Amish Cemetery in Stark County, Ohio


A photo essay by Dwight Yoder, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, a Yoder Newsletter subscriber.

In YNL#7 there was a front page story about The Amish-Mennonite Cemetery, Stark County, Ohio. In the story there is mention of a book on St. Joseph County, IN Yoders by Charles M. Yoder. He was my grandfather. As a result, I am a direct descendent of Captain Joseph Yoder and Barbara Yoder buried in this cemetery.

While in Ohio a couple weeks ago, I followed the directions from YNL#7, and easily found the cemetery. With the crops harvested, it is easy to see it up on a rise about 200 yards west of Paris Avenue. The cemetery is maintained routinely but the headstones are deteriorating. Joseph Yoder's headstone is now unreadable.

While there I inquired as to who maintained the cemetery and found the Miller family that lives on the southeast corner of SR 153 and Paris Avenue. Mr. Miller is a cabinet maker. The Millers told me that a friend had a complete listing of the persons buried in the cemetery. At my request, they have mailed me a copy of this list. It is actually a copied record of information on the headstones compiled in 1976.

Since you are, to me, the "keeper of the flame" of Yoder history; I would like to mail this on to you if you do not have it. As mentioned in the article, there are not a lot of Yoders in the cemetery. This listing was prepared about ten years before the Hilles survey noted in YNL#7, it may have more information than could be read by the Hilles' in 1985.

The cemetery is officially under the care of the Beech Mennonite Church located about five miles north of the cemetery on Paris Avenue. I hope to contact the church to provide financial support for maintenance of the cemetery. In addition, the church has published a history I would like to obtain. If I do, I will advise you of any information of interest I discover.

Finally, I just remembered, my wife took pictures of the cemetery and some of the headstones. I'll enclose them along with this note.

Thank you and all others who work with you for your efforts to put together the Yoder Newsletter. Every issue is fastinating to read. I hope my information is of interest to you. Best wishes, Dwight Yoder, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Jan. 2002


   A view from Paris Avenue (?), the main road, up the farm road to the cemetery on top of the hill on the right side of the road. The caretakers planted the trees to protect the cemetery from the plowing of the surrounding fields.
  The Barbara Yoder grave on the left and Joseph Yoder grave on the right with Dwight Yoder in the middle, holding a copy of the Yoder Newsletter hardbound compilation.
  The Barbara Yoder grave on the left and Joseph Yoder grave on the right with NO Dwight Yoder in the middle .

This photo is a shot across the cemetery from the road. Notice the row of small headstones for children. Infant mortality was much higher then than today.
   A view from the road looking toward the main road across the cemetery. The big "Miller" headstone" is prominent in the back middle of the cemetery. The Yoder headstones are to the left and a little closer.
  This shot is a view from the road toward the back corner of the cemetery
   A view from back of the cemetery.The big "Miller" headstone" is prominent at the front of the picture.