Presented here is a list of web sites of a "generic" nature that might be useful or interesting to those who pass this way. Contributions welcome! There are hundreds of other "Yoder" sites on the WWW. Search for YODER on any of the search engines. If you have found good "sources" which you think should be listed here, please contact Chris Yoder, Editor, with your information.

Related Families Homepages:
  Some Descendants of Hans Yoder - extending one branch of the family, YB-Hans (John Sr.) Yoder of Great Swamp- b. ca1680 Europe m. Anna_______ d. 1753 or soon after,Milford Twp.,Bucks Co.,PA
  Bernd Joder, a nephew of the late Karl, has put up a nice Joder
"It's a site about a Joder family from the Pfalz"
(The web page is written in German, but the photos are readable in all languages!)
   see also- Yoder Projects page
Research Sites:
  The archives of the Obituary Daily Times Database - a very nice site for recent Yoder Obituaries:
Once there type Yoder -- Search "Keyword", "Soundex" or "Metaphone". This is a general site, works for any surname, not only "Yoder".
OMII Genealogy Project - Now SAGA-OMII ---Information on Swiss Mennonite and German Amish genealogy. The name of the Association shall be Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association. The former name of the organization, Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Genealogical Association, founded in 1995, will be associated by using the acronym, SAGA-OMII. The name represented by SAGA began in July 2002.
  Mennobits - more than 75,000 Amish and Mennonite obituaries, selected years - 1864 to the present; from Herald of Truth, Gospel Witness, and Gospel Herald, the Mennonite, Mennonite Weekly Review; lots of Yoder
  Mennonite connections - For those doing research in Mennonite families, this site is a gold mine, at least for background information. Appears to include links to all known "Mennonite" homepages.

GAMEO --- Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online - includes Yoder information

Reliable information on Anabaptist-related (Amish, Mennonite, Hutterite, Brethren in Christ) topics, including history, theology, biography, institutions and local congregations. Secular topics from an Anabaptist perspective and full-text source documents are also included.

National Genealogical Society - General information about the genealogy hobby, including lots of how- to and other helps, with links to several other sites.
Retail outlets:
  YODERBOOKS.COM - (, the official homepage of author James D. Yoder's books. On this site, you can find information on the various historical, western, romance, and religious books Mr. Yoder has published, as well as order his books online.
Masthof Press - The Mast family publish, print, and sell books that celebrate family and genealogy. They also publish a quarterly magazine, "Mennonite Family History" which is dedicated to encouraging the study of Mennonite, Amish, and Brethern genealogy and family history.