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Updated - January 1998

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Researchers have discovered four family heads that are the progenitors of the Yoder Amish in America; outlined below, with the first-generation families listed. These lists serve as "hyperlinks" to the lists of descendants of these family heads. Please bear in mind that there are two large files of "unlinked" Yoders, which may or may not eventual prove to be connected here, as well as a file of "Alsatian Yoders" which contains more lists of Yoder immigrants.

YR_________ Yoder m _____________ ( Suspected parents of two brothers who immigrated on the ship "Francis and the Elizabeth" out of Rotterdam by way of Deal. Captained by George North, arrived Philadelphia Sept.21, 1742. )

YR1 - son b about 1695 - Europe, probably the husband who died at sea, leaving Widow Barbara and her children to settle into their new home in America.

YR2 - Christian b about 1700 - Europe

YR1- ________ Yoder d. 1742 "at sea" m. Barbara ________
YR11- Catherine b c1720 Europe m Isaac Kauffman d <1790
YR12 - Christian b c1722 Europe
YR13- Magdalena b c1724 Europe (m?1 Christian Fisher m2 (John??) Miller)
YR14 - Jacob b c1726 Europe
YR15- Anna b c1728 Europe m Samuel King
YR16 - Michael b c1730 Europe
YR17 - John b c1732 Europe
YR18- Barbara b c1734 Europe w2 of John Shirk no issue d 1793 Lancaster Co, PA
YR19- Veronica b c1736 Europe m John Hertzler d 1806 Mifflin Co., PA

YR2 - Christian Yoder m. _____________ d. Nov 1775 Berks County, PA
YR21 - Barbara b 1725 Europe (m ?? Stephen Kauffman)
YR22 - Magdalena b 1726 Europe-(m ? John Gnaegi)
YR23 - Christian b Oct. 1728 Europe
YR24 - Elizabeth b 1729 Europe (m ? Christian Beiler d. 9/1/1771 Lancaster Co, PA)
YR25 - John b 1732 Europe
YR26 - Yost b 1734 Europe
YR27 - Veronica b 1738 Europe
YR28 - Jacob b 1740 Europe

YRB - Yost Yoder m ? (may be the Barbara Yoder who became Christian Beilers second wife) d c1779-80
+YRB1- Christian b 12/3/1761 P
YRB2 - Elizabeth b c1764 P m 3/18/1783 (w2) Jacob Yoder (YR234) d 6/9/1803 SP
YRB3 - ?Barbara b 6/20/1766 P m Christian Plank d 4/13/1850 MP
YRB4 - Isaac b c1768 P m Catherine ______ no issue 9/ /1841 WO
YRB5 - ?Mary b 2/13/1771 P m Jacob Plank d 3/28/1830 WO
+YRB6 - Peter b 1/9/1773 P
+YRB7 - ??Jacob b c1775 P
YRB8 - ?Magdalena b c1778 P m John Blank d HO bur Cem L-31

All of this family was born in Pennsylvania, so immigration date must have been before 12/3/1761; birth of eldest child.

YRC- Samuel Yoder b 1745 Pfaltz, Germany m 8/7/1767 Mary Gingerich ( -4/24/1803 Heese, GY at 8 o'clock) d 9/22/1806 Hunningbausca. Lived Waldeckerland and Sanfhof, and Ramersberg.
Bishop of the Amish Mennonite Church
(YRC - Sameul Yoder lived and died in Germany. He was not the immigrant. See YRC8 below. It appears that 3 of the 8 children of this family did not immigrate to America.)

YRC1 - Jacob b 7/11/1769 G d 1839 G
YRC2 - Anna b 5/14/1772 G m ______ Oswald d 1852 Ill.
YRC3 - Lena (Helen) b 10/16/1774 G single d 10/22/1825 G
YRC4 - Catharina b 7/12/1777 G m 7/7/1805 John Schlabach d 12/8/1846 between 4 snd 5 pm 69y 4m 26d SP
YRC5 - Mary b 1/31/1780 G m John Shettler d 1868 SP
YRC6 - Barbara b 7/15/1783 G single d 2/16/1872 JJ MP- to Mercer Co,PA 1846, to HO 1848, 1851 to JJ
YRC7 - Christian b 3/.11/1786 single d 1800 G
YRC8 - Michael b 11/4/1788 G d OH
YRC8- Michael Yoder m Magdalena Eash (2/19/1789 G-5/ /1869 HO) d 9/18/1874 HO (cem stone says "1873") left Germany 7/7/1825 to Baltimore with sister Mary. to SP. bought Miller farm SW of Walnut Grove OH bur Cem L-27
+YRC81- Jacob M b 7/1/1822 G
YRC82- John M b 8/25/1824 G single d 9/7/1879 HP bur Cem L-14
YRC83- Catherina b 4/9/1828 SP single d 1897 HO Cem L- 14
+YRC84- Daniel M b 4/26/1830 SP

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