frank Yoder (1876-1941), Jonathan Yoder (1878-1964), Addie Yoder (1880-1964), Lulu Yoder (1882-1973).(The 2 missing children had died.) ---Submitted by Cousin Jim Yoder (YR23b45651) Redwood City, CA
 new - July 6, 2003
Thanks to Clyde Nafzinger of Wilmington,Delaware for this photograph of Eli M. Yoder (1844-1905) (YR12868) founder of the town of Yoder, Kansas. We featured this town in a YNL3 article by David Luthy. Eli was the son of Bishop Solomon Yoder of the Long Green, Maryland Amish congregation- who was covered in a sketch by H. Harold Hartzler in YNL8. Eli left the Amish, and went to Kansas where he met and married a non-Amish girl named Mary Young. Among the young men who followed him there was his nephew, John Nafzinger, who met and married Mary's sister Emma. Yoder, Kansas is located in Reno County, a few miles southeast of Hutchinson. A small park in Yoder's main square contains a granite marker that gives some of the history of the town.