The John S. Yoder home opens. After six years of toil the Amish heritage foundation of Sugarcreek, Ohio held an open house in September, 2001, to celebrate the opening of the John S. Yoder home's public debut. The restoration has been as authentic and historically correct as we could possibly make it, to give the visitors a true concept of an 1869 Amish home. The home has no electricity or plumbing and is situated on an acre of ground near Beachy's Country Chalet restaurant. The home was moved from its original site amid a 172 acre farm from which downtown Sugarcreek was platted, circa 1872. The home will be open to the public from April to November, 2002 and will be staffed by Amish guides steeped in local Amish history. A nominal tour fee will be charged. We welcome any and all visitors . Blaine F. Miller, Secretary /Treasurer.

As of the moment , we are unsure about "open hours". We are currently going through a nail biting wait to see if the Reeves Foundation will see fit to give us a grant.. We will know within the next week what financial latitudes we will have to employ our guides. For the benefit of your news letter I would advise anyone interested in the hours to call Beachy's Country Chalet at 330 852 4644. We are also planning a brochure for distribution. This also involves a grant from the county tourist bureau. We would also be happy to open for any groups or tours if we get notification ahead of their arrival. Blaine Miller, Feb. 2002 "Blaine Miller, "

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40k Front of John S. Yoder Home
40k John S. Yoder Home-Rear
36k Original corner stone at back basement entrance