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Yoder Lineage - Other than Amish

Compiled by the Yoder Newsletter

Alsatian Yoder Documents

- Notes collected by Miss Edith Joder, Allschwil, Switzerland from the Mennonite Central Committe in Basle, Switzerland, and other sources. Edith is a descendant of the Christian Joder who married Barbara Schott and who is shown as "YA2" in the document "YRC-ALSN.DOC". In displaying the dates, we have followed the American convention of month/day/year. (Use the BACK button of your browser to come back to here.)

"At the beginning of the Montbeliard church record it seems that there were three Joder branches (or three brothers):" She made the following deductions from the various record she collected:

1) Bantz, d a la Maie 1787
m 2/9/1773 Christian Joder
Elisabeth m 1/16/1787 Nikl. Klopfenstein (son of Peter Klopfensetin)
Babi (widow of 9 months) m 5/24/1789 Nikli Lichti (son of Fritz from Germany)
Hans m 1/9/1781 Babi Stauffer (daughter of Michel Stauufer of Binningen (Baselland near Basle)) miller
Morvillars, elected preacher 4/9/1787 Hans d 12/12/1804 at Charmont
Christ b 1731 m 1 ? m 1/1/1773 Lisabeth Nafziger (both widowers) d 4/23/1778
Babi (daughter of Christ) m 1/24/1779 David Stoll
Joseph (son of Christ) m 1/9/1781 1/1/1781 Catherine Stauffer (daughter of Michel of Binningen)
Joseph d 4/13/1814
Hans (son of Christ) m 11/12/1786 Babi Lehman (Babi d 11/25/1810)
Christ (son of Christ) m 2/1/1778 Liesei Lehman (daughter of Simon auf der Schetzen)- (?SEE "YA3" in file "YRC-ALSN.DOC")
?Barbara (daughter of deceased Christ) m 6/5/1792 Jakob Lichti (son of Peter)
Jakob (son of Christ) m 11/23/1788 Anneli Gaumann
Barbara (daughter of Christ) m 1/27/1808 Hans Schindler (Christ d at Danjoutin 4/22/1819)
Marrey (daughter of Christen d 2/28/1814) was the wife of Christen Klopfenstein, Burringen

Joseph (son of Bantz?) m 7/12/1778 Marie Stucki (daughter of Christ d 2/12/18__

2) Hans Joder, d Charmont 1762. His wife was Frena Zimmerman (d 1767)
- his son Hans was d 1767

3) Jost Joder, d 1793 Etobon, his wife Anneli Kropt d 1794
- his son was Jost d 6/18/1795
- his daughter was Freni d 5/5/1799 (m 8/8/1788 Christ Gaumann)

4) Catherine (daughter of Christ) d 2/20/1783 Allenjoie, wife of Jakob Lichti.

"I wonder if Bantz, Hans, Jost and Catherine were brother and sister."

(Updated in some areas with records from the Amish Historical Library, Aylmer, Ontario
copied from the Montbeliard Gemeindebuch)

"In the book upon the Anabaptist of Montbeliard from Mathiot you can read:"

(1723 census, also 1733: Jost Jodter m to Anne Kropft, both born in the country)

1759 s'installent a Dung (near Montbeliard):
Jost Ioder and Anna Kropf
Christ Iodter of Munsingen
Hans Iodter and Freni Jumena

(1759- Christ Iodter of Brognard, Hans Iodter and wife Freni Zimmerman)

details upon Jost Joder:
Jost died later, 1793 at Etobon
Jost Jodter was elected preacher 10/19/1766 (Armendiener)
Jost Jodter was elected preacher 4/11/1787 at Montbeliard

"But about Christ Iodter of Munsingen and Hans Iodter (husband of Freni Jumena) I could find no further details. However, I am supposing that Christ Iodter of Munsingen was the father of Bantz Joder."

"referring to the "baptemes" we find the following details in the Montbeliard record:"

3/20/1768 Christen Jodter
" Hans Jodter, fils de Hans (both Hans and Jost are sons
" Jacob Jodter, Charmont of Hans of Charmont)
" Anneli Jodter f. de Christen
" Freni Jodter f de Jost "aux Gouttes"
3/12/1769 Jostli Jodter, Burgenwald
8/5/1770 Freni Jodter, Burgenwald
4/19/1772 Marrey Jodter f de Christen (she marr. 2/28/1814 Christen Klofenst.)
15 Herbsmonat 1833 Babi Joder f de Joseph de Sainans

(1844 Peter Joder, son of Joseph in Spachbach)

"about the marriages one can recapitulate:"

1/12/1773 Christ Joder de Morvillars (widower) + Lisbeth Nafziger de la Maie, (widow) ("and the 8th of January he brought his frau into his house and the frauen dahter ran away to belfort and became a Catholic, and in spite of this there was a big wedding for the gauchten Widmantes and Niclaus Plankt of Murrui married then and "ist der gute Glaus Engle schierr in Ungluck kommen an dissem ubermuttigen Hochzeit in ist dem Christ Joder sein erst Weib erst zufor acht wochen gesttorben geseint des Witzigen Mannes"
2/9/1773 a Morvillars Christian Jodter + ____ Jodter, fille de Bantz de la Maie
1/4/1778 Freni Jodter fille de Hans mort a Charmont + Peter Klopfenstein fils de Peter au Chalembert
(1778- Peter Klopfenstein zu Burring, son of Peter and Freni Jodter, daughter of Hans der zu Scharmung gestorben ist, at Chalembert vor der gantzen Gemeindt an einen Sontag)
2/1/1778 Christ Jodter fils de Christ de Sochaux + Liesi
Lehmann f. de Simon auf der Schetzen (und das Hochzeit ist auf der Schetzen vorbel gangen nit nach liebe und Vertrauen die willkemen Diener in die Mumpelgardter Gemenindt nutt ist gesagt worden sondeter nur ein biedterlichen Schein von Jost Jodter ist gaben wordten, hatt sie zusammen kuplierdt Peter Klopfisteindt."
7/12/1778 Joseph Jodter + Marie Stucki f. de Christ a Grandvillars auf Schetzen
1/24/1779 Babi Jodter + David Stoll de Christ auf Grand Cerf
1/9/1781 Hans Jodter fils de feu Bantz de la Maie + Babi Stauffer f. de Michel de Binningen (zu morwillar)
1/9/1781 Joseph Jodter f. de Christ de Morvillars + Catherine Stauffer f. de Michel de Binningen
11/12/1786 Hans Jodter f. de Christ de Belfort + Babi Lehmann f. de Simon zu Ganzweiler/Elsass, a la Maie
1/16/1787 Elisabeth Jodter fille de Bantz qui est mort a la Maie (zu morwillars) + Nickl. Klopfenstein f. de Peter de Burring
8/3/1788 Freni Jodter fille de Jost d'Etobon + Christ Gaumann f. de feu Christ de Wulland- zu Drummen im Schloss an der Gemeindt
11/23/1788 Jacob Jodter fils de Christ jetzt wohnhaft zu Belfort et Anneli Gaumann f. de feu Christ de Wullangt
5/24/1789 Babi Jodter f. de feu Bantz, widow + Nickl. Lichti aus Deutschland. (woman was 9 months a widow) Married in Blumenbarger Wald in Haus Wangers house.
1/3/1792 Katrein Jodter fille de Hans de Meischery + Kaspar Lindter "Peter Richen married them, as none of the Mumpelgart preachers wanted anyting to do with it. Lindter had used bad language. This was untersucht by the ministers, but with only fustration resulting. "gans ergerlich vorkommen"
6/5/1792 Barbara Joder f. de feu Christ de Morvillars + Jacob Lichti f. de Peter de Chalembert- zu Friesen
4/27/1804 la fille de Hans Joder + Peter Gaumann a Belfort
1/27/1808 Barbara Joder f. de Christ de Danjoutin + Hans Schindler f. de Hans de la Petite Hollande
2/12/1839 Anna Joder f. de Joseph de Sainans + Hans Roth f. de Peter de Montbeliard

"In the old Amish church yard of Montbeliard i.e. MONTCHERY, I found the graves of Anna Joder dec. May 9,1890 aged of 74 years and Hans Roth, dec. Mar 8, 188_ at the age of 78 years."

5/8/1849 Michel Joder f. de Joseph de Montbeliard + Frena Roth f. de Christ de Brognard
1/25/1855 Peter Joder f. de Joseph de Montbeliard + Marie Trosch f. de Peter de Herimoncourt
1/13/1857 Joseph Joder fils de Joseph de Montbeliard and Marie Stollen f. de feu Jacob de Sichaux
12/15/1863 Anna Joder de Belford + Jean Rich f. de Jean de Montsaisie

"about the decease dates you can read:"

11/11/1762 Hans Jodter zu Grand Charmont
1/26/1767 Hans fils de Hans (child)
11/13/1770 Frena Zimmermann widow de Hans Joder de Grand Charmont
4/23/1778 Christ Jodter a Morvillars, fils de Bantz qui est mort a la Maie
6/26/1778 Jacob Jodter a Grandvillars auf der Matten, celibataire (bachelor), his heirs are: Christ Ummel his half brother, his brother Joseph, and his sister Freni, wife of Pierre Klopfenstein.
2/20/1783 Catherine Jodter f. de Christ chez Jacob Lichti a Allenjoi im Schloss
4/14/1793 Jost Jodter a Etobon enterre dans la meme tombe que Jacob Gaumann de Verlans (buried in the same grave as Jacob Gaumann)
8/26/1794 widow of Jost Jodter at Etobon i.e. Anneli Kropf
6/18/1795 Jost Jodter le jeune a Etobon
5/5/1799 Freni Jodter a Etobon
12/12/1804 Hans Joder v. Meschery
11/25/1810 Babi Lehmann epouse de Christ Joder de Danjoutin
2/28/1814 Marie Joder epouse de Christ Klopfenst. de Buringen
3/23/1814 Joseph Joder fils de Jospeh de Morvillars
4/22/1819 Christen Joder der Alte de Danjoutin
3/8/1851 un enfant de Michel Joder de Dasle
5/3/1853 la femme de hans Joder de Fesches
6/4/1863 la femme de Joseph Joder de Montbeliard

Other Notes by Edith Joder:

"Checking the Reg. d'Etat-Civil of Danjoutin I could trace the death of Christ Joder, tisserand (weaver), widow of Elisabeth Lehmann on 1819, witnesses were his two sons Christ and Simon. Death of Joders are to be found til 1826.

"At Grandvillars I found a Christ joder who married 1792 Elisabeth Klopfenstein.
Births of Joders till 1852...

"At Belfort I found 'Jacque Joder', labourer au faubourg de Belfort, who decalred the birth of his daughter Anneli on 1796. Further on July 1808 a Christ Joder born 1777, cultivateur domicilie a Belfort, declared the birth of his son Joseph... etc., etc.,

"I checked through and through many other Registres d'Etat-Civil of little localities in the Territory of Belfort, but without the success I wished.

"Fortunately, consulting the marriage record of 1798 concerning Morvillars, I picked up a mention of Christian Joder, aged 67 years, farmer 'living at Bettendorf,
Alsace', who came to Marvillars to assist a marriage of a daughter of Calude Sony and Barbara Joder. Also assisted to this marriage 'Jean Joder, meunier a Morvillars,
age de 32 ans" (She speculates if this could be the father of her ancestor Christian Yoder who m Barbara Schott
see "YA2")

"So I went also to Colmar where are coted the Records of Southern Alsace. Checking these Registers I could make out that a large number of mennonites coming from Morvillars, Grandvillars, etc, established themselves in Southern Alsace= Sundgau approx. about 1789, i.e. BETTENDORF, Hirtzbach, Largitzen, Friesen, Altkirch, etc.- the most common names were : Joder, Liechty, Stucky, Stauffer, Roth. For example:

"There I could trace a Babi Joder 'fille de feu (deceased) Bantz, who married Niklaus Liechty son of Fritz' aus dem Deutschland, and their children, who were living in a farm at Largitzen about 1810 (as you know these persons were also mentioned in the Montbeliard Church Record) - you can see that Babi Joder and Niklaus Liechty left very soon Morvillars...

"At Bettendorf, about 1797 I found also Jacob Liechty with his wife Barbara Joder 'fille de feu Christ de Morvillars (that Christ himself son of bant and he died at Morvillars 4/23/1778 as mentioned on the Montbeliard Church Record) - I could also trace the brothers of Jacob Liechty, birth and death of their children till 1831..

"At Hirtzbach, on the marraige records of 1806 I could read: "Christien Joder age de 27 ans, cultivator, demeurant chez sa mere en notre commune, fils majeur du defunt Chretien Joder, de son vivant fermier a Morvillars et Barbara Joder son epouse, se marie ce jour avec Marylen Wenger, veuve du defunct Andre Stauffer, de son vivant fermier a Du Puix, Canton de Delle, fille majeure de Jean Wenger fermier a Florimont et d'Anne Kauffmann, son epouse.

"At Hirzbach, the Joder-Liechty were living on the farm 'the Grantzelen', possession of the Baron de Reinach
(still existing)

"I found many Joder there and I think that in some way they are parents of our Christian (+ Barbara Schott). I discovered on the Mennonite Record of the Neunaich about 1810 a hans Joder who married a Catherine Schott 'auf der Grantzelen' and I am nearly sure tha Hans was a brother to our Christian and that Cathaina Schott a sister to our Barbara.

IGI Microfiche Records of the LDS- for France

Joannes Joder m Anna Maria 30 Sep 1715 Bas-Rhin, Sulzbach, Neiderbronn
Joannes Joder/Anna Maria Lehman, Haut- Rhin, Mortzwiller, children:
Catharina chrst 13 Jul 1716
Maria Magdalena chrst 5 May 1718
Anna Maria chrst 27 Jul 1720
Joannes chrst 8 Aug 1722
Joannes Theobaldus chrst 16 Sep 1724 (m Maria Barbara Kuenemani 3 Feb 1756 Soppe-le-Haut)
Joannes Petrus chrst 31 Mar 1731
Joannes Jacobus chrst 25 Jul 1735 (m Anna Maria Lehman 17 May 1763 Bas-Rhin, Sulzbach, Neiderbronn)

Joannes Christianus Joder m. Catharina Kuenaman 16 Jul 1720 Bas-Rhin, Sulzbach, Neiderbronn

Joannes Theobaldus Joder m Frances Rift 29 Oct 1720 Bas-Rhin, Sulzbach, Neiderbronn
Joannes chrst. 25 May 1723
Joannes Theobaldus chrst. 11 Oct 1721

Hans Theobaldus Joder m Margritha Kuenaman 18 Nov 1727 Haut-Rhin, Mortzwiller

Joannes Joder m Anna Eva Lehman m 20 Nov 1746

Joannes Joder m Francisca Brandlin m 4 Jun 1748

Magdalena Joder m Joannes Jacobus Tschirrhart m 22 Jun 1750

Joannes Theobaldus Joder m Anna Maria Brandlin 22 Jun 1750 Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller

Joannes m Anna Margaritha Willen 2 Mar 1753 Bas-Rhin, Sulzbach, Neiderbronn- Joannis Joder/Margaritha Wyllin children:
Franciscus Josephus b 20 Feb 1760
Morand chrst 26 Jul 1765

Petrus Joder m Margritha Tschirrhart , Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller

Joannis Petri Joder/ Margaritha Tschirrhart, Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller had children:
Margritha chrst 18 Dec 1755
Joannis Petri chrst 1 Jan 1758
Joannes Theobaldus chrst 2 Jul 1760 (m Margritha Tschirrhath
28 Nov 1786 Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller)
(shown as son of "Petri")
Francisca chrst 10 Dec 1762 ( m Franciscus Josephus
Dietrich 5 Feb 1782)
Anna Margarita chrst 31 Mar 1765
Anna Margritha chrst 9 Sep 1767 ( m Franciscus Antonius
Kueneman 8 Feb 1791)
Elisabetha chrst 24 Sep 1770
Maria Magdalena chrst 15 Dec 1773

Joannes Theobaldus Joder m Maria Barbara Kuenemani 3 Feb 1756 Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller

Joannes Theobaldus Joder m Anna Maria Kuenemanin 30 Jul 1769, Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller

Petri Joder m Margritha Tschirrhart, Haut-Rhin, Soppe-le-Haut, Mortzwiller Catharina chrst. 12 May 1777

Petri Joder/Margaritha Tschirrhart,Haut Rhin,Soppe-le-Haut,Mortzwiller Franciscus Josephus b 1 Nov 1782

Menn. Fam. Hist. Apr.87-pg 53:
Magdalena Yoder m John Lichti and had in Alsace a daughter Elizabeth (10/2/1808-2/25/1882) and m. Peter Litwiller- died Wilmont Twp.

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