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General Courthouse and Area Records

Berks County, Pennsylvania - File #7

More Files from Berks County, Pennsylvania


Marriages Published in the Reading Adler Newspaper (1801-1810)

Philip DeTurk m. Polly Yoder 2/18/1806 (OH1115)

Marriages Published in the Reading Adler Newspaper (1811-1820)

Abraham Strohm m. Elizabeth Yoder 4/2/1811 (OY425)

Benjamin Yoder m. Nancy Yoder 8/11/1811 (?OY423)

David Yoder m. Catherine Weidner 2/15/1818 (OY418)

Jacob Yoder m. Elizabeth Ebling 1/9/1814



BERKS WILLS AND ADMINISTRATIONS: Compiled by Richard H Yoder, Bechtelsville, PA in 1994. Focus of on extract on property transfers.



DB 634-P144- date of trans- 25 Aug 1818- recorded 1926

Daniel Yoder (OY424) and wife Mary of Pike Twsp to Solomon Yerger (wf Susanna Oyster). 2 tracts of land- 85 acres 60 perches, and 17 acres 100 perches.


DB 622 P684 date of trans- 1845 recorded 1926

Abraham Yoder (OH1325) and wife Elizabeth to George Yoder- 2 tracts in Pike Twp. It being same tract which Solomon Yerger 17 Mar 1829 did grant to Abraham Yoder and wife Elizabeth- Containing 85 acres 60 perches.

The other tract- beginning at a stone- corner of Dr. Wm. Herbst. Containing 16 acres 143 perches- it being part of residue of 90 acres of land Patent dated 26 Mar 1806 did grant & confirm to Daniel Oyster who gave it to his son Charles Oyster who with wife Margaretha by their joint indenture 9 Aug ___ did confirm unto Abraham and Elizabeth.

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Berks Reg of Wills- Administration 1852

John Yoder (OH13214) of Pike Twp-widow Lydia-renounced-20 Apr 1852 Gideon Hoch appt Administrator.

Inventory & appraisement signed and dated 24 Apr 1852 by Abraham Yoder and Ezra Yorgey.

Inventory claimed by widow "Lydia" Aug 20,1852-$300 widow allowance

Petition for order of sale of the tract of real estate of John Yoder- Aug 4, 1852 Orphan Court. Sale on Saturday 28 Aug 1852.

Apr 8, 1853 Orphan Court- Gideon Hoch asked Abraham Y Yoder for $2180.


Order for Sale- Real Estate of John Yoder deceased- petition of Gideon High

Orphan Court at Reading on 4 Aug 1852- John Yoder died intestate on or about 15 Apr 1852 leaving a widow Lydia and children Susan, Samuel, Mary, Margaret, Sarah Adaline and ______ in his demise as offer & in the following real estate, a messuage tenement (house) store stand, tavern & tract of land situated in Pike Pike township, Berks, adjoining lands of John Bechtel, Nathan Yoder, henry Carl & others containing 30 acres +/-. The legal title of said tract being Daniel Bertolet who sold the same by article dated Sept. 23, 1850 to John Yoder for $2200 upon which John Yoder paid $400.


DB 431 P544 1 Apr 1895- recorded 1915

Abraham Y Yoder (OH13255) & wife Mary of Pike Twp of the first part to Peter Carl and wife Viletta (nee Yoder) of Pike of the second part, containing 41 acres 149 perches, it being the same which Daniel Bertolet by article of agreement dated 23 Sep 1850 agreed unto John Yoder and since the death of said John Yoder has been sold by his administrator to Abraham Y Yoder for the payment of debt of the said John Yoder.

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Reg. of Wills- file folder containing administration & wills


Samuel Yoder (OH13) died 1771. Admin Vol # P65

Land adjacent John Lesher (late Gabriel Boyer) John Yoder, Thomas Lee & Jacob Caughman & Manatawny creek- containing 112 acres w/o allowance for roads, etc. AND the other tract of land situate in Oley Hills adjoining land of John Yoder & Jacob Roads & vacant lands- containing 54 1/2 acres w/o allowance for roads, etc.


Obligation ___ George Yoder et al to Daniel Bertolet, Guard. of Abraham Yoder. George Yoder, John Yoder the younger & Peter Yoder pd to Daniel Levan for the use of the said minor David Yoder the full sum of 158 pounds, 5 shillings and 8 pence which is the share part of the said minor David Yoder.


Same as above- John Bertolet- for the use of minor Peter Yoder 105 lbs, 11 shillings, & 2 pence.



Extracts from files 1700-1800


Data in alphabetical sequence by first name.

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Christian- (YR12) -1772- Bern

Barbara- widow- renounced- Johannes Joder & Jacob Gindelsperger both Bern, granted letters of Admin.

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John 1754- ? Inventory

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John (OH1) -1779- Oley wf Elizabeth. Will dated 1779-

To my son Daniel, son John, son Peter

To my grandaughter Barbara Morgan, Grandaughter Hanna Vogt.

Constitute & appt John Pott of Rockland & my step-son George Keim of Oley township.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Samuel (OH13) -1771- Oley wf Elizabeth

Left several children, 3 of whom, to wit: Peter, David, & Abraham are minors under 14.

Petition of George- son of Samuel-

leaving widow Elizabeth and 5 children to wit: the petitioner George, Peter, David, Abraham & Mary have the following real estate, to wit:

a certain messuage plantation & tract of land in Oley twsp adjoining the lands of John lesher (late), Gabriel Boyer, John Yoder, Thomas Lee, & Jacob Caughman and the maxatawny creek containing 112 acres with allowances for roads.

and 1 other tract in Oley Hills adj land of John Yoder, Jacob Roads, and vacant lands containing 54 1/2 acres.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarah (w/o OH11) -1797- Bern-

David Yoder, son of Sarah decd, late of the borough of Reading, Inventory.


Extracts from files 1800-1850


Data in alphabetical sequence by first name.

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Abraham (OH1325) -


Abraham (OY44?) - 1843- Inventory filed Dec. 18, 1843 of Rockland

Letter of Adm to David Drey, son in law

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Ann (?w/o OY42) - 1824- late of Douglas twp, Berks

Inventory- funeral expenses $9.36

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Barbara - 1822- Inventory of Estate- In German, late of Heidelberg Twp

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Benneville (prob OY45b) - 1840- petition of Benneville Yoder to make choice of guardian- above age 14- name Joshua Hoch- Township- Rockland

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Catherine -1827- Earl Twp- Letter of testatment- to exec of will granted Daniel Weidner- a son-in-law the exec. To my dau intermarried Daniel Weidner.

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Catherine -1848- of Oley Twp- Inventory.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Daniel (OH12) -1800- Union Twp, Berks. John Yocum & Moses Yocum both of Douglas Twp, Berks. Sons-in-law of Daniel. Daniel died intestate leaving children: Mary wife of John Yocum, Susanna wife of Moses Yocum, and Ann who is nmarried- Land in Union Twnshp.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Daniel (OH111) - wf Margaret Vol 5 p 374

To dau Catherine, lot of ground in Borough of Reading 7 marked in the general plans #384 with all buildings.

To son Martin, two tracts:

1st tract including the tanyard (tanner) Partly in Oley, partly Earl twsp, 44 A 91 per

2nd tract in Earl twp-12 A 147 per- & water rights and water ditch through tract of 44 A 91 per

To son Daniel- remainder of plantation whereon we now live in Oley twsp, adjoining land given to Martin (above) containing 162 acres

also tract I lately purchased of Jacob Yoder, Part in Oley and part in Earl wsp containing 18 A 84 p.

also all the remainder of my two continous tracts in Earl twsp- adjoining land to Martin Yoder 95 A- mentions water race and maintaining dam.

To son John- a tract in Catawissa twsp, Northunberland Co, 306 A 148 per

To son David- a tract in Catawissa twsp, Northumberland Co, 311 A 118 per, land adjoins John's

To sell all my Plantation, sawmill and tract of land called "Yoders Burg" situate in Brunswick twsp, now Schuylkill Co. containing 237 A 81 per.


In same folder- Petition of Martin Yoder (OH1113)- concerning Daniel Joder Jr - died in the year 1826 intestate.

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Daniel (OY41)- 1822-Rockland- died April 1822 (This is a very think folder-RHY)


On one slip:

May 21 1822- it is my wish my son in law Wm Wieidner be Admin. of my will-- Ester Yoder

It is my wish that my brother Samuel Joder shall Administer in my place for my father Daniel Joders estate.


9 Aug 1822

Petition of Samuel Yoder one of the sons of Daniel Yoder, late of Rockland Twsp in the Co aforesaid, yeoman, and of Wm Weidner who is husband of Susanna, one of the daughters of the deceased Daniel Yoder.


Died intestate- leaving widow Esther & nine children to wit: Jacob, Maria wf of Daniel Ziegler, Samuel, Elizabeth wf of John Reppert, Esther, Susanna the wife of Wm Weidner, Catherine wf of Martin Landis, David and Hannah wf of Jacob Weidner.

Certain messuage plantation- a tract of land situate in Rockland twsp containing 203 acres bounded by land Michael Barth, Abraham Angstadt, Daniel Udree & Wm Klauser.

also a parcel of 12 acres at a small distance from the partitian aforesaid bounded by land of Wm Weidner & Ab. Angstadt also

another messuage plantation & tract of land in same twsp containing 145 acres bounded by lands of Jacob Yoder, Abraham Yoder, Jacob Rock (?) and Abraham Hoch.

also a parcel of woodland in same twsp bounded bu John Keim, Barbara Griesemer, Jacob Keim, & Jacob Beiber (?) containing 45 acres.



Indented & taken at the dwelling house of Daniel Yoder, decd of Rockland twsp 21 Sept 1822. They went to and among the lands & tenements of which Daniel Yoder could not be parted & divided to and among the widow and all the children of the deceased without prejudice to or spoiling the whole, and the inquest aforesaid--- the said lands & tenements with their appurtanances will accomodate 5 of the children of the said deceased, that is to say att that certain messuage or tenement & tract in Rockland by Daniel Undree, Ab. Angstadt, etc-- containing 110 acres 83 per +/-.

one other tract in Rockland- 19 acres 104 perches

one other tract in Rockland- 4 acres 17 per. by land intended for Jacob D Yoder

one a certain massuage tenement in Rockland by land intended for David Yoder, also intended for Jacob D Yoder containing 61A 24P.

one other tract in Rockland- containing 18 A 136 P

one other tract in Rockland woodland 12A 59P

one other tract Mess. or tenement -145A +/-

one other tract Mess. or tenement -45 A +/-


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Daniel Yoder J (OH1112)-1826- Oley- Martin Yoder & Solomon Peter Adm.

Renunciation of Margaret Yoder- mother of Daniel (1826). The petition of Martin and John Yoder of Oley twsp. Died intestate and without issue, but leaving brothers & sisters and the children of one sister and also a mother, namely: Martin Yoder, John Yoder, David Yoder, Catherine Yoder (spinster), Mary Yoder m Philip Deturk, Margaret m Solomon Peter and Daniel Knabb, ? Knabb, Jacob Knabb, Peggy Knabb, Cath. Knabb & Hannah Knabb, 6 children representing Hannah Yoder intermarried with Jacob Knabb.

a certain tract of land Oley twsp adj Martin Yoder, Isaac Lee, Thomas Lee & John Yoder containing 162 A +/-.

also a tract part in Oley & Earl twsp adj Philip Deturk, Isaac Cleaver & John Yoder contain 18 A 84 Per strict measure.

also 2 contensus tracts of land in Earl Twp adj John Yoder, Wm Miller, Geo Schall, Daniel ?, Wm Lee and Martin Yoder contain 95 A +/-, the aforesaid tracts being the same the said Daniel by the last will & test. of his decd father.









Ester Yoder-(w/o OY41)- 1828- Rockland twsp- Inventory- The Acct of Jacob D Yoder- Adm. of the estate of Esther Yoder/widow/deceased.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Eve Yoder (OH14)- 1819- Oley- Letter Testamentary granted to John Yoder (son) and Martin Yoder (relative). Widow of Peter Yoder. Bequeathed amongst my 4 surviving sons, namely: Hannah Schroeder, Mary Focht, John Yoder and Jacob Yoder.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

George (OH132)- 1833- Oley- vol 7 p 139, written 3 Sept 1826

Will- Auditors acct by Wm & Ab Yoder, Samuel Moyer

Page 1- Wife Mary Yoder- The use of the new addition I lately built to the west end of my present dwelling. Son William- 46 acres 43 perches in Earl Township.

Page 2- To my son Samuel- tract of land whereon he now liveth, situate in Pike township containing 54 acres.

Page 3- and after he (Samuel) and wife die, the land goes to the children of Samuel.

Whereas I have sold & by indenture bearing date 24 March 1818 to my son William, 4 tracts of land situate in Oley, Earl & Pike twnsp- containing together 208 acres 154 perches.

I have also sold & by indenture on the same date to my son Abraham a certain tract containing Grist mill, saw mill & tract of land situate in Upper Mahantango twp, Sch. Co, containing 250 acres.

Likewise by indenture on the same date sold & conveyed to my son-in-law Samuel moyer 7 Elizabeth his wife, a certain tract in Upper Mahantango Twsp containing 130 acres 107 perches.

I give and bequeath to Elizabeth (widow) of my son George Yoder decd the free use of 1 house and barn, her choice of 2 houses & barns erected on certain tract in Upper Mahantango twsp. Containing 376 acres 36 perches adjoining lands of samuel Ely, Wm Witman, Abraham Yoder Jr. If widow remarrys, the same land, etc goes to the children of my son George Yoder (deceased).

Give to my daughter Mary (wife of Abraham Ritter) a tract of land I purchased from Jacob Schrater, containing 58 acres.

page 4- to my son Samuel Yoder- 500 pounds.

To my 5 children: William, Abraham, Samuel, Elizabeth & Mary. My daughter Esther wf of Henry Schraeckengast (dseceased) leaving no children.

Codicil Dated 14 Dec 1835 (sic?)- To dau Mary (wf Abraham Ritter) tract which I purchased from Christian Layman situate in Bern twsp containing 25 acres.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

George (OH132)- 1846- Oley (date of death of widow)

Inventory of estate filed May 16, 1846 (this is all in the file) by Jacob Reider & Daniel Griesemer.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

George Yoder (OH13211)- 1850-Pike

wf Hannah Yoder renounced- died intestate. Named Benjamin A Yoder, Jesse Gerhard of Pike and Adam Diener of Earl.

Died intestate on or about 26 Jun, 1850 leaving widow Hannah & 9 children: Benjamin, Augustus, Wm, Sarah Ann, Franklin, Daniel, Hannah Amanda; Hetty & Betsy.

a tract in Pike 26 A +/-

also containing about 5 acres

also about 1 acre adj Dan. Drumheller (?sp) & others.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (OY4) -1804- Rockland- will- no property description.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (?) -1815- Heidelberg- Admin to Jacob- son of Jacob (decd) & John Hemmig -no land mentioned.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (OY172)- 1826- Oley- Will- wf Charlotte- tract of land whereon I dwell. Bounded by lands of late John Yoder, Geo Focht + others- 116 acrea +/-.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (OY45) -1837- Rockland- Will (in German-but not script) 4 pages.

Petition of Mary Ann & Benneville, children of the above for guardian. The account of Reuben Yoder, Henry Heffner, and Gideon Yoder- Exec of Jacobs estate.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (AL) -1842-Tulpehocken- Will in German

Dispersments- household goods divided among John Yotter, John Swavely, Philip Brown, Anna Yotter, Elizabeth Moyer, & Veronica Yotter according to directions of last will and testament. Plus a long list of cash disbursements.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob (YR1772) -1848- Maidencreek- Petition of John Yoder, an uncle of Jacob, a minor child. The said Jacob died about 5 ?. Left issue: John, Joseph, Mary & Jacob with the last named under 14.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jacob D. (OY411) -1830- Rockland- Renunciation of Susanna Yoder (widow of Jacob D) her wish that Jacob Weidner be appt Adm. Petition- all under 14, namely Elizabeth, Catherine Ann, Henry, Daniel, and Fayetta.

Inventory lists: Recd of Gideon Angstadt for a messuage and about 79 acres of land.

Acct of Daniel Ludwig: Guardian of Henry, Daniel & Hetty- children of Jacob (decd).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John (YR17) -1807- Bern- Will, to oldest son David- land which he already in possesion & lives on in Mifflin Co.

Give to my sons Johannes & Jacob myplantation of 343 acres +/- of which I have already given them a letter or deed.

Money to 6 daughters: Freny (single), Anna Gerber wf of Christian Gerber, Magdalene Gerber wf of Abraham Gerber, Elizabeth Kurtz wf of Stephen Kurtz, Sara Kaufman wf of Daniel Kaufman, Catherine (single), & to my grandchildren of my defunct daughter Barbara Vinegi wf of Jacob Vinegi.

Give to my wf Ann- shall have right to dwell in house, etc & two sons John & Jacob must provide. After her death, estate to be divided among 3 sons and 6 dau.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John (OY1) -1812- Oley- Will

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John (?OY11) -1817- Borough of Reading- Will in German Script

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John (OH145) -1820-Oley- Adm. Intestate

Petition of Catherine Joder, widow of John. Left issue of 9 children, 6 of whom are Peter, Sarah, Gideon, Benneville, John and Daniel are minors under 14.

Petition of Martin and John ? Adm. states personal property is insufficient for the payments of debts.

Certain messuage tenement and tracts of land situate in Pike twsp containing 28 acres, sale of part of real estate of John Yoder containing 28 acres- sold to George Oyster for $911.03 21 May 1824.

Public auction- containing 61 acres in Earl Twp to Tobias Shale(?) of Oley Twp- $580; also a tract in District 32 acres to John ? -$342.

Peter recd (bought through Gdn) 92 A 38 per- Earl twsp.

Petition of Isaac leaving 9 children to wit:Hannah wf of Wm Antrim, Maria, Peter, Sarah, Gideon, Benneville who are minors over 14 and Daniel & John under 14 and the following real estate to wit: a certain messuage & tract of land situate in Oley twsp containing 168 acres +/- adj John Yoder, Samuel Lee, John & David Yoder & Charlotte Yoder and others and also 50 acres in Oley twsp and also a certain messuage tenement & tract of land in Earl twsp 92 acres +/- adj lands of Michael ?Martz, Geo. Yoder, Andrew Vilant(sp?), late Frederick Spang & late Henry Diener & others. Request to make partition of property. -- petition of Isaac Yoder

Inquisition: taken at the dwelling House of late John Yoder on th 11 Sept 1827: 92 acres 53 per diagram B

22 acres 132 per

81 acres 127 per

A letter to Orphan Court by Isaac- letter dated 14 Aug 1849 mentions two, Peter and Daniel now deceased.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

John -1827- Earl

A petition by John Cunnius on behalf of Sarah a lunatic.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Martin (OH1113) -1837-Oley Intestate.

Renunciation of wf Susanna. David and Solomon named Admin.

Petition of martin, son of Martin, who is a minor over 14.

Petition of David & Solomon two of the sins of the late Martin leaving 4 children: David, Solomon, Martin, an infant, and Mary m to George Kemp.

Real estate as follows:




































& Representatives being the children of Benjamin Yoder decd to wit: Wm, Daniel & Abigail all in minority

tract of land & messuage plantation in Pike (formerly District containing 156 acres by lands of George Oyster, Henry Hess, Henry Moyer & Michael Hertline

also tract in Pike 51 A 37 per

Inquisition (1818)- containing 83 A20 per Diagram #2

21 A 8 per (after deducting 16 A conveyed to Daniel Klock)- Diagram #1

85 A 61 per - Diagram #2

16 A 100 per- Diagram #4

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Peter (OY1454) -1834-late of Oley, late of Exeter

wf Elizabeth- widow renounced. Isaac Yoder of Oley twsp Adm.

Sell property. Messuage tenement & tract of land in Exeter twsp containing approx 107 acres adj land of Samuel Dieter, ___ Klas, Dr. Miller & others

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reuben (OY454) -1838- Rockland twsp. wf Magdalena- renounced. Adm John Deysher, Samuel Schlegel & Dan Kauffman. 9 children: Sarah, Florentina, Caroline, Hannah, Jacob, Maria, Jonathan, Esther, Catherine all minors under 14.

tract of land-Rockland- containing 2 1/2 acres

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Samuel (?OY17?) - 1811- Oley widow Catherine

a son John mentioned

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Samuel (OH1321) -1828- Pike

?Letter of Adm to Abraham (?) - a son & John Delaamp

?Will- all my property unto my sons George and John except my dau Elizabeth, & I appoint my son George (renounced later) & my friend John Delaamp Executor.

Petition of Jese Yoder of Pike is a minor Beyond (sic?) 16 yrs of age.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarah -1837- Petition

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarah document dated 1838

Frederick Yoder of Upper Bern, Adm of Sarah

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Susanna (w/o OH1113) -1844 Oley widow of Martin- late of Oley. Will- Names Martin Yoder (son) as Exec. I give unto my youngest son Martin the pasture land in Rockland containing 34 acres +/-. I give the residue of my estate unto my 4 children namely David, Solomon, Mary m George Kemp, and Martin.


Extracts from files 1850 forward:


Aaron S (OH14527)-1883- Reading- Fanny- Adm- widow.

real estate- a 2 story brick house with a two story back building- situate on the N side of Chestnt St #1207


Abraham (OH1325) -1864 Pike wf Elizabeth

Will- Nathan, Solomon, Benneville, George, Abraham, Susanna, wf of Charles Renninger, Maria m Benj. Rohrbach, Elizabeth m Jacob Reider, Sophia m Nathan Landis

To wf Eliz- use of present home mentioned in certain agreement with son Nathan dated 14 Dec 1852.


Ann 1857 (d/o AL) Marion twsp. Admin John Yoder


Benjamin (YR1779) 1878 Centre twsp- leaving no widow. aff. of death 5 Oct 1878 3 am. Admin Reuben Yoder & George Yoder. Petitions of Malinda Yoder, Benjamin and Joseph Yoder over 14, and of Annie and john Yoder under 14 by Charles Yoder (a brother).

Order of partition-

All that certain tract on public road leading from Shoemakersville to Centreport of Centre twsp contaning 95a 120 per.

Leaving issue: George S, Charles S, Malinda, Benjamin, Joseph, Annie, John, the last 4 named in their minority.


Catherine (w/o OY433)- 1875 late of Heidelberg twsp. aff. of death 11 Jan 1875 at 3 1/2 o'clock pm. Widow of Jacob Yoder. to daughter Esther (wf of Thomas Weinrick).


Daniel (BF)- 1864- Penn Twp wf Mary renounced. appt John Holsman.

Petition of Frederick Yoder, son of daniel late of Tulpehocken twsp, over 14 years. dated 19 Apr 1870.

Petitins of Amelia and Henry A Yoder minors. Petition of Laura Yoder under 14 by he mother Mary.


David (OH1119) - 1881 Oley- aff of death 26 Oct 1881 1000pm.

I bequeath to my 2 dau Mary B and Hannah B (#1) tract of farm land with all the improvements, houses, barns, out house, saw mill, and choping mill stone, quarry and lime kilns containing 95 acres 59 per,

(#2) Containing 65 acres 82 per bequeath to dau Sarah Guilden, widow of Abraham Guilden, (#3) containing 41 acres 116 per to dau Margaret Levan, widow of George Levan- after death to son Daniel B., Mary B & Hannah

and all my lands in Pike Twsp

(#1) containing 59 A 59 per w/ stone dwelling house, barn and other out buildings. to dau Catherine Schaffer, widow of Nathan Schaffer.

(#2) 45 A 107 per to my son Daniel B.

appt son Daniel B & dau Mary b.


Eliza (?w/o YR1773)- 1853- Maidencreek- deceased at the time of her death- ? late of Cumru twsp. Acct of Emanuel Yoder- Adm.


Elizabeth (OH1325)- 1875- Pike widow of Abraham. Aff. of death 8 Sept 1875 __ pm. Will. Susanna wf of Charles Renniger, Mary wf of Benjamin Rohrbach, Elizabeth wf of Jacob Reider and ? wf of Nathan Landis. Nathan Yoder, Solomon Y Yoder, Beneville Y Yoder, George Y Yoder and Abraham Y Yoder.


George S (OH13244)- 1876- Oley, wf Matilda renounced. Appt H Kaufman. Affidavit of death 13 Nov 1876 at 515am


Isaac (OH1452)- 1883- Oley wf Lydia renounced. Named son Henry S Yoder Admin. Wm S Yoder minor child of Isaac- Isaac Certolet named Gdn.


Jacob (OY433)- 1861- Lower Heidelberg wf Catherine. Will translated from German. Land-some 11 or 12 acres. 9 children- James, Amos, Wm, Johannes, Daniel, Catherina, Esther, Benneville, James- name mentioned twice. petition of Benneville above 14.


Jacob R (YR17a5) -1881 (big folder)- Centre Twsp afd of death 26 Sept 1881 8am. wf mary. 7 children: Tinnah m Adam Rentschler, Rebecca, Levi, Cornelius, Aaron, John, Reuben. I appoint my brother Reuben of Centre Twsp. Petition of John K and Reuben K minors over 14.

#1 tract- messuage tenement & tract- on public road containing 91 acres 81 per.

#2 tract- described as #7, 63 acres 68 per.

#3 in Upper Bern- 6 acres 115 per.


Jacob 1886- Washington twsp- Inventory.

Admin Reuben Yoder & Joseph D Moyer


James (OY4336)- 1867 wf Mary. Petition of Sarah Yoder over 14 and Alice under 14 (later married George Ranck), minor daughters of James Yoder of Heidelberg.


John (OH13214)- 1852- Pike twsp. died on or about 15 Apr 1852. wf Lydia renounced. Abraham Yoder & Ezra D Yorgy Admin. Leaving children: Susan, Samuel, Mary, Margaret, Sarah, & Adaline. Land in Pike twsp by John Bechtel, Nathan Yoder, Henry Carl & others containing 30 acres +/-, the legal title of said tract being in Daniel F Bertolet who sold same by article dated Sept 23, 1850 to John Yoder.


John (YR177) 1853 Centre twsp. Letter of testamentary to John & Emanuel Yoder (sons) (the other executor Samuel Yoder having renounced) Will in German. English translation: wf veronica, son Johannes, Emanuel, Benjamin. to Elizabeth Yoder, widow of my decd son Jacob. Divided among my 11 children: Samuel, Johannes, Emanuel, Benjamin, Joseph, Jacob's children, Judith m J. Konig, her children Lydia, Barbara m Wm Klein, Maria m Johann Becker & Carolina.


John (OY434) 1853- Richmond Twsp wf Magdalena. Inventory.

petition of Magdalena Yoder- widow of John Yoder for her 2 minor children under 14, Seneca Yoder and Hannah Matilda Yoder. Petition for guardian: Obadiah Yoder, Hannah Matilda, Mary Ann, Charity Ann, Seneca.Jan 5, 1855.


John Yotter (AL4)- 1863- Marion Twsp. Will wf Catherine. 2 dau Catherine & Elizabeth. Property 117 acres.


John-1870- Oley Inventory

Isaac Yoder & James Brumbach Execs. ? Acct of George K Levan & Daniel B Yoder


John (OY4334)- 1871 Wernersville, Lower Heidelberg Twsp- wife Elizabeth H renounced. request appt of Amos Yoder.


Joseph -1857- Bethel twsp- Wm Klein Admin- Inventory


Magdalena (OY434)- Muhlenberg twsp. To son John Yoder, Solomon, George, Betty Sitler, Hetty Weidenhammer, Charity Gass & Hannh Swope. and to the children of my deceased son Seneca and to the one child of my daughter Mary Berk.


Mary (d/o OH13242)- 1876 Colebrookdale- died 23 Nov 1876 at 1:35 pm

Jacob S Yoder Adm of Mary Yoder


Susanna (w/o YR17a6)- 1867- a petition of James, Israel, Emma, Tamser, Jacob & Harrison and Absalom Yoder by their father Reuben Yoder for a guardian. the Court appted Daniel Christ. Petitions of Ellen Yoder and David Yoder, above 14, for a Guardian- appted Daniel Christ.


Susanna (w/o OH1324)-1874 Oley- widow of William Yoder. Susanna died in Oley Twsp 29 Oct 1874 about 11 o'clock. last will of Susanna proven 14 Nov 1874 & codicil- I give and bequeath, at the death of George S Yoder, unto my sons: Jacob S Yoder, Wm S Yoder, Joseph S Yoder, Margaret Clouser, widow, Mary Johnson & Hannah Peters


Thomas H (AR5) -1876 Reading died 25 Jan 1876. wf Kate L renounced- desire her brother Henry L Ritter be appt. Henry lives in Colebrookdale twsp. Benneville Yoder of Colebrookdale- guardian of Kate Yoder.?? Guardian of Kate Ritter, a minor child of Thomas H Yoder Petition of Kate Yoder by her mother Kate L Yoder for appt of Gdn. Guardian bond of Henry L Ritter for Kate Matilda Yoder.


Veronica (AL8) Marion twsp- single woman.

Inventory. Dispersement to many.


William (OH1324)-1858- Oley Twsp, wf Susanna renounced- desire that Jacob S Yoder and William be appointed Admin. died intestate.

Petition- seven children: Jacob S Yoder, George S, Wm, Joseph S, Margaretta Kaufman, Mary wf of Nicholas Johnson and Hannah wf of David Y Peters.

All that certain messuage Tenement & tract of land in Oley twsp by lands of David Herbine, Joel Levan, Hiram Cleaver, Obediah Y Peters, John Guilden & Isaac Kaufman containing 113 acres +/-.

also another tract in Earl Twsp containing 70 acres +/-.

also anotehr tract in Pike twsp containing 26 acres +/-.











William (OH13248)-1873- Washington Twsp, wife Elveneaw H Yoder renounced. request grant letter of admin to my brother J H Muthart of Reading. Inventory.




Abraham E (YB2562) -1913 of Boyerstown. One share each : of Jonathan E.; unto living children of Mrs Daniel Keck deceased; Mrs Wm Mench; unto living children of Wm E deceased; unto living children of Jacob E deceased; unto living children of Nathaniel E deceased; unto living children of Mrs Reuben Beitsman


Abraham Y (OH13255)- 1895 of Pike- wife Mary renounced. appt son Ellis Y Yoder. Son Ellis Y Yoder. Dau Violetta G Carl. DrWagner- purchaser of tract of land #1- found no record deed of property except recent deed which was only recorded on 2 April.


Albert E - 1891- 1 pc paper

(note: died 12/15/1890 bur. Friedens Ref Church, Shartlesville, PA-age 47)


Ammanda C (w/o OH132116)- 1901- Reading- widow of David A Yoder. direct properties at #635 Penn St and 630 and 633 Court St shall NOT be sold by my executor until my son, John O Yoder shall arrive at age 25. Children- Luther K Yoder, Wm C Yoder and Dau Hannah A Hook, Annie E Yoder.


Anna (w/o YR17a6)- 1899 Centre twsp- The acct of Jacob Yoder and Absalom S Yoder, executors of Reuben Yoder, decd.


Annie M- 1900- of Reading- bequeath to my sister Emma Barr. To my nephew Robert Yotter.


Benjamin- (AR)- 1899 wf Brigetta- Adm. James H and Jacob H Yoder.

Issues: Franklin H, James H, Wm h, Jacob H, David H, Sarah H Reider, a dau, Amanda H Gottshall, a dau, Mary H Miller, a dau, Louisa H Merkel, a dau. The issue of Emeline Stoudt, a dau who predeceased the deceased, the issue of Thomas Yoder, a son who predeceased the deceased, the issue of Benneville Yoder, a son who predeceased the deceased.

The accounts are directed to charge in their deed (sp?) to C F Bertolet, the purchase of decesent's real estate, the sum of $1,141.60.


Benneville -(AR2)- 1899- Colebrookdale twp wf Kate- appt wf as sole exec.


Briggitta- (w/o AR) -1909- Exec Jacob H Yoder


Catherine- (w/o OH132541) 1911- Pike died 16 May 1911 7am.

Admin Amandas A Yoder

Florinda Moyer- dau Oley RD 3

Annie Dry - dau Oley RD 2

Amandas A Yoder-son Oley RD 3

Hettie Keiser -dau Alburtis # 2.

Farm in Pike twsp (value $1300.00) 101 acres and 26 acres. (Note- believed husband was Frank K Yoder- died Feb 20, 1911).


Daniel A (OH132116)- 1897- Reading wf Amanda C- appt sole exec.


Daniel B. (OH11194) 1908- Oley- Letter of admin. Mary Yoder a sister, Catherine Schaffer a sister, Sarah Guilden a sister, Martha Y. Levan, Mary L. Mauger, minors.

The decedent dies intestate, unmarried and without issue on 9 Oct.1908.


Elizabeth (OH13254) 1903 -Pike- died 24 Dec. 1903 10:30 pm adm.Franklin K. Yoder


Emaline (OH13256) 1911--Pike -died Mar.23, 1911

my dau.-Emma Reichert wife of Benjamin Reichert. To my children: James F. Yoder, Geo. F., Amos F., Emma Reichert.


Emanuel (YR177) 1886- Centre Twp wife Sarah renounced, appted son Moses K. Yoder Admin.

decedent died intestate 18 feb 1886 and left widow and seven children.

Catharine Yoder, Moses K., Jonathan, Wm., Fannie, Joel, Sallie K. Yoder a minor

whose guardian- Benjamin K. Kline (sp?)


Fanny (w/o OH14527) 1887- Reading- will

Harry E. named exec. 2 story house -1204 Chestnut St. in which I now live.

children: Harry E. Yoder, Katie E. Yoder, Lydia Yoder


Frank K. (OH132541) 1911 Pike twnsp- ?decedent died 16 May 1911-died 20 Feb 1911 3pm

wife Catherine has died since. Adm. Petition of Amandas A. Yoder.

Tract of land Pike Twp- 24 acres +/-.

Children: Floranda Moyer- dau- Oley RD3

Annie Dry- dau-Oley RD 2

Hettie Keiser-dau- District

Amandas A. Yoder-son- Oley- RD3


Frederick-1884- (B) wife Mary Centre Twp- will- son Jacob S. Exec.

my plantation. and my two other farms or plantations.

children: Alfred S., Jacob S., Wellington S., Amelia Davis, Mary Phillips, Valara

Liep and unto my grantson, Elmer Yoder son of Cyrus, one of my sons.


George K.-1910- wife Annie E. Reading- died Mar.29,1910 at 3:45 am ife executrix

- 425 Buttonwood St., Reading


George Y. -1897- Pike Twp.- wife Emaline- named Adm.

Children from above Emaline: Eva W. Haas dau; Adam W. Yoder

Children from 2nd wife: James F. Yoder, George F. Yoder, Amos F. Yoder,

Emma F. Reichert, dau.

This mentions 9 purparts-Look in "Index to Real Estate" for discriptions,etc.


Gideon- (OY459)-1893- Alsace Twnsp. Admin. Sons- Harrison Yoder , Eugene Yoder,

Jared Yoder; daus- Amelia Herbein, Angeline Edleman, Sarah Leinbach, Amanda Hinkle.

Interesting note on disbursements: Eugene Yoder for balcksmithing Aug.3, $5, Dec. 23- $1.60;

Harrison Yoder for 167 days labor at 75 cents = $125.25. Harrison for 22 1/2 days labor at

$1 = $22.50.


Hannah B. (OH11193) 1896- Oley- will

Give & devise all my interest an undevided half part of the farm or tract of land where I was raised in Oley twp, Containing 95 acres =/- to my sister mary B. Yoder. Appt my brother Daniel B. Yoder Exec.


Henry (OY4111) 1897- Longswamp

wife Susan-Admin. children: sons- Reuben H., James, George; daus- Ida A. Flickenger, Ella Reinert, the issue of Mary C. Eisenhart-a dau who predeceased the decedant, viz: Frederick Eisenhart, and Mary C. Eisenhart, both minors.


Henry S. -1909- wife Caroline- Wernersville, Lower Heidelberg twp. After wife death- real estate, etc to be divided among Henry S. Yoder's brothers and sisters.


Jacob H.- 1887- wife Catherine Upper bern son James W Yoder Exec. after Cath. death- divide among all my children. Exec only child mentioned.


Jacob S. (OY43331) 1909 Lower heidelberg died 29 Mar.1909 8pm.

Jemima Yoder widow

Kensa N. Yoder, son, Frederick S., a son.


John R. (YR1773) 1890 wife Sarah Maidencreek- will

son-Samuel- Exec & Wm. Willets (a son-in-law); daus- Sarah, Lydia, Catharine, Amanda

widow Sarah died Dec. 3, 1878. Samuel a son who died Sept.7, 189 leaving him a widow Emma Burkey; Sarah Dreibelbis, Lydia Noll, Catherine B. Kemmerer, Amanda Willets.


Katie M.-1910- husband Henry- Exec- Wernersville, Lower Heidelberg


Lizzie B (or Elizabeth)- 1908- Boyerstown- Abraham Yoder (father) (RHY note- burned in

opera house fire)


Lydia (OH1452) 1892- Pleasantville, Oley

son Peter S; Mabry S-named exec. ;dau- Elizabeth Stufflet; grandson John - a son of my son Edward S. (predeceased); children of my son Aaron S (predeceased) -Harry Yoder, Kate Hagenman, Jennie Yoder-minor has for her guardian Dr. Joseph H. Hagenman; so Henry S; dau- Amanda S. Boyer; dau Sarah Murray.


Magdalena (OY454) 1886- Richmond

son Jacob S. Yoder- Admin; dau Maria (deceased) m. Wm. McKarky; son Jacob Yoder, Jonathan Yoder; daus: Sarah m. Amos Mertz, Florando m. Issac Mertz, Carloine (deceased) m. Joel Manwiller, Hannah m. Daniel Burkert, Esther m. George Ohlinger, Kitty Ann m. David Manwiller.


Margaret (OY433421) 1910 (nee Ruth) Mrs Adam Yoder- Lower Heidelberg

husband Adam Yoder- children: Ellen wife of Reuben Wenrich. David R., Wm.R., Harvery R.


Martin (OH11134) 1888 Oley Twp- 1ill son Henry Exec.

son Henry H. the farm on which we now reside in Oley Twp. containing 133 acres 26 per. He must pay $85/acre, the proceeds to be divided between himself, his sister Mary H. wife of Joseph S. Delong and Susanna H. Yoder


Mary (widow YR17a5) 1906- Centerport: sons- Levi, Richland, Pa; Cornelius, Mohrsville, Pa;

Aaron- Kansas; John- Kansas; Reuben- Shoemakersville; dau- Timna Rentschler- Centerport; Rebecca Yoder.


Nathan (OH132537) 1914- died Pike Twp 20 May 1914 7am. Wife Emma, Admin Curvous G Yoder. Emma widow; Guilden G (son); Curvous G. (son); Nathan Daniel G. (son); Katie G. m. Milton Stauffer (dau); Sallie G. m. Morris Moyer (dau); Rachel G. Yoder (dau).

Mortgage Book #280 p.158--181 acre farm, Pike twp- & secured by mortgage of Gulden G., Curvous G. to Emma (widow) & upon her death, the principal to be paid to above children.


Nathan Y. (OH13253) 1892- Pike- will- died 2 Oct.1892, son Nathan Exec. wife Esther.

The farm which I now reside on containing 26 acres +/- both in Pike. My 6 children: Hannah-widow of Samuel Weidner; Emmaline wife of Wm. Horner; Esther Ann wife of Edward Brown; Nathan R. Yoder; Amelia wife of Jeremiah Guilden and Ida Yoder -apparently married a Yerger.


Reuben (YR17a6) 1900- wife Ellanora- borough of Centreport- Exec. sons Jacob & Absalom

Item one: It is my desire that the tract of land which I own and are commonly known as the Benjamin Yoder tract be purchased by one or more of my children. My 7 children: Ellen (Egolf); David; James; Emma (Long); Jacob; Absalom; & Nathaniel.


Samuel B. (YR17732) 1890 wife Emma C. Maidencreek. also says later of Perry Twp.

widow-Emma. His mother: Sarah Yoder; 4 sisters- Sarah Dreibelbis, Katie Kemmerer, Amanda Willets, Lydia Noll.


Sarah (w/oYR1773) widow- letters of admin to 4 daus- (see names under Samuel above).

Note: John S. Dreibelbis, a son-in-law is indebted to the estate of John Yoder, the husband of the decedant.


Sarah- (w/o YR1777) 1905 Centre twsp. daus- Catherine, Fannie; sons-Jonathan, Wm. 1 share to heirs of my deceased dau. Sallie; one share to heirs of my deceased son Joel.


Solomon (OY4341) 1891- wife Rebecca- Muhlenberg Twp- will

son William R. exec; dau- Hannah R.; son- Daniel R.; son- John R.; son Solomon R.; dau Sarah R. Schmick; dau- Mary R. Heist.

The value of the farm on which I now reside. Real estate purchased by Elias Becker.


William (OY4333) 1890 wife Susanna- Wernersville- will- Lower Heidelberg twp, sons- Daniel & Jacob Execs. sons: Jacob S.; Daniel S.; dau- Lydia Ann m. Darius Bohm (sp?); ____?____

m. Haniel H. Bohn; Katie m. Aaron Leib; grandaughter Katie m. Peter A. Hain.


William S. -1895- died June 20, 1895 Lower Heidelberg twp. Lizzie E. Yoder Admin (widow)

dau. Stella S. Yoder a minor, born June 17,1893. Real estate sold to Ezra Hassler.


William R. (AJ12)- 1904- died 15 June 1904 12:50 am. Letter of Admin to Rachel H. Yoder (mother) renounced- request name S. Herbert Yoder- rachel H. Yoder -mother- 423 Laurel St, Reading; Martha A. sister; S. Herbert- brother.


It's been suggested I check my notes against the Will & Admin Index- occasionally there are entrys they never received the papers on. Also the Appt. & Guardian book. Also the Reg. of Deaths: gives names (females parents). (RHY)


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