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The maproom contains a collection of maps, links to maps, and pictures or graphics which may be of interest to those doing Yoder research. Hopefully, this will be a growing collection. Suggestions are welcome.

If you have maps that can be scanned and presented here please contact Chris Yoder, editor, "Yoder Newsletter". If you know of World Wide Web sites that have maps which fit our general criteria; "of interest to those doing Yoder research", please tell us the URL of those locations, so links can be established to those sites. Your help will make this map room a useful addition to our archives.

 Map or Site Name


Switzerland WWW site Map of present day Switzerland, with lots of background information. Check this out to see where Canton Berne / Kanton Bern is located in relation to the rest of Switzerland.
Hargrett Library WWW site. - Univ. of Georgia Rare Map Collection, North American, Colonial USA, Civil War, and much more, spanning nearly 500 years, from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century. Warning - images are large JPEG files, averaging 400K in size.
Settlements Map - 66k From YNL, Vol 1, No 1. Shows the places in Pennsylvania which were the original settlement sites of three Yoder groups.
Canton Bern Map - 83k From YNL, Vol 1, No 1. Shows the region of Switzerland from which the Yoders came.
Barry Township Map - 92k Barry Twp., Schuylkill County, PA in 1875
A Yoder Family Crest  Family crest of HANS YODER - Steffisburg - 1636
A Yoder Family Crest  Family crest of JOST JODER - Steffisburg - 1428
A Yoder Family Crest  Family crest of HANS JODER - Steffisburg - 1774
 Kapelle St. Joder St. Joder Chapel in Switzerland, about 1478 - photo
 Steffisburg, Switzerland Postcard view of the town, and mountains