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General Courthouse and Area Records

Berks County, Pennsylvania - File #2

Various Berks County Courthouse Records copied by Richard H Yoder, Bechtelsville- Jan 1991

BERKS COUNTY- Letters of Administration- for Yoders
Date vol-pg name administrator

4 Jun 1771 3-65 Samuel Yoder Elizabeth-widow (OH13)
13 Jun 1797 5-132 Sarah Daniel Yoder-eldest son late of Reading (w/o OH11)
11 Apr 1800 5-215 Daniel John Yocum (sil?) (OH12)
11 Dec 1811 7-203 Samuel Catherine, wdo & John, son (?OY17) late of Oley Twp
26 Jan 1815 7-369 Jacob Jacob, son of Jacob late of Heidelberg Twp
7 Nov 1817 8-147 Peter Nancy, wdo & Daniel, son (OY42) late of Pike Twp
20 Dec 1820 8-322 John John Yoder & Jacob Laucks late of Oley Twp (friends of John)
22 May 1822 8-453 Daniel Samuel,son & Wm Weidner (sil) late of Rockland Twp (OY41)
16 Sep 1822 8-472 Barbara Jacob, a brother late of Heidelberg
28 Aug 1824 9-254 Ann John Yocum, a friend- Ann (single) late of Douglas (w/o OH12)
1 Jan 1827 10-129 Daniel Martin, brother & Solomon Peters late of Oley Twp (OH111) a friend
6 Sep 1828 10-289 Esther Jacob D, son of Rockland, widow of Daniel Yoder (OY41)
4 Dec 1830 11-122 Jacob D Jacob Weidenr, bro. in law of Rockland (OY411)
8 Feb 1837 13-46 Martin David & Solomon, sons of Oley Twp (OH112)
4 May 1838 13-165 Sarah Frederick, widower of Bern Twp (w/o B)
12 Oct 1838 13-204 Reuben Jno Disher & Samuel Schleger of Richmond (OY454) (friends-wdo renounced)
5 Dec 1843 15-275 Abraham David Drey, a son-in-law of Rockland (?OY44)
29 Jan 1847 17-50 Elizabeth John Bernhart-a friend of Alsace
17 May 1847 17-103 Mary Henry Maurer, a friend- REVOKED of Oley
13 Aug 1847 17-130 Mary William, a son of Oley
17 Oct 1848 17-280 Catherine Jacob Gabel, a friend

Berks Co.
29 Jul 1850 18-209 George Benjamin A., a son of Pike
20 Apr 1852 19-93 John Gideon Hoch,a friend-widow renouced of Pike
7 Mar 1853 20-108 Eliza Emanuel Yoder, brother-in- law of Maiden Creek
29 Jan 1857 21-206 Joseph Wm Kline, brother-in-law of Bethel
25 Aug 1857 21-274 Ann (Yotter) John Yotter a brother (AL1) of Marion Twp
19 Aug 1858 21-411 Julianna Isaac Templin, son-in-law (?AW) of Robeson
27 Nov 1858 22-25 William Jacob S and Wm. (sons) of Oley
2 Dec 1864 24-163 Daniel John Holsman, a brother-in- law of Penn (the widow renounced)
13 Feb 1866 24-414 Jacob Reuben, a son, and Joseph O Moyer, of Washington Twp a son-in- law
10 Feb 1876 27-386 Thomas H Henry Ritter- bro-in-law (d 25 Jan of Reading 1876)
9 Jul 1883 30-416 Isaac Henry S Yoder, a son of Oley
26 Dec 1883 30-497 Aaron Fanny-widow of Aaron of Reading
10 Sep 1890 35-50 Samuel B Peter D Hottenstein-father- in-law of Maiden Creek
7 Jan 1891 35-133 Albert E Samuel Becker, a friend of Upper Bern
8 Mar 1893 37-87 Gideon Mary (widow) and W Harrison Yoder d 18 Feb 1893 late of Alsace Twp
1 Jul 1895 38-379 William Lizzie E (widow) of Heidelberg Twp
2 Sep 1895 39-9 Abraham Y Ellis Y, a son of Pike
16 Jan 1897 39-332 George Y Emmaline (widow) James F, Geo. F. d 25 Dec 1896 of Pike & Amos F. (sons)
2 Mar 1897 39-377 Henry Susan (widow) of Longswamp
17 Jan 1899 41-27 Sarah Wm Willet- s.i.l. (all heirs d. 3 Dec 1898 of Maiden Creek renounced)
16 Feb 1899 41-59 Anna Reuben- a brother of Centre Twp
15 Jan 1899 41-164 Benjamin James H and Jacob H sons of Oley
16 Apr 1900 41-382 Anna (above) Reuben (having since died) appt Jacob Yoder & Isaac Rohn.
10 Nov 1900 42-147 Samuel B Emma Burkey-widow of Samuel B duly appt Peter D Hottenstein Adm
21 Jan 1904 44-224 Elizabeth Franklin K, eldest son d 24 Dec 1903 late Pike Twp
22 Jun 1904 44-363 William R Herbert, a brother-Rachel having d 15 Jun 1904 of Reading renounced
24 Nov 1906 46-201 Mary Cornelius, a son d 20 Oct 1906 of Centreport
28 Feb 1908 47-219 Elizabeth Abraham E-father of deceased d 13 Jan 1908 of Boyertown
26 Oct 1908 47-368 Daniel B Morris M Mathias- a friend of Oley Twp
30 Nov 1909 48-281 Jacob S Jemma M (widow) d 29 Mar 1909 Lower Heidelberg
12 Mar 1910 49-13 Margret Reuben Wenrich of Lower Heidelberg
15 Jun 1911 49-334 Catherine Amandus A -only son d 16 May 1911 of Pike

NOTE: VOLUMES 12,25,26,28, and 31 are at the binders- the following names are in these binders:

1834- Peter 12-11
1867- Veronica 25-237
1871- John 26-310
1873- Wm 26-867
1876- Mary 28-4
1885- Mary 31-415
1886- Madg. 31-467
1886- Emanuel 31-479

Yoder records copied by Richard H Yoder 1990

1774 Samuel 2-173 Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, left 7
(OH13) children, 3 under 14. Peter, David, Abraham

1807 Polly 5-91 Abraham filed petition staing Polly and
Susanna Joder under 14- Abraham Apt Guardian

1818 George 7-1 6 Apr 1818 Children of Peter Yoder- Pike
Sarah Twp (OY42) (G&S over 14, M under 14, D ?)
also the children of his son Benjamin (died before
his father)- Abigail, William, David (all under 14)

1818 John 7-123 5 Jan 1819 John petitioned the court to
appoint Guardian for children of petitioner, namely
Maria, Josiah, Ezekiah (William Weidner appted
Gdn-money from John Thomas.
(NOTE: I've copied part of the will of a man named John
Thomas of Earl Township, Will book D-200. He left money to
some Yoders and guardians were appointed, probably so the
money wasn't used by anyone else until the child became 21
years of age:
"John Thomas Will D-200
"I give and bequesth in equal shares to all great grandchildren (that is
children of the grandchildren) of my uncles; George Adam Weidner, Georger
Weidner, John Weidner, Lazarus Weidner, Michael Weidner and Tobias (Tychicus)
Weidner as may be living and in their minority at the date of the will, but to none
that are free age or may be here after born, nor to any of the grandchildren of Esther
reider and Susanna Keim, two of the daughters of the said Tychicus Weidner, but if
any of the great grandchilren of my Aunt Platiena (who was married to a certain
John Schneider)
dated 1 Apr 1817"
(In PA minors under 14 years of age must have someone petition the court to
appoint a guardian. A minor over 14 years of age can petition the court on their
own behalf for a guardian)

1818 Sarah 7-127 daughter of Peter (OY42)
1818 Catherine 7-129 15 Mar 1819 Catherine Weidner Yoder
petitioned that she is a minor over 14,
asked to have her husband David Yoder
(OY418) apptd her guardian.
1819 Jacob 7-211-12 Petition from George on behalf of Wm
William (son of George) for Jacob (son of Wm)
minor under 14. Samuel Moyer (hus. of
OH1326) aptd guardian. Money from John
1819 Abraham 7-216 George filed petition on behalf of Abraham
(son of petitioner) for Abrahams 3 children
under 14: Susanna, Maria, and Nathaniel
. Samuel Moyer (hus OH1326) apptd guardian.
Money from John Thomas.
1822 Hannah 8-24 15 April 1822 petition from each for gdn.
Isaac all children of John Yoder, died, Oley
Mary all over 14. (John= OH145)
1822 John 8-25 15 Apr 1822 petition of Catherine Joder
widow of John, Oley, left 9 children, 6 of
whom are Peter, Sarah, Gideon, Benneville,
John & Daniel- all under 14.
1822 Hannah 8-93 8 Nov 1822 Hannah Weidner, dau of late
(OY419) Daniel Yoder of Rockland- she is a minor
over 14.
1826 John 9-121 10 Nov 1826- petition of Peter, Gideon and
(OY415) Sarah, children of the late John of Oley
all over 14
1826 John 9-161 5 Jan 1827 Gdn appts for Daniel under 14
son of the late John of Oley
1828 Sarah 9-202 6 Apr 1827 Gdn aptd for Sarah dau John
1828 Mary 9-279 9 Nov 1827 petition of Mary over 14 dau of
John of Oley
1828 Benneville 9-452 17 Jan 1829- Pet. of Ben. " " " "
1830 John 10-223 9 Apr 1830 " of John " " " "
1830 Jacob 10-339 7 Jan 1831 Jacob D Yoder- late Richmond,
(OY411) left 5 children under 14, Elizabeth,
Catherine Ann, Daniel, Henry and Fayette
1831 Jacob 10-370 8 Apr 1831 Jacob Weider apptd Gdn of Jacob
D minor children
1831 Elizabeth 11-14 10 Apr 1832- George Yoder petitioned on
Jesse behalf of his sister Elizabeth and
brother Jesse- under 14, Tobias Clouser
apptd gdn.
1831 Martin 11-175 10 Apr 1833 Martin apptd Admin of John
Yoder estate
1837 Martin 12-411 7 Apr 1837 Petition of Martin-over 14- son
(OH11134) of Martin, late of Oley
1837 Sarah 12-455 11 Aug 1837- Her gdn died (Daniel Weidner)
John Cunius apptd gdn.
1837 Mary Ann 12-576 13 Nov 1838 widow of Reuben- Rockland, 9
& Benneville children under 14, Sarah, Florintina,
(OY451&OY45b) Caroline, Hannah, Jacob, Maria, Jonathan,
Esther, and Catherine
1840 Benneville 13-24 10 Jan 1840 Petitioner over 14- Rockland
1849 Abraham 16-249 6 Apr 1849 discharge gdnship of Lydia
1850 George 16-373 24 Aug 1850- Petition of Sarah Ann- over
14, dau of George- late of Pike
1853 William S 16-524 26 Feb 1853- petition of Wm S over 14- son
of Isaac, late of Berks Co.
1853 Jacob 16-551 20 Dec 1853 - petition of John Yoder,
uncle of Jacob, a minor child of Jacob,
late of Maidencreek twp (YR1772). Jacob
left issue of 4 children. John, Joseph,
Mary, and Jacob.
1853 John 16-551 20 Dec 1853- petition of John, Minor over
14, son of late Jacob (above)
1855 Seneca & 16-596 5 Jan 1855- Petition of Magdalena, widow
Hanna Matilda of John Yoder, Richmond Twp- left 10
children, two are unedr 14 (S&H above)
1855 Obediah 16-596 5 Jan 1855 petition of Obediah, over 14,
son of late John, above)
1855 Charity Ann 16-596 5 Jan 1855 petition of over 14 daus of
& Mary Ann late John (above)
1863 Benneville 19-258 9 Feb 1863 Petition of Benneville- over
14, minor child of Jacob, late of Lower
Heidelberg Twp.
1867 Sarah 19-519 19 Sep 1867 Sarah over 14, petitioned- dau
of James, late of Heidelberg Twp.
1867 Alice 19-519 19 Sep 1867- Mary, widow of James (above),
petitioned for Alice, under 14.
1867 James, Isreal, Emma, Tamson, Jacob, Harrison & Absalom
19-520 21 Sep 1867- minor children over 14 of
Susanna Yoder, widow of Reuben of Berks.
1867 David, 19-520 21 Sep 1867 minor children over 14, of
Ellen Susanna and late Reuben Yoder
1870 Amelia 19-648 19 Apr 1870 Petition of Amelia by her
brother Frederick- children of Daniel,
late of Berks.
1870 Frederick 19-648 19 Apr 1870 Fred over 14, of Berks
1870 Henry A. 19-670 15 Nov 1870- petition of Henry- over 14-
son of the late Daniel (above)

copied Dec 27, 1991, RHY
Vol 1-p93
Abraham, Peter, George Breifogel & Esther his wife: Martin Yoder (OH1113) and
wife Susan, which said ab, Esther & Susan are children & lawful issue of Daniel
Peter, late of Oley Twp, whereas part of lands, etc. of deceased wwere taken by
Solomon Peter- May 1, 1822
Vol 1-p95
Abraham Peter, Solomon Peter, George Breifogel, Esther Breifogel, Martin Yoder
May 2, 1822
listed in index, but couldn't find a Yoder name
Vol 2-p297
We Jefse J Maria & Samuel West Adm. of Hannah West late of Chester Twp, in the
County of Delaware, state of PA, held firmly bound unto David Yoder of Hereford
twp, Berks Co. aforesaid in the sum of $4,000 to be paid to the said David Yoder-
sold & conveyed a certain tract of land situate in Hereford & Colebrookdale twp.,
Berks Co. Containing 224 acres 100 perches unto David Yoder & whereas it appears
that the heirs of Pafmore West, son of the said Hannh West. Aug 7, 1826
Vol 2-p300
Ruth estate- no Yoder name seen.
Vol 2- p323
Adam Anspach, Tulpehochen Twsp- no Yoder name seen
Vol 2, p387
??? Jan 2, 1827- Eve Joder of Earl twp, wife of John Yoder, tanner of the same place.
Vol 2 p 419
23 Sep 1826 at the house of Enoch Griefsmer in Oley twp, Berks- tract in Earl twp-
88 acre. Daniel Yoder, John Herb- the premise aforesaid was sold to John Herb &
Daniel Yoder, to Joseph Mast.
Vol 2 p420
Mar 15, 1827- the petition of Martin Yoder & Solomon Peter- Adm of things which
were of Daniel Yoder, late of Oley Twp.
Vol 2 p685
May 26, 1828- Indenture of mortgage bearing date 7 Apr 1826 between Solomon
Luck of Cumru twp, Berks on one part and Jacob Lapp and Gideon Yoder, attornies
of Catherine & John Luck
Vol 3 p106
27 Apr 1829 Martin Yoder, guardian of persons and estate of Magdalena Peter &
Sarah Peter, minor children of Ab. Peter, Oley Twp.
Vol 3 p 268
Mar 22, 1830 David Yoder, William Wellman & Catherine his wife, Solomon Peter
& wife Margaret, Philip Deturk & wife Mary, all of Oley twsp, whereas Daniel
Yoder Jr of Oley twp died intestate- is hard pain (?) by the said John Yoder & Matin
Vol 3 p 417
31 Jul 1830 Jacob D Yoder, Rockland twp (in German)
Vol 3 p 692
2 Apr 1832- no Yoder seen in text
Vol 3 p727
7 May 1832- Settle estate
Vol 4 p 21
Vol 4 p 31
22 Oct 1832 John Yoder, Daniel Yoder, Solomon Yoder, Christian Coffman & wife
Catherine, John Riehl & Livinia his wife, Daniel guardian of Henry Yoder being the
heirs and legal representatives of Barbara Coffman intermarried with Henry Yoder
(YR128) - both deceased.
Vol 4 p134
Release- Isaac
Vol 4 p 172
Vol 4 p 261
Isaac Yoder & Lydia Hunter- Adm of Henry Hunter estate
Vol 5 p 14
1 Aug 1835- I Benneville Yoder (OH1457) of Magenshe (?) Twp, Lehigh Co,
attained age of 21 acknowledge that I received this day from Abraham Hill, my
guardian, the sum of $41.43 together with the bonds to me given by my brothers
Isaac and Peter Yoder- my share of the estate of my late father John Yoder, deceased.
Vol 5, p77
I Ab Wangerd of Coventry Twp, Chester Co, guardian of Jacob Knabb, a minor son
of Hannah Knabb formerly wife of Jacob Knabb- both deceased arrising out of the
estate of Daniel Yoder- late of Oley twp, being the distribution share of his estate and
owing from Martin Yoder, Adm of said Daniel Yoder
Vol 5 p 78
Daniel Yoder late of Oley twp, died intestate leaving no issue but leaving his bro. &
sis. & nephew & nieces deceased sis Hannah wife of Jacob Knabb, whereas Martin
Yoder, also Oley Twp, Adm.
Vol 5 p 84
Settled above estate
Vol 5 p 101
Vol 5 p 127
1 Apr 1836 John Yoder of Union Twp, Solomon Yoder, Christian Coffman & wife
Catherine of Oliver Twp Mifflin Co, to said John, Solomon & Catherine being
children of Henry Yoder- late Wayne twp, Mifflin Co.
Vol 5 p 232
Vol 5 p 330
? Koenig family
Vol 5 p 516
More on Peters children, estate settled
Vol 5 p 522
Apr 6, 1838- I, Solomon Yoder, Oley twp, received from Daniel Weidner, Jacob
Acker & Samuel Weidner, Ex of last will and test. Daniel Weidner- late of
Colebrookdale twp who was apptd guarding of minor children of Wm Moyer, to wit
Anna Moyer, Sarah Moyer, therefore I Solomon Yoder guardian of Sarah Moyer.
Vol 5 p 531
Peters estate- release. Yoder Adm.
Vol 5 p 594
13 Aug 1838- I John Yoder, son of John Yoder Oley Twp, having attained the age of
21 received from my guardian Enoch Greismer..
Vol 5 p 680
13 Jan 1839 Whereas Martin Yoder- late of Oley Twp deceased- Intestate leaving
widow Susan & 4 child: David, Solomon, Mary m George Kemp, and Martin yet in
his minority.
Vol 5 p 685
15 Feb 1837- Exec of will of Jacob Yoder decd. Sold to John Mast immediately after
death of Mary Yoder, widow of said Jacob Yoder decd. Int to be paid.
Vol 6 p 10
Discharge of John Yoder- Gdn of Samuel Anspach
Vol 6 p 210
Vol 6 p 364
Isaac, Gideon, Benneville, John, Wm Antrim & Hannah Yoder his wife. John
Edleman & Mary Yoder his wife, Jacob Hill & Sarah Yoder his wife, all of Berks.
Whereas Peter Yoder, late of Berks died intestate without issue leaving a widow
Elizabeth Yoder & brothers & sisters & Catherine Yoder mother of said Peter-27
Dec 1841
Vol 6 p 400
6 Apr 1842- release of John Yoder- Gdn of Isaac Anspach
Vol 7 p 75
19 Apr 1844 Release of David Yoder- Guardian of Hannah Hunter a minor child of
Henry VR Hunter decd and Isaac Yoder Gnd of James Hunter a minor child of Henry
Vol 7 p 128
I, Abraham Mast of Montgomery Co, OH- son of Abraham Mast & Sarah his wife
(late Sarah Yotter) and a grandson of Jacob Jotter late of Tulpehocken Twp, Berks
Co. Jacob bequeathed unto his son John Yotter 20 Jul 1844.
Vol 7 p 129
Benjamin Moyer of Annville Twp, Lebanon Co & his wife Elizabeth (late Elizabeth
Yotter) named in last will of Jacob Yotter late of twp Tulpehocken, Berks- land
discribed unto his son John Yotter- 23 Jul 1844
Vol 7 p 130
Phillip Brown Jr Bethel Twp, Berks & Leah his wife (late Leah Yotter) named in last
will & test. of Jacob Yotter late- bequeath land to John Yotter late- 23 Jul 1844
Vol 7 p131
John Swavely- Twp of Heidelberg, Lebanon Co & Cath. Yotter (decd) on of dau. of
Jacob Yotter- Tulpehocken- unto John (son) 23 Jul 1844
Vol 7 p 132
John Mast- grandchild of Jacob Yotter also Barbara & Elizabeth Mast- also
Vol 7 134
Anna Yotter & Veronica Yotter- Tulpehocken, Berks, two of the dau of Jacob Yotter.
Vol 7 p215
Gideon Yoder, Benneville Yoder, John Yoder, Wm Antrim & Hannah, John
Edleman & wife Mary, Jacob Hill & wife Sarah, surviving heirs of John Yoder late
of Oley twp-intestate. Leaving a widow & above named heirs 7 repres. together with
Isaac & Peter- last named decd. 3 tracts containing together 170 acres.
Vol 7 p 273
recorded 2 May 1845- Margaret (Yoder) Peters widow of Solomon Peter late of Oley-
who died intestate & Daniel Y Peter, David Y Peter, Catherine Y Peter m George S
Yoder, Mary Ann Y Peter, Solomon Y Peter, & Obediah Y Peter by Gdn John
Yoder. Adm Daniel Y Peter, David Y Peter, & David Yoder.
Vol 7 p 301
Gdn. Ab. Yoder apptd gdn of Catherine Dottors, 7 June 1845
Vol 7 p 333
1 Aug 1845- Ind. between David Yoder & Martin Yoder both child. of Martin Yoder
late of Oley Twp.(OH1113)
Vol 8 p 36
Margaret Peter widow appt gdn for minor children
Vol 8 p 57
? Jacob Sands
Vol 8 p 67
9 Feb 1847 George G Kemp of Maxatawny Twp, Berks & wife Mary (Late Mary
Yoder) one of the dau. and legates named in the will of Susannah Yoder (OH1113)
late of Oley twp, from Martin Yoder Ex. of last will and testament of S.Y.
Vol 8 p 100
Recorded 30 Mar 1847 , I Jesse Yoder of Oley Twp, for & in consideration of $45 by
Adam Diener, Earl twp. signed 22 Mar 1847. Bill of sale.
Vol 8 p 188
David Yoder of Oley Twp by his indenture 2 Apr 1847 granted & conveyed unto
James Gerhard of Lauseanne twp, Carbon Co., 4 lots of land in Co mentioned now
for & in valuable consideration to me in hand paid by Solomon Yoder of Oley Twp. I
the said David Yoder do hereby assign set over transfer 1 equal undivided half part
of the said exception and reservation unto the said Solomon Yoder his heirs and
Vol 8 p 209
Vol 8 p 515 & 16
Vol 8 p 534
? Van Reed estate- Hill, Hoch, etc ? no Yoder names seen
Vol 8 p 583
20 Mar 1849
I Abraham Yoder Pike Twp, release as Gdn for 3 of Henry Moyer
Vol 9 p 23
18 Jun 1849 I Solomon Yoder farmer of Pike Twp- release
Vol 9 p 92
Vol 9 p 137
6 Apr 1850 I Isaac Yoder Oley twp, recd payment from Philip Deturk
Vol 9 p 226
Vol 9 p 244
5 Mar 1857- I Isaac Yoder, Oley Twp received from David Yoder Oley Twp,
guardian of minor Hannah Hunter.
Vol 9 p 284
22 Apr 1851 I Daniel Buskirk, committe of the persons & estate of Sarah Yoder,
Ruscomb manor twp, a lunatic, do hereby acknowledge that this day have had &
received of and from John Y Cunnius of the city of Reading, Guardian of the said
Sarah Yoder duly apptd by the Orphans Court, the sum of $696.37 in full satisfaction
& payment of the share of the said Sarah Yoder of the estate of John Yoder, late of
Earl Twp. Whereas John Y Cunnius, Gdn of S.Y. has filed his acct. on the 11 Apr
1851-- and whereas Sarah Yoder is a lunatic and whereas Eve Chrisman, the widow
of John Yoder deceased....
Vol 9 p 359
9 Dec 1851 Isaac Yoder & wife Lydia, Oley Twp of the 1st part
Vol 9 p 406
Release John Yoder/ Obediah Y Peter
Vol 9 p 415
Vol 9 p 424 & 425
Rachel Deturk, widow of Martin Deturk, late Oley- recd from David Yoder & Joel
Levan, Adm of Martin Deturk..
Vol 10 p 49
Jacob S Yoder Earl Twp, settlement 6 Apr 1853
Vol 10 p 52
9 Apr 1853 David Yoder of the town Verk, Seneca Co, State of New York and
Catherine his wife, Late Catherine Weidner, settlement of Weidner estate of Oley
Vol 10 p 571
24 Mar 1855 I Augustus Yoder, Upper Providence twp, Montgomery Co., one of the
sons of George Yoder, late of Pike Twp, Berks Co- decd- died intestate- received
from Benjamin A Yoder- Admin of George Yoder estate.
Vol 10 p 572
24 Mar 1855- We Abraham Yoder and Adam Dishner, guardians of minor children
of George Yoder late Pike Twp. Abr Yoder for two, namely Sarah Ann and Franklin,
Adam Disher for four, namely Daniel, Elizabeth, Esther and Hannah Amanda.
Vol 10 p 577
20 Oct 1851 between John Yoder in the one part and David Joder of the second part-
both of Oley Twp (brothers)
Vol 10 p 603
9 Apr 1855- I Jacob Hill, Richmond Twp having attained the age of 21,
acknowledge- recd this day from Rev Isaac Roeller, my guardian from estate of my
late father Ephraim Hill..
Vol 10 p 610
10 Apr 1855- Tobias Shall- give and bequeth to Anna Yoder, john yoder and Wm
yoder- children of my daughter Elizabeth- deceased who had been intermarried with
Isaac Yoder..
Vol 10 p 633
24 Apr 1855 Jacob S Yoder, Earl Twp and wf Harriet. being a daughter & the one
heir at law of Peter Edelman, late Outelaune twp.
Vol 10 p 636
Same as at p 633
Vol 10 p 653
14 May 1855- I Susanna Carl, District twp, Berks, one of the dau of Henry Minker,
recd from Jacob S Yoder- Admin
Vol 10 p 720
10 Aug 1855- also a receipt from Jacob S Yoder Adm
Vol 10 p 721
one more receipt from Jacob S Yoder
Vol 11 p 129
7 Apr 1856 - I Wm S Yoder, Oley Twp, pd by John S Yoder same place a certain
legacy due from the estate of late grandfather Tobias Shall.
Vol 11 p 179
13 June 1856- Jacob S Yoder, Earl Twp, 1 part & Geo. S. Yoder, Oley twp, 2nd part.
Vol 11 p 191
8 July 1856
I Jonathan Yoder, Rockland Twp, attained age of 21, received from Gdn John Keller
Adm. of my late father Reuben Yoder
Vol 11 p 194 ?
Vol 11 p 328
8 May 1857 I Magdalena Yoder. mother & heir at law of Obadiah Yoder who died a
Vol 11 p 332
Jacob S Yoder...
Vol 11 p 528 ----
Vol 11 p 634 ?
Vol 11 p 738 ?
Vol 12 p 44
27 Apr 1859 John Yoder, Maidencreek twp attained age of 21 , recd from Gdn John
Kemerer - from estate of father Jacob Yoder
Vol 12 p 149
12 Aug w & John Snavely and Catherine Snavely his wife who was Catherine Yotter,
sister of Anna Yotter decd of the county of McClean, state of Illinois constitute &
Appt Joseph Y Snavely of Lebanon Co, PA lawful Atty- from the estate of Anna
Yotter deceased, late county of Berks.
22 Aug 1859- Franny Yotter, Phillip Brown & late wife Leah Yotter, Joseph y
Swavely attorney of John Swavely & Catherine (his late wife Catherine Yotter)- the
first three named of Marion & Bethel, Berks Co & the last named of Heidelberg,
County of Lebanon, recd from John Yotter Administrators.
Vol 12 pg 202, 204, 215- ?
Vol 12 p 292
31 Mar 1860 Wm Yoder, late Oley Twp, died intestate on or about 9 Nov 1858
leaving widow (Susanna) & seven children to wit: Jacob, George S., Margaret m
Samuel Clauser, Mary m Nicholas B Johnson, Hannah m David Y Peter, Joseph
Yoder and Wm Yoder.
Vol 12 p 368- same people as 292
Vol 12 p 422
3 Dec 1860- Charity Ann Yoder- Richmond Twp, having attained the age of 21
acknowldge recd of Daniel Rothermel my guardian from late fathers estate John
Vol 12 p 431
3 Apr 1858
Ann Yotter late of Marion Twp, Berks- obtained judgement against Jonathan Straus
Vol 13 p 27- ?
Vol 13 p 181
4 Apr 1862 betwen George Yoder, Ruscombmanor twp and wife Catherine and
Henry Bernhart
Vol 13 p 249
4 Sep 1862- Jacob S Yoder a son & heir of Wm Yoder, late oley Twp, estate
Vol 13 p 386
16 Sep 1862 John Bower estate Maxatowny twp, Berks to Benneville Yoder and
Fianna Elizabeth his wife, late Fianna Elizabeth Bower.
Vol 13 p 425- gdn.
Vol 13 p 440- ?
Vol 13 p 499
20 Jun 1863- David Yoder- Philip Deturk estate.
Vol 13 p 500
19 Jun 1863 Jacob Yoder estate, decd. to dau Mary m. Benjamin Kelchner, Elizabeth
Fisher gdn of Benneville Yoder, I James Yoder one of the sons of the said Jacob
Yoder decd. we Thomas Wenrich & wife Esther, a dau of Jacob Yoder, and Daniel
Vol 13 p 619
John Reppert, late Ruscombmanor twp, date of last will 23 Jun 1854- land to widow
till her death- then to Dabiel Yoder.
Vol 14 p 180
1 Dec 1864 I Seneca Yoder, Richmond Twp, having attained the age of 21 recd from
Daniel Rothermel gdn, from late father John Yoder decd.
Vol 14 p 217
11 Aug 1864 Jacob Yoder of Millersburg, Berks Co, obtained age of 21, gdn John
Kemerer- from my late father Jacob Yoder
Vol 14 275
Eliz Yoder widow of Abr., names Nathan, Abr., Benneville Y
Vol 14 p 291
7 Apr 1865- Solomon Yoder, George Yoder and Susana m Charles Renninger,
Maria, widow of Benjamin Rohrbach, Elizabeth m John Reider, Sophia m Nathan
Landis, all heirs of Abraham Yoder, decd, late of Pike Twp, acknowledge recd from
Nathan; Abraham y Yoder, Benneville Y Yoder, exec of Abraham Yoder.
Vol 14 p 375 ?
Vol 14 p 382
25 July 1865 Jacob S Yoder, a son and heir of Wm Yoder, late of Oley Twp, estate.
Vol 14 p 440
8 July 1865 I Aaron Yoder of Bottler Twp, Sch Co, one of the sons of Catherine
Yoder, deceased, who was the daughter of Jacob Troutman, deceased & who m
Arbraham Yoder, deceased..
Vol 14 p 563
3 Apr 1866 I Solomon Yoder, Maxatawny Twp, Berks, duly appt Gdn for Cleaver
Vol 14 p 591
22 Jan 1866- Caroline Gross of Amity Twp, Berks a single women has lately been
delivered a male bastard child and has charged Edmund S Yoder of Oley Twp and
has agreed with the said Edmund S Yoder to take a sum of 300 in full satisfaction
forever discharge-- several places her last name is spelled Grose
Vol 14 p 600
more of estate of Vol 14 p 291
Vol 15 p 291
? more on east pa RR- no Yoder names
Vol 15 p 415
13 Feb 1868- we Susanna Yoder of Daniel Miller, Albert Yoder, Anna Alice Yoder,
Emma Jane Yoder, heirs of John Yoder decd. Elizabeth Yoder m Gottlieb Roehmer
and Rachel a dau of the said Catherine Yoder m to Enoch Moyer, and Aaron a son of
the said Catherine Yoder. Leah a dau of the said Catherine yoder m to George
Hechler, Hannah a dau of said Catherine Yoder m to Euston Hampton; and Daniel
Yoder a son of said Catherine Yoder , Daniel Miller being his Gdn; and Samuel
Yoder, being a son of said Catherine Yoder, Daniel Miller being his gdn; all of Sch.
Co. hereby acknowledge recd from Jacob Gearhard & John Troutman, exec of the
estate of John Troutman, late of Marion Twp, Berks Co.
Vol 15 p 702
18 Feb 1869 I Hannah Malinda Swoper, formerly Yoder, having attained age 21
from my Gdn Daniel Rothermal-late father John Yoder.
Vol 16 p 239
6 Apr 1869- Wm Yoder, Colebrookdale twp, recd from Nichloas Johnson for land
Vol 16 p 362- ?
Vol 16 p 442,3 &4-
Martin Yoder released as gdn for John Ebberhart
Vol 17 p 286
12 Nov 1860 (?sic) Martin Yoder who was apt gdn of Ammon Trout, minor son of
Catherine Trout, late & whereas Abraham Trout the father of said Ammon Trout
Vol 17 p 319-
13 Feb 1871 Benneville Yoder & wife Fianna, dau of John Bower, late Maxatawny
twp. estate.
Vol 17 p 418 ?
Vol 17 p 531-
25 Mar 1871- Bertolet Y Yoder- disposal of property.
Vol 18 p 101
10 Jan 1872- We, Margaret B Levan & Geo. K Levan and her husband Daniel B
Yoder, Catherine Schaffer & husband Nathan, and Sarah Guilden & hus. Abr.
Guilden, and Mary Yoder & Hannh Yoder- heirs of John Yoder late of Oley twp,
died, died intestate.recd from---
Vol 18 p 113- Bertolet Y. --
Vol 18 p 175
25 Mar 1872 Bertolete Y Yoder this day appeared before me, settlement.
Vol 18 p 273 -?
Vol 18 p 352-
24 May 1872 Between Bertolette Yoder of Lyons Station, Berks Co., & Rebecca his
wife and Solomon Yoder & Elizabeth his wife- same place, doing busines under the
firms name of S Yoder & Sons of the first part and Levi Leiss of Reading 2nd part
Vol 18 p 354-
24 May 1872 between Bertolete Y Yoder & Rebecca wife & City of Reading
Vol 18 p 434
30 Jul 1874- settlement above, Vol 17 p 319
Vol 20 p 21
30 Jul 1874 I Wm Hopkins of Philadelphia, having reached 21 years of age, have
recd of & from Jesse Smith, surety of Solomon Yoder my Gdn. apptd Berks Co.
Vol 20 p 22
24 Jul 1874 I efinger Hopkins of New York City attained age of 21, recd of & from
Jesse Smith surety of Solomon Yoder my gdn.
Vol 20 p 38
11 May 1874 between Wm Yoder of Lower Heidelberg Twp. 1 part and Elizabeth
Weinrich of Wernersville, 2nd part, widow of the other part.
Vol 20 p 51
27 Mar 1874- I Benneville Miller, age 21, my gdn Jacob Yoder of Center Twp.
Vol 20 p 51 --
Vol 20 p 74- Adm. of Weidner estate.
Vol 20 p 293
We Jacob S Yoder, Geo. S Yoder, Margaret Clauser (widow of Samuel Clauser),
Mary (Yoder) Johnson, Hannah (Yoder) Peters, being children of Wm Yoder late
Oley, died intestate leaving widow Susanna.
Vol 20 p 295- same.
Vol 20 p 300
Jacob S Yoder Colebrooksdale, same a p 295
Vol 20 p 323-
I Susanna Shitz, now 21 & married to Reuben Behm- recd from Gdn Benjamin
Vol 20 p 635
20 Jan 1876- We, Catherine Haag, Caroline Kline, Mary Yoder, rebecca Gicker &
Elizabeth R Rahn widow & heir of George Kline, decd Centre Twp.
Vol 21 p 391- I Samuel Miller, age 21, Jacob Yoder Gdn.
Vol 21 p 504
4 Jun 1877 between Cyrus S Yoder Center Twp & Jacob S Yoder of Upper Bern
Vol 22 p 34 & 35
I John Yoder, Gdn of Wm Yoder, Henry Yoder, Sallie M Yoder, James Yoder, and
Sarah Y Berg- the said Wm, Henry, Sallie M, and James being minor children of
Seneca Yoder decd, 1/9 share of estate of their late grandmother Magdalena Yoder,
of Muhlkenberg Twp and the said Sarah Berg being a minor child of Mary Berg (late
Yoder) decd. Acknowledge ths day recd of & from Solomon Yoder and James Goss,
exec of Magdalena Yoder.
Vol 22 p 124- settlement
Vol 22 p 127 & 128- Jacob R Yoder
Vol 22 p 136
I Alfred Yoder- Upper Tulpehocken Twp age 21, recd from estate of mother
Elisabeth Yoder 31 1877.
Vol 22 p 502
12 Mar 1878 Wm Willman, late Oley Twp & wife Catherine, will date 17 Mar 1846
aptd David Yoder Exec
Vol 22 p 541- trust
Vol 22 p 636
16 Apr 1878 between Benjamin Yoder, Oley & Wm Rowe, James Lyons
Vol 22 p 708
16 Apr 1878- I Esther Ritter married to Reuben Ritter of Center Twp= Recd from
Jacob Yoder my gdn from my late father Benneville Miller
Vol 23 p 531- estate
Vol 24 p 377- Benjamin Yoder & Sarah (Yeakel) Upper Milford, Leigh Co Yeakel
Vol 23 p 388- Gdn.
Vol 23 p 454- ?
Vol 23 p 571- estate
Vol 25 p 192-194- estate
Vol 25 p 239- property sale- Cyrus Heister & Reuben Yoder Centre Twp
Vol 25 p 409- Gdn
Vol 25 p 571 & 592- Gdn.
Vol 27 p 413
I George Yoder of Cedar Co, Nebraska, one of the sons of Benjamin Yoder, Late
Center Twp, Berks, decd- to make & appt Charles S Yoder of Center Twp, berks, my
lawful atty- estate of my decd father Banjamin Yoder 10 Feb 1883.
Vol 27 p 535- Jacob Ruth estate 1883- Henry Yoder & wife Caroline
Vol 27 p 555
Melinda Yoder Centre Two, dau of Bejnamin Yoder, decd 1883
Vol 30 p 646
8 Jan 1886 I Charles S Yoder, Centre twp., Committee of Benjamin Yoder, a lunatic,
appt by Court- recd of & from Daniel Kauffman who was given guardian of
Benjamin- having attanide the age of 21- final acct of estate of said Benjamin Yoder,
father of Benjamin Yoder
Vol 32 p 538
26 Jan 1886- We Washington Yoder and Lazarus Yoder do hereby acknowledge we
each this day recd of & from Daniel Y Peter Admn of William Willman, late of Oley
Twp, bequeathed from last will & testament
Vol 32 p 583
14 Jun 1887- Jacob H Yoder, Upper Bern twp, died 28 Mar 1887 leave widow
Catherine & 3 children, Agnes, wife of Wm White, James W Yoder, and Kate S.
wife of Wm. Luckenbill.
Vol 32 p 599
I Wm Yoder Chester Co., age 21 acct of John Yoder my guardian.. no other names.
Vol 32 p 642
30 Jul 1887- Magdalena Yoder late borough of Fleetwood, Jacob S Yoder Admin.
Vol 33 p 377
31 Mar 1888- I, Annie Maurer (nee Yoder) wf of Wm Maurer of Reading age 21,
from estate of late father Benjamin Yoder
Vol 34 p340
Gideon Yotter & John Noll- Adm estate of George Christman 13 May 1870
Vol 35 p 536
Wm S Yoder, Heidelberg Twp, Berks (minor now adult) Apr 1, 1887, Recd from
Daniel S Yoder (guardian) from grandfather share (Jacob Yoder) and Wm's brother
Henry S Yoder. Wm was a son of John (deceased)

Misc. Grantee/Grantor in Reg. of Deeds- Berks County

2-381- Eve Yoder of Earl Twp, wife of John Yoder (Tanner)

C3-473- Estate of the late John Yoder- dated 7 Apr 1831- situated in Pike & Earl
Twp 92 acres 38 perches to Peter Yoder a son of said John Yoder decd (OY145),
subscriber to wit Isaac Yoder, Jacob Hill & wife Sarah, John Edelman & wife Mary,
Wm Antrim & wife Hannah, Wm Yoder guardian of Gideon Yoder, Abraham Hill
guardian of Benneville and Encoh Greismer the guardian of John Yoder.

F6-364- 27 Dec 1841- Isaac, Gideon, Benneville, John, Wm Antrim & Hannah, John
Edelman & Mary, Jacob Hill & Sarah all of Berks Co. Whereas Peter Yoder late of
Berks died intestate leaving a widow Elizabeth & brother & sister. Tract of land
Exeter twp 103 acres. And whereas by the laws of PA the said Catherine Yoder (w/o
OY145) , mother of Peter is now entitled to 1/2 of said real estate for the term of her
natural life & after her decease will descend to above named brother & sister.

N14-275- 29 Mar 1865- I Elizabeth, widow of Abraham decd, Nathan, Abraham,
Benneville Y. Yoder. tract #2 situated in Douglas twp- 18 acres & 84 perches. tract
#3 situated in District twp 115 acres, tract #4 situated in Pike twp 4 acres. (OH1325)

N14-656- recorded 9 Aug 1861- The we David Young and Barbara his wife, late
Barbara Yoder, Esther Moyer wife of Joseph O Moyer, late Esther Yoder, Levi
Yoder, Henry Leatherman & Elizabeth (late) his wife, & Aaron Yoder, children and
heirs at law of Jacob Yoder late of Washington Twp, Berks Co, deceased, died
intestate, have received of & from Reuben Yoder & Joseph O Moyer, Adm of the
estate. (YB139)

18-349- Undenture made 24 May 1872 between Solomon Yoder of Lyons station,
Berks & Elizabeth his wife & Levi Leiss of Reading, owing to sundry losses &
misfortune is at present unable to discharge just debts... In the sum of $1 , all that
certain tract- Pike Twp 16 acres 108 perches, all that certain tract Lyons, Berks DB_
83 p92. (OH11132)

18-352- 4 May 1872- between Bartolette Y Yoder of Lyons & Rebecca his wife and
Solomon Yoder & Elizabeth his wife, of same place & doing business under the firm
name of S Yoder & Son & Levi Leiss, Reading.

35-173- whereas Peter Yoder, late of Amity Twp, Berks, on or about 1835 died
intestate with a widow and no specei- the estate was duly settled & dower charge on
the real estate to the amount of $320 annually during her lifetime- died 2 Oct 1888,
whereas I Mary Edelman & John Edelman my husband. (OH1453)

37-569- Know & mem by those present that we Emma C Yoder, widow and Sarah
Yoder, mother of Samuel B Yoder late of Maidencreek Twp that we this day recd.
May 8, 1891 (s/o YR1773)

52-129- Estate of John R Yoder (11/11/1809-4/8/1890) late Maidencreek twp filed in
_____ ____ distributed to the personal representative of Samuel Yoder, deceased,
whereas Emma Burkey, widow of said Samuel, decd, has since taken Adm. Whereas
Samuel left surviving no children but a widow, the said Emma Burkey and four
sisters, Sarah Dreibelbis, Lydia B Noll, Catherine B Kemmerer and Amanda Willits.

55-559- Whereas Elizabeth Yoder (w/o OH13254) is a legate under the last will of
her brother Isreal Keim of Oley Twp and has sold her share to Moses B Eberhart-
dated 18 Jul 1902

106-409- Release Fleetwood Cemetery to Samuel D Yoder- That F C C, legate in the
last will & Test. of Peter S Yoder late borough of Fleetwood, deceased. That we have
this day 24 Dec 1927 recd of & from Samuel D Yoder, exec of Peter S Yoder

Miscellaneous Will Records- Berks Co

1812- John Yoder (OY1) 5-58
to son John- Plantations in Oley & Earl; Dau Mary Bertolet widow of Daniel
Bertolet; son Jacob; dau Catherine wf of John Reppert; to 7 children of my dau
Elizabeth-late wife of Mathias Rhoads (Jacob, John, Joseph, Abraham, Catherine,
Maria & Esther); Dau Esther m Cunius; children of my son Samuel (Deceased)-
?Adam, Jacob, Samuel & Catherine

1827- John 6-24 to Charles, Sarah- the 2 youngest children now living of late
Elizabeth Koch.

1837- Jacob 7-464 (OY45) b. 11/6/1772 Rockland Twp
wife Anna Maria Barto; sons: Reuben; Gideon; son-in-law Henry Heffner; to rest
of children equally.

1842- Jacob 8-448 (AL) Tulpehocken Twp
no wife mentioned. son John; dau: Anna Elizabeth m Benj. Moyer; Anna (single);
Veronica (single); Catherine m John Schnable; Leah m Phillip Brown; Salome
(deceased) m Ab. Mast (children: Abr; Samuel; John; Elizabeth; Anna; Barbara;

1853- John (b 12/22/1773) 10-85 Centre Twp
m Veronica Reichenbach; sons- John; Emanuel; deceased son Jacob wf Elizabeth;
Samuel; Benjamin; Joseph. Dau: Caroline; Judith m WM Kline; Maria m John

1853- John 10-95 Richmond Twp (OY44) - wf Magdalena- has children but not

1861- Jacob (b 6/27/1792) (OY433) Lower Heidelberg
wife Catherine Ernst; sons: James; Amos; Wm; John; Daniel:; Benneville; dau:
Maria; Catherine; Esther.

1863- John 11-180 Marion Twp (AL) 117 acres
wife Catherine- dau Catherine & Elizabeth

1874- Susanna 13-13 widow of Wm- Berks Co. (w OH1324)
son George S Yoder; Jacob S Yoder; Wm S Yoder; Joseph S; dau Rebecca m
Clauser; Hannah m Peter; Mary m. Johnson.

1875- Catherine 13-52 widow of Jacob- Heidelberg Twp (w2OY433)
dau Estehr m Thomas Weinrich

1881- Jacob R- 14-414 Centre Twp (YR17a5)
m Mary King, have 7 children; dau Timmah (?) m Adam Rentschler; Rebecca;
son Levi; Cornelius; Aaron; John Reuben

1884- Frederick wife Mary Centre Twp.
Two farms. Children: Alfred S; Jacob S; Wellington S; Amelia (Davis); Mary
(Phillips); Valari (Lieb) and Cyrus; also grandson Elmer.

????- Brigette (w Benjamin- AR) dau Amanda; Sara; Mary Ann; Louisa; and son
Jacob of Boyerstown.

1887- Jacob H 15-696- Bern twp
wife Catherine- divided among my children- the only child mentioned is James W
Yoder, executor.

1886- Magdalena 15-473- Richmond (w/o OY454)
dau Maria (deceased) m Wm McKarbey; sons Jacob; Jonathan; dau Sarah m Amos
Mertz; dau Floranda m Isaac Mertz; 1 share to surviving children of deceeased dau
Caroline m Joel Manwiller (not named); day Hannah m Daniel Bertolet; Esther m
George Ohlinger; Kitty Ann m David Manwiller.

1887- Fanny (w/oK17) 15-786 Berks (husband's name not mentioned)
children- Harry E; Katie E; & Lydia (all in 1880 census- Reading)

1888- Martin 16-68 Oley Twp (OH1113)
Son: Henry H; Dau: Susanna H; Mary wf of Joseph Delong

1890- William 16-484 Lower Heidelberg Twp (OY4333)
wf Susanna; divided 5 equal shares- Jacob; Daniel; Lydia (late) m Aaron Lieb-
Granddaughter Kate.

1890- John R Yoder 16-591 Maidencreek Twp (?YR17721)
m Sarah; son: Samuel; Dau: Sarah; Lydia; Catherine; Amanda

1891- Solomon (OY441) 17-39 Muhlenburg Twp
wife Rebecca, dau Hannah, son Daniel, Solomon, Willian

1892- Nathan Y 17-564 Pike Twp (OH13223)
wf Esther; dau Hannah (widow of Samuel Weidner); dau Emmaline wf of Wm
Horner; dau Esther Ann wf of Edward Brown; son Nathan R; dau Amelia m
Jeremiah Guilden.

1893- Lydia (w/o OH1452) 17-646 Oley Twp
son Peter S Yoder; Mabry S; Edward S; Aaron S; Henry S; dau Elizabeth m
Stufflet; Amanda S m Boyer; Sarah m Murry; grandson John from son Edward S;
Grandchildren of Aaron S (no names)

1896- Hannah B (OH11193) 19-39 Oley Twp
sister: Mary B; brother: Daniel B

1897- Daniel A 19-407 Reading
m Amanda C- no children mentioned

1900- Reuben 20-370 Centre Twp
wf Ella (Ellanora); children Ellen, David, James, Emma, Jacob, Absolom,

1900- Annie M Yotter 20-672 (w/o A5) Reading
sister- Emma Barr; nephew- Robert Yotter

1901- Amanda C 21-169 (widow of Daniel A Yoder Reading)
deceased father John Keller- dau Annie, son- John O Yoder, mentions son-in-law
Harry E Hook, sons Luther, William, dau Hannah (Anna?)

1905- Sarah 23-112 Centre Twp
son: Moses; Jonathan; Wm; Joel (deceased); dau: Catherine; Fannie.

1909- Henry D (?OY43381) 25-144 Heidelberg Twp, Wernersville
m Carolina- after wife dies, then to brothers & sisters (no names)

1910- Margaret (nee Ruth) 25-369 (Mrs Adam Yoder- wf OY43321)
Lower Heidelberg Twp, dau: Ellen, wf of Reuben Wenrick; sons: David R;
William R; Harvey R.

1910- George K 25-463 Reading
m Annie E (no children mentioned)

1910- Kate M (w/o OY4338) 25-576 Wernersvile, Lower Heidelberg Twp
m Herny Yoder (no children mentioned)

1911- Emaline (w/o OH13226) 26-34 Pike Twp m George Y Yoder
sons: James F Yoder; George F Yoder; Amos F Yoder; dau: Emma wf of
Benjamin Reicherd.

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