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MORE DANIEL SON OF CONRAD- from Karen Christy Meeker, March 2010



New  Conrad Chapters


PART I- origins of the yoder family and background










1. John Yoder (2) 1764-1835 (Con1)

2. John Yoder (3) 1795-1870 (Con11)

3. Daniel  M. Yoder (4) 1822-1908

4. Alfred P. Yoder (5) 1866-1947

5. Andrew R. Yoder (4) 1836-1895

6. John A. Yoder (5) 1864-1926

7. Junius Yoder (5) 1867-1948

8. Jacob Yoder (3) 1797-1864

9. Reuben Yoder (4) 1828-1898

10. Oliver Mack Yoder (5) 1873-1948

11. moses yoder (4) 1830-1917

12. Marcus Yoder (4) 1833-1880

13. Amzi Yoder (4) 1844-1924

14. Michael Yoder (3) 1799-1874

15. Col. George M. Yoder (4) 1826-1920

16. Francis Alfonzo Yoder (5) 1851-1913

17. Julius Montfort Yoder (5) 1853-1925

18. Florence Yoder Ramseur (5) 1860-1935

19. Colin Monroe Yoder (5) 1863-1953

20. Enloe Michael Yoder (5) 1879-1948

21. Cyrus Yoder (4) 1828-1865

22. Michael Andrew Lee Yoder (5) 1856-1924

23. Peter R. Yoder (5) 1858-1930



*1. Jacob  yoder (2) 1767-1843

*2. henry yoder (3) 1804-1871

*3. emmanuel yoder (3) 1806-1903

*4. jacob yoder (3)  c1816-1885

*4. ISRAEL YODER (3) c1812-1865

*5. JOHN YODER (3)  c1825-by 1867



1. David Yoder (2) 1770-1864

*2.  conrad yoder (3) 1793-

*3. adolphus yoder (3) 1795-

4. david yoder (3)  1799-1897

5. solomon yoder (3) 1805-1854 (Con37)

---Daniel a. yoder (4) 1834-1927

---david yoder (4) 1844-1911

---robert lee yoder (5) 1875-1949

----william yoder (4) 1851-1900

----luther a. yoder (5) 1883-1964

----rev. robert anderson yoder (5) 1853-1911

*6. eli yoder (3) 1810-1891) Con31

7. andrew L. yoder (3) 1812-1900 Con3a



*1. JOHN YODER (3)  (1805-       )  (Con53)





*1. David YODER (3) (c1807-       ) (Con81)

*2. george yoder (3) (c1809-     ) (Con82)

*3. edmund (aka adam) yoder (3) Con83

*4. ephraim yoder (3) con 84

*5. john d. yoder (3) con85

*6. jefferson yoder (3) con86

*7. jason yoder (3) con87



additional illustrations or text to incorporate

--adolphus yoder cabin photo (YNL38)

--?Wm. peter yoder (YNL6)

--YNL7-neal wilfong article on col. g.m. yoder

--ynl8-photo william westford yoder

--ynl11- adam yoder article

--YNL15- zion church records

---YNL16--Schultze diary data

---YNL16- Daniel data begins to unravel

--ynl16- paul v yoder obit

--ynl17--photo of jacob yoder stone

--ynl19-anson yoder photo

--ynl21-search for yoders in iowa--by hubert yoder

---want to present photocopies of conrad deed & documents

--ynl22- traverse yother stone

--YNL27-Eli Yoder picture & Chair

--YNL33- DC Yoder at andersonville prison (Con67?)

--YNL36- David Yoder of NC- with photos

--YNL36-gransddaughter of Elias yoder

--YNL36-support for adam yoder-yother link



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A Yoder sister? > From: "Bob Kastens" <>


I have Hans Jacob Hoffman (b. 1716, Germany), m. 1st, 1745, to Catherina Best &

m. 2nd, 1770, to Catherina Yoder. He died in Gaston Co, NC. I don't have any info

on Ms. Yoder. Can you help?             Bob


There was a Hoffman family book by Max Hoffman, revised by Frances Wellman Hoffman with details on the Hoffman  family. But they have nothing on Catherina Yoder. I am  trying to find where I got this info. Hans Jacob Hoffman  was born in Palatinate of Germany in 1716. Sailed from

> Rotterdam, Holland, on the British ship Pennsylvania  Packet & arrived in Philadelphia on October 3, 1768.  Settled in Berks Co, PA. Later moved to the Shenandoah Valley, VA. Settled on land on the South Fork River  valley in what is now Gaston Co, NC. Married, 1745,  Catherina Best, in Palatinate of Germany.      Bob

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PART I- origins of the yoder family and background

1- Yoders in Europe and Early America

2- Conrad Yoder (1) 17__-1790: Founder of Yoder Family in North Carolina



Con     Conrad Yoder  b. ca1730     d. Apr. or May 1790 Lincoln Co., NC

        settled in NC ca 1755     bur. 8 miles S of Hickory, NC

      m1    1763 Christina "Klein" Cline (born 1743 in , Lancaster Co, PA- 1771/2)

( ( Conrad's 3rd wife on the 1790 Morgan District, Lincoln County,

(North Carolina census, not as Catherine Yoder, but as Catharin Goder.---

Dear Chris and Neal,I have long suspected that the Catharin Goder in the published 1790

Lincoln County, NC census was really Catharina Yoder.  I just had a

chance to check a scanned image of the handwritten original.

Unequivocally, it is Yoder, not Goder.  All the uppercase Gs on the same

page are very different from the upper case Ys.Best Regards,

Ray Yount –Oct 2002)


Thanks to Ray Yount for the following Rowan County, NC marriage

record: "Conrad Yutter and Katharina Huffman, June 20, 1775")

     +Con1- John  (per- John Abel Sr)  b. Oct.26, 1764

    +Con2- Jacob    b. Dec.13, 1767

    +Con3- David    b. Apr.3, 1770

      m2.  1773  Miss Seitz  (?- w/i a year of marriage)

      m3.  1775  Catherine Huffman  (?- ca1810)

(Rowan County, NC marriage- "Conrad Yutter and Katharina Huffman,"

June 20, 1775- infoi found by Roy Yount, Feb. 2001)

     Con4- Elizabeth  b. Apr. 14, 1776 d. as an infant

        born blind.

    +Con5- Elias    b. Oct. 31, 1777

    +Con6- Daniel   b. Jun. 18, 1780

     Con7- Catherine b. Dec.21, 1782  m. May 8, 1798 Lincoln Co., NC

John Baker       d. Aug.3, 1867

    +Con8- Adam     b. Jun.23, 1785




1. John Yoder (2) 1764-1835 (Con1)

2. John Yoder (3) 1795-1870 (Con11)

3. Daniel  M. Yoder (4) 1822-1908

4. Alfred P. Yoder (5) 1866-1947

5. Andrew R. Yoder (4) 1836-1895

6. John A. Yoder (5) 1864-1926

7. Junius Yoder (5) 1867-1948

8. Jacob Yoder (3) 1797-1864

9. Reuben Yoder (4) 1828-1898

10. Oliver Mack Yoder (5) 1873-1948

11. moses yoder (4) 1830-1917

12. Marcus Yoder (4) 1833-1880

13. Amzi Yoder (4) 1844-1924

14. Michael Yoder (3) 1799-1874

15. Col. George M. Yoder (4) 1826-1920

16. Francis Alfonzo Yoder (5) 1851-1913

17. Julius Montfort Yoder (5) 1853-1925

18. Florence Yoder Ramseur (5) 1860-1935

19. Colin Monroe Yoder (5) 1863-1953

20. Enloe Michael Yoder (5) 1879-1948

21. Cyrus Yoder (4) 1828-1865

22. Michael Andrew Lee Yoder (5) 1856-1924

23. Peter R. Yoder (5) 1858-1930



1. John Yoder (2) 1764-1835 (Con1)




Con1    John Yoder (John Abel Sr-per (10/26/1764 Lincoln Co.,

NC-12/29/1835 Lincoln Co., NC)

        m. ca 1790 Mary Barbara Reep (1765-Aug.28,1842 Catawba Co., NC).

        both buried Grace Church Cemetery

    +Con11- John (John Abel Jr-per   b. Mar.19,1795

     Con12- Christina   b. ca 1796 m. Dec.21, 1823 Lincoln Co., NC

Jacob Weaver    d. "age 83" ca 1879

    +Con13- Jacob   b. Mar.25, 1797

    +Con14- Michael     b. Mar.17, 1799

    +Con15- Peter   b.Oct.13, 1805

     Con16- Mollie  b.       m.       Caleb Dietz  (b. 1/20/1817 Lincoln, Co, NC.

(son of Solomon DEITZ)

     Con17- Barbara b.       m. 3/20/1828 Lincoln Co, NC

David Reep    d. "age 82"






























Fred Roy Yoder


A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.
















1970 by Fred Roy Yoder






















This History Book, written by Dr. Fred Roy Yoder printed in 1970


and republished in 1976 is rededicated this the 12th day of August,


in the year of our Lord 2000.


The original Book was a lifetime “labor of Love” for Dr. Fred R. Yoder


to document the North Carolina Family of pioneer founder Conrad


Yoder as relayed to him by many but most by his personal relation-


ship with his grandfather Col. George M. Yoder.




The only additions to the original History Book are this rededication

 page and the "first-name-index," provided by the REEP FAMILY





The credits for this reprint and rededication go to North Carolina

Yoder Chaplain Dr. J. Larry Yoder for "planting the seed' with the


1999-2001 Yoder Family Staff and to Elaine Yoder Zakarison (daugh-


ter of Dr. Fred Roy Yoder) and the Family of Dr. Fred Roy Yoder.









Lovingly Dedicated


To Memory of My Late Grandfather


Colonel George M. Yoder


Distinguished Family Historian




Christian Nobleman





















    This brief History of the Yoder Family in North Carolina has been more than a half century in the making.  During summer vacation months, between 1910 and 1915, the author had many conversations

with his grandfather, Col. George M. Yoder (1826-1920), noted Yoder family historian, about Conrad Yoder and his early North Carolina descendants.  In the summer of 1916 parts of several chapters were written and submitted to Col. Yoder for corrections and suggestions.


    In 1917 the author was called into military service and had to lay the manuscript aside. In March 1920, Col. Yoder passed away. In the fall of that year the author went to the state of Washington to teach, where he remained in residence until 1957, and was back in North Carolina for only brief visits until that time. It was impossible to gather local family history from a distance of three thousand miles. The author has taught in Kentucky since 1957, still considerable distance from the Lincoln-Catawba County area, where most North Carolina Yoders live, and away from county courthouse and state library and archive records.

     Between 1957 and 1967 the author and his wife spent a part of most of their summer vacations in North Carolina gathering facts for this book.  Short articles were inserted in four Lincoln and Catawba County newspapers, requesting all Yoders to send the Author information about their families.  At half a dozen Yoder Reunions requests were made for information from all those present, and blank forms handed out for furnishing family records.  These blanks were also mailed to all Yoders listed in the Lincolnton, Newton, Hickory, Conover, and Maiden telephone directories, requesting their family records and history.  Blanks were sent to some of these Yoders three times, but no information was ever received by the author from them.  Regrettably, a number of past and present living North Carolina Yoder families are not sketched in this book, because the author could not obtain any information about them


     Figures inserted within parentheses after names indicate the generation to which persons belong.  As an example, the author gives his own line of descendants for eight generations as follows: Conrad Yoder (1), John Yoder(2), Michael Yoder(3) George M. Yoder(4), Colin M. Yoder(5), Fred R. Yoder(6), Thomas W. Yoder(7), Thomas Porter Yoder(8).  In a few families the ninth generation has been reached. The author recognizes that Yoder children and descendants have been born since he gathered information from their parents, and therefore they are not recorded in this book.  A few blank pages appear at the end of the book, which the author suggests may be used top complete the history of families.


   Children of each Yoder family head to whom a chapter is devoted are numbered in numerical order of birth or age, as 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., under the general sectional heading, Children, Grandchildren, GreatGrand children.  Descendants of these numbered children follow in unnumbered, chronological order.


    As the book contains hundreds of dates of births, marriages, and deaths, and facts of religious affiliations, occupations, and other personal data, which have been recorded and copied several times, some mistakes will have undoubtedly occurred.

     The author asks charitable forgiveness for these errors and suggests that they be corrected by readers who know the correct facts.


   The author invites correspondence for corrections, new items of information, and suggestions from any and all families and readers.

   The author expresses his thanks to the hundreds of members of the Yoder family who have furnished him information about their own specific families.  He is especially indebted to his wife, Wilma P. Yoder, competent genealogist, who knows her way through county courthouse records, state archives, and historical divisions of libraries, for her many hours of assistance.  She has read the manuscript of the book and made many valuable suggestions.


   The author lovingly dedicates this History to his noble grandfather, Col. George M. Yoder, learned pioneer-family historian and generous sharer of his remarkable and almost unlimited knowledge about Conrad Yoder and his descendants in North Carolina, as well as the history of many other Lincoln and Catawba County pioneer families.




                                                                   Fred Roy Yoder

                                                                                                Campbellsville College

                                                                                      Campbellsville, Kentucky

                                                                             November, 1969


Permanent address


Pullman, Washington






























Chapter                                                                                 Page

I.  Yoders in Europe and Early America .......................................3


II.  Conrad Yoder(1), 17__-1790:  Founder of Yoder


Family in North Carolina  .....................................................8








III.  John Yoder(2), 1764-1835 ......................................................25


IV. John Yoder(3), 1795-1870........................................................31


V. Daniel M. Yoder(4), 1822-1908................................................33  


VI. Alfred P. Yoder(5),1866-1947..................................................35


VII. Andrew R. Yoder(4), 1836-1895..............................................38          


VIII. John A. Yoder(5), 1864-1926..................................................40


IX. Junius Yoder(5), 1867-1948....................................................42


X. Jacob Yoder(3), 1797-1864......................................................45


XI. Reuben Yoder(4), 1828-1898..................................................47


XII. Oliver Mack Yoder(5), 1873-1948..........................................49


XIII. Moses Yoder(4),  1830-1917..................................................51


XIV. Marcus Yoder(4), 1833-1880..................................................58


XV. Amzi Yoder(4), 1844-1924.....................................................63


XVI. Michael Yoder(3), 1799-1874................................................67


XVII. Col. George M. Yoder(4), 1826-1920....................................71


XVIII. Francis Alfonzo Yoder(5), 1851-1913...................................79


XIX. Julius Montfort Yoder(5), 1853-1925....................................84


XX. Florence Yoder Ramseur(5), 1860-1935................................90


XXI. Colin Monroe Yoder(5), 1863-1953......................................94


XXII. Enloe Michael Yoder(5)......................................................106


XXIII. Cyrus Yoder(4), 1828-1865................................................108


XXIV. Michael Andrew Lee Yoder(5),..........................................109


XXV. Peter R. Yoder(5), 1858-1930............................................115



Chapter                                                                                  Page





XXIV. David Yoder(2), 1770-1864...............................................121


XXVII. David Yoder(3), 1799-1897...............................................123


XXVIII. Solomon Yoder(3) 1805-1854............................................126


XXIX. Daniel A. Yoder(4), 1834-1927.........................................129


XXX. David Yoder(4), 1844-1911...............................................137


XXXI. Robert Lee Yoder(5), 1875-1949.......................................141


XXXII. William Yoder(4), 1851-1900...........................................144


XXXIII. Luther A. Yoder(5), 1883=1964........................................145


XXXIV. Rev. Robert Anderson Yoder(4), 1853-1911....................147


XXXV. Andrew L. Yoder(3), 1812-1900.......................................156









































Number                                                                               Page



1. Colonel George M. Yoder(4)........................................................   ii


2. The author, Fred Roy Yoder(6), and his two grandfathers, Moses


Yoder(4) and George M. Yoder(4) ................................................. vi


3.  Part of Conrad Yoder's(1) original homestead............................... 12


4.  Author Fred Roy Yoder(6) standing on spot where


old Conrad Yoder(1) house stood.................................................  13


5.  Helen Yoder Hahn(6) and Fred Roy Yoder(6).............................  15


6.  Conrad Yoder(1) monument, erected in 1958..............................  17


7.  Dedication ceremonies, Conrad Yoder(1) monument, 1958......... 18


8.  Grace Union Church built in 1856................................................. 28


9.  Moses Yoder(4) and Sarah Yoder ................................................ 52


10.  Old Moses Yoder(4) home, built in 1850 .................................... 53


11.  Marcus Yoder(4) and wife ........................................................... 59


12. Zion Lutheran Church.................................................................... 60


13.  Amzi Yoder(4) ............................................................................. 64


14.  Amzi Yoder(4), wife and family .................................................. 65


15.  Old Michael Yoder(3) home built in the 1820's .......................... 68


16.  Colonel George M. Yoder(4) age about 60 ................................. 73


17.  Colonel George M. Yoder(4) and Eliza Yoder ............................ 75


18.  Colonel George M. Yoder(4) age 90 ........................................... 76


19.  Family picture of Colonel George M. Yoder(4) and


wife and his six children .............................................................. 78


20.  Colin M. Yoder(5) and Emma C. Yoder(5), 1906 ....................... 95


21.  Colin M. Yoder(5), wife, and children, 1917 ............................... 96


22.  Colin M. Yoder(5) family reunion, 1930 ................................... 101


23.  Cyrus N. Yoder(6) and son, Earl R. Yoder(7) ........................... 110


24.  Cyrus N. Yoder(6) Family ......................................................... 112


25.  Old David Yoder(3) house and kitchen ..................................... 124


26.  Eight living children of Solomon Yoder(3) ............................... 127


27.  David Yoder(4) .......................................................................... 138


28.  Robert Lee Yoder(5) .................................................................. 142


29.  Rev. Robert Anderson Yoder(4), President of Lenoir


College ....................................................................................... 148


30.  Old Main Building, Lenoir College ........................................... 149

































Origins of Yoders in Europe




          (The author is indebted to Doctor Don Yoder, of Devon Pennsyl- vania, foremost historian of Yoders in Europe and the United States, for many of the historical facts of the first section of this chapter. taken from his pamphlet, "Origins of the Pennsylvania Yoders.")


Yoders in the United States are of Swiss origin.  The name Yoder (Joder, in Swiss German) is derived from Saint Theodore, one of the Christian Missionaries, who brought the Christian message into the Swiss Alps in the Middle Ages.  The name Saint Theodore was abbreviated to Saint Joder.  Swiss churches often portrayed Saint Joder standing on a little devil, showing his triumph over evil.  In the Swiss Reformed Church Almanac, August 16 is still listed as Saint Joder's Day.  In southern Switzerland there is a mountain peak called Saint Joderhorn in honor of Saint Joder.


          Joders (Yoders) are first mentioned as residing in or near the two Swiss villages of Steffisburg and Murri, the former village in the highland area of Canton Bern, and the latter in Canton Aargau.  Joders were in these villages as early as the 1300's and 1400's.  Joders still live in these two villages.  Joders have also lived in the Rheinfelden and Basel areas of northwestern Switzerland, and some of them have migrated directly to America where they have taken the name Yoder.


          Many Joders in Switzerland became Anabaptists, believers in adult baptism or "Rebaptism," if baptism had already taken place in infancy.  These Anabaptists were severely persecuted by the Swiss canton government, and the Swiss Reformed Church for their religious beliefs and practices.  Also these Anabaptist Christians stressed holiness of life based on the Sermon on the Mount.  They refused to fight and kill in time of war, because Christ had commanded all men to love one another, even their enemies.  They refused to take state oaths, because Christ had told men "to swear not at all."  Above all, these Anabaptist people wanted complete religious freedom, uncontrolled by any state laws or regulations, or by a state church.  Because of their beliefs these people were persecuted, punished, and often driven out of the Swiss villages and towns, and banished to foreign lands.


          The Anabaptist religion spread down the Rhine, reached the Netherlands (Holland), and was shaped to a considerable degree b a priest named Menno Simons.  His name was given to the majority of Anabaptists whose descendants migrated to America and they have come to be known as Mennonites.  Many Yoders are found today in the different branches of the Mennonite faith in the United States.


          The most extreme of the Swiss Anabaptists were the followers of a priest named Jacob Ammon.  They stressed plain, simple living and dress, and other types of nonconformity.  After 1740 many of them came to America and settled in eastern Pennsylvania, where they are known as the Amish, or Plain Folks.  Many Yoders in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa are found in the Amish sect.


          Some Anabaptists took refuge in the Palatinate, a small state in southwestern Germany.  Joders were included among these Anabaptists who first took refuge in the Palatinate and the Rhine Valley.  The Anabaptists were barely tolerated in the German villages.  Most of them migrated to America after 1700.  Joders are still found in several Palatinate villages today.


          Although Yoders in the United States today are found in a number of different denominations, especially among the Lutheran Reformed (now United Church of Christ) denominations, perhaps a majority of them still adhere to Mennonite and Amish faiths.  But neither Mennonite nor Amish groups migrated from Pennsylvania to the southern colonies, except a few Mennonites to Virginia. In North Carolina the early Yoders belonged to the Reformed and Lutheran Churches.




Great Palatine Migration to America and Pennsylvania 1700 to 1770




          Yoders were a part of the great Palatine migration to America between 1700 and 1775.  The Palatinate, between the years of 1690 and 1740, was frequently ravaged by war.  Louis XIV, French despotic monarch, sent his armies into the Palatinate time and again to bring it under his domain, to appoint its rulers, to compel the acceptance of Catholicism, to punish religious dissenters, to tax the people, to pillage and even to lay waste vast areas as punishment of the people.  He sought to make the Rhine the eastern boundary of France.  The poor, landless Palatine peasants and workers suffered most from this warfare and oppression and thousands were left in a state of destitution.  Many sought refuge, first in England and finally in America.


          When the great peace-loving Quaker, William Penn, established the colony of Pennsylvania, he opened it to all religious faiths, allowing complete religious freedom and worship.  He sent agents into the Rhine Valley and the Palatinate announcing the opportunities for settlement in his colony and assuring emigrants they would be allowed freedom of worship.  The Palatines of all faiths came to the new colony by the thousands after 1700.  They found their way down the Rhine to Rotterdam, the great Holland port, and embarked on slow sailing boats for Philadelphia.  Between 1700 and 1775 more than sixty thousand Palatines came to America.


          The journey across the Atlantic in those days on slow sailing vessels was long and hard.  The journey lasted three to five months.  Accommodations were generally poor and crowded.  Sanitary conditions were often bad.  Food was poor and sometimes scarce and spoiled.  Sickness, disease, and epidemic many times scourged the passengers.  Many died and were buried at sea.  But the new world of economic opportunity and religious and political liberty was a great goal and haven for the poor Palatines.


          After taking the oath of allegiance to the English Crown, the Palatines spread out into the area of southeastern Pennsylvania, looking for good land and places to make their new homes.  They settled first in what are now Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster, and Berks Counties.  A good many Yoders were among these early German pioneers.  In southeastern Pennsylvania these German immigrants developed a dialect which came to be known as "Pennsylvania Dutch," a mixture of German and English, and not real Dutch at all.  This dialect and the people who spoke it came to be called "Pennsylvania Dutch."  The German word for German is Deutsch, but often difficult to speakers of English to pronounce, and so the word Deutsch  was pronounced Dutch.


          Although Yoders wee soon found in many of the communities in the Pennsylvania counties named above, there was an unusual concentration of Yoders in what is now Oley Township, in Berks County.  Yoders were in this township as early as 1710.  From the Oley Valley, Yoders spread westward into many other communities in Pennsylvania, As we shall see in the next chapter, Conrad Yoder(1), founder of our North Carolina family of Yoders, may have lived among Yoders in Oley Township before migrating to North Carolina.




Migration of Germans to North Carolina




          According to any records we now have, only Conrad Yoder (1) journeyed to the far south land.  He became the founder of the Yoder family in North Carolina.  As good lands were taken up in Pennsylvania, many Germans and Scotch-Irish migrated to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and later to Tennessee, seeking cheaper and more spacious homelands.  The Pennsylvania Germans, usually called "Pennsylvania Dutch," came by way of the valley of western Virginia, and out through the gaps of the Blue Ridge, into the upper valleys of the Yadkin and Catawba Rivers.  They settled chiefly in what are now the counties of Forsyth, Davidson, Rowan, Cabarrus, Iredell, Lincoln, and Catawba.


          Henry Weidner (Whitener) was the first of these German settlers from Pennsylvania to come into the South River section.  He came around 1745.  He received a large grant of land that stretched across both forks of the South Fork River,  Henry's Fork and Jacob's Fork.  He built his house over a spring at what has long been known as the Old Robinson Place, not far from Henry's Fork River, on the east side, and about five miles south of Hickory.  Weidner, who seems to have come first as a trapper, journeyed back to Pennsylvania several times to sell his pelts and purchase articles for his home and farming operations.  On one of these trips, according to tradition, he brought back with him, Conrad Yoder(1), to whom he sold 200 acres of land in 1762.  During the years 1745-1770 many other settlers, Germans and Scotch-Irish, came into the South Fork, Henry's Fork, and Jacob's Fork valleys.  Among these early comers and pioneer settlers were the Wilfongs, Shufords, Anthonies, Coulters, Whiteners, Clines, Reeps, Mulls, Deitzes, Seitzes, Propsts, Hahns, Lohrs, Canslers, Kistlers, Mostellers, Ramseurs, Leonards, Hunsuckers, Sigmons, Dellingers, Lutzes, Frys, Haases, Grosses, Weavers, Schells, Seagles, Millers, Huffmans, Killians, and others.


          Conrad Yoder(1) and his wives, and children became neighbors and acquaintances of many of these families.




Indian Frontier Dangers Revolutionary Conflict




          When Conrad Yoder(1) and his pioneer neighbors arrived n the Catawba and South Fork River Area, in the 1750's and 1760's, the Indian frontier was only a few miles to the west.  The Powerful and often warlike Cherokee Indians were still stubbornly resisting the intrusion of white settlers into their ancient domain, making sallies into the western-most white settlements, massacring people, burning their homes, and driving away their livestock.  In 1754-1755, the colonial government of North Carolina had established Ford Dobbs near where Statesville now stands and stationed a company of rangers there to help protect the frontier settlers.  In 1759 or 1760, a band of these marauding Indians had swooped down on Abram Mull's place, a close-by neighbor of Henry Weidner, killed Mull working out in a field, and scalped an infant, leaving it still alive, and burned all the buildings.  His wife escaped only because she was away driving up the cattle.  Henry Weidner, with his family and Mull's widow fled to South Carolina for safety and remained away for two years.


          According to tradition, Weidner returned alone on horseback from time to time to investigate whether the Cherokee Indians were still roaming the territory.  It is said he had an agreement with a friendly Catawba Indian chief in the area that the chief would keep the trunk of a white oak tree painted red as long as there was danger from the Cherokees, and that when he found it safe for Weidner to return with his family, he would paint the trunk white.  After two years Weidner returned with his family, finding all the buildings on his place destroyed.


          During the French and Indian War (1754-1760) the Cherokee Indians were encouraged by the French to attack all the western frontier settlements.  In 1760 and 1761, North Carolina colonial troops marched against the Indians to the west, were first defeated, and then with the assistance of troops from Virginia and South Carolina, defeated the Indians decisively at Echoee, a hundred miles to the west, near what is now the town of Franklin, drove them west of the Blue Ridge, and forced them to give up all their lands east of the Blue Ridge.  But danger from the Cherokee Indians was short lived.  With the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in 1776, the Cherokee Indians again went on the warpath, this time incited and encouraged by the British to attack the western settlements.  Not until 1783, when the Revolutionary War was over, could the settlers of the Catawba area feel safe against Indian attacks.


During the period of the American Revolution (1776-1783) a virtual state of local civil war existed among the white settlers themselves over the issues of the Revolution.  The 200 families of the Catawba and South Fork River area were sharply divided as Whigs or Patriots, supporters of the Revolution on one side, and Tories or Loyalists on the other.  Henry Weidner and Conrad Yoder(1) were ardent Patriots, supporting the cause of the Revolution.  Some of their neighbors were staunch Loyalists, supporters of the British and the King.  Early in the conflict, Loyalists hanged a young Patriot, Isaac Wise, near where the city of Newton Now stands.  In 1777 some of Weidner's and Yoder's close neighbors were compelled to appear in Court at Salisbury and make oath to support the new Revolutionary state government.  Only fourteen miles away from Conrad Yoder's(1) place, at Ramseur's Mill, where Lincolnton now stands, a pitched battle was fought in June 1780, between 400 Whig-Patriots and 1100 Tory-Loyalists, and quite a number of men were killed and wounded.  A few months later, in October, many young men from the South Fork River area marched to King's Mountain, fifty miles away, and helped defeat the British and Tories under General Ferguson.  Both British and American armies marched across the Catawba area a few miles east of the Weidner-Yoder settlement.


          Fifteen miles to the northeast, on the west bank of the Catawba river, at Lookout Shoals, a gang of thieves, robbers, plunderers, and murderers, led by the notorious Sam Brown, posing as a Tory Captain, ravaged the country for miles around and struck fear and terror in the minds of the Whig and Patriot families.  Not until the Revolution was ended did quiet, peace, safety, and freedom from fear, really prevail in the Catawba area.  Conrad Yoder(1), who died in 1790, lived twenty years of his thirty years as a pioneer in North Carolina amid dangers, fears, hatreds, and potential and actual, violent conflict.


















          Conrad Yoder(1), 17__ -1790, was the founder of the Yoder family in North Carolina.  Our knowledge about him is incomplete.  We are not certain where and when he was born, or when he came to America.  According to tradition, he came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania with the old pioneer, Henry Weidner (Whitener) sometime between the years 1755 and 1762.  He probably lived with Henry Weidner several years and worked for him on his plantation.  How long he lived in Pennsylvania, and why he came south we do not know.


          While in Pennsylvania he probably lived in Oley Township, Berks County.  Many early Yoders coming to America lived in this township.  In a diary kept by David Schultze, a surveyor who lived close to this township, in an adjoining county, and who often did surveying in the township, he has three references to Conrad Yoder(1). Schultze and Conrad Yoder(1) seem to have been good friends in Pennsylvania.  Schultze states in his diary, July 25, 1782, that he has received a letter from Conrad Yoder(1) in Carolina, brought to him by Michael Weidner (Weidner lived about a mile from Conrad Yoder(1) in Carolina); July 26, 1786, he writes again in his diary that Jacob Hittel from Carolina brought him a letter from Conrad Yoder(1) in Carolina; and finally in 1790, he records in his diary, that Conrad Yoder(1) in Carolina died in April or May, "as brought to me by bearer of a message."


          Col. George M. Yoder(4), 1826-1920, a great grandson of Conrad Yoder(1), has left us more information about Conrad Yoder(1) and his early descendants in North Carolina than any other person.  The author, a grandson of Col. Yoder, spent many hours with him between 1910 and 1917 listening to accounts of Conrad Yoder(1) and other early Yoders in Lincoln and Catawba Counties.  Col. Yoder got most of his information about Conrad Yoder(1) from his grandparents and other old people who knew Conrad Yoder(1) and the members of his family.  He was ten years old when his grandfather, John Yoder(2), oldest son of Conrad Yoder(1) died, and sixteen years old when his grandmother, Mary B. Yoder, died.  He lived only a quarter of a mile from the home of his grandparents. As his own mother had died when he was six years old and as his father, Michael Yoder(3) never remarried, Col Yoder and his younger brother Cyrus, as small boys often spent days and nights with their grandparents and heard stories about Conrad Yoder(1) around the table and the fireside.  Col. Yoder said to the author a number of times, "Fred, when the old folks talked about the old Pioneers and settlers, I listened to every word and have always remembered what they said about them."  He wrote two rather extensive manuscripts on the early history of the Yoder family in North Carolina.  The author has had these manuscripts at hand as he has written this History.


          Col. Yoder usually said and wrote that Conrad Yoder(1) came from Switzerland to Philadelphia. But sometimes he said to the author that Conrad Yoder(1) may have lived for a while in the Palatinate of southwestern Germany before coming to America.  In his writings and conversations, Col. Yoder gave the date of Conrad Yoder's landing at Philadelphia as probably in 1751, stating that he took the oath of allegiance as required of all immigrants from Germany, under the name of Conrad Koder, which name appears in the list of the ship NANCY, arriving  September 16, 1751.


          But more recent students of the early pioneers in Lincoln and Catawba Counties have placed the date of his arrival as most probably October 25, 1746 on the ship NEPTUNE, under the name of Conrad (X) Yotter, which appears on the ship list of persons taking the oath of allegiance on that date.  (Strassburger and Hinke, Pennsylvania Pioneers, Vol. II, p. 387, Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, Pennsylvania, 1934.)  The mark ( after Conrad  indicates that someone else signed for him.  Col. Yoder(4) states that when he was a boy in the 1830's the Yoders were often called Yotters by the old German people.  An authority on German and Swiss names in the Palatinate, Dr. Fritz Braun, of Kaiserslautern, West Germany, told the author in 1960 that the name Yoder was never spelled Koder in Europe.  In the great work on German immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 18th century, cited above, different spellings of the name Yoder are given as Jetter, Jeder, Yetter (French), and Jotter, Joder, Jodder, Jother, and Yother (German).  They do not cite Yoder as ever being spelled Koder in their three volumes.  One Yoder family in Pennsylvania gives Juter as one of the early spellings in that state.


          In traveling from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, Conrad Yoder(1) undoubtedly followed the well known and much used road by thousands of Pennsylvania pioneers into the Piedmont section of the state between w7s0 and 1775.  This road led out from Philadelphia and the counties of Berks, Chester, and Montgomery, through York, crossing the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, and to Winchester, in Virginia, up the Shenandoah Valley to the Staunton River and down the southern part of the great Virginia Valley, between the Blue Ridge and the mountains to the west, and then out through low gaps to Old Salem (now Winston-Salem), and across the Yadkin River to Salisbury, then westward to the Catawba River at Sherrill's Ford, and finally by the "Catawba Path" or "the road to Henry Weidner's place," 25 miles distant from the ford.

          From the descriptions of  Conrad Yoder(1) that Col. Yoder got from his grandparents, he described his several times to the author as of somewhat short stature, stocky, dark hair, and brown eyes.  In his conversations with the author he said a number of times, "From what they told me about Conrad Yoder(1), I always think of him as a man about like Amzi Yoder(4)."  (See picture p.64)  The author knew Amzi Yoder very well for a number of years and he well fitted the description of Conrad Yoder(1) as Col. Yoder got it from his grand-parents.  Many Yoders in North Carolina still fit this description of physical characteristics of their original ancestor.


          Other traits of Conrad Yoder(1) that we can infer from what we know about his life and activities is that he was a bold pioneer, energetic, industrious, skilled in various handicrafts, resourceful, thrifty, foresighted; and a just, quiet, peace-loving man, Christian in his attitudes towards all men.  He never owned any slaves, although many of his friends and neighbors did, and he probably was opposed to slavery on moral and religious grounds.  We visualize him quietly working away on his farm, clearing river bottom cane-brakes, and heavily wooded forest lands; building log houses, barns, and shops; raising different kinds of animals and crops; making many tools and articles with his own hands; going in his covered wagon on distant trips of 50 to 100 miles over primitive, rough roads to markets; exploring the countryside to the west for good land; and visiting and associating with his neighbor pioneers, especially Henry Weidner and his family.


          In December, 1762, Conrad Yoder(1) bought from Henry Weidner 200 acres of land lying on both sides of Jacob's Fork River, for 45 shillings (equivalent to $216 in later U.S. currency).   The deed is recorded in the Office of Register of Deeds, Deed Book #1, pp. 742-743, of Mecklenburg County Courthouse at Charlotte, North Carolina.  Mecklenburg County had just been formed from Anson County.  When the deed was given by Henry Weidner he thought his large tract of land lay in Anson County, when as a matter of fact it lay in Rowan County as of that date.  The deed describes in detail the corners and the lines of the 200 acres sold to Conrad Yoder(1).  The tract contained many acres of rich bottom land.  The deed is made out to Conrad Yother, indicating again that Conrad Yoder(1) most likely spelled his name as Yotter when he came to North Carolina, but the clerk writing and recording the deed probably misunderstood the name to be Yother instead of Yotter.

          Conrad Yoder(1), his children, his grandchildren, and some of his great grandchildren spoke the German language, or "Pennsylvania Dutch," a mixture of the German and English languages that developed among the German and Swiss people in eastern Pennsylvania between 1700 and 1750.  It is still spoken by descendants of these people in parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Many of the German and Swiss people in North Carolina continued top speak "Pennsylvania Dutch," till around 1835-1840, when public schools began to be established and instruction was given in English.  Col. Yoder stated many times that he could speak only "Pennsylvania Dutch" when he attended his first school in 1833.  He was able to speak "Pennsylvania Dutch" fluently until his death at the age of 93, in 1920.

          In 1763 Conrad Yoder(1) built his first log cabin house, on a slightly elevated ridge about 200 yards from Jacob's Fork River, and about 30 yards from ag good spring, close-by the side of a little branch. In the same year, he married Christina Klein (Cline), daughter of pioneer Sebastian Klein (Cline),  who lived on Clark's Creek, at the mouth of Anthony Creek, near where the town of Newton is now located, and six or seven miles distant from Conrad Yoder's(1) place. As the size of his family increased, Conrad Yoder(1) built a larger and more commodious log house, with a cellar.  Probably the kitchen and dining room was a separate building, a few feet away from the main house.  It is also probable that the corners of his log house had projecting corners with gun holes to afford defense against attacking Indians from three directions.  Chimneys had fireplaces eight feet wide, where cooking was done.  Nothing remains today of the old Conrad Yoder(1) house and other buildings. They were torn down and the logs and chimney rocks moved away more than a hundred years ago.  The picture on page 12 shows the author standing on the spot where the old house stood.  He was directed to this spot in 1952 by the owner of the land, Mr. Lloyd Miller, and the author's father, Colin M. Yoder(5), who cut wheat with a cradle over the old house site, in the early 1880's, when a trace of the old cellar could still be seen.  The picture on page 13 shows a part of the land originally cleared and farmed by Conrad Yoder(1) and his sons.  This land remained in the hands of Conrad Yoder's(1) descendants till about 1920.  It is now owned by Luther Bowman, who lives on Highway 1008 that runs through a part of the original 200 acre tract.


          Conrad Yoder(1) was married three times.  He first married Christina Cline in 1763. She died in 1771 or 1772.  Three children were born to this marriage: John, Jacob, and David.  In 1773, Conrad Yoder(1) married a Miss _____ Seitz, who died within a year, leaving no offspring.  Then in 1775, he married Catherine Huffman, "a German lady who came directly from Germany," as the author's grandfather always said.  Five children were born to this marriage: Elizabeth, Elias, Daniel, Catarina (Catherine) and Adam.

On the blank page between the Old and New Testament Books of Conrad Yoder's (1) large German Bible, are written in German script the dates of birth of all his eight children.  Below are given the names and dates of birth as they appear in the Bible, followed by translation into English:





          Johannis ist auf die Welt goboren den 26ten October 1764.


          Jacob ist auf die Welt geboren den 13ten December 1767.


          David ist die Welt geboren den 3ten aprill 1770.


          Elizabeth ist auf die Welt geboren den 14ten aprill 1776.


          Elias ist auf die Welt geboren den 31ten October 1777.


          Daniel ist auf die Welt geboren den 28ten Juni 1780.


          Chatarina ist auf die Welt geboren den 21ten December 1782.


          Adam ist auf die Welt geboren den 23ten Juny 1785.








          John born into the world the 26th of October 1764.


          Jacob was born into the world the 13th of December 1767.


          David was born into the world the 3rd of April 1770.


          Elizabeth was born into the world the 14th of April 1776.


          Elias was born into the world the 31st of October 1777.


          Daniel was born into the world the 18th of June 1780.


          Catherine was born into the world the 21st of December 1782.


          Adam was born into the world the 23rd of June 1785.




          This bible is now in the Possession of Helen Yoder Hahn(6), of Hallandale, Florida, great-great-great granddaughter of Conrad Yoder(1).  The Bible seems to have passed down through John Yoder(2) to his daughter Christine Yoder Weaver(3), and then to a son, Henry Weaver(4). It was bought at a sale of Henry Weaver's property, by Col. George M. Yoder(4) for 10˘, sometime in the 1880's.  The picture on page 15 shows Helen Yoder Hahn(6) and the author, Fred R. Yoder(6), reading the names and dates of births in the Bible.


Conrad Yoder(1) belonged to no church in North Carolina.  Col. George M. Yoder(4) often said that Conrad Yoder(1) brought a Mennonite hymn book with him from Pennsylvania when he came to North Carolina.  It has long been lost and probably destroyed.  The closest church to Conrad Yoder's(1) homestead during his lifetime was the "Dutch Meeting House," later known as "South Fork Church," (Old Saint Paul), a Lutheran and Reformed Union Church.  It was about six miles distant from Conrad Yoder's(1) home.  Henry Weidner, attended services at this church.  Church Meetings may have been held on the grounds where this church was located while Conrad Yoder(1) lived with Henry Weidner.  Conrad Yoder(1) may have become acquainted with his first wife, Christina Klein (Cline) here on these grounds.  Sebastian Klein, her father lived only two miles away, and he and his family attended church services here.  A Log church building was erected here, probably as early as 1759.


Conrad Yoder(1) was a Patriot during the Revolutionary War, supporting the American cause for independence.  Some of his neighbors remained loyal to Britain, became Tories, and a few of them fought on the side of Britain.  But Conrad Yoder(1) stood with two of his close neighbors, Henry Weidner and George Wilfong, as a warm supporter of the struggle for American liberty and independence.  He himself was too




old to engage in active military service, but he furnished supplies to the militia of North Carolina, valued at 2230 pounds and fifteen shillings-- the equivalent of $10,704 U. S. money, in what was probably depreciated wartime currency.


Conrad Yoder(1) died in April or May 1790,  He was buried by the side of his first two wives and his infant daughter, Elizabeth, on the high knoll on his farm, about a quarter of a mile to the south of his home.  At the time of his burial the knoll was still covered with timber.  This knoll became the Old Yoder Cemetery and 25 or 30 persons were buried here between 1772 and 1835.  None of the graves were ever marked by lettered tombstones.  Flat rocks picked up in fields and forest were used as head and foot stones.  None of the graves have been identifiable by individuals for perhaps a hundred years.  Up until 1958, the old cemetery had been almost entirely neglected.  It was in the midst of a cattle and sheep pasture, and grown up in trees and shrubs, unfenced.  Cattle and sheep trampled over the graves seeking shade and rest and dislodged many of the stones.


In 1955 the descendants of Conrad Yoder(1) began a movement to collect funds to erect a monument in the old Cemetery to the memory of him, his two wives, and others buried there, and to fence the cemetery.  Mr. Luther Bowman, who now owns the land on which the cemetery is located, graciously gave his full cooperation to the project.  In August, 1958, the cemetery was cleaned off, the small trees and shrubs removed, and the still standing gravestones put back in place.  The monument with appropriate ceremonies was dedicated in late August of that Year with many Yoders and others in attendance.  The cemetery and monument are now reached by a footpath, off Highway 1008, that begins at the bridge on Jacob's Fork River and winds up through fenced woods to the cemetery about a quarter of a mile distant.


During the 28 years that Conrad Yoder(1) lived after purchasing his first tract of land on Jacob's Fork River, he became an extensive land owner.  He bought from the state of North Carolina three additional tracts of land adjoining his original home tract on Jacob's Fork River, bringing the total size of his home tract to over 500 acres.  He also bought from the state, five miles to the west, on Mountain Creek at the foot of Baker's Mountain, three adjoining tracts of land amounting to 515 acres.  He bought two of these tracts, one adjoining his home tract and the other adjoining his land on Mountain Creek, in the year 1789, the year before his death.  When his land was surveyed out in 1794 for division among his widow and six sons, it amounted to 1022 acres according to the surveyors.


          Conrad Yoder(1) had died without a will.  In July, 1790. a few months after his death, his personal property was sold at public auction according to the North Carolina law for the settlement of intestate estates.

 One of the most precious documents found in our search for facts about Conrad Yoder(1) was found by Mrs. Wilma P. Yoder, wife of the author, in the office of the Clerk of the Court of Lincoln County.  It is entitled "an account of the sales of the estate of Conrad Yoder, Dec.," dated July 6, 1790.  It is written in English script, in beautiful handwriting.  It lists 350 items sold and the price of each in British currency.  The heading of the list reads:




          "True Inventory of Goods and Chatles of the Estate of Deceased


Conrad Yoders Which Was Sold By Publick Vandue on Monday The Tenth Day of May In the year of our Lord one Thousand and Seven Hundred and Ninety Returned to the Worshipful Curt of Lincoln County by us.



John Yoder                                                        Administrator


and Catarina Yoder                                            Administratrix"




An enumeration of the many personal property items sold reveals the character and extent of the pioneer farming operations, handicraft industries, and household activities that had been carried on for many years on Conrad Yoder's(1) homestead.  Many of the fabricated personal property items undoubtedly had been made by the hands of Conrad Yoder(1), his wives, and his children.


Livestock sold, included 10 horses and 3 colts; 14 cows and 7 calves; 4 steers and 1 bull; 26 sheep; "a shoat in the woods"; "parcels" of hogs, geese, and ducks; and 8 bee hives.  Vehicles, farming and handicraft tools, and various other things sold, included 1 still; 1 wagon and wagon sheet; 2 saddles; 1 woman's saddle; 1 saddle bag; 5 pairs of gears; 1 single-tree and devis (clevis); 8 scythes; 8 sickles; 2 grain cradles; 3 plows; 1 harrow; 4 axes; 2 "grubbling" hoes: 2 pitchforks; 2 shovels; 1 hand saw; 1 sheep shears; 4 chusels (chisels);2 augurs; 3 hand bucks; 1 hammer; 4 bells; 2 whetstones; 1 grindstone; 1 handscrew; 2 sets of plow irons; 1 frow; 1 pair of steelyards; 1 branding iron, 2 corn hoes; 1 barrel; 1 log chain; 1 gun; bars of iron, steel, and lead; 4 barrels of salt; 3 sides of leather; 2 hides; 4 bottles; 1 bottle of brandy; and boards.


          Household and kitchen goods sold, included 6 beds; 5 chairs; 2 trunks; 1 chest; 2 spinning wheels; 1 reel; 2 Dutch ovens; 1 house stove; 8 "puter" spoons; 6 "puter" plates; 3 "puter" vases; 1 fire tongs and shovel; 1 pot hook and steel; 2 crane pots; 1 set of knives and forks; 2 pairs of wool cards; 3 bags of wool; 1 bag of flax; 1 pepper mill and heggle; 7 table cloths; 4 blankets; 6 sheets; 1 parcel of "puter" cups; 1 looking glass: 2 lamps; 98 baskets; "some jugs" "some pots"; 1 skillet; 1 hour glass; 1 skimmer and ladle; a bible 8 books; 1 ink horn.


At the end of the long list is a summary that reads:



"The Wholestate amounts To The


Sum Hirunto Annexed


Six Hundred and Ten Pounds Nineteen Shillings 8 pence


By Notes and Bonds one  Hundred and Thirty Eight pounds

& Nine Shillings


To Book Depts Tenpounds and four pence


To each-Seven Shillings


To Claimes-Seventeen pounds"




In U.S. dollars this was the equivalent of $3419.


A few years later, in 1794.  Conrad Yoder's(1) land was divided among his surviving widow and six sons as follows:




     Home Jacob's River tract--


          To Catherine Yoder(1), Widow                                    166 acres


          To John Yoder(2)                                                                   130 acres

          To Jacob Yoder(2)                                                        130 acres

          To David Yoder(2)                                                        130 acres

     Mountain Creek tract--


          To Elias Yoder(2)                                                                   150 acres


          To Daniel Yoder (2)                                                      150 acres


          To Adam Yoder(2)                                                        166 acres

                                                                                  Total           1,022 acres




          Why Catherine Yoder(2), daughter, was not given a share, is not stated in the records, but her part was probably contained in the 166 acres allotted to her mother.  Adam Yoder(2), youngest son of Conrad Yoder(1), and only 9 years old at the time of the division of the estate, was later apprenticed to his brother-in-law, John Baker, husband of Catherine Yoder Baker(2).


Catherine Huffman Yoder, Conrad Yoder's(1) surviving widow, lived on the old homestead on her 166 acre dower with her children till they became of age and married.  Her daughter, Catherine Yoder(2), had married John Baker in 1798.  About 1804 Catherine Huffman Yoder suffered a partial paralytic stroke.  She then sold her dower rights in the old homestead to John Yoder(2) "for $20 a year as long as she lived," and went to live with her daughter Catherine Baker.  She recovered largely from her paralytic stroke and lived till about 1810.  She is buried in the old Baker Cemetery, which is about a quarter of a mile off Highway 10, on the Old John Helton Place, 4 miles west from the Conrad Yoder(1) homestead.  The grave is not marked with a tombstone and is not now identifiable.


All Conrad Yoder's(1) living children (Elizabeth had died in infancy)married in the next twenty years after his death.  We have no exact records of the dates of their marriages.  John married Mary Reep; Jacob, Catherine Dellinger; David, Barbara Reep; Elias, Utilla Hahn; Daniel, Elizabeth Cline; Catherine, John Baker; and Adam, Sally Davis.  All the sons as they came of age and married, settled on the farm lands they inherited and built homes.  Catherine's husband, John Baker, became a substantial land owner.


          About 1815 Jacob, Elias, and Daniel sold their farms and moved to the new state of Indiana.  Adam, a little later, sold his farm and moved to the state of  Tennessee.  No attempt is made in this History to trace them, their families and their descendants, nor Catherine Yoder Baker and her descendants.


    John Yoder(2) and David Yoder(2) settled on farms in the Lincoln and Catawba County area and became the progenitors of the Yoders sketched in the following chapters.

-     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -     -

 “ I believe really strongly that Conrad Yoder came from Oley, or at least was

  living in Oley with a relative.  Conrad Yoder, Michael Whitener, and Henry

  Whitener all came from Oley Twp., Berks County together.  The only land

  Henry WEidner ever sold was to Conrad and Michael.  He sold them the VERY

  VALUABLE water rights.  Contrary to legend, original papers show that Henry

  sold the water rights to Conrad and to Michael FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF

  MONEY.   There is some ridiculous story that Henry charged Michael more

  than Conrad.--- Anne McAllister, author “Georg Heinrich Weidner  1717-1792;

 Catharina Mull Weidner 1733-1804”, Feb 2002































baby photo

                                                Photograph by Woody Fender


          Lukas Coleman Yoder was the first baby born in the Hickory

area in 2001. He was born at Catawba Memorial Hospital at 9:33 a.m.

to Kevin and Amy Yoder. Lukas is the grandson of "Yoders of North

Carolina" President Bill Yoder. 

          Amy Yoder had been having contractions for several days, her

husband, Newton Fire Chief Kevin Yoder said.  Just after 6 a.m.

Monday, the Yoders arrived at the hospital. "As soon as we came in

they said, 'We don't have a New Year's baby yet, we'd better hurry,'"

Amy Yoder said.  At 8 lbs, 3 ounces, Coleman was a bit larger than

expected, but very healthy. (with permission--Hickory Daily Record)


    2 Jacob YODER b: 13 December 1767 d: Abt 1853

      + Catherine DELLINGER b: 6 March 1782 d: 1863

        3 Mary Catherine (Polly) YODER b: 12 July 1800 d: 23 November 1886

          + Conrad YODER b: December 1793 d: 10 May 1879

            4 Jacob YODER b: 1818

            4 Mary YODER b: Cir 1819 d: Cir 1819

            4 Jane YODER b: Cir 1821 d: Cir 1824

            4 Unknown YODER

            4 John M. YODER b: 16 September 1823 d: 16 September 1865

              + Sarah WILSON b: 4 August 1832 d: 6 May 1906

                5 William YODER b: Cir 1852

                  + Emma ROSE

                    6 Lillian YODER b: 1878

                      + Al MOORE

                        7 Lee MOORE

                    6 Della YODER

                      + Delbert COVILL

                        7 Ernest COVILL

                        7 Dureand COVILL

                    6 Estey YODER

                    6 Pearl YODER

                5 Elizabeth YODER b: 1853 d: 1853

                5 Susanna Catherine YODER b: 16 April 1854 d: 16 February 1945

                  + George Houston TULLOCH

                    6 John TULLOCH

                    6 Miller TULLOCH

                    6 May Katherine TULLOCH

                    6 Ira TULLOCH

                    6 Earl Verne "Dick" TULLOCH

                5 George Washington YODER b: 1860

                  + Julia MUNKER

                    6 Unknown YODER

                  + Hettie BURNS

                    6 Ruby YODER

                      + Carl TILDEN

                5 Joshua Hixson (Hicks) YODER b: 1863 d: May 1934

                5 Mary Frances (Frankie) YODER b: 4 February 1861 d: 12 December 1936

                  + James Calvin TULLOCH b: 8 December 1855 d: 22 August 1940

                    6 Naomi Elsie TULLOCH b: 16 April 1887 d: 1966

                      + George SELECMAN b: 19 August 1888 d: March 1981

                        7 Helen SELECMAN

                        7 Reid SELECMAN d: September 1978

                    6 Bess Edith TULLOCH b: 12 June 1889 d: July 1933

                      + George E. KIMBALL

                    6 Ruth Ernestine TULLOCH b: 2 February 1892 d: 1971

                    6 Maud Eva TULLOCH b: 29 April 1894 d: 6 May 1945

                    6 Charles Reid TULLOCH b: 7 June 1896 d: 2 July 1968

                      + Maybell ALBERS

                        7 Mitzie Ellen TULLOCH

            4 David (Doc) YODER b: 12 September 1825 d: 15 December 1910

            4 Catherine (Kate) YODER b: Cir 1827 d: Cir 1890

              + Henry F. JONES b: Cir 1822

                5 David JONES

                5 Dolly JONES

                5 Minta JONES

                5 Columbus JONES

                5 Sara Jane JONES

                5 William JONES

            4 Margaret YODER b: Cir 1829 d: 21 May 1894

              + George DORRELL

                5 Jane DORRELL

                5 Alonzo DORRELL

                5 Alise DORRELL

                5 Addie DORRELL

                5 Hattie DORRELL

            4 George YODER b: 2 March 1836 d: 21 April 1931

              + Amanda D. OGLE b: 23 June 1844 d: 28 December 1928

                5 George F. YODER b: November 1867 d: 6 December 1869

                5 Allice (Allie) YODER b: Cir 1868

                  + Thomas KENT

                    6 Unknown KENT

                    6 Unknown KENT

                  + John CROSBY

                5 Lena Mae (Linnie) YODER b: 2 June 1869

                  + Frank ELDREDGE (ELDRIDGE)

                    6 Ralph ELDREDGE

                    6 Billy ELDREDGE

                    6 Nora ELDREDGE

                    6 Edna ELDREDGE

                    6 Winifred ELDREDGE

                5 Benjamin (Ben) YODER b: 19 April 1872 d: November 1963

                  + Teresa UNKNOWN d: June 1974

                5 Joseph (Joe) YODER b: 4 February 1874 d: 17 May 1960

                5 Charlie YODER b: Cir 1879

            4 Phillip Henry YODER b: 21 June 1840 d: 29 April 1930

              + Catherine (Kate) BURNS b: 15 July 1848 d: 15 December 1915

                5 Laura Belle YODER b: 26 January 1866 d: 14 September 1919

                  + George SWARTZ

                    6 Imus SWARTZ

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Shirley SWARTZ

                          + Curtis HARTLEY d: 30 October 1987

                    6 Irvin SWARTZ

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Donald SWARTZ

                        7 Robert SWARTZ

                          + Elaine MCDONALD

                    6 Lawrence SWARTZ b: 18 April 1897 d: Cir 1918

                    6 Everet SWARTZ

                      + Hildreth DAVIS

                    6 Gladys SWARTZ

                      + Edward WILLIS

                    6 Dale M. SWARTZ b: Cir 1903

                    6 Virgil SWARTZ

                5 Clara Ellen YODER b: 5 February 1868 d: 8 September 1910

                  + William HAUSMAN

                    6 Ruby HOUSMAN b: 9 August 1890 d: 9 May 1914

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                    6 Ray HOUSMAN

                    6 Wayne HOUSMAN

                5 Benny F. YODER b: May 1870 d: 14 November 1870

                5 Eva YODER b: 18 May 1874

                  + John FULLER b: 11 November 1866

                    6 Lyle FULLER

                      + Unknown UNKNOWN

                        7 Lyle FULLER

                          + Anna WALLACE

                5 Albert Conrad YODER b: 1 January 1877 d: 14 April 1957

                  + Clara HOOVER b: 22 February 1887 d: 28 January 1952

                    6 Opal Edra YODER b: 26 July 1905

                      + Walter WEST b: 23 March 1895 d: 10 January 1979

                    6 Hazel Nadine YODER b: 18 October 1907

                    6 Leota Corrine YODER b: 19 March 1916

                      + Arnold ALKIRE b: 23 September 1912 d: 1 September 1981

                        7 Bonnie Jean ALKIRE

                          + William Gail SYBERT

                            8 Jeremy Matthew SYBERT

                            8 Jamin Daniel SYBERT

                            8 Jareb William SYBERT

                            8 Jaylon Nathaniel SYBERT

                5 Frederick H. (Fred) YODER b: 29 May 1883 d: 15 December 1988

                  + Ollie HOPPER b: 21 November 1895 d: 12 November 1984

                    6 Anson YODER

                      + Dorothy KELLGREN

                        7 Carla YODER

                          + J. A. MORGAN

                            8 Christopher MORGAN

                        7 Betty YODER

                          + Dorsey Ronald MCCALL

                            8 Ronald Duane MCCALL

                            8 Dax Michael MCCALL

                        7 Sandra YODER

                          + Theodore K. DOBSON

                          + Robert AGUILLAND

                            8 Sharon Leigh AGUILLAND

                    6 Merlyn YODER

                      + Berdena TILLER

                        7 Merlena Ann YODER

                          + Dennis KEENER

                        7 Dena Mae YODER

                          + Mark HAUSKINS

                        7 Kristie Lynn YODER

                          + Alfred ARRIGONI

                        7 Laurie YODER

                        7 Jeanette YODER

                5 Oren Thomas (Ora or Tommy) YODER b: Cir 1884

                  + Jesse SCHURLOCK

                    6 Amis YODER

                    6 Maxine YODER

                    6 Ethel Mae YODER

                    6 Shirley YODER

                5 Leo YODER

        3 Catherine YODER b: 12 July 1800

          + Phillip HENRY b: Cir 1784 d: 1850

        3 George YODER b: Cir 1802 d: 1871

          + Elizabeth "Betsy" SHORT

          + Elizabeth GOSS b: Cir 1820

        3 Henry YODER b: 15 August 1804 d: 17 December 1871

          + Ruth Ann RADER b: 24 May 1813 d: 27 November 1873

            4 Clarinda YODER b: 24 May 1832 d: 1 December 1840

            4 Francis Marion YODER b: 17 February 1835 d: 11 November 1927

              + Armilda MCHENRY b: Cir 1836 d: 24 December 1876

                5 William H. YODER b: Cir 1857 d: 19 September 1872

                5 James Marion YODER b: 10 seo 1858 d: 9 February 1938

                  + Margaret Etta (Maggie) DORAN b: 27 September 1866 d: 6 July 1944

                    6 Claude Francis YODER b: 20 April 1887 d: 18 July 1931

                    6 William Albert YODER b: 12 February 1889 d: 1993

                    6 Ethel Mae YODER b: 23 January 1891

                    6 Earl Doran YODER b: 12 June 1892

                    6 James Colbert YODER b: 7 January 1895

                      + Eleanor TOVAAS

                        7 Donald Allen YODER

                          + Dorothy Eleanor ACKERSON d: 14 April 1988

                            8 Patricia Anne YODER

                              + Dale Eugene DUNN

                                9 Michelle Jeannette DUNN

                                9 James Dale DUNN

                                  + Susan BECKER

                                    10 Alisa Jeanette BECKER-DUNN

                              + David CHENEY

                            8 Nancy Lynn YODER

                              + Arlen TRUITT

                            8 Lori Eleanor YODER

                              + Duke SPRUGEON

                                9 Eric Donald SPRUGEON

                                9 Tyler Jay SPRUGEON

                              + James COOKMAN

                            8 James Albert YODER b: 19 March 1964 d: 19 March 1964

                    6 Ada Louise YODER b: 26 February 1897 d: 1965

                    6 Myrtle Ruth YODER b: 24 May 1898

                    6 Ralph John YODER b: 29 April 1900

                    6 Alice Margaret YODER b: 21 April 1903

                    6 Charles W. YODER b: 21 October 1905

                5 Unknown YODER b: May 1863 d: 2 June 1863

                5 Anna YODER b: December 1869 d: 1 March 1870

              + Sophia L. (Stevens) FOX d: Cir 1927

            4 John David YODER b: 21 November 1839 d: 29 September 1922

              + Melvina LYONS b: May 1839 d: Cir 1922

                5 Addie YODER b: Cir 1860

                5 Eva YODER b: Cir 1873

            4 Elizabeth Ann YODER b: 2 June 1842 d: 7 October 1934

              + Isaac Milton FLEENOR b: 16 August 1838 d: 19 December 1862

                5 Theodosia Victorine Maria FLEENOR b: 1861

                5 Issac Milton FLEENOR b: 1863 d: 29 December 1948

                  + Katty PAUPS

                    6 Lena Gertrude FLEENOR b: 26 February 1886 d: 6 September 1961

                    6 Clifford James FLEENOR b: 17 August 1897

                      + Madline TAYLOR

                    6 Hazel Roseland FLEENOR b: 23 October 1901 d: 21 May 1944

              + Jacob KOHLER d: 30 October 1884

                5 Grace KOHLER

                5 A. Went KOHLER

                5 Jane KOHLER

                5 Ellis KOHLER

                5 Mildred KOHLER b: 1879 d: 1883

            4 William Henry (Bill) YODER b: 22 March 1845 d: 17 August 1921

              + Catherine Adelaide (Addie) VAN BUSKIRK b: 9 February 1846 d: 17 January 1924

                5 Albert Henry YODER b: 15 February 1866 d: 22 September 1940

                  + Susan Norton GRIGGS b: 5 November 1869 d: 16 August 1953

                    6 Leverette Griggs YODER b: 3 August 1895 d: 1 May 1980

                      + Dorthy CLOUTIER d: Cir 1963

                      + Elizabeth Kollar LUTY

                    6 Miriam YODER b: 10 September 1896 d: 20 April 1981

                      + Miles K. LANDER d: 8 May 1967

                        7 Edward King LANDER

                        7 Robert Griggs LANDER

                    6 Charlotte May YODER b: 26 February 1899 d: 5 December 1985

                      + L. G. LUST

                      + Lieman ROOSE

                      + Marshall CULTER

                      + Gunnar ANDERSON

                    6 William Albert YODER b: 21 February 1902 d: 22 December 1948

                      + Naomi EDLUND

                    6 Frederick Griggs YODER b: 19 March 1904 d: 25 April 1955

                    6 Paul Van Buskirk YODER b: 8 October 1908 d: 4 April 1990

                      + Maxine THOMPSON

                      + Roselyn Niestradt PEASE d: 30 September 1977

                5 Isaac Eldorus YODER b: 27 February 1868 d: 19 February 1873

                5 Lewis Monroe YODER b: 7 September 1870 d: 5 August 1890

                5 William Arthur YODER b: 23 December 1874 d: 13 June 1942

                  + Bessie Ann UNKNOWN

                5 Hester YODER b: 20 November 1881 d: 21 November 1901

            4 Thomas Rader YODER b: 10 March 1848 d: 26 February 1922

              + Margaret S. FORBES b: 17 October 1844 d: 17 July 1912

                5 Mertie Gertrude YODER b: December 1869 d: 18 January 1870

                5 Bertha Erdine YODER b: 25 November 1870

                  + Charles H. BAKER

                5 Minnie Undine YODER b: 27 January 1873 d: 1950

                  + Henry Douglas PACKARD b: 14 October 1859 d: 25 February 1925

                    6 Maude Faye PACKARD b: 25 May 1896 d: 8 February 1945

                      + George W. HOUCK b: 16 September 1891 d: 6 November 1948

                        7 Jannette Maxine HOUCK b: 23 March 1917

                          + Crandal WILSON

                            8 Diane WILSON

                              + Unknown FENDALL

                            8 David WILSON

                        7 George W. HOUCK

                          + Marian UNKNOWN

                            8 Mike HOUCK

                              + Margaret UNKNOWN

                            8 Barbara HOUCK

                              + William BRINKER

                            8 George HOUCK

                              + Kathy UNKNOWN

                        7 Phyllis Undine HOUCK

                          + Tom DUFFEY

                          + Milton Eugene NORBERG

                            8 Katherine Faye NORBERG

                              + Glen MELLA

                            8 Jane Dorothy NORBERG

                              + Duane OLSON

                            8 Naomi Ann NORBERG

                              + John MASSA

                            8 James Eugene NORBERG

                              + Sue UNKNOWN

                    6 Sidney Douglas Thomas PACKARD b: 2 November 1897 d: 12 September 1947

                      + Anna Belle DEHAAN b: 18 April 1905 d: 27 March 1976

                        7 Douglas Randall PACKARD

                          + Carol Jean JACOBSEN

                            8 Veron Randall PACKARD

                            8 Sidney Thomas PACKARD

                    6 Leslie Bruce PACKARD b: 22 June 1901 d: 23 March 1903

                5 Lela Lillian YODER b: 15 July 1876 d: 3 January 1881

                5 Daisy Josephine YODER b: 24 February 1878

                  + Howard G. ROTTLUFF

            4 Mary Catherine YODER b: 30 January 1852 d: Cir 1933

              + Thomas SULLIVAN

                5 Claude B. SULLIVAN b: 26 November 1875

                5 Hugh E. SULLIVAN b: 10 July 1881

                5 Fred F. SULLIVAN b: 8 November 1882

            4 Unknown YODER b: 9 January 1855 d: 9 January 1855

        3 Emanuel YODER b: 5 May 1806 d: 18 December 1903

          + Rachel SHIRLEY b: 12 April 1811 d: 15 January 1889

            4 Mary E. YODER b: Cir 1833

              + George A. MCHENRY b: Cir 1831

              + Unknown SULLIVAN

            4 Sarah C. YODER b: Cir 1836

              + John MCHENRY

            4 Ruth Ann YODER b: Cir 1839 d: 1929

              + Henry BUMGARDNER b: 30 May 1829 d: 16 January 1903

            4 John Jasper YODER b: 12 April 1841 d: 25 December 1927

              + Amanda RADER b: 18 December 1842 d: 23 September 1896

                5 Charles E. YODER b: 22 November 1869 d: 19 July 1947

                  + Unknown UNKNOWN

                    6 Gladys YODER

                5 Cora B. YODER b: Cir 1874

        3 Barbara YODER b: 1809 d: Bef 1850

          + George HINKLE

        3 Sarah Ann (Sallie) YODER b: Cir 1814 d: 12 May 1912

          + John JACKSON b: Cir 1813 d: 28 February 1869

        3 Jacob YODER b: Cir 1818 d: 12 June 1885

          + Mary (Polly) JACKSON b: May 1820 d: Aft 1900

            4 James M. YODER b: 21 April 1843 d: 24 April 1931

              + Sarah Catherine WALTMAN b: 1 June 1848 d: 25 April 1872

                5 Marion E. YODER b: Abt 1869 d: 28 February 1946

                  + Emma Anna MYARS b: March 1872 d: 23 April 1949

                    6 Freda YODER b: August 1892

                    6 James E. YODER b: 14 July 1895 d: 2 January 1968

                      + Catherine RUST d: 1935

                    6 John YODER b: September 1897

              + Eliza Jane BAUGHMAN b: 3 November 1853 d: 20 December 1934

                5 Jacob Ira YODER b: 21 September 1873 d: 18 December 1963

                  + Rachel DECKARD b: January 1877 d: 1 August 1944

                    6 William Glen YODER

                      + Mary TOMLINSON

                        7 June Yvonne YODER

                          + Richard DAVENPORT

                            8 Richard David DAVENPORT

                            8 Donald Allen DAVENPORT

                            8 William Douglas DAVENPORT

                        7 Mary Jane YODER

                                   + Joseph JENSEN

                            8 Mary Elizabeth JENSEN

                            8 Martin Eric JENSEN

                            8 Lisa Diane JENSEN

                            8 Karen Lynn JENSEN

                        7 John David YODER

                          + Janet K. DECKARD

                            8 Kathy Ann YODER

                              + Fred PORTER

                            8 John Andrew YODER

                              + Mary Helen WEBSTER

                            8 Steven Lewis YODER

                            8 Nancy Jane YODER

                        7 James Ira YODER

                          + Edna Sue RILEY

                            8 Jeffery YODER

                            8 Jennifer YODER

                        7 Jenny Kathryn YODER

                          + William James AUSTIN

                            8 Allison Kathryn AUSTIN

                    6 Nola D. YODER b: March 1897 d: 1986

                    6 Goldie B. YODER b: October 1898 d: 1986

                      + A. RAINES

                    6 Verna YODER d: 1982

                      + A. DAVIDSON

                    6 Jane YODER d: 1986

                      + A. CANARY

                    6 Paul Virgil YODER b: 1905 d: 6 June 1935

                      + Emma HAUFFMAN

                        7 Naoma Jean YODER

                5 Ida C. YODER b: 26 April 1875 d: 13 April 1961

                  + John PROSSER d: 7 October 1943

                5 Cyrus YODER b: 18 September 1877 d: 28 September 1877

                5 Myrtle YODER b: Abt 1879 d: 26 July 1962

                  + Joshua BOND (BROWN) b: Cir 1875 d: 26 July 1962

                5 Maude YODER b: 5 July 1881 d: 11 September 1949

                  + A. ANDERSON

                5 Edith YODER b: October 1883 d: 1903

                5 Daniel Boone YODER b: 1 May 1886 d: 1966

                  + Ida I. EBERLE b: 22 November 1887

                5 Leroy (Roy) YODER b: 7 July 1889 d: 6 October 1976

                  + Effie A. COY b: Cir 1883 d: 10 May 1965

                    6 Unknown YODER

                      + Lawrence TAYLOR

                    6 Ezellamae YODER

                    6 Dilmer YODER

                    6 Jesse YODER

                5 Ralph YODER b: 25 February 1892 d: 26 December 1980

                  + Unknown UNKNOWN

                    6 Helen Florence YODER

                      + Unknown TJORNSLAND

                        7 Susan T. TJORNSLAND

                          + Unknown RITZ

                            8 Marta Leigh RITZ

                            8 Kalan Suzanne RITZ

                5 Dorval J. YODER b: February 1894

                  + Unknown CORACOT

                  + Bert ANDERSON

                5 John R. YODER b: March 1897 d: 1907

                5 Eliza Pearl YODER b: April 1899 d: Bef 1963

                  + A. GLARIZMAN

            4 George Henry YODER b: Abt 1845

            4 John D. YODER b: January 1848

              + Matilda J. HAMPTON b: Abt 1847

                5 Martha YODER b: Abt 1873

                5 May YODER b: Abt 1875

                5 Wilma YODER b: Abt 1877

                5 Oliver YODER b: August 1880

                5 Walter YODER b: July 1882

                5 James YODER b: May 1885

                5 Oscar (Osker) L. YODER b: September 1888

            4 Martha Jane YODER b: Abt 1850 d: 1921

              + James P. GRAY

            4 Edward YODER b: Abt 1852

              + Felica (Felina) J. WATKINS b: Cir 1856

                5 Unknown YODER b: Cir 1878

            4 William Jacob YODER b: 1854-1856 d: November 1933

              + Nancy A. (Nan) MAVITY b: Abt 1854

                5 John Max YODER b: 27 March 1880 d: 29 April 1968

                  + Martha Pairlee WARD b: 29 January 1889 d: 18 April 1974

                    6 Floyd YODER

                    6 Lloyd YODER

                    6 Gladys Irene YODER b: 24 November 1911

                      + Walter James COLMAN b: 29 January 1912 d: 30 December 1985

                        7 Martha Amelia (Meme) COLMAN

                          + Dudley Alvin MCKAMIE

                            8 Mary Diane MCKAMIE

                              + Perry Joe SMITH

                                9 Brittany Diane SMITH

                            8 Debra Lynne "Debbie" MCKAMIE

                              + Michael James "Mike" PARDUE

                                9 Shelby Lynne PARDUE

                                9 Lindsay Michelle PARDUE

                            8 Lisa Carol MCKAMIE

                            8 Gena Susan MCKAMIE

                            8 Shelly Kathleen MCKAMIE

                        7 Sylvia Jeanne COLMAN

                          + Marvin Donavan "Don" ROZELLE

                            8 Ellen Jeanne ROZELLE

                              + Kenneth REYNOLDS

                            8 John Gregory "Greg" ROZELLE

                              + Claire Louise ARNOLD

                                9 Stephanie Lee ROZELLE

                                9 Whitney Lynn ROZELLE

                            8 Donna Theresa ROZELLE

                        7 Charles William (Charlie) COLMAN

                          + Joan MCCURDY

                            8 Tracy Annette COLMAN

                          + Marsha Dianne AIRHART

                            8 Charles William COLMAN

                              + Lisa Gaye PRENTICE

                                9 Danielle Alexandra COLMAN

                            8 Michael David COLMAN

                            8 Daniel Christopher (Danny) COLMAN

                        7 Katherine Elane (Kay) COLMAN

                          + Richard Scott HUNTER

                            8 Lori Michelle HUNTER

                              + John Walter "Jay" RUMBELOW

                            8 Richard Scott "Ricky" HUNTER

                            8 Katherine Anne "Katie" HUNTER

                          + Freddy Lee (Fred) BATES

                            8 Benjamin Lee "Benji" BATES

                        7 Elizabeth Anne COLMAN

                          + Steven Wayne "Steve" SAGER

                            8 Melissa Diane SAGER

                            8 Jennifer Nicole SAGER

                    6 Martha Maurine YODER b: 13 November 1913

                      + Marvin Gilford MORGAN b: 8 November 1902 d: May 1969

                        7 Marjorie Emmalee "Margie" MORGAN

                          + Andrew Richard TABOR

                            8 Gloria Deloris TABOR

                              + James Gilford "Jimmy" HALES

                                9 Jason James HALES

                                9 Brian Andrew HALES

                            8 Marsha Lee "Cookie" TABOR

                          + Jack Anthony BIONDO

                            8 Andrew Lester "Bo" TABOR

                              + Peggy Louise KNIGHT

                                9 Christopher Derrick "Chris" TABOR

                              + Mary Lou UNKNOWN

                              + Nancy COMBS

                            8 Lena Maurine TABOR

                              + James Buyun COATES

                              + Clint HOLMES

                              + Harvey Hamilton "Will" HARDEE

                                9 Heather Leigh HARDEE

                                9 Sarah Elisabeth HARDEE b: 9 October 1987 d: 9 October 1987

                                9 William Michael "Billy" HARDEE

                        7 Marvin Earnest "Junior" MORGAN

                          + Joyce HIGH

                          + Violet BURRELL

                            8 Marvin Ernest "Manny" MORGAN

                              + Unknown UNKNOWN

                                9 Heather Michelle MORGAN

                      + Joseph "Joe" STANLEY b: 19 January 1911-1912

                      + Alvis Hardy (Allen) ALLEN b: 10 July 1914

                    6 Jesse Eugene YODER

                    6 Unknown YODER

                    6 Harry Gilstrap YODER

                      + Dorothy Marie WARD b: 28 March 1925 d: 20 August 1986

                        7 Lester Wade YODER

                          + Genny Lee ZEIG

                            8 Tracy Lynn YODER

                              + Kendrick Ray "Rick" SPEAR

                                9 Stephanie Lynn SPEAR

                            8 Richard Glenn (Ricky) YODER

                            8 Steven Wade (Steve) YODER

                              + Linda Marie FICK

                                9 Rebecca Nicole HOFFMAN

                        7 Elisabeth Carolyn YODER

                          + Michael Marvin "Mike" PASLAY

                            8 Rhonda Michelle DOBBS

                          + Loyd Raymond "Sonny" DOBBS

                            8 Laura Renee DOBBS

                        7 Jackie Gil YODER

                          + Linda Lou HECKER

                            8 Dena Marie YODER

                        7 Robbie Gene (Rob) YODER

                      + Frances Ann COCHRAN

                      + Annie Dee MANGUM

                5 Edward Evertt YODER b: Cir 1887

                  + Maude UNKNOWN

                    6 Bessie YODER

                5 Purtle (Purt) YODER b: Cir 1890

            4 Thomas J. YODER b: 8 October 1854 d: 16 January 1944

              + Rosa L. HANSEN b: December 1862 d: 1944

                5 Edna Verena YODER b: 25 August 1884 d: 23 December 1980

                  + Roy DOROTHY b: 1882 d: 1947

                    6 Don Vincent DOROTHY

                    6 Thelma Ruth DOROTHY

                    6 Carol Agnes DOROTHY

                5 Lily Jessica (Jesse) YODER b: 31 January 1890 d: 1902

                  + Unknown EASTMAN

                  + Unknown BREEDLOVE

                5 Evelyn YODER

                5 Ralph YODER b: 1888

                5 Mazel YODER b: 7 October 1902

                  + Arthur C. (Butch) SONNTAG b: Cir 1898 d: Aft 1978

                    6 Stanley SONNTAG

                    6 Virginia SONNTAG

            4 Willard C. YODER b: 6 May 1860 d: November 1913

              + Anna B. DOAN b: 28 October 1863 d: 16 August 1898

              + Amanda Belle STEPHENS b: January 1863 d: 1921

                5 Rose Ethel YODER b: September 1883 d: 7 July 1957

                  + Claude Almer ROBERTS

                5 Mahalon Eldridge YODER b: 18 January 1889

                5 Mary Pearl YODER b: 12 March 1893

                  + John THRUSH

            4 William Westford (Wesley) YODER b: 6 May 1860 d: 1928

              + Nancy WHITE b: Abt 1862 d: 1894-1896

                5 Jacob Wilson YODER b: 10 April 1883 d: 30 April 1942

                  + Lillian Delories WOODARD b: 2 August 1883 d: 8 September 1971

                    6 Unknown YODER b: 1904

                    6 Calvin James YODER b: 22 March 1906 d: 4 April 1983

                      + Sallie HACKER b: 4 April 1905

                        7 Clifford James YODER b: 16 December 1925 d: 9 October 1984

                          + Willa Dean YOST

                            8 Daniel Clifford YODER

                              + Unknown UNKNOWN

                                9 Justin Scott YODER

                                9 Angelia YODER

                            8 Cheryl Lynn YODER

                              + Roger FORD

                                9 Randell Justin FORD

                                9 Matthew Daniel FORD

                                9 Kemberlee Soo FORD

                        7 Joe Paul YODER

                          + Katherine BRANHAM

                            8 Joseph Michael YODER

                              + Suzie KNAPP

                              + Jean UNKNOWN

                                9 Bonnie June YODER

                                9 Keith YODER

                        7 Kenneth Dwayne YODER

                          + Mary Ann PARNELL

                            8 Linda Denise YODER

                              + Patrick HALL

                                9 John Pat HALL

                              + Jerry JONES

                                9 Todd JONES

                            8 Shannon Dwayne YODER

                            8 Unknown YODER

                        7 R. D. YODER

                          + Camille NELSON

                            8 R. D. (Dick) YODER

                            8 James Nelson YODER

                    6 Claude YODER b: Cir 1908 d: Cir 1910

                    6 Orville Leeroy YODER b: 8 February 1910 d: 6 May 1988

                      + Ester FELLOWS

                        7 Ester Delores YODER

                          + Bill AZLIN

                          + Lee MANSON

                      + Nora Jane PURNELL b: 15 September 1914 d: 23 February 1975

                        7 Norma Lee YODER

                          + William O. CHANDLER

                        7 Harold YODER b: 1932-1934

                        7 Darrell YODER b: 1932-1934

                        7 Bural Marshall YODER

                          + Belva KOEHN

                        7 Euretha Rhudene YODER

                          + Terry Arthur GOIN

                        7 Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) YODER

                          + Betty CHAMPAYNE

                        7 Cecil Leeroy YODER

                          + Barbara CHANCILBOR

                        7 Sarah Jane YODER

                          + Larry Dean BROWN

                    6 Ira David YODER b: 8 October 1912

                      + Margaret Leona BOTT

                        7 Patricia YODER

                          + J. HAMMER

                            8 Jennifer HAMMER

                          + Bill HOGAN

                            8 Audry HOGAN

                            8 Toni HOGAN

                            8 Amanda HOGAN

                    6 Andrew Raymond YODER b: 15 September 1914

                      + Lucille Fay BENNETT b: 19 February 1916 d: 7 June 1992

                        7 Ronald Andrew YODER

                          + Sherril LASH

                        7 Debra Janette YODER

                          + Thomas WELLS

                          + William WALDUFF

                        7 Linda Gail YODER

                          + Howard DUFLO

                          + Ted THEILEY

                          + William RICE

                        7 Jackie Raymond YODER b: 9 April 1945 d: 20 May 1946

                        7 Marsha Ann YODER

                          + William BRADLEY

                          + Gary MATTSON

                        7 Darwin Lynn YODER

                          + Cathy SMITH

                    6 Archie Leonard YODER b: 2 November 1917

                      + Pauline BREWER b: 23 June 1925 d: 27 December 1988

                        7 Carolyn Nadine YODER

                          + Jerry ISHOMOTO

                            8 Cheryl ISHOMOTO

                            8 Karen ISHOMOTO

                          + Delora DOWNING

                            8 David DOWNING

                            8 Paul DOWNING

                            8 Ryan DOWNING

                          + Bert SWENSON

                        7 Sandra June YODER

                          + John LAZWOFF

                            8 Diana LAZWOFF

                            8 Jason LAZWOFF

                            8 Jeff LAZWOFF

                        7 Tamara Jean YODER

                          + Roger WELLS

                            8 Timothy WELLS

                            8 Brian WELLS

                    6 Virgil Vance YODER

                      + Sylvia PEACE

                        7 Barbara Joan PEACE

                          + Anthony Wayne GARVER

                        7 Brenda Jean PEACE

                          + Joe E. STEWART

                        7 Bradley Jay PEACE

                          + Elena May SNYDER

                    6 Unknown YODER

                5 Johnie YODER b: April 1885

                5 David YODER b: August 1886

                5 Annie YODER b: July 1887

                  + Thomas GRAVES

                5 Mary YODER b: September 1895

                  + Raymond EDMONSTER

              + Lene SCHMIDT b: 14 July 1875

                5 James Albert YODER b: 28 November 1899

                  + Georgia BITTMAN b: September 1895

                5 Raymond YODER b: 2 December 1901

                  + Maude EISENMAN

                5 Lillian Gertrude YODER b: 4 April 1904

                  + Everett DOWNEY

                5 William Edward YODER b: 8 July 1907

                5 Ronnie Fred YODER b: 21 April 1909

                  + Opal MCBRIDE

                5 Luther Ernest YODER b: 29 January 1913

                  + Willie ENGNAM

                5 Grace Mae YODER b: 19 March 1916

                  + Eddie HUDSON

                  + Monte PARSONS

            4 Alice YODER b: Abt 1862

        3 Pricilla YODER b: Cir 1819 d: 16 January 1895

          + Jackson LENTZ b: Cir 1822 d: 26 December 1882

        3 Unknown YODER b: Cir 1820 d: Bef 1850

        3 Israel YODER b: Cir 1812 d: 12 October 1865

          + Elizabeth (Betsy) JACKSON b: Cir 1820

            4 Priscilla YODER b: Cir 1838

              + George W. PAYNE b: Cir 1824

            4 Sarah Jane YODER b: Cir 1842

              + Jackson LENTZ b: Cir 1822 d: 26 December 1882

            4 Nancy YODER b: Cir 1844

              + Issac BRANNAM b: Cir 1838

            4 Thomas YODER b: Cir 1845

            4 Rebecca YODER b: Cir 1846

            4 Edward YODER b: Cir 1849

            4 Francis YODER b: Cir 1852

            4 Mary E. YODER b: Cir 1854

              + Lewis W. BRANNAM

        3 Margaret YODER b: Cir 1823 d: 14 August 1896

          + George JACKSON b: 1824-1826 d: 28 August 1896

            4 John H. JACKSON

            4 Dalcy J. JACKSON b: Abt 1851

              + John MATHUS

            4 Issac W. JACKSON b: 1858 d: 1939

              + Mary Ann HACKER b: 1858 d: 1925

                5 Effie Alice JACKSON d: 1953

                  + Walter Christian LITTLE b: 1876 d: 1964

                    6 Edith Grace LITTLE b: 1903 d: 1989

                      + Floyd KANE

                      + John Everitt SPEAR

                    6 Ethel Rosalie LITTLE b: 1904 d: 1964

                      + Edward Cecil COLE b: 1898 d: 1966

                        7 Unknown COLE b: 1926 d: 1926

                        7 Ralph Wendell COLE

                          + Alene PENDERGRAFT

                        7 Cecil Arthur COLE b: 1930 d: 1989

                          + Patricia Jeanneane CORNWALL

                        7 Joan COLE

                          + Benjamin Richard SHACKLETTE

                            8 Cole SHACKLETTE

                              + Leslie Gayle WILLIAMS

                                9 Beau SHACKLETTE

                                9 Grady SHACKLETTE

                            8 Craig SHACKLETTE

                              + Paula Mary KIRKPATRICK

                                9 Erin Marie SHACKLETTE

                                9 Sarah Joann SHACKLETTE

                                9 Bridget Alexandra SHACKLETTE

                            8 Stuart Jay SHACKLETTE

                              + Pamela CARROLL

                              + Stepanie INGRAHM

                                9 Benjamin Stuart SHACKLETTE

                        7 Edward Sherman COLE

                          + Janice Larue OVERTON

                        7 Imogene COLE

                          + Melvin Leroy HUSER

                        7 Jimmie Dean COLE b: 1941 d: 1987

                          + Sharyn Sue BEAN

                    6 Elsie Marie LITTLE b: 1906 d: 1952

                      + Henry CLEVELAND

                      + Floyd Everitt RILEY

                    6 Mary Nannie LITTLE b: 1907

                      + Oral Wilbur COON

                    6 Florence LITTLE b: 1909

                      + Everette RICE

                    6 Arthur Joseph LITTLE b: 1911 d: 1966

                      + Irma HAYDEN

                      + Cecile WILLIAMS

                    6 Ellen Pauline LITTLE b: 1913

                      + Frank FLETCHER

                      + Wallis SMITH

                      + Harold Everett COLE

                5 Margaret Alma JACKSON b: 1877 d: 1927

                  + S. Eugene GILMER

                5 Henry JACKSON b: Abt 1879

                5 Catherine G. JACKSON b: 1880

                  + David F. GILMER

                5 Daniel Dee JACKSON b: 1881 d: 1930

                  + Mary Ellen GILLETTE

                5 Sarah Elizabeth JACKSON b: 1882 d: 1968

                  + Oliver G. CARDEN

                  + Unknown DAVIDSON

                5 Albert Ray JACKSON b: 1886 d: 1969

                  + Anna HUSER

                  + Rita HAYDEN

                5 Ida May JACKSON b: 1888 d: 1957

                  + George LILE

                5 Ellen JACKSON b: 1891 d: 1980

                  + Bert JONES

                5 Grace Edith JACKSON b: 1892 d: 1968

                  + William Omer (Ted) RAYPHOLTZ

                5 Bessie Adline JACKSON b: 1894 d: 1921

                  + Frank A. BEEKS

                5 Benjamin Harrison JACKSON b: 1896 d: 1977

                  + Edith JENSEN

                5 Myrtle Viola JACKSON b: 1898 d: 1976

                  + James COATES

        3 John YODER b: Cir 1828 d: Bef 6 May 1867

          + Mary Ann TULL b: Cir 1834 d: Bef 6 May 1867

            4 Mary Jane YODER b: 1 April 1854 d: 30 March 1894

              + John MATHIS b: 25 December 1840 d: 20 February 1914

            4 Elizabeth Ann YODER b: 15 November 1855 d: 13 January 1935

              + Lewis Jackson THOMPSON d: 13 January 1935

            4 George YODER b: Cir 1858

          + Catherine LUTROO

            4 Unknown YODER