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General Courthouse and Area Records

Yoder Records from the St. Jacob's or Howerter's Lutheran and Reformed Church, Mahantongo Vallet, PA



Copy Presented by the YNL with permission of Tim Conrad..the compiler.

Genealogists Guide to Howerter's Church




Distribute Freely at no charge, intact


Now proof read, this project presents a modified view of the Howerter Church records. The modifications include:

- consistent set of names

- sorted by date (both Lutheran and Reformed together)

The source of the Howerters Baptisms was the Proceedings of the Northumberland County Historical Society, Vol 23, 1984, (Don Yoder translation) which is now available from the NCHS as a reprint. The Kimmel Church baptisms and the Howerter confirmations are as found at the Lehigh Co. Historical Society. Both of these churches were in Upper Mahanoy Twp, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.

I've included my own notes regarding primarily spouses maiden names using brackets ([]'s). The only other modification is to somewhat standardize the names to aid in computer searches. This was *not* done 100%, and I left uncertain names alone. But Jean was converted to John, Hannes to Johannes, and Joder to Yoder, etc. But don't assume that I purposefully left some there - many were simply overlooked.

Why was this done?? Well I mentioned that it makes the records searchable on a computer. The other reason is to assist newcomers who many not be familiar with the phoenetic spellings and abbreviations in early German records.

I tried to fill in missing information with placeholders (again brackets).

Also, there are several records that indicate "and wf" for the sponsors, while I'm quite sure at least one is single. Not sure if it's a typo or mistranslation, but I recommend not putting to much into apparent spouse maiden names when given for sponsors. I indicated this with a [?wf]. Except for completeness, I'd recommend just deleting the whole [?wf] from the record as it's confusing being in there.

Other marks without brackets are original notations as found in my sources (although I wonder if the some of the Himmel spouse maiden names are originals in the records or additions).

My maiden name info was added from various sources including will abstracts from the Schuylkill Roots series, the Joseph Meiser books and notes, and other sources. They are not added completely. When this is converted to Excel format and I can view the records sorted different ways it will be easier to update the added notes.

One might wonder at times about the number of "transients" who show up only once and then disappear. I would just venture to speculate that perhaps the migrant workers that came through during the summers in more recent times, were part of the earlier German culture and that the migrants were welcome to baptize their children in the local churches.

I'm almost done typeing the Lehigh Church (Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co, PA) baptisms through 1800, and confirmations, but that's not proofed yet. Other Howerter Church records include the cemetery that you'll have to get from somewhere else and also a communicant listing. To me, this is a key church to researching this area in both Schuylkill and Northumberland County, PA.

My ancestors from this list from this area:

Boyer, Derr, Dormeyer, Dunkelberger, Geist, Hartline, Herb, Howerter,

Klock, Knerr, Kramer, Masser, Maurer, Miller, Moyer, Reiner, Schaffer,

Schmidt, Schneider, Wagner, Wehry, Yoder

Let me know what you think of this. If there's enough interest, I'll keep this going.

Tim Conrad

3816 Dogwood Trail

Allentown, PA

(note, our company mailer is having problems these days, and the "reply" path of may not work.

I recommend using

Howerter's Lutheran (-L) and Reformed (-R) Church

Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Yerger]

Susanna Yoder

25 Jan 1811/17 Mar 1811-L

Jacob Reiner and wf Elisabeth [Wagner]


Daniel Beisel and wf Elisabeth

Anna Beisel

3 Apr 1812/1812-L

Elisabeth Yoder


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

Wilhelm Yoder

19 Dec 1812/7 Feb 1813-L

Jacob Reiner and wf Elisabeth [Wagner]


Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Yerger]

Maria Yoder

28 Jul 1813/5 Sep 1813-L

Peter Klock and wf Elisabeth


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

George Yoder

18 May 1815/30 Jul 1815-L

David Yoder and Lydia Reiner


Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Yerger]

Adam Yoder

31 Dec 1815/5 May 1816-L

Peter Hepler and wf Maria [Wagner]


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

Maria Yoder

6 Jun 1816/28 Jul 1816-L

Jacob Reiner and wf Elisabeth [Wagner] and Catharina Ox


Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Yerger]

Solomon Yoder

12 Mar 1818/31 May 1818-L

Jacob Bensinger and wf Catharina


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

Esther Yoder

31 May 1818/28 Jun 1818-L

Benjamin Reiner and wf Esther [Ochs]


Charles Yoder and wf Catharina

Joshua Yoder

2 Oct 1818/15 Nov 1818-L

Charles Reiner and wf[?] Maria Yoder


Solomon Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Sherman]

Isaac Yoder

20 Nov 1819/19 Mar 1820-R

Simon Schermer and wf Margaretha Elisabeth


Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabetha

Elisabeth Yoder

25 Jun 1820/6 Aug 1820-R

Peter Klock and Maria Yoder (both single)


Solomon Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Sherman]

Solomon Yoder

30 Apr 1820/10 Jun 1821-R

Johannes Klinger and Maria Yoder


Jeremiah Yoder and wf Catharina

Emy Yoder

12 Mar 1822/25 May 1822-L

John Wolfgang and wf Hanna [Yoder]


William Stitzer and wf Lydia [Reiner]

George Stitzer

9 Nov 1822/2 Feb 1823-L

George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]


Abraham Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Yerger]

Benneville Yoder

15 Jan 1823/8 May 1823-L

Wilhelm Stitzer and wf Lydia [Reiner]


Solomon Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Sherman]

Benjamin Yoder

25 Apr 1823/17 Aug 1823-L

Johann Wolfgang and wf Hanna [Yoder]


David Yoder and wf Maria

Jacob Yoder

27 Aug 1823/28 Sep 1823-R

Jacob Henninger and wf Catharina


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

Sarah Yoder

29 Apr 1824/20 Jun 1824-L

Carl [Charles] Reiner and wf Peggy [Masser]


Jeremiah Yoder and wf Catharina

Catharina Yoder

15 Jul 1824/12 Sep 1824-L

George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]


David Yoder and wf Maria

William Yoder

19 Nov 1824/30 Jan 1825-L

Carl Schanckweiler and wf[?] Catharina Yoder


David Yoder and wf Maria

Amos Yoder

19 Nov 1824/30 Jan 1825-L

Jacob Reiner and wf[?] Maria Masser


Solomon Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Sherman]

George Yoder

4 Mar 1825/19 Jun 1825-L

George Sherman and Salome Yoder


George Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Reiner]

Elisabeth [Yoder]

29 Aug 1826/7 Oct 1826-L

Christopher Hepler and wf Catharina [Wagner]


David Yoder and wf Maria

Elias Yoder

13 Oct 1826/19 Nov 1826-R

Daniel Herb and wf Sophia


Wilhelm Stitzer and wf Lydia Reiner

Jacob Stitzer

31 Jan 1827/17 May 1827-L

Jacob Reiner and Catharina Yoder


John Reiss and wf Elisabeth

Elisabeth Reiss

20 Mar 1827/12 Aug 1827-L

Jeremiah Yoder and wf Catharina


Johann Wolfgang and wf Sarah

Wilhelm Wolfgang

17 Jul 1834/2 Nov 1834-L

Wilhelm Yoder and Sarah Wolfgang


Carl Reiner and wf Margaretha [Masser]

Esher Reiner

14 May 1836/12 Jun 1836-L

Elisabeth [Reiner] Yoder


Peter Fedderolf and wf Sarah [Reiner]

Catharina Fedderolf

19 Sep 1837/29 Oct 1837-L

William Yoder and Catharina Wolfgang


George Reiner and wf Rebecca

Lydia Reiner

20 Oct 1837/26 Nov 1837-L

Elisabeth [Reiner] Yoder


John Wolfgang and wf Sarah

Selinde Wolfgang

23 Aug 1837/21 Jan 1838-L

Carolus Renninger and wf Susanna [Yoder]


Abraham Grow and wf Dina

Abraham Grow

10 Mar 1838/15 Apr 1838-L

Charles Renninger and wf[?] Susanna Yoder


George Hartline and wf Maria [Yoder]

Anna Maria Hartline

10 Nov 1838/22 Dec 1838-L

David Stein and wf Sarah [Yoder]


Peter Fedderolf and wf Sarah [Reiner]

Sarah Fedderolf

24 Aug 1839/29 Sep 1839-L

Elisabeth [Reiner] Yoder


George Reiner and wf Peggy

Benneville Reiner

13 Mar 1840/10 May 1840-L

William Yoder and Bridget Delang


Johann Reiner and wf Elisabeth

Esther Reiner

9 May 1840/6 Jun 1840-L

Elisabeth [Reiner] Yoder


Isaac Yoder and wf Catharine

Henriette Yoder

3 Aug 1841/5 Sep 1841-L

John Beisel and wf Marie


William Yoder and wf Bridget [Delong]

Nathanial Yoder

4 Sep 1841/21 Oct 1841-L

Charles Yoder and Sarah Hering


Jacob Neugart and wf Appolonia

Simon Neugart

24 May 1843/9 Jul 1843-R

Ruben Yoder and Christine Brosius (both single)


Solomon Yoder and wf Elisabeth [Sherman]

Emanuel Yoder

26 Mar 1843/24 Sep 1843-L

Benjamin Yoder and Catharina Wolfgang


John Reiner and wf Sarah

Brigetta Reiner

10 Feb 1844/5 Mar 1844-L

William Yoder and wf Brigetta [Delong]


Peter Yoder and wf Harriette [Klock]

Sarah Yoder

11 Apr 1854/2 Jul 1854-R

The Parents


Harrison Yoder and wf Hannah [Wagner]

Almeia [Emeie on Taufschein] Yoder

7 Jan 1854/2 Jul 1854-R

Joseph Wagner and wf Sarah


Peter Yoder and wf Harriet [Klock]

Lewis Adam Yoder

28 Feb 1856/20 Apr 1856-L

The Parents


Gideon Maurer and wf Elisabeth nee Yoder[?]

Felix Maurer

31 Jan 1856/23 May 1856-L

Charles Klock and Judith Maurer


1 May 1814, Howerters Lutheran

Isaac Schaffer

Michael Paul

Henrich Beyerly

Daniel Kramer

Daniel Streicher?

John Schneider

Jonathan Henneleiter

Peter Klock

Jacob Mattern

Friedrich Schneider

Lydia Miller

Catharina Paul

Susanna Paul

Hanna Dunkelberger

Catharina Reidel

Catharine Klock

Catharine Henninger

Esther Schneider

Maria Mattern

Maria Yoder

Elisabeth Schneider

Elisabeth Schaffer

Catharine Henneleiter

Catharina Schneider

Peggy [Margaretha] Klock


Fall 1815, Howerters Lutheran

Charles Reiner

Adam Kuh (Koch?)

Jacob Haupt

Sebastian Zimmerman

Sal. Zimmerman

Johannes Kerstetter

Johannes Hepler

Benjamin Hepler

Peter Maurer

Jacob Klock

Peter Dinger

Charles Wagner

George Yoder

Elisabeth Fus?

Elisabeth Ochs

Catharina Ochs

Esther Reiner

Salome Kehler

Catharina Eisenhart

Magdalena Rehmer

Maria Frey

Elisabeth Kerstetter

Maria Magdalena Fedderolf

Susanna Klock

Maria Schaffer

Maria Koch


3 May 1823, Howerters Lutheran

Samuel Paul

Tobias Paul

Peter Howerter

John Haupt

John Eisenhart

Peter Wetzel

William Dixon?

Peter Fedderolf

Henrich Klinger

Jacob Sterner (Herner?)

Benjamin Haupt

George Hartline

John Hartline

David Hartline

Leonard Kerstetter

Samuel Dunkelberger

Daniel Dunkelberger

Jacob Dunkelberger

Peter Derr

Wilhelm Bensinger

Carl Kehler

Benjamin Schneider

Daniel Billman

Isaac Zimmerman

Jonathan Grim

George Neidlinger

Jacob Ochs

John Ochs

Friedrich Kiessling

Brian Hornberger

Sherry Yoder (male)

Barbara Relen?

Susanna Kerstetter

Lea Kramer

Rachel Maurer

Catharina Hepler

Sarah Bensinger

Susanna Ochs

Judith Henneleiter

Sarah Geiss

Margaretha Billman

Maria Hepler

Maria Hepler

Barbara Dirk

Hanna Strohecker

Lea Smith

Elisabeth Loffler

Elisabeth Haupt

Sarah Kramer

Elisabeth Boyer

Magdalena Boyer

Elsiabeth Dirk

Catharina Dirk

Barbara Miler?

Catharina Yoder

Susanna Borkert

Catharine Meerwin

Catharina Paul


21 May 1825, Howerters Lutheran

Henrich Dressler

Johann Fedderolf

David Fetter

Stephan Eisenhart

Johannes Smith

Wilhelm Lencher?

Philip Schneider

Peter Schneider

Jacob Hepler

Johannes Dunkelberger

Daniel Maurer

Johan Burchert

Daniel Derr

David Hornberger

Wilhelm Derr

Benjamin Derr

Samuel Derr

David Mattern

Peter Brosius

Samuel Dirk

Lydia Probst

Elisabeth Hartline

Sarah Maurer

Maria Fetter

Rachel Zerbe

Catharina Klock

Magdalena Klock

Elisabeth Beyerly

Lydia Hepler

Catharina Hepler

Christine Kehler

Catharina Dunkelberger

Elisabeth Dunkelberger

Maria Ochs

Magdalena Dunkelberger

Catharina Wetzel

Christine Bensinger

Anna Maria Klinger

Rebecca Klinger

Elisabeth Paul

Salome Yoder

Christine Yager

Magdalena Derr

Anna Henrich

Susanna Fuss

Catharine Schneider



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