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General Courthouse and Area Records

UNION COUNTY COURTHOUSE Records- copied by Richard H Yoder,
Bechtelsville, PA - Feb 9, 1993

published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
data originally copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998
These files contain a collection of Yoder family data which has been assembled since
1983 by the Yoder Newsletter (YNL), P O Box 594,Goshen, IN 46527 for
subscription information). For content update, write Chris Yoder, 203 Lakeshire Rd.,
Battle Creek, MI 49015 or email at
We apologize in advance for any typographical errors in this work. Please help us
correct and extend any of the information in these records.

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last updated: Dec 1999
UNION COUNTY COURTHOUSE Records- copied by Richard H Yoder,
Bechtelsville, PA - Feb 9, 1993

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Register of Wills

Will Book A (1813-1838)

Jacob Yoder- will- page 63 (brother pf Melchior-"H")
Jacob Yoder-last will & test.- Centre Twp of Union Cp., a batchelor- give &
bequeath to my nephew Peter Yoder; to my nephew Jacob Yoder; to my nephew
Melchior Yoder Jr; the residue & remainder to my dearly beloved nephew John
Yoder. I nominate said nephew John Yoder of Centre Twp, Union Co to be Exec.
5 Aug 1816

Melchior Yoder-letter of Admin- 22 Dec 1820- granted to peter Yoder of harley

Will Book B (1838-1861)

p 571- letter/Adm.- Lucy Ann Yoder, late of White Deer Twp, deceased. 22 Nov
1856- granted to Samuel Yoder Jr. Admin.

Will Book C (1861-1876)

p 75 Jacob Yoder ("AS") late of Lewisburg of Union Co., letter/Adm. 19 Apr
1864 to John S Yoder

p267- Samuel Yoder- Will- I Samuel Yoder, farmer of White Deer twp, Union
Co, direct my body be onterred in the burying ground of White Deer Twp.
mention wife Hester. sons: Samuel, John, Daniel, Bennewhale (sic- Benneville?) ;
dau: Amelia, Hannah, Matilda. Grandson: Samuel, son of John. Grandson Henry,
son of John, named executor. Granddaughter: Susannah- daughter of Rachel
(deceased). Should Samuel's wife Eliza survive him (codicil dated 4 ___, 1867 on
next page:
I, Samuel Yoder desire to have the old homestead farm and wood lot be sold by
my executor and the proceeds to be divided equally among the following heirs to
wit: Bennewhale; Daniel; Samuel; Esther; Hannah; Matilada; and Amelia.

p 336 (OH1341)- Joshua Yoder late of Gregg Twp, Union Co. Letter/Adm 27 Jun
1871 to William B Yoder

Will Book D (1876-1886)

p 195- David Yoder, late of West Buffalo twp. -David died 26 Dec 1879 1am.
Letter/Adm 13 Jan 1880 to Thomas P Wagner.

p 424- Elizabeth Yoder, late of Gregg Twp, Elizabeth died 22 Nov 1884 7am.
Letter/Adm 2 Mar 1885 to Cyrus McCormmich.

Will Book E (1886-1892)

p93- Moses Yoder died 21 Apr 1888 8pm- Letter/Adm 1 May 1888 to Cyrus

p129- John S Yoder, late of Lewisburg, Union Co- John died 19 Oct 1888 2:30
pm. Letter/Adm 26 Oct 1888 to William E Yoder (AS)

p176- Benneville K Yoder-will-White Deer Twp, Union Co- I direct I be interred
in the old burying ground of the old Lutheran and German Reformed yard in
Kelly Twp. I direct my exec. get one tombstone for my grave and one for my first
wife's grave. I give to my dau. Catherine; also dau. Margaret Jane; also dau Annie
Alverta. I hereby appt. Wm Spotts exec.

Will Book F (1892-1900)

p216- Rebecca Yoder of West Buffalo Twp, Union Co. I bequeath to my son
Lazarus my home. Appt son Lazarus exec. Rebecca died Sat 24 Nov 1894 2:30

Will Book G (1900-1910)

p36- Samuel Yoder- late of White Deer Twp. Letter/Adm 7 Jan 1901 to John
Leiser. Samuel died 20 Dec 1900 10 am.

p 238- William E Yoder- late of Lewisburg, Union Co. died Thurs. 6 Oct 1904
3:50pm. letter/Adm 27 Dec 1904 to Guy H Yoder

p 337- Emanuel Yoder- will- borough of New Berlin, Union Co. give and
Bequeath to Mrs. Sarah Ellen Moyer my neice; A A Yoder MD, my nephew;
Daniel Norton Yoder my nephew; Samuel L Yoder, my nephew (children of

Will Book H (1910-1920)

p 308 Norton Daniel Yoder- died 10 Jun 1916 5:30 am -Letter/Adm 23 Jun 1916
to Mrs. Mary W Yoder.

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