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General Courthouse and Area Records


The microfiche records of the LDS list several frames of Joders in Germany. Most of these are found within the more detailed sections of Joders/Jotters from the Pfalz and Eppstein area. One group, however, is not show elsewhere. This is the Joder family which is listed as being in the Rheinland. The family was Catholic. We have summarized these family groups and presented them below. There is no known relationship between them and other Joder lines. In other communities in the Rheinland, there is a family named "Jodes"... it is possible that a transcription error may have been made in either direction.

Records from the Roman Catholic Church at Aldenhoven Juelich, Rheinland, unless otherwise marked.

Aegidius Joder m Anna Barbara Leismeister
Joanna Maria b Nov 1751
Franciscus Theodorus ch Oct 1754
Casparas Josephus ch 6 Jan 1757

Joes. Joder m Anna Margaretha Brauns
Maria Francisca ch Aug 1764
Joes. Wernerus ch 22 Dec 1765
Anna Barbara ch 3 Feb 1769
Christianus Joesephus ch 25 Dec 1772
Anna Gertrudis ch 31 Jan 1776
Paulus Wilhelmus ch 19 Oct 1778
Lambertus Josephus ch 11 Jul 1781

Joannes Joder m Anna Margaretha Geul
Anna Sophia b 2/22/1753

Anna Maria Joder m 5/2/1856 Johann Gotfried Sieben

Eschweiler, Rheinland
Franz Mathias Joder m Anna Maria Diederichs
Anna Gertrud b 11/17/1850

Solingen Evangelical, Rheinland
Friedrich Joder (or Goder) m Julie Stamm
Carl Friedrich ch 9 Feb 1855

Anna Catharina Joder m 11/30/1769 Aegidius Lammertz

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