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Yoder Lineage - Other than Amish

Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

The Conrad Yoder Family of North Carolina

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Published by the Yoder Family Newsletter, Goshen, Indiana
Data copyrighted by Christopher Yoder 1992,1994, 1998, 2000, and 2003

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The Conrad Yoder Family of North Carolina

Con Conrad Yoder b. ca1730 d. Apr. or May 1790 Lincoln Co., NC
settled in NC ca 1755 bur. 8 miles S of Hickory, NC
( 1790 Census- Morgan District, Lincoln County, NC not as Catherine Yoder,
but as Catharin Goder.)
m1 1763 Christina "Klein" Cline (born 1743 in , Lancaster Co,
PA- 1771/2)(
+Con1- John (per- John Abel Sr) b. Oct.26, 1764
+Con2- Jacob b. Dec.13, 1767
+Con3- David b. Apr.3, 1770
m2. 1773 Miss Seitz (?- w/i a year of marriage)
m3. 1775 Catherine Huffman (?- ca1810)
(Rowan County, NC marriage- "Conrad Yutter and Katharina Huffman,"
June 20, 1775- infoi found by Roy Yount, Feb. 2001)
Con4- Elizabeth b. Apr. 14, 1776 d. as an infant
born blind.
+Con5- Elias b. Oct. 31, 1777
+Con6- Daniel b. Jun. 18, 1780
Con7- Catherine b. Dec.21, 1782 m. May 8, 1798 Lincoln Co., NC
John Baker d. Aug.3, 1867
+Con8- Adam b. Jun.23, 1785

- - - - - - - - - -
I believe really strongly that Conrad Yoder came from Oley, or at least was
living in Oley with a relative. Conrad Yoder, Michael Whitener, and Henry
Whitener all came from Oley Twp., Berks County together. The only land
Henry WEidner ever sold was to Conrad and Michael. He sold them the VERY
VALUABLE water rights. Contrary to legend, original papers show that Henry
sold the water rights to Conrad and to Michael FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF
MONEY. There is some ridiculous story that Henry charged Michael more
than Conrad.--- Anne McAllister, author "Georg Heinrich Weidner 1717-1792;
Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804"
- - - - - - - - - -

A Yoder sister? > From: "Bob Kastens" <>

I have Hans Jacob Hoffman (b. 1716, Germany), m. 1st, 1745, to Catherina Best &
m. 2nd, 1770, to Catherina Yoder. He died in Gaston Co, NC. I don't have any info
on Ms. Yoder. Can you help? Bob

There was a Hoffman family book by Max Hoffman, revised by Frances Wellman
Hoffman with details on the Hoffman family. But they have nothing on
Catherina Yoder. I am trying to find where I got this info. Hans Jacob Hoffman
was born in Palatinate of Germany in 1716. Sailed from
> Rotterdam, Holland, on the British ship Pennsylvania Packet & arrived in
Philadelphia on October 3, 1768. Settled in Berks Co, PA. Later moved to the
Shenandoah Valley, VA. Settled on land on the South Fork River valley in
what is now Gaston Co, NC. Married, 1745, Catherina Best, in Palatinate of
Germany. Bob
- - - - - - - - - -




Con1 John Yoder (John Abel Sr-per (10/26/1764 Lincoln Co.,
NC-12/29/1835 Lincoln Co., NC) m. ca 1790 Mary Barbara Reep (1765-Aug.28,1842
Catawba Co., NC). both buried Grace Church Cemetery
+Con11- John (John Abel Jr-per b. Mar.19,1795
Con12- Christina b. ca 1796 m. Dec.21, 1823 Lincoln Co., NC
Jacob Weaver d. "age 83" ca 1879
+Con13- Jacob b. Mar.25, 1797
+Con14- Michael b. Mar.17, 1799
+Con15- Peter b.Oct.13, 1805
Con16- Mollie b. m. Caleb Dietz (b. 1/20/1817 Lincoln, Co, NC.
(son of Solomon DEITZ)
Con17- Barbara b. m. 3/20/1828 Lincoln Co, NC
David Reep d. "age 82"

Con11 John Yoder d. Mar.19,1870 bur. Grace Church Cem.
m. May 15, 1819 Lincoln Co., NC Sarah (Sallie) Whitener
(11/30/1793 -4/2/1869) (per John Abel Jr; Sarah
was born about 1797 in , Lincoln Co. NC, (Zion Luth bapt). She
died Apr 1869 in Catawba Co, NC.)
+Con111- John Abel b. 1818
Con112- Barbara Lavinia (3/8/1824 Catawba Co., NC- ) m. 4/3/1840
Lincoln Co., NC Jesse Killian (c1824- ) (per
Barbara also married David REEP (b c1824) "children lived in different climes"
+Con113- Daniel Moses b. Apr.10,1822
Con114- Anna Eliza b. ? m. John Reep .. "4 children"
Con115- William b. ca1824 . single.. moved to SC
+Con116- Levi b. ca1825
Con117- Mary (Mollie) b. ca1833 m1 11/9/1856 Catawba Co., NC Amzi A. Hahn
(12//31/1833 Lincoln Co., NC-7/17/1864 Petersburg, VA -Civil War)
m2 Luther Flannagan, "children lived in Hickory"
+Con118- Andrew R. b. Feb.7, 1836 NC

Con111- John Abel Yoder d. Civ. War, Battle of Bristow Springs,VA
m. 3/22/1841 Lincoln Co., NC to Lizzie Jarrett (10/19/1821-2/19/1900)
Con1111- Anna b. ca1841 m. Elem Thouser
Con1112- Marcus b. ca1843 killed in Civil War
+Con1113- Robert Knox b. ca1845
("Robert d. Civ War, Knox lived GA")
Con1114- Rhoda b. ca1847
Con1115- George b. ca1850
("in GA".. a George res, Union Co.,TN 1900. wife Malinda
he b. Aug. 1848 )
(1900 Union Co, Monroe- Geo. D. b 8/-/1848 NC Malinda b. 5/-/1868)
Con1116- Lizzie (Elizabeth) b. ?
Con1117- William b. ca1850 "single lives with mother"
Con1118- Frances b. "left the state"

Con1113- Robert Knox ( c1845 NC- ) ("Robert d. Civ War (sic?),
Knox lived GA") ?per 1880 Ga-McDuffie Co: Robert Knox Yoder (c1852 NC-
) m. Bell ____ (c1853 Ga- )
Con11131- Lucy (1874 NC- )
Con11132- Robert (1877 Ga- )
Con11133- Feddie (age 10/12 in 1880 Ga- )

Con113 Daniel Moses Yoder d. May 21, 1908
m. c1853 Sarah E. Whisnant (Jan.7,1833 Lincoln Co, NC-
Nov.9,1908 Catawba Co., NC) both bur. Zion Church Cemetery
(1900- Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp- with James and Etta)
+Con1131- Jason E. b. Oct.10,1855 m. Jane Yoder (Con1321)
d. Jul.21, 1916 Brookfield. bur. Zion Church Cem.
+Con1132- Hosea W. b. Jun. 1858 m.Theodosia Whitener
Con1133- James P. (3/6/1860-12/29/1949) m.
Fannie Etta Weaver (5/15/1872-8/29/1959)
Con1134- Ida b. ca1861 m. c1881 Jones Sigmon (c1861- )
Con1135- Martha b. ca1863 m. c1883 Noah Whitener (c1863- )
no issue
+Con1136- Alfred P. b. Jan.12, 1866 m. Cora Yoder (Con1318)
d. May 1,1947 bur. Zion Church Cem.
+Con1137- Robert M. b. 1867 m. Ida Abernathy
+Con1138- Hilliard b. Nov. 1870 m Minnie Weaver

Con1131- Jason Elisha (10/10/1855-7/21/1916 Brookfield.) m. 8/18/1880
Jane Barbara Yoder (Con1321) (9/13/1856-6/30/1900) bur. Zion Church Cem.
farmer and wagoner (1900 Catawba, Hick. Twp)
Con11311- Lillybelle ( - ) m
Longdon Huffman -one child
Con11312- Carl M. (9/4/1884 NC-3/7/1946 bur Zion Church Cem)
m Elsie M. Teague (5/20/1886- )
Con11313- Carrie E. (2/-/1884 NC- 1956) m1 Robert Lee Martin
( -1930) m2 A.D. Herren
Con11314- Marshall W. (4/-/1885 NC- ) m Evie Hedrick
Con11315- Macon (Willie M.) (3/-/1887 NC- ) m Ella Sigmon
Con11316- Ora (Katie O.) (3/-/1893 NC- ) m ____ Williams
Con11317- Clyde W. (11/-/1895 NC- ) m Helen ____

Con1132- Hosea W. Yoder (1/7/1858 Catawba Co., NC-9/22/1940
Catawba Co., NC) m. Theodosia Candice "Dosia" Whitener
(4/10/1873 Catawba Co., NC- 11/22/1949 Catawba Co., NC)
(1900- Catwba, Hickory Twp)
Con11321- Mark
(Son "Marcus M." listed 1900- b. 2/189(7?))
Con11322- Lula E. (4/-/1894 NC- )
Con11323- Kenneth
Con11324- Fredie
Con11325- Ivey (3/-/1897 NC- )
Con11326- Essie
Con11327- Colen
Con11329- Nettie

Con1131- Jason E. Yoder (10/10/1855-7/21/1916 Brookfield.) m.
Jane Yoder (Con1321) (9/13/1856-6/30/1900) bur. Zion Church Cem.
farmer and wagoner (Yoders of NC)
Con11311- Lillybelle ( - ) m
Longdon Huffman -one child
Con11312- Carl M. (9/4/1884-3/7/1946 bur Zion Church Cem)
m Elsie M. Teague (5/20/1886- )
Con11313- Carrie E. (2/_/1884- 1956) m1 Robert Lee Martin
( -1930) m2 A.D. Herren
Con11314- Marshall W. (4/_/1885 NC- ) m Evie Hedrick
Con11315- Macon (Willie M.) (3/_/1893 NC- ) m Ella Sigmon
Con11316- Ora (Katie O.) (3/_/1893 NC- ) m ____ Williams
Con11317- Clyde J. (11/-/1895 NC- ) m Helen ____

Con1132- Hosea Yoder (6/_/1858 NC- ) m Theodosia Whitener
(1872- ) (1900-NC-Catawba, Yoders of NC) farmer
Con11321- Mark (2/_/1899 NC- )
Con11322- Lula (4/_/1895 NC- )
Con11323- Kenneth
Con11324- Fredie
Con11325- Ivey (3/_/1897 NC- )
Con11326- Essie
Con11327- Colen
Con11329- Nettie

Con1136- Alfred P. Yoder (1/12/1866 NC-5/1/1947) bur. Zion Church Cem. M
Cora Isabel Yoder (Con1318) (6/14/1871 NC-6/6/1965 Catawba Co., NC) (Yoders of NC)
(1900-Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con11361- Claude Henry (7/26/1892 NC-9/1/1939 bur. in Pa) m. 7/28/1928
Leila Baker ( - )
Con11362- Hettie Alice (4/28/1893 NC- ) m. 12/24/1914 William E. Mowery
( - )
Con11363- Bertie (7/2/1895 NC- ) m. 12/31/1916 Sidney Reep
( - 12/30/1947)
Con11364- Roy (2/12/1898 NC-5/_/1975 res NC (SSN)) m.
Effie Huffman ( - )
Con11365- Belle (5/1/1900 NC- ) m. P.E. Bollinger
( - )
Con11366- Harry Lee (10/10/1902- ) m.11/12/1938
Edna Hoover ( - )
Con11367- Bessie (3/13/1905- ) m1. McKinley Smyre
( -4/20/1935) m2. Tom Silvey ( -9/15/1951)
Con11368- Daniel Noah (3/15/1906- ) m.
Margaret Setzer ( - )
Con11369- Marvin Edgar (9/6/1909-5/_/1977 res NC (SSN)) m.
Pauline Pope ( - )
Con1136a- Ovelia (10/26/1912- ) m.
A.B. Phelps ( - )

Con1137- Robert M. Yoder (1867 NC- ) m.
Ida L. Abernathy (1/-/1866 NC - )(Yoders of NC-pg34)
(1900- Catawba, Hickory Twp)
Con11371- Lemuel E. (4/-/1893 NC - )

Con1138- Hilliard F. Yoder (11/_/1870 NC- ) m.
Minnie C. Weaver (12/_/1874 NC- ) (Yoders of NC-pg34,
1900- Catawba, Hickory Twp)
Con11381- Frank
Con11382- Lawrence
Con11383- Clarence O. (1/_/1895 NC- ) (or 1/-/1897 NC- )
Con11384- Dewey S. (12/_/1898 NC- )
Con11385- Eli (?Charles E. b.9/_/1896 NC)
Con11386- Efred
Con11387- Carroll
Con11388- Harvey
Con11389- John
Con1138a- Olin
Con1138b- Katie
Con1138c- Pearl

Con116 Levi Franklin Yoder (11/29/1825 Lincoln Co., NC- )
resident of Newton,NC m. c1863 Harriet Gross (Apr. ,1843 NC- )
(1880-Catawba, Newton Twp) (Harriett living with dau. Sallie B. Whitter
1900-Catawba, Newton)
Con1161- Tollie (A.J.) b. c1868 NC
(?same as "A.J." listed 1900 Mech., Charlotte as Sil M C McKay)
Con1162- Sallie B. b. Jul. ,1870 NC m. _________ Whitter
(1900-apparentlt a widow with children: Charlie 1/92 NC, Lee 5/94 NC,
Zetta- 2/96 NC
Con1163- Ase A. b. Jan. ,1872 NC m. Nellie________ (5/-/1874 NY- )
(1900- Catawba, Newton Twp)
Con1164- Edward L. b. c1874 NC

Con118 Andrew R. Yoder d. Aug. 9,1895 bur. Grace Church Cem.
m1 6/18/1857. Catherine Hahn (Oct. 8,1835-May 13,1885)
(?10/8/1838-5/23/1885 per Ray Yount-1880 census shows she was 41 yrs)
Bur. Grace (1880 NC Census, Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
m2. Caroline Whitener (Dec.17,1843- Jan. ,1917)
(living with John A. in 1900 census)
bur. Zion Church Cemetery, farmer
Con1181- Julia Ann (3/24/1858 Newton, NC-1/17/1912) m 12/18/1876 Hickory,NC
Reuben Propst (3/7/1855 Catawba Co., NC-11/4/1942 Newton, NC)
res Catawba Co, NC (Reference: Ray A. Yount Chart-'95) (son of Daniel Riley
PROPST and Lathsina "Fannie" DAGERHART-per
+Con1182- David Luther b. Jul.21,1861 m. Mary Elizabeth Beard
d. Jul.16, 1926 resident of Newton, NC
+Con1183- John A. b. Nov.20,1864 m.11/8/1899 Emily Asbury
d. Jul.16, 1926 resident Linville, NC
+Con1184- Junius T. b. Feb. 1867 m. Candace Bollinger
d. Oct.4, 1948 bur. Zion Lutheran Church Cem.
Con1185- Loy Henry b. 1870 m. Lula Loganhour no issue
bur. Salisbury, NC
Con1186- Minta (Millie) b. Mar.1874 m. Francis Ashbury
Boyles bur. Cherryville Cemetery (living with bro. John
in 1900 census)

Con1182- David Luther Yoder (7/21/1861 NC-7/16/1929) m. 2/7/1884 Catawba Co., NC
Mary Elizabeth Beard (4/_/1866 NC- ) resident of Newton, NC
(Yoders of NC-pg38, 1900-NC-Catawba, Newton) store clerk and merchant
Con11821- Hattie L. (1/_/1885 NC- ) m.
Homer Copening ( - )
Con11822- Coley (3/_/1888 NC- ) m.
Mattie Daugherty ( - )
Con11823- Lewis A. (4/_/1890 NC- ) m.
Della Ballard ( - )
Con11824- Sally Edna (10/_/1891 NC- ) m.
R.L. Huffman ( - )
Con11825- Luther S. (5/_/1899 NC- )

Con1183- John A. Yoder (11/20/1864-7/16/1926 Newland, NC) m.11/8/1899
Catawba Co,NC Emily (Marcella in 1900 census) Asbury (3/22/1875- )
bur. Newland Cem., Avery Co,NC (Yoders of NC-pg40) (1900- Catawba, Newton)
Con11831- Zoe (11/12/1900- ) m. 8/7/1919 Roderick M. Love
( - )
Con11832- Katherine (2/14/1902- ) m. 11/27/1924 A.E. Scharrer
( - )
Con11833- John Andrew (2/27/1904-7/13/1968) single bur. Newland Cem.
Con11834- Philip Sydney (10/7/1905-4/_/1971 res NC (SSN)) m. 9/6/1928
Nellie Gauge ( - )
Con11835- Samuel Levi (5/22/1907- ) m. 3/13/1940 Jete Daniels
( - )
Con11836- Lucille (2/14/1909- ) m. 10/16/1937 John H. Parrish
( - )
Con11837- Miriam Minetta (6/7/1913-3/16/1934)

Con1184- Junius Theodore Yoder (2/16/1867 NC-10/4/1948 Catawba Co.,
NC) m. 12/24/1890 Catawba Co, NC Candace J. Bollinger (6/_/1867 NC-12/3/1949)
both bur. Zion Lutheran Church Cem. (Yoders of NC-pg 42, 1900-Catawba, Hickory Twp)
Con11841- Floyd R. (3/4/1892 NC-6/16/1964) m1.
Veona Bowman ( -7/17/1952) m2. Mearl Drum ( - )
Con11842- Guy F. (6/1/1894 NC-11/_/1977 res NC (SSN)) m.
Hattie Miller ( - )
Con11843- Ray ( - in infancy)
Con11844- Grace (3/15/1903- ) m. 5/29/1928
Harry M. Arndt ( - )

Con13 Jacob Yoder d. Nov.24, 1864
m. Jun. 6,1824 Lincoln Co., NC Catherine Hahn (Apr.20,1804-Oct.20,1872)
both bur. Zion Church Cemetery
+Con131- Reuben b. May 19, 1828
+Con132- Moses b. Oct. 2, 1830 NC
Con133- Marcus (10/28/1833-5/17/1880) m. Martha Catherine Seitz
(2/5/1839- ) ( daughter of Darius David
SEITZ and Rebecca Lavina LINK) no issue bur. Zion Church Cem.
Con134- Amy b. Jun.27, 1836 never married
d. 12/6/1893 Catawba Co., NC Zion Church Cem.
+Con135- Eliza(beth) b. Sep.23, 1841 m.4/26/1877
Col. George Yoder (Con141)
d. Feb. 9,1924 bur. Grace Church Cem.
+Con136- Amzi b. Dec. 8,1844 NC m. Aldine Miller
d. Mar. 8,1924 Hickory, NC bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.

Con131 Reuben Yoder d. Feb. 4, 1898
m1. 4/12/1857 Mary C. Reep (10/12/1837-1/15/1862 Catawba Co., NC)
m2. C1863 Frances Dulcina Emaline Reep (May 12,1842-Jun.11,1924 Catawba Co.,
NC) all bur. Zion Church cemetery (per farmer & surveyor;
"dark complexion, hazel eyes, grayish hair") (Framnces 1900- Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con1311- Dovey Lenora b. 1858 d. in infancy
(?1880 Census. catawba Co., Newton Twp, Dovy Yoder age 22 with son John Yoder,
age 6/12 living with Emanuel Reepe)(same location 1900, also with John J. (son)
b. 11/-/1879 NC)
Con1312- Isadora Elenora (1859-1934) m. c1879 Jones Abernathy (1859- )
Con1313- Mary Alice b. 1862 m. c1882 John Weaver c1862- )
bur. Wesley Methodist Cemetery
Con1314- Frances Virginia (1/26/1861-6/3/1864 Catawba Co., NC)
(bur. Zion Lutheran- per
Con1315- Charles Elbert Lee b. 1866 m. c1886 Irene Bird (c1866- )
resident of Texas d. c1940
Con1316- Minta Luella (Ellen) b. Feb. 1868 d. 1945 single
died bur. Bethel Church Cem.
Con1317- Lydia b.Oct. 5,1869 died single
d. Aug.27,1886 bur. Zion Church Cem.
Con1318- Cora Isabel (6/14/1871-6/6/1965 Catawba Co.,NC) m. c1891
Alfred Yoder (Con1136) bur. Zion Church Cem.
Con1319- Oliver McMillan b. Feb.13,1873 NC m. Dec.24,1899 Laura Ida Miller
(12/26/1877 NC-11/21/1958 Catawba Co.,NC) d. Jan.31, 1948 bur. Zion Church cem.-
8 children (1900-Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con131a- Jacob E. b. Dec. 1874 m. c1894 Lillie Miller (c1874-1974 Pampa,
Tx) .. no issue d. 1947 Pampa, TX bur. Pampa Cem.
(1900- with mother and sister Ella, NC)
Con131b- Lowell Preston b. 1877 SC m. c1897 Ruth Durham (c1877-c1955)
d. 1955 Pampa TX bur. Pampa Cem.- one child
Con131c- Oscar A. (3/8/1879-4/25/1937) m. c1899 Effie Campbell
(c1879 NC- ) no issue d. 4/25/1937 bur Bethel Ch. Cem.

Con132 Moses Yoder d. May 23,1917
m.10/14/1855 Sarah Elizabeth Ward (Dec.18,1831 NC-Feb.26,1908)
bur. Zion Church Cem. (1900-Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con1321- Jane Barbara b. Sep. 13,1856 m. Jason E Yoder (Con1131)
d. Jun.30,1900 bur. Zion Church Cem.
Con1322- John Adolphus b. Jun.15,1858 d. Jun.5,1860
bur. Zion Church Cem.
Con1323- Martha Sarahann b. Jun. 5,1860 m. Lewis Moore
d. Aug.22,1945 bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
Con1324- Laura Susan b. Jul. 8,1862 m. David Efrid Hahn
d. July 1947 bur. Hickory Oakwood Cemetery
Con1325- Emma Clementine b. ? m. Colin Monroe Yoder (Con1415)
d. Jul. 2, 1951 bur.Hickory Oakwood cem.
Con1326- Belle Virginia b. Mar.18,1869 single
d. Jan. 4, 1889 bur. Zion Church Cem. Age19y/9m/16d
+Con1327- Willie B. b. Jun.13, 1871 m Ada Gertrude Whitener
d. Jul.31, 1934 bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
Con1328- Carrie Alda b. Aug. 30,1874 m. Robert Weaver
d. Jul. 2,1906 bur. Zion Church Cem.

Con1327- Willie B. Yoder (6/13/1871 NC-7/31/1934) m
Ada Gertrude Whitener (1/-/1873 NC-1948) both bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
(Yoders of NC -pg56) (1900-Catawba, Hickory Twp)
Con13271- Pinkie J. (7/10/1891 NC-1967) m. 5/12/1909 Elmer James
( - ) (1900 censue seems to say 6/-/1891)
Con13272- Glenn Efird (1/29/1893 NC-8/_/1975 res. NC (SSN)) m.
Myrtle Mansfield ( - )
Con13273- Lola Maud (11/27/1895 NC-10/30/1914) had polio

Con136 Amzi A. Yoder (12/8/1844 NC-3/8/1924)
m. Adaline Christina Miller (8/29/1844 NC- Jul.26,1932 Hickory,NC)
bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem. (per daughter of Daniel
MILLER and Lovina ISENHOWER, 1880 NC-Catawba Co, Hickory Twp., 1900 Catawba,
Hickory Twp)
Con1361- Lula G. b. Sep. 6, 1870 m. Rev. John W. Wanamaker
d. Dec.25,1948 bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
Con1362- Edgar D. b. Aug.31,1874 m1. Brock Holden m2. Marion
Brockwell .. no issue d. 9/1/1952 bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
Con1363- Theodore Ainsley b. Oct.20,1879 single d. Jul.7, 1941
Con1364- Hyrle b. Jan.6,1883 NC single
Con1365- Katie Lee b. Jan. 3, 1886 NC d. Nov.5,1922
bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.

Con14 Michael Yoder b. Mar.17, 1799 d. Jan. 9,1874 bur. Grace Lutheran
Cem. m. Nov. 10,1824 Lincoln Co., NC Magdalena (Polly) Dietz (c1804- 1832)
bur. Old Yoder Cemetery (GEDCOM #I39)
+Con141- George M. ("Col.") b. Aug. 23, 1826
+Con142- Cyrus b. Aug. 5,1828
Con143- Laban b. c1829/30 ? died young
Con144- Absolem b.4/6/1831 died young

Con141 "Col." George M. Yoder (8/23/1826 NC- 3/22/1920 NC)
m1. Feb.11, 1851 Rebecca Roseanna Herman ( ? - Jul.23,1875)
m2. Apr.26, 1877 Eliza Emaline Yoder (Con135) (Sep. 1841- Feb.9,1924)
bur. Grace Church Cemetery (1900- Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
+Con1411- Francis Alfonzo b. Nov.24,1851 m. Louisa Catherine
Coulter d. Apr.13,1913 bur. Grace Church Cem.
+Con1412- Julius Montfort b. Oct.7,1853 m1. Mary Susan (Mollie)
Tillman m2. Sugar Tillman d. Nov.29,1925
bur. Van Wyck, SC Cemetery
Con1413- Mary Ann b. Jul.4,1856 m. Joshua A. Yount
d. Feb.15,1931 no issue bur. Grace Church Cem.
(living with father, single 1900)
Con1414- Florence Irene. b. Dec.24, 1860 m David Ramseur
d. Nov.19, 1935 bur. Grace Church Cem.
+Con1415- Colin Monroe b. Jul.30, 1863 m. Emma Clementine
Yoder (Con1325) d. Mar. 8,1953 bur. Hickory Oakwood
Con1416- Enloe Michael b. Sep.17,1879 NC m. Hettie Dietz
d. Jul.7, 1948 bur. Grace Church Cem.

Con1411- Francis Alfonzo Yoder (11/24/1851 NC-4/13/1913) m. 1/20/1874
Louisa Catherine Coulter (3/_/1856 NC-8/5/1931) both bur. Grace Church Cem.
(Yoders in NC-pg79,Neal D. Wilfong Cht. '84) (1880& 1900 -Catawba Co., Jacobs
Fork Twp)
Con14111- Eli Summy (10/11/1874 NC-6/26/1896 typhoid fever Augusta,Ga) single
bur. Grace Cem.
Con14112- Samuel Oscar (10/15/1876 NC-1/26/1933) single bur. Grace Cem.
Con14113- George Clinton (6/14/1878 NC-1/3/1963 bur. Hickory Oakwood
Cem) m. 1/10/1912 Dora Hopkins ( - )
Con14114- Everette Forest (4/13/1880-9/6/1884 diptheria bur. Grace Cem.)
Con14115- Frank Ladson (2/7/1882 NC-7/5/1950 bur. Sunset Mem. Cem, San
Antonio, Tx) m. Lilly Shelton ( - )
Con14116- Annie Catherine (Kitty) (4/3/1884 NC-10/24/1958 auto accident)
m 12/1/1905 Gordon Wilfong ( - )
Con14117- Martha Virginia (Mattie) (2/6/1886 Catawba Co.,NC-9/7/1974
Newton,NC) m. 9/14/1910 James Carlyle Wilfong (1/15/1884-9/28/1974)
(Neal D. Wilfong Cht-'84)
Con14118- Carl Blake (4/10/1888 NC-1/12/1946 bur. E. View Cem., Newton,
NC) m. 12/26/1932 Floy Trollinger ( - ) served in WWI
Con14119- Winnie Davis (11/20/1889 NC- ) m. 8/7/1910
Charles Shuford ( - )
Con1411a- Ralph Hasten (7/4/1891 NC-2/12/1948 bur. Grace Cem) m. 4/29/1912
Mabel Shoaf ( - )
Con1411b- Francis Earl (7/8/1893 NC-8/_/1982 (SSN)) m. 10/18/1934
Zola McCracken ( - )
Con1411c- Henry Conrad (3/19/1896 NC-12/_/1978 res NC (SSN)) m. 2/16/1922
Mollie Wise ( - ) served in WWI
Con1411d- Marie Louise (9/9/1898 NC-4/1/1961) m.
Hyrle Leonard ( - )
Con1411e- Charlotte Augusta (12/29/1901- ) m. 2/22/1930 Clifton Hilton
( -11/18/1950) no issue

Con1412- Julius Montfort Yoder (10/7/1853-11/29/1925) m1. 12/25/1875
Mary Susan (Mollie) Tillman ( -7/14/1901) m2. 1902
Sugar Tillman ( - ) all bur. Van Wyck, SC Cemetery
(Yodres in NC-pg84)
Con14121- Sue Leo (12/7/1880-1/17/1933) m. 6/14/1899 J.H. Bates
( - ) bur. Van Wyck, SC- 8 children
Con14122- Clyde Ernest (10/13/1883-10/10/1921) m1. Victoria Collier
( - ) m2. Pearl Martin ( - ) m3.
Helen Edwards ( - ) bur. Abbeville,SC
Con14123- Cecil Randolph (8/16/1885-6/5/1943) m. 12/26/1906 Cora Middleton
( - )
Con14124- Julius Herman (10/24/1887-10/16/1957) m. 7/15/1926 Barbara
Rudisill ( -3/8/1939)
Con14125- Henry Tillman (9/2/1889-9/11/1946) m. Sara Martin ( - )
res. Ga.
Con14126- Kirk McRoy (6/4/1891-4/2/1950) m. 6/15/1912
Edna Mae Hyatt ( - ) bur. Van Wyck Cem.
Con14127- infant- died young
Con14128- infant- died young
Con14129- son- died at birth
Con1412a- Mary Bell ( -age 10)

Con1415- Colin Monroe Yoder (6/30/1863 NC-3/8/1953) m. Emma Clementine
Yoder (Con1325) (12/-/1865 NC-7/2/1951) both bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
(Yoders of NC-p.94) (1900- Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con14151- Stella (7/18/1887 NC-7/31/1969) m. 6/6/1920 John W. Stroup ( -
7/5/1967) both bur. Gaston Memorial Park, Gatson, NC)
Con14152- Fred Roy (12/12/1888 NC-4/29/1887) m. 6/22/1923 Wilma Porter
( - )
Con14153- Clara Belle (1/4/1891 NC-8/1/1966) m. John William Cable
( -10/4/1964)
Con14154- Lucy Emma (7/30/1892 NC-9/9/1933 auto accident, Chicago,Il)
m Rev. C. O. Lippard ( -9/9/1933 Chicago,Il-auto accident)
Con14155- Monroe Craig (12/7/1893 NC-5/11/1959) m. 6/30/1921
Ethel Setzer ( - ) bur. Catawba Mem. Park, near Hickory,NC
Con14156- Rosa Rebecca (8/16/1895 NC- ) m. 6/29/1919 Sidney Michum
( - )
Con14157- Annie Laura (1/12/1897 NC-12/20/1967) single bur. Hickory,
Oakland Cem.
Con14158- Edwin Moses (8/11/1899 NC-7/_/1985 res NC (SSN)) m. 7/25/1928
Myrtice Logue ( - )
Con14159- Ward Herman (2/3/1901-1/24/1942 bur. Hickory, Oakwood cem)
m 7/27/1929 Annie Sigmon ( - )
Con1415a- John Yates (12/6/1902-7/29/1989) m. 12/27/1926
Leah Miller (7/10/1907-2/19/2001)
Con1415b- Sterling Hubert (10/9/1904-12/29/1920 gunshot wound in
hunting accident, bur. Grace Cem)


Con142 Cyrus Yoder d. Feb. 8,1865 bur. Oakwood Cem.,
Camp Douglas POW Camp, IL m. Feb.22,1855 Lincoln Co,NC
Elizabeth Leonard (1831-Aug. 7,1907)
+Con1421- Michael Andrew Lee b. Apr. 6,1856 m1. Martha
Isabelle Irene Abernathy (9/23/1860-3/10/1884 Lincoln Co)
m2. Susan Abernathy d. Nov.2, 1924 bur. Grace Church Cem.
+Con1422- Peter Raymond b.Aug.19,1858 m. Sarah Seitz
d. Sep.21,1930 bur. Grace Church Cem. farmer
Con1423- Sterling Lervick b. 12/-/1861 NC never married
d. Weaverville, NC bur. Weaverville Cem.
(1900- Buncombe, Ashville)

Con1421- Michael Andrew Lee Yoder (4/6/1856 NC-11/2/1924) m1.
Martha Isabelle Irene Abernathy (9/23/1860 NC-3/10/1884 Lincoln Co) m2.
Susan (Louise) Abernathy (1/_/1864 NC- ) all bur. Grace Church Cem.
(1880 & 1900- Catawba Jacobs Fork Twp)
Con14211- Cyrus Nolan (1/2/1880 NC-1966) m1. 2/4/1912 Myrtle May
Moorhead ( - ) m2. 9/2/1952 Elsa E. Meyers ( - )
bur. Oroville Cem., Calif.
Con14212- Lester Ray (Leslie) (8/18/1881 NC-1/1/1954) m. 9/30/1907
Sarah Alice Drake ( - ) bur. Beaumont, Tx.
Con14213- Lillie Catherine (2/24/1884 NC-9/17/1965 bur. Portland,Or)
m Alfred Martin West ( - )
Con14214- Meta Ida (11/9/1887 NC-7/29/1956) bur. Wesley Chapel Cem.
res. Calif. (1900 census b. 11/-/1886)
Con14215- Robert Ellis (2/6/1888 NC-3/4/1964) single bur. Wesley Chapel Cem.
Con14216- Bonnie (8/23/1890 NC-6/1/1913) single bur. Wesley Chapel Cem.
Con14217- Viola Lee (5/5/1892 NC- 1969) single
Con14218- Eva Junie (Evelyn) (3/15/1894 NC- ) m.
Lee Seitz ( - )
Con14219- Peter Grady (6/29/1895 NC-8/9/1965) m. 1920
Lizzie Kate Ashebranner ( - ) bur. Grace Cem.
Con1421a- Zeb ( -in childhood) bur. Grace Cem.
Con1421b- Clara Kate (12/24/1899 NC- ) m.
Robert Hatley ( - )
Con1421c- Sarah Rebecca (Sally) (7/10/1901- ) m.
M Cunningham ( - )
Con1421d- Jennie Ida (11/29/1902-4/24/1943) m.
Dalton Abernathy Whitener ( - ) bur Wesley Chapel Cem
Con1421e- Samuel Scruggs (7/2/1904-6/14/1963) single
bur. Wesley Chapel Cem.
Con1421f- Dallas Milan (2/7/1906-1/_/1980 res NC) single
Con1421g- Dorothy Aldine (3/11/1909- ) m.
Fred Moore ( - ) no issue

Con1422- Peter Raymond Yoder (8/9/1858 NC-9/21/1930) m.
Sarah Seitz (2/4/1863 NC-2/11/1905) both bur. Grace Church Cem. farmer
(Yoders of NC-page 115) (1900 census- Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con14221- Bessie (3/1/1882 NC- ) m1. Peter L. Ward ( - )
m2 Wade Whisnant ( - )
Con14222- Florence (12/11/1883-1895) bur. Grace Church
Con14223- Raymond Eugene (1/8/1886 NC-12/25/1966) single
Con14224- Jettie Louella (10/1/1887 NC- ) m.
Norris Baker ( - )
Con14225- Edgar Theodore (11/1/1889 NC-11/_/1971 (SSN)) m.
Marie Epsy Whitener ( - )
Con14226- Oliver Theodor (11/1/1889 NC-10/27/1923) m.
Dessie Heavner ( - )
Con14227- Herbert Lee (10/7/1891 NC-10/_/1967 res NC) m.
Anne Terrell ( - )
Con14228- Alma Rebecca (6/27/1893 NC-11/23/1958) m.
Lester Johnson ( - ) bur. Monticello Mem. Park, Charlotteville,Va.
Con14229- Lowell Peter (5/31/1896 NC-1944) m.
Flossie Whitener ( - ) bur. Hickory Oakwood Cem.
Con1422a- Phillip Loy (6/2/1899 NC-5/23/1960) bur. Grace Church Cem. m.
Parthine Rockett ( - )
Con1422b- Sterling Olan (1/31/1905-2/_/1980 res NY (SSN)) m.
______ res. Roslyn Heights, Long Island, NY- 4 children


Con15 Peter Yoder d. ca1870 near Farmington, MO
bur. Oakland Cem. near Farmington
m1. May 18,1832 Lincoln Co., NC Rachel Hahn (Jun.1806- ca1859)
(per Rachael b. 12/25/1815 Lincoln Co., NC; daughter of
Christian Sr HAWN and Anna Magdelena _____)
moved to MO c1850,bur Oakland Cem.
m2. ca 1862 Martha Covington (ca1836TN- )
Con151- Irveis Erwin b. Oct.6, 1833
Con152- Malinda b. Sep.23, 1835 m. John W. Jacobs
m. Sep.16,1860 St. Francois Co, Mo "three children"
Con153- Johannes (John) Sidney b.Apr. 2,1837 "went to Miss"
(Co F 10 MO Inf)
Con154- Sarah b. Nov.27,1838 m. Jun.30,1861 St. Francois Co, Mo
John Morgan "lived near Farmington, had four children" (3g1b)
d. Dec.11, 1919
Con155- James b. Dec.17,1840
Con156- Newton b. Oct.14,1843
(Co D 12 Mo Inf)
+Con157- Franklin b. May 20, 1846
(? 1880- Cape Giradeau Co, Mo)
Con158- Barbara b. Nov.14,1848
Con159- Mary Elizabeth b. Mar. 22, 1864 m. ? "had 5 children"
d. ? by 1880
+Con15a- William Peter b. Aug.31,1866 (St.Genevieve Co,MO)
Con15b- Virginery Caroline b. Sep. 24, 1868 m. Henry Wiggins
Con15c- Samuel H. 11/2/1871 (?m Mary b.1875 MO)
(1900-St Louis as "bil Henry Wiggins")

Con157- Franklin Yoder (Yoeter) (5/20/1846 Tn or 8/-/44 NC- )
m. Mary Eliza ______ (7/-/1848 Tn- )
(1880& 1900- Cape Giradeau Co, Mo)
Con1571- Rosetta (c1870 Tn- )
Con1572- Wm. (9/-/1870 Tn- ) m. Sallie ____ (c1871 Tn- )
(1900- Cape G. Co, Mo)
Con1573- James F. (8/-/1873 Tn- ) m. Nora ____ (10/-/1871 Mo-
) res. 1900 Ripley Co, Mo, son Carl or Earl b. 7/-/99 Mo
(Obit-"Modesto Bee, March 15, 1938 -Near Empire, March 13th, James Frank Yoder.
Husband of Nora Yoder of Modesto; brother of William and Martin Yoder of Missouri,
Mrs. May Hahs, Mrs. Frank Long and Mrs. James Masters, all of Missouri. A native
of Tennessee, aged 64 years.-Friends are invited to attend the funeral services at the
Sovern Funeral Home Tuesday at 2 P.M. Interment, Jackson, MO.)
Con1574- John (c1875 Mo- )
Con1575- Kate (c1877 Mo- )
Con1576- Martin Van Buren (4/-/1879 Mo- )
Con1577- Zoa (2/-/1883 Mo- )
Con1578- Mary May (11/-/1887 Mo- )
Con1579- Bettie- Belle (9/-/1889 Mo- )
Con157a- Amy-Lou (1/-/1893 Mo- )
Con157b- Burte-Odella (7/-/1894 Mo- )

Con15a- William Peter Yoder (8/31/1866-1934 Leadmines,MO)
m. Dec.4,1895 Bonne Terre, MO to Annie Jane Ross
(Oct.18,1873 Potosi,MO- Nov.23,1942 Bonne Terre, MO)
(1900-St. Louis, Mo; Edwin E. Yoder Chart-'85)
Con15a1- Millard William b. ca1899 MO or 2/-/97 Mo
Con15a2- Stanley Ross b. ca1900 MO or 3/-/98 Mo
Con15a3- Thelma Mae b. ca1908 MO
Con15a4- Darwin Pete (5/30/1911 Bonne Terre,MO-
3/28/1993 Bonne Terre,MO) m. 11/29/1932
Farmington,MO to Lela Nellie Pettus
Con15a5- Dorothy b. ?


Con2 Jacob Yoder (12/13/1767 Lincoln Co., NC-summer 1843 Monroe Co., I)
No marker, but believed bur. Payne cem., Old Hwy 37, 4 m N of Bloomington.
Per grandson Frank- Jacob was "5'9" tall & heavy set, light brown hair,
couldn't read" bur. Paine Cem 4 mi N of Bloomington m.c1799 Catherine
Dellinger (3/6/1782 Lincoln Co, NC-1862 Harrison Co,MO). Catherine was
d/o John Dellinger and Barbara Whitener. She's bur. Payne Cem., Harrison
Co, Mo.- 8m W of Hwy 69 & 1 m S of Mo.-Ia. line. No marker.
Jacob inherited 130 acres from father and sold it 12/21/1791 to brothers John
and David. Lived on Jacob's Fork tract of 98 acre. Added 226 acres in 1803
and added 2 1/2 more acres in 1812. All was sold in 1814 to Jacob Shuford.
Moved to KY then IN. In Clark Co, I by 12/13/1817 when he was aptd admin
for the estate of his brother Elias. By 1830 was in Bean Blossom Creek,
Bloomington Twp., Monroe Co, I . By 1850 Catherine was in Jackson Twp.
Brown Co, I. By 1857 to Eagleville, Harrison Co, Mo with son John. moved to
MO in 1854 with son John, res. with dau. Margaret Jackson, age "90" 1860
census. bur. in Cem.W of Big Creek) (per -daughter of
John Phillip Jr DELLINGER and Barbara WEIDNER; and "Henrich Weidner 1717-1792
and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER
research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
Con21-Mary " Polly" (twin) b. Jul.12, 1800 m. Apr.25, 1821
Clark Co., IN to Conrad Yoder (Con31)
d. Nov.23, 1886. Buried Wesley Grove Cemetery, Andrews Co.,MO.
Con22- George (c1802-1871 Monroe Co., Mo) m 10/6/1848 Monroe Co,In
Elizabeth Goss (1850 cens Geo. age 48 b NC, Elizabeth age 30 b. Va)
(per "Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804"
(1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan)-
marriage data list no previous marriages for either,
if true who was George Yoder m. 4/22/1830 Monroe Co., IN to
Betsy (Elizabeth) Short?)
+Con23- Henry (July or 8/15/1804 -1871)
+Con24- Emmanuel (5/5/1806 NC-1903 age 97)
Con25- Catherine (twin) (7/12/1800- ) m. 1/22/1835 Monroe Co.,
In to Philip Henry (c1784->1850) res. 1850 in Greencastle,
Putnam Co, IN "children all dead"
Con26- Barbara (1809-<1850) m. 4/22/1830 Monroe Co.,IN
George Hinkle
Con27- Sarah Ann (Sallie, Sally) (?7/-/1814 Lincoln Co, NC-5/12/1912
Benton Twp.,Monroe Co., I age "100"- no marker, but believed bur.
Payne Cem., Monroe Co.) m. 2/6/1836 Monroe Co., I John Jackson
(c1813 Tn-2/28/1869 bur. Payne Cemetery)"three children" (res. 1860
census Harrison Co.,MO, Marion Twp -Catherine Yoder age 90 (sic)
listed with them)(per 1900 census- 9 ch, 4 living)
Con28- Pricilla (c1819 Clark Co,I-1/16/1895 Monroe Co, I) m. 12/15/1840
Monroe Co., IN Jackson Lentz (Lewse?) (Lens) (c1822 NC-12/26/1882
Bethel Lane Cem.) divorced 1/11/1864 -he married niece Sarah Jane Yoder
+Con29- Jacob (c1816-1885)
+Con2a- Israel (c1812-1865)
Con2d- Yoder son b. c1820 d. by 1850
Con2b- Margaret (c1823 Clark or Monroe Co. I-8/16/1896 Sumner Co., KS.
buried South Haven, KS m. 8/9/1850 Brown Co, IN George Jackson
(1827 In-8/28/1896 South Haven, Ks) res.1870 Harrison Co,MO
Cainsville,Marion Twp. 3 children
(desc.-Ms. Joan Shackette,6292 Turret Dr.,Colorado Springs,CO 80918)
+Con2c- John b. 1828

Con23 Henry Yoder (8/15/1804 Lincoln Co., NC-12/17/1871 Rock Grove, Ia)
m. May 23,1830 Monroe Co,In Ruth Ann Rader
(5/24/1813 KY- "age 57" in 1870 census- 11/29/1873 Floyd Co,Ia)
(d/o Thomas Rader and Elizabeth Miller)
both Bur. Rock Grove Cemetery, Nora Springs, Floyd Co.,IA
(per AHY papers, moved first to Bremer Co.,IA c1852. In spring
of 1857 m. to Floyd CO.,IA)("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina
Mull Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by
Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
Con231- Clarinda (5/24/1832-12/1/1840 8yrs 6m 7days)
+Con232- Francis Marion b. Feb.17, 1835 IN
+Con233- John David b. Nov.21, 1839 Monroe Co.,IN
(b. Oct.19,1838 on death record)
Con234- Elizabeth Ann b. Jun.2,1842 IN
m1. 1860 Isaac N. Fleenor d. Civ. War Sep.19, 1862
m2. Sep.26,1867 Jacob Kohler settled Chickasaw Co, SD
d. Oct. 7,1934 Verndale, Minn. bur. Verndale, Mn
(Res. Floyd Co, Ia; Chicasaw Co, SD; & Hubbard Co, Mn)
+Con235- William Henry b. Mar.22, 1845 Monroe Co.IN
+Con236- Thomas Rader b. Mar. 10, 1848 IN
Con237- Mary Catherine "Kate" b. Jan.30(or29),1852 Monroe Co.,IN
m.Sep.17,1874 Floyd Co. Ia to Thomas Sullivan (1850-1916) res. Oldham, SD
d. Jul.21, 1933 Longmont,Colo. Boulder County bur. Oldham, SD
Con238- Infant son b. Jan.9, 1855 d. Jan. 9,1855

Con232- Francis Marion Yoder (2/17/1835 Bloomington, Monroe Co,I-
11/11/1927 Renton,WA) bur. Greenwood Cem. Sec.F,Lot 207 Block 31
space 3 still res. of Floyd Co IA as of 1880 census. Founded the town
of Shell City, Mn. reportedly lived in Oregon,in 1922 res. Seattle, WA
(has a stone with no date at rock Grove Cem. Nora Springs)
m1. Aug.5, 1855 Monroe Co., In Armelda "Millie" McHenry
(5/3/1836IN-Dec.24,1876 40y7mo21ds)
m2. July 4,1878 Sophia L. Cox (Stevens) (c1851 - 1927 age 92(sic))
(p.s. Pat Pangman, on the Doran side, said that F.M. Yoder had been in
Saskatchewan prior to going on to Washington, so will keep working that.)
Con2321- William H. b. ca1857 IA d. Sep.19,1872 15y11m18d
bur. Rock Grove Cem., Nora Springs, IA.
+Con2322- James M. "Jim" b. ca1859 IA. Moved 1886 from Madison, SD to Fargo, SD
Con2323- Infant b. d. Jun.2,1863 1 day 16 hours
bur. Rock Grove Cem., Nora Springs,IA
Con2324- Anna b. ca Dec. 1869 d. Mar.1, 1870 4m 5d
bur. Rock Grove Cem. ,Nora Springs,IA
Francis M and Armilda are my great-great grandparents. James Marion was born
in Iowa 10 Sept, 1858. (although his obituary states his father was J.F.
Yoder, more later). Armilda died, and F.M. married Sophie. In 1885 census
they were in Shell City, Minnesota, where they bought ownership of the town.
They owned several businesses there, including the Yoder Haus hotel.
Wonderful site!!! My sister has been doing family research on the Yoder
side, and sent info that my dad sent me, so she really gets the credit.
My great-grandfather, James Marion Yoder, son of Francis Marion Yoder,
is the one who took the picture of Miss Edna Yoder in Shell city, MN, in 1884.
Shell city was founded in part by francis M. Yoder. James M. Yoder married
Margaret Etta Doran in Shell City in Aug 1882. The Yoders then moved to
Menahga, then to Fargo, North Dakota in 1886. We never knew where our
great-grandparents came from (after Iowa), until a few years ago when our
father, Donald Yoder was looking at property less than 5 miles from the
original Shell City site, and was asked by the Wadena County Historical
society if he was related to the Yoders who founded Shell City!!!!
The county owns the property of shell city now, and there are signs locating
all of the original buildings, such as the Yoder House hotel, school, etc.
For more info, please contact my sister, who has done all of the research,
and needs the credit--Nancy Yoder email--Cats
Patricia (Yoder) Cheney <>
Bulverde, TX USA - Monday, March 16,1998.

Con2322- James M. "Jim" Yoder b. ca1859 IA. Moved 1886 from Madison,
SD to Fargo, SD. James M., was teacher, also postmaster, and he married
Margaret Etta Doran, (Maggie, born 27 Sept, 1866), daughter of John and Mary
Doran from Ontario (formerly of Ireland).Their wedding was 30 Aug, 1882. The
town died, because the railroad did not come into Shell City. The Yoder's
and Dorans moved on to Fargo, Dakota Territory on Feb 26, 1886. North Dakota
became a state in 1889. My James M. was a salesman, and after the great
Fargo fire, in 1893, ordered two railroad boxcars of goods, and sold them
from there.
Con23221- Claude Francis born 20 April, 1887, married Inga Marie Malland Jan
18, 1908. They had a son, George albert, born 27 Dec 1911. According to the
1920 census, it lists George, age 8 as a nephew living with James M., but my
dad says it is him, a grandson. Claude died in 1931 of a heart attack in the
projection room of the Fargo Theatre. He was disabled due to a "gas" attack
in WWI.
Con23222- William Albert (Wid), 12 Feb, 1889. I vaguely remember him. Wife
was Julia, three kids, Robert, Marlys, Bruce. Bruce always came to our lake
cottage, remember him building an air boat, which capsized with my dad,
sister and I. He married a Marlys. Died in 1993
Con23223- Ethel Mae b. 23 Jan 1891. Single all her life. Was a lab tech.
Lived in house with my grandfather. Had all family papers, along with family
Bible, which she instructed minister to never give to family members. This
is why we are struggling to recreate info. My dad is probably the last of
this clan.
Con23224- Earl Doran, b. 12 June, 1892. Supposedly moved to Sumner, Washington.
Con23225- James Colburn b. 7 January 1895. My grandfather. His middle name is
also found as Colbert, but in my g-grandfather's history book that he taught
school from, and recorded family infor, it is clearly written Colburn. He
spent WWI in France. Married Eleanor Tovaas and later divorced. One son,
Donald Allen Yoder, born 30 April, 1933. Worked for railway express
(Northern pacific) for 43 years. Active as a Shriner. Died Jan, 1970
Donald Allen Yoder, married Dorothy Eleanor Ackerson, 27 Sept 1952
1. Patricia Anne Yoder (me) 7 Dec 54 married (div) Dale Eugene
Dunn 1976
Michelle Jeannette Dunn 4 May, 1979
James Dale Dunn 15 Oct 1980
Alisa Jeanette Becker-Dunn 19 April 1999
2. Nancy Lynn , born 17 July 1956. Married and divorced Arlen Truitt
Lori Eleanor Yoder, born 15 June 1960.. Married and divorced Duke Spurgeon.
Now married to James Cookman
Eric Donald Spurgeon, 19 Mar 1989
Tyler Jay Spurgeon, 1_ Nov 1992
3. James Albert Yoder, born and died 19 Mar 1964

Con23226- Ada Louise, born 26 Feb 1897 married name Mee. Died 1965 Had two
children I know of, a James and Elaine. Elaine Hargrave died 24 November,
2000. She and my dad worked to remember info.
Con23227- Myrtle Ruth , 24 May, 1898. She was active in women's physical
education on the collegiate level, mostly in south Dakota. Married Jerome G.
Messenger 5 July 1923. I think she had at least one daughter.
Con23228- Ralph John b. 29 April 1900. Married a Josephine something. Ran
Yoder Ambulance company in Fargo. Died in 1980s
Con23229- Alice Margaret b. 21 April, 1903. Have 1934 written after her name,
wonder if that is when she died. Don't know anything else.
Con2322a- Charles W. b. 21 October, 1905.

Con233 John David "Dave" Yoder (11/12/1839 Monroe, In-10/6/1922 Liberty,Mo
at the Odd Fellows Ret. Home, bur. Lockwood Cem) m. Apr.18,1858
Melvina Lyons (5/-/1839 OH-4/8/1919 Dade Co., Mo)
?res 1880 Carroll Co.ARK, Eureka Springs; 1900 Dade Co.,MO
Con2331- Ada Viola "Addie" (c1860 Floyd Co,Ia-3/17/1937 Corpus
Christi, Tx) m. Perry A. Crow
Con2332- Eva A. (9/10/1875-2/13/1935 Springfield, Green Co,Mo)
Bur. Lockwood Cem. Dade Co, Mo. m. Wilford A. Pollard ( - )

Con235 William Henry "Bill" Yoder (3/22/1845 Monroe Co,In-8/17/1921
Bloomington, Monroe Co, I) bur.Mt. Gilead Cem. Bloomingtom)
m. Dec.1, 1864 Catherine Adelaide "Addie" Van Buskirk (Feb.9, 1846
Monroe Co.,In -1924) (d/o Isaac Shelby Van Buskirk and Elizabeth Gabbert)
("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by
Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan)) resided-
Monroe Co, In-Floyd Co, Ia- Dakota Ter.
-Back to Monroe Co,In in 1898)
+Con2351- Albert Henry b. Feb.15,1866 Rock Grove, Floyd Co,IA
Con2352- Isaac Eldorus b. Feb.27,1868
d. Feb. 19,1873 Austin, MN age 4y 11m 20 d
Bur. Rock Grove Cemetery, Nora Springs,IA.
Con2353- Lewis Monroe b. Sep. 7,1870 IA
d. Aug. 5,1890 Madison, SD
+Con2354- William Arthur b. Dec.23,1874 Nora Springs,IA
Con2355- Hester b. Nov.20,1881 d. Nov.29.1901 Bloomington,IN

Con2351 Albert Henry Yoder (2/15/1866 Rock Grove,I-9/22/1940) bur. Acacia
Cemetery Seattle, Washington m. 6/11/1894 Irvington, IN to Susan Norton
Griggs (11/5/1869 Madison,IN - 8/16/1953) also Acacia Cem.- one time residents
of Grand Forks.ND (Albert Yoder papers-U of ND; Hubert A. Yoder research;
1900-Knox Co, Vincennes,I)
Con23511- Leverett Griggs b. Aug.3,1895 Indianapolis,IN
m1. Feb.14,1920 Dorothy Cloutier ( - 1961)
m2. Elizabeth Kollar Luty
d. May 1,1980 bur. Arlington Nat. Cem.Sec.8,gr.494LH
Con23512- Miriam b. Sep.10,1896 Vincennes,IN m. Aug.17,1921
Miles K. Lander ( - May 8,1967) d. Apr.20,1981
both bur. Memorial Park Cem,Grand Forks, ND
Con23513- Charlotte May b. Feb.26,1899 Vincennes,IN
m1. Mar.19,1926 L.G. Lust m2. Lieman Roose
m3. Marshall Culter m4. Gunnar Anderson, Gothenburg,
Sweden d. Dec.5,1985 bur. Hillside Cem., White Water,
WI Lot 154,Grave A, Sec.K (with 3d husband)
Con23514- William Albert (Al) b. Feb.21, 1902 Seattle, WA
m. Naomi Edlund d. Dec.22,1948 bur. Dec.28,1948
Sunset memorial Park, Hoquiam, Wash.
Con23515- Frederick Griggs b. Mar.19,1904 Seattle, WA
bur. Apr.25,1955 Acacia Cem., Seattle,WA single
Con23516- Paul Van Buskirk b. Oct.8, 1908 Tacoma, WA
d. Apr.4,1990 Hendersonville, NC no issue
m1. Maxine Thompson m2 Roselyn Pease ( -

Con2354 William Arthur Yoder (Dec.23,1874 Nora Springs,IA-
Jun.13,1942 Minneapolis,MN) cremation Lakewood cem. m.
Bessie Ann_______ occupation Insurance res. MN as of 1924.

Con236 Thomas "Tom" Rader Yoder (3/10/1848 Bloomington,I-
2/25/1922 Oldham,SD at 12:30 in afternoon. bur. with wife Pleasantview
Cem. m. Mar.21,1869 Rock Grove, Ia to Mrs. Margaret S. Forbes Hull
(Oct. 17,1844 WI- Jul.17,1912 Oldham,SD)("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and
Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER
research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
TRY moved at 8 to Floyd Co,IA and 1881 to Dakota
Con2361- Gertrude (Mertie Gertrude) b. Dec. 1869 Rock Grove,IA
d. Jan.18,1870 age 6 weeks Rock Grove Cem.
Con2362- Bertha Erdine b. Nov.25,1870 Rock Grove, IA
m.Jan.29,1893 Oldham,SD to Charles H. Baker
res. of Oldham as of 1922
Con2363- Minnie Undine b. Jan.27,1873 Austin, Mn
m. Jun.30,1895 Oldham, SD to Henry D. Packard
3 children res. Oldham as of 1922
Con2364- Lela Lillian b. Jul. 15,1876 IA
d. Jan.3,1881 age 3y 5m Rock Grove Cem.
Con2365- Daisey Josephine b. Feb.24, 1878 Rock Grove,IA
m. Howard G. Rottluff res. of Matsqui, B.C. as of 1922

Con24 Emanuel Yoder (5/5/1806 Lincoln, NC-12/18/1903 age 97)
bur Rock Grove Cem. Nora Springs, IA. m. 9/23/1832 Monroe Co.,IN
to Rachel Shirley (Apr.12, 1811 KY- Jan.15, 1898) bur. Rock Grove Cem.
("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804"
(1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
Con241- Mary E. (c1833 Monroe Co, In- )
m. 8/17/1851 George A. McHenry (c1831 In- )
(per letter by HA Yoder- m. Sep.17,1874 ________Sullivan)
Con242- Sarah C. (c1836 In Monroe Co,In- )
m. Oct. 30, 1858 Floyd Co., Ia to John McHenry (c1838 In- )
Con243- Ruth Ann (4/-/1839 Monroe Co., In-1929 Floyd Co, Ia)
m. 10/30/1858 Henry Bumgardner (5/30/1829 Oh-1/16/1903)
both bur. Rock Grove Cem.
+Con244- John Jasper b. Apr.12, 1841 IN

Con244- John Jasper Yoder (4/12/1841 Monroe Co, In-12/25/1927 Floyd
Co, Ia) res. Monroe Co.IN and Floyd Co.,IA m. Amanda M. Rader
(12/18/1842 IN-9/23/1896) both bur. Rock Grove Cemetery
Con2441- Charles E. b. Nov.22,1869 IA m. ?
d. Jul.19,1947 a retired farmer , survived by one
daughter Gladys Yoder of Seattle, WA.
bur. Rock Grove Cemetery
Con2442- Cora B. b. ca1874 IA

Con29- Jacob Yoder d. Jun.12, 1885 Jackson Township, Brown Co.,IN
bur. Lanam Ridge Cem. near helmsburg, In m. 5/17/1837 Monroe Co, In
Mary "Polly" Jackson (1820IN or 1822KY- Ok after 1900). Moved to
Brown Co 1845 from Monroe Co. (Weidener Book)
+Con291- James M. b. Apr.21, 1843 IN
Con292- George Henry (c1845 Monroe Co. In- )
(m. ? license taken by George Yoder and Sarah Branum, marriage
shown 9/3/1863 George Yoder to Charlotte Monroe)
+Con293- John D. b. ca1847 Brown Co., In.
Con294- Martha Jane (5/9/1850-1921 Yukon Ok)
m. Jan.26,1868 Brown Co.,In. to James P. Gray
+Con295- Edward b. Mar. 1852
+Con296- William Jacob b. ca1854
Con297- Thomas J. b. ca1856 m.Mar.26,1883 Cerro Gordo Co.,
IA to Rosa L. Hansen res. of Rock Falls,IA.
+Con298- Willard (Wm.C)- b. May 6, 1860
+Con299- Westford (Wm.Wesley) b. May,6,1860
Con29a- Alice b. ca1862

Con291- James M. Yoder (4/21/1843 Monroe Co,In-4/24/1931 Brown Co., IN)
bur. Lanam Ridge Cem., Jackson Twp.,Brown Co.,IN m1. Mar.11,1869 Catherine
(Sarah C.) Waltman ( - 4/25/1872 age 23y 10m 24d- in childbirth) Bur.
Bean Blossom Cem. m2. Sep.11/12, 1872 Eliza Jane Baughman
(11/3/1853- 12/20/1934 81y 1m 16d) Lanam Ridge Cem. Civ. War Pension-Co
D 82nd Indiana Inf. Republican, farmer and livestock merchant, Georgetown
Presbyterian ("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804"
(1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan),
1920 Ind, Jane Murphy research, Russell E. Yoder Cht '85, Bret Eberle-'97)
+Con2911- Marion E. b. ca1870 m. Jan.3, 1892 Emma A. Myars
( -4/23/1949) res. Indianapolis 1931, Helmsburg 1934
d.2/28/1946 Indianapolis,In
Con2912- girl b. 1872 d. 1872
Con2913- Jacob Ira b. 1873 m. Rachel Deckard (d.Aug.1,1944
Indianapolis, bur. Lanam Ridge)
d. Dec.18,1963 bur. Lanam Ridge Cem.
Con2914- Ida C. b. Apr.26, 1875 m. Aug.9, 1891 to John
Prosser ( - d.Oct.7,1943) d. Apr.13, 1961
bur. Bean Blossom Cem., Jackson Twp., Brown Co.
Con2915- Cyrus b.Sep.18,1877 d. Sep.28,1877 bur. Lanam Ridge
Con2916- Myrtle (c1879-<1962) w1 of Joshua Bond ( d.Jul.26,1962
age 87), res. Nashville,IN as of 1934
Con2917- Maude b. Jul.5,1881 Brown Co.,IN m. John K.
Anderson res. Edinsburg,IN 1934 d. Sep.11, 1949 in
Bartholomew Co., IN
Con2918- Edith b. 1883 d. 1903 Lanam Ridge Cem.
Con2919- Daniel B. (Boone) b.
res. of Ft. Wayne at death
(?from Bret Eberle-'97-Boone Yoder, res. Lafayette,In. His wife
Ida I. Eberle was born in 11/22/1887 and they married in 2/22/1914)
(?SSN for Boone,In- b.5/1/1886-5/-/1966)
Con291a- Leroy (Roy) b. Jul. 7, 1889 m. Effie A. Coy
( 1883- May 10,1965 ) d. Oct. 6, 1976
both bur. Rest Haven Cem., Edinsburg,IN
Con291b- Ralph b. Feb.25,1892 m. ?
d. Dec.26, 1980 bur. Lanam Ridge Cem.
Con291c- Dorval J. b. m1.________ Corscot
m2. ________ Anderson res. 1934 & 1963 Madison, WI
Con291d- John R. b. 1897 d. 1907 Lanam Ridge Cem.
Con291e- Pearl b. m.______ Glaizman
res. 1934 Chicago,IL res 1963 Montebello, CA

Con2911- Marion E. Yoder (5/_/1870- 2/28/1946 Indianapolis,I) m. Jan.3, 1892
Emma A. (Anna M.) Myers (3/_/1872 I-4/23/1949 Indianapolis,I) res.
Indianapolis 1931, Helmsburg 1934 (1900-Johnson Co,I-Union Twp)
Con29111- Freda (8/_/1892 I- )
Con29112- James E. (7/14/1895 Brown Co,I-1/2/1868 Indianapolis,I) m.
Catherine Rust ( -1935)
Con29113- John (9/_/1897 I-

Con293 John Yoder (1/11/1848 Brown Co IN-7/21/1931
Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Shawnee)1850 in Indiana
m. Dec.25, 1871 Brown Co.,IN to Matilda J.Hampton (Jane)
(1847 IN-7/30/1915 or 7/27/1915) res. 1880 Ozark Co.,MO;
1900 Chicasaw Co.,Ind. Ter.- farmer Civil War Vet
(family bible records- Brandy Walker Parks,
<> 3/2000)
Con2931- Martha "Mattie" (1873 Brown Co,In-
1949 in Oklahoma, Seminole, Seminole m. _____ BREWER
Con2932- Mary "Nettie"(1875 Brown Co,In-1952 Ca)
m1. John GOODSON m2. William LEECH
Con2933- Willard Wistford (11/30/1877 Missouri, Springfield -
2/21/1960 in Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Shawnee) bur. RESTHAVEN Shawnee
m1. 2/12/1900 in Oklahoma Terr, Tecumseh Jenny Mae Steele
m2. Mina ______
Con2934- Olliver (8/19/1880 Ozark Co, Mo-4/3/1964 Riverside, Ca)
m1. ________ m2. Janie Graham ( Bethel, Ok- )
Con2935- Walter (7/19/1883 Ozark Co. Mo-12/25/1959 Pottawatomie,
Shawnee Co., Ok) bur. FAIRVIEW Pottawatomie, Ok) m. 2/20/1909 Grady,
Chickasha, Ok Edna Beatrice Alexander 4/19/1892 Jefferson, Mt.Vernon. Il
Con2936- James (5/8/1885 Oklahoma Terr, Grady, Chickasha -5/11/1970
Pottawatomie, Shawnee m. 7/2/1902 Madie Fisher
Con2937- Oskar (9/-/1888 Indian Ter.-6/-/1960) m1
Gussie FILLY
"My grandmother, Genevieve Kathryn Higley Murray,
is Ruby Renee Yoder's daughter."
Brandy Walker Parks, <> 3/2000

Dates of death for John and Jane above, and the following is
fron Bible-

Willard Wesley Yoder b. Nov. 30,1877 in Springfield, Missouri
m. Jennie Mae Steele in Tecumseh, OK on Feb. 12, 1900
d. 2/21/1960
Grandmother knew several of W. W.
Yoder's siblings, but doesn't
remember all of them. She said
"there were a bunch of them."
The names she remembered were:
Nettie, Mattie, Jim (who was
the Chief of Police in Shawnee,
Oklahoma), and Ollie. She also
said "they use to talk about
an Oscar but I never meet him."

Children of Willard Wesley Yoder and Jennie Mae Steele.
Le"Roy" Yoder b. 2/28/1901 in Byers,
OK d. 9/17/1959
Esta Mae Yoder b. 4/26/1903 in
Anadarko, OK m. Claude Cattladge
on 12/19/1919 in Tecumseh, OK
Walter Clarence Yoder b. 6/2/1906 in
Anadarko, OK m. Eva Ruth Philly
on 9/12/1927 in Oklahoma City d.
1984 in CA
Clara Allene Yoder b. 4/17/1909 in
Anadarko, OK d. 8/21/1911 in
Blanchard, OK
Ruby Renee Yoder b.10/4/1910 in
Blanchard, OK m. 10/6/1928 in
Shawnee, OK to Harold James
Higley d.6/21/1978
Cecil Boyd Yoder b. 12/27/1912 in
Blanchard, OK m. 8/1/1930 in
Shawnee, OK to Pauline Taylor
d. 1/19/1949 in Shawnee, OK
Marvin A. Yoder b. 2/1/1914 in
Blanchard, OK m. 6/29/1933 in
Shawnee, OK to Lorene Hughes
d. 10/25/1960 in Shawnee, OK
My grandmother, Genevieve Kathryn Higley Murray,
is Ruby Renee Yoder's daughter.-Brandy Walker Parks

Con295 Edward Yoder d.
m. Feb.22, 1876 Felissa (Felina) Watkins

Con296 William J. (Jacob) Yoder (c1854 In-11/-/1933 Frederick, Ok)
m. Jun.12, 1877 Brown Co.,IN to Nancy A. (Nan) Mavity
( ca1854IN - ) res. Chandler, Ok
Con2961- Edward Evertt b. 1887 IN
m. Maude_____ to California after 1920
(?SSN Record- An Edward (4/2/1887-4/-/1982 in Ca)
Con2962- John Max b. Mar. 27,1880 Nashville, Brown Co., IN
m. 1907 Martha Pearlee Ward (1/_/1888or9-4/18/1974)
d. Apr. 29,1968 Chandler, OK (Lincoln Co.)
bur. Forrest Cem.
Con2963- Portle (Purtle) b. 1890 IN
d. ? "came home laying across his horse- shot to death"
Submission by Fred Haines- 1996

Con297 - Thomas J YODER
born 8 Oct 1854, Brown County, Indiana
marr 26 Mar 1883, Cerro Gordo Country, Iowa
died 15 Jan 1944, Puyallup, Washington

spouse - Rose L HANSEN
born Dec 1862, (Racine County?), Wisconsin

I believe that Thomas J Yoder was still in Brown County, Indiana,
at the time of the 1880 census, but that there were Yoders
already living in Floyd County, Iowa, by that time, notably, I
reckon, offspring of Henry Yoder (Con23) and Ruth Ann Radler or
Rader, both of whom had died in Floyd County before 1880. Their
son Francis Marion (Con232) was reported in Floyd County in the
1880 census, along with some children. Floyd County is the next
county east of Cerro Gordo County in the north central part of
the state. (It is named after a then-famous victory, of 1847, in
the Mexican war. The first white people settled there in 1851. It
also gave us the word 'tractor,' when, in 1902, the sales manager
of the Hart Parr Factory in Charles City decided that 'gasoline
traction engine' was just too damned long to attract customers.)

I believe Thomas was looking around for a situation where he
could take up farming and he may well have been visiting or
working for relatives in Floyd County when he met Rose Hansen,
who was living just over the county line in Rock Falls.

Soon after Thomas J and Rose married they went to Minnesota,
because their first child, Edna Verena (my grandmother), was born
in Shell River Township, Wadena County, in Minnesota on 25 August
1884, less than two years after the marriage, and I have her
birth certificate and a photograph of the house in which they
were living. I believe they went there because there were other
Yoders living there, on evidence of a note on the back of the
photo which reads 'Miss. Edna Yoder / The house where she was
born in 1884. / Rode view taken by J.M. Yoder / Shell City Minn /
July 3d- 1898.'

Who was that? I notice from the genealogy that one of the Iowa
Yoders was James M Yoder, born around 1859 in Iowa (Con2322). He
would have been three years younger than my great grandfather
(and one generation removed). Just a guess.

My Yoders seem, however, not to have stayed long in Minnesota.
Thomas took up a double homesteading claim near Pierre, South
Dakota (in Sully County?), one for farming and one for forestry.
He had to give the forestry claim up, but he worked the farming
claim for about thirty years.

When Edna Verena married Roy Dorothy in 1906, the newlyweds went
to Concunully, Washington, to raise apples. Some time thereafter,
Edna's younger brother, Ralph, somehow managed to set fire to the
barn and destroyed all the winter feed for the livestock on the
homestead. All the animals died that winter, and Thomas sold up.

The remaining family (possibly excepting daughter Jesse) moved to
Washington, partly because Edna and her husband were living
there, and partly because Rose's father had left her a house in
Tacoma. He is supposed to have been named Ole Hansen, and family
legend has him confused with the famous Mayor of Seattle by that
name, but, if that Hansen is related at all (which I doubt), he
would have had to be Rose's brother, not father. I have a
startlingly well made photograph of all the Yoders in a photo
studio in Puyallup, Washington, in 1915 or 1916. I would never
have been able to figure out the date of this photo if my
grandmother had not noted that Mazel was thirteen, as both my
grandmother and her sister Jesse look like teenagers, although
even Jesse must have been thirty. She may well have been visiting
Puyallup from Texas at the time.

In any case, the Yoders settled in Puyallup, bought a 'fifteen-
cent store,' and lived there until around the end of world war

Con2971 - Edna Verena YODER
born 25 Aug 1884, Shell River Township, Wadena County,
marr 18 May 1905, Kaspar, South Dakota
died 23 Dec 1980, Tustin, Orange County, California

spouse - Roy DOROTHY-12 (1882-1947)

Edna grew up on the Yoder homestead near Pierre, South Dakota,
and recalled seeing pioneers in covered wagons, the Ghost Dance
rising of the Sioux Indians, and the great plains blizzards that
destroyed the cattle industry in the 1890s. She attended a one-
room school until she was sixteen, at which point she became the
teacher. A handwritten resume she prepared in order to apply for
a civil service job in California, reveals that she spent eight
years in South Dakota Public Schools doing 'grammar school
subjects' until November 1899, and another few months, from April
to November of 1900 doing 'high school subjects.' In 1901, from
January to June, she attended high school in Gettysburg, South

She then had two stints of school teaching, one from November
1901 to May 1902 in Sully County, at '25 or 27.50' and another
from October 1902 to April 1903 at '27.50 to 30.' I gather those
figures are dollars/month. The fact that these jobs were in Sully
County leads me to believe that the family homestead was located
in that county too.

Family legend has it that people in the neighborhood took up a
collection to send her to school to learn how to be a proper
teacher, and in 1903 she went to Mankato, Minnesota, where she
saw her first automobile - there were two in the town at the
time. I'm not sure what happened with the education as a teacher,
since she in fact took a course in stenography from April to
October 1903 (and she used it all her life - I have shorthand
notes she took of telephone calls received when she was in her

For about seven months she worked halftime, at three dollars a
week, for two different businesses in Gettysburg, until August
1904, when she went to work for the National Bank of Commerce
in Pierre, where she roomed with the family of one of her
coworkers, the Dorothys.

The Dorothys had come up to Pierre around 1895 from Ute, a tiny
town in Monona County on the western border of Iowa, and E F
Dorothy operated several grocery stores and traded in cattle.
They seem to have been fairly well to do as Prairie families
went. Roy worked in the bank on the theory that there were only
two good ways for a young man to get ahead, by going to a
university or working in a bank, and university was not a
possibility. E F gave his son a horse and buggy, and Roy soon
began to drive the family's roomer to church in it, to the
chagrin of Roy's sister, Blanche, who felt she deserved the seat.

Roy and Edna may have eloped to marry in Kaspar, South Dakota, a
town where neither had family or other connections that I know
of. Their wedding announcement is an after-the-fact one, and it
notes that after the wedding the couple would be 'at home' in
Concunully, Washington.

In the early twenties they moved to California, settled in
Sacramento, and both worked for the State government until they
retired. Both were highly placed civil servants. Roy was an
accountant for the Board of Equalization (tax office) and Edna
worked for any number of different boards and agencies. They had
three children, Don Vincent Dorothy, Thelma Ruth Dorothy (my
mother), and Carol Agnes Dorothy.

Con2972 - Jessica 'Jesse' YODER

born 1885, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota

I don't know much about Jesse except that she married twice and
lived in Austin, Texas. She had two children by her first
husband, Patricia Breedlove and Philip Breedlove, and two by her
second, Robert Eastman and Margaret Eastman.

Con2973 - Evelyn YODER

I'm not sure of her dates of birth or death, but she died as a
very small child of diphtheria.

Con2974 - Ralph YODER

born 1888, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota

Ralph, after burning down the homestead barn, moved with his
parents to Puyallup, Washington. During world war two he was
living and working in Tacoma, Washington. He married someone
named 'Lil,' and they had at least two children. One of them was
named Glenna Dee and she married Robert J St Clair on 6 November
of an indeterminate year.

Con2975 - Mazel YODER

born 1902, probably in or near Pierre, South Dakota

Mazel also moved with her parents to Washington and was still
living there, in Seattle, in the seventies. She married Arthur C
'Butch' SONNTAG and had two children, Stanley SONNTAG in 1925,
and Virginia SONNTAG in 1930. The last known address I had for
her is 3703 Densmore Avenue, Seattle 3. A postcard from her to my
grandmother reveals that Butch 'will be 80' on July 8, and I
_think_ the postmark reads 1978.
I have learned a few things and sharpened my information since the material I sent
to you the other day. The main thing is that I figured out the location of the
Thomas J Yoder homestead - it was at Kaspar, in Sully County, South Dakota.
Kaspar itself no longer exists, it has been folded into the town of Onida, but this is
a more exact location that 'near Pierre.'

By speaking with my Aunt Carol, I have been able to clean up the information on
the family as well. It should read like this:

HUSBAND Thomas J YODER (Con297)
BORN: 8 Oct 1854 PLACE: ,Brown,Indiana,USA
DIED: 16 Jan 1944 PLACE: Puyallup,,Washington,USA
MARR: 26 Mar 1883 PLACE: ,Cerro Gordo,Iowa,USA
BORN: Dec 1862 PLACE: ,Racine,Wisconsin,USA
DIED: 1944 PLACE: Puyallup,,Washington,USA

One my grandmother's birth certificate the place of birth is given as Wisconsin. I
am guessing at the Racine County, on foot of the family legend that has her related
to Ole Hansen, the Mayor of Seattle, who was born in Racine County. I'm
guessing at her date of death. The last letter in her hand is dated February 1944.


Edna Verena YODER (Con2971)
BORN: 25 Aug 1884 PLACE: Shell River Twnp,Wadena, Minnesota,USA
DIED: 23 Dec 1980 PLACE: Tustin,Orange,California,USA
MARR: 18 May 1905 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA

Jessica 'Jesse' YODER (Con2972)
BORN: 31 Jan 1886 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA
Lived in Austin TX.

Ralph YODER (Con2973)
BORN: 1888 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA Lived in
Tacoma WA. During the war was driving a truck for the Model Bakery. His wife's
first name was Lil and he had at least one daughter named Glenna Dee, who
married Robert J Sinclair at the Trinity Lutheran Chapel in Parkland WA.

Lily YODER (Con2974)
BORN: 1890 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA
DIED: 1902 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA
This child died of diphtheria at the age of twelve.

Mazel YODER (Con2975)
BORN: 7 Oct 1902 PLACE: Kaspar,Sully,South Dakota,USA
SPOUSE: Arthur C 'Butch' SONNTAG
Lived in Seattle WA.

In your document with the filename CONRAD.DOC, Nora Springs, Iowa, is in
many places correctly spelled, but in quite a few others it is spelled 'Nona' Springs.
The latter does not exist. Nora Springs is right on the Cerro Gordo/Floyd County
line, which probably explains why Thomas J Yoder met and married Rose Hansen
there. Rock Falls is within walking distance of Nora Springs.

Did I already tell you why I think Thomas J Yoder and his bride detoured to
Minnesota long enough for her mother, Edna V Yoder, to be born in Shell River
Township? I looked again at a small photograph I have of the house where she
was born, a 9 cm x 9 cm sepia photo mounted on a somewhat larger card with the
stamp of a photo studio in Fargo ND on it. Someone wrote on the back, 'Rode [sic]
view taken by J.M.Yoder / Shell City Minn / July 3d- 1895.'

That's eleven years after my grandmother was born and long after her family had
moved to South Dakota. Thomas J had an older brother named James M Yoder
(Con291), but he lived and died in Brown County, Indiana. A more likely
candidate would seem to be another James M Yoder (Con2322) among the Iowa
Yoders. Although he was of a different generation, this James was only a few
years younger than Thomas J. I notice that the genealogy has no further
information on James - that may be because he settled in Wadena County,
Minnesota.---- Regards, Fred Haines (submitted Jun. 1996)

Con298 Willard C. Yoder (5/6/1860-11/-/1913 Frederick, Tillman, Ok)
m1. 9/26/1882 Anna B. Doan. (10/28/1863-8/l6/l898)
( per Julie Wynn-3/99-
m2. 7/27/1899 Amanda Belle (Stephens) Kleindorfer (1/-/1863 In-1921)
res. 1900 Okla. Census, Lincoln Co.
Con2981- Rose Ethel (9/1/1883 Nashville, IN-7/7/1957 Frederick, Ok)
m. 11/19/1902 Davidson, Ok Claude Almer Roberts
Con2982- Mahlon Eldridge (1/18/1889 Ok- ) never
married, lived and died in Yuma, AZ
Con2983- Mary Pearl (3/12/1898 Ok- ) m. John Thrush of
Lubbock, Tx

Con299 William Wesley (Westford) Yoder d. 1928 Minco, Okla
bur. Friendship Cemetery, Minco, Okla
m1. Apr. 16, 1882 Brown Co.,IN Nancy White (ca1862IN- )
m2. Jul.5, 1894 Lena Schmidt (Jul 1875 OH- )
w1 Con2991- Jacob Wilson b. Apr 10, 1883 IN (Oct.1882 per 1900 census)
m. Nov,29,1903 to Lillian Delories Woodard (8/2/1883-9/8/1971)
d. Apr. 30,1942 Elgin, OK
Con2992- Johnie b. Apr. 1885 IN
Con2993- David b. Aug. 1886 IN
Con2994- Annie b. Jul. 1887 IN
Con2995- James Albert b. Feb. 1889 Indian Ter. (11/28/1899- )
m.12/-/1923 Georgia Bittman
w2 Con2996- Mary b. Sep. 1895 Indian Ter.
Con2997- Annie (2/8/1899- ) m. 5/-/1919
Thomas Graves ( - )
Con 2998- Raymond (12/2/1901- ) m. 12/-/1923
Maude Eisenman ( - )
Con2999- Lillian Gertrude (4/4/1904- ) m. 10/-/1923
Everett Downey ( - )
Con299a- William Edward (7/8/1907- ) single
Con299b- Ronnie Fred (4/21/1909- ) m. 4/-/1931
Opal McBride ( - )
Con299c- Luther Earnest (1/29/1913- ) m. 9/-/1930
Willie Engnam ( - )
Con299d- Grace Mae (3/19/1916- ) m1. 1/-/1933
Eddie Hudson ( - ) m2. 2/-/1952
Monte Parsons ( - )

Con2a Israel Yoder (c1812 Lincoln Co., NC- 10/12/1865 Monroe Co, In
at the residence of Jackson Lentz) Prob. bur. Bethel Lane Cem. poss.
Payne Cem. - no stone m. 10/7/1838 Monroe Co.,In by David Barrow JP
Elizabeth (Betsy) Jackson (c1820IN-?by 1860) burial place not known
1850 census Monroe Co,IN. ("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull
Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by
Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
Con2a1- Priscilla (c1839 IN- )m. Mar.5, 1861 Monroe Co.,IN
to George W. Payne (c1824 In- )
Con2a7- son (c1835-40- died by 1850)
Con2a2- Sarah Jane (c1842 IN-1896) m. Jan.11,1864 Monroe Co.,IN
to Jackson Lents (Lentz) (divorce husband of her Aunt Priscilla)
(c1822 NC-12/27/1882, bur. Bethel Lane Cem. Monroe Co,In)
Con2a3- Nancy (c1844 IN Monroe Co., In- ) m. Dec.20,1863
Monroe Co.,IN to Isaac Brannam (c1838- ) (s/o Jonathan Brannan
and Mary Elizabeth Griffith)
Con2a4- Thomas b. ca1845 IN
Con2a5- Rebecca A. b. ca1846 IN
Con2a6- Edward b. ca1849 IN (in 1870 listed in household of
Jackson and Sarah Lentz, Bllomingotn Twp, Monroe Co, In)\
Con2a8- Francis (son) b. c1852
Con2a9- Mary E. (c1853/1854 Monroe Co,In- )
m. 3 Feb 1874 Monroe Co, In Lewis W. Brannam ( - )
(s/o/ Milton and Elendor (Griffith) Branam) Divorced. In 1880
Mary is listed with George and Priscilla (Yoder) Payne.

Con2c John Yoder (c1825 Clark or Monroe Co,In-before May 6, 1867
Harrison Co,MO) bur. Payne Cem.? m. Mar.19, 1853 Brown Co., IN
res. Brown Co IN 1850 census, Harrison Co MO 1860-80 census
Mary Ann Tull (1834 KY- before May 6,1867Harrison Co.,MO)
prob. bur. Payne Cem.
(one source said- m. Catherine Lutroo, & had a son who went to
Kingman Co., KS)
Con2c1- Mary Jane (Apr.1, 1854 Brown Co, IN-Mar.30, 1894
Harrison Co. MO, buried Payne Cemetery m. Nov. 23, 1873
Harrison Co.,MO to John Mathis (Dec.25,1840 Brown Co,IN-
Feb. 20,1914 Harrison Co.MO) bur Payne Cem.
(g.mother of Kathleen Kinstler,12020 SW Manzanita Ct, Tigard, Ore 97223)
Con2c2- Elizabeth Ann (11/15/1855 IN-1/13/1935 bur. Payne Cemetery)
(in 1860 listed as b. MO) m. Dec.27,1886 Cleveland, KS Lewis Jackson
Thompson (978.184 V2k Kingman County Marriage Records, page 244:
Thompson Lew J. 24 Kingman County, Kansas, Yoder Betsy Ann 24
Kingman County, Kansas by N. Miller, JP at my office in Belmont
Twp, Kingman Dec 27, 1886.)(" obituary - sadly the newspaper
isn't noted - that states: "Lewis J. Thompson...was born in Pa.,
Dec 7, 1862...He then went to Kansas and while there he was
married to Betsy A. Yoder...The angel of death entered the
home on Wednesday morning, Feb 26, 1908..." He was buried
in the Lone Rock Cemetery.-- Helen Dayton Apr.2002)
Con2c3- George b. 1858 MO never married
res. 1870 census with George Jackson family (Con2b)
bur. Robinett Cem. Miller Co, Mo.

Con3- David Yoder d. Jul.14, 1864 bur. Grace Church Cemetery
m. May 1791 Elizabeth Reep (ca1770-10/31/1846) bur. Grace Church Cemetery
(per -David married 1 Barbara REEP (b. Lincoln Co, NC.- )
+Con31- Conrad b. Dec. ,1793 NC
+Con32- Adolphus b. 1795 NC
Con33- Betsey b. Jul.24, 1796 NC never married
deaf and dumb, d. ca1882 "age 86"
buried Grace Church Cemetery
(living with brother Andrew in 1880 census)
+Con34- David b. Sep.22, 1799
Con35- Catherine b. ca1800 NC never married
d. ca1885 "age 85"
(living with brother Andrew in 1880 census)
Con36- Sarah b. 1804 NC never married
bur. Grace Church Cemetery
+Con37- Solomon b. May 17,1805
Con38- Frannie b. 1807 NC never married
d. ca 1895 "age 85"
(living with brother Andrew in 1880 census)
+Con39- Eli b. Apr. 1, 1810
+Con3a- Andrew b. Jan.14, 1812

Con31 Conrad Yoder (12/-/1793 Lincoln Co. NC-5/10/1879 Andrews Co.,
MO) m. Apr.25, 1821 by Martin Hucklesberry, Clark Co.,IN to Polly Yoder
(Con21). Moved to Andrews Co. in 1849 near Rosendale. Veteran of the
War of 1812. Harrison Co., Land Records- Purch. 3/26/1853 SENW
Sec28-Twp66-R27; 3/28/1856 NENE&SWNE & S 1/2 SENW Sec28-
Twp66-R27 Both Bur. Wesley Grove/Lower Neely Cem., Andrews Co.,
Mo (George Yoder notes, "Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina Mull Weidner
1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER research by Kathy Gunter
Sullivan), multiple sources, 1830-Morgan
Co. Mo; Polly resided with son Philip in 1880 census-Andrews Co,Mo)
Con311- Jacob b. 1818 died young
Con312- Mary b. 1819 died young
Con313- Jane b. 1821 d. (1824) "age 4"
Con314- girl b. ? d. 4 days old
Con315- David ("Doc") (9/12/1820 Morgan Co, In-12/15/1910)
bur. Lower Neeley Cem. enlisted Union Army Co G 12th MO CAV
wounded, disability discharge never married
+Con316- John M. b. Sep.16,1823 Clark Co, IN
Con317- Katie (Catherine) (1827 IN-1890)
m. Jan.7,1847in Morgan Co.,IN to Henry F. Jones (c1822 Ky- )
moved to MO in 1849
Con318- Margaret b. 1829 m. 1852 George Dorrell
d. May 21, 1882 (or 74 or 94-conflicting data)
+Con319- George b. Mar. 2, 1836 IN
+Con31a- Philip b. Jun. 21, 1840 Martinsville, IN

Con316- John M. Yoder (9/16/1865 Andrews Co.MO-9/16/1865)
m. Aug.4, 1850 (or Jun 13 or Aug 18) Barnard MO or Andrews Co. to
Sarah Willson (Aug.4,1832 IN- May 6,1906) both Bur. Bennet Lane Cem.,
Savannah, Andrews Co, Mo. ("Henrich Weidner 1717-1792 and Catharina
Mull Weidner 1733-1804" (1992 by Anne Williams McAllister-YODER
research by Kathy Gunter Sullivan))
+Con3161- William A. b. 1852
Con3166- Elizabeth b. d. 1853 bur. Bennett Lane Cem.
Con3162- Susanna Catherine b. Apr.16, 1854 Andrews Co, Mo
d. Feb.16, 1945 Springfield, MO m. Jan. 6, 1870 George Houston Tulloch
+Con3163- George Washington b. 1860 (c1863) Andrews Co, Mo
m1. 1889 Julia Munker --2 children died young
m2. Hettie Burns -one child Ruby m. Carl Tilden
Con3164- Joshua Hixson b. 1863 (c1857) Andrews Co, Mo,
lived in Ore. as miner and sheep herder ,never married (1910- Wash. Co, Ida)
d. May 1934 MO bur. Hopedale Cem near Ozark,MO
Con3165- Mary Francis ("Frankie") b. 1867,(c1861 Andrews Co, Mo)
res of St. Joseph, MO m. 1885 James Calvin Tulloch d. Savannah, MO

Con3161- William A. Yoder (c1852 MO- ) m. 1875 Emma Rose
( - ) Divorced. lived in OK, 1880 Gentry Co,MO
(1900- Benton, Andrews Co, Mo) (George Yoder papers)
Con31611- Della b. m. Delbert Covill res. Calif.- two sons Ernest and
Dureand in California)
Con31612- Lillian b.1878 m. Al Moore res. IA- a son Lee in Iowa
Con31613- Estey (Esta) b. m. -one child Lillian
Con31614- Pearl (son) b. (6/-/1882 Mo- ) m.
res. OK-several children

Con31614-Pearl Elliott YODER (6/9/1881 Andrews, Mo-8/11/1966 Kingfisher, Ok)
m1. 11/2/1907 Kingfisher, Ok Elizabeth UHLENHAKE (4/25/1887 Auburn, Sac, Iowa-
) (Ref. Barnum, Keith) (moved from St. Joseph .Mo to Kingfisher,Ok- (LINDA YODER))
Con316141. Louise Elizabeth YODER b: 20 JAN 1908 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,
Con316142. Emma Anna YODER b: 15 AUG 1909 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Con316143. Clarence Charles YODER b: 18 JAN 1911 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa
Con316144. Mildred Florence YODER b: 20 NOV 1914 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa
Con316145. Opal YODER b: 30 JUL 1915 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa
Con316146. Arlean Agnes YODER b: 2 MAY 1917 in Estherville, Emmet, Iowa
Con316147. Frank Edward YODER b: 3 FEB 1919 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Con316148. Genevieve Cecilia YODER b: 30 MAR 1921 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,
Con316149. Lee E. YODER b: 17 JAN 1924 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Con31614a. Raymond Arthur YODER b: 5 JUN 1925 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,
Con31614b. L. D. YODER b: 2 AUG 1929 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Con31614c. Delbert Melvin YODER b: 20 SEP 1932 in Kingfisher, Kingfisher,

Con3163- George Washington (1860- ) m1. 1889 Julia Munker
( - ) --2 children died young Julia is buried at Pine Haven
Cemetery, Halfway, Baker Co., OR, as Julia B. Munkers, wife of Geo Yoder.
MUNKERS, Julia B. YODER 01 Mar 1872 26 Dec 1893 wife of George YODER)
m2. Hettie Burns ( - ) (Geo.Yoder papers)
Con31631- infant- died young
Con31632- infant- died young
Con31632- Ruby ( - ) m. Carl Tilden - 3 girls 1 boy

Con319 George Yoder (3/2/1836 Morgan Co, In- 4/21/1931 age 95y 1m
Andrews Co, Mo) bur. Lower Neeley Cemetery. Civil War. 1st Sgt Co.D,
23 Mo Inf., Enl.1861-wounded m. 1/12/1865 Andrews Co., Rosedale to
Amanda D. Ogle (6/23/1844 Oh-12/28/1928 Andrews Co, Mo) bur.
Lower Neely, separated from wife in 1890. Was a constable for Rosedale, Mo.
Con319..- 4 children died in infancy
Con319..- George F. b. Nov. 1867 d. 12/6/1869 age 2 yr 12 d
b. Lower Neely Cem.
Con3191- Alice b. 1868 res. Wichita,KS d. in her 90s
m1. Thomas Kent m2. late in life to John Crosby
of Savannah, MO (1 dau., 1 son killed when young)
Con3192- Linnie (Lena Mae) b. Jun. 2, 1869 m. 1903
to Frank Eldredge (Eldridge) res. Kansas City, MO
Con3193- Benjamin b. Apr.19,1872 Rosendale
m. May 1905 Enid, Okla. to Teresa ____ (d. Jun. 1974
age 90) d. Nov. 1963 Enid,Okla
carpenter, horse racing
Con3194- Joseph b. 2/4/1874 res. Rosendale ,never married
d. 5/17/1960 "in his 90s" bur. Lower Neeley Cem.
Con3195- Charles F. b. 1879 res. Council Grove, KS
d. in an automobile accident

Con31a Philip Henry Yoder (6/21/1840 Martinsville, Morgan Co.,IN-
4/29/1930 Rosendale,MO) Civil War - Co G 5th Mo State
Militia CAV 3 1/2 yrs, farmer. bur. Lower Neeley Cemetery
m. Jan. 1, 1865 Andrew Co.,MO Catherine Burns
(Jul.15,1848 Amazonia,MO- Dec.15,1915 Rosendale)
Con31a1- Laura Bell b. Jan.26,1866 m. Oct.16, 1889 George
Swartz d. Sep.14,1919 bur. Lower Neeley Cem.
Con31a2- Clara Ellen b. Feb.5, 1868 m. William Housman
d. Sep.8,1910 Bolckow, MO
Con31a..- Benny F. "Frankie" b. 5/ /1870 d. 11/14/1870 age 5m 15d
Con31a3- Eva b. May 18,1874 m. 1900 John Fuller (Nov.11,
1866- ) d. 1930 Rosendale,MO bur. Bolckow,MO
+Con31a4- Albert Conrad b. Jan.1,1877
+Con31a5- Oren Thomas (Ora)(Tommy) b.(Feb.) 1884
+Con31a6- Frederick H. b. May 25, 1883 Rosendale, Andrews Co., MO.
Con31a7- Leo ( - as an infant)

Con31a4- Albert Conrad Yoder m. May 20,1904
Bolckow,MO to Clara Hoover. A carpenter, lumberman,
postmaster, County Treasurer. d. Apr. 14, 1957
St. Joseph,MO. bur, Memorial Park Cem. St Joe.
Con31a41- Opal Edra b. Jul.26,1905 m. Dec.25,1955
to Walter West (Mar.23,1895-Jan.10,1979) at Rosedale,MO
teacher for 46 years.
Con31a42- Hazel Nadine b. Oct.18,1907 never married
Federal worker- income Tax
Con31a43- Leota Corrine b. Mar.19,1916 m. Sep.18,1938
Arnold Alkire (Sep.23,1912-Sep.1,1981) at Rosedale.

Con31a5- Ora (Tommy) Yoder m. May 20,1904 Jesse Schurlock
barber and meat inspector. d. in his 50s of leukemia
bur. Forest Lawn Memorial Cem.,CA
Con31a51- Amis
Con31a52- Maxine
Con31a53- Ethel Mae
Con31a54- Shirley

Con31a6- Frederick Yoder lived to age 106 m. Ollie Hooper
(11/21/1895 Forest City, MO- Nov.12,1984 Sulphur, LA
d. Dec.15,1988 Sulphur, LA. Barber.
Con31a61- Anson b.7/21/1918 Forest City, Mo
m. 8/18/1945 Lake Charles to Dorothy Kellgren (7/19/1925
Hackensack, NJ- ) three daughters all b. Sulphur,LA
Con31a62- Merlyn b. m. Berdena Tiller
five daughters , they live in CA.

Con32 Adolphus Yoder d. Apr.3, 1876 in or near Patosi,MO
5 ft 4 in black hair
m1. to ? (?Julia_____b. c1790 GA-1850 Wash Census)
m2. Feb.16,1849 Wash. Co,MO to Nancy Jane Goard divorced 1852
m3. Nov.16 (15), 1855 Palmer,Wash Co.,MO Sarah Gillam/Gilliam
(Arkansas Land records: ADOLPH YODER Independence County Warrant
1820/11/27- 23 14N 4W 160acres- "I also found a mention of Adolph's
purchase of land in November 1820. Strangely enough, he is not listed in
census records for 1820, '30 or '40, nor in tax lists for the state of Arkansas
1819-1829"-per Nancy Griffith, Lyon College Library, Batesville, AR.)
(1840 -Adolph- Wash. Co- 1m 40-50, 1 f 30-40, 1m 2f 5-10, 1m <5)
(" ...the only thing new I have to add is that I found "Dolphin" Yoder in
the 1830 census for Washington County MO. I am sure it is the same
as Adolphus because he was in Washington County MO in 1840 and 1860,
and Julia was there in 1850. The listing for Dolphin Yoder lists a male and
a female of the right age, which is consistent with what we know, since
their oldest child was not born until 1830 or later... There is also a Yoder
listed in Washington County MO Marriages 1815-1844, Reel C6834
Recorder of Deeds, Title Maqrriages, Vol. A, 1815-1844-Y. I think this
must be Adolphus and Julia. His second marriage didn't take place
until 1849. However, I have not yet had the opportunity to order the
microfilm, and the index only lists surnames." Tilitha Waicekauskas Nov. 2000)(suddenly information about Adolphus
Yoder is just falling all around me! I put a query on the Washington Co.
MO message board, which was promptly answered by William Baker, who
put me in touch with Preston Gilliam, a descendant of Adolphus Yoder's
third wife by her first husband. He had a lot of information and pictures
of the cabin Adolphus Yoder built in Yoder Holler. He said it is still being
lived in by one of Sarah Gilliam Yoder's descendants, and still does not
have plumbing or electricity. Adolphus must have done a good job, because
the cabin still looks very sturdy. Preston says that Sarah and her husband
lived on an adjoining farm to Adolphus, and that a couple of years after her
husband died, Sarah had a baby, and the parentage has never been disclosed,
although they feel sure it was Adolphus Yoder's baby. He married her a
year or two after that and they combined their farms and built the cabin.
Adolphus was a miner as well as a farmer. That makes sense because they
lived in the lead belt. I believe there is, or was, iron in that area also.
Tilitha Waicekauskas-- Nov. 2000)(Sarah is shown in
1883 drawing a War of 1812 widow's pension of $8 starting Feb. 1879, at
that thime she was a resident of Palmer)
(?1850 census Wash.CO- George-age 8 MO, Damascus-age 12 TN)
Con321- Jackson b. d. <May 1862 Benj. Gilliam exec.
Con322- Elizabeth b. m. _______ Callahan
res. Crawford Co.,MO as of May 1862
Con323- Lucinda b. (?Ca 1836) m. ______ Hope
res. Cape Gireardeau Co.,MO as of May 1862
Con324- Sarah b. res. Wash. Co. as of May 1862
+Con325- Lafayette b. ca 1840 MO

Con325- Lafayette Yoder d.
res. Washington Co., as of May 1862 m. Susan C. ______
(ca1848 MO- ) 1880 Census Crawford Co.,MO
("Family tradition says that both Lafayette and Susan died in 1882.
The children of Lafayette and Susan C. Yoder" "...the Susan C.
that was married to Lafayette Yoder was Susan Caroline according
to a letter from my Aunt Esther Herron who had charge of the family
Bible that burned with her house a number of years ago. The way
she wrote it in the letter was Susan Caroline Yoder, and then above Caroline
she had written maiden name, I have searched for months in the Caroline
Family and can't find anything to verify that. Once I did a fuzzy search
for Susan Caroline and came up with Susan Qurallin, and she would have been
the right age, but can't verify that either." Tilitha Waicekauskas,
Con3251- Sarah Ellen Yoder, born 1869 MO, died 1946 AR, married
first Andrew Benton, and then ________Heath. One daughter, Susie
Benton, married Joe Lex, died AR.
+Con3252- John b. ca1870 MO
Con3253- Annie b. ca1872 MO Died in CA, married
_____Baker, no further information.
Con3254- Emma b. ca1874 MO
(per-ggrandaughter Pat Becker, 9/97-" Her name was Emily Kitory
Evelyne Yoder, she married Alexander Pounds on September 15, 1899
in Steelville, Crawford Co. MO. She was born April 6, 1879 and died on
February 10, 1925 MO or AR (near border). I think maybe in the Corning,
Arkansas area. She was buried in Nelson Cemetery in Datto, Arkansas
so I am told. There is no marker on her grave, and no one seems to be
able to find it. Emily's father's name was Layfette Yoder and her mother
was Caroline, don't know when she was born but her and Layfette were
married in 1870 and they both died in 1882, they had 6 children. Names of
the children were John Yoder, Sarah Ellen Yoder (who married someone by the
name of Andrew Benton) Annie Yoder, Bell Yoder, Andrew Yoder and Emily
Kitory Evelyne Yoder. Andrew is said to have died at an early age. Annie and
Bell married a Smith and a Baker. But not sure which one married which.
Emily and Alexander were married in the Steeleville, Missouri area and they
had 9 children. - Pat Becker, my e-mail is")
Con3255- Isabel b. ca1877 MO living in Pueblo CO in 1914, married first
_____Smith, second ________Hilburn, no further information
Con3256- Andrew b. ca1878 MO died before 1900 census. Family
tradition says he died young, and could have died in 1882 at same time as
Lafayette and Susan..

Con3252- John George Yoder (1870 Mo-Nov.3,1944 California
m1.Estelle Barr c.1894 d. c1900 Ark? m2. May 1,1904
in Ark. Eula Visti Morris b. 3/2/1883 Jackson,TN
d. 12/23/1964 Armona, CA
Con32521- Virginia Irene b. 1896 m. Tom Reynolds - 9 children
d. 1986
Con32522- Arthur Harry b. 1898 m. Ruth McInturff- 5 children
d. 1989
Con32523- *Joseph Guy b. 1906 m.Noma Helen Dollins
-4 children d. 1978
Con32524- Waymond Earl b. 1913 m. Lavetta Harrison
no children d. 1985
Con32525- Dorothy Wilma b.1910 m. Alvis Dutch Bridges
-8 children
Con32526- Claude Bascom b.1913 m. Ruth ____ no children
d. 1964
Con32527- Reba Elizabeth b. 1915 m. Gail W. Hamilton
-3 children
Con32528- Dolores Odell b. 1917 m. James Marple -1 child
d. 1987
Con32529- Evamae Benevieve b. 1920 m. Ray Smith -5 children
Con3252a- Robert Washington b. 1922 m. Della Maddox, no children

(* daughter Barbara Myatt,4000 Glenrose Dr., Columbia, TN 38401)

Con34 David Yoder d. 1897 bur. Old Thessalonica Bapt. Cem.
m. 1/16/1827 Lincoln Co., NC Ruth Wilson (ca1804- ? )
Con341- Elisha b. Nov.9, 1827 died young
Con342- Franklin b. Jan.18,1830 died young
Con343- Ruth Elizabeth b. Jul.29, 1832 single
died mid-1920s , bur. Old Thessalonica Cem.
(lived 1900-Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp with sister "July Ann")
Con344- Labba (Letitia) b. Jul.14,1835 m. Laban Hoover
Con345- Juliann (Julia Ann) b. Nov.3, 1838 never married
died mid-1920s bur. Old Thessalonica Cem.

Con37 Solomon Yoder d. Oct.12,1854 m. Sep.25,1832 Lincoln Co., NC
Sarah Seagle (Seigle) (Sep.11,1809- Dec.4,1874)
Con371- Alfred M. b. May 9, 1833 d. Oct. 1862
Battle of Corinth, MS or Springfield, MO
"missing since fight of Oct.4,1862"
Sgt. Co.G 9th Texas CAV
Con372- Mary Ann b. Oct.5,1834 single d. Sep.26,1931
bur. Daniel's Church Cem., NC
(1880 Lincoln Co, Howards Creek Twp)
+Con373- Daniel A. b. Oct.5,1834 NC
Con374- Emeline M. b. Sep.29,1836 NC single d. Jul.26,1927
bur. Daniel's Church Cem., NC
(1880 Lincoln Co, Howards Creek Twp-with sister Mary)
(1900 Catawba, Bandy Twp- listed as sil with Daniel Wyonnt)
Con375- Eliza C. b. Jun.30,1838 m1.3/7/1861 Lincoln Co., NC
Daniel H. Heavner (2/25/1835-8/21/1862) m2.
Robert Michael Petrie (6/15/1838-12/15/1915) d. Feb.24,1907
bur. Daniels Church Cem.
Con376- Sara Elizabeth (Sarah) b. May 8,1840 m1.1/28/1880
Martin Shedel (5/3/1815-9/17/1892) m2. 8/23/1893
Daniel Wynant (6/2/1818-12/17/1904) d.10/21/1921
bur. Daniel's Church Cem.
Con377- John Franklin b. Aug.9,1842 m. Sarah Heffner (Heavner)
no issue d. 12/13/1927 Decatur, IL Bur. Fairlwan Cem. Raised Rhoda
(?1900 MO census,Madison Co. John F. & Sarah E.b.4/42NC)
+Con378- David b. Jul. 28,1844
Con379- Adolphus b. Nov.27,1846 lived Kansas City,MO m 2/6/1873
Logan Co, Il Mary Ann Kincade (12/29/1848Ky-2/28/1936 Ka) d. 4/25/1927
bur. Arkansas City. Ka, Riverside Cem
+Con37a- Laban b. Jan.18,1849
+Con37b- William b. Apr.21, 1851
+Con37c- Robert Anderson b. Aug.16,1853

Con373- Daniel A. Yoder d. Jan.6,1927
m1. Ellen Fulbright (1836-1874)
m2. 2/-/1876 Mary Jane McCaslin (Mar.1839-1927)
both bur.Daniels Church Cem.,farmer Lutheran
(1880 Lincoln Co, Howard's Creek Twp, Jane shown as age 41 NC)
(1900 Lincoln Co, Howard's Creek Twp- Jane showed b 3/1839)
Con3731- Laura Minta b. Nov.9,1866 NC m. William M. Seagle
(12/29/1861-6/4/1948) d. Apr.4, 1964
Con3732- Alfred M. b. Apr.25,1869 NC m. Lucie LeSueur
d. Mar.30,1949 (1900 with parents,single)
+Con3733- Charles M. b. Sep.17,1871 NC m1.3/3/1894 Carrie M. Jarrett
m2.1/16/1904 Kate Seagle Lucky ( -1907)
m3. 1909 Mamie Rhodes ( -1952)
d. Sep.19,1940 bur. Grace Lutheran Church
(in 1880 double listed--once here and once at age 8, listed as a nephew of
Mary A. Yoder Lincoln Co, Howard's Creek twp.)
Con3734- Robert Emmett b. Jul.18,1878 NC m. Hilda Overcash
( -1898) d. May 14,1946
(Update from Dr. Robert L. Yoder, 10/2001
Con3735- Mary Kate b. Sep.30,1882 NC m. Lester H. Carpenter
(1878-1941) d. Aug.20,1953

Con3733- Charles Maxwell Yoder (9/17/1871 NC-9/19/1940) m1.3/3/1894 Carrie
M. Jarrett (5/-/1872 NC- ) m2.1/16/1904 Kate Seagle Lucky ( -1907) ni m3.
1909 Mamie Rhodes ( -1952) ni bur. Grace Lutheran Church (Yoders of NC-
page 133, Frank H. Yoder Cht '86)(1900 Catawba, Jacob's Fork Twp)
Con37331- Lois B. (1/16/1895 NC- ) m. B.W.H. Costner ( - )
Con37332- Morris Samuel (4/23/1896 Catawba Co,NC-10/9/1981 Lincoln
Co,NC) m. 11/19/1916 Lincoln Co.,NC Laura Ruth Scronce (12/2/1894-
10/14/1969) (Frank H. Yoder Cht)
Con37333- Edith Pearl (3/10/1898 NC- ) m. John A. LeSueur
( - )
Con37334- Daisy Blanche (10/27/1899 NC- ) m. Coy F. Lantz
( - )
Con37335- Carrie Mae (9/10/1902- ) m Thomas C. Price ( - )

Con378- David Yoder (7/28/1844 NC-4/2/1911)
m1. Feb.18,1869 Mary Caroline Hoke (8/17/1845-Dec.30,1884)
m2. c1886 Catherine Saine (Apr.1,1837(40) NC-Feb.27,1906)
bur. Daniel's Church Cem. (Reuel Newton-'87, Mrs. Robert
L. Yoder-'85, Hubert A. Yoder)(1900 Lincoln Co, Lincolntown)
Con3781- Sarah Susanah b. Mar.18,1870 d. Aug.9, 1887
Con3782- Daniel Alfred (Dec.8,1871 Lincoln Co, NC-6/18/1950
Tucson,AZ) bur. Evergreen Cem., Tucson, Az
m. 12/15/1898 Leonards Fork Bap.Church
Emma Elizabeth Hoover (6/28/1878-5/22/1958)
(1900 Lincoln Co, Lincolntown- with dau. Mary L. b. 11/-/1899 NC)
Con3783- Robert Lee b. Oct.29,1875 NC m.May19,1901 Mary Jane
Heavner (11/22/1876-11/17/1944) d. Jul.7,1949
Cherryville, NC bur. Bethpage Luth. Cem.
Con3784- William Michael (6/2/1878 NC-8/27/1938 Lincolntown,NC)
m. Sarah E Ross (5/31/1881-6/18/1969)
Con3785- Martin Luther b. Oct.14, 1881 NC m. Katie Pearl Coon
(11/27/1884-2/19/1960) d. Feb.25, 1961
Con3786- Lizzie Pearl b. Sep.28,1883 NC m. Rutledge A.Coon
d. Feb.11, 1939 bur. Daniel's Church Cem.

Con37a- Laban Yoder (1/18/1849 near Hickory,NC-2/12/1930)
m. 3/14/1872 Logan Co, Il Martha J. McBride (9/16/1856 Il-6/24/1926)
moved from Elkhart IN to Chestnut,IL in 1882 ("to Logan Co.,Il after the
Civil War) both bur. Fairlawn Cem., Decatur, IL. (1880-Logan Co,Il-
Corwin; 1920-Decatur, Macon Co, IL)
Con37a1- Minnie J. (4/18/1873- ) m. 6/6/1895 Logan Co, Il
William T. Waldren
Con37a2- Wallace Austin (9/14/1874 near Elkhart,I-12/9/1941) m. 6/5/1895
De Witt Co, Il Hettie Samuels (c1876 Il- ) (1920-Montgomery Co, IL)
Con37a3- Ralph E. (7/7/1877 near Elkhart,I-12/4/1908 bur. Grove City,IL)
m. 10/23/1902 Lula Phares
Con37a4- Howard M. (12/11/1878 Il-7/28/1952- of Parkinson's disease
bur. Grove City, IL) m 11/14/1900 Christian Co, Il Flora Alexander
(c1878 In- ) (1920-Christian Co, Il)
Con37a5- Lola Alice (7/3/1881 near Elkhart,I- ) m. 5/4/1908
William Clarence Westervelt
Con37a6- Claude Maurice (10/8/1883 -7/_/1967 res Il (SSN)) m
Ethel Alexander
Con37a7- Lois Irene (10/10/1886 IL- ) single
Con37a8- Grover Walter (4/_/1889 near Chestnut,Il-6/20/1929) m.
Lura Miller (c1889 Il - ) (1920- Sangamon Co, Il)
Con37a9- Harold Herron (3/11/1892 near Chetsnut,Il-(?6/_/1972 res Al
(SSN)) m. Claudia Marie McCannel ( - )

Con37b William Yoder (4/21/1851 NC-3/21/1900) m. Sarah Ann Mosteller
(7/7/1845 NC-6/28/1918) bur. Daniel's Ch.Cem. (1880, 1900-Lincoln Co,NC)
Con37b1- Oscar E. b. Aug. 1876 NC m. Mary Carter (7/-/1872 NC- )
(1900 Lincoln Co, Howard's Creek Twp)
Con37b2- Hattie May (3/_/1878 NC- ) m. Charles C. Coon (2/_/1871 NC- )
Con37b3- Luther A. (1/8/1883 NC-7/27/1964) m. Nov.12,1905 Etta Clare
Warlick ( -5/6/1965) bur. Daniel's Church Cem.

Con37c Rev. Robert Anderson Yoder (8/17/1853 NC-5/16/1911) m. 5/9/1878
Rosa Elizabeth Fisher (3/22/1855 NC -4/11/1924) bur. Daniel's Church Cem.
(1900- Catawba, Hickory City)
Con37c1- Mary Pearl b. May 12, 1879 d. May 30,1879
Bur. Daniel's Church cem
Con37c2- Lela Fisher b. Aug.20,1880 NC m. 1901 Rev. John Hall
(1878-1968) d. Oct.6,1946 both bur. Arlington National cem.
Con37c3- Maude E. b. Jul.19,1882 NC m. Jul.2, 1901 John Robinson II
( -10/1/1958) d. Jun.11,1965 bur. Old Weidner (Whitener) Cem.
Con37c4- Blanche I. b. Sep.4,1885 NC m. Rev. Brady Stroup
(1876-1954) d. Jul.25,1969
Con37c5- Margreta b. Feb.26,1889 NC m. Jun.10,1908 Dr. Robert
Rhyne ( -1/161950) d. Jul.22,1950
Con37c6- Robert Able b. May20,1893 NC m1. Pearl Jones
m2. Ateliene Perry d. Dec.23,1956
Con37c7- Paul Allison, MD b. Mar.9, 1896 NC m. Jun.12,1926
Evelyn Dale d. Feb.12, 1951 no issue

Con39 Eli Yoder d. Jul. 1, 1891 Englewood, TN bur. Prospect Cem.
m1. Jul.17,1834 Lincoln Co., NC Sarah Elizabeth (Betsy) Detter
(Sep.23,1812-Apr.14,1887 Englewood,TN bur. Prospect Cem.
m2. Elizabeth Vaughn Sep.20,1888 McMinn Co.,TN
res 1850 Washington Co,TN; 1860 Jefferson Co.TN
+Con391- William Pinkney b. Jun.6,1835 Lincoln, Catawba Co.NC
+Con392- Calvin E.(A.) b. Jun.26,1836 NC
+Con393- Henry M. (Marcus) b. ca 1838 NC
Con394- Mathew V. b. ca 1841
Con395- Cham (Jane F.) b. ca1843
+Con396- Susan Ann (H.S.-pos, Harriet Susannah) b. cAug.1844
m. Mar.25, 1881 Levi Louis Adams d. 1932 Prospect
Englewood,TN - had child named Yoder -7children (?)
(per certificate of death-Ann Adams b. 7/15/1846 died
9/5/1932 age 86y 2m 20d widow of Levi Adams
bur. Prospect Cemetery, 9/6/1932-no doctor in
attendance, of natural causes-housewife, filed in
McMinn County, informant Sam Yoder, Englewood)
+Con397- Franklin Andrew b. c1847 Aug. 1844 NC (per 1900
census) (1880 census b.TN)
+Con398- Mary b. c1848 NC children all named Yoder
Con399- Sarah Eliza b. Dec.29,1853 m. Aug.16, 1868
William Knight Adams d. May 16,1932

Con391 William Pinkney Yoder d. killed by a bushwacker in
Caldwell Co.,during the Civ. War. Co.G (?C) 39th TN Mtd Inf
a private m. Jan.22,1857 Jefferson Co.,TN to Mary Ann (Polly)
Gaby ( ca1827 - Sep.28,1896 age 69)of Washington Co.,TN
+Con3911- Rufus M. b. ca1854 res. IL
m- three times?
m2. 1/27/1886 Massac Co, Il HENLY, REBECCA ANN HALL
(If this is the same Rufus, looks like he was married twice. Also it provides
the last name of Rebecca as Henly (which is probably Henley like his
step-daughter shown in the ensus. Another important clue is that it looks to
me like Rebecca Ann Hall Henly, could have been married before by virtue of
the name "Hall" appearing.--Bob Portsche,Arlington, Virginia, Jan. 2000)
(1910 census shows wife Rebecca A. b. c1848 In)
Con3912- Lizzie b. ca1859 res. Union Co.,TN
m. Mr. Beagle had 8 children
(Delayed Birth Records 1881-1899. Pulaski County. Illinois
Henry Beegle, born 23 Aug 1884, in Mounds, mother's 4th child, white, son of Lizzie nee Yoder, age 29, born in Knoxville, Tenn., and Isaac Beegle, farmer, age 27, born in Knoxville, Tenn. Testimony of Margie Beegle McEligott, older sister, of Cairo, in 1944 (Delayed Births Book 10 P 33).)
+Con3913- Bradford b. res. Madisonville,TN
m. Sallie McGhee
+Con3914- Alexander b. 12/-/61 Tn moved to MO, res. Springfield
m1. 6/7/1888 Franklin Co,Mo Rose B. Dumler m2. ?

Con3911- Rufus M. Yoder
>From "Massac County, Illinois Marriages, Vol. II, 1878 - 1890," compiled
by Carolyn Cromeencs Foss and Judy Foreman Lee, 1992, the following record"
>Rufust M. Yoder, age 24, farmer, married Martha J. Bonifield, age 22,
March 8, 1881, in Massac County. Parents of groom: Pink Yoder and
Mary Ann Gaby Parents of bride: William Bonifield and Sarah V. Bailey
>From "Massac County, Illinois, Marriages from miscellaneous sources,
1858-1903," by Massac County Genealogical Society, 1998, the following
record shown:
Rufus M. Yoder, age 26, married Lacy Hall, September 4, 1882, in Massac
County. Benj. J. Delavan, JP.
Rufus M. Yoder, age 31, farmer, married Rebecca Ann Hall Henley, age 39,
January 27, 1886, in Massac County. Parents of groom: Pink Yoder and
Mary A. Gaby. Parents of bride: Harvey Hall and Margaret Cunnel.
(Rebecca A. Hall was previously married to Benjamin F. Henley. By that
marriage, there was at least one child, a daughter named Trisa C.
Henley. According to "Massac County Marriages, Vol. 3, 1890 - 1895," a
W. A. Winningham, age 24, farmer, married Trisa C. Henley, age 19, on
February 18, 1890, at Rufus Yoder's home. Trisa's father was Benjamin
F. Henley and mother was Rebecca Ann Hall. Obviously, the two
Winningham children listed in the 1900 Massac County census as Rufus's
grandson and granddaughter were the children of W. A. Winningham and
Trisa C. Henley, Rebecca's daughter.)
I also found another reference to Rufus. His name appears in a booklet
entitled, "1857-1987 Index - Members and Visitors, Massac County Masonic
232 - History Brookport-on-Ohio, Illinois 62910," by Willard A. Kerr.
It only indicates dates that he must have been a member, petition for
membership May 1, 1909; and apparently a MM (Master Mason) on March 19,
>Don't know if this is of any value to you, but it seems to confirm that
Rufus was in fact married three times as indicated in your newsletter.
>Bob Portsche, Arlington, Virginia, <>
- - - - - - - -

Con3913- Samuel Bradford Yoder (-/-/1859 TN- ) m. Sallie L. McGhee
(11/_/1865 NC- ) res. Madisonville,TN (1900-Macon Co,NC)
Con39131- Dewey J (8/_/1886 TN- )

Con3914- Alexander Yoder (12/-/61 Tn- ) moved to MO, res.
Springfield m1. 6/7/1888 Franklin Co,Mo Rose B. Dumler m2. ?
(1900- Greene Co., Mo- Campbell Twp)
Con39141- Mary (10/-/1890 Mo- )
Con39142- Georgiana (5/-/1894 Mo- )

Con392 Calvin E. (A.) Yoder b. 6/26/1836 Hickory, Catawba Co., NC
m. 10/13/1867 Hickory, Ctwb., NC. Sara Fulbright (5/22/1838 NC-8/4/1919
(or 8/4/1918-per C.M.) d. 1/19/1909 St.Albans, Kanawha Co., WV
both bur. Mosteller/Yoder Cem. Tornado, Kanawha Co.,WV
("take Coal River Rd from St Albans to Fallis Creek Rd, go 1 mile
turn right on gravel Rd) Civil War- Co D, 36th VA Inf
(Connie Mosteller-9/98, R. Leon Yoder-2/99, 1900 Kanawha Co,
WV Census; 1880 NC Census Catawba, Bandy's twp)
(Sara Fulbright m1. 8/1/1858 to John Reinhardt (2/5/1835 and reportedly
died in the Civil War at Sharpsburg, Md. She was the daughter of John
Fulfright and Sadie Sane and had three brother die in the War. Her
father drove a two-horse wagon to the battlefield near Richmond, Va
and brought their bodied back to Vale, NC where they were buried in
the cemetery at the Trinity Lutheran Church-Sara had a son and two
daughters by her first marriage. She left these children behind with
a sister when she and Calvin moved to West Virginia- from R. Leon Yoder).
+Con3921 Martin Alonzo (4/12/1867 Hickory, Ctwb., NC-5/15/1953
Tornado, Kan., WV) Buried Most./Yod. Cmty Tornado,
Kan.,WV m. Jane Elizabeth Mosteller (1872-1942)
Con3922 Fidelia (Delle/Delia) (8/13/1870 NC-6/19/1924)
Tornado, Kan., WV bur. Most/Yod Cmty
(per 1880 census- "Allice F." age 11 yrs)
m. Michael E. Mosteller m.8/7/1887 Lin. Co., NC
Con3923 Mary E. (5/18/1872 NC-1920) bur. Wood/Oxley Cmty.,
Browns Ck., S.A.,Kan.,Wv m. Julius Robert Smith
Con3924 Ida E. (4/12/1874 NC-3/10/1942) bur. Mt.Tabor Church
of God Cmty. S.A.,Kan.,WV m. William I. Hall
Con3925 Thomas Alexander (4/19/1877 NC-1962 Tornado,
Kan. Co., WV) m. Delia Butcher (2/-/1882 WV-1939)
(gfather of Eloise Nicholls, Box 527, Whitesville,WV 25209)
- - - - - 1880 NC census shows "infant" age 2/12 b. NC
Con3926 Minty Mae (4/16/1897- 9/?/1947 Kan. Co., WV)
bur. Cunningham Cmty., S.A., Kan. Co.,WV
m. Alexander Hugh Lambert
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
NOTE: two other Yoders at this Cemetery- Elizabeth Yoder
(4/8/1831- 7/16/1919) and Martha Yoder (3/3/1841)- unknown
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Will of calvin Yoder- submitted by R. Leon Yoder, Pt. Pleasant, WVa
July 2001:
" I, Calvin Yoder, a resident of the County of Kanawha and State of
West Virginia, and by occupation a farmer do make publish and
declare this instrument as my last Will and testament, hereby revoking
all other Wills and testaments and being of sound mind and memory
and understanding and desiring to arrange all my worldly and
business affairs. do say this
1st. That owing to very unfortunate family matters that arose some
twelve years ago in which under gross deception which was practiced
on me by my wife Sarah Yoder I was persuaded to sign a certain
deed by so doing I was greatly defamed and through that I have
nothing to dispose of by this will except for my interest in the estate
of my father Eli Yoder a resident of the State of Tennessee.
2cnd. All of such estate as above stated I hereby leave to my daughter
Ida E. Hall, the wife of W.I. Hall, except the sum of one dollar to each
and every one of my children. I do this as a slight reimbursement t
my daughter Ida for her kindness to me during my afflictions.
My wife Sarah having left and deserted me after deceiving me as
above stated and not living with me for the term of 12 years as man
and wife therefore under the laws of this State she is no legal wife of
mine and under no circumstances whatever is she to have rights,
benefits or share in the said estate of my deceased Father which is
due and coming to me at the death of my step mother who has the
said estate only during her life. I hereby appoint Billy Lee Miles
as my admnistrator under this Will.
In witness thereof I Calvin Yoder have hereunto Subscribed my
name on this the 21 day of November, 1908.
Calvin X Yoder
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

+Con3921 Martin Alonzo (4/12/1867 Hickory, Ctwb., NC-5/15/1953
Tornado, Kan., WV) Buried Most./Yod. Cmty Tornado, Kan. Co,
WV m. Jane Elizabeth Mosteller (1872-1942) (1900 WV Census,
Kanawha Co)
Con39211- Fannie (9/-/1891 WV- )
Con39212- Bethe (3/-/1898 WV- )
Con39213- Garnett (4/-/1900 WV- )

Con3925 Thomas Alexander Yoder (4/19/1877-1962 Tornado,
Kan. Co., WV) m1. Delia Butcher (1881-1939) m2. Dora
Thomas (R. Leon Yoder-2/99)
Con39251- French Robert (1900-1968) m. Leamon Linville ( 6/24/1903-
1985) both bur. Cunningham Memorial Park in St Albams, WVA.
Con39252- Roncie Leonard (6/19/1901-5/15/1972) m. Golda Abbott
(12/20/1904-8/31/1987). Both bur. Cunningham Memorial Park in
St Albams, WVA. Worked in coal mines.
Con39253- Grace (1/8/1905- ) m. Rupert McNeely ( - )
res. Baltimore, MD.

Con393 Henry Marcus Yoder b. c1839 NC d. (?Martin -2nd Co D,36 VA Inf)
res.1850-Wash Co,TN; 1880-Jeff.Co,TN;1910 Putnam Co,WVA,
LDS Descendancy Chart- shows 1st wife as Sarah "Gann" b 1848 TN )
m1. Sarah Snead (ca1842TN- ) 1910 wife Luvena b. 1841 WV (?1900 WV Cens-Putnam Co-
"Mollie Yoder (9/-/1841 WV- ) m-i-l of Robert Meddings")
+Con3931- Robert b. May 1861TN m. Alice Ida Lewis (Sneed or Snead)
(5/18/1868 Newport, Cocke Co,TN- )
res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN- carpenter- children in LDS Descendancy Cht.
Con3932- James Franklin b. ca1867 m. Mary Josephine "Molly"
Plemons res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN Methodist Minister
(, My new son-in-law is the great grandson of William Earl Westbrook of Knoxville, TN who married Sue Yoder (don't even know her full name), daughter of Rev. James F. Yoder, a Wesleyan Methodist minister in
Knoxville and his wife Mollie Pemons (sic). Can you help me identify ths
family? Rev. James F. Yoder is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in
Knoxville. He died Oct. 1940 aged 73 and was a native of Newport, TN.
Thank you so much. Bill Chandler, Nov. 2003)
Con3933- George b. ca1871 TN
( my George Washington Yoder was born august 15, 1871 in newport tn.
his father was Henry Marcus Yoder. he married Josephine Sloan on april 19 1903.
they had one child, Bessie yoder, which is my grandmother. she was born june 5, 1905.
Josephine died February 1907 when my grandmother was 2 years old. George
remarried a lady named Delilaha pam turner.-9/00)
Con3934- Eliza J. b. ca1875 TN
Con3935- Colonel Lewis "C.L." b. ca1877 Newport, Cooke,TN
m. Sadie Durby d. Sep. 1953
Con3936- Elizabeth b. ca1879 TN
Con3937- Bertha b. m. _________ Shackleford

Con3931- Robert Yoder (5/-/1861 TN- ) m.
Alice Ida Lewis (Sneed or Snead)(5/18/1868 Newport, Cocke Co,TN- )
res. 1900 Knox Co.,TN- carpenter- children in LDS Descendancy Cht.
Con39311- Gypsy (c1890 Newport,Tn- )
Con39312- Emma Bessie (1/12/1892 Morristown, Hamblen,Tn- ) m.
William Frances Dougherty (6/24/1870- )
Con39313- Ella Mae (c1894 Knoxville,Tn- ) m.
Clayborn Ingle (c1894- )
Con39314- William Jennings Bryant (12/20/1896 Knoxville,Tn- )
Con39315- Claud (c1898 Knoxville,Tn- )
Con3931-- Samuel (c1909 Knoxville, Tn- )

Con396- Ann Yoder -out-of-wedlock child with Levi Adams (1820-1907).
subsequently m. Mar.25, 1881 Levi Louis Adams .
(Per Ruth Minter, Ann was the second wife of Levi Louis Adams...his first wife was
Matilda Varner. "Different family members said that Levi and Ann Yoder had a son before
they were married, probably while he was still married to Matilda Varner"

Con3961- Samuel David b. 11/21/1878 d. 1/22/1946 bur. Prospect Meth. Ch. Cem,
McMinn Co, Tenn. m. Jul.11,1897 Englewood, McMinn Co,TN (h1) Lindie Cordie
Cooley (3/25/1879-3/4/1956) (Ref. M.W. Yoder-6/98)
Con39611- Albert Dewey (7/10/1899 McMinn Co,Tn-5/_/1975) m1. 8/11/1916
Lillie E. Adams (3/29/1898-1/17/1932) m2. 4/19/1932 Lou Ella Whitner Fortner ( - )
Con39612- Edna (5/ /1900- ) m. 8/6/1916 Joney Carden divorced by
Con39613-Ruel B. (1/30/1902-5/_/1981) m. 12/21/1922 McMinn Co., TN
Ella Mae Armstrong
Con39614- Minnie B. ( - ) m 8/9/1921 McMinn Co., TN
Fred L Miller
Con39615- (Mary) Ethel A. (6/10/1907 McMinn Co., Tn-8/29/1911 Etowah, McMinn,TN)
Con39616- James William B. (3/13/1909 McMinn Co, TN- )
Con39617- Pearl (2/13/1912 McMinn Co,TN- )
Con39618- Frank (c1917- ) m. 3/6/1938 Stella Mae Barnes
?Con39619- Ruth ( ) m Ruth __


Con397 Franklin Yoder (Yoeter) d.
res 1880/1900/1910 Cape Gir. Co.,MO )
m Dec.27,1868 Mary Eliza Browning (Jul.31,1850 Wash.Co.TN-
Jul.10, 1927 Cape Girardeau,MO ) CoK 8th MO Inf
Con3971- Lillie Rosetta b. Apr.15,1870 White Pine, Jefferson
Co. TN m. James Day d. Apr.30,1946
Con3972- William Elisha b. Sep. 23, 1871 White Pine,TN
m. Jane Snyder
Con3973- James Franklin b. Aug.31,1873 White Pine,TN
m. Bertha Roberts d. c1938
Con3974- John Marshall b. Jan.20,1875 MO
d. 1892
Con3975- Laura Kate b. Mar.1,1877 MO
m. Edward Baker McBride d. ca1913
Con3976- Martin Van Buren b. Apr.26,1879 MO d. 8/_/1964 (SSN)
m. Bertha (b.1883MO- ) -3 children
Con3977- Anni Margaret b. c1881 MO d. c1881
Con3978- Zoe Lynn b. Feb.4,1883
Con3979- Charles Tucker b. c1885 d. c1887
Con397a- Mary May b. Nov. 1887 MO m Sep.3,1931
Christopher Hake Mitchell
Con397b- Elizabeth (Bettie) Bell b. Sep. 1889 d. c1900
Con397c- Emma Lou (Amy Lou) b. Jan. 1893 MO m. Frank Long
d. Nov. 1950
Con397d- Idell (Burte Idella) b. Jul. 1894 MO
Con397e- Myrtle Irene b. ca1894 d. c1895

Con398 Mary Yoder d.
not married to the childrens father -all named Yoder
Con3981- Julius G. b. Aug. 1874 (listed 1900 census
Polk Co.TN as Yother m. Mary_____
Con3982- Carrie m. Tom Mealor
Con3983- Florence A. b. 1881 never married
Con3984- Nellie b. 1890 m. Ciciro Johnson
Con3985- Charles "Charlie" Franklin b. Apr.11,1892 Ducktown,
d. 1/_/1964 (SSN)
Polk Co.,TN m. Apr.26,1918 Ducktown Emily Seacrest

Con3981 Julius G. Yother (1900 Polk Co,TN Census)
m. Mary ___ (Jan.1874 TN- )
Con39811- Walter b. Mar. 1894 TN

Con3a Andrew L. Yoder d. May 7, 1900 m. Aug.1,1837 Lincoln Co., NC
Anna Kistler (Dec.1811- 1905) both bur. Grace Luth.Cem.
(1880 NC, Catawba Co, Jacobs Fork Twp) (1900 same place Anna
with Catherine and Barbara and listed gd- Louisa b. 4/-/1878 NC)
+Con3a1- Sidney b. ca 1837
Con3a2- Jacob b. 1838 m. twice no issue d. 1874
Con3a3- Caroline (Mary) b. ca1841 m. Pinkney Jarrett
Con3a4- Henry b. ca1842 single d. 1896 killed by a falling
tree bur. Grace Cem.
Con3a5- Catherine b. Mar. 1844 NC single d. 1940 bur.Grace Cem.
Con3a6- Barbara b. Aug. 1847 NC single d. 1908 bur. Grace Cem.
Con3a7- Frances b. 1850 m. Phillip Whitener d. 1942
bur. Grace Cem.
Con3a8- Magdalena b. 1853 m. Pinkney Hoover d. 1932
bur. Daniel's Church Cem.

Con3a1- Sidney Yoder d. m. Eliza Reep bur. Grace Lutheran Church
(Data from Jan 2002 by Catherine Yoder Pardue, 3417 Wicker St,
Sanford, NC 27330) Sidney Yoder (4) born June 21, 1838, died 1872, the son of Andrew
Yoder and Ann Kistler. He married Eliza Reep. Their children
were James Franklin Yoder (5) and Thomas Yoder (5).Sidney Yoder
(4) served in Company D 1st Regiment North Carolina Troops as
Teamster durning the War Between the States. Me was held as
a Prisoner of War at Camp Lookout Maryland and released June
22, 1865.

Con3a11- James b.
Con3a12- Thomas L. b. Aug.26,1870 NC m. Fannie J. Wilson (9/-/1871 NC-
) d. Jul.3,1939 bur. Grace Church Cem. (1900 censue Catawba, Newton twp-
with son Guy W. 9/-/1898 NC)

Con3a11- JAMES FRANKLIN YODER (5) was born October 3, 1867 and died December 24, 1949.
He married Martha Alice Catherine Sigmon June 29, 1893. James F. Yoder (5) was a
farmer, stone cutter and was Postmaster of the Fallston,Cleveland Co. Post Office
from 1914 untill he retired in 1940. Mr. Jim as he was called was known also known
for the pocket knives he made and repaired. Their children all born in Fallston,
Cleveland Co.

Con3a12- Thomas L. Yoder(5) was born August 26, 1870, and died July 3, 1939.
He married Fannie Wilson, who was born September 16,1871, and died July 11, 1944.
Both were members of Grace Lutheran Church and are buried in Grace Church Cemetery.
Their children were Guy, Roy, Earl, Annie Lee, Virginia, and Paul. Thomas L. Yoder(5)
was a farmer.


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