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Property records for the Stoney Creek Twp, Somerset Co. Property of Bishop Christian Yoder Jr (YR233).
(See YNL 39 for an overview of this property).
The originals of these records have been placed at the Archives of the Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana.

Summary of the property records include:

1. A Receipt dated Jan 30, 1816 from the State of Pa. to Christian Yoder Jr. $11.12 for 52 acres and 56 perches of land situated in Stoney Creek twp, on land warrented by him 25 Nov 1812.

2. Deed from David Layman and wife to Christian Yoder for "176 1/2 acres & allowances" for the sum of $470.35. .. recorded 13 Sep 1828.

3. Another receipt for $7.83 Nov. 20, 1812 for "purchase money" ($3,33) and fes ($4.50) for 50 acres in Stoney creek twp.

4. Document by Nathaniel Smith referring to a tract of land to contain 300 acres in Brothers valley Twp, Bedford Co, now Somerset, adjoining land of Philip Kimble, Henry Rhoads, and George Martin. "In persuance whereof a warrent issued to me dated 1st of March 1785 ..." that he's granted the rights to the heirs of James Smith-- signed 21 Feb 1814.

5. A deed recorded in Somerset Co record book Vol. VI page 451 on 13 July 1814. Indenture between John Dulop and Charles ?____ and Yost Miller. And a deed Yost Miller and wife to David Layman for 46 ac & allowances Stoney Creek Twp 13 Sep 1828

6. Power of Attorney Yost Miller of Brothers Valley twp to Solomon Yoder-27 Mar 1815 and 17 Jun 1815- Indenture between Solomon Yoder (attorney and administrator of the "goods and Chattles rights and credits" of John Troyer late of Stoney Creek Twp -land subsequently granted to Yost Miller and his heirs) and David Lehman of Brothers Valley twp of the second part. Price 130 pounds for property--boundaries described as well as "houses and out-houses"...The total acreage does not seem to be listed. Signed by a probate judge 17 Jun 1815. Recorded by the Somerset Recorder of deeds 13 Sep 1828 page 716 and 717.

7. Patent Christian Yoder Jun - 52 acres and 56 perches-12 Feb 1816

8. Draft for David C Yoder for 50 acres and 131 perches of land in Stoney Creek Twp to Levi Ringler. Surveyed the 5th Feb 1854, in purs. of a warrant 29 Nov 1853 granted to David C Yoder for 50 acres of land. Adjacent property shown on the plot map are owned by David C Yoder on two sides and Youst Yoder on another.

9. Diagram for David C Yoder and Levi Ringler--showing multiple properties in the area . Fully outline properties are: estate of Yost Yoder- 189 ac, Danl Yoder-48ac "cut of Yost Yoder"; David C Yoder-52a 56p; David C Yoder- 176 1/2 ac, Part of Yost-46a. Including bordering land of "Jacob Kimmel now Jonathan Kimmel; Samuel Musser; Ulrich Summer now Tobias Spiker; Gabriel Rhoad now Jacob Ryman, Lewis Prawl.

10. Deed from David C Yoder to Levi Ringler 17th of May 1881. Sum of $9,500. 244 acres.

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