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General Records - Pennsylvania Yoder Records:

SCHCO.DOC - new November, 2003 -- Schuylkill County Data Collected by Donald Reed
---Yoder Obituaries in D Reed's file not listed in Yoder newsletter info
--- Yoder Burial Records not included in the Descendants of Hans Yoder
--- Schuylkill County Court House Records of Death 1893-1905

BPBYRSTN.DOC - Berks County, PA- Boyerstown Church & Cemetery records

BPCRTHSE.DOC - Berks County, PA Courthouse Data- Letters of Administration, Orphans Court Records, Deeds, Will Records

BPCRTHS2.DOC - Greater detail from Berks County files through 1884.

BPCRTHS3.DOC - Added Berks County files.

BPHILLCH.DOC - Berks County, PA- St. Joseph's (Hill Church) Records

BPRECDS1.DOC - BPRECDS2.DOC - (2 FILES) Assorted Berks Co., PA records from Pastors, Churches, cemeteries, marriages, births, deaths as well as Berks Co. Index of Real Estate.

BERKS TAX RCRDS - Yoder Extract from the Tax Index of Berks County, PA.- 1754-1768 by Hellenbach.

HOWERTER.DOC - Yoder records from the St. Jacob's or Howerter's Lutheran and Reformed Church, Mahantongo Valley, PA

LH-NHRCD.DOC - Records from Lehigh and Northampton Cos., PA

LANCCh.DOC - Pastor and Church Records from Lancaster County, PA

NTUM-SCH.DOC - Cemetary, Courthouse, Pastor, birth, marriage & death records from Northumberland, Schuylkill & Columbia Cos., PA

OLEYKARL.DOC - Karl Joder notes on the Oley Yoders, translated by Fred Haines.

OLEYCEM1.DOC - Yoder gravestone inscriptions from the Pleasantville Union Church Cemetery (Original cemetery of the Oley Yoders)

OLEYANAL.DOC -  Annals of the Oley Valley, by Bertolet- Yoder Chap.

OLEYFRAG.DOC - Fragments of the Past by Bertolet, Yoder Chap.

OY-WILL.DOC - Will for Yost Yoder (OY)

PA-PATNT.DOC - State Land Patent Information from PA Dept of Internal Affairs

PA.TAX RECORDS - Early Yoder tax records from the Pennsylvania Archives Series

PA-WARR.DOC - State land warrants from PA Dept of Internal Affairs

SP-CEMETARIES - Yoders in the cemetaries of Somerset Co., PA based on a cemetary search by Bob and Mary Closson of Apollo, PA.

UNCRTHSE.DOC - Records from Union County, PA Court House

bpmar.doc - Pennsylvania German Marriages -

General Records - Other States Yoder Records:

IL-RECDS.DOC - Marriage and Other Illinois Records from the State Archives (Illinois)

GA-MISC.DOC - Yother Marriage Records from Dawson Co, Ga. (Georgia)

CAL-RECS.DOC - Excerpts from the California Death Index for Yoders and the like - 1905-1994 (California)

WILLIAMS.DOC - Yoders in Williams Co., Ohio: birth, death, marriage and cemetery records. (OHIO)

LEETONIA.DOC - Excerpts from the Leetonia Reporter. Leetonia,OH (OHIO)

LO-CEM.DOC - Yoder records appearing in Logan County, Ohio Cemeteries (OHIO)

WAYNE-OH.DOC  - Yoder extracts from Wayne County, Ohio cemetaries (Thanks to the help of Joyce Mitchell) (OHIO)

OH-WILL.DOC - Will and related documents for HANS YODER (OHIO)

OH- SUR.DOC - Property Survey of Hans Yoder (OHIO)

MEDINA.DOC - Yoder County Records from Medina, Ohio. (Mennonite Yoders) (OHIO)

IOWA RECORDS - WPA & Other Cemetery Records / Washington County Index of Death Records (IOWA)

MIAMI CO. INDIANA - Death, wills, and marriage records -- 1843-1920 (INDIANA)

EILIRECS.DOC - Elkhart and LaGrange Co.,Indiana - Birth, Marriage, and Death Records for Elkhart Co, and Death and Early Marriage Records for LaGrange Co (2 PARTS) (INDIANA)

PENSION.DOC - From the National Archives, we have copied the index of all Yoders who have filed pension claims from the last century to the early part of this one. (NATIONAL ARCHIVES - USA)

General Records - European Yoder Records:

CHRONIK.DOC - Chronik der Familie Joder/Jotter - by Karl Joder and Ottmar Jotter - European Reasearch Notes.

Anabaptists of Weiler, Germanshof and Langenberg

"Death Register of Steiffisburg, Switzerland 1728-1792" -- NEW, April, 2009

Note: These records from Muri, Switzerland are NEW on this website November 3, 2004.
Muri is a small town north of Steffisburg where Joders began to appear in the records a bit latter than they did in Steffisburg.

MuriEarlyRecords.doc> - - Muri, Bern, Switzerland, birth/christenings 1603-1662, than 1663-1717, all JODER/YODER entries FHL film # 2005608; Marriage Register, Muri, Switzerland, years 1597-1650, gap from 1650-1663 --- PDF version - - Records from the Evangelical Church, Muri near Bern, LDS Microfilm number 2005608.
Birth/Christenings 1603-1662, then 1663-1717. Marriages 1597-1650, gap from 1650-1663 --Script proofed Oct. 2004 by Marion Wolfert, professional genealogist, Salt Lake City, Ut. This attempt to assemble family groups based on MURI christening records was made by Chris Yoder, Yoder Newsletter, 2004) --- PDF version - - Records from the Evangelical Church, Muri near Bern LDS Microfilm number 2005608 --Script proofed Oct. 2004 by Marion Wolfert, professional genealogist, Salt Lake City, Ut. Birth Register 1680-1750 and Marriages 1679-1703 --- PDF version




SCHWETZ.DOC - Notes on the immigration of Joders from Schwetzingen to the Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA., translated by Fred Haines

ST.JODER.DOC - Notes on St. Joder and anniversary stamp, translated by Fred Haines.

EPPSTEIN.DOC - German Joders/Jotters- descendants of Christian Joder (b 1687) and Barbara Gerber from Steffisburg Switzerland who went to Eppstein, Germany.

FRANCE.DOC - Family groups built from the Alsatian Research of French genealogists Jean and Rene Huckel.

HECKEN.DOC - Yoders of Hecken, France (added here June, 2006)

RHNLAND.DOC - The Joder family which is listed in microfiche records of the LDS as being in the Rheinland.

STFSBG.DOC - This file include a compilation of Joder family groups constructed from the birth and marriage records of Steffisburg, Switzerland between 1551 and 1871

STEFIS1.DOC - Yoders from Steffisburg, Switzerland Birth Register Vol 1-4 (from 1557 through 1701)

STEFIS2.DOC - Yoders from Steffisburg, Switzerland Birth Register Vol 5-7 (from 1701 through 1756) Marriages (1551-1756) Deaths (1707-1727)

STEFIS3.DOC - Steffisburg, Switzerland -- Records from 1757 to 1814

STEFIS4.DOC - Steffisburg, Switzerland -- Records From 1815 to 1871

SPFALZ.DOC - Descendants of Caspar Joder (b 1660 son of Jost Joder and Anna Trachsel) and Verena Stauffer.

JODER CONTRACT FILES - Joder Contract files from Thun, English/German

SWITZ.DOC - This record displays the Joder family lineage developed and used by the late Karl Joder from his research in Europe. It appeared in YNL #2

Joders in Canton Lucerne- In the late German Yoder researcher Karl Joder’s “Chronik he writes "There is no doubt that the Joders living in the Huttwyl-Altbüron- Altishofen-Dagmersellen and in Muri near Bern and the Joders in the Steffisburg-Amseligen-Thun area and Sigriswil are a single clan from the earliest Middle Ages. ” (see ). The spreadsheet attached was downloaded from the Family Search web site. Due to many transcription issues with the old German, we have found that this extract should not be considered complete. The hot links shown for each record takes you into the appropriate page of original Swizz records.

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