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Descendants of YRB Yost Yoder

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YRB- Yost Yoder m ? (maybe the Barbara Yoder who became Christian
Beilers second wife) d c1779-80
+YRB1- Christian b 12/3/1761 P
YRB2- Elizabeth b c1764 P m 3/18/1783 (w2) Jacob Yoder (YR234)
d 6/9/1803 SP
YRB3- ?Barbara b 6/20/1766 P m Christian Plank
d 4/13/1850 MP
YRB4- Isaac b c1768 P m Catherine ______ no issue
9/ /1841 WO
YRB5- ?Mary b 2/13/1771 P m Jacob Plank d 3/28/1830 WO
+YRB6- Peter b 1/9/1773 P
+YRB7- ??Jacob b c1775 P
YRB8- ?Magdalena b c1778 P m John Blank d HO
bur Cem L-31

YRB1- Christian Yoder m Magdalena Yoder (YR252?) (7/9/1761 - )
d MP
+YRB11- John b 12/15/1785 P
YRB12- Barbara b 1/28/1787 P m Abraham Zook d
YRB13- Magdalena b 11/17/1788 P m Joseph Zook d 10/18/1863 MP
YRB14- Nancy b 1/20/1792 P m Samuel King d 3/17/1830 MP
YRB15- Mary b 4/16/1794 P m Jacob King d 4/27/1873 CZ
YRB16- Franie b 11/5/1796 P m David Kauffman d6/7/1861 CO
+YRB17- Christian b 4/2/1799 P
+YRB18- David C b 10/13/1801 MP

YRB11- John Yoder m 3/13/1807 Mary King (4/4/1790 BP- 8/23/1866
WO) d 6/23/1855 WO (Wayne Co.- John Yoder, will dated 1855 -
Will Book 4, #419: wife Mary ; sons Christian, Jacob, John;
dau Magdalena. Residen in Menno Twp., Mifflin Co. PA)
+YRB111- Jacob b 6/23/1812 MP
YRB112- Magdalena b 8/28/1818 MP m Magdalena Plank d 7/18/1900
+YRB113- John K b 1/21/1824 MP
+YRB114- Christian K b 3/2/1829 MP

YRB111- Jacob Yoder m 12/1/1833 Anna Yoder (YR25142) (4/10/1815
MP- 8/9/1887 CZ) d 2/19/1864 St Joe Co, MI Moved MP to JP in
1837, to Mahoning Co in 1854, to St Joe Co, MI in spring 1863
YRB1111- Rachel b 10/10/1834 MP m 1/9/1855 Joseph Hooley
m2 8/10/1875 Abraham Hershberger d d 3/21/1892 St Joe Co,MI
YRB1112- Maria b 6/30/1836 MP m 12/14/1854 Gideon Y Smucker
d 6/3/1925 LO
YRB1113- Menno S b 4/8/1838 P d 6/1/1844 JP
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port Royal
and E. of Spruce Hill-1st row d. 6/1/1844 6y 1m 24d)
YRB1114- Esther b 4/13/1840 JP m (?6/4/1868) (w2) Solomon
Kauffman d 1/9/1908 CZ
+YRB1115- Ezra b 7/2/1841 m Harriet Briscoe (12/13/1848 Parke
Co,IN- 10/6/1902) d 5/18/1893 K
+YRB1116- Gideon J b 4/9/1843 JP m1 Barbara Miller m2 5/1/1891
Fanny (Hunter) Walker (11/10/1849 Mahoning Co, OH- 7/29/1929)
d 8/27/1930 Meridian, Idaho
YRB1117- Elizabeth b 10/14/1845 JP m John S Zook (w2)
d 4/5/1923 EI
+YRB1118- Simon Peter b 8/6/1847 JP m 10/4/1880 Mary Metzler
d 9/22/1926 Warwick Co, VA
YRB1119- Abigail M b 3/12/1849 JP m Christian K Miller
d 6/17/1928
YRB111a- Lydia b 4/15/1851 JP m (w2) Jacob N Yoder (YR162a4)
d 4/3/1930 WO
YRB111b- John C b 5/31/1853 d 2/27/1854
(buried Am.-Menn. Cem. E. of Spruce Hill, on Rte 75 W of Port Royal
and E. of Spruce Hill-1st row John C. d. 2/26/1854 8m 27d)
YRB111c- Anna b 10/31/1854 Mahoning Co, OH m Eli Smucker
d 4/1/1909 SO
YRB111d- Magdalena b 7/26/1857 Mahoning Co, OH m (w2) Jonas
Smucker d 5/1/1936

YRB1115- Ezra Yoder (7/2/1841 JP, Port Royal-5/18/1893 K)
m1 6/25/1867 Harriett Briscoe (12/13/1848 Parke Co,IN-10/6/1902)
m2 Ellen Blakley (12/14/1891 Paola, Miami Co,Ks-
) (King 2-5-1-5,HHH8549, Mabel Brunk Cht) Hillsdale, K
YRB11151- Edith Mae (5/23/1868 Vineland,NJ- ) m 6/14/1917
Gustave Barnes (9/13/1887 France- ) (HHH8550) Res
Covington,KY, Congregational
YRB11152- Anna Josephine (9/28/1870 Fontana,Ks-3/20/1943) m 9/28/1893
James W Weber (5/20/1869 Ia- ) (HHH8551) res Kansas,OK,
Assembly of God
YRB11153- Margaret Louise (9/6/1873 Fontana,Ks- )
m 10/28/1893 Howard M Bennet (1/10/1861-9/6/1934) (HHH8562)
res Covington,Ky, Methodist
YRB11154- Samuel Sankey (7/6/1876 Paola,Ks- ) m 8/11/1902
Oronogo, Mo Birdie Rogers (10/3/1873- ) (HHH8563)
res Los Angeles, Ca, Pentacostal

YRB1116- Gideon J Yoder (4/9/1843 JP-8/27/1930 Meridian,Ida) m1
5/24/1870 Barbara Miller (ML54335) (10/13/1849(1850?) LI-10/6(9?)/1889 CZ)
m2 (h2) Fanny (Hunter) Walker (11/10/1849 XO-7/29/1929) (w1DJH3613,
King 2-5-1-6, HHH8564, DMB, Vernon T Yoder Cht) (NLI80) Mennonite
YRB11161- Joseph H (8/20/1871 Mich-6/6/1927)
YRB11162- Matilda (12/4/1872 Mich-12/17/1926) m 10/27/1895 Simeon D
Yoder (YR17435) (6/18/1858-7/1/1941) (DJH3614) Meridian/Nampa,Ida,
Mennonite (1910- Ada Co, Ida)
YRB11163- Fannie (9/15/1874 Mich-12/17/1938)
YRB11164- Haddassah Dessie (6/19/1876 Mich-11/29/1976 at 100y) m 4/7/1898
Garden City, Mo Franklin H Hostetler (3/22/1875(4)-2/20/1952) (HS55913)
(DJH7505) res. Nampa, Ida, Mennonite
YRB11165- John M (10/11/1878 Mottville,MI-12/25/1967 Wellman,Ia) m
9/20/1908 Cherry Box, MO Nancy Ida Hershey (12/7/1883-8/4/1962 Parnell,Ia)
both buried West Union Cem, Wellman,Ia (DJH3615) Mennonite
YRB11166- Anie Marie (2/21/1882-6/23/1967) m1 1/1/1901 David
Ulysses Kauffman (11/12/1874-6/25/1941) m2 1952 Samuel Honderich
( - )(DJH3616) Boise,Ida, Mennonite
YRB11167- Grace (2/1/1892- ) m 6/29/1916 William Earl Dunn
(2/22/1891 Z- ) Baptist, Kansas City, Mo.

YRB1118- Simon Peter Yoder (8/6/1847 JP-9/22/1926 Denbeigh,Warwick Co,
Va) m 10/4/1880 Mahoning Co,O Mary Metzler (6/28/1850 Mahoning
Co,O-3/17/1931 Denbigh, Va) (HHH8590, King 2-5-1-8, Alta Yoder
Bauman Cht, Mabel V Brunk Cht)
YRB11181- John Harvey (7/11/1881 St Joseph Co,Mi-9/24/1980 Denbigh,Va)
m1 2/18/1905 Denbigh,Va Lydia Irene Hartzlert (5/5/1882-3/4/1941)
m2 Myra Miller Hahn (5/30/1881-6/26/1972) (HHH8144)
res Denbigh,Va, Mennonite
YRB11182- Amanda May (12/9/1883 E Lewistown, Mahoning Co,O-
6/29/1979 Denbigh,Warwick Co,Va) m 11/28/1908 Levi J Shenk
(7/18/1883-2/23/1974) (HHH8591) res Denbigh,Va, Mennonite
YRB11183- Alice Mable (5/7/1886 E Lewistown,O-1/1/1977
Harrisonburg,Va) bur Goshen,I m 5/20/1911 Denbigh,Va
Joseph E Brunk (3/7/1888-7/7/1973)(HHH8595) res Goshen,In,
YRB11184- Ella Elizabeth (3/29/1889 E Lewistown,O-2/28/1904
YRB11185- Homer Allen (12/17/1893 E Lewsitown,O-5/26/1938 Glendale,Ca)
m 9/20/1919 Effie Belle (Fay) Ganger (12/14/1897- 1994)
(HHH8598) res Glendale,Ca, Methodist

YRB113- John K Yoder m1 1/9/1845 Lydia Zook (3/18/1827 MP-
9/20/1887 WO) m2 5/5/1850 Jemima Zook (5/30/1844 WO-
12/27/1930 WO) d 8/1/1906 WO to WO1852 , minister 5/5/1850
Bishop 10/1859 Bishop Oak Grove Church , both bur Oak Grove
Cem, Green twp, WO -same for all children
YRB1131- Christian Z b 11/28/1845 MP m Lydia Smiley
d 12/10/1939 WO Bishop Oak Grove Church
YRB1132- Mary b 8/23/1847 MP m Jacob N Yoder (YR162a4)
d 4/19/1873 WO
YRB1133- David Z b 5/7/1849 MP m 11/16/1871 Smithville, OH
Mary Ann Smiley d 12/4/1929 Sterling, WO

YRB1131- Christian Z Yoder (11/28/1845 MP-12/10/1939 WO) m 10/22/1868
WO Lydia Smiley (SY11) (12/5/1846 EI-1/22/1922) (kin 2-5-3-1,
CZYp69, MFH1745) (GWO70/80) Res. Wooster,O, Amish Mennonite
Bishop Oak Grove Church
+YRB11311- John Smiley (2/5/1870 O-2/5/1959) m 1/21/1896 Sadie
Mae Hartzler (5/3/1872-10/31/1947) (CZYp17/39,HHH2094, Obit) res
Wooster,O, Amish Mennonite, bur Oak Grove Cem
YRB11312- David Amasa (4/3/1872 O- ) m 6/20/1900
Josephine Lutz ( - ) (CZYp17/39) res
Toledo,O (per WO Births David b.4/5/1873)
YRB11313- Rufus Melvin (9/7/1874 O- ) m 1/16/1901 Bertha F
Albrecht (8/17/1878- ) (CZYp17/39) res Lancaster,OH,
Methodist (per WO Births Rufus b. 9/5/1873))
YRB11314- Menno Simon (1/5/1878 O-4/24/1972 Fla) m 7/15/1903 Amanda
Fetzer (7/24/1876- ) (CZYp17/40) Res Barbertown, OH
YRB11315- Ora Christian (3/2/1880 O- ) m 9/15/1910 Sadie
Albrecht ( - ) (CZYp17/40) res Peru,IL
(per WO Births Ora b. 3/21/1880,per King b. 9/2/1880)
YRB11316- Mary Emma (10/26/1882-2/16/1933) (CZYp7/33)
YRB11317- Joseph Daniel (1/14/1886-7/_/1982 res NY (SSN)) m 6/16/1914 Lesee
Blosser (9/3/1885- ) (CZYp18/40) res Larchmont,NY
(per WO Births Joseph b. 1/16/1886)
YRB11318- Ira DeWitt (8/9/1888 Wooster,O- 1953 bur. Oak Grove Cem )

YRB11311- John Smiley Yoder (2/5/1870 O-2/5/1959 Wooster,O ) m 1/21/1896
Sadie Mae Hartzler (5/3/1872-10/31/1947) (CZYp17/39,HHH2094, Obit, MFH
1746) res Wooster,O, Amish Mennonite. Both bur. Oak Grove Menn. Cem,WO
YRB113111- Howard Christian (10/8/1987 Wooster,WO-10/31/1983) m.
10/7/1925 Ethel Good (4/25/1903-6/20/1992) res. Wooster, O Mennonite
(HHH2695,CZY330) (per WO Births Howard b. 10/7/1897)
YRB113112- Mary Ethel (8/8/1899 Wooster,O-1/24/1973) m. 10/7/1931 Cloy
M. Miller (1/28/1901- ) res. Barbertown,O Mennonite (HHH2696, CZY331)
YRB113113- Ruth Viola (1/5/1902 Wooster,O-9/9/1971) m. 10/7/1931
w1 Lester L. Litwiller (4/23/1904-2/11/1988) res. Morton,Il Mennonite
YRB113114- Martha Veronica (7/14/1908 WO- ) single
res. Wooster,O (CZY333) res. At Greencroft, Goshen,I as of 1997

YRB1133- David Z Yoder (5/7/1849 MP-12/4/1929 WO, Sterling)
m 11/16/1871 Mary Ann Smiley (SY12) (12/2/1850 I,Goshen-
12/9/1916 Sterling,O)(CZYp69, King 2-5-3-3, MFH1751, CE Yoder
Papers, Richard D Yoder Cht, David M Krabill Cht) (GWO80)
Minister Oak Grove Church, both bur. Oak Grove Menn Cem.
YRB11331- Emma (12/3/1872 O- ) m 2/12/1899 Amos J
Burkholder (1/3/1865-5/2/1925) (MFH1752) Smithville, O
YRB11332- John M (11/14/1874 WO-11/2/1889 Sterling,O)
YRB11333- Lydia (12/1(3)/1877-8/7/1964 Orrville,O) m 2/13/1900 Amos E Yoder
(YR251114) (7/11/1871-9/21/1968) (MFH1753, Obit) res Canton, O
bur. Oak Grove cem (per WO Births Lydia b. 12/3/1877)
YRB11334- Daniel Smiley (12/25/1879 WO Smithville-12/7/1963 Wooster,O)
m 6/26/1906 Jessie Eleanor Fetzer (12/2/1882-6/8/1971) (MFH1754)
res. Wooster,O bur. Oak Grove cem
YRB11335- Mary Ann (3/28/1882-2/12/1954 71y10m14d) m 2/1/1912 Simon P Zook
(2/9/1872-7/11/1934) res Sterling,O
YRB11336- Amanda (4/24/1884-5/26/1928) m 3/2/1911 Myron Klopfensetin
(4/6/1882- ) res Wooster,O, Brethren Church
YRB11337- Elizabeth (11/1/1886 WO Smithville-7/14/1952 WO Smithville)
m 11/6/1909 Ray Krabill (2/20/1879-2/23/1968) (MFH1755)
res Sterling,O
YRB11338- David Milton (2/17/1888- 11/_/1970 res Oh (SSN)) m 6/21/1924 Rhea Fetzer
(4/9/1895- ) res Barberton, O, Lutheran, to Sandusky
YRB11339- Alfred Floyd (3/4/1891- ) m 6/2/1914 Mary Julia
Gilbert (3/21/1892- ) res Sandusky,O, Lutheran
YRB1133a- Beulah Rebecca (7/4/1894 WO-6/2/1895)

YRB114- Christian K Yoder m1 Catherine Plank (10/13/1830 MP-
8/16/1895 LO) m2 12/21/1897 Sarah (Zook) Smucker (h2)
ni (11/4/1840 WO- 1/31/1922) (both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
+YRB1141- Levi K b 3/20/1851 MP m Veronica Hartzler
d 10/2/1935 LO (buried S. Union Cem, LO)
+YRB1142- Isaac P b 3/13/1853 MP m Magdalena Kauffman
d 4/10/1923 LO (buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB1143- John P b 5/2/1855 WO d 12/12 or 13/1862 WO
age 6y 7m 9d bur. Plank cem, WWO
YRB1144- Malinda J b 6/13/1857 WO m John J King d 9/4/1921 LO
+YRB1145- Samuel P b 3/17/1859 WO m Emma N Stutzman
(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB1146- Nancy Ann b 10/24/1861 WO m (w2) Amos Y Hartzler
d 4/24/1949 WO no issue
YRB1147- Mary Emma b 2/24/1864 WO m John E Zook
+YRB1148- Amos Israel b 1/25/1866 WO m Salome A Yoder
(YRB17131) d 11/27/1932 LO (buried S. Union Cem, LO)
+YRB1149- Christian E b 2/19/1868 WO m1 Viola Emery m2 Vira
Marshall d 2/21/1924
YRB114a- Catherine B b 4/27/1870 m Rudolph B Yoder (YR2341242)
+YRB114b- Menno S b 11/28/1873 LO m Catherune Fett

YRB1141- Levi K Yoder (3/20/1851 MP-10/2/1935 LO) m 12/24/1876
Fannie Z Hertzler (HZ13227) (7/14/1853 Bellesville,Pa- 12/6/1932)
(HHH4124,King 2-5-4-1) (HCO80) Amish Mennonite
YRB11411- Elsie E (1/5/1878 O- ) m 12/31/1899 Elba L King
(11/20/1879- ) (HHH4125) res Bellefontaine,O
YRB11412- Anna M (3/29/1880 O- 2/1/1938) (buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11413- John I (1/14/1883- 1962) m 12/19/1907 Anna Katherine
Yoder (YR1462b3-) (1/11/1882- 1960) (HHH4129) res W Liberty,O
(both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11414- Addie F (2/1/1891- ) m 2/5/1916 Jospeh L Plank
(11/7/1889- ) (HHH4135) res W Liberty,O, Mennonite

YRB1142- Isaac P Yoder (3/13/1853 P-4/10/1923 LO) m 1/29/1878 Martha
B Kauffman (KF111524) (8/27/1857 O-3/11/1939) (MFH1346,King
2-5-4-2, Gen Rec John Yoder,etc al,HHH3356) (LO80) Res West Liberty,OH
Mennonite (both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11421- Milton J (1/5/1879 O- ) m 4/29/1907 Gertrude
Trivner ( - ) (HHH3357) Mennonite
YRB11422- Katherine B (7/18/1880- 1973 West Liberty ) single
(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11423- Alta F (10/19/1882- ) m1 12/26/1916 Elmer Hilty
( - ) m2 Danny Stevenson (HHH358)
res Groveport, OH
YRB11424- Lewis F (5/6/1884- ) m 11/26/1910 Alpha Edna
Groves (10/11/1888- ) res West Liberty, Methodist, Nampa,Ida
(1910- Canyon Co., Ida)
YRB11425- John H (10/9/1885- ) m 12/4/1910 Bena
Kauffman ( - ) Florida
YRB11426- Fred J (11/17/1887- ) m 3/21/1918 Una T Dodd
(12/19/1884- ) Dayton,OH
YRB11427- Elmer C (1/21/1889- 1935) m Katie Yoder
(1/22/1896-8/18/1928) (YR2399462 or YR1461262) West Liberty, O
(both buried W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB11428- Ellen E (1/21/1889- 1974) res Philadelphia, Pa, single
(buried W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB11429- Clara A (1/5/1890- ) m Olive King
YRB1142a- Aquilla K (12/18/1893- ) m 7/9/1919 Mae Stoner
( - ) Groveport,O
YRB1142b- Mary E (2/13/1895- ) m 12/15/1917 Ernest Hilty
( - ) West Liberty, O
YRB1142c- Mark Carl (10/24/1896- ) m 11/6/1917 Lucile
Hulsizer (1/26/1900- ) res Powell, O, Presbyterian
(both buried W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB1145- Samuel P. Yoder (3/17/1859 WO-3/11/1939 West Liberty,O)
m 2/5/1884 Huntsville, LO Emma N Stutzman (10/13/1860 Smithville,O-1937)
Mennonite (DBH15062, 1900-LO-Union Twp, Genealogical Records by CZ
Yoder)(both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11451- Oak Vernon (12/12/1884 West Liberty,O -6/9/1918 West Liberty,O
m 12/17/1907 Eldora Allgier (9/24/1885- 1967) Mennonite (DBH15063)
(both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11452- Iva Grace (7/20/1886 West Liberty, O-12/29/1960) m1 2/12/1908
Jacob G. Yoder (YRB18162) (12/12/1887-1887-10/17/1911) m2. 2/14/1924
J Arch Yoder (1/5/1889-7/19/1959) res. Belleville,O Mennonite (DBH15064)
(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11453- Arthur Melvin (2/6/1888-6/27/1899)(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11454- Florence Belle (11/18/1890-10/30/1891)(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11455- Floyd Robert (5/8/1892 West Liberty,O-10/9/1966)
m 10/31/1916 West Liberty,O Kathryn B. Plank (2/12/1892-10/21/1959)
res. West Liberty,O Mennonite (DBH15066)(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11456- Effie Mae (10/17/1893 West Liberty,O-9/2/1922 West Liberty,O)
m 12/20/1914 J Arch Yoder (1/5/1889-7/19/1959) Mennonite (DBH15067)
(both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11457- Katie (Kathryn Ellen) (12/9/1894 at home-3/12/1939-less than 24
hrs after her father died- joint services held)(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11458- Gertrude Nancy (4/28/1899 West Liberty,O-5/20/1985) m. 2/17/1920
Joseph S. Plank (1/22/1898-10/2/1970) res. West Liberty,O Mennonite
YRB11459- Dorothy Frances (12/26/1902 West Liberty,O-3/31/1988)
m. 6/5/1927 Ira Thutt (10/8/1902-9/17/1990) res. West Liberty,O Mennonite

YRB1148- Amos Israel Yoder (1/25/1866 WO-11/27/1932 LO) m 12/3/1899
Salome A Yoder (YRB17131) (12/28/1877 Sturgis,Mi-1963) res. West Liberty,O
Bishop Mennonite (HHH4473,1910-Randall Co,TX, 1900-WJ, Gen. Records by
CZ Yoder) (both buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11481- Ruth Edna (10/8/1900 Kalona,Ia- ) m. 6/30/1925 Thomas B.
Yoder (9/14/1894-6/_/1965 res Pa (SSN)) res. Mill Creek,Pa Mennonite
YRB11482- Mary Emma (9/9/1902 Kalona,Ia-8/22/1988) m1. 6/29/1930
Newton G. Yoder (7/24/1904-8/10/1968) m2. 11/24/1973 Homer Hostetler
(11/11/1896-3/27/1977) res. West Liberty,O Mennonite (HHH4475)
(both bur. Yoder Cem, Monroe Twp, LO)
YRB11483- Esther Malinda (10/7/1905 Kalona,Ia-4/28/1972 Akron,Pa)
m 12/25/1936 Abraham P. Hallman (12/8/1905- ) res. Akron, Pa Mennonite
YRB11484- Elsie Matilda (10/7/1905 Kalona,Ia-1985) m. 6/7/1931 J. Milton
Brunk (11/14/1904-10/11/1990) res. Frederick, Md Mennonite (HHH4477)
YRB11485- Mark Truman (10/7/1907 Ia-1/2/1929 Gibsonville,Il)
(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11486- Estella Margaret (10/6/1909 Happy,Tx (per 1910 census b. Ia)-
) m. 6/20/1933 Melvin C. Schrock (3/13/1908-5/7/1979) res. Lacon,Il
Mennonite (HHH4478)
YRB11487- Sanford Amos (Sanford C per CZY) (7/1/1912 West Liberty,O-
2/9/1916) m. 10/29/1939 Shirley Cooper (4/22/1917- ) res. Goshen,I
YRB11488- Jason Elwood (2/24/1915 West Liberty,O-2/9/1916)
(buried S. Union Cem, LO)
YRB11489- Lois Pauline (3/28/1918 West Liberty,O-8//30/1994) m. 10/20/1973
w2 Abram P. Hallman (12/8/1905- )

YRB1149- Christian Elmer Yoder (2/19/1868 WO-2/21/1924) m1 1/4/1893
Viola Emery (c1875-3/17/1905) m2 1906 Vira Marshall ( - )
res Toledo,O (1900-LO-Lake Twp, ULO80, Gen Rec by CZ Yoder)
YRB11491- Bertha Marie (1894- ) m. Duane Bundy
YRB11492- Gladys Melissa (2/23/1898- )
YRB11493- Wilson Emery (8/30/1900- ) m. Vera Marshall
YRB11494- Ellen Catherine (9/20/1907- )
YRB11495- Edgar Marshall (9/19/1908- )

YRB114b- Menno S. Yoder (11/28/1873 LO-11/29/1942) m 12/16/1896
Sarah Kathryn (Catherune) Fett (5/15/1875 LO-1/3/1963) res. West Liberty,O
Am.Menn. (MFH1338, 1900-LO-Liberty Twp) (both bur. West Liberty cem, LO)
YRB114b1- Forrest Fett (9/6/1900-1/311970) m. 1923 Oduli Kohli (2/7/1902- )
YRB114b2- J. Orden (9/21/1906-3/15/1908) (bur. West Liberty cem, LO)
YRB114b3- Dr. Lee Winfield (Winfred) (1/22/1912- ) m. 1936
Virginia Martin (1/28/1916- ) res. Wabash,I
YRB114b4- Christine (12/15/1916- ) m. 1937 Carl (Karl) Massanari
(5/20/1915- ) Mahomet,Ill to Greencroft, Goshen,I

YRB17- Christian Yoder m Veronica Kauffman (8/17/1800 P-3/20/1868
CO) d 3/14/1872 CO
+YRB171- Levi b 12/27/1820 MP
YRB172- David b 2/3/1822 MP d 9/ /1829 MP
+YRB173- John C b 8/14/1824 MP
YRB174- Solomon b 2/27/1826 MP single d 8/31/1852 CO
YRB175- Christian b 10/9/1827 MP ?single d 4/2/1868
YRB176- Anna b 7/3/1829 MP m Jonathan Peachy d 9/18/1888 MP
YRB177- Magdalena b 2/23/1831 MP d 7/30/1845 MP
+YRB178- Samuel K b 9/26/1833 MP m1 1/17/1856 Sarah Troyer
m2 7/13/1873 LI Barbara Yoder (YR234457) d 5/20/1914
YRB179- Jonathan (MP 9/3/1835-6/22/1886 MP) m Malinda
Shearer (2/21/1844-2/11/1904 MP) VMP80
YRB17a- Joel K b 4/5/1837 MP single d 3/12/1872 CO
YRB17b- Lydia b 4/18/1839 d 5/29/1849 MP
YRB17c- Veronica b 4/24/1841 MP m (w1) Solomon L Byler
d 7/22/1870 LO
YRB17d- Sarah b 4/24/1841 MP m (w1) Levi Z Lantz
d 3/14/1892 CO no issue

YRB171- Levi Yoder m 3/30/1843 (h1) Anna Detweiler (2/7/1823 HP-
2/3/1889 LO) d 4/25/1853 LO
YRB1711- Martha E b 2/18/1844 HP m Jonathan B Hartzler
d 4/14/1913 LO
+YRB1712- Jonathan D b 10/14/1845 HP m1 Sarah A Lantz
m2 1/11/1881 CO Malinda Kauffman d 1/13/1917 LO
+YRB1713- Jacob B b 2/12/1848 HP m Malinda Warye
d 7/31/1934 WJ
+YRB1714- Eli D b 6/21/1850 LO m 10/6/1881 LI Elizabeth
Stuckey m2 Sarah Hooley d 7/28/1927
+YRB1715- Levi D b 11/3/1852 LO m Rebecca J Hartzler
d 7/31/1929 CO

YRB1712- Jonathan D. Yoder (10/14/1845 HP-1/13/1917 LO)(Jonathan was
brought up by relatives) m1 10/19/1869 Sarah A Lantz (9/4/1848-2/19/1875)
(two children died in infancy) m2 1/11/1881 CO Malinda Kauffman (5/8/1853
LO-8/3/1935) res. West Liberty, O Mennonite (HHH4470, KCLp666, SCO70,
YRB17121- Christian A. (6/21/1886-12/15/1890)
YRB17122- Allie Mae (7/20/1890 W. Liberty,O-2/26/1971) m 7/28/1929
w2 J Oliver Yoder (8/19/1872-10/_/1955) res. West Liberty,O Mennonite

YRB1713- Jacob B Yoder (2/12/1848 HP Allensville- 7/31/1934 WJ)
m 11/21/1876 Malinda Warye (WY671-) (8/15/1856 W Liberty,O-
10/1/1950 WJ) (HHH4472) (GLI80) res Kalona,Ia, Mennonite
(update on dates from Rebecca Bare, 3/3/2003)
YRB17131- Saloma (12/28/1877 Sturgis,Mi-6/18/1963) m 12/3(31)/1899
Amos I Yoder (YRB1148) (1/25/1866-11/27/1932 LO) (HHH4473)
res W Liberty, O, Mennonite
YRB17132- Mary E (9/23/1879 Sturgis,Mi-5/10/1968 Kalona,Ia) m 12/14/1899
Chauncey Hershberger (5/26/1875 EI-5/6/1965)(HHH4480)
res Kalona,Ia, Mennonite
YRB17133- Nannie Delilah (3/24/1882-1/12/1968) m 9/17/1905
Amos J Gingerich (7/21/1880-12/23/1962)(HHH4484) res
Parnell, Ia, Mennonite
YRB17134- Emma (5/24/1884 Sturgis,Mi-6/15/1980 Kalona, Ia) m 12/25/1907
Jacob P Miller (9/30/1880-8/25/1974 Kalona, Ia) (HHH4493) res Kalona,Ia
Mennonite (death dates from Rebecca Bare, great granddaughter, 3/2003)
YRB17135- Clara (9/27/1889-4/6/1984 Kalona, Ia) res Kalona,Ia- single
(?WJ shows Clara Malinda d. 4/6/1984)
YRB17136- Christian A (2/22/1892 Kalona,Ia-8/12/1997 Kalona,Ia) m 6/1/1916
Barbara A Troyer (8/14/1894-1/19/1992)(HHH4498) res Kalona,Ia
YRB17137- Oliver J (4/4/1894 Kalona,Ia-4/3/1978) m 11/25/1919
Ella Nofsinger (11/6/1895-1/6/1958) m2. 9/2/1959 Sadie Dellenbach
(5/22/1896-3/12/1991)(HHH4504) res Washington,Il, Mennonite
YRB17138- Truman T (3/10/1896-9/13/1966 WJ) m 2/14/1924
Sadie Knepp (6/5/1901-3/23/1982 WJ)(HHH4505, WJ Death Records)
res Kalona,Ia Mennonite

YRB1714- Eli D Yoder (6/21/1850 LO-7/28/1927) m1 1/24/1875
Elizabeth Stuckey (5/23/1854 LI-2/16/1880 LI) m2 10/6/1881
Sarah Hooley (HL137223-)(12/23/1862-10/15/1945) (MFH1900,HHH4506)
(GLI80) Res Topeka, IN
YRB17141- Milo Christian (2/16/1876 I-7/18/1930) m 10/31/1907
Lena Siegenthaler (7/30/1880-9/27/1942) (HHH4507) res Elkhart,I
YRB17142- Carrie Mae (8/10/1882 Sturgis,Mi-8/23/1960) m 7/11/1906
Christian B Blosser (8/9/1880-7/1/1940) (MFH1901,HHH4509)
res Goshen, Mennonite
YRB17143- Mabelle Nancy (Mabel Nancy) (4/16/1884 Howe,I- )
m 9/13/1909 Menno H. Hostetler (HS1866-) (3/10/1882-4/10/1932)
(MFH1902,HHH4513) res Wichita,Ks, Mennonite
YRB17144- Charles David (10/1/1885 LI- ) m 3/28/1916 EI
Arvilla Garber (6/2/1888- ) (HHH4516) Res Anaheim,Ca
YRB17145- Mary Etta (7/6/1887 Sturgis,Mi-7/8/1981) m 12/9/1920
Manuel D Shertz (12/30/1881Washington,Il-11/19/1970 Goshen,I)
(HHH4518) res Washington,Il, Mennonite
YRB17146- Walter Eli (1/8/1889 Howe,I-10/30/1964) m 11/1/1917
Matilda Mae Schertz (12/29/1895-7/18/1987) (HHH4521)
res Goshen,I, Mennonite
YRB17147- Sadie Elizabeth (8/19/1890 Howe,I-7/6/1960) m 5/5/1922(3?)
Frank Williamson (8/14/1889- )(HHH4523) res
Chicago,Il, Moody Memorial
YRB17148- Martha Gladys (1/26/1893- ) single res Coldwater,Mi
YRB17149- Dana DeWitt (3/14/1895 Topeka,I-11/__/1935) m
Annabel English ( - ) (HHH4525) res
YRB1714a- Dannie Clemens (Daniel Clemens) (11/29/1897-12/9/1899)
YRB1714b- Gola Helen (11/19/1900 Topeka,I- ) m 3/1/1924
James S Duffus (6/30/1901- ) (HHH4526)
res Milwaukie,Wi, Presbyterian
YRB1714c- Franc Louise (5/5/1905 Ligonier,I- ) m 7/6/1927
Paul F Gray(?Gay) (8/19/1905- ) (HHH4528) res Coldwater,Mi

YRB1715- Levi D Yoder (11/3/1852 LO West Liberty-7/31/1929 CO)
m 1/16/1877 Rebecca J Hartzler (HZ11583) (10/1/1855 LO West
Liberty- 6/5/1937) (HHH2330,HHH4469) (SCO80) res Urbana,O
Church of God
YRB17151- Nannie E (7/17/1879 West Liberty- ) m 8/30/1900 R
J Heberling (1/7/1879- ) (HHH2331) Res of Helena,OH,
Church of God
YRB17152- Harvey S (7/28/1882 Bellefontaine,OH-7/31/1916)
m 5/1/1907 Mary Warner (6/18/1884- ) (HHH2337) res
Marysville,OH, Methodist
YRB17153- Eli B (6/15/1884 Bellefontaine,OH- ) m 6/24/1916
M. Corinne Foltzenlogel (9/7/1881-1/2/1949) (HHH2339) res
Indianapolis,IN, Protestant
YRB17154- Rudolph Hartzler (7/18/1888 Bellefontaine,OH- )
m 3/23/1915 Normal V Harden (7/24/1893- ) (HHH2340) res
YRB17155- Bessie M (4/1/1891 Bellefonatine,OH- )
m 9/1/1913 Arthur Henry Coates (2/8/1891- ) (HHH2342)
Res Phonton,OH, Church od God
YRB17156- Emma B (6/15/1894 Huntsville,O- ) m 12/22/1917
Fred M Bates (1/29/1898-4/12/1930) (HHH2345) res Los Angeles,Ca
YRB17157- Roy ( -died young)
YRB17158- Laura ( -died young)
YRB17159- Lydia Anne ( -died young)
YRB1715a- Dora Mae ( -died young)

YRB173- John C Yoder m Lydia Hartzler (2/28/1827 MP- )
d 10/20/1876 CO
+YRB1731- Christian H b 11/11/1847 MP m Juliana Plank
d 1942 Alexandria, Licking Co, OH bur Maple Grove Cem
+YRB1732- Rufus A b 4/3/1849 CO m Erie Etta Byler
d 1/22/1896
+YRB1733- Jacob A b 2/25/1851 CO m Veronica Hooley
YRB1734- John M (4/5/1853 CO-1931) Elizabeth A Yoder (YRB1815)
(1856-1933) ni (Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
+YRB1735- David L b 12/22/1855 CO m (w1) Anna Yoder (YRB1854)
d 8/12/1935
YRB1736- Anna b 9/6/1858 CO m (w1) David K Hartzler
d 4/2/1892 CO
YRB1737- Veronica L b 11/4/1860 CO m David F Michael
d 12/27/1926 no issue
YRB1738- Mary M b 2/12/1863 CO m 9/22/1885 ML Joseph J Clark
YRB1739- Selina b 10/24/1866 CO single d 11/30/1882 CO

YRB1731- Christian H Yoder (11/11/1847 MP- 1942) m 2/7/1871
Juliana (Anna) Plank (PK4287) (11/25/1847 LO-4/14/1925)
(HHH563,4585,HHH1379) (SCO80) res Alexander,OH, (went to Omaja,
Cuba in 1908) Presbyterian
YRB17311- Ella E (11/21/1871 Urbana,OH- ) m
William E Carroll (8/1/1938- ) (HHH564) res Alexander,OH,
YRB17312- Samuel J (12/1/1873 W Liberty,OH-4/20/1936) m 4/10/1901
Daisy Blosser ( - ) (HHH565,MFH1380)
res Lakeland,FL, Presbyterian
YRB17313- Salome (10/11/1875-11/28/1875)
YRB17314- David C (10/2/1877 Bellefontaine,OH- )
m Nadine (Agnes) Hall ( - )
(HHH571) res Keokuk,Ia, Christian Science
YRB17315- Dwight W (7/10/1886- ) m 4/__/1933 Robin Barror
( - ) (HHH572) res Alexandria,OH

YRB1732- Rufus A Yoder (4/3/1849 CO-1/22/1896 consumption )
m 3/6/1879 Allensvile,Pa Eri Etta Byler (BY35732)(9/10/1851
Belleville,Pa-3/26/1938) (HHH2867/4885) (SCO80) res Goshen,IN,
YRB17321- Mary M (2/2/1880 West Liberty,OH-9/7/1957 EI)
m 4/18/1900 Jacob Burkhard (10/11/1873- 9/28/1906 India,
Missionary) (HHH2868)
YRB17322- Anna Elizabeth (5/8/1884-6/5/1975 EI) res Goshen,teacher
YRB17323- Kathryn Celesta (2/23/1889-2/12/1908)

YRB1733- Jacob A Yoder (2/25/1851 CO- 1917) m 1/15/1878 CO
Fannie Hooley (HL13b26)(5/28/1855 CO- 1925)(HHH4586,
MFH1308-2,MFH1384) (SCO80) Res West Liberty,OH, Church of God
(both bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB17331- Loretto (3/14/1879-9/30/1879 cholera age 6y 16d)
(bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB17332- Sherman (John S) (3/45/1880 O-10/22/1926) single
(bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB17333- Martha Alice (9/23/1883-9/3/1886 diptheria age 2y 11m 11d)
(bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB17334- Dora Belle (12/29/1885-9/25/1886 age 8m 2d)
(bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB17335- Burleigh (1/23/1888- )
YRB17336- Mark Harold (1/5/1900-8/7/1901)
(bur. West Liberty Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)

YRB1735- David L. Yoder (12/22/1855 CO- 8/12/1935) m 2/16/1888 (w1)
Anna (Nancy) Yoder (YRB1853) (4/27/1864 O- ) res Springfield,O
Church of God (SC080, 1900-LO-Liberty, HHH4588)
YRB17351- Ellen (11/28/1889-6/5/1918) m. 10/_/1910 Vernon Wingert
( - ) res. Springfield,O Church of God (HHH4589)
YRB17352- William M. (8/21/1890-3/20/1991 (SSN)) m1. 11/30/1910
Leta Mae Todd (5/14/1888-11/30/1937) m2.1/1/1938 Mrs. Anna Baker
( - ) res. Springfield, O Church of God (HHH4591)
YRB17353- Marion H. (10/10/1895-12/_/1981 res. Oh (SSN)) single
landscaping and cement work.

YRB178- Samuel K Yoder (9/26/1833 MP-5/20/1914) m1 1/17/1856 HO
Sarah Troyer (TYb34) (4/29/1835 O-6/16/1872 LI) m2 7/13/1873 LI
Barbara Yoder (YR234457) (8/20/1852 LI Middlebury-7/24/1946HK)
(DJH3768,David l Yoder cht, Peggy Cunningham Cht, Vernon Eli Yoder
cht, Wilbur Yoder cht) (SCO60,GLI70/80) (lived at Pretty Prairie,I near the
Michigan line-dates copied from their family records by Rachel Kreider)
YRB1781- Salina (1/20/1857-5/13/1892) m 3/21/1875 LI Levi C
Mast (3/25/1853- ) (HHH2624,MFH1707)
+YRB1782- Menno Samuel (9/19/1858 CO-4/30/1930 Anderson,Madison Co, IN)
m 2/19/1882 Susie Plank (8/22/1862 EI-2/27/1938 Madison Co,IN)
YRB1783- Elizabeth (9/9/1860 O- 1893) m Samuel L Yoder (YR253914)
YRB1784- Christopher (6/30/1863 Mi-12/3/1904 (another source said 2/4/1920))
m (h1) 10/10/1892 Fidilia Adelia Kelly (9/18/1870- )
moved to Colorado
YRB1785- Fannie (10/16/1865 I-4/4/1908) m 11/__/1886 Jacob K Detweiler
(11/26/1862-4/3/1935) West Liberty, O
YRB1786- Samuel I (6/4/1868 Mi-9/__/1937) died single in Florida
YRB1787- Sarah A. (2/24/1872- 9/8/1872)
YRB1788- Charley (7/18/1874-7/25/1874)
YRB1789- John W (6/17/1875-4/22/1877)
YRB178a- Levi (6/6/1877 I-10/19/1881)
YRB178b- Delos F (5/25/1879 Lima,IN-9/30/1974 Harper,K) m 10/30/1902
Garden City,MO Sadie R Plank (11/11/1881-9/29/1946) (DJH3769) res
Harper, KS, Mennonite
YRB178b- Joseph E (7/19/1881-3/18/1887)
YRB178c- Amanda (7/3/1884-3/7/1976) m 1/4/1903 Garden City, MO
Levi Kropf (9/2/1881-6/26/1975) (DJH7738) res. Pryor,OK, Amish
moved to Tampico,Il
YRB178d- Eli Thomas (9/29/1885 Cass Co,MO-9/14/1972 Hesston.Ks)
m1 10/12/1912 Ella Oesch (7/29/1885- 1918) m2 6/__/1920
Harper,KS Ida Plank (12/3/1887-9/24/1973)
YRB178e- Mary (7/2/1887-8/29/1887)
YRB178f- Andrew (7/2/1887-9/25/1887)
YRB178g- Ida May (12/18/1893-5/11/1982) m 2/4/1915 Joseph Gerba
(1/9/1888- 1945)

YRB1782- Menno Samuel Yoder (9/19/1858 CO-4/30/1930 Anderson,Madison
Co, IN) m 2/19/1882 Susie Plank (8/22/1862 EI-2/27/1938 Anderson, Madison
Co,IN) (Peggy Cunningham Cht '87) (See YNL April 88 for photo)
YRB17821- Christopher Roland (4/14/1883- ) m. 7/28/1909 Lillian Emery
(9/11/1888- )
YRB17822- Mary Beulah (2/4/1885-11/23/1920) m. 6/2/1910 Raymond Mills
(2/19/1877- )
YRB17823- Samuel Lloyd (1/17/1888-8/27/1965) m. 8/20/1913 Alta Mae
Huneryager (9/11/1893-1/17/1984) Methodist Minister, Goshen, I
YRB17824- Marion T. (3/3/1890-10/14/1963) m. 12/9/1915 Bernice Yoder
(5/21/1897-10/8/1982) realtor, Goshen,I Mennonite
YRB17825- Florence Luella (5/19/1892- ) m. 1/10/1915 Floyd E. Ludwig
(12/3/1887- )
YRB17826- Raymond S. (12/4/1893-6/20/1980) m. 5/26/1918 Florence Allison
(9/18/1896-4/19/1979) Goshen,I Methodist
YRB17827- Frank (12/31/1895-1/18/1857) m Grace Setter (3/11/1900- )
YRB17828- Clarence B. (7/21/1898 LI-12/11/1976 Tex) m. 7/10/1920 LI
Beulah Pauline Stahley (9/22/1900- ) Anderson,I Presbyterian to Tx c1970
YRB17829- Hilda Marie (2/8/1904- ) m. 2/17/1924 Earl Eggman
(9/2/1895- )

YRB18- David C Yoder (10/13/1801 MP-2/28/1870 LO (per cem-2/11/1849)
"killed by a runaway team" m Magdalena Hooley (1/16/1803 Brown Twp
MP-7/1/1870 (per cem-6/30/1870) West Liberty,LO) , moved to LO 1845
(both bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
+YRB181- John B b 1/14/1822 HP
YRB182- Jonathan b c1824 HP died Knox Co, TN
YRB183- Lydia b 10/9/1826 HP m 1847 Joshua Kauffman
d 5/2/1870 LO
YRB184- Magdalena b c1828 HP d by 1835 HP
+YRB185- David D b 6/12/1830 HP m1 11/10/1854 Elizabeth Yoder
(YR14648) m2 9/2/1894 Elizabeth Plank d c1922
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
+YRB186- Jonas C b 7/25/1833 HP m 2/ /1858 LO Veronica Kenagy
d 10/1/1911 Liberty Twp,LO moved to Mich 1863 then LI,1873 to LO
bur Alexandria Cem, W Liberty, OH
YRB187- Martha Ellen b 12/22/1835 HP m 11/22/1855 Joseph
Hartzler d 6/21/1882 LO age 46y 7m 9d
+YRB188- Eli b 3/27/1838 HP m 11/14/18__ Lydia Yoder (YR146114)
d 2/16/1888 (per Cem-2/16/1888) LO (bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB189- Mary Ellen b 9/19/1840 HP m 2/11/1864 Solomon B
Kenegy d 3/16/1886 Bond Co, IL
YRB18a- Jacob b 4/4/1843 HP single d 9/10/1863 age 20y 5m 6d
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)

YRB181- John B Yoder (1/14/1822 HP-5/22/1873 LO age 51y 4m 7d)
m Barbara Yoder(YR14614)(9/2/1820 HP-8/2/1899 LO)
(both bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB1811- Nancy b 1/10/1844 m John F Fett
+YRB1812- David B (1847 LO-8/31/1852 age 5y 1m 2d LO)
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB1813- Martha (1850- 9/8/1852 age 3y 1d LO )
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB1814- John K (9/20/1853 LO-1930) single
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB1815- Elizabeth A (12/3/1855 LO-1893) m John M Yoder (YRB1734)
no issue (bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
+YRB1816- Amos M (4/1/1849 Farmerstown, Pa-1923 ) m 1/8/1884 LO
Sarah "Sadie" E Yoder (YR253435) (10/28/1857 P-1926)
(both bur West Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB1816- Amos M Yoder (4/1/1849 Farmerstown, Pa-11/6/1923 Grant
Hospital, Columbus, Oh) m 1/8/1884 LO
Sarah "Sadie" E Yoder (YR253435) (10/28/1857 P-1926)
(both bur West Liberty Cem, LO) (DJH6930, Iona Y Martin Cht-'86,
LO-1900-Liberty Twp)
YRB18161- John Roy (11/3/1884 West Liberty,O-4/20/1962 Bellefontaine,
Pa) m. 11/3/1912 Rebecca Leah Headings (4/25/1890-8/18/1960)
(Iona Martin data)
YRB18162- Jacob G. (1887-1911) m. Iva G. ____ (1886-1960)
(both bur. S. Union Cem, Liberty Twp, Pa)
YRB18163- Lena B. (c1896 O- )
YRB18164- Paul D. (1899-1955) m. Anna E. Yoder (1900-1970)
(bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB185- David D Yoder (6/12/1830 HP- c1922) m1 11/10/1854
Elizabeth Yoder (YR14648) (1/8/1835 P- 5/14/1892 ) m2 9/2/1894
Mrs Lizzie (Wilhelm) Plank (12/19/1852 Monroe Co, Mi-
2/15/1945 LO) ni (all bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
(MFH1341,MFH1347, Chuck Carey Data-11/97)
(LLO80,LO1900) res West Liberty, OH
YRB1851- Malinda ( c1858 O-10/11/1860)
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
+YRB1852- Uriel (3/27/1862 O-1956) m 1/27/1887 Lydia Lantz
(6/4/1862-1924) (MFH1348) res LO West Liberty
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB1853- Nancy (4/27/1864 O- ) m 2/16/1888 David L
Yoder (12/25/1855- ) (YR________) res Springfield,OH
+YRB1854- David Carl (6/__/1869 O- ) m 8/7/1895 Etta Johnston
(4/6/1870- ) (MFH1349) res Mt Victory,OH
+YRB1855- Rudolph (3/31/1872 O- <1945) m 10/21/1895 Ethel Haux
( - ) (MFH1350) res Springfield,OH
YRB185-- John ( -5/12/1857 age 1y 7m 23d)
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB185-- Andrew ( -9/20/1875 age 7m 22d)
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB185-- son ( -2/4/1868 age 3d)
(bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)

YRB1852- Uriel Yoder (3/27/1862 O-1956) m 1/27/1887 Lydia Ann Lantz
(6/4/1862-3/5/1924) (MFH1348,1900-LO-Liberty,HHH5113) res LO West
Liberty Mennonite (both bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
YRB18521- Della (4/1/1889 O-9/23/1973 Bluffton,O) m. 12/17/1912 Melvin
Gerig (3/3/1890 WO-1/19/1983 Florida) Mennonite Smithville,O
YRB18522- Elles (Ellis) J. (8/20/1893(2) O-11/15/1969Florida) m. 11/5/1919
Miriam (Molly) K. Detweiler (6/12/1891-8/30/1978) Mennonite, salesman, West
Liberty, O (Both Bur. Highland Memmorial Cem., Liberty Twp, LO)
Ellis -Ohio PFC, Medical Dept, WWI
YRB18523- Lela (3/12/1896 (5) O-3/24/1987) m. 2/12/1919 Fred S. Plank
(8/9/1893 LO-3/16/1966) (HHH5108) Mennonite West Liberty, O

YRB1854- David Carl Yoder (6/__/1869 O- ) m 8/7/1895
Etta Johnston (4/6/1870- ) (MFH1349) res Mt Victory,OH
Meth. Episcopal
YRB18541- Doratha Louisa (12/9/1899- )
YRB18542- Lowell Curtis (7/20/1901-11/_/1984 res Fl (SSN))
YRB18543- Ruth Elizabeth (6/29/1906- )

YRB1855- Rudolph Yoder (3/31/1872 O-1911) m 10/21/1895 Ethel Haux
(1874-1929) (MFH1350) res Springfield,OH Meth. Episcopal (MFH1350,
1900-Champaign Co,O-Harris Twp) (both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB18551- Everet R. (12/7/1898-1929)
(bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB18552- Howard (5/1/1905-1990) m. Mary E. ________ (1905-1993)
(both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB186- Jonas C Yoder (7/25/1833 HP-10/1/1911 LO) m 2/__/1858 LO
Fanny Kenagy (KY71b) (12/29/1836 MP- 11/29/1898 LO near
Huntsville, (both bur Alexander Cem, LO) (MFH1351,Greg Yoder Cht, Vivian
Yoder Cht, Lester A. Yoder data) (ULO60, LI70) res West Liberty,OH
+YRB1861- John A (4/22/1859 LO- ) m 1/__/____ Ellen E
Grady ( - ) (MFH1352) res. W Liberty
YRB1862- Sarah E (12/25/1860 LO-6/12/1940 W Liberty) m 2/8/1883
David B Yoder (YR146293) (6/28/1860-10/30/1938) (MFH1353)
res W Liberty, O
YRB1863- Martha Ellen (12/15/1862 LO- ) m 2/19/1885 Eli B
Stoltzfus (7/2/1860- 1941)(MFH1354) res Hudson, Portage Co,OH
YRB1864- Elmira (8/30/1864 LO- ) m 12/18/1887 Christian
S Swartz (4/22/1865- )(MFH1355) res Norfolk, VA
+YRB1865- Jonas D (6/26/1866 Pretty Prairie,I-3/25/1952) m1 3/10/1908
Ada Kulp ( - ) m2 Ida B Weber
(10/17/1874 Ontario-2/9/1955) (MFH1356)
+YRB1866- David C (5/3/1868 LI LaGrange-1958) m1 2/16/1893
near Garden City,MO Emma Hein ( -12/1/1901) m2
3/12/1903 Kansas City,MO Minnie Zook (8/10/1870-1949)
(bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
(MFH1357) res Akron,OH
YRB1867- Eli Lester (9/1/1871 LI-4/22/1948 Tariko,Mo) m1 10/20/1901
Talmage,Ne Eva Lena Williams (9/19/1880-7/25/1909) m2
Edna Almeda Foland ( - ) 1 ch.
m3 Florence Craigmile ( - )(MFH1358) no ch.
res Talmadge,NE
YRB1868- Lydia M (2/1/1874- ) m James Gillespie
( - ) Charleston, WVa
YRB1869- Alpha B (7/26/1880-9/6/1958 W Liberty,OH) m1 2/4/1908 Ella
Fangeman (6/27/1883- 1954) 4ch m2 3/20/1955 Maude Plank
(1897-1970)(MFH1359) res Talmadge,NE (both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB1861- John A. Yoder (4/22/1859 LO- ) m 1/__/____
Ellen E Grady ( - ) (MFH1352,1900-LO-Liberty Twp)
res. W Liberty,O
YRB18611- Vuren (3/23/1887- )
YRB18612- Robert (11/3/1900- )

YRB1865- Jonas D. Yoder (6/26/1866 Pretty Prairie,I-3/25/1952) m1 3/10/1908
Ada Kulp ( - ) m2 3/10/1908 Ida B Weber (10/17/1874
Ontario-2/9/1955) (MFH1356) "five sons"
YRB18651- Edison Kent (1/29/1909- ) Dayton,O
YRB18652- Howard Dayton,O
YRB18653- J.B. Dayton,O
YRB18654- Stanley ( - ) m. 11/14/1935 Ruth Kreider (3/_/1911- 199_)(Creater of the Yoder Goose Horn and many other commercial products) "Stanley Weber Yoder, b.1910, d.1988, designed and manufactured this mixer, as well as other products, in his Los Angeles plant in the 1940s.
"He moved the plant operation to Little Rock, AR in 1951 and closed it in the mid-eighties. The company also manufactured marine accessories, lawn sprinklers, cabinet hardware, all kinds of horns (plastic and metal), as well as the "Aqua Bat" (a seat on water skis that lets you "sit and ski"). Stanley was a very creative inventor".-see YNL 29)
YRB18655- Karl ?

YRB1866- David C. Yoder (5/3/1868 LI LaGrange-1958) m1 2/16/1893
near Garden City,MO Emma Hein ( -12/1/1901) m2 3/12/1903 Kansas
City,MO Minnie Zook (8/10/1870 (per cem 1871-1949) ) (MFH1357)
res Akron,OH Evangelical Church (both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB18661- Anna Myrtle (8/25/1894- )
YRB18662- Hattie Harietta (3/10/1896- )
YRB18663- Esther Florence (10/20/1897- )
YRB18664- Clarence David (7/29/1904-8/11/1904)
YRB18665- Clara Maud (7/29/1904-8/16/1904)
YRB18666- Ernest Clyde (1/21/1908- )

YRB188- Eli Yoder (3/27/1838 HP-2/16/1888 LO) m
Lydia Yoder (YR146114) (9/15/1842 P- Z while caring for daughter )
(both bur. Alexandria Cem, Union Twp, LO)
(King 1-2-1-4, MFH1362) (LLO80) Mennonite
YRB1881- Archie Thomas (10/13/1862 O-5/9/1953 West Liberty)
m 1/27/1901 Artie Yoder (YR1462b6) (6/18/1862-1929)
(MFH873) res W Liberty (both bur. Yoder Cem, Monroe Twp, LO)
YRB1882- Emma Belle (11/23/1863 O- ) m 2/15/1887
Mike L Plank ( - ) (MFH1363) res Garden
City, MO
YRB1883- Anna Elizabeth (3/6/1865 O- ) m 12/23/1890 Samuel
Plank (2/23/1865- )(MFH1364) res Columbus,OH
+YRB1884- Eli (10/20/1867 O-1942) m1 12/24/1892 Fannie F
Stutzman (10/26/1868-5/6/1900) m2 1/2/1904 Lizzie Troyer
(1875-1968) (MFH1365) res West Liberty, Mennonite
(both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
+YRB1885- David Bradley (12/18/1868 O- (per cem 1869-1956) m 6/17/1896
Ella Baker (7/10/1875-1960)(adopted dau of Solomon Yoder
of Knox Co, TN) (MFH1366) res W Liberty,OH
(both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB1886- Lydia B (1/17/1872 O-1927) m 4/14/1901
J.Oliver Yoder (YR1462222)(10/19/1872- 1955)(DJH6839,MFH847)
res W Liberty, Mennonite (both bur. S. Union Cem, Liberty Twp, LO)
YRB1887- Harvey B (12/17/1876 O- ) m
Sophia Nowenschwander ( - ) res Kansas
City,MO, Methodist Episcopal
YRB1888- Roy Vernon (9/17/1884-1956) m 2/1/1911 Lula M. Harmon
(1890-1961) res W Liberty,OH, Christian Church
(both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB1884- Eli Yoder (10/20/1867 O-1/17/1942) m1 12/24/1892 Fannie F
Stutzman (10/26/1868-5/6/1900) m2 1/2/1904 Lizzie Troyer
(7/7/1875-5/15/1968) (MFH1365, 1900-LO) res West Liberty, Mennonite
(all bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB18841- Verdie (Verda) Catherine (11/26/1892 LO-10/16/1982) m.
5/21/1922 Owen J Yoder (YR2365346) (3/25/1893-8/16/1978)
YRB18842- Clyde David (4/17/1896 LO- before 1968) m. 6/15/1915 Kokomo,I
Letha Nuner (11/25/1893- )
YRB18843- Iva Ellen (11/14/1899 LO- ) m. 4/25/1921 Kokomo,I
Jesse Fife (12/18/1889- )
YRB18844- Sana Dorcas (6/24/1905 LO- ) m 12/24/1929 Irvin Kauffman
(10/25/1902-3/_/1987) res. Greencroft, Goshen,I as of 1997
YRB18845- Philip (12/2/1913- 1995) m1. 8/11/1942 Eldora Kauffman
(2/15/1915- ) m2. 10/18/1969 h2 Edythe Yoder Anderson (5/16/1922- )
West Liberty, O

YRB1885- David Bradley Yoder (12/18/1868 O-(per cem-1869-1956) m 6/17/1896
Ella Baker (7/10/1875-1960)(adopted dau of Solomon Yoder
of Knox Co, TN) (MFH1366) res W Liberty,OH
(both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)
YRB18851- Nella F. (6/1/1897 LO- ) schoolteacher at West Liberty,O
never married
YRB18852- Ralph C. (10/9/1907 LO-4/_/1975 res O (SSN)) m.
Shirley David (1908-1971) furniture store (both bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO)

YRB6- Peter Yoder (1/9/1773 P-12/16/1849 LO age 76y 11m 7d
"age 73 cause unknown" m1 Veronica Kauffman ( P- 1817 MP) m2 Gertrude
"Cherity" Kauffman Kenagy (4/1/1795 SP-10/1/1847 LO age 52y 6m)
. "had a farm near Weilersville, Green Twp WO, sold to
Daniel Hoover 3/6/1840 barn has 'Peter and Charity Yoder, 1830'
on foundation" (both bur. Hostetler Cem., LOaka Sagers Cem
on W side Twp Rd 198 1/2 mile S. CR43)
w1 YRB61- Mary b 4/28/1797 P m John Greaser (2/1/1792-8/27/1864)
(John arrived in US June 1819) d 12/10/1864 WO (Nancy Rike info 3/96)
YRB62- Nancy b 5/28/1800 P m Daniel Yoder (YR2517)
d 11/1/1887 HO
YRB63- (?Sarah b 1802 P m John Yoder (?YR2532) d 11/4/1835 MP
YRB64- Veronica b c1808 m Jacob Troyer
YRB65- Magdalena b P m Solomon Zook d by 1840 FO
+YRB66- Isaac b by 1810 P
w2 +YRB67- Jacob P (2/4/1818 MP-3/7/1859 age 40y 1m 3d)
(bur. Sagers Cem, LO)
+YRB68- David b 1821 MP
+YRB69- Solomon b 11/14/1823 MP
YRB6a- Gertrude b c 1825 WO m John H Kenagey
+YRB6b- Christian P b 12/29/1826 WO
YRB6c- Elizabeth b 11/14/1828 WO m 10/21/1847 LO Jacob C
Kenagy d 6/11/1911 CZ
YRB6d- Rebecca b 8/29/1830 WO m LO (w1) Isaac King
d Cass Co, MO
+YRB6e- John J b 7/30/1833 WO

YRB66- Isaac Yoder m Mary (Polly) Lantz (9/1/1814-1/26/1890 bur Mt
Zion Cem west of Denver, IN)
+YRB661- Benjamin F b 3/13/1837 m 8/12/1858 Miami Co,IN Sarah
DeWalt d 12/26/1887
YRB662- Leah b 5/13/1838 WO m 12/2/1858 Miami Co,IN
George Deeds d 11/27/1925 Birmingham, IN bur Deedsville,IN Cem
YRB663- Lydia b 4/8/1842 LO m Franklin See d 1/1/1919
Denver, IN bur Mt Zion Cem, west of Denver,IN
YRB664- Christian b c1842 died young
YRB665- Susanna b c1844 died young

YRB661- Benjamin Franklyn Yoder (3/13/1837 O-12/26/1887) m 8/12/1858
Maimi Co,I, Sarah Dewalt (1/6/1841 P-5/1/1905) (MI80) (F I Chagnon
Cht, George A Yoder Cht)
YRB6611- Lydia A (7/11/1859 I-8/29/1942) m 12/31/1881 Charles Perry
Cornell (9/16/1853-9/16/1932)
YRB6612- Amanda (Mandy) (3/21/1861-4/18/1931) m 9/7/1878 Charles
DeWald ( - ) res. South Dakota
+YRB6613- Samuel J (8/12/1862 I- 1922) m 12/10/1885 Emma See
( 1864- 1889)
YRB6614- Mary J (2/8/1865 I-9/5/1930) m 7/31/1890 Elmer Leffel
(11/17/1861-2/22/1936) res. Denver, I
+YRB6615- Gabriel T (Gabe) (4/17/1868 I-3/3/1926) m 4/12/1889 Ida
Annice Bowman (2/7/1869-3/9/1941)
+YRB6616- Benjamin F (12/3/1870 I-9/28/1953) m 4/29/1894 Hettie Rebecca
Yike (6/7/1874-2/19/1951) res. Peru, I
+YRB6617- George Daniel (10/20/1872 I- 4/12/1963 Burlington,Ia)
m1 8/8/1892 Ida James ( - ) m2 5/2/1901
Minnie C Richmann (7/30/1882-1024/1971) res. Iowa
+YRB6618- John E (6/6/1874 I- 1937) m 12/28/1893 Mary Belle Yike
(10/7/1871-5/14/1946) res. Macy, I
YRB6619- Belle (Hannah) (1/9/1877 I-12/21/1947) m 1/3/1899 Charles K
Kepler (12/12/1869-11/11/1936) res. Rochester, I
YRB661a- Julie A (4/19/1878 I- 1931) m 5/6/1896 James F Kepler
( 1872- 1939) Res. Rochester, I
YRB661b- Charles W (Webb) (5/18/1883-4/21/1916) m 1/9/1906 Maude Goss
( - )

YRB6613- Samuel J. Yoder (8/12/1862 I- 1922) m1. 12/10/1885 Emma See
( 1864- 1889) m2. 12/31/1891 Leotie (Lotia) Jones (7/_/1866 I-
) (1900-Miami Co,I Richland, F.I.Chagnon Data '87)
YRB66131- Floyd Samuel (7/8/1886-4/9/1968) m. 12/24/1907 Ethel Delp
YRB66132- Aretha (3/_/1894 I- )
YRB66133- Fern (6/_/1896 I- )
YRB66134- Ellen ( - )

YRB6615- Gabriel T (Gabe) Yoder (4/17/1868 near Denver, I-3/3/1926)
bur. Eel River Cem, near Mexico, In
m 4/12/1889 Ida Annice Bowman (2/7/1869 I-3/9/1941) (1900-Cass Co,
Miami twp,I, F.I.Chagnon Data '87) res. 8 miles east of Logansport..
YRB66151- William Ellsworth (5/28/1885-2/17/1922) m. 12/24/1916
Mabel Miller ( - )
YRB66152- Sarah Jane (11/10/1889 I (11/_/1888 per census)-5/14/1979)
m 8/27/1908 Perry Bowman ( - )
YRB66153- Samuel Jefferson (7/21/1891 I- )
YRB66154- Medford Kyle (6/17/1893 I-12/7/1953) m. 10/8/1921
Maude Hopper ( - )
YRB66155- Elizabeth Alma (10/3/1898 (9/_/1898 per census)-8/_/1976)
m 8/3/1917 Roy Miller ( - )
YRB66156- Jacob Franklyn (2/21/1902-2/27/1918)
YRB66157- Charles Webster (6/4/1903-4/26/1969) m. 10/24/1936
Inez Nerby ( - )
YRB66158- Josephine Isabelle (7/26/1910- ) m 9/22/1929
Roy Weaver ( - )
YRB66159- Helen Maybelle (2/17/1915-2/9/1939) m. 9/23/1932
Wayne Leffert ( - )

YRB6616- Benjamin F. Yoder (12/3/1870 I-9/28/1953) m 4/29/1894
Hettie Rebecca Yike (6/7/1874-2/19/1951)
YRB66161- Alma G. (11/20/1894-5/20/1974) m. 9/19/1917
Guy Lowe ( - )
YRB66162- Dora (Dode) Olive (4/12/1896-5/29/1971) m. 7/24/1920
William Dewey Butt ( - )
YRB66163- Truman Russell (7/11/1897-7/1/1987) m. 6/17/1922
Eva Pearl Shively (8/13/1902-12/4/1986)
YRB66164- Omer Elsworth (Brick) (11/27/1894-7/20/1980) m. 12/10/1924
Nellie Matson (10/24/1895-2/21/1972)
YRB66165- Julius Theodore (Jitney) (7/21/1904-9/_/1987 res I (SSN))
YRB66166- Willard Lamont (Will) (8/8/1907-4/23/1983)
YRB66167- Goldie Cleo (12/12/1909- ) m. 12/30/1933 Cecil Prior
( -5/28/1977)
YRB66168- Chloe Elizabeth (7/22/1913- )
YRB66169- Kenneth Franklyn (4/28/1915- ) m. 3/26/1967
Florence Anderson ( - )
YRB6616a- Ellis Harvey (Unc) (5/19/1917-3/6/1993 (SSN)) m. 5/_/1953
Lois Cover ( - )
YRB6616b- Harry Edgar (11/21/1919-5/3/1921)

YRB6617- George Daniel Yoder (10/20/1872 I- 4/12/1963 Burlington,Ia)
m1 8/8/1892 Ida James ( - ) m2 5/2/1901 Wilhelmina
( Minnie) C Richmann (7/30/1882-1024/1971)
YRB66171- Laura ( - 1894)
YRB66172- Roy (5/3/1895-6/_/1981 res Ia (SSN))
YRB66173- Lawrence (5/9/1897- 1934)
YRB66174- Ralph (1899- )
YRB66175- Sarah (7/27/1902- )
YRB66176- George A. (9/12/1904-11/4/1989 (SSN))
YRB66177- Fay Ada (8/27/1908- )
YRB66178- Louise (10/14/1911- ) m. Ralph Koepf ( - )
YRB66179- Henry A. (12/22/1925- )

YRB6618- John E. Yoder (6/6/1874 I- 1937) m 12/28/1893
Mary Belle Yike (10/7/1871-5/14/1946) res. Mich. (both buried :
I.O.O.F. CEMETERY, Located on the north side of West 3rd Street, Rochester, Fulton County, Indiana. See:
(1900-Miami Co,I- Union Twp)
YRB66181- Ida V. (1895- <1900)
YRB66182- Ethel (8/16/1896 I-1/28/1924) m. 1920
George E. (Doc) Hoffman (10/20/1865- )
YRB66183- Roy (9/_/1898 I- )
YRB66184- Orpha (11/3/1910- ) m Lee Southerton ( - )
- - - - - -
"John Elmer YODER, well known farmer residing northeast of Macy, dropped dead at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon when he suffered a heart attack. Mr. Yoder had just driven into his barn with a load of straw when he was stricken and plunged headlong off the front of the wagon, alighting behind his team of horses. John A. SAVAGE, who was with Mr. Yoder at the time pulled the stricken man from beneath the wagon only to find that he had expired.
"Although Mr. Yoder had been in declining health for the past two years, as result of a leg fracture he suffered when he was struck by a falling tree, he had never suffered a heart attack and his death came as a most severe shock to his many friends in that community.
"Mr. Yoder was born at Denver, Ind., on June 6th, 1874, son of Benjamin and Sarah (DAWALT) YODER. He had resided in the vicinity of Macy for the past 16 years, where he followed the occupation of farming. On December 28th, 1892 he was united in marriage to Mary Belle YIKE, the ceremony being solemnized at Fulton, Ind. The deceased was affiliated with the Methodist church, of Macy.
The survivors are the widow; a son Roy YODER, of Hammond, Ind.; a daughter Mrs. Orpha SOUTHERTON, of Akron; two grandsons, John Frederick HOFFMAN, of Rochester; and Glen SOUTHERTON, of Akron; two brothers, Benjamin YODER of Peru, and George YODER, of Burlington Iowa, and a sister, Mrs. Belle KEPLER, of Rochester. A daughter, Mrs. George E. HOFFMAN, of Rochester, preceded in death 13 years ago.
Funeral services in charge of Rev. Ernest LUTES, will be held Thursday afternoon at the Macy Methodist church. Interment will be made in the I.O.O.F. cemetery at Rochester."
- - - - - -

YRB67- Jacob Peter Yoder(2/4/1818 MP-3/7/1859 LO) m1 Veronica Hooley
(6/12/1816MP- 3/21/1852LO (per cem 3/29/1852 age 35y) m2 Phoebe Yoder
(h1)(YR14626) (2/16/1821 MP- 1903) (both bur. Sagers Cem, Union Twp, LO)
w1 YRB671- Christian (11/29/1842 LO -5/9/1843 age 5m 10d)
(bur. Sagers Cem, LO)
YRB672- Malinda b c1846 LO m 1/12/1865 (w1) Christian Y
Zook d 1/12/1866 LO nli
YRB673- Elizabeth H b 5/2/1848 LO m 3/29/1866 Daniel Z Lapp
d 12/27/1927
w2 YRB674- Emma J b 2/6/1855 LO m (w1) Isaac P Hartzler
d 4/6/1879
YRB675- Armenon b 8/27/1857 LO m 3/1/1881 David S Yoder
(YR2511c5) d 5/18/1933 Bellefontaine LO (bur. W. Liberty Cem, LO-
shows d. 1938)

YRB68- David Yoder m Anna Stutzman (4/20/1825 MP-3/27/1870 LI)
d 1903 LI (?res 1850 Fairfield Co,OH)
YRB681- Abraham b c1852 O [SLI70]
YRB682- Jonathan (ca1853 O -1924 LI) m Emma Kenagy KY7134 [SLI70](1900 Missouri census shows Cass Co., Jonathan-S.-Yoder-3/53-Oh (YRB695),Emma-8/57-Oh, Loy-H.-(s)-2/85-Mo)
YRB683- Rebecca b c1855 O
YRB684- Amos b c1860 O
YRB685- Anna b 5/9/1864 d 9/2/1864

YRB69- Solomon Yoder m 1/14/1847 Sarah King(5/27/1823 MP-5/14/1910
CZ) d 6/11/1912 CO (per AAMG, but sic) (to WO 1824, to LO c1840, to CZ 1860) (Michael L.Yoder data-ref. widow's pension- shows d. 7/22 or 23/1903 in CZ, grave- stone says 7/22/1903, bur. Sycamore Grove Menn. Church Cem., N of Garden City,Mo.) (Served Co A, 2nd Bn, Mo State Militia, Vol. Cav.)
(Civ War Vets bur in Cass Co, Mo, shows Solomon Yoder b. 1/6/1823 d.9/23/1903,
"Clear Fork"-matching Sevice record)
YRB691- Nancy A. (Anna) b 5/2/1849 LO d 8/23/1862 CZ
(ref- Michael L Yoder data)
YRB692- Barbara Ellen b 2/10/1852 LO m Justus Henry Blank
d 7/23/1941
+YRB693- Thornton L b c1856 LO m1 Florence Noble m2 Emma
+YRB694- Simon P b 10/17/1858 LO m Lydia Louella Kenagy
d 5/13/1943 CZ
+YRB695- John B b c1864 m Mary Kenagy

YRB693- Thornton L. Yoder (5/17/1856 LO-8/19/1924 Jackson,Mi) m1
3/16/1888 in Montana Florence Noble ( -10/27/1892) m2 12/5/1901 Idaho
Emma Obert ( - ) (C E Yoder Records, CCZ80)
YRB6931- May ( - ) m. Creed Brown ( - )
res. Grand Junction, Colo.-later Saffordsville,Ks
YRB6932- Lyle (3/23/1903- ) they died 4 days apart in July,1904
YRB6933- Dale (3/6/1904- ) " " " " " " "

YRB694- Simon P. Yoder (10/17/1858 LO-5/13/1943 CZ ) m 2/7/1886
Lydia Louella Kenagy (2/23/1864-12/5/1941 CZ) res. Harrisonville, Mo
Mennonite (C E Yoder Records, CCZ80, King 3-2-7-1, Michael L. Yoder Data)
YRB6941- Elba (11/23/1886-5/14/1979) m. 1/25/1911 Erma Alice Miller
(10/15/1888-5/22/1982 res. Mo (SSN)) res. Garden City, Mo. Mennonite
(Michael L. Yoder)
YRB6942- Nona (9/28/1893- )
YRB6943- Ralph S. (7/30/1897 Topeka,I-6/20/1989 (SSN)) m. 2/14/1924
Rhoda Ellen Kauffman (11/19/1897-7/18/1943) res. Harrisonville,Mo
Baptist (King 8-1-3-3-9, HHH5290)

YRB695- John B. Yoder (9/5/1864 LO-8/13/1951) m. 12/31/1899 Mary Kenagy
(5/20/1879(7)-1/5/1957) res. Garden City, Mo Mennonite Deacon
(C E Yoder Records, CCZ80, King 3-2-7-2)
YRB6951- Forrest G. (10/20/1900-1/_/1970 res Il (SSN)) m. 9/4/1927
Pearl Wagner (3/14/1905- ) res. Eureka, Il Mennonite King 3-2-7-2-1
YRB6952- Frances E. (3/20/1903- ) m. 9/10/1927 Emery J. Miller
(12/11/1902- ) res. Nampa,Ida Nazarene (King 3-2-7-2-2)
YRB6953- Lela F. (6/27/1908-11/10/1993) res. Nampa, Ida
(King 3-2-7-2-3)
YRB6954- Walter L. (8/9/1914- ) m. 11/2/1940 Elizabeth Yoder
(12/10/1916) res. Garden City,Mo Mennonite (King 3-2-7-2-4)

YRB6b-Christian P Yoder m1 12/2/1848 Lydia King (11/28/1826 O-
2/8/1869 CZ) m2 Salome (Yoder) Kenagy (YR1462c) (1/18/1831 MP-
6/14/1899 CZ) d 5/15/1891 CZ bur Clearfork Cemetery to LO
c1839, to Mo 1865
YRB6b1- Elizabeth b 1849 LO d by 1860 LO
YRB6b2- Peter b 1852 LO d 2/22/1869 CZ
YRB6b3- John b 1853 LO d 1863 LO
+YRB6b4- Joseph W b 10/7/1854 LO m 10/28/1879 Mary E Sharp(?SH5391-)
(12/23/1858-1942 Holden,Mo) d 8/29/1911 CZ bur. Pisgah Cem.,Chilowee, MO
YRB6b5- Emanuel b 1856 LO m Flora Sharp d 1912
YRB6b6- Amanda b 1856 LO d 1861 LO
YRB6b7- Lydia b 1858 LO m Christian C Plank d 1927
YRB6b8- Sarah b 1860 LO m 8/3/1882 ML (w2) Barton W Stone d1892
YRB6b9- Anna b 1861 LO m Solomon Byler d (?1951)
+YRB6ba- Isaac b 1864 LO m1 Ida Rice m2 Maggie May Plank
YRB6bb- Ida b c 1866 CZ m Emanuel Morell
YRB6bc- Martha Ellen b 3/4/1872 CZ m David Y Hooley
d 12/19/1959
YRB6bd- Emma b c1871 CZ m Isaiah Byler d 6/10/1955

YRB6b4- Joseph W. Yoder (10/7/1854 LO- 8/29/1911 CZ bur. Pisgah
Cem.,Chilowee, Mo) m 10/28/1879 Mary E Sharp (?SH5391-)
(12/23/1858-1942 Holden,Mo) (John L. Yoder Cht, Carla Burke Cht '92,
1900 Jackson Co, Mo)
YRB6b41- Grace ( - ) m. George Storms ( - )
YRB6b42- Effie (9/--/1883 Mo- ) m. Joseph Snare ( - )
res. Holden,Mo
YRB6b43- Clarence E. (2/4/1887 Garden City, Mo-2/_/1973 Holden,Mo)
m 10/3/1917 Eva Parrott (2/8/1893-7/_/1973) res. Holden, Mo.
YRB6b44- Glenn Otto (12/17/1888 Garden City, Mo- ) m1.
Allee Carpenter ( - ) m2. Ethel ______
res. Conconully, Wa
YRB6b45- Harold (10/--/1893- ) m Anna Chapman ( - ) res Sedalia,Mo

YRB6ba- Isaac Yoder (5/_/1864 Mo (or LO)- ) m1 9/30/1897 Ida Rice
( - ) m2 1/_/1920 Maggie May (Ida Mae) Plank (12/_/1876 Minn- )
(CCZ80,1900-Linn Co,Ia; C E Yoder records)(no ch. listed in 1900 Census)
YRB6ba1- Montie ( - died age 5 )
YRB6ba2- Sherman ( - ) m Emelie ___ ( - ) res. Camden,NJ
YRB6ba3- Gertrude ( - ) m Earl Lee ( - ) res Neosho,Mo
YRB6ba4- Wilbur ( - ) m Phyllis Bedker ( - ) res. Denver, Co
YRB6ba5- Lois ( - ) m. Dale Miller ( - ) res. Florence, Ks

YRB6e- John J Yoder m Miriam Stutzman (6/4/1832 MP- 9/16/1875 LI)
d 4/26/1915 LI
YRB6e1- Elizabeth b 1858 O ?single d 1926
YRB6e2- Anna L b c1861 O m Samuel S Lantz nli
+ YRB6e3- Sherman b 5/1/1864 O m Jennie Ritter
d 1/7/1907
YRB6e4- Jesse b 1873 LI d 1874 LI

YRB6e3- Sherman Yoder (5/1/1864 O- 1/7/1907 ) m
Jennie Ritter (12/_/1867 I- 1944) (1900-LI-Clearspring Twp)
YRB6e31- Hugh A. (1/_/1893 I- )
YRB6e32- Emir C. (4/23/1897 I-11/4/1991 (SSN)) m.
Helen Yoder ( - )

??YRB7- Jacob Yoder m (h1) Elizabeth Rickenbach (9/10/1787 BP-
12/20/1866 LP) d
YRB671- Sarah b 9/28/1814 P single d 7/29/1902
YRB672- Caroline b 5/8/1819 P m Samuel King d 4/4/1884
YRB673- Rebecca b P d young


Yoder Newsletter - © Christopher K. Yoder, 1992, 1994