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Conrad Yoder Family notes ---

OY42413- Lorenzo Thomas Yoder (5/13/1847-2/20/1926) by Elcy Brooks - a pdf file - Descendants of Nickolaus Yoder (Melchior Yoder line)- working files of Mary Lou Cook - Descendants of Johannes Yeater - 20 JUL 2001, by T. Vernon Anderson 

John Yetter 1750 - 1823by Mark J Serfass, October 11, 2005

ALSACE.DOC - Records from Alsace France

CHRONIK.DOC - Chronik der Familie Joder/Jotter - by Karl Joder and Ottmar Jotter - European Reasearch Notes.

CONRAD1.DOC - Descendants of Conrad Yoder of North Carolina. (2 PARTS)

CON-HIST.DOC - NEW Jan., 2001 - The Conrad Yoder Family of North Carolina - A History - From the Notebook of Col. George M. Yoder, written before 1920

Oley Yoder Chapter- "Fragments of the Past" by Peter Bertolet- 1860 -- PDF

OLEYHAN1.DOC - Descendants of Hans Yoder, a Reformed Church Yoder who settled in the Oley Valley, Berks Co., PA (2 PARTS)

OLEYYOST.DOC - The descendants of Yost Yoder, brother of Hans, described above in OLEYHAN1.DOC.

DICKYODERDOCS - added September, 2009 - A collection of writings and photographs in graphics (JPG) format from Dick Yoder in Berks Co., PA.

UNLINK1.DOC - This file contains miscellaneous Yoder families which have not been tied to other major lines. This includes our "missing links". HELP WANTED to identify any connections that exist.

Yotter Family Immigrants from Eppstein Germany to the US

YB-HANS.DOC - The Descendants of Hans Joder of Great Swamp, the progenitor of the Mennonite Yoder line in the US.

YB-Hans of Great Swamp - Karolyn Roberts pages - updated January 2021

The Yetter family, beginning with Jost Yetter, b. about 1740
Descendants of Christian Yotty, who settled in Woodford County, Illinois.

NOTE: all of the following three items are about the same Samuel Yetter Family. There are three different formats...the 1997 version had chapters by male child of Samuel Yetter...version 2001 has chapters by generation....probaby both have their own value..of course this iteration is two years more current and has more detail. And, YT.DOC the earliest version of all.

YETTER 2001a - Descendants of Samuel Yetter of Columbia Co., Pa. (c1760-4/8/1830), part 1 (2001 version - new Jan. 2001)

YETTER 2001b - Descendants of Samuel Yetter of Columbia Co., Pa. (c1760-4/8/1830), part 2 (2001 version - new Jan. 2001)

YETTER. DOC - The expanded Descendants of Samuel Yetter of Columbia, PA. (4 PARTS) - 1997 version

YT.DOC - Descendants of Samuel Yetter of Columbia Co., Pa. (c1760-4/8/1830) - an earlier version of YETTER.DOC.


MELCHIOR Yoder --- Melchior Yoder of Montgomery and Snyder Co, PA and his known or suspected descendants in six parts. --- Expanded and Presented by Donald G. Honeywell, September 2011

pdf compressed
part 1: M1-M23
part 2: M24 - M25
part 3: M26
part 4: M27-29
part 5: M3-M7
part 6: Unlinked
part 7: Melchior Updates
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Melchior Yoder family updates by Emily Coffman Richardson beginning in Aug. 2023. As Emily takes over the role of “Melchior Yoder Line coordinator” from Don and Grace Honeywell, she has already expanded on many of the lines, and will continue to do so as new information is revealed. In some cases as she discovers new children in some families, the subsequent “M-“ numbers may change from that displayed in the Honeywell data.

M1- John Yoder
M2- Jacob Yoders
M3- Benjamin Yoder
M4- Henry Yoder
M5- Melchior Yoder Jr.
M6- John Peter Yoder
M7- Catherine Yoder Leist

Ellis Island Yoders, extracted 2004. This page seems to be 'orphaned' - probably is more than the non- Amish families but linked here anyway.